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Tony Romo

Antonio Ramiro Tony Romo (born April 21, 1980) is a professional American football quarterback in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys.

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Breaking News Sports Fans.The Cowboys will release Tony Romo, the 14-year veteran into free…
Wanna say thanks to Tony Romo. You carried our team through some tough years. You gave the Star everything. Good luck
Tony Romo only won 1 playoff game with Cowboys. Can he do better with another NFL team? Does he ever win a Super Bowl?
BREAKING: The Cowboys will release Tony Romo on Thursday, sources told and
Tony Romo to the "Everything about Denver says they're a quarterback away from winning the Super Bowl."…
Discussions about David Irving, Terrance Williams, Ron Leary, Barry Church, Tony Romo and more on today’s
Jerry Jones is not ready to close the door on Tony Romo remaining with the Cowboys in 2017 and beyond.
Tony Romo teaching his kids how to play football is the funniest thing ever
By this time next weekend Tony Romo will be the Broncos QB, Andrew Whitworth the left tackle and Brandon Marshall the No. 3 WR. . I hope.
Tony Romo joined Instagram with this hilarious video of his children playing football 😂
Play a potential and unprecedented three-way deal forward… inquire about Cousins. talk about Tony Romo.
Tony Romo shared this vid of his kids playing on football on Instagram, which in true Romo fashion ended with an incom…
Tony Romo is on Instagram now and the world is a better place for it.
Where will Tony Romo play in 2017? President George W. Bush, Jimmy Kimmel weigh in - Dallas News (blog)
Jason Garrett keeps it coy when it comes to Cowboys’ plans for Tony Romo:
Tony Romo and Adrian Peterson are expected to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, sources say via LeBron James.
Current NFL QB market: . Tony Romo. Jay Cutler. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Josh McCown. Belichick is salivating right now
*** Adrian Peterson, Jamal Charles, Eddie Lacey, and Tony Romo. Great crop of ageing talent available for teams that are a player away.
Cleveland Browns have approx $110M in cap space, maybe they should sign Tony Romo and Adrian Peterson
Here's what Emmanuel Sanders said about playing with Tony Romo
LA Trading for Ben Bishop is hockey's equivalent of the Green Bay Packers adding Tony Romo to backup Aaron Rodgers
so Ryan Tannehill is taking the Dolphins to the SB? What about Tony Romo?
I swear I just heard "How about that quarterback?!" line in Sportscenter's Tony Romo feature. Uh, what you doin?
Fun Fact: Both you and Tony Romo have never won a SuperBowl
This guy just said if the texans add Tony Romo they are a Super Bowl contender 😂 just stop talking
Las Vegas likes Broncos' odds of landing Tony Romo
Vivik Ranadive might like Buddy Hield more than Jerry Jones likes loves Tony Romo. That's hard to do.
Jerry Jones’ biggest fear is Tony Romo winning a Super Bowl elsewhere. He is going to replace Dak with Romo. More
Jerry Jones used to read 'Oh the places you'll go' to Tony Romo.
If Jerry Jones allows Tony Romo to go to Washington then you just handed them the division title.
a few years ago, sure. I'd take present day Ryan Tannehill, over present day Tony Romo, any day of the week.
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2-21-17 Ben Allbright joins the show: Helping Danny & Ryan with the latest on Tony Romo
The Miami Dolphins need to go get Tony Romo and this proves it.
Tony Romo winning the Super Bowl with the boys would have me looking like that kid from the macaroni commercial that gets his dad arrested
I think we should bring in Ryan Fitzpatrick to compete with Tony Romo.
Obviously, Tony Romo has never played WR in college. Did you know Ryan Tannehill played WR in college?
Cowboys go release Tony Romo make cap space?👀🤔
I handle criticism of Tony Romo and Taylor Swift better than anybody.
Fantasy football offseason wish list. 1. Alshon Jeffery to the Eagles. 2. Tony Romo to the Broncos. More ⬇️
Where is the best fit for Tony Romo?
