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Tony Romo

Antonio Ramiro Tony Romo (born April 21, 1980) is a professional American football quarterback in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys.

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Tony Romo's play-by-play of an adorable cat invading the Ravens game was perfect. Shared from my Google feed
There is a cat on the field and Tony Romo's commentary is pure gold! 😂
Shannon Sharpe, Al Michaels, Michael Irvin, Tony Romo, Jeff Conine, Rami Malek, and Desus & Mero are the only people on TV that I trust
I will always hate Dallas, but please sub out Chris Collingsworth with Tony Romo please. CC is garbage .
Tony Romo has more football knowledge in his pinky toe than Phil Sims has in his entire body.
I think I'm already over Tony Romo in the booth. Luckily he should be getting hurt soon anyway
Be back later so ready for my boys. Jim Nantz, Tony Romo, Tracy Wolfson, 425pm NFL on CBS Bengals at Steelers. Lets go Steelers!
I know everyone loves Tony Romo, but yelling who Carr should throw to MID PLAY is annoying, I don't care what anyone sa…
Tony Romo sounds like Benn Affleck. And I hate that.
Tony Romo is so unique/strange/unusual as a color man. It puts a flood of fellow analysts on total blast. He is the cho…
Not gonna lie: I really like Tony Romo in the booth.
At least Tony Romo man. C’mon it’s very slight that Brett would recreate what Tom Brady did…
if Mike Vick is a Hall of Famer, Tony Romo invented the QB position
Tony Romo broadcasts like he’s a kid telling his friends he just saw boobs for the…
Just wondering: what if the Packers called Wisconsin’s own Tony Romo...?
Tony Romo is a goat announcer. And people probably think he *** cause he talks about real football terminology.
Literally in love with Tony Romo. Unashamedly so.
Will the Packers call Wisconsin native Tony Romo?. If they do, what will he say?
So the question becomes,would Tony Romo rather work with Jim Nantz or Jordy Nelson.
Tony Romo says “10 times a game” he would hear Luke Kuechly calls out the exact play he was about to call. . “Man should I…
I can’t get over how good Tony Romo is at this. 6 weeks in and he might already be the best color guy since Madden.
The Phil Simms to Tony Romo upgrade is like going from Shawn Bradley to Joel Embiid.
You just mad bc Derek Carr looking like the next Tony Romo 😅 stop hating on them boys!
Carr plays this week, he gone be the next Tony Romo
Carr going from Jim Everett to Tony Romo if he don’t chill.
The Derek Carr injury roller coaster began with some doom and gloom reactions due in part to Tony Romo (given his …
Cam Newton and Tony Romo suffered transverse process fractures in 2014. Each QB missed just 1 game. We'll see about De…
Tony Romo is the greatest color commentator of all time.
Please don't be another Tony Romo. Get well before returning Carr
Derek Carr the new Tony Romo, fight me!! 😂😂👊🏽
Raiders gonna turn Derek Carr into Tony Romo playing him with a back injury. And I'm all the way here for it too
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What did the Raiders not learn from Tony Romo's back injury? . Let Carr heal!
Let em. Carr will be Tony Romo in no time. You would think they would try to protect their investment.
What’s the difference between Derek Carr and Tony Romo? Nothing. There is no difference.
Derek Carr suffered a similar injury to Tony Romo in 2014. Their recovery timeline looks eerily similar, too...
Tony Romo is doing a great job as the color commentator. Especially being able to break down plays to both the casual and d…
Tony Romo is great on TV. Half the time, he sounds like a fan who just loves football. The other half, he shows off his…
Lies, From Drew Bledsoe to Tony Romo was much better.
Tony Romo describing Derek Carr's injury...which oddly looked like the injury that effectively ended Romo's career.
Tony Romo's career ended behind the best line in football. Derek Carr has been injured twice behind a great line.
Archie Bradley is coming for Tony Romo. God *** that was a good interview.
