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Tony Shalhoub

Anthony Marcus Tony Shalhoub (born October 9, 1953) is an American actor.

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(SURPRISE! 4!) Andy Griffith, Guy Williams, Angela Lansbury and the Golden Girls. Maybe Seinfeld convinced us we co…
I just watched the second and third episode. I adore Rachel Brosnahan, Tony Shalhoub and the entire cas…
Does The Band’s Visit Live up to the insanely glowing NYT review? Maybe, maybe not. But if you manage your expectat…
in the second ep it’s revealed that Tony Shalhoub is a MATH PROFESSOR and lectures on matrices and vector space so…
Start to finish, this was great series! I especially loved Tony Shalhoub's monologue at the end
Funniest joke on so far is Tony Shalhoub/Abe shouting "Ibid!" from the next room.
***Celebrities & their favorite Chocolate Truffles*** . Meet Tony Shalhoub and his wife Brooke…
If he did, he overpaid big time. Weaver's role reeks of three days on set. Same for all of the reco…
Tony Shalhoub's role in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one of the best castings this year I can not stop laughing at him
Who'da thunk that Tony Shalhoub would be the disappointed Jewish dad of my dreams?
Rachel Brosnahan is a delight. Totally commands the screen. Tony Shalhoub is a national treasure. So…
It feels important to me that Tony Shalhoub and Katrina Lenk are both in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Catch me as Truman on Ep. 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel acting with TONY SHALHOUB!!! 🌟 and fellow actor…
Tony Shalhoub's another public figure I really, really like. Please be a good guy, Tony Shalhoub.
i like Tony Shalhoub in this role :)
Also Alex Borstein and Tony Shalhoub in their best roles. ❤
Can't get enough of Tony Shalhoub and on Them together as some of the best parts.
Go inside the recording studio with Tony Shalhoub, and more for Broadway cast album
I miss you and Tony Shalhoub together. Stark Raving Mad was hilarious, you got great ch…
Congrats Awesome. Haven't had chance to watch the & series yet, always love T…
If nothing else, it gave us the gift of Tony Shalhoub.
Found my piece I wrote on the Halloween Marathon when a guy as Tony Shalhoub won the costume conte…
LMAO! Sam Rockwell's scream after the first transport followed by Tony Shalhoub: "That was a *** of a thing"
The script has the same sense of humour that I love about Amy's writing. The cast also includes Alex Borstein as th…
I never would have guessed the next princess would come from Suits. I might have guessed Hunky Beach Doctor Does Th…
Just found out about this movie. The cast is impressive; Michelle Rodriquez, Sigourney Weaver and Tony Shalhoub. Th…
Character actors are the life blood of everything. Roma Maffia, Tony Shalhoub, Sheryl Lee Ralph, William H. Macy...
My regrets to Tony Shalhoub, no longer the USA network's biggest star.
Dr. Mike looks like Tony Shalhoub in Men in Black. Just clicked.
Tony Shalhoub, winner, has arrived to opening!
A factchecker that is just tony shalhoub’s voice in the band’s visit saying “No, no.”
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
He looks like the love child of Tony Shalhoub and Joel Osteen.
Separated at birth, or same guy? You NEVER see them together! LOL. Soup Nazi on left, Tony Shalhoub (TV's Monk) on…
So apparently Tony Shalhoub’s dressing room is the same one Marlon Brando used for Streetcar. That is all.
do you know what ever happened to the Marci Maven bobblehead from "Mr. monk and his Biggest Fan"?…
It’s a lovely show with a beautiful score. I wish I could see it again…
A musical based on an Israeli film finds ecstasy in ennui within a small desert town.
It is 110% devoid of joy or humanity. There is almost no coverage of the parade itself. Reporters are asking screaming adult…
For his wife, and Brecht, Tony Shalhoub will make time - The Boston Globe
Don't miss this one night only event with Tony Shalhoub and Brooke Adams! Nov 13 at 7pm.
Tarik Cohen is a black guy! I would've guessed him to be a Middle Eastern Jew like Tony Shalhoub, Isaac Mizrahi or Paula Abdul 😄
Tony Shalhoub is in the cast... looking forward to seeing this!
