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Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953) is a British Labour Party politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007. He was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sedgefield from 1983 to 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007. He resigned from all of these positions in June 2007. The Labour Party is a centre-left democratic socialist political party in the United Kingdom allied with the wider social democratic movement in Europe. 5.0/5

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Tony Blair damaged the Labour Party.He took the party away from real labour values; With Jeremy Corbyn as leader real labour…
Tony Blair may be welcome in the Labour Party, but a third of Brit…
It is a mockery for decent members to be expelled while Tony Blair the m…
Tony Blair: the greatest Tory Prime Minister the Labour Party ever had.
Iain McNicol: Expel Tony Blair from the Labour Party - Sign the Petition! via
Jeremy Corbyn has consolidated a bourgeois capture of the Labour party begun by Tony Blair, writes
Frankly I believe Joan Burton is Tory plant out to destroy Connelly's Labour Party as Tony Blair was too
No it's not. Tony Blair is only Labour Party Leader
Tony Blair must now be expelled from the Labour Party for calling on voters to vote for the enemies of the Labour movement.
Ok - can we check, is Tony Blair still a member of the Labour Party? If so - he's just breached our membership rules
who under Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Alistair Campbell and the rest of them infiltrated and usurped the REAL Labour Party.
It's not just Tony Blair that is responsible for Iraq but the Monarchy, Labour Party, MI6, British Army & media. The ent…
this reminds me of how Tony Blair ruined everything. This is why we should never let the Labour Party win elections
I see talk of a "progressive alliance". Well we had one. The broad church centre left Labour Party under Tony Blair of 1997…
It was just 9 yrs ago that Tony Blair was the head of the Labour Party, and Jeremy Corbyn was a weird antique.
Tony Blair left the Labour Party with crippling debts of £27m. Today we learn Corbyn now has Labour £5m in the black https:…
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Who is really infiltrating the Labour Party? Secretive donations rolling in from day 1 of the coup, Tomorrow. https:…
NEW: Tony Blair to close down commercial business ventures -
Tony Blair: "The Labour party's mission historically from its very founding was to be a party of government, not a party…
Since Tony Blair quit as leader, Labour Party membership has TRIPLED. 60,000 new members in just a week.
Yeah, like your precious Labour Party has no racist mass murderers in it, right?! Heard of Tony Blair?!
Jeremy Corbyn is turning the Labour Party into a "fringe protest movement", Tony Blair has warned.
Seriously Tony Blair, you are a disgrace to the Labour Party! Fecking warmongerer! Pipe down, you massive
A young and untainted Tony Blair at the beginning of the Labour Party Conference 20 years ago in…
Erm... Isn't this *** along with Tony Blair the reason the Labour Party are in such a mess??
Following recent leaked email now is the time to build campaign to expel Tony Blair from the Labour Party.
Tony Blair sold the soul of the Labour Party to the Zionist lobby. To his shame he never criticised Israel.
The party died when Tony Blair went against the grain of the Labour Party's tradition of internationalism and multilateralism - /1
In 1994, Tony Blair won on 1st round, with 57%. Today, has become Leader of the Labour Party, winning on 1s…
Frontrunner for Britain's Labour Party, the party once led by Tony Blair, a 'friend' of Hamas, Hezbollah, Putin
Ah yes, Tony Blair, that suddenly rediscovered moral compass of the Labour Party...
By his insistence that there can only be one kind of Labour Party, Tony Blair poses a much greater threat to party unity th…
Delete the Virus in the Labour Party - the virus is called 'Tony Bliar' the infamous Political liar, murderer, leech - Tony Blair *
Tony Blair warns Labour voters the party must not lurch to Left by voting for Remember when he warned us a…
Murdoch is a Labour Party supporter and good friends with Tony Blair.. Says it all really
I sometimes wonder if Tony Blair was the same? Planted in the Labour Party to destroy it.
Answer? NO. "The truth is that Tony Blair never led the Labour Party. He occupied it. It finally rose in rebellion and drove him out."
Race for the next Labour Party Leader, whisper is that Tony Blair is free?
I don't like the Labour Party. I never have. I can't trust a party that had Tony Blair at its helm. Warmonger
Unless Ed Miliband sensibly takes the middle ground as per Tony Blair's advice, the Labour Party is unelectable
Kazakhstan's newest adviser - and Tony Blair colleague - suspended from the Labour Party: Fitting.
