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Tony Blair

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953) is a British Labour Party politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007. He was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sedgefield from 1983 to 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007. He resigned from all of these positions in June 2007.

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Tony Blair gets the Middle East. George Osborne gets London's newspaper. Don't you just love capitalist democracy?
Is there anyone more deluded or out of touch with reality than Tony Blair. You're about as popular in this country as Jimmy Savile.
Tony Blair was not actually convicted of war crimes. He also maintained a deficit lower than Thatcher.
lest we forget, Tony Blair and his government were responsible for the recession and the destruction of many business'
Only by renewing the centre can we provide a compelling alternative to populism. Tony Blair launches new Institute https:/…
Owen Jones suffers from a Tony Blair messiah complex in thinking that he and he alone knows what is best for the Labou…
Gordon Brown lied about abolishing boom and bust. Tony Blair about Iraq & tuition fees (twice). It's almost like po…
Tony Blair UK told "get into Commodities Market" where cattle futures fraud, took place. KTS Sarao is Trade La…
The real Blair Witch Project will be when the Corbyn-tariat burn Tony Blair at the stake
You're welcome to ur monuments to death & corporate profits as long as you accept entities like Tony Blair. He pers…
A former adviser to Tony Blair said it was "fair" that self-employed people paid more tax
Bitterness over Tony Blair’s attendance at memorial for Iraq and Afghanistan wars
Tony Blair stirs the pot and hands round begging bowl - One Woman so many blogs
Anti-Soros backlash? Sounds good to me When will he be arrested with side kick Tony Cottage Blair? Keep naming and shaming t…
It is unbelievable that Tony Blair thought it was appropriate to attend the Iraq/Afghanistan war memorial ceremony today. Crass stupidity
What a 2 faced pillock is Blair, someone should of dragged this scum out with a boot up his rear.
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you've got some front Tony Blair showing your face at this event, absolutely shocking!!
Tony Blair should not be allowed to represent our country. He is not our Prime Minister and should be arrested for war crimes!!
This is like Hitler turning up at a Holocaust memorial. Tony Blair should be hiding his head in shame, instead he adds i…
How come Tony Blair gets the grief for invading Iraq but George W Bush is now hero for questioning Trump. It's all about per…
Sickening Tony Blair is at the service for the new memorial to soldiers killed in Iraq & Afghanistan today
Iraq service: Why was Tony Blair given seat ahead of bereaved families?
Grieving families SNUBBED as Corbyn & Blair receive invites to war memorial unveiling
Tony Blair arrives at the Iraq/Afganistan memorial service, a few minutes ago and takes a front seat. This man has the skin…
'Sickening': Anger at Tony Blair's appearance at Iraq War memorial service
Tony Blair 'a disgrace' for attending Queen's unveiling of Afghanistan
This murdering *** is at the service but many bereaved not invited, totally crass insensitivity of 😡😡.
Tony Blair is attending Iraq and Afghanistan memorial services. If he wasn't a Western leader, would he be in the ICC doc…
‘SICKENING’: Backlash as ‘SHAMELESS’ Tony Blair appears at memorial for Iraq War heroes Return to his own crimes.
Unbelievable. Tony Blair sparks furious backlash by attending Iraq and Afghanistan memorial service.
Some Forces families said that Tony Blair’s seat at the memorial should have gone to bereaved parents
Col Kemp says more families should have been invited, but also says Tony Blair SHOULD be there, despite criticism from some r…
Tony Blair is beyond redemption and will never be forgiven for Iraq War lies
It's not just Tony Blair that is responsible for Iraq but the Monarchy, Labour Party, MI6, British Army & media. The ent…
Please RT: Should Tony Blair have gone to the opening of memorial for Iraq War soldiers?. Call 020 38 29 1234.
Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Nick Clegg and (God help us) George Osborne to launch a new pro-EU party? It would never fly!
