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Tony Goldwyn

Anthony Howard Tony Goldwyn (born May 20, 1960) is an American actor and director. He portrayed the villain Carl Bruner in Ghost, Colonel Bagley in The Last Samurai, and the voice of the title character of the Disney animated Tarzan.

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Congratulation Shonda Rhimes, in my opinion, season 3 is flawless. Command could not kill Olivia's mother, so I am not sure he is quite the monster everyone thinks he is. The President knows much more about his personal life, his father and Millie, and the current political events than anyone could ever imagine, and this makes him the brilliant politician that most people do not realize. Olivia is not a quitter; she loves OPA, the President, her father, and her brilliant gift for "fixing" problems. I believe she will turn her father's airplane around. Harrison is smart; I am sure he can figure his way around that gun. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING SEASON 4.
Tony Goldwyn is an amazing actor I wish more people saw what I see in him, but maybe I'm biased.
Image released by ABC Tony Goldwyn, left, and Bellamy Young in a scene from the third .via
Did you know Tony Goldwyn was the voice of Disney's Tarzan? Cause he was 🙈👌
Tony Goldwyn could win an Emmy for eyebrow crinkling on this episode.
Tony Goldwyn is one of the most underrated, overlooked actors
‘Scandal’ cast before they were Gladiators: Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn and more
I have to say. I dislike that Meredith's mum appears in everything at the minute. Also Tony Goldwyn annoys me.
I read that T.V. Guide article & the award for biggest shipper goes to . Tony Goldwyn!! He da captain of the ship!
Postmortem: Are Olivia and Fitz over for good? weighs in
Top story: Tony Goldwyn's latest project 'The Divide': Watch the first trailer … see more
Tony Goldwyn joins the cast of 'Divergent' as Andrew Prior …
I like Tony Goldwyn, but I hate Fitz more than anything in the world. So forever. I did not make up that hashtag... LOL
Tony Goldwyn, I forgive your hotness for killing Patrick Swayze in
I did try to watch s1. Hindi ko lang talaga feel si Kerry Washington. I do like Tony Goldwyn.
may be over for the season, but Tony Goldwyn isn't done yet! Check out our EXCLUSIVE on his latest project:
But why is Tony Goldwyn so freakin gorgeous😍
Best part of the Divergent movie, apart from the company I was with, was to see Tony Goldwyn. I'm a
TRANSCENDENCE ~ Remember a movie called Always in 1989 - with Richard Dreyfuss and directed by Spielberg? Well why would you...It was a flop. But there were elements in there that constituted the potential of something great. A Year later Ghost with Swayze, Moore, Goldberg and the now SCANDALOUS Mr President Tony Goldwyn came out. And it was a Hit. It took all the components of its predecessor and made it magical. Unfortunately Transcendence is NOT the later. The movie started off with the hints of what it could be, a great movie...But then lags, crawls, and withers all while trying to ask you a moral and ethical question. Are we our own GOD? This movie has some fine actors doing the best with the script that they have. But the meat of the movie itself is weak and you forget that this movie is about Love and the extent that we are willing to do to give and receive it. Watching Transcendence is like having are waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for it to get better. But its only good ...
Scandal Postmortem: Are Olivia and Fitz Over for Good / interview with Tony Goldwyn via
A nutty finale for 'Scandal,' TV's craziest show: This image released by ABC shows Tony Goldwyn, from...
Tony Goldwyn has the best *** baby, I'm sorry it's hurtin' so bad" face in the fame
Tony Goldwyn, I love you. Wonderful wonderful interview - paulamaf2013: refusetoshine:...
Nope not mines..Just listen to the podcast. This man(Tony Goldwyn) can read the label of a soup can &I would be
God, I LOVE Scandal. I love Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn & Scott Foley. I feel bad for anyone that doesn't watch it.
[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursday's Scandal finale. Read at your own risk!] Fitz finally got what he wanted — it just cost him the one thing he cares about most. Thursday's Scandal season finale, aptly titled The Price of Free and Fair Election, found Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) get…
Just gonna say it... Tony Goldwyn is the coolest guy.
[Warning: This story consists of spoilers from the season three finale, "The Price tag of Free of charge and Fair Election," of ABC's Scandal.] President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) has been re-elected for a second term on ABC’s Scandal but it came at an incredibly higher price tag during Thursday’s season 3 finale. Olivia (Kerry Washington) effectively asks Rowan (Joe Morton) to assist get Fitz re-elected after Sally (Kate Burton) uses the explosion in her favor, Rowan has Tom, a member of the White Residence Secret Service, poison the Grants’ eldest son, Jerry Jr. It all comes soon after an action-packed episode that integrated Fitz learning that his father raped Mellie (Bellamy Young), who remained silent and stood by her man all in the name of furthering his political profession. Olivia, meanwhile, heads off with Jake (Scott Foley) to stand in the sun after she recognizes t ...
My reaction to the Scandal finale. Why can't Scott Foley ask me to run away with him? Okay, the rest of it was CRAZY shocking...but mostly, I wish Mr. Foley would show up at my door and whisk me away. Okay, let's face it, the same goes for Tony Goldwyn. I've had a thing for him since Ghost...even though he was evil. :}
Get to know Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald from Scandal. Read the official ABC bio, show quotes and learn about the role at ABC TV.
