Tony Blair & Nick Clegg

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953) is a British Labour Party politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007. He was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sedgefield from 1983 to 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007. He resigned from all of these positions in June 2007. Nicholas William Peter Nick Clegg (born 7 January 1967) is the British Liberal Democrat Leader since 2007 and currently the Deputy Prime Minister and Lord President of the Council (with special responsibility for political and constitutional reform) in the coalition government of which David Cameron is the Prime Minister. 5.0/5

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And in the murdering footsteps of Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg,
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron as well as Nick Clegg the Deputy PM in David Cameron's Tory led regime, just like Theresa May
Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Nick Clegg and (God help us) George Osborne to launch a new pro-EU party? It would never fly!
Yes look at your all star bench of Nick Clegg, Tim Farron, Dianne Abbott, Tony Blair, Corbyn, need i go on? 😂
They can move in with Obama, Merkel,George Clooney,Nick Clegg,Tony Blair,Richard Branson, Yv Cooper and Sadiq Khan
I trust everyone who want to stop Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, Tim Farron, Richard Branson, David Lammy, you name it!
"this is your chance to decide" Not Tony Blair's or Tim Farron's or Ed Miliband's or Nick Clegg's or some unelected b…
Remember the libdems apart from Nick Clegg's lies, they gave us all 5 years austerity, but now Tim Farron is Tony Blair s…
David Cameron is a liar just like Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. You can't believe a word he says. Total liberal spin.
Dream on! the federal case. Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg & Ken Clarke. case closed.
The EU has made some people Millionaires. - The Kinnocks. - Tony Blair. - Nick Clegg. - Gordon Brown. wants to join this club
UK: Those who'd vote to remain in EU will support... David Cameron, Tony Blair, George Osborne, Ken Clarke, Nick Clegg, Peter Mandelson. :)
People who need to die in 2016:. David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, Paul Wolfowitz, Bryson Tiller and George Osbourne
my mum went to Oxford at the same time as David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair
Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, David Cameron and Nick Clegg should all be charged with .
. On that train you will also find Neil Kinnock & family, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg ... all self in…
If the next leader tries to do a Tony Blair, they'll end up like Nick Clegg. On my blog:
I'm voting Jim Murphy, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, John Major, Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Nick Clegg etc. are telling me not to.
Peter Oborne says he thinks that Nick Clegg "is sounding like Tony Blair", not an insult he's the one going for the centre ground
Nick Clegg: Blair should face charges if he knew about CIA torture
Tony Blair should face charges if he collaborated in CIA torture - Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Tony Blair and many more effigies being burnt at Bonfire in previous years, but...
Prayer for the day In church a lady was heard to say a prayer. It was so sincere that I just have to share it around with my wish list in the last para. Additions would be welcome. "Dear Lord, This has been a tough two or three years. You have taken my favourite actor Patrick Swayze. My favourite pop singer, Michael Jackson. My favourite Blues Singer, Amy Winehouse. My favourite actress, Elizabeth Taylor. My favourite football manager, Bobby Robson. My favourite golfer, Seve Ballesteros, My favourite singer, Whitney Houston and now: My favourite actor, Robin Williams. I just wanted you to know that my favourite politicians are: Alec Salmond, David Cameron, Michael Gove, Tony Blair, John Prescott, Ed Balls, Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, George Bush, Barack Obama and Nethanyau, I also want you to know that my favorites among the Pure include but are not limited to: King Abdullah and the uncountable princes of Saudi Arabia, Asif Zardaris, Nawaz Sharifs, Altaf Hussains, Fazal ur Rehmans, Tahir ul Qa ...
Iraq news: Tony Blair airbrushing role in creating Isis in Iraq, Nick Clegg says, REAL TALK
A woman sentenced to death in Sudan after marrying a Christian could be released within days, according to reports. A senior Khartoum official has told the BBC that Meriam Ibrahim will be freed following worldwide protests about her treatment. David Cameron has joined Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Tony Blair in condemning the "barbaric" punishment of the 27-year-old, who gave birth to a daughter this week while shackled in her cell. Ms Ibrahim was raised a Christian by her mother and has refused to renounce the faith. However, a court ruled earlier this month that she is Muslim because that was her father's faith. Her Christian marriage was annulled and she was sentenced to 100 lashes for adultery and death by hanging for renouncing Islam. Advertisement Sex outside a "lawful relationship" is regarded as adultery under Sudanese law.
