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Tony Adams

Tony Alexander Adams, MBE (born 10 October 1966) is an English football manager and former player.

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Tony Adams at Granada:. 5 games. 5 defeats. 1 goal scored. 13 goals conceded. At least we'll always have this...
Isco called Tony Adams a waiter and asked him to bring him a Coke when Real Madrid played Granada 😡.
When Granada played Real Madrid last weekend, Isco made fun of Tony Adams' dress sense from the bench, shouting "Hey waite…
The Real Madrid bench had a lot of laughs at the expense of Granada manager Tony Adams at the weekend😂. 🎥h…
Tony Adams' first 45 minutes vs Real Madrid:. Lines up 442. Concedes twice. Swaps to 541. Brings on another defender. Concedes twic…
Tony Adams: "If Real Madrid don't play Ronaldo, we've got a chance". Half-time: Ronaldo not named in the squad and Real Ma…
Tony Adams captained Arsenal to titles in 3 different decades. Spurs have never gotten 1 let alone 3 titles, during that…
Real Madrid's reserves are 4 up at Granada. Gonna need a rousing halftime team talk from Tony Adams.
I never knew about this. Fantastic read. Hilarious that Tony Adams is 1 of the 7 Englishmen mentione…
May 1988: ⚽️ Tony Adams is pictured on the front of GUNFLASH, receiving his Arsenal Player of the Year award from…
Granada with Pozzos: La Liga. Granada without Pozzos: Relegated with Tony Adams and Nigel Reo-Coker.
Real Sociedad 2-1 Granada: Tony Adams' side are relegated from La Liga via
Watch Tony Adams training his new club in Spain 😂😂😂
Tony Adams' Granada relegated after defeat to Real Sociedad
BBC Sports: Tony Adams' Granada relegated from top flight
Granada are now relegated from and Tony Adams reflects on that:
two fan favourites of the show relegated today David Moyes and Tony Adams
And if Tony Adams can get a job so can he. Always the option of US, China league or some random intl team in Africa or Asia.
Tony Adams fails as Granada demoted from La Liga
Poor Tony Adams. Never really looked at home 😫.
BBC Sport - Tony Adams' Granada relegated from top flight
Tony Adams' Granada go down to 2nd div in after Real Sociedad beat them 2-1
How do you go from this moment to what Tony Adams is doing now? Easy , ask or any manager who s st…
Tony Adams: "We've only got 4 Spanish players, we're gonna get 7 or 8 Spanish players and they'll be the spine of the club…
Tony Adams’ Granada relegated from La Liga after Real Sociedad loss Tony Adams has overseen
Real Sociedad 2-1 Granada FT:. Granada are relegated from under Tony Adams, having failed to win in the league sin…
I see the inspired appointment of Tony Adams as Grenada manager didn't exactly go to plan .. just been relegated .. kick so…
Tony Adams on Granada relegation: "We're going to be a force in LaLiga123, you make mistakes and you learn from them." htt…
Granada are relegated from after Tony Adams' fourth game in charge 😩💔⚽️
If tony adams has ruined my man pereiras confidence i will be fuming
Tony Adams finished salsa classes with Granada and got them relegated. What a man.
Tony Adams' rescue misson fails as Granada are relegated from La Liga after losing 9 of their last 10 matches
Between David Moyes, Gary Neville and Tony Adams, I think the rep of all British managers is truly dead in Spain.
Football news... Tony Adams' Granada relegated from top flight
Tony Adams' Granada relegated from top flight
POW! Latest Football News: Tony Adams' Granada relegated from top flight
Arsenal legend, Tony Adams confirmed Granada relegation from the La Liga. . They thought he will be the hero.…
❌❌❌❌. After four straight defeats since he took over, Tony Adams' Granada have been relegated from La Liga. Report:
Tony Adams's Granada relegated from La Liga after defeat to Real Sociedad - The New Indian Express
Tony Adams' Granada have been relegated to the Spanish second tier after a 2-1 defeat at Real Sociedad. More:
Arsenal need new blood in the helm of the Manager. Someone young with Fresh ideas like Tony Adams or Dennis Bergkamp
Pre TV Ian Wright as he always scored Charlie Nick is a *** and of course Tony Adams but got to be C…
Tony Adams there, brings in Reo Coker & drops Pereira, immediately proving he's back on the sauce.
