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Tony Abbott

Anthony John Tony Abbott (born 4 November 1957) is the Leader of the Opposition in the Australian House of Representatives and federal leader of the centre-right Liberal Party of Australia.

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Another reason to vote 'yes': We never got to express our displeasure with Tony Abbott's leadership at the last electi…
This woman is amazing. And spot on about Tony Abbott's views on 'protecting children' v his 'deafening silence' on…
Receipts reveal Tony Abbott spent more than $7000 of taxpayer funds on alcohol Yahoo7 News https…
Mark W from Australian Survivor is in Parliament House wearing the leather jacket he designed for Tony Abbott.
Former Australian PM Tony Abbott has joined the ranks of George Bush and Barack Obama by posing in a leather jacket…
Was THE AUSTRALIAN asked to explain any of Greg Sheridan's numerous love letters to Tony Abbott?
I know how to solve this: trial by combat. Ian Roberts vs Tony Abbott
Tony Abbott is a disgrace. Religious freedom? *** Marriage is a 'State' (Govt) issue and in Aus that means nothing…
Those fools. Haven't they heard of Malcolm Roberts or Tony Abbott?
*** Trump, the federal LNP, Malcolm Roberts & Tony Abbott are putting in stirling efforts on behalf of today 😤
Tony Abbott: vote no on to stop political correctness in its tracks. Me: Not today Tony, not toda…
"I urge the voters of Warringah to vote "No" for Tony Abbott - to stop the ignorance and stupidity."
Tony Abbott urges no vote on marriage equality to 'stop political correctness' – politics live
AND again if necessary. Tony Abbott is happy to put it forward '40 time…
Failed Aussie Prime Minister Tony Abbott has a Fairfax radio show on Monday he has to whip up "controversy" for. It's…
3 years - no boats. Well done Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison. And of course Tony Abbott.
Johnson: “You send us Germaine Greer, Patricia Hewitt and Lynton Crosby. We send back Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott"
"You send us Germaine Greer and Linton Crosby, and we send you Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott" Boris Johnson says
Why can't Tony Abbott & Malcolm Turnbull... just get along ?. Coalition govt - a government of revenge.
MPs rally around Malcolm Turnbull to stop Tony Abbott tarnishing the office of the Prime Minister.
Tony Abbott will never be Prime Minister again & will live the rest of his sad life as a bitter old man
'There will be no wrecking, no undermining, and no sniping': Tony Abbott's final statement as Prime Minister
He's following the same path as Tony Abbott' Australias last Prime Minister.. or half…
Tony Abbott on his relationship with Malcolm Turnbull: "If we need each other, we've got each other's phone numbers" http…
Tony Abbott: "The advice back then was that we didn't need the kind of massive bureaucratic change that the Prime M…
Tony Abbott graciously joined us at Mamre House today. Thank you to the former Prime Minister for his kind words,...
The then Prime Minister Tony Abbott refused to talk with Man Moris at the Lindt cafe siege. I wonder if would have saved lives.
History. "Remember the good old days before fascism?". "Like when Tony Abbott was Prime Minister?". "Yeah, the good o…
What an all mighty *** up. As of Tuesday, British-born former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is the only...
Tony Abbott's citizenship issues came to light while he was Prime Minister and he censored all evidence.
Live blog: Malcolm Turnbull sworn in as PM after Tony Abbott makes final speech via
Tony Abbott should not be speaking in the role of ex Prime Minister espresso get the views of a minority of citizens
Dignity, wisdom and leadership. The qualifications that Tony Abbott lacks to be Prime Minister!
"Now don't go touching that little boy, Elfy. That was my mistake as Prime Minister." - Tony Abbott
Snowy on the trams is more popular than the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop. Vote one Snowy.
Neil Mitchell has been told of a "bizarre" plan that would see Tony Abbott become "de facto" Prime Minister
From the person who helped mess up Tony Abbott's PMship *rolls eyes*
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Scott Ludlam's citizenship oversight is 'remarkable' - oops no sorry he meant Tony Abbott.
