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Tor Johnson

Tor Johansson (19 October 1903 – 12 May 1971), better known by the stage name Tor Johnson, was a Swedish professional wrestler (billed as The Super Swedish Angel) and actor.

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How big a star was Tor Johnson before he worked with Ed Wood, and was he bigger after?
ISIS supporters use VPNs and specialized browsers such as Tor to mask their identities online.
Defaming the image of Tor Johnson should be a felony.
I genuinely think it is important people know Boris Johnson claimed that £350m a week would be given to the NHS. You can…
It's dark and quite disturbing, but "Ponies" by Kij Johnson is one of my favorite short stories!
“Fittingly for a man whose pants are clearly on fire, each appearance is now a Cersei-style walk of shame for Boris” ht…
If you keep the TOR comparison rolling:. - Johnson is the Phaneuf, dealt for smaller, expiring contracts + pick/pros…
Not sure which was most out-of-place in Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, a Woody Woodpecker impression or a Tor Johnson mask sy…
Be a Aaron Watson and Cody Johnson in a world of Luke Bryan's and Sam Hunt's
Front cover art/design for the Tor Johnson Records 15th anniversary compilation LP.
Huge slam on Tor Johnson outta nowhere.
Methinks Tor Johnson would be quite offended at the comparison. 😈
Ok this is just insulting to Tor Johnson and Vampira 😥
May 12, 1971 - Tor Johnson passes away at the age of 67.
Earlier, at the UFC retreat in LV, Kajan Johnson spoke up @ a Reebok discussion about his displeasure w/ the deal. It was…
Must be a color print of Bride of the Monster. Looks like Tor Johnson on the right.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Bride Of The Monster, directed by Ed Wood and starring Bela Lugosi, Loretta King and Tor Johnson, was released on this day in…
Don't trust anyone use TOR. But it's been broken as well so go figure. What's a libertari…
Behind the scenes from Ed Wood's classic bad movie, Plan Nine From Outer Space. . Tor Johnson and Vampira
pretty terrible performance. Think Tor Johnson in "Plan 9", but much less charm.
Andrew McAfee wants Tor Johnson to play him in a movie!
Ed Wood is always careful to access Silk Road through Tor Johnson
Cole Raftery asks Clrs Green, Farr and A. Johnson to "take a field" trip to Tor to see "economic uplift" Suggests those LRT have not.
IT, Bradley, Durant, Horford, Noel..Rozier, Smart, Brown, Crowder, Johnson, KO..would have felt better against CLE, TOR, WAS
Tor Johnson, Ed Wood and crew behind the scenes of Night of the Ghouls:
20 more days until Obama Biden Rice Jarrett Lynch Earnest Kerry and Johnson Are Gone for Ever .
“Johnson and Gove are the worst journalist politicians you can imagine: pundits who have prospered by treating pub…” https…
When an author says he or she is published by Tor, I picture a very erudite Tor Johnson poring over piles of submitted manuscripts.
1) Ian eagle+fratello. 2) Breen and clyde. 3) matt and jack in tor. 4) gus johnson and marques johnson. Best announcers in the NBA
Getting ready to welcome to one week from today! Photos: Tor Johnson. Get your tix here:…
holy crap I forgot Tor Johnson was in this 😍
Tor Johnson has more screen time in THE LEMON DROP KID (1951) than PLAN 9 FROM Outer Space (1959)
We'll begin deploying censorship circumvention in Signal over the next several weeks. Until then, Tor or a VPN can be u…
Health tourism is absolutely not an issue unless you live in Farage/Johnson/Trump's world
Report: Wesley Johnson should provide defensive boost to second unit; Doc sounds off on a TOR injustice.
UFC 206 video promo for 'Cormier vs. Johnson 2' PPV event on Dec. 10 in Tor..
Portrait of tor Johnson in plan 9 from Outer Space. Critiques welcome. Thanks!
I loved James Johnson in Tor, love him more now. He's been so good. Teams that need a Draymond matchup should try to get him from the Heat.
Dwayne Johnson was an awkward teenager - Times of India: Times of India Dwayne Johnson was……
MP Tor Johnson has long history of helping women! Just look here! He knows what he's talking about!
Today's Newsday features a log cabin listing with Tor Johnson who is affiliated with the Coldwell Banker...
The water in Tahiti is so clear it looks like the boats are floating | Photography by ©Tor Johnson
Ewan McGregor: Boris Johnson is offering an 'impossible vision' for Brexit via
The Beast of Yucca Flats (1961) dir. Coleman Francis. I made this gif for Tor Johnson fans so they don't have to watch this…
Julius Randle: 2nd career triple-double, joins Magic Johnson as only players in Lakers history to record a triple-double…
Kij Johnson reads from her recent novella for the NYRSF Readings @ The Brooklyn Commons
Only Tor Johnson and Vampira could have made a TRUE and knows it
Vin Diesel is like if Tor Johnson were a leading man
I thought it was a child's clay sculpture of Tor Johnson.
are you hot for Tor Johnson or George the Animal Steele?