Tony Adams confirms Granada will offer contracts to Nigel Reo-Coker and Kieran Richardson…
Tony Adams wants Nigel Reo-Coker and Kieran at Granada: Granada head coach Tony Adams have revealed…
Tony Adams reveals are set to offer contracts to former winger Kieran Richardson and West Ham MF Nigel Reo-Coker.
Tony Adams will decide the title race. It's written he'll beat Madrid.
Arsenal's greatest ever centre back alongside Tony Adams
Can someone tell me why it's become a national pastime to take the p**s out of Tony Adams? The guy is a legend and deser…
Tony Adams was unable to get his training methods across last night, as his Granada team went down two nil.
Tony Adams appears to be off his cake (again)...
won't gain another point this season with Tony Adams as coach ..
I don't think Granada's coach before Tony Adams complained of Pereira's attitude, but you know, Pashunchester United fans.
⚽️🔢STATS. coach Tony Adams did something for the 1st time in La Liga history last week. Answer's here…
"These are a few of my favourite things" V Tony Adams *Cue David Brent hands sliding together*
Tony Adams confirms he is Coach only until end of season- "I'll work very hard to bring in a Spanish Coach" h…
''Spoke with Tony Adams yesterday and he has assured me that Granada will become the beacon of the new British Empire. GI…
1. Tony Adams. 2. John Terry. Sol or Rio as 3rd/4th
Yes, arguably with Tony Adams, Vidic was unreal but career didn't spread as long as Terry,but he's up there in the…
John Terry was really good, consistent and solid. The last of the elites(Maldini, Zanetti, Baresi, Tony Adams) to retire, will be missed..
I have to admit I think John Terry is up there with rio as best center halves to ever grace the prem Tony Adams much better Captain
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John Terry is a poor man's Tony Adams.
Didn't see earlier but watching the news and saying Terry best centre half of PL era. Close, but Tony Adams edges it for me
STANDARD Chelsea's controversial captain, leader, legend John Terry stands with Tony Adams as an English defensive…
This reminds me of the good old days of a back three of Tony Adams, Andy Linighan and Colin Pates. Oh no wait, those were the bad old days 😫
Tony Adams' first training session with Granada looks interesting...
Tony Adams dancing to Whigfield is one of my favourite things ever...
Great to see Tony Adams still had the Midas touch.
Here's a little one for later based on bourinho being bourinho & seeing Tony Adams doing his warm up thing just so…
Tony Adams' training regime vs. 1990/2000s pop songs is one of the best things I've ever done...Adams vs. The Cha-Cha Slide…
Tony Adams the master tactician at Granada 🤣
Sports quiz of the week: Sergio García, Tony Adams and a floating football
Tony Adams takes training at Granada to a whole new level...
To all those mugging off Tony Adams. Nuff said
Tony Adams showing the lads his best moves..
Fans SHOCKED as Tony Adams is named manager of Granada! 😱 😱 😱
Tony Adams has killed me there. Our media was having a go at Marco Silva because he wasn't English. This is English ht…
After all Tony Adams has been through its good to see him back in football, good luck to him.
Tony Adams training session... It's like he's been taken over by his inner Kevin Bacon from Footloose
Tony Adams new training regime is underway at Granada! You can't beat it 😉
Tony Adams' 1st training session with the Granada squad. Looks like it's going well...
Tony Adams genuinely is the Yer Da of Football.
Bit of an interesting Training session from Tony Adams at his new club, Grenada.
Tony Adams' first training session as manager of Granada... 😂😂
Tony Adams first training session with Granada.
Tony Adams first training session with Granada. 😂😂😂.
Hopefully David Moyes can pass on his Spanish language expertise to Tony Adams! 🇪🇸
How long until Tony Adams tries to call Jason Roberts up? (If you get this, I like you)
💬 Tony Adams: "I'm very much an interim coach. I'm here to give the players a kick up the *** and win games. I have 40…
"We knew from the first whistle they wanted it more" - . We've gone from Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry to this
Tony Adams use to captain Arsenal, now Theo Walcott does, I'll just leave that one with you 👍
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Granada have appointed a new manager until the end of the season... Tony Adams! .
