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Top Gun

Top Gun is a 1986 American action drama film directed by Tony Scott, and produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, in association with the Paramount Pictures company.

Tom Cruise Top Gun 2 Harold Faltermeyer Val Kilmer Tom Skerritt Jerry Bruckheimer Tony Scott Mighty Wings Tom Skeritt Butch Cassidy Sundance Kid North Carolina Kenny Loggins Anthony Edwards Dirty Dancing Die Hard Pretty Woman

Top Gun, Tom Cruise to return to the big screen in 2019
'Top Gun: Maverick' set for a 2019 release date.
Maverick just announced a release date!
Go ahead - destroy the only thing 😐Top Gun: Maverick release date announced for July 19th, 2019 via
My top dates has been. 1. Swingers party. 2. Gun Range . 3. Road trip
I love Top Gun too! "I feel the need, the need for sped!" This is great news. Goose won't be present, though.
So far this morning has been a Dragnet and Top Gun kind of a morning.
Sequel Flying Into Summer 2019 with in the leading role! via
So when can we see 'Top Gun: Maverick' in theaters?
Twin pay phones, because what if someone's on the other phone & you desperately need to call Blockbuster Video to reserve…
Joe Kosinski, who directed Tom Cruise in "Oblivion," will also be on the helm to head the project:
Hmmm a Top Gun sequel... Will there be anymore beach volleyball??...
We got the need, the need for speed
Can't wait for the Top Gun shared universe because this is our fault and we don't deserve good things anymore.
Hearing loss remains 'the smoking gun' in Indigenous incarceration - via
Top Gun's sequel just got a release date: Prepare for it to take your breath away on July 12, 2019. http…
BREAKING: That loving feeling hasn't been lost yet, as Paramount will release Top Gun 2 on July 12, 2019. Jo…
Excited to make it official. Joe Kosinski is on board to direct. And Top Gun is coming to theaters July 12, 2019.
'Top Gun 2,' directed by Joseph Kosinski, has been given a July 12, 2019 release date.
I don't like the plot of this new Tom Cruise movie Top Gun 2: The Search for Goose.
Tom Cruise’s Top Gun 2 gets title, director, and release date. Read all about it:.
As I read this post "Mighty Wings" from the Top Gun soundtrack is playing right now & it all just seems to fit.
Um...Val Kilmer is a he. He played in Top Gun, & was Batman once as well.
"You can't make a Top Gun movie without Tom Cruise in it. Of course he'll be in it" Has anyone heard from Val Kilmer in the last 20 years?
Looking forward to another great weekend showing Top Gun and Notting Hill! Visit for ticket…
“The Last Starfighter meets Top Gun,” says one reviewer of MAKO by
Top Gun presenters kicking it out of the park! @ University of Southern Maine
To be fair, if I was starring in Top Gun 2 it would be hard to talk about anything else.
remaking Top Gun to be about F-35 pilots so the entire movie is Val Kilmer helping Tom Cruise get out of the blue screen o…
You're not getting enough credit for this top gun burn
Tom Cruise has yet to invite Val Kilmer to "Top Gun" sequel; Kilmer REALLY wants that invite
the new Top Gun movie is gonna be called Maveric :D . .
Forget Top Gun, get Atherton and Prescott in on a Real Genius sequel ASAP or at least a Top Secret Sequel!!
We should have known The Mummy was God awful when all Tom Cruise talked about during the junket was Top Gun 2
Just received some vintage tins, a large open top crock and a toy cap gun.
Half bag, top back,. Ain't nothin but a young thug. HKs, AKs, I need to join a gun club. Big wheels, big straps, You know I like it super sized
Top Gun marries Wonder Woman at the U.S. Air Force Academy and they become US magazine's Couple of the Year !! This date in 1969 !!!
I'm not excited for Top Gun 2 because it won't be anything like the spec script I wrote.
is it possible to already order tickets for Top Gun 2
Have you been asked to do Top Gun 2?