Mehdi’s Minute: On Coups Against Clegg, the Ukip ‘Revolution’ and Advice From Blair (VIDEO) - Do you want my alternative, semi-serious take on Nick Clegg's week of coups and crises, Ukip's 'revolution' at the ballot box and Tony Blair's advice to Ed Miliband. (Hint: watch till the end for the special guest appearance! Here's the political week in -
EU, BRUTE? May 29, 2014 • 10:17AM The knives are out in London, the heart of the British, or more correctly Brutish Empire. As the aftershocks from the election earthquake—set off by the anti-Euro right-wing UKIP party victory in the European Parliament elections on Sunday —rock the mainstream parties. Lest the impact of the election encourage Labour Party leaders to change course, the miserable little Queen's hitman & War Criminal, Tony Blair, attacked the UKIP as a threat to British interests in a Monday interview with BBC, and instructed Labour Party leader Ed Miliband that the party must not deviate from the imperial EU course. Typically thuggish, Blair stated:"the rationale for Europe today is probably stronger than it's ever been... the rationale for Europe today is power." War has broken out within the ranks of the Liberal Democratic party after it came in fifth in the elections, with its presence in the European Parliament reduced from 11 to one. If party leader Nick Clegg goes down, so coul ...
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg. That is why I emigrated!
So phoney Tony Blair urges Labour Party not to give us stupid voters a voice on the EU in way of a referendum. After all we were crazy enough to elect Labour three times in a row,so we have proved our stupidity. With Nick Clegg in hiding, I bet Nigel Farage couldn't believe his luck. Even Dave must be rubbing his hands as well.
I don't agree with Nigel on much, but on the subject of Nick not being party leader of the by the next election i cannot agree more. What seemed like a low level rebellion from party members after the European and local elections is now obviously a full scale mutiny. Lord Oakeshott obviously set about getting those damaging polls with Nick Clegg's future in mind and i can't believe he didn't have help from within and i also can't believe Vince Cable is not part of this either. I wouldn't be surprised if Nick Clegg is gone as leader by the end of this week, maybe next and then what? The Lib Dems will then have to quickly choose a leader - maybe Danny Alexander, or Tim Farron, or maybe Vince Cable (although he's damaged goods at this point) and they will limp to the next election hoping to keep a few seats in traditionally strong areas and then be potential power brokers again in an hung parliament. Tony Blair is kind of right in why the Lib Dems have been battered at the polls but i think its simpler than ...
IS THIS DEMOCRATICALLY CORRECT When George Brown took over from Tony Blair without an election both the Torys and Lib/Dems said this was not democratically correct and they shouted this from the roof tops claiming unfair. Now we have a similar situation where in office Nick Clegg could be defeated in his own party and replaced as Deputy Prime Minister. This therefore makes the coalition unconstitutional and should be dissolved on the grounds that a legally elected member to the office of Deputy Prime Minister is no longer available. Granted the Torys can remain in office , Possibly because really they were not elected on a majority either but that is debateable . The Lib/Dems how ever should no longer be in office as their newly internally elected leader will have no mandate from the people. There can be no hypocrisy about this . There cannot be one ruling for the Labour Party and another for the coalition
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Crikey, just when you think Nick Clegg's problems couldn't get any bigger, Tony Blair gives him a vote of confidence.
In the 1980's it was Margaret Thatcher who was flavour of the month, 1990's Tony Blair, 2010 Nick Clegg and 2014 Nigel Farage. I wonder who it will be next.
Here’s what’s on my mind – voting!! Been thinking about the upcoming local and European Parliament elections and who to give my support to and these are my conclusions: 1. I should definitely vote – I believe it is my civic duty; squandering the opportunity to participate in the democratic process (such as it is) is an abdication of personal responsibility and an affront to all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our right to have our voices heard. Besides, if you don’t vote, you can’t really complain about the outcome; if you do vote you can affect the outcome. Lest we forget, that evil monster Tony Blair won general elections and declared a mandate to govern having won less than 40% of the popular vote – look where that lead us. There’s barely a cigarette paper between the ‘main’ political parties, which has made them complacent, opportunistic and driven by populism – now is the time to make them sit up and pay attention (sorry Russell, but you’re wrong – voter ...