Excited to see this show with Tony Shalhoub!
Tony Shalhoub doesn't get the respect he deserves for what he did as Adrian Monk
amazingly well done show, Tony Shalhoub rocked that role.
You have NO IDEA how good Tony Shalhoub, are unless you’ve been to Breathtaking.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
On Monday I am voting for the mayor of Edmonton by writing "Tony Shalhoub" on the ballot.
And I always forget both Tony Shalhoub and Stanley Tucci are in this.
We are having a exclusive event with actor Tony Shalhoub! Space is limited to 50 people. Sign up today
Ugh. The Halloween store didn’t have the costume I want. Slutty Tony Shalhoub.
I texted the name of Golden Globe Winner "Tony Shalhoub" so many times today that it now auto-completes. It took 22 times. Productive day.
Loving Tony Shalhoub as Red Wheatus on Also and are great as the Healys.
.with Tony Shalhoub, John Cariani, and more, begins performances tonight
Tony Shalhoub and Brooke Adams to Star in Staged Reading of FEAR AND MISERY IN THE THIRD…
Tony Shalhoub and Brooke Adams to star in staged reading of Fear and Misery in the Third Reich at
He’s handsome in a goofy awkward way. Like Tony Shalhoub from Monk😊
the best casting in all film/tv history is Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk. This isn't opinion, this is a verifiable fact.
Not that EVERYTHING ELSE isn't fantastic, but they had me at Tony Shalhoub.
Fun fact: Converge album Jane Doe is named after the alien Tony Shalhoub has sex with in Galaxy Quest (1999)
I'm on i peed inside out right now you're all kinds of the clapper and Outhouses Tony Shalhoub Pro Skater 3 people magic
THE BAND’S VISIT: i take extreme umbrage with the fact that no one told me there’s a show that posits TONY SHALHOUB as a ROMANTIC INTEREST
I didn't know that Tony Shalhoub's on Broadway again!! I saw him in Lend Me a Tenor…
Stagecraft: Tony Shalhoub and ‘Band’s Visit’ Creators on Challenges of Bringing Buzzy Musical to Broadway…
podcast: Tony Shalhoub on the challenges of bringing the buzzy musical to Broadway…
We sat down with and to chat about https:…
*** ☹️ I really thought with it being set in SanFran now they would've worked out a Tony Shalhoub cameo, could've…
Tony Shalhoub was born October 9, 1953. Anthony Marcus "Tony" Shalhoub is an American actor. His television work...
Today is our lord and saviors birthday. Happy birthday Tony Shalhoub!
Celebrating the birthday of TonyAward nominee Tony Shalhoub, currently starring in
It's nice that we all get a day off for Tony Shalhoub's birthday.
"You're not really necessarily the coolest guy in their life. You are a conduit to the really cool people.". - Tony…
Looks like today's birthday list includes John Lennon, Scott Bakula, Tony Shalhoub. Also !
actor Tony Shalhoub, best known for his appearance on 'Monk' will be on Broadway in 'The Band's Visit'
on your next adventure i would love to see you and birthday boy Tony Shalhoub have your own TV series
An annoying distraction prompt on Tony Shalhoub's birthday:
Tony Shalhoub, & more bring the sounds of to Broadway →
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Allison was so delicate and beautiful in this film. Big Night (1996) | Allison Janney and Tony Shalhoub
Super late to the "Monk" party, but man is Tony Shalhoub a genius actor.
Agree, but it's very difficult to not expect Tony Shalhoub to do something Monk-ish, watching it in recent times
There were two Arabs who won lead acting Emmy awards before: Tony Shalhoub and Rami Malek.
bringing back will&grace, meh fine. need to bring back this genius show. The day they gave Tony Shalhoub more line…
We shall wear stinky robes and gently kiss artful 1990s headshots of Tony Shalhoub
A great movie & cast (Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub, Sigourney Weaver, Daryl Mitchell, + Tim…
Every article is telling me Riz Ahmed is the first Asian to win an Emmy but Tony Shalhoub won a few so no to Lebanon?
just bought our tickets. My sons and I are HUGE Tony Shalhoub fans !!!