Tony Blair: I will do what it takes to help Ed Miliband win General Election. Leave the Party & take your offsprings
On this day in 2005: Tony Blair becomes the Labour Party's longest-serving PM, marking his 2,839th day in the post. http:…
For some reason I get emails from the Lib Dems, god knows how or why, today from Tim Farron regarding the Chilcot report delay. "key figures like Jack Straw, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair could be getting off lightly thanks to the publication’s delay. They need to be held to account.many people I know joined the Liberal Democrats off the back of the brave stand that my friend Charles Kennedy made over the Iraq war." etc etc... Usually I just tell them to eff off, today my response. ".and the government your propping up didn't support the war did they? Yet you seem to mention only prominent labour party members in your statement? Would it be cynical to believe that this delay is as much, if not more in yours and the Tories interest as it is another distraction on the way you have governed and the broken election promises you made last time around?"
Incidentally, has Tony Blair been expelled from the Labour Party yet for bringing it into disrepute?
Poor ol' Labour Party, with friends like Tony Blair who needs enemies!
'Cognitive dissonance' is Tony Blair singing w/ everyone else at the end of a Labour Party Conference. Why? Because they sing "The Red Flag"
the Labour Party stopped representing the British working class the day Tony Blair became Prime Minister.
Kay Burley: 'Don't you think the Labour Party would appreciate 60 seconds from you on Ed Miliband'?. Tony Blair: 'I doubt it'
The biggest disaster for Britain was Tony Blair and the Labour party.
I helped vote Tony Blair's Labour Party in and for that I am truly ashamed
MY OPEN LETTER TO ALISON SEABECK MP UK PARLIAMENT. I suggest everybody write to their own MP on this matter regardless of Political Persuasion. Dear Alison, Followingtt the Horrific events we are witnessing daily from GAZA - Please can you bring pressure to bear by whatever means you have at your disposal - To include a Promise in the 2015 Labour Party Election Manifesto that Labour Party will push for a Vote at the UN to RE-REVERSE its' 1975 decision to not equate Zionists as Racists. Events are proving them to be just that and what we are watching is GENOCIDE of the people of GAZA. There can be no cover up no denying this it is apparent for the world to see. FOR YOUR INFO and from my own absolutely verifiable research, (I can provide a full list of references):- HOW ZIONISTS HAVE GOT CONTROL OF THE United Nations AND ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD: ZIONISTS HAVE achieved this through their own secret society called B'nai B'rith - an organisation founded in MASONIC freemasonry or Fraternal Lodges. ccwas prese ...
A No vote means Tony Blair will come back and the Labour Party will embrace Free Market Capitalism.
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Darling, Balls, the whole Labour Party; this is for you. Sincerely, allymax
On this day in 1983 Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Party wins a landslide second term election victory, taking 397 seats to Labour's 209. She calls the election almost a year earlier than required, believing public opinion to be strongly in favour of the Government as a result of Britain's victory in the Falklands War and a divided Labour Party. Two future Labour Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, both enter Parliament for the first time at this election.
EU, BRUTE? May 29, 2014 • 10:17AM The knives are out in London, the heart of the British, or more correctly Brutish Empire. As the aftershocks from the election earthquake—set off by the anti-Euro right-wing UKIP party victory in the European Parliament elections on Sunday —rock the mainstream parties. Lest the impact of the election encourage Labour Party Leaders to change course, the miserable little Queen's hitman & War Criminal, Tony Blair, attacked the UKIP as a threat to British interests in a Monday interview with BBC, and instructed Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband that the party must not deviate from the imperial EU course. Typically thuggish, Blair stated:"the rationale for Europe today is probably stronger than it's ever been... the rationale for Europe today is power." War has broken out within the ranks of the Liberal Democratic party after it came in fifth in the elections, with its presence in the European Parliament reduced from 11 to one. If party leader Nick Clegg goes down, so coul ...