When was the last time you saw Top Gun? If you saw it as a tween or something, I can understand your calling it excellent.
Top Gun, I would argue, is even worse and dumber than Cocktail. That stupid racing movie may have been…
Tom Cruise announces the title of the upcoming sequel to 'Top Gun'
loved Series 1 of Pic Show. For Series 2 how about Terminator, Goonies, ET, Raiders, Top Gun or Die Hard?
Are you trying to make me argue with you over Top Gun. Because I shall, Zaid. I shall.🤣
Did they see Top Gun? They could not possibly have seen Top Gun.
Val Kilmer Is Out to Prove He is Ready for a Top Gun Sequel -- See the Photo!
It is in no way, shape, or form worse than Cocktail. For that matter, it's less detestable than Top Gun.
I won't hear any cruise slander especially for Jerry, top gun, days of thunder, risky business and the list goes on
They need to pay attention to Maverick in Top Gun and apply.
Pretty please with a grenade on top--can we PLEASE have more effective gun laws?.
I won't lie...thought this was Top Gun 2 at first 😂
Top Gun! We found a big canon and just had to climb on it for a group photo. Having a great time Year 7 Re…
Me: They're making a Top Gun sequel with Tom Cruise in it. Wife: Guess who won't be in it. Duck. Me: You mean Goose?. W…
Islamic terrorist, top reason to have a loaded gun with large capacity magazine.
People seem to think Tom Cruise is only in Top Gun and Mission impossible. He had a solid decade of Oscar hunting w…
The may not be thawed out for this return to the skies.
Those Russians in Top Gun firing at Tom Cruise...Jeremy Corbyn. All of them
Val Kilmer says he's ready for sequel: "Still got it… just sayin":
To be fair, when is he not weirdly out of place?. Any time since Top Gun?
It sounds awful, probably why he's flogging the next one & Top Gun 2 already, even he knows it's a stinker.
Very very excited about there being a Top Gun 2 made 👏🏻
Makes me think of Top Gun, especially that last bit but this is way better. Coolest ever. 😎
Top Gun is the worst. Forever and ever.
Another top Democrat admits that there's 1 small problem w/the conspiracy theory - there's no EVIDENCE.
Tom Cruise says the Top Gun sequel will be named after his character
Tom Cruise revealed the title for the highly-anticipated Top Gun sequel: Top Gun: Maverick
WATCH: Tom Cruise is the Top Gun of Smugglers in the trailer for AMERICAN MADE!
American Made: Tom Cruise is in the cockpit again and it's not for the Top Gun sequel. Based on the life of Barry...
Tom Cruise reveals title of the Top Gun sequel
Top Gun 2 is going to be called "Top Gun: Maverick" but more importantly is that Harold Faltermeyer is returning to do the score! 😃Yes!! 👍🏼
Zipper needs taken apart at bottom to re thread the zipper onto it, can't do it from the top…
I see they're making a top gun sequel. why? Lol
Rocky IV is pretty good. Other nominees: Top Gun, Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller, Dirty Dancing.
Cruise will deliver high-altitude thrills. But, even if fueled by nostalgia alone, Top Gun: Maverick shou…
I thought Top Gun was the one where a teenager​ fakes being sick and wanders Chicago with his friends. I must be getting old.
I was hoping they would name the movie Top Gun 2: The Legend of Goose's Gold
Tom Cruise reveals the 'Top Gun 2' title + says Harold Faltermeyer is coming back to do the score!
Went with Cocktail here instead of Top Gun for no reason. And I like (no, LOVE) Susan too much for this list.
.confirms the sequel title. Get ready for
The premise of Maverick sounds exactly like the top gun ripoff "Stealth".
So in order for it to be bothersome it needs t…
Tom has revealed the title for Top Gun sequel. what itll be called
I made a gif thread of Top Gun volleyball to the soundtrack, timely for defense of the great movi…
Missed opportunity for Tom Cruise during Pride Month -- Top Gun: Being a Bottom's Fun or How I Came Flying Out of the Closet
Quick do I watch Top Gun or Tombstone next?
