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Tony Romo

Antonio Ramiro Tony Romo (born April 21, 1980) is a professional American football quarterback in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys.

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Attention: Tony Romo's regular-season debut on CBS Sports will be the Sept. 10 Raiders-Titans game.
This is just as embarrassing as celebrating Tony Romo 😴
Mac Engel says not having Ezekiel Elliott will show if Dak Prescott is as good as Tony Romo at doing more with less.
Clip to Jan. 4th, 2015 Tony Romo throws the game winning TD to Terrance Williams in the NFC WIldCard Game. .
Jerry Jones honored former Cowboys QB Tony Romo in his Hall of Fame speech.
“No QB in Cowboys history was asked to carry as much of the load for his team as Tony.” —Jerry Jones to Tony Romo in his Hall of…
Joffrey Baratheon sitting in front of Tony Romo at the HOF festivities.
Tiger Woods, no debate . Honorable Mention: . Tony Romo. Steph Curry (I want the 3-peat 😤😤)
Tony Romo suffered a separated shoulder after tripping over a TV wire during his first practice broadcast. He'll be si…
📷: Tony Romo gets some broadcasting practice in at game; Charles Haley chats with Zeke |
Tony Romo in a porta potty getting schooled by Jim Nance that is going to be a meme
Al Michaels played golf with Jim Nance and Tony Romo. Al offered Tony some advice, "Slow it down a little bit". Romo appears to be all in.
He retires. He'll be good enough to start for a lesser team but he'll pull a Jay Cutler/Tony Romo
Tony Romo on with today, talking about Ezekiel Elliott:
Tony Romo on Ezekiel Elliott: "I know he's a good kid. He's just trying to find his way. I think he's going to figure it ou…
Justin Timberlake, Steph Curry and Tony Romo make quite the star-studded playing group in Tahoe. Mark Rypien currently tied for 10th.
Funny AF is on talking Tony Romo,Raging Bull & putting it all on the line for the NY METS⚾️. ht…
can you have coach Jimmy Johnson on to give his opinion on anything Troy Aikman has said about remarks from Tony Romo about Dax?
Cowboys: Tony Romo goes through broadcasting "boot camp" to prepare for new analyst role - Todd Archer (ESPN)
Tony Romo has to go through analyst "boot camp"? Troy Aikman is probably the only guy that knows as much as Tony, and he's on Fox! Romo>CBS
Tony Romo joins us from Lake Tahoe 6:20 on talking his playing partner today Justin Timberlake & his take…
Tony Romo & Justin Timberlake livin' the life at
Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott reveals Tony Romo was a coach for him.
🔥🏀🔥 Tony Romo getting buckets in pregame warm-ups with the Mavs, last night.
I'm ready to rock and roll. Tony Romo
would Tony Romo ever pull this autographing non sense?
Ugh I meant no tony romo how embarrassing
Ummm not tony romo but omg thank you so much you're always so sweet n ilysm
Could Tony Romo really believe Jabrill Peppers has to eat some MMA
Few months ago at work had me tell this girl he was Tony romo. Pretty sure she was convinced. 😂
Man sentenced to death for the murder of his 6th wife and a handyman. He wore a Tony Romo jersey to his sentencing.…
If you watch DareDevil on Netflix, then you'll know why Tony Romo retired...too busy fighting crime😂
Man I can't even get tony romo to win a Super Bowl in madden, he literally always gets hurt
Are you saying that if there were only 3 qtrs tony Romo would have a Super Bowl?
So Matt Ryan had a TEAM loss and Tony Romo always lost alone? See what media did to you? You can beat this. Research. https:…
I feel like I'm going to be with the Cowboys the rest of my career, definitely. I love it. Tony Romo
Tim Tebow was super muscular & was a better playoff qb than Tony Romo.
Another Dallas QB and another card maker is in on it too! Look at these Tony Romo signatures from Topps!
At least Tony Romo signed his own cards
These guys are getting to be the Tony Romo of the regular season of getting in trouble.