IS THIS DEMOCRATICALLY CORRECT When George Brown took over from Tony Blair without an election both the Torys and Lib/Dems said this was not democratically correct and they shouted this from the roof tops claiming unfair. Now we have a similar situation where in office Nick Clegg could be defeated in his own party and replaced as Deputy Prime Minister. This therefore makes the coalition unconstitutional and should be dissolved on the grounds that a legally elected member to the office of Deputy Prime Minister is no longer available. Granted the Torys can remain in office , Possibly because really they were not elected on a majority either but that is debateable . The Lib/Dems how ever should no longer be in office as their newly internally elected leader will have no mandate from the people. There can be no hypocrisy about this . There cannot be one ruling for the Labour Party and another for the coalition
JUST IN: Tower Hamlets declares Tony Blair and the Labour Party as winners of the 1997 General Election.
Given his millions Tony Blair about to become leader of Labour Party as he has no confidence Ed Miliband will win 2015 election for Labour.
How depressing, I turned on the BBC news to hear Tony Blair giving advice to the Labour Party. I thought he was dead
I'm consciously not voting today, and probably never will as long as I live in Seaforth. The reason being that my one, single vote will never make any difference to the results in the ward in which I live. It's a strong Labour Party region, and probably will be for many, many years. I don't like the Labour Party at all, since the Tony Blair days the party has become unrecognisable to me. There's honestly very, very little difference between them and the two other main political parties. I've never voted for any of the main political parties and unless one of them changes their policies drastically, I never will. My political views lie somewhere left of Trotsky and Marx, and sadly there's no party standing that represents my political ideologies. Having said that, if you DO live in a place where the vote is tight, or where there appears to be a rise in right wing party campaigning, you should get out and vote today. You CAN make a difference, where I can't. Do it.
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“We want to resolve the issue of North Korea and its Nuclear weapons program and the export of Nuclear technology by peaceful and constructive dialogue,” Tony Blair Quotes British Prime Minister from the Labour Party
In a speech delivered in London last Wednesday, former Labour Party Leader and British Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007 Tony Blair urged a renewed focus by the imperialist powers on the Middle East...
A MESSAGE FROM George Galloway MP "Dear Friends, I’m making the definitive documentary about the Blair years. Years of war and plunder, death and destruction, corruption and disillusion. Tony Blair killed the Labour Party as we knew it. He and George W. Bush helped kill a million people in disastr...
While Tony Blair and his accomplices in the Labour Party walking free after war crimes in Iraq remids us of what?
about Labour Party in the 90s, and the Tony Blair autobio. being a Thatcher fan, surprised u haven't graduated to Mein Kampf ;)
yesterday I came of FB & went about my business - too upset to stay on & see all the tributes to Tony Benn - I cannot see anyone like him in the Labour party - where are they ? Tony Blair had John Prescot - 51% of MP's went to a private school - 91% went to university 30% of them Oxford or Cambridge - we need working class people in the Labour party to speak up for the working man & not personnal gain
By deliberately closing down the pubs using his unpopular soviet style nanny state controls Tony Blair cut off the hand that fed him and the Labour party. Pubs were hubs for the working class to gather and talk and in Blairs time many pub regulars used to compliment and hold a flame for Blair and the Labour Party. But with their pubs now gone because of him, they don’t any more, in fact I was one of those pub goers who stuck up for Blair, but since the smoking ban (which massively angered me) and the subsequent pub closures because of it I have continually attacked Blair and the Labour party for anything and everything using the internet, and I suspect there are many who now do as I do. I hate the man.
The last great conviction politician has gone - God help us with the spineless bunch we are left with who would only understand conviction if it gets them a vote or was the result of an expenses scam! Tony Benn wasn't always right (who is?), but he was always inspiring, intelligent, consistent, committed and understood what the real meaning and role of the Labour Party was. What's not to love about someone who thought Tony Blair was the worst leader Labour has ever had, and wanted to see the end of the Monarchy and all other inherited privilege - he once compared believing in inherited titles to sitting down at your dentist to be told not to worry, although wasn't a qualified dentist his father had been one so it will be all right! I will miss my double dip of his wisdom at Glastonbury each year at Leftfield and Speakers tent. Maybe Ed Balls will mature into a great inspiring leader one - a pig just flew by the window. "It's the same each time with progress. First they ignore you, then they say yo ...
Itd be funny if Tony Blair just bought the Labour Party and made it his plaything
One million Iraqis are no longer around to see the "political embarassment" Tony Blair is causing the Labour Party. READ MORE...
