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Topher Grace

Christopher John Topher Grace (born July 12, 1978) is an American actor.

Eric Foreman Eddie Brock Peter Parker Ashton Kutcher Eric Forman Star Wars Tobey Maguire Thomas Jane Mila Kunis Tad Hamilton Ashley Hinshaw Lex Luthor Kevin Spacey Adrian Brody

Do people really hate Topher Grace and love Eddie Brock that much?
I only like topher grace in that 70s show
Did I hallucinate Topher Grace used to exist & was funny?🤔
please change the album artwork for this good song, it is very unfair for me to have to look at Topher Gra…
But.. if you're talking about the Manga, I've read a little. . Not much, tho.. Or, was that the Movie with Topher Grace?
My little brother saw Topher Grace in Spiderman 3 and said "woah is that Justin Timberlake"
3 years ago I was at a DC leadership thing and in a small group of 5 I said that the celebrity I most i…
SNL's Kate McKinnon wins Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy: "Thank you to Hillary Clinton for your grace"
they are playing themselves which is even funnier Bc it's like "he's teaching poker to hollywoods hottest" & Its like Topher grace
Jalen Tyon once said he kissed Topher Grace
Bc those celebs are Shane West, Topher Grace, Joshua Jackson, white guy, and white girl and I literally had to ask "who are these people?"
Joesph Gordon Levitt & Topher Grace's interaction just made my day omg 😂👏🏼
Musical episode of That 70's Show: I can't figure out if Topher Grace can sing well or he just sounds better against everyone else's voice.
I ask for your grace and understanding, and promise that I will come back and perform for you soon.
The whole Topher Grace thing didn't really help
I'll never forgive Topher Grace for not being in season 8 of That 70s Show.
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This was the moment I knew there wouldn't be a fourth Tobey installment. Topher Grace as…
Topher Grace was just randomly in the audience so that was cool
Watching season two of that 70's show very high and I am crazy hot for Topher Grace (close up only)
I don't know why topher grace turns me off so much but he does.
Yeah it does, especially since they casted Tom Hardy as Venom, no offense to Topher Grace, but he sucked big time in SP3.
I like the guy who looks like Topher Grace better than the guy who is Topher Grace so
Topher Grace makes me all dry inside.
Like, man, let's get Topher Grace to cut together a good movie out of this thing like he supposedly did…
I'm forever fond of Eric's Depression because it gave 15-year-old Sonora her first view of a stubbled Topher Grace
The fact that Topher Grace makes an exceptional serial killer is frightening bc I'm still seeing Eric.
It was probably Topher Grace or that guy from Force Awakens. ;-)
Stay in touch I'm putting my guy out on Friday by God's grace. Sorry for the silence. Boyaka
Never forget that there's an alternate reality where Topher Grace is a senior advisor to President Trump
Does knowing that Topher Grace as Eric Foreman was one of my first celebrity/TV crushes explain a lot about me?
Call it 'One Hour From Midnight in September', CGI old face Topher Grace as him, talking swordfish sidek…
this stuff will never not rankle - sulked thru Topher Grace atrocity Take M…
My dream job is answering phones for Topher Grace with the greeting "Go for Topher!"
Topher Grace will reprise his role, but instead he'll voice a porcupine.
It's a real shame Topher Grace's career stagnated. I was really into him in the late 90's
"How Captain Underpants creator Dav Pilkey overcame obstacles to stick to his vision" | CBC Radio
Watched it last night on my night shift and it was lush. And it has Topher Grace in it who's always adorbs
I feel like every role that Topher Grace plays is just an alternate universe future of Eric Forman
I like all the one off throwaway characters voiced by celebrities like lisa kudrow and topher grace
if it were the 90s I'd be a topher grace stan
 Are ghosts real? Turns out, no! Here to talk about it, is actor Topher Grace!
When your girl lets u know she's feeling freaky with her music playlist 👀👀
Anaconda, starring Topher Grace and Teresa Palmer. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille, music by Mad Season. Budget: $10m
I vote we cast Toby Maguire, Topher Grace or Elijah wood
The majority of the That 70s Show musical episode is bad except Topher Grace. He's the only one who seems to know how to sing and project.
