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Tony Parker

William Anthony Tony Parker (born 17 May 1982) is a French professional basketball player with the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Tony Parker is in the top 5 pgs of all time
"Tony Parker was a star, that's why Pop sat him for Speedy Claxton in game 6"
I just want a love like Tim Duncan and Tony Parker
another proof that Tom Holland is literally a real life Peter Parker and RDJ a real life Tony Stark 👏🏼
don't forget about tony Parker he WAS the man in San Antonio
"No, no, Tony. You wont need surgery for this cut"
BREAKING: The Cowboys will release Tony Romo on Thursday, sources told and
wasn't even the best player on his team at least 2/3 lol. Tony Parker better than both. 4 > 3. By your logic
This dude in mentions told me Tony Parker better than CP3 all time 😴 im sick of yall
With Leonard and Aldridge both OUT tonight look for Tony Parker to pick up the slack great gpp bargain play
The winner of Breidis-Huck is waiting for tony bellew if he returns to cruiserweight, or there's Parker or Wilder at heavyweight?
"Compassion" for someone trying to live in his or her camper-van - as shown by Tony Parker, Lib Dem candidate in...
I want me Ms. Parker but im no Tony
How important is Tony Parker to the Spurs' title chances? and break it down.
He's by far the best, not even really a debate. Only guys you could even debate are Tony Parker and Pau Gasol
and Leonard is holding Kyrie , that mean tony Parker little *** gone be on lebron .
Little Giant Ladders
Tony Parker was selected 28th pick in the 2001 NBA draft
Tony Parker and Marc Gasol next two out
When Tony Parker and Lamarcus Aldridge execute a competent pick and roll to tie the game in the 4th quarter>>>>
Will Tony Parker in SA stay his whole career?
international player comparable to Dirk -- easy Tony Parker!
Spurs went from David Robinson to Tim Duncan to Tony Parker to Manu Ginobili to Kawhi Leonard. Whoever runs this world MUST BE a Spurs fan.
Mad props to Tony Parker 16yrs. 4 NBA Titles and still balling..hall of fame
PEAK Sport NBA Signature series the TP4 sneakers designed with Tony Parker.
I got Jimmy, Tony Parker, and David Thompson. I just keep wasting my coins on packs hoping for that Harden smh
Spurs hold 50-44 halftime lead on Warriors. Tony Parker leads Spurs with 10 points. Harrison Barnes has 15 points on 6-7 shooting for GSW.
And congratulations to our Republican National Committee Treasurer, Tony Parker, and Secretary, Susie Hudson, on their reelections!
. Y'all make a good starting five for the SPURS Pau Gasol, CJ GARNER, Kawhi Leonard,Tony Parker, & Da…
Tony Parker won't play vs Nets Monday but Kawhi Leonard is averaging 34 pts in last six games.
the late scratches suck. Last week Dereck rose and Tony Parker this week
I think the spurs should look at derrick rose next year. Tony Parker is on his way out and they need a point guard
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Also why does the hooked hand dude look like an evil Tony Parker?
I don't know what SA did to deserve having Robinson, then Tim Duncan, then Manu, then Tony Parker and now Kawhi Leonard, but I'…
Death, taxes, and Marques Johnson doing a french accent when the Bucks play Tony Parker.
can we all agree that Tony Parker shouldn't be a thing anymore?
Aaron Rodgers has a better floater than Tony Parker!
[San Antonio Express-News] Spurs still go as Tony Parker does - San Antonio Express-News
Tony Parker was selected by the with which pick in the 2001 Use
"You've always been the perfect example to follow...except with the clothing." -- Tony Parker to Tim Duncan at Retirement…
Tony Parker gets suited up to honor a legend tonight. (Via
"I will always look at you as the great example to follow, except for the clothing." - Tony Parker, for the win...
please explain? How can Tony Parker rebound thru two 7 footers? Is it cuz he's d…
On a night when Tim Duncan's No. 21 jersey was retired by the Spurs, Tony Parker and Gregg Popovi... - via App
Tony Parker becomes only the second active player with 800+ wins (Dirk Nowitzki is the other).
