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Tony Schiavone

Noah Anthony Tony Schiavone (born on November 7, 1957) is an American sports broadcaster. He is the play-by-play broadcaster for the Gwinnett Braves of the International League.

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Anybody catch 's Tony Schiavone shout out "full arm drag & twist" on this week's
Josh Mathews is a combination of Michael Cole and Tony Schiavone. And that is not a good thing
Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA, and the rugs from their hotel rooms talk to Tony Schiavone, 1985.…
Tony Schiavone is talking about great tag teams while "Public Enemy" is out there. You can't sell this one Tony, so just stop it.
and it will be the greatest moment in the history of our sport! Whoops, sorry, turned into Tony Schiavone there lol
"The ref said 'look at me, look in my eyes.'". -Tony Schiavone is writing slash fiction at the commentary desk.
"How do you have a triple ladder match and there are four ladders in here?". -was right about Tony Schiavone giving up.
Is Tony Schiavone among the greatest announcers in the history of our sport?
He grabbed that trophy like Ric Flair used to grab the mic from Tony Schiavone.
My bad. Scott Hudson not Tony Schiavone in the previous quote.
I hope we get a so bad it's good match here. I want lazers, ghouls, Katie Vick's spirit, run-in's, Tony Schiavone call the action.
Tony Schiavone is an *** How about JR, Joey Styles, and literally anyone else?
Tony Schiavone: "This is where the big boys play. Big, powerful, wonderful boys.". Bobby Heenan: "... that's right."
The 1993 Halloween Havoc intro movie, featuring the only female WCW fan, and zoot-suit-bathrobe Tony Schiavone
Tony Schiavone is HEATED at Jimmy Hart. Should have booked that match, guys. Missed opportunities.
Dave Baker is hosting AEN tonight and interviewing UGA's Scott Howard, WSB's Tony Schiavone and many more!
Being totally serious, but Tony Schiavone when he was really on point, is probably my favorite wrestling announcer ever.
I added a video to a playlist Tony Schiavone meets Jerry The King Lawler
Tony Schiavone talks to Jim Ross about WCW closing, Dusty Rhodes passing and more
you guys had a mention on the Jim Ross podcast by Tony Schiavone. It was about midway thru.
"For Dusty Rhodes and Bobby the Brain Heenan, I'm Tony Schiavone. Hulk Hogan, you can go to *** " ~
For those who grew up on Gordon Solie, Tony Schiavone, Verne Gagne, WCW know how exciting it is to have Jim Ross here
love too hear the GOAT, Tony Schiavone, on NXT
Love the play by play with Tony Schiavone at
Nothing like hearing the majestic voice of Tony Schiavone 😊
ah yes the love child of Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay
Not actively watching and heard Tony Schiavone say "450". Thought Vader did that move but it was just his weight.
David Crockett is beardless in '83, and Young Tony Schiavone doesn't even seem to be able to grow a 'stache yet.
Sanfordmania 2015 with Tony Schiavone on commentary. Only on TBS!
That call is as underrated as Tony Schiavone telling Hogan he could go straight to *** at Bash at the Beach ‘96.
Jose Berrios is on the mound for the Wings. Our Nationwide Pregame Show guest is Gwinnett PxP man Tony Schiavone. He talks Roddy Piper.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Tony Schiavone soundbites in the David Price highlight pack is but icing on the cake this morning.
I thought they were just Slam Jams. I remember one version had a sound bite of Tony Schiavone years after he left the WWF.
.needs to go full-on already. Smoke, pyro, Tony Schiavone, etc.
Apologies for blowing up your excellent time traveling Tony Schiavone theory on this week's podcast, but...
Major League 2 is the proof that Tony Schiavone is a time traveller
Hogan was acting like he saw a ghost LMFAO and this fan jumped the rail the next week to give Tony Schiavone a Rowdy Piper music video
the logo is that text in handwriting, replacing Tony Schiavone's head in front of a microphone
Only the folks over at truly understand, respect and acknowledge my contributions to Tony Schiavone
the old days when commentators weren't screaming Yahoos Ventura & Monsoon and my personal favorite Tony Schiavone
Tony Schiavone said "suplex city" after Rocco Rock suplexed Jimmy Hart on June 1998 Nitro. WCW wins in the end.
losers like Mark Madden, Tony Schiavone phoning everything in, Stevie Ray, Bobby Heenan shoved into recap shows
Time for Tony Schiavone welcomes us to the show with Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan.
So is WWE going to bring in Tony Schiavone, Larry Zybysko and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan as the replacement commentary crew o…
Taz isn't an *** but he comes across like a bumbling bafoon. Josh Matthews is just a discount Tony Schiavone.
alex Riley is angling hard To be the NXT version of Tony Schiavone.
I know that was a probably shot at me saying who the *** Tony Schiavone is but I don't need to
Do you think young fans truly appreciate those days? Or are they more like "Who the *** is Tony Schiavone?"
