Tony Blair & Jack Straw

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953) is a British Labour Party politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007. He was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sedgefield from 1983 to 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007. He resigned from all of these positions in June 2007. John Whitaker Jack Straw (born 3 August 1946) is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Blackburn since 1979. He served as Home Secretary from 1997 to 2001, Foreign Secretary from 2001 to 2006 and Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons from 2006 to 2007 under Tony Blair. 5.0/5

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Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, 3 MEN purposely OPEN FLOOD GATES of MIGRATION to ELIMINATE WHITE BRITS.
Remember folks, Tony Blair and Jack Straw knowingly (and without our consent) DOUBLED the Muslim populat…
Tories didn't say Tony Blair and Jack Straw were responsible for 7/7. They weren't, the terrorists were. Corbyn is a disgust…
HINT PEEPS=Rice just admitted that George Bush, *** Cheney, Colin Powell, TONY BLAIR, Jack Straw are WAR CRIMINALS by LAW DEFINITION!
Tony Blair and Jack Straw knew of the breaches of the Geneva and Hague conventions - -
The Chilcot Report is a disgrace. Tony Blair and Jack Straw should be facing the supreme war crime charge at The Hague
popular everywhere except with those who 'really count': Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair, Jack Straw etc
so, should Tony Blair and Jack Straw be in jail cells at The Hague at this very moment, or not?
All I know is they don't want Corbyn Labour leader b/c Tony Blair, Jack Straw & others will be impeached.
Steve Baker: Chilcot to deliver 'brutal' verdict on Tony Blair and Jack Straw via Politic…
enquiry will mean nothing unless Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Alistair Campbell, etc are jailed
Chilcot Report: Geoff Hoon, Jack Straw, Clare Short, Tony Blair, Nicholas Houghton and Mike Jackson will all be criticised for the Iraq War.
pmsl what a joke labour have become...Tony Blair...Diane Abbott, Jack Straw...JihadiJez 😂😂😂😂
There couldn't be a better character reference in govt than the disapproval of Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell & Jack Straw
The list of people denouncing Corbyn is like a rogue's gallery of dreadfulness: Tony Blair, Alan Johnson, Jack Straw, & Alastair Campbell,
Decent people do complete opposite from what Tony Blair, Alan Johnson, Jack Straw, Alastair Campbell & Gordon Brown tell them to
Guardian website: "Tony Blair, Alan Johnson, Jack Straw, and Alastair Campbell have failed to dent Corbyn’s status as the favourite to win."
Jack Straw tells me that he 'has never been in the same place as Tony Blair' on the Freedom of Information Act. Review to start this year.
Who could be delaying the Chilcot Report? Tony Blair? Jack Straw? or Sir Richard Dearlove? . NO, surely not.
Jack Straw had a good teacher in Tony Blair, start a war in Iraq then become peace envoy ha ha lots of new business opportunities
Kazakhstan's newest adviser - and Tony Blair colleague - suspended from the Labour Party: Fitting.
For some reason I get emails from the Lib Dems, god knows how or why, today from Tim Farron regarding the Chilcot Report delay. "key figures like Jack Straw, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair could be getting off lightly thanks to the publication’s delay. They need to be held to account.many people I know joined the Liberal Democrats off the back of the brave stand that my friend Charles Kennedy made over the Iraq War." etc etc... Usually I just tell them to eff off, today my response. ".and the government your propping up didn't support the war did they? Yet you seem to mention only prominent Labour Party members in your statement? Would it be cynical to believe that this delay is as much, if not more in yours and the Tories interest as it is another distraction on the way you have governed and the broken election promises you made last time around?"
Tony Blair and Jack Straw should be quizzed over British complicity ...
Tony Blair and Jack Straw to face public interrogation over CIA ...
torture inquiry could summon Tony Blair and Jack Straw to give evidence on involvement
Tony Blair and Jack Straw '"knew everything about CIA's torture program"
Tony Blair, Jack Straw ‘should give evidence about torture claims’
Center left pols Tony Blair & Jack Straw to pay for the American right's crimes. Try Bush/Cheney for war crimes
Prestwick airport was used as a stop-off point for What did Jim Murphy, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown & Jack Straw know & do?
committed on an industrial scale. What did Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Gordon Brown & Jim Murphy know & do?
As Tony Blair and Jack Straw conspired to take the UK into the Iraq War they knew was illegal, colluding with CIA torture was no problem. READ MORE...