There is a 5 dollar fine for anyone on staff at the Top Gun school who quotes the movie.
First of all, never a need to defend Top Gun. It's awesome.
More details on including the title
This young dishwasher my boss hired is named Maverick. And I'm just wondering if his parents were fans of Top Gun.
I just rented Top Gun and Val Kilmer stepped out from behind the Red Box to thank me.
//I have the strong urge to watch Top Gun
InspiringSister Top Story: Architects of Change: Panel Conversation on Gun Viol… see more
Tom Cruise reveals title and details for sequel
Do people really want to see Top Gun 2?!?
Top Gun sequel? Can't wait for the middle-age version of the beach volleyball scene.
.has revealed the title for sequel. Here’s what it’ll be called.
Top Gun: A quick look at defence ties between . .
It's official! The sequel will be called 'Top Gun: Maverick'. ✈️
BREAKING! confirms to that the sequel will be called "TOP GUN: MAVERICK!" Will film wit…
Guys what if Top Gun 2 helps set up the Top Gun Cinematic Uni-*is pelted with shoes*
In defense of Top Gun. 1. Harold Faltermeyer did with synthesizer and electric guitar what John Williams did with an orchestra in Star Wars
'Top Gun: Maverick' starring Tom Cruise to feature score by Harold Faltermeyer.
So Top Gun 2 will be called Top Gun: Maverick and WILL have jets and a Harold Faltermeyer score. Stop already. Oh God... I'm now totally in.
Toms say's Harold Faltermeyer is coming back for Top Gun 2
Dude on right almost looks like Tom Skerritt from Top Gun.
Legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer on Top Gun's longevity and his plans for a sequel. Subscribe!.
Jerry Bruckheimer just announced he's making the movie Top Gun 2 Lookout!
Top Gun is a 1986 American romantic military action drama film directed by Tony Scott, and produced by Don Simpson…
Bruckheimer was not the director of Top Gun, as you wrote in the article. Tony Scott directed Top Gun.
Bruckheimer was not "original director" of Top Gun. He produced. Tony Scott directed, his suicide long derailing remake.
war Hawk getting a starring role at sea in the new Top Gun movie
Tom Cruise has finally confirmed that a sequel to the cult action film Top Gun is i
- Tom Cruise: filming for Top Gun sequel will begin 'probably in the next year' – video
trending above Top Gun 2.I don't know Tom Cruise. . Idk.
It's been 30 years but that doesn't mean there can't be a sequel: Tom Cruise​ confirms that another "Top Gun" is in the works. h…
They already made Top Gun 2. It was called "Days of Thunder."
Tom Cruise just cleared the runway for 'Top Gun 2,' better strap in
🚨 Tom Cruise confirms that he'll be shooting Top Gun 2 within the next year! 🚨
Tom Cruise: Imagine Air Force One with Harrison Ford, but I'm the pilot, and my name is Scully. Top. Gun. 2.
I think we all know who wingman should be in Top Gun 2...   10% Off
Top Gun 2: Tom Cruise is now a teacher at Top Gun school and all the students are drones. he's the only actor in the movie
KFOX14Social News: 'Top Gun' released in 1986, and more than 30 years later, a sequel is being produced.
Top Gun 2 will be 3 hours of Tom Cruise apologizing for piloting a drone strike that hits a hospital then doing it again
30 years later they're making Top Gun 2. I imagine it's just two hours of Tom Cruise flying his jet around with the left turn signal on.
Not that anybody ever asked for it, but Tom Cruise says there will be a "Top Gun 2."
There are only two genders: Top Gun and Bottom Gun
Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2 rumors are true
WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: just confirmed that Top Gun 2 is happening! "I’m gonna start filming it probably in the nex…
Tom Cruise ready for take off in 'Top Gun 2'
is actually happening, according to Tom Cruise.
