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Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953) is a British Labour Party politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007. He was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sedgefield from 1983 to 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007. He resigned from all of these positions in June 2007. George Galloway (born 16 August 1954) is a British politician, author, journalist, and broadcaster, and the Respect Member of Parliament (MP) for Bradford West. 5.0/5

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George Galloway is standing on a promise to put Tony Blair on trial for war crimes. That should get him a winning majority…
Go speak to George Galloway, despite public donations, he was obliged to sell his home to fund: / Killings of Tony Blair
George Galloway explains why he's the perfect choice for via
The Killings of Tony Blair: watch the trailer for George Galloway's film about the former PM – video
Fron Aug. 2013, George Galloway on his film the 'The Killing of Tony Blair' with Max Keiser via
‘Impeachment would be worse for Tony Blair than jail,’ George Galloway tells Russia Today
Tony Blair 'not going to retire until 91'. Does this means George Galloway isn't going to shut up for another 30 years?
I just voted against David Cameron and the Bullingdon Club, Gordon Brown the financer of the Iraq war & evil Tony Blair, Lord George Robertson, the Orange Order, UKIP racists, Obama, Sirs Bob Geldof and Paul Mccartney, the BBC & dirty Nick Robinson, George Galloway, nuclear weapons of mass extermination, the UK newspaper industry, Project Fear, Trinny & Susannah, RBS, Standard Life, the Scottish landed gentry, liar Nick Robinson (twice), Conservative Friends of Israel including David Cameron, Labour Friends of Israel including Ed Miliband, Lib Dem Friends of Israel including Nick somebody or other, the Spanish & Australian governments, Jimmy Savile & Margaret Thatcher (posthumously). I feared I would inadvertently break David Cameron's heart, support ISIS, a Russian invasion of Scotland, Kim Jong Un, Waitrose prices at Asda, economic meltdown, increased poverty for pensioners, the Ebola virus, a plague of boils & the death of the first born. On balance...even if Project Fear wins. .. it feels so good.
THE QUOTABLE GALLOWAY is now on sale! “He pulls no punches. He’s one of the most outspoken and opinionated politicians in British history. And in a forty year career George Galloway has become one of the most recognisable figures in United Kingdom politics. Drawing from decades of parliamentary speeches, newspaper articles, TV appearances, radio shows and many other sources, this new book brings together almost 1,000 quotes on over 400 subjects from a career working on some of the most important issues of our time. From alcohol to Zionism, from his views on football and birdwatching to withering indictments of Tony Blair and what he really thinks of Nigel Farage, the book is accompanied by dozens of never seen before photographs unearthed from his own personal archive, with a foreword by Max Keiser.” The book is priced at £9.99 + P&P. Click here to buy your copy now!
George Galloway replies to Tony Blair on ISIS and Iraq - In The Now - Russia Today - 16th June 2014
George Galloway to me is on par with Tony Blair and George Bush. War criminal status.
OWS_ If you missed this Diary: moves begin to impeach Tony Blair via George Galloway and Simon Heffer
George Galloway outlines his latest film project 'The Killing of Tony Blair'. You can find out more about the film project here -
George Galloway, for services to cat-impersonation. Tony Blair, for services to third-world population reduction.
George Galloway talks to Max Keiser on the film to be produced called 'The Killing of Tony Blair', which will focus on the £25 million-per-year that former B...
Abby Martin interviews UK Respect Party Member of Parliament, George Galloway, about Tony Blair's comments on Islamism, BBC censorship, and why he disagrees ...
No more Killing of Tony Blair, eh George? It's the sequel: "The Shilling of George Galloway" ( via )
George Galloway will now take your questions on Ukraine, Iran, Russia, Tony Blair..anything but Bradford West and Celebrity …
I was not at all surprised to see that George Galloway suggests that Bob Crowe showed British workers that organised Labour could get workers the pay rises that they were entitled to. He seems to forget that the Tory's under Thatcher demonstrated who was really in control. Tony Blair with his New Labour policies followed her mantra and finally when the Soviet Empire collapsed and communism was totally discredited with the development of Russian oligarchs, the bankers of the West showed us who really was in control and it certainly was not the workers or the politicians. Democracy if it ever lived is a total sham.
George Galloway comments on the legacy of Tony Blair, with Michael Holmes for CNN.
Why MP George Galloway is Killing Tony Blair on Global politics curated by Enrique Ferro
Abby Martin speaks with British Parliamentarian George Galloway, discussing his upcoming film 'The Killing of Tony Blair', and his brand new show on RT, 'Sputnik: Orbiting the world with George Galloway.' LIKE Breaking the Set
Abby Martin interviews Respect MP George Galloway is interviewed on Tony Blair, UK's crooked spies, the mess in Syria, drone bombings of innocent people, and...
The Killing of Tony Blair, A film coming out by George Galloway, -The killing of The of Labour Party, The Killing of people in Iraq, The financial killing of the uk. , Russia Today, George talking good sense.
George Galloway talks to RT's Abby Martin on upcoming movie The Killing of Tony Blair, US drone attacks, attacks on journalism, western imperialism and hypoc...
"George Galloway talks about 'The Killing of Tony Blair' with Max Keiser" on Vimeo and please support
Tony Blair and New Labour | George Galloway | Oxford Union: via You said it George
George Galloway on Tony Blair Appearing at the Chilcott Inquiry: via
Heard that the killing of tony Blair was originally called revenge for killing my pal sadam Hussein by George Galloway
George Galloway has started his "Killing of Tony Blair". Shhh. Don't tell those Police are armed. https…
yes check out Tony Blair giving support to George Bush, and George Galloway giving support to Saddam Hussein
George Galloway: Drones, Palestine, 'Tony Blair belongs at the Hague': via
The Following Is An Old Article From 'The Sunday Times'. On 'Abubaker Deghayes'. Brother Of 'Omar Deghayes'. Libyan Jihadists. Unfortunately Both Are Now Brighton Based. And Have Been For Years. Much To The Anger, Disgust And Bemusement Of Locals. No Surrender To Al-Qaeda!. _ Imam backs terror attack against Blair The Sunday Times June 18, 2006 Daniel Foggo and Abul Taher Brighton mosque radicalized A RADICAL Muslim who ousted a leading moderate cleric from his mosque on the south coast with a campaign of violence has said he believes Tony Blair is a “legitimate target” for terrorists. Abubaker Deghayes, who now runs the mosque in Brighton and whose brother Omar is a detainee at Guantanamo Bay, told an undercover reporter that he endorsed the views of George Galloway, the Respect MP, who said an attack on the prime minister by a suicide bomber could be morally justified. Deghayes said he prayed for Allah to support anyone who attacked Blair. Court documents show Deghayes took over the mosque using vio ...
George Galloway and film-maker David Lawley-Wakelin, author of the "Alternative Iraq Inquiry", discuss Tony Blair forthcoming reappearance in front of the Ir...
Can't make up mind, who's more brass-necked, Tony Blair, Saida Warsi, George Galloway or Jeremy Hunt?
I support Tony Blair many times more than George Galloway. Tony Blair won three general elections. He fought dictators like Saddam Hussein.
George Galloway: "Labour have decisively failed to divert from the path set by Tony Blair."
Britain - George Galloway: Tony Blair put Labour on the path of treason
George Galloway sucked up to Saddam, Assad, Hamas. Tony Blair sucked up to Mubarak, Saud, Gadaffi. Sorry. Am I meant to be inspired?
Tony Blair literally won't give a flying flip about George Galloway being elected tonight. He'll be too busy swimming in his pool of money
George Galloway says that the Labour Party should move away from its treasonous path that Tony Blair set out for the party.
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