Lets not forget Tony Blair is a crypto Jew who conned the UK into the Iraq War for the Jews
What is behind Soros cockboy/Arch-Zoggie & WAR CRIMINAL Tony Blair's buttering up of Kushner to be The Don's ME peace e…
Tony Blair says MoS story he's angling to be Trump's Middle East peace envoy is "an invention". but doesn't deny meeti…
Meanwhile 's husband Kushner, has been secretly meeting w/ Tony Blair, the globalists who's still fighting Brexit! DISAPPOINTED
Kushner met 3 times with Tony Blair who lurks in Israel on occasion.
Tony Blair denies discussing becoming Donald Trumps adviser on Middle East policies,He does not deny a meeting took…
Adding to what said, it'll rule that Tony Blair, a beloved liberal figure like the Clinton's, will become Kushner's footstool
Tony Blair is a war criminal. If Kushner talked to him, he needs to resign from Trump's advisor position.
Tony Blair's secret White House meeting as he pushes to become Jared Kushner's Middle East adviser
Tony Blair might be about to make the most shocking political comeback in history...
Tony Blair 'seeking to be Trump envoy to Middle East' - Belfast Telegraph
Tony Blair denies he wants to be Trump's Middle East envoy | Politics | The Guardian
Tony Blair meets Jared Kushner 3 times, in possible bid to become Trump's Middle East envoy.
Tony Blair denies pitch to be Trump"s Middle East envoy
Tony Blair denies he wants to become Trump’s Middle East adviser
ha. Tony Blair. Middle East advisor. Wow.That would be something. He's part of the reason why all this Islamic invasion is happening
Tony Blair denies he wants to work for Trump after secret White House meeting Neil Hall/Reuters Pictures. LONDON …
Tony Blair rejects Trump peace envoy claims - Sky News. Fake news from the Mail?
Revealed: Tony Blair 'in secret talks to work for Trump' - Daily Star
Tony Blair and Buzz Aldrin are on campus
Tony Blair today is yet again trying to reverse Brexit. This man has done enough damage to the UK already, he shoul…
Iraq War proponent Tony Blair doesn't like populism
if you want Tony Blair put on trial for crimes against Britain & the British people.His desperate attempt to revers…
Tony Blair giving Ken Loach and Paul Mason the smackdown.
Now I know what would happen if Tony Blair disguised himself as Paul Daniels
The ghastly Tony Blair, worst of the whining remoaners 'I know best...' | UKIP News
I think they mean someone who speaks,looks and acts like Tony Blair but…
Greville Janner, Tony Blair, Madeleine McCann, Margaret Hodge and the VIP child-abuse connection.
**POLL** In your opinion, do you think Tony Blair & Peter Mandelson would be more loyal to a different lefty Labour leader…
John Major joins Tony Blair in warning of the phony promises on Brexit. Sooner or later, voters will realise we are headed…
Blairites blame Jeremy Corbyn for the decline in Labour's working class voters. Rot set in under Tony Blair who lost 4m…
Don’t blame Jeremy Corbyn over Labour’s lack of vision on Europe, Tony Blair is just as much to blame
who does? No one. Why no Tony Blair on your list? What is this "radical profiling"? Who was it Mrs Thatcher was bombing?
Joseph Kabila is the president of DRC, he was placed there by Paul Kagame who is supported by the Clintons and Tony Blair...
Margaret Thatcher was friends with Jimmy As was Tony Blair. . Franklin Scandal tied to Bush Sr.
Well done Tony Blair you freed an gave that suicide bomber 1 million pounds? More blood on your hands
So the Daily Mail is called out for lying, mendacity and hypocrisy by Tony Blair...
The return from exile of Tony Blair is the best indicator, IMO, of establishment elite panic. Keep talking, bucko.
James was floored by what Tony Blair had to say about the Mail attacking him. This was the LBC presenter’s reaction:
Tony Blair points out it wasn’t him that agreed £1m payout for Guantanamo Bay detainee - Theresa May was Home Sec
Me on why Tony Blair's grand coalition won't help Labour out of its hole.
Ahh, the Daily Mail. Dacre's commitment to hating Tony Blair trumps any worries about hypocrisy, truth or decency. Shocki…
Never thought I'd back Tony Blair. . But when it calls out the hypocrisy of the Daily Mail, gan on Tony!
