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Tony Stark

Iron Man (Anthony Edward Tony Stark) is a fictional character, a superhero in the .

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They made Stephen Strange even more arrogant than Tony Stark
It’s not a loop, it’s the end of the line”~Tony Stark to Bruce Banner in AoU Steve Ro…
Robert Downey Jr. confirms his return as Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, in Anthony and Joe Russo’s…
I swear Elon Musk is a real life Tony Stark
LRT: As much as I love Chris Evans as Cap...RDJ is doing something much more subtle with Tony Stark. He is the template of the MCU.
Elon Musk is the closest thing we have to Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark
It's like they forget that scene in Iron Man 1 where Tony Stark sees a missile land next to him wit…
Bradley nearly choked on his own saliva. "Tony Stark? Dude... I think I need to get you some glasses."
...the permeating tension during the Civil War being heightened by the characters inevitably seeing Tony Stark and Maria Hill as...
If Ali Zafar and Tony Stark had a child
it just hit me that Tony Stark & JARVIS or now Peter Parker & his suit AI "Karen" is really the modern day version of Michael Knight & KITT
God forbid ever caught wind of Tony Stark's gadgets, he just would've wrote the Kids into Robots.…
John Stewart is black excellence. Tony Stark drama 💀💀💀
Parlipod listeners: When I say im the Tony Stark of media, I mean I use alternative technology to watch my TV stories. I am not rich. - John
Growing up, people would hear my name and think John Starks the NBA player. 10 yrs ago it changed to Tony Stark. No…
Just made the realization that Marc Anthony looks like the Puerto-Rican version of Tony Stark
//Robert Downey Jr is the best Tony Stark ever! They couldn't have picked anyone better he nailed it!
I still cant believe they showed Tony Stark & Bruce Banner fan art to the Avengers cast & Chris Evans almost died in the back…
Well, in the comics he has a genius level intellect. Tony Stark found the solution to per…
trailer was meh. Not a fan of how Thor is basically Tony Stark in space but cool action shots with Hulk.
Victor von Doom is basically Tony Stark and Dr Strange combined into one person. Also he saved the universe by beco…
Elon Musk needs to build an Iron Man suit because he's like 95% of the way to being Tony Stark
To be fair, Victor Von Doom would just be played out to have some kind of vendetta towards Tony Stark if in the MCU... So... yay, FOX?
📷 mamalaz: Winter Soldier raises Tony Stark (AU) When Bucky Barnes is sent to kill the Starks, he does...
I don't remember that last bit with Thunderbolt Ross and Tony Stark at the end of the Ed Norton Incredible Hulk movie. Was that always ther…
I liked a video Tony Stark vs. Steve Rogers - the last donut (2016) Captain America Civil War
Once a Stark always a Stark..Be it Tony Stark or Starks of the North 😍.
I don't watch game of thrones but I bet Tony Stark would wash all these other Starks
In 1999 Tony Stark parents die in Civil War so explain to me in 1999 in Iron Man 3 Tony and Mia (I think) at a New Year's Eve party
Tony Stark almost got washed by Aldrich Killian
thoughts: Peter Parker, Hank Pym, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark just be nerds and do nerds stuff in a room together.
The relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker reminded me of the relationship between Paul Robinson and Todd in Neighbours.
I reckon James Gunn could write some terrific material for Tony Stark.
I liked having Tony Stark in the movie. I wish they didn't write Happy to be that much of a *** to Peter though. Liked Marisa Tomei as
❝Don't do anything I would do & definitely don't do anything I wouldn't do.❞. — Tony Stark. — MCU/616 ; 18+. —…
I'm so happy Peter Parker found such good parents like Tony Stark and Karen.
NO. Like. . You're Tony Stark. That's why you get to touch me cup.
And even in the comics, Tony Stark has always been the type of character to me for whom a little goes a…
"Wow. Honored to receive a compliment from the infamous Tony Stark.". A little bit of playful teasing and sarcasm.