With John Carradine & Tor Johnson in it, I had high hopes for 'The Unearthly'...let's just say I'm glad it was the version!
Lon Chaney Jr, Tor Johnson, John Carradine, and Beli Lugosi reading a Donald Duck comic. Like you do.
Adam Johnson's having a party, bring your play-doh and your barbie!
BREAKING: CCTV footage that reveals exactly what Adam Johnson said that night...
have cake and eat too. Lopez/JJ for Lawson/Howard. Young for Patterson/Johnson NYK '16 pick via TOR. Revamp and net asset
Sunderland terminate Adam Johnson contract: The attacker pleaded guilty to one count of sexual activity wi...
Greg Johnson is a degenerate homosexual. I am not supporting *** who use other people's work out of context.
Greg Johnson on why "Roosh Really is a Rape Advocate (& a Rapist, if he is Telling the Truth)"
Greg Johnson reviews the evidence about Roosh, and it isn't pretty.
you think he's top 5? Kerr, Pop, Stevens, Doc (not the GM), Casey from TOR, Carlisle probably all higher, no?
what was Tor Johnson like in real life?
Website Builder 728x90
Thank you. It was either that or spend half an hour in photoshop putting Tor Johnson's head on a robot body.
if you've ever watched Ed Wood, George Steele played Tor Johnson.
James Johnson TOR is OUT Monday at DET - ankle - missed 2g
What I wouldn't give to read or watch an interview with Tor Johnson. What was he like in real life?
Like Tor Johnson's tightie whites after five seconds on the set of Plan 9... or of anything, really.
😂😂😂 Greatest team to never win a State Title...
Hurts like Tor Johnson sitting on you... anywhere. More embarrasing than everything.
the first wrestler to film star Tor Johnson
The rewatch continues with The Beast of Yucca Flats. Coleman Francis and Tor Johnson goodness.
Tor Johnson Records - need a soundtrack for your snowday? get into it!!
Now you know what it's like to be compared to Tor Johnson.
James Johnson (ankle) no timetable to return - James Johnson | TOR: Raptors head coach Dwane Casey said on Thu...
News Alarm: James Johnson (PF - Tor) Coach Dwane Casey said James Johnson (ankle) has no timetable on a return.
List of people I like that were born on my birthday: Tor Johnson, Robert Reed, Peter Max, Michael Gambon, John Lithgow, Divine (1 of 2)
Ed Wood blesses you and Tor Johnson grumbles with glee in your general direction, sir!
Tor Johnson and director Ed Wood, both right, on the set of PLAN 9 FROM Outer Space.
legend George 'The Animal' Steele is perfect as Swedish wrestler Tor Johnson. He & Bill Murray became pals during the movie
has made me a big fan of the following:. * Bela Lugosi. * Beverly Garland. * Tor Johnson. * Reb Brown. * El Santo. We need a crossover.
Flashback: Eight years ago and I play Tor Johnson for the third time. Take that, George Steele!...
"Toronto could have torn down a waterfront elevated highway.
Zelda and Bird share metaphysical profundities with Vampira and Tor Johnson through the great movie badness of Ed...
Separated at birth, NBA referee Joey Crawford and horror star Tor Johnson. You decide.
Scene from Plan 9 from Outer Space - Vampira and Tor Johnson (Super Swedish Angel)
golfer Johnson Poh settles for men's individual silver after losing play-off to Natipong S…
the math is pretty simple. Billions for the GO electric and upgrades. +tor +miss. -/+ham
This TOR books thing makes a lot more sense when you remember its last name is Johnson
I just realized that Ol' Dirty *** sounds like what would happen if Tor Johnson from THE UNEARTHLY (1957) started rapping.
I'm glad someone besides me thought of Tor Johnson
Like, case in point, my love for Coleman Francis and Tor Johnson? Genuine. My loathing for John Agar? That's real too
YAY. announces he is running for job. Johnson GREAT NEWS h…
Congrats to Alaya Dawn Johnson, whose book Love is the Drug won the 2014 Andre Norton Award.
Gee needs to watch the beast of yucca flats, like seriously. Tor Johnson, guys!
Time for go to bed...Tor Johnson as Lobo. Bride of the Monster. 💤💤💤💤
new song premier from Sea Of Storms. new LP "Dead Weight" out soon from Tor Johnson Records/Self Aware Records
It's been a very relaxing snow day, but to paraphrase the late, great Tor Johnson, it is definitely time for go to bed.
Now Johnson says 5v5 Kadri is by far TOR's best
I like how you have Tor Johnson in a police costume giving traffic updates
Greivis Finds Johnson Greivis Vasquez snags Kyrie Irving's pass and gets it to James Johnson for the big flush.
the relationship of Tor Johnson and the bunny in the ending is always touching.
The 15 year old adam johnson took home from the club! Hows he getting done tor this? She would in her 20's dolled up!
Media pressure gets to players..we explain how situation in TOR applies in other places like NY, MTL, VAN, etc. Nice work by
Johnson crashes in for the falling putback jam.
Putback by Johnson James Johnson crashes in for the falling putback jam.