We all know what happened the last time Tony Adams was in charge of a Granada.
Never thought Tony Adams would get another job after the pony he put out at fratton park.
Tony Adams named as manager of Spanish side Granada until the end of season, and celebrated by wearing a suit made of my na…
BREAKING: Tony Adams wears the most horrendous suit a man can buy. Oh, he is also the new Granada manager.
Granada appoints Arsenal great Tony Adams as new manager
BREAKING: Tony Adams has been appointed as the new Granada manager.
As long as Tony Adams' Spanish accent is as fantastic as David Moyes', then we're all in for a treat.
Bless Granada, toping Real Sociedad and Valencia for weirdest La Liga British manager signing in getting Tony Adams
Adams had previously been working with Chinese club Chongqing Lifan.
Carles Puyol is the early favourite; he seen Tony Adams get Granada job & thought why the fuk not!!
OFFICIAL: Granada have confirmed the appointment of Tony Adams as head coach until the end of the season.
[BBC] Tony Adams takes charge of Granada: How did it happen?
Tony Adams has been appointed as manager of Granada, and to celebrate he's wearing a suit made entirely from Rod Stewart. h…
Tony Adams is now a manager in La Liga.
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We wish Tony Adams exceptionally well managing Granada. Will he bring back Stars In Their Eyes? Not that Granada.
I very much remember Tony Adams' short stint at Wycombe Wanderers. Granada have to be in it for the banter.
I wonder what Paul Merson and Phil Thompson think about Tony Adams just walking into a first division job in Spain.
Tony Adams will manage the first team squad for the remainder of the current season. ➡️
BREAKING: Tony Adams appointed coach of La Liga strugglers Granada until end of the season. SSNHQ
"You've got Marco Silva managing Hull, and Tony Adams at Granola. Swap em round, it doesn't add up Jeff. Adams can't speak…
Tony Adams manager of until the end of the season . Good Luck Tony ! . I hope it works out
Tony Adams is getting into the headlines because he landed a managerial job at La Liga side, Granada. What about that awful…
Tony Adams is the new manager of Granada, but how has it happened? . Here's the full story 👉
stay tuned for more of Alice's fun facts, next week on CBeebies. . (You're really just going there to see Tony Adams aren't u?)
I'd stop him by bringing Tony Adams and Martin Keown back In defence 😂
"Rocky was a fighter!". Tony Adams on the strength of former teammate David Rocastle. https…
acts out this week Tony Adams is in Tenerife, Jon Fisher Butlins Bognor & Helen Ward-Jackson is on the Ventura
let's be honest is Rooney a Tony Adams, Bryan Robson, Alan Shearer or John Terry. Nope!
terry was a Tony Adams could read play ferdy wud make mistake but had pace to recover! Howson pure ignorant
On one side we got Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira & Dennis Bergkamp. On the other Piers, DT and Memz. . Tough call, but I'm g…
There must be a screw loose then. Tony Adams & Henry were class, should they be put back into the team as well? 😂
Gone from leaders, Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry to spineless chickens like Koscielny, Ozil, Walcott, to name a few, pathetic
Joey Barton, Marlon King, Ched Evans, Adam Johnson, Duncan Ferguson and Tony Adams just to name a few
Saw Ian Wright break that scoring record and that Tony Adams goal when we clinched the title 😎
Luke Shaw didnt even know who Tony Adams was ffs. You can bet Sanchez didnt know (or care) who Ian Wright was
But you're not going to give Tony Adams more & more contracts because his legs are gone . Players have a sell by date,…
If your opinion is that Arsene deserves another contract because of loyalty & unbelievable service, Tony Adams should s…
Tony Adams presents with second prize in the lookalike competition.
Tony Adams said 'or the Herbert Chapman Arsenal?'
Funniest Arsenal performance since Tony Adams dropped Steve Morrow on his head
Tony Adams "fell down the stairs" the night before. Also huge rush at front of North at end of game to go after *** fans
LOOL. E say na Herbert Chapman. Like when Tony Adams said George Graham was technically better than AW. LOL. Everybody with him vendetta
He was head and shoulders above all other candidates until Tony Adams dropped him.
