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Tony Gubba

David Anthony Tony Gubba (23 September 1943 – 11 March 2013) was an English journalist and television sports commentator.

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Half-expecting Tony Gubba to pop up with Final Score, now.
Who's replacing the late, great Tony Gubba as commentator??
Just saw a big Range Rover with the plate 7ONY G, which I assume belongs to Tony Gubba.
Plus the late Tony Gubba's commentary is amazing I loved his work
Remember the day this happened. Tony Gubba's commentary about Mickey Thomas: "He's done it again! The magic little man!…
Watching oldies, in the goals in for Tony Gubba loved 'look at his pace, look at him go'
Tony Gubba and Danny Mills commentating on any live football match is a sin, shocking.
no Barry Davies and Brian Moore were both ahead of Motson. And Tony Gubba for that matter. And Peter Brackley. john Helm .
Martin Tyler has been an embarrassment for years now. Tony Gubba will be turning in his grave.
very much so! Half expecting Tony Gubba to be commentating! 🎧
Ha ha, Tony Gubba in a fantastically horrible jumper!
People from history I'd like to have had a pint of Directors with: Joe Bugner, Idi Amin, Giant Haystacks, Dave Lee Travis and Tony Gubba.
Agreed. Ego Brand on there, but hardly a mention for mainstays such as Bob Wilson & Tony Gubba.
Btw in the past BBC have trounced ITV. People like Barry Davis, Tony Gubba, Motson, Coleman etc were great commentators
Dancing on Ice is really missing Holly Willoughby. And Tony Gubba.
Xmas greetings to you all and your family Another year passed and this has gone so quickly as I reflect on the last 12 months its been a good year I can honestly say I am feeling health wise really good. I now have a nice balanced life a bit of gym/healthclub, luckily a good selection of work all over the UK, a over busy charity diary, and a bit of me time where I can just chill. This year we have lost some special people. Nelson Mandela, David Coleman, Bernie Nolan, Ken Norton, Tommy Morrison, Tony Gubba. It makes me think lets live to the full every day because no one knows when their time is up. Anyway lets move on to more cheerful things. Xmas for me will be with the family, open fire, I might even get the records out and spin some tunes in my house. Its been nice to meet lots of people this year many for the first time all I can say is a BIG thank you for all of you that have showed you still remember me after so many years of me retiring. Next year I want to carry on banging the drum about Menta ...
Yes we've lost some greats this year: Tony Gubba, Christopher Martin-Jenkins, Cliff Morgan and now David RIP.
Is it the novel that Tony Gubba was working on at the time of his death (being completed by Steve Cram) ?
Fulham provide a sterling comeback on their road to survival having looked relegated at half time. RIP Tony Gubba!
Had a bowl of frosties & thought of my other favorite Tony apart from Swiss Tony & Tony Gubba that is.
Really sad to hear about Tony Gubba, he was a brilliant commentator/journalist a true gent whenever I met him and he will be missed
Tony Gubba, his commentaries were amazing and Dancing on Ice won't be the same without him x
Tony Gubba from dancing on ice because I love his voice :)
Tony Gubba's funeral - John Gubba pays tribute to his uncle; John Motson on how Tony crossed the Berlin Wall Tony
It was Tony Gubba's funeral today. Take two minutes to listen to these lovely anecdotes from John Motson
John Motson paid a wonderful tribute to his old pal Tony Gubba at an emotional funeral service today in Sonning.
Tony Gubba you were always my role model a personal tribute
“Lovely tribute to Tony Gubba on it was a nice montage I enjoyed it.
Tony Gubba.. Hero of a commentator r.i.p. Andy Townsend need to listen and take note!!!
RIP Tony Gubba, voice of the great International Superstar Soccer, the connoisseur's choice of 90s football games
Can't believe tony Gubba passed.used to listen to his commentary every Sunday on dancing on ice.
Devastated to hear about the passing of Tony Gubba, one of the greatest voices & a icon!
Tributes paid to sports presenter Tony Gubba
have been out of the loop for a while. just wanting to say how sorry i was to hear of the passing of Tony Gubba. R.I.P.