July 5th. 7/5. In Tony Romo's last season with the he had a 75% completion percentage, as he went 3/4 during Week 17…
."knew" a passing camp wouldn't happen, just like he "knew" Tony Romo was going to be the Broncos starting QB in 2017...
And Tony Romo is arguabably the — a rookie took his spot
Enjoy retirement, Tony Romo. You are a class act, but thank you for providing us with this.
Wrestling is a tough sport. You're never as good as you think you are. Humble yourself, use the resources around you, an…
The first game of the year is always an in-season adjustment game. Tony Romo
I'm not happy at all about Tony Romo replacing my dude Phil Simms on CBS. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms were my dudes.
*Tony Romo intro presser w/ Texans*. "This is a great group of guys-". /JJ Watt bursts in in full uniform. "BUT NOT AS GRE…
Dak Prescott ranks 14th in top 100, higher than Tony Romo ever did
Tony Romo reminded Jason Witten to keep first, friendship second last season
Tony Romo needed real GM that gave Romo plenty of help which Jerry Jones failed to do jerry fired Jimmy Johnson winning 2nd SB
Ryan, maybe you should worry about saving your marriage and staying loyal instead of arguing about Tony Romo.
We've got plenty of cap space after Doug Free and Tony Romo retiring. Dallas is no stranger to contr…
LeBron doing his best Tony Romo impersonation
Lol. Reminds me of how Seahawks Punter John Ryan has more NFC Championship TD passes than Tony Romo.
Tony Romo's parting gift: Cowboys about to receive $14 million more in cap space. What should they do with it?
At what point does leaving Tony Romo's locker intact become a distraction for the 2017 Cowboys? .
Should the Cowboys be turning Tony Romo's locker into a shrine?
No tie. Already, Tony Romo is taking cues from dale hansen.
WATCH: Tony Romo takes on new challenge as DJ. (SPEEDonFOX)
Tony Romo is not a hall of fame quarterback
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PSA my hatred for the cowboys has decreased by 50% due to Tony Romo being gone
Rick Gosselin: Did the Cowboys just find their next Tony Romo?: It's time for the Cowboys to find the next Tony……
Tony Romo to CBS, Jay Cutler to Fox... Colin Kaepernick to MSNBC? Maybe he can co-host a new show with Rachel Maddow.
No player has been given Tony Romo's locker at The Star in Frisco. Sits empty with no nameplate
Huston should sign Jay Cutler, why not? He is a slightly more healthier Tony Romo.
The biggest differences Tony Romo, Jay Cutler will face as rookies in broadcast...
Doc: Solomon Wilcots earned his time at CBS. And now, Tony Romo and Jay Cutler? via
"Tony Romo didn't deserve to win a Super Bowl. You don't get what you deserve, you get what you earn." — htt…
Tony Romo, Jason Witten and DeMarco Murray are partying like it's 2014 at the [Photo via demarcomurray/IG…
Party like it's 2014, Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray help Jason Witten ring in his 35th birthday in style at the
Maybe we shouldn't trust your opinion. Aren't you the same clown who wanted to start To…
Tony Romo's next pursuit of a championship will be in golf.
If you think the ' Tony Romo tribute.
Jay Cutler and Tony Romo leaving field for booth...
Tony Romo really gets treated like he won 3 plus NFL Super Bowls...he won 2 playoff games come on
Tony romo tried to win a playoff game
36 mafia can't weight 4 the sex tape...tony"ROMO". what his name"PRE$ MADEOFFTRUMP with your taxe$ dollar$
Jay Cutler may go the Tony Romo route, has auditioned for broadcasting career
Can former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo qualify for the U.S. Open?
Apparently Tony Romo has to borrow another man's hands for his new ESPN gig.
No Colin, no Tony Romo, Both overrated and CK has 2 more playoff wins than TR, it's about talent, fits and schemes
I'm actually a lot more curious to hear what Jay Cutler has to say than what Tony Romo has to say.
Dan just said Cowboys could've gone further w/ Tony Romo than Dak Prescott last season. Thoughts?