Congrats to Derek Carr for taking the injury mantle from Tony Romo.
My barber said Derek Carr is the next Tony Romo, thoughts??
Tony Romo better never speak on Derek Carr again. . We don't need those negative correlations. Especially from a sorry *** QB
I thought he might have that Tony Romo now Derek Carr neck injury 2-8 weeks
Derek Carr wears number 4. This was a week 4 injury. Tony Romo commented the game that Derek Carr got injured in.…
Hate to say this.Derek Carr is the new Tony Romo
Derek Carr has the same exact injury as Tony Romo did funny memes about him though. Shocking
Yes, there's a petition to make Tony Romo the commentator of all future Madden video games...
Tony Romo is the Gus Johnson of color commentary. His energy is fantastic! Fun to watch.
Tony Romo is great in the broadcast booth, dig it.
In our FB chat, Nathan said about fifteen things like this about Tony Romo's analysis and none of them were this ex…
Big hill to climb for the Raiders. We’re going against the Broncos, the refs, and Tony Romo.
Tony Romo, at least so far, is the rare sportscaster who draws near universal raves
Good morning Mike. I think it was Tony Romo who mentioned Wise and not Phil Simms.
Phil Simms is boring. Tony Romo is a breath of fresh air. I hardly ever watch CBS, but now I look for games he is calling.
is this one of your burner accounts , Tony Romo?
Tony Romo is about 10 times better than Phil Simms ever was
Tony Romo is a Ryecoe and Phil Simms is Natty Light. It's not even close.
Did not like watching Tony Romo play, but I love listening to him when he's in the booth
Phil Simms for Tony Romo is the greatest trade since the Cowboys shipped Herschel to the Vikings for 3 Lombardi trophies.
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Someday, everyone gushing over Tony Romo will be talking about him like they do Phil Simms now.
Tony Romo has been amazingly good in the booth. Should get the Nobel Prize for saving us from another year of Phil Simms.
My favorite thing about Tony Romo is that he's not Phil Simms
Tony Romo is absolutely fantastic as an announcer and deserves a Nobel Prize for getting Phil Simms out of the booth.
Nantz: Tony, since we hv some time tell the story about when you took Jessica Simpson to Mexico before playoffs. Romo: You son o…
During the rain delay the camera panned to an old woman in a poncho in the stands and Tony Romo says…
*Lightning Delay*. CBS: "Let's send it to the studio.". America: "No. Please let us hear Tony Romo narrate this storm."
4 weeks in and Tony Romo is the best NFL game analyst in the business.
I hope Tony Romo can maintain enthusiasm in booth, it’s infectious. Hopefully “powers that be” don’t turn him into a caricature.…
Props to Tony Romo for calling out pathetic hit.
Tony Romo could provide color commentary on paint drying and I would be riveted.
Tony romo is 100x better as an announcer
But Tony Romo said Glennon was playing well.
Tony Romo by far the best announcer for NFL games. No competition
Tony Romo is, rightfully, crushing LB Danny Trevathan for that hit on Davante Adams. No place for that.
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Let Tony Romo study the Bears' playbook during the delay and by the time play resumes he'll be running the offense bet…
Tony Romo is really good at calling games as an announcer
Tony Romo is great as an analyst CBS hit a home run with hiring him
Is Tony Romo the best announcer outside of Gruden in the NFL now?
Tony Romo needs to be taken off the air. cannot succeed with this guy in the announcer booth. How did
Tell you what. Google "Tony Romo Legacy" -- read the first 10 things and tell me the sports media was "overly critical."
Heavy winds? Tony Romo has the right words for literally EVERY situation.
Even THIS early in his "rookie" year, Tony Romo may be a better analyst than he was a QB. . Informative, incisive and li…
Tony Romo is AWESOME on TV! It's like we're inside the huddle or on the line of scrimmage, seeing things as a QB does.
Oh wait, Tony Romo is announcing the game?! Im gonna turn it on and . no, not even.