Trying tor ale a 30 minute nap before reek awards and Johnson is just singing his little heart out.
Dion Phaneuf or Jack Johnson both CBJ and TOR want to clear cap space and need draft picks
Drop The Hammer Amir Johnson drives and delivers the strong tomawhawk jam in traffic over anyone in his way.
Wire: Amir Johnson starting again on Saturday - Amir Johnson | TOR
Next time, audiobook by Paul Reubens with addendum by Christopher Lee. Only because Tor Johnson has passed.
In memory of Ed Wood's death, here is a video of me playing Tor Johnson in Ann Everton's "Bill Murray Life Lessons"
Something for Halloween for today's gallery repost!. Ed Wood ~ Vampira, Tor Johnson and Movie Posters
The Amazing Criswell 1907-1982- Jeron Criswell Konig (later, Jeron Criswell King, 1907-1982), the first celebrity psychic. Raised in a family of morticians, after some early work in radio and newspapers, in 1953 he began featuring predictions of the future in local ads for “Criswell Family Vitamins” on KLAC TV (Los Angeles). The spots were so popular the station gave him his own TV show called Criswell Predicts, which ran from 1953 through 1961. The show became his springboard for local fame, and he became good friends with people like Liberace, Korla Pandit, and Mae West, who wrote and sang a song about him called “Criswell Predicts” on her 1955 album The Fabulous Mae West. Criswell’s fame was still local when notorious grade z director Ed Wood tapped him to narrate Plan 9 from Outer Space in 1956, where he fit tight into a cast that also included Tor Johnson, fellow local celebrity Vampira, and former “A list” movie stars Bela Lugosi and Lyle Talbot. The “Criswell Predicts” formatting ...
Johnson-TOR looked good in first period vs. HV71. Active/fast skater with skill who competes very well. Janmark-DET with good flashes too.
Because of your current avi, I'm pretending it's actually Tor Johnson saying 'Life is hard' aloud to me
Yes. How into smoking does someone have to be to not notice Tor Johnson strangled their boyfriend?
the guys on the right shoot like Stormtroopers...point blank range and STILL manage to miss Tor Johnson's character.
Tor Johnson kills everyone for no reason in our review of BEAST OF THE YUCCA FLATS!
Guardians of the Galaxy: Can Bautista End the Curse of Tor Johnson?
Sun's coming up, like a big bald head. Tor Johnson's.
90+3' - Johnson with a save late on Bloom and then De Rosario. CHI 1-1 TOR
77' - De Rosario with a header straight to Johnson. CHI 1-0 TOR
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Amazing how Dustin Johnson is getting a $175,000 bonus for not even playing in the Tor Championship this week.
51' - Johnson smarting a bit after going to ground after that kick. CHI 1-0 TOR
46' - Not enough on Jackson's header to trouble Johnson. CHI 1-0 TOR
15' - Jackson appeared to be looking for the cross, but Johnson collects it. CHI 1-0 TOR
13' - Errant pass by Alex taken by Jackson who feeds Bradley whose shot easily saved by Johnson. CHI 1-0 TOR
Plan 9 from outter space... A film that gave tor johnson an acting role... I have been underestimating Ed Wood Jr's ineptitude
Has anyone ever seen Amy Adams and Tor Johnson in the same room at the same time? I thought not.
'Guardians of the Galaxy:' Can Bautista End the Curse of Tor Johnson?
George “The Animal” Steele: Ed Wood Both of them got started in the wrestling ring as heels (bad guys), equipped with not only the ability to survive between the ropes, but a physical look that opponents and fans wouldn’t soon forget. Both of them eventually stepped before cameras and onto screens of slightly larger sizes. And today, long after their respective careers have ended, both still are, and always will be, remembered by fans of film and the mat, though sadly, only one is still around to enjoy it. In hindsight, it seems the epitome of illogic that anyone but George “The Animal” Steele could become Tor Johnson in the underrated Ed Wood. Johnson first stepped into the national spotlight in the 1920s and 30s, and made it into movies shortly thereafter, often playing wrestlers. But it was his ghoulish turn as detective-turned-zombie Daniel Clay in the horrifyingly legendary Plan 9 From Outer Space that pushed him higher than ever before, and has kept him there, four decades after his 1971 p ...
Born on 2day are George Carlin-Emilio Estevez-Katharine Hepburn-Kim Fields-Yogi Berra-Ving Rhames-Stephen Baldwin-Tom Snyder-Jason Biggs-Gabriel Byrne-and Florence Nightingale-Meatloaf goes bankrupt in 1983-Jerry Lee Lewis divorced his cousin in 1971-Larry Bird became coach on the pacers in 1997-Tor Johnson died in 1971-Blondie performed heart of glass on American bandstand in 1979-the final episode of the wonder years in 1993-the final episode of hill street blues in 1987-the final episode of the incredible Hulk in 1982-Santo Vs.Las Lobas in 1972-Friday the 13th the new blood in 1988-return of swamp thing in 1989-Jimi Hendrix Experience released are you experienced? in 1967-Jimi Hendrix gets arrested in 1968-and on this day The Rolling Stones released Paint It Black in 1966-and that izit 4-2day!!
