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Tony Soprano

Anthony John Tony Soprano, Sr. is an Italian-American fictional character and the protagonist on the HBO television drama series The Sopranos, on which he is portrayed by James Gandolfini.

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maybe you should trying playing Tony soprano in a remake?.
The "Art of War" became a best-seller in 2001, when TV mobster Tony Soprano told his therapist he’d been reading it.
I will record an of Tony Soprano For $5 -
No argument. This is the truth. All hail Tony Soprano!
spot on, although for now, Stevie would benefit mainly off of Silvio's role. Klopp the true Tony Soprano atm
England team has probably needed a Tony Soprano figure
There is an argument you can learn more about man management from Tony Soprano than anyone else, as Christopher, Ralph & others found out.
Tony Soprano is so relatable and likeable at times that you, as the viewer, suspend your own suspension of disbelief.
I think what made the Sopranos so far above other mafia related works is that it's extremely easy to forget that Tony Soprano is the bad guy
YES like it is trying to be deep but it's like first 4 episodes mang don't go s3 Tony soprano on me
Deffenbaugh has left trash in my driveway for two days. What a racket. Tony Soprano would be proud. They also employ my city councilman.
Watching The Sopranos for the first time. Tony Soprano's mother is the epitome of hot mess.
Ukraine defaulted on 3bn from Russia. Thats like not giving Tony Soprano his money back...
Well they have a Tony Soprano museum?
Chris Christie says it's Jersey celebs like Snooki who are ruining his image
Becoming more like Tony Soprano every day
Dr. Melfi: "When's the last time you had a prostate exam?". Tony Soprano: "Hey, I don't even let anybody wag their finger…
your role in "The Wire" is right with Tony Soprano for the best character in any series ever.
I always have to remind myself that Tony Soprano's therapist told her bf everything he told her +
Tony Soprano scoping out my Happy first of 2016. @ Roseville,Ca
I want a GIF of Tony Soprano nodding along to music in his car and I want it now.
Steven Gerrard on why David Brent & Tony Soprano have a lot to answer for.
Games are all wipeouts, who made match ups Tony Soprano?
It's like George RR Martin turns us into Tony Soprano during those scenes
Kevin from Grimsby is the Tony Soprano of Strictly ! Nobody would dare not give him a 10 !
Tony Soprano would never ask Carmela for some clean *** Tony would never ask Carmela to get on the stand and lie for him.
Tony Soprano singing 'south of the border' to Uncle Junior. Hilarious.
The gangsters in Tampa Star make Tony Soprano look like a Boy Scout
More like Tony Soprano. I'm "betting" that withing the year The NY Lottery Commission will come up with a "legal" means of...
Tony Soprano's Cadillac Escalade headed for auction: One of two Cadillacs driven by James Gandolfini on the se...
Edson Arantes do Nascimento aka Pelé would be Tony Soprano. The Godfather, the man we all heard about
If HBO is looking to recast Tony Soprano, head coach Jim Tomsula might be the guy
James Gandolfini said he was nothing like "Tony Soprano" in real life, he described himself as more of a "260-pound Woody …
Saul Goodman, Ali, Tony Soprano, Alan Turing, George Best, Joan Holloway, Dorothy..but the last one is doing my head in
Lookin like a yung Tony Soprano but feelin like Jon Cryer when we pull up in the MX fiver
This weeks episode of makes Tony Soprano's longing for more men to be like Cary Grant kind of funny in retrospect.
Um, does everyone from New Jersey sound like a cross between Tony Soprano and Anthony Bourdain? Naw.
"l never got to tie Tony Soprano up to a floodlight, now l guess l never will. Rest in Peace, James Gandolfini."
Hi Stephen, your performance in TIS reminds me of James Gandolfini playing Tony Soprano. Also I loved you as Al Capone
"The Drop" starring Tom Hardy & James Gandolfini (in his last role) was a solid watch. Gonna miss Tony Soprano.
Me af man . One of my fav actors from my fav tv shows. RIP James Gandolfini aka "Tony Soprano"
"You'd think I was Hannibal Lecture or someone!" - Tony Soprano
Um, is that Tony Soprano's crew in your hair? See "How to make friends" at the .