Listen here you below average Tony Schiavone looking dicktard, your disrespect isn't needed. Go back to myspace.
Tony Schiavone is slowly turning into Jim Ross
Whoa. They got commentary from Tony Schiavone on Monday Night War. We'll always have "Hulk Hogan you can go to *** Straight to ***
So and I have come up with replacements for Joe and Chip. Tony Schiavone from AAA and add Jim Ross!
Tony Schiavone? I haven't seen or heard of him since WCW closed!
How about the bring back the great former WCW announced Tony Schiavone and get rid of Michael Cole
Tony Schiavone expressing his anger is hilarious. 'To heck with him!'...
im ecstatic to hear that Tony Schiavone is going to be on Such an underrated announcer!
Hey Tony Schiavone was interviewed for this set, cool!
Tony Schiavone as a broadcaster is a "we" guy, and a bit of a homer. This will surprise probably no one.
Tony Schiavone welcomes a group of trick or treaters ...
lol Kensuke Sasaki is only WCW's U.S. Champion and Tony Schiavone can't pronounce his name correctly
I am looking forward to podcast with Tony Schiavone next week. Haven't heard his voice since the days of WCW Nitro
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Tony Schiavone is a on The Monday Night Wars on the Whoa.
I need a video of tony Schiavone dumping water on himself.
Then he hit Jarrett with a low blow. Tony Schiavone could barely hide his glee as he shouted, "A BIT OF A DIFFERENT STROKE, I'D SAY"
We need Schiavone voicing Tony The Tiger, or else the Craig DeGeorges of the world take over.
Watching The Top 50 Incidents in WCW History DVD. Tony Schiavone gets interviewed on this.
For Bobby Heenan and Living Legend Larry Zbystk, I'm Tony Schiavone, signing off, Jet Jaguar you can go to ***
The Tony Schiavone sound bites blow my mind.
Magnum T.A. can rock a mustache. Tony Schiavone on the other hand.
Also cannot emphasize how bummed that isn't using the Gwinnett feed. I would love to hear Tony Schiavone call a game.
Tony Schiavone: This is the darkest night in the history of our sport. A decade-plus and the nWo still pOwns my ***
Put Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson on commentary. But not Mark Madden because he's a big fat ***
The wcw omg dvd has been very good so far, all the interviews are shoots, and personally I'm glad that got to interview tony schiavone
We need to invent time machines so that we can transport WCW Tony Schiavone to shill for the WWE Network.
Tony Schiavone suggested it and for some god awful reason Vince Russo ran with the idea. Smh.
Michael Cole is getting better as a commentator but he'll never be JR. he'll never even be tony schiavone lol!
8-15-2014 Smackdown, Tony Schiavone can rest easy knowing that he's not the only conspiracy victim.
Did you enjoy when you was commentating with Tony Schiavone in WCW?
When I think of Sting, I think of Tony Schiavone commenting.
The best place to look for info on C-Beth situation. Follow the Gwinnett Braves and Tony Schiavone and wait for them to say something
Its always weird to watch a WWF show from the brief period when Tony Schiavone worked for the company. I love it.
Do you and Tony Schiavone have heat with each other as it was alluded to in Bobby "The Brain" Heenan's first book.
What is a Falconzzz? (Hard Knocks: Mike Tenay and Tony Schiavone would be better.)
have to write it like Tony Schiavone would call him " The Yeh-TAY!"
Tony Schiavone's commentary on the OMG dvd is priceless
Glad you're enjoying the show with myself and Sean. He's the Tony Schiavone to my Mike Tenay.
15 YEARS AGO TODAY: Bash at the Beach 99 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - National Car Rental Center - July 11, 1999 (13,624; 11,397 paid) CJ Afi & Jeremy Lopez defeated Jamie Howard (Noble) & Jet Jaguar Pay-per-view bouts - featured Tony Schiavone & Bobby Heenan on commentary; included an opening segment in which DJ Ran warmed up the crowd; featured Mark Madden interviewing Mills Lane for about his being guest referee for the Roddy Piper vs. Buff Bagwell boxing fight; included Mike Tenay at a junkyard about 15 miles from the arena to promote the hardcore invitational later in the night; featured the "Rap is Crap" music video by Curt Hennig, Bobby Duncum Jr, Barry & Kendall Windham: Ernest Miller (w/ Sonny Onoo) pinned Disco Inferno at 8:07 after putting on one of his red shoes and kicking Disco as Onoo distracted the referee; the original stipulation for the match stated the loser wouldn't be able to dance again but it was announced prior to the match that had been dropped WCW TV Champion Rick Steiner pinn ...
Tony Schiavone: "when Flair enters, people hold up four fingers." Bobby Heenan: "when Hogan enters, I hold up one."
I have Tony Schiavone's voice shouting "It's Big Z! They're all scattering!" in my head. Awesomeness.