All these people talking about how good Tony Romo is at announcing. . Of course he is. It's the regular season.
What Tony Romo sees when he watches paint dry
“Watch this, Bruce Willis gonna be dead the whole time.” - Tony Romo, two minutes into watching “The Sixth Sense” with you.…
Tony Romo announcing in prime time. Expect a vocal cord injury by mid 2nd quarter.
Tony Romo is simply fantastic. So good. Fun, intelligent, energetic and also doubling as the replay coordinator. I love…
Big fan of Tony Romo showcasing some insight for the football IQ folks
"That was the longest lightning bolt of all time." - Tony Romo
If Tony Romo guesses a play incorrectly, Nantz should get to slap him
At what point does listening to a Tony Romo broadcast become like watching first 5 seasons of GoT with someone who read the b…
Tony Romo: there will be two consecutive lightning strikes. Nantz: what?. /lightning cracks 2 times
Jeze, Tony Romo. Play doesn’t count, but good lord. That is such a specific expectation for the play. And it was absolu…
Will I be the first to bash Tony Romo as a broadcaster???. Nope, he's solid. . I will say he sounds like Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray.
Tony Romo is the guy that watches the leaked episode of Game of Thrones.
Tony Romo is a great announcer. Miss you botching games on the field, but glad to have you in the booth.
I really enjoy hearing Tony Romo call games. The only bad thing is I keep thinking its Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray. Am I the only one?
Tony Romo: "Every Packers defender is injured. This could be big trouble." *Mike Glennon immediately throws horrifying interce…
Tony Romo: if a team knows you have broken ribs, they may try to tackle you, going for your rib area.
Tony Romo is a real life Pepper Brooks
Tony Romo in the replay booth after asking to play it again 1000X
Tony Romo is wrong more than he's right, stop the hype!
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" they look like they may run a read option here or pass to the wide receiver in the slot." - Tony Romo
Cannot help but think of Pepper Brooks from Dodgeball when Tony Romo is announcing
Brent Musburger isn't impressed at all with Tony Romo in the booth
It looks like the old guard is having a hard time with just how elite Tony Romo is in the booth. BOOM!
Tony Romo is crushing it in the booth. Smartest by FAR and giving Nance (who I like) some MUCH needed energy and sen…
.finally got a chance to watch a game with Tony Romo in the broadcast booth. What did you think, Brent? (Hint…
Alright, Jerry Jones fire Jason Garrett and hire Tony Romo as head coach Bc he knows the game! 👏🏼👏🏼
"Aaron Rodgers is among maybe 2 Quarterbacks who could have made that throw!" - Tony Romo . Yes, Tony. Him... and you.
Tony Romo is incredible in that announcing booth...he calls everything right on the money
Tony Romo is doing a great job now, does this mean he will be awful and choke in January?
Tony Romo and Jay Glazer the same voice. LoL.
It's pleasant to be pleasantly surprised by anything in sports broadcasting, and this time it's Tony Romo
Really? Because right now Tony Romo seems to have that title.
Tony Romo Was great today on the call
Fine, I'll be the one to say it. I don't like Tony Romo the broadcaster
Whoever says this also considers Romo Top5 all time bc of QB rating
Jim Nantz: welcome to today’s game. TONY ROMO: the final score will be 31-17. Jim Nantz: what?. TONY ROMO: *eyes turn black*…
Catch a bullet from the 9 Tony Romo
Tony Romo Leads TD Drive in His 1st Game of the Season! | NFL Week 17 Highlights
How Jerry Jones ran Tony Romo out of a qb job is pretty sad.
Tony Romo is a human spoiler alert.
I liked a video Best of Stephen A Smith: Rips the Dallas Cowboys, calls out Tony Romo & Jerry Jones
Tony Romo is the NFL equivalent of the Masked Magician. Giving away all the coaching secrets.
Tony Romo is a magician in the booth.