With last night's win, Tony Parker becomes the fastest player to 800 wins in NBA history. He now has 800 wins in 1,099 career games.
anyway i'm very tired so goodnight yall . I love tony stark & peter parker so much !
Update your maps at Navteq
Caroline Wozniacki, David Lee, Tony Parker and Gael Monfils all hung out together in San Antonio
Tony Parker tells story of time he knew he needed to pass Duncan the ball:
Don’t compare your favorite point guard to Kyrie if they’re a rapper. That means no Dame and no Tony Parker.
Tony Parker and Gregg Popovich spoke about Tim Duncan's impact on the Spurs during his jersey retirement ceremony. https:…
Tony Parker on what made Tim Duncan so special!
Tony Parker played tug of war against a jaguar at the San Antonio Zoo, and it didn't go well for him. Watch:
Tony Parker casually played a game of tug of war with a jaguar at the zoo
Meanwhile, here's Tony Parker at the San Antonio Zoo playing tug-of-war with a jaguar... (🎥:
Jaguar cubs at San Antonio Zoo named by Tony Parker
here's my own opinion. Trade one of your young PGs for a vet, like Tony Parker, Brandon Knight, or a Brandon Jennings.
Tony Parker better than Chris Paul tho so he better than Steve Nash too 👐🏾
Tony Parker is '50-50' for Thursday's matchup against the Bulls
Patty Mills is beating Tony Parker in EVERY single statistic this season.
How is Tony Parker more expensive than George Hill smh
Tony Parker & Manu Ginobili now have more wins than Bill Russell & Sam Jones. Parker & Ginobili now have 5th most as a d…
C all the way, this man did that against the Spurs with a young Tim Duncan, manu, and Tony Parker, in a ridiculous…
Tony Parker (San Antonio) – 2000 Nike Hoop Summit alum finished with 20 pts & 3 asts last night as the Spurs stay u…
Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili join the top 5 duos in NBA history
bro Andre Pierre Gignac and Tony Parker hangin 😍😍😍😍 and I'm in SA.
Tony Parker and David Lee? Thought you said you weren't gonna lie.
Kaminsky (foot) will play tonight. Hibbert (knee) ruled out. Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker ruled out
Tony Parker & Manu Ginobili warm up for the opener, their 16th & 15th seasons w/ the
Tony Parker's old *** still got the meanest spin move of any PG in the league.
It's fasho better than anything A.I., Kobe, Tony Parker, Ron Artest or Stephen Jackson have done.
Duncan had the Admiral, Manu, Tony Parker, Kawhi, etc. Played great, but didn't singlehandedly dominate
Stephen Jackson blames Tony Parker for Spurs' 2012 playoff loss to Thunder
Normally, Tony Parker has Tim Duncan sitting by his side minutes before tip-off. Now, Parker sits by himself.
think I may get Stevie too! There is also Tony Parker, David Thompson, Jerry Lucas and Goodrich I think
I really wanted to pick Jerry Lucas but I went with Tony Parker
my 2nd best PG but who should I get Tony Parker or Jerry Lucas featured in NBC s Science of Love
Kobe, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton, Tony Parker, Brad Pitt, Dwayne Wade, Shaq did it. I'll be alright
Tony Parker played basketball on a glacier in Switzerland and the photos are so crazy via
And I'm sorry but I will be forever mad at guys like Brad Pitt, Chad Michael Murray, Tony Parker and more.
France National Team get there ticket to Rio Olympics against the Canada National Team 😁 Congrats to you Tony Parker a…
Tony Parker:. - Cheated on Eva Longoria. - Choked Game 7 of the 13 Finals. - Almost had his career ended by Chris Brown htt…
I think Kobe should be replaced with Tony Parker but besides that good list
5 years later and I'm still trying to figure out why Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria
I hate when girls say guys are dumb and i want to argue with them but then I remember Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria...
