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Tony Goldwyn

Anthony Howard Tony Goldwyn (born May 20, 1960) is an American actor and director. He portrayed the villain Carl Bruner in Ghost, Colonel Bagley in The Last Samurai, and the voice of the title character of the Disney animated Tarzan.

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I would get on my knees for Tony Goldwyn.
Tony Goldwyn should be in my bed. That's all I'm saying.
Whenever you wonder if Fitz is bout that life, remember that Tony Goldwyn was the voice of Trazan. So he just MAY be bout that life.
How can one be 85% sure? It's Tony freaking Goldwyn he can't go unnoticed !!
My dream job would be playing olivia pope.. I mean getting paid to kiss and have sex scenes with tony goldwyn?
I just had a dream that I met Tony Goldwyn and I just woke up crying
I need to make a rap for Tony Goldwyn.
Tony Goldwyn voiced Tarzan and I cannot get over it. *runs to watch Tarzan*
Oh.. Tony Goldwyn is left-handed. Wow. I actually didn't see that.
ok go to Google then type the bravo. com/WWHL Tony Goldwyn Amy schumer.. u should b able to view it. use computer
"anyways why havent I met Tony Goldwyn yet"same
Oh it was one of the recommended search after searching up 'tony goldwyn wife'
if I look up tony goldwyn wife I see more of kerry&bellamy pic than her pic
anyways why havent I met Tony Goldwyn yet
Keira knightley, tony goldwyn, and incubus all on the same episode of jimmy kimmel is heaven
Tony Goldwyn... he's all dressed and ready to go.
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"Honey, how'd you get this tattoo of Tony Goldwyn on your *** " "Well, you see..."
My sexuality is: Tony Goldwyn and Actresses that's it.
I ain't got no type, Tony Goldwyn is the only thing that I like
Sandy Kenyon talks with 'Scandal' star Tony Goldwyn via
Tony Goldwyn acts w/every fibre in his being, every vein coursing through him, every wrinkle on his face! . I mean he d…
Litrully don't even know if my president is Tony Goldwyn or Martin Sheen anymore. Josh Molina is my only constant ✊
Shade or nah? "RT for Tony Goldwyn. Fav for Scott Foley
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Tony Goldwyn, Gabriel Byrne and Matt Dillon are hot! Who would your hookup be?
Even TG believes OLITZ should be together.
maybe during Breaks u can work 4 the 😉 "Tony Goldwyn Reading Weather on Ellen ht…
Actually we are crazy for Tony Goldwyn but that's it 😂
Tony Goldwyn's deep voice can make anything sound sexy
the best part of the press conferences that day back in March was right after Tony Goldwyn…
Check out "A Holiday Message from Tony Goldwyn" on Vimeo awh bae 😍💔🎄
See & share a holiday message from supporting our lifesaving work
Tony Goldwyn, Dan Bucatinsky and Portia de Rossi at THR's Women in Entertainment breakfast
All I want for Christmas is Tony Goldwyn. that is it!! 👉👌
"Olivia is the woman that Fitz needs to be with as a partner, lover and soul mate. That's never going to…
Kevin McKidd and Tony Goldwyn could be related, I swear.
Tony Goldwyn President! I mean look at him, he would be perfect
Tony Goldwyn is older than my father but YEP.
Tony Goldwyn Says Fitz May 'Live in a Fantasy World' When it Comes to Being with Olivia on 'Scandal' via
Ms. Kerry. This something better include the amazing Mr. Tony Goldwyn. Hehe love u guys.
Others off the top of my head: Lucy Liu, Ellen Pompeo, Bellamy Young, Tatiana Maslany, Jon Stewart, Tony Goldwyn...
Conviction is definitely one of the movies I'll never forget & it was directed by the amazing Tony Goldwyn!! 🙌
How to get Away with Murder or Scandal? I think htgawm because Alfred Enoch, but I still love you Tony Goldwyn. 😚😋
The Fitz on Scandal is NOT adorable. (Although I love the actor Tony Goldwyn.)
