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Tonya Harding

Tonya Maxene Harding (born November 12, 1970) is an American figure skating champion a two-time Olympian and a two-time Skate America Champion.

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Margot Robbie: ‘I traded my honeymoon for Tonya Harding’
I, TONYA is the story of Tonya Harding and the U.S figure skating champi... via
'I, Tonya' star Sebastian Stan tells us why Tonya Harding might just be a hero:
The new Tonya Harding movie, starring ... Margot Robbie? -
Most recently Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier in the Avengers movies. Currently starring in the movie about Tonya Harding.
Margot Robbie: ‘I Traded My Honeymoon For Tonya Harding’. Margot Robbie had a honeymoon on ice when she went to wo…
Margot Robbie didn't know that the Tonya Harding–Nancy Kerrigan drama was a true story (VIDEO) https:/…
With how this first half is going, does Bridgewater "Tonya Harding" Bradford's leg in the 2nd half? *knocks on wood*
Everyone’s really excited about a new Tonya Harding movie that takes a sympathetic view of the infamous skater.…
I hope one of the O's pull a Tonya Harding on Dumbo and Dummy Davis! Like right now!!
Margot Robbie talks about her training for 'I, Tonya' and Tonya Harding herself. ⛸
Surprisingly, the Tonya Harding movie is incredible via
| Margot Robbie talks about getting lost in the character of Tonya Harding whilst acting with Sebastian Stan. htt…
___Tonya Harding. Margot is so awesome and I cant wait to see this movie, it's so interesting and sad. 💕
my dad, an intellectual, talking about Tonya Harding "oh yeah, she was quite a jumper"
.explains how she transformed into Tonya Harding for "I really underestimated how difficult it would be"
One exciting thing about the Tonya Harding movie "I, Tonya" is that we will soon have posters in Spanish promoting it as "…
Tonya Harding, The 1992 U.S. Nationals. — What to expect from Margot in the movie! There's been no footage of her perfor…
turns Tonya Harding from a punchline into a sympathetic character, via
[Author: by-jake-coyle-ap-film-writer-2] TORONTO (AP) — A film that finds the comedy and humanity in Tonya Hardi...
Margot Robbie, portraying Tonya Harding's performance at the 1992 Olympics
Tonya Harding, Louis C.K. films lead big buys in Toronto
(I barely remember the Berlin Wall coming down and I was like 8, the Tonya Harding story would've been almost a joke item on the news)
I went to a con that had Tonya Harding as a guest and Tom Savini was not holding back his opinion about that. 😄
Yes I can see (no I can't won't watch) Tonya Harding and Leif Garrett commenting on it in the mo…
Republicans hitting the CBO for overestimating ACA signups is like Tonya Harding insulting Nancy Kerrigan's knee strength.
My bid to be the Tom Brady to Drew Bledsoe, or the Tonya Harding to his Nancy Kerrigan begins tonight…
Tonya Harding had Nancy Kerrigan's knee taken out.
Tonya Harding wants to work directly with Nancy Kerrigan on her knee reconstruction.
Please keep reporting NEWS, not Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, Lorena and John Bobbitt, Michael Jackson, and O. J. Simpson...
Is a Tonya Harding going to have someone stab Nancy Kerrigan on dancing with the stars?
you should know Nancy Kerrigan if only for the Tonya Harding thing.
But come on, real talk. Don't we all wish it was Tonya Harding instead of Nancy Kerrigan? Just me? Didn't think so.
NE Patriots hired Jeff Gillooly of Tonya Harding infamy 2 secure a SuperBowl LI victory over the Falcons-Falcons wear your knee pads
Sebastian Stan & Margot Robbie as Jeff Gillooly & Tonya Harding on the set of I, Tonya
Even scarier. It's the Tonya Harding biopic "I, Tonya" starring Margot Robbie as Tonya and Sebastian Stan as Jeff Gillooly.
Jeff Gillooly, Tonya Harding's ex-husband, pleads guilty for the Nancy Kerrigan attack in 1994…
There are likely more photos of Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding on the way:
I have a feeling the casting director for the upcoming movie about Tonya Harding is going to be fired.