"IT'S WADE!" And somehow Tony Schiavone is on commentary for it.
First person to dub Tony Schiavone over his return press conference wins the internet for life.
I'd like Cheaters better if Mike Tenay and Tony Schiavone were chasing around the suspects.
And then, he walked on the stage and dropped a leg on Andrew Wiggins while Tony Schiavone yelled, "whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, the third man!"
All I heard was Tony Schiavone saying "Who's the 3rd man"
not quite. You're sounding like Tony Schiavone from the Nitro days.
Great to see Tony Schiavone on the latest 'Monday Night War' doco on WWE Network. A fine commentator
He popped Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan big time. I cried laughing just watching it back right now.
are you going to pass on to Toby how he can close a loss like Tony Schiavone did at Bash at the Beach for OU broadcasts?
Just stumbled on this quote:. Tony Schiavone: "Scott Hall is looking a little better this week.". Bobby Heenan: "It's only Monday."
Even Tony Schiavone saw that Luger's flying clothesline was garbaggio.
was on my tv. Bring back Tony Schiavone.
Tony Schiavone on this show? That oughta put a lotta butts in seats.
TONY SCHIAVONE! I HA... HA... have shockingly missed him, gatdamn.
Seeing Tony Schiavone on the Monday Night War documentary truly brings back childhood memories
Daaamn, they even got Tony Schiavone in on this
Awesome, we got a new Tony Schiavone on the
Shocked about tony Schiavone Being on the war series
Not only does Tony Schiavone look different, he sounds different now. Kinda jarring.
*** I'm surprised they got Tony Schiavone to come in to be interviewed in this show!
Tony Schiavone~! No matter what people say about him, I miss that guy.
OMG they got Tony Schiavone on this
Tony Schiavone getting cake still I heard
Woah!! They got Tony Schiavone to speak about the Wow!!
Holy crap, they dug up Tony Schiavone for this thing!
Whoa. It’s been a long time, Tony Schiavone.
Whoa, first time i've seen Tony Schiavone since about 2001. lol
man Tony Schiavone looks different now.
Tony Schiavone was the main reason the WWE won that war. There needs to be a *** in the seats"
OH MY GOD. Tony Schiavone, of WCW Monday Nitro fame, is the radio voice of the Gwinnett Braves?!?!?!?! cc:
Whatever happened to Tony Schiavone? Was that Dusty Rhodes The American Dream commentating too?
what time is Tony Schiavone or Bobby Heenan calling in to remember that night?
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“The matches you want to see, the athletes you love, they’re all here!” - Tony Schiavone during an Insane Clown Posse match
that'll put some butts in the seats...Tony Schiavone
Halloween Havoc '93 - nothin' says "scary" like trick-or-treating at Tony Schiavone's house.
Watching Great American Bash '88 for - Tony Schiavone's moustache is incredible.
"Have you ever chatted online with someone electronically?" -Tony Schiavone to Bobby Heenan
Why did Tony Schiavone ever lose that badass mustache?
Tony Schiavone is about 14 or 15 here, right?
21 YEARS AGO TODAY: Clash of the Champions XXIII - Norfolk, VA - Scope - June 17, 1993 (6,000; 2,000 paid) Jim Neidhart defeated Shanghai Pierce Shown live on TBS - featured Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura on commentary; included an opening announcement that WCW TV Champion Paul Orndorff was sidelined with an injury and *** Slater would be his replacement against Ron Simmons; featured Eric Bischoff & Larry Zbyzsko speaking on the night's card, with Bischoff introducing Michael Buffer who would be the guest ring announcer later in the broadcast; Buffer then shared his thoughts on the tag team title match later in the show; included a commercial for Beach Blast 93 hyping Sting & Davey Boy Smith vs. Big Van Vader & Sid Vicious; featured Bischoff conducting an interview with Maxx Payne in which Payne asked for Johnny b. Badd to come out so he could give back his stolen Badd Blaster before their scheduled bout; after Badd appeared, Payne shot him in the face with the Badd Blaster, with medics immediately tendi ...
15 YEARS AGO TODAY: Great American Bash 99 - Baltimore, MD - Arena - June 13, 1999 (11,672) Pay-per-view bouts - included Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, & Mike Tenay on commentary; featured an opening backstage segment in which Master P and his entourage arrived to the arena, wtih Curt Hennig welcoming Master P and asking for an autograph; after Master P autographed a CD, Hennig crushed it; featured a backstage segment with Roddy Piper and Buff Bagwell in which Bagwell thanked Piper for the opportunity he gave him by "giving him the ball" and letting him face Disco Inferno later in the show; included DJ Ran warming up the live crowd throughout the program: Hak (w/ Chastity) pinned Brian Knobbs (w/ Jimmy Hart) at 5:40 by hitting him over the head with the Singapore cane after Knobbs ran into Hart holding a steel chair on the ring apron; prior to the bout, Knobbs cut an in-ring promo saying it was his wife's birthday and his present to her was beating Hak; after the match, Hugh Morrus appeared and held Hak s ...