Boris Johnson might stir a few chuckles when he refers to Nick Clegg as ‘a wobbling jelly of indecision’, Arnold Schwarzenegger as an ‘Austrian Cyborg’ and Tony Blair as ‘a greased piglet’, but how will he react when the tables are turned and he becomes the butt of the joke? This Crochetdermy® sculp…
I officially miss Gordon Brown & even Tony Blair at this point, after what Nick Clegg has said about the monarchy.
Hypocrisy - thy name is politics ! I dont believe any of them not since that evil warmonger Tony Blair. And who says evil doesnt pay?. But lets be fair Nigel F made mincemeat out of Nick Clegg -rather like a bulldozer going througth blanc-mange .
i have heard some rubbish but i will now confirm "I DISLIKE NICK CLEGG HE IS A *** . will the CEO of Mercedes not sell his cars to us if we leave the EU of course he will, will Airbus still have there wings built here of course he will, Nick your probably a nice man but you are so out of touch with the most of the british public you have ruined Lib Dems and will disapear up your own drainpipe at the next election and good riddance i would vote Tony Blair than lib-dems with you in charge. GOOD BYE AND SOD off
From the Spectator: PMQs sketch: what Tony Blair knew about being a toff, and what Nick Clegg... via
Add your own quote: A new test to get JSA, David Cameron goes looking for Nick Clegg, The elephant stopped very suddenly, A drunk man chooses an unusual place to kip, GW Bush & Tony Blair are still looking everywhere for those pesky WMD, An astronaut in India finds out how a simulator works if things do not go as planned on the mission to the moon, This is the real Lord of the Rings.
You may not like Alex Salmond but come September 18th, you can consign David Cameron, Alistair Darling, George Obsorne, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Iain Duncan Smith, Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander, George Robertson, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage to the dustbin of history.
Tony Blair backs Egypt's government and criticises Brotherhood Former British PM says Muslim Brotherhood was stealing Egypt's revolution and army intervention has put it on right pathShare  212  inShare2Email Patrick Kingsley in, Thursday 30 January 2014 12.47 GMTJump to comments (241)   Tony Blair said the army had intervened after the Brotherhood tried to take Egypt 'away from its basic values of hope and progress'. Photograph: Chris Jackson/PA Tony Blair has given staunch backing to Egypt's government following a meeting on Wednesday with its army leader, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi. In a television interview on Thursday morning, Britain's former prime minister claimed that Mohamed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood had stolen Egypt's revolution, and that the army who deposed Morsi last July had put the country back on the path to democracy. "This is what I say to my colleagues in the west," said Blair, visiting Egypt as a representative of the UN, the US, the EU and Russia in their at ...
MONEY - I am really short of money just now, so I have come up with a certainty for earning that little bit extra. I have taken out 3 doubles and a treble with Betfair on Rolf Harris, Dave Lee Travis and Ken Roach being convicted perverts. I also put £5 each on Nick Clegg and David Cameron being b***ards, which I won, but lost my £10 on Tony Blair because he is a t**t,not a b***ard, apparently! Who knew? :-)
8) Tony Blair "This man had delusions of adequacy." (9) Ed Miliband "When Tony Blair told you to be yourself, he couldn't have given you any worse advice!" (10) Francis Maude "This Minister is depriving a village somewhere of an *** " (11) William Hague "This Minister should go far...and the sooner he starts, the better!" (12) Neville Chamberlain "Got had a full 6-pack, but lacked the plastic thing to hold it all together!" (13) William Hague "He really is as pretty as a picture - I know I'd love to hang him!" (14) Danny Alexander "He certainly takes a long time to make his pointless!" (15) Nick Clegg "Frustration can be eased by swearing, in his case he can swear in English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish!" (16) Kenneth Clarke "It takes the poor old codger over 2 hours to watch 60 minutes on the box!" (17) Ed Miliband "He always finds himself lost in thought - it's unfamiliar territory for him you know!" (18) Tony Benn "He would have argued with a signpost!" (19) James Callaghan "He had a knack for . ...
