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Tony Atlas

Anthony White (born April 23, 1954) better known by his ring name Tony Atlas is an American bodybuilder, powerlifter, and professional wrestler who has held multiple titles and championships in each sport.

Rocky Johnson Hillbilly Jim Ron Simmons Hacksaw Jim Duggan Ivan Putski Pat Patterson Howard Finkel Scott Epstein Dusty Rhodes Tony Garea Bruiser Brody Wild Samoans Ric Flair Bruno Sammartino Larry Zbyszko Mark Henry Johnny Rodz

In ICW Pez was running Combs, Ky on sat nite - bob roop called him sat morning-Orndorff bit off tony atlas ear-spot open - pez gone to ATL
Bro, when they lost to Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas, I CRIED! I thought it was real! Litt…
Trump isn't drinking that flavor of kool-aid (Atlas Shrugged) more like Tony Soprano than John Gault
I liked a video 10 minutes of Tony Atlas laughing
Any legends that weren't on the show that Jim expected? Was any of the heat w/…
You mean like how WWE kept giving Tony Atlas a job for years after he continually smoked crack and what not?
...please don't overlook the importance of NOT on top. After all, Atlas has broad shoulders and kno…
Also Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson (yup, the Rock's dad), first black WWF tag team champions back in 1983.
Whenever I watch the Rock I cry loudly for Tony atlas
Meet Tony Atlas with K&S at Legends Pro Wrestling Convention on Saturday, Sept 30 at the MCW Arena Joppa, MD.…
is it true Tony Atlas was to win WWF ic title till he started missing dates due to drug problems?
Meet Road Warrior Animal, Ron Simmons, Tony Atlas and more at Sam's Town in Las Vegas on Sep 23-24!
Tony it's been a real pleasure to follow the Tone up with Tone videos and already I look like Charle…
I wouldn't be surprised if he had said that as well but I remember Tony Atlas saying a veteran said…
Fascinating to see how the gifted but complicated Ravel Morrison does at Atlas in Mexico. His life will make a bizarre fil…
Why didn't Tony Atlas team with Van Hammer as Samba Cybals?
We've pulled together some of our favourite screenshots - check 'em out!
I added a video to a playlist GCW - Ric Flair Tony Atlas Confrontation
I love that IWCCW World Champion Tony Atlas made the cover
Meet WWE Hall of Famers Ron Simmons, Mr. USA Tony Atlas, Road Warrior Animal and more Sep 23-24 in Las Vegas! Info…
Tony, I've been doing your exercises but I do not yet look like Charles Atlas, Why?.
Not to mention Tony atlas, and Rocky Johnson were the first black tag team champs in wwe
Mr. USA Tony Atlas!. He really was Mr. USA, BTW...and along with father, Rocky…
Wrestling with Sin pt. 128 featuring Tony Atlas, Gary Hart, PN News and more
Such an honor meeting Nikita Koloff, , Tony Atlas and The Barbarian today. Thank you all so much!
the only thing worse than that decision- Tony Atlas doesn't STFU for 2 secs. Would have liked to hear Tim Bradley a little...
The participants for the battle royal: Jimbo Covert, Pedro Morales, Tony Atlas, Ted Arcidi...
Saw him fight the likes of Ivan Putski & Tony Atlas in the Atlantic City Convention Hall as a kid. .
Completely forgot Tony Atlas was Mark Henry's manager for awhile.
Helping commemorate 75 yrs of the Airborne Brigade. Looking forward to supporting with Atlas
pictured here: 1 of the strongest men in the world, american hero, pioneer African American w/ my buddy Tony Atlas. http…
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exactly the way I remember you. The original Tony Atlas of LHS.
Tomorrow on a edition of Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling we are joined by WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas and...
Had a job as bouncer (crowd control) at the Capital Centre in MD. Escorted WWE wrestlers to the ring. (i.e. Greg Valentine, Tony Atlas, etc)
After the stuff that's come out today and what Tony Atlas said on his it's hard not to l…
Tony Atlas would have been my pick.
Sounds like something Tony Atlas would be into lol.
I mean God forbid someone should earn more than a nurse or a soldier. Using that argument will always get a Tony Atlas laugh from me
Tony Atlas vs. Mark Briscoe in a Match To Debut a New Championship at Mall of America
Kurt Angle will be at .Salute to Wrestling on Feb.19. He joins The Godfather & Tony Atlas.
Our 2016 Wrestler of the Year goes to Tony Atlas Greatest tag team in the history of wrestling was Ton…
Meet WWE Hall Of Famer Tony Atlas in Winston Salem, NC on 1/28 at thanks to
Ole & Stan both made handful of appearances here in early '78. Tony Atlas was known as Black Atlas under the hood around 77ish.
Do you know if they were using GCW as headliners on a regular basis or a one off deal? And *** with Black Tony Atlas?
1990, Titan Tower:. Pat Patterson:There are criticisms that we're racially insensitive, Boss. . Vince:We're gonna rename Tony Atlas Saba Simba
2/2 Tony Atlas was from here, so everyone knew him as "Tony White".