A better comparison is probably Tony Parker cheating on Eva Longoria. He just didn't get caught admitting it.
nah man that's Tony Parker talking about Eva Longoria, that's why they got divorced
Tony Parker is earning his Finals MVP while Eva Longoria clapping for him in the stands on NBATV, if you're interested.
so I guess we can say the same for Lebron when he got outplayed by Dirk Jason Terry & Tony Parker right?
Tony Parker after France lost, 92-67, in his final national team game. "I felt like Spain was the Spurs & I was on the ot…
And this was Tony Parker's last Olympic appearance, and this may have also been Boris Diaw's last Olympic appearance too!!
Ricky Rubio, Rudy Fernandez, Pau Gasol, and Nikola Mirotic vs. Tony Parker, Rudy Gobert, Boris Diaw, and Nic Batum...good match ups
Pau Gasol led his Spain team past Manu to set up a quarterfinal matchup with Tony Parker. All five Spurs advanced past the grou…
Tony Parker behind the back to DeColo
I didn't see Carmelo Anthony tonight, but I saw Nic Batum and Tony Parker and that's basically the same thing???
Steve Jackson slams Tony Parker for being selfish in 2012 playoff loss
Lmao my friend tried to tell me Tony Parker was a top 5 PG this spring
NBA Updates NBA great Tony Parker looks to crown career with Olympic medal
Spurs add David Lee and Pau to join Tony Parker and Manu. Thought they wanted to get YOUNGER?
Pop was starting George Hill over Tony Parker at one point. It wasn't like he was a scrub when the Pacers traded for him
Tim Duncan, Tony Parker & Manu Ginobili have the most career playoff wins AND regular season wins by a trio in NBA his…
France defeated Canada in the Finals led by Tony Parker w/ 26pts, earns a spot in the Rio Olympics!...
Spurs all day my boy Tony Parker, Kahwi Leonard, Tim Duncan, Danny Green, & Manu Ginobli will do you
Tony Parker led France with 26 pts. Rudy Gobert expected to join team in Rio. Ex-Ute Kim Tillie was on roster for qualifying tournament.
Dirk, Tony Parker, and Iggy would've been way better picks than James Hardly Tryen and Chris Paul. Especially Harden…
in 2011 I wrote I wouldn't trade Tony Parker for LeBron James straight up even if it were wrong basketball move.
Spurs grab up Paul Gasol to play alongside LaMarcus Aldridge, Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard
.guards get their moment vs NBA star
Tony Parker scouting potential opponents before game via http…
Tony Parker leaves the Cuneta Astrodome after the French team's practice session
Gilas Pilipinas fought until the last second!But falls short as NBA starplayer Tony Parker leads France to win 93-84
Tony Parker at the post-game presscon: " I love it here. The Philippines is good for basketball"
Tony Parker and rest as France finishes its afternoon practice session at the Cuneta Astrodome.
Tony Parker and Nico Batum after France's practice at Cuneta Astrodome
If Tim Duncan had Knicks on his jersey, he'd be a god.
We saw the French national team's star point guard earlier today.
France's Tony Parker and during dead ball
Tony Parker on Gilas Pilipinas guards: 'They play really well'
"I want to congratulate the Philippines, they had a great game... You can be proud. They made it tough on us." -- Tony P…
Tony Parker on Gilas guards Jayson Castro and Terrence Romeo | via
Tony Parker: 'Philippines is good for basketball'
Tony Parker: 'I like to congratulate the Philippines for playing well'
On another note, enjoyed watching Tony Parker play up close. So cool & so efficient. Always makes d right decision & it seem…
Gilas Pilipinas fails to outplay Tony Parker-enforced team France
How did Castro, Romeo fare against Tony Parker? Check out numbers and WATCH via
Tony Parker is here I need to see him
Tony Parker: Philippines made it tough on us via
"I like to congratulate the Philippines for playing well" -Tony Parker
it should be illegal for you to talk about basketball. Karl Malone and John Stockton > Tony Parker and Tim Duncan
What did you feel when you are trying to block Tony Parker? One of the best shots, right?
