Tony Blair & Ed Miliband

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953) is a British Labour Party politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007. He was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sedgefield from 1983 to 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007. He resigned from all of these positions in June 2007. Edward Samuel Miliband (born 24 December 1969) is a British Labour Party politician, currently the Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition. 5.0/5

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"this is your chance to decide" Not Tony Blair's or Tim Farron's or Ed Miliband's or Nick Clegg's or some unelected b…
David Cameron, Tony Blair, Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown, Neil Kinnock want you to stay. That's enough for me to
Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, John Major, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, CBI - all say the UK is the EU.
But without Tony Blair and Ed Miliband there can be no rise of Jeremy Corbyn.
It amazes me that people actually believe Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown & Tony Blair were good for the Party
"Each Labour Leader that he has faced—Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband, Jeremy Corbyn—has been less formidable than the previous one."
LoPs in UK, Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Michael Howard, Iain Duncan Smith, Tony Blair, William Hague- all below 50 when they took office.
Who is more responsible for today & victory?. 1 Tony Blair. 2 Ed Miliband. 3 Eric Joyce (Falkirk selection).
Tony Blair's former spin doctor said suggested that both Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown should have been challenged before taking the party
Owen Jones says Labour under Ed Miliband was more right-wing than Tony Blair
Tony Blair is probably on the phone to Ed Miliband explaining to him he can't have a book tour because he didn't bomb eno…
Tony Blair was a lightweight opportunist. Ed Miliband is a cynical opportunist.
Tbh you can't compare the Labour under Tony Blair to Ed Miliband. Total different ethics.
Ed Miliband sounding more and more like Tony Blair every time he speaks. I give you the next Prime Minister. Brilliant
I'm voting Jim Murphy, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, John Major, Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Nick Clegg etc. are telling me not to.
Ed Miliband has positioned himself closer to the EU and away from Tony Blair, U.S. & htt…
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Bad news for Ed Miliband, as Tony Blair endorses him for Prime Ministership on LinkedIn
Difference being they had Tony Blair in charge not Ed Miliband.
Ed Miliband shows who he is - an utter catastrophe : Where Tony Blair once wooed the Cit...
"Labour will end the epidemic of zero-hours contracts." -Ed Miliband, 2015. "There will be an end to zero-hours contracts." -Tony Blair, 1995
Unless Ed Miliband sensibly takes the middle ground as per Tony Blair's advice, the Labour Party is unelectable
Preview of Ed Miliband's interview with here:
If Ed Miliband drops the ball (as Alan Milburn, Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair want) that only changes HOW the left moves fo…
To the extent that Ed Miliband surrenders to Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, John Reid, Alan Milburn & Alan Johnson, Labour sinks in the polls.
Ed Miliband is vulnerable insofar as he welcomes the support of Tony Blair, John Reid & Peter Mandelson. That just helps
Tony Blair has pledges his full support for Ed Miliband during the General Election campaign
Tony Blair: I will do what it takes to help Ed Miliband win
Fifteen of Tony Blair's business backers go cool on Ed Miliband
And, what's worse, Tony Blair and took pictures of the sexual abuse of baby Jesus. They still have them on their hard drives!
Ed Miliband to rebrand to Ted Miliband ."he is the people's Teddy" Tony Blair .
Tony Blair does a U-turn on his attack on Ed Miliband, accused him of being too left wing
Sorry, what??. Tony Blair has suggested Labour under Ed Miliband may risk being too left-wing to win General Election.
The gloves are off. Blairites would rather the Tories won in 2015. A great reason to vote for Ed Miliband. .
I think Tony Blair's claims that Ed Miliband is "too left wing" only reveals how rightwing Tony Blair now is.
I think Tony Blair saying that Ed Miliband might be too left-wing to get elected is the best present Ed could have hoped for.
Tony doubts Ed Miliband can win 2015 | Former PM claims has not shifted left >
I'm not a fan of Ed Miliband but it's such betrayal for Tony Blair to suggest he's "too left wing" to win the election. …
Apparently Tony Blair has been critical of Ed Miliband. Well thank goodness for that because that is one friend Ed doesn'…
The fact Tony "I believe" Blair feels the need to try and stab Ed Miliband in the back at this point only shows he believes Labour can win.
TONY Blair took another swipe at Ed Miliband last night, suggesting that Labour will lose the General Election to the Tories.
Tony Blair doubts Ed Miliband can win 2015 General Election Good to see he's still showing party allegiance
Loving Tony Blair's helpful comments about Ed Miliband. Here's hoping the former PM is proved right!
So Tony Blair proclaims that Ed Miliband is too left wing which will make it hard for Labour win. Well for a start anyone who thinks Ed Miliband is left wing obviously lives on a different plant to the one I'm on. And further, isn't this the most nasty, petulant, calculated, jealous timing - he obviously doesn't want his own party to win, does he.(If the ship can't be Blair-ite I'll sink it - sort of thing.) And thirdly, who asked that ghastly evil little warmongering snurd Bush-poodle what he thinks - and who cares?
Tony Blair has cast doubt on whether Labour can win the General Election operating on Ed Miliband's
It's time to come out of the closet on what Princess Diana was really shot for - she didn't just die in a car accident, which may have fatally wounded her, or it may quite not as she was shot to help her on her way finally. We are just about to choose a new Prime Minister, the man with the most beautiful (Elvis) smile, Ed Miliband. And it was because the Princess had begun an affair the night before she left for Paris with none other than Tony Blair about whom she said "You don't know the draw of that man" that the Secret Service demanded of Prince Charles that his ex-wife's time to depart this life had come. The Blairs, Tony and Cherie, were going to have the princess as Tony's muse letting her come - and go - between them. But when Tony Blair was Prime Minister and had to run the country with a planned much-vaunted war against Iraq imminent, the Princess was not going to be allowed to get in the way by other powers that be. A Prime Minister is under orders from the Secret Service they had not told Ton . ...
with his Tony Blair crime soundbite at the end there. Solid on young people- struggled on democracy
is impersonating Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Tony Blair and Louis Walsh (!) to perfection
Tony Blair has warned of the dangers of leaving the political centre ground, in comments the Conservatives seized on as a veiled criticism of Ed Miliband.