Margot Robbie transforms into infamous figure skater Tonya Harding for biopic role
The star has completely transformed for her new role as Tonya Harding.
Margot Robbie transforms into figure skater Tonya Harding for biopic
First look at Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding in 'I, Tonya' Biopic
Is it rude if I say that Margot Robbie is far too pretty to be playing Tonya Harding lol
It's Margot Robbie's turn to take her shot at Oscar gold in the Tonya Harding biopic:
Oh my god look at Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding
If we're gonna get her as Tonya Harding, we've gotta go the full spectrum.
Who decided we needed a movie about Tonya Harding? Way to go Hollywood. 🙄
Wait, you mean we can't make her fat Tonya Harding?
Margot Robbie transformed into Tonya Harding for a movie, and the internet has lost its mind
Margot Robbie to play Tonya Harding in 'I, Tonya,' reports say
Margot Robbie Looks Nearly Unrecognizable as Tonya Harding on 'I, Tonya' Set -- See the Pic
She's to good looking to play Tonya Harding
01-17 Who should play Nancy Kerrigan to Margot Robbie&Tonya Harding?
Photos: Margot Robbie will play Tonya Harding in new biopic
Margot Robbie unrecognizable on the set of "I, Tonya".
Margot Robbie looks unrecognisable after her shocking transformation to play Tonya Harding
there were 2 types of people in the world: Margot Robbie's and Tonya Harding's and now there's just one type of per…
Margot Robbie and SebStan are playing Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly? And Allison Janney is in this too?
01-17 Margot Robbie to play Tonya Harding in ‘I,...
Margot Robbie looks unrecognisable as Tonya Harding in new biopic
Margot Robbie going for gold in costume as Tonya Harding for I, Tonya
I want to see that. Tonya Harding is an interesting woman and she hasn't changed at all. lol
See Margot Robbie's amazing transformation into Tonya Harding for new role
Those pictures of Margot Robbie "uglied up" (ugh something I actually read) to play Tonya Harding make me sad. :/.
Blimey! That really is Margot Robbie as disgraced ice skater Tonya Harding on the set of I, Tonya.
This makes me giggle!Margot Robbie Transforms Into Figure Skater Tonya Harding for Role
Margot Robbie got a muscle suit to play Tonya Harding. //
Independent: Fans barely recognise Margot Robbie in character as Tonya Harding
transforms into Tonya Harding in new set photos:
Cheryl Scott is trying to move in on Davies territory. Davies better go all Tonya Harding on her knee before it's too late!
in high school people used to call me Tonya Harding
Yo did y'all see that high school Tonya Harding on
True story: I made my own Tonya Harding inspired No Comment sweatshirt when I was in high school.
Sebastian Stan joins Margot Robbie in the Tonya Harding biopic:
He knew exactly what the real song was (I've never known.) So if anyone anywhere has the Tonya Harding parody of Oh Mandy by Barry Manilow..
Breast Cancer Awareness
Kim K is to Nancy Kerrigan as Taylor Swift is to Tonya Harding... just watch
My Make-A-Wish would be getting drinks with Malia Obama, Amanda Knox, and Tonya Harding while we play with 30 corgi puppies.
Be more of a Tonya Harding than a Nancy Kerrigan
In the Gennifer Flowers one-upsmanship game, Clinton will respond with Nancy Kerrigan and Trump with Tonya Harding. Then it's the Bobbitts.
I vote to put Tonya Harding vs. Nancy Kerrigan on the undercard Monday night since we got Gennifer Flowers now.
Watching the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding story on I remember when the news broke about the attack
Tonya Harding vs Nancy Kerrigan was lit too
1. This Margot Robbie account, aside from being a reference to Tonya Harding and enabling similar assaults or actions.
7. Margot Robbie is playing Tonya Harding in the an upcoming film. Tonya Harding who took a bat to Nancy Kerrigan's leg.
C'mon Jamie Alexander as Nancy Kerrigan & Rachel McAdams as Tonya Harding. This idea is gold, I tell you!
the national geographic channel is showing an interview with Tonya Harding and it doesn't seem like she's grown up any since the 90s
Tonya Harding is an Aspect of the Mobster Bugsy Siegel Soul, as Well as Marc Mezvinsky (Chelsea Clinton's Husband).
