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Tony Fernandes

Tan Sri Anthony Francis Fernandes CBE (born 30 April 1964; also known as Tony Fernandes) is a Malaysian entrepreneur and the founder of Tune Air Sdn.

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I'll say it again, we are lucky to have Tony Fernandes as chairman.
Good article. 100% behind and what he is trying to do at our club
Tony Fernandes "The best for of talent management is letting people speak up and express their ideas"
Tony Fernandes "I am a big believer of IoT, AI and Machine learning"
Tony Fernandes "Never cut your Marketing budget during recessions" "There is always a silverline"
.interview: "Some would have run, or blamed everyone else. You owe it to the fans to fix it
Tony Fernandes "The most importan thing is the people" and "We broke rules on hiring people"
Excellent exclusive interview with Tony Fernandes by This section alarmed me slightly:…
Tony Fernandes interview: "I never thought players would take a salary and do nothing." |
After years of flying high, tells why he wants to “slow down a bit”
Excellent interview by on colourful founder who wants to ‘slow down a bit’
Tony Fernandes: 'I know I've made mistakes but I feel like QPR are finally getting there'. Interview
Enjoyed this. Tony Fernandes talking with commendable honesty about his naivety and the many mistakes made after ta…
Tony Fernandes: Where we don't know so much about it but at the moment it's business as usual, we're happy with how we're progressing.
Tony Fernandes: The club will go on, business will go on and the club will not be affected by this fine, whatever the fine is.
Tony Fernandes: We've made it very clear as shareholders.
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Tony Fernandes has broken his silence regarding Financial Fair Play, saying that the club will not be affected by any impending fine.
I am sure Ollie has been called many things over the years, but this must be a first!
Formula 1 has become a 'procession', feels ex-team owner Tony Fernandes via
Tony Fernandes says he always worked hard for his wages, but the same cannot be said for some players.
QPR chairman Tony Fernandes admits he 'learnt things the hard way' when it came to f
Tony fernandes has just been fined £40 million for breaching FFP. I know what owners I would rather have
Tony Fernandes: Formula 1 was a 'disaster for me'
Tony Fernandes: Formula 1 was a disaster for me
AirAsia full-service airline would be 'disastrous', says CEO Tony Fernandes - Channel NewsAsia
Oh look... it’s let’s bash Tony Fernandes time again... FFS.
"Our ulterior motive is a new stadium" - Tony Fernandes discusses QPR's role in Old Oak Common development
First impression is really important. Unless if you're super duper rich than you are free to wear anything like SJ, Mark or Tony Fernandes.
So, how are you getting to (or departing) Here w/ CEO Tony Fernandes. Have a listen: watch 🛫…
1 day I'll beat Tony Fernandes for cost control.
Passion is just something that comes naturally to me. -Tony Fernandes-. . .
Tony Fernandes who has his faults but invested £250m into QPR! Shows passion for the club and…
Tony Fernandes is Chief Instigator in UEGroup: User Experience! His talk at Productized: Implants and Body Hacking:…
Aviation or football, which is the tougher business? is the boss of and
Watching Tony Fernandes talking about the collapse of caterham F1 and QPR and his airline on
Tony Fernandes having his pants pulled down ere
Tony Fernandes on what a fantastic man. How can he explain the unexplainable?! He is haunted. You can see it.
Air Asia owner Tony Fernandes on BBC Worldwide asked about Air Asia crash with 162 dead. Called it a 'body blow'
"TRY, don't worry about the failure..". "If u put your heart and soul to it, u will succeed.". -Tony Fernandes
Driving down fares. That's what drives us. And connect people. - CEO Tony Fernandes
Funny how we never hear a dickie bird out of Tony Fernandes & Vincent Tan anymore giving it the big 'un.
"You make it past the doorman at the Hilton Hotel and I'll be pleased" - Tony Fernandes (AirAsia Ceo) father. .