Sports presenter Tony Gubba, who spent much of his career with the BBC, has died following a short illness.
R.I.P a great man to listen to when watchn the footy
Only just found out that Tony Gubba died yesterday. Such a shame, he was an amazing commentator. RIP
Very sad to hear about Tony Gubba - a superb commentator on so many sports. RIP.
Very sad news about Tony Gubba. Another voice from my childhood gone. RIP.
RIP Tony Gubba. Grew up listening to your commentaries - made footy come alive on the radio
{I forgot to do this yesterday} RIP Tony Gubba, you were an amazing sport commentator, and your work on Dancing on Ice will be missed.
RIP Tony Gubba, the immortal voice of the greatest football video game of all time, ISS 98
Just read about Tony Gubba. Great football commentator like Motty. What we have ended up with now is Adrian Chiles - god help us !!
Very sad to hear Tony Gubba has passed away, had some lovely times with him during dancing on ice 08, a genuine top bloke, rest in peace x
Shocked to hear the news about Tony Gubba. I worked with him on Dancing on Ice & he was a total pro & true gentleman. He'll be sadly missed.
It's with great sadness we hear of the passing away of Tony Gubba. He will be sorely missed, our thoughts are with his family at this time.
r.i.p Tony Gubba... you are and always will be a legend!
to think they took Tony Gubba instead. Terrible commentators these days
Tony Gubba was up there with Brian Moore and David Coleman . Sports commentary will never be the same
Could someone please tell me what happened to Tony Gubba? I k ow he was unwell a couple of weeks ago.
RIP Tony Gubba. A great lover of sport and I had known for nearly 40 yrs.was with us since DOI series 1. He'll be with us in sprit for x
Very sad news about Tony Gubba. I have known his voice all my life as he commentated on every major sporting event.
Offsky for now. Neva met him but tony gubba wot a loss for sport.
Just heard Tony Gubba died yesterday - played golf with him once
Very saddened to hear the passing of legend Tony Gubba , a friendly voice of sport.
Tony Gubba, dead. Adrian Chiles, alive. Where is the justice?
Forgot to mention - RIP Tony Gubba - You will always be fondly remembered by me for the amazing commentary you provided in ISS on the N64
they are a pain in the backside is blocked now though some woman from MK talking about tony gubba and schofe plus jason
Sad passing of Tony Gubba, HE WILL BE MISSED.Sincere Condolences to his fmy,friends,work colleagues. christosvitasav
Only just heard that Tony Gubba died yesterday. RIP will be sadly missed!
BBC Grandstand and Match of the Day presenter Tony Gubba dies via
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RIP Tony Gubba, aka the voice of Dancing On Ice.
Very sad to hear of the death of Tony Gubba. His was a face & voice that punctuated much of my childhood & enriched many a sport.
Last i knew is Jasons Grandad is'nt Tony Gubba mate he's an old man who i think lives in Austraila.
RIP tony gubba legend of a commentator I remember the iss pro 98 game for n64 with his commentary
Devastated at the news of Tony Gubba.What a legend of a man.My thoughts are with his loved ones.xx
the late Tony Gubba would never have made this mistake, brought such style & flair to dancing on ice
no because it was tony Gubba's commentary which I remember to this day.
Dear Death, please can we have Tony Gubba back in exchange for Andy Townsend?
That was a nice touch from Clive Tyldsley to pay tribute to Tony Gubba before the start of the 2nd half.
It's a sad day for fans of Match of the Day and International SuperStar Soccer '98. RIP Tony Gubba
Only just heard the sad news about Tony Gubba. A lovely gentleman and a true footballing professional. RIP Tony.
I don't know which rock I was hiding under but had no idea Tony Gubba died yesterday. What a shame - a great career, esp World Darts '84-'90
Top Sports Reporter: RIP Tony Gubba: Veteran sports commentator and presenter of 'Dancing on Ice' - via
When I think of Tony Gubba commentating, this is the game! Southampton 2-6 Tottenham
MOTD joins the sporting world in mourning the passing of BBC Sport commentator & presenter Tony Gubba at 69 after a short illness.
Just heard the sad news about Tony Gubba's passing. One of those voices I'll always associate with my earliest memories of watching MOTD.