Party activists in Brighton hope to persuade angry middle-class leftwingers that Ed Miliband is no Tony Blair
Kay Burley: 'Don't you think the Labour Party would appreciate 60 seconds from you on Ed Miliband'?. Tony Blair: 'I doubt it'
In heated interview, Tony Blair says Ed Miliband is "robust enough" to deal with leadership problems. More here:
Tony Blair the War Criminal and grubby mountebank and Ed Miliband the dead duck. Look what they've done to the once pro…
Prayer for the day In church a lady was heard to say a prayer. It was so sincere that I just have to share it around with my wish list in the last para. Additions would be welcome. "Dear Lord, This has been a tough two or three years. You have taken my favourite actor Patrick Swayze. My favourite pop singer, Michael Jackson. My favourite Blues Singer, Amy Winehouse. My favourite actress, Elizabeth Taylor. My favourite football manager, Bobby Robson. My favourite golfer, Seve Ballesteros, My favourite singer, Whitney Houston and now: My favourite actor, Robin Williams. I just wanted you to know that my favourite politicians are: Alec Salmond, David Cameron, Michael Gove, Tony Blair, John Prescott, Ed Balls, Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, George Bush, Barack Obama and Nethanyau, I also want you to know that my favorites among the Pure include but are not limited to: King Abdullah and the uncountable princes of Saudi Arabia, Asif Zardaris, Nawaz Sharifs, Altaf Hussains, Fazal ur Rehmans, Tahir ul Qa ...
Welsh NHS meltdown. Ian. Screaming Daily Fail headline this morning. Will put article later. Inside yet another Daily Fail attack on labour and Ed Miliband. Although biased and naive in content and interpretation, it does pose the question can we trust labour with the NHS? Stevens head of NHS. Favours American Style Privitisation and he was Tony Blair adviser on The NHS. So who do we distrust the least. Ian.
To those who say Ed Miliband is "Blair Lite", I ask you this - How many of these policies would Tony Blair support?
Ed Miliband making jokes about attendees looking older sounds like someone's impression of Rory Bremner's impression of Tony Blair
I just voted against David Cameron and the Bullingdon Club, Gordon Brown the financer of the Iraq war & evil Tony Blair, Lord George Robertson, the Orange Order, UKIP racists, Obama, Sirs Bob Geldof and Paul Mccartney, the BBC & dirty Nick Robinson, George Galloway, nuclear weapons of mass extermination, the UK newspaper industry, Project Fear, Trinny & Susannah, RBS, Standard Life, the Scottish landed gentry, liar Nick Robinson (twice), Conservative Friends of Israel including David Cameron, Labour Friends of Israel including Ed Miliband, Lib Dem Friends of Israel including Nick somebody or other, the Spanish & Australian governments, Jimmy Savile & Margaret Thatcher (posthumously). I feared I would inadvertently break David Cameron's heart, support ISIS, a Russian invasion of Scotland, Kim Jong Un, Waitrose prices at Asda, economic meltdown, increased poverty for pensioners, the Ebola virus, a plague of boils & the death of the first born. On balance...even if Project Fear wins. .. it feels so good.
When people like you or Tony Blair, Tony Ben RIP, Ed Miliband, or Ken Livingstone let go of NHS they are acting irresponsibly
*** another typo. Anyway, you get my drift, stuff principle, how do I get ahead eg Tony Blair.
Personally I think that Ed Miliband is more right wing than Tony Blair was in the 1990s. This seems to agree with me.
Tony Blair of 1996 vs Ed Miliband of 2014 - - via featured in NBC s Science of Love
in many ways Tony Blair was to the left of Ed Miliband
11 ways Tony Blair was more left-wing in opposition than Ed Miliband is now
Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister whose legacy of electoral success continues to divide the Labour Party, is to give a speech urging Ed Miliband to be less left-wing and fight the next election. Miliband, who has been nicknamed "Red Ed&qu...
this PM brought in a criminal, Tony Blair become a criminal at number 10
Baroness Doreen Lawrence To Me Jun 13 at 10:30 AM Wesley, It's my honour to invite you to join my table at a Labour dinner and party hosted by Ed Miliband on 9 July in London. Please make a suggested donation of £3 to help us win the next election, and you (and a friend) will be automatically entered into a draw to be my guests at Labour's annual gala dinner next month. You'll have a chance to chat with Ed Miliband, and then you'll join me at my table for dinner. We want to give this opportunity to supporters from anywhere in the country, so Labour will cover travel to London and a night's accommodation for you and your guest. There will be many great and inspiring Labour supporters, campaigners and politicians there to celebrate — and I hope you'll be there too. Good luck, and I hope to see you on the night. Doreen Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon OBE P.S. You can fill out this form to enter without donating, but we really do need more funds to beat the Tories next year, and even as little as £3 will h ...
it was your party under Tony Blair's/ Gordon Brown's leadership who destroy this country
Ed Miliband is right and Tony Blair is wrong about Ukip. In my unfamiliar role as a supporter of the current Labour Leader, I will not point out that third place in the Newark by-election was a poor result for an opposition that hopes to form a government in less than a year. It wasn't great, but ev…
How Labour's man in the middle took the axe to his own speech A febrile atmosphere within the two big parties, with Michael Gove and Theresa May unashamedly taking lumps out of each other over alleged Islamic extremism, and Labour types at sixes and sevens over migration. One wing of the party wants Ed Miliband to take the fight to Ukip; the other calls for a more emollient approach so as not to insult or upset former Labour supporters who have been seduced by the Faragian view of things. Miliband's instinct is the latter, and originally there was quite a lot of it in the speech prepared for his recent visit to the Tory/Ukip heartland of Thurrock. But shortly before he rose to speak, Tony Blair piped up calling for Labour to stand up to Ukip, and so, quite separately, did Diane Abbott. Thus the Labour Leader realised his speech would see him clobbered from the Labour right and the Labour left in unholy unprecedented alliance. So he did the brave, strong thing and dropped the passages that would have lande ...