Harry step in there and mention this pls
Believe the unbelievable, Dream the Impossible. Never take 'No' for an answer. - Tony Fernandes .
villa are plagiarising Tony Fernandes strategy. He should be issuing a writ
Yeah - when was that 2011? With Tony Fernandes' team and the Genii team...
Celebrity QPR fans let's all tag them here they wd all support this for our hero Stanley Bowles
I look for people who have drive, who have ambition, who are humble. I've hired many peop
I dreamt that I dyed my hair blue and met Tony Fernandes in person and was eating chips and was in disneyland and was eaten by a bear
Competition will always be there and competition keep us on our toes, makes us better. - Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.
I was referring to the Air Asia crash which Tony Fernandes led
do u know I do believe ur beginning to learn Tony Fernandes,always better late than never 😄😄😄😄
. 5 days till our meeting with the club to discuss a game for Stan.Plz RT
The music and airlines businesses are tough, but I've been successful in them.
Manuel Fernandes has ridden only two winners in UK, but had five in UAE last season. Hardworking & light - should continu…
Well done to Manuel Fernandes; winner at Salisbury today. Was with Ernst Oertel in UAE last season, returns this time for…
My comments are coming true . Tony Fernandes is confident of getting 20 a/c within a year !.
My comments are coming true... Tony Fernandes is sure he will have 20 aircraft within a year to fly abroad !.
Let's take this delay as a chance for me to do maths even more. Tony Fernandes saya tahu anda kisah.
who's actually shown an interest apart from Peter Cullum (complete hot air) and Tony Fernandes (who'd have ruined us)
Downside of QPR not being in PL is the absence of Tony Fernandes appearing on Deadline Day signing anyone and everyone!
Sissoko & Bolasie for £60m. Anyone else think @ is a mirror image of Tony Fernandes?
The look of Odemwingie sitting outside the QPR gates in his Range Rover and realizing Tony Fernandes wasn't going to sanction his signing 😂😭
Tony fernandes to thank for that, surely. He signed off the budget.
Is owner the new Tony Fernandes. No idea what he's doing buying players as the fans asked him.
Tony Fernandes number 2. You know nothing about football
When I started my airline business, I didn't know everything, right? If I start up a newspap
I asked for extra funds they said no I leaked to press and called tony fernandes a black wanker and got sacked
Don't rate their manager, think their owner is Tony Fernandes part II
That Villa owner isn't messing about is he. Is it on the right players though? . Reminds me of Tony Fernandes when he first went to QPR
I think airlines have been very much parrots. They'll just follow what everyone else is doin
When the music business failed to embrace the Internet, I thought it was game, set and match
is for the common man. My is to enable everyone to fly. It shouldn't be only for the rich. ~ Tony Fernandes
With YBhg. Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia. . . Such a lucky day, meet with the great…
My office is recruiting. So I'll borrow from Tony -- "If you want to be the best, we'll give you the...
I've lived in Jakarta and have seen a lot more by living here, and I understand that there
it will b interesting to see how he works on financial dealings. I know a certain Tony fernandes getting it horribly wrong
In Europe, they travel a lot lighter. I always joke that my Indonesian passengers bring thei
The fans want it, the ex players want it. Big week in the Club's history. 1,725 online signat…
Tony Fernandes gives thumbs up to campaign: KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia boss Tan Sri Tony ...
Tony Fernandes: Benefit Match for Stan Bowles at Loftus Road - Sign the Petition! via
Ramon Barnes def. Tony Fernandes via TKO in R2. The big asterisk on that result is the 30-minute break in between the 2 rounds,
Tony Fernandes: Consolidation has always been my plan: AirAsia boss says ownership rules restrict him from ha...
I don't care about failing because I do not want to sit down in my older ye...
Happening Now: Tan Sri Dr Tony Fernandes and Dato' Sri Nazir Razak, renown alumni of Alice Smith School KL at the...
promising us champions league delivered championship JFH (ex Chelsea) what Tony Fernandes has delivered get ready for relegation-God help us
Many thanks to Tony Fernandes for launching my Mandarin book LIFE IN THE SKIES at the Malaysia BookFest 2015 at KLCC
Tony lobbies for single ownership of AirAsia's regional units: Fernandes: 'So the dream of havin...