Oh so you want an Emmy nomination to Tony Goldwyn...
I'm gonna go on broadway so I can try and get a tony (goldwyn)
Photoset: paulamaf2013: goddesscru: bananadome: Tony Goldwyn helping Kerry Washington up the stairs after...
ME TOO! So what if it's not Please, Goldwyn, send us a selfie!
“"Ask for the thing in the bottom of your heart..." What is your deepest desire? Tony Goldwyn.
So on the recommendation of a few friends I have started watching "Scandal." Well, despite the fact that Kerry Washington annoys me because she always walks like she has a motor on her A$$, and because OMG TONY GOLDWYN COME TO MAMA is in it, I will continue watching. Relentlessly. Thank you (I think.)
like my white set is shai and theo my black set is beyoncé and jay z and my interracial set is tony goldwyn and Kerry Washington see
How is it that I had never heard of Tony Goldwyn before Scandal and now every movie I watch he is in it?!
"you can’t take for granted the people that you love in your life. love is an active verb" - Tony Goldwyn...
I've ALWAYS ❤️d the movie 👻 w/ Patrick Swayze & said his BFF Carl Bruner looks very familiar only 2 realize that it's Tony Goldwyn bka FITZ
I don't find Tony Goldwyn all that attractive, but I'm (finally) watching Scandal (ep. 6) and I'm like "Ooh, Lawd!" at the Liv-Fitz scenes.
Scandal. Divergent. Tony Goldwyn. I know the rest of the world felt this joy months, maybe years, ago but….OHH BOY
omg tony Goldwyn RTd u so jealous n also so drunk
Does Tony Goldwyn have only one expression?
*lorde voice* and we'll never be tony Goldwyn's bae, it doesn't run in our blood
If you have ION Television, tune in to Law & Order: Criminal Intent and see Tony Goldwyn play Goren's addict brother and SSA Tom playing a male prostitute.
Photoset: lovepollution: Tony Goldwyn at the Beverly Hills première of Conviction, 5th October 2010
Kerry Washington gets to kiss Scott Foley AND Tony Goldwyn? That is so not fair..
Divergent was decent even though I kept ruining it by screaming "IT'S THE PRESIDENT!" during all of Tony Goldwyn's scenes.
New/Old picture of Ansel Elgort and Tony Goldwyn out for dinner.
I love how when you see Divergent everyone in the theater yells "Fitz!" When they see Tony Goldwyn 😂
He looks like tony goldwyn. My head hurts and he gave me Advil and said he likes my shirt. We're getting married
Also why does tony Goldwyn remind me of Kevin mckidd so much
I like Tony Goldwyn directing better. Debbie did a GREAT JOB! MY GOODNESS KHANDI & JEFF. AWESOME!
Overheard: 'Tony Goldwyn. His grandfather was Metro Goldwyn Mayer.' Who was then discussed as an individual. HILARITY.
I have a back cramp pls someone give me a massage . indirect to tony goldwyn
American Rhapsody is so beautiful. Tony is exquisite in it! I have everything Goldwyn on disc
I don't care that Tony Goldwyn is 53 years old, I want him. He's fricking sexy.
"Claudia's husband, I want u to look up Tony Goldwyn's filmography online, I know he's been in something..." Love it.
“John F Kennedy and Tony goldwyn both share my birthday month. I'm not lucky I'm blessed”
In case isn't enough to make you happy, let me remind you that there's a Tony Goldwyn-as-Warren Jeffs Lifetime movie in the works.
Tony Goldwyn is a good actor, I hated what he did to Patrick Swayze's Sam in and I hate his actions as the Pres in
Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant says to his two 20-something-year-old children, "At the end of the day, let's just remember we all are a family and we love each other." Ha!
Does this qualify me for a one way ticket to crazy town?Yesterday I watched SIX hours of season 2 Scandal on Netflix. Then around 9:00pm I logged onto YouTube and watched around 45 minutes of interviews with Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington. And I would pause every few seconds to just look at Fitz! And then I paused Olivia to look for pointers on how to make myself into a Stunning, young, African American woman. Warren came in and I showed him my new boyfriend and KISSED Fitz on the screen. Not one single word of this made up. Gotta run and catch the crazy train.
Is that just me or do Kevin Mckidd and Tony Goldwyn really look like each other ? Like. REALLY !
I enjoy it. I started watching last season. Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are amazing in it.
Photo: mayson2013: scandamonium: No one does emotion like Tony Goldwyn…. Nope
Tony Goldwyn is in a movie on the Hallmark Channel & it's called "The Boys Next Door". On now!
I remember how I loathed Tony Goldwyn for killing Patrick Swayze for a LONG time. Actor playing Jeffrey Grant. SAME.
