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Top Gun

Top Gun is a 1986 American action drama film directed by Tony Scott, and produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, in association with the Paramount Pictures company.

Tom Cruise Harold Faltermeyer Val Kilmer Tom Skerritt Tom Skeritt Tony Scott Star Wars Take My Breath Away Dirty Dancing Butch Cassidy Sundance Kid Anthony Edwards Meg Ryan Lost Boys North Carolina Michael Ironside Mighty Wings

7k run done. Pizza n garlic bread one side, beer the other, and Top Gun on Blu Ray! Lights off and kick back 👌🏼🍕🍺
from the Top Gun cutting room floor
Hatin' football is like hatin' apple pie, sweet tea, trucks, bald eagles, Top Gun, the National Anthem, and America all a…
Also dated Tom Cruise before he made it big..I went to dinner with them night before he left to start Top Gun..
I'm watching Top Gun for the first time. All of the love scenes are ruined by the fact that I know how tall Tom Cruise really is.
Only thing left to see in life is Ron Swanson being Maverick's wingman in a Top Gun sequel where they rescue Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo.
I am Shayne Topp, son of Robert Topp, listener of the Spinning Tops, fan of Top Gun, collector of Topp's baseball cards, e…
Top Gun, Strictly Ballroom, Cube, Drag me to *** Independance day, the Ipcress File, Gentlemen prefer Blondes.
Top Gun - You've Lost That Loving Feeling (Legendado) via still love you ALWAYS. U can't take that away
Just when I was going to send you a clip of a shirtless Val Kilmer in Top Gun. Now I gotta block you.
Top Gun was also prime hotness for Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer.
On this day in 1986, the Top Gun soundtrack hit # 1 on the Billboard album chart. Held for 5 total weeks.
I speed read that and thought it was from Top Gun's Anthony Edwards.
the best point of reference: Tom Cruise was 24 when Top Gun released. ;)
Just had a mad dream that I met Tom Skerritt and got a selfie. When I got home, the pic wasn't there. *** He rocked as Viper in Top Gun.
Which movie is older? Top Gun or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?
If Tom Skerritt was against burning fossil fuels, would we berate him because he was paid to be 'Mavericks' Captain in Top Gun?.
'Top Gun' Star Kelly McGillis Attacked by Home Intruder: The 58-year-old actress recalled in detail the alter...
'Top Gun' star Kelly McGillis says she's 'armed and ready' after home invasion
Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis attacked at home -
If you're wondering whether Tom Cruise has had plastic surgery, google pictures of Kelly McGillis and everyone else that was in Top Gun.
LISTEN: 'Top Gun' star Kelly McGillis calls 911 on home intruder
‘Top Gun' actress Kelly McGillis attacked at her home
'Top Gun' Vow: Kelly McGillis said she plans to apply for a concealed carry gun permit after home invasion.
Forbes is calling the new Nismo, NIssan's Top Gun. Have you stopped by to see one in person?
'Top Gun' actress prepares to get her after recent home invasion .
Actress goes from 'Top Gun' to pro-gun after surviving home invasion via
"Top Gun" actress Kelly McGillis was attacked at her home:
‘Top Gun’ actress Kelly McGillis attacked by an intruder
'Top Gun' actress Kelly McGillis attacked at her NC home.
Top Young Gun in Decatur attempts to steal 8 seconds from Air Time but gets bucked in 2.58 seconds.
"Top Gun" actress Kelly McGillis attacked at home:
'Top Gun' actress attacked at North Carolina home...
Top Gun. Rocky. What's your FAVORITE Montage? Powered by and special thanks to https:/…
"Top Gun" actress Kelly McGillis attacked at home
top ten most dangerous cities in the world please and list the ones with gun bans...let me help..ALL OF THEM 1-10
‘Top Gun’ star Kelly McGillis describes her terrifying home invasion
Actress turns to Second Amendment after violence home invasion leaves her rattled:
'Top actress McGillis attacked at home - Jun 24 @ 12:33 PM ET
This is a good reason and lesson why we need to be prepared to defend ourselves and our families.