Observer editorial: Ed Miliband would do well to echo Tony Blair's line that immigration has brought much to this country
31, 2014 - Tony Blair & David Cameron Condemn Sudan’s Plan To Hang Christian Woman, Meriam Ibrahim Meriam Ibrahim’s Execution: British PM David Cameron Blasts Sudan For Planning To Hang Christian Mother Of 2 British Prime Minister David Cameron said Saturday he was “appalled” by the “barbaric” death sentence given to a Sudanese woman for apostasy. Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, 27, was condemned on May 15 under Islamic sharia law, which outlaws conversions on pain of death. “I am absolutely appalled by the decision to sentence Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag to death,” Cameron said in a statement. “The way she is being treated is barbaric and has no place in today’s world. Religious freedom is an absolute, fundamental human right,” the Conservative leader said. “I urge the government of Sudan to overturn the sentence and immediately provide appropriate support and medical care for her and her children. The UK will continue to press the government of Sudan to act.” The Christian Sudanese ...
A woman sentenced to death in Sudan after marrying a Christian could be released within days, according to reports. A senior Khartoum official has told the BBC that Meriam Ibrahim will be freed following worldwide protests about her treatment. David Cameron has joined Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Tony Blair in condemning the "barbaric" punishment of the 27-year-old, who gave birth to a daughter this week while shackled in her cell. Ms Ibrahim was raised a Christian by her mother and has refused to renounce the faith. However, a court ruled earlier this month that she is Muslim because that was her father's faith. Her Christian marriage was annulled and she was sentenced to 100 lashes for adultery and death by hanging for renouncing Islam. Advertisement Sex outside a "lawful relationship" is regarded as adultery under Sudanese law.
Political leaders unite to condemn Meriam's death sentence Did you even know that in 2014 a woman in Sudan could be executed for refusing to be a Muslim and marrying a Christian? British political leaders have condemned the death sentence and imprisonment of Meriam Ibrahim for just that. She has had her execution delayed for two years after giving birth to a baby (in shackles) last week. Sudan's Islamic courts ruled Ms Ibrahim is a Muslim because her father was, and therefore found her guilty of apostasy. David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Tony Blair have all weighed in appealing for religious freedom and the release of the woman. A similar campaign is underway in America, as the woman's Christian husband is a US citizen. It has also unlocked a debate in Britain about international aid, with various politicians saying aid should be conditional on human rights. It has been pointed out by others that the aid does not, on the whole, go to the Sudanese government but to aid agencies operating in the country, so t ...
Labour 'have no agenda' under Miliband, says former Blair adviser: Former political adviser to Tony Blair says...
Mehdi’s Minute: On Coups Against Clegg, the Ukip ‘Revolution’ and Advice From Blair (VIDEO) - Do you want my alternative, semi-serious take on Nick Clegg's week of coups and crises, Ukip's 'revolution' at the ballot box and Tony Blair's advice to Ed Miliband. (Hint: watch till the end for the special guest appearance! Here's the political week in -
EU, BRUTE? May 29, 2014 • 10:17AM The knives are out in London, the heart of the British, or more correctly Brutish Empire. As the aftershocks from the election earthquake—set off by the anti-Euro right-wing UKIP party victory in the European Parliament elections on Sunday —rock the mainstream parties. Lest the impact of the election encourage Labour Party Leaders to change course, the miserable little Queen's hitman & War Criminal, Tony Blair, attacked the UKIP as a threat to British interests in a Monday interview with BBC, and instructed Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband that the party must not deviate from the imperial EU course. Typically thuggish, Blair stated:"the rationale for Europe today is probably stronger than it's ever been... the rationale for Europe today is power." War has broken out within the ranks of the Liberal Democratic party after it came in fifth in the elections, with its presence in the European Parliament reduced from 11 to one. If party leader Nick Clegg goes down, so coul ...
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Given his millions Tony Blair about to become leader of Labour Party as he has no confidence Ed Miliband will win 2015 election for Labour.
If I was Ed Miliband I'd commit to an EU referendum, if only to *** deranged narcissitic has-been Tony Blair off
Comedian Matt Forde looked at the relevance of personality and charisma to the voters over the re-election and political careers of Tony Blair and Boris Johnson. He also spoke about the voices of Ed Miliband and William Hague, and the images that they project. Journalist and author Peter Hitchens said the magic of Mr Blair was that he was "so vacuous", and how David Cameron's attempts to be a "second Tony Blair had not worked". And he claimed comedy fed a "childish attitude towards politicians".
Tony Blair was a former Ml5 agent/spy. I love the internet. Should the nation be surprised? and now the Peace Envoy. He could be in Chad/Cameroon or Nigeria having a whisky with Goodluck President. Makes me feel worried about Ed Miliband and the two ugly sisters. Talk about the cold war makes Putin the Fairy-tale Godfather. Pantomime politicians reminds me of the PIE piper, just waiting for who played Prince Charming. Plenty of them about roaming the streets.