Can someone give Caleb Daniel the Tonya Harding treatment?
Future TV reality show: Hope Solo and Tonya Harding, traveling cross country together in an RV and stopping to argue with people randomly.
Rio rivalries: Where's the beef?: Tonya Harding vs. Nancy Kerrigan; the Russian and US ice hockey teams; Carl...
Gymnasts and ice skaters. I remember in 94, when they revealed that Tonya Harding had bigger thighs than Emmitt Smith.
Fellow Stoneham-ite, Nancy Kerrigan with Tonya Harding as the featured in museum
Watched bout Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan w the boyz then went 2 visit skating rink where she practiced in PDX but it closed
I just watched I still don't believe a thing Tonya Harding says
He's de-legitimized our process and our nominee. He's Tonya Harding of Dem. Primary.
My son (the oldest) and I are fighting about Tonya Harding again. He feels bad cuz she had to make her own costumes.🙄 I don't.
Tonya Harding was a great skater who won many titles & got to the Olympics, though. Sanders jumped straight to the kneecapping...;)
. at the moment it's like Tonya Harding saying Nancy Kerrigan isn't a very good skater
If by "sports" you mean Tonya Harding v. Nancy Kerrigan, then yes. I am super into sports.
Sometimes I wonder what Oksana Baiul, Nancy Kerrigan, and Tonya Harding are up to.
The Duck Dynasty guy is giving the keynote. Tonya Harding also agreed to speak.
Every female cop looks like Tonya Harding.
Clearly, it is up to you to go all Tonya Harding on Altidore.
Ok didn't know there was another famous Tonya Harding
Tonya Harding leading K-Mac off the floor and she's putting no weight on that leg. Looked like an ACL injury. Hope not.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
And this is why you go Tonya Harding on someone.
that'll change with the Tonya Harding movie
do they have a crowbar? You could wear a wig and whatever outfit you got and go as Tonya Harding
I just can't take Bernie's Tonya Harding era approach to winning the White House... She was a loser and so is he
I was told my whole life, you're fat, you're ugly, you're never going ...
I watch ice skating because I wanna see some Tonya Harding action
.. If the schedule gets too tight, Trump can always cut Mel Gibson, but Tonya Harding *stays* in the line-up.
I mean if she pull a Tonya Harding and get her competitions Ankles broken she could get gold.
Is it true that Hillary Clinton is the mother of Tonya Harding?
Don't forget Tonya Harding and the Duck Dynasty guy.
WWF said the promotion is claiming they are going to offer $2 million to Tonya Harding to become a pro wrestler.
I'd Tonya Harding this guy if this happens
I'm confused. Is Amy playing Tonya Harding in the biopic or is Tonya playing Amy?
Tonya Harding is waiting for a call.
there is a rumor of a "Tonya Harding incident" with competing West Coast team: KubbLA.
difference between Tonya Harding & Bernie Sanders? One physically attacked the frontrunner, the other one verbally attacked…
Donald Glover in Spider-Man Homecoming, Margot Robbie is Tonya Harding -... via
"She skated to the Jurassic Park soundtrack, so points off for that as well." didn't love Tonya Harding's music choice.
So, is his next move to go Tonya Harding on Barney, or
A worthy re-evaluation of how pop media helped bully Marcia Clark, Anita Hill, Monica Lewinsky, and Tonya Harding.
.That was the era of Tom Peterson (and Gloria too!), Jim Spagg and Tonya Harding, the X-Ray & Beaterville Cafes.
This is why the Pac-12 lags behind nationally. If this had happened in the Big 10, Jim Delaney would have gone Tonya Harding on DG's ***
Oh this is a very good piece. I have always felt so sad for Tonya Harding and Lorena Bobbitt.
some of the pseudo celebs we had to put up with were Kato Kaelin and Tonya Harding.