CBS should hire Jay Cutler to be Tony Romo's backup for the 8 games a year Tony will miss with back problems.
Wouldn't it be amazing if in 10 years we love Jay Cutler on TV and Tony Romo is long fired
“Tony Romo always wanted to be like his hero, Brett Favre,” Don Pedro said as he entered the newsroom. “And now...
tony romo signs with CBS and Jay Cutler signs with FOX...Kaepernick next set to be chief correspondent @ Breitbart Sports
Pop quiz: From Tony Romo to Jennifer Aniston. 1/5. Using the body mass index (BMI), is classified as _.
I imagine *** being a lot like listening to Troy Aikman, Joe Buck, Tony Romo and Jay Cutler for an eternity.
Jay Cutler & Tony Romo now retired after a combined 24 years in the NFL and a 3-5 playoff record.
Me every time I see Tony Romo's stupid face on my feed
⚡️ “Come on, ESPN, Tony Romo deserves better Photoshop than that”.
Tony Romo is attempting to qualify for the 2017 US Open!
Tony Romo one of 9,000 golfers trying to qualify for U.S. Open
Why is Tony Romo replacing Phil Simms at CBS >
Did the announcer just say Tony Romo?
Tony Romo > Jay Cutler on the football field . Tony Romo > Jay Cutler in the broadcast booth
Jay Cutler took the Tony Romo route,but Romo was plastic man with these injuries,Cutler flat out stunk that's why he went into broadcasting.
Both Tony Romo and Jay Cutler debuted in 2006 and now they're both heading to the booth this Fall
First Tony Romo, now Jay Cutler, 2 of the best to ever throw INT's are now retired.
Raiders, Patriots and maybe Tony Romo to star in Mexico's NFL encore - ESPN
Tony Romo announced his retirement on April 4th - 4/4. . Jay Cutler announced his retirement on May 5th - 5/5. . Who's it gonn…
"Will Cutler be a better analyst than Romo? (Yahoo Sports)" {by } via On May 05, 2017 at 10:36AM
🏈 Tony Romo is Going to Dominate Jay Cutler in the Booth Just Like on the Field
We might see Tony Romo in the U.S. Open before we see Tiger Woods in the U.S. Open...
If Romo gets in the us open whos a bigger draw Tony Romo or Tiger Woods
I read the news 2day. Jay Cutler as a broadcaster? Hmmm... I didn't see that coming. Then again, Tony Romo?
What are the odds that Tony Romo plays in a US Open before Tiger Woods does again?
Tony Romo will try to qualify for this year's U.S. Open. Experts anticipate a fierce back injury battle between him an…
Tony Romo to play in U.S. Open qualifier in Texas, per
[Larry Brown Sports] - Phil Simms says he was not blindsided by CBS hiring Tony Romo
It's extremely early, but based off of what I've seen so far:. Josh Rosen = Joe Flacco . Sam Darnold = Tony Romo. Josh Allen = Jay Cutler
John Unitas, Kurt Warner and Tony Romo weren't drafted, they turned out okay!
Elway beefs up his offensive line to protect ... Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch? Where have you gone, Tony Romo ...
Jeff Gordon, The Undertaker, Tony Romo, and now Dale Earnhardt Jr. My childhood is being beat like a dead horse now.
is Chris Paul the Tony Romo of the NBA?
Sergio Romo pitched as bad as Tony Romo in a playoff game
"My communications major at EIU will pay off in my new career as a sports commentator for -Tony Romo .
Tony Romo will call two Dallas Cowboys games this season with CBS via
Wire: 2017 NFL schedule: Here's when Tony Romo will likely call Cowboys games for CBS
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Tony Romo broke his collarbone on a sack by Eagles linebacker Jordan Hicks in 2015, and only played in three games htt…
Has Bill Polian claimed he had a first-round grade on Tony Romo yet?
Will Cowboys coach Jason Garrett and Tony Romo ever make up? |
Tony Romo is looking good at Mavericks practice, you guys think he will get any playing time? htt…
Brutal offseason for the Dallas Cowboys, losing key pieces on defense, Tony Romo and now most importantly Dean Blandino.