Fantasy: Tony Goldwyn and I are on a plane...The plane crashes on some island and we are the only survivors...
everyone talks about Patrick Swayze blah blah blah, but can we talk about young & hot Tony Goldwyn?
Tony Goldwyn and Sam Rockwell are hugging at It's a Conviction reunion!
I'm here! Currently at an event honoring Tony Goldwyn and Sam Rockwell? Any Q's?
Photo: sbrown82: tgbiggestfan: sbrown82: Behind the scenes shot of Tony Goldwyn and Whoopi Goldberg on the...
Tony Goldwyn, who plays Tris's father in Divergent voiced Tarzan. WHAT IS LIFE? Tarzans voice is my fav aside from Dimitri & Anya!
Advice to my sister who is meeting Tony Goldwyn next week (AKA President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III):
Wow Tony Goldwyn from Scandal is in this Acting Workshop I'm watching! Wow he looks so young...
Tony Goldwyn is a beautiful male, despite him being an adulterous son of a * in Scandal, he is gorgeous. I don't blame Olivia Pope :/
hum think you forgot one amazing jawline there 😉 -> Tony Goldwyn
I added a video to a playlist 20121121 Tony Goldwyn on The Talk
I added a video to a playlist "Scandal" Star Tony Goldwyn on Presidential Perks
I liked a video Cover shoot with Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn for TV Guide
Tony Goldwyn is a much needed distraction.
Promises Promises - Tony Goldwyn video piece of him singing:
I heard Tony Goldwyn isn't coming back either...
Mohammad's in just as much shock as I was about Tony Goldwyn's wife smh
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Meanwhile while everyone is stressing, I'm just tryna marry Tony Goldwyn..😍💞
Omg. Tony Goldwyn is so nerdy. I can't but to love him.
girl the name Tony Goldwyn is nothing like sword holder. sahwe. LOL
Once upon a time I was Normal, I had friends, My boyfriend didn't hate Tony Goldwyn😂 yup normal
I'm watching the episode of Ellen that I recorded so I could see Tony Goldwyn 😊.
I liked a video Tony Goldwyn on His Phone Sex Scene
"How HOT the chemistry is between Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn" 😍😍
Tony Goldwyn on phone sex scene: 'It's really embarrassing!:
Scene that 'embarrassed' Tony Goldwyn on 'Scandal:'
the last house on the left with tony Goldwyn is amazing
"She does, she does I promise." -Tony Goldwyn on Kerry Washington enjoying their sex scenes 😩😩😍😍
I added a video to a playlist Tony Goldwyn: Kerry Washington 'teases me'
I liked a video Scandal exclusive video: Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn trade roles!
I would love to see an episode of Scandal directed by Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn.
Tony Goldwyn on Ellen the 1st and Simon Baker the 2nd of December! I'm gonna die 😱❤️
Just 4 all u night owls or hours ahead...2 of the 1st vids I saw . 1 of 2. Tony Goldwyn Spreecast may2013 full:
Dylan McDermott from Stalker is 53 . And Tony Goldwyn is 54 . Some of these handsome white men are aging like wine YASS GAWD❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
'Scandal': Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn join EW on a cover shoot: I miss when theses two did interviews together
Dear People Mag, . I am more thankful for Tony Goldwyn's arms...just saying . Sincerely, . TFG is life don't need a caption. Just admire the beauty of Tony Goldwyn.😍😍…
If he look like Bill Clinton , Anderson cooper or tony Goldwyn send it my way😍
Snagged four Kerry Washington movies and one Tony Goldwyn movie all for $10. 👌
Oftentimes I blush looking at pics of Tony Goldwyn. Because ummm..
All about Tony Goldwyn Quotes : height, biography, quotes - see at
Ooh La La! Dennis Quaid, George Michael and Tony Goldwyn are hot! Who's your fave?
Was so happy Tony Goldwyn had a role in dexter meanwhile he dies at the end of it 😔 lol
McDonald's Tarzan Disney Happy Meal: hytam2 posted a photo:. Tarzan (Voiced by Tony Goldwyn) is a man raise...
Tony Goldwyn is very underrated. Still think he should of gotten Peoples Sexiest Man Alive
Tony Goldwyn is old enough to be my dad, but I'd have no problem calling him daddie.