11. Topher Grace. You know what...I've wanted to date Eric like, all my life.
Finn Jones as Iron Fist is on par with Topher Grace as Venom, worst casting EVER! 1 bad Apple ruins the batch, 'The defenders' 👎👎👎👎
Our waiter at this restaurant looks like and has the same mannerisms as Topher Grace
Tried calling to no avail. Is orientation next week for incoming 6th graders only or families as well? No info anywhere...
Yaaas.lord enjoy that time while you can. Once that baby comes, it's a wrap for LIFE lol
you're most definitely Topher Grace evil twin
More than a few fan edits cut it down to that. I know Topher Grac…
OPENING NIGHT is an atrocious reimagination of NOISES OFF. starts okay, gets worse and worse. doesn't help that topher grace can't act.
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Topher grace ohh man I luv the dude.hes my crush
Topher Grace trying to play a bad guy is like one of the funniest things. Like no, go smoke weed in your basement with Kelso
the only actual bad thing about it is Topher Grace *** ***
Spider-Man 3's biggest failing was depriving us of a conclusion to Topher Grace's character arc in the Ocean's series
Watching Brad Pitt trying to teach Topher Grace how to play poker never gets old
No offense but where is the movie where Josh Duhammel and Topher Grace just go to town on each other? Now that's a movie.
Please help me convince that Topher Grace and Tobey Maguire are not the same person. This is getting out of hand.
Topher Grace is a man after my own heart.
Now, I had no problem with Topher Grace's portrayal as Venom. His character was introduced to be a complete opposite of Peter Parker-
Fair enough. I did laugh at Topher Grace as a drugged up mess
Why all these small guys get to play Venom? Topher Grace 5' 11" Tom Hardy 5' 9". I only care about if is playing him!
Apparently my boyfriend saw Topher Grace while at work tonight.
So what happened last night that Topher Grace was trolling and ?
"We Punch" - a comical action movie with Topher Grace &
I think I’m broken, yes, shattered with grace points, therefore I am Ann with no e, just little old (wealthy) Ann. Yeah.
I think about how Topher Grace used to date Ivanka Trump once a day.
Topher Grace somehow got so much funnier in his last 2 seasons of That 70s Show.
Topher Grace's wife Ashley Hinshaw confirms her first pregnancy — at 6 1/2 months
Ashton Kutcher is actually an immortal vampire of feeds off the life force of lesser beings like Topher Grace
Why does Topher Grace ever get cast in anything?
Anywhoo, it made me think of Topher Grace praying for God to kill If the angels from were listening, maybe!
No I'll take one Topher Grace, as opposed to Twopher Graces
Topher Grace should have been Peter Parker from the beginning. Thomas Jane should've bee…
is not looking forward to Topher Grace as Eddie Brock
Just found out my dad doesn't love Topher Grace... he loves Eric Foreman 😂😂😂
I always have thought you and Topher Grace could be brothers.
The Untouchables, starring Topher Grace and Shirley Jones. Directed by Ivan Reitman, music by Better than Ezra. Budget: $100 billion
I wonder if he got any royalties for the Topher Grace movie, Win A Date with Tad Hamilton.
100% Eric Foreman is not 17. Topher Grace is like 30
yeah I'm a big Topher Grace fan but he played it too Eric Foreman. Charlie Hunnam might be good.
Topher Grace edited all the Star Wars prequels into a single movie and apparently it’s pretty good
I like Topher grace but I'll never forgive him for ruining that 70s show.
note to dream Self: don't trust Topher Grace when you meet him in the library. He'll try to kill you because of his obsession with murder
Why is Topher Grace even there? Like, good catch with the poison plant, dude, but you still suck.
'Controversial' was continuing That 70's Show after Topher Grace and Ashton (sorta) left. Bigotry is not 'controversial'
yes the rumors are true, I once tried to assassinate Topher Grace..
Working on 'Lonely, I'm Not' - I love the material so much, and it's sp...
Greeny u look a lot like Topher Grace when he was on That 70's Show. So basically like a skinny 17 year old from a long time ago
I made eye contact with Topher Grace
While in the Venom costume, Topher Grace didn't drink any water because he couldn't use the bathroom with the costu…
I worked at Suncoast Video for two years during the summer in high schoo...
I thought I recorded Predator, but it turns out it's Predators. . I wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger vs the predator, not Topher Grace. Eh, w.e
Watching that 70's show and Topher Grace's character makes me think of
Thank you for inspiring me and so many other journalists with your skill, toughness, humanity and grace. Yo…
I don't talk about my personal life with the press.