Trade unions - time to break Labour link is now! Is this the end for the unions and Labour? In response to the Collins Review proposals to 'reform' the link between the unions and Labour, Mirror columnist Kevin Maguire declared: "It is time for the trade unions to march proudly out of Labour's front door instead of being slowly bundled out of the back" (3/2/14). Labour Leader Ed Miliband has said that the Collins Review proposals "complete unfinished business of the last 20 years". They are both right. The process of undermining the voice of the trade unions within Labour began 20 years ago, under John Smith's leadership, and was accelerated under Tony Blair. Today, before the Collins Review, "unions have less influence over selection [of candidates] than they have had in 100 years", as Tom Watson MP put it (Guardian, 16/8/13). However, if implemented, the Collins Review will mean the destruction of the last remnants of the trade unions' organised presence within the Labour Party. Far from letting "people ...
Week after week we saw on the panel of Question Time, on BBC1, one or another Labour politician accusing the UK's "big six" (or seven) energy companies of increasing their bills and blaming the coalition government for letting them get away with it. Nobody can say that the Labour Party is incapable of the most incredible hypocrisy. This is why UK electricity prices are so high: Tony Blair's Labour government introduced in 2002 the Renewable Obligations Order. This system obliges companies supplying electricity to purchase an annually increasing proportion of their electricity from so-called green or renewable (non-fossil) sources. This means they have to pay inflated prices, which they pass on to their customers through their electricity bills. Blair announced in May 2002 plans to meet Britain's Kyoto and EU targets, and in March 2003 the government published an Energy White Paper on the UK's future energy strategy. In its Section 4.7 it says explicitly: "We have introduced a Renewables Obligation for Eng ...
Tony Blair was one of the most successful Tory plants. He penetrated the Labour Party: took it from left, over centre; and to the right!
“THE new welfare state must encourage work, not dependency.” So said Tony Blair in his first Labour Party...
John Smith MP. Here is a sculpture made by Coatbridge man George Mark and is on display at Coatbridge Library. It is a sculpture of the Prime Minister that never was. He is John Smith MP for Monklands East. He was leader of the Labour Party back in the early 1990s and was taking John Major on with hand to hand combat. Sadly, John died suddenly and was always thought of as a strong candidate to beat Major at the next General Election. When Smith died, Tony Blair took over his position and carried on the work of John Smith and did that very thing - overthrew Major at the 1997 election. Isn't this sculpture absolutely fantastic likeness to Smith? Well done to George for this.. its brilliant. Give it a like, it deserves it!
Michael Foot - "Tony Blair joined the Labour Party when I was leader. Some people forget that. Maybe he's forgotten it to but there you are"
When Zimbabwe gained independence, 46.5% of the country's arable land was owned by around 6,000 commercial farmers[48] and white farmers, who made up less than 1% of the population, owned 70% of the best farming land.[49] Mugabe accepted a "willing buyer, willing seller" plan as part of the Lancaster House Agreement of 1979, among other concessions to the white minority.[50] As part of this agreement, land redistribution was blocked for a period of 10 years.[51] In 1997, the new British government led by Tony Blair unilaterally stopped funding the "willing buyer, willing seller" land reform programme on the basis that the initial £44 million allocated under the Thatcher government was used to purchase land for members of the ruling elite rather than landless peasants. Furthermore, Britain's ruling Labour Party felt no obligation to continue paying white farmers compensation, or in minister Clare Short's words, "I should make it clear that we do not accept that Britain has a special responsibility to meet ...
"The foundation of the Labour Party was a mistake, we should never have split from the Liberals." - Tony Blair, former Lea…
Politics students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull rubbed shoulders with some famous political faces this week at a Politics Conference in Westminster. Among the speakers were Andrew Mitchell, Nadine Dorries, Simon Hughes and David Blunkett. Andrew Mitchell is the Conservative MP for Sutton Coldfield and was the politician embroiled in the 'plebgate' scandal. Nadine Dorries is the Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire, who appeared on the hit TV show 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here'. David Blunkett is the former Education and Employment Secretary, Home Secretary and Work and Pensions Secretary in Tony Blair's Labour Cabinet. Topics at the conference ranged from the rise of UKIP, to parliamentary reform and the recent performance of political parties. Students were particularly enthralled to hear former Labour MP Tony Benn speak about the changing face of the Labour Party. Josh Finnegan, a Year 12 student, who is part of the College’s Politics Academy, said: “It has been an exciting experience t ...