Y'all act like between Elon Musk, Tony Stark and NASA that robots not gon be serving these meals real soon
[I'm not sorry about the increase in Iron Man/Tony Stark stuff on here but it was inevitable since I spend v little time on tumblr anymore]
A new set photo shows Bruce Banner, Wong, Tony Stark, and Stephen Strange together on a destroyed city…
Almost for me. I need Venom, Green goblin, and Sinister 6 story arcs to happen 😤 (and less Tony Stark)
Remember when Lucious Lyon was once Tony Stark's best friend? 😂
That moment when John Slattery who plays Howard Stark is only 2 years older than RDJ, who plays his son, Tony Stark. htt…
Tony Stark is in a coma, Steve Rogers is Hydra, James Rhodes is dead, James Buchanan Barnes is dead, the world is e…
How can Tony Stark die in Infinity War ?? We are waiting Iron Man 4 !!
of Tony Stark's father-in-law. If you see him, contact Scotland Yard immediately and do not approach…
T'challa is richer than Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen combined
✨ Virginia "Pepper" Potts. - she's a queen. - supported Tony Stark for years before and after IM1. - Pepperony. - Gwyneth…
Spidey gets Tony Stark some snacks for his NBA Finals party in this newest promo for
Before Peter Parker has some other important work to do: getting snacks for Tony Stark's big party. http…
Before next month's Peter Parker has some important business to attend to ... . Tony Stark's NBA Finals…
Sadly, Tony Stark lost his fortune after losing a copyright infringement lawsuit to John Steed and Emma Peel.…
Vulture's plan and Tony Stark's spider-tech are revealed in 2 new trailers.
Robert Downey Jr. will make his eight appearance as Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING h…
You take that back. All Iron Man movies are amazing. Tony Stark is my idol
Happy birthday I hope Greg Horan and Tony Stark make a sex tape for you
Felt a Tony Stark vibe near the end of with Star-Lord. Had similar lines
My one goal in life is to be sassy like Tony Stark and be savage like Phillip Banks.
Star-Lord is basically just a watered down Tony Stark w/o all of the limitations and depth that made him a well rounded Marvel character
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Are you telling me Tony Stark didn't build Stark Industries with the use of slave labor?
Evidence that suggests Elon Musk = Tony Stark and SpaceX is like Stark Industries
Okay, Rob is definitely the Tony Stark of this Civil War.
Inventor flys with homemade ‘Iron Man’ jet suit over harbor: Tony Stark and Stark Industries
*** should have made a suit of their hard *** bread like Tony Stark did when he was in that cave in Iron Man
Rereading these early Spider-Man comics I can GUARANTEE you Tony Stark's role would be switched with Reed Richards if it was possible.
Yes! My favorite bit of backstory is that they start out co-financed by Tony Stark & Wilson Fisk.
Robert Downey Jr. got digitally de-aged into his younger Tony Stark self in "Captain America: Civil War." Johnny...
Look, I just want John and Nick Fury and Tony Stark to all be in a scene together. . Maybe they're standing around discussing an op...
No doubt am big fan of Tony Stark...but the real Robert Downey Jr inspires me the most👍
Ultimately, what I'm saying is I don't relate to Clint Barton or Tony Stark. I relate to Riri Williams and Kate Bishop.
We're talkin' diversity in comics & Invincible Iron Man, starring Riri Williams (with special Tony Stark cameo)!.
Well he sent Kushner over there trying to pull off Tony Stark but looking more like Pee Wee Herman bei…
Y'know what Kushner looks like? He looks like Tony Stark during the first act of the movie.
ROBERT JOHN DOWNEY JR- HAPPY BIRTHDAY APRIL 4. Tony Stark / Ironman. b1965. Downey has portrayed the role of Marvel...
As a black man I want diversity, but I still love Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Peter Parker.
Peter Parker is basically Tony Stark. Steve Rogers is ancient. Tony Stark is a villain. Come on man.
you mean Thomas by the way.. not Howard.. wrong dad!! different universes!! that's Tony Stark's dad..
Tony Stark built Avengers Tower on top of a Chick-fil-A.
Inventor builds a real-life Iron Man suit so he can fly through the air like Tony Stark
War MacHine.not just Tony Stark's sidekick! Brad Pitt is set to kill it. Or possibly.KILL IT in this...
by Avengers do you mean John Steed or Tony Stark?
LETS GO TOM HOLLAND! "If your nothing without the suit then you shouldn't have it" -Tony Stark the OG...