It could be worse. You could be Topher Grace.
I'll have you know topher grace is a beautiful man! 😂
When Topher Grace walks in to the restaurant 😂
p.s. , , Topher Grace, Gabriel Byrne, widescreen, ships free
Always been so obsessed with Topher Grace and just saw "In Good Company" for the first time and fell in love again he's so awk & funny
It is strange when you're a loser in college, which I was, to then ...
I'm not a comedian, but I love the comedians who know when to get off...
I was just teasing cause that's where Eric went when Topher Grace left the show and they continued with the last season.
Don't take this the wrong way but for whatever reason, you make me think of if Topher Grace took up Destiny instead of acting
It's hard to understand the films that you're in, because you never trul...
This is giving me extreme feels but where's Topher Grace to complete the picture? 😭
95% sure my cousin is dating Topher Grace
After a long period of consideration, I've finally decided on an arch nemesis. Topher Grace if you're reading this, I'm coming for you.
I'm very social. It's just most of my friends are not actors.
You can tell when someone is just trying to use you. It becomes just som...
.just said that Taylor Schilling is a better kisser than Topher Grace.
thank you for your leadership, grace, and dignity. I haven't always agreed with you, but I have always respected you.
so topher grace and Tobey Maguire AREN'T the same person.?
My folks still live in my childhood home, and so when I'm home with them, I usually feel the b
"I'm so good at Business, they should call me Business-topher!" .
So, I'm to believe that there's a real AV? I thought "grace boots" & "abundance" was a put on.
Strap on your grace mail and fight for Fake Ann! Forth Eucharisteos!
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I think it's good to have a nice, healthy group of people all doing different things. A lot of
There are 112 of these things to listen to!
I have great affection for Topher Grace. I worship at the altar of Laura Linney.
Topher Grace is the ONLY person from that show that still looks like a fetus. He deadass never got passed 15
Topher Grace always looks like he just sent you a text while in the same room & is waiting for you to open it
Whoa, Topher Grace is in this. Who let him out of actor jail?
The 30-year-old male is about as far away from Valentine's Day as you can get in the human exp
Do people who know Topher Grace find it hard to look him in the eyes and call him "Topher" without laughing
Thomas Jane was once The Punisher and Topher Grace was once Venom *** Nicolas Cage was Ghost Rider(twice) *shudders*
Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher got married, why not give Topher Grace a second chance??
Exclusive: gives NSYNC-inspired advice in 'Opening Night' clip
this just helped me realize its topher grace (Eric) from that 70s show!!! Lol
it was mentioned in the movie In good Company with Topher Grace all the way back in 2004.
A fun game for parties is "Name as many of Topher Grace's acting credits as possible." (For short parties only)
topher grace se va de that '70s al final de la s7 y Ashton Kutcher al principio de la s8 what a great time to be DEAD
this dude always reminds me of Topher Grace
I just wanted to add, I would have bet money this was chubby Topher Grace.
What I _really_ want to see is Topher Grace's edit of all the prequels into the running length of one movie.
The years have not been kind to Topher Grace.
I would be a terrible director, I could never write anything. One of my great strengths is tha
No man left behind. Somewhere Topher Grace sheds a tear.
What didn't Topher Grace, want any of Jericho??
Im pretty sure That 70's Show would have been better if Topher Grace never left to go be "Venom".
shut up Topher Grace. You're a wash up. You haven't been good since that 70s show. You burned up too fast.
Sometimes I get mad when I think that I only have maybe 40 or 50 more springs in New York. Whe
How does a school get its most famous actor alumnus to narrate their new admission video? Just ask
when talking about the cast of traffic today, I said Topher Grace at the same time as Jeremy
Respectable choices. Going to be hard to top Willem Dafoe imo. Yeah, Topher Grace was a terrible choice imo.
oh god no not Topher Grace. Who honestly thought he would make a good Eddie Brock/Venom?
Can't let go to sit at the rain to work and more 'rustic', i already comfy in, the mcdonald's photo of topher grace to properly use nukes.
I've adjusted to LA well. I saw Topher Grace in the shop today and just walked by him as though it's normal to see Eric Forman buying milk.