"One of the first things I tried to do when I became leader of this party, is understand where we got things wrong in government, and change them. And one of the things that we didn't get right was immigration. And that's why I've got a new approach. Millions of people in this country are concerned about it, and if they're concerned about it, the Labour Party that I lead is going to be talking about it." -Ed Miliband. It's good to see Ed not dodging the immigrations question, unlike Tony Blair or Gordon Brown.
Will someone see too it that spineless Millipede is replaced by Dennis Skinner. Lets have our Labour Party back please - not the pathetic red tie Torism that this once great party has become. The rot set in with that War Criminal and Thatcherite clone Tony Blair and has continued unabated since. Please, please, give us a Labour party that will renationalise our public utilities and make the corporate tax dodgers pay up. One that ignores the right wing press and media and trusts the people, one that stands up for the working people against the Class War launched on them by the nastiest government in living memory.
Some of you may think i enjoy attacking the Labour Party, well for your information every attack i make hurts me as well as those who believe in its principals. Labour once had leaders who would fight tooth and nail for those who are vlnerable, now all they do is appease Middle England. Ed Miliband may be seen to be changing the party, but unless he encompasses the ideals of the past Labour will never change that sadly breaks my heart. Ed Miliband has been guided by Tony Blair, i cant forget the picture of the both of them with broad smiles at the Emirates home of my team Arsenal. That picture spoke volumes about the relationship between the two, a relationship that is still as strong today as i always was, how else can you explain his blatant refusal to have Blair tried for war crimes. Do i want my Labour Party back well what do you think, of course i do but i don't want anything whatsoever to do with the current leadership. If the left was to get a significant foothold then i would be back fighting agai ...
Think of the birth of New Labour in 1994 & the ascendancy of Tony Blair. Nearly 20 years later the Labour Party has de-evolved. Amazing.
Niel Kinnock, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband hold your heads in total shame, for it was you traitors who have wrecked the Labour Party. Neil Kinnock started it off by calling us left wingers trouble makers, you know Militant Tendency those of us who clung to the ideals of the Labour Party. I will never forgive you for your chest beating speech, you know the one where you condemned us so viciously well mate that hurt , neither will the vast amount of hard working party members who gave their souls for the party. Rather than trying to unite the party, that snake in the grass Tony Blair distanced himself even further from those of us who believed in the original ideals of the party. His treason was once in office he had the ideal opportunity to reverse all the Trades Union reforms, yet what did he do yes absolutely nothing, well what did you expect from someone so deep inside the *** of Rupert Murdoch he could see daylight out of Murdoch's mouth. If that was not bad enough he further distanced him ...
David Miliband, like Tony Blair, gone, finished, unwanted in the Labour Party and politics: Go enrich yourselves: get of…
TONY BLAIR READING QUR'AN! London: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has become "increasingly open" about the importance of religion, and reads the Quran every day to be "faith-literate". Blair, who reportedly said he was not interested in religion, converted to Catholicism after leaving No.10 Downing Street in 2007. The former Labour Party Leader now says reading the Islamic holy book ensured he remained "faith-literate", reports the Daily Mail. "To be faith-literate is crucial in a globalisedbworld, I believe. I read the Quran every day. Partly to understand some of the thingsbhappening in the world, but mainly just because it is immensely instructive," he said. Blair said a knowledge of the faith was important for his role as an envoy for the Quartet of the UN, US, European Union and Russia. Blair earlier reportedly praised the Muslim faith as "beautiful". He said Prophet Mohammed had been "an enormously civilising force". The former Prime Minister said the Quran was a "reforming book, it is inc ...
6 years ago today the Labour Party replaced Tony Blair with Gordon Brown. Political suicide of first degree.
Until the Labour Party collectively repudiates the war crimes committed by Tony Blair and ()
A few years ago, in the good old days of Tony Blair, I was the Labour Party's link man with sister parties across the world; particularly Turkey. I learned about the politics of Turkey by meeting w...
Iraq 1000 dead in May! Tony Blair the deliverer of sectarian murder and cancer from chemical weapons the Labour Party needs to denounce him
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Tony Blair was later elected leader of the Labour Party and served as Prime Minister for 10 years between May 1977 & June 2007.