Watching and makes me realize Tony Shalhoub is a comedic genius.
Do people of Lebanon decent not count as Asian? I am asking because Tony Shalhoub won a few emmys
I was thinking Tony Shalhoub, but yes him too.
Hey y'all, are there any Middle Eastern/North African folks on Broadway, past or present, besides Tony Shalhoub?
Tony Shalhoub is so suave. Great actor!
And once Frasier wasn't on the air it was Tony Shalhoub.
1 under-discussed point: Tony Shalhoub should still be winning for Monk. Not because it should still be on, just 'cause he was great.
Tony Shalhoub doing signings for Monk... you could say hi to my parents there!
Tony Shaloub's thoughts on my account: "it's actually spelled Shalhoub"
"And two time Tony...Shalhoub sex partner..."
Check out this Amazon deal: Monk: The Complete Series by Tony Shalhoub via
I think I like it more in retrospect now bec…
I love Tony Shalhoub but that role was such a stereotype.
Tony Shalhoub & are 2 of the kindest, most talented actors I've ever worked with. In NYC? Go see…
"Funk, Punk, Thank You Monk" is my favourite episode of Monk starring Tony Shalhoub
PIX: Tony Shalhoub, and other stars of meet the press →
See Tony Shalhoub, & the cast of prep for Broadway bow:
See Tony Shalhoub, Katrina Lenk & the Cast of The Band's Visit Prep for Broadway Bow
Tony Shalhoub haunts me in my sleep.
can't believe that the Monk movie is going to take place a hundred years in the future and stars jared leto instead of tony shalhoub
I have trust issues because I've owned Barton Fink in 4 different home video formats and Tony Shalhoub's name is spelled wrong in each one
On that note, Tony Shalhoub would be a better NFL commissioner.
When you're done, I really recommend Wings if you haven't seen it. Tony Shalhoub shows up season 3 and is amazing.
An adaptation of Girl Said No starring Tony Shalhoub on YouTube Red
Tony Shalhoub: Keynote speaker at the University of Southern Maine graduation in 2003, his alma mater
I joked with Tony Shalhoub about Geezler/Geisler and asked David Johansen for a photo (he declined but seemed very flattered.)
Tony vs. Tony: my one-man show where I play Tony Hale in a screaming match with Tony Shalhoub. . Ticket info in bio.
.(starring Jessica Hecht, Tony Shalhoub & is extended to 5/14!
And Tony Shalhoub is running tests on Vincent.
Blair Underwood and Tony Shalhoub were in this?!?!? WOW, it's been a while since I've seen this.
Loved Arthur Miller's The Price at Great acting by a great cast! Thanks Tony Shalhoub for taking the time…
i saw a video called "Monk shows off martial arts skills" and got unreasonably upset when it was a Buddhist monk and not Tony Shalhoub
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel is having a Monk marathon and I'm getting my *** Tony Shalhoub fix!
I made up a new word when I was declaring my love for Tony Shalhoub this morning. "Forevever." Itz just a little longer than forever.
What's Tony Shalhoub up to these days? He'd be great.
Tony Shalhoub in a live-action movie version of Luigi's Mansion.
One of my coworkers looks like a cross between Tony Shalhoub and Timothy Burd with the addition of a Rob Zombie-esque beard. It's creepy. 😐😯
"Its the simple things in life you treasure" Tony Shalhoub as Fred Kwan in "Galaxy Quest"
She did appear to have most of the good lines. But Tim Allen and Tony Shalhoub: 😖
I miss the television series Monk. It was the best. Tony shalhoub is an amazing actor. I wish i seen him in more. 😟
So excited to see Tony Shalhoub in THE PRICE tomorrow night
Hi Leslie. Ha! You mean they are polishing Tony Shalhoub :)
Just watched Episode 1 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. 2 thumbs up. AND Tony Shalhoub is back on TV!
With people like Hank Azarian, Orlando Jones, Mos Def, Tony Shalhoub, Nicolas Cage, and Nicole Kidman this could be the best movie EVER!!!
I have an incredibly concerning and uncalled for obsession with Tony Shalhoub.
They mentioned Tony Shalhoub on Rose Buddies and I just wanted to remind my followers that one time my brother and I saw him on the street.
