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Tony Blair

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953) is a British Labour Party politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007. He was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sedgefield from 1983 to 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007. He resigned from all of these positions in June 2007.

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asking Tony Blair whether he dreams about Gordon Brown or not... brilliant!
Return of Tony Blair? Labour rebels eye ex-PM in quest to create NEW political movement
You should rewrite Archangel but replacing Kelso with Corbyn and they find a Tony Blair living in the Russian wilderness.
It's because Tony Blair's come back. You're bound to get stuff like this happening.
If we want a working opposition, Tony Blair must return to frontline politics
Will Clinton,Tony Blair,Rick Warren,Andrew Mwenda,Rucagu,Evode continue to be with me if I lose elections to Diane Rwigara?: Paul kagame
Listening to John McDonnell makes me think what is missing is not Tony Blair but Philip Gould. Conservatives have Lyndon Crosby.
Paul Nuttall, leader of UKIP, says he would take "ten Jeremy Corbyns over Tony Blair any day". Bet you never expected to hear that.
To hear the Number 1 political superstar, hail Tony Blair as King of the Hill, was nothing short of sacrilege.
Tony Blair refusing to endorse Jeremy Corbyn just shows what a nice guy Jeremy Corbyn must be.
Peace maker Jeremy Corbyn versus the great modern warmonger Tony Blair
Excuse my French but FEUCK OUEF Tony Blair. You Feucked up the UK & paved the way for brutal Conservative austerity
Cycled past Richmond Crescent earlier took a photo of the house Tony Blair lived in 20 years ago. He moved from here to…
I can't call for disciplinary action taken against Clive Lewis for agreeing with Tony Blair on voting Lib Dem.
Pardon me I'm feeling green. Tony Blair's back on the scene. Our sins must be huge. Far greater than Scrooge. What is the view of the Queen?
Tony Blair the only Labour leader to win 3 consecutive elections. Tony Blair won a general election after Iraq…
Tony Blair, the king of spin, is history. This country needs real change and Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell offer this.
Recognise that no Labour leader other than Tony Blair has won an election in 51 years, and ask yourself why.
Just watched "The Killing$ of Tony Blair". Thank you for an excellent piece of work. High time Blair locked up for war crimes.
Let Us Pray:. Theresa May is going to prayer,. Puts me in mind of Tony Blair.
"Tony Blair Urges U.K. to Stay Centered, and Close to Europe" by STEPHEN CASTLE via NYT
'Tony Blair absolutely modelled himself on *** Jagger'
Tony Blair says Labour will lose election. The more he intervenes the bigger the defeat. Blair and Mandelson are toxic
lol, it's Tony Blair you uneducated redneck! Too much time sitting in bed with your sister playing your banjo?
Blair makes SHOCK concession that May will WIN election as Labour just CAN'T beat Tories
Tony Blair considering a return to Westminster! civil war if he ever gets near power again
Lord Mandelson claims Emmanuel Macron is an ‘HEIR TO BLAIR’ after uniting French centrists
"Stop complaining and start campaigning": tells Tony Blair it's time to put up or shut up
Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Labour’s historic landslide in 1997. What a day it was!. As we stood...
If anyone needed any more reason to vote for Corbyn's anti-establishment Labour, Tony Blair advising you to vote Tory…
like Jack the ripper Hitler goebbels Harry Truman George Bush Tony Blair.?
Sorry for absence-when . attempts comeback am compelled to act.
Yes. You know that because Tony Blair told you in 2006. "Leaders lead, but in the end it's the people who decide". http…
Tony Blair seems set on bringing down Labour’s leader - he should put up or shut up, says John Prescott https:/…
Tony Blair plotting Pro-European comeback with the Lib Dems over hard Btrexit
Tony Blair will be lambasted by MPs for failing to get compensation for British victims of Libyan sponsored IRA…
Memories of Labour's 1997 landslide: conversations with those who helped make it happen
Not everyone will agree with me, of course. ... But, on reflection - I think that Tony Blair & the EU - helped to DESTROY…
fyi, it also sounds like Tony Blair has a lot to do with the idea of going to war in Iran
When Tony was leader, we expelled pple 4 advocating voting4other parties. I can’t see what he is doing is any diff.".