RIP Tony Gubba. The man seen behind the goal rolling backwards, arms aloft with delight when Whiteside scored in the 1985 FA Cup Final.
Had no idea Tony Gubba had died, remember his commentary on International Superstar Soccer 98 on the Playstation!
"He doesn't score simple goals does he Steve Staunton... Every one's a blinder!" Think it was Villa QPR in 93/94 Rest in peace Tony Gubba.
Tyldesley paying tribute to Tony Gubba. Hope he follows it up with a 45-minute silence.
Aww only just heard about the passing of Tony Gubba ☹ a bright and happy face of itv sport and the voice of R.I.P Tony!
Just heard the sad passing of tony gubba will be missed by footie fans up and down the country
Madness that Tony Gubba has passed a way, great voice in English and International football. RIP.
Met him once, but such a nice guy. RIP Tony Gubba via
RIP Tony Gubba. Football commentary at it's finest.
Tony Gubba, great commentator will be missed
Nice tribute to Tony Gubba from Clive Tyldesley at the start of the 2nd half of the Barca v AC Milan Champions League match - lovely touch.
Just heard about Tony Gubba and his passing! Another big voice in football sadly gone. R.I.P 📺🔊⚽⚽
Didn't realise Tony Gubba passed away. What a legend of a commentator he was, will definitely be missed
Deeply saddened to hear that Tony Gubba has passed away. One of the great voices of football who graced MOTD for so many years.
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Sad to hear about the death of Tony Gubba. One of those voices you grow up listening to. R.I.P.
Desperately sad news, Tony Gubba has passed away. RIP indeed.
Didn't realise Tony Gubba died yesterday! RIP to a great commentator when I watched sport as a lad he was part of that group of legendary commentators like John Motson, Barry Davies, Dabid Coleman and Brian Moore who were the voices of sport on TV
RIP Mr.Tony Gubba a real pro and a gent to boot will be sadly missed
Tony Gubba was my third favourite 1990s commentator after John Motson and Barry Davies.
Portsmouth v Fulham 1980 I love these old clips... RIP Tony Gubba today.
RIP commentating legend Tony Gubba. They should get John Motson to replace him on Dancing On Ice.
RIP to the great Tony Gubba, the Al Michaels of UK sports broadcasting
Tributes to 'outstanding broadcaster' Tony Gubba, BBC sport and Dancing on Ice ... - Evening Standard: ...
My mum knew Tony Gubba from when they first started work in Blackburn, what a lovely man, prayers go to his family & friends x
Tony Gubba was always miles better than John Motson. Proper old school and will be missed.
Tony Gubba, Barry Davies, Gerald Sinstadt and John Motson. Now you've got Martyn Tyler, Clive Tyldsley and erm er Know who I prefer
Tony Gubba, who has died aged 69, was one of BBC Television’s sports presenters and was regarded as an industrious all-rounder. Tony Gubba Photo: ITV/REX 6:20PM GMT 11 Mar 2013 In a career spanning nearly 40 years, he presented Sportsnight, Match of the Day and Grandstand, and commentated on a wide range of sports for the BBC, including hockey, table-tennis, golf, tennis, bobsleigh, ski-jumping and darts. As a football commentator, however, he tended to be passed over for the big, glamorous games. As the Belfast Telegraph noted in 2009, “lurking in the background behind Motty and Barry Davies, he never really got the big gig, always destined to cover Romanian matches at the World Cup, the archery at the Olympics, or the snowman fondling at the Winter Olympiad”. Yet Gubba, whom the sports writer Giles Smith described as “the legendary BBC football reporter and fabled Saturday afternoon 'bits and pieces’ man”, was nothing if not versatile. When he turned his talents to ice-skating in the 1980s, ...
Really saddened to hear about Tony Gubba's passing. CMJ, Tony Greig and now Gubba. Sad times.
RIP Tony Gubba. Part of a dying breed of commentators that were educated about sports and orated with enthusiasm. That leaves John Motson and Martin Tyler before we have suffer eternally with the likes of Clyde Tyldsley.
sad to hear Tony Gubba former BBC Commentator of Match of The Day and great comments by John Motson on the BBC website. RIP Tony Gubba Surely missed
Dancing on Ice voiceover star and sports presenter Tony Gubba dies: Phillip Schofield leads tributes for the m...