05-12-14 ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY 1938: “The Adventures of Robin Hood” starring Errol Flynn, Basil Rathbone, Olivia DeHaviland, Claude Rains and Eugene Paulette premiered. The swashbuckling film then cost a whopping $2 million dollars to make! The light brown horse Maid Marion rode in the movie was later bought by singing cowboy Roy Rogers and renamed Trigger. 1962: First day shooting on Frederico Fellini’s film ‘8 ½’. When screened for American Producer Joe Levine, Levine took the cigar from his mouth and growled-” Frederico, what da *** did that movie mean? ” Fellini shrugged –“I dunno”. 1971: Tor Johnson died of a heart attack at age 68. Swedish wrestler turned actor Tor’s preferred role was the bald eyeless zombie in classics like Plan Nine from Outer Space and Bride of the Monster. 1977: A small Westchester radio station WENW hired a thin, gawky, college grad as a DJ- Howard Stern. US radio would never be the same.
George the Animal Steele might not have been a great wrestler but he was a fine Tor Johnson in Ed Wood
George Steele played Tor Johnson in the film Ed Wood.
Did the director tell everyone to copy Tor Johnson?
If I ever become rich/powerful enough to warrant an assistant, I want a hunchback. Or Tor Johnson.
Ryan Kelly will start against TOR, making D-League call-up Manny Harris the only player on LAL's 15-man roster not to start a ga…
Expect LAL's starting line up vs. TOR to be: Marshall, Meeks, Johnson, Kelly & Gasol. Will be Kelly's first start after 20 points at BOS.
Watching a 1960 episode of Bonanza and I recognize Tor Johnson of "Plan 9 From Outer Space" infamy in a cameo role as San Francisco bareknuckle brawler Busthead Brannigan. That's when I know that my bottomless pool of useless information has reached critical mass.
Timberwolves vs. Raptors Kyle Lowry scores 24 points, Amir Johnson has 19 and the Raptors beat Minnesota 94-89 ...
Fleece "the booty warrior" Johnson might be up for parole. Kentucky (men) better watch their backs
Pick and Roll Perfection John Salmons runs the smooth pick-and-roll with Amir Johnson who finishes with the str...
"you have to have kids so you can scare them, I love scaring kids" -Tori Johnson
Riding MTA for 3 hours in my Brooks Brothers suit tonight, I felt just like Tor Johnson...
News Alarm: Amir Johnson (FC - Tor)Amir Johnson had his left ankle re-taped and is available to return to the game.
To say "TOR can win with Bozak" and cite Boston as an example is underrating Bergeron's impact. Top-20 C in the league easy.
OK, Tor Johnson had a huge head BUT not the long eyelashes.
Tor Johnson, truly the man one faces.
my mcm will forever be D'Andre Johnson.
Vasquez to Johnson Amir Johnson takes the pass and finishes with a ferocious slam.
I think I’m ready to move past the first Tor Johnson debacle of 2014. Now: butts.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
note that Tor Jonsson is not Tor Johnson. If you google Tor Jonsson you get a very serious writer. Tor Johnson was a big, doofy-lookin guy
It was originally Miami's, which went to TOR for Bosh. It was then sent to Chicago for James Johnson.
All I want is for Wener Herzog to make a documentary about Tor Johnson. Is that too much to ask?
Just watched the screaming skull 1958, by filmmaker william castle who was known for his sensational gimmics to attract audiences. now watching the beast of yucca flats 1961 starring classic horror actor tor johnson.
Higgy Feed | Pittsburgh sophomore F Durand Johnson (8.8 ppg, 22 three-pointers) out for rest of season with tor...
One of the biggest draws in the 40's in the Massachusetts area: The French Angel, Maurice Tillet (1903-1954). Trained by the wrestler and promoter Karl Pojello, he was recognized as two times world heavyweight champion by the AWA in Boston (run at the time by Paul Bowser) and the Montreal one as well. He is, in fact, credited as original angel, using that gimmick before several who came after him, including the legendary "Swedish Angel", Tor Johnson
finished up recording & mixing for our 3-Song EP last night. can't wait to share this with you. huge thanks to Chris at Lupine Sound for hooking it up. we'll have something online in time for the show on the 25th (which you should go to: also super excited to say that Tor Johnson Records is going to release this as a cassette!! our friend at Spofford Press is making insane letter-pressed packaging!! seriously, this is going to knock your socks off!!
Not only did Jim Myers do a great angle with Randy Savage and Elizabeth, he played Tor Johnson in Tim Burton's Ed Wood. Great career.
Denied: Amir Johnson comes up with the huge block from behind and it leads to a Terrence Ros...
Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes. I know I am quite tardy in this, but I didn't get out to celebrate until tonight, so I'm behind, but thanks to Benjamin, Jessica, Erin, Patty, Bill, Aunt Kara, Austin, Sri, Maddie, and Grandma Ruth for their lovely presents, to the people already on the list who made dinner tonight lovely, to Chris and Nell for good time wishes and everyone I might have forgotten, thanks, you are great, and I'm feeling great despite all the craziness that is afoot at the moment. You folks are lovely, and I hope you know that the things you do make a difference, to me at least. But that's enough, as it is far too maudlin already, though I mean every word. One more thing before I collapse though, and this goes out to my CB buddy Wide Load Shawn E in OKC ( I know that's not exactly where you are, but it rhymes better), I got myself a new mic, and when we're back on the horn again, it shall be epic. Now in the words of Tor Johnson, "time for go to bed."
Thanks for introducing us to cauliflower spaghetti, Margaret Berg and Tor Johnson. Made it tonight and the adults loved it. I ignored the comments from the others. 󾌬
Ed Wood, Tor Johnson and Bela Lugosi, but not Plan 9. Our review of BRIDE OF THE MONSTER!
TOR JOHNSON getting a mudpack facial or a behind the scenes shot from VAMPIRE SISTERS
A free online movie featuring Béla Lugosi and Tor Johnson and lots of tentacles. What more could you want? Okay, yes; it's an Ed Wood film, but don't let that stop you from enjoying it!
Poor Tor Johnson. He never gets a fair shake.
Happy New Year to all! Here is a question for all of you: If Coleman Francis would have produced and directed Manos: the hands of fate, what would it be like? I guess Tor Johnson would be Torgo and Anthony Cardoza play Mike.
Start of 2014 just tears falling.John bishop hilarious . Tor Johnson hope u can get this in HK x
UPDATE (edited post with corrected info!): Donald Post (March 14, 1902 – November 17, 1979), dubbed by many as The Godfather of Halloween, created and sold some of the first latex masks, which remain popular today. In the 1960s and 1970s, Post made masks of such actors as Tor Johnson and Captain Kirk, the latter of which was slightly altered for the 1978 film, Halloween, into the infamous Michael Myers mask. Don Post Studios was owned by the Paper Magic Group (PMG) until 2012 when it was sold. The Planet of the Apes masks were sculpted in 1974 and spring of 1975, and appeared in the 1975 and 1976 catalogs. There were 4 masks to choose from: Gorilla Warrior Dr Zaius Cornelius Zira There was a Deluxe version and an economy version, both sculpted by Bill Malone, based on the original appliances used in the movies. Some of these deluxe masks were used in the Planet of the Apes TV series in 1975, for Apes crowd scenes. The deluxe masks had mohair, and the teeth came separate from the mask and were glued on . ...
Near the end of Lugosi's life. Probably during the time of his last completed film The Black Sleep. Tor Johnson and John Carradine were in that and did a brief promotional tour. Lugosi was supposed to have lines in it but he was very frail and sick so they made his character a mute.
George Steele, seen here with Johnny Depp, portraying Swedish wrestler/actor Tor Johnson in the movie Ed Wood,...
Watched the 1957 Republic Pictures production of "The Unearthly". It's about a mad scientist who creates a 17th gland that when put into the neck of a person will make them immortal. Except the gland also makes the patients all look like part time actor full time wrestler Tor Johnson (who also plays Lobo in the film And played Lobo in "Night Of The Ghouls"). Myron Healy ( Who was in every western ever made where the budget was about the same as bus fare) plays an accused murderer who is *** bent on stopping the mad scientist before he too is turned into Tor. The girl from the "Crawling Hand" is in there too but I'm not sure why. . . .And John Carradine ( Father of Kung Fu, The pedophile from "Pretty Baby", and a Nerd) is the mad scientist. The Unearthly is a good time. .
Happy October 19th birthday wishes go out to: Jeannie C. Riley, JOHN LITHGOW, Noel Blanc, Evander Holyfield, Jon Favreau, Chris Kattan, PRAS, John Edward, JASON REITMAN, Ty Pennington, Charlie Chase (of Crook & Chase), Amy Carter and the late ROBERT REED, Divine, LaWanda Page, Tor Johnson and Winnie Collins (she was born in Portage, MI).
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Edward D. Wood Jr. The BEST World's Worst Director. At the age of about eight as I lay huddled under a comforter on the couch watching an ailing Bela Lugosi star in "Bride of the Monster" (1955) at my grandmothers home in Brooklyn, I was frightened. This was my first Ed Wood Jr. movie and I liked it. Is Ed the Orson Welles (his idol) of Shlock? In a sense yes, but his films were being produced for as low as $20,000 and today we have unwatchable crap made for multi-millions. Jim Morton writes: "Eccentric and individualistic, Edward D. Wood, Jr. was a man born to film. Lesser men, if forced to make movies under the conditions Wood faced, would have thrown up their hands in defeat." Eddie also had a very interesting circle of friends that he often cast in many of his films that today are considered cult figures including Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, Criswell, Vampira (Maila Nurmi), Paul Marco and Steve Reeves. Ed's idol Orson Welles made "Citizen Kane" (1941), voted the best film of all time and ...