Got to meet "Monk" himself actor Tony Shalhoub very nice to stop for pics and autographs…
I saw Tony Shalhoub on the street and asked for his autograph, but instead he pulled one of his Emmys out of his pocket and gave it to me!
What. That doesn't look anything like Tony Shalhoub.
So sad I missed this, had a ticket but Darwin was ill. I'm such a huge Tony Shalhoub fan.
Tony Shalhoub & on the elusiveness of truth in at →
Interviews: Tony Shalhoub and Terry Kinney on the Elusiveness of Truth in The Price
Loved Mark Ruffalo, Danny DeVito and Tony Shalhoub in The Price! Mailing this one out.
.and winner Tony Shalhoub is back on Broadway! Arthur Miller’s THE PRICE is now in previews.
Go with Barton Fink. Michael Lerner, Tony Shalhoub, the two detectives (?), John Goodman, and the incomparable Coens. Turturro, too
Sigourney Weaver, and Tony Shalhoub star in the intense trailer for "The Assignment"…
Right. I call it the Columbo effect. But great actors like Peter Falk, Tony Shalhoub keep me watching.
if you had tony shalhoub and John turturro playing all the ethnic characters they do in one movie it would be weird
It seems like nobody remembers Tony Shalhoub but considering my dysfunctional family only bonded over the Olympics and Monk, I was happy!
Tickets now on sale to see THE BAND'S VISIT, starring John Cariani & Tony Shalhoub, off-Broadway:…
My favorite thing is how Tony Shalhoub possesses the most worse awesome Maryland accent in the history of...
I think it might be "The Wolf Proxy", where Tony Shalhoub faces mental breakdown on a daily basis.
How disrespectful do you think I'm being, on a scale of 1 to Tony Shalhoub?
ever notice the creepy dude peeking from behind Tony Shalhoub right after he hits you in
Thank you for playing WINGS. Tony shalhoub is freaking great! ❤️
To my fellow nominees, whoever they are - I'm not that familiar with their work - I just w
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I come from a really big family, my father was a businessman and what he always instilled in
this is not a tony shalhoub meme at all I have been trICKSED
I just found out Rip Torn and Tony Shalhoub had cameos in Men in Black 3, not as their original characters
Ben & Jerry's should have done an ice cream for Tony Shalhoub called Chipmonk.
And Big Night, I think by the end the brothers find that balance, when they touch each other
best thing ever filmed IMHO was a deleted scene on the DVD of "The Man Who Wasn't There". Tony Shalhoub testifying in court re QM
Political satire, alien bugs turning senators into zombies, Tony Shalhoub, full musical recaps by Jonathan Coulton... it's amazing.
I'm impossible to direct. I couldn't get myself to do anything.
FRASIER FACTS:. Newsstand owner Tony Shalhoub does not want to tell Frasier why he's annoying. Frasier wounds him twice as he tries to escape
FRASIER FACTS:. Tony Shalhoub's character is irate that he was promised a tote bag for the focus group and got a fanny pack instead.
FRASIER FACTS:. Tony Shalhoub's character is named 'Manu Habib,' filling in a further lifetime of "generically ethnic" roles.
Tony Shalhoub's speaking affect in is so cool. It's a non regional, middle aged white guy accent. Lol
there were so many big names in that show. Tony Shalhoub!
It was really an experience, being my first time directing a movie. The scenes that I was in,
that was the old headboard. My new one was previously owned by Tony Shalhoub!
Update your maps at Navteq
Outhouses Tony Shalhoub Pro tip, if God to call me r having a butterfly while eating an Old news. Opening a teeny-tiny knife
Finished Braindead. Thoroughly enjoyed it. No sign of a season 2, and I don't really feel the need for one. Also, Tony Shalhoub is brilliant
Yo, no one told me Tony Shalhoub was on Wings. That's part of the Cheers universe. Guess I gotta watch Wings now.
Rewatching Galaxy Quest after too long a gap. Rickman's obviously brilliant but I'd forgotten how much I liked Tony Shalhoub's character.
Tony Shalhoub is the voice of Splinter?!