Some days I stop and ask myself who is Kathy Driscoll? And why did she cast Topher Grace as Venom in Spider-Man 3?
topher grace as Eric Forman, the skinniest boy of them all
aside from the kinda lame Topher Grace twist, it was pretty solid.
I don't want to be an editor - I want to be really forward about that. I would be a horrible e
There's no way Topher Grace and Tobey McGuire are different people.
would have loved a three way fight between Danny Trejo, Lawrence Fishburne & a Predator. Topher Grace was dreadful.
Lunatic, guy from Mash, hero, actual first black space captain,Tom Skerritt, that one chick, 70's Topher Grace.
Topher Grace should be Jimmy Olsen. Kirsten Dunst should be Vicki Vale. Tobey Maguire should be Red Hood. Alfred Molina should be Brainiac
This is very different from say, Topher Grace as Eddie Brock - *that* guy wasn’t good for the role.
Laura Prepon and Topher Grace behind the scene of That 70s Show.
I wish Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Ed Westwick, Topher Grace , Ashton Kutcher and Chad Michael Murray were all in one big movie together😻
Topher Grace is Eric Foreman from the 70s show Toby is Peter Parker l
Some of the cast of Opening Night 🎭 from right: Alona Tal, JC Chasez, Topher Grace, Paul Scheer,…
Topher Grace and Ashley Hinshaw are Married! Did Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Make It to Their Wedding?
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I told that I always see celebs at Arclight Hollywood and 5 minutes later we see Sophia Bush and then Topher Grace
Jep and now, NOW I have it: Topher Grace as Jason Todd.
I'm ready for the return of That 70's Show to come back as The 90's Show. What is Topher Grace even doing? Danny Masterson? Anyone?
Topher Grace is fine as Eddie Brock, but he's really bland as Venom.
Imagine The Great Gatsby but with Topher Grace as Eric Foreman playing Gatsby. I'd watch it.
I did like it. I don't even like Adrian Brody. Or Topher Grace for that matter.
Whoever they cast in the Venom reboot better be better than Topher Grace. Eric Foreman was not cut out for the spidey universe!!
Second night in a row I've dreamed that Eric Forman/Topher Grace is my boyfriend... Ffs
Somebody get Topher Grace to re-cut JUNO so it's only the Jennifer Garner/Jason Bateman scenes and pair it with that profile.
Kyle Chandler and Seth MacFarlane, Helen Hunt (young) and Leelee Sobieski, Topher Grace and Sean Patrick Flanery (young)
It's got John Magaro, Topher Grace, Will Poulter and Brad Pitt starring in it.😍
Topher Grace is a master at being adorkable.
Same! great handle btw! Like my favorite actor, Topher Grace, kinda! Wrestling gets. me. off. How are you?
Why didn't Topher Grace get all the awards for That 70s Show
My psychology professor is the 47 year old version of Topher Grace( a.k.a Eric Foreman)
I still haven't forgiven topher grace for leaving that '70s show right before the final season
there's a guy in my poli sci quiz section who looks exactly like topher grace and I keep staring at him, only bc he looks like topher grace
I do like any kind of project that has both comedy and drama in it because in li...
ICYMI — That 70's Show is on Netflix now, so you've got plenty of chances to get your regular Topher Grace fix.
I feel bad for young actors who become huge stars too quickly, because you haven...
Topher Grace wasn't in the last season of That 70's Show because he was filming Spiderman it al makes sense
hard for me to get mad at casting when marvel let Topher Grace be Venom. All time worst comic book cast of all time
Why the *** didn't Topher Grace play Peter Parker? He would have been perfect.
to show Topher Grace's lazy eye some love!
Topher Grace let me sit on your face :D
Laura Prepon said to follow you. Would love to see her and Topher Grace get back together again for 70's follow up series.
I like how TRUTH does the "The cat TOTALLY OUT OF THE BAG!" scene from THE INSIDER, but instead of Pacino it's Topher Grace.
Fake Mike Brady dad is literally telling Nice Guy Topher Grace that he would get to date his daughter "if the world was fair." what.
Topher Grace is a brilliant actor and everyone who disagrees is a LIAR A LIAR A BIG ONE A BIG LIAR
Topher Grace sounds & acts exactly like a friend of mine. They don't look alike beyond "skinny with big eyes" but it's still super weird.
Had a moment with Topher Grace tonight.