Jim Rockford or Tony Soprano: Coastal Contrasts in American Suburbia - by Carl Abbott
This is a hair's away from Tony Soprano level extortion. We hijack your ads, you pay us to show them. Bafangul!
"Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see." - Tony Soprano
is it wrong that Easter mainly reminds me of Janice's BF saying to Tony Soprano "have you heard the good news? He i…
and looking like Tony Soprano after a 4 day meth binge.
Tony Soprano said it best when he said “Remember when is the lowest form of conversation”.
Noah sold paper like Tony Soprano was in Waste Management.
I think he's like Tony Soprano's ducks. Great dog though
Joyce made Kris sound like Tony Soprano, which is how I imagine she really is, so I gasped at just that glimpse of it!
Actor James Gandolfini would have turned 54 today. RIP
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I can't remember ever anticipating any manager-of-the-year election. Then Tony Soprano livened up the NL race!
Tony Soprano was our first TV antihero. He spawned Don Draper and Heisenberg and Ray Donovan and…. TV is littered with them now.
or something having to do with the mafia like a silhouette of Tony Soprano
Like all the other "sons of Tony Soprano"? "Prestige" television is littered with petulant white men behaving badly.
My favourite Taylor Swift was when Tony Soprano woke up on that island
Tony Soprano done it quite a lot, so I'd say it's all good...
Robbie Jackson is the greatest written character since Tony Soprano.
Just realised Tony Soprano had all the answers - look after the ducks!
Cuz said we gotta hit s/o for the love NIGHTLYFE. Link N BIO
she looks like Tony Soprano's mother 😂😂😂😂
Just posted: The NL manager-of-the-year race was already a fun debate. Then Tony Soprano made it even better!
49ers coach looks like he just left a sit-down with Tony Soprano and Don Corleone.
The Mob Museum Vegas. Made sure we visited the the old place. Interesting. Everything from $$$ to Tony Soprano.
Tony Soprano opens his kitchen cupboard, sees Uncle Ben on a rice box, passes out and crashes onto the floor. One of the high points of TV.
That's why Tony Soprano, Silvio Dante and Paulie Walnuts ran their sports book.
James Gandolfini, Who played Tony Soprano has died of a heart attack at the age of 51. Rest In Peace!
After lunch like that..I know why Tony Soprano was fat.
So am I the only one who thinks Tony Soprano's mother looks like John C. Calhoun?
yeah, though compared with other iconic anti-heroes like Tony Soprano, Don Draper, Nucky Thompson, I find Walt harder to like
[Tony Soprano stashes a body in Oscar's garbage can]
Best things out of New Jersey. 1. Mike Trout. 2. That "that we are young" remix. 3. "Pump it up". 4. Pre fashionista Victor Cruz. 5. Tony Soprano
your Tony Soprano impression is hysterical, your Erich Roberts is even better
Philosophy 101, with Tony Soprano and Dale Cooper :D. As an aside, I think all that ziti and gabagool would...
Clay Guida calling out McGregor is hilarious. It's like Tony Soprano getting called out by the guy who cleans the toil…
This dirtbag makes Tony Soprano look ethical and decent.
I'm naming my son Anthony after Tony Soprano, idc.
The birds have left their house to be on their next journey Feeling like a cross between Tony Soprano and Holden Caufield.
Alan Farragut deserves to be spoken of in the same discussions as Tony Soprano, Walter White, Vic MacKey, Jax Teller & Raylan Givens
If doesn't turn just get your dad Tony Soprano on the case
honorable mention: . -->Charles Ingalls from LHotP. -->Dexter Morgan. -->Tony Soprano. -->Martin Crane if he could still walk
What do Roger Sterling, Jamie Lannister, Tony Soprano and your stomach have in common? They're all acting jerky
The only person other than Paulie Walnuts who would have a painting of Tony Soprano as a general is Matt Yglesias.
I swear I awoke from a dream of an alternate ending in which Don had offed Tony Soprano
I wonder who'd win. Nucky Thompson or Tony Soprano.
Mike Walker invested his Norwich pay-off in a waste-management skip-hire firm, Tony Soprano style
don't forget *** Perry and that bloated Tony Soprano wannabe, Kris Krispy-Kreame
I'd like to write an essay comparing Betty Draper's psychiatrist sessions with Tony Soprano's.
