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Tony Soprano

Anthony John Tony Soprano, Sr. is an Italian-American fictional character and the protagonist on the HBO television drama series The Sopranos, on which he is portrayed by James Gandolfini.

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I get the mail Tony Soprano style, in a bath robe. Very freeing.
Watch Matt Yglesias star as Tony Soprano in an interpretive dance he filmed on his Blackberry.
"No offense but you ever had yourself checked for Tourettes? Seriously. "Heh, Heh. Heh, Heh" maybe you got a tic or somethin?" –Tony Soprano
If Raiders HC Dennis Allen really did get fired, Oakland assistant Tony Soprano could be interim coach. Please let this happen.
I read Tony Soprano at first, and well, that would have been awesome.
it's a difficult situation, as Tony Soprano would say...
I always read that as Tony Soprano. He'd get the team in line.
still reading this as Tony Soprano and wondering how it's a bad thing
I read that as Tony Soprano and got really excited for a split-second, as if it could happen
touché to that! The interm should be the change you guys need. Tony soprano.
they need Tony Soprano at this point.
For a second I thought that said "Tony Soprano.". And the new Raiders head coach is [Fade to Black]
wait, Tony Soprano has a coaching background?
Read Tony Soprano... Was disappointed because I feel like Al would have hired Tony Soprano at this point...
quick glance looked like you said Tony Soprano and that would be the opposite of what the needs right now.
I read this to fast I thought you wrote Tony Soprano would be in, darn I must be tired.
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Tony Soprano couldn't help them at this point.
Tony Soprano gets all the interm coaching gigs. He is out there getting people fired..
My eyes are tired. I read that as Tony Soprano...
For a second I thought you said Tony Soprano.
I read that as Tony Soprano... Had me worried
“And if Raiders do announce Dennis Allen's firing, Tony Soprano then would be expected to become interim HC.”
Totally thought that said Tony Soprano the first 2 times I read that...
Misread that as "Tony Soprano," which opens up unusual possibilities.
The owner is Tony Soprano, cool guy (@ Grimaldi's Pizzeria - in Brooklyn, NY)
not good when Tony soprano is helping you on the plane or boat.
Thank God we the world have a new Tony Soprano
killed it tonight and they Tony Soprano the end of the show. There'd best be another season.
Why does Tony Soprano's mistress live in a house with wood paneling if she works selling Mercedes??
Shanghai show is incredible I think you just had steak w/Chinese Tony Soprano at Roosevelt Ctr
Tony soprano seems to like pink floyd
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Lolo and I just met real life Tony soprano
Frank Underwood. Tom Kane. Rodrigo Borgia. Tony Soprano. Evil men we can't help but like.
Morning/ Movie Guy Keith Carr: As Tony Soprano, the late James Gandolfini was great in intricate, tense mob...
The Public Enemy (William A. Wellman, 1931). Cagney again, as a Chicago tearaway who becomes a gangster in 20s America. Tony Soprano's fave
"Professor Moreno I don't know what I want to be when I grow up I just crave a love like Carmela and Tony Soprano." a literal thing I said.
Tony Soprano, his wife Carmela and their mobster pals are back!
I wanna play poker with Al Swearengen, Enoch Thompson, Ray Donovan, and Tony Soprano. Clay Morrow can deal.
Spoilers, but great for fans: ""Sopranos" creator David Chase clears the air on Tony Soprano's fate
Now we know what REALLY killed Tony Soprano.
Why does Vincent D'Onoforio's character on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" have a psychologist? He's not Tony Soprano! Julia Ormond no less!
Best comment online about David Chase saying Tony Soprano doesn't die in that last episode: 'But did Meadow eventually park the car?'
Never realised that the woman who plays Tony Soprano's mum was in Naked Gun. You learn something new everyday.
Lots of people care about whether or not Tony Soprano died but no one cares about what happened to Elaine Benes when she went to prison.
So according to David Chase tony soprano didnt die in the end.
Listening to David Chase say Tony is alive is like believing Bob Dylan's whatever. Tony Soprano died in that diner. Its beyond obvious
The Sopranos creator David Chase denies 'Tony Soprano did not die' quote
OTOH, Hello Kitty is a cat and Tony Soprano is totally dead.
Did Tony Soprano Die at the End of 'The Sopranos'? We Finally Have an Answer by via
Oh wait, David Chase now says his quotes about Tony Soprano were taken out of context.
When The Sopranos ended seven years ago, we were all left stunned as the final scene in the series abruptly cut to black leaving us literally shrouded in darkness as to the fate of Mob boss Tony Soprano, played by the late, great James Gandolfini. Well, there's some good news!