Tony Stark asks for a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in the trailer for
So is "Iron Fist" just a spin off about Tony Stark's hand?
Open Roles:. Padmé Amidala. Ahsoka Tano. Darth Maul. Steve Rogers . Tony Stark. Sam Wilson. Ect. us for more information.
another proof that Tom Holland is literally a real life Peter Parker and RDJ a real life Tony Stark 👏🏼
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, Michael Fassbender as Magneto & Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Perfect casting
Finally watching It's Tony Stark, unleashed in a police department. In Chicago.
Apparently that machine was fine tuned by Justin Hammer and not Tony Stark.
All purpose parts banner
Elon Musk our modern day Tony Stark man. Nothing but innovation with him
this dude dressed up as Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark at La Plaza Mall and everyone thought it was really him LMFAO…
AVENGERS: reveals how Tony Stark has changed in INFINITY WAR.
I guess Tony Stark made the tower's security easy to break in on purpose so that they can catch the villains for let off some steam!
Tony Stark has mental disorders. Steve Rogers has mental disorders. Bucky Barnes has mental disorders. Keep that in mind and sto…
Fam, Tony Stark came back from the FIRST Civil War. Batman came back from Tower of Babel. ANYBODY can come back. http…
Pepper Potts: "That was really violent. Who's the hot mess now?" Tony Stark: "Still debatable."
"The expo is your EGO gone crazy" is there one piece of art that includes Tony Stark where they don't mention the ego line 😩
His hazel eyes that looked , stared now, "Tony Stark?" His left hand moved to rub the back of his neck.
Doesn't anyone remember Tony Stark's line when Agent Coulson called him saying he needed to talk?
Tony Stark using his arc reactor to save a kid in a deleted scene from Iron Man 3
BENJAMIN STARK | . Son of Billy Batson and Beautia Sivana. Adopted by Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.
"Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson. it would be perfect if you included scenes of Tony Stark's playboy ways 😍
I like how Tony Stark discovered his weapon of choice by blasting a hole in his shop with the prototype Iron Man repulsor lol
Naw.Tony Stark got attacked in a room like this
Do you think that if Howard Stark had found Captain America years before, he would had been a better father to Tony Stark?
Howard & Tony Stark. Getting in the most of NFL action while the season is still going. Go 🦅
I'm not a big cap fan tbh. I love Tony Stark and Hulk. My top five would be . Iron Man. Avengers ***
Tony Stark: confronted by survivor of victim of Sokovia, berates Avengers for freeloading in "his" Avengers Tower -->
Tony Stark is based off of Howard Hughes
just now he was doing roll call of his heroes "Iron Man is Tony Stark, Captain America is Steve Rodgers, Thor is just Thor, and Batman..."
Zuckerberg is the new Tony Stark. -> Mark Zuckerberg has finished building his robot butler, Jarvis…
Imagine if James Rhodes or Riri Williams was Iron Man and Tony Stark was War MacHine.
Imagine Nathan Drake, Peter Parker, Tony Stark and Sully together in a room. Or SHIELD contacting Drake to seek for an infinity stone.
Tony Stark: [gets Peter Parker new gear and awkward hug]. Bruce Wayne: [sits in Barry Allen's 2nd fave chair and then throws…
anyway as a reminder: I love Clint Barton and Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff and Thor and Bruce Banner and Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes
{« hardware for it, and she wasn't /quite/ smart enough to use Tony Stark's computers. SHIELD was the only place that »
This photo of Bruce Wayne next to Tony Stark has more money than we can imagine or see throughout our life
|| Let's be honest: having Tony Stark as a new uncle would definitely not be the worst thing that could happen
In the meantime though, I'm going with Thor. Tony Stark and Dr. Strange are far too groomed. It reminds me of Buff Bagwell in the 90s.
“Today is the best day to drink my entire liquor cabinet.” - Tony Stark (via misskittydenoir)
"You're a disease, and I'm the cure"- Tony Stark, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
No emotional connection between the characters aside palmer + strange.Still Strange doesn't even touch Tony Stark so I don't get the praise?