Tony Blair putting the Daily Mail back in its box. Brilliant!
Tony Blair accuses Tories of agreeing £20million payments to Guantanamo Bay detainees via
Much as I don't like him, it seems Tony Blair's learnt his lesson and brought receipts. I celebrate take downs of t…
Tony Blair accusing anybody of hypocrisy is surely hypocritical !
“People in journalism don't even pretend to tell you the truth any more.” James on Tony Blair vs the Daily Mail:
Operation 'Stop Blair' is in full swing. Daily Mail's fictional account of events shows how worried they are of him ht…
Tony Blair is hated universally outside your tiny little London lefty bubble . A repulsive character with no morals.
When you find yourself cheering on Tony Blair cos he's taken down the Daily Mail.
Am actually agreeing with Tony Blair here. Wow
Family of 'IS suicide bomber' says Gitmo 'utterly changed' him - Like We Really Care. Tony the Terrorist mate
Tony Blair insists the Tories authorised £1m payment to ISIS bomber, not him.
Fine response by Tony Blair to "utter hypocrisy" of Daily Mail re Isis suicide bomber released from Gitmo
Jings. Tony Blair doesn't miss the Daily Mail and hit the wall.
Tony Blair vs The Daily Mail, not a difficult one...
Quite the statement by Tony Blair, skewers the Daily Mail for its hypocrisy.
Tony Blair's office has released this statement about former Guantanamo Bay detainee Jamal al-Harith. and the Daily Ma…
Reminder that no one needs that the Daily Mail is an absolute rag with 0 credibility. Tony Blair's statement
Peter Mandelson is a tumour intent on destroying Labour but Tony Blair is the Toxin upon which his cancer feeds
Tony Blair and Bush ! I have entered the world in the wars lost child lost the family to the trash bin of history
As in all cases (ref.Tony Blair), it's the singer not the song. Gore Vidal thought man-boy love a Greek ideal - that was OK!
EU slap down Tony Blair over Brexit & tell him to move on
William Hague blasted Tony Blair for inciting a Brexit revolt and launched a fierce warning of a “bitter and pot...
Fantastic article from on William Hague's selective memory regarding Tony Blair
William Hague slams Tony Blair, instead of answering any of the 48 Brexit questions Blair raised.
William Hague has launched a scathing attack on Tony Blair's call to Brexit opponents to "rise up"
Tony Blair asking us to rise up against Brexit? I think counsel from Lionel Blair would be more intelligent and accurate!
Boris Johnson describes Tony Blair's brexit speech as an insult to the intelligence of the electorate
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
WOW, this has got to be the first time EVER Tony Blair has actually been honest...
Tony Blair led Britain into an illegal occupation of Iraq which led to an entire country's destruction & killed approx 2…
Tony Blair is a Criminal so why do so many in Britain accept the media continuing to give his political opinions such a p…
Tony Blair looks like Greg Graffin watched 'The Ring' video...
Very good. fast track it. Tony Blair could be hauled before the courts over the Iraq War via
People are often surprised when I tell them that Lionel Blair is Tony Blair's dad, but life is full of surprises.
'Tony Blair is right – the public should be allowed to turn its back on Brexit' - The Independent Daily Edition
psycopaths like Tony Blair have no shame or any feelings what's of ever . Thomas Sheridan describes this species exactly
Tony Blair wrote commitment to go to war with the blood of our sons & daughters & the blood of innocent civilians
Saw a clip of Tony Blair. Looking and acting like an aged Elmer Gantry. Let's put him back in his box and out of the public view
Spot the inconsistencies: Tony Blair; Iraq War; Chilcot Inquiry; Truth. He’s well qualified to speak about Brexit!…
Tony Blair is becoming our generation's David Lloyd George, pressing on after Number 10. I personally love it.