It's the question Sopranos fans have long pondered, did Tony die at the end of the series?
I don't care what anyone says: Hello Kitty is a cat, and Tony Soprano died.
Film critic Martha P. Nochimson wrote a 5,000-word long profile of The Sopranos creator David Chase for Vox, but all anyone seems to care about (including Vox) are three words uttered by Chase in response to the question, Is Tony Soprano dead?
Now that David Chase has admitted Tony Soprano didn't die, can we bully Donald P Bellisario into telling us Sam Beckett DID return home?
Today, David Chase revealed that Tony Soprano is a fictional character who never lived.
David Chase breaks silence. Tony Soprano didnt die. Now I can die in peace.
Creators: Tony Soprano is alive, Hello Kitty is not a cat, gif is pronounced "jif." The lesson: Don't listen to creators.
One of the most controversial finales in television history aired way back on June 10, 2007. When The Sopranos director David Chase cut to black as Tony Soprano was eating dinner with his family in...
Who revealed that Tony Soprano is still alive when the show, The Sopranos went dark at the end when Tony's daughter walked inside.
So is Tony Soprano dead or not? The answer will remain a mystery...
"Whether Tony Soprano lived or died is not the point. To continue to search for this answer is fruitless."
Did Tony Soprano die at the end of 'Sopranos'?
Creator misquoted on Sopranos fate (The West Australian): It looks like the fate of Tony Soprano will remain a...
A journalist for Vox misconstrued what David Chase said in their interview. To simply quote David as saying,“ Tony Soprano
David Chase says his remarks about whether Tony Soprano is alive or dead were misconstrued
David Chase clarifies his quote in that "Tony Didn't Die" piece. Says he was misconstrued.
David Chase responds to Vox article about Tony Soprano: “it's spiritual question that has no right or wrong answer.”
The Sopranos creator David Chase denies Tony Soprano did not die quote
wuuut so Tony Soprano didn't die after all
That cut-to-black ending in Holstein's diner: David Chase Offers Response to 'Tony Soprano Didn't Die' Article
Reading this makes me want to watch whole series again
CNNTony's death . . . or notPhilly.comI HAVE NEVER particularly cared about whether Tony Soprano (the late, tr...
So is Tony Soprano actually dead then? Can't relax until I definitively know.
The creator David Chase has finally answered the question "Is Tony Soprano dead?"
What happened to Tony Soprano in the final scene? . "The Sopranos" creator breaks his silence: http:…
UPDATE: David Chase taking back his claim that Tony Soprano isn't dead
According to David Chase, Tony Soprano didn't die in the end. Read on, Sopranos fans...
"Sopranos creator David Chase has finally revealed if Tony Soprano died.
David Chase ends seven-years' silence to reveal fate of Tony Soprano
6+ years later,we finally know (from creator David Chase) what really happend to Tony Soprano that night in the diner http…
Spoiler alert: Tony Soprano was never really alive
Tony Soprano death mystery lives on after all: David Chase says in a statement he did not end the mystery of T...
Confirmable and important events in history. Tony Soprano died on June 19, 2013. Norman Bates died on September 12, 1992 A second adult King Kong was discovered alive on Faro Island on August 12, 1962. George Bailey tried to commit suicide on December 25, 1947. He was not successful. Pamela Voorhees was beheaded Friday May 13, 1980 (Her marker mistakenly reads 1979.) Jason Voorhees was killed Friday July 13, 1984 by Thomas Jarvis age 12. (Jason did not stay that way.) On Friday March 22, 1985, The Siranite Occupational Forces ("The Visitors") declared ceasefire, surrender and celebrated retreat by orders of "The Leader". On April 27.1980 (Earth time) The Colonial aka Galactican fleet, lead by the Battlestar Galactics left orbit around Saturn to follow its loneliest quest to lead the pursuing Imperial Cylon Alliance away from the planet Earth into deep space stranding dozens of its children on the planets surface. On May 14, 1989 the Blue Moon Detective Agency closed, leaving the Anselmo Case unsolved.
So the three biggest stories on my news feed today were: 1) Tony Soprano is not dead. 2) Hello Kitty is not a cat. And 3) Homer Simpson took the Ice Bucket Challenge. A banner day for journalism.
Tony Soprano, it was revealed, is not dead. and JFK had cheerios in Dallas. groundbreaking stuff
Writer Martha Nochimson gave the Internet the gift of knowledge Wednesday, helping to provide the answer to a question fans of the hit HBO series The Sopranos have been asking since the show ended: Is Tony Soprano dead?