How many times can you use the word "pilloried" in an article abt Anita Hill, Marcia Clark, Monica Lewinsky & Tonya Harding? 7? 12? 28,000?
Margot Robbie to star in Tonya Harding's biopic: Australian actress Margot Robbie has been roped in to play di...
this is me lobbying 4 the part of Nancy Kerrigan in the upcoming Tonya Harding film, a dream role! Check me out on IMDb! Jaci Jones
All credit to Margot Robbie, but Amy Adams should have played Tonya Harding a decade ago.
Breaking Jessica Alba as Nancy Kerrigan Ryan Gosselin / Jeff Guilolee in the upcoming Tonya Harding movie.
I love Margot Robbie. But clearly Amy Adams was born to play Tonya Harding.
If Margot Robbie can play Tonya Harding in a biopic, there's still a chance that Ryan Reynolds will play me in a biopic one day.
Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding? Only if it includes Anne Hathaway as Nancy Kerrigan and Scoot McNairy as Jeff Gillooly.
Stunningly gorgeous will play hideous Tonya Harding so Clooney gonna play weasel Jeff Gillooly?
I'm sure I saw Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly at MTS Centre today.
Commenter on this morning's Margot Robbie/Tonya Harding post suggested Scoot McNairy for Jeff Gillooly. Brilliant.
Margot Robbie to play Tonya Harding. Maybe Channing Tatum can play Jeff Gillooly and a newborn unicorn foal can play Nancy Kerrigan.
Middle Tennessee is the Jeff Gillooly to Syracuse's Tonya Harding. T's & P's to Michigan State's shinbone...
Some Oregon fan needs to take one for the team and go Tonya Harding on Benson.
Hammer pants, Tonya Harding, and Janet Reno's Dance Party... oh my! This week, we go back to the 90s!
People used to call me Tonya Harding in high school. ⛸🔨😭
"In high school people called me Tonya Harding." OMFG
why stop with football players, sign John Rocker, Ron Artest, Tonya Harding, and Kenny Powers!!
tell him my name is Oliver and that I live on Cooper. I don't need a creep going straight up Tonya Harding on me.
Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield's ear & was allowed to box. Tonya Harding's ex-husband attacked Nancy Kerrigan & Tonya was banned for life.
Matt "Tonya Harding" Kenseth deserves all bad karma this season.
Other things I'm only familiar with because of 90's-era SNL: Lorena Bobbitt, the Menendez brothers, Tonya Harding, NAFTA.
Tonya Harding insists she didn't know Jeff Gilhooly kneecapped Nancy Kerrigan
Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan is my favorite thing in sports to ever happen
The only other female athlete to ever host was Nancy Kerrigan - famous for being attacked by Tonya Harding (hosting a few months after that)
Alex is obsessed with 30 for 30. On xmas day we ended up watching the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding one. We loved it! Memories.
are you related to the guy who did that to Nancy Kerrigan, you know the Tonya Harding thing???
Do you think Tonya Harding had anything to do with the attack on Nancy Kerrigan ? And if so, why?
The girlfriend is lucky she wasn't shot by the "Good Guy With a Gun." Sarah Palin is the Tonya Harding of politics.
Breaking News! Sarah Palin endorsement of Donald Trump shadowed by rumors that Tonya Harding may endorse Ted Cruz!
Sarah Palin is to politics as what Tonya Harding was to ice skating.
: Sarah Palin is the Tonya Harding of politics -IQ of a potato with opinions on everything. Family is like a Salvador Dali painting.
Sarah Palin is sort of like the Tonya Harding or Kato Kaelin of politics...
We should corral Leaf to do it. They go where the action is. Just ask Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan
If you haven't watched the 30 for 30 on Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, cancel your plans. It's on demand. 😬😬😬
Slid across ice like Nancy Kerrigan up to train exactly at departure time, conductor glares at me like I'm Tonya Harding
They should go Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan on that ***
because feminism is about friendship...please welcome to the stage Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan!!