Tony Romo and Kurt Warner from the broadcast booth looking at Carson Palmer right now
Tony Romo calling a game where Jimmy Garoppolo is playing and Sean Payton is coaching. Pretty cool for Eastern Illinois Univ…
Where was this vision from Tony Romo when he was actually playing the game
Listen to Tony Romo for this 33 seconds. He is a natural.
You know what this means? Sergio Dipp is a regular Tony Romo!
Tony Romo joined Instagram with this hilarious video of his children playing football.
Tony Romo is an annoying commentator. Him calling plays isn't that cool honestly
Jim Nantz and Tony Romo call the game this Sunday at 4:25pm EST. Then they get the TN…
Tony Romo can breath easy about the Patriots and their ability to have any chance Sunday
Because Tony Romo is here to torch defenses.
One of these days we'll hear Tony Romo say, "And let's send it down to Taylor Stern for an update"
I miss Tony Romo already, never thought I'd say that
Tony Romo's got me thinking about not watching red zone every morning/afternoon. We gotta figure out how to get him to bless TNF.
Tony Romo is the 2017 NFL MVP so far
QBs I want to see play again in NFL (none of them will): . •RG3 . •Johnny Manziel. •Colin Kaepernick. •Tim Tebow. •Tony Romo. •…
I tell you what Tony Romo will be one *** of a head coach in the NFL one day. ✭
Tony Romo explained in detail why rookie quarterbacks struggle against the Patriots.
Even people in your fan base admitted they thought a younger Eli was better than Tony Romo.
Straight up, Tony Romo is doing a fantastic job as a commentator! Very impressed.
Dad: "Looks like I'm calling Tony Romo next time I pick my Powerball numbers.".
can we get Tony Romo and Gus Johnson to team up in the booth? That would be heaven of football announcing.
Bengals/Packers will be carried by CBS and with Jim Nantz and Tony Romo.
Was it well known that Breckin Meyer looks like Tony Romo and I just missed it or is Meyer so D-list no one thought of it til now
wow if Tony Romo was as good at reading Defenses when he played, he wouldn't be in the Broadcast booth right now. He's…
RG3, Tony Romo, and Johnny Manziel are not signed either. Why is no one advocating for them?
Burl Ives, Tuskegee Airmen, Mike Shanahan, Tony Romo & more all in 1 book. interested? PM h…
Phil Simms, furiously slamming on his remote to end the humiliation of hearing Tony Romo. The garage door lifts and shu…
Tony Romo is going to win rookie of the year. My goodness, he's good on TV
Tony Romo is a broadcast buddha. Calling them before things happen.
Tony Romo: "Watch out for the fade to 16.". Seconds later: Saints throw a fade to No. 16, Brandon Coleman, for a touchd…
Tony Romo's debut introduces exciting possibility that football commentators don't have to be terrible:
Tony Romo's going to be so good at this.
Imagine if Tony Romo announced a game with Jon Gruden 😳
Tony Romo is the Dominick Cruz of commentating.
Tony Romo is going to be pretty good at his new job
Tony Romo is a genuinely refreshing NFL commentator. I'm enjoying listening to him, which is rare for me outside of Jessica Mendoza.
'A game is more than an analyst': Why D-FW is getting Jags-Texans instead of Tony Romo's TV debut |
👀🏈 Tony Romo weighs in on Colin Kaepernick vs. NFL GM's. Do you agree? 🤔
things overheard at the pizza joint:. 1) I don't like the Broncos because they have Tony Romo. 2) what's in a rice ball? Is there rice?
You'd get swept by my squad: . PG: Isco. SG: Me. SF: Rodney Stuckey. PF: Tony Romo. C: Orlando Jordan. 6th man: Queen E…
ESPN's sounds off on new CFB season, QB's turned TV analysts like Tony Romo + his NFL talks with Fox…
Tony Romo on becoming a broadcaster, best advice he got from Aikman & Staubach, and best advice he’s given Dak.