"Employees come customers If you have a happy workforce they'll look after your customers anyway." - Tony Fernandes
I can understand faurlin and hill leaving still think jfh is the wrong guy. Tony fernandes knows best
Tony Fernandes has said that Queens Park Rangers missed Alejandro Faurlin during their match against Fulham last weekend.
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AirAsia shareholders Yes to share placement at RM1.80 each (RM1.01 billion) to Tony Fernandes, Kamarudin Meranun
Where is the service with smile and courtesy initiated by Tony Fernandes
My whole life's been stability. People who have worked with me have for a l...
QPR vs Bristol directors box, thanks to Tony Fernandes and ishraqkamarudin!
I also rearranged Thailand trip which Tony Fernandes paid for to next Feb as had a death in France
RickyTuittQPR: Just met Tony Fernandes!!! Top man! Thanks for the picture! tonyfernandes QPRFC
I'm not cynical or bitter in any way. Life's too short; you get ripped off,...
"Transparency is the key to a successful organisation". Tony Fernandes, 2016. 👍🏼
My whole life has always been about looking for that person that money can'...
Winning is an amazing feeling. You don't get that in business; you don't ge...
Listen to CEO, Tony Fernandes, talk about the UX of Implants and the unique research challenges it presents
I'm on my way to the UKVI. They're as competent as Tony Fernandes running a football club so this should be "fun".
Then we all Gotta go by the tunnel and sing 'Tony Fernandes' 👏👏👏 😂😂
Tony Fernandes has failed is a failure. He can't even get Hoops on the kit 4 the SuperHoops!
Tony Fernandes own a airplane company it doesnt mean he know how to fly them, if we have the chances to do something, give a try.
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Talk Tan Sri Tony Fernandes . Nak tiket free please
Tony Fernandes uses Adel Taarabt to make a point about QPR
Congrats! AirAsia's Tony Fernandes was awarded the Fourth Pillar Award by US-ASEAN Business Council for extraordinary contribu…
Air Asia’s Tony Fernandes clicks first selfie with Satya Nadella: Businessmen have their fanboy moments too. T...
Air Asia's Tony Fernandes clicks first selfie with Satya Nadella
Tony Fernandes? That looked like Tony Velasquez to me.
Terry finished at club level now too. Was always slow. Perfect Tony fernandes signing promote Air Asia.
Mr. Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of will be joining us at the APEC 2015 CEO Summit! https:…
This is probably the same as Tony Fernandes' shopping list.
Rodney Marsh all for Tony Fernandes selling off QPR
The crazy world of Tony Fernandes continues | Shoot
didn't fernandes make that decision. Tony all over sky sports saying 3 candidates being interviewed. Tf dropped Tim?
BLOG: looks at the ongoing circus created by owner Tony Fernandes…..
The crazy world of Tony Fernandes continues | Shoot -
Bravo , if only had owners with these morals.
Just saw Brendan Rodgers in restauranf with QPR owner Tony Fernandes
PCO Profile: Tony Fernandes - more of Tony's wonderful work can be found here:
Tony Fernandes is bored of QPR and wants to sell up then 😂
What are the chances of Eddie doing this?? .
'Tony Fernandes and his fellow Queens Park Rangers owners have written off the £180m loans they made to the club.' Over to you Vincent Tan
QPR owner Tony Fernandes has written off the £180m loans made to the club, but not with the intention of selling the Championship club.
QPR owner Tony Fernandes writes off £180m loan but will not sell club there you go Dave problem solved
stick to flying planes - is totally out of his depth within the sport arena - thank God he never boug…
Exclusive: Tony Fernandes is looking to sell his shares in QPR. Our source is 1st class.
Airport names can honour people's contribution to aviation. Will there one day be a Herb Kelleher, Tim Clark, or Tony Fernandes airport?