What's it like to have Tony Goldwyn direct the winter finale?
I'm really having fun with this app that I just got. Lol. Just another Tony Goldwyn picture!! Trying…
I love Liv & Tony Goldwyn is bae but no way Olitz are going to live out their dreams in Vermont. It just. Won't. Happen.
“I reveal tonight on Any guesses as to who it is?” TONY GOLDWYN!
They did that with The Divide and compared it to Scandal (likely because of the Tony Goldwyn connection) but now...
Tony Goldwyn. omg. wow. your face. congrats
Some say 'Molly, you in danger girl' is the best part of Ghost, I say Tony Goldwyn is, the ***
"I agree with fitz Tony Goldwyn, Kerry Washington This is SO TRUE...
I just wanna know why Tony Goldwyn not on the voting ballot? I mean he is part of Scandal too. 😒
For all Gladiators: A Tony Goldwyn. Better in person. But on the phone? We'll taste that;)
Tony Goldwyn is on of those Men who will treat you right, love you, hold you, then make your panties drop, just sayin'
People say I'm obsessed with Tony Goldwyn.yea I have him as my screen on my phone and stuff.but.
“my amazing furry soul mate is tony goldwyn.”I honestly can't argue w/your logic- or yo…
Here I am thinking I am taking non-Scandal day.. Nope, just watched DIVERGENT. Got some Tony Goldwyn ...
Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington aka father and mother.
Watching a powerful and intense seductive scene in the first season with Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn. After a long day.
Little Giant Ladders
I choose Goldwyn as the Hottie of the week.
Love tony goldwyn smile. His smile is hot and cute! 💯👌
Tony Goldwyn is the third daddy of my dreams
Soo... now Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington are now fangirling over the Rihanna insta pics. I can't even 😂😂😂.
Presidential Material: Scandal's takes charge in the new power suit.
Idk what I would do if I saw tony Goldwyn in person 😫
Remember when I said I loved Tony Goldwyn? I really really do!
I just tried to take a selfie and I swear for a minute my eyebrows vanished please tony goldwyn get out of my camera
So and i just agreed to become sister wives and share tony goldwyn... This is no joke
Started from the bottom now we're here. . Even babies like Tony Goldwyn.
"I'll see what I can do"~Tony Goldwyn. This MOFO still in hiding? . The way he says "until you were begging." DEATH!!
Seriously, who isn't thirsty for tony Goldwyn. This man is amazing. Give him awards please.
Tony Goldwyn deserves ALL THE AWARDS! Are you listening you Academy people?. He's been on fire all season long!! http:/…
I just stumbled into a corner of Tumblr that believes Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are having an affair. They call the…
Oh *** how did this slip by me? Tony Goldwyn from played in the animated film. That is awesome!
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Tony Goldwyn(Fitz) Answers questions about Black fans of Scandal & Olivi...: via
See also: the rabid Scandal fans who think Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are secretly actually married.
how to buy back Tony Goldwyn's eyebrows off amazon
why does Tony Goldwyn always have a *** ?
where to buy cheap fake eyebrows for Tony Goldwyn
Tony Goldwyn just makes my world go round! And he doesn't even know it!
“Weight loss maybe?” Trying to compete with Tony Goldwyn will do that to a person.
I just watched "Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs". Tony Goldwyn's portrayal of Jeffs is scarily spot on, and it's...
Headed to GOLDS. Finally my day to train! :). Lets see who'll be there today?.. The ROCK..TONY GOLDWYN(Scandal) .50??
listen to this interview of Tony about shirtless picture with Josie then 1/2
Tony Goldwyn on Shondaland Reveal: is so AMAZING!!! He just has a way of making Fitz seem so real!
Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn's chemistry on screen is phenomenal.
"Hang in there"-Tony's advice to Olitz if they were his frnds😍. Thn Betsy said wht i said out loud "I love u, Tony Goldwyn, ure the best"😘
"When you have the hots for older men" i want to tag tony goldwyn so bad omfg
yes that's true they start with Kerry and end with Tony by "and Tony Goldwyn"
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I got bored and fell asleep for a few minutes and Tony Goldwyn went renegade. This is why naps are bad.