Tony Blair has hardened the Brexiteers' hearts today. He may as well have been working for Theresa May
Tony Blair is right about Brexiteers – it's time they changed their minds
Tony Blair is right – Brexiteers shouldn't be afraid to change their minds now it's clear what leaving really means.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jeremy Corbyn is the first Labour leader in decades to represent working class people. Tony Blair disenfranchised them…
Tony Blair's position on Brexit makes a lot of sense - why didn't Jeremy Corbyn take it?
Tony Blair also seems to be asking “Where is Jeremy Corbyn?” and “What is the point of him?”. . Many of us asking that sam…
'Tony Blair is the opposite of Jeremy Corbyn – in integrity, in authenticity and in his commitment to democracy...
Tony Blair blames Jeremy Corbyn and 'savage' eurosceptic media for Brexit
yes Tony Blair is better than Jeremy Corbyn in the sense that Tony is out spoken with fact and evidence to show what he was saying
Tony Blair was backed by people like Rupert Murdoch. Jeremy Corbyn is backed by people like Ken Loach. . Just think abo…
WATCH: Nigel Farage tears into Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn at UKIP's Conference in Bolton.
Tony Blair won three General Elections. You don't want Labour to win a General Election as you support usel…
Tony Blair: "people must rise up against Brexit because if people rise up, the government will listen"
Who does Tony Blair think he is? He deceived us before and now he's lying to the British public again. We're not going…
Whatever you feel about Tony Blair, and yes Iraq will forever stain his reputation, he's a marvellous orator and speaks mu…
Tony Blair, the Iraq War, and the words of mass destruction that continue to deceive:
For the love of god what is Tony Blair doing back in my tv screen.
Tony Blair urges Britain to "rise up" and divert attention from the Chilcot inquiry
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Tony Blair became "special envoy of the quartet in the Middle East" peace keeper after resigning as PM. Pays to be…
Intelligence did 'not justify' Tony Blair going to war in Iraq
Boris Johnson: Voters should 'rise up and turn off the TV' when Tony Blair is on
Boris Johnson urges the British people to "rise up and turn off the TV when Tony Blair next appears"
Johnson who dragooned UK into Brexit on a false prospectus leads Brexit backlash against Tony Blair
Boris Johnson today asked Britons to ignore Tony Blair, because he took the UK into the Iraq War
I can see why Boris Johnson is cross, if he thinks Tony Blair is insulting the intelligence of the electorate. That's his job.
Boris Johnson says that Tony Blair is "insulting the intelligence of the British electorate".
Latest: Boris Johnson crIticises Tony Blair for insulting the British voters' intelligence, saying that's his job.
Boris Johnson will never crit Tony Blair on war crimes arising from his lies about WMDs. They're birds of the same feathe…
My favourite chant of 2016: Tony Blair, War Criminal - the biggest melon we even had as a PM all the rest are...
Brexit Liar Boris Johnson accuses Tony Blair of insulting voters' intelligence about Brexit
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says people should "rise up and turn off the TV" next time Tony Blair comes on
The BBC news has Boris Johnson telling me that Tony Blair is insulting Britons intelligence over Brexit. . Really? Really you…
When the remain camp needed a hero, it got Tony Blair | John Crace
Tony Blair on EU referendum, Chilcot Inquiry and ISIS - BBC News
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair counters demands to have Brexit referendum executed politically:
Blair urges pro-EU Britons to 'rise up' against Brexit. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Friday urged Britons who support the Eu…
I thought it was only Tony Blair's name that made me physically sick, until I remembered you, and farmer Tim
Woo.. Lionel Blair and Tony Blair.. both gracing our screens again. It's like stepping back in time 20 years.
Tony Blair on whether he is the right person to speak out on Brexit
Tony Blair went for 'My shot' and ended up a bit 'Farmer refuted' there
Are you watching Tony Blair live on tv now? There is your all time low Tom.
Tony Blair is like a drunken Uncle at a wedding... "I flove you, Europe...". Sit down Tony, you've had too many...
Tony Blair's spin unspun: the truths and the ones that didn't fit so easily with reality
No matter what you think of Tony Blair, he is 100% right on this. Brexit is a disaster, and if we proceed like this we will…
Never liked Tony Blair. Always preferred his brother, Lionel.
