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Tony Goldwyn

Anthony Howard Tony Goldwyn (born May 20, 1960) is an American actor and director. He portrayed the villain Carl Bruner in Ghost, Colonel Bagley in The Last Samurai, and the voice of the title character of the Disney animated Tarzan.

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my dad said “I watched a movie today called belko or something” and i freaked like “WITH TONY GOLDWYN IN IT” oops m…
Also Tony Goldwyn answering me on his video chat, omg! 😍 that’s a definite cool 2017 moment.
"Thank you to my on-screen bae Tony Goldwyn. I love you."
💫 The best of Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington in 2017: a thread 💫
i am now watching the episode with both tony goldwyn AND kate burton. it’s like a scandal reunion
'Scandal's' Tony Goldwyn opens up about sexual harassment
Tony Goldwyn (Fitz) is definitely old enough to be my dad but I’m definitely still in love with him.
I 💕 you Tony Goldwyn... hoping and praying that I get to meet you in 2018
I should not have listened to while at work. They should have put a trigger warning for when they pla…
I have no clue. These people have no taste at all. When it comes to Tony Gold…
Scandal Season 7 captures have been added to the gallery.
“Thank you to my onscreen bae Tony Goldwyn. I love you.”. B. Ba. Bae. I CANT BREATHE 😭 I love her! I love them! 😭😍❤️
Tony Goldwyn: Kerry Washington’s biggest fan and the Captain of the Olitz ship. ❤️
Blair Underwood and THEN Tony Goldwyn. I’m gonna need a tall glass of ice water, y’all.
Tony Goldwyn has played a villain in Ghost, The Last Samurai and The Sixth Day.
Laurence Fishburne. Jesse L. Martin. Bruce Willis. Blair Underwood. Do we want them to be our daddy... or Zaddy? We knigh…
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I don't recall ever seeing this guy in a Hallmark Christmas movie before, but I love him. He's got a Tony Goldwyn t…
Tony Revelori in Spider-Man: Honecoming and Tony Goldwyn in the Belko Experiment
LSKWJWJSHSH CHELSEA speaking to the crisis manager man and saying “tony goldwyn is just like one hot piece of *** …
hey Tony Goldwyn is mine. Take your eyes of him. Thanks lol
Chelsea said that there no competition in her book Tony Goldwyn won it on
Chelsea wanted dinner with Tony Goldwyn only😂
“There is no competition. Scott Foley doesn’t exist in my brain. It’s all Tony Goldwyn . - Chelsea handl…
Tell me why Tom Holland looks like a young Tony Goldwyn and Zendaya looks like a young Kerry Washington
Who dis Scooter you speaketh of? I only know one man, Tony Goldwyn.
I would pay so much money to watch Tony Goldwyn do he could literally drink apple juice & id pay hella mo…
📷 lovepollution: Tony Goldwyn (with Anna Musky-Goldwyn) at the premiere of Mark Felt: The Man Who...
Mark Felt stars Tony Goldwyn and Josh Lucas on the ‘mind-blowing timing…
"A white man" excuse me, we shall respect Tony Goldwyn aka THE president fitz at all times
As the of approaches let's take a look at our interview with…
A thread of tony goldwyn selfies that might have you thinking "what are you doing"
Electronic Device Insurance
Issa Scandal that I forgot about Tony Goldwyn for this thread. Presidential Jew Zaddy 😍👅
Tony Goldwyn biting his lips will always be the sexiest thing in the world!
I am thinking of the tony goldwyn office rampage movie.. right?
New picture of movie to be released in September 29, 2017 with Tony Goldwyn in movie
I will defend present day Shondaland Tony Goldwyn to the death!
I love Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington so so much What Am I gonna do w All this Love I have for Them.
Some crazy fans hate Scott Foley (Jake). Also they believe Kerry is in a fake m…
Goodmorning I love my Sunshine's Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn so much, I hope they're having the best of their lives today.
hey Darby, take a pic of Tony Sexy Goldwyn to us? Please? 🙏
I saw it and was thinking not Tony Goldwyn's finest performance.
Good morning everyone, especially Chance the Rapper, Tony Goldwyn, and Kerry Washington.