First of all, Tony Goldwyn who is Fitz from ‘Scandal’ is 54 yrs old. Also, his grandfather is the ‘G’ in MGM.
Tony Goldwyn: "If Mellie would just divorce Fitz and find the right guy, she'd be so happy!" ..Me too.
Wow! I LOVE Her " Ms. Shonda Rhimes " ~ Congratulations A Brilliant Black Woman.Shonda Rhimes Opens Up About 'Angry Black Woman' Flap, Messy 'Grey's Anatomy' Chapter and the 'Scandal' Impact TV's most powerful showrunner talks candidly about the role of race and gender in Hollywood and the conversation that, she says, "pisses me off" In early August, Shonda Rhimes read a draft announcement for an event where she was set to appear. It called her "the most powerful black female showrunner in Hollywood." She crossed out "female" and "black" and sent it back. As the mastermind of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal and the producer of top-rated newcomer How to Get Away With Murder, all for ABC, she didn't believe either modifier was necessary — or relevant. "They wouldn't say that someone is 'the most powerful white male showrunner in Hollywood,' " she contends, her tone turning momentarily stern on this morning in late September. She pauses to gather her thoughts and then continues: "I find race and gender to be .. ...
“Q3: which male movie star is your Hollywood crush?! 🌟😍” Easy. Tony Goldwyn.
I really just cant live because Im in love with Tony Goldwyn. There is no room in my heart for anyone else. Nope. Just Tony.
adding my new crush to: Simon Baker, Matthew Rhys and of course, Tony Goldwyn. Great actors. Great men. 😍
it's a show produced by Tony Goldwyn based on one of the organizations he's involved with. The Innocence project
Sometimes I think Tony Goldwyn's hair has a life of its own.
I wish Tony Goldwyn would just decide to be a shirtless president.
my eyebrows are shorter and thinner than tony goldwyn's uh hUH
Is it strange that I think that Tony Goldwyn aka Fitz off of the tv show "Scandal" is hot! I mean the man 54. 😕
Taylor just pulled a Tony Goldwyn and did a
By this time tomorrow, I would've gotten my Fitz fix! Hoping that Tony Goldwyn dominates 403!
Okay, Warren Jeffs is no less creepy when played Tony Goldwyn.
Tony Goldwyn is such an attractive 54 year old man. 😍
Even tony Goldwyn mentioned in Vulture interview that Liv 'loves Jake, in a way'
"Once you go Kerry Washington, you cannot go back." - Tony Goldwyn (x) oh really? (via uberscandalous)
Tony Goldwyn, Shemar Moore, Denzel Washington, & that's about all 4 now
Tony Goldwyn is so hot I really can't!
tony goldwyn must be leaving Scandal, becuz this Jake/SF buildup is real.
Just because Tony Goldwyn is fine AF. 54 and could still be my baby daddy.
Photoset: Tony Goldwyn Perfect Smile  He can make someone day better with his smile.
Video: Tony Goldwyn in Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs as Teacher I really wish Tony was a Teacher I really...
Tony Goldwyn. You sir, give me so much life! 😭🙌😍
Grant me peace to look through all of Tony Goldwyn's selfies
So Tony Goldwyn is now number one on my hottest celebrity lists. The things.
Photoset: yramat49: Fitz lands on the moon.  Or another set of Tony Goldwyn in From the Earth to the Moon
I am having this weird obsession with Tony Goldwyn
'Scandal' star Tony Goldwyn gushes about his first White House Correspondents Dinner
My bae has less and less fuqs to give, and it's a beautiful thing. We see u, bae
Tony Goldwyn and Denzel Washington have the best walk of all the men in Hollywood.The only man that had a better walk was Bruce Lee.
.Fitzgerald Grant on takes charge in a power suit and platinum accents. Bring on season 4.
on why President Fitz Grant is the 'role of a lifetime.'
Scandal's takes charge in the new power suit for fall.
In case you missed these lovely pics... “Presidential Material
so far I have Tony Goldwyn, Kate Burton and Joe Morton.