Tony Atlas is coming to Frankies East side Gourmet Jan 21 from 12-2pm for a special meet and greet. Now that is...
Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson. 14x17 in charcoal. Prints available .
Did you get Mid-Atlantic Wrestling on TV as a kid? The Andersons, Chief Wahoo McDaniel, Black Jack Mulligan, Tony Atlas...
to dig up Hakushi from the NWA banner with Warlord, Barbarian, Jim Neidhart, Papa Shango and Tony Atlas among others.
Watching the last ep of ECW. I miss Abraham Washington/Tony Atlas. What a segment.
[Takes sip of smoothie directly from blender] [Pause] Tony Atlas is an *** - Rowdy Roddy Piper
As long as Tony Atlas and Tommy Wildfire Rich are there.
Clearly Mr USA Tony Atlas will win the Andre the Giant battle royal this year, him or Kamala
Bodybuilder Tony Atlas, "Protein is essential before & after workout to stimulate protein synthesis and mass gain."
Tony Atlas has a trample fetish. Honestly I have no problem with it.
"Hi, I'm Tony Stark. Let me ask you something. Did you ever read Atlas Shrugged?". *SCREAMING INTENSIFIES*
Tony Atlas is your friend. Give Hulk another chance.
Shot an interesting interview with Mr USA Tony Atlas about his career
📷 rocknwrestling: Tony Atlas and Wildfire Tommy Rich with a young fan and the NWA Georgia tag team...
Tony Little was the Gazelle guy, Tony Atlas was a Pro Wrestler/Bodybuilder
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Atlas' ear cup? Hogan swiped it. Shrugged off putting his car seat forward,. so legroom-deprived Orndorff bit. Tony's ear an…
I liked a video Tony Atlas Pitches Bizarre Foot Angle with Natalya
.won the WWE Title 15 years to the day that his father and Tony Atlas won the WWE Tag Titles.
I'm gonna ask hacksaw 2 questions at wrestlecon this year can I hold his 2x4 and does he like Tony atlas?
C Dukes,. today's agenda on day 3 for Falcons FA safety,Iet's persue Reggie "Nasty" Nelson or Tony "Atlas" Jefferson LOL.
We should get Tony to give us a list of all the furry harassers and shame them for trying to ruin the good rep we've been trying to build!
Add in Tony Atlas and I won't miss a second.
Mr. USA Tony Atlas endorses Donald Trump for President of the United States
You wouldn't choose Tony Atlas in the Hogan scenario? Apparently he's a foot guy, could be interesting.
Over a few weeks passed from one wrestler to the next, I finally got this...thank you Tony Atlas.
Hillbilly Jim, Tony Atlas or The Iron Sheik to win the Battle Royal!!
nope but we were right next to Tony Atlas who LOVES Donald Trump!
Andre, Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas beat The Wild Samoans in six-man Tage action, according to history of the WWE website.
Im watching Selma. You should be too. In Tribute to Bad News Brown, Junkyard Dog, Tony Atlas, wait he's still alive. KoKo?
AWF from 1995 with all your favorite stars like Nailz, Tito Santana, Koko B. Ware, Hercules and Mr. USA Tony Atlas its FANTASTIC
Tony Stark hits the jackpot as brings Mary Jane Watson to Invincible
This week's PEN Atlas, from rural 'Far From Pompeii' by Susana Moreira Marques
*** please, take a couple Instagram pics in the gym and you Tony Atlas now? 😂😂😭
Sometimes I feel like the statue of Tony Atlas,with the weight of the whole world on my shoulders. Mentoring is an exhausting business.
I liked a video Tony Atlas shoots on CM Punk
Blobby being a new pokemon was what completely blew this post. It's so obviously related to Zygarde.
I just seenapsed Tony the Tiger & Charles Atlas. What will you connect?
and Tony Atlas will forget everything, just ask Bruiser Brodie... Oh wait.
It's ok, I've had a nice run. Got to know THE a little. Good enough.
Plus Tony Atlas drew his own game card.
Hah! Sorta like the before and after in those Tony Atlas ads in the comic books! :P (Sorry, had to)
what's going on Jenn? I'm wrestling Tony Atlas this Saturday!
TMZ: WWE Hall of Famer, Tony Atlas, wants to wrestle WHERE?
Happy 50th Birthday to very own Have a great day Tony!!
Atlas Shrugged is actually the autobiography of Tony Atlas.
I liked a video from Pokemon Reborn Livestream Highlight: Shiny Froakie Reaction!
An off season pic of back in the day wrestling under the name Tony Atlas
On this day in September 3, 1982~ Tony Atlas defeats The Mongolian Stomper for the SCW Southwest Brass Knuckles Title
Hawkeyes strong the Tony Atlas.
sometimes racism goes unchecked. Like when the boss does it to give Tony Atlas a job. Or One Man Gang a fresh act.
That moment when, ehehe.. ehehe.. Tony Atlas laugh
Who else did you have fights with back in the day besides Vader and, Tony Atlas. I heard you whipped them both?
Tony Atlas already told the truth, but people wanted to call him crazy. Weird how his story matched others.
it sounded like Tony Atlas laughing lmao
he reminded me of Tony Atlas when he laughs
Vinny Mac is as racist as it comes. Anytime you take Tony Atlas & bring him back as "Saba Simba", you pretty much are telling on yourself.