The first allegation is against David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Tony Blair for their treasonous attempt to replace the House of Lords with an elected senate. This is contrary to the Common Law protection of the way this country is governed and put in place by our forefathers. The second allegations is...
tjo! I have to get there earlier Moss? John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown will join Cameron for Tuesday's service at Soweto's FNB stadium, where 91 heads of state including US President Barack Obama will pay their respects to the late anti- apartheid icon along with 80 000 mourners. British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, leader of Cameron's junior coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, and the leader of the main opposition Labour Party Ed Miliband are also attending the service, Cameron's office said. It is believed to be the first time in many years that all surviving British premiers have travelled abroad to attend the same event. Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, will represent his mother Queen Elizabeth II at the funeral ceremony on Sunday in Qunu, Mandela's boyhood home, where he is to be buried in a family plot. The queen said she was "deeply saddened" by Mandela's death last Thursday, but the 87-year-old monarch has been cutting back on long-haul travel in recent months. Briti ...
The PM, Ed Miliband,Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, Sir John Major and Gordon Brown - all to attend funer…
So, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Sir John Major will all be in Johannesburg tomo…
2013 DEC 4 LEE RIGBY TRIAL STATEMENT READ Michael Adebolajo, reasoning and statement as to WHY? Adebolajo said he was ashamed to be called British because it was associated with the "murder, pillaging and rape of innocent people". Adebolajo told the detectives that British soldiers were being sent to "Muslim lands to commit mass murder". He said: "The reality of Muslim land, it's full of men who, like myself, are soldiers of Allah." In an earlier interview, the murder suspect told officers the "leaders" of Britain were "wicked, corrupt, selfish and oppressive" and he was "particularly disgusted by David Cameron, the Miliband brothers and what's-his-name, Nick Clegg". He added that people do not realise the "wickedness and corruption" of former prime minister Tony Blair. Occasionally revealing his face to the camera's view, Adebolajo said: "It's for those people who have not yet understood the nature, the nature of the war that's ongoing and has been on going for some many years between the Muslims and the ...
Adebolajo says particularly disgusted by likes of David Cameron, the Miliband brothers & Nick Clegg. Calls Tony Blair wick…
so a few really brave marines shoot a Taliban *** personally I would give them a medal and a pay rise. We send young men not much more than children to fight in a war, they see their friends and comrades get blown up, shot, limbs blown off, what does anyone expect. Our illustrious leaders award themselves an 11% pay rise but will not supply our young fighting men with the right equipment to give them a slim chance of staying alive. The people who should be in court are not our soldiers but Tony Blair, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown they are the guilty ones. I wonder who I could trust more in a life threatening situation where big balls are required?
I will not rest until the following happens: 1. The Conservative Party are not only out of office, but they are pushed into 17th place in the opinion polls, just behind the I Want to Drop a Blancmange Down Terry Wogan's Y-Fronts Party (that's a real party, by the way). 2. The National Health Service, energy, transport, libraries, schools, emergency services, prisons and all other essential services are back in public hands. 3. Olivia Newton-John tours the United Kingdom. 4. David Cameron and George Osborne are behind bars for embezzlement. 5. Gordon Brown is behind bars for same. 6. Tony Blair is behind bars for the rest of his natural life for war crimes. 7. Alastair Darling is behind bars for having the stupidest name of all chancellors in human history. 8. Rupert Murdoch is in the slammer for just being an out-and-out, complete and utter, *** 9. And for buying political influence and power in Great Britain. 10. Led Zeppelin reform, playing only small village halls. 11. The Royal Family allo ...
No.8 27/100. Not quite Tony Blair, but more supreme than Nick Clegg!
Another milestone in British Politics as Nick Clegg rightly says in the House of Lords after doing more research on the structure in place post Tony Blair, the BBC and The Sunday Times were all effected and agreed to the new changes and were reflected by…
British Revolution via Doug Troup If you're under attack, create a diversion. David Cameron and Nick Clegg have been floundering as the spectre of Westminster sleaze has returned to haunt them. Four years after the MPs' expenses scandal engulfed British politics, yet another alleged scam has been exposed. First a Tory MP and then a clutch of greedy peers were caught on camera apparently agreeing to take cash from journalists posing as representatives of foreign companies. "Make that £12,000 a month," grinned Jack Cunningham, Tony Blair's former "enforcer".