"rip Tony Gubba grew up to his and Brian Moores commentary." Legends. So much better than Andy Townsend
Oh no, Tony Gubba has died, Dancing on Ice won't sound the same again!!
Sports commentator Tony Gubba dies: Phillip Schofield led tributes to the journalist, who…
Sad to hear Tony Gubba has died, he was the voice of sport when i was growing up along with Coleman, Murray Walker and Brian Moore, RIP
RIP Tony Gubba. He was like the Andy Murray of his generation. Just behind the top 2 - John Motson and Barry Davies.
RIP Tony Gubba. He and John Motson defined Match of The Day, tremendous commentator.
Tony Greig, CMJ and now Tony Gubba albeit not in their league but very sad to hear he has passed away. Another voice of my sporting youth.
Sad news about Tony Gubba - another commentator I remember growing up with to have passed away recently, following CMJ and Tony Greig
Sports presenter Tony Gubba has died aged 69 following a short illness, his family have announced.
RIP Tony Gubba far better commentator than that muppet John Motson
Tony Gubba, shamefully ignored for big games by the BBC in favour of Barry Davies or John Motson. RIP Tony, fifth game in on MOTD will always be yours.
My earliest memories of football were the sounds of John Motson, Brian Moore and the great Tony Gubba.
RIP Tony Gubba, great commentator and analysist. One that I grew up listening to along with John Motson. Will be greatly missed.
Sad news re:Tony Gubba. Wonderful commentator. A true poet. Lost too many lately - David Oates, CMJ, Tony Greig. Hard to replace. RIP.
Sad news about Tony Gubba - distinctive voice and very good all-round sporting knowledge. Loved his table tennis.
Sad news that the legend Tony Gubba has died. If Clive Tyldesley & Andy Townsend had learned only 10% from him I'd still have the sound on.
Very sad to hear the death of sports commentator Tony Gubba. He along with John Motson were legends on match of the day.
RIP Tony Gubba. Grew up listening to that commentary during my childhood. Much better than listening to Jim Beglin.
RIP Tony Gubba, early memories are off him John Motson and Barry Davies commentating on in the 90's
RIP Tony Gubba, one of the commentary greats.
Sorry to hear of the passing of Tony Gubba. After John Motson, he was the best football commentator,always enjoyed his commentary. R.I.P.
RIP Tony Gubba servant to the noble art of commentary- "The ageless Teddy Sheringham, at 37 now."
RIP Tony Gubba.another one who has gone before John Motson.
Same here, Tony Gubba was a very good commentator. Can't stand John Motson's at all, and would prefer Gubba's tones over Motson
Tony Gubba walked past me and my dad at Highbury once. At the game where Ian Wright broke Steve Ogrizovic's nose.
Tony Gubba was one of the voices of football alongside legends such as David Coleman, Barry Davies, Brian Moore and John Motson.
Just heard sad news of death of broadcaster Tony Gubba. Already lost Greig and CMJ in recent months. Not a great last 3 months!
2013 a tragic year for BBC - as Tony Gubba passes away only a month after David Oates. Very sad news.
Exactly. There's too many of them. 3 or 4 good ones would suffice. Tony Gubba could v/o the rest of the games. ;)
I miss the days of Tony Gubba, John Motson, Barry Davies on commentary on the Beeb. Bring back Des Lynam too and I'll be content.
For me, Saturday football results were just a series of numbers read out by Tony Gubba while you waited for Basil Brush and Doctor Who...
Loving a bit of Alan Davies show. "Tony Gubba, where's he now, he's not on telly.." "Well, he should be!"
John Motson, Barry Davies and Tony Gubba still meet up regularly for bouts of nude wrestling. Alan Weekes commentates.
Tony Gubba all the time referring to Allardyce as "Big Sam" or "Sam" - wrong on both counts
Every time i hear Tony Gubba's voice, it reminds me of International Superstar Soccer '98 on the N64.
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