1997 - After 18 years of Conservative rule, British voters give the Labour Party, led by Tony Blair, a victory in the elections.
'The Project' is Tony Blair’s plan to move the Labour Party to a neo-con position...when will Labour kick TB out of the party?
Do you prefer the Labour Party being led by Tony Blair or by Ed Miliband? Have your say with Ken & David.
BBC News - Tony Blair issues a warning to about turning Labour back into a left-wing party of protest
New Labour, new danger: Tony Blair leads party grandees in attack on Ed Miliband
Telegraph editorial: Tony Blair is right, but Ed Miliband won’t listen - Labour risks becoming a party of protest
Reminder for Tony Blair. You are no longer PM or leader of the Labour Party. Ed does it his way
I suspect that Tony Blair soon started to recognise the symbiotic relationship between welfare recipients & the Labour Party.
Member of Tony Blair's family has taken out a 'Cameron' criticised by the Labour Party via
that's why Tony Blair was fored. By the Labour Party and is still hated by the general public.
PM Cameron's problem is that he wants to position himself as wot Tony Blair was to the Labour Party>No originality!
a Labour party club that wins a champagne compition!!.Tony Blair must be turning in his grave.
On Iraq, the Hawks Were Wrong About Everything Saturday 15 February 2003, more than a million of us - students, toddlers, Christians, Muslims, nuns, Telegraph readers - gathered in Hyde Park for the biggest public demonstration in British history. "Not in my name," we chanted, as a series of speakers - from Charles Kennedy to Jesse Jackson - lined up to denounce the impending invasion of Iraq. In Glasgow, a sombre yet defiant Prime Minister delivered a speech to Labour Party activists. Responding to the march in London, Tony Blair declaimed: "The moral case against war has a moral answer: it is the moral case for removing Saddam." He continued, "It is not the reason we act. That must be according to the United Nations mandate on weapons of mass destruction. But it is the reason, frankly, why if we do have to act, we should do so with a clear conscience." Whether or not Blair's conscience remains "clear" is, as he once pointed out, between him and God. But a decade on from the debate about dodgy dossiers, ...
Baron Reid of Cardowan,politician, who served as a Labour Party cabinet minister under Tony Blair, as Defence Secretary 1/2
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Tony Blair is still the best conservative leader of the Labour Party there has been.
Tony Blair, Labour Part representative. Party of the people, He just brought his 7th house for 7mill. ***
And that's the prob w/E Miliband's Labour party, not even Tony Blair knows what it's message is
Tony Blair desperately not trying to drop Ed & the Labour party in it on :-s
Trade unions in the United Kingdom A rally by UNISON in support of better terms and conditions of work for their members Trade unions in the United Kingdom were first decriminalised under the recommendation of a Royal Commission in 1867, which agreed that the establishment of the organisations was to the advantage of both employers and employees. Legalised in 1871, the Trade Union Movement sought to reform socio-economic conditions for working men in British industries, and the Unions' search for this led to the creation of a Labour Representation Committee which effectively formed the basis for today's Labour Party, which still has extensive links with the Trade Union Movement in Britain. Margaret Thatcher's governments weakened the powers of the unions in the 1980s, in particular by making it more difficult to strike legally, and some within the British trades union movement criticised Tony Blair's Labour government for not reversing some of Thatcher's changes. Most British unions are members of the TUC ...
Tony Blair got a reward yesterday from the polish government for his hand in getting 700,000 in, the Labour Party ladies and gentlemen 👏👏👏
In the context of political discussion on this page - MY page - I don't want to discuss Tony Blair, who is no longer leading the Labour Party, and he is not responsible for what the TORY-led Government are doing NOW. So please don't waste your time diverting discussion to Blair because I am not interested in talking about him. I want to discuss what THIS Government are doing NOW. That is what concerns me
When the Labour Party realised membership of the EEC (now the EU) was destroying Britain's economy, Tony Blair...