20 years on from '97 win, Blair should stop complaining & start campaigning. For Labour! My column https…
John Prescott tells his old boss Tony Blair to put up or shut up Stop comlaining or
Paul Nuttall, Ian Murray and Tony Blair want you to vote Tory
reminds me of Tony Blair at the start of his career as a Prime Minister. Smug. Condescending. Slimy. Two-faced…
Weird hint of Tony Blair about the bottom left one! Don't do it to one of Alex Jones…
Unlike May, "Labour MPs and Tony Blair want to insist that their party leader is not going to be Prime Minister"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
No it's not. Tony Blair is only Labour Party leader…
They need a Barrack Obama or a Tony Blair (before he became a war criminal lol(
Your industry production fell while Tony Blair from Labour was the Prime Minister,…
Tory equivalent of Tony Blair being made a Middle East Peace Envoy, or Harold Shipman put in charge of Help The Aged.
Colonel Gaddafi warned Tony Blair of Islamist attacks on Europe, phone conversations reveal
@ PHMMcr on the last year of Tony Blair as PM "when I was chief whip I never lost a vote but I did lose a Prime Minister"!
Tony Blair refuses to endorse Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister - to be fair he has got the whole country on his side for…
Prime Minister Fourth Earth, David Ryan, from Gen. Tony Blair in Moscow, juntled by Thaksin fighting a woman Thaivand.
Jeremy Corbyn reacts to the news that Tony Blair refused to endorse him for Prime Minister
Tony Blair says "If the polls are right, we know who's going to be Prime'll be Theresa May"
Tony Blair says Theresa May will win the general election
Tony Blair says he expects Theresa May to be next Prime Minister | Politics | The Guardian. War mongering traitor
Great news for Corbyn! Tony Blair refuses to back Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister
When I say far left I mean anyone who writes for the Guardian and/or defends Tony Blair. Ya know...them Owen Jones remainer radical types.
Tony Blair mate, what a horrible fella
a must watch the killing of Tony Blair. The far right of anything that could be called the Labour Party.
I think of we stay we will be bankrupt, god know Tony Blair and Gordon Brown tried t…
Tony Blair warns Labour to fight the election against Brexit
The Modern Labour Party is to rid itself of the associations with the 'Blair Witch Project': Tony Blair's Fake...
Tony Blair and Jack Straw knew of the breaches of the Geneva and Hague conventions - -
Tony Blair thinking of standing in GE2017? I assume he means as a LibDem candidate.
Tony Blair cares about one thing only & its not the welfare of the British people - or any people!!! he cares about…
Unlike Tony Blair who mislead this country @ weapons of mass destruction, and who is urging people to vote Lib Dem. You ca…
Tony Blair says Brexit issue has tempted him to return to politics
Who hates Tony Blair more? UKIPers or Corbynites? Its a tough call in my view. Not much in it.
Reminder for any of our younger followers: Tony Blair is a war criminal who once did headers with Kevin Keegan.
The only realistic option to challenge Brexit parties is a pro-EU alliance, no party can prevent Brexit on its own.
Dear You've just reported Theresa May, Tim Farron and, er, Tony Blair?!! I think you'll find is leader!
⚡️ “Tony Blair 'feels motivated' to return to frontline politics”. Try the Tory Party, they're Neoliberals.
Something almost 'tragic' about Tony Blair.Talking sense re migration on radio, but now doomed not to be listened to. Doome…
The Killings of Tony Blair. Crowd funded. A story of evil. Available on Netflix. Watch.
Forgive me George but Tony Blair is openly telling people to vote anyone but Labour. Were you not expe…
'Maybe I'm not a hasbeen who belongs in jail' teases war criminal
Tony Blair warns against a Brexit 'blank check' for May in the UK general election
Two former Labour leaders Neil Kinnock and Tony Blair now questioning whether people should vote Labour. Labour's in its deat…
if you think Tony Blair should be tried at The Hague.