27 YEARS AGO TODAY: JCP @ Greenwood, SC - May 26, 1987 TV taping: Pro - 5/30/87 - - featured Johnny Weaver & Bob Caudle on commentary; included Weaver & Caudle conducting an opening ringside interview with Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson regarding their quest for the NWA Tag Team Championship and Paul Jones replacing Rick Rude with Ivan Koloff on the championship team; featured Tony Schiavone conducting an interview with Chris Champion & Sean Royal regarding Jimmy Valiant & NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Lazortron, during which they made fun of Dusty Rhodes; included Schiavone conducting an interview with NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard, alongside Dark Journey, regarding his $100,000 match against Rhodes June 6 at the Greensboro Coliseum; featured Schiavone conducting an interview with Lex Luger & JJ Dillon regarding NWA US Champion Nikita Koloff, during which Luger said Koloff had become soft and was a shadow of his former self; included a Dusty Rhodes music video to the tune of Bo Diddley's "You Can't Judge ...
THUNDER WAS SUCH A GOD AWFUL SHOW!!! WCW @ Salt Lake City, UT - E Center - February 18, 1999 (9,159) Thunder taping: 2/18/99 - 135-minute edition; hosted by Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, & Mike Tenay; included Booker T & Stevie Ray arguing about Stevie's involvement with the nWo Black & White, with Disco Inferno getting involved and Booker shoving him into a wall; featured the unknown blodne woman (Torrie Wilson) greeting someone at a hotel room and teasing him with a Taser; included a vignette with Chris Kanyon going to Raven's luxury family home, where Raven's mother asked him to watch over "Scotty," with Raven admitting he faked his years of depression and took Kanyon out on the town in a sports car; featured an in-ring segment with Disco introducing Scott Hall, wearing a kilt and coming out to Roddy Piper's theme music, with the two then insulting Piper and Konnan; included footage of Raven & Kanyon withdrawing $10,000 from a First Union bank; featured an ad for the WCW Mastercard featuring Diamond Da ...
Bobby Heenan: I KNOW who the Assassin is! Tony Schiavone: Tell us, Bobby, who? Bobby Heenan: He's the guy down at ringside wearing the mask!
Why is it that a 55 year old man can actually make a show interesting when talent 20 to 30 years his junior couldn't put an *** in a seat to save their lives? God Bless You Sting! Oh by the way, typical face-heel mass brawl . Now where's Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan and why aren't they calling tonight's WCW Clash of the Champions Special of WCW Destruction?
This Day In Wrestling History- January 4th Trivia 1999- The Monday Night Wars continued, with WWF Monday Night Raw defeating WCW Monday Nitro in the ratings: 5.7 to 5.0. This was the WWF Raw that saw Mankind win the WWF Title, & that Tony Schiavone had given away the result live on WCW Nitro, as Raw had been taped on 12/28/99. 2007- WWE signed 3rd generation star Nattie Neidhart, whom would debut on the main roster as Natalya. She’s the granddaughter of Stu Hart, & daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart 2010 – TNA Impact featuring the debuts of Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan goes head to head with Raw featuring the return of Bret Hart. The ratings were excellent for both shows, Raw with 5.6 million viewers (their highest since August 2009), & Impact with 3.1 million (their highest ever, by quite some margin). Impact would continue to go up against Raw on Monday nights, but lost the war badly and moved back to Thursdays in May Events Every year on January 4th, New Japan Pro Wrestling hold a show at the T ...
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has a new blog up on his website. Here's the wrestling portion of the blog: “The last Monday Night Raw of 2013 was unique in many ways including not having a full compliment of talent due to also promoting a live event Monday night in Toronto. Good to see a full house in Richmond, one of the old, Mid Atlantic Wrestling territory towns and one of the first cities I worked after joining Jim Crockett Promotions back in the day. I vividly recall bradcasting NWA Pro Wrestling with Bob Caudle and going on first which was then followed by the 'A' show, Worldwide Wrestling, with Tony Schiavone and David Crockett which was then followed by an advertised 'dark match.'” “Solid opening bout on RAW with Punk vs Rollins. I was expecting more as I enjoy both talents' skills even though they are both at much different places in their respective careers. Punk is as good as there is and Rollins wants to be there some day. Seems like there is an awful lot of in show, non wrestling, content . ...