"Top Gun" actress Kelly McGillis says she was attacked in her North Carolina home
North Korea: We won't abandon nukes with US gun to our head: PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) -- The top No...
Aft home invasion left her scratched&bruised, Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis applying for a concealed handgun permit. https…
Kelly McGillis, 'Top Gun' actress, gets concealed-carry permit after home invasion
'Top Gun' actress Kelly McGillis left 'scratched and bruised' after home invasion
'TOP GUN' VOW Kelly McGillis to get permit after home invasion via the app
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
So many more could be added to this list. Adventures in Babysitting, Mystic Pizza, Steel Magnolias, Cocktail, Pretty in Pink, Top Gun...
What I'm wearing for 80s Night at Park. I'm particularly proud of the Top Gun-like Ray-Bans.
At work we were debating whether Top Gun is the 1980s equivalent of Brokeback Mountain.
Julia Roberts in Miami Vice while Tom Cruise was already Top Gun movie star with Cocktail on deck for July release. Must'a been some summer!
'Top Gun' was one of my favorite movies growing up.
Ranking every song on the Top Gun soundtrack (aka I just wanna talk about the anthem and Mighty Wings)
It is the best theme though! Bar Ken's theme, which sounds like the song Mighty Wings from Top Gun.
Bombastic, monochrome and simplistic – and yet still I love Top Gun | Noo Sar
Hmmm... it's between Man on Fire and Beverly Hills Cop II (Top Gun is fun but overrated). I'll say Man on Fire.
This reporter pony looks like Tom Skeritt from Top Gun
early 80s it would be Top Gun, Cocktail bit later Lost Boys, Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman. There's also Flashdance as well
Okay. Who's responsible for Harold Faltermeyer's Top Gun theme being stuck in my head? I mean, come on. At least give me Axel F instead.
Mom is literally quoting ALL of the lines to Top Gun
On the film's 30th anniversary, we look at 10 'Top Gun' lines we can't live without
I would kill to see Anthony Daniels in Top Gun!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Top Gun is 30 today. Here’s to the legendary Harold Faltermeyer for an anthem like no other
30 years ago today, Top Gun was released. In honor of this occasion, I give you Maverick Dale Williams Gray.
WGN TV: Midday Fix: Dean Richards talks with actor Tom Skerritt on the 30th anniversary of the movie Top Gun
Sadly in today's USA I dont think a movie like Top Gun could be made again it would be considered too patriotic & having…
Actor Tom Skeritt talks about the 30th anniversary of "Top Gun." WATCH LIVE:
It's been 30 years since "Top Gun" hit the box office. Tom Skeritt will join us later on to talk about the iconic film.
For the second time, my sunglasses have been referred to as Top Gun-ish by Ron Coomer.. This you cant get anywhere else..
Tonight we've watched Lethal Weapon 2, Top Gun and we just put on The Terminator. What is going on?
30 seconds into Top Gun and I forgot how great of a score it has. Harold Faltermeyer was perfect with righteous brothers, Berlin, & Kenny
the Point Loma Lighthouse was used as a filming location for Viper's house in Top Gun?
'Top Gun' satisfied need for speed 30 years ago
"I feel the need...The need for speed." - Top Gun. I might have to watch that movie again tonight! May 13 is Top Gun Day LOL
Feel the need for speed? It was 30 years ago when the movie Top Gun roared into theaters
Maverick: I feel the need... Maverick, Goose: The need for speed! Happy 30th b'day, Top Gun! https…
Top Gun -"Take My Breath Away" (Instrumental) Harold Faltermeyer - Expan... via this music is so Beautiful.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Top Gun -Opening Theme (Instrumental) Harold Faltermeyer - Expanded Moti... via This is one of my favorite film themes ever.
Top Gun, eh? In that case, I'll try playing that Harold Faltermeyer OST on the guitar when I get home.
As it`s the 30th anniversary i was really hoping someone would of brought out Harold Faltermeyer`s Top Gun score.