I liked a video Hulk Hogan starts feud with Tony Atlas
just reminded me that Tony Atlas witnessed Bruiser Brody's death or at least the aftermath of it. That's messed up
I saw an excerpt from Tony Atlas' book today that alleged he was "out of his mind" on cocaine at time of incident.
not sure how much you can see? I thought the ring and atlas machines etc were sealed off?
he really thought Yokozuna was asian, tony atlas was a real savage african, akeem a black guy etc...
Atlas V launch from Cape Canaveral this morning. It was seen as far south as Miami and Key West.
teddy is my second favorite atlas. Behind Tony.
.just hipped me to this: Passage from Tony Atlas’s book on the death of Nancy Argentino. CC:
Hate her more than Amy Schumer, AJ Lee and Tony Atlas combined. That says alot if i put AJ Lee
It's got Tony Atlas-led ECW Murder Guy Mark Henry and the best match of 2008 so yes.
2/ and don't get me started on Michael Hayes and his rap sheet of racism. Not to mention turning Tony Atlas into a literal spearchucker plus
Even more racist than Akeem the African Dream and Tony Atlas being turned into Saba Simba! I will fight for you, Ron Funches!!!
This is a "Dream Match" as Tony Atlas and Junkyard Dog team up to face the legendary tag-team of Tully Blanchard...
Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson are not the first African American tag champs. Why? Rocky Johnson is from Nova Scotia
Cactus Jack, Barbarian and Tony Atlas (for some reason) against Ron Simmons and a debuting 2 Cold Scorpio.
36 years ago tonight in NC: Tony Atlas vs Ernie Ladd! See more at
On this day in April 8, 1984~ Tony Garea and René Goulet fought to a draw. Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson defeated The Wild Samoans
I'd peg Tim as more of a Chief Wahoo McDaniel than Rocky. Unless he's Tony Atlas!
The Legends of Wrestling with Tony Atlas, Teddy Long, JR, Dusty Rhodes, and Bill Watts on the right now is great stuff 👌
Let Tony Atlas be the only guy to interview the Bellas.
Wow! Tony Atlas ever ticked off Hacksaw. This is the first time I saw him this mad.
That is funny that Tony Atlas wants to get a Spray Tan. Funny thing is he is Black lol.
Tony Atlas looks like he going to beat the heck out of someone right now.
Tony Atlas's laugh sounds just like Fat Albert's laugh lol.
I think Tony Atlas is having way too much fun with the Rubber Ducks and the Pink Flamingos lol.
Tony Atlas saying sorry to a horse. First time I saw someone say sorry to an animal before lol.
Being from San Antonio has never been cool than when meeting drunk French peeps who say "OH!! TONY PARKER!!" & treat you like a lost brother
Bruh, I abhor Tequila. The worm in my bottle came with Tony Atlas arms which he used on my head the next morning.
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If Tony Atlas was a drummer in a band, would his name be Samba Cymbals?
CM Punk signed to UFC and I haven't read one Tony Atlas taping your wrists reference.
I have been a fan since your father and Tony atlas won the Tag Team championship! What inspired you to enter the wrestling world?
a real ECW crowd wouldn't care about Tony Atlas... this ECW crowd doesn't care... it's okay but his laugh is amazing
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Little Giant Ladders
Just saw your dad and Tony Atlas when they beat the Wild Samoans on the great to watch awesome moments like this
Eugenie Sandow Sets Modern Stage. While some of the most popular bodybuilders remain Tony Atlas, Steve Reeves, Reg...
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lol...Tony Atlas told me the same thing almost verbatim
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"The Perfect Owner" Jason Smith is saying that he will hand-select an opponent for Mr. USA Tony Atlas on December...
For all you old WWF fans w/ Nikolai Volkoff and Tony Atlas at Youth Alliance
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6 years ago today on ECW from Bridgeport,CT & Tony Atlas def. Finlay &
Sometimes it's not healthy to let your dreams spill over into ... More for Libra
I have met others over the years Bret Hart, Tony Atlas, The Freebirds, One Man Gang
No he was not. Tony Atlas was a tag team champion in the 80s. Know your history.
ALL my wrestling needs? . Can you get me a picture of Tony Atlas being walked on by a lady?
Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas vs. The Wild Samoans on Gotta love the
Idk y I keep doing this too myself smh Lord I need your help!!!
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Tony Abbott promised the world and delivered an atlas.
Still cant get over the fact that i work out at the same gym as WWE's Tony Atlas!!!
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It is a selfie WITHOUT having to show their face, hair, bodies, etc. And they know some dudes have a foot fetish. See Tony Atlas.
A brilliant interview with Per Petterson from our friends I Refuse is out now!
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Tony Paige gets going after Devils postgame..& Teddy Atlas all join Tony on till 2am
I'm hungry but I don't want no fast food I'm trying 2 lose about 15 to 25 more lbs
Know someone who's working this weekend? Tag 'em!