Tony Schiavone? Lee Marshall?a licensed for you to hurt a person and treat them the way you wanted,
Starrcade 83 - Greensboro, NC - Coliseum - November 24, 1983 (15,447; announced at over 16,000) Shown on closed circuit - featured Gordon Solie & Bob Caudle on commentary; following the opening bout, Solie noted Ric Flair was a 2-time former world champion; featured Tony Schiavone backstage with Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, Jay Youngblood, and Charlie Brown, with Schiavone stating he would be conducting backstage interviews throughout the night; included Barbara Clarey conducting an interview with the Estes family from Gaffney, SC who all agreed Flair would win the main event; featured Schiavone conducting a backstage interview with NWA World Champion Harley Race, alongside NWA US Champion Greg Valentine and NWA Tag Team Champion Jerry Brisco, in which Race said he had been informed of where Flair was hurting and he would target those places; included Schiavone conducting a backstage interview with Angelo Mosca - alongside a bloody Scott McGhee - regarding the injury he sustained earlier in th ...
Here is a run down of the Starrcade 86 card November 27 1986 Closed-circuit locations included Columbia, SC (which sold out), Charleston, WV, Kansas City, MO, Jacksonville, FL, Cincinnati, OH, Norfolk, VA, Charlotte, NC, and Albany, GA Shown on closed circuit - featured Bob Caudle & Johnny Weaver on commentary in Greensboro and Tony Schiavone & Rick Stewart on commentary in Atlanta; included a music video tribute to Magnum TA: Greensboro: Tim Horner & Nelson Royal defeated Don & Rocky Kernolde at 7:30 when Horner pinned Rocky with a rolling reverse cradle Atlanta: Brad Armstrong fought Jimmy Garvin (w/ Precious) to a 15-minute time-limit draw at 15:08; the time limit ended just as Garvin missed a dive off the top; after the match, Armstrong cleared Garvin from the ring, with Precious then confronting Armstrong; Garvin tried to sneak up behind Armstrong but Armstrong again cleared him from the ring Greensboro: Hector Guerrero & Baron Von Raschke defeated Shaska Whatley & the Barbarian at 7:30 when Von Rasc ...
*Commands Tony Schiavone to spoil pre-taped DBZRP episodes by telling the PVRP audience the results*
Would anyone ever talk about or remember *** Foley's first title reign if Tony Schiavone didn't make the "butts in seats" remark?
switched to WCW Nitro. And yes, this is Rey Mysterio vs Tony Schiavone.
The two with Tony Schiavone towards the end are hilarious.
Tony Schiavone? Lee Marshall?and challenging-sometimes both at the same time, Enjoy the journey, :)
Closing the night out with some old school NWA wrestling with a young and Tony Schiavone on commentary. Good stuff.
Tony Schiavone look like he been throwin em back! 😆😂
I am tired of everyone slamming Tony Schiavone for saying every night was the most important night. He was just living in the moment.
So after playing WWE2K14 I went back and watched the 1990 Royal Rumble, it boggles my mind that Tony Schiavone called it
who was better to work with ? Gorilla Monsoon or Tony Schiavone ?
I'll wait for the rack to be in place before I go Tony Schiavone on the call
.first act after buying TNA will be hiring Tony Schiavone. "Today is the greatest the history of our sport!"
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I'd like to see a doc on the announcers. Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay,
Happy 56th Birthday to former WWF WCW announcer Tony Schiavone today.
Happy 56th Birthday to the longtime voice of JCP/WCW, Tony Schiavone. -FFDPKnucklehead-
Happy Birthday to former WCW Announcer Tony Schiavone who turns 56 today.
don't remember him doing wrestling. I must have been watching Tony Schiavone call matches instead.
If you insult Tony Schiavone he will become a child and not know how to take a joke.
Tony Schiavone: "Don't try this in your backyard.". Bobby Heenan: "Try it in your living room. it's more fun!"
Tony Schiavone "I'm sure a liar has to make a living like everyone else.". Bobby Heenan "That's why we're here."
BTW, Part 14 was deleted; it featured Tony Schiavone being given (and reading) a telegram (
I was wondering where is tony schiavone and will he ever be a color commentator for Raw or Smackdown?
Also, and Tony Schiavone being forced to imply that WCW just killed Abdullah the Butcher in an electric chair for a match.
WCW is trending. It's for Woman Crush Wednesday. I haz a sad. As does, one assumes, most of the surviving nWo and Tony Schiavone.
The Espn crew talking about arod during this good baseball game reminds me of tony schiavone talking about the nwo during eddy/juvy matches
"The du rag is off!" - Tony Schiavone, announcer extraordinaire
"Is 2 Cold Scorpio the first man to wrestle with a du rag?" - Tony Schiavone
Lmao 2 Cold Scorpio is killing me in this match. Tony Schiavone providing superb commentary.
.I can't be certain of this until I hear it from Greatest Day/Night Expert Tony Schiavone...
Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler may be the worst commentary team in wrestling history not to have Tony Schiavone
89 is so good Tony Schiavone's commentary has absolutely no adverse affect on it.
the best part of watching old Nitro matches is tony schiavone letting me know what's happening with the NWO in EVERY ONE OF THEM
Best announce team better that Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson, and Mark Madden.