Dean Blandino to CBS? Makes sense given they just added Tony Romo.
Dean Blandino out as NFL's head official, joining Tony Romo at CBS |
Tony Romo retires & all a sudden Eli Manning is a criminal? C'Mon Man!I bet Romo started that rumor so he can't get another Super Bowl ring!
Listen to my new episode Colin Kapernick , who's the NBA MVP, Tony Romo. at
Aaron Rodgers hints at wanting to follow in Tony Romo's NBA footsteps
Tony Romo milked his "retirement" for all that it was worth. Way overdone in my opinion. He never made it to nan Super Bowl. Not nan.
Stephen A Smith bringing up race when it comes to Tony Romo hanging out with the mavs, but was quiet when Bobby Bowden made the single
Behind the scenes video of Jerry Jones saying goodbye to Tony Romo. (Video via
Tony Romo takes Devin Harris one on one. Nothing but net.
Tony Romo just cooked Devin Harris! Could have easily been 10K tonight on 🔥😂🔥
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Tony Romo will take you to school, right Devin Harris? 👀.
Tony Romo making Devin Harris look like an amateur. NOTHING BUT NET! 😂 .
While offensive line greeted Tony Romo in the tunnel during halftime, Jason Garrett is still courtside, talking w/ Donnie Nelson.
I bet the Over in the Mavs game because I thought Tony Romo would play and light it up. I wish I were kidding
Tony Romo is ballin' and ready to play for the Mavs. . 📹 ricogatherssr | Instagram
The last time I went for a round of golf, William Jackson tore his pec, and Tony Romo broke his back. What's going to happen this time?
Dallas skyline lit up all blue to honor Tony Romo
Tony Romo is hall of famer that gets no respect no credit all blame all becouse Jerry Jones failed to do his job as GM
Tony Romo is reportedly planning to retire and go into broadcasting
Wrote a farewell to Tony Romo that mentions TS Elliot,Drake,Snoop from the Wire and Rutherford B Hayes. This was fun ht…
on Tony Romo: 'He started this 88. All credit go to him. He's unbelievable' >> .
Mavericks plan to honor former Cowboys QB Tony Romo at home finale Tuesday - Marc Stein; intend to have him in un…
Story going online now detailing the Mavericks' plans to have Tony Romo on the bench and in uniform for the Denver game…
I don't pay much attention to Max Kellerman but he nailed it on this one - Tony Romo = Bobby Murcer.
i thought the Tony Roma restaurants were all owned by Tony Romo
"U were much more nervous going into a week vs Tony Romo than vs Eli Manning" . "Eli Manning is not a HOF qb" - Ryan…
Watching this segment on Adam Schein calling Tony Romo "the most underrated & under appreciated QB of al…
The hoops Marshawn Lynch has to jump through to play for the Raiders is precisely why Tony Romo asked to be released b…
Overall I think Tony Romo was a pretty *** good QB. Wanted to see him start for someone else one last season. Bummer
Hey, Tony Romo is unemployed... Maybe we can get him to fix Syria or something. He can't be any worse than Kushner.
Tony Romo holds almost all the Cowboys' passing records for a franchise that has two Hall of Fame QBs in Roger Staubach and…
So now we'll have Troy Aikman calling Redskins games for Fox and Tony Romo calling them for CBS. That's just great.
Tony Romo and Troy Aikman should broadcast every Cowboys game from now until the end of time.
Tony Romo is gonna be a much better broadcaster than Troy Aikman
Tony Romo saved the Cowboys from abyss at quarterback following the retirement of Troy Aikman. Never forget
Troy Aikman leading at Fox. Tony Romo at CBS. Michael Irvin at NFL Network. The media is all
Just remembered now during games we gotta hear Troy Aikman with Fox and Tony Romo with CBS. 😷
Troy Aikman is a *** Tony Romo landed Jessica Simpson in her prime, who's the real winner?
