Too Young & Donna Summer

Too Young is a popular song.The music was written by Sidney Lippman, the lyrics by Sylvia Dee. Donna Summer (born LaDonna Adrian Gaines on December 31, 1948) is an American singer/songwriter who gained prominence during the disco era of the 1970s. 1.0/5

Too Young Donna Summer Disco Ball Good Times Heaven Knows

God bless Donna Summer, too young and too amazing to be gone from the world at 63 summer
Donna Summer is gone now too. Too young,so sad.
First Donald 'Duck' Dunn, now Donna Summer. Bad week for losing musicians too young.
Donna Summer died today at the age of 63 according to CNN! Another music icon taken far too young!
RIP Donna Summer. 63 is too young to go. Turns on my Disco Ball in your honor.
RIP Donna Summer! Taken from us @ age 63 due to cancer. Too young! Always loved all her hits growing up. Queen of Disco is dead, long live the Queen!
RIP Donna Summer. You were Hot Stuff. I am more upset than Whitney.On the Radio? She Works Hard for the Money? Last Dance? ...So sad...63 is too young. Cancer *** YOU!.
Donna Summer, whose hits included "Hot Stuff," "Bad Girls" and "She Works Hard for the Money," has died, a representative said Thursday. She was 63.
R.I.P Donna Summer. 63 is far too young.
RIP Donna Summer. Another great singer gone before her time 63 is too young to die
Donna Summer, great memories of disco dancing with Rod, we had lots of great twirls to her music. She was way too young.
Donna Summer gone at 63, OMG didn't know she was sick, we are checking out too young, and quick, it behooves us to be ready...Rip Ms. Summer
Just heard that Donna Summer passed away from cancer. My goodness, way too young. So sad. She had an incredible voice. Seemed like a really nice person too.
WoW! Donna Summer dead. How sad. Maybe it's my age but I feel like people are dying too young. Maybe I don't see 50's and 60's as old any more.
Donna Summer, you were far too young to die. You'll always be remembered fondly in Diva-ology.
Disco legend Donna Summer has died, a family source confirmed to E! News.
I know I am suppose to be excited about my birthday and I am, but I hated to hear Donna Summer died today. I had a huge crush on her growing up. I mean bigger than Thelma from Good Times. At 63 she was too young.
Another Diva leaves us too young. RIP Donna Summer.
What is goin' on?! Donna Summer is gone - way too young. I remember hearing "Love to Love You Baby" and thinking it was so trashy and wonderful at the same time. Beep Beep Y'all.
Arthur was at the filming of "Thank God Its Friday" with Donna Summer and the Commodres taped at OSCO'S...his hang out spot then. Who remembers dancing away in the late 70's and early 80's at Osco's, Carlos & Charlies, Max 151, and he mentioned Shemua (don't know how to spell it)? Not me, I was too young then.
RIP Donna Summer..too young. You will be missed!
Sorry to hear that Donna Summer passed away today. She was too young. Loved her music.
We have been losing a lot of great artists lately, and Donna Summer is no exception. She lost her battle today with cancer at 63. Way too young to die. And even though I was never a big Disco fan, she still reminded me of my youth and the Good Times. RIP Donna.
I am not a snob and not afraid to say I loved your music, Donna Summer! RIP. You were way too young to pass. I hope you are at peace now and not in anymore pain. My heart goes out to your family...
R.I.P Donna Summer very sad! Awesome artist who died too young.
Donna Summer dead at 63. Way too young!
RIP Donna Summer. So sad :'(. An amazing artist and way too young to go. Heaven Knows . . .
I was shocked to hear about Donna Summer passing away. Too young and such a great entertainer. Last Dance!!!
AP is reporting that disco legend Donna Summer died today at age 63.
RIP Donna Summer. *** Another one gone too young! Great singer whether you're a fan of her music of not. :(
RIP Donna Summer! Another music great gone too young!
R.I.P. Donna Summer. 63 is way too young!
Dim all the lights. Donna Summer dies at 63. Way too young. Will fire up the iPod on the drive home.
R.I.P. Donna Summer. Always a Disco Queen and 63 is WAY too young!!
R.I.P. Donna Summer only 63 died of cancer..Wow too young and too many dying of cancer...
RIP Donna Summer. Another favorite singer I grew up to. So sad and too young. :(
R.I.P. Ms. Donna Summer, the Queen of Disco! 63 is much too young. Thank you for the music.
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