Tony Romo on life as an undrafted rookie: 'I couldn’t sleep without knowing that I had gotten better at throwing'
Carolina Panthers. I will wear a Tony Romo jersey, in Patriots pajamas, with an Eagles cap before I wear Panthers g…
He led his team to more super bowls in his short career than Tony Romo did
CBS has pulled Tony Romo from Friday's KC-SEA broadcast because he shares a name with the Tony Romo who botched this snap in S…
I just had a thought that trubisky wld just become tony romo. ***
Jason Witten: rookie QB Cooper Rush 'certainly' reminds me of Tony Romo ».
But wait, Tony Romo is not retired, he will suit up again and lead us again.
You really think Tony Romo would beat out Cooper Rush?
If Dak went down seriously I think we'd bring Tony Romo back tbh
Jason Witten sees some of a young Tony Romo in Cooper Rush
🇺🇸 Art of the Deal co-author predicts Donald Trump is about to resign
How do you know, did you know Dak was going unseat Tony Romo, the system maybe perfect for Cooper. I would hate to lose him!
It's crazy to think that me and tony romo are gonna make our sportscasting debuts around the same time
When Tony Romo got injured, he was playing well his first game tbh before they drafted Dak. The leagu…
Big ups to Tony Romo for becoming a CBS announcer
Tony Romo is coming out of that booth if Dak gets hurt.
Give me tony romo w the first pick in my fantasy football draft🤙🏼
The curse of Tony romo has been undone
And that is a prime example why if anything happens to Dak that Tony Romo will be called until he picks up.
Attention: Tony Romo's regular-season debut on CBS Sports will be the Sept. 10 Raiders-Titans game.
This is just as embarrassing as celebrating Tony Romo 😴
Mac Engel says not having Ezekiel Elliott will show if Dak Prescott is as good as Tony Romo at doing more with less.
Clip to Jan. 4th, 2015 Tony Romo throws the game winning TD to Terrance Williams in the NFC WIldCard Game. .
Jerry Jones honored former Cowboys QB Tony Romo in his Hall of Fame speech.
“No QB in Cowboys history was asked to carry as much of the load for his team as Tony.” —Jerry Jones to Tony Romo in his Hall of…
Joffrey Baratheon sitting in front of Tony Romo at the HOF festivities.
Tiger Woods, no debate . Honorable Mention: . Tony Romo. Steph Curry (I want the 3-peat 😤😤)
Tony Romo suffered a separated shoulder after tripping over a TV wire during his first practice broadcast. He'll be si…
📷: Tony Romo gets some broadcasting practice in at game; Charles Haley chats with Zeke |
Tony Romo in a porta potty getting schooled by Jim Nance that is going to be a meme
Al Michaels played golf with Jim Nance and Tony Romo. Al offered Tony some advice, "Slow it down a little bit". Romo appears to be all in.
He retires. He'll be good enough to start for a lesser team but he'll pull a Jay Cutler/Tony Romo
Tony Romo on with today, talking about Ezekiel Elliott:
Tony Romo on Ezekiel Elliott: "I know he's a good kid. He's just trying to find his way. I think he's going to figure it ou…
Justin Timberlake, Steph Curry and Tony Romo make quite the star-studded playing group in Tahoe. Mark Rypien currently tied for 10th.
Funny AF is on talking Tony Romo,Raging Bull & putting it all on the line for the NY METS⚾️. ht…
can you have coach Jimmy Johnson on to give his opinion on anything Troy Aikman has said about remarks from Tony Romo about Dax?
Cowboys: Tony Romo goes through broadcasting "boot camp" to prepare for new analyst role - Todd Archer (ESPN)
Tony Romo has to go through analyst "boot camp"? Troy Aikman is probably the only guy that knows as much as Tony, and he's on Fox! Romo>CBS
Tony Romo joins us from Lake Tahoe 6:20 on talking his playing partner today Justin Timberlake & his take…
Tony Romo & Justin Timberlake livin' the life at
Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott reveals Tony Romo was a coach for him.