God and George W Bush drove Tony Blair to invade Iraq, ex-PM's biographer claims Don't think God was guilty in this
The Iraq War inquiry has left the door open for Tony Blair to be prosecuted | Joshua Rozenberg
Tony Blair calls for people to 'rise up' against Brexit -
Tony Blair words of wisdom "Brexit. The will of the people must have the right to change their minds".
We rose up against the war. You ignored all 2 million of us. . tells people to ‘rise up’ against Brexit https…
I see Tony Blair is starting to panic that Labour might win Stoke & Copeland so much so that he's tried to sabotage the cam…
Tony Blair crawls out of the gutter to sabotage Labour's two by-elections - both of which are Brexit constituencies htt…
Tony Blair needs arresting, not satisfied with his false war mass murder/treason he's now trying to start a civil war what a ***
To bad my mate Tony Blair could not be here to witness me chopping a head off 😂😂
Everytime Tony Blair says anything. The world be like ... 😅
Tony Blair is like a punch drunk old boxer living in his glory days before the the public wised up to him. Livi…
Blair is making a comeback and that is bad news, says VIRGINIA BLACKBURN
Tony Blair tells Brexit critics: It's 'time to rise up' A bad smell that drifts around
Tony Blair calling for a 'rise up' against Brexit. Disgusting lying narcissistic *** He should be locked up..NOW!
. "This is not the time for retreat, indifference or despair, but the time to rise up in defence of what we believe". https…
Tony Blair is starting to look like Michael Bloomberg
.Patronising and arrogant. Tony Blair could bugger off
‘Britain VOTED for it’ Fury as Tony Blair set to urge pro-Europeans to FIGHT hard Brexit
Families of killed UK soldiers say they have enough evidence to take Tony Blair to court.Good luck to them
Tony Blair to tell Brexit critics: It's 'time to rise up' . Why is he still not in jail???
"Tony Blair will today deliver a call to arms for pro-Europeans in bid to block Brexit" via
"Blair to hint decision to leave could be overturned following second referendum" via
Tony Blair urges Remainers to band together and block Brexit via
Tony Blair should be locked up for war crimes, not trying to reverse the democratic will of the British people
If caller believes Tony Blair has committed War Crimes, then walk into police station and make complaint.
Tomorrow, Tony Blair is going to ask us to 'rise up' against Brexit & overturn the result. I voted Remain, this fool d…
Call to arms by Tony Blair for Remain voters to 'rise up' against Brexit via I warned you about blair
Top story: Tony Blair calls on remainers to 'rise up in defence of our beliefs'… see more
Oh joy, the war criminal is lecturing us about truth & morality again.
old Tony Blair liked a porky or two didn't he yet Labour supporters voted him on 3 times.
Sierra Leone: one place where Tony Blair remains an unquestioned hero
Piers Morgan would let the war criminal Tony Blair finger him!!
Raw debating power. This forgotten footage (2005) of Tony Blair taking down Nigel farage over the EU was perhaps his finest…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
policies are those of Tony Blair, his Education Secretaries, Michael Gove, Tristram Hunt.
Yes look at your all star bench of Nick Clegg, Tim Farron, Dianne Abbott, Tony Blair, Corbyn, need i go on? 😂
Bravo - liberalism needs more Tony Blair and a lot less Trudeau
reassured by the fact that Tony Blair is once again the Prime Minister, I can safely return to sleep x
RIP the tool dependency. Bjoern seems to be inspired by Tony Blair's election 1997 manifesto.
It was definitely Tony Blair at the expense of a real
"England derives more revenue from rock music than from coal." by Tony Blair.
You must have Brexit mixed up with Tony Blair
Stephen is there to offer support on the touch line and strengthen our squad as a whole. . "A real ball player"- Tony Blair . (2/2)
Tony Blair ?? US and UK are both at fault and should pay for war crimes actually!
Donald Trump is the Tony Blair of the US of A
my country elected Tony Blair. More than once. People can be wrong. Trump will be a disaster.
you and Tony Blair should be hanged.
