Tony Blair & Charles Taylor

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953) is a British Labour Party politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007. He was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sedgefield from 1983 to 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007. He resigned from all of these positions in June 2007. Charles McArthur Ghankay Taylor (born 28 January 1948) is a Liberian former politician who was the 22nd President of Liberia, serving from 2 August 1997 until his resignation on 11 August 2003. 5.0/5

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Tony Blair and George Walker Bush have both kill more people than Charles Taylor of Liberia. Why are these murderers aren't in the Hague?
Where is Colonel Muamma Gaddafi,Loulent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast ,Charles Taylor, Idi Amin, Osama Bin Laden,Saddam Hussen and Yassa Arafat? You are only Justified if only, you are from Africa or Arab World, George Bush & Tony Blair are moving spot free on the streets of Chicago & London the former and the latter, worst the invasion of Iraq was initiated by the two based on a lie coz no nuclear weapons were found but left dead 400,000 Iraqis , 12,400 US Soldiers & about 44,000 US Soldiers wounded.
Just for laugh. Once upon a time, God invited all presidents and heads of states to a mega feast in Heaven. On the arrival of the guests (invited presidents), God stood up and embraced the following, Bill Clinton (USA), Tony Blair (G. Britain), etc. Then God saw Sani Abacha (Nigeria), J.J. Rawlings (Ghana), Charles Taylor (Liberia), Qaddafi (Libya), etc approaching; and He firmly held His throne (chair). Jesus then asked Him, Aba, why are you holding the throne so firmly now? And God answered Him; My beloved son, these guys are too dangerous, they can over throw me so easily if I'm not careful. Remember their Coup D'etat records.
For having behaved like Charles Taylor, Paul Kagame threatened with prosecution Paul Kagame and his cronies must be prosecuted and convicted by the Cpi, for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the DRC. _ The charge of war crimes in the U.S. State Department, Stephen Rapp, said he was very moved by the situation prevailing in the DRC in its eastern part, where subhuman who perpetuate acts offend the international community today. In reaction, the threat of prosecution Bonaparte Paul Kagame, for his support of the rebel group M23 this negative force that strikes terror in eastern DR Congo and who has to defy the international community. For Stephen Rapp, the situation visionary leader praised by Tony Blair and Bill Clinton for his handling of Rwanda after the season machetes apocalyptic 1994, resembles that of former President Charles Taylor's. One remembers, for supporting the rebels in Sierra Leone, he was sentenced in May 2012, the International Criminal Court to 50 years in prison. Paul Kagame is ...
I think Charles Taylor is a dangerous man and belongs to prison, but why did they have to send him o far to be prosecuted by our former colonisers? Terrorists like George Bush and Tony Blair are still walking free!
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu called Sunday for Tony Blair and George Bush to face prosecution at the International Criminal Court for their role in the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq
Why ICC takes Charles Taylor to court? Moumar Gaddafi's family to court? But praise Gorge Bush, Tony Blair and Barrack Obama after so much killings they committed?
The conviction of Charles Taylor, the former president of Liberia, is said to have sent an unequivocal message to current leaders: that great office confers no immunity. In fact it sent two messages: if you run a small, weak nation, you may be subject to the full force of international law. If you run a powerful nation, you have nothing to fear. While anyone with an interest in human rights should welcome the verdict, it reminds us that no one has faced legal consequences for launching the illegal war against Iraq. This fits the Nuremberg Tribunal’s definition of a “crime of aggression”, which it called “the supreme international crime”(1). The charges on which, in an impartial system, George Bush, Tony Blair and their associates should have been investigated are far graver than those for which Taylor was found guilty.
What is imperative to know is that Rwandan President Paul Kagame's days are numbered. It looks again as its western backers will not be held accountable for knowing for the past decade that he has caused so much bloodshed in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo in total impunity while being praised as an exemplary leader. We can't forget there cannot be Paul Kagame without Western support of his oppressive regime. Just as in the Charles Taylor case, we are thankful that little by little African dictators are being held accountable but still concerned that their western backers ie Tony Blair, Bill Clinton are possibly not going to be held accountable. The issue remains the same: The United States must stop supporting oppressive regimes in Africa and start supporting the building of strong institutions... that is in America's interest and Africa's interest.