🔥🏀🔥 Tony Romo getting buckets in pregame warm-ups with the Mavs, last night.
I'm ready to rock and roll. Tony Romo
would Tony Romo ever pull this autographing non sense?
Ugh I meant no tony romo how embarrassing
Ummm not tony romo but omg thank you so much you're always so sweet n ilysm
Could Tony Romo really believe Jabrill Peppers has to eat some MMA
Few months ago at work had me tell this girl he was Tony romo. Pretty sure she was convinced. 😂
Man sentenced to death for the murder of his 6th wife and a handyman. He wore a Tony Romo jersey to his sentencing.…
If you watch DareDevil on Netflix, then you'll know why Tony Romo retired...too busy fighting crime😂
Man I can't even get tony romo to win a super bowl in madden, he literally always gets hurt
Are you saying that if there were only 3 qtrs tony Romo would have a super bowl?
So Matt Ryan had a TEAM loss and Tony Romo always lost alone? See what media did to you? You can beat this. Research. https:…
I feel like I'm going to be with the Cowboys the rest of my career, definitely. I love it. Tony Romo
Tim Tebow was super muscular & was a better playoff qb than Tony Romo.
Another Dallas QB and another card maker is in on it too! Look at these Tony Romo signatures from Topps!
At least Tony Romo signed his own cards
These guys are getting to be the Tony Romo of the regular season of getting in trouble.
July 5th. 7/5. In Tony Romo's last season with the he had a 75% completion percentage, as he went 3/4 during Week 17…
."knew" a passing camp wouldn't happen, just like he "knew" Tony Romo was going to be the Broncos starting QB in 2017...
And Tony Romo is arguabably the — a rookie took his spot
Enjoy retirement, Tony Romo. You are a class act, but thank you for providing us with this.
Wrestling is a tough sport. You're never as good as you think you are. Humble yourself, use the resources around you, an…
The first game of the year is always an in-season adjustment game. Tony Romo
I'm not happy at all about Tony Romo replacing my dude Phil Simms on CBS. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms were my dudes.
*Tony Romo intro presser w/ Texans*. "This is a great group of guys-". /JJ Watt bursts in in full uniform. "BUT NOT AS GRE…
Dak Prescott ranks 14th in top 100, higher than Tony Romo ever did
Tony Romo reminded Jason Witten to keep first, friendship second last season
Tony Romo needed real GM that gave Romo plenty of help which Jerry Jones failed to do jerry fired Jimmy Johnson winning 2nd SB
Ryan, maybe you should worry about saving your marriage and staying loyal instead of arguing about Tony Romo.
We've got plenty of cap space after Doug Free and Tony Romo retiring. Dallas is no stranger to contr…
LeBron doing his best Tony Romo impersonation
Lol. Reminds me of how Seahawks Punter John Ryan has more NFC Championship TD passes than Tony Romo.
Tony Romo's parting gift: Cowboys about to receive $14 million more in cap space. What should they do with it?
At what point does leaving Tony Romo's locker intact become a distraction for the 2017 Cowboys? .
Should the Cowboys be turning Tony Romo's locker into a shrine?
No tie. Already, Tony Romo is taking cues from dale hansen.
WATCH: Tony Romo takes on new challenge as DJ. (SPEEDonFOX)
Tony Romo is not a hall of fame quarterback
PSA my hatred for the cowboys has decreased by 50% due to Tony Romo being gone
Rick Gosselin: Did the Cowboys just find their next Tony Romo?: It's time for the Cowboys to find the next Tony……
Tony Romo to CBS, Jay Cutler to Fox... Colin Kaepernick to MSNBC? Maybe he can co-host a new show with Rachel Maddow.
No player has been given Tony Romo's locker at The Star in Frisco. Sits empty with no nameplate
Huston should sign Jay Cutler, why not? He is a slightly more healthier Tony Romo.
The biggest differences Tony Romo, Jay Cutler will face as rookies in broadcast...