David Cameron has waded into the increasingly acrimonious battle over the publication of the report into the war on Iraq according to the Mail. The report by Sir John Chilcot has suffered multiple delays to its publication, and there are rumours Tony Blair is responsible. The central allegation against Blair is that he is deliberately delaying the report until after the General Election to give Ed Miliband the maximum chance of winning. The official reason for the delay is that there is some debate about which confidential intelligence papers can be released. Breitbart London understands that legal teams …read more Source: Breitbart
Ed Miliband talking about "post-Iraq," shouldn't forget what Tony Blair did for the UK; many people agreed: he won three elections
So, I've done my own version of a Left-Right scale of Labour Leaders since WWII, numbered 1-10, where 1 is Michael Foot and 10 is Margaret Thatcher. Two of the most polar opposite politicians that you'll ever see. Tony Blair: 8 Hugh Gaitskell: 7 James Callaghan: 7 Gordon Brown: 5 John Smith: 5 Ed Miliband: 4 Neil Kinnock: 4 Clement Attlee: 3 Harold Wilson: 3 Michael Foot: 1 What do you guys think about this?
A former Labour health minister has said people should have to pay £10 a month to use the NHS in a major report on the future of the health service. Lord Warner, a minister under Tony Blair, said “our much-beloved, 65-year-old NHS no longer meets the country’s needs” and described it as “outdated, cosseted and unaffordable”. National Health Action – a political party created to oppose any privatisation of the NHS – predicted that such a fee would be as unpopular as the poll tax because the poor would pay the same as the rich. LETS HOPE ED MILIBAND AINT LISTENING TO THIS *** .. who will be exempt ? pensioners , the disabled ,the unemployed, those in receipt of working tax credits/housing benefit/ council tax benefit , war widows , war disabled , children , carers the list is endless the cost to collect this cash will be higher then the monies raised ... just put income tax up by 1p .
Ed Miliband's performance in the budget debate made me think back to Tony Blair who was a brilliant communicator & could think on his feet.
Ed Miliband promises ‘seismic changes’ to Labour and renegotiation of union links - Ed Miliband has claimed his plans to reform Labour are more significant than the modernisation of the party carried out by Tony Blair. -
The Times reports that Ed Miliband is adopting a different approach to "business" than Tony Blair did in the 1990's. I can't see how, after the global financial meltdown, this is a problem. how short memories can be.
Tony Blair and Ed Miliband "paying tribute "to Tony Benn is a bit like asking Robbie Savage for his opinion on Pele
Right now, the bottom line on UK politics for me is this: Can Ed Miliband overcome his perceived deficiencies in the mind of the not-particularly-politically engaged voter and reassure them that Labour is a reasonably safe vote. The alternative is the almost unthinkable prospect of another term of Tory vandalism which has combined the worst aspects of Thatcher's ideological fascism with a soviet style manipulation of the media. (yes, started by Tony Blair, before you ask). If Miliband can do this, then we can start scrutinising his own performance.
is very much of a mind to advocate that Ed Miliband ought to be taken gently by the throat and ushered into the Room of Mirrors for a long hard look at himself (and possibly a dry slap). Up to this point, he's been cautiously optimistic about some of the noises the lad has been making; his firm(ish) rhetoric about the Energy Companies, his refusal to leap witlessly into military action in Syria, and his apparent commitment to scrapping the Bedroom Tax have ticked a lot of boxes. Perhaps it would be going too far to call him "The Great Hope" for whatever tattered ruins of the Left remains in mainstream British politics - but one can say with some conviction that he's definitely better than Tony Blair (though that's faint praise, to be honest; one could say much the same about the headless corpse of a cat sodomised by Satanists). His apparent reluctance to call for an "In/Out" referendum on EU membership is a mammoth, steaming political balls-up of weapons-grade magnitude, though; it will do nothing but ...
How will Tony Blair explain to Ed Miliband why he was an "unofficial advisor" to the Murdoch team while labour was expo…
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Read all about David Cameron in London, Ed Miliband on the River Thames, Tony Blair still in the Cabinet Office Briefing Room and what to do about the Thames and how the Environment Agency can hopefully help too. [ 210 more words. ]
Trade unions - time to break Labour link is now! Is this the end for the unions and Labour? In response to the Collins Review proposals to 'reform' the link between the unions and Labour, Mirror columnist Kevin Maguire declared: "It is time for the trade unions to march proudly out of Labour's front door instead of being slowly bundled out of the back" (3/2/14). Labour Leader Ed Miliband has said that the Collins Review proposals "complete unfinished business of the last 20 years". They are both right. The process of undermining the voice of the trade unions within Labour began 20 years ago, under John Smith's leadership, and was accelerated under Tony Blair. Today, before the Collins Review, "unions have less influence over selection [of candidates] than they have had in 100 years", as Tom Watson MP put it (Guardian, 16/8/13). However, if implemented, the Collins Review will mean the destruction of the last remnants of the trade unions' organised presence within the Labour Party. Far from letting "people ...
Ed Miliband morphs into Tony Blair as 'public service reform' and consumer power top One Nation Labour's agenda.
pities Ed Miliband, as the stories circulate about Bill Clinton and Liz Hurley, and about Tony Blair and Wendi Deng. Ed is apparently telling people that he "did it with a girl on holiday". But nobody believes him.
You put Ed Miliband into power. People like you put Tony Blair into power with a landslide in 1997.
Is Ed Miliband constantly trying to do a rubbish Tony Blair impression or does he just have a speech impediment?
Ed Miliband is NO Tony Blair his parents where PURE SOCALISTS Maureen Tony…
8) Tony Blair "This man had delusions of adequacy." (9) Ed Miliband "When Tony Blair told you to be yourself, he couldn't have given you any worse advice!" (10) Francis Maude "This Minister is depriving a village somewhere of an *** " (11) William Hague "This Minister should go far...and the sooner he starts, the better!" (12) Neville Chamberlain "Got had a full 6-pack, but lacked the plastic thing to hold it all together!" (13) William Hague "He really is as pretty as a picture - I know I'd love to hang him!" (14) Danny Alexander "He certainly takes a long time to make his pointless!" (15) Nick Clegg "Frustration can be eased by swearing, in his case he can swear in English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish!" (16) Kenneth Clarke "It takes the poor old codger over 2 hours to watch 60 minutes on the box!" (17) Ed Miliband "He always finds himself lost in thought - it's unfamiliar territory for him you know!" (18) Tony Benn "He would have argued with a signpost!" (19) James Callaghan "He had a knack for . ...