Wire: Jerry Jones: I don't even want to think about Tony Romo leaving Cowboys
Myles Garrett’s plea to Jerry Jones: Trade Tony Romo to Browns and make me a Cowboy.
Myles Garrett is on cloud 9 if he thinks he's worthy of being traded for Tony Romo. Lol
Myles Garrett is pleading for Jerry Jones to trade Tony Romo to the Browns so Cowboys can draft him with the pick.…
Myles Garrett pleads with Jerry Jones for to trade Tony Romo to Browns for 1st pick and draft him: [
.doesn't see any way Tony Romo can stay on the Cowboys' roster in 2017. PODCAST:…
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I don't want Adrian Peterson, Tony Romo, Brandon Carr, Orlando Scandrick, or Terrance Williams on the Cowboys roster next season. Period
I was told by an agent 2day RE: Tony Romo: 1.Arizona 2. Would love to do TV 3. Houston. Dolphins have ZERO interest. Mr. T doesnt want that.
Cowboys’ Tony Romo not considering retirement, report says: The Tony Romo Hot Stove League was stoked to a……
Tony Romo has no plans to retire despite interest from TV networks:.
Would you rather: Tony Romo, Jimmy Garoppolo or draft a QB? (
Disappointed in the biggest threats to hold off the Cowboy fans thinking, "These guys'll fold as Tony Romo to
Rob Gronkowski silences the haters, and Tony Romo confirms what we've all been thinking!.
Hey why no documentary about Tony Romo. Out of Nowhere: The Tony Romo Story
Tony Romo has the chiefs on his wishlist. I would legit cry tears of joy lol. Tony!!!
Dak Prescott supports Tony Romo leaving Cowboys if that's what he wants to do
NFL: Romo + D-Ware. Together again on the Broncos next season?
Cowherd just said tony romos wish list consists of broncos chiefs cards and one other team I forgot. Romo coming 2 KC is real possibility
Tony Romo wants to be traded to Texans, Cards, Broncos, or Chiefs:
Report on Tony Romo: ‘No one expects him to return’ to Cowboys Jerry Jones can stop pretending……
Dak Prescott: It'd be hard to see Tony Romo elsewhere
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If one more person makes a joke about Tony Romo going to the Dodgers I'm gonna kiss that person on the mouth. No on…
Where will Tony Romo be in 2017?. can't answer that, but he did tell us what he'd like for Romo:
Romo + D-Ware. Together again on the next season?
Tony Romo the only QB thay will have Tom Brady going to the Pro Bowl.
If release Tony Romo, have not ruled out going after QB, according to KUSA-TV's Mike Klis:…
Mike Klis of reports could have interest in Tony Romo if a free agent. Translation; Not trading for that contract.
Broncos interested in Romo, but only as a FA - Tony Romo | DAL Mike Klis of 9News Denver reports…
“I’m not going to get into that at all – whether we’ve talked or not,” Jerry Jones said on Tony Romo. .
Tony Romo & John Elway Take Photo Together in DC, But Chances He Goes to Broncos are Slim v…
Tony Romo with John Elway at House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's victory party (photo from
Tony Romo hanging out with GM John Elway adds fuel to trade rumors.
"I really think Kansas City is the most logical spot for Tony Romo." - Bill Simmons on his podcast.
USC-PennSt Rose Bowl: Matthew Stafford had better QB: Brady or Tony Romo gets off Pro Bowl's biggest snub and Miesha Tate
Also breaking: Tony Romo and Jay Cutler were just traded to England.
What if Brady retires after he wins the SB... They trade JimmyG bc that's what Bill does. & then Tony Romo becomes a NE Patriot. & HOF'r.
We are about to see an off season where Tony Romo, Tyrod Taylor, Jay Cutler, and Kirk Cousins are all FAs aren't we?
Just throwing it out there. but the idea of Tony Romo playing in Kansas City next year is REALLY interesting
Tyrod Taylor, Jay Cutler, Tony Romo, and Phillip Rivers are ALL clear, clear upgrades over Brock. Anyone debating this is a moron.