So I'm weird cause I thought Tony Goldwyn young looked like a creep, plus his eyebrows are non…
I still say Tony Goldwyn would have made an awesome Rick Grimes & Andrew Lincoln would…
I do love you and your crazy tony Goldwyn *** trash.💗
I love Tony Goldwyn so much shejwjwjqj 😍😭😍
Tony Goldwyn and Gong Too will going to be the death of me and Bes! Asan ang Hustisya!
yeah, i don't watch Scandal. Oops. But we thought Olivia Pope wanted to "walk in the sun" with Tony Goldwyn, not Noel.
📷 bananadome: Tony Goldwyn praising Kerry Washington as captain of the Scandal family at Paleyfest LA...
I love characters Tony Goldwyn, John Gallagher Jr and Adria Arjona. Greg McLean is a good director. I love your movies. Less The Darkness.
Watching The Belko Experiment. When I first watched the trailer, I thought Tony Goldwyn was Matt Ross. Still not sure if I'm wrong...
Joe Morton's convo with Tony Goldwyn had great points. Who better to run it and unchecked power has great consequences.
Huma Abedin and Tony Goldwyn outing raises eyebrows
Sit down, Olivia Pope. No scandal here: Tony Goldwyn is happily married and definitely not dating Huma Abedin:…
Tony Goldwyn is really something else...
But of course. I've talked to him about it before (but it's a must considering Belko's creepy feel.
I just can't fully commit myself in a relationship as long as Tony Goldwyn is out there looking like Tony Goldwyn.
Why is Tony Goldwyn always playing the bad guy in major films?
Thanks to for teaching me how to make this awesome dish in this month's issue. Leeks! Who knew?
Tony Goldwyn ole fine *** needs to just stop playin, and make that offer to be my permanent Zaddy.
heyHello Scandal comes back thursday and also Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn still exist and are the most adorab…
Was wearing my glasses that aren't bifocals and I was sure this was Tony Goldwyn.
Tony Goldwyn got to goofing around with his Scandal co-stars Kerry Washington and Scott Foley
When im asked how many times a day do I talk about Tony Goldwyn 😏😏😍
.Julianna Margulies to narrate refugee documentary ‘Above the Drowning Sea’
Thank you Queen 😚🍻 may Tony Goldwyn bless your dreams tonight 😏
Men's grooming/makeup for Tony Goldwyn at ABC TCA.
📌Tony Goldwyn TV Show Appearances next week he will be on and is back all on March 9…
Tony Goldwyn will be on next week on March 9 at 2pm ET/1pm PT
Me when I see Tony Goldwyn (A.k.a President Fitz Grant in Scandal), in a movie or something!
Tony Goldwyn on red carpet at 44th International Emmy Awards
Tony Goldwyn talking to media on red carpet at 44th International Emmy Awards
FULL VIDEO: History lessons with Tony Goldwyn of Scandal ... -
Tony Goldwyn from is our new president, and his speechwriter has gone rogue.
📷 Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn speak onstage during the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at...
Kind of along the lines of The Boys Next Door with Tony Goldwyn, Nathan Lane, and Mare Winningham, and Robert Sean Leonard.
Ok but Tony Goldwyn is my actual dad
It's been bugging me for weeks but just figured out Matty J looks like a young Tony Goldwyn from Ghost. Now on Scan…
I want to keep doing different things. I'd like to do a more personal, ...
☹️️ Tony Goldwyn is speaking at my campus and I've been looking forward to it for weeks. Ugh
My parents kept us sheltered from this world of Hollywood. I don't have...
Actors Dennis Haysbert, Tony Goldwyn, Martín Sheen, Kevin Spacey all act Presidential, but it doesn't mean they should be Pres .
He can't. He not trying to end up like Tony Goldwyn's character at the end of Ghost.
Could learn a lot from Tony, king of class and humility. A Goldwyn, old Hollywood.
Tony Goldwyn at MIPCOM in France at Palais des Festivals Cannes
Tony Goldwyn at Mipcom's personality of year : Shonda Rhimes
Life is a very emotional experience.
tony goldwyn is so attractive I might jab my eye with a fork
Tony Goldwyn is 56 years old but looks like in late 30s 😳
At the press conference at MIPCOM with Shonda Rhimes Betsy Beers Tony Goldwyn Mireille Enos
Tony Goldwyn in France for press conference at MIPCOM
Man should promote family stability and avert breakdown. -Tony Goldwyn
Find yourself a man who looks at you the way Tony Goldwyn looks at Kerry Washington.