Samuel Kariuki How Raila Earned My Vote I'm a social democrat by political orientation. If I was in UK I would be with Tony Blair in Labour Party, if in Germany I would be a member of SDP if in US I would be a democrat. I believe this is what Raila is ideologically. That is what is political philosophy is. That is the first reason why he has my vote for no other candidate gets anywhere close to social democrat ideals. That is why all those among the masses want to be listened to turn to him because they see him as one who will best understand and respond to their needs. When you talk of championing for democratic ideals and struggles against government oppression he scores higher than any other presidential candidate. It is people in his league such as Ken Matiba, Charles Rubia, Martin Shikuku, Willy Mutunga, Gibson Kamau Kuria, Gitobu Imanyara, and Koigi Wamwere among many others who paid with their own lives as they struggled for freedom. The truth is no one can choose to suffer for what he doesn’t be ...
Tony Blair was the best leader of the Labour party there's ever been
In Labour paedophile ring Tony Blair covered up was one Greville janner! Any words Harriet Harman & Patricia Hewett!
LONDON (Reuters) - Giving Prime Minister David Cameron a bloody nose over Europe may have given Labour Party a short-term glow, but their lurch towards the anti-Brussels camp risks leaving them divided, isolated and lacking credibility. After years of broadly pro-European policies, the centre-left party joined a rebellion organised by members of Cameron's Conservatives demanding he pushes for a real-terms cut in the EuropeanUnion budget at talks this month. Cameron, who supports a rise in line with inflation, lost the non-binding but politically embarrassing vote in parliamentlate on Wednesday. Only two days before, former Labour primeMinister Tony Blair issued a warning that playing "short-term politics" on Europe could leave Britain out in the cold when it should be playing a bigger role in shaping EU reforms. Labour's prize was a barrage of Halloween-inspired headlines talking of Europe comingback to haunt Cameron in a "Nightmare on Downing Street", a reference to his official residence. That piled pre ...
Smarter doesn't mean better. Ed Miliband (UK Labour Party Leader) is smarter than Tony Blair.
Backbench Poll Update: Who would be the best leader of the Labour Party? Ed Miliband- 40% David Miliband- 20% Ed Balls- 20% Tony Blair- 20%
Len McClusky wants to remove the 'scourge' of Tony Blair from the Labour Party. Yup make 'em totally unelectable again. Ok with us Len
Just another political party. And one of the PMs came from Labour Party is Tony Blair.
The Premiership of Tony Blair began on 2 May 1997 and ended on 27 June 2007. While serving as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Blair concurrently served as the First Lord of the Treasury, the Minister for the Civil Service, the Leader of the Labour Party (until Gordon Brown was declared Labour...
I'm reading the book 'Journey', the biography of Tony Blair. Amased by the way this man changed the Labour Party from a party destined to the seats of the opposition, to a party in government winning 3 consecutive elections!
in 2005 May 5 Tony Blair becomes first Labour Party Prime Minister to win three successive terms
When I read things like this I think - what will it be like if Labour wins the next election? And then I'm reminded of what it must have been like for supporters of the British Labour Party in 1997. The rejoicing at finally getting rid of the Tories is replaced by the realisation that you've got Tony Blair! Come on, beneficiary bashing? Is that really the best the leader of the Labour Party can come up with when talking about fairness? David, if you need a speech written about fairness let me know. I've got a few examples. Workers losing their jobs because of corporate greed and incompetence, is that fair? Trillions of dollars being stashed by the rich in secret bank accounts, is that fair? NZ's wealthiest people paying no tax, is that fair? A sickness beneficiary painting his roof...good grief!!
May not be popular with Labour Party peeps
Is Tony Blair an asset or a liability for the Labour Party? Tell us what you think...
Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, will deliver a speech this evening on the importance of sport and call on the Government to do more to build on...
The return of Tony Blair as an advisor on the Olympic Legacy will cause problems for both the PM and Ed Miliband. Perhaps the Book of Revelation is finally coming true ... For the PM it will cause problems because it will become clear just how similar the two men are in both personality and in their politics. Blair never had any time for the Labour Party and the PM clearly has little if any time for the Tory Party. Blair centralised power away from CLPs. The PM is doing the same with local Tory Associations. I could go on ... More worrying is their approach to politics. Blair was the ultimate pragmatist (apart from on overseas wars and George Bush) and was obsessed by tomorrow's headlines. He wasted most of his first-term (when he could literally have changed the world) because he focus grouped everything. As we have seen since the Budget the PM has no appetite for facing down his critics and we have U-turns on an almost daily basis. The killer for the PM is that Tony Blair is actually the more skilled po ...