I also have it on my Tony Adams 2017 Calendar in the Kitchen with a big 'heart' next to the date
The players that got the most red cards at Arsenal:. Vieira: 8 . Keown: 6 . Tony Adams: 4. Koscielny:4 . Sol Campbell: 3. Xhaka…
If Rod Stewart did have a few 🍺before last night's cup draw, he wouldn't be the first as Tony Adams did it years ago.…
So Bould was the most negative man at Arsenal.Tony Adams' own words.And he's assistant.Thats why Adams,Wright,Vieria,Bergk…
I don't want that kind of character. I want a bad guy's character. Just like Tony Adams & Patrick Vieira
I'll be at the Tony Adams statue with keyboard in one hand, a giant foam hand on the other &a coke box on my head
Tom Hardy as Tony Adams, Jack Nicholson as Graham, Di Caprio as Lee Dixon, Tom Hanks as Alan Smith, Mel Gibson as Aldridge.
Dennis Bergkamp. Thierry Henry. Tony Adams. Patrick Vieira. Robert Pires. All these are definitely in the top 10 best premier league of all time
Signed up for football tomorrow. Legs still hurt from Wednesday. This, like Tony Adams' management career, will only end in disaster.
You must remember Tony Adams, Gary? He had your Man Utd strikers in his pocket whenever Arsenal pl…
I've only just come across that Gary Neville video. Tony Adams' son! Oh man, creasing!
did Tony Adams' son get your number Gary?
Read autobiography on the journey home yesterday. Proper funny. The way he talks about Tony Adams is class
Tony Adams, Steve Bould and David O'Leary in '89 and '91
Peter Storry, Graham Rix, Tony Adams and now Alexis Sanchez. Arsenal sure know how to breed villains.
Problem with John Stones is that he ain't Terry Butcher or Tony Adams & *** England fans just want our defenders to lump it up top!
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Are you on about Herbert Chapman, George Graham and Tony Adams?
Tony Adams argues with Gordon Strachan as Steve Bould watches on.
Tony Adams and Dennis Bergkamp are the greatest players to put on an Arsenal shirt.
Happy birthday to Arsenal legend Tony Adams, who turns 50 today!
Sol Campbell? Didn't watch Tony Adams that much but I respect his history at arsenal but for me Koscienly is Arsenal greatest
Tony Adams only rated by yer da for showing PASHUN.Isn't even in top 5 CB for Arsenal. Sol Campbell, Kolo Toure, kos,Per, Keown all better.
Last night: Tony Adams and the moon. 📷
Ripon Ferdinand, Tony Adams, Jaap Stam, Sol Campbell, John Terry, in that order Ledley King would be top 2 if he played more
Tony Adams at 50: Titles and trophies, boozing and jail time… Arsenal legend’s 50th birthday
Big Sam was a sham! Bring back Terry Venables Beckham, Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Peter Beardsley as coaches?
that's like saying Tony Adams is better than John Terry, he's daft
If you are missing Terry, aren't we missing Tony Adams?
Tony Adams crashed into a wall drunk. Wayne Rooney shagged Grandma prossies. He'll be fine.
Toure and Koscielny, plus Wenger also made Tony Adams, Sol Campbell and Per Mertesacker better
Steve Finnan also has a CL Medal...So does Wes Brown...Tony Adams doesn't, he was still better
Thierry Henry didn't want to give up punditry. Then Wenger tried to bring Tony Adams back, but he wanted to coach in Chi…
Sam Allardyce's list of people to recall:. - JT. - Kevin Davies. - Defoe. - Shearer. - Shilton. - Gazza. - Tony Adams. - Terry But…
Shkodran Mustafi is a very good defender, he will make Arsenal to be like Campbell and Tony Adams, Lee Dixon and Nigel Winterburn
It's like when they first split up Tony Adams and Martin Keown...
Our defense was horrible. We had two kids as central defenders. Compare that to Tony Adams and Martin Keowen. Wenger needs experience.
horses for courses really. Some are just born leaders. Terry, Drogba, Roy Keane, Tony Adams.