Who cares whether Tony Soprano lived or died in the finale. The main takeaway is that Meadow is worse at parking a car than I am.
So now David Chase claims that yes, The Sopranos ending is supposed to be ambiguous like Twin Peaks. So Tony Soprano is possessed by Bob.
BREAKING: Tony Soprano is still dead and not-dead
Great News David Chase revealed Tony Soprano did not die.
Sopranos creator reveals Tony Soprano doesn't die at the end of the series.
The fate of Tony Soprano finally revealed by the show's creator
David Chase finally answers whether the argument over Tony Soprano is dead
What really happened to Tony Soprano? - Thank you, David Chase, for not changing the ending. The "Sopranos" creato...
The Sopranos has been celebrated for its ambiguous series finale, which left the fate of mob boss Tony Soprano unknown. But now creator David Chase has taken all of the mystery out of the revolutionary episode.
David Chase says Tony Soprano is still alive after the series finale of "The Sopranos". I can't wait for the movie where Tyler Perry plays Tony!
After it was reported that David Chase said Tony Soprano did not die at the end of 'The Sopranos,' he is singing a different tune.
"Sopranos" creator David Chase has responded to the Vox story that went viral on Wednesday as it claims Chase finally revealed that Tony Soprano had lived at the end of the HBO drama, saying that t...
'The Sopranos' creator David Chase has finally answered the longstanding question of the series finale, confirming that Tony Soprano didn't die.
Enough w/Tony Soprano dead or alive debate. When I watch the last episode I just want to scream "MEADOW SOPRANO, LEARN HOW TO PARALLEL PARK"
1 day ago we had Tony Soprano and Hello Kitty. Please don't let, I dunno, Cybill Shepherd (?) die
David Chase answers whether Tony Soprano died or not:
Tony Soprano talking about Gary Cooper strong silent type, the meaning via
I've hacked the Doctor Who series. He goes back to New Jersey and meets Tony Soprano, disguised to fool the Daleks
. That's a tony soprano fashion
Wow. Tony Soprano came out of the coma. Also this. - Drinking a Raspberry Origins @ The Bike Locker -
Apparently my 7 yo son is channeling Tony Soprano:
"Those who want respect get respect.". -Tony Soprano.
smh Ray starting to turn into Tony Soprano. i dont like it
"In the end your friends will always let you down. Family: they're the only ones you can depend on" –Tony Soprano
Remember when Tony Soprano shot his cousin to keep Phil Leotardo from doing it himself? That's the only way this is gonna end.
“Woke up this morning, got yourself a gun.” Tony Soprano?
"He was a weak, lying drug addict who fantasized about my downfall, and showed people his filthy thoughts on a movie screen" –Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano basically has two fistfuls at all times.
It's the little things I love, like the 3 year old wrapping herself up in my white microfiber "Tony Soprano" robe; dragging it on the floor😁
I feel lim chillin with tony soprano. Homie hands the waiter two $20s and tells him to buy smokes
. Tony Soprano would have been pleased to have had criminals as loyal to him as those in DOJ,IRS…
In the sense of tv characters, Tony Soprano is the biggest bawse that ive seen thus far
Soo I took a long personality quiz "what tv character are you" and wasn't expecting Tony Soprano
Welcome to Newark, the land of Tony Soprano.
There needs to be a tumblr of all the different robes Tony Soprano wears.
My goal is to become the next Tony Soprano
Why am I craving the tony soprano burger from buddies rn
my son attended a Cinci recruiting day. The video shown was Kelly imitating Tony Soprano from the Soprano's opening...
I miss The Wire! I loved Homicide: Life on the Street, also by David Simon. And I think Tony Soprano lived.
Super job fin on Norman series pods. Last pod, siege of Dub reminded me of comparison tony soprano v med knight!
All of these envelopes of money make me feel like Tony Soprano
"Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see" Tony Soprano
You can always rely on Tony Soprano for some quality advise and words of wisdom 😂😂😂
Also, she is, I think, the model for Tony Soprano's mother. One can easily imagine Ayn Rand saying, "Oh, POOR YOU." http…
Lovin the Griffin's new dog 'Vinny' on Family Guy, with the Mafioso voice of Tony Sirico from 'The Soprano's'... Badda..Boom..Badda..Bing!
Tony Soprano and Nucky Thompson are better characters on superior shows.
Been feelin like a young Tony Soprano lately.
I feel like a real tony soprano with this driveway
I'm really oddly attracted to tony soprano
.the coveted “tony soprano one and a half semesters at seton hall so I know what’s what” demographic really representing
VIDEO: Sorry Tony Soprano, the U.S. bans this Italian ham
Such a crush on Tony Soprano's therapist. She's so Dana Scully.