Alright. I'm going to make another 'announcement', this time time regarding Mellie, Fitz and Olivia. Lots of discussion right now about Olivia, Fitz, Mellie and the mess that is their triangle. Let me insert my two cents. 1. Mellie Grant. There are many words you can use to describe Mellie's character. Weak and love sick are NOT among them. Now, to be clear, I love Mellie's character. I love her ambition, her poise, I love that she is oh so very sharp. I think many of us feel this way. SHE doesn't even think of herself that way. Most of us know that Mellie and Fitz met via Fitz's dad, Big Jerry. Terms like thoroughbred, blue blood and DAR were used to describe her and her families line. Big Jerry certainly knew what Fitz would need for the White House run, even before Fitz knew he was running for Governor. Whether or not Mellie was in on the plan has never been explained outright, but Shonda certainly implies that she did know. Mellie has always shown where her ambitions lie and why. You ha ...
I want Olivia and Fitz to be together forever. I'm a huge fan of the show and of Tony Goldwyn!
Tony Goldwyn is so Scandal to me, I had to refrain from yelling out FITZ watching (Just me?)
Divergent The Characters: Shailene Woodley as Beatrice "Tris" Prior Theo James as Tobias "Four" Eaton Ansel Elgort as Caleb Prior Ray Stevenson as Marcus Eaton Kate Winslet as Jeanine Matthews Zoë Kravitz as Christina Maggie Q as Tori Mekhi Phifer as Max Jai Courtney as Eric Miles Teller as Peter Ben Lamb as Edward Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Will Christian Madsen as Al Tony Goldwyn as Andrew Prior Ashley Judd as Natalie Prior Amy Newbold as Molly Atwood Justine Wachsberger as Lauren Movie Info: The world suffered a horrific war but after many years things have gotten to a point where most people live a reasonably normal life. Chicago with its wall surrounding it is home to a sizable population once again with the society divided up into 5 different factions: Abnegation (selfless), Amity (peaceful), Candor (truthful), Erudite (intelligent) and Dauntless (brave), based on their personalities. During her testing, the person that gives Beatrice her test discovers that she is what is called Divergent... in that they ...
"God's Not Dead" is one of the best Christian-themed movies I have seen in the last decade, next to "Joshua" with Tony Goldwyn. Life-affirming, powerful, makes you realize there are still those who will gladly fight for Him, and others who want to, they just need the tiniest of nudges from the faithful.
I just stumbled into a corner of Tumblr that believes Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are having an affair. They call them Terry.
I'm a sucker for curly hair, and you can blame Tony Goldwyn for that.
It's so good! Cyrus is my favorite character and I love Tony Goldwyn as the president! lol
Because ppl really think that Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are married tells me 3 things: They need a life, a hobby and several seats.
My mom keeps asking what I want to do for my birthday; Tony Goldwyn isn’t an appropriate answer so I have yet to decide what else instead.
If only Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn were actually together 😍
Alpha Male Madness 2014: Vote in the Sweet 16 Now! via Vote for Tony Goldwyn!
Tony Goldwyn did say this season would be darker. Maybe we'll have to wait until next season to be brought into the light.
Paul is up against Tony Goldwyn. Daniel is up against Jensen.
Minus the sexy beast that is Tony Goldwyn "Y'all. Online Days fandom is A LOT like Scandal. For serious."
So tony goldwyn is new mexico bound. Dang! How long is he gonna b there? How long is this shoot?
I've decided I'm going to marry Fitz from scandal. Not Tony Goldwyn. .. FITZ!
Can we put this on a coin?? Tony Goldwyn is so beautiful. I wish he was president for real, CNN would…
“Young Tony Goldwyn I am actually in tears so hot
Squat as though Tony Goldwyn and Patrick Dempsey are behind you
Young Tony Goldwyn I am actually in tears
Scandal's to Play Notorious Polygamist Wonderfull!! Is in production or shoot already?
Paul is up against Tony Goldwyn from Scandal . VOTE FOR PAUL !.
Ooh my Lawd! Tony Goldwyn gives me goose bumps. So HAawt for his age.
““Tony Goldwyn is a force to be reckoned in the director's chair” -Thx Naz! xx" Omg he said Naz 🙀
Josh with Tony Goldwyn? Are you trying to ruin me with our men colliding!
It was so crazy seeing Tony Goldwyn in last night!! I'm so used to only seeing him in 😍
Oh Tony Goldwyn is in Divergent and he cheats with Kerry every five seconds... always in front of a window
Did you miss alumnus Tony Goldwyn '82 on last week? Video: via
Did you miss alum Tony Goldwyn on last week? Here's some video:
THIS👏👏👏 it's why I don't like tony Goldwyn! I'm sure he's a great dude but his stans made me not like him 😕
Seriously the "fans" who make fun of Tony Goldwyn's eyebrows are five year olds.
Older guy crush- Tony Goldwyn ♥ and yes his being President in Scandal is a total bonus.
Photo: scandamonium: "I literally cannot stop staring at her because she is so beautiful" - Tony Goldwyn.
Is it me or could Andrew Lincoln and Tony Goldwyn play siblings?
Tony Goldwyn, answering the question, "What fear would you rid yourself of?"
bUT I did see divergent today and to my surprise tony Goldwyn was in it
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A new friend shared this quote with me from Tony Goldwyn aka "Fitz"!!
Tonight's episode of was directed by Chandra Wilson. Tonight's was directed by Tony Goldwyn. They …
Why don't you like Tony Goldwyn anymo. You was obsess... — I was just joining the fandom and felt the need to fa...