Jerry Jones not shutting door on Cowboys' options for Tony Romo
Today Bryce Petty, Matt Moore, RG3, Matt Barkley, Colin Kaepernick and Tom Savage all started. How can Tony Romo sleep at night…
Tony Romo for Sheldon Richardson sounds like a Woody Johnson move.
Tony Romo for Sheldon Richardson straight up, it couldn't happen - could it? Should it?
would Sheldon Richardson and Darrelle Revis for Tony Romo trade work? Of course Revis would move to safety.
not saying u want this or this is good but maybe Jets would do this: Richardson & Revis (who isn't good anymore) for Tony Romo.
Was Sunday the last time you'll see Tony Romo in a Cowboys uniform? - Dallas News (blog)
Troy Aikman and Joe Buck are a_ _holes for insinuating that Tony Romo should be put in the game.
Maybe Tony Romo can remain in Texas ...and become the Texans QB!
You guys are better than that, don't start with the "they should've started Tony Romo talks" !!! Good season Dallas
Dak Prescott shines, but playoff debut spoiled by Aaron Rodgers, Packers
The Tony Romo question could take center stage today
All purpose parts banner
Tony Romo sitting on the sideline like...
Brock Osweiler has as many playoff wins as a starting quarterback as: Tony Romo and Dak Prescott combined.
Yall turned your back on Tony Romo for a rookie QB with Tory Lanez hairline. You deserve this
As much as I hate tony romo being an eagles fan that is crazy to think about
Tony Romo never wins the big game. Oh, wait.
Report: Tony Romo still wants to play for the Denver Broncos but they are not interested - Yahoo Sports…
Breaking NEWS. Tony Romo has a broken jaw from eating chocolate pudding!!.
Tony Romo reportedly wants to play for Broncos next season
Trading Tony Romo is Cowboys' top offseason priority
I'm pretty sure you can tackle Tony Romo
As for the Cowboys they played a hellva game and had a good season. I didn't think we would win one game without Tony Romo.
Dak Prescott’s playoff performance should formally end Tony Romo’s time with the .
That was Tony Romo's last game as a Cowboy
Tony Romo should've been playing if he started messing up then change quarterbacks Romo should've had this.
For what will probably be the final time. The final drive and touchdown pass of Tony Romo's career in Dallas.
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Tony Romo is the number one all-time fourth-quarter comeback quarterback according to statistics
If Tony Romo learns how to play defensive back he might actually get some playing time.
2 things Dallas have to do before next season 1 Move Tony Romo. 2 Get some corners to play real defense Dallas...
Regardless of what Dak Prescott does this afternoon, remember that Tony Romo beat the Packers @ Lambo two years ago.
If the Cowboys can get anything decent for Tony Romo that's a plus for them.
Andy Reid Sims Bell What Americans will look like by 2050! Tony Romo Michael Gove Rodgers Eric Fisher
Tony Romo is going to look great taking the Broncos to the AFC Championship game next year.
Exciting regular season, extremely high playoff expectations, and a quick exit. It's almost like Tony Romo never left.
Tony Romo low key happy the Cowboys loss.
Some how... some way... Tony Romo was still the cause of the cowboy loss today
If Tony Romo isn't a Cowboy next year, where will he play? Breaking down the possibilities here
Tony Romo may want to be in Denver next season, but the Broncos reportedly aren’t inclined to trade for Cowboys QB
Dear Lord, grant me one wish: Tony Romo comes in, leads the all the way back, then turns it over on the game's fin…
Tony Romo on the Cowboys sideline like...
"I've taught you well my young jedi. This is how you lose a playoff game." - Tony Romo
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Lost in the drama of that ending is that we probably just saw Tony Romo's last game as a Cowboy.
I'm starting to think Tony Romo just doesn't have what it takes to win a Super Bowl as a backup quarterback.
Tony Romo hung around for a little bit, shook hands with several Packers, slapped hands with a few fans and then walked off…
"You deserve better." Most likely Tony Romo's last time walking off the field at AT&T stadium as a Cowboy. Wow💔
Tony Romo and Wade Phillips laughing like a MF
“If you want to talk about maturity and leadership, you don’t have to look much further than Tony Romo.”