Arsenal had greats like Martin Keown, Tony Adams, Partrick Vieira, Robert Pires, Freddie Ljungberg, Thierry Henry and Piers Morgan
Tough choice between Tony Adams and Martin Keown but I think I'd go with Keown
Doeren said first-team OL is (from left to right): Tyler Jones, Garrett Bradbury, Joe Scelfo, Tony Adams, Will Richardson
This week's Portrait of an Icon is on Tony Adams. A leader on the pitch, a survivor off it. htt…
It would be cool to meet Tony Adams.
Tony Adams has been in China now. should be confirmed as the Head of Youth Development role for Chongqing Lifan https:/…
yes you'll be made welcome Ask for Tony. It's our handicap run tonight which means regular runs don't take place Can u run4miles?
I remember when Arsene Wenger took Tony Adams out of the yute n ting team and made him captain.
dem days of Ray Parlour, Tony Adams.sweet Jesus
Should man up and take his punishment like Tony Adams. Found guilty drink driving done his time like a real man - hero!
Fans always make the best of any player we are been link with,Holding our new Tony Adams now Ben Yedder to be our Henry
Schmeichel, Tony Adams, Scholes, Gerrard, Van Nistelrooy (would be incredible in 5 a side)
Tony Adams in China, in discussion with club Chongqing Lifan to be their head of youth development.
Here's a preview of Australian documentary "Gayby Baby"
No Thierry Henry, now no Tony Adams 😣 Great clubs keep great players, even after retirement
I'm really hoping that Holding turns out to be a Tony Adams in disguise otherwise we are knackered 😂
the next tony Adams and Steve Bould but these 2 gonna win England the wc 👀
Its superb mate. It's possible to love him & Tony Adams even more 😂👏🏻
Lifan presscon tmw to announce partnership with Chinese owned club & Tony Adams appointment.
Tony Adams has turned down the chance to coach Arsenal's Under-18s in favour of a job at Chinese club Chongqing Lifan.…
Tony Adams was on a 5 week trial period which unfortunately never worked out.
it's only 1 season new he'll surely be gone.hopefully this is it n he helps chooses a successor (not Tony Adams!)
shame but Tony Adams coaching is no bad thing; had real passion;who can forget him and Stuart Pearce belting out national anthem!
David Ornstein confirms that Thierry Henry has left the coaching staff at but Tony Adams and Freddie Ljungberg…
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Tony Adams is in line to take over from Thierry Henry following the Frenchman's departure from the club. [Standard]
Daniel T w/guest Tony Adams – Crosseyed and Painless (07.06.16): Daniel T, one half of the production duo Cos...
aisling bea, David baddiel and Tony Adams
Tony Adams: The only player in English football history to have captained a title winning side in 3 separate decades h…
it's coz we got Tony Adams leading us to the silverware mate ;)
Need a crossover between Family Guy & the Euro's where Brian & Stewie go back in time and bring back peak Tony Adams who wins us the EURO's
Latest offer Tony Adams on the Tigers: "I don't have a list as of now, but if I did they would be pretty high, if not the top!"
John Terry has never had pace neither did Bobby Moore or Tony Adams if you can read a game pace doesn't matter
If the only thing lasting that came out of was the redemption of Tony Adams, it was well worth it
The drop at 1:57 and Tony Adams climbing in to that little car has killed me off
After conceding 100goals, even Martin Keown or Tony Adams wasn't this bad, UK media can hype Baba Fryo to Dangote.
correct its the spine of the team we need a JT, RIO or a Tony Adams at bk and a viera or Keane in midfield.
Tony Adams in talks with Brondby over taking manager’s job next season Curious to see.
"Every title winning team has that man at the back. Think of Tony Adams or Vincent Kompany.". Don't think of you though do we
Wes Morgan is now a Premier League winning captain like Bryan Robson and Tony Adams
Breast Cancer Awareness
Desert island disks archive day, . James Ellroy. Cathy Burke. Tony Adams . Frank skinner . Tim Robbins, all done. . Morrissey next.