Corbyn has being agaisnt regime changes. The tories have not. The tories have being pro interventionists since Tony Blair.
Macron is a glistening creep, like Tony Blair was.
Tony Blair on the radio suggesting people should consider voting Tory if their local candidate is willing to campaign agai…
Disgraced and unpopular former politician looking for career opportunities.
Over 30 Tory MPs are under investigation for electoral fraud - and Tony Blair asks you to vote for them if you're open…
Are you excited about Tony Blair's political comeback?
Does that mean former Leader Tony Blair is suggesting voters should only consider voting Conservative…
if anyone can stop brexit it's man of the people Tony 'illegal war' Blair
Blair's comments aren't surprising - this was him two years ago
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Tony Blair said he was contemplating a return to politics. He didn't say for which party.
Tony Blair's 1997 "landslide" saw him get only 43% of the vote! Yet the country treated him like some kind of winner.…
This doesn't sale 'close to breaking party rules'. It breaks party rules. It is also treacherous in the extreme. https:…
Tony Blair is contemplating returning to UK Politics. Didn't he get the message when his own party told him to sod off, everyone hated him!
I am impressed that Kay Burley has blocked you, good work! Here is link
Well heres the best reason to vote Jeremy Corbyn
As Tony Blair suggests people should consider voting for Lib Dem or Tory candidates, Labour needs to be democratised now m…
Remember this whenever liberals say left pols can't win like it was a fact of nature & not liberals undermining them. http…
It would seem a logical extension of this to advocate a vote for the in
Tony Blair advises people to vote Tory
Tony Blair ‘almost feels motivated to go right back into’ political frontline by
When a headline comes up on your TV saying that Tony Blair might be returning to frontline politics.
Tony Blair must now be expelled from the Labour Party for calling on voters to vote for the enemies of the Labour movement.
Tony Blair going around suggesting people vote Tory? Yet Corbyn is meant to have betrayed the party? It's a disgrace, kick…
Shows how toothless Chilcott Report was that Tony Blair can contemplate a return to frontline politics, rather than being…
Labour members were expelled for a lot lot less last summer...
Tony Blair said Theresa May is on course for a landslide majority & that Jeremy Corbyn stands no chance of becoming Prime Min…
BBC News - General election 2017: Tony Blair says Brexit stance more important than party
Whatever you think of Tony Blair, he talks common sense when it comes to .
Please listen to the WAR criminal - Tony Blair: vote Tory or Lib Dem where they are open-minded on Brexit
This site offers a reward to people attempting a citizen's arrest of Tony Blair
Tony Blair hints at a possible political comeback.
Tony Blair's unhelpful intervention is a gift: to the Liberal Democrats, but also to any Labour MP on the centre left who co…
Tony Blair telling anyone who to vote for is going to make them vote in the opposite direction. Well played Labour!
Ok - can we check, is Tony Blair still a member of the Labour Party? If so - he's just breached our membership rules
Some might but not me. It seems Tony Blair is meddling and so is that tiresome woman Gina Miller
Reasoned? That is not a word I associate with Tony Blair. He is articulate and convincing, that was his downfall.
Don't care what you say. Tony Blair still the most reasoned, articulate, energetic and convincing voice in UK politics in 40 years.
George Bush, not Tony Blair, took down Chirac/Schroeder bipartite. EU never recovered. Why no thanks for Dubya?
Upholding the law is not for this Attorney General who 'intervenes to block prosecution of Tony Blair' conveniently!
Tony Blair "could" join forces with Lib Dem leader Tim Farron in GE campaign. Will you purge him from Labour Mr McN? https:…
We Lib Dems have a song about Tony Blair. It suggests he go forth and expire.
Tony Blair going to be campaigning for the Lib Dems. If you didn't have loads of reasons not to vote for them you have one now.
He also blocked the Tony Blair lawsuit for war crimes. It seems he is a Blairite even t…
Ray Davies on understanding hipsters, not talking to Pete Townshend – and why he fled Tony Blair’s Britain
Attorney General launches legal fight to STOP Tony Blair being hauled to court for Iraq…
The predictable closing of ranks is still pretty rank..