With the "Top Gun 2" news, got to throw this out there:
Besides the point of the sequel being 30 years too late. If you know me, then you know I love Top Gun.
In an appearance on Australian TV, Tom Cruise reveals 'Top Gun 2' to start filming soon.
It's happening! has confirmed that Top Gun 2 is in the works. 🙌
They're making a Top Gun 2. How? Times have changed. Maverick sits at a computer with a coffee and bombs a hospital wit…
Little Giant Ladders
Top Gun 2: Maverick teaches a young Saudi pilot (Zac Efron) that to bomb a wedding he needs to trust his instincts, not…
They found a way to make top gun even worse
It's official: 'Top Gun 2' is happening and it's happening soon.
Tom Cruise confirms 'Top Gun' sequel is 'definitely happening'
Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2 will happen, leading us all into a zone of danger
Top Gun 2 is going to be 180 minutes of Tom Cruise sitting on a runway while his F-35A's code debugs until a $1000 drone ex…
Top Gun 2's being made, to be followed by Ocean's 11-12-13 Series 2, Mark 1, version 1.002. If no new ideas, old ones will hv to…
Top Gun 2 is 'definitely happening', says Tom Cruise
Top Gun 2 is just three hours of maverick sitting in a windowless room staring at a monitor showing the feed from a drone c…
Maverick is back! Tom Cruise announced that Top Gun 2 is officially happening:
In Paris for press and stopped by the MI:6 set to see TC on the 31st anniversary of Top Gun openi…
Dear Rep McCarthy you knew that my grandfather was a Pearl Harbor Survivor, and father was a Top Gun. Are you a Traitor?
Interested in a career as a Top Gun crane operator, building America as master of your own's what...
Remember Charlie from 'Top Gun'? Here's what Kelly McGillis looks like today
A/Prof Michael Lawless was on the winning Asia-Pacific team at the Top Gun se…
The "Top Gun" actor that opposed Tom Cruz is very sick. Sad to hear about this.
Yeah, I know Ice Queens have one this year. I could totally see Top Gun doing light up bows.
Sadly. I love Top Gun, just hate when they pull this crap. They could've done something like had t…
Yep! It was the Top Gun ride! Crazy. It was stalled literally right at the edge of whe…
We're planning some outdoor events. Would love your opinion on what to screen: La La Land, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel or Top Gun? 🌿
Top Gun was filmed here. Bam! — eating lunch at Kansas City Barbeque
Viper from Top Gun (Tom Skerritt as you may also know him), t-shirt cannons and our military recruitment team…
That's ez for China to say; Although, if anyone can open a dialogue with N. Korea; It's America's one and only Top Gun; Prez Trump.
This Thursday's showing of Top Gun at Imperial War Museum Duxford is SOLD OUT with no tickets available on the...
Here is the original made famous once again by Goose and Maverick in Top Gun in 1986!!
'World book day was yesterday, sir. Also, Top Gun isn't a book.'
Ahh one of my favorite Val Kilmer movies. . Tombstone, Top Gun, and Heat are elite.
TIL: doing research for a story on a Canadian fighter pilot and surprised to learn Maverick's name in Top Gun: 'Pete Mitchell.'
Your ego's writing checks that your body can't cash -Jessica Pearson quoting Top Gun to Harvey Specter. 😂
Filmed in Howard, S.D. last Saturday at Top Gun with Team member Josh Anderson at a late season Pheasant hunt.
NPBHS: Drive-in Top Gun still set to soar after ticket doubts | - Taranaki Daily News…
Top 10 Top 5 Lists of the Top 3 Celebrity Chefs who can cook the Top 2 Meals to the Top Dog who starred in Top Gun?
release 3.17.17 a Clancy-like thriller -the West Wing meets Top Gun on ACK and dines at Summer House…
Jeremy Corbyn now channeling Kenny Loggins and Top Gun in his speeches. I almost approve of this.