'Top Gun' is turning 30. A look at how fighter-pilot tech has changed:.
Excited for the screening of Top Gun this Thursday night at the Fulham Road cinema to celebrate 30 years since its release
Also just noticed in the article: a sequel to Top Gun?
A little Top Gun action at the Air & Space Museum in D.C.
IN PICTURES: players take in Chester races as Tim Howard auditions for Top Gun remake (possibly)
They usually promo new stuff in Austin, how about starting there? San Diego I'd like to see cos it reminds me of Top Gun!
Top Gun created additional pieces like these gauntlets & Spatz, to play up their uniforms silhouette
if there's a redo can Top Gun 005 go again?
Looks like top gun coaches also agree that the floor was wet
Irish 14U beat Branson, Kickapoo, Top Gun & Nixa 15-6 in the championship game to become tournament champions!
I still have no idea how to pronounce your last name. Kay-sick or Kay-sitch? Tom Bosley in Top Gun.
Top gun is still my fav team no matter what
I will literally never forgive my mother for embarrassing me & yelling at me FOR NO REASON in front of top gun. Literally never forgiving.
yes! I just want top gun to win cause my old flyer is on that team and I will die if she won!
Top gun has gave us life for over 20 years now is it ? You guys will forever own the stage
If you didn't see Top Gun Allstars 005, you missed out😍
stop praying for orange and pray for top gun idc if they dropped like 3 stunts THEY STILL HAVE A CHANCE
Watching "Top Gun" with my boys for their 1st time. I still get choked up when Goose dies...󾌺
I'm vetting someone to play Goose to my Maverick in the Top Gun reboot nobody has asked me to be in.
Top Gun TGLC. These jags are here to shut you down. . 🌎🏆🏅
And at the end of this long day... With the type of bond and family that Top Gun has. I know I'm exactly where I need…
Top 5 Best Soundtracks of all time. 1. Top Gun. 2. O Brother Where Art Thou. 3. Guardians of the Galaxy. 4. Rocky IV. 5. Beverly Hills Cop
Jerry Bruckheimer is working on a sequel to two of his classics, Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop!.
Top Gun! China Air Force officers fly fighter jet over snow-covered Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang in a training
Maybe they were filming a new Top Gun movie? Isn't that Tony Scott narrating?
Congratulations to former co-captain Jeff Deliz, who graduated from Top Gun school today!
good one !! . Top Gun . American Pie. Tears of the Sun. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The Goonies. Great Escape. So many !!!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Tom Cruise will be in 'Top Gun' sequel - Otago Daily Times
The Oculus Rift's best launch title is Top Gun in space, basically
Star Wars at Imperial War Museum Duxford has now SOLD OUT! but we added another night of Top Gun to the site...
3/23 at 5pm: Mike Sheehan will be participating in the Legal Panel Workshop for Top Gun participants at Kepware Technologies
Is the pop band Berlin who sang the classic "Take My Breath Away" from the movie Top Gun a fan of your club?
since Top Gun days of Tom Cruise, I've never seen any pilot as handsome as Alden Richards. I work in Narita Airport.
Royston Rentals presents "Top Gun" Award for limited late model class this weekend at Late Model Mania. . "I...
Anthony Edwards, the actor who gave life to Goose, 'Top Gun' earned him the reco...
Woohoo! Top Gun has been added to Amazon Prime video. I feel the need...
I am such a NERD I recognized Michael Ironside in Flash 2x03 episode but as Jester from Top Gun
Still haven't seen Dirty Dancing or Top Gun. I have seen Killer Klowns from Outer space. So there's that.
"Legends of Tomorrow mentions Top Gun. Michael Ironside, who plays Lewis Snart, was part of that film's main cast." WH AT
Top Gun (1... For Lieutenant Pete Mitchell and his friend and Co-Pilot Nick Bradshaw being a...
I watched Top Gun, so I feel like I was a navy pilot
Alphabetical order too. Well done. I see the Program in there. Great flick. Not seeing Top Gun tho?!?!