Video: Halloween Havoc 1993 intro. The one where Tony Schiavone murders four kids, bakes his wife into...
Tony Schiavone is calling a game tonight for the Gwinnett Braves, who are 48-65 & losing 11-3 to Durham.But it's still better than 1999 WCW.
Royal Rumble 1990 - Tony Schiavone on commentary ... forgot he worked for
For me this was definitely Tony Schiavone's greatest match
Tony Schiavone question: Reading that review for Eric Bischoff's book where Eric got promoted over Tony Schiav...
Tony Schiavone: "That's one of the tings that makes this sport great.". Bobby Heenan: "No I'm one of the things that ma…
just thinking how it would be if Dusty Rhodes, Bobby Heenan and Tony Schiavone were the congress commentators
I miss Tony Schiavone as a commentator imagine him Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross doing commentary for RAW.priceless!
30 Day WWE Challenge - 16. Favourite Announcer I assume this means commentary person, because I very much don't care about Lillian Roberts Chimel Fink. My absolute FAVORITE commentary person is Tony Schiavone. WCW ran a VERY tight ship commentary wise, and that was all based on him. I know lots of people hated him, but I really do not understand it. He constantly set things up in a "real sports" way that always made matches better. Unlike Cole and Lawler who will just say "that's one of the greatest things I've ever seen!" or "vintage Eve" all the time, Schiavone would make real calls. If a wrestler botched a spot, he'd come up with a reason for it, on the fly. If a guy kicked out of a move they normally wouldn't, Schiavone would talk about how there was less torque, or how he was able to get his hand on his chest to help him push off, or other things. It was all things on the fly he could never have rehearsed, and I loved it! It made every match feel REAL! Which is a gift, and a skill. Also, he ...
It's been a long time now but its still weird to hear Tony Schiavone on the radio.
Calling "yodeling during the break" incredible is starting to encroach Tony Schiavone Nitro territory.
Instantly heard that in the same tone as Tony Schiavone saying "Scott Steiner has a microphone."
Tony Schiavone had a great squeal. Not as good JR's but he did the horror stuff well. Especially when with Heenan
rich eisen types the way bugs bunny plays the piano. tuned out to discussion like Tony Schiavone used to be
Real question is whether the shoes you wear tonight cost more than Tony Schiavone's
Tony Schiavone is a baseball announcer now? What? I just kind of assumed he disappeared with wcw
Of course its 2013. If it was 1997, Tony Schiavone would be announcing, not Tenay.
Here's another odd thing: the Summerslam Jam has a small snippet of Tony Schiavone saying "World Wrestling Federation"!
Tony Schiavone say every night in WCW was the greatest night in our sport!
Pasch reminds me of Tony Schiavone when he used to sit in between Dusty Rhodes and Bobby Heenan during Nitro broadcasts
Better if it were Arn or Ole MT Gainesville HS v Miller Grove for 5A boys champ & radio call by Tony Schiavone & Gene Anderson
Well I've been home for two weeks tomorrow. I can't thank everyone enough for the well wishes, the visits, the compliments, etc etc. Just have faith y'all, the future is bright. A special nod to Kelley Whipple Raunec Bob Raunec, Karen Whipple Jacklynne Johnson Jeff Raunec and Tony Schiavone for being an amazing immediate family and showing me what love is all about. To Eric Schnibbs for being the most generous boss I've had in a long time. We'll be making waves soon enough. Renee Williams Matt Williams Michael Barbieri and Kimmy Walusko for being some of the best friends a guy could have! Another big thank you to everyone that got me through those 8 months, espcially the one who did the most, you know who you are! I'll always be your Snape! Night All!
Monday Nitro – October 20, 1997: The Streak Had To End Sometime Monday Nitro Date: October 20, 1997 Location: Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Biloxi, Mississippi Attendance: 5,950 Commentators: Mike Tenay, Larry Zbyszko, Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan We’re finally at the go home show for Halloween Havoc and the show is on the hottest streak it’s been on since it first started. We’ve had three weeks straight of good to excellent show and hopefully things continue in that direction from here. After last week it’s very clear that Sting vs. Hogan is coming in the very near future but tonight it’s the final push towards Hogan vs. Piper in the cage. Let’s get to it. We open with the NWO b-team laid out in the back. We see the letters DDP spray painted on various things along with Piper t-shirts and ball bats on the ground. In the arena Hogan and Bischoff storm the ring, yelling about improper leadership from Piper and various other things in general. Hogan calls it a bunch of crap and Savage joins in f ...