She's the Tonya Harding to my Nancy Kerrigan @ Circo Hermanos Vazquez - Donna
the 30 for 30s on Reggie & Cheryl Miller as well as Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan, and "Magic & Bird" = FULL TEARS
Listening to co-workers explain to a colleague who Tonya Harding is.
Newspapers are reporting that Tonya Harding doesn't understand what Japanese pro wrestling is. [4/94]
Any chance you can do a Tonya Harding on Jack before the next game?
Ya’ll remember figure skater Tonya Harding? She’s 45 today. She’ll probably want to go out CLUBBING tonight and celebrate.
Is this date National Cheaters Day, or is November 12 merely coincidentally the birthdays of Tonya Harding and Sammy Sosa??
one of my favorites docs on Netflix is the 30for30 - The Price of Gold about Tonya Harding if you're looking for a good one
My not being able to coordinate a thruple birthday brunch with Anne Hathaway & Tonya Harding is what it must be like to born on Christmas.
THarding's bd brings the regular jokes and insults. But I think that there something to this sympathetic portrayal:
Hi I'm hosting a Tonya Harding birthday party there tonight. Can I get a reservation or is it first come first serve? Thanks!
WHYY? WHYYY? Why no for Tonya Harding? You best give a shout out or lose a kneecap.
Wearing my Museum shirt for Tonya Harding's bday today! ⛸⛸
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Happy 45th bday Tonya Harding. Your '91 program to Batman Returns into Send in the Clowns into Tone Loc's Wild Thing will ALWAYS inspire me!
Happy Birthday; Olympic ice skater Tonya Harding turns 45 today.
On Tonya Harding’s 45th birthday, the crude complex is on thin ice once more. The US dollar is in ascendancy as...
this just in: Nessie's net worth greater than Tonya Harding.
Impressed by the detail with which my cousin's morning zoo co-hosts remember Tonya Harding's accomplices and their names.
Born on this day...Charles Manson and Tonya Harding.
Today is the birthday of Tonya Harding - born 45 years ago today
Tonya Harding turns 45 today . . . and as she does every birthday, she plans on taking a tire iron to the piñata's knee caps.
Tonya Harding is 45 today. If you're stuck on a gift, she could use a new set of rims...on her HOUSE.
Happy birthday to World silver medalist and U.S. national champion - Tonya Harding!
Tonya Harding is 45 today. She'll celebrate like she does every year.goin' clubbin'!!
"Lebron James is the Tonya Harding of basketball"-Katie Jensen
Ashley Wagner is like Tonya Harding without all the charm, class, and charisma.
Ashley Wagner: modern day Tonya Harding. Pipe down honey.
I'll take her over Ashley Wagner's little Tonya Harding-"Im gonna win and you can't stop me" act any day.
My wife looks at Ashley Wagner and says "Tonya Harding." I look at her and say "Nancy Kerrigan." Neither is a complime…
This figure skater, Ashley Wagner, is sounding too Tonya Harding "I won't let anyone get in my way!"
I could see Ashley Wagner going Tonya Harding on that little Russian girl
2 weeks until Scotland v Poland and Robert Lewandowski has scored the 10 goals in his last 3 games. What's Tonya Harding up to these days?
Nothing you can do about it Brett, unless you try to pull a Tonya Harding move
HA! come on Ken! No one in Bioshock was a crazy as Tonya Harding!
Peyton Manning is just 1,700 yards behind all time leader Brett Favre - I wonder if Tonya Harding is available?
Well, it's a little more Tonya Harding than Karate Kid. but I'm going to okay it. Just this once.
by the way, is the picture Tonya Harding? Been bugging me...
someone's kneecaps are about to get that Tonya Harding treatment.
Chicken Parmesan is the Tonya Harding of Italian food
I might pull a Tonya Harding on that guy.
OMG Robin is *** He just went all Tonya Harding on Kid Flash!
girl come to tonya harding the musical! tuesday at 8:30pm at UCB. endless comps for you!