You know how ends; Don walks into a diner in New Jersey wearing a Members Only jacket and whacks Tony Soprano.
My favorite episode of Mad Men is when Jerry Seinfeld and Tony Soprano go to jail on their way to taking Lisa Bonet to Hillma…
In The Loop on BBC Two 11:45! Dr Who vs Tony Soprano! Addison and Hollander in their pants watching a shark documentary…
I mean, Micheal was basically Tony Soprano. But he at least had the story with Trevor Phillips to aid character dev.
no human ate more italian food, drank did cocaine as much James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano.
James Gandolfini is amazing as Tony Soprano, and it's easily one of the greatest stories ever teletold, but I'm a sucker for period pieces.
The one scene I seen him in was very dramatic. Unfortunately he might forever be Walt White. Like James Gandolfini was forever Tony Soprano.
Ari Gold the best TV character. Tony Soprano, Arnold Rothstein, Walter White, Nancy Botwin, Don Draper etc. are great but flawed.
Raylan Givens is in my top-5 of best television characters ever right next to Tony Soprano, John Locke, Kenny Powers and Tami Taylor.
Let me blow your mind. Jordan Spieth is young Tony Soprano.
Tony Soprano's aunt, Penelope Garcio & Edna Krabappel, kinda! . Rae, Kirsten & Marcia on the set of
Tony Soprano just reffed the end of that Hall-Creighton game.
More like Bobby Bacala in primary run-up? “Christie's entire political career based on reminding voters of Tony Soprano.”
Chris Christie's entire political career is based on reminding his constituents of Tony Soprano.
Are we talking about Christie or Tony Soprano?
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Tony Soprano's mother is definitely the least likable character in the history of television.
IT'S TRUE! TONY SOPRANO & I would have been friends! He was an exceptional leader and I just LIKED him. So! Who...
Tony Soprano's getting close to Walter White status in my life.
Your favorite show is one of the racist Shows ever on TV. Tony Soprano and Meadow's boyfriend:
The eternal question is whether I like psycho, violent, mafia tony soprano or introverted, filled with sorrow, humble tony soprano more.
as Tony Soprano famously said, guys like that either end up dead or in prison.
My guy is gonna be the head of the mafia one day... truly a young Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano crying over the ducks. BEAUTY.
no Joe has his name as Tony Soprano on GH!!!
Tony soprano Neva discussed business with wifey
the Italian girl looked like somebody Tony Soprano would throw on the floor and do a line off her ***
I added a video to a playlist The Sopranos Episode 24 Tony Soprano Confronts Richie Aprile and
Protip Tony Soprano it's probably not possible to be an emotionally well adjusted mobster.
that ex boyfriend wanted to be tony soprano SO BAD it was hard to live with
There's two Tony Soprano.You've never seen the other one. That's the one I wanna show you
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Who cares about the stuff people say that they don't have the balls to say to your face -Tony Soprano
I talk to my shrink like Tony Soprano.
Finished Breaking Bad 2. Great stuff. High moral ambiguity tinged with Donny Darko. Like Tony Soprano before, can you really root for Walt?
He sounds like a regular Tony Soprano
"The strong, silent type. That was an American. He wasn’t in touch with his feelings. He just did what he had to do" –…
"Those other folks, the JP Morgans, they were crooks and killers too, but that was the business right? The American wa…
Tony Soprano shares his thoughts on
Tony Soprano game strong. "Jordan to ISIS: If you kill the pilot, we’ll execute captive terrorists
shot +11 today, worst of his career at the Tony soprano waste management Phoenix open
must have been funded by Tony Soprano
like hes basically the tony soprano of rap *** just have you murdered. Im scared typin this someone might come get me
Spending this cloudy day in the suburbs of New Jersey with Tony Soprano.
Every day is a gift, its just... does it have to be a pair of socks - Tony Soprano
i feel like Tony Soprano, sipping on cafe cubano
This was was spotted by Tony Soprano while taking Meadow to visit colleges in New England.
All I want is to be friends with tony soprano
Mrs. Tony Soprano to GovChristie :Take care of the pigs (or sleep with the fishes?