It isn't rocket science to find out how Tony Blair and Jack Straw colluded in CIA torture - Stop the War Coalition:
CIA torture report: Tony Blair and Jack Straw escape grilling on UK's role in waterboarding: Tony Blair and Ja...
EXC: Tony Blair and Jack Straw will not be grilled by Britain's intelligence committee over CIA torture
Jack Straw drew the Foreign Ministry short straw under Tony Blair. Playing ME pick up sticks after GW and the Neo Con spillikins.
What I don't see Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Gordon Brown, Iain Duncan Smith on that list.
Edwina Currie, Jack Straw, Tony Blair. All supported an amendment to a Bill to equalise the age of consent at 16.
"..politicians Peter Mandelson and Jack Straw. In March 2003, regarding the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Dalyell accused the then PM Tony Blair of
A TRIP DOWN MEMOREY JUST TO JOG THE GRAY MATTER Labour threw open the doors to mass migration in a deliberate policy to change the social make-up of the UK, secret papers suggest. A draft report from the Cabinet Office shows that ministers wanted to ‘maximise the contribution’ of migrants to their ‘social objectives’. The number of foreigners allowed in the UK increased by as much as 50 per cent in the wake of the report, written in 2000. Melting pot: Labour's diversity drive is exposed in secret papers Labour has always justified immigration on economic grounds and denied it was using it to foster multiculturalism. But suspicions of a secret agenda rose when Andrew Neather, a former government adviser and speech writer for Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, said the aim of Labour’s immigration strategy was to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date’.
Erm it was Tony Blair who invited these over here & Jack Straw who said the English as a race aren't worth saving
Jack Straw, Tony Blair and William Hague all in the headlines this week. Half expecting a new Spice Girls song sometime soon too.
Just watched Channel 4 news. Interesting segment on the Independence vote. Contributions from Jack Straw confirming Labour could win the next General Election without the Scottish MPs but would need to be more Tony Blair than Gordon Brown ie right wing; chairman of Northern Foods showing concern for what would happen to northern England, "useful" comments from Ian Paisley JR about the potential for unraveling of the Good Friday agreement and a fantastic bit from Jim Gallagher (apparently secretary of Calman Commission) that Scotland would struggle in the negotiations after a Yes vote against the much bigger rUK (laughed out loud at that). Loads of assumptions, assertions and scaremongering for the New Year. As they didn't speak to anyone on either side of the campaign they probably believe it was balanced reporting. Jeez.
8,000 people killed in Iraq this year from domestic violence. Jack Straw - you are a fjoke. You lied in front of the UN. You should be in jail with your twmate Tony Blair.
Re: Jack Straw What’s wrong with British politicians? While in power, like their American counterparts, they serve Israeli interests more than interests of their motherland – but once ourside power corridors, some of them start listening to their conscience. I’m not talking about David Cameron, David Miliband and Tony Blair – the fanatic Muslim-haters Zionists. Last week during the Round Table Global Diplomatic Forum in the British House of Commons, attended by former Israeli MK Einat Wilf, Jack Straw, made a horrible statement. “The greatest obstacles to peace between Israel and Palestinians and her Arab neighbors are the unlimited funds available to Jewish organizations and AIPAC in the US, as well as Germany’s obsession to defend Israel,” said Jack Straw, according to Einat Wilf. “I am not remotely anti-Semitic. Quite the reverse. I have all my life strongly supported the state of Israel, and its right to live in peace and security,” Straw wrote in an email to The Times of Israel, the ...
Jack Straw -AKA the Foreign Secretary when Tony Blair took Britain to war in Iraq- is to leave the Commons at the 2015 General Election.
Tony Blair's son got found flat out drunk in the street and Jack Straw's son caught with cannabis - embarrassing don't think so
Jack Straw... David Blunkett... Tony Blair... George Bush... They need to be held to Account... & Margaret Thatcher... Before it's to late.
. the role of MI6, and Tony Blair's government, with the CIA's help, in the kidnap of Mr Belhaj and his pregnant wife Fatima Boucher from Malaysia in March 2004 which delivered them into the hands of Gaddafi's torturers. Through his English lawyers Leigh Day & Co, Mr Belhaj is now suing former Labour Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, the then deputy head of MI6 Sir Mark Allen, MI6, MI5, the Foreign Office and Home Office for their alleged complicity in his torture. For 10 years British politicians like Jack Straw, Gordon Brown and David Miliband have flatly denied that the British state was complicit in torture during the war on terror. But new evidence in Mr Belhaj's case appears to strongly challenge those claims. In one of Gaddafi's luxurious offices, Mr Belhaj showed Channel 4 News piles of Libyan copies of top secret MI6 documents detailing phone numbers, passport numbers and the postal codes of Libyan opponents of Gaddafi living in Manchester as proof of the depth of collaboration between MI6 and the Ga ...