Life's biggest mysteries:. - Is there a God?. - Did Tony Soprano die in the finale?. - Will the Mets ever get more than 4 hits in a game?
Enough Said. Tony Soprano and Elaine Benes at their finest
Rach "but isn't the Sopranos violent?" Me "yes but Tony Soprano never rubbed out anyone with a Stanley knife!"
The actor who plays tony soprano gives me a serious complex because he literally is my dad in every movie no matter what
Repeat until blue in the face: police straight up executing a man with his hands up is murder, even if they turn out to be Tony Soprano.
In the Loop: Tony Soprano didn’t live in one of the most corrupt states in the U.S.,...
1 child out with a fever. On way to doctor. Wife's brakes went out this morning. How you doin? (with my Tony Soprano accent).
Durante su "intervention" (4x10), Christopher Moltisanti a Tony Soprano: "the way you eat, you'll have a heart attack before you're 50". JO.
I feel like Tony Soprano, who do I trust now
Cullen Bohannon ranks up there with Tony Soprano, Walter White, and Jimmy Steve.
I'll be Walter White, Tony Soprano, and Francis Underwood all rolled into one just give you the world. Not caring who tries to take me down.
Remember people saying Sanjay Dutt would make a good Tony Soprano in a desi version.
Stringer Bell would flatted Tony Soprano, tell your child he'll be deaf, oh yeah he won't hear you
. Love and miss you James Gandofini, aka Tony Soprano !. North Jersey misses you ♥
"Crazy In Love" references Tony Soprano and Nick Van Exel and it's still more relevant than any pop song released this year.
Who is on YOUR TV Character Mount Rushmore? Mine: Homer Simpson, George Costanzo, Tony Soprano, Lucy Ricardo... Larry David first sub in.
Photo: ellrob: Tony Soprano counting fat stacks of green thumb thru that check
he was an anti-hero, like Tony Soprano, Don Draper & Nucky Thompson. Protagonists you rooted for who did despicable things.
Current faves in life: Wendell Berry, Anne Lamott, KANYE, Ira Glass, Tony Soprano, Augustine, The Only Way is Essex.
"Twenty years I've been friends with John. Now he's gotta go" -- Tony Soprano (
LVG should do a Tony Soprano and just make Cleverly, Young, Nani and Anderson 'disappear'
Tony Soprano..I mean Joe Hockey is planning to whack..I mean by-pass the senate.
"In terms of his human potential, I'd say he has less going for him than Tony Soprano." on Seinfeld
Don Draper is in that upper pantheon of television characters that include: Tony Soprano, Homer Simpson and Archie Bunker.
Sit with some real well known real estate salesman today and they said at their last Lake of the Ozark real estate Assos. all that were there when the vote was taken ALL said they were voting and supporting Greg Hasty in August election. Main issue was the cluster of P/Z and the lies that the now Tony Soprano tells then forgets how he told the lie and then lies again on top of the lie he told. Tony Soprano the now Presiding Comm of Camden County Missouri I remember the lie he plainly told me. Memory like a hawk Tony.
I feel like Tony Soprano whenever i go to the fridge and eat meat out of the packet
The backyard hummingbird is to my father what the pool ducks are to Tony Soprano.
"When you're married, you'll understand the importance of fresh produce!" - Tony Soprano
Yep. Poor show really, but as Tony Soprano was fond of saying, whadyagonnado? . Kill them, that's what.
That looks like something from Tony Soprano's house circa 1999.
Photo: So we’ve given in & we’re now giving a free A3 Print with all ‘Tony Soprano’ Pre-Orders. Get your...
On the street they call me Young Tony Soprano.
More like Tony Soprano stashing his cash in the storage bin by the pool. LOL. Who needs a bank anymore?
If I had to meet one tv character besides tony soprano or Walter White... Easily Michael Scott
That Tony Soprano segment was hilarious bro ! Lets have him call in more often ! Who did the impersonation?
Now you've done it. Tony Soprano is following me. :)
Five lessons in freelancing you can take from Tony Soprano
Ummm. Should I be worried that Tony Soprano just followed my other account? 😬💀
Should I be worried that Tony Soprano is now following me? 😞😎
You can get management tips from Tony Soprano. I recently came across Napoleon on Project Management.
Well I'm not following Tony Soprano It's too scary and creepy...
*** Why is Tony Soprano is following me??? He is dead. So I have a dead person following me that's a first!!!
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Sprout_Digital has a new follower! Tony Soprano, from , and you can find them at . Check out our website at for ...