Namor, Dr strange, Black Bolt and Tony Stark are under Disney. Prof X and Reed Richards are 20th Fox. Sooo... ; / difficult right
but he legitimately is wolverine like Ryan Reynolds is deadpool and rdj is Tony Stark and Chris Evans is Captain America
Tony Stark and Dr.Palmer. Dr.Strange and Dr.Palmer. 2 Sherlock Holmes(es) and Dr.Palmer.
The ultimate badass superhero team would be;. Deadpool. Luke Cage. Wolverine/Logan. & Steve Rogers/Captain America. Okay and maybe Tony Stark
I liked a video Unless it was for a reason [Tony Stark]
Tony Stark . Steve Rogers . Bucky Barnes. Peggy Carter. What they have in common?. ALL OF THEM DESERVE BETTER
I'm sure Elon Musk gets it a lot but I'm so glad we have a real world Tony Stark.
Tony Stark is just Ferris Bueler as a superhero
For real, I dreaded the ending of because, if anyone'd do it, I thought Joss Whedon would totally kill Tony Stark
Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Tony Stark, Captain America, and Iron Fist all live in NYC and there's still crime?
The others are all eternally young. So that leaves comparatively “normal” people—Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, etc—who age normally.
Did they kill Tony Stark? He's finally free and with his husband, James Rhodes 😢❤
Ok but I love Iron Man and imma be salty if Pepper Potts and Tony Stark don't stay together
Tony Stark read Captain America comics and everyone knew it, but it was only ever about Bucky Barnes.
If can be made a UN Ambassador, I want Tony Stark for UN Secretary General
I liked a video from Tony Stark's New Origin (ANAD International Iron Man)
My new thing to do when I meet new ppl is to ask what their favorite vice is. Tony Stark said to never trust a person w no vice.
"I'm sure all of them probably are." She let out a laugh. Kari frowned. "Un Tony!"
“Were Tony Stark a real person, he would have assuredly wanted his gyroscopes to be molecular and based upon iron”
Tony's soft promise washed over the shorter Stark, releasing the knot that had sat in his chest for months now. It curled >
10 years ago, Robert Downey Jr played for the first time Tony Stark's character
"You wouldn't imagine how many women have hit me for what Tony has done."
Stan Lee: "This man is born to be Iron Man. He looks exactly like what I had in mind when I created Tony Stark." https…
"Being a Stark has its downsides. I pray you haven't been ensnared into Tony's bed."
I got Tony Stark/Ironman: While a great guy deep down, your mushy interior is covered by a veneer of sarcastic...
I imagine my learning to aerial in is a lot like Tony Stark attempting to fly his first Iron Man suit
seems unlikely, but maybe the physics people can get together with Tony Stark...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Marvel Comics' new Iron Man, Riri Williams, is smarter than Tony Stark: Budding superh...
I really like Tony Stark as a character but please make his movies a little more creative.
The Iron Man movies all have the same story tbh. Greedy, white guy works with foreign guy to kill Tony Stark. Doesn't work out though.
[[Just had a DM asking if this account was Tony Stark 0_0]]
My 11 year old made Tony Stark's Malibu Mansion out of cardboard! To scale (1:58) and with working lights.…
It's been 6 years and my still doesn't work as well as Tony Stark's phone in Iron Man 2
New Iron Man, Ironheart Riri Williams, is smarter than Tony Stark via
Everytime I watch Civil War, I'm reminded that Tony Stark's parents died the day I was born. 16 December 1991. I am miss…
How do people call tony stark selfish if he was willing to sacrifice his life time & time again?
.new Riri Williams, is smarter than Tony Stark! 💡
That initial scene between Tony Stark and Peter Parker in Civil War is pretty great if you imagine Tony as Rick and Peter as Morty
I have a feeling that Mr. Cumberbatch will do for Dr. Strange what you did for Tony Stark / Iron Man. (Perfection.)
🍸Tony Stark 💉Iron Man 🎉 this video is up on My english channel with it her 2 looks 👉🏻…
"I've heard of Ant-Man, but Aunt May?!" - Tony Stark trying to get it in with Marisa Tomei
That romance film with Marisa Tomei & Robert Downey Jr. is on and all I can think of is all those Civil War Aunt May and Tony Stark jokes. 😂
know Robert Downey Jr? My son is his fan! He dressed as Tony Stark 4 Hero Day hed 💙 it if he saw it http…
They should do a fun post-credits scene where Tony Stark, Stephen Strange and Everett Ross discuss Sherlock Holmes in a cafe.