Air Asia is flying towards stormy skies. Can its owner, Tony Fernandes, steer it clear?
could of got related under Vincent Tan, Tony Fernandes or Assem Allem
Tony Fernandes is possibly the most clueless chairman in football, would rather Vincent Tan, how Ramsey was ever in charge is beyond me
Tony Fernandes and Amit Bhatia react to FFP ruling.
I thought QZ8501's incident made Tony Fernandes quit from being a hypocrite, but I guess I was wrong. -
Taki Inoui and Chanoch Nissany with Tony Fernandes using the HRT F112
thanks for sharing Tony Fernandes, have a great Friday :) (insight by
Week in Review: AirAsia GCEO and Tune Group founder headlines the conference
Week in Review: What's next for disruptor Tony Fernandes?
Hoping for Barnet tonight in the draw so Chris Ramsey, Tony Fernandes and co will see John Akinde first hand crush our defence apart!
How to manage in a crisis – Air Asia flight QZ8501 and Tony Fernandes
To be fair, it is argued Tony Fernandes is influenced by keyboard warriors.. 💻🔫
Tony Fernandes is on the Bitcoin block chain technology train!
Our minister is all dungu. If they r as smart as you tony our country will be no 1 in asia.look at spore. Small...
Tony Fernandes Raises a Good Questions How Come MOT Regulators KSU and TKSU site on MAHB Board? How will they ...
arts, culture, history. Not to mention the beaches and apparently it is Tony Fernandes dad's hometown!
Focus on the economy, Tony Fernandes urges government
Tony Fernandes: AirAsia to stay at KK terminal 2
Tony Fernandes has no issue using aerobridges in other countries but Msia so much of fuss!
Fix the implores, as it dives below 4.00 to US$
Tony Fernandes... "QPR need QPR people around it". Kevin Gallen... "I wrote to the club but they didn't want my services, they said no". QPR
CREST SURVEY: fans invited to give their views on a new club crest:
The Star Online. Focus on the economy, Tony Fernandes urges government.
Fix ringgit free-fall, not police the Internet, Tony Fernandes tells Putrajaya
Focus on the economy, Tony Fernandes urges government - Nation | The Star Online
This is why Air Asia doing well compare with MAS, when smart own it. Those orang gila, please take note of his...
Focus on the economy, Air Asia's Tony Fernandes urges Malaysian government
Government officers should not be MAHB board members, says Tony Fernandes - The Malaysian Insider via
TONY FERNANDES TICKS OFF NAJIB: Stop the ringgit free-fall, not control the Internet
Focus on falling ringgit instead of restricting social media, Fernandes tells Putrajaya
Fix ringgit free-fall, not police the Internet, tells Putrajaya
Lerner, Ashley, Tony Fernandes, hicks and gillet, Venkys to name a few
Air Asia will collaborate with MAS and we already entered into discussion. Christoph Mueller + Tony Fernandes. Nice..
QPR Chairman, Tony Fernandes, explains his decision to offer Chris Ramsey a three year deal as manager.
Tony Fernandes era beginning to mirror Flavio Briatore’s four-year plan at QPR -
Update your maps at Navteq
Another triumphant season for Tony Fernandes: four years, two relegations, one near relegation, one streaky promotion, £2…
Let's get the chants of Tony Fernandes' name going again at the West Ham game. . As loud as I've heard them yesterday, fans right behind him
MARTIN SAMUEL: Tony Fernandes thought Queens Park Rangers were not getting enough out of their...
you'll be starting Tony Fernandes chants at LR next big man
“The more you give, the more you will get” - Tony Fernandes
Wild speculation. I cannot see Tony Fernandes hiring Warburton.
Queens Park Rangers: Ramsey considered for top role: QPR chairman Tony Fernandes has revealed caretaker boss C...
Managerial worlds gone mad! Inexperienced Sherwood wanted by all, successful Warburton at risk & Chris Ramsey is Tony Fernandes dream!