Funny Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell and co are in the Labou…
Well obviously the state cannot let this go ahead, Tony Blair and the state are on trial.
The Queen, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Teresa May & many more all claim to be Christian, but it's the elephant in the r…
That's the so-called right-wing Tony Blair who wrote it into Clause IV.
Attorney General tries to block Iraq War prosecution of Tony Blair
Tories are scared that allowing the prosecution of Tony Blair will establish a precedent under which they can be prosecute…
Tony Blair's Government's links with Assad should hardly be shock consideirng he was close friernds with Saudi Arabia, Uzbek…
Not the first time religion has been involved in PM's views. Tony Blair cited his faith as a factor in his decision…
Saint Tony Blair is in the news again... WHAT A HOOT!.
Tony Blair won 3 General Elections because Labour stood up for aspiration & business. Until Labour does this again Tories…
Attorney General 'looking to block bid to prosecute Tony Blair'
MT: . Attorney General in court to block Tony Blair war crimes prosecution.
Attorney General attempts to block bid to prosecute Tony Blair over Iraq War
Attorney General to 'go to court to demand Tony Blair is not prosecuted over Iraq War'
When "things can only get better" comes on in the club & you remember Tony Blair is a war criminal
Establishment closing ranks. Why should we settle for Chilcot farce and Blair's crocodile tears…
Story in a slightly less unbearable newspaper:.
I bought a Tony Blair chocolate lollipop CMK store during the 97 GE they conducted a poll and Tony…
Attorney General in court to block Tony Blair prosecution | Daily Mail Online
UK Attorney General in bid to block case against Tony Blair over Iraq War
Ha - seems 'aggression' was only incorporated into the Rome Statute in 2010, so he slithers out of tha…
Attorney General to go to court to BLOCK prosecution of Tony Blair over the Iraq War
Establishment close ranks. Protecting war criminal Tony Blair number one priority. Never mind has blood of 1 million…
All purpose parts banner
Alastair Campbell's best lie about Tony Blair was "we don't do God".
Good stuff,& his name allegedly appears along with his mate Tony Blair's in american Jeffrey Epstein's little black book.
Polly Toynbee comparing Tony Blair to Clement Attlee. My, my! This is awful thinkpiece crap.
Bad luck, Tony Blair. 68 per cent of British people now want hard and fast Brexit
For someone who ignored Corbyn's warnings about Iraq, Tony Blair loves giving out advice. Here's a bit of advice to hi…
Yes, so imagine a little further. What would the reaction have been had Tony Blair appointed John H…
Kushner has been secretly meeting with warmonger Tony Blair about the Middle East, h…
Tony Blair demands “urgency” if Labour is to remain relevant. Jeremy Corbyn is expected to respond on April 24th.
Tony Blair, who lost 4 million working class voters, attacks Jeremy Corbyn for reaching out to working class voters htt…
Tony Blair war criminal attacks Labour for providing 'zero' opposition still making millions l working for the 1% .
Alastair Campbell on the myths about Tony Blair that fed both Corbynism and Brexit
who under Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Alistair Campbell and the rest of them infiltrated and usurped the REAL Labour Party.
War criminal Tony Blair who really should be standing in the dock at the ICC is guest speaker at AIPAC meeting
Follow the money. Just when you thought Tony Blair couldn't stoop any lower, this happens.
Anybody out there who still thinks Tony Blair can deliver a 2SS for Palestinians is living in cloud cuckoo land
I liked Tony Blair more. When he bombed third world kids , he really bombed them.
[Blair: Pal issue must at least move toward resolution] Tony Blair says regional approach to peace is ‘going well’ https:…
With the Cherie Blair, wife of for British PM, Tony Blair at a cocktail happening right now.
Do they think David Cameron, Theresa May, Tony Blair, Prince William & Richard Scudamore are Putin stooges too?
Afraid so. It's Tony Blair's soft power they're re- importing
At least u had Tony Blair on ur side. 😂Feeling proud yet?