Monday Nitro – October 13, 1997: Sting’s Army Monday Nitro Date: October 13, 1997 Location: Ice Palace, Tampa, Florida Attendance: 12,000 Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, Larry Zbyszko It’s one of the last shows before Halloween Havoc and WCW has been on fire lately. The main match tonight is a tag title defense with the Outsiders fighting a team to be announced. If they don’t defend the belts, they’ll be stripped of the titles. Not that it took forever to get them to defend the stupid things or anything like that though. Let’s get to it. Here are Hogan (sans belt), Bischoff and Savage to open the show. Bischoff plugs Hogan’s new movie Assault on Devil’s Island and takes jabs at Raw for not being live. Yeah Eric I wouldn’t compare my show to 1997 Raw. Oh and Savage is in a neckbrace because of the Diamond Cutter last week. Hogan wants Piper to give him his belt back (Piper took it when he was running from Hogan and Bischoff last week) and that’s about it. We see ...
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According to Tony Schiavone, this is greatest WCW Monday Nitro quiz in the history of Sporcle.
I need your help I think that is the Tony Schiavone of SIDs. Jason asked "What does that make
So 600,000+ viewers switched over to Raw after Tony Schiavone spoiled the result of the title match, a fact *** still talks about today.
This is the Raw where Foley faced Rock for the title, and the same date that Tony Schiavone spoiled the result of the match.
Swagger vs Del Rio at Mania. To quote Tony Schiavone yrs ago: That'll really put butts in the seats!
The mailman from Back to the Future 2 just delivered a letter from '96 from Tony Schiavone. "Is the PPV sponsored by Slim Jim?" GREAT SCOTT!
I'm still waiting on the Tony Schiavone documentary.
Folks, I know it's long been fashionable to trash Tony Schiavone, but he's always been leagues ahead of Mike Tenay.
bring back a time travelling Tony Schiavone and have him spoil Impact every week.
"We have literally a train wreck for every segment" - Tony Schiavone, with what was the most accurate statement of his career
"'Big Sexy's arriving at the building!" - Tony Schiavone, tryign to create a sense of anarchy for Nitro
The young lad is getting great wisdom from the intellectual Tony Schiavone.
The official WWE website has published an article highlighting 14 notable talents you may not have known appeared for the sports-entertainment organization. This list features talent who made limited or "one night only" appearances in WWE; Crowbar, The Public Enemy, Baron Von Raschke, Great Sasuke, Kevin Von Erich, Kevin Sullivan, KroniK, Tony Schiavone, The Fabulous Freebirds, Tiger Mask, The Rock 'n' Roll Express, Buff Bagwell and Greg Gagne. Also noted is current TNA Wrestling star Samoa Joe, who competed as an enhancement wrestler on an episode of WWE Jakked in March 2001. WWE says of the burly grappler, "Samoa Joe became an icon on the independent wrestling scene throughout much of the 2000s by treating his opponents' heads like they were soccer balls. A rival of both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk during their early years with the Ring of Honor promotion, the hard-hitting Samoan even battled Kenta Kobashi in the Japanese icon's most famous North American match." The article noted that Joe went on to "kick ...
Lord Alfred Hayes. White suit and all. FRB you're more of a Tony Schiavone.
Hey lots of us remember Tony Schiavone’s cup of coffee with the company as much as we may not want to.
I liked a video Bobby Heenan hates Tony Schiavone(from Prime Time Wrestling, 1989)
Surprising Heel Turns - Tony Schiavone heels it up in TNA - 'truly the greatest night in the history of our...
Wow u see Tony Schiavone Mustache I remember ! Loved on commentary in /
I have worn Nitro cologne for months and not gotten laid but Tony Schiavone told me I'd be knee deep in skooch.
You got it. Now we just need a tall guy, a trailer, and an incredulous Tony Schiavone.
by including more Scott Steiner promos, Tony Schiavone commentary, Mike Adamle announcing and a Fandango gimmick.
Angle &Joe v Briscoe & Bischoff. As tony schiavone would say "that'll put butts in the seats!"
There's so few people on a Monday night here, I'm looking for Tony Schiavone and Mean Gene.
Guy next to me sounds EXACTLY like Lee Marshall. I hope he's on a 1-800 Collect call with Tony Schiavone.
Watching old WCW matches, and just heard Tony Schiavone say "Next Sunday, you'll see Jay Leno wrestle and Travis Tritt in concert!"
The announcers for this Nitro was Mike Tenay, Larry Zbyszko, and Tony Schiavone. 1-4-99
April 15, 1988 - This is an collection of clips introduced by Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross. Magnum TA had revealed his "surprise" for the Horsemen - a basebal...
Observer Xmas Memories: 1990 A Drunk Jim Ross insults a returning Tony Schiavone by saying he looks like an "Elf's *** at the Turner Party
I'm so nostalgic for everything WCW from 1995-99. Tony Schiavone broadcasted Gwinnett Braves games for a while.
is RR 1990 Tony Schiavone's greatest moment in the WWF?
"Ha, That'll put the butts in the seats" Tony Schiavone on 1-4-99 describing *** Foley's WWE Title win on RAW
"Tonight is the biggest night in the history of our sport" - Tony Schiavone every Monday Nitro
Also Tony Schiavone was/is the Martin Prince of announcing. Dork
No one did it better than Tony Schiavone.