Louisville helmets are reportedly designed by Tony Stark.
I guess is perfect for Hindi adaptation. Looking same like Tony Stark in his new look.
The day when we as Microsoft fans can talk to Cortana like Tony Stark did with Jarvis or the Fleet of Star Trek can talk to computers will
I too wld like an "I ❤︎ T.S" T-shirt like Tom Hiddelston bc who doesn't love Iron Man/Tony Stark. I'd like mine in hot rod red & black. :D
Beyonce and Jay-Z start spending time with Tony Stark and Peper Potts instead of Sad songs about brothers ensue.
Happy Hogan: "He doesn't like to be handed things." Tony Stark: "Yea, I have a peeve."
More Pixels, Please: Goes Hollywood asks: are you ready to work like Tony Stark?
More Pixels, Please: Collaboration Goes Hollywood: Are you ready to work like Tony Stark?
Iron Man no more: Tony Stark's replacement will call herself 'Ironheart.'
When Riri Williams takes over from Tony Stark as shel'll be known as
Tony Stark or Robert Downey Jr? There's literally no difference, he's the same person!
. Idk about that... . Heath Ledger's Joker. Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark. Tom Hardy's Bane. Just to name a few better...
Tony Stark shows his unconditional love of Asgard's wayward son on Instagram
Little Giant Ladders
Taylor Swift or Tony Stark? Robert Downey Jr. Welcomes Tom Hiddleston to Instagram - by ...
You look at all the pop stuff with guys universally looked up to... James Bond... Tony Stark... Captain Jack Sparrow... Mr. Big... actors...
and here we see Steve Rogers together with his wife,Tony Stark and their son Peter Parker
📷 blog-of-a-multitude-of-fandoms: Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. as Bruce Banner and Tony Stark-...
I love Tony Stark and Peter Parker and Clint Barton and Kate Bishop and Wade Wilson and Steve Rogers and America Chavez and Billy Kaplan an
Yes Mark Begelman with Phil Collins.or is that Tony Stark?
oh, mate, I just hope you're true with things you say. Hope for a real life Tony Stark instead of a Justin Hammer or Norman Osborn
“What’s always been the most exciting to see is Tony Stark and Steve Rogers together …”. – Kevin Feige
If they had listened to Tony Stark, and left Bruce Banner alone, the vision never would have come true
What if one of the recipients of that Tony Stark grant ended up being the Prowler?
Marvel fuels internet clash by making Iron Man a 15-year-old black girl: Tony Stark will soon be replaced in ...
First Look at Riri WilliamsIron Man Suit in Invincible Iron Man: We already know that Tony Stark will be st...
has Tony Stark replaced by Riri Williams as Love seeing minorities assuming legendary mantles ht…
Every time the Riri Williams Iron Man cover pops up, her standing it front of ghostly Tony Stark, it continues to beg the obvious question:
news: Tony Stark is stepping out of the Iron Man suit.
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Not ready for Tony Stark to not be Iron Man any more. Who is Riri Williams?Why is Iron Man not a man? I have many questio…
will have a teenage girl take the mantle from Tony Stark
Tony Stark is to be replaced with a teenage black girl named Riri Williams. WOW
Marvel writer, Brian Michael Bendis' creation "Riri Williams" will take over from Tony Stark as htt…
Iron ManTLE: Ten People Who Have Worn Iron Man Armor: Tony Stark is out, and Riri Williams is in. But she's n...
Riri Williams taking over for Tony Stark in Invincible Iron Man!
Tony Stark will be replaced by ethnic woman Riri Williams in
A 15-year-old black girl is going to replace Tony Stark as Iron Man.