tjo! I have to get there earlier Moss? John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown will join Cameron for Tuesday's service at Soweto's FNB stadium, where 91 heads of state including US President Barack Obama will pay their respects to the late anti- apartheid icon along with 80 000 mourners. British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, leader of Cameron's junior coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, and the leader of the main opposition Labour Party Ed Miliband are also attending the service, Cameron's office said. It is believed to be the first time in many years that all surviving British premiers have travelled abroad to attend the same event. Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, will represent his mother Queen Elizabeth II at the funeral ceremony on Sunday in Qunu, Mandela's boyhood home, where he is to be buried in a family plot. The queen said she was "deeply saddened" by Mandela's death last Thursday, but the 87-year-old monarch has been cutting back on long-haul travel in recent months. Briti ...
The PM, Ed Miliband,Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, Sir John Major and Gordon Brown - all to attend funer…
So, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Sir John Major will all be in Johannesburg tomo…
Woolwich Massacre Trial: I Am A ‘Soldier of Allah’ – Michael Adebolajo A man accused of killing a British soldier on a London street told police he was a "soldier of Allah" fighting a war against Britain but that the killing brought him little joy, a court heard on December 4, 2013, Wednesday. Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, are on trial for the brutal murder of Lee Rigby near his barracks in the south London district of Woolwich in May 2013. In recordings of the interviews shown to the jury at the Old Bailey criminal court in London, Adebolajo blamed his actions on "wicked" leaders such as Prime Minister David Cameron and his predecessor Tony Blair. Asked by detectives to describe the killing, during which the two men allegedly hit Rigby with a car before attacking him with knives, Adebolajo said the soldier's head was "almost detached and may Allah forgive me if I acted in a way that is displeasing to him". In another interview, during which he had a blue blanket over his head, A ...
Will Friends please read this post, and my subsequent post. Both David Cameron and Ed Miliband have been provided by me with incontrovertible evidence that Tony Blair misled Parliament on 24 September 2002 and 18 March 2003. On 21 November 2013 I delivered information to the current Attorney General that showed Blair did not comply (as the First Defendant) with his "duty of candour" in Judicial Review proceedings (concerning UNSCR 1441); judgment of which was handed down by the High Court on 17 December 2002. Blair's "failure" led the Court to believe that the then Government was acting in good faith - specifically in respect of the statement made by Blair on 24/9/02 which I have proved was untrue. If the facts had been disclosed for those proceedings, as they should have been, this country would not have participated in the invasion of Iraq. Blair knew when he gave the "order" (his word) to the Chief of the Defence Staff for HM Armed Forces to engage in war he had already acted unlawfully and that, in gi ...
"One of the first things I tried to do when I became leader of this party, is understand where we got things wrong in government, and change them. And one of the things that we didn't get right was immigration. And that's why I've got a new approach. Millions of people in this country are concerned about it, and if they're concerned about it, the Labour Party that I lead is going to be talking about it." -Ed Miliband. It's good to see Ed not dodging the immigrations question, unlike Tony Blair or Gordon Brown.
THE WEEK IN POLITICS (I'm going to re-publish this each Friday from as I believe it to be a fair and even look at the week in politics…and easy reading. …Tony.) It was a tough week for Ed Miliband. He was facing questions about his relationship with former Labour councillor and Co-Op boss Paul Flowers throughout. He received an absolute hammering at PMQs. And he was trying to play down reports that his relationship with Ed Balls is nearly as bad as that between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. And indeed that was how much of the press reported it. But while the bluster over the Co-Op rumbled on, the Tories were displaying all the usual problems which are putting the party in such a precarious position. The week started with Boris Johnson blithely writing in the Telegraph that the rich were an oppressed minority, like homeless people, and deserved a little care and affection. Johnson's columns for the newspaper reveal the tension between his journalist side – always wanting to ruffle feat ...
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The heating police are onto HH, and home, and my parents house.they better not follow me to WC.seriously you would think it was illegal to spend money on being warm in this country.the heating police should have listened to ED Miliband and switched energy companies instead.even though I think he is a *** and we should get Tony Blair or Thatcher least they had some guts!
Tony Blair has said MPs should work normal jobs before entering politics
Blair says 'problem' with career politicians like Ed Miliband - Telegraph
David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Tony Blair, John Major and Margaret Thatcher all had the ability to sound like they weren't really human and were addressing human beings for the very first time. Appalling forced sincerity.
Watching Piers Morgan's Life Stories about Gordon Brown. Watching it back made me realise how good a leader Tony Blair was. I don't think Ed Miliband has the same charisma that Blair did.
London People - who wants to come to a panel discussion show looking at key issues of the week from politics to popular culture - previous guests have included Tony Blair, Ed Miliband, Hugh Grant (YES!!), and Boris Johnson to name a few. I have a spare ticket for this Monday the 7th at 5.30pm - interested? (It's being filmed so you may be on TV - especially if you have some kind of intellectual question to ask. which i definitely won't.) :-D
Some of you may think i enjoy attacking the Labour Party, well for your information every attack i make hurts me as well as those who believe in its principals. Labour once had leaders who would fight tooth and nail for those who are vlnerable, now all they do is appease Middle England. Ed Miliband may be seen to be changing the party, but unless he encompasses the ideals of the past Labour will never change that sadly breaks my heart. Ed Miliband has been guided by Tony Blair, i cant forget the picture of the both of them with broad smiles at the Emirates home of my team Arsenal. That picture spoke volumes about the relationship between the two, a relationship that is still as strong today as i always was, how else can you explain his blatant refusal to have Blair tried for war crimes. Do i want my Labour Party back well what do you think, of course i do but i don't want anything whatsoever to do with the current leadership. If the left was to get a significant foothold then i would be back fighting agai ...