"She's a licensed notary public! I'm thinkin' this is the kinda woman I need." -Tony Soprano
Remember when is the lowest form of conversation. - Tony Soprano
Started watching the Sopranos since breaking bad is over for me...I gotta say..I have a mafia crush on Tony Soprano ☺️😗
How much gabbagool do you think Tony Soprano eats?
Tony Soprano's mom might be the least likeable character in anything ever.
Tony Soprano gets into so many accidents.
More and more I watch mire I think tony soprano is just a big baby
Watching James Gandolfini not being Tony Soprano & he is unbelievably charming!
Meeting the bestfriend's new boo. Time to queue up the 'if you hurt her' speech in my best Tony Soprano voice.
hmm... Some of the episodes featuring Tony Soprano's dreams were pretty strange and awful as well. But BB is great overall.
I can't listen to this song without thinking of James Gandolfini. RIP Tony Soprano.
I was a Tony Soprano fan but nobody will ever top Walter White IMO.
Work is over, animals are fed, house to myself for quality time with my boy Tony Soprano 💅
when Tony Soprano's psychiatrist takes a photo of herself, is it a Melfie ?
Christie finished tony soprano going down
Yo is it just me or does Tony Soprano's son look like a young Eric the Midget???
He's got a Tony Soprano look about him... Still, he's no Miguel Herrera
Tony Soprano beats up Coco. One of my favorite scenes. season 6 episode 19.
You like Soccer, a profile pic of Walt White, & username of Tony Soprano, your profile screams you live in mom's basement.
You have a great collection. I had the 12 yr glenlivet last year and it's my (and Tony Soprano's) favourite now.
Barry was just recognized as The Tony Soprano.
Jorge looks ready to sub himself in. Big Phil looks like angry Tony Soprano.
You look like Tony Soprano who got a serious sun tan
YO old dudes in California dressing like Tony Soprano and Sylvester Stallone, you ain't in NY anymore bro!
I love it when Tony Soprano gets mad.
I know! My one and only love tony soprano, been watching it for hours
Brazil v Chile game being broadcast on ESPN radio by Harry Potter and Tony Soprano
Waking up feeling like Tony Soprano coming out that coma 😩
My personal favorite, the "Tony Soprano" from newdealfruitinc.. Vinegar peppers, hot capicola, lil…
Who's the baddest gangster of all, Tony Soprano or Jax Teller? Please RT:
Feds ask judge to ignore plea for leniency by alleged mobster - He says he’s no Tony Soprano — but he sure...
What's that picture say to you?. It says "hey *** we're from Harvard and here's a depressing barn with a spooky tree" . - Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano's mother is maybe the single most annoying character in television history
Even a broken clock is right twice a day (Tony Soprano)
The governor's other side is that of Tony Soprano -- his bullying side.
Gemma Collins actually thinks she is Tony Soprano. Total horror
Remembering James Gandolfini on One Year Anniversary of His Death James Gandolfini, best known for his role as Tony Soprano on the HBO series The Sopranos, died of a heart attack a year ago today at the age of 51 while vacationing with his family in Italy. The Westwood, New Jersey, native gained fame as Tony Soprano, earning a Golden Globe and three Emmy Awards, but his acting credits also include Broadway productions of A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront and God of Carnage. His film credits include The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, Surviving Christmas and All the Kings Men. One of his Sopranos co-stars, Michael Imperioli, told ABC News Radio the actor was, "a good guy" and "a good friend." Tom Hardy, who stars in Gandolfini's final movie, The Drop, remembers him fondly. "He was a fantastic and kind, huge heart, incredibly talented and generous individual," he says, adding that it's "a tragedy that he's gone." In The Drop, Gandolfini plays the employer and cousin of Tom Hardy's Bob, a bartender entangl ...
TBT Throwback Thursday On this day in history, one year ago today, James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano passed away while vacationing in Italy. (Bonus version: Tomorrow in History the movie Jaws was released in 1975) In happier news though, it's Throwback Thursday ALL day as we're playing a ton of throwbacks and have Ryan Deelon's special edition TBT Hot Party Mix coming up at noon!
My biggest problem, is that I always get ahead of myself. My head is always scheming. I yearn to be an operator in real estate, My ex-mother in law said that I would some day be a "Macha", Yiddish for operator. Of course, my X dropped kicked my *** to the curb for some alleged marital infidelity. *** we were doing so good. Tony Soprano would have called me an earner. Always loved those guys on "Boardwalk Empire" Don't know why. Weren't they, like gangsters ?