What do you get when you combine Basil Rathbone, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine and Tor Johnson in a single spookfest? Well, perhaps less than you might have hoped, but still not a bad little outing. The film really belongs to our Mr. Rathbone, who dominates the story with his suavely sinister singleminded dedication to his work. Poor Bela, who might have at one time played that role, is here as his mute servant in what, at age 74, would be his last film role. (Though Bela Lugosi would "appear" a few years after his death in Ed Wood Jr.'s PLAN 9 FROM Outer Space, that footage had been shot sometime prior to BLACK SLEEP.) Still, our dear Mr. Lugosi fares better than his old colleagues, all of whom are, alas! victims of Basil's experimentations. Brilliant surgeon Dr. Cadman has learned the secret of "The Black Sleep" and uses it in his brain research, all in a quest to restore his comatose bride--but his experiments have dire consequences...
Join us tonight at 9 (ET) as SHOCKING THEATER with Justy Ghost presents Ed Wood's PLAN 9 FROM Outer Space (1959) starring Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, and Vampira. Our movie will be preceded by a short feature from Shocko the Clown -- "Senior Wednesdays" starring Bela Lugosi. Jason "Egg" Brown will be hosting the chat.
Also, ask him about being in Ed Wood! Great movie. And he was great as Tor Johnson.
Bryson Smith Edward Smith Johnny Gooden me : aight guys huddle up, fellas tonight is the night. PU " tonight is the night for what ?" Bryson Smith " yea for what breaker?" Johnny Gooden " b what you taking bout man?" Me " these women expect us to go hard guys we can't let them down" " here take one of these blue pills " Skit lol
Whenever any of my friend gets married Mom comes down to the same old topic "When am I getting married". Don''t you think its injustice to force some1 to marry.!!
With the loss of Johnson, COL would most likely be trading O'Reilly for a blueliner. Lots say TOR is the destination. (Gardiner)
Melo forcing the dribble drive on the baseline, Amir Johnson gets the block NY 75 TOR 81, 3min left in the game
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Not to be confused with Tor Johnson.
News Alarm: Landry Fields (GF - Tor) Landry Fields has been inserted into the starting lineup for Amir Johnson. (
think TOR is overrated Johnson Romero Reyes will struggle, buehrle only consistent P,doubt encarnacion will have another good yr
RING WARS TUESDAY NIGHT TRIVIA! QUESTION 9: Who played Tor Johnson in the Tim Burton movie Ed Wood?
Tenacious Defense: Kyle Lowry throws the ball away but gets it right back with a quick steal and feeds Amir Johnson...
right now fans are searching for Amir Johnson (F-Tor) on Pickemfirst Find out why on
Jonas Valanciunas (TOR) gets another start at center for the joining Lowry, DeRozan, *** and Johnson.
Sometimes, I'll imagine the Three Stooges trying to replace Curly with Tor Johnson and just giggle for hours.
Ash Wednesday tomorrow a day of repentance and the 1st day of lent for me , i shall try my best to Fast from anger , to Fast from impatience , to Fast from intolerance ...
Put yer bizness thinking caps on, folks. Who is, to your mind, the best ECD(s)/CCO(s) out there? Great creative, great leadership, great sense of business, generally good person or peoples. Feel free to message me if you want your opinion kept confidential.
Hornets vs. Raptors: First half: Kyle Lowery and Amir Johnson each have 12 points as the Raptors lead the Hornets...
Close game in TOR with the holding onto a 50-47 lead over NOLA at the half. Johnson & Lowry working the 2 man game with 12 apiece.
Make that 12 first quarter points for Amir Johnson. Both teams shooting very well – 67% for TOR and 59% for NOLA. Turnovers killing latter.
Lowry (6, 6 asts), *** (8, 2 stls) & Johnson (10) show out for Raps. TOR with 20 paint points, too. NOLA has 6 TOs, trails 32-21 end of 1Q.
Dunks dunks dunks for Toronto. *** and Johnson with two slams each, Lowry beasting on both ends and NOLA is sloppy with the ball. TOR up 8.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jonas Valanciunas (TOR) gets the start at center for the tonight, joining Lowry, DeRozan, *** and Amir Johnson.
This weeks is that rare time I can talk about films with Tor Johnson in them. It's Ed Wood!
Morning practice is only okay when John Mayer and Jack Johnson are on Pandora
Boris Johnson calls for action against 'menace' of urban foxes after one-month-old baby boy has finger tor
Tor Johnson broke toilets all the time. Nothing to be ashamed of!
Having a great time on sprited away with Tor Johnson and James Day... We slammed the 8 locks that we're all lined up in a desperately trying to get my bum warm..
Filmed and edited by Ed Hancox Text by Sharon Morgan We care about cocktails - and the Negroni is the most loved Italian cocktail of them all. We thought the...