Quick Change is one of my all time favs. Tony Shalhoub explaining they got on the bus kills me every time "blaftoni, blaftoni"
I had been wondering where Tony Shalhoub got his pleading southern nut accent in Braindead. I wonder no more.
we all know how great an actor Tony Shalhoub is right - well in he's not just great he's truly MAGNIFICENT 🐜
Tony Shalhoub is a national treasure
Tony Shalhoub and Stanley Tucci have starred in 4 movies together
Cool Things won't just be in LA, it'll be in the Big Apple with Tony Shalhoub and Brooke Adams on 09/26. Cool, right? https…
Sure, - Michael Nouri and Tony Shalhoub. Love them both!
Watched Galaxy Quest last night and think we can file a class-action negligence suit because they never show Tony Shalhoub getting high.
best character in Galaxy Quest: Sam Rockwell, Justin Long, or Tony Shalhoub?
Geoffrey Rush is joined by Tony Shalhoub on the movie.
Instead of I watched & Tony Shalhoub was great in the Sopranos-like episode.
Tony Shalhoub is brilliant comedic actor. Love to see him with another show on TV
Met the talented doing with Tony Shalhoub and the late great Chris Welch.
I'm a bit behind the times, but Tony Shalhoub is sublime in the final season of Nurse Jackie.
Up at this ungodly hour about to 🍃🍃 and watch Tony Shalhoub be the great actor he is.
I’m old enough to recognise the engineer, Tony Shalhoub, from ‘Wings’ and not ‘Monk’.
I'm still waiting for Tony Shalhoub to host
Galaxy Quest: aka Tony Shalhoub just totally accepts everything.
I like Fred Armistan, but why is he the new vaguely ethnic actor choice? Call Tony Shalhoub. He could use the work.
Tony Shalhoub guest stars in this episode of Dinosaurs. I've written "Dinosaurs" so many times that it doesn't look right anymore.
How much in love am I with Tony Shalhoub in Nurse Jackie?
"A tad less Tony Stark and a scooch more Tony Shalhoub.". -Director notes to RDJ on the set of Sherlock Homes, 2008.
'The Blacklist' taps Tony Shalhoub as dangerous Blacklister via
Tony Shalhoub. He was the cab driver on Wings. Check it out!
I also recall an amazing Xfiles ep with Tony Shalhoub.
I just wrote tony shalhoub a fan letter
Tony Shalhoub is one of the best actors we have.
Actor Tony Shalhoub, whose parents are Lebanese, was raised in a large, devout Maronite Catholic family.
Adeel Akhtar in Convenience reminds me of a stoned Tony Shalhoub (acting!). He seems to be in everything this year.
can't believe you wouldn't remember Oliver Platt being forced to watch Tony Shalhoub pleasure himself during phone sex
I'll forgive, but i'll never forget, Tony Shalhoub.
hate to interrupt this party but Tony Shalhoub is an Arab, and Will Smith is a Muslim...
DuckWings -- it would have starred Tony Shalhoub.
Hi. Is Tony Shalhoub still involved with the movie and if so has he a big role or just a few lines. Thanks.
hello Arundhati Roy and Tony Shalhoub are at jury duty w me
great ep! Did you know the actress playing the flight attendant is Tony Shalhoub's wife, Brooke Adams?
Tony Shalhoub is an overlooked actor
we can't all be as glamorous as Tony Shalhoub.
Say what you will about diversity on TV right now, I just watched an episode of Frasier where Tony Shalhoub played a man named Manu Habib.
Did u know that Tony Shalhoub went to Yale? Is it the school or the person? We say the person!
First time I saw Tony Shalhoub whom noe I love as Mr Monk. I think his belief in the ludicrous sitation made the fil believable.
How much of Tony Shalhoub's performance is him acting high vs. being high?
Jack Black, Tony Shalhoub, ummm Raymonds dad, Lily Tomlin!! Benicio Del Toro...I'm sure there are more.
I would really love to see the unaired pilot of the American adaptation of "Friday Night Dinner" with Tony Shalhoub and Allison Janney.
You'll love this one, Geena Davis, Randy Quaid, and Tony Shalhoub as the cab driver.