A black woman is taking over for Tony Stark as Iron Man
"You can take away my house, all my tricks and toys, but one thing you can't take away - I am Iron Man." Tony Stark
Tony Stark isn't being erased as a character he's passing on the title of Iron Man. If it annoys you that she's black.. oh we…
Tony Stark to be replaced by a black woman as Marvel's comic book
Stuck around to the end of waiting for a post-credit scene where Jackie Weaver's character sits down with Tony Stark
I liked a video Stan Lee meets real Tony Stark at Legacy Effects - TEASER
"Stan Lee consciously patterned Tony Stark on Howard Roark (note the similar names) from the Ayn Rand novel". is that true??
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You think you're a Tony Stark enthusiast? Anthony Mackie is an even bigger enthusiast.
"Clint Barton is deaf, . Tony Stark has anxiety,. Bucky Barnes is an amputee,. And Matt Murdock is blind. . If they can do it…
One of the starks will get the iron throne. Tony Stark 😂
Most of the Starks are dead. I'm starting to worry about the health of Tony Stark.
"Bran bangs the crap out of Meera. has 3 sons. Starks live. 1,567 years later in an alternate universe, Tony Stark becomes Iron Man" LMAO
I am waiting for someone to make an ancestral link between the Starks of and Tony Stark.
Now that the Starks are about to congregate at Winterfell, I wonder if Tony Stark will join them soon.
And now I want Tony Stark to somehow be in this too. That can be after the Archer crossover, I suppose.
So "Civil War" is the code phrase to turn off Tony Stark's brain and internal consistency, huh?
is truly the real life Tony Stark. His plans to nuke the north & South Pole of Mars to create atmosphere is fascinating
So far... Tony Stark is basically Archer, but not as attractive
Khatron ke khiladi without akshay kumar is like Avengers without Tony Stark.
Mark Watney is honestly tied w Tony Stark in my heart in terms of love and also identifying w them
30-years-old Tony Stark. Well, the very best cosplay by
off the topic of, well, anything even mildly related to the Avengers, more specifically Tony Stark. . "I have a buddy, uh.--
James Rogers is so cool tbh. Son of Nat and Steve. Named after Bucky. Raised by Tony Stark. I MEAN WOW CAN I BE JAMES ROGERS?!
He is Tony Stark and Reed Richards in real life. Current day Howard Hughes
In the MCU, what year did Tony Stark first encounter Aldrich Killian?
Tony Stark: maybe. Bruce Wayne: maybe. C. Montgomery Burns: no. Richie Rich: no. Adrian Veidt: yes, but at what cost?.
K while Civil War still an issue of the year plus my special Tony Stark birthday gift, here is a…
{ Makes tags unnecessarily large because soME PEOPLE steal my stuff. *Tony Stark voice* don't touch my stuff. }
happened abnormally one had found the cause...little did anyone, even Tony Stark, know that the cause of these- (
Tony Stark is screaming the words "help me" to everyone around him, but no one is listening.
"Why did Tony Stark recruit Peter Parker and not Matt Murdock?" cuz Aunt May's hotter than Karen Page.
Bruce Wayne's running mate would be Clark Kent and Tony Stark's running mate would be Peter Parker
That's why malas nak berangan kahwin 'Tony Stark' sebab diri sendiri pun, not even close to whatever Miss Potts has. Gitteww. 😂
Oh yeah, and the time Tony Stark for all intents and purposes deleted his brain to screw over Norman Osborn when he took over!
If there's anything I wanna see from it's Tony Stark complaining about Norman Osborn being a business rival. 😈
. Tony Stark double parks and blocks the bike lane on Central Park West. Doors someone turning into the entrance on 72nd.
True. While it seems Cruise/DiCaprio can sell anything, audiences want Daniel Craig/Downey Jr. as James Bond/Tony Stark
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I would like to see Tony Stark facing Norman Osborne, either in Spiderman or Ironman movies. Who will you pick as Osborne?
Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, T'Challa, Vision, and more are open at
My style hero was' Batman.' Now it's Tony Stark.
I want to see T’Challa in a scene with Reed Richards, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark, a high-tech, scientific…
"You don't deserve that shield. It doesn't belong to you. My father made that shield!" -Tony Stark
Lets play a game. John McAfee or Sean Penn or Tony Stark??