How long until Tony Goldwyn is admitted into a nursing home? — Good night. Log out. Go to bed. You done.
Thought you'd appreciate this since you love Scandal. That's my mom with Tony Goldwyn
Scandal vs. Divergent: Tony Goldwyn's character is still useless & Divergent can hide a pregnancy WAY better.
Tony Goldwyn is so charismatic. After seeing Divergent, I now want him to be my dad.
Tony Goldwyn can have my children anyway 😭😂
I just love love love Tony Goldwyn. Like I don't even hv words! So a pic? THAT'S HOW MUCH!!
"Tony Goldwyn"?!?! Girl u REALLY had me fooled. I'm laughing at my self . ugh!
Hey Nero! Bom dia! I think you may like this: Tony Goldwyn —> The Last House On the Left 😁
Tony Goldwyn looks like an older Josh Hutcherson.
I wouldn't be surprised if these people are friends with those who are convinced that Tony Goldwyn is the father of Kerry Washington's baby.
"Good thing I love her" - Tony Goldwyn about Kerry Washington.
I didn't wanna see Divergent until I saw that Kate Winslet and Tony Goldwyn are in it lol
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
So some of you may not have seen this because you were too lazy to look at all my Divergent Premiere pictures, which means you missed out on seeing this. "This" is an extra copy of Divergent signed by: Kate Winslet, Tony Goldwyn, Theo James, Ansel Elgort, Miles Teller, Ashley Judd, Zoe Kravitz, Maggie Q, Amy Newbold, Christian Madsen and Veronica Roth. "This" is going to be up as a giveaway starting Saturday. Starting Friday, you gotta start proving that you deserve this book. You ready for it?
There is a lot to enjoy this weekend (March 21) at the movies. The Muppets are back and they are funnier than ever in "The Muppets: Most Wanted." This rousing musical/comedy caper is star-studded with everyone from Ty Burrell, Christoph Waltz, Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais to Stanley Tucci, Chloe Grace Moretz, Salma Hayek and Usher Raymond. Jason Bateman makes his directorial debut in the hilarious "R" rated comedy "Bad Words." Also opening is the sci-fi flick, "Divergent" starring Tony Goldwyn ("Scandal"), Kate Winslet, Shailene Woodley and Mekhi Phifer. Director Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel' also expands in wide release. Catch my reviews of all these movies March 21 at and listen to my movie review segment on the Kitty O' Neal show every Friday at 6:40 p.m. on KFBK 1530 AM and 93.1 FM.
Kimberly Jayne "Kim" Raver (born March 15, 1969) American actress. She is best known for television roles as Kim Zambrano on Third Watch, Audrey Raines on 24 and Teddy Altman on Grey's Anatomy. Raver got her start as a child star in 1975 appearing on Sesame Street at age 6. She remained on the show for three years. She initially acted in commercials for Visa and Jeep when her adult career began. Her first prominent role was her Broadway debut in 1995 in the Philip Barry play "Holiday" in which she co-starred with Laura Linney and Tony Goldwyn. She also appeared in the feature film City Hall with Al Pacino. She also co-starred with John Spencer (of NBC's The West Wing) and David Schwimmer in "The Glimmer Brothers", a production of the Williamstown Theatre Festival, written by Warren Leight. After her time on Third Watch, she was cast as Audrey Raines in the popular television series 24, and was a series regular for two seasons. During the Fall 2006 television season, Raver starred in the ABC television se ...
‘Scandal’ star Tony Goldwyn cast as polygamist Warren Jeffs in Lifetime movie
Watching the oscars - my husband Michel Gill -President Walker of House of Cards is sitting Tony Goldwyn of Scandle- beautiful awards
Cover shoot with Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn! Scandal! via
If anyone needs me, I'll be here all Saturday morning watching Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn having the hottest illicit sex in the world
Ok,since some of yall are confused..Kerry Washington is an actor,so is Halle Berry..ACTING! Kerry is not screwing Tony Goldwyn and Halle did not screw Billy Bob..get a grip before someone thinks your are ignorant.
I have a memory of watching Ramis and Blythe Danner in Tony Goldwyn's THE LAST KISS and thinking, "This is the kindest man that ever lived."
lovepollution: Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn at the NAACP Image Awards, 22nd February 2014
NAACP Image Awards: Oprah Winfrey to Honor Nelson Mandela, Stevie Wonder to Perform: Oprah Winfrey is set to honor late activist and former South African president Nelson Mandela on Saturday’s live airing of the 45th Annual NAACP Image Awards at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on TV One. The ceremony will be preceded by a one-hour live pre-show from the red carpet at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Additionally, Stevie Wonder will perform on the awards show. Kerry Washington, Michael B. Jordan, Terrence Howard, Alfre Woodard, David Oyelowo, Chandra Wilson, Shemar Moore and Regina King are among the confirmed attendees for the ceremony. See video: Oprah Winfrey Says Goodbye to Nelson Mandela: ‘My Hero’ Hosted by Anthony Anderson, the night’s presenters include Kevin Hart, Lupita Nyong’o, Tyler Perry, Michael Ealy, Tony Goldwyn, Arsenio Hall and Gabrielle Union. Winfrey and Hart are also among the contenders for “Entertainer of the Year” alongside Beyoncé, Dwayne Johnson, Idris Elba and Nicole Beharie. As previousl ...