Tony Romo, big money while sitting on bench. Past I'd have to say Emmitt smith Successful + long career!
The are a Tony Romo away from going to a Super Bowl. Not even kidding. Make it happen Rick Smith
Dak Prescott is in control of Tony Romo's legacy
Tony Romo would lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. Not sure about Dak Prescott
Could the New York Jets trade Sheldon Richardson for Tony Romo? via
10 years ago today Tony Romo botched a 19-yard field goal snap late in the 4Q vs. the Seahawks in the playoffs...they lost…
Dak Prescott enjoyed watching his former idol, Tony Romo via
Jerry Jones defends Tony Romo, Jason Witten trip to Cabo in 2007
Dallas Cowboys: The best Cowboys memes of 2016: Trolling the NFC East, no mercy for Tony Romo | SportsDay…
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"10 out of 10 times I'm taking Jimmy Garoppolo over Tony Romo." —
Hey, remember that time Tony Romo was vilified for taking a few days off..during a bye week?
Bold prediction 2017? Sean Peyton and Tony Romo reunite in Denver!
Tony Romo shows he’s ready for the playoffs ... if the Cowboys need him
BREAKING: He's back! Tony Romo plays for Cowboys for first time since 2015
offense clicks in Philly with Tony Romo under center, but was this his last ride? |
Tony Romo's 1st TD pass of the season?. Absolutely PERFECT.
The first touchdown in 2017... A Tony Romo pass!. Some things never change 😉.
Tony Romo's limited playing time failed to enhance trade value for Cowboys, so what was the point?
I'll tell ya what, it was great seeing Tony Romo back on the field today. Tony the Tiger is also great, man. I love me som…
Tony Romo on throwing deep on first attempt "If you're going to play you might as well be aggressive."
Like old times: Tony Romo to Terence Williams for a touchdown vs. the Eagles -- VIDEO.…
.says John Elway should call Jerry Jones about Tony Romo, but doesn't want to trade QB:…
Tony Romo gave the their first touchdown of the game.
Proud!!!RT Tony Romo's first TD pass of the season!!!
Tony Romo on his first drive... TD pass to Terrance Williams
For the first time in 402 days, Tony Romo takes the field in a regular season game
Tony Romo throws his first completion this year to Terence Williams. . .
Report: Tony Romo will take some snaps against the Eagles. Dak Prescott will get the start.
Sean Lee: It's fun going against Tony Romo in practice b/c of how good he is, how savvy he is. Going against an elite QB ma…
Great article, so true!! Tony Romo is a class act, love his heart and his example of true sportsmanship. His team...
Sounds like backup QB Tony Romo successfully fought his way under center Sunday for a series or 2, as ESPN reported.…
had Tony Romo take almost no snaps Wednesday, then a slight increase Thursday. Mark Sanchez should still get majorit…
Could Tony Romo make a comeback during
Ronda Rousey kinda reminding me of Tony Romo
I don't think there is a good "landing spot" for Tony Romo. He's missed every game since his most recent "landing".
Tony Romo is making his return to the football field on Sunday:
The day Tony Romo leaves Dallas, I'm going to cry.
If the Texans get tony Romo the NFL will purposely schedule them to play the cowboys Early in the season.
If the Texans got Tony Romo I wouldn't know whether to laugh until my ribs crack or off myself lol.
Tony Romo is expected to play some Sunday vs Eagles
Troy Aikman says Tony Romo should want to get live reps vs. Eagles
Tony Romo is playing this weekend sooo
Can we stop lying to ourselves and saying Tony Romo is a good QB
also, the disrespect for Tony Romo is unreal. he's a top 10 QB when healthy
Tony Romo is expected to play vs the Eagles on Sunday. He's also expected to be back in the hospital with new broken b…
BREAKING NEWS: . Dak Prescott down at the goaline, Tony Romo said to fill in
Unless the Bills are somehow sure that they'll be able to get Tony Romo, they're about to be the biggest losers of the offseason
Does Tony Romo want to play? Jason Garrett: "Absolutely. He's a great competitor. He loves to play football."