Ari Gold, Tony Soprano, & Larry David all taught me valuable lessons.
With the exception of such shows as "The Sopranos", "Breaking Bad", "Dexter", '"The Walking Dead", "Seinfeld", *** On Wheels", "Fargo", "True Detectives", "Boardwalk Empire", "The Following", "Bates Motel", and even "Game Of Thrones", many of these new TV shows have their main characters either *** or bi-sexual. Hollywood at it's best huh? I guess because of being politically correct and being progressive liberals these producers and directors feel they have to add that in their shows. Is it really necessary. By main characters I'm talking about Tony Soprano, Dexter, Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Rick, and all others who have top billing on these shows. Even Spartacus wasn't *** or bi-sexual. SPOILER ALERT: "House of Cards" is a great show but why did they have to write in and show lead actor Kevin Spacey in a bi-sexual scene with his wife and his CIA bodyguard? WHY? Was that really necessary? It just came out of left field. Seems like most movies and shows now HAVE TO show a *** or homosexual scene. ...
Everyone scold for skipping leg day. It wasn't even a vernal equinox and Tony Soprano died a long time ago..
Edie Falco said it! For those who do not know who she is, she was "Mrs. Tony Soprano" on "The Sopranos". She's also "Nurse Jackie" on "Nurse Jackie".
What do you think when I say... What comes to mind when someone around you talks about say a famous person like Whoopi Goldberg? Comedian, Star Trek, and hostess on the View. Let's try another name. Vincent van Gogh? Artist, Poet, and Lover. Barbra Streisand? Amazing singer and Actor. What do all these people share in common? To look at this list one might say...well, not a *** thing! Now let's add Howie Mandel, Donny Osmond, Abraham Lincoln, Kim Basinger, Emily Dickenson, Brian Wilson, Paula Deen, and just for fun, fictional characters Tony Soprano and Adrian Monk...any idea what all these people have in common? Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or a more specific form of Anxiety Disorders. Yes, every one on this list suffers from an anxiety related disorder. "Ken, why are you so focused on anxiety lately? What is the point?" More than 18% of the adult population in the U.S.A. deal with some sort of anxiety disorder. It is generally believed that anxiety is rooted in both genetics and traumatic based even .. ...
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Happy Birthday to my brother from another mother Eddie Coleman (the black Tony Soprano) never steered…
Survived the deaths of Ned Stark, Tony Soprano and Walter White. *** Whitman's looming demise may ultimately break me...
It’s Business, Not Personal: The Top 10 Fictional New Jersey Mobsters (click "more" to read complete article by Mark Stewart) No one does organized crime quite like New Jersey. From the lowest-level enforcer to the most powerful mob kingpin, there is a unique brashness about the way our bad guys break the rules. Although they may evade the long arm of the law, these unique characters have not escaped the attention of television and film producers. Indeed, we may be in something of a Golden Age of Jersey-based, Jersey-inspired crime entertainment. As of 2014, these are the Top 10 fictional New Jersey mobsters. Needless to say, none of these characters is safe; any of them could be bumped off the list. Or just plain bumped off. 1 • Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) • The Sopranos • 1997–2007 No surprise here, right? Tony Soprano was a brilliantly conceived, smartly written and wonderfully acted fictional character, who seemed more real than the real-life mob figures in the newspapers and on TV. Ton ...
I still think the show ends with an old Don Draper sitting in a restaurant, watching Tony Soprano get shot.
I just realized that a disproportionate number of my favourite TV shows (past and present) feature sociopaths or criminals as the main character, and I find it remarkably easy to empathize with them. Dexter Morgan (Dexter), Tony Soprano (The Sopranos), Walter White (Breaking Bad), Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal), Al Swearengen (Deadwood). the list goes on. Should I be worried? Should my family be worried?
• Assuming Walter White and Tony Soprano are some combo of 1-2, how many 21st century iconic drama characters would you put ahead of Jack Bauer at No. 3?
Tony Soprano was just iced by Hakuna, who has whacked a total of 37,711 rivals. Hakuna just brought the body count to 37,709 by icing K!LLER$ Johnny Rockets. DISCLAIMER: My posts are not meant as offence to any Race, Gender, Creed or Religion
SPOILER ALERT: House of Cards: so Frank Underwood totally outdid himself tonight. I reasoned he isn't any different from Tony Soprano or Avon Barksdale.
Singing Rubber Band Man in the style of tony soprano, Grammy already in the mail I'm sure
Tony Soprano: This the NBA. With all due respect, no place to be bobbling interior passes everytime.
in my greatest fantasy johnny boy soprano slaughters Don Draper in 1960s Newark as a young tony watches
Where do the "Jack Bauer is Evil" people stand on Walter White, Tony Soprano, and almost everyone from "Game of Thrones?"