Tony Parker: We had to dig deep to beat the Philippines
Tony Parker is already 34 years old but still a beast!
Parker impressed with aggressive Jayson Castro, Terrence Romeo on -
Romeo and Castro were outstanding, but could not match the 48-point output of Tony Parker and Nando De Colo.
Tony Parker: Philippines made it tough on us
‘They were pretty good and very aggressive’ says Tony Parker on Gilas guards Castro, Romeo
Livio Jean-Charles (played for the ASVEL, the team Tony Parker owns in France, from 2011 to 2016.
what about Damian lillard,tony Parker,Mike Conley
I ball like tony parker and ginobili...
Tony Parker: Philippines made it tough on us -
No surprises. She played that playlist because we lost to Tony Parker et al., aka France.
The most loyal players in NBA last 20yrs have been Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker & Dirk Nowitzki. No, Kobe di…
Tony Parker won an NBA championship at 21. I'm just 13, and I also won an NBA championship (NBA 2k16 game)
'I like to play more games here in the Philippines, it's really fun here. It's a basketball country'- Tony Parker
Tony Parker says Gilas Pilipinas made it tough for them to win
Tony Parker on 'unbelievable' crowd: Philippines is great for basketball
Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker hold the record for most playoff wins by a trio (126) in NBA history.
When did Mike Conley get better than Damien Lilliard, Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Steph Curry Or Deron Williams ever in his life.
Yea and Manu Ginobili was taken 57th & Tony Parker 28th. Nobody knows what these guys will become
Remember, Tony Parker went No. 29 to the Spurs too … Dejounte Murray an amazing pick for them.
Tony Parker and Corey Maggette celebrate their first title as owners.
Tony Parker's French basketball club on verge of champ... via
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Tony Parker's French basketball club on verge of championship
I think Tony Parker, but you'd need to click thru everyone on this page to make sure
Shaun Livingston did something only Tony Parker, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson did.
Richard Jefferson 1st rd pick of rockets in 2001.. 13th overall. Been better off with Tony Parker
June 6, 2013. Tony Parker amazing game clinching shot in game 1 of the the finals.beginning of an epic series
Steph Curry got the best touch in the paint for a guard I have ever seen since prime Tony Parker.
What's dat on yo hip dats that Tony Parker
"This may be their year. We will see if they can finish the series against Golden State.". - Tony Parker on OKC https:/…
idk what's worse. The fact that Tony Parker got a vote or that Boogie didn't get 1st team
As long as hes has a Spurs jersey on and they win 55+...and i hate Tony Parker
Kawhi need to marries ol girl, then cheat on her so he can officially enter his prime a la Tony Parker.
first 30 seconds you'll see stops on KD, Tony Parker & Paul George
Tony Parker speaks about tonight's loss with Craig Sager.
Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria. What kind of *** does that?
I share a birthday with Tony Parker and Matt Ryan. That's pretty neat!
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5/17/16. Sugar Ray Leonard is 60. Bob Saget is 60. Hill Harper is 50. Jordan Knight is 46. Tony Parker is 34. Matt Ryan is 31
Just when you thought the Spurs couldn't get any older, Tony Parker has a birthday.
Tony Parker, Eva Longoria, Justin Bieber, Aubrey Graham, Sherman Alexie, and Vladimir Putin. If we could make that happen, that'd be A1.
Golden state with be the Spurs in 5 to 6 years Stephen Curry=Tony Parker,Dreamond Green=Tim,Klay=Tony
My roommate just said Tony Parker isn't a first ballot hall of famer . And he said he isn't a great player 😔 .
They not elite talent but Jaylen Brown, Malcolm Brogdon, Tony Parker, Tim Quarterman. You could compete with those guys for sure
FYI: The oldest point guard to make the All-Star Game in the last four years was Tony Parker at 31 in 2014.