⚡️ “Tony Romo is reportedly expected to play in season finale vs. Eagles”.
The guys talk Tony Romo's future, recap the season, Dez big game, and home field advantage at Jerry's World. Listen: ht…
Dak rests & Tony gets to work on his trade value 👌🏽Let's freak out if Jerry starts Romo in a must win game
I've always believed Tony Romo should play to get acclimated to speed of game if needed in playoffs. If he's too fragile,…
A prepared Tony Romo is a turnover machine. Tony Romo without seeing the field since 2015? Have to take the Eagles.
Cowboys' QB Tony Romo is expected to play Sunday vs Eagles for the first time since Thanksgiving 2015, sources tell
Tony Romo's success outside of a Cowboys uniform will be just as beneficial to jerry and the organiz…
Botte: Why Eli Manning and Tony Romo both need snaps on Sunday
Tony Romo set to see limited playing time Sunday
Tony Romo expected to see some action Sunday
Will he or won't he? Better question is why wouldn't Tony Romo play vs. Eagles?
Dak Prescott still will start Sunday, but Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez are expected to see action; for how long remains to…
Sports predictions for '17: Tony Romo, Chris Paul, Bryce Harper on the move via
One day, everyone should strive to find someone who's as into them as Jerry Jones is into Tony Romo. That love affair is inte…
Had no idea Dez Bryant would have a pass attempt this year before Tony Romo
Yo for a sec I thought they were gonna play Tony romo
EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears says Jerry Jones would be crazy to play Tony Romo
EXCLUSIVE: DJ Khaled voices his support for Dak Prescott over Tony Romo
Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott will start vs. Eagles; will Tony Romo or Mark Sanchez back him up? |
Dak Prescott has set a record for most games with a 100-plus passer rating (11). Tony Romo had two years with 10…
Jerry Jones: Tony Romo will play only if Dak Prescott is injured
Fun fact- Dez Bryant has thrown more passes (1) than Tony Romo has this season
Dez Bryant with more passing touchdowns than Tony Romo this season. 2016 is the weirdest year ever.
If Jerry Jones starts Tony Romo in the playoffs I hope they lose
Steve Young says if you want to win a Super Bowl, you need to play Tony Romo next week; Jon Gruden says yes, too.
I'm calling it right now. Tony Romo to the in 2017. will buy time to find long term solution at QB by acquiring Romo.
tony romo died for this. salute that man. build his statue outside of AT&T stadium already
Britney Spears has a warning for Jerry Jones if he's thinking about playing Tony Romo
Tony Romo walked to the locker room with Jerry Jones's grandson, Highland Park QB John Stephen Jones...
"Dez Bryant has thrown more passes this season than Tony Romo."
Cowboys did not want to take risk by playing Tony Romo
Who do you need to take it inside with?
Dez Bryant has more passing td's than Tony Romo during the regular season 👀
David Irving, on DL playing short handed: "When you're in *** don't stop -- go through it. And take your opponent through h…
Can't throw Tony Romo out there like a scrub with 3 mins left in a blowout. He deserves more respect than that.
Chants for Romo in AT&T Stadium. Similar to the chants on October 23rd, 2006… when Tony came into our lives also on Monday Nig…
BREAKING: Tony Romo has gotten off the bench for the Cowboys, and gone to get some water. He was thirsty.
Jerry Jones says the Cowboys will start Dak Prescott vs. the Eagles. Not worth "risking" Tony Romo. .
Dez Bryant has now thrown for more touchdowns than Tony Romo this season
Dak Prescott posted a passer rating over 100 for the 11th time this season. That's a new Cowboys record. Tony Romo did it 1…
Star-Telegram: As the backup, Tony Romo should have played
As the backup, Tony Romo should have played
Veteran QBs I'd have interest in for the is Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, Matt Schaub and Brian Hoyer in that order.