*** it's like he was channeling Tom Cruse from Top Gun!
$14.99 Now! Check out this Amazon deal: Top Gun [Blu-ray] by Val Kilmer via
Test pilot reveals F-35 stealth jet can perform impossible Top Gun ‘fly right by'
Kelly McGillis as Charlie & Tom Cruise as Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell in Top Gun.
Woman who inspired Top Gun character becomes top woman at Pentagon via
"Top Gun was good, but I didn't know it was a school movie. It was basically Harry Potter for planes..." -
Kelly McGillis does say the line from Top Gun later in the movie. Meg Ryan says it first in the bar though.
Meg Ryan. Not Melanie Griffith. Kelly McGillis was Tom Cruise's girl in Top Gun. I have that movie memorized.
Tom Cruise tonguing Kelly McGillis' face in Top Gun has 10 times the sexy of these 50 Shades sex scenes. Don't understand why exactly.
has there ever been a Top Gun geeks who drink?
Am sure it was made into a film starring Peter Weller of Robocop fame and Kelly McGillis from Top Gun in 89.
Apparently, it's news to some people that Ted Nugent is a bigot. Where the *** have they been?
Better version of Top Gun in every way.
I have still never seen Top Gun and I LOVE 80s movies 😩
I'm going to be Maverick from Top Gun next year for Halloween
For the record, Top Gun still might be the most maddening movie i've ever seen.
Concept: A film with a score consisting of one 80s pop song. Top Gun was able to coast on two songs for an entire movie, I can do better.
The second member of the Bollinger family, Tom Bollinger with Top Gun hugs the left line and pulls 216.07.
You're talking to somebody who hasn't seen Dirty Dancing, Pulp Fiction, Bridesmaids and only saw Top Gun last year.
Raiders snare Knights young gun on monster deal
So, okay, here's a thing. What's your favorite fighter pilot TV show or movie? Star Wars? BSG? Midway? Top Gun? What about it draws you?
Oh yeah, , Kelly McGillis from Top Gun. I liked it when Ford's character, Witness, punched out the tourist.
A few good men remains one of my favorite movies, second to top gun.
Delicious BBQ in the restaurant featured in Top Gun! Just minutes from the USS Midway Museum!.
Woke her up around 1 she didn't hesitate to call ice cube the top gun🎶
My new homework playlist is the Top Gun Soundtrack.
Giggles and starts to hit Dami a bit with his gun. And jumps on top of him, still giggling, trying to +
Teams: Top Gun Classic, Early Bird, Memorial Day, and more great tournaments, play the best. Play at top venues
top gun t-shirt, top gun tshirt – Male 2XL – Navy: top gun, top gun because i was inverted,…
because I acted like I knew what off of top gun was but I don't so I said that to make it seem like I knew lol 🤗
Why does look exactly like Iceman from top gun?
hmmm probably top gun cause their size is so impressive, Smoed, Brandon, or World Cup ... Good luck!
Just read a top gun 2 report and goose is alive and coming out of the closet and was a spy
Call me crazy but I would love a Poe Dameron spin off done in same vein as Top Gun or a least the first hot shots.
What was Tom Cruise's call sign in the movie "Top Gun"?
"Your ego is writing checks your body can't cash." ~Stinger, Top Gun
bans private gun sales on social network and Instagram. Plus other top tech-related stories
Yusuke's Spirit Gun. This should be in everyone's top 5.
Here is where I show you the flawed logic and thinking of former top cop on the issue of gun control
Top gun officially votes trump for president . Take America back
Just got back from a weekend in New Orleans to see my old friend and discuss a little Top Gun 2.
For number 2, if I can quote Top Gun verbatim is that a yes or a no for my answer?
World of Tanks: Obj. 140 Ace and Top gun: via
total coincidence but evidently they shot the sleazy bar scene in Top Gun at the bbq place across the street lol
FUN FACT. Kelly McGillis in Top Gun is 29 years old to Tom Cruise's 24. 28 years later... Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow is 31 to TC's 52.