Activist judges are partly to blame for the havoc wreaked by Tony Blair on our constitution.
Tony Blair might go down in history even lower than W!!
glad to see Tony Blair's guest spot on the Simpsons getting some use
Tony Blair at If you want a cause for hope in the region, is a cause for hope.
USA: Tony Blair addresses Israeli lobby at AIPAC conference in Washington DC
The corporate media is so keen to excuse Bush and Blair because they are complicit in the same atrocities
Triggering Article 50 shows LibDems now have no purpose. Tony Blair is effectively their leader but UK has rejected th…
Tony Blair was slowly coaxing and goading the Bushes to attack Iraq.
Tony Blair's sister in law was CONVERTED by SOMALI taxi drivers in London
Former U.K. Prime Minister, Tony Blair, "When I go to Israel next week, it will be my 178th visit"
Tony Blair hopeful on remaining in Europe: ‘Where there’s a will there’s a way’.
Tony Blair: "The Israel I know is creative, innovative, dynamic, argumentative, diverse, vibrant and capable. "
Earlier: Former British PM Tony Blair on his personal connection to the State of Israel
Tony Blair did not end Thatcherism ! He continued it .. that's not what Labour are for.Thatcher loved Blair worrying
Tony Blair blah blah.. its my party. 5
Tony Blair: "The security of Israel is a global interest for the security of all nations of the world."
You know, Tony Blair put it more simply than Kezia when he told Bush "I will be with you, whatever." but the craven sell ou…
Hate him or loathe him, Tony Blair knows how to turn a phrase. This is killer. No wonder May, IDS and BoJo are squealin…
interviews Tony Blair on a NEW way forward to peace in the Middle East.
Tony must be Arrested under the Proceeds of Act. https:…
do you honestly think Alistair Campbell and Tony Blair are helping your cause?
The art of is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes. Tony Blair
Blair takes aim at May and 'right wing media cartel' over Brexit Blair attacks ‘May using right wing media cartel’
'Am I bothered, Tony Blair?' Nine of the best Comic Relief moments   10% Off
Tonight an arrest warrant should be issued for Tony Blair.
Tony Blair and George w Bush are you watching? Another hornet out of Ness you hit with a stick a few years back well done fools.
Anyone who listens to Tony Blair then takes exactly the opposite view will rarely go wrong.
Tony Blair sides with the IRA, not a shock considering Blair gave the IRA immunity but sold British soldiers out https…
Tony Blair proves yet again what a xxsser he is, speaks volumes for the man who supports the murderer McGuiness!
"In a way you only make peace with your enemies" - Tony Blair on Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness http…
George Galloway is standing on a promise to put Tony Blair on trial for war crimes. That should get him a winning majority…
Having heard Tony Blair in regard to Martin McGuinness, startling how Corbyn got pilloried over Jayne Fisher.
Alistair Campbell, Jeremy Corbyn AND Tony Blair have all rolled out the brown tongue for McGuiness - it's astonishing.
Petition: Cut all public funding to Tony Blair - This to include protection & expenses
my AC changed "great idea" into "murder Tony Blair with a rusty claw hammer" and now the police want to talk to me.
.condemns "faux outrage" of Labour, raises Tony Blair. heckles "he's gone if you hadn't noticed".
Tony Blair knows that this is the guaranteed way to make the EU scupper the deal. Anyone trusting him is being used.
Labour should offer voters option of staying in EU if negotiations fail, says Tony Blair
Tony Blair's head Diani Feinstein on Thursday described Ms. Miller's comeback as "reality" at Rigalaido Country Council.
Andrew has been brazenly lying to cover up the massive crimes of Tony Blair for over 14 years now
I wake up every morning and touch the photo of Tony Blair beside my bed with my fingertips. "Thank you for your service, Tony," I whisper.
Tony Blair on TV today didn't cut much ice with these people in Rusholme today
Tony Blair congratulates George Osborne in becoming the latest piece of Tory vermin to infest our press. . Why am I not…
tony Blair is the hitler of our time! He will rot in *** his family will be ostracised. He's living evil. A devil. A psycho
WOW! Walt Disney and Mary Blair sculptures on display near Valencia, Spain!