Back to business. Supporting Tony Fernandes as well. :) (at [pic] —
7 - Harry Redknapp actually resigned 7 days ago but couldn't work out how to email his resignation to Tony Fernandes. Rosie.
QPR chairman Tony Fernandes says he has got his dream manager to replace Harry Redknapp, who resigned last week.
Life is about experiences. So, I'd rather do that (own a sports team), than own a massive yacht. - Tony Fernandes
QPR chairman Tony Fernandes says Harry Redknapp will remain as the struggling Premier League clubs manager.
I think Tony Fernandes was too burned by Redknapp to hire Redknapp Jr.
QUOTES: on Chris Ramsey’s appointment as Head Coach until the end of the season
Lets prove Sherwood wrong, greedy, AV desperate for anyone, Chris Ramsey is the man to rebuild the Rangers, good spot Tony Fernandes.
Tony Fernandes: From the Academy upwards, to create a lasting legacy and philosophy at QPR.
Tony Fernandes: As a Board of Directors, we are determined to make the right appointment in the best interests of the club.
Tony Fernandes:In shaping the future on-field progression of QPR. For that reason, it is vitally important that we get the right individual
Tony Fernandes: We are keen for the position to be a long-term appointment that will play a major role.
Tony Fernandes: None of them were right to take the club forward at this time for a variety of reasons, whereas we firmly believe Chris is.
Tony Fernandes: We spoke to many individuals who were interested in the role, one of whom I was quoted on as being a dream.
Tony Fernandes: Chris has an opportunity now to stamp his authority and class on the position. He is part of our long-term plans at QPR.
Tony Fernandes: I firmly believe he is the right man working closely with Les to lead us until the end of the season.
Tony Fernandes: At this time, we believe Chris is the ideal candidate. He has impressed everyone here in his short time in charge.
Tony Fernandes: In the wake of Harry’s resignation, it was my desire to identify the right individual for the job.
Chris Ramsey has been appointed as the club's head coach until the end of the season and is part of Tony Fernandes' long-term plans.
Some seem to be dedicating their life to moan about Tony Fernandes.Some of you most be very lonely people. Mistakes life though
Fernandes: Ramsey has three months to show he can manage QPR long-term via
Tony Fernandes says Chris Ramsey will stay at QPR when a new manager arrives in the summer
Chris Ramsey has three months to prove he can manage QPR long-term, says ... - Daily Mail
QPR chairman Tony Fernandes has given a huge vote of confidence to caretaker manager Chris Ramsey and revealed he...
Tony Fernandes is rushing talking about keeping Chris Ramsey for a long term after only his 2nd game. Wait till the end of the season.
owner Tony Fernandes says Chris Ramsey could remain as manager for "a very long time"
Chris Ramsey - the very manager that QPR chairman Tony Fernandes has been dreaming of.
So Chris Ramsey is Tony Fernandes dream manager !! Who does he think he is kidding. The mans a joke.
Danny Murphy has claimed that QPR owner Tony Fernandes should attempt to bring West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce to Loftus Road.
Tony Fernandes gives you no money for 1 window so you leave claiming you have a 'knee injury' 😂😂 nah Harry Redknapp is too funny
Harry Redknapp will remain as QPR manager, says Tony Fernandes
AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes has given a lesson in crisis management | PR Week
Watching the news and observing the way Tony Fernandes addresses the media on the recent crisis is pretty amazing...
Tony Fernandes, ``master communicator'' leading from front in AirAsia disaster: Getty image http:/…
AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes places himself at center of the Flight 8501 crisis: Ever since AirA...