"There was a time in my life when being with the Tony Soprano crew was all I ever dreamed of"
Suge Knight is the best. He's a real-life hip-hop Tony Soprano. Never afraid to do his own dirty work. Godspeed, Suge!
Wouldn't mind kicking in a few doors and going Tony Soprano myself
If I knew how to make them, I would've made one of Tony Soprano's impression of this in the pilot.
Tony Soprano: 'Balding, fat, and certainly an adulterer, but you wouldn't want to owe him money.'
Tony Soprano, we salute you. Weds. 4th Feb we host our Sopranos Pub Quiz special. Book teams: info
People I didn't expect to be in Zero Dark Thirty: . Lizzie Bennett (BBC). Tony Soprano
Lots to do today this is my get up and go song. Feel like Tony Soprano driving Lol. Good day world!
I thought that was Tony Soprano's lair.
they don't want to expose the true face of America. "Croocks and killers, the american way" said Tony Soprano.
Tony Soprano calling times up 5 mins into a session is about how I feel on most things. Can't wait for hbogo stand alone
Tiger Woods is struggling in the "Waste Management Pheonix Open." +2 (73) We love the name of the tournament, Tony Soprano would be proud!
When I get sad I watch and pretend he's talking to me. (A pep talk courtesy of Tony Soprano)
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About to roll up a face blunt fatter than Tony Soprano and watch the last episode ever of Been waiting for this.
"Some of us wanted to stay Italian and preserve the things that meant something to us: honor and family and loyalty" –…
I wonder what % you had to pay Tony Soprano if you wanted to run a poker game in his territory.
1- Frank Gallagher Top 3 dads of all time:. 3) Tony Soprano. 2) Denzel in "John Q". 1) Homer Simpson" Bill Cosby >
My candy was rinsed with category 3 flood water and all I got was this lousy anecdote: FEMA = Tony Soprano.
The entire time I think I sound like Tony Soprano while hosting. Need a brown bag to breathe into. A good kind of rush though.
Did you ever see Tony Soprano drinking beer ? Ray Donovan ? Don Draper? whats wrong wit you ??
John Travolta was to be Forrest Gump, Tom Selack was to be Indiana Jones, and Ray Liota was gonna be Tony Soprano thank goodness that failed
Well yet again im going to have to go all Tony Soprano and have a bowl of ice cream and watch the history channel
That's why you're the Wentworth Miller to my Tony Soprano to Qian's Anthony Jr.
Bus driver pointed out the location of a film starring Tony Soprano. Kath said "It's James Gandolfini" and rolled her eyes.
One of Cal's assistants looks like James Gandolfini/Tony Soprano
I cannot see James Gandolfini as any other character other than Tony Soprano.
.. Soprano nation, direct from the White House. . Starring Barry Soetoro as Tony Soprano!
While watching the shield, a valid question materialized, Vic MacKey or Tony Soprano??
“"We've had every one of Tony Soprano's phones bugged for four years, but the guy says less than Harpo Marx. "”
love your work chief imo Jax Teller is up there with Tony Soprano as 1 of the great TV characters SoA is just a great great show
Yankees update: In a tank top, Joba Chamberlain could not look more like a 27-year-old Tony Soprano.
Thanks for a great return to Winnipeg! Loved doing Tony Soprano for Mr Wood!
.will Wilson Fisk be the new Tony Soprano? Nobody can match Tony Soprano. Gandolfini rocke…
I hate to do this, but I feel compelled by all the back talk and ish that I receive from Chicago fans... When the Colts lose! Playstation and Xbox will no longer use the Bears 2014 lineup... They have been put on the PuP list and the 85 Bears have been activated... PETA will investigated claims that Aaron Rodgers, who plays for the GreenBay Packers was hunting Bears out of season... And killed 22 of them in one night. A televised Flag football game gotta outta hand last night. The scored was "Azz beat the *** down" to "I got a couple of licks in" Jay Cutler was spotted with Tony Soprano after the game taking a large envelope and smiling about it. Lovie Smith is somewhere eating a GreenBay grilled cheese sandwich with Devon Hester laughing... Saying "I told you so" Don't talk ish!!! Just take this Bear fans Truly MJ Spearman
This is Joanna Lumley as Tony Soprano... no really! My recent shoot for Foxtel Australia.