Who would win in a debate: Nick Clegg vs Tony Blair. — CLEGGATRON.
David Cameron telling Lies again He said the OBR agreed that his economic policy was Correct. OBR chairman said this is not true Austerity hurts economic Growth. Liar Liar Liar join Tony Blair and Nick Clegg as Lying leaders of their Parties. So far I think the SNP. leader Alex Salmond is good
Nick Clegg sends son to same Catholic School used by Tony Blair
Reaction from Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, Boris Johnson and others to David Cameron’s EU referendum speech
David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Milliband, Tony Blair - can't stand the sight of any of them. And don't get me started on "Lord" Coe.
Sir Richard Branson, Nick Clegg, Toni Blair.wants us to stay in then... Certainly, the more economically liberal northern states regard the prospect of British withdrawal with utter dismay. Germany, Holland, Ireland and Sweden all find common cause with us in resisting some of the sillier dirigiste forces that are proving so harmful to European freedoms and economic progress. There is a sense in which Britain needs to stay in if only for the purpose of saving Europe from itself and its wilder flights of fancy. Nor is this purely altruistic – Britain has a powerful self-interest in a stable, prosperous Europe.SO WHAT DO WE DO ?
Aim higher hun, it should be the year David Cameron, Nick Clegg, George Osbourne, Theresa's May, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown...
is so similar to a young Tony Blair... I also hate David Cameron... And don't even start me on Nick Clegg.
Nope, it was the likes of David Cameron, Ed/David Milliband, Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Balls & Osborne, Jack Straw etc
Spent four hours the other day listening and watching televised speeches of British Prime Ministers David Cameron and Tony Blair, and the Deputy, Nick Clegg. There's a reason: NaNoWriMo hits in just a little over a month, and this project starts off with a Brit PM giving the news that NATO and China have put the USA back technologically 150 years, because a civil war has spilled over into threats to the world's safety. Two hundred seventy million Americans will die in the first year without power, services, transportation, myself likely among the first. The story takes place a few years later, with China and the British coalition fighting each other, the remainder of the American factions either in uneasy peace with the invaders, or holed up with what military power survives the EMP, in the little town of Estes Park, now a walled city, with a few scouts drawn from escapees from an internment camp in Wyoming. Considering some of the premise (EMP) is lifted from a really hackish Newt Gingrich collaborat ...
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron + Nick Clegg happened, and made it so no-one had money.
Nick Clegg's speech today reminds me of Tony Blair to Labour circa '95/6
Tony Blair, like Nick Clegg, also got involved with comedy:
I think that David Cameron and Nick Clegg are two halves of Tony Blair. if you mesh them together and squint, you might see it too? Right?
Nick Clegg needs to learn that trying to chase popularity as a national leader is fruitless. Tony Blair understood this after the 1st term.
Nick Clegg - alleged War Criminal and all round skunk Tony Blair says it could be worse, he could be you.
Tony Blair, David Cameron & Nick Clegg are responsible for thousands of deaths in Afghanistan & elsewhere. & don't care.
David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nick Clegg, Ed Milliband, Theresa May, Tony Blair, Ken Livingstone are all in the stand opposite us. I really do think I'm in the wrong seat!
Not just Dave, you'll have to add Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and Tony Blair to the list! Salmond knows better though.
Jo Swinson who is supports by Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Tony Blair does nothing about police intimidation "APARTHEID"
(c) “In fact, all of our MPs look like scrotums in a suit – Nick Clegg, Tony Blair.John Prescott looks like a very droopy one.” jay is brils
Tony Blair and Gordon Brown aren't in control of the country Vikki! David Cameron and Nick Clegg are!!
Tony Blair ensured my Lib Dem vote in 2010, Nick Clegg ensured my abstention in 2015.
France's election is the equivalent of having to choose between Eva Braun, Franco, Tony Blair and Nick Clegg. Truly, horrifying stuff
The politicos are the main names. They include Tony Blair, David Cameron and Nick Clegg, Tony Benn, Paddy Ashd...
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