Here's a list of QB's that have more playoff wins than Tony Romo(2):. Mark Sanchez. Colin Kaepernick. Cam Newton. Mark…
Wishing a happy retirement to Tony Romo... the QB with as many playoff wins as Rex Grossman and half as many as Mark San…
Truly amazed that so many people dislike Phil Simms and Tony Romo. Can we all just agree to not like Cris Collinsworth?
Void of experience, can Tony Romo really go from the field, or training room, right to the seat next to Jim Nantz? I do wish him well.
Tony Romo saved the Cowboys from QB purgatory, and now his legacy grows to saving Jim Nantz (& 32 fanbases) from Phil Sim…
CBS makes it official: Tony Romo in the booth with Jim Nantz.. Related Articles:
Tony Romo is calling it quits. Call me crazy, but he deserves to be in the hall of fame.
ALREADY HIRED: Newly retired ex-QB Tony Romo to join as Jim Nantz's colour analyst for gam…
Jim Nantz and Tony Romo gonna be a CBS snooze fest. Fox isn't much better but still
Tony Romo now will be in line to work with Jim Nantz as the color commentator for Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, Georgia.
"Welcome to the on CBS, I'm Jim Nantz joined by Tony Romo who, as many expected, already injured himself.".
Now that he's on CBS, the only time Tony Romo will ever get injured is when Jim Nantz accidentally drops a mic on his Achilles
Did Jon Daniels do anything in the offseason to make this team better? One day youll realize hes as overrated as the clownloving Tony Romo.
Tony Romo has 1 more playoff win than Jay Cutler
CBS reportedly outbid Fox for Tony Romo, who will jump to their team. No word on where Phil Simms will land yet.
JT sounds off on Tony Romo leapfrogging Phil Simms as the top NFL analyst for CBS!
Tony Romo is replacing the guy who farted on Jim Nantz. (Phil Simms) God Bless 🙏🏻
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Tony Romo deserves to be in the HOF solely due to kicking Phil Simms out of the booth.
Tony Romo has officially intercepted Phil Simms career at CBS.
Tony Romo retires from Cowboys, will replace Phil Simms on CBS -
Tony Romo couldn't bring himself to use the word 'retired.'
CBS leaves door open for Phil Simms' return after hiring Tony Romo to re.. Related Articles:
This is a crazy day in sports media first Sage Steele now Phil Simms is getting the boot from CBS for Tony Romo
Exactly 12 hours ago, I saw Tony Romo trending and thought of Tony Roma's and wanted ribs. I need to eat something.
Ernie Johnson has some advice for Tony Romo before he starts his new broadcasting gig. (
Just told Trisha's family that Tony Roma's is not founded by or affiliated with Tony Romo and it was like telling them Santa isn't real
Tony Romo retires to cut romas at Tony Roma's in Rome
Breaking: Tony Romo retiring to work at Tony Roma's
Tony Romo Gets Solid TV Advice from Ernie Johnson (VIDEO) - Tony Romo should take some notes -- 'cause Ernie Jo...
Tony Romo may be retiring, but he'll always be remembered in our hearts as "no, not the steakhouse, for the last time, that's Tony Roma's."
Why couldn't Tony Romo go to NBC and replace Cris Collinsworth? 😔
The Cowboys have officially released QB Tony Romo, who will become the lead NFL analyst for CBS.
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Statement from Jerry Jones, who wishes "all the best" to Tony Romo.
The statements from owner Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett on Tony Romo's retirement:
Time to retire my annual Tony Romo injury joke. "Tony Romo's ribs are bad; Tony Roma's ribs are worse."
My favorite Tony Romo moment might be the time he blew a 23 point lead against the Matt Flynn-led Packers @ Dallas in 2013. Def top 3...
BREAKING: Cowboys have turned in paperwork to release QB Tony Romo, officially making him a FA should he decide to return.…
Tony Romo has been a major piece of Cowboys history.
I saw Tony Romo trending and I got excited cuz for a second there I thought it said Tony Roma's and I love their ribs.