“"Man! Tony Goldwyn, c'mon! Tony Goldwyn is the ultimate man in real life" says .
mmmhmm. and i'm not into tony goldwyn, so when captain jake came on the scene, i was all THINGS ARE INTERESTING NOW.
Excited to work with Tony Goldwyn directing today!
Have we discussed how Matthew McConaughey on True Detective has morphed into looking like Tony Goldwyn?
If I had known that Tony Goldwyn was asking to be someone's Valentine's late last night I would have dumped you earlier, Sorry Honey...
watching some Scandal reruns. God...that face, that bod and a voice like butter.. Tony Goldwyn's wife is one lucky lucky lady O_O
Just in case you missed it Will you be Tony Goldwyn's Valentine?
btw, the actor who plats Fitz, Tony Goldwyn, was the bad guy in who had Patrick Swayze killed
Tony Goldwyn's most romantic place on earth is Paris, I couldn't help but laugh!!
I'm sorry, but Tony Goldwyn pulls off a suit so much better than regular clothes.
It's not Tony Goldwyn but this will do.
Hi guys just dropped by to say TONY GOLDWYN wished me a Happy Valentine's Day!! Did he you?.
I actually might love Tony Goldwyn. I want him so bad 😩
Ghost/ Tony Goldwyn is on Oxygen right now!
"He’s done something very significant, taking the Goldwyn name and repurposing it. Tony and I are very..."
Photoset: scandalopsessed: Tony Goldwyn at Manhattan Film Institute Events. Almost makes me want to change...
Friday Fun Trivia! ~ Former Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller played this swinger in a series of films, and Ron Ely played him on the short lived television series. Christopher Lambert has also played the part on the silver screen, and Tony Goldwyn gave his voice talents to the Disney animated character. Which popular role has seen these, as well as other portrayals? COMMENT YOUR ANSWER: a) John Carter, b) George of the Jungle, c) Tarzan or d) Mowgli.
Pretty pls have Tony Goldwyn & Kerry Washington on 2gethr to tlk abt
Tony Goldwyn is quite the brilliant talent.
seriously! We have to thank for unearthing the wonders of Tony Goldwyn :) so good!
I'm so pathetically addicted to Scandal, Kerry Washington has the best clothes, and Tony Goldwyn is smoking.
hot people don't have eyebrows look at Tony Goldwyn
I spy with my little a Tony Goldwyn!
I feel so bad for tony goldwyn like do you understand how big his *** is I'm not just saying that like he tries to hide it so much poor guy
"Nothing's wrong with honest emotion." -Tony Goldwyn
BIGfilm announce soon. Tillthen kudos on SCANDAL role as the presidents (Tony Goldwyn)son.
"Yeah, Tony Goldwyn is his name, not Fitz. And he's not the president."
u got a HBD...u go girl, that's awesome and I know that was one highlight of ur day. I love me sum Tony Goldwyn too.
Chris said he LOVES He calls Tony Goldwyn, Fitz. "I just know people by their characters' names" LOL
Tony Goldwyn can curse all day though. I'll totally entertain it lol.
"Give the person you love everything they want." -Tony Goldwyn; Scandal
I need Scandal back in my life. Well, mostly I need Tony Goldwyn and Scott Foley back in my life.
Join Scandal stars Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn on their cover shoot with TV Guide Magazine! Subscribe ...
Tony Goldwyn chats with Access at the Family Equality Council’s Los Angeles Awards. As fans wait for the second-half of “Scandal” Season 3, what does he have to say to those who are learning to “cope without Pope”?
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
The Last Kiss (2006) directed by Tony Goldwyn written by Paul Haggis and Gabriele Muccino Flawed relationships, fear of commitment and of growing old, and the age old question of whether love is...
*The NAACP and TV One announced Monday that Anthony Anderson will host the 45th NAACP Image Awards with Lupita Nyong’o, Tyler Perry and Michael Ealy among the first group of confirmed presenters. Tony Goldwyn, Arsenio Hall, Gabrielle Union, Regina… [ 222 more words. ]
can someone please explain to me why Tony Goldwyn is presenting on the NAACP Image awards? makes me laugh. people do know he isn't actually a black guy, right?
Part of event "An Evening With Shonda & Friends", Tony Goldwyn tell story about his first big break. I love hear his voice :D, and its quite funny too. I'm s...
Attention Gladiator Nation! A special treat for Team Olitz from Kerry Washington herself. A Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn “selfie” on the set of ‘Scandal‘ episode 315 - in the Oval Office. Wonder what these two will…
Attention Gladiator Nation! We now present the promo pics of Tony Goldwyn, a/k/a, “President Fitzgerald (Fitz) Grant III.” The President looks great for someone who has been repeatedly beaten up in the media for the last three seasons. Must be…
Tony Goldwyn is going to be on Law & Order: CI. On ION right now.
Andrew Lincoln and Tony Goldwyn need to be cast as brothers in a movie, just sayin...
Look who's on Matlock. A young Tony Goldwyn. :-) He has eyebrows.