Wow! I just won this for free, MACMILLAN FIRST ATLAS written by NICOLA WRIGHT,TONY POTTER, etc
Current mood: [Link to a YouTube video depicting Tony Atlas laughing hysterically at somebody.]
The Tag Team of the day is Mr. USA Tony Atlas & Rocky "Soul Man"Johnson
Met Tony Atlas over the weekend... He asked me what my goals were. I told him I didn't care about abs…
My team is putting a few games together for fun - outside of our education games - I'll keep you posted & welcome feedback! Tony
Tony Atlas would also work considering his roots in the Dirty Lew.
36 years ago today on this date: Ken Patera defeated Tony Atlas to win the Mid-Atlantic title in Greensboro, N.C.
I liked a video Raw: The Hart Dynasty and Yoshi Tatsu meet Tony Atlas
I've never felt so small. Photo from the IPCPR tradeshow with Tony Atlas, Danny Marshall and John Starks.
No different than me mentioning Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas being the first ever African American tag champs or Ron Simmons.
According to Mean Gene, Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson couldn't stand each other. 1st black tag team champs.
There's a mix of celebs here at the show: John Starks , Armand Assante, Tony Atlas. Tony is huge.
Ron Simmons, Tony Atlas, Ahmed Johnson, Shelton Benjamin, Mark Henry. Any could have been given the chance.
- WWF didn't win Monday Night War by reenergizing audience with Bob Backlund or Tony Atlas, it was with new acts.
- A Legends of Wrestling roundtable with Dusty Rhodes, Tony Atlas, Cowboy Bill Watts, Theodore Long and host Jim Ross discussing The Soul of Wrestling will premiere on the WWE Network feed this Friday night at 8pm EST.
Big E with Tony Atlas & Hacksaw Jim Duggan as his managers
WWF Wrestling Results from Philadelphia P.A. the Spectrum , June 21, 1980 (10.735) Rick McGraw defeated Frank Savage at 8:51 , Larry Sharpe defeated Johnny Rodz at 4;31, Rene Goulet defeated Tor Kamata by disqualification after Kamata threw salt in Goulet's eyes at 5:57, Larry Zbyszko defeated Ivan Putski by countout ( I have one Zbyszko vs Putski match on VHS, where Putski completely overpowered Zbyszko, but Zbyszko got a cheap countout win, as Putski had Zbyszko in bearhug, on ring apron, he was given a fast count,) WWF I.C.Champion Ken Patera defeated Bob Backlund by disqualification at 25:28 ) Backlund loses to Patera by disqualification, what did Backlund do ?) The WWF Tag Team Champions the Wild Samoans and Captain Lou Albano defeated Dominic Denucci, Gorilla Monsoon and Pat Patterson 2 falls to 1 ,fall one Patterson pins Afa at 10:27, fall two,Afa pins Patterson at 3:29, in fall three,Afa pins Denucci at 3:01, (Never saw this match, sounds like a classic ) Tony Atlas defeated Bobby Duncum at 9:23 . ...
Watching Legends House.feel bad 4 Tony Atlas getting buried by everybody. ony is a nice guy.Buck Zumhoff should have hidden out in the house
Pre-Orders to meet Tony Garea and Tony Atlas at the New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame FanFest in Warwick RI...
I'm laughing so hard about Tony Atlas 😂😂 he's so funny!
U and Pipes new show with Tony Atlas as the maid!
That weird thing where Tony Atlas wrestles a match with a woman where she's punching him for real...
Ricky The Dragon Steamboat, the raging bull Manny Fernandez, Tony Atlas, I could go on and on, have to stop myself
possibly the first time "Workrate" and "Tony Atlas" have been brought up in the same breath.
Vinnie Vegas vs. Mr. "I Love Feet" Tony Atlas in a Arm Wrestling match.
June 21 we will be in Warwick RI for with Pete Gas, Tony Garea & Tony Atlas.
If that Legends House season two list I saw is accurate, Sid will be that season's Tony Atlas
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How are you going to explain to kids why the Atlas has changed, Tony?
The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) has published analyses on 9 types of cancer, including bladder cancer:
Watching Legends House handbills gotta say this show isn't bad..Piper is a nut and Tony Atlas laugh will make u...
Tony Atlas in the gym with a cigar in the y taking a photoshoot. . .
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Well now I'm hooked on Legend's House. Heard Tony Atlas was awesome, and I think so far he's stealing the show.
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Wishn Tony Atlas plz Shut up him talk too much during fight!
That's how they do it in wwe just ask tony atlas as saba samba or tito Santana as the matador or terry taylor as the red rooster
I just laughed so hard I sounded like Tony Atlas.
.Fact: Today in 2009, Tony Atlas competed in his last (most recent) match when he lost to on
"You know the last guy is gonna be Tony Atlas" - Mrs. Gator on MITB qualifying
Just wait until Tony Atlas admits his foot fetish actually extends to a penchant for crush videos.
- It happens immediately after Tony Atlas reveals that he's black and Gene and Fink confess that they are bald.
I thought it was Tony Atlas. Crap. I'm totally lost now.