I always felt like I was supporting Tony Romo when I ate at Tony Roma's.
Hey Rome, Tony Romo just needs to make sure he speaks clearly and thoughtfully. He can just follow my lead, Shannon Sharp
Tony Romo retired from football today at age 36. . Hard to believe George Blanda played 12 years longer. 🏈…
I just realized that Dallas QB Tony Romo and rib restaurant chain Tony Roma's are, in fact, separate and unrelated phenomena
Retiring Cowboys QB Tony Romo has verbally agreed to a deal with CBS, according to report.
Tony Romo leaves Dallas Cowboys with a complicated legacy
[Wisconsin State Journal] - Dallas Cowboys all-time passing leader Tony Romo reportedly retiring after 14 seasons
*Tony Romo goes to hand in his retirement papers to the Dallas Cowboys front office but he fumbles them & the defense…   10% Off
Full coverage of Tony Romo, including what's next here:
BREAKING: Former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo retires from the NFL to pursue career in broadcasting
The games (and injuries) that defined Tony Romo's career with the Dallas Cowboys.
BREAKING: Tony Romo is retiring and plans to pursue a job in broadcasting, according to multiple reports
Tony Romo is reportedly retiring, which means his last NFL game was a Cowboys loss to the Eagles
The Dallas Cowboys never did all it could to help Tony Romo win a Super Bowl, but Romo still gave all he had to the Cowb…
Tony Romo's unlikely rise changed the NFL - ESPN
Memorable moments of Tony Romo's 14 years with the Dallas Cowboys
and Tony Romo reached an end of their drama. He is set to retire from football, as Dallas was set to release him, as…
Tony Romo was undrafted but burdened with huge expectations, in an era that altered how teams scout QBs.
Tony Romo's final pass with the Dallas Cowboys: TD to Terrance Williams
.checks in with 9 games that defined Tony Romo's career with Dallas
From "The Botched Hold" to a comeback playoff win over Detroit, Tony Romo's career was shaped by ups and downs.
Tony Romo spins away from JJ Watt and delivers a 43 yard TD pass to T-Will!
Thank you for everything Tony Romo. You will always be a part of
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Tony Romo, after a long NFL career, has decided to throw in the towel. The towel was immediately intercepted
Texans fans waking up and seeing that Tony Romo is retiring
As a non biased Jets fan, I'm gonna tip my hat to Tony Romo. That man gave everything he had for the cowboys organizat…
Sportscenter leading off with tony romo instead of UNC is trash
With Tony Romo retiring the Houston Texans have named Matt Saracen their new starting quarterback.
Tony Romo NEVER played a game for the where he was mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. He always gave…
Stop bashing Tony Romo, especially when you have accomplished nothing in your lives
Tony Romo's new broadcasting contract will only be for regular season games.
It's ridiculous that Tony Romo is a bigger headline on ESPN than the national championship game
NFL world in 2017: former FOX analyst John Lynch is 49ers' GM. Former Cowboys' QB Tony Romo will be in broadcast booth.
Still go back to this audio of Romo from our show a few yrs ago... listen to him talk about playing for another team https:/…
Broncos' interest in pursuing Tony Romo was always, and almost without fail, vastly overrated since end of last se…
Re-heating this now that he's retired: Tony Romo deserved so much more than he got
Tony Romo leaving football for broadcasting
Tony Romo leaves Dallas as one of the best QBs in Cowboys history.
How much of Tony Romo being underrated was people just assuming the Cowboys always had loads of talent because they were the Co…
If Tony Romo got Phil Simms out the paint, he's a Hall of Famer to me.
"Tony Romo replacing Phil Simms as top analyst at CBS next season (Sports Business Journal)" vi App:
If you fail to recognize Tony Romo as a great QB because he was a "choker" or "not clutch," I'll probably never respect you…
Wow! ESPN report: Tony Romo to retire and go into broadcasting 👀
Tony Romo's phone has been blowing up since deciding to retire from the NFL to pursue broadcasting:
So ... Maybe we get Tony Romo at the Masters this weekend.