Kelly McGillis in Top Gun was as influential in my life as Carrie Fisher in Return of the Jedi
Hatin' baseball is like hatin' apple pie, sweet tea, trucks, bald eagles, Top Gun, Summer, and America all at the same tim…
Clarence Gilyard Jr. played Sundown in Top Gun, Theo in Die Hard then disappeared into Matlock and Walker, Texas Ranger. So gre…
My favorite Christmas memory is getting the NES Action Set and then spending all day playing Super Mario Bros and Top Gun. Good times :D
There's only one logical explanation as to why Kenny Loggins is on full volume in my house right now...Top Gun.
or movies like Firefox, Red Dawn, Top Gun or Falcon & the Snowman. They should watch Spies Like Us at least;
WOW there's a LOT of 'Risky Business' and Top Gun costume pics this You guys look AWESOME!
I went to Space Camp the year after this movie came out. I often say Top Gun and Iron Eagle are my two fav movies but A13 is so good
I bet Mike Pence watched Top Gun and his winkie moved during the volleyball scene and that's why he's a turd monster today.
Anthony Edwards stars in Top Gun: Flight of the Navigator
Always saw the jingoism and bs flight scenes of Top Gun. Still like Crocodile Dundee cause I have a thing for Australia, though
I added a video to a playlist Sterling Hayden - Top Gun (1955) Full Western
I added a video to a playlist Top Gun legendary opening scene and credits JarO.mp4
Confession: Until this thread, I'd forgotten entirely Tom Skerritt was in Top Gun.
With Nancy Allen and Tom Skerritt in it, I amused myself by pretending a Robocop / Top Gun crossov…
like some poor extras from Top Gun 👍🏻😆
Congratulations to our Westfield Police Department - Indiana and newest "Top Gun"!
Tom Cruise on Training for Top Gun - Wait, Top Gun is 30 years old? I'm NOT that old...AM I?
Omg I can't stand Tom Cruise. It's like, serious. Every time 🙄 . I will probably never be able to watch Top Gun again 😞
Tom Cruise held out on 'Top Gun' to fly with the Blues -
Watch Tom Cruise recreate his entire film career in 9 minutes, from "Top Gun" to "Eyes Wide Shut" ht…
Tom Cruise recreates his entire film career in 9 minutes, and it's glorious
Daryl in the outsiders. I love that movie. I read the book in school. Looking back that and top gun was very ***
From Top Gun to Tropic Thunder, watch Tom Cruise act out his entire career in nine minutes on The Late Late Show…
She didn't hesitate to call Jay D the top gun
Rodgers is like Maverick in TOP GUN after Goose died.
I feel like the bale guy on Top Gun when he finds out Mavrick and Goose are up with Cougar
you think? You broke a major rule of engagement; Top gun rules are not flexible nor am I...
.Yep! Then in a Top Gun bomber jacket. You do what you have to for the
Not enough Top Gun but still good. Tom Cruise Acts Out His Film Career w/ James Corden
definitely top 5 favorite of mine but, then again, I've only seen about 5 movies. Top Gun is not one of them.
I liked a video Tom Cruise on Training for Top Gun
Watch Tom Cruise reenact 'Risky Business,' 'Top Gun' and 'Jerry Maguire' with James Corden
Now kids fighting at JPS makes the news all the time. Kid brings a gun to Madison Central it's already gone from the top st…
So good, you need to watch it again? . Go on, humour us! . Here's Top Gun with his film
held their competition at the range last night! Congrats to our Top Gun, Explorer Sgt Jo…
I love the gun at the top of your home page! NICE!👍😎
I will never stop crying if/when Top Gun 2 happens. This video alone is like watching TG1.5
tfw your kids crack up during their bath time as you try to fish a 💩pellet out of the tub & it's doing Top-Gun-worthy evasive maneuvers.
These are the Top 5 weapons people are using in What's your go-to gun?