As with all superhero stories the evil arch-villain never really dies but comes back with a vengeance...Here's Tony!
thanks to tony Blair that *** i feel like charlton heston in planet of the ape's
Supported Tony Blair re WMD. Expenses scandals. Doesn't appear to understand his job description though in place since 2009.
Jeremy get your act together or Tony will return and declare himself God Emperor & expect me to be by his side !!!…
"Where were you when...". I was nine when Bush 43 came to power, dingus. And five when Tony Blair became Prime Minister.
Tony Blair blah blah.. its my party.
let's get Tony Blair to the courts and bush responsible for more deaths than hitler and the hateful wold today
Tony Blair resigned and MPs clapped; then Brown and then Cameron. As for today after speaker Bercow's statement, it's clear: we're united!
Do people forget we had Tony Blair, Tony Blair as PM? Lugubrious years indeed.
Didn't Tony Blair say the invasion of Iraq helped create Isis?
Emmanuel Macron is France's Tony Blair. A glib liar peddling a false prospectus: The Third Way should be dead and b…
We know about it. Tony Blair used it. It was an unmitigated disaster.
Murdoch's courtship of Tony Blair finally pays off
First time I remember it was when Tony Blair did his last PMQs and got a standing ovation.
9) Before he left No. 10, Tony Blair stuck a letter opener into the floor. Whoever can remove it is the rightful Pr…
this reminds me of how Tony Blair ruined everything. This is why we should never let the Labour Party win elections
"Leaders lead but in the end it's the people who deliver." -Tony Blair
disappointed couldnt get Tony Blair to double team with Evan Davies, some people don't get how sensible third way is
Europe should have defended itself against a dangerous Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell. Two murderous slugs.
You sure about that? Tony Blair lied about WMD, and illegally invaded a country.
John McTernan - spin doctor to Tony Blair, counsellor to Labour coup plotters, adviser to Owen Smith - welcomes Donald Tr…
The Labour Party under Tony Blair words where "it's time for change."he was not joking,and now this country is fini…
In which the author looks at the last 15 years and draws the lesson: "What we really need right now is Tony Blair"
lol be careful what you wish for pal. Macron is France answer to Tony Blair
yeh yeh you can say that but I want Tony Blair in The Hague being tried for war crimes
How many people was Tony Blair speaking for when he gave up billions of the UK's EU rebate in return for nothing at all, Ala…
Where's Tony Blair gone? He was supposed to be the comeback kid. Probably took a look at the world and shat it
Saw Tony Blair talk on Brexit tonight. Not one mention of sovereignty. And he wonders why UK voted leave?.
that's the same Assad invited to meet the Queen by Tony Blair ?? No mass demonstrations for that
I would say election between Margaret Thatcher and tony Blair
Tony Blair's tour of America, making after dinner speeches, has been thrown into jeopardy It's currently unclear if he ca…
he reminds me a little of a young Tony Blair
The trial of Tony Blair single is now avaiable below.  Pse support this!  (Chilcot Appeal)
Remember Tony Blair's Diana moment? That "just holding it together face" quivering lip. That's what Simon Harris does well
Happy Motivational Monday: "The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes." - Tony Blair
lol i give you an example of the funds given to the nhs under the great health care premier tony Blair being
I swear if Costley gets away with this, I'm gonna get Tony Blair to come and sort him out (Mad Dogs fans will understand)
Did G W Bush visit? You remember the Pres who killed 500,000ish Iraqis along with your pal Tony Blair, but t…
Millions of us knew the Iraq War would be a catastrophe. Why didn’t Tony Blair? Good piece, good album.
"I'll be back." Who does he think he is, Tony Blair?
Jared Kushner is like when Tony Blair became "Middle East Peace envoy"
when Tony Blair did promote there was nothing to be admitted let Afghanistan Lands in by the weapon sales, huh?
Instagram | Tony Blair ... Avoiding war crimes thanks to his party.
HM the Queen has met:. Mugabe. Gerry Adams. King of Saudi Arabia. Martin McGuinness. President of China. Tony Blair. Trump will…
Tony Blair blah blah.. The children of the right.