Tony Fernandes establishes himself as CEO of action, empathy in AirAsia tragedy: Getty image http:…
AirAsia shares lose 8% in Malaysia after jet disappears : Source: Business Insider:– Kuala Lumpur (AFP) – Shares in AirAsia, Southeast Asia’s biggest budget airline, lost almost eight percent on Monday in Kuala Lumpur after one of its jets disappeared with 162 people on board. The firm slumped 12 percent to 2.60 ringgit at the open but recovered slightly to sit at 2.71 ringgit, still down 7.82 percent, by 0315 GMT. The Airbus jet disappeared en route from Surabaya in Indonesia’s east Java to Singapore after the crew requested a change of flight plan due to stormy weather. Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue Agency said it is likely at the bottom of the sea. However, Shukor Yusof, founder of aviation research firm Endau Analystics told AFP investors and creditors will remain firmly behind AirAsia and its CEO Tony Fernandes, who transformed a floundering carrier into Asia’s most successful budget airline. “The market reaction is quite natural. I am not surprised,” he told AFP, adding: “ ...
"Our first priority now is to look after the families," Chief Executive Tony Fernandes says
Tony Fernandes: missing plane 'never had any problems'
AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes has built up his low budget airline into a multmliion pound venture
AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes says the search operation for the airline's missing Flight will continue in the morning
AirAsia 'devastated' by missing jet: AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes says he is "devastated" that a plane carrying...
AirAsia plane goes missing with 162 people An AirAsia Airbus with 162 people on board disappeared Sunday amid thunderstorms while flying from Indonesia to Singapore, prompting a major search by the two countries' military. The Malaysian-owned aircraft had taken off at 5.20 a.m. (local time) from the Indonesian city of Surabaya and was to land at Singapore's Changi Airport at 8.30 a.m., the airline and officials said. Indonesian officials said the pilot sought an unusual route due to thunderstorms between Kalimantan and Belitung island, before the low-cost airline lost contact with air traffic control. The aircraft was then at 32,000 feet over Java Sea, in Indonesian territory. "The weather was not good, it was bad at the estimated location the plane lost contact," an Indonesian transport ministry official added. The plane had 162 passengers and crew on board including 138 adults, 16 children, an infant, two pilots and five cabin crew. A total of 156 were Indonesians. There were three South Koreans and one ...
LET US ALL PRAY FOR THE PASSENGERS AND CREW OF Air Asia FLIGHT QZ8501 The Philippine Red Cross expresses our concern for the families of the passengers and crew of Air Asia flight QZ8501 as we continue to pray for the safety and well-being of those who are onboard. We extend our full support to Air Asia's rescue efforts and hope for everyone's safe return. Air Asia has been a staunch humanitarian partner of the PRC in helping alleviate the suffering of victims of TS Yolanda by building homes in the typhoon ravaged areas. I know the deep personal commitment of Tony Fernandes not only to his employees but also for the passengers of Air Asia, and am certain he is exerting superhuman efforts during these difficult moments. Let us all keep the passengers and crew of the missing flight and their families in our prayers.
All QPR and football fans should say a prayer for Tony Fernandes and the passengers on Air Asia flight QZ 8501.
AirAsia CEO facing the relatives of the passengers of the missing AirAsia plane in a plain white shirt. Now if those running Cebu Pacific can follow Tony Fernandes' example.
The fate of an AirAsia jet that disappeared Sunday over the Java Sea with 162 people aboard remained a mystery more than 18 hours after it vanished in violent weather. Flight 8501 was bound for Singapore from Surabaya, Indonesia, when it lost contact with air traffic control at about 7:24 a.m. (6:24 p.m. ET on Saturday), the airline said in a statement. The time in Surabaya is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time; Singapore is 13 hours ahead of ET. Indonesia called off the daylong air search for the night at about 7 a.m. ET. Achmad Toha, an official with the country's search and rescue agency, said some search ships were still in the area. The air search was set to resume at dawn Monday. "We have no idea at the moment what went wrong," said Tony Fernandes, a Malaysian businessman and CEO of the regional low-cost carrier. "Let's not speculate at the moment." The apparent tragedy marks the third commercial air disaster in Southeast Asia this year. On July 17, a Malaysia Airlines flight was shot down over ...