London Review of Books reviews biography by Tony Blair's poodle, Jack Straw and coems up with perfect title: Wisely I decided to say nothing
You know what 12 years of psychiatry has achieved? Nothing. I have not budged on one single detail of fact and I maintain that every single thing I have said is what I have always said and I have come up to proof with precision and accuracy on all occasions. I still say Nipa Laboratories were bribing the Health and Safety Executive, I still say the bribed Tony Blair and Jack Straw to change the law "to say" I'm a psychopath. And since then I solved the murder of Jill Dando that was done by Tony Blair's cousin Terry Blair. The only thing that has been truly proven is that I have never had a mental disorder or ever suffered from one single delusion as long as I have lived. That is the truth. However my accusers have been all over the place with their wild accusations that they claim they have proven. They are not to be taken seriously and have destroyed their own credibility with their deceit. Only I am worth listening to and those presentations by bent pigs presenting my ideas on my behalf are infact done ...
Nope, it was the likes of David Cameron, Ed/David Milliband, Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Balls & Osborne, Jack Straw etc
Jack Straw on the frustrations of Tony Blair:‘he didn’t understand the importance of process. He thought process was boring'
Jack Straw is expected to be quizzed by Scotland Yard detectives over claims of MI6 complicity in rendition and torture. Downing Street yesterday said the former Foreign Secretary should be interviewed following claims a Labour minister gave the green light for a Libyan man to be handed over for torture by the Gaddafi regime. Senior sources said Tony Blair could also be questioned since only he or Mr Straw – who have both maintained their ignorance of the affair – could have signed off on the deal.
What does Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Geoff Hoon, Alastair Campbell and 179 counts of gross negligence manslaughter have in common?
Like when Jack Straw under Tony Blair let General Augusto Pinochet about being extradited on torture charges. Like that? ;-)
Jack Straw tells Tony Blair should have appeared before the FOI committee: "Yes, of course he should".
Nice to hear Jack Straw on drawing a line between himself and Tony Blair. Blair's total repudiation of is clearly toxic.
Just wondering if Jack Straw and Tony Blair will be involved in the English leg of the Olympic Torture Relay this time round?
Because the war criminals like Tony Blair and Jack Straw are at liberty.
Oh I got blocked by Peter Skinner MEP. Well this is it...if Democracy excluded people and thinks they are above the law then they cause trouble for themselves. All I was saying is that Jack Straw was talking rubbish when he accused me of treason for seeking his resignation for wrong doing. What he and Tony Blair did was take bribes from BTP PLC to go about telling people I'm a psychopath and make a new law to lock me away without a trail and having done no crime just because I expose corrupt, illegal, dishonest and dangerous practices at their factory in Llantwit Fardre. They wanted revenge because I would not go along with wrong doing. I insisted they reign. They had Jill Dando murdered by Terry Blair, Tony Blair's cousin. It is treason to seek to overthrow the Democratic System. It is a Democratic Right to get the resignations of democratically elected wrong doers. Tony Blair and Jack Straw were democratically elected wrong doers and I wanted them to reign. I was not seeking to get rid of the democratic ...
Leveson...Jack Straw says he's seen no evidence of a deal between Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch, just didn't notice .MI6.. involved in torture. ...Leveson.. they tell you anything.
Tony Blair, the grand shill for dictators, is frankly dead to me. Jack Straw already was. New Labour were a disgrace.
Had no idea Tony Blair and Jack Straw were members of when they were first MPs!
£1m hush money to hide Tony Blair and Jack Straw's collusion in yet more war crimes:
The relevant ministers authorizing hand over of people for Libya to torture at the time were Jack Straw and Tony Blair
You think I'm liberal? How quaint. Let's hang Tony Blair and Jack Straw first then we'll address your fantasies about me. OK?
Jack Straw set to be quizzed by Met over rendition ...and Tony Blair could be questioned, too via
Tony Blair and Jack Straw to be questioned by police regarding complicity in rendition and torture.
Libyan Adbel Hakim Belhadj, who was sent to a Gaddafi prison for 'years of torture', has challenged Tony Blair and Jack Straw (pictured) to say which minister sanctioned his kidnap.
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