We need to put Wade Wilson, Tony Stark, and Bucky Barnes into a protection program they only deserve love and hugs
I am so thankful for John and Sansa. Bring back all Starks...including Tony Stark and kick butt. 😂😂😂
Marvel— Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Pietro Maximoff, Scott Lang, T'Challa, Sam Wilson, Sharon Carter, Vision and more are open and needed.
in my cosplay headcanon mashup reboot minimal poster fan fiction, Tony Stark is related to the Starks in Game of Thrones.
Don't be a dummy rob! It's the same idea as Agent Coulson; Danse's first name is "Paladin". Source: Tony Stark
Captain America: Civil War - The Avengers are back but battle lines are drawn between Tony Stark and Steve...
Special connection to Tony Stark especially the way Rob acts. Thankfully Ive found a Pepper Potts for my insanity.
Tony Stark is a trustafarian who hates civil liberties, loves war & can't get a good woman. Bucky is best, followed by Nat
If you saw Civil War and thought "Man I ship Aunt May and Tony Stark.". Well, there's this movie called "Only You". https:/…
:: Scouting a Scott Lang, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Wade Wilson for mains. . DM if interested please.
Still can't believe Roger Sterling is Tony Stark's Father! It must have been that time he got it on with Joan Harris
The only good in Captain America : Civil War was the new Spiderman kid, Peter Parker and Tony Stark banter + Chris Evan's arms.
Peter was walking down the slightly bust street with a spring in his step. Tony Stark had told him that he wanted them to-
Does the fact that Tony Stark being a super hero creates more villains make him Irony Many?
I'm going to say Hearts & Souls, because I want to imagine Charles Grodin & the rest of the ghosts following Tony Stark around
Did you know Tony Stark was modeled after real life billionaire industrialist Howard Hughes . Still hoping to see Civil War
Tony Stark: My mother died in a car accident. . Peter Parker: My mom left me at 5. . Wade Wilson:
Completely agree. Reed, T'Challa and Tony Stark make Bruce look like a college freshman.
Slept through half of Civil War but I got the gist: Tony Stark is mad that Cap was hitting on Phoebe Cates and missed an appel…
Tony Stark talking to Peter Parker like explaining to how to use his power of Comedy.
Update: Mentioning the names Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Peter Parker, T'Challa, Bucky, James Rhodes, Natasha Romanoff will also get you muted
can we talk about how caring Tony Stark is to Rhodes (War MacHine) just like how Steve is to Bucky. alright I have to stop. bye
The best part of Civil War was when Tony Stark led his army through the Shenandoah Valley to begin his invasion of the North…
Bruce yeah but Tony Stark, T'Chala, Reed, Beast, and Hank Pym are all either on par or smarter
This movie made me love RDJ all over again. He was just so fantastic in it. Wish he'd do other roles too. Too good to just be Tony Stark.
[ ] — turned into ... /well/ ... guessing you're probably aware of all that. No, but Tony Stark, Erik Selvig, Helen Cho —
imma bout to say that Tony Stark and Peter Parker's banter was the best part. but then there was vision in a suit.
Is Robert Downey Jnr reinforcing the point that Tony Stark is a massive *** or
Why does Tony Stark not make Black Widow and Bow and Arrow dude super powered suits?
Seeing on movie festival posters as Simon Williams and include a Tony Stark biopic, has made my day.
[TT] Sheldon Cooper, Tony Stark, and Captain Jack Sparrow are teleported back in time to the Edo Period. They atte…
Civil War 2 storyline in Avengers Alliance, who would willingly side with Tony Stark over Captain Marvel??
.plays Simon Williams, an actor playing Tony Stark in biopic in
Of course Christine is against the Avengers, she feels burned after a one-night stand with Tony Stark!
According to Stan Lee, Tony Stark/was based on magnate Howard Hughes. (via
Don't think I've grinned so much in a cinema as when seeing Peter Parker meet Tony Stark
As a fanboy of MCU, can't believed the conspiracy and the storyline that parents of Tony Stark was killed by the Winter Soldier.
I realized that my life is just like Tony Stark's except I don't have a magic suit to fight crime or millions of dollars and I'm not awesome
Tfw u realize Tony Stark is the superhero version of Brian Kinney
That facial hair looks a bit Tony Stark; on an expression that looks a bit Jack Palance.
What do Tony Stark, Bobby Flay and Steve Rogers have in common? Iron Chef America.
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