Nucky Thompson is dead. Tony Soprano is dead, so I went for an animated profile picture that should survive whatever life throws at me.
Sandra Lee shows up at Tony Soprano's hotel room in Italy after he dies and starys the night after in the same room
'Lady Mary's like Tony Soprano': Michelle Dockery on her 'complex' Downton character: FROM celebrity fans incl...
keep going maybe Tony Soprano or Jack Bauer in the Gta V world as DLC
My professor just compared Chris Christie to Tony Soprano ...oookay
“Who are you,Tony Soprano? if she is, does that mean I've acted with James Gandolfini?
I secretly have crushes on Tony Soprano and Nucky Thompson..If you don't know them its probably better..If you do 😳😳
Mainly because Tony Soprano looks, talks, and acts EXACTLY like my uncle. Uncanny...
Is Steve Palmer our modern day Tony Stark?. Surely, by no means, any way, whatsoever, totally, possibly could he be the Tony Soprano.
Buster Posey runs like Tony Soprano did when the Feds raided John Sacrimone's house in the three feet of winter snow.
Vic Mackie, Ray Donovan, Tony Soprano and Walter White! Got to love an anti hero
Tony Sparano is the Raiders' interim head coach. Totally read his name as Tony Soprano.
This just in: The Raiders just hired Tony Soprano as their new headcoach. Or was that Tony Sparano? Either way, the Raiders have hired a new coach.
“THIS JUST IN: Tony Sparano to be named interim head coach of Raiders today." Thought it said Tony Soprano for a second
Tony Soprano looks so young in the 1st episode. Youd think it was his son
I walk around like I'm Tony Soprano after watching the Sopranos.
I just don't get the appeal of Tony Soprano and how he has all of these goomars. To each their own I guess.
"I'm in the waste management business. Everybody immediately assumes you're mobbed up. It's a stereotype, and it's offensive" –Tony Soprano
Haunted by the ghost of Tony Soprano
My anxiety attacks make me feel like I'm Tony Soprano
My dad has tried to be Tony Soprano all his life. He ain't fooling me
I get the mail Tony Soprano style, in a bath robe. Very freeing.
Watch Matt Yglesias star as Tony Soprano in an interpretive dance he filmed on his Blackberry.
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"No offense but you ever had yourself checked for Tourettes? Seriously. "Heh, Heh. Heh, Heh" maybe you got a tic or somethin?" –Tony Soprano
If Raiders HC Dennis Allen really did get fired, Oakland assistant Tony Soprano could be interim coach. Please let this happen.
I read Tony Soprano at first, and well, that would have been awesome.
it's a difficult situation, as Tony Soprano would say...
I always read that as Tony Soprano. He'd get the team in line.
still reading this as Tony Soprano and wondering how it's a bad thing
I read that as Tony Soprano and got really excited for a split-second, as if it could happen
touché to that! The interm should be the change you guys need. Tony soprano.
they need Tony Soprano at this point.
For a second I thought that said "Tony Soprano.". And the new Raiders head coach is [Fade to Black]
wait, Tony Soprano has a coaching background?
Read Tony Soprano... Was disappointed because I feel like Al would have hired Tony Soprano at this point...
quick glance looked like you said Tony Soprano and that would be the opposite of what the needs right now.
I read this to fast I thought you wrote Tony Soprano would be in, darn I must be tired.
Tony Soprano couldn't help them at this point.
Tony Soprano gets all the interm coaching gigs. He is out there getting people fired..
My eyes are tired. I read that as Tony Soprano...
For a second I thought you said Tony Soprano.
I read that as Tony Soprano... Had me worried
“And if Raiders do announce Dennis Allen's firing, Tony Soprano then would be expected to become interim HC.”
Totally thought that said Tony Soprano the first 2 times I read that...
Misread that as "Tony Soprano," which opens up unusual possibilities.
The owner is Tony Soprano, cool guy (@ Grimaldi's Pizzeria - in Brooklyn, NY)
not good when Tony soprano is helping you on the plane or boat.
Thank God we the world have a new Tony Soprano
killed it tonight and they Tony Soprano the end of the show. There'd best be another season.