I wouldn't be mad if Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn had an affair, don't @ me
Tony Goldwyn, Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers and Mireille Enos at press conference at MIPCOM in France
Tony Goldwyn in France Palais des Festivals Cannes at press conference at MIPCOM
I"I fear for my children and for their families."–
Ryan Lochte doesn't deserve to be in any movie, let alone a movie with Tony Goldwyn.
Tony Goldwyn in Scandal, in White House Down, Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln, Geena Davis in Commander in Chief.
If Republicans are upset with Bradley Cooper for being at the DNC, shouldn't they be upset with Tony Goldwyn too?
Tony Goldwyn will be at Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next month July 25. https…
Saturday Smiles: . 📍Fun Fact--Tony Goldwyn's name was suppose to be Tony Goldfish .
I Love Tony Goldwyn so so so so much
ok Tony Goldwyn may be in his 50s but I totally got the hots for him
I cannot believe I just found out now that Tony Goldwyn did Tarzan's voice
We want to live in the black and white, but we don't. The world is gra...
I really can't think of another time I've see Tony Goldwyn look awkward, but his hand on Bells *** looks so awkward😂
Tony Goldwyn - The man behind the voice of Disney's movie Tarzan
Did not know Tony Goldwyn was the voice over for Tarzan, my life 😍
Where is my own personal Tony Goldwyn?
Tony Goldwyn with his wife vs Tony with Kerry Washington ??? 😍😩❤️
Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are two of my all time favorite actors😭
Tony Goldwyn is such a normal looking boring white dude but Shonda Rhimes worked her magic and now I'm team and I hate/love/hate it
It's 4:30am but why sleep when you can look at photos of Tony Goldwyn. This man is blessed and so are we. 😍
I'm all for Tony Goldwyn. He's in town filming too! Hot, Sexy & 56?! Has this affect! 😂
Tony Goldwyn's greatest movie! I don't care what anyone tries to tell me, this was the best thing he starred in.
bc Tony Goldwyn is the finest 56 yr old man❤️
Tony Goldwyn is binge watching Friday Night Lights...yet another reason to love him
Among the ppl Hillary is campaigning w/today in So Cal: Stevie Wonder, Jamie Foxx, Sam Ronson, Tony Goldwyn. Plus Garcetti, Newsom & Padilla
Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington need to remake Bodyguard! It would be PERFECT in everyway 😣
Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn deserve the world.💓
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Tony Goldwyn at White House staying next to portrait of Hillary Clinton
"Remember when Kerry was excited to have Tony Goldwyn back on the poster with her?
They should have killed Fitz off in S2.I don't have a Tony Goldwyn on your show and not use him .
I do not think the series can survive without Tony Goldwyn. What about being a member of the next president's cabinet?
📷 bananadome: Tony Goldwyn looking adorably embarrassed on the WWHL After Show [x]
Young Tony Goldwyn makes me lose all sense of chill, mercy that man was so pretty and his hair?
How that abortion scene showed Tony Goldwyn the female perspective
Tony Goldwyn - Jason Lives Friday the 13th Part VI Flash back to when u got skewered by...
Exactly how I'd behave before, during 😳 and after interviewing Tony Goldwyn!
but Tony Goldwyn is the admiral of the Olitz ship and it is a Beautiful thing.
How that "Scandal" abortion scene showed Tony Goldwyn the female perspective: via
📷 bananadome: Tony Goldwyn playing Marry, Shag, Kill on the WWHL After Show [x]
Yes, she does. Yet SR fails each and every time because of Tony Goldwyn acting and knowing who his character is!
are you ever going to post that selfie you took with Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn?
Where are u Tony Goldwyn tonight for the
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It's handled! stars take a tour of the White House before the
Thank you. You should write Fitz in a more positive light. Tony Goldwyn deserves so much better than what you've given him.
Tony Goldwyn you break my heart my friend ... the scene in the oval w Kerry ... just beautiful. .
The Scandal cast/Tony Goldwyn on Access Hollywood last night
Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn & Shonda Rhimes on Red Carpet at Event in Washington D.C.
Tony Goldwyn lookalike he's being squeezed
Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington missed them last night 😞
Do you know what Andrew Lincoln, Tony Goldwyn and Tom Mison all have in common?? -...
Would it count if we vote for Tony Goldwyn??
It really irritates me that the cast of are so far up Hillary Clinton's *** especially Kerry Washington & Tony Goldwyn!
Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington need to be introduced to a concept called aging because it's apparent that they're not familiar with it.
fun fact: Tony Goldwyn, the actor that plays Fitz, the president in Scandal is a descendant of one of the creators or MGM studios
Someone please tell Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn that this thing called aging exists.
@ Tony Goldwyn you are the fairest of all President.. le italiane hanno buon gusto per gli uomini!!
Kerry Washington put Tony Goldwyn on her snapchat and I'VE BEEN BLESSED AT LIFE
Tony Goldwyn was the voice of Tarzan & idk how I didn't know this sooner 🙃
'Scandal' actor Tony Goldwyn spotted at the W Hotel
I'm sorry but Tony Goldwyn just has to be the luckiest and blessed man alive, he gets to touch her daily in places that I only dream of.
What will I do without the messiness of Tony Goldwyn every Thursday? I am too unstable and mentally weak to think about this I ?
What do Sarah Paulson and Tony Goldwyn have in common?
I think we should vote for Tony goldwyn to be our next president..he has all the qualities of a REAL MAN
They only discovered unicorns were real after Tony Goldwyn.
All Bill Clinton said he's really grateful for Tony Goldwyn and he's one of his fav presidents
For my Scandal girls. Hanging with Tony Goldwyn tonight.
"I like the real Tony Goldwyn for president rather than the tv one" - Bill Clinton 😂🙌🏾
"Tony Goldwyn isn't really all that attrac-"
Kiss the Girls is 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, Tony Goldwyn and Carey Elwes. Classic 90's crime drama
omg I didn't remember that tony goldwyn was in divergent
How star parents' marriage made him a feminist
.and Dennis Haysbert join live reading of ‘Reagan’.
Tony Goldwyn at Writers Guild Of America, East event honouring his friend Richard LaGravenese…
Per pre-event publicity, Tony Goldwyn was to appear as Don Regan. Is he participating tonight?
Ask Tony Goldwyn, which uses super powers, to be able to do it! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
what's the funniest thing Tony Goldwyn has ever done
Tony Goldwyn should be the next 007.
Is Tony Goldwyn no longer reading tonight?
I'll get date when I find a guy who looks as good as Tony Goldwyn or Dierks Bentley.
".and Dennis Haysbert join live reading of ‘Reagan’ 👈👈.
I think Tony Goldwyn would be the best choice for the next 007.
But it's also hard to turn down Tony Goldwyn AND Milla Jovovich.
I would have said prolly Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell, Billy Brown, Gabriel Macht, Alfred Enoch or Tony Goldwyn.
nice language. you kiss your Tony Goldwyn poster with that mouth?
Harrison Ford, Tony Goldwyn and more of our favorite fictional presidents
gets their - Josh Brolin More on Live Read here
Whenever I play Bach I think of Tony Goldwyn's voice saying, "Bach is crisp, CRISP " and then I feel conflicted.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Bruh didn't know Tony Goldwyn was in Ghost...✨👦🏿🔫 (mind blown)
Does anyone know we're you can get the "lol your not Kerry Washington" or "lol your not Tony Goldwyn" T shirts?
Ghost is cool but Tony Goldwyn isn't.
I liked a video from Exclusive Interview: Tony Goldwyn Talks Scandal [HD]
Marin Ireland in VIVIENNE TAM Frame Lace dress at the 68th Annual Writers Guild Awards with Tony Goldwyn...
Kerry Washington Guillermo Díaz Tony Goldwyn were getting it in way before their hit drama took off.
Scott Foley on Tony Goldwyn lap on set
Happy Here's a picture of Tony with the genetically blessed Goldwyn girls. 💕
knew that's you!! I saw you, and when I saw 'tony goldwyn' in your bio, I thought it was you!!☺
In October 1995, Courtney B. Vance and Tony Goldwyn took a break from filming a TV movie in Toronto to watch news coverage of the riveting
Glad and proud to be a Tony Goldwyn /Fitz/Olitz fan.
'Fitz is alone really for the first time in his life,' teases premiere
Why is tony Goldwyn like 50 something and hot?.. Lmao
3 DAYS until is back! And Fitz is all by his lonely self. How long ya think that'll last?
Dennis Haysbert did everything right, Tony Goldwyn has too many controversies, still good tho.
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Let me add President Fitzgerald Grant III, better known as Tony Goldwyn to the list...