That awkward moment when you realize that Dontari Poe has more passing TDs than Tony Romo this season.
New drinking game. Drink every time Chris collinsworth and Al Michaels mention Tony Romo during Sunday night fooltball games.
The should be smart and start Alfred Morris and Tony Romo se we don't get a injury going into the play offs👌🏻👀
Merry Christmas to everybody except Tony Romo, and people who enjoy Mac Miller
Eagles fans be like: Chase Daniel > Dak Prescott, Tony Romo, Joe Montana COMBINED
"[Jerry Jones] is about to replace Dak Prescott with Tony Romo for the playoff run." —
Cowboys' Tony Romo: 'Sean Lee is best linebacker in NFL'
Jerry Jones matches Zeke by donating Tony Romo to the Salvation Army.
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Tony Romo to the Cardinals? Speculation continues. I'm okay with this.
i'm excited to see Tony Romo start for the Dallas Cowboys next week
Did Al Michaels really just make an analogy equating Tony Romo with Ryan Nassib?
Did Chris Collinsworth really just compare Ryan Nassib to Tony Romo? Lmao!
Al "savage" Michaels just compared Tony Romo to Ryan Nassib 💀💀💀
did Al Michaels just compare Tony Romo to Ryan Nassib? Dumbest thing I've heard in a long time.
I've always been a big Al Michaels fan but comparing Tony Romo to Ryan Nassib is just criminal.
Al Michaels is a legend but let's stop comparing Ryan Nassib and Tony Romo please
if u cut Brian Cushing and JJ Watt retires before june 1st 2017, youll have enough cap space to get Tony Romo.u knew that
Tony Romo (hrc) threw for 500 yrds and Matt Ryan (djt) only threw for 480.but Ryan's team won. Does it make more sense that way?
Matt Ryan is the Tony Romo of the NFC South.
Rex Ryan will be the coach of the jags next season with Tony Romo as QB.
Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill about to be like Dak and Tony Romo position swap if he continues.
Would you have brought Tony Romo in for Eli Manning in the game? (25:50)
Tony Romo sitting beside Jerry Jones today at AT&T Stadium as Jerry watches his grandson QB Highland Park in state-title ga…
Chip Kelly goes to ECU as HC. Tony Romo to ESPN. Rex Ryan goes back to toe sucking
Matt Ryan is bad. Matt Ryan is good. Tony Romo is good. Tony Romo is bad. Kirk Cousins is good. . Kirk Cousins is bad.
The mere idea that Tony Romo should take over is ridiculous. Dak has had a plus-100 rating in 10-of-13 games. Only Brady and Ryan better.
As much as I love Dak.. he is not the gun slinger that Tony Romo is. He made average players like Terrance Williams loo…
Cowboys say there are no plans to go with Tony Romo over Dak Prescott
Jerry Jones now that he got a reason to insert Tony Romo into the starting lineup
Dak Prescott had his 3rd straight underwhelming performance, is now the time to switch to Tony Romo?
NBC puts Tony Romo in witness protection while fans demand he replace Dak Prescott
Tony Romo's return a no-go as Cowboys shoot down benching Dak Prescott.
btw Tony Romo wins that gm tonight by 2 TDs. If Prescott plays another putrid game mark my words, Romo back in picture
Dak Prescott has had an absolutely amazing rookie year but Tony Romo will give Dallas the best chance at winning the Super Bowl
Tony Romo may as well retire. This is Dak Prescott's team now
have 4 games to make a call on Tyrod Taylor. No decision yet. A dark horse for Tony Romo if they move on…
This is why I've never been able to be a fan. "Jerry Jones dreaming of Hollywood finish for Cowboys with Tony Romo":.
Now that's comical. Jerry Jones thinks he can convince Tony Romo to stay with the Dallas Cowboys.