Try to think of a bad performance from Tony Shalhoub. Can't do it, can ya? I didn't think so.
I saw Act One starring Tony Shalhoub, Andrea Martin & all all-stars. What great performances from all three.
Loving this production of Act One featuring Andrea Martin, Tony Shalhoub & a fabulous cast! Thanks and
Tony Shalhoub, Anthony LaPaglia and Caitlin Gerard are joining Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver in "Tomboy".
Sure Charlie Chaplin was legendary in Gold Rush, but you know who would've been better? Tony Shalhoub.
Sure Bradley Cooper was pretty good as Chris Kyle, but you know who'd be better? Tony Shalhoub
Already confused by this weird comic book style intro. Adrian Monk is voicing Splinter? I do like Tony Shalhoub though.
Men In Black. I keep forgetting just how bloody good this film is. Linda Fiorentino. Tony Shalhoub! Feckin' top notch.
Also one time Tony Shalhoub turned into a black hole
Man, the last three episodes of the x files have had some good early tv roles. Hank from BB, tony shalhoub, and the rich redneck from the oc
I would watch a debate moderated by Tony Shalhoub, in character, being a stickler for time to the teensiest fraction of a second
I was disappointed to find out the didn't involve Tony Shalhoub
Photo: Tony Shalhoub Freedom gives us the vision to see who, how, and where we can help in the world.  
Disappointed there hasn't been even one Tony Shalhoub question at this
Has anybody photoshopped a pic of Tony Shalhoub as the moderator of tonight's ? Cuz that would be a pretty good joke.
I've never really been a Tony Shalhoub fan.
when female translator speaks over on the leaders rebuttals my inner juvenile kid finds it funny. Tony Shalhoub wins
I hope we hear from Tony Shalhoub soon. I'm getting impatient.
More debates should be named after weak Tony Shalhoub crime shows 😃
Just started the movie, and by far my favorite part of the movie is Tony Shalhoub as splinter. Great actor, crap movie.
you can either travel like Tony Shalhoub on Monk, or go everywhere on your own tour bus. Can't blame you for not wanting cooties
Tony Shalhoub is in this episode of ! It's Mr. Monk. He's such a great actor.
I found buttons that have Billy Ray Cyrus and Tony Shalhoub on them. I'm going to wear them to school every day
I watched a bunch of random episodes but I wanted to start from the beginning. Nah I gotta watch Monk, I love Tony Shalhoub!
kissing is in the moment. Gum, *** NO. I'm too "monkish" for that. I don't even like my food to touch! (Monk-Tony Shalhoub)
fits like a glove for its material. Mainly for just how unrelentingly brutal it is. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for Tony Shalhoub and Gangsta
omg Tony Shalhoub in this Frasier ep
Am I the only one that can't hear the song "Macho Man" without picturing Tony Shalhoub in a sailor suit? did that sound ***
Right?! And The Rock and Mark Wahlberg were funnier than Tony Shalhoub and Rebel Wilson. Like... what? How did that happen?
...or Tim Allen, or Sigourney Weaver, or Tony Shalhoub, or Sam Rockwell. What an ensemble.
Watch an exclusive interview with Happy Days stars Brooke Adams & Tony Shalhoub!.
I recommend you HAPPY DAYS, Brooke Adams & Tony Shalhoub, you will love it!
I'm agree :-))) Love "Monk", love you, love Tony Shalhoub and love Ted Levine :-)) Here in Italy it is over :-(
Happy to complete "The Monk". It's been an awesome show. Tony Shalhoub rocked. Even though very old, I've enjoyed every episode of it!
Today my show is Best of my first 6 months w/ Daily Show's actor Tony Shalhoub, comedian +. …
It's your typical 'genius solves crimes' show, but Tony Shalhoub is great. Levine is fun too.
"You said yes to once in a lifetime. You said yes to me." Tony Shalhoub and Santino Fontana in Act One.
Albert Brooks was in negotiations, then John Turturro was cast, but Tony Shalhoub eventually replaced them in this... …
Get a first look at Season 7 with Edie Falco & Tony Shalhoub on
I'm imagining a dark CGI version of Tony Shalhoub...a dark matter being that finally is now free to wander the Earth
When it comes to my controller I feel like Monk (Tony Shalhoub tvshow) gotta keep it clean so it'll last until the next console.