Tony Goldwyn is playing Warren Jeffs in this Lifetime movie…
Photo: aliasvaughn: beliskner: admiral unicorn goldwyn Pr0n part 1337 And this is my favorite photo...
Full of Tony Goldwyn. And it will be beautiful.
I love Tony Goldwyn's smile so muchos 😍 ❤
Article source here ofc Haxxors to get the HQ pics ;P you are welcome
On Scandal (Tony Goldwyn) page, i think that you're also a membr!!
Tony Goldwyn in Forbes mag ... Props to for getting the pics!
Today's obscure movie connection:. Tony Goldwyn, who plays a president with daddy issues in "Scandal", played the...
In case you were wondering, can really rock a suit. More on
.on why President Fitz is the 'role of a lifetime'.
“Just saw a fb comment on Tony Goldwyn's post abt Season 4, and a lady referred to him as "Mr. Pleasure-dent" lol
Tony Goldwyn is a sexy man, but the lust women have for this man is next level. lol.
I want a Tony Goldwyn site but he has al ot of event images and I've no G =[
Thanks to and the fabulous for this great piece!
“Presidential Material: takes charge in the new power suit.
Tony Goldwyn is set to be calling the St Giles StandUp2Cancer Viewing Party in little over an hour!!!
Photoset: Tony Goldwyn & Anna Musky Goldwyn attends the Vanity Fair and Maybelline New York toast of the...
"Fitz and Mellie have to take care of ea.other n family but NOT in a romantic sense" *insert sigh of relief*
Today my friend recommended to me, told her I'd watch it tonight. Shailene, Ansel (Tony Goldwyn & Maggie Q are in it! :)
Might be a Tony Goldwyn addict though
Ha ha that's Tony Goldwyn, did you notice the VP is Meredith's mother in Grey's Anatomy? It's excellent!! :D
"Goldwyn also believes that Olivia and Fitz are going to be together." EU TÔ TODA ME TREMENDO, TONY PRESIDENTE DO FANDOM OLITZ
“Yes, I have met the delectable Isabelle. Her DNA is really good and she’s just the cutest." - Tony Goldwyn 😍 TODO BABÃO COM A FILHA, NÉ ?
Tony Goldwyn and Bellamy Young Talk S4: romance is unlikely to return, but they're going to come close as a family
Natasha Lyonne and Uzo Aduba greet each other with a scream, disrupt Tony Goldwyn on the carpet.
Oh the way you were talking I thought it was Tony Goldwyn.
Just lost myself watching videos of Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn I love Olitz sooo much can't wait for it to come back on
I feel ya. Lol what is it about older guys?? I think Tony Goldwyn is sexy as *** & he's like 50 in RL😂
*** Tony Goldwyn died too but now he can go back to scandal so
if fine now we best buds for Tony Goldwyn.
the ever ageless, ever handsome Tony Goldwyn who is years older born in 62-63 is a stud , I want him to do something but not
I'm still convinced that Tony Goldwyn is in love with Kerry Washington lol.
Audio: redorkuloustv: tony-kerry-goldwyn said:   Hey, Redork, thank you so much for answering my previous...
it's normal, the Scandal fandom is passionate and Tony Goldwyn is the fan favorite, Bellamy is not intersting
Diaporama : "It’s his impulse to save, protect and love her.” (Tony Goldwyn)
Didn't realize the was about what actor. My baddie Stockton Livingston is modeled after Tony Goldwyn (esp in 6th day)
I saw Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, now I need for Tony Goldwyn & Idris Elba...
My is Tony Goldwyn because he the sexiest TV President ever! He's got &
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Tony. Goldwyn. Better known as fake Potus because no one on TV makes me swoon as much as this man.
G'morning Tweeples! ♥ shooting in 3 diff locations all over LA today. Working with the EVER wonderful Tony Goldwyn and…
you know Tony Goldwyn voiced Tarzan in the Disney film Tarzan and Minnie Driver voiced Jane :)
Photoset: I really think Tony Goldwyn can be in Downtown Abbey. He really can dress up for role for sure.