The Herd with Colin Cowherd - Joe Theismann on Tony Romo & Ben Roethlisberger on Antonio Brown: via
Tony Romo would be the perfect replacement for Jeff Fisher. Hollywoddd! High ratings & he can coach. Box office
Uncle:"When I go to Dallas I'm getting you a Tony Romo jersey". Cousin:"I'll probably get hurt wearing it" 😂
Ezekiel Elliott was picked via the Eagles trading up to keep Carson Wentz from us and Jordan Hicks breaking Tony Romo's collarbone.
Im thankful for Tony Romo, don't get me wrong Dak is great, but what a guy
Andy Grammer doing his best Tony Romo impression laying on the field.
What a day with the Cowboys. It began with owner Jerry Jones calling Randy Gregory our ugly baby. Ended with Tony Romo'…
Kurt Warner definitely made a jive turkey of himself with that Tony Romo take. John Elway says publicly he wants nothing to do with Romo...
They'll keep Caldwell, try to salvage Bortles with Scott Skiles in 2017, then blow everything up in 2018 offseason & trade for Tony Romo
I now listen to trade Tony Romo and Dez Bryant doesn't need to build a big-play wavelength.
[Dallas Morning News] One big difference between the playing styles of Tony Romo and Dak Prescott
FUN FACT: Tony Romo has zero fumbles and zero interceptions during the Cowboys 9-game win streak.
had! We talking today and he beat y'all without it. Kirk Cousins is a less accomplished Tony Romo.
Andrew Luck, Phillip Rivers, Matt Ryan & Tony Romo could never do what Russ Wilson does lol
Tony Romo is active today as backup QB, so in case Dak Prescott gets hurt, he can come in and get the team back to 8-8… featured in NBC s Science of Love
The moment when Tony Romo was told he would be Dak Prescott's backup
let's make a deal.. Tony Romo for Von Miller? 👍🏼
Tony Romo. Just like... Drew Bledsoe?. Nope. He didn't get Bledsoe'd. He got Romo'd. (via
Source: Tony Romo flew on Jerry Jones private plane, not team charter, to Pitt last week, where was told he would backup…
With one statement, Tony Romo became a QB all of America was cheering for: (via
Things that make you a fatherless virgin. -vaping. -MUT. -anime. -Tony Romo. -G-Eazy. -cutting yourself. -being a fan of Mac Miller
Where will Tony Romo, Charlie Strong & more be in 2017? Get all your questions in for here now:
Sports Writer Kelly McElroy: Love or hate the Cowboys you have to respect Tony Romo and what he said on Tuesday.…
Tony Romo learned it was Dak’s job before the Cowboys' win over the Steelers. Our inside story:
I liked a video Skip Bayless says not to write off Tony Romo as the Dallas Cowboys QB yet |
Nobody understands how sad it makes me that I may never get to see Tony Romo play in a Cowboys uniform ever again..
Tony Romo should be the most respected man in the NFL
As much as I didn't like Tony Romo, I gained a ton of respect for him after listening to that speech. Class act.
Romo says Dak has ‘earned the right to be our quarterback’ via
"Currently Dak Prescott is playing as good, if not better, in his rookie season than Tony Romo ever has in his career." —
BREAKING Tony Romo decides to support Dak Prescott as the Cowboys starter. Breaks both ankles and a rib during intervie…
I for one would welcome Tony Romo to the Bears, but my guess is he'll go to a contender like the Broncos or the Browns.
A reflective Tony Romo delivers a personal statement regarding his new role with the . 🎥:
Tony Romo made me realize that my generation is starting to see the end of careers that we actually saw start with our o…
Every kid who plays sports should watch Tony Romo's humble speech about losing his starting spot to Dak Prescott
Real leaders are those who lead when it's not about them. Tony Romo is exhibiting real leadership right now
Tony Romo is the best man on the planet in my eyes and no one can convince me otherwise.
I know I'm late to the party, but what Tony Romo said and did shows ultimate team mentality and 99% of people wouldn't do that.
If you say tony romo is a bad QB unfollow me cause you don't know football
Watch emotional Tony Romo on Dak Prescott and the 2016 Cowboys. This should hit the core of every Cowboys fan.
“He has earned the right to be our quarterback,” Tony Romo said. 📝:
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