I can relate to Tony Soprano a lot at times...
"A wrong decision is better than indecision" –Tony Soprano
Seeing Tony Soprano singing along to The Chi-Lites is priceless!
Remember the good times, as Tony Soprano said. Tobey Maguire in Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN released on this day in 2002. http:/…
why is everyone so surprised when i tell them TONY SOPRANO'S house in the show the SOPRANOS was filmed quater mile away from my house!!!
Seriously, Tony Soprano would give me a better interest rate
Jack Bauer Is Back Tonight in the '24' Reboot 'Live Another Day.' Is It Worth Watching? Chuck Ross ■ Posted May 5, 2014 at 2:22 AM When last we left Jack Bauer, four years ago, he was in a world of hurt, both personally and professionally. Both the Americans and the Russians were trying to hunt him down. Then, as we fans of Bauer know, Jack was somehow lured to Hollywood, where he -- and we -- were tortured for the past four years going through feature film development *** Would we ever see Bauer again? The answer is yes. Tonight, Jack is back, on Fox in a 12-episode “24” reboot titled “Live Another Day.” How, exactly, “24” is back as a limited TV series is not our concern. All we really care about is that it is indeed back. Having seen the first two episodes of the reboot -- both of which are scheduled to air tonight -- what I can tell you, as a huge fan of the show, is that it’s a joy to watch. It’s like an old friend is back, and you both immediately fall back into your old, comfo ...
I am an independent writer and musician. Many people say that they think my music is really awesome, even though it was not recorded as well as the recordings of the top people you hear in the music business. The music business is run by SCHMUCKS who manipulate EVERYTHING! NOTHING IS FAIR! If a person composes a really great album of songs, the only thing that happens when you copyright it is that a bunch of bums offer you a pathetic price to STEAL YOUR MUSIC AWAY FROM YOU legally! I BLOW AWAY MORE THAN 90% OF ALL MUSICIANS that you will hear on the radio...but there is NO HOPE for me to ever create MASTER RECORDINGS and achieve the success that they have...MERELY BECAUSE I'M NOT "HOOKED UP" with a MASSIVE GROUP OF PEOPLE! It's all about the people you're connected too...NOT HOW GOOD YOUR MUSIC IS! THE MUSIC BIZ *** !! It's filled with swindling *** and *** who are like TONY SOPRANO! Nothing but VAMPIRES! I hate the idea that I'll never be able to make it because I'm an ISOLATED, SOLO INDIVIDU ...
so that would exclude Tony Soprano and Don Draper and I resist those who classify them as "new". I am talking about...
Eye on The Record: Was Tony Soprano elected governor of New Jersey?
Studio bound more footage coming soon behind the scenes in the mix up finishing up Tony soprano
I want blue suit. Slick my hair back and walk around marquette like a heavy hitter. Tony Soprano's right hand man.
“I have a tendency to distrust cigar smokers.”I am not trustworthy *lights up stogie like Tony Soprano, blows smoke rings*
Gonna go hide now. Tony Soprano is gonna kill me.
Tony Soprano would have shot her already.
"In the midst of life, we are in death." David Chase addresses (or not) ending.
The character of Don Draper in Mad Men is right up there with Tony Soprano. Cult status. No doubt.
The ultimate superhuman would be a combination of Don Draper, Sterling Archer, Frank Underwood, Petyr Baelish, and Tony Soprano.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"He told my girl cousins that I would never be a varsity athlete and, frankly, that was a tremendous blow to my self e…
I have not been this excited in a long time!! The return of my favorite man EVER on television ( other than Tony Soprano).. J A C K B A U E R!! 24. TONIGHT! the countdown has begun.
A gentleman’s success story: I've never been the healthiest eater...I'm still not. After visiting my doctor last fall and him telling me that I'm a James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) starter kit, I knew I had to start making some better decisions. If I eat fish a couple of times a week, mix in a few salads, the weight is just going to fall off of me; after all, I play softball twice a week. Nope, no change. At 6'3" I kept hovering between 250 and 265 pounds. My wife introduced me to Skinny Fiber at the beginning of the holiday season last year. We took it incorrectly for about the first week and a half and ate like gluttons. We indulged in all of the holiday goodies, we even ate pizza a couple of times, bbq several times, chicken fried steak; as well as mexican food...I know what you're thinking, so were we. We feared stepping on the scales. We thought, how much have I gained? 5 pounds? 10 pounds? To our suprise, my wife lost 2 pounds and I lost 0.5 pounds. I was floored. With the new year comes new habits ...