Doc: Solomon Wilcots earned his time at CBS. And now, Tony Romo and Jay Cutler? via
"Tony Romo didn't deserve to win a Super Bowl. You don't get what you deserve, you get what you earn." — htt…
Tony Romo, Jason Witten and DeMarco Murray are partying like it's 2014 at the [Photo via demarcomurray/IG…
Party like it's 2014, Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray help Jason Witten ring in his 35th birthday in style at the
Maybe we shouldn't trust your opinion. Aren't you the same clown who wanted to start To…
Tony Romo's next pursuit of a championship will be in golf.
If you think the ' Tony Romo tribute.
Jay Cutler and Tony Romo leaving field for booth...
Tony Romo really gets treated like he won 3 plus NFL super bowls...he won 2 playoff games come on
Tony romo tried to win a playoff game
36 mafia can't weight 4 the sex tape...tony"ROMO". what his name"PRE$ MADEOFFTRUMP with your taxe$ dollar$
Jay Cutler may go the Tony Romo route, has auditioned for broadcasting career
Can former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo qualify for the U.S. Open?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Apparently Tony Romo has to borrow another man's hands for his new ESPN gig.
No Colin, no Tony Romo, Both overrated and CK has 2 more playoff wins than TR, it's about talent, fits and schemes
I'm actually a lot more curious to hear what Jay Cutler has to say than what Tony Romo has to say.
Dan just said Cowboys could've gone further w/ Tony Romo than Dak Prescott last season. Thoughts?
CBS should hire Jay Cutler to be Tony Romo's backup for the 8 games a year Tony will miss with back problems.
Wouldn't it be amazing if in 10 years we love Jay Cutler on TV and Tony Romo is long fired
“Tony Romo always wanted to be like his hero, Brett Favre,” Don Pedro said as he entered the newsroom. “And now...
tony romo signs with CBS and Jay Cutler signs with FOX...Kaepernick next set to be chief correspondent @ Breitbart Sports
Pop quiz: From Tony Romo to Jennifer Aniston. 1/5. Using the body mass index (BMI), is classified as _.
I imagine *** being a lot like listening to Troy Aikman, Joe Buck, Tony Romo and Jay Cutler for an eternity.
Jay Cutler & Tony Romo now retired after a combined 24 years in the NFL and a 3-5 playoff record.
Me every time I see Tony Romo's stupid face on my feed
⚡️ “Come on, ESPN, Tony Romo deserves better Photoshop than that”.
Tony Romo is attempting to qualify for the 2017 US Open!
Tony Romo one of 9,000 golfers trying to qualify for U.S. Open
Why is Tony Romo replacing Phil Simms at CBS >
Did the announcer just say Tony Romo?
Tony Romo > Jay Cutler on the football field . Tony Romo > Jay Cutler in the broadcast booth
Jay Cutler took the Tony Romo route,but Romo was plastic man with these injuries,Cutler flat out stunk that's why he went into broadcasting.
Both Tony Romo and Jay Cutler debuted in 2006 and now they're both heading to the booth this Fall
First Tony Romo, now Jay Cutler, 2 of the best to ever throw INT's are now retired.
Raiders, Patriots and maybe Tony Romo to star in Mexico's NFL encore - ESPN
Tony Romo announced his retirement on April 4th - 4/4. . Jay Cutler announced his retirement on May 5th - 5/5. . Who's it gonn…
"Will Cutler be a better analyst than Romo? (Yahoo Sports)" {by } via On May 05, 2017 at 10:36AM
🏈 Tony Romo is Going to Dominate Jay Cutler in the Booth Just Like on the Field
We might see Tony Romo in the U.S. Open before we see Tiger Woods in the U.S. Open...
If Romo gets in the us open whos a bigger draw Tony Romo or Tiger Woods
I read the news 2day. Jay Cutler as a broadcaster? Hmmm... I didn't see that coming. Then again, Tony Romo?
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