Sad Boban, (crying?) Kawhi and Tony Parker appalled at something on the back of Steven Adams' jersey.
PS YES THATS Eva Longoria (back when her and Tony Parker were married)
The Spurs prolly woulda had better luck if Tony Parker didn't cheat on Eva Longoria
I like Tony Parker but without Eva Longoria on the sideline I could care less about him
Tony Parker had Eva Longoria so far be it from me to slander that mans name
Tim Duncan was 35 and I think Tony Parker was still married to Eva Longoria so he was "the man"
Colin farrel as Manu ginoboli. Not to be confused with pharell, who'd play Tony Parker (Eva Longoria as Eva Longoria). Sean Connery as Pop
It's nice to see that Tony Parker learned some nice acting skills from his marriage to Eva Longoria.
Tony Parker will get Eva Longoria back before he gets it in the basket.
The Spurs really have two offensive options right now: Tony Parker midrange out of the pick-and-roll, or just dump it to Al…
no I hate Ginobili. Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria. Never disliked Duncan or Pop.
Eva Longoria had me watching Desperate Housewives back in the day...until she hooked up with Tony Parker...
Still not over the fact that Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria
Our favorite value plays on today's NBA slate are Tony Parker and Steven Adams! We believe both are in a great spot to reach…
Tony Parker is latest Frenchman to wave the white flag.
Steven Adams, who appeared to trip up Danny Green into Kevin Durant, is called for a foul on Tony Parker on the... null
Tony Parker cookin'. He’s got 17 points as Spurs lead Thunder 83-78 early in the 4th.
Tony Parker put Russell Westbrook in the blender then drilled this pull-up jumper via
Thabo Sefolosha, Tony Parker, Steven Adams, and Kris Humphries are my value plays today. Don't sleep on Kent Bazemore! Low owned in GPP
Tony Parker ain't NEVER been on Chris Paul's level
Thunder pointing at Tony Parker like they're snitching, but nobody actually defended him
Tony Parker has totaled 23 Ast and just 2 turnovers this series.
Tony Parker has played in years and years of big games all over the world, and he played as big as ever tonight.
Tony Parker is one of the best PG's ever. Will never get the credit but he the old school type of player. Plays below…
Tony Parker said David West had a major impact for the Spurs in G3 and that his fourth quarter play was "very important to…
's ads features Asia's point guard Jason Castro William of the Philippines and French guard Tony Parker.
Tony Parker hits both free throws to give Spurs 98-94 lead with 18.3 seconds remaining.
Look at Tony Parker man. Smh. Why can't the Hawks have someone like that?
Byron Scott is wondering why the Lakers never offered D'Angelo Russell for Tony Parker this season
Tony Parker must've caught wind of what Charles Barkley said about him needing to step his game up because he's done just that..
The reawakening of Tony Parker. Keep shooting that ball TP
This pass from Tony Parker was insane! 😂.
Will the Real Thunder and Hawks Please Stand up?: "They played great," Spurs point guard Tony Parker said. "I...
This pass from Tony Parker was insane! 😂
This pass from Tony Parker was insane 👀
Tony Parker gotta be kidding me with this pass 😳
This pass from Tony Parker was just insane! 👀😳
This pass from Tony Parker last night was something else! 😳🔥👀
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tony Parker with a ridiculous blind pass back to LaMarcus Aldridge for 3
hate to agree with Barkley, but he's telling the truth on right now. Tony Parker needs to step it up.
This pass from Tony Parker was just insane! 👀😳.
LA is the first Spurs player with 40+ points in a playoff game since Tony Parker had 43 in 2009. He has 41 tonight.
Tony Parker is a magician. That pass.
Richard Jefferson has played with Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Steph Curry, and LeBro…
George Hill passed Tony Parker into a tie for 61st all-time in playoff 3's.
Last night, LaMarcus Aldridge was the first player to score 38 or more points in a playoff game since Tony Parker on April 25, 2009.