Cant ever listen to 'Don't stop believing' by Journey without thinking of Tony Soprano! Cant wait to get home and start again from episode one!!
The 12 mallard duck eggs that I have been watching and nurturing finally hatched, mom and dad mallard are gone... Nothing left but an empty nest and broken shells. As I sit outside and wonder why I never had the chance to enjoy them, I am sad. The thought of those sweet little creatures brought me so much joy. I feel like Tony Soprano... Waiting for the ducks.
Eating pasta, while Tony Soprano is cussing everybody out on screen & red wine is flowing throughout the night... An old Sunday night ritual for my family, and most Italian families 😉👌
"What I think is funny is what an eight year old boy thinks is funny." -Tony Soprano-
Grew up in the Bronx and spent about 10 years in No.NJ with Tony Soprano and the boys. Glad to be in Savannah with the sunshine and NO snow.
Page just brought the body count to 122,702 by icing *w Tony Soprano.
Maximilian Albrecht thinks that the sopranos was a better show than breaking bad ... Smh .. Walter White would destroy Tony soprano lmao
Enough Said. If you haven't seen this movie, you should. James Gandolfini's last movie; his best performance as an actor outside of Tony Soprano, in my opinion. Stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She's terrific. I fully expected this movie to suck but it's one of the better movies I've seen in a while. Because you needed my opinion on something, that's why.
WHCD 2014 . Gov Tony Soprano aka Chris Christie is supposed to be there! Haven't seen him yet! Do ya think maybe he's outside in traffic working the cones?
and soon the like will turn into LOVE! Tony Soprano best tv character ever. Just edges Walt!
Trager spent his first year of grad school watching The Spranos - compares the MB to Tony Soprano
Kinder Morgan saying spills good for the economy is like Tony Soprano saying crime creates jobs for police, judges, guards, crim profs.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
"Amazon has become the 'Tony Soprano' of ecommerce. You need to pay to play & get on their platform." Scott Galloway at
"Let me tell ya something. Nowadays, everybody's gotta go to shrinks, and counselors, and go on "Sally Jessy Raphael" and talk about their problems. What happened to Gary Cooper? The strong, silent type. That was an American. He wasn't in touch with his feelings. He just did what he had to do. See, what they didn't know was once they got Gary Cooper in touch with his feelings that they wouldn't be able to shut him up! And then it's dysfunction this, and dysfunction that, and dysfunction vaffancul!" - Tony Soprano
You are Tony Soprano. Similar to Tony Soprano, you are more thoughtful than your demeanor will show. You deal with a lot of stress at work, but generally you do not let it get to you. You prefer to let others take the spotlight as you pull the strings in the dark. Of all the gangsters, you are the most thoughtful. When it comes to violence, you just as ruthless as anybody else, and can make quick decisions. Share your result to let your friends and enemies know!
Drug dealers and money launderers furiously digging up bundles of £50 notes buried in garden Tony Soprano style
Had Walter White, Lorne Malvo, Rust Cohle, or Tony Soprano been around when I was a TV obsessed kid, good chance I'm in jail right now.
Indecision is better than no decision-Tony Soprano
Why does a Tony Soprano acct follow me now
Nothing more useless than a unloaded gun. -Tony Soprano
When did Putin turn into Tony Soprano? "Hey, nice country ya got here. Would be a shame if something was ta happen to it..."
Tony Soprano you are always in my heart ❤️ oh how I miss you.
breaking bad is the better show but Tony Soprano
Would u rather be Walter White or tony soprano
If for one day, I'd like to be Tony Soprano with an opportunity to see how far Seabrook's knees might bend backward.
The last time I was this nervous, Tony Soprano walked into Holsten's and Meadow couldn't park a car.
Any place Tony Soprano eats is where I want to eat!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Great timing on announcing price raises too. I like Kevin Spacey as much as anyone, but I like Tony Soprano better. Even in reruns.
I'm like Tony Soprano All up in my big SUV listening to some Classic Rock.
Isn't this the lamp the Feds installed in Tony Soprano's basement?
Next time doesn't want to do elliptical machines with me I'll say "Tony Soprano even does it!" as if he's a pillar of fitness
This guy at the gym is tony soprano literally
Pipe down Tony Soprano. Colorado is the best.
HBO is Coming to Amazon Fire TV ... Kind Of: Tony Soprano is coming to Amazon Fire TV. The dragons from "Game ...
What do you think Tony Soprano's favorite anime is?
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