I thought Kevin McKidd and Tony Goldwyn were the same person for the longest 😕
Jack Falahee, Matt McGorry and Tony Goldwyn (Scandal) at the Brooks Brothers party | via
if it was Tony Goldwyn or Patrick Dempsey then 😂😂😂😂
When you find out Tony Goldwyn (aka Fitz from Scandal) was at your school ... And you missed it 😐
Can someone please make me a Tony Goldwyn lockscreen I'll love you forever I'm in desperate need of one😊
Tony Goldwyn should be on your list of Fascinating People due 2 his pedigree, charity work & his popularity on Scandal.👏
So will Fitz still seek advice from Olivia?
HAIR BY CHELYNN NEWS Scandal - Sad Fitz will be returning when "Scandal" season five comes back from winter hia...
Tony Goldwyn Rocks! Kind, compassionate, humble, generous. Thank you!
Ellen DeGeneres Will Give $10,000 to Charity if Darby Stanchfield Can Sneak This Hilarious Fan Art into Scandal: Tony Goldwyn was the...
Tony Goldwyn looks nice in this pic
that's so freaking cool. I may or may not have a slight obsession with Tony Goldwyn!
Google Tony Goldwyn's wife and tell me how
‼️ Tony Goldwyn speaking at a class at USC ‼️
omg Tony Goldwyn is a guest speaker in my roommate's class and I thought I should share 🙈
MINE TOO! nobody rocks reading glasses like tony goldwyn
Yep, I'd love a Tony Goldwyn under my tree too, please!
Andrew Lincoln and Tony Goldwyn are seriously the hottest older men I have ever seen..god bless 😍
You know you watch too much Scandal when you have a dream about running for president and being married to Tony Goldwyn
I am not a mommy but I wouldn't mind Tony Goldwyn under my Christmas tree!! ;)
In case you missed it: Shouting out the great work of at
Read/hear again why supports our global work on
Regardless of how you feel about Fitz character on Scandal. Tony Goldwyn is 10 times better Actor than Scott Foley.
*wonders why Baby It's Cold Outside is Tony Goldwyn's favorite episode of the season*
I am very upset that Tony Goldwyn was not nominated.
Lets be real here Tony Goldwyn is a hottie. He is to old for me ✋🏾. Just Saying
Why do Andrew Lincoln and Tony Goldwyn look so similar
How can you not love Tony Goldwyn? He is so freaking nice. He is a complete gentleman. He's hilarious and cute af..not to forget really hot!
Met Tony Goldwyn 2day recognized him by his Voice.
Tony Goldwyn voiced Tarzan, but also portrays President Fitzgerald Grant. the range.
Tony Goldwyn and Kim Gordon in one photo = sheer awesomeness!! 😍🙌👇
So here's how you make Kerry Washington unattractive: attach Tony Goldwyn to her lips.
Tony Goldwyn deserved a nomination- Scandal deserved so many more nominations too!
When you find out tony Goldwyn directed episodes of the l word;)
Tony Goldwyn is the sexiest 55 year old I've seen. Don't argue with me on this 🙃🖕🏼
Tony Goldwyn looks like he has no eyebrows,eyelashes,or lips. How y'all find him attractive is beyond me.
When I think of mika I see tony Goldwyn but cuter. Why
How do Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington's spouses watch scandal 😱😱
The fact that Tony Goldwyn is not nominated but Scooter Fooley is horrific, unacceptable and just plain sad😒🖕🏽
how can Scott Foley get nominated instead of Tony Goldwyn, the votes are rigged and I'm not watching this year ... bye
And the winner of Julia's Choice Award is. TONY GOLDWYN
I thank Tony Goldwyn for his compassionate heart that eases some of the world's burdens.
Tony Goldwyn 5 years on scandal not nominated 🤔😒. Scooter Fooley 5 minutes on 5candle nominated 😤😷
Lol, Scott Foley is nominated for but tony goldwyn not. They've to be joking
The fact that mediocore Scott Foley got a nom but not Tony Goldwyn bull 💩. Rigged bull 💩 awards. Hope ratings tank
Watching...waiting for them to start. Hope Tony Goldwyn is nominated this time.
Does Mr. Goldwyn know about Tony Tuesday? And does he know the crazy level we take it to?🤔
Scandal just keeps getting better and better. AAHHH Amazing how Tony Goldwyn is 55 and still the hottest guy on TV. 💁🏻
Tony Goldwyn is the ultimate crush 👅
Tony Goldwyn can sing. He's performed as Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music .
I don't know who I heart more, Fitzgerald Grant or Tony Goldwyn. Both, I like both.