Tony Romo shouldn't get the chance to call a playoff game until two years from now.
From jokes to tributes, the internet had mixed reactions to Tony Romo's reported retirement. http…
How Tony Romo got the news from CBS
Tony Romo will be calling 2017's Thanksgiving Game with Jim Nantz on . So freaking epic.
National reaction: Tony Romo is the new Brett Favre; Romo replacing Phil Simms would be 'total crap'
Don't worry about Phil Simms, he'll still get to call postseason games because Tony Romo never shows up for the playoffs.
Confirmed: No reason for to cut Tony Romo. He can officially retire on June 2, they are able to split his cap hit ov…
when u find u just got cuckd by Tony Romo
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Tony Romo to Agent: "What are my options after I get released?". Agent: "The Browns are on line 1". Tony Romo: "Broadcasting…
How Tony Romo still feels after retiring. Merica.
Tony Romo was one of the best undrafted players in NFL history.
to wish Tony Romo a happy retirement 😁!.
.is joining as their color analyst. Get ready for Thanksgiving. ✭ by
Tony Romo is reportedly joining CBS and replacing Phil Simms in the booth
Tony Romo is going to CBS, as reported. Will be CBS' No. 1 color analyst, matched with Jim Nantz.
Tony Romo is going to save me from Phil Simms
Tony Romo's performance at Wembley a few years ago got me into American football so 👏👏
More TV news: Sports Business Journal's John Ourand reports Tony Romo is joining CBS and expected to replace Simms on No…
When Cowboys fans heard that Tony Romo is retiring.
Tony Romo should never be in the Hall of Fame
cowboyswire​.usatoday​.com >> Tony Romo could do CBS golf coverage in addition to NFL
THIS JUST IN: Tony Romo injured after tripping during walk to podium to announce retirement. Broadcasting career put on hold…
After 14 seasons with the What a career, Tony Romo. 👏
Tony Romo is the best Dallas Cowboys QB of all time. It's a fact don't @ me
Tony Romo is leaving football and going into broadcasting, even with Dallas planning to release him today, sources tell
What’s next for Broncos, Texans?: With quarterback Tony Romo apparently out of play for the foreseeable future, the…
tony romo retires. now he can fulfill his real destiny of turning the rib spot "Tony Roma's " into "Tony Romo's".
Tony Romo will replace Phil Simms as CBS top analyst
Tony Romo, Cris Collinsworth, Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, or the cokehead from Redzone. Looks like I'll be sticking to MNF with my boy Jon Gruden
Tony Romo is the Jared Kushner of broadcasting.
Tony Romo to retire, become yet another commentator
This is almost heartbreaking to see Tony Romo retire 😢😭😭
Liking this CBS replacing Phil Simms with Tony Romo news. Never forgave Simms for saying that Aaron Freaking Bailey caught the ball.
A punctured lung. Broken collarbones. A ruptured disc. Tony Romo played through a lot as QB of the Cowboys.
Y'all *** wanna hate on Tony Romo for retiring with no rings but ya momma ain't ever had one either and nobody ever said…
End of an era in Dallas. Thank you Tony Romo.
ESPN: Tony Romo chose his own health over chance at that elusive Super Bowl ring.
Tony Romo doing Tony Romo things. Gets picked off by Nate Allen. up 33-10 with 4:13 left.
wow, I can't believe Super Bowl champion and MVP Tony Romo is retiring, what a great career
**BREAKING NEWS**. CBS wins bidding war for Tony Romo also has exclusive contract with Cowboys (Jerry Jones) that he ca…
Please replace Cris Collinsworth with Tony Romo!!! That would remove the only flaw of football Sundays!
Tip of the cap Tony Romo. Forever in lore.
Tony Romo plans to retire from football, go into broadcasting
Tony Romo better not be replacing Cris Collinsworth
More on Tony Romo decision to leave football and go into broadcasting:.
Tony Romo heading into broadcasting over football.
And just like that: Tony Romo turns to be a talking head. Maybe, with luck, somebody ditches Merrill Hoge!
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