Huh huh Steph made me do the Tony Atlas laugh on that 1
bittersweet memories from and Tony Atlas :(
Congrats to Fractured Atlas member Steven Lutvak for winning a Tony last night for
Shut up, idiotic comedy dude. Tony Atlas laughing is never a bad thing.
Tony Atlas, profound fan of feet as well as apparently the old "Put Shoe on Head" fad -
I would pay Hogan to draw Tony Atlas
man I knew tony atlas was crazy, his laugh just gives it off
did you see this JR: WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas -- I Wanna Wrestle in North Korea -
Watching the from the home of a Tony winner who doubles as my boss.
You mean that isn't a photo from Tony Atlas's baby album?
Tony Atlas. He has his own awards show now. It's great television.
The roast was ok. Piper, Duggan, and Tony Atlas were the best ones. Jimmy Hart and Howard Finkel were bad but Hart was worse.
"Make fun of yourself, don't make fun of other people." - Tony Atlas
love how Tony Atlas always wearing a fanny pack on legends house!
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Drink every time Mean Gene makes a creepy old man comment, Tony Atlas shoe fetish comes up, or a vague Pat Patterson *** reference is made.
Tony Atlas got that Jesus piece like he’s a rapper from 1998.
Give a follow. I just shared Tony Atlas vs. The Barbarian for heaven's sake! Worth it!
I do love the intros for the first episode. Tony Atlas "I'm best remembered for body slamming Hulk Hogan." Are you?
lol. Dinner is always an ordeal. Tony Atlas made chitlins and nobody wanted it.
NO ATLAS 'REPLY & REPLY' - EP is AVAILABLE NOW. Photo by Tony Hutchings
HHH's presence is felt everywhere in the WWE. . Tony Atlas has worn that HHH shirt at least twice on Legends House already.
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Tony Atlas is fit for a 70 year old! .
Oh god, I just started laughing like Tony Atlas.
"Jim Duggan is so dumb he was once considered the white Tony Atlas" - BEST JOKE EVAAAH
great The Soul Patrol formed by Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson the father of
do u think tony atlas could help Lebron
Tony Atlas and Andre The Giant vs Cowboy Bill Watts and Dusty Rhodes. You make the call!
Legends House - where you can watch Tony Atlas joke about bending Pat Patterson over and giving him his large black member. Sauce it!
Decided to check out some Pro Wrestling. Tito Santana, Tony Atlas, Teddy Hart, Nicole Bass and more — at Jersey...
Somewhere, Tony Atlas and Hillbilly Jim want to eat that tail..
Seriously with the pickled pig feet, Tony Atlas & Hillbilly Jim? Ewww. Makes my stomach turn.
.& Clem need to sit down to a nice southern meal cooked by residents Hillbilly Jim & Tony Atlas.
Tony Atlas is the best on there. "Rodney Piper." Hillbilly Jim doing yoga where hes doing headstands is also a highlight.
Watching WWE Legends and Hacksaw Jim Duggan is sitting on the couch next to Tony Atlas. In the somewhat believable world of wrestling , two people that are supposed to hate each other aren't supposed to sit next to each other on a!
Hacksaw Jim Duggan n Tony Atlas massage at the same time
nice. my friend meet his dad Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas. it was cool.
"Speaking of feet, Tony Atlas is an *** good quote
Tony Atlas is like one of the most temperamental human beings ever.
I'll pay good money to see Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Tony Atlas in a street brawl at PLEASE!? :)
I had her name all of them. She missed Tony Atlas, Hillbilly Jim, and Howard Finkel, but got the rest.
Need to watch Legend's House to see if Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Tony Atlas come to blows.
I've been watching The Legends House and I have come to the conclusion that I really do not like Tony Atlas. Always complaining. I expect the race card to come out soon..
watching WWE Legends House... stupid show, but great seeing Tony Atlas. He is hilarious!
Why does it sound like Tony Atlas has been trying to get hotdog casing out of his teeth for thirty years?
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Howard Finkel, Roddy Piper, Tony Atlas and Hillbilly Jim talk about what they miss most...
Also just to mention i've watched the latest Legends House, Tony Atlas steals the show in this episode and then Howard Finkel
Tony Atlas talks Warrior, Bruiser Brody, Scott Epstein, Legends House, & much more at the Apter Chat...
Tony Atlas chats with Bill Apter about a variety of subjects close to his heart -- Bruiser Brody, The Ultmate...
31 YEARS AGO TODAY: GCW @ Atlanta, GA - WTBS Studios - April 9, 1983 (matinee) World Championship Wrestling - 4/9/83 - hosted by Gordon Solie; included interviews with Tommy Rich, Tony Atlas, Killer Brooks & Buzz Sawyer, NWA National Heavyweight Champion Larry Zybszko, *** Murdoch, Paul Ellering & Gen. Homer O'Dell, Rich & Murdoch, and live event news from Freddie Miller; featured a pre-recorded promo by Dusty Rhodes & Murdoch in which they said the Texas Outlaws were back together and going after the Iron Sheik & Ivan Koloff in a double bullrope match; included a promo by NWA World Champion Ric Flair & Sawyer in which Flair said Sawyer was his close, personal friend and would be soon facing Tony Atlas: Tony Atlas pinned Deke Rivers with the gorilla press / splash combo Brett Wayne defeated Jim Smith via submission with the figure-4 Arn Anderson & Matt Borne (w/ Paul Ellering) defeated Tony Zane & Mike Starbuck when Borne pinned Starbuck with a sit-down splash off the top Tommy Rich defeated Killer Brook ...