+ Her gaze stayed on the unsub and on Kinley as she placed her hand on top of her gun hoping to get a shot to shoot the unsub.
defensive Watch him gun down runner after runner for the
CHI has to spread GB out all game. 3-4 receiver sets & run out of the gun. The run/pass ratio needs to be 80/20. GB is top 5 in run defense
surely that's fixed by splitting your ticket. Clinton at top, repubs or pro gun everywhere else.
People diagnosed with mental illness are far more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators of it
I'd like to see an all female remake of every fanboy movie ever, ghostbusters style. Do Top Gun next.
Now, just hours after the debate, WikiLeaks provided the smoking gun we’ve been waiting for. Hillary’s top...
Kryssie mentions a card from Top Gun in Cards Against Humanity game. Neeley says there's a black version
Abbott reneged on gun deal clarification . Tony Abbott's behaviour has been unhinged this week & exp .
Danielle says Top Gun is her mom's favorite movie so she's seen it a "bajillion times"
Hey (((its high time to remake Top Gun, I mean w/all Barry's "changes" to the Military, make it non-White, w/…
PM says Abbott's office aware of gun deal
and Dakota Fanning says "Oh yeah, that old dude in Top Gun. Creeper! "
80s movie night in our house. Beverley Hills Cop 1+2 followed by Pretty Woman or Top Gun. Or both 👍🏼
7k run done. Pizza n garlic bread one side, beer the other, and Top Gun on Blu Ray! Lights off and kick back 👌🏼🍕🍺
from the Top Gun cutting room floor
Also dated Tom Cruise before he made it big..I went to dinner with them night before he left to start Top Gun..
I'm watching Top Gun for the first time. All of the love scenes are ruined by the fact that I know how tall Tom Cruise really is.
Only thing left to see in life is Ron Swanson being Maverick's wingman in a Top Gun sequel where they rescue Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo.
I am Shayne Topp, son of Robert Topp, listener of the Spinning Tops, fan of Top Gun, collector of Topp's baseball cards, e…
Top Gun, Strictly Ballroom, Cube, Drag me to *** Independance day, the Ipcress File, Gentlemen prefer Blondes.
Top Gun - You've Lost That Loving Feeling (Legendado) via still love you ALWAYS. U can't take that away
Just when I was going to send you a clip of a shirtless Val Kilmer in Top Gun. Now I gotta block you.
Top Gun was also prime hotness for Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer.
On this day in 1986, the Top Gun soundtrack hit # 1 on the Billboard album chart. Held for 5 total weeks.
I speed read that and thought it was from Top Gun's Anthony Edwards.
the best point of reference: Tom Cruise was 24 when Top Gun released. ;)
Just had a mad dream that I met Tom Skerritt and got a selfie. When I got home, the pic wasn't there. *** He rocked as Viper in Top Gun.
Which movie is older? Top Gun or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?
If Tom Skerritt was against burning fossil fuels, would we berate him because he was paid to be 'Mavericks' Captain in Top Gun?.
'Top Gun' Star Kelly McGillis Attacked by Home Intruder: The 58-year-old actress recalled in detail the alter...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
'Top Gun' star Kelly McGillis says she's 'armed and ready' after home invasion
Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis attacked at home -
If you're wondering whether Tom Cruise has had plastic surgery, google pictures of Kelly McGillis and everyone else that was in Top Gun.
LISTEN: 'Top Gun' star Kelly McGillis calls 911 on home intruder
‘Top Gun' actress Kelly McGillis attacked at her home
'Top Gun' Vow: Kelly McGillis said she plans to apply for a concealed carry gun permit after home invasion.
Forbes is calling the new Nismo, NIssan's Top Gun. Have you stopped by to see one in person?
'Top Gun' actress prepares to get her after recent home invasion .
Actress goes from 'Top Gun' to pro-gun after surviving home invasion via
"Top Gun" actress Kelly McGillis was attacked at her home:
‘Top Gun’ actress Kelly McGillis attacked by an intruder
'Top Gun' actress Kelly McGillis attacked at her NC home.