Ugh... I had over 17.5 points with the Tony Parker bet at William Hill. He might not play much because Spurs are raping their monkey ***
About time William Hill has some NBA prop bets available man! Best one on the list is Tony Parker; Total points and assists over 17.5 pts!
Danny Green and Jonathan Simmons have to be the primary defenders on Russ. Tony Parker and Patty Mills are snacks for Russ
You can definitely tell that Corey Joseph used to be a Spur. He's very Tony Parker-ish.
Tony Parker on Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook: "They have two superstars -- just to...
Tony Parker on Kevin Martin: " "He looked good today, so I think he is OK."
Tony Parker got more rings than Steph Curry Chris Paul Steve Nash Russell Westbrook Gary Payton Jason Kidd and John Stockton combined.   10% Off
y'all can keep Tony Parker tho still. Screw that guy.
Throwing up the peace sign to Tony Parker as we drive past each other on Boerne Stage Rd is my favorite thing to do in the morning
Pull up step out these Balenciaga's what's that on your hip that's that Tony Parker
Follow the top Tony Parker stories for Apr 25 on our topical page:
you dont know spurs my G. Tony Parker,Tim Duncan,Manu Ginobili,Kahwi Leornad,Alridge???
When I get a good look at serious face Tony Parker, I think: best James Bond villain ever. He already has the accent, all he needs is a cat
I remember when Dejuan Blair hit tony Parker in the head and was suspended for the next game. 2 season ago in playoffs
Downey Jr will reprise his superhero role as Tony Stark/Iron Man, who will act as Peter Parker’s mentor in the superhero world.
as long as Tony Parker slips and falls next week too!
do you think that Tony and Peter Parker would stay up all night in the lab doing nerdy stuff together
Spurs Video: Tony Parker spins to split two Grizzlies defenders, swishes an open layup to extend lead; watch live on ABC
this steph ankle problem reminds me of Tony Parker for Spurs a couple years back.
Spur gonna win , Tim Duncan , tony parker , Ginobli retire after the season.
I added a video to a playlist HOW TO: Tony Parker Crossover
Tony Parker has the best spin move I've seen in my life
Tony Parker should be with a bullet, especially since he has a plethora of better options to pass to.
As of now, Tony Parker would be the 47th highest-paid NBA player in 2016-17. More details:
*Lights turn on in Memphis*. *Tony Parker lying lifeless on floor*. *Barnes holding steel chair behind back*. *Whistlin…
When coach pop said "Tim Duncan, Tony parker and ginobili are the big 3, but Kawhi Leonard is the big ONE" 🔥🔥
so if that was Tony Parker taking that shot at home you would agree with the no-call huh
First Bill Clinton, then Tony Parker, Tiger Woods, and JayZ. . Becky at it again
Spurs going to win and Manu Ginobli , Tony Parker and Tim Duncan will retire after
and remember how good Tony Parker was in that game too!?
Officially adding jay z to the list of bozos with tony Parker that cheat on perfect women... nothing is sacred anymore!
Found this on my flight in from Cancun. Funny how Tony Parker needs an explainer, I assumed everyone would know him.
Tony Parker now has more playoff wins than Magic Johnson. Parker (129) passes Magic (128) and is now tied for 7th in NBA…
do you not count AI as a point guard? Westbrook? Tony Parker?
I regularly walk around my house and talk in Tony Parker's voice from his Tissot commercial.
Behind Tony Parker Isaiah Thomas is the most underrated player in the league
he's not selfish though, I see him as a younger tony Parker
good win by against and rockets with 121-94 better win the series & play Tony Parker
Tony Parker: It wasn't the same as all the great battles we've had with the Grizzlies in the past. They tried. It's just to…
Tony Parker and Tim Duncan were lowkey the reason Miami needed a Ray Allen 3 to win the 2013 title
Chris Paul, Tony Parker and Westbrook > Stephen Curry. So there's no way for them to get to the finals
And, in other related news, Tony Parker tied Magic Johnson (128 playoff wins) for 8th all-time.