Tony Blair is what a real Prime Minister looks like. is a pale imitation
Tony Blair urges Labour to BLOCK Brexit as 'public mood can change'
Tony Blair on I had no idea how many immigrants would come in when we opened borders to new EU nations! outrage…
Tony Blair and perfectly represent the system that Bastiat warned us about 150 years ago.
Tony Blair should be tried for crimes against the British people. Nobody has the right to change the face of a nation i…
After being pressed by Tony Blair finally admits that his leadership led to a distrust of Westminster . A rare m…
CRINGE: Tony Blair still talking about Labour campaigning to stay in the EU. So out of touch it hurts!
So. 1000s of opinions against Osborne's appointment. TWO, Sadiq Khan & Tony Blair, who are enthusiastic about it. That's not a…
Blair admits he ‘did NOT KNOW’ how many people would come to the UK after EU expansion
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Tony Blair defending his mate George Osborne shows he may claim to be red on the outside but he's thoroughly blue on the…
WATCH | Blair squirms when asked whether he thinks his deception of the British public led to distrust in politicians.…
Andrew Marr: Article 50 is to be triggered this month and not much can be done to stop this. Tony Blair:
how to put up with watching Tony Blair on TV
I hope someone has the guts to investigate who Tony Blair really represents, because it is definitely not the British people.
Tony Blair really is that stupid,does he realise almost all Labour seats outside London voted Brexit=more UKIP votes h…
In case you are not watching Tony Blair just threw his full support behind Osborne being both an MP & editor of Eve…
I have only one question for Tony Blair: where did all our voters go?
This PLP wants an early general election because will have almost no MPs left. The PLP will become Tony Bla…
Tony Blair is so self involved he has absolutely no idea how much he contributed to the leave EU vote. Cheers Tony.
The Real Reasons the US & UK Invaded Iraq in 2003. Throw Tony Blair in jail for Treason
Labour should offer voters chance to stay in EU if Government fails to secure Brexit trade deal.
"EU enlargement ..was a bipartisan policy..of great benefit to this country". Blair on free movement:
Tony Blair has done more than anyone to help Brexit.His mad immigration policy & refusal to hold a Lisbon vote all…
British people will Uturn on Brexit when they realise what they"ve done, says Tony Blair...
domain names
Note to Tony Blair. The British people U-turned on you a long time ago.
Tony Blair said that his "mission" is to persuade Britons to "rise up" and change their minds on Brexit https:/…
Tony Blair on saying the UK wants to keep mass immigration, totally out of touch we voted Brexit to stop it
Tony Blair admits he 'didn't know the numbers' on EU migration
British game plan in Iraq was, in Tony Blair's words, "[T]he immediate death of significant numbers of Iraqi soldiers -…
Tony Blair did more than anyone to cause Brexit. He should keep quiet about it via
Tony Blair on responds to a question about George Osborne's appointment as editor of the Eve Standard. He's a "highly…
"This is an endeavour of unparalleled complexity" - Tony Blair on .
Tony Blair says he's not going back into frontline politics. At least he has one thing in common with Jeremy Corbyn.
Tony Blair gets the Middle East. George Osborne gets London's newspaper. Don't you just love capitalist democracy?
Tony Blair is only interested in what's good for Tony Blair, any benefit felt by joe public is purely coincidental.
John Major. Gordon Brown. Tony Blair. . All of yesterday's men rally to the stop Brexit cause. Traitors now highly visible.
I'm well aware that many of you hate Tony Blair. I hope you can rise above that feeling and listen to what he's saying ht…
Is there anyone more deluded or out of touch with reality than Tony Blair. You're about as popular in this country as Jimmy Savile.
Tony Blair- snake oil salesman gives his view on Brexit and how you can ignore the result of June 23 rd-
Update your maps at Navteq
Tony Blair still arguing that EU expansion and the mass immigration which came with it were good for the UK. Get a gr…
Shut up and let Tony Blair answer a question.