'Divergent' the movie. Tony Goldwyn still looks so young. I remember him as the antagonist in 'Ghost', and it was almost 30 years from now!
Photoset: It’s just me is there something sexy about a hot sexy sweaty Tony Goldwyn???
Even after 20 odd episodes of seeing him, seeing tony goldwyn walk into a room as the president of the united states is still awe inspiring
This is a really great picture of Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn. They’re both amazing on Scandal
I completely approve of this research. Tony Goldwyn does have incredible shoulders.
Looks like Olitz scene at Congress for Season 4 of
more pics of at work filming for Season 4 of
Photoset: Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington filming for Scandal Season 4 Today at LA City Hall in Downtown...
Photo: wakinupinsd: My first post is Tony Goldwyn, because he’s beautiful and I love him. 
Photo: brannerdoodles: olitzterry: torisoulphoenix: wakinupinsd: My first post is Tony Goldwyn, because...
Spoke to Tony Goldwyn of Scandal and Co-creator, Producer and Director of 'The Divide' today. Loved…   10% Off
Tony Goldwyn chats after his interview on NOW abt what he hopes viewers will take away from
My web extra interview with for NOW with Alex Wagner just went live. Check out part one here:
Would Tony Goldwyn run for office?: Tony Goldwyn chat’s after his interview on NOW wit... via
Tony Goldwyn on take-aways from 'The Divide': Tony Goldwyn chats after his interview o... via
Anonymous said: Specifically referring to some of the main cast members on Scandal... so Tony Goldwyn,...
I fancy Tony Goldwyn so effin much I don't care how old he is
If it's a big scene, we can probably guess Kerry Washington and/or Tony Goldwyn to start. Am I warm Tom?
Using latest rant to mention that I met Tony Goldwyn in college. He gave an acting workshop. He was very nice.
Photo: Tony Goldwyn with his daughter Anna Musky Goldwyn and Formal President Bill Clinton I love this...
Conviction by Tony Goldwyn 2010. It's really good story!!
Photo: Tony Goldwyn blue eyes pop out on this photo
Photoset: My favorite two people in world Tony Goldwyn & Kerry Washington both on same Magazine PEOPLE ...
Photoset: Tony Goldwyn drinking wine and has stubble beard as well My favorite two things in world wine &...
Photoset: Tony Goldwyn talks about how Jeff Perry is on set Scandal at white house
Tony Goldwyn is 54 and Kerry Washington is 37... :o da heckkk?!?!?!
Website Builder 728x90
Photo: Tony Goldwyn with his blue eyes and his curls its too much
Photoset: Tony Goldwyn at his movie premiere The Last Kiss Movie that he directed the film. He with his Dad...
“Bruh, Winnie the Pooh has better eyebrows than most Tony Goldwyn...
Photo: Tony Goldwyn in movie Traces of Red  Tony looks sexy as cop
I thought you were on the Tony Goldwyn Ship
I am obsessed with the Divide! I am so proud of Tony Goldwyn.Not the bad guy from Ghost,anymore!
Photo: Tony Goldwyn helping African American Community in Arts in filming  Tony so generous and helpful...
Tony Goldwyn - Kiss The Girl Part 2: via as Casanovas the great lover always even on Scandal as Fitz LOL
Video: Tony Goldwyn - Kiss The Girls Tony playing Casanovas the great lover and Dr. William Rudolph Mr.
Video: Kiss the Girls (3/8) Movie CLIP - Why Am I Here? (1997) HD Tony Goldwyn voice is sexy in this movie
Doing some serious Tivo triage. Watching A Walk on the Moon. Everyone is in this! And Tony Goldwyn directed!
.is no longer just the guy from Ghost, and now he's using that power for something big
I added a video to a playlist SCANDAL Scene & Interview - Kerry Washington & TONY GOLDWYN on THE VIEW
'Scandal' star Tony Goldwyn creates a new drama: Tony Goldwyn has displayed a lack of ethics in the White House.
I don't watch Scandal, but I stumbled upon a picture of Tony Goldwyn, and he's kind of a weird looking dude. He looks like what would happen if Gary Sinise had a baby with Elijah Wood.