Some of my friends in the press have an Agenda. The are basically Blairites who so want their Godfather back that they see the Heir to his Legacy is David and not ED. It makes me belly ache when left writers like David Aronovitch ( a man who incindentally was on NUS with me and President dare I say and former member of the Communist Party of Great Britain) of The Times belly ache about Ed Miliband. How quick has the Emperor change his suit. A lot of Garbage written not even by the right but, the left is from the narrative of their Godfather - the War Criminal, Tony Blair
Ed Miliband is no more 'red' than the Tony Blair that won the 1997 General Election
Tony Blair has refused to back Ed Miliband's energy price freeze pledge as the row within the Labour Party over what is now its flagship policy deepens.
Ed Miliband has tried to appeal to Tony Blair on trade union reform for Party. He quoted him in the Marr interview. A start?
*** Tony Blair on Ed Miliband: "It is bold and it is strong. This is real leadership. I should have done it when I was leader." ***
Tony Blair will tell Ed he collapsed in the polls due to not illegally bombing That's crap. Labour's voters HATE traitors.
Niel Kinnock, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband hold your heads in total shame, for it was you traitors who have wrecked the Labour Party. Neil Kinnock started it off by calling us left wingers trouble makers, you know Militant Tendency those of us who clung to the ideals of the Labour Party. I will never forgive you for your chest beating speech, you know the one where you condemned us so viciously well mate that hurt , neither will the vast amount of hard working party members who gave their souls for the party. Rather than trying to unite the party, that snake in the grass Tony Blair distanced himself even further from those of us who believed in the original ideals of the party. His treason was once in office he had the ideal opportunity to reverse all the Trades Union reforms, yet what did he do yes absolutely nothing, well what did you expect from someone so deep inside the *** of Rupert Murdoch he could see daylight out of Murdoch's mouth. If that was not bad enough he further distanced him ...
All the lies passed on by Ed Miliband on behalf of Rupert Murdoch, Tony Blair, Jim Murphy, Dan Hodges, Andrew Neil are libelous.
Ed could not afford to let Diane Abbott do to him what Robin Cook did to Tony Blair. So he was forced to defy Cameron on
Ed Miliband is Gordon Brown without the clunking fists, Tony Blair without the popularity and Neil Kinnock without the accent.
At least with Tony Blair there was no hypocrisy. I'm pleased Ed Miliband's not gone that way either.
Labour – whose membership has grown as Ed Miliband draws back in thousands who left under Tony Blair
Unite backs Ed Miliband over party funding plans - I should have done this, says Tony Blair of move which will see trade unionists opt in to paying for LabourEd Miliband's Labour Party reforms received a mixed reception on Tuesday with one union, the GMB, threatening to end all funding to the party while an unlikely alliance of Tony Blair and Unite's general secretary, Len McCluskey, greeted the proposals as a sign of bold leadership.Unite claimed the plan requiring ind...
Tony Blair the political weather *** - hurrah to the Eygptian army and well done Ed Miliband.
Tony Blair backs Ed Miliband's vow to rein in unions' power - Tony Blair lavished praise on Ed Miliband’s pledge to challenge the power of the trade unions today, calling it “a defining moment”.
Tony Blair backs Ed Miliband leadership - Former Prime Minister Tony Blair gives his backing to Ed Miliband, saying he believes the Labour Leader will "show a good way forward" for the Party. it me, or does Ed Miliband sound more like Tony Blair by the day!?
I won't meddle in union row - Blair - Tony Blair says he will not be drawn into the dispute between Ed Miliband an...
Labour MPs who condemn Ed Miliband's groveling before Tony Blair, Jim Murphy, Dan Hodges and Rupert Murdoch can CAN union sponsorship.
The last Labour government encouraged mass immigration "to rub the Right's nose in diversity" according to Tony Blair's adviser Andrew Neather. They also calculated it would boost the number of Labour voters. The scale of migration has been so great that irreversible changes have been made to large areas of the country. Ethnic division is a reality and the problem is getting worse, with 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians potentially to add to the mix next year. Although much of the blame lies with Labour ministers, including Ed Miliband, the Tories are no better. What could David Cameron have been thinking when he said last week that he wants to expand the EU as far as Kazakhstan and the Urals? He must be off his head. If you liked opening our borders to every Romanian and Bulgarian you'll just love the Kazakhs, Moldavians and Azerbaijanis. Not to mention 75 million Turks, whose application to join the EU he also enthusiastically supports.
New new danger: Tony Blair leads party grandees in attack on Ed Miliband
Tony Blair & Mandelson have been back seat drivers in dispute pouring petrol
Ed Miliband must face up to the "crazy" behaviour of the trade unions threatening the reputation of the whole Labour Party, a former minister under Tony Blair has said.
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Tony Blair has warned Labour Leader Ed Miliband not to resort to the 'politics of anger' by seeking to inflict ever-increasing taxes on the wealthy.
Nigel Farage, Ed Miliband, Tony Blair - no body could have done anything to stop this?
Ed Miliband has to prove that the era of New Labour is over with bold policies that show he is different from Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, Lord Mandelson has said.
Tony Blair needs to start showing the same loyalty to Ed Miliband that James Callaghan, Michael Foot and Neil Kinnock showed him.
Do you prefer the Labour Party being led by Tony Blair or by Ed Miliband? Have your say with Ken & David.
Ed Miliband is a poor leader but Tony Blair was far worse | Express Comment | Comment | Daily Express
Telegraph editorial: Tony Blair is right, but Ed Miliband won’t listen - Labour risks becoming a party of protest
Labour at war: Tony Blair launches strident attack on Ed Miliband's retreat to being a 1980s-style party of...
I see Tony Blair offering Ed Miliband advice. Maybe stick to giving Kazakhstan's dictator advice for the princely sum of $13m a year, Tony?