Tony Adams accepting the Young PFA player of the year award on behalf of team mate Nicolas Anelka in 1999
21 year old Tony Adams with his Young Player of the Year Award
Tony Adams with his 1991 Player of the Year award
...if you're spoilt for choice (hard not to be), how about Tony Adams, Kenneth Williams, Betty Driver or either French or Saunders?
Growing up i had 5 people i admired. Sir Patrick Moore. Ayrton Senna. Prince. Tony Adams. Billy Connolly. Im sad now
Tony Adams: "Play for the name on the front of the shirt, and they'll remember the name on the back."
I'm already a huge fan of Calum Chambers. Definitely worth the money! Looks so solid. Is he our new Tony Adams? I hope so.
Tony Adams dropping Steve Morrow after his cup winning goal
On the same day all in one room Arsenal signed David Rocastle, Martin Hayes, Martin Keown, Michael Thomas, Tony Adams and Gus Caesar.
DEN : Former England and Arsenal captain Tony Adams is in Berlin. ... As such, playing them in Berlin is about as…
Tony Adams put through by Steve Bould... Would you believe it...
Ian Wright and Tony Adams testing out the new JVC jersey's stretchiness back in the 90s!
Tony Adams would do that and get motm 😂😂
Connor you do actually look more like Tony Adams than Tony Adams imo
domain names
Tony Adams and Aaron Ramsey worshipper? I think we know who the gimp is here mate.
Without a Tony Adams or Patrick Vieira type of character to lead them on the pitch and bawl them out when they don't perform,
I still think it's a disgrace that Tony Adams and Patrick Vieira have no role at Arsenal & believe that's because Wenger wants to be top dog
Who is the leader in this team? The likes of Patrick Vieira, Tony Adams, Sol Campbell etc are non existent
I beg we bring Tony Adams and Patrick Vieira back to the club in some way
Arsenal have failed to find replacement like and for Patrick Vieira, Tony Adams, Martin Keown.
Joey Barton, Tony Adams, Lee Hughes, Jan Molby, Duncan Ferguson, Ched Evans, Marlon King, Jermaine Pennant. Which is the odd one out ?
Martin Keown,Tony Adams,Kolo Toure,Ashley Cole,Lauren Meyer and then Gabriel.Djorou,Mertesacke,and the likes.Wenger has lost it!No doubt!
Couldn't agree more and i'm an fan. A Patrick Viera or Tony Adams type player.. Is needed
Tony Adams performed as guest speaker for our cricket club Cirencester CC free of charge & brought Tom Watt as his guest
for Tony Adams try add link to when he was on Desert Island Discs with Kirsty Young. A very good listen it was too. ☺
Rebrov, Tony Adams, Remi Garde, Stephen Hughes, Ray Parlour and maybe a bit of Marc Overmars in the corner
I don't want to see that midget Messi nugmet you by walking through your long legs the spirit of Tony Adams …
how Tony Adams can be chosen ahead of Carlos Puyol is a mystery
Check out this article in the Ledger-Enquirer by Tony Adams on our very own Area Director Mark Lupo! Get the inside…
We're so lucky that we had players like Ian Wright, Tony Adams, Robert Pires and many more. Hurts to looks at us now compared to back then
Dennis Bergkamp played here or Tony Adams played here, or Marc Overmans, or Alan Smith or Ian Wright or whoever
The back four in 1998: Lee Dixon, Tony Adams, Steve Bould and Nigel Winterburn3
boss you could be the new Tony Adams your career ain't glo'd up like this for Leicester to win the league p…
Luke Shaw didn't even know who Tony Adams was until Lampard told him. Imagine com spring him to Terry
Bobby Moore a legend,John Terry and Tony Adams are on par tho I think
Gary Neville transferring his footballing talent to management with the same aptitude as Tony Adams
can only go on players I've seen play. P shilton, Gary Neville, des walker. Tony Adams, Ashley Cole
Would love to play Sol Campbell, Tony Adams, Patrick Viera and Martin Keown just for today to completely whipe out shawcross and co.
I got Tony Adams but thought Peter Beardsley/Notts Forest instead of Matt le Tissier and Bobby rather than Jack Charlton.
was a question about one club players, big Jack, le tissier, Tom finney and Tony Adams were the answers.