"If you turned Tonya Harding into a cabbage path doll, she would be Amy Schumer." -- overheard in NYC
Not for nothing but Tonya Harding is kind of my idol.
21 yrs after 'The Whack Heard Around the World", here's what has become of Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding
"Senator Paul, if Trump was Tonya Harding who do you think he would have kneecapped before tonight, & why?" three hours of it.
Trailer trash on the ten, I love it. What do we do with tonya harding? put her on the $5?
Mail Chimp just sent me an email suggesting a $200/mo plan. Where is Tonya Harding with her bat when you need her?
on stage calls herself "a Cabbage Patch version of Tonya Harding." Now she's railing on & her new bod. Ha!
What Trump is doing for the GOP is what Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan did for Figure Skating
this ChinaFan probably just watched the Tonya Harding 30for30.
Gallen had to i'view 3 admired sportsppl as part leadership course & he didn't pick Lance Amstrong, Les Boyd & Tonya Harding???
Hi Amy ☺ has anyone ever told you that you look a bit like Tonya Harding? It's freaking me out. Sorry, hate to be that person.
I'm going to call it a night on "old pictures i found saved on my phone." Spoiler alert: the rest are all just of Tonya Harding.
How did it feel to watch yourself become America's next Casey Anthony on national television? Tonya Harding called for tips.
Why Kneecapping Your Opponent Works - Tonya Harding and the gangsters had it right. Take out the kneecaps, and you...
Today, Tonya Harding is exactly as old as George Washington was the day he crossed the Delaware: 16,378 days.
if you cost me my fantasy season I'll pull a Tonya Harding on you
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Finally cold enough for the inaugural donning of my Tonya Harding sweatshirt. Thanks for the get-up,…
I was a "pup" and simply was everyone's friend. Today you need to be Tonya Harding in contests
Tonya Harding, Rubio Rubin, and Aaron Rodgers all attended Whitford Middle School in Beaverton.
Is there a part in Brooklyn 90’s Fest where Tonya Harding breaks your legs?
Huh. I suggested naming it after Tonya Harding, but they didn't go for it.
ESPN 30/30 had the Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan story. . Jury is still out.anyone ?
The Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding story is the epitome of USAmerica.
Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan photos 20 years later
The 30 for 30 on Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan is pure gold
Brad doesn't know who Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding are. This is worse than the Gin Blossoms thing.
painting my nails and watching the 30 for 30 program about Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding and omg was Kerrigan really that insufferable
Round Table Pizza is part of my childhood, since we had one by our house in Beaverton. We also had Tonya Harding.
Somebody in Koehler please call Tonya Harding and let her know that Brendan Grace would like to meet her (and her goon too).
If list of cheaters is made public, will Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, Tonya Harding and Tom Brady be on it?
Do you think Sharapova has ever thought about pulling a Tonya Harding on Serena? Like, after a few drinks and just for 2-3…
let me guess - a club sandwich. Wait, that's Tonya Harding...
Breaking News: Sam Hinkie just met with Okafor and Tonya Harding'ed his leg. He's out for the season.
Tonya Harding time. Ball pein hammer. Kneecaps. That'll settle his hash. 😉
Hinkie is waiting back stage to Tonya Harding his knees so he can sit out the year
you guys RARELY if ever talk about , and when you do it's about Tonya Harding?. WACK.
Chief Justice John Roberts mental gymnastics re is not that of an Olympic gymnast but rather Tonya Harding SCOTUSfail
Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan Museum Coming To Brooklyn. The apocalypse is upon us
What I wouldn't give for an iron pipe right now. I would go full-on Tonya Harding on someone's ***
Just saw in 30 for 30 series. And now I know who Tonya Harding was!. Has to be a Liverpool fan!. Only scum can do this and deny!
Producer Paul Boghosian with Tracy McDowell as Tonya Harding in the New York production of TONYA &…
Tonya Harding, if there's 2 things I know about you it's you don't understand figures of speech and are going to win the gold. Break a leg!