Hi all! Just wanted to share this great interview with WGD Weekly with Steve and the Scum featuring B.Brian Blair! Hear Brian talk in this fantastic hour plus long interview about his beginning training with Hiro Matsuda in Florida, his time in Kansas City, World Class Championship Wrestling, stops in the NWA, as well as his two runs in the WWF. Blair discusses his longtime friendships with Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorff, as well as his time working with countless legendary personalities including his Killer Bee partner, Jim Brunzell, Jesse Ventura, Bruiser Brody, Tony Atlas, Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart, Vince McMahon Sr, George Scott, Vince McMahon, Jr., Nikolai Volkoff, and more. Also hear him discuss the horrible boating accident involving Brutus Beefcake and the long standing "heat" between himself and the Iron Sheik! Hope you enjoy!
Black History Month continues with the original African American Tag Team Champions, Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson! This was truly a moment for AfroMericans everywhere as it was rare for black men to even get a chance like this even in those times. The Shield gang up on Ambrose! He leaves and the Wyatt's soon follow. Roman calls out Bray to a one on one match! He calls him a interesting creature and he accepts! We see our Raw Panel as Ric Flair and Booker T talk about the upcoming matches, Roman vs Bray saying it will be a popcorn match! FLAIR IS GOING CRAZY OVER DANIEL BRYAN! WO! Speaking of Bryan, he is in the ring and he will face Kane up next - AE
Josh Mathews said Ric Flair was the only 2 time Hall of Famer. That was true up until this year, as both Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas become 2 time Hall of Famers. They were both inducted individually in the past. The funny thing is that they just showed the video package for their induction as a tag team right before the camera cut to Josh Mathews and he started talking. Come on WWE lol.
Black History Month: As a up and rising wrestler I had to tell you who I think about when February come around. Black wrestler who made it possible for other black wrestlers to follow their dreams. People like Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas first black tag team champion. Bobo Brazil who broke barriers wrestling in front of whit crowd. Ron Simmons first WcW world champion. Booker T and Stevie Ray and other black wrestlers. I thank all of you for building the road for wrestlers like me. If y'all didn't follow your dreams black wrestlers would have not been recognized. In honor of Black History Month we all thank you. wrestling role models.
I'll be honest, Ron Simmons, Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson, JYD, and Butch Reed all deserve to be inb4
Ivan Koloff, Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas will be signing at the Wrestling Universe store in Flushing, NY on 4/12 at 3 PM.
Wrasslin fans, follow the account to relive many black history moments in pro wrestling. Clips of Rocky Johnson, Tony Atlas,...
This next one will show me a lot about the voting. Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas versus The Spirit Squad. If you don't know YouTube is always helpful...
Tony Atlas hides money from himself..I hide energy drinks from myself so I don't drink them. But I found one in my room lets start the day!!
The Wild Samoans and High Chief Peter Maivia take on Pat Patterson, Tony Atlas, and Ivan Putski in a two out of three falls match. May 19, 1980 in Madison Square Garden.
Saw you & Big John Studd crush Tony Atlas & Ted Arcidi at the Cap Centre back in the 80s. Thanks for the memories!
The seventh match of Wrestlemania 2 from the Rosemont Horizon was a 20 man battle royal. The battle royal actually featured professional football players as well as WWF Superstars. The NFL players were Jimbo Covert, Bill Fralic, Russ Francis, Ernie Holmes, Harvey Martin and William "The Refrigerator" Perry, while WWF stars included André the Giant, Ted Arcidi, Tony Atlas, The Hart Foundation (Bret "Hitman" Hart and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart), The Killer Bees (B. Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell), Hillbilly Jim, The Iron Sheik, King Tonga, Pedro Morales, Bruno Sammartino, Danny Spivey and Big John Studd. Highlights of the match included seeing former champs Morales and Sammartino get into a noticeable tiff as well as William Perry eliminating Big John Studd after being eliminated himself by offering a handshake to Studd and pulling him out of the ring. It may have been accidental but the match really demonstrated the past as well as the future of the WWF. The last two men in the ring were Andre the Giant and . ...
All those names for MLK Day & still and not 1 mention of Bobo Brazil, Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson, The Rock or Ron Simmons..again, *** ?