I just realized that Tony Goldwyn from Scandal was the dad from Last House On The Left
Actor Tony Goldwyn totally makes up for a D-Bag performance in 'Ghost" by being a total bad *** Father out for Revenge in the remake of "The Last House on the Left".
"Scandal" is a show that lives and dies by the jaw drop. You know what we mean, those moments that leave you barely able to catch your breath, panting, hungry for more. But not all OMG moments are made equal. As we try to ignore our Olivia Pope withdrawals (only one month until Season 3 returns, guys!), we've put together the definitive ranking of the 12 most totally insane moments on "Scandal" so far. Pop yourself some popcorn, pour a glass of red wine and get ready. Because here we go. 12. Cyrus is revealed to be behind Amanda Tanner's death Oh, hey Season 1 twist. Look at you being cute and trying to shock with the reveal that President Grant's (Tony Goldwyn) chief of staff Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) was the man behind Amanda Tanner's (guest star Liza Weil) death. And, yeah, it was shocking -- for Season 1. But we've got people eating through their wrists now. This just seems like child's play. 11. Huck pulls out Quinn's tooth The torture scenes between Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes) were ...
This month we have added 2 new boards to Fanforum- Reign ( is an American historical tv show which started on The CW in October 2013. It stars Adelaide Kane as Mary, Queen of Scots and is set in France in 1557. Scandal ( ) is an American political thriller set in Washington D.C. It stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope and Tony Goldwyn as The President. It started in 2012. (A)
My Top 5 Must-See TV of the year: 5) Hart of Dixie - Also the most unbelievable show of the year, but I just have to watch all the goings-on in Bluebell, Alabama 4) The Timberlake-Fallon Christmas episode of SNL - They actually got Barry Gibb to appear with them in their classic "Barry Gibb Show" skit. Too bad my satellite went out at that very moment due to the rain. 3) Mad Men - Hardest season to watch of one of my favorite shows of all-time but well worth it for the final two eps. 2) Big Bang Theory - This is the show you get when Revenge of the Nerds merges with Friends. Even funnier because I knew a lot of people just like the Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Amy Farrah Fowler at UAH. 1) Scandal - I still can't believe how many of my friends in politics don't watch this. Kerry Washington & Tony Goldwyn almost burn out the TV screen with their astounding chemistry.
Ben Affleck will be awesome as Batman because Patrick Swayze's essence transferred to him via Jennifer Grey and Tony Goldwyn in Bounce.
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Season 2: Episode 4 of.SCANDAL. So, Columbus Short is hot - so is Tony Goldwyn.but this show is like a Diary of an Accomplished, Intelligent, Single, Side-Chick/Mistress. lol smh... just a few thoughts
No really, anyone else see the resemblance between Andrew Lincoln and Tony Goldwyn?
Scandal Trivia: Sally Langston is portrayed by Kate Burton. Kate Burton is the daughter of legendary actor RICHARD BURTON. Fitz Grant is portrayed by Tony Goldwyn. Goldwyn as in Metro Goldwyn Meyer aka MGM movie studios.
698 MOVIE FOR 2013: "TARZAN" (1999) *ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITES! Now playing "Tarzan" starring Tony Goldwyn, Minnie Driver, Glenn Close, Brian Blessed, Nigel Hawthorn and Lance Henriksen. Academy Award® winner for Best Original Song: "You'll Be in My Heart". An immortal legend. As you've only imagined. "No matter where I go, you will always be my mother." - Tarzan "And you will always be in my heart." - Kala AFI's 100 Years...100 Songs: You'll Be in My Heart - Nominated AFI's 10 Top 10 - Nominated Animated Film
I can't be the only one who thinks that Tony Goldwyn and are twins?
. Kate, do you have any funny stories to share about working with Tony Goldwyn before Scandal?
Tony Goldwyn's grandfather was Samuel Goldwyn of Goldwyn Pictures; the "G" in MGM. He is responsible for "Leo the Lion".
Kate Burton: How was for you working again with Tony Goldwyn?
Video: vavavoomworld: noliesnofake: Tony Goldwyn - Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts...
It needs to be tony goldwyn's child. Add a little spice to this
Tony Goldwyn in toronto yesterday! I am dead because I didn't even get to get a one touch.
If I do end up meeting Tony Goldwyn this week what should I ask him? Need some input
Check out this stunning photo of Bellamy Young, Tony Goldwyn, Scott Foley & Kerry Washington from 3x05 --> http:/…
My Christmas wish: a threesome with Tony Goldwyn and Scott Foley
That time & I ate dinner with Sam Rockwell and Tony Goldwyn at Bellwoods and talked about Duck hearts.
Tony Goldwyn and Sam Rockwell talking about their favourite Jonah Hill movie, but... "Michael Cera killed it in 'This is the End'.
Now I find out it's the SAME TONY GOLDWYN?!
Does anyone else think that Tony Goldwyn bears a resemblance to Andrew Cuomo?
CNN is Doing A Piece on Tony Goldwyn's Innocence Project - On how they reached out to help another...
"so you would genuinely love and get married to a sixty year old man?" Hellz yeah if he looks like Tony Goldwyn!
Someone help me find Tony Goldwyn...please
Heads Up - If any of you, your friends, co- workers or family ever meet Tony Goldwyn and take and post...