Man I feel old, I remember when Devin Harris was drafted as the alleged anecdote to Tony Parker.
Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili & Tony Parker have recorded 122 postseason wins together, the most by a trio in NBA postseaso…
Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Gary Payton, Isaiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, Steph and Russell and both of them still young list goes on
Poppovich has had Duncan, Tony Parker, David Robinson, Manu Ginobli and lots of great role players...
Playing with David Robinson, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Kawhi Leonard and the Greatest Coach Ever is better.
Hope Patty Mills and Tony Parker play like this for the rest of the playoffs!
Tony Parker has the same kind of voice and accent as Masai Ujiri
Tony Parker has passed both Larry Bird and Steve Nash on the all-time playoff assists list. Parker now ranks 5th all-ti…
Why do I always feel like Tony Parker's name should be spelt "Toni"
Dallas-area star Moriah Jefferson talks about Tony Parker, Kobe Bryant and return to Texas after ...
Yo! Derek Fisher would beat Tony Parker in a 1 on 1 B Ball Game.
that's what killed us against the Spurs but helped us against the Lakers. Derek Fisher was slow Tony Parker got to the hole
Derek Fisher really the perfect example of a player who was made by the system he played in. Tony Parker right behind him.
Tony Parker with these crazy buckets...
Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili & Vince Carter are the only retirements I care about. 🙌🏼👏🏽
Tony Parker and Cliff Paul are those dudes who play the dirtiest d but would back down if you stepped to them, and they cry for every call.
Me: I don't like Tony Parker . Nick: why? . Nick's mom: cuz he cheated on Eva Longoria! . Yup
Steph Curry puts Tony Parker on his back, goes behind the back on Kawhi...bang.
Tony Parker is a great player, but not a great man. What he did to Eva Longoria was nothing short of terrible!
actually a black waitress at a Waffle House was kinda crushin on me cuz she said I looked like Tony Parker 😊
Every time I see Tony Parker, I see a man dumb enough to cheat on Eva Longoria... that's pretty dumb.
Tony Parker is better at basketball than he was at Eva Longoria.
Sole reason I hate the Spurs is because of Tony Parker cheating on the goddess Eva Longoria. It is for that reason and that reason alone.
Did Shaq just shove the Tony Parker thing in Brent Barry's face?
Bob Bradley using Tony Parker videos as motivation for players. Seems to be working.
Though reality is, Gilas Pilipinas will still have to deal with San Antonio Spurs veteran playmaker Tony Parker.
"The Chew" is on in the hotel lobby. Eva Longoria is the guest. Now I know why Tony Parker left!
all D-Lo has to do is BALL. Others have broken "bro code" in the worst way and lived.. Tony Parker, DeMarco Murray, John Terry.
Also guys like prime Tony Parker & Monta Ellis before Lillard were better finishers.
Delon Wright continues to get to the hoop. Tony Parker and Patty Mills are way too small.
Who has been the worst teammate of these 3? Derek Fisher, Tony Parker or D'Angelo Russell? 3 levels of bogus to me it's…
opened 77 packs and the best he got was a dynamic gold Tony Parker. I opened 2 and got a 91 Amethyst Bernard King.
Tony Parker had an affair with an ex teammates wife (Brent Barry) who was very well respected around the NBA
Tony Parker was wrong for screwing Brent Barry's wife though. That's your teammate. Oh yeah, it was unfair to Eva too...
so... Tony Parker doinking Brent Barry's wife while he was with Eva isn't worse. MMKAY.
why didn't Stephen A crush Kobe for ratting on Shaq or Tony Parker sleeping with his teammates Brent or John Barry's wife
A few weeks ago, Brent Barry came into my store and my *** coworker asked him how his wife was doing and if he had spoke w/ Tony Parker 😐
lol going hard yet I don't remember a peep from her after Tony Parker boned Brent Barry's wife
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