I feel like Topher Grace in real life is just a sarcastic smart *** just like Eric
...I'd love to get my hands on Topher Grace's 85-minute prequel trilogy edit.
UPDATE: Topher Grace has left the building. Last seen crossing Robertson Blvd at Beverly. Subject is wearing sweatpants.
I think I am sitting ten feet away from Topher Grace. making all our dreams come true
we should have Topher Grace together sometime
I LOVED topher grace in high school. I still think about him sometimes ... wistfully.
there but for the topher grace of God go I
Johnny Marr has joined the ranks of Abe Lincoln and Topher Grace.
yea. Well, the story is flop but Cate's performance is so good. I like Topher Grace' performance too
Topher Grace plays an *** in American Ultra. That was weird.
Just watched Interstellar. That is the worst/most boring movie I've ever seen in my entire life. Topher Grace's scenes were 10/10 tho.
I don't care what movie he's in,Topher Grace will always be Eric Foreman in my eyes
Who ever suggested that Topher Grace play venom needs to lay off whatever drugs they were taking.
it's definitely interesting, like the one film cut of the Star Wars prequel trilogy that Topher Grace made
The script is a blueprint for the film - there are very few bad scripts that mak...
When I make shopping lists, I put down tofu as "Topher Grace" because I'm a terribly obnoxious person to live with.
yeah it's good I seen it in the theater. NOT PACKED. I dunno..Topher Grace is in it. His movies never make money.
We've digitally replaced Tobey Maguire with Topher Grace in all their roles. Let's see if anyone notices.
I lowkey have a crush on Topher Grace
Still can't watch those movies because of whiny wimpy Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom
and topher grace is in it and like Luke Wilson and Aubrey plaza
I hear this 70 minute edit of 'Hateful 8' that Topher Grace made is amazing .
Topher Grace and Mark-Paul Gosselaar are basically life RN
did you also tell her that it's not Venom because Topher Grace was a terrible casting choice for Eddie Brock?
I hate watching Topher Grace play an *** in movies cause he'll always be Eric Foreman to me
I can get behind Ben Affleck as Batman now, but I truly sincerely HATE Jesse Eisenberg as Lex's like Topher Grace all over again
check out Topher Grace's edit. He combines the three prequels into one film that basically just deals with
It's gonna be too much like Spider-man 3. Jessie Eisenberg as Lex is the new Topher Grace as Venom.
I believe Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor was a bad casting choice... equivalent to Topher Grace being cast as Venom in Spiderman 3
Topher grace hasn't aged one bit... Like seriously
I actually have the biggest crush on Topher Grace 😳
Poor Topher Grace, he's only 37 and be looks 55, RIP
btw yours better be for Topher Grace or I will fight u
Topher Grace , sorry man, but I don't think God is going to murder Tobey Maguire Spider-Man for you
03.09.2015. 'It's fascinating to people': Topher Grace insists on WWHL that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis just...
Watching the Topher Grace cut of the Star Wars prequels, and creating campaign characters. The nerd is strong in the apartment right now.🤓
also if you have time watch the full cut version of 1-3, I believe it was edited by Topher Grace (That 70s show)
Topher Grace is serious hubby material tbh
Remember when topher grace played Venom
And Topher Grace played Villain of the movie. Standoff b/w Eric Foreman and Lex Luther. One of the reasons to see the movie
Sorry Grace Poe, you've just been evicted from Malacañang house.
i really don't like Topher Grace in anything other than that 70's show
The Topher Grace part did it. I'm dying in the library.
Dying with laughter. Glad I wasn't the only one who heard Topher Grace...
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Bro he sounds like Topher Grace from thats 70's show
Idk who Topher Grace is, I only know Eric Foreman.
. Bri, i thought AARON (on Season 5 TWD) . was actor TOPHER GRACE! oops . i wonder if Topher is mad he didnt get the part
Why am I so sexually attracted to Topher Grace?
I'm watching Spider-Man 3 and I love how they did Venom, but topher grace was meant more for Eddie Brock ya feel
Why does Topher Grace become huge when he is Venom? Argergggh this movie is such a pile of crap.
I believe "hide under the universe" would apply to Topher Grace's meltdown monologue in that movie.
I felt bad for Topher Grace. He had no business being cast as Venom/Brock
New Award! Topher Grace on explaining our multi-platform world and the Breakthrough Series, Short Form. (I.e., web series).