"It is Olivia. Fitz can’t be himself in any authentic way without Olivia" - Tony Goldwyn on FItz...
Just realized (Tony Goldwyn) from played Carl Burner in lol Im super late I swear I hated his character in Ghost
Watching Ghost and realized Tony Goldwyn (AKA Scandal's Fitz) was one of the bad guys!
Tony Goldwyn was right...Shonda see things in actors that no one else see and she brings it out of them.
I believed this Scene..Tony Goldwyn took it all the way..Jeff Perry ate it up and Bellamy Spit it out.
The Devil in the White City by read by Tony Goldwyn Erik Larson - No.17 in New York Times Paperback Nonfiction wee
Some of the male actors that I admire don't have the typical tropy wife (hugh jackman, tony goldwyn james mcavoy)
Does anyone have $10 to spare? I want to have dinner with Bellamy Young and Tony Goldwyn etc.
I love Tony Goldwyn but I am over Scandal. They have jumpd the ship into *** land.
Because! It seemed like Tony Goldwyn was in every airport in America today taking pictures with people. And Im sitting here!
lol... drats... next time i'm in that theatre, i'll remember that "Tony Goldwyn Was Here"... ;)
I'm seriously about to cry because Tony Goldwyn is in Toronto and I'll never get a chance to meet him.
There needs to be a Bruce Willis, George Clooney, and Tony Goldwyn flatheads !!! I would DEFINITELY buy all 3 of them
just searched "Tony Goldwyn signing" on YouTube and now I'm which is way more painful than
Photoset: jamgurl73: danifran16: Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington takes US History Test for Entertainment...
Me and are watching Tarzan because Tony Goldwyn is the voice of him in the movie.
"Tony Goldwyn ROCKS Fitz and all of us in the process…" - Lord Jesus be a GATE!!! LAWD! (via colbertaust)...
And now Tony Goldwyn & his wavy hair are on the Murphy Brown pilot?! What a glorious day of 80s TV this is!
Yes I fancy older men (Christopher Dean,Brendan Coyle,Stephen McGann and Tony Goldwyn) I don't care what people think about it!
"I love this actor, I hate this character, I am a woman w/o a country when it comes to Tony Goldwyn" http:…
Does Tony Goldwyn have the best hair on television?
Smh my friend asked who's Tony Goldwyn
maybe if I just make it out to tony goldwyn the mailman will know. I could just write 'Vermont'. You are invited!
Mark met Tony Goldwyn today. I am jealous. I hope to meet him before Christmas!
Ugh I just ugh ugh ugh UGH Tony Goldwyn
This is not my creation obviously, but it's so beautiful.
Photoset: aliasvaughn: olitzterry: aliasvaughn: How to kiss your boo, part deux. A tutorial by Tony Goldwyn...
Photoset: aliasvaughn: How to kiss her shoulder tutorial by Tony Goldwyn, part deux. Still for scientific...
I loved your interview with Babyface on I would love to see Tony Goldwyn next. What do you think? Tony on OWN!?
Hey Tony Goldwyn I love you how good of an actress you are and you are sexy.
Is it hot in here or is it just Tony Goldwyn and Patrick Dempsey
I am in love with an older man. Preferably Tony Goldwyn
This is the nicest role I've seen Tony Goldwyn in Childhood memories of what he does to…
Tony Goldwyn brings a certain humanity to his role that makes you forget that he IS the president (well, a pretend one).
We NEED those pics of Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington.Pretty Please and Thank you!
Photo: artsychica2012: There’s the gold standard, and then there’s the GOLDWYN standard Tony Tuesday...
I voted for "Tony Goldwyn" in a POLL: Best of 2013: Who Would You Nominate for Best Dramatic Actor? via
from the current issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Tony Goldwyn is slowly taking George Clooney's place in my life. *sigh*
So that means I don't have to hate you anymore for killing Sam? Now I have to hate Tony Goldwyn? 😂😂😂
Love Cast of Scandal piece & awesome pix of Tony Goldwyn/Kerry Washington in your 12-6-13 issue. I'm renewing my subscription today!
“I just realized you're the same guy who played on Ghost. That's you, right? Not me. That would be Tony Goldwyn.
LMAO!! 😂😂 I am a terrible addict! And tony Goldwyn is so hotcan barley stand it! Ever seen the show? I will get u addicted
Tony Goldwyn's acting is pure brill
My man crush everyday! Tony Goldwyn. A.k.a Mr.President from one of my favorite TV shows. Scandal..…
Photoset: lovepollution: bananadome: lovepollution: Tony Goldwyn (with Ashley Judd) on the set of Someone...
dude a debate scene between Tony Goldwyn and James Spader would be life affirming!
Oh, you knew this was this week goes out to Tony Goldwyn, aka Fitz from ABC's hit…
HOLD THE PHONE. Tony Goldwyn, aka Fitz from is co-starring in Divergnt?! Yes, AMC. You can have my money.
I'd listen to Tony Goldwyn read just about anything aloud. The phone book, a selection of receipts, the back of a shampoo bottle. ANYTHING.
Tony Goldwyn. You've got me on the hoock.