Tony Abbott said recently we need to respect the role of Prime Minister bu…
Time to apply the dual citizenship rule to everyone in Parliament, especially Tony Abbott and others.
Dear Scott,I am very sorry about your position.My wife is polish ,born in Germany to escape Hitler and came to Australia at the age of three.At twenty her mother asked if she wanted dual citizenship and she said no.Your parents should have told you or your staff may be.You cannot be blamed for something that didn't seem important at the time *** we are like cousins NZ & Aust.I am a Tasmanian ,don,t be bullied to pay back your wages you have done a good job,look at Lamby and Clive Palmer,what a joke and how many people he make bank-rupt,NO ACTION - Yet.You have much support with honest voters,fight it,Tony Abbott was in parliament with dual Citizenship,stand up for yourself,God bless Paul & Barbara Collins.
It has, since the previous Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, because parliamentary leader of the…
Indonesia labels former Prime Minister Tony Abbott's critique of Islam 'unhelpful' and 'divisive'
We have had a Prime Minister with dual citizenship,& he hasn't resigned.We are waiting Tony Abbott.
That's a leader. Good on you Tony Abbott. Can't wait for you to be our Prime Minister. God…
Tony Abbott possibly has dual Aust/English citizenship but when it was brought up he wouldnt talk about it. HE WAS Prime Minister.
if Scott Ludlum had to resign - *** is Tony Abbott allowed to be in Parl? He should never have been in Parl, and def never a Prime Minister
.Tony Abbott has never produced official proof of UK citizenship renunciation despite FOI requests made…
IT'S all fun and games until the Prime Minister loses his mind. Turnbull has cracked - even before Tony Abbott got started on…
Tony Abbott's right: is at a low ebb. But stability could be just around the corner, says
Continue to write letters to George Brandis – Commonwealth Attorney General and Tony Abbott - Prime Minster
As Prime Minister, Tony Abbott said of wind turbine farms:. "Up close, they're ugly, they're noisy".…
And you think a handmaids tale is a fantasy. Tony Abbott and Cory Bernardii love this
Tanya Plibersek dubs Tony Abbott "the Lord Voldemort of the Liberal Party" after Malcolm Turnbull refused to use his nam…
Paul hurried through the Tony Abbott questions. LOL . But majority want him to STAY
Turnbull has just told ABC PM he won't comment on Tony Abbott's latest input - 'I'm not going to comment on the gentleman…
As David said on Insiders this morning Tony Abbott is a dreamer.
While you focus on the (phoney maggot) Tony Abbott let's not forget one of the most courageous me…
Tony Abbott is like the Energiser bunny: he just keeps beating the drum via Time to take…
Tony Abbott turns on Malcolm Turnbull again, pass the popcorn!
Actually Campbell Newman the LNP's only hope is a where Tony Abbott & his acolytes jump ship to join Bernard…
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There is no mention of the Liberal Party on Tony Abbott's website. No logo, nothing. Weird huh?
Poll shows only voters who prefer Tony Abbott to Malcolm Turnbull are One Nation supporters at 76.6%
This is some amazing vision from 2004: Tony Abbott grilled by Tony Jones about his encounters with Cardinal Pell
I can't believe it still hasn't been done. Genuinely thought when Tony Abbott left e…
Tony Abbott: spokesman for relevance deprivation syndrome via
Who ever thought that Tony Abbott would turn into Kevin Rudd lite? KR2.0 maybe? Kevin17?
Tony Abbott still has a contribution to make 😂😂Yeah to Labor
New front page of Tony Abbott's website. No talk of the govt's plans for needs-based school funding or the NDIS htt…
Shorten is unelectable” line. People said that about Tony Abbott too — and he won 25 seats off Labor and a landslide in 20…
Credlin "I'm of the view that Tony Abbott will not return to be Prime Minister". Absolute bomb…
I wouldn't blame Tony Abbott for making that vow, Malcolm Turnbull stabbed him in the back similar to what Julia Gillard did to Kevin Rudd.
BREAKING: Former PM Kevin Rudd to sue Tony Abbott for plagiarism. Says "he's stolen my act without giving appropriate cre…
BREAKING: Former PM