Dear every Hollywood director in the world, please stop casting Topher Grace in dramatic roles.
I liked a video Topher Grace is Tired of Jimmy Kimmel Crashing Huey Lewis Concerts
I liked a video Topher Grace's Prank on Wilmer Valderrama's Date
I liked a video Topher Grace Got Recognized at a Murder Trial
Johnny football not playing tonight is like when Topher Grace left that 70s show
tl;dr Topher Grace with a beard scared me
Tfw u r watching a film & almost fall asleep then u see Topher Grace in a beard & u r so shocked u suddenly feel like u can run a marathon
I kinda want a movie where Topher Grace plays Kevin Spacey's son...🤓
Even the cast of was shocked to see Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis together!
check Topher Grace - I believe he did that bit of mastery
Yeahp which had Topher Grace (Venom from Spiderman 3) and oddly enough had a Adrian Brody acting all mucho which didn't fit him
I'm not religious but my family does say Topher Grace before every meal
Topher Grace left that 70's Show to be in Spider-Man 3
Both main leads were believable as fxcked up stoners in love, but topher grace takes the cake.
.Topher Grace Edits the Star Wars Prequels into One 85-Minute Movie: Can we see this next visit?
Actually 4 years ago of course, first picture I've ever taken of my little Topher grace Tilley Nick Tilley
You either die a hero or live long enough to see The Entourage movie premiere on HBO with a deleted scene of Topher Grace as an Uber driver.
robin wright's hair looks hilariously fake in this. Also I keep thinking that terrorist suspect kid is Topher grace
Don't worry, Topher Grace will piece them together into a cohesive narrative.
10 great celebrity TBT posts from this week:
Topher Grace’s PR person should start branding this month as “OcTopherFest.” Ashton and Mila would be totally jelly of the pub.
Topher Grace was an absolutely terrible choice for Eddie Brock and Venom is Spider-Man 3. What were they thinking?!
the scene in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton where Topher Grace is dancing around to Barry White is an accurate portrayal of me
naniepogieh: Up nxt mr. topher!. EverydayILoveYou BlogCon.
Topher Grace is the same age in Spiderman 3 as George C Scott was in Patton
When Topher Grace is at the same party at Winfield House 😍 @ London, United Kingdom
Topher Grace should lick his agents fishy lips for getting him work on
Am I the only one that thinks that Aaron from the walking dead looks like Topher Grace (that 70's show)???
I'm honestly touched by how much faith James Vanderbilt has in Topher Grace as a dramatic actor... and, yeah, I think I'll leave it at that.
Everyone when Chris and I started dating:his nickname is Topher and your name is grace. Topher. Grace. Omg Topher Grace from that 70's show
Do you ever wonder is Jennifer Aniston watches friends or if Topher grace watches that 70s show 😵I wonder lmao
I can't tell if I'm attracted to Topher Grace in Spiderman 3 or if the wine has gotten to me...
former governor of Maryland sedated middle aged Topher Grace
you should have had Topher Grace play Eric Foreman. I'm sure he's familiar playing someone with that name
I really feel missed an opportunity to use Topher Grace here.
Did I just see Topher Grace in a movie trailer? Way to go, buddy. You did it.
I feel like Topher Grace's hair would be the softest hair on the planet, and he'd smell of musk and cinnamon 😌😍
I feel like Topher Grace is the embodiment of Kermit The Frog.
"You're going to beg us to slow down; to carry you. Leave him and go... - Adirian Brody to Topher Grace PREDATORS 2010
It's not'll be able to experience...everything." - Topher Grace PREDATORS 2010
I swear if Topher Grace doesn't show up in the last season of That '70s Show, I'm not gonna be happy
So anyone else watching the and totally getting a zachary levi face with topher grace voice vibe off barry?
I feel like Topher Grace only gets into better movie roles as time goes on
I am ready for topher grace's comeback
You guys I am still deeply in love with Topher Grace after all these years
I think Topher Grace is making a comeback and I've never been so excited !
It'll be interesting to see Topher Grace's career renaissance once he passes his Anthony Michael Hall phase & becomes the next Kevin Spacey.
My linear analysis professor is Topher Grace from an alternate reality.
haven't read this yet, but dude reminds me of Topher Grace.
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