Will it be right to say the gloves are off on Paul Kagame – listen to the Americans language “aiding and abetting” crimes against humanity! Does this sound familiar to you? Perhaps it does? Charles Taylor was prosecuted on the same charges & is now sentenced to 50 years in a British jail. According to Baffour’s Beefs (New African July 2012 – pg 9) ‘Taylor at a certain point in his eventful life was a “good boy” of the Americans’. Fast forward events! Indeed not long time ago Kagame was a darling of the west, courted both in London and Washington! Tony Blair once even describing him as a “visionary leader” (wow) – Where will Kagame be incarcerated – perhaps in Paris? PS: Reader, if you have a chance to read the above article by Beefs – please do so! Jah bless & Jah guide
50 yrs for Charles Taylor but both George Bush and Tony Blair are still not prosecuted for d same crime commited by C. Taylor. What a great hypocracy in the world order
While we welcomed the sentenced of Charles Taylor by ICC, as well as the indictment of other African leaders for committing war crimes and crime against humanity as it will serve as deterrent to others. I strongly condemned the ICC for targeting mainly African leaders while ignoring war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Iraq by Tony Blair of UK and Gorge W. Bush of the USA.
Charles Taylor gets 50 yrs for war crimes in Sierra Leone; BUT George Bush&Tony Blair get nothing for the chaos in Iraq SMH
Charles Taylor gets 50 year jail term...when will George Bush and Tony Blair, Nicolas Sarkozy and other war mongers get theirs...
Liberia's former President Charles Taylor jailed for 50 years for war crimes. George Bush + Tony Blair still walking.
Charles Taylor former President of Liberia is expected to speak today in the pre-sentence hearing in the Hague for War crimes charges in Serea leneo while Ratko Mladic former Bosnian Serb General goes on trail in the Hague on 11 counts of War crimes and crimes against humanity including genocide. Impunity should not be giving to War criminals no matter there position and country. If Charles and Ratko will face the law then, why not George Bush and Tony Blair,who killed thousand of people in Iraq and Afghanistan ? If really the International Court of Justice is fighting for justice for all humanity,then they should issue a warrant to arrest George and Tony and make them face the same situation like Charles and Ratko because they are all War criminals. But if they failed to issue a warrant for there arrest and trial, then the ICJ is nothing but an apparatus of Neo colonialism and a bait to control the developing world.
yes sure Charles Taylor is guilty of war crimes and deserves his judgment but the same should apply to George Bush and Tony Blair aswell as Sarkozy...
'You try Charles Taylor for war crimes and crimes against humanity at The Hague ?? Please also put George W. Bush and Tony Blair on trial while you still at it...afterall,whats good for the goose,is definately good for the gander.thank you
LOOKING AT REAL FACES OF ICC OF JUSTICE- PERCEPTION OF MAJORITY OF AFRICANS. Africans has never had the hope of fair trial in the International Criminal Court of justice (ICC) in Hague (Netherlands). Africans believes ICC was established to persecute Africans and only African descents. Africans said many wars were fought in many places across the globe but only Africa leaders and citizens of Africa are sent to Hague to be tried and sentenced to many years in incarceration. So far all those Africans tried in Hague has all been sentenced to many years of imprisonment. George Walker Bush of USA & Tony Blair of UK lied to the world and attacked Iraq of weapon mass destruction, killing many innocent civilians in the war campaign against Iraqis but ICC has never called for their heads or issue arrest warrant against these leaders for extradition. But hear ICC, they want Kony, a rebel leader of Ugandan; Juan Pierre Bemba of Democratic republic of Congo; Al-Bashir, current president of Sudan; Charles Taylor of L ...
bit like you sitting in judgment over Charles Taylor, or Tony Blair for that matter !
So,Charles Taylor has been found guilty by International Criminal Court.That was xpected.What about George Bush senior&junior & Tony Blair 4 iraq&afghanistan?They did the same thing that Taylor did!
some times Tony Blair is best ignored, unless it's in relation to Charles Taylor + Niomi or Allister !
Charles Taylor is guilty? Ok. What about Georges Bush and Tony Blair?
Charles Taylor verdict: World leaders can no longer hide behind secret deals and handshakes Next up Tony Blair?
Charles Taylor has been convinced of crimes in siera leone; i will be glad to see Tony Blair and his friend Bush to be juge for crime commited in Irak...
''International Court of Criminals''.George Bush and Tony Blair are better candidates for Prosecution.They've committed more atrocities of war crime and genocide than those allegedly committed by Charles Taylor.More Africans for their breakfast,lunch and dinner!.FIRE! BLOOD AND THUNDER!
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