Next week, Hollywood Hogan is in action and Judy Bagwell goes back on a pole. For Lee Marshall and Mike Tenay I'm Tony Schiavone. Goodnight!
i had the nWo Special Edition Razr. Ringtone was just Tony Schiavone screaming 'What a disgrace! Thats all for tonight, folks!'
Boss BLASTED Tony Schiavone for calling Dusty Rhodes a former World Champ on commentary!
Tony Schiavone always took really long showers. Weirdo.
the ONLY other wrestling announcer I can compare you to is Tony Schiavone. And he was my absolute FAVORITE back in the day.
is the modern Tony Schiavone. And THAT is saying something.
yo I just noticed that Tony Schiavone is one of the commentators for the 1990 Rumble lol
I'm sure Mike Tenay now knows what Tony Schiavone felt like when he was the 3rd wheel
...the one night return of TONY SCHIAVONE on WCW commentary!
I like regular cole, not heel cole. My favorites were Jim Ross back in the day, Tony Schiavone, Heenan, Ventura and Mike Tenay
Heard the nWo music, was ready to hear "We're back on Nitro, hour number 2...Tony Schiavone here with Mike Tenay & of course, Bobby Heenan."
I've come across Ready To Rumble on one of the random movie networks, and a few things come to mind. What's more complicated, trying to explain David Arquette's popularity or the fact that he was the WCW Champion? Also, why couldn't they find a stunt double that looked more like Oliver Platt for Oliver Platt? Why is Goldberg still in wrestling gear at the convenience store at the end? Finally, watching this has made me realize that I don't miss Tony Schiavone on commentary.
National Wrestling Alliance- Bob Caudle, Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross host. Missy Hyatt is in love with "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen!!
that was Tony Schiavone level greatness with that call
I can only hear "Cage with a Lid" being said in the OSWP Fake Tony Schiavone voice
Georgia vs Florida on WSB at 3:30. Tailgate show is live. says its a little harder to hate the Gators
It was much easier to hate the Florida Gators during the years under Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer.
will and ron got blocked for being Tony Schiavone and mean Gene
Thunder 1/14/99 "People don't watch Thunder to get educated..." -- Tony Schiavone. ...Ain't that the truth
If TNA wants to mix it up & improve their commentary, I have two words: 1) Tony 2) Schiavone
Nash, could Tony Schiavone beat up Gary Oldman in a fight?
Explosive Diarrhea, or listening to Tony Schiavone, whichever comes first...
isn't that the douchestain that made Tony Schiavone seem like Gordon Sollie in comparison?
Arda Ocal (spoke with Tony Schiavone (at this year's "Legends of the Ring" convention. Tony talks about why he decided to leave...
The greatest interview in the history of our sport: Arda Ocal with WCW's Tony Schiavone: via
if it is Beefcake, we can get Tony Schiavone to redo his shocked voice from Halloween Havoc 94 when Hogan found his attacker
Vid: Tony Schiavone on his career moment, the moral dilemma of spoiling the competition on live TV:
Tony Schiavone's attendance at the "Legends of the Ring" convention is his first wrestling appearance since the downfall of the WCW.
It's great to know that WCW commentator Tony Schiavone attended the "Legends of the Ring" convention over the weekend.
Arda Ocal of The Score Television Network and the Baltimore Sun spoke with Tony “That’ll...
Off work at 6, gonna go home, take a Tony Schiavone, watch the Iron Man 3 trailer, then follow that up with delayed RAWCHOS, then sleep all *** day. Cant beat that action packed morning line up. Dig It!!
I liked a video Tony Schiavone Heel Turn in TNA
Tony Schiavone once made fun of me for botching climbing through the ropes,I broke his nose 12 times with 1 punch
Watched your interview with Tony Schiavone...always heard he's one of the biggest jerks...did you see any of that at convention?
"He's never lost!" first said by Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay about GOLDBERG 14 years ago...anyone else feel old
Tony schiavone was and is the voice of WCW Monday night nitro even to this day
I love listening to Jim Ross being back but man do I miss Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko
What ever happened to tony schiavone??
I miss Nitro after seeing how opened. atleast bring back Tony Schiavone
Before check out video interviews with Joey Styles, Tony Schiavone, Slick / Jimmy Hart and Blue Meanie:
Video: Tony Schiavone is still around, still referring to pro wrestling as 'our sport'
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Video: Tony Schiavone on Foley, getting out of wrestling
I liked a video Arda Ocal with WCW's Tony Schiavone
Arda Ocal scores a rare interview with the voice of World Championship Wrestling, Tony Schiavone.
In Tony Schiavone's interview with he says "our sport" within the first 20 seconds. Awesome.
What's up with Tony Schiavone these days? + he talks about spoiling *** Foley's title win -
Can someone please make me a Tony Schiavone shirt?
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