Ed Miliband on Tony Blair's advice: 'I'm leading in my own way' via
Ed Miliband hits back at criticism from Tony Blair
Tony Blair is right to warn that Labour aren't a credible party under Ed Miliband says Grant Shapps or Michael Green
It is quite amusing that even in retirement Tony Blair is more statesmanlike, dignified and respectful Labour Leader than Ed Miliband
Tony Blair, Labour's most successful leader, is right to warn Ed Miliband that Labour can't just keep opposing cuts. Where's the leadership?
is talking crap about Margaret Thatcher. The working class have been betrayed by Thatcher-lite: Neil Kinnock, Tony Blair, Ed Miliband.
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Ed Miliband is like the product of a drunken one night stand between Tony Blair and a filing cabinet. Bland yet menacing.
Ed Miliband sounds a lot like Tony Blair after someone succeeded in smashing him in the face with a massive comedy frying pan!
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair (right) has said he was equally available to help David Cameron (left) and Ed Miliband as he had sat in both seats.
Tony Blair: 'Ed Miliband must show he is a reformer': Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, the former Prime M...
Genuine, sincere speeches from Seb Coe, Tony Blair & Ed Miliband at reception to celebrate investiture today
You watch Ed Miliband on PMQ's then watch Tony Blair on Sky on Adam Boulton and u think - why oh why have we got Ed. Oh yeah the Unions.
Ed Miliband's Fabian Society speech attacks the divisive effects of Conservatives in coalition & policies, but his One Nation responses are lightweight and ineffective. The Labour Party Leader must know that so-called one-nationism has never been a battle cry of his party. Ever since Tory Benjamin Disraeli coined the phrase, it has been appropriated by Stanley Baldwin, Winston Churchill, Anthony Eden, Ted Heath and Boris Johnson to encapsulate concepts of national unity and voluntary efforts to help the poor. Needless to say, Tony Blair had no difficulty in hijacking the term for his administration that accelerated the gap between rich and poor through a freeze on direct taxation of the wealthy. There is a sharp division in Britain between haves and have-nots, encouraged by the pro-rich policies of successive governments, and it will require specific government action to redress a gulf of Victorian-era dimensions. Miliband's remarks about New Labour failure to do enough for ordinary people will be meanin ...
If Michael Foot (Old Lab), was 'thesis', Tony Blair (New Lab) 'antithesis' - how precisely is Ed Miliband defining 'synthesis' ?
FORMER UK Prime Minister BLAIR CRITICISES SUCCESSOR ON IMMIGRATION Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the UK between 1997 and 2007, made a rare visit to the UK parliament at Westminster on Tuesday 18th December 2012 and walked into, or perhaps created, a row about immigration. Mr Blair attended a lunch at Westminster where he spoke and answered journalists' questions. Mr Blair's lunch was held just one day after new Labour Leader Ed Miliband appeared to distance himself from the Labour governments of Mr Blair and Gordon Brown on immigration policy. Mr Miliband gave a speech on Monday in south London in which he said that a Labour government with Mr Miliband as leader would introduce measures to help people deal with the effects of immigration. Among the measures proposed was a plan to bar immigrants with poor English from working in public sector jobs where they would be required to speak to the public. Other proposals included a crackdown on 'criminal landlords so they cannot exploit people in over-crowded, s ...
Can't wait till Ed Miliband gets elected and unzips his face to reveal that he was Tony Blair all along.
In a thinly-veiled warning to party chief Ed Miliband over Labour's position on immigration, ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair has asked the leader of the Opposition not make migrants a "scapegoat" for problems in Britain. In a highly unusual intervention into British politics, the former prime ...
Tony Blair has defended his immigration policies warning that people who come to Britain have played a positive role and they should not be made a “scapegoat for our problems”. The former Prime Minister suggested that the debate over immigration should be “handled with care” as he indicated it could descend into racism and nationalism. He insisted that he was not “out of touch” with the concerns of ordinary Britons and said, “the Polish community contributes a lot to this country”. In a rare address to journalists in Parliament, Mr Blair delivered the warning just days after Ed Miliband, the Labour Leader, claimed that his party had previously done “too little” to address the impacts of mass immigration. However, the former Prime Minister declined to apologise for his policies and launched a staunch defence of the benefits of immigration. “Of course it has to be controlled, and illegal immigration has to be tackled head on. It's important that we do that,” he said. “But overall I ...
Ed Miliband ought to 'name and shame' Tony Blair and the Fabian Society for not paying ANY wage, let alone a 'living wage'
For the record, Tony Blair and his criminal gang failed to destroy me and weak little Ed Miliband has absolutely NO chance...
These US debates are something to endure not savour. Stuffy, tense, skethy on facts. Its as if everyone is under police patrol. They shd take a leaf from Britain's Prime Minister's Questions where the Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition face off in the House of Commons every week with facts, memorable quotes, live quotations, pure intelligence, solid figures, sheer energy, raw humour and a little bit of love. No holds barred. David Cameron vs. Ed Miliband is on this morning. Tony Blair vs. David Cameron must have been glorious. PMQs: A great contribution to political civilisation.
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Smarter doesn't mean better. Ed Miliband (UK Labour Party Leader) is smarter than Tony Blair.
Ed Miliband and Tony Blair have more in common than those stuck in the past can allow | Martin Kettle via
Ed Miliband has said he is “flattered” that his speech to the Labour conference was being likened to the performances of Tony Blair.
Ed Miliband trying to out 'Cameron' David Cameron which follows David Cameron trying to out 'Blair' Tony Blair :)
Ed Miliband really needs the Blairites and Tony Blair to win in 2015. He must tackle the trade union lefties head on. They lose elections.
Ed Miliband's policy chief has said he thinks the Liberal Democrats have been a force for good in government, contradicting Labour's usual line of attack against the junior coalition partner. Speaking at a fringe event at the Lib Dem conference in Brighton on Sunday, Jon Cruddas said: "I think the e...