Tony Blair was not actually convicted of war crimes. He also maintained a deficit lower than Thatcher.
lest we forget, Tony Blair and his government were responsible for the recession and the destruction of many business'
since his organization only exists as Tony Blair's fan club, celebrating Thatcherism.
Only by renewing the centre can we provide a compelling alternative to populism. Tony Blair launches new Institute https:/…
On "FOX & Friends Weekend​," refuted the globalist beliefs of President and Tony Blair.
Owen Jones suffers from a Tony Blair messiah complex in thinking that he and he alone knows what is best for the Labou…
Gordon Brown lied about abolishing boom and bust. Tony Blair about Iraq & tuition fees (twice). It's almost like po…
Tony Blair UK told "get into Commodities Market" where cattle futures fraud, took place. KTS Sarao is Trade La…
The real Blair Witch Project will be when the Corbyn-tariat burn Tony Blair at the stake
You're welcome to ur monuments to death & corporate profits as long as you accept entities like Tony Blair. He pers…
A former adviser to Tony Blair said it was "fair" that self-employed people paid more tax
Bitterness over Tony Blair’s attendance at memorial for Iraq and Afghanistan wars
Tony Blair stirs the pot and hands round begging bowl - One Woman so many blogs
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Anti-Soros backlash? Sounds good to me When will he be arrested with side kick Tony Cottage Blair? Keep naming and shaming t…
It is unbelievable that Tony Blair thought it was appropriate to attend the Iraq/Afghanistan war memorial ceremony today. Crass stupidity
What a 2 faced pillock is Blair, someone should of dragged this scum out with a boot up his rear.
you've got some front Tony Blair showing your face at this event, absolutely shocking!!
Tony Blair should not be allowed to represent our country. He is not our Prime Minister and should be arrested for war crimes!!
This is like Hitler turning up at a Holocaust memorial. Tony Blair should be hiding his head in shame, instead he adds i…
How come Tony Blair gets the grief for invading Iraq but George W Bush is now hero for questioning Trump. It's all about per…
Sickening Tony Blair is at the service for the new memorial to soldiers killed in Iraq & Afghanistan today
Iraq service: Why was Tony Blair given seat ahead of bereaved families?
Grieving families SNUBBED as Corbyn & Blair receive invites to war memorial unveiling
Tony Blair arrives at the Iraq/Afganistan memorial service, a few minutes ago and takes a front seat. This man has the skin…
'Sickening': Anger at Tony Blair's appearance at Iraq War memorial service
Tony Blair 'a disgrace' for attending Queen's unveiling of Afghanistan
This murdering *** is at the service but many bereaved not invited, totally crass insensitivity of 😡😡.
Tony Blair is attending Iraq and Afghanistan memorial services. If he wasn't a Western leader, would he be in the ICC doc…
‘SICKENING’: Backlash as ‘SHAMELESS’ Tony Blair appears at memorial for Iraq War heroes Return to his own crimes.
Unbelievable. Tony Blair sparks furious backlash by attending Iraq and Afghanistan memorial service.
Some Forces families said that Tony Blair’s seat at the memorial should have gone to bereaved parents
Col Kemp says more families should have been invited, but also says Tony Blair SHOULD be there, despite criticism from some r…
Tony Blair is beyond redemption and will never be forgiven for Iraq War lies
It's not just Tony Blair that is responsible for Iraq but the Monarchy, Labour Party, MI6, British Army & media. The ent…
Please RT: Should Tony Blair have gone to the opening of memorial for Iraq War soldiers?. Call 020 38 29 1234.
Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Nick Clegg and (God help us) George Osborne to launch a new pro-EU party? It would never fly!
Lets not forget Tony Blair is a crypto Jew who conned the UK into the Iraq War for the Jews
What is behind Soros cockboy/Arch-Zoggie & WAR CRIMINAL Tony Blair's buttering up of Kushner to be The Don's ME peace e…
Tony Blair says MoS story he's angling to be Trump's Middle East peace envoy is "an invention". but doesn't deny meeti…
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