I recorded it so I can watch later.I saw the preview and heard Tony Goldwyn on Tom Joyner this morning describing show.
Tony Goldwyn also directed "Conviction", a good legal drama w/similar themes. IMDB is your friend.
"Once you go Kerry Washington, you can’t go back" - Tony Goldwyn (first Tom Joyner Morning Show Interview)...
There's a movie with Kevin Spacey, Alan Arkin, Frank Langella, Tony Goldwyn, and Clive Owen, and I'VE NEVER SEEN IT.
Like Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn.. Or Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey...OR Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling..but no. 😏
I'm a bit of a misandrist but there's a special place in my heart for Jon Stewart, John Slattery, and Tony Goldwyn. It's super embarrassing.
George its time for a Broadway play based on the Nathans contest . Eric Roberts plays you Tony Goldwyn from Scandals as RIch
Photoset: Tony Goldwyn doing karaoke at the 2013 Innocence Project Gala on April 30th Tony looks like he is...
I'm having a love triangle day...1st I saw Scott Foley in at Geffen Playhouse (so good!), now watching Kerry Washington on the BET Awards, and then Tony Goldwyn in
Can not wait to see Tony Goldwyn (Fitz) in this lifetime movie that's coming on in a few.
Lol. Did you watch Prophet Outlaw with Tony Goldwyn? I've recorded it... I'll watch it later.
I wish I was an extra for this new Tony Goldwyn movie bc I would willing be his wife and give him my body
Photo: Tony Goldwyn behind the scenes photoshoot of Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs
The movie made me hate Goldwyn but he was such a fantastic actor.
Photo: Leighton Meester and Tony Goldwyn presenting Lena Hall with the Tony for Best Supporting Actress at...
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Tony Goldwyn has the best head of hair I've ever seen. He always reminds me of Clark Kent.
I just came across this...enjoy Mr. Prez :)
Aaron Eckhart was originally cast, but before filming began. Tony Goldwyn him…
Photoset: bananadome: Tony Goldwyn actually looking cute and smiling in Outlaw Prophet
hold up, tony goldwyn voiced Tarzan?! that's cool as ***
phenomenal work I'm sure it was rough to do but you nailed it... I wasn't watching Fitz or Tony Goldwyn, u captured W. Jeffs!
Tony Goldwyn was good at being a creeper in movie
Tony Goldwyn portrays this part perfectly 👏👏
'Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs': How many times were you inappropriately attracted to Tony Goldwyn?
“still woefully in love with Tony Goldwyn.”same
Michael Ealy & Tony Goldwyn on one stage. That's just too much beauty. ❤️
Tony Goldwyn's Amazing TV Past (That HAIR!): From president to polygamist and everything in between, Tony Gold...
Tony Goldwyn is an excellent actor how else could such a handsome man play such a loser so believably!
"In case you missed this! The hair is getting a lot of press! this!
Annd tony goldwyn never fails to make me cry ... MERP MERP
Of course Tony Goldwyn is the voice of Tarzan. He could have me.
My early Tony Goldwyn is in this lifetime movie about Warren Jeffs and let me say he play the…
Is it weird how inappropriately attracted I am to Tony Goldwyn in this Lifetime T.V. Movie about Warren Jeffs?...Fitz for life!
It's a little scary how much Tony Goldwyn favors the real Warren Jeffs
Live stream tonight for Tony Goldwyn's panel for Paley Center on "The Evolution of Crime Drama Heroine"
Ok so if u had a choice to date any person alive purely of... — I love Tony Goldwyn, Scott Foley, and David Beckham
Leighton Meester and Adam Brody made their red carpet debut as a married couple at the Tony Awards in NYC on Sunday night. The actors stayed close while posing for photos together and mingling inside the event with stars like Zach Braff, Tony Goldwyn and
We take a first look at Scandal star Tony Goldwyn playing real-life polygamist Warren Jeffs in the Lifetime movie Outlaw Prophet.
“I just got head from Tony Goldwyn God I'm such an OG”
Young tony goldwyn is beautiful and so is current tony goldwyn ugh he's gonna age so well
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