Electronic Device Insurance
I was sonic & tales .. And Road Rash on Sega.. Top Gun on Nintendo still gives me nightmares! Could never land the *** plane!
Michael B. Jordan as Maverick, Nate Parker as Iceman, and Pooch Hall as Goose in Top Gun.
Blast out some Kenny Loggins, watch Top Gun covered in baby oil and chill?
...the Japanese subbed version of Top Gun would translate a ton of jokey lines with just the basic meaning.
There's this thing, I think of it as "the Top Gun problem" where I have trouble enjoying American military stuff, so I'll probably pass.
The Paulding County Sheriff's Office announces its Top Gun for 2015. Pictured (L-R) are Deputy…
with the ongoing Cold War, the Iran-Contra affair, and the release of Top Gun, tensions were at an all-time high
I've watched Top Gun twice since last night, and of course I'm struggling with my feelings for Tom Skerritt.
*** ! Top Gun news, Hamilton and Brand New tickets, you must be having the best day ever!!
still in the Wright brothers, Top Gun, Jonathan Livingston Seagull honeymoon phase of homing husbandry
And if only Chris Farley were alive, and I had an idea for TOMMY GUN- a Top Gun reboot with cast of Tommy Boy.
Top Gun is my life dream. Fly fighter jets and bang my hot cougar flight instructor.
If they ever make either a Top Gun remake with a lady pilot (super unlikely) or a Star Wars movie about Jessika Pava, I'll probably explode.
Can somebody check if the actors from Top Gun are alright? I was saddened to lose important Red Dawn cast members
.is hosting a "Top Gun" viewing party with themed cocktails and live music.
Matthew Modine talks about turning down Top Gun and what kinds of roles create movie stars
Romanians recall watching films like Last Tango in Paris &Top Gun on VHS: "it was like being struck by lightning"
jeez Louise, there's no way I can top Top Gun, but hmm, lemme think
what is the British tv show or movie where either Simon Pegg or Nick Frost makes a bunch of Top Gun jokes?
Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis from the album Top Gun - Motion Picture Soundtrack (Special Expanded Edition).
Take My Breath Away. Top Gun. Wow what a movie. Maverick. Iceman. Kelly McGillis
Wowzas!. How awesome it that?! . I just got told I look like Kelly McGillis from Top Gun, in the elevator scene...
I wonder if Jonathan Taylor Thomas ever recites Top Gun lines to himself in the mirror.
Seinfeld, Terminator, and Top Gun references + gifts to each player! Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
As American as baseball, Top Gun, and botched Miss Universe announcements:
well, a) don't forget Barry from Auf Wiedersehen, Pet and b) Top Gun
yes! I agree with most of those. I'd add My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Top Gun and Bridget Jones's Diary to the list
was in such poor taste - using the Top Gun theme over shots of RAF jets taking off and Emily Maitlis in dark glasses.
Val Kilmer can't be fighter pilot in Top Gun sequel since there are no wide body fighter jets his body can fit into.
I'd like to put in a special request for the addition of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" from Top Gun...just sayin...
All purpose parts banner
This is what was discussing earlier. Would you be amped for a Top Gun sequel?
agreed, and the need to ditch the 'You've lost that loving feeling' Top Gun clip as their late-inning rally video.
He kinda looks like the actor Tom Cruise in Top Gun :)
I really dislike Tom Cruise as an actor but even I can't say that I don't fancy him in Top Gun omg 😍
You might aswell do the White line cuz wen it comes on top
Obama has also been top gun and ammo salesman of the century. Give him an award he deserves.
I added a video to a playlist Top Gun Highway to the Dangerzone
They say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. That's why I come to the office dressed like Tom Cruise in 'Top Gun.'
Top story: Gun-toting anti-Muslim 'crusader' at lead of United Patriots Front see more
I wish Val Kilmer was the good guy in top gun
Darts shirts still don't fit him so top gun it is! Tai is ready for the darts 😍
* Berlin - Take My Breath Away (Love Theme From 'Top Gun') * was top of the UK charts this week 29 years ago (1986)
i mean. *points to top gun's premiere being accompanied by USAF recruitment booths*
Also, use the Dredge 48 LMG no one knows yest but it's easily top 3 gun in the game.
and I are just having a snap chat conversation about top what
Top gun tryout or show choir competition? You decide
everyone high fives like it's Top Gun.