Top Young Gun in Decatur attempts to steal 8 seconds from Air Time but gets bucked in 2.58 seconds.
"Top Gun" actress Kelly McGillis attacked at home:
'Top Gun' actress attacked at North Carolina home...
Top Gun. Rocky. What's your FAVORITE Montage? Powered by and special thanks to https:/…
"Top Gun" actress Kelly McGillis attacked at home
top ten most dangerous cities in the world please and list the ones with gun bans...let me help..ALL OF THEM 1-10
‘Top Gun’ star Kelly McGillis describes her terrifying home invasion
Actress turns to Second Amendment after violence home invasion leaves her rattled:
'Top actress McGillis attacked at home - Jun 24 @ 12:33 PM ET
This is a good reason and lesson why we need to be prepared to defend ourselves and our families.
"Top Gun" actress Kelly McGillis says she was attacked in her North Carolina home
North Korea: We won't abandon nukes with US gun to our head: PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) -- The top No...
Aft home invasion left her scratched&bruised, Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis applying for a concealed handgun permit. https…
Kelly McGillis, 'Top Gun' actress, gets concealed-carry permit after home invasion
'Top Gun' actress Kelly McGillis left 'scratched and bruised' after home invasion
'TOP GUN' VOW Kelly McGillis to get permit after home invasion via the app
So many more could be added to this list. Adventures in Babysitting, Mystic Pizza, Steel Magnolias, Cocktail, Pretty in Pink, Top Gun...
What I'm wearing for 80s Night at Park. I'm particularly proud of the Top Gun-like Ray-Bans.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
At work we were debating whether Top Gun is the 1980s equivalent of Brokeback Mountain.
Julia Roberts in Miami Vice while Tom Cruise was already Top Gun movie star with Cocktail on deck for July release. Must'a been some summer!
'Top Gun' was one of my favorite movies growing up.
Ranking every song on the Top Gun soundtrack (aka I just wanna talk about the anthem and Mighty Wings)
It is the best theme though! Bar Ken's theme, which sounds like the song Mighty Wings from Top Gun.
Bombastic, monochrome and simplistic – and yet still I love Top Gun | Noo Sar
Hmmm... it's between Man on Fire and Beverly Hills Cop II (Top Gun is fun but overrated). I'll say Man on Fire.
This reporter pony looks like Tom Skeritt from Top Gun
early 80s it would be Top Gun, Cocktail bit later Lost Boys, Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman. There's also Flashdance as well
Okay. Who's responsible for Harold Faltermeyer's Top Gun theme being stuck in my head? I mean, come on. At least give me Axel F instead.
Mom is literally quoting ALL of the lines to Top Gun
On the film's 30th anniversary, we look at 10 'Top Gun' lines we can't live without
I would kill to see Anthony Daniels in Top Gun!
Top Gun is 30 today. Here’s to the legendary Harold Faltermeyer for an anthem like no other
30 years ago today, Top Gun was released. In honor of this occasion, I give you Maverick Dale Williams Gray.
WGN TV: Midday Fix: Dean Richards talks with actor Tom Skerritt on the 30th anniversary of the movie Top Gun
Sadly in today's USA I dont think a movie like Top Gun could be made again it would be considered too patriotic & having…
Actor Tom Skeritt talks about the 30th anniversary of "Top Gun." WATCH LIVE:
It's been 30 years since "Top Gun" hit the box office. Tom Skeritt will join us later on to talk about the iconic film.
For the second time, my sunglasses have been referred to as Top Gun-ish by Ron Coomer.. This you cant get anywhere else..
Tonight we've watched Lethal Weapon 2, Top Gun and we just put on The Terminator. What is going on?
30 seconds into Top Gun and I forgot how great of a score it has. Harold Faltermeyer was perfect with righteous brothers, Berlin, & Kenny
the Point Loma Lighthouse was used as a filming location for Viper's house in Top Gun?
'Top Gun' satisfied need for speed 30 years ago
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