BOOM! Just got 2 questions correct on University Challenge thanks to Tony Adams and Matt Le Tissier. . Timeee to be smug.
Is Piers Morgan actually putting himself on the same level of Tony Adams, Ian Wright and Lee Dixon?. What a tosser. htt…
Tony Adams " Growing up I admired Alvin Martin & Billy Bonds and wanted to be like them "
Tony Adams picks his favourite XI, plus all the latest talk... all in Media Watch:
Exactly! Tony Adams & Steve Bould. Campbell & Toure. You need one man-marking commander and one free sweeper.
If Gabriel was called Steve Clarke, he'd be viewed as better than Tony Adams
Martin Keown and Steve Boult gave Tony Adams a career. Let's be honest Adams was bang average as they come. Another Titus Bramble
Seaman, Steve Bould, Tony Adams, David Platt, Denis Bergkamp, Marc Overmars, Ian Wright in one team and someone just said none is top class!
Steve Marrow, Tony Adams and with the FA Cup inside a Jeep
you won't get one until you revert to Tony Adams...
Paul Merson " If I did that Tony Adams & Steve Bould would have ripped my head off" Ref The Costa & Terry incident
No way Liam Neeson isn't related to Tony Adams, no way!
Sporting Idols Muhammad Ali Sporting Rivals Coe v Ovett Sporting Legends Tony Adams - some great daytime TV on SKYSports.
Tony Adams: Winning the league is all about staying with the pack and then putting a consistent run together after Christmas
If only we had another Tony Adams...
What would we do for another Tony Adams
All the Tony Adams interviews are absolutely incredible, what he has been through and for him to be the player he was is just amazing!
just watched the Tony Adams 'Legends' ep on Sky, the bottom lip WOBBLED a few times. WHAT A MAN, WHAT A TEAM.
just watching Sky's piece on Tony Adams and the sad part of it all is that he hasn't been involved with the club since!
Tony Adams on SS1. It's amazing how different things were just 20 years ago.
Big Tony Adams recalled back to the squad the only way is up 🙌🏻🙌🏻
"If you stay with the pack, and then after Xmas kick on, step up to the plate". Tony Adams on winning the title, and he's won a few
watched premier league legends tony Adams what a man being through what he's been through and coming out the other side amazing 👍
Tony Adams on sky sports, still one of the best memories playing an hours worth of tennis against him 😌🎾
But also way back when Stacey Peralta, Jay Adams, and Tony Alva were ripping the concrete.
with a rolled up photo of Tony Blair and gerry adams
Tony Adams talks Sporting Chance Clinic inspiration Check it out
Tony Adams is Mr Arsenal, Anfield 89 was my first visit to Anfield, and Copenhagen 94 my first European final ;-)
You're clueless. Tony Adams even said as long as you're 1st or thereabouts at Christmas, you've got a chance
Tony Adams is there, Alan Smith scoring in the 94 Cup Winners Cup final and Michael Thomas Anfield 89 ;-)
lol mans a warrior, not great in possession though why i don't like him, hes a Jaap Stamp/ Tony Adams style
The last English player to score at the old Wembley Stadium was Tony Adams in a 2-0 win over Ukraine.
This is the stupidest injury sustained since Tony Adams dropped Steve Morrow.
Tony Adams used to drink 10 pints and drive his car through brick walls, then dust himself down and captain Arsenal. Times have changed.
far too matey .until we have a Tony Adams, Vierra type captain we will never win the league.
Arteta is our captain. think about Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry. Then, think about how our standard has completely fallen.
How we are losing to this terrible team is making me mad. Tony Allen doesn't need to be starting and Jordan Adams needs to play
Tony 'Donkey' Adams..he's a big white lad. Discuss..
because we don't have Liam Brady,Lee Dixon,Thierry,seamen,Malcolm McDonald, Tony Adams anymore!
probably. but not in the same way Tony would have. we are miles away from the Adams, Keane/Vieira years.
so get rid of Wenger and who replaces him? Tony Adams?
Remember when we had a true leader called Tony Adams as our club captain. Good times at Arsenal
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