Put a roast beef *joint with a *lamb chop on top of it on the table, he puts the gun down to eat ! :-)
Seems like yesterday was Top Gun Camp & now it's already Judges Day & TD Showcase next Sunday! Looking great teams 💙
Car refresh... check out the rims! (@ Top Gun Auto Detailing in Minneapolis, MN)
Top Gun Anthem by Harold Faltermeyer And Steve Stevens, found with Listen now:
Everyone click the link and vote for Bob Romano! (The Orange Dart) and spread the link .
Why we dressed up as Top Gun on Senior Dress Up Day... That's classified.
can u do a video on what u think are the top 2 guns in each gun category? It'll help a lot of us out!
Less than an hour until the gun. Our women are on a quest for top 5 and a spot at the national championships.
The ultimate test of sanity is keeping your cool while the top gun sells 3 toppers on every car
I don't trust people that don't have both the Lion King and Top Gun soundtracks in their iTunes.
If happens, they will re-release Top Gun and Goose will survive
Top Gun Fall Classic going down in San Diego Jr Hoops 13u got NEXT
har har... least he didn't dress up as Top Gun
Might be jumping the gun but IMO Smalling is best defender in Top 5 leagues rn.
Took my Top Gun obsessed wife to the right game! Georgia may not be great but America is.
You had 3 months to fix this game on top of 3 years trying to make it, yet you debuff every good gun instead of the grenade
Queue the Top Gun Soundtrack-Dangerzone "Nothing says Action Adventure Like Kenny Loggins"-Day 8 of of
The Metal Wizzard is going soft 😂😭. Berlin - Take My Breathe Away theme from Top Gun with Lyrics
I've said it a million times: Top Gun is literally two hours of Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer making eyes at each other
Nolan would be harder to impress, but Bay would bring in more revenue. I think Tony Scott was Top Gun's director though.
Yes Jay!! Tamiko knows she'd rather have a Pharoah than a "short" Top Gun any day!
might watch Top Gun now or Tropic Thunder. Hm
Kansas City BBQ. Good eats and they filmed Top Gun there. Two-fer.
Don’t worry, Val Kilmer’s OK…again. The 55-year-old Top Gun and Batman Forever actor was recently the subject of...
I just made the connection that Dr. Green on ER was also Goose in Top Gun.
Roommates watching Top Gun at 1:15am when I have 8am class... But I don't even care because it's an American Classic of a movie
Compare the Market has a new ad! With Nicole Kidman! And plays Take My Breath Away from Top Gun starring ex-hubby Tom Cruise!
Whilst following a familiar pattern to Top Gun, Days of Thunder man loses confidence and comes back swinging... 🙏
Days of Thunder is the superior Top Gun.
Tonight is Tom Cruis night! Days of Thunder, Top Gun and Jerry Maguire. Hope to see you all there.
Imagine he goes out winning the Top Gun & Melb Cup. A few of his straws in the freezer would be a great investment
Top gun! Here's what you will see at the Air Force Day parade-
My Lil Debbie! She keep me fed, she don't talk back, and she
Conversations by top gun control influencers in the last week
The guy in the Top Gun costume in the crowd is brilliant
hi Im an elementary school teacher and on top of a nearly crippling wage to live on, i would love to have the pressure of carrying a gun
just finished listening to your interview on show. Amazing interview sir!
if I'm correct please follow on the gun the sequence of number on the top equal the release date which is 2/4/16
Leaving for our Top Gun tour in style & Elliot
The only black Pilot in the movie Top Gun was named Sun Down at he looked like a bad ***
ROFL never going top pass this you Fool
Come check out the Afterburner Clinics today at 4pm at Scripps Ranch Rec Center
One attacked a cop and went for his gun. The other was on top of a man slamming his head into the concrete.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
This guy and his top gun coder designed a stealth, high converting funnel?