Why does Tony Soprano's mistress live in a house with wood paneling if she works selling Mercedes??
Shanghai show is incredible I think you just had steak w/Chinese Tony Soprano at Roosevelt Ctr
Tony soprano seems to like pink floyd
Lolo and I just met real life Tony soprano
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Frank Underwood. Tom Kane. Rodrigo Borgia. Tony Soprano. Evil men we can't help but like.
Morning/ Movie Guy Keith Carr: As Tony Soprano, the late James Gandolfini was great in intricate, tense mob...
The Public Enemy (William A. Wellman, 1931). Cagney again, as a Chicago tearaway who becomes a gangster in 20s America. Tony Soprano's fave
"Professor Moreno I don't know what I want to be when I grow up I just crave a love like Carmela and Tony Soprano." a literal thing I said.
Tony Soprano, his wife Carmela and their mobster pals are back!
I wanna play poker with Al Swearengen, Enoch Thompson, Ray Donovan, and Tony Soprano. Clay Morrow can deal.
Spoilers, but great for fans: ""Sopranos" creator David Chase clears the air on Tony Soprano's fate
Now we know what REALLY killed Tony Soprano.
Why does Vincent D'Onoforio's character on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" have a psychologist? He's not Tony Soprano! Julia Ormond no less!
Best comment online about David Chase saying Tony Soprano doesn't die in that last episode: 'But did Meadow eventually park the car?'
Lots of people care about whether or not Tony Soprano died but no one cares about what happened to Elaine Benes when she went to prison.
So according to David Chase tony soprano didnt die in the end.
Listening to David Chase say Tony is alive is like believing Bob Dylan's whatever. Tony Soprano died in that diner. Its beyond obvious
The Sopranos creator David Chase denies 'Tony Soprano did not die' quote
OTOH, Hello Kitty is a cat and Tony Soprano is totally dead.
Did Tony Soprano Die at the End of 'The Sopranos'? We Finally Have an Answer by via
Oh wait, David Chase now says his quotes about Tony Soprano were taken out of context.
When The Sopranos ended seven years ago, we were all left stunned as the final scene in the series abruptly cut to black leaving us literally shrouded in darkness as to the fate of Mob boss Tony Soprano, played by the late, great James Gandolfini. Well, there's some good news!
It's the question Sopranos fans have long pondered, did Tony die at the end of the series?
I don't care what anyone says: Hello Kitty is a cat, and Tony Soprano died.
Film critic Martha P. Nochimson wrote a 5,000-word long profile of The Sopranos creator David Chase for Vox, but all anyone seems to care about (including Vox) are three words uttered by Chase in response to the question, Is Tony Soprano dead?
Now that David Chase has admitted Tony Soprano didn't die, can we bully Donald P Bellisario into telling us Sam Beckett DID return home?
Today, David Chase revealed that Tony Soprano is a fictional character who never lived.
David Chase breaks silence. Tony Soprano didnt die. Now I can die in peace.
Creators: Tony Soprano is alive, Hello Kitty is not a cat, gif is pronounced "jif." The lesson: Don't listen to creators.
One of the most controversial finales in television history aired way back on June 10, 2007. When The Sopranos director David Chase cut to black as Tony Soprano was eating dinner with his family in...
Who revealed that Tony Soprano is still alive when the show, The Sopranos went dark at the end when Tony's daughter walked inside.
So is Tony Soprano dead or not? The answer will remain a mystery...
"Whether Tony Soprano lived or died is not the point. To continue to search for this answer is fruitless."
Did Tony Soprano die at the end of 'Sopranos'?
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Creator misquoted on Sopranos fate (The West Australian): It looks like the fate of Tony Soprano will remain a...
A journalist for Vox misconstrued what David Chase said in their interview. To simply quote David as saying,“ Tony Soprano
David Chase says his remarks about whether Tony Soprano is alive or dead were misconstrued
David Chase clarifies his quote in that "Tony Didn't Die" piece. Says he was misconstrued.
David Chase responds to Vox article about Tony Soprano: “it's spiritual question that has no right or wrong answer.”