I literally want Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn together in real life
So I might have just made Tony Goldwyn Christian Grey in my head. This is gonna be bad!! 😍😍😍
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Tony Goldwyn, let me have your kids 😍
This is not a joke: my love and slight obsession with Tony Goldwyn grows exponentially every day.
I wish someone would say Tony Goldwyn. I'd virtually slap the taste out. Your *** mouth!
My is Tony Goldwyn. 😍😍 When I see him on TV, I defiantly get a smile on my face. Lol. He is a…
Michelle Obama, Barack of course, kerry no doubt and...Tony Goldwyn he is so charming sarah!! lool
I've never watched it but I like Tony Goldwyn.
Can I be the love child of Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington?
ALL I WANNA KNOW is WHY in the world Tony Goldwyn's eyebrows are nowhere to be found
I hated Tony Goldwyn my whole life cause he had Sam killed then tried to bang Molly. Now he's a philandering president & I love him. What?!
When Tony Goldwyn kissed Sherri on The View I smiled and got a little envious. 😩😏😍
Watching season 2 of Scandal. Tony Goldwyn still=yuck.
My mom just casually dropped the bomb that she knows Tony Goldwyn aka President Fitz aka my life is a lie.
Tony Goldwyn directed this movie, ah!
Tony Goldwyn, The President, goes shirtless (oh, the scandal):
So I've been casually watching SCANDAL at the gym, and then I tried summarizing it to a few friends recently, and I just had this moment where it was like I was trying to summarize PASSIONS or something and felt this deep, deep shame of, "WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?!" So, um, here is a summary I gave to a friend via email recently, based on the episodes I've seen and a recap special, because I'm just wondering how long this is going to go before it jumps the shark. I realize that term is dated, but it's kinda bringing it back. To wit: -So Kerry Washington is a crisis management lady. This plays almost no role in the show's plot. -Kerry has had an affair with the president, played by Tony Goldwyn, the bad guy in GHOST (Patrick Swayze's treacherous friend, not the one who actually killed him). -This is a straight-up thing where the president is in love with her and has a burner phone so they can have heart-rendering talks. -The president, who is Republican, has a *** Chief of Staff, whose job consists of thre . ...
Wow, so Tony Goldwyn who plays Fitz on Scandal...Goldwyn was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of actress Jennifer Howard and film producer Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. Goldwyn's paternal grandparents were mogul Samuel Goldwyn and actress Frances Howard,[2] while his maternal grandparents were playwright Sidney Howard and actress Clare Eames.
TV DISH... ANOTHER RE-BOOT! Now it’ll be a TV version of the smash 1990 hit movie “Ghost” starring the late Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg in her Oscar-winning turn as the fake psychic who turns out — much to her surprise — not so fake. Well, I suppose I see the possibilities of a weekly series, but the movie was so perfect in its way, and so perfectly cast, I don’t think any actors, no matter how good, can re-create that particular chemistry. (Not to mention the presence, in the movie, of Tony Goldwyn, who memorably pays the price for his bad ways.) I wonder if Demi or Whoopi will follow in the footsteps of Angela Lansbury and protest a bit? (Miss Lansbury, as many of you know, isn’t crazy about “Murder, She Wrote” being revived.) NICE TOUCH that the producers of “American Horror Story: Coven” have invited pop legend Stevie Nicks to appear on the show. One of characters this season is a witch who is obsessed with Stevie — dresses like her, plays her songs, etc. So, ...
Photo: scandalmoments: BTS with Tony Goldwyn via Tom Verica. Tom Verica: And we have the last...
I always forget that Tony Goldwyn's ancient and has been around forever.
The back of Tony Goldwyn's head is ridiculous
Is it me or does Tony Goldwyn look like Franklin Graham or a young A true compliment!
Tony Goldwyn & Kerry Washington should be nominated and win the Golden Globe for best actor n actress in a...
and both Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington are smart, I'm in awe everytime they have an interview
Tony Goldwyn has a voice like warm honey. Sometimes I forget to be mad at Fitz because it's so distracting.
Watching Kiss The Girls, but I think Tony Goldwyn's performance is a bit too earnest.
Tony Goldwyn about ''Operation Remington'' - THR - I want to remind people about this particular part of the...
I am so addicted to Scandal! I just can't help it? Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are the two sexiest people on television!
Tony Goldwyn don't need words to express what's his character feeling, that man face tells it all! Well done TG
I swear Tony Goldwyn better get an Emmy nominations next year and win!
of Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn, two of the most gifted actors in the business and all-around great people.
Do we all remember Tony Goldwyn in the movie "Ghost" and that Whoopee Goldberg won an academy award for that movie.
I liked a video Tony Goldwyn in Frasier
I liked a video Tony Goldwyn scenes from Godfather of Green Bay part 1
Photoset: beliskner: The way he looks at her! Mr. Tony Goldwyn
Oh man. Tony Goldwyn in this last scene. That's some good stuff right there.
Fitz's Past Comes to Light on 'Scandal' - Tony Goldwyn – who plays President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal,...
Ugh Fitz and Mellie in the bed getting it on!! UGH! oh *** NO. Goldwyn
Scandal parties - making Tony Goldwyn's heartbreak easier to watch since 2012 (we're orig fans duh)
I think Tony Goldwyn tops all, on or off the screen, period!! Just sayin'
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