AirAsia group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes is heading to Surabaya, Indonesia, as a massive air and sea operation is under way for the missing Flight QZ8501.…
In a press conference in Surabaya this evening (Dec 28) about missing flight QZ8501, AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes told media this is the first time...
The owner of the Malaysian company Asia Airlines, Tony Fernandes, has been a very active supporter of Palestine. If you consider that George Bush and Toni Blair are wanted by Malaysian courts for crimes against humanity and that Malaysia has promoted several resolutions in NU against Israel and recently made an agreement with China to use for trade transanctions the Chinese Yuan instead of US dollar you can arrive to your own conclusions. How many flights from Asia have been scheduled this year 2014? many thousands (i don't know the exact number) How many flights from Asia has been wiped out from the sky this year? 3 How many of them were from Malaysia? 3. The probability that 3 huge aircrafts from Malaysia were wiped out from the sky for hazardous reasons in less than ten months is practically close to 0 using different mathematical models and Bayesian statistics. Behind that story there is the sinister hand of Uncle Sam nightmare factory.
Air Asia Indonesia flight QZ8501’s disappearance between Surabaya and Singapore is a terrible mystery, and is even more troubling for Queens Park Rangers chairman and Air Asia executive Tony Fernandes. And the entire R’s family has joined the world ...
AirAsia Chief Executive Tony Fernandes says the families of those on missing flight QZ8501 are the airline's priority as they await answers about what has happened to their relatives. At a news conference on Sunday, Fernandes said AirAsia will fully cooperate with the investigation into the…
Former music executive Tony Fernandes bought an ailing airline for 25p and transformed it into Asia's first low cost, long-haul carrier.
Missing plane QZ8501: AirAsia boss and QPR owner Tony Fernandes says jet was in 'good condition'
AirAsia's flamboyant chief executive Tony Fernandes bought the airline for less than 35 cents in 2001
AirAsia chief: 'Missing plane didn't have problems': Chief Executive of AirAsia Tony Fernandes says the weathe...
Tony Fernandes and Amit Bhatia react to Charlie Austin heroics
&samhoud TV - AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes has something interesting to say about the potential of Asia
Dear Mr tony fernandes please make rates from bali to jakarta on jan cheaper 🙏
Tony Fernandes is accused of walking away from staff
Ex-Caterham boss Tony Fernandes 'walked away from staff'
Ex-Caterham owner Tony Fernandes has "walked away" from employees, a former worker at the Formula 1 team claims.
Caterham future under threat as management launches attack on Tony Fernandes and threaten to turn back on team
Caterham threatens to sue Tony Fernandes over ownership transfer:
View the Sky Sports full news story today - Caterham’s Formula 1 future has been plunged into fresh uncertainty with the team’s new management threatening to pull the plug on their involvement after claiming Tony Fernandes still hasn’t transferred his shares to them. The beleaguered Leafield outfit…
Tony Fernandes: 'If you buy something you should pay for it. Quite simple'
Fernandes faces legal action by Caterham: Tony Fernandes faces legal action by the current 'owners' of Caterha...
Touch of class from QPR chairman Tony Fernandes.
Caterham owners' row with Tony Fernandes puts future in doubt
Funny how shambles seem to follow Tony Fernandes around. The mess he made of Caterham F1 does not bode well for QPR.
Tony Fernandes should be banned from owning sports teams - almost as bad with Not enough money or s…
Caterham buyer says it will withdraw F1 management team as a result of ongoing dispute with ex-owner Tony Fernandes htt…
Caterham F1 management threaten to quit team & hit out at Tony Fernandes - SkySports -
QUALITY: QPR Chairman Tony Fernandes with a great gesture to a QPR fan.
I thought Joe Saward was a Tony Fernandes insider, presumably that didn't end too well then.
I think it's time Tony Fernandes kept out of sport for good. Really, what has he brought to Complete and utter mess.
Caterham's new management reveal that Tony Fernandes still owns the team - threaten to walk away -
A touch of class from QPR chairman Tony Fernandes. What a gesture.