This policy advisor appointment from is great news. We need more people like Tony Blair in the Labour Party.
I see the Labour Party has called in Tony Blair as an advisor. So that's an end to it, then.
So the Labour Party is hiring Tony Blair as an advisor... they must think he can still afford them well from personal experience, undoubtedly: they can afford, him, too, but by how much?
hosting Tony Blair??? Goodbye. I was right to leave the Labour Party.
Who in their right mind would pay to see Tony Blair speak at a Labour Party fundraising dinner? Iraq and Afghanistan are such shining examples of his policies, that the cost of each ticket, would be better spent if given to Combat Stress, Blind Veteran's UK & the Royal British Legion.
Tony Blair was going to be speaking at a fundraiser for the Labour Party in London this evening...they have been keeping the location secret so that the War Criminal can avoid a citizens arrest or a protest...they have decided not to risk it and have cancelled.
Tony Blair will appear at a Labour Party fundraiser with shadow Olympics minister Tessa Jowell in Lambeth today. Desperate move?
The Conservatives undermined John Major. Labour undermined Tony Blair. Neither party has acknowledged it, or won an election since
A Journey: My Political Life: Tony Blair is a politician who defines our times. His emergence as Labour Party le...
The Chilcot Inquiry was Gordon Brown's attempt to screw over Tony Blair. Political infighting with the Labour Party. He hated Blair
Activists to protest Iraq war, Blair, Murdoch links Peace campaigners are to rally outside the Levenson inquiry at the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand tomorrow on May 28, where Britain’s former premier Tony Blair is expected to answer questions about his links with Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. The anti-war campaign Stop the War Coalition questioned whether there was a "pact" between Labour and News International to "be relentless in promoting the [Iraq] war, even if this meant using lies and distortion.” Blair will appear before a long-running inquiry into British media and press ethics next week to face questioning over his links to Murdoch’s media empire, after it was revealed that he met with Murdoch 38 times during the time he led the Labour Party from 1994 until 2006. “The court Blair should be in is the International Criminal Tribunal at the Hague to account for the culture, practice and ethics of his lies that took Britain into the illegal war with Iraq, on the coat tails of Georg ...
Tony Blair and Gordon Brown should come clean about their relationship with executives at the News of the World, claims Tom Watson, the deputy chairman of the Labour Party and leading phone hacking campaigner.
Former Cabinet ministers Lord Mandelson and Tessa Jowell will kick off a potentially dramatic week at the Leveson inquiry. The peer witnessed Rupert Murdoch's links with the governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown at close quarters, while Jowell settled a phone hacking case against the media mogu...
Activists disrput Tony Blair's speech at Colby College by shouts of 'warmonger' and 'War Criminal'.
Labour cannot be serious re Tony Blair's comeback.The mans a War Criminal.As are many others that remain in the party
I was in the Labour Party for decades before Tony Blair/Millibands were born. Leaders come and go. The core ideals continue.
Policy Network is an international think-tank launched with the support of Tony Blair, Gerhard Schröder, Giuliano Amato and Göran Persson.
not once did he acknowledge that it was his beloved Labour Party that got us into this mess with 13 years of mass immigration, and encouraging benefit culture. I'm not happy with the coalition either, but they have to get us out of the massive hole left by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown' - Quite right Jean, yet there are still masses of thickos that still vote for them, despite all the wondeful things they've done for this once great country of ours.
So again Diane Abbott bashes Tony Blair, therefore bashing the last electable leader of the Labour Party...
I didn't come into politics to change the Labour Party. I came into politics to change the country - Tony Blair
Tony Blair is now more popular in the Tory Party than in the Labour Party... Not sure if that is good or bad...
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"I never said those words. I did not offer a bounty. I said that there have been war crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan and those people who have got strong allegations against them - George W Bush and Tony Blair - have been involved in illegal wars and should be brought to justice. "I do not think there's anything wrong with that. If the Labour Party want to suspend me I will deal with the Labour Party. They will have to give me some evidence."
Tony Blair reformed the Labour Party for the future
During the last Labour Party Conference, Ed Miliband declared that, "I am not Tony Blair". Yet, it did him no favours in Bradford. Why?
George Galloway says that the Labour Party should move away from its treasonous path that Tony Blair set out for the party.
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