WWF @ Pittsburgh, PA - Civic Arena - February 24, 1984 (18,000; sell out) Charlie Fulton pinned Bill Dixon at 6:20 with a sunset flip Samula pinned Ken Jugan at 7:32 with a headbutt Paul Orndorff pinned Eddie Gilbert at 15:20 with a piledriver Roddy Piper & David Schultz defeated Tony Garea & Johnny DeFazio at 12:43 when DeFazio submitted to Piper's sleeper Andre the Giant, Tony Atlas, & Rocky Johnson defeated the Wild Samoans & Sgt. Slaughter at 8:45 when Andre pinned Afa with a sit-down splash after Slaughter clotheslined his own partner after Afa pushed Slaughter for accidentally hitting Sika moments earlier when Andre moved out of the way Ivan Putski defeated Don Muraco via count-out at 9:26 when Muraco left ringside after being hit with the Polish Hammer WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned the Iron Sheik at 6:35 with the legdrop
Coming in April: WWE Legends House — WWE’s greatest Legends reunite for a new title – only this time, they’re competing outside of the ring. Imagine a beautiful house in the suburbs – perfectly furnished, with gorgeous landscaping, a lovely pool and quiet, respectable neighbors. WWE Superstars from the past including "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Tony Atlas and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan will turn the neighborhood upside down as the house staff tries their best to keep these Legends on time, on speaking terms, and out of trouble in this new reality show.
WWE Network will also feature Reality TV Legends House...8 legends living in the same house and how their worlds collide...including Rowdy Roddy Piper..Mean Gene Okerlund...Hacksaw Jim Duggan...and Tony Atlas
Finished reading Tietam Brown I got as a christmas present. Great read. Couldn't help but picture Eddie Edwards as Tony Atlas
Don't miss IWE as the Tour rolls in to Brewer this Saturday for Night 2 of the 3 day anniversary tour featuring: "Your Hero" Shane Marvel defends his newly won IWE Heavyweight Championship against Former WWE/ECW Superstar & Former IWE Heavyweight Champion, Justin Credible and "The Concept" Johnny Miyagi is BANNED from ringside! How much will Miyagi's absence factor in the match? Will Marvel still walk out IWE Champion or can Credible regain the title and become a 3x IWE Champion? Not only former tag partners, not only former IWE Tag Team Champions, but brothers will collide in a heated and personal grudge match where the loser must leave the IWE! Power Glove Johnny Primer collides with his brother Joey Primer. Which Primer will win and keep his contract? And which Primer will be forced to hit the unemployment line? We will also see the first ever IWE Tag Team Gauntlet to determine the new IWE Tag Team Champions! Also featuring: WWE Hall Of Famer "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas, "Old School" Eric Atlas, "The Concept" ...
I would like to see The Rock's father, Rocky Johnson tonight or even Tony Atlas.
Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson Vs The Road Warriors Who would win Ashon King... please do not start posting wrestlers and over flow the group with post and kill it like you did the SuperHero
When World Wrestling Federation superstars "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas and "Soul Man" Rocky Johnson (as in the father of the most electrifying man in sports-entertainment...) were put together as a tag te...
Wrestling Personallity Scott Epstein was killed the morning of the 27th by a car crash. exert from the article... Scott Epstein, a mainstay in the wrestling community in the New York City market, was killed in an automobile accident early Friday morning. New York Newsday reports that his car hit a tree around 1:20 a.m. near his East Rockaway, N.Y. home. Epstein was a crucial figure in the 1970s for developing the bridge between the big muscle builders of the time and professional wrestling. He has worked with clients such as Superstar Billy Graham, Bruno Sammartino, Tony Atlas and many other over his career, bringing the two worlds together utilizing larger than life personalities. As a writer for Main Event and Ring Wrestling, he was able to utilize the contacts he established to help propel some of these men to superstar status in the ’70s. As WWE became bigger as the decades progressed, he mainly worked the independent scene as a vendor or photographer, and continued to do so until his untimely death ...
He has had it all except the one thing that matters and that is jesus as his savior
Man. I'm only like 50 pages into Tony Atlas' autobiography and by God it's good. Can't believe it's taken me this long to get round to it.
Tony Atlas on buying a ticket to see himself wrestle:. "During that time [First six months of his career], a...
Got to the building early to find Tony Atlas beating off in the corner while looking at foot pics on his cellaphone.
Tony Atlas - "I hear people talk about how we've lost our moral values. In my opinion, people didn't have many...
met Koko B. Ware, Tony Atlas, Nunzio, Mr. Backlund & countless others. Did some amazing things too. I got to manage
 I got into indie pro wrestling back in '89 or '90, something like that.  I was the Features Editor & Writer for Entertainment Talent Magazine a couple three years before that and had been doing freelance writing ever since when I met the Dutchess Katina Fletcher.  At the time she was the valet for ICW Champion Tony Atlas.  A beautiful blue eyed blonde who just looked like a wrestling valet. She was sitting outside of the Marriott Hotel Bar by the Phialdelphia Airport.  It was the local hangout for the boys form the WWF before and after a show at the Spectrum. Me being nosey by nature, I had to know if I was right so I went up and asked her if she was in fact, a pro wrestling valet.  Not to my suprise, she said yes.  I then introduced myself as a free lance and asked her if I could do a story about her and her experiences so far.  She said that didn't think that she would a very interesting interview but that I should talk to her mother who was an indie promoter in New Jersey.  We did the interv ...