So, at the end of the day, Who is the owner of Caterham F1 Team right now?? Still Tony Fernandes?? Oops...
Caterham's new management threaten to quit and hit out at Tony Fernandes
F1 news: Caterham F1 bosses could quit over frustrations with Tony Fernandes
F1 team Caterham in chaos as Tony Fernandes threatened with legal action (Photo: Getty Images) h…
Caterham says Tony Fernandes still owns the team, and are looking at taking legal action; Fernandes says team's statement is "garbage".
Caterham management threaten to withdraw from team, accuse Tony Fernandes of not completing transfer of ownership
Just as the spat between Harry Redknapp and Adel Taarabat was getting interesting, Tony Fernandes steps in. Spoil sport.
chairman Tony Fernandes has ordered Adel Taarabt and manager Harry Redknapp to end their ongoing public row:
QPR chief Tony Fernandes lines up Harry Redknapp replacement right under his nose. Mike Bassett former England boss
Tony Fernandes on Adel Taarabt and Harry Redknapp's war of words: "I apologise to the supporters for the embarrassment this ha…
QPR chairman Tony Fernandes labels spat between Adel Taarabt and Harry Redknapp an embarrassment
QPR owner Tony Fernandes has threatened Harry Redknapp and Adel Taraabt with the naughty step after their public spat
Queens Park Rangers chairman Tony Fernandes has apologised to supporters and rebuked the Premier League club's manager Harry Redknapp and striker Adel Taarabt for their public spat over the player's fitness.
Tony Fernandes has weighed into the war of words raging between Harry Redknapp and Adel Taarabt
In a statement released by the Premier League club, QPR chairman Tony Fernandes says he has spoken with both after Harry Redknapp said Abel Taarabt was 'three stone overweight'. more Source:: Mail Online
QPR owner Tony Fernandes: "...both Harry Redknapp and Adel Taarabt have been notified of our disappointment..."
Queens Park Rangers' chairman Tony Fernandes rebukes Harry Redknapp and over row
QPR chairman Tony Fernandes has demanded an end to the row between Adel Taarabt and Harry Redknapp -…
QPR striker Bobby Zamora insisted that it is too early for owner Tony Fernandes to panic and sack its manager Harry Redknapp. He believed it would be
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Rodney Marsh says it is not looking good for QPR, but he insists Tony Fernandes will be acting prematurely if he...
- . QPR chairman Tony Fernandes bemoans loss of Loic Remy and hits out at...
Tony Fernandes is on sky sports news again
Uncle Tony on failing at F1, a fairer income distribution in PL, enjoying more -
Owner Tony Fernandes tells Sky Sports QPR had deal done w/Jermain Defoe, who wanted to sign, but "club in America" didn't…
QPR Chairman Tony Fernandes: ‘taught me how not to do things…’. I take it that rules out going to a Grand Prix on London Derby weekend.
QPR chairman Tony Fernandes: 'taught me how not to do things...'…
"If I start up a newspaper tomorrow I might get ripped off by journalists" via
hello ian sorry to hear bout the injury asking bout if you could help me with a tony fernandes situation I'm having please reply
Tony Fernandes: Many fans might resent me saying it but I was a West Ham fan. We had about three managers in 25 years.
Tony Fernandes: You take it on the chin, you learn, you try not to make the same mistakes.
Tony Fernandes: Nothing’s going to change me, I’m still a kid at Wembley jumping up and down like a lunatic.
Tony Fernandes: Life has a funny way of twisting and turning and he’s ended up with us.
Tony Fernandes: I was in awe of meeting the Harry Redknapp. I thought: It’d be great if one day ….
Tony Fernandes: When we played Newcastle in my first game as chairman, Harry came to watch.
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An absolute must read for every Rs fan . your a special guy . We sing your name with pride
Uncle Tony: . Fans of are the shareholders, wants 20 consecutive PL seasons, thinks 'arry has what he needs:
Good interview with the irritatingly likeable Tony Fernandes
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