“It’s like the culture Without the effort or all of the luggage It’s like a discipline Without the discipline of all of the discipline It’s like a movement Without the bother of the meaning It’s like a culture Without the culture of all of the culture” -“Movement”- LCD Soundsystem   The term “indie rock” has really started to bug me lately. A lot more than it really should, but I have my reasons.    A couple of years ago around Halloween I was bumming around the mall (it doesn’t matter which mall. I can only be in about three or four places at any given time: mall, record store, Target, outside mall.) and I went into the seasonal Halloween store. Walking amongst the wig section I happened upon something called the “Alternative Rocker Wig”.    The “wig” was made to look like a shaggy blot of hair sitting atop one’s head. It was meant to make you look messy and unkept and too cool for combs.   Indie rock had become a Halloween costume, on the same level as Psychotic Clo ...
HEY GUYS AND GALS! We're less than 24 hours away from the very first SCTC Presents: AWFUL MOVIE FRIDAY happening at our space at the 504 (for directions click the link, text, or message me). Two surprise shorts, the crap classic THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS and all the derision you and fellow AMF'ers can throw at the screen. $5 at the door and a $3 BYOB fee. And apparently it looks like we might have quite a few guests so you might wanna think about bringing your own chair in case we run out. See you tomorrow night at 7:00 at the 504!!!
Plan 9 from Outer Space (Starring Soros as Criswell..Van Jones as Tor Johnson, Nancy Pelosi as Vampira)
My little nephew, Hunter, spied the Tor Johnson ornament on our Christmas Tree and said, "That looks like Uncle Frank!"
I'm working on some Tor Johnson (Lobo) artwork, thanks to a suggestion from James H. Lucas ...I'll give you one hint: TIME FOR GO TO BED!
Wow Basil Rathbone, Bela Lugosi, John Carradine, Lon Chaney Jr, and Tor Johnson all in one film. Why is it so bad?
John Boehner and Mitch McConnell...roam corridors of power like Tor Johnson roamed set of Plan 9 Frm Outer Space
Started watching some classic horror movies tonight. I just watched 'The Black Sleep' (1956). It was Bela Lugosi's last movie (that he knew he was making, not just the footage shot of him that ended up in Plan 9.) It also starred Basil Rathbone, Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine, and Tor Johnson. Not bad for a bunch of actors past their prime doing a mad scientist movie.
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I'm a big boy now, Johnny. -Tor Johnson as Inspector Daniel Clay in Plan 9 from Outer Space
Tor Johnson wrestling in an old Pathe newsreel footage. Tor was known as the Super Swedish Angel, but is called King Kong in the footage.
Video: Johnson's Huge Jam - nice treat to open the pre-season. Let's keep this ball rollin!
How about a movie with Tor Johnson wandering the desert and endless narration? ...sorry. That's all we got. It's "The Beast Of Yucca Flats"!
Tor Johnson // I knew this was coming. Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion
Join us tonight at 9 (ET) as ALTERNATIVE REALITIES with Zoid and Sluggo presents a Monday night double feature! SON OF INGAGI (1940) is the first science fiction-horror film to feature an all-black cast, including Spencer Williams, Jr., of "Amos 'n Andy" fame. And then it's Tor Johnson as the BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS (1961). Tonight's all-new episode also introduces a new member of the Alternative Realities cast -- Frau Zoid, who will be joining Zoid and Sluggo in the Vortexx. AND
thinking of witty slogans to go on the FREE tor johnson koozies we'll be making next week. thoughts? NMS/NMP is not an option
Wow, what a picture...I'd love to be there right now!
Kelly Johnson / Johnson had a nice game for the Blue Jays, going 2-for-5 with
Kelly Johnson / Kelly Johnson had two hits, including a solo home run, in a
Kelly Johnson doubles in the game's first run in the 2nd. Check it out:
Is Chris Johnson a good buy low right now? Giving up Don brown and Tor smith for him. He'd be a flex behind forte/bush mjd
Stories to Be Sipped, Not Swallowed: At The Mouth of the River of Bees by Kij Johnson It’s hard to believe that
This morning we're talking about a book filled with award-winning stories. All of them
Another day, another Tor Johnson photo on the studio screen saver...
Apparently is trending, but unfortunately has nothing to do with Tor Johnson. How lame.
should I trade Mgahee and Tor Smith for Luck and Stevie Johnson. I have Rivers, Sanchez, McCoy, TRich, Tate, Decker, V Cruz, .
now u know I ain't neva tell no lie ☝ Tor was there remember 😏
Ah Tor Johnson, you are the north star. I set my sights and sail towards you and, invariably, I land at Badmovieland.
2/2 Michael Johnson, David C John, all speaking on what they expect to see from pensions and savings by 2020.
Tor Johnson a truly great prop I mean actor, wait does just being on camera make you an actor? I am confused...
In the immortal words of Tor Johnson: Time for go to bed.
I need to beerslam the three Coleman Francis movies. Three guys who tried to invade Cuba are on the run from Tor Johnson who has (cont)
Oh, Tor Johnson your thespian skills are missed in this world.
Congrats to Shane Doan on staying in PHX. The lure of home and family was too strong. He said no to good teams Pitt NYR Philly Nash Van Tor
Kelly Johnson / Johnson went 1-for-3, stealing two bases in a win over Seattle
I've found a bacon number of 3: Tor Johnson. Highest so far!
It'll never work. Tor Johnson is still alive.