I misidentify Tony Shalhoub to an almost professional level.
Pretty crazy how many guys/gals had bit parts in xfiles before they made it big. Dean Norris, Tony Shalhoub, Felicity Huffman, etc
Don't tell me I'm the only one who would love to see Barack Obama playing Tony Shalhoub's subconscious in a Monk remake
How about an out-of-nowhere standing O, right now, for Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub in "Big Night?"
Also, the majority of Arab Americans are NOT Muslim, they are actually Christian. Like Tony Shalhoub.
Hey, well I dream of a “3 Men and a Baby” remake with Kelsey Grammer, Paul Giamatti, & Tony Shalhoub. We all got dreams.
Tony Shalhoub reminds me of Rowan Atkinson somehow o.O — watching Monk
If I was in Galaxy Quest I would either be Tony Shalhoub eating a snack pack or Sam Rockwell freaking out. No where in between!
Man, this is the most boring voiceover film opener I've experienced in a long time. Tony Shalhoub, to what thugs do you owe $$$?
Wait! Tony Shalhoub voices Splinter?! Monk himself? If Splinter doesn't have OCD, I will be very disappointed
"With what's happened in the world the last three years, i..".
I also only fall in love when I'm talked into it by Tony Shalhoub
In Wings, did you get to act with Tony Shalhoub ?? Great actor.
lol he fits the role perfectly then! but Tony Shalhoub MUST be Ganondorf then. I'm not compromising on that.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I would have loved to see Tony Shalhoub win. Loved him in Monk!
Does he occasionally invite Tony Shalhoub to stay, and in the morning they make breakfast together like in Big Night?
What is with all these rock stars taking their fashion cues from Tony Shalhoub as Monk?
think you're thinking of Tony Shalhoub
[update] Diane Lane and Tony Shalhoub Are Caught Up in The Mystery of Love and Sex Off-Broa...:
Met the hilarious Tony Shalhoub Any little gesture he…
very funny, also has Tony Shalhoub from the tv series Monk as a *** boss!
Not a rom-com but a very different and worthwhile movie Big Night,starring Tony Shalhoub...good movie imo.
Final scene of "Big Night," Stanley Tucci preparing an omelette for Tony Shalhoub?
German friend told me he was basically Tony Shalhoub in Germany. Thank you Quentin.
Jennifer Lawrence was a mascot on Monk. She cheered on the team, bit Tony Shalhoub’s arm, and gave her expert analysis on …
I wonder what Tony Shalhoub is doing right now, I wish he' respond to my text...I hope he's okay
I'm 97% sure my dentist is secretly Tony Shalhoub
"That said, Tony Shalhoub himself couldn't have stopped the epic beating that Belcher was handing out last night." - Rich Shay on
me: "i never watched 'Monk'...seemed a bit *** to me...always loved sports though". tony shalhoub: "are you gonna make my pizza or what"
That must have been a very young Tony Shalhoub.
so im in the bathroom at work, and im jackin off. goin CRAZY. So i finish up and step outside and whos standing there? Tony freakin shalhoub
Remember the film "The Big Night" with Tony Shalhoub and Stanley Tucci? It's one of my favourite movies about...
If I was an actor, I would have my agent bill me as "The new Tony Shalhoub."
Dude looks like if Tony Shalhoub was made out of wax and began to melt.
I just watched "The Siege" 1998 movie with Denzel Washington, Tony Shalhoub, Annette Bening and Bruce Willies, gives me goosebumps
I'm sorry, Tony Shalhoub, but you are Monk, and forever will be.
When developing Monk, USA wanted Michael (Kramer) Richards for the lead. Can you imagine it w/o Tony Shalhoub?
Is she related to Tony Shalhoub, the star of Monk and co-star of Big Night?
TS Picture of the Week:. The many faces of Tony Shalhoub
He'd join Michael J. Fox, John Lithgow and Tony Shalhoub as two-time winners. Watch out for: Jim Parsons, The ...
I call tony shalhoub the last one convinced me.
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