Ed Miliband leads his troops into the by-elections playing Pontius Pilate on industrial action as Tony Blair does Judas. is
Thatcher hasn't been able to harm the left for decades. But her acolytes can. And do. Tony Blair supports her. Ed Miliband supports him.
Heaven help us all! The news that Ed Miliband is seeking advice and help from Tony Blair is both appalling and disconcerting. There is not a single redeeming feature from the Blair years of New Labour, the most disastrous time in British politics. Apart from anything else, this move demonstrates a total lack of imagination or talent amongst the current Labour crowd. But then I suppose they have had no foundation on which to build.
Would you welcome Tony Blair back into British politics? Would he make a better leader presently than Ed Miliband?
Every time I hear the term Team GB I remember that was what Tony Blair used to call Ed Balls and Ed Miliband
Not just Dave, you'll have to add Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and Tony Blair to the list! Salmond knows better though.
Tony Blair has added Kazakhstan to his roster of oil-rich clients, advising the authoritarian Central Asian regime on economic reforms and how to present a better face to the west. The former Labour Prime Minister is working with other prominent New
Ed Miliband stands with Tony Blair who inflicted the horrors on Fallujah Women! Where do you stand?
Politicians are judged by sins not by virtues. Ed Miliband should flee from, not embrace, Tony Blair's toxic legacy.
It was the event that Labour Leaders forgot. But yesterday Ed Miliband brought the Durham Miners' Gala back into the mainstream of the Labour movement.
Return Of The War Criminal Tony Blair Having devastated millions of lives as co-conspirator in the illegal and immoral Iraq war - and then having raked in millions of pounds through business contacts made during his time as Prime Minister - War Criminal Tony Blair is apparently trying to edge his way back into British politics. According to the London Guardian, Blair - supposedly retired from frontline politics - is to act as an adviser to the Labour Party and will be "contributing ideas and experience to Ed Miliband's policy review". Miliband, the current Labour Leader, revealed that Blair will be giving advice on the 'Olympic legacy' - and in a sickening display of sycophancy, praised the warmonger and thanked him for what he had done for the Labour Party and Britain. Unless you're Ed Miliband, it's difficult to ignore the fact that one of the main things Blair has done for Britain is to cause the country to become widely reviled in the Muslim world. Figures vary, but the Iraq war - illegally launched o ...
Ed Miliband has shown his strength. His praise of Tony Blair's premiership is totally right. The Blair years were winning years for Labour.
At Labour’s big fundraiser last night, Tony Blair told guests: “There is a rulebook in politics that goes something like this: Labour governs. Labour loses. Tories take over. Labour goes crazy. Tories carry on governing. Time to re-write that script. Actually it is being re-written by them and by us...
The return of Tony Blair as an advisor on the Olympic Legacy will cause problems for both the PM and Ed Miliband. Perhaps the Book of Revelation is finally coming true ... For the PM it will cause problems because it will become clear just how similar the two men are in both personality and in their politics. Blair never had any time for the Labour Party and the PM clearly has little if any time for the Tory Party. Blair centralised power away from CLPs. The PM is doing the same with local Tory Associations. I could go on ... More worrying is their approach to politics. Blair was the ultimate pragmatist (apart from on overseas wars and George Bush) and was obsessed by tomorrow's headlines. He wasted most of his first-term (when he could literally have changed the world) because he focus grouped everything. As we have seen since the Budget the PM has no appetite for facing down his critics and we have U-turns on an almost daily basis. The killer for the PM is that Tony Blair is actually the more skilled po ...
American Equality | Looks who's come back! Tony Blair's new job for Labour as he shares stage with Ed Miliband - Daily Mail | American Myth
Ed Miliband on three lessons from Tony Blair: Importance of unity, new approaches for new times, and winning
The Bobby Ewing style reappearance of Tony Blair is a rare opportunity for Ed Miliband to play Norman Bates with unreserved applause.
Tony Blair's second historic walk along Downing Street was nothing like the first. There was no Cherie Blair, no flag-waving crowd jostling to shake his hand, no theme tune like "Things Can Only Get Better". The mood in Westminster was "Let's Hope Things Get No Worse" as a grim faced group of politi...
LONDON -- Tony Blair says he'd seize the chance to return as Britain's Prime Minister – but acknowledges a comeback is unlikely. In an interview Wednesday to mark the fifth anniversary of his departure from office, the 59-year-old aired his views on various domestic policies.
Tony Blair has said that he does not regret the decision to lift border controls for eastern European immigrants after Ed Miliband expressed his concern over the policy.
Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Ed Miliband by Tony Blair. Pointing out he was a "David supporter"
Tony Blair, Ali Campbell, Peter Mandelson, Gordon Brown & Ed Miliband must apologise for forcing Dave to have all those suppers with Rebekah
Look up 'LABOUR Friends of Israel'. You'll find Tony Blair is a member, Ed Miliband, and many many others...crazy huh!
with Ed Miliband taking the place of Joe Pesci and Tony Blair replacing Daniel Stern
Breast Cancer Awareness
And Labour under Ed Miliband is not Labour under Tony Blair.
“Ed Miliband: Tony Blair may be back that's it, they're going to lose...
Ed Miliband has revealed he receives advice from Tony Blair, even though the Labour Leader and former Prime Minister have different ideologies.
Yes true - but we're now comparing Ed Miliband with Tony Blair and not with Michael Foot which says a lot!
International statesman, three time election winner and global player Tony Blair on BBC2 vs Ed Miliband on ITV at the same time. Winner.
It's good to see that Ed Miliband is going to do what Tony Blair spent 13 years not doing.
shows he is no fool with the radical elevation of Tony Blair to the Lords and his appointment as Shadow Foreign Secretary!
During the last Labour Party conference, Ed Miliband declared that, "I am not Tony Blair". Yet, it did him no favours in Bradford. Why?
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