I think the Republicans should consider letting Tor Johnson do all the speaking parts between now and the election
82: Johnson makes the save on Avila. Getting very nervy now. TOR 1-2 CHI
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30: If you're wondering, no Ryan Johnson tonight for TFC. He played last night for Jamaica. TOR 0-1 CHI
19: Johnson can't handle the cross, but Segares cleans it up. TOR 0-1 CHI
15: And another save by Johnson, this time on Hassli. TOR 0-1 CHI
14: Wiedeman almost replies for Toronto, but Johnson covers up. TOR 0-1 CHI
would like Christopher Garrahan to know that hes watched Ed Wood's Night of the Ghouls and it is truly a wretched film, even with Tor Johnson!
… I do quite like Boris Johnson but he’s still a Tory :L >>> Boris is a Tor(re)y with a difference. See what I did there.
To quote the great philosopher Tor Johnson, "Time to go for bed".
Kelly Johnson / Johnson is not in Sunday's starting lineup against the Red
Whatever floats you boat...In mid air!!!
let me know who to talk to to get some Tor Johnson Records releases in there.
to all you stores/distros out there: keep your Tor Johnson Records stuff in stock!! contact or us direct
is it wrong that i spend most of my time at work thinking about Tor Johnson stuff.or food.and not work...
Another awesome picture from New Caledonia, by Tor Johnson!
Everytime I watch Aaron Johnson kiss someone in Angus thongs and perfect snogging it makes me sad
now, in the immortal words of tor johnson, Time For Go To Bed
Pick your one & think of it during tough times: Tor Johnson Photography - Ocean and Outdoor Images
Imagine our sea is free of polition like the pict in Tahiti
Sail Boats look as tho they are floating in the air! Water is so clear! ~Joanna~
" What an amazing site ... watching nature's display "
Elliot Johnson slides face first into home plate and shreds his face only to be thrown out.
Moises Sierra gunning out Elliot Johnson to end the win over the Rays is
Johnson showing signs of breaking slump
Need some new paranormal romance to read in September? Here are 14 good ones for you from Fiction Affliction!
Tor Johnson: [after the fake octopus falls on him] Better than wrestling!
Kelly Johnson sparks the offense early. Watch him rip this two-run double in the 1st:
or maybe Tor Johnson'd to death in "Bride of the Monster"?
It was THE BLACK SLEEP. A Russian, Gandalf, Tor Johnson and Miley Cyrus just tried to kill Lon Chaney, Jr.
I'm done being witty and charming for one day. As the poet Tor Johnson once said: "Time for go to bed."
Kelly Johnson / Kelly Johnson hit a three-run homer in Wednesday's loss to the
“RECAP: Johnson, Mathis go yard in loss to
Kelly Johnson clubbed a 3-run jack tonight, his 14th of the year. Check it out -
Watch Kelly Johnson go big fly for the delivering this three-run blast in the 6th:
best 2 com'tor on the TV are Micheal Johnson and Micheal Holding think the BBC Ol'pic Games coverage taken it whole new level
Kelly Johnson fields 3 ground balls for outs in the 1st. To the bottom we go. TOR 0, CHI 0
The Spirit of Tor Johnson always listens to why don't you?
Kelly Johnson / Kelly Johnson returned to action on Monday August 13.
Kelly Johnson / Johnson (groin) is back in the lineup Monday, Mike Wilner of
...and this Hard drive library from is so cool too.
News Alarm: Kelly Johnson (2B - Tor) Kelly Johnson is not in the Blue Jays starting lineup on Sunday. (
ummm Holly Johnson .RT lol . nobody told you go kiss in the rain . Who you have for English ?
Tor just returned from Tahiti where he photographed the Tahiti Pearl Regatta sailing race between Raiatea and Huahine. Tor went crazy shooting from the top of the mast, underwater and everything in between. CAUTION: These photos may cause severe wanderlust and an uncontrollable urge to buy a plane ticket to Tahiti.
Kelly Johnson absolutely laced this home run in the 2nd. Check it out:
Ving Rhames delivering one of the great accents of no fixed abode! French African via Jamaica with hint of Tor Johnson
Bela! I hope this means will enter the Royal Tor Johnson. While Cena flails around as an octopus.
I liked a video from Tor Johnson on Groucho Marx's "You Bet Your Li
I still remember like yesterday Dave Johnson pitching a gem in last game of "Why Not?" season vs TOR in '89. O's finished 2 games out.
be happy your dad at least cares about you tor. I know you're almost 20 but you know how he is. you're his baby girl
The great Tor Johnson on You Bet Your Life. Groucho sure was an *** to old Tor, wasn't he? But then again, I guess that was his schtick. Tor sure seemed to...
Photography and journalism of Hawaii and the world, specializing in adventure travel, ocean lifestyle, sailing, and surfing
So glad Chad Johnson changed his last name cuz that ochocinco shyt was childish his name makes him look more professional now
And now, as Tor Johnson would say, "Time to go a bed!!!"
Photo: rcmerchant: the BLACK SLEEP (1956) Basil Rathbone and Tor Johnson — together at last!
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