Parliament's European referendum or early to answer. Catholic immigration and Tony Blair. FC Barcelona.
Two top public schools attended by Prince Charles and Tony Blair are investigated as part of major i...
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Tony Blair was totally vilified for his part in a war on which there was no basis(Iraq),what about other central & subsequent characters?
Never it is better to find and do the obligation thing than to win and do the right thing. - Tony Blair
it all fell apart when the British housewife voted in tony Blair and his ten year open door policy, but he never cared never will !
"A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in...and how many want out." -Tony Blair
The Killing$ of Tony Blair + Q&A in Sunday 5 February 6pm at in Centre. First come first s…
Tony Blair demands we open all borders. Here's *his* front door
Blairites are Tony Blair's very own 'weapons of mass destruction', their aim is to destroy Labour and sabotage Jeremy C…
Trump making G.W. look good. Teresa May seems bent on doing the same for Tony Blair. Why are british pols trying to self destruct.
Andrew Neil at least did not pick like Tony Blair & Peter Mandelson who parachuted them in b4
Exactly, upholding proud traditions of Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson
These are coded as origins in the UK, the old and original one. Former PM Thomas or Tony Blair needs to look in more.
Wish someone looked at me the way Peter Mandelson looks at Tony Blair
If only Alistair Campbell had given that advice to Tony Blair
Tony Blair to blame for Brexit, says Philip Hammond. Read the full story on Sky News here:
Shareholder Lynne de Rothschild was a major donor to the Clinton campaign. Also supports Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson.
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Tony Blair made a terrible mistake (1 of countless mistakes by Blair) by starting devolution
Theresa May is a LIAR just like her predecessor... David Cameron. And why is Tony Blair still walking around in the free world.
It's already privatised, c. ourtesy of Tony Blair and then David Cameron!
Did he actually become PM in the end? All I remember is Tony Blair, then David Cameron.
Tony Blair and David Cameron will have to go into exile next.
Bill Clinton's 'top shelf' antics in the Oval Office didn't seem to put Tony Blair off one bit...
David Lidington is using the hypnosis hand style of Tony Blair to take away from the fact he is talking ***
I agree with you Chris that what needs is another Tony Blair. I'd like to see Chukka Umunna, Dan Jarvis & R…
It's a toss up between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.
Dear Israel, Can you please "take down" Tony Blair and Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron and Ken Clarke and Donald Tusk and Jean Claude Junker
I haven't forgotten! Tony Blair was totally pro PFI too. I asked at the time how this pans out for UK. Hidden costs for tax…
Tony Blair once told Ken Clarke that his goals as PM were to get Britain to love Europe, and Labour to love Mandelson
Sir Ivan was Tony Blair and Ken Clarke's secretary!! He was never, ever, in 10,000 years, going to be +ve about anything brexit
Tony Blair mobilises over £9m of his blood money to remove Jeremy Corbyn [OPINION]
Go speak to George Galloway, despite public donations, he was obliged to sell his home to fund: / Killings of Tony Blair
I'm actually happy with the new definition of Western Elites. It's George W Bush and Tony Blair. I don't like those people either.
During the Iraq War, Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, was regarded as George W Bush's Poodle. Guses who is poodle now
George Michael's 2003 interview with the BBC on Iraq, Palestine and Tony Blair's support of the Bush admin
Very interesting interview with George Michael about Tony Blair & Iraq
How is it Tony Blair and George Bush are not behind bars?
The then Briitish P.M., Tony Blair, in conjunction with the then President, George W. Bush invaded Iraq. Illegally.
There had never been Suicide bombings in Iraq before the illegal invasion. God *** you Tony Blair, God *** you George Bush…
George Michael on Tony Blair, Iraq & UK Media. - "Cool Britannia was a load of *** .
George Michael BBC interview on Tony Blair, Iraq and UK Media - Feb 2003: via
Just goes to show, George Michael was right about Iraq in 2003 and Tony Blair wrong. This was a tough interview...
Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and UK buddy, Tony Blair--all lied. Paul Ryan gets "F" on intelligence test.
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