[New PIC] Preity Zinta w/ Priyanka Chopra and Tony Goldwyn at the premiere of Quantico
My face when Tony Goldwyn spoke of Mellie as my "ex-wife"
I'm watching a 1942 movie with Bud Abbot & Lou Costello. Dose any one else think Bud A. Looks like Tony Goldwyn from "Scandal"?
Scandal: Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, and Bellamy Young dish on Olivia and Fitz going legit …
Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are two of the most sexiest people I've ever seen.
Due to my recent Scandal addiction I have a new Tony Goldwyn (aka Fitzgerald Grant III)
Tony Goldwyn is in this episode of drop dead diva and I keep seeing him as fitz
My god sister just asked me who Tony Goldwyn was ...😳😳😳😳
These days, Tony Goldwyn is best known as Fitz Grant, the ethically challenged POTUS in the popular TV show...
David Lee is so fione & it's as confusing as my lust towards Tony Goldwyn as President Fitz/hatred of him as the bad guy in ghost.
John C. McGinley has joined Tony Goldwyn and John Gallagher Jr. in Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn's... http:/…
Photoset: Amanda Seyfried with Justin Long, Tony Goldwyn, Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks at the Met...
I cannot believe Joshua Malina said Tony Goldwyn did not have eyebrows
"Aidan Quinn and Tony Goldwyn remind me of each other." Can't keep them apart.
Photoset: Promo for Tony Goldwyn on Who Do You Think You Are? airing Sunday April 5th at 10pm ET on TLC [x]
Video: artsychica2012: Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington - Olitz scenes from Ep S4X17 
Seems almost personal. Shonda seems confused that people like Fitz(Tony Goldwyn.)
I've never seen a man more sprung over his wife. People say Tony Goldwyn is sexy w/Kerry, please he has nothing on Jon.
If I get a Scandal internship when I go to ELA I don't even think I'd be able to hand Tony Goldwyn coffee without spilling it on him smh.
The awkward moment when someone in my mentions just realized that Tony Goldwyn was in "Ghost." Welcome to 1990. O_O
“Yep, and her article really get me. ❤️it! Yes!
I watched Ghost over the weekend and it must be said, Tony Goldwyn grew into his baeness.
Tony Goldwyn in Sharp Magazine via reposting this for and my birthday gift to myself.
I would do this w/ Tony Goldwyn but I don't think I'd get past the crying part. And yeah - I'm a grown up.
Yep, and her article really get me.
"Newlyweds Tony Goldwyn & Bellamy Young present awards at the Emmys"
Since it's found this vid 😉 "Tony Goldwyn Inscribes his love while greeting fans in Hollywood:
God bless a man who becomes even more attractive as he ages AKA Tony Goldwyn.
My dream is to become an actress in like a week,do a movie with Tony Goldwyn where I get to kiss him. I think we might have that chemistry.
Tony Goldwyn is a beautiful, beautiful man
I would shamelessly marry Tony Goldwyn. And I wouldn't even think twice about it
I believe that Tony Goldwyn is the coolest guy in the world, closely followed by Scott Foley. This has nothing to do with my love of Fitz...
tony goldwyn on who do you think you are this sunday. MUSTTT WATCH
I need a man that looks like Tony Goldwyn but younger. Also must be funny, and like everything I like. This is why I will never be married.
Someone get me Tony Goldwyn right now!
Photoset: bananadome: Tony Goldwyn embarrassed & reacting to this scene shown on JKL from Godfather of...
Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn's chemistry is unbelievable. They make it look so real 😍😭
I would get on my knees for Tony Goldwyn.
Tony Goldwyn should be in my bed. That's all I'm saying.
Whenever you wonder if Fitz is bout that life, remember that Tony Goldwyn was the voice of Trazan. So he just MAY be bout that life.
How can one be 85% sure? It's Tony freaking Goldwyn he can't go unnoticed !!
My dream job would be playing Olivia Pope.. I mean getting paid to kiss and have sex scenes with tony goldwyn?
I just had a dream that I met Tony Goldwyn and I just woke up crying
I need to make a rap for Tony Goldwyn.
Tony Goldwyn voiced Tarzan and I cannot get over it. *runs to watch Tarzan*
Oh.. Tony Goldwyn is left-handed. Wow. I actually didn't see that.
ok go to Google then type the bravo. com/WWHL Tony Goldwyn Amy schumer.. u should b able to view it. use computer
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