R.I.P. Scott Epstein When wrestling agent, indy manager and Pastor Bobby Reidel Instant Messaged me this morning, “Did you hear the news?” I braced myself. For anyone involved as long and heavily as myself in the often grim world of pro wrestling knew exactly what was coming next. Picking up the phone, I guessed at which one of our heroes had left us too soon. For weren’t there 200 or so wrestlers who had died before the age of 50 from the “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll” wrestling lifestyle? Clutching the phone I immediately said, “Who died?” without even bothering with the obligatory “hello.” “Scott Epstein,” he said. “No!” I shrieked, leaning against the living room wall as my wife looked on in concern. “Is it an Internet rumor?” I hoped against hope. “Confirmed” Bobby said with the finality I dreaded. “He just called me the other week,” I responded robotically. “He wanted to catch up and grab some dinner one night.” I felt an odd sense of guilt- almost like I wa ...
OK, here goes (sent to the Republican on Sept 30th): In light of the most recent Zimmerman verdict and Obama's comment "It could have been me," I'd like to share some personal experiences and memories as well as present and future insights. Prior to entering the former William Whiting School in Holyoke (where a strap-wielding principal and a baby table actually existed), my twin brother and I through financial support were among a few blacks who attended a school operated by Smith College in Northampton (Couldn't quite fathom the magnitude of passing a first-grade aptitude test at four). I wonder: were we exceptions? Both during my elementary and middle school years, I heard jabs and quips such as "doof", "spaghetti legs" and "toothpick." For a brief time in eighth grade I rolled my pants legs above the ankle to imitate Fred Berry (Rerun in "What's Happening"). As a young adult working at the former Holyoke Mall Cinemas I even heard "gus." Even at the former Super Stop & Shop in Holyoke, a redemption cle ...
Count the racisms in this promo - GCW - Ric Flair Tony Atlas Confrontation:
I just got some very sad news. My friend Scott Epstein passed away this morning. I met him on the pro wrestling convention circuit when I started going to conventions 10 years ago. Anyone that knows me knows I have been a pro wrestling fan since the age of 5. He was one of the nicest guys I had ever met on the convention circuit. Through him I got to meet and become friends with a lot of the pro wrestlers I grew up watching. One of my fondest memories of him was in 2010 at the Boston SuperMegaFest in Framingham. I had the pleasure of talking with Scott and Mr. USA Tony Atlas at breakfast in the hotel dining room before the convention. Always with a smile, a hug, and a kiss for me when I came by to see him. No drama, no non-sense, no snot nosed attitude. I am in complete shock, sadness, and numbness. RIP Scott Love you hun and God Speed.
Scott Epstein passed away today in a car crash. He was driving west on Main Street at about 1:20 a.m. when he hit a tree. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Mr. Epstein was 64 years old. For those who do not know, he was an editor of pro wrestling, body building and karate magazines in the 70s and 80s. He was Vice President of the World Body Building Guild (WBBG). Scott served as the co-promoter of many AAU, NPC, and professional physique competitions. Mr. Epistein played a role in the bodybuilding competition pursuits of Superstar Billy Graham, who won Best Arms in America during the 1975 Pro Mr. America competition. He was Master of Ceremonies for the Pro Mr. USA competition when Tony Atlas won the title Mr. USA, which he continued to use during his wrestling career. Ricky Steamboat came in second in that same competition. In later years he provided publicity and management for many names in pro wrestling. His list of clients includes Tamara Lynn Sytch, Jesse Neal, Jazz N Rodney Mack, Diamond Dallas P ...
Tony Atlas benching 550 lbs in a pair of khakis. JYD on the spot.
was awesome as well. Tony Atlas and Sting, brings back good memories. WCW Saturday Night underrated program
WWF Wrestling Results from Madison Square, May 19, 1980 ,Rick McGraw defeated Jose Estrada in 10:38 ,Larry Zbyszko won a 16 Man Battle Royal 15,000.00 dollars .at 11:25 last eliminating Dominic Denucci and Bobby Duncum at same time, Denucci had Duncum in airplane spin, Zbyszko dropkicked them both to the floor. Order of elimination,Frank Williams by Baron Scicluna ,Ivan Putski by Peter Maivia ,Maivia by Putski by pulling him over the top rope, Scicluna by Tony Atlas ,Atlas by the Wild Samoans ,Johnny Rodz by Denucci , Rene Goulet by Duncum ,Samoan 2 by Samoan 1 after accidental head butt(afa and Siki) which one is samoan 1 and Samoan 2 ?)Samoan 1 by Gorilla Monsoon,Tor Kamata by Pat Patterson ,Monsoon by Zbyszko and Duncum , Patterson by Zbyszko ,Due to pre match stipulations, Zbyszko earned Title Match next Month,at M.S.G., Larry Sharpe beat Frank Williams in 8:24 ,Larry Zbyszko pinned Dominic Denucci in 7:08 , Tor Kamata pinned Johnny Rodz in 7:58, WWF World Champion Bob Backlund pinned WWF I.C. Champio ...
I have heard so many say it about him. Tony Atlas, Ric Flair, to name a couple. Never knew how true it was.
It appears to be Ahmed Johnson, Bradshaw, Rey Mastrio and Tony Atlas.
I remember going there at 12 yrs old. Big City Mike yourself, Tony Atlas
Cole: "I think Tony Garea still uses an atlas" | Fans: "HOU-STON *** HOU-STON *** "
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