The Sopranos creator David Chase denies Tony Soprano did not die quote
wuuut so Tony Soprano didn't die after all
That cut-to-black ending in Holstein's diner: David Chase Offers Response to 'Tony Soprano Didn't Die' Article
Reading this makes me want to watch whole series again
CNNTony's death . . . or notPhilly.comI HAVE NEVER particularly cared about whether Tony Soprano (the late, tr...
So is Tony Soprano actually dead then? Can't relax until I definitively know.
The creator David Chase has finally answered the question "Is Tony Soprano dead?"
What happened to Tony Soprano in the final scene? . "The Sopranos" creator breaks his silence: http:…
UPDATE: David Chase taking back his claim that Tony Soprano isn't dead
According to David Chase, Tony Soprano didn't die in the end. Read on, Sopranos fans...
"Sopranos creator David Chase has finally revealed if Tony Soprano died.
David Chase ends seven-years' silence to reveal fate of Tony Soprano
6+ years later,we finally know (from creator David Chase) what really happend to Tony Soprano that night in the diner http…
Spoiler alert: Tony Soprano was never really alive
Tony Soprano death mystery lives on after all: David Chase says in a statement he did not end the mystery of T...
Confirmable and important events in history. Tony Soprano died on June 19, 2013. Norman Bates died on September 12, 1992 A second adult King Kong was discovered alive on Faro Island on August 12, 1962. George Bailey tried to commit suicide on December 25, 1947. He was not successful. Pamela Voorhees was beheaded Friday May 13, 1980 (Her marker mistakenly reads 1979.) Jason Voorhees was killed Friday July 13, 1984 by Thomas Jarvis age 12. (Jason did not stay that way.) On Friday March 22, 1985, The Siranite Occupational Forces ("The Visitors") declared ceasefire, surrender and celebrated retreat by orders of "The Leader". On April 27.1980 (Earth time) The Colonial aka Galactican fleet, lead by the Battlestar Galactics left orbit around Saturn to follow its loneliest quest to lead the pursuing Imperial Cylon Alliance away from the planet Earth into deep space stranding dozens of its children on the planets surface. On May 14, 1989 the Blue Moon Detective Agency closed, leaving the Anselmo Case unsolved.
So the three biggest stories on my news feed today were: 1) Tony Soprano is not dead. 2) Hello Kitty is not a cat. And 3) Homer Simpson took the Ice Bucket Challenge. A banner day for journalism.
Tony Soprano, it was revealed, is not dead. and JFK had cheerios in Dallas. groundbreaking stuff
Writer Martha Nochimson gave the Internet the gift of knowledge Wednesday, helping to provide the answer to a question fans of the hit HBO series The Sopranos have been asking since the show ended: Is Tony Soprano dead?
Who cares whether Tony Soprano lived or died in the finale. The main takeaway is that Meadow is worse at parking a car than I am.
So now David Chase claims that yes, The Sopranos ending is supposed to be ambiguous like Twin Peaks. So Tony Soprano is possessed by Bob.
BREAKING: Tony Soprano is still dead and not-dead
Great News David Chase revealed Tony Soprano did not die.
Sopranos creator reveals Tony Soprano doesn't die at the end of the series.
The fate of Tony Soprano finally revealed by the show's creator
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David Chase finally answers whether the argument over Tony Soprano is dead
What really happened to Tony Soprano? - Thank you, David Chase, for not changing the ending. The "Sopranos" creato...
The Sopranos has been celebrated for its ambiguous series finale, which left the fate of mob boss Tony Soprano unknown. But now creator David Chase has taken all of the mystery out of the revolutionary episode.
David Chase says Tony Soprano is still alive after the series finale of "The Sopranos". I can't wait for the movie where Tyler Perry plays Tony!
After it was reported that David Chase said Tony Soprano did not die at the end of 'The Sopranos,' he is singing a different tune.
"Sopranos" creator David Chase has responded to the Vox story that went viral on Wednesday as it claims Chase finally revealed that Tony Soprano had lived at the end of the HBO drama, saying that t...
'The Sopranos' creator David Chase has finally answered the longstanding question of the series finale, confirming that Tony Soprano didn't die.
Enough w/Tony Soprano dead or alive debate. When I watch the last episode I just want to scream "MEADOW SOPRANO, LEARN HOW TO PARALLEL PARK"
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