That doesn't even place gun deaths in the TOP 10 causes of death. Point?
Guddu is shining Guddu ki gun is hit trailer top 1 with 6 lakh views 😘😘
Oh yes. That's the moment GWOT became difficult for us. Top gun actor with top gun analysis.
is off and running. Richard kicking it off top gun style.
Congrats to the Top Gun 70's and the Top Gun 75's for Finalist finishes in their respective divisions.
Barrel roll, loop to loop, Top Gun maneuvers ✈
Josh is right, and if the president wants to learn about Naval Aviation watch Top Gun.
Why could we never land the plane on Top Gun on Nintendo 😒
Bruce Willis' stuntman again wants you to notice him. Dude looks like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Hair all spikey.
Watching, Someone to Watch Over Me with Mimi Rogers, Tom Cruise's 1st wife. She looks so much like Kelly McGillis in Top Gun.
"Top Gun was one of the worst movies ever made." -Ray Ratto, trolling trolling rawhide.
If you go to a Padres game with me, I'll be one crazy/hyper son of a gun. Esp. when they play Top Gun
What If... Man From UNCLE was Tony Scott's follow up after Top Gun. Cruise and Kilmer as Solo and Illya.
having a huge work argument thought you could interject. Is Top Gun a ripoff of Iron Eagle or Iron Eagle of Top Gun..hmm
We feel the need, the need for speed. Top Gun tonight at Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa, free entry for anyone who arrives in an F-14...
Knitting while watching Top Gun. Man, the things they went through to hide the height disparity between Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis
While filming Top Gun, Anthony Edwards (Goose) was the only actor who didn't vomit in the fighter jets
Love the Top Gun reference on hard knocks tonight.
When your girlfriend wants to watch a love story so you put on Top Gun
Did you see these Top Gun characters singing at yesterday?
Look at my pic. I know u think no way. I'm getting my youthful features back. Get to know me. Be patient. I out class DOCTORS. Top Gun
BREAKING: Knights 'Top Gun' Vili Veikoso named in the Flying Fijians squad.
Carol Danvers and Hal Jordan, better match than Tom Cruise and Kelly Mcgillis in Top Gun
Top Gun (1986) - Tom Cruise (1.70m) had to wear lifts in his scenes with Kelly McGillis (1.78m). (
If you're a foodie (like me) please go to 'Top Gun' in Kensington market for 🔥🔥 steak sandwiches etc. AND it's're welcome
Well, anyone that doesn't like Top Gun is most likely a cyborg and not to be trusted.
'Ryder Cup hero Jamie Donaldson's fighter jet thrill' - amazing if just for the old school Top Gun soundtrack
Watch Jamie Donaldson as he experiences being a Top Gun in a fighter jet on tonight's 1900 BST
I spent that whole week raging my nut off that I was stuck with just Dave Mirra BMX and Top Gun for PS2.
England thumped Aussie in the cricket last night, but they lost to India… at Top Gun.
Great movie! I liked Jerry McGuire. Lol, going way back, Risky Business, Top Gun.
What's that Tom Cruise movie with all the prostitutes?. Top Gun. No, the one with the prostitutes. Jerry McGuire?
Military aircraft interceptions have surged:Top Gun .. for real... "All figures in this piece are approximations"?
Military aircraft interceptions have surged: Top Gun ... but for real
Tom Cruise says 'Top Gun' sequel 'would be fun'
no way to narrow this down, but off the top of my head...The Godfather, V for Vendetta, Top Gun, Inception, Bull Durham.
Update: Xavier Nance from Belton-Honea Path High School was named the Wide Receiver at FBU Top Gun
& dear God, The Lost Boys is just one long scene consisting of homoeroticism. This almost beats Top Gun.
Hall of fames should have the same mantra as Top Gun: for the best of the best. 12 ways to fix the World Golf HoF:
I go for playing the movie Top Gun at full volume. It takes fighter jet engines to match my elephants' volume... :/
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