I called the perp's attorney and reminded him of the "Bad Haircut" defense used by Tonya Harding. http…
This new Tonya Harding movie Trainwreck, looks exceptional
I watched the Marion Jones one and the one about Tonya Harding last night
One step closer to wrestling Tonya Harding...
For Mark. Are you concerned that while you walk to pick up your Calder , Subban may pull a Tonya Harding?
The High Maintenance and the Tonya Harding Club with the bf
Yup. He's definitely a beer fan by the looks of that belly. And that Tonya Harding mullet has to go
Yeah I know about that. Someone needs to Tonya Harding his shoulder.
Seems to be a lot of "kill predators that compete with humans" whales, otters, sharks, etc. Tonya Harding like.
Anybody there in the booth that's willing to do some Tonya Harding action on Archer?
kinda crazy that they did shows that paralleled both Tonya Harding and OJ Simpson...
Joyce and Lyle Mitchell seem like that dumb felony couple Tonya Harding and her husband wished they could grow up to be
they need to pull a fake Tonya Harding on Robidas and then buy him a 4 month stint at rehab in the desert.
This great list of moments. Add Tonya Harding Vs Nancy Kerrigan in '84 before you go 'Awww'.
guys I am getting that ESPN body issue because I want to see Brittney Griner.yuck. Rather see Tonya Harding
1. Tonya Harding looks like just a beautiful skater, but this very same year she sabotaged a competitor.
A Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan musical tells me that people HAVE to be running out of ideas for musicals.
Wonder if the Tonya Harding story is on Netflix?
In a display of unparalleled credibility interviews Dog the bounty hunter. Next up Tonya Harding on being a team player.
Man Tonya Harding is a complete lunatic
sorry, I meant Morgan. Solo is just strange, but in an Aaron Hernandez/Tonya Harding kind of way (just not murdery)
needs to be taken out, Tonya Harding style
A t-shirt with Tonya Harding's face on it
has he tried the Tonya Harding method?
Remember when Tonya Harding ice skated at the Olympics to the Jurassic Park theme?
There is a new Barbie doll on the market Tonya Harding Barbie . . . you didnt think wed sell one without the other did you? ):
Please sign my WH petition to replace Andrew Jackson on the U.S. $20 bill with Tonya Harding feeding a baby eagle through regurgitation.
Why is everyone acting like I DON'T have a Google alert for "Tonya Harding Nancy Kerrigan"
relationship status: apparently did not match with that woman who had a picture of her cosplaying Tonya Harding.
I'll go Tonya Harding on your kneecap with a 3-iron.
Only hope for my fantasy team this week is Tonya Harding paying a visit to Amadou Dia before the game.
Ice ruins lives - just ask Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan.
I was hoping Tonya Harding was at the Rogers Center today. Apparently not. Cecil is in the game, and his knee looks OK.
so many crazy details surround Tonya Harding that you forgot she skated to the theme from Jurassic Park and owned it
Each time I stumble upon "Jurassic Park," I remember Tonya Harding skating to its theme song at Lillehammer:
Clearly you're forgetting about the time Tonya Harding skated to the Jurassic Park theme in the Olympics...
Is it weird that the Jurassic Park theme reminds me of Tonya Harding? Because that was her long program music. OK, bye now.
I can't hear the Jurassic Park theme without flashing back to the mental image of Tonya Harding crying on the ice.
You're* and YES, I'm seething right now...lmao. MIKE I need you to pull a Tonya Harding on Bron.
Just sat through a stage reading of a play about Tonya Harding's life. I didnt know anything about the 1994 figure skating scandal until now
Mike Dunleavy is the Tonya Harding to Michael Carter Williams's Nancy Kerrigan. If you get that reference we're soulmates.
correction... Why do you feel like Tonya Harding when slammin Mich Ultras and wake up like Nancy Kerrigan
Ok, this entire "Twin Peaks" and Showtime quagmire is officially in John Waters/Tonya Harding territory.
Please never call Tonya Harding your idol if you graduated from Dartmouth and have never set foot in a trailer park. You look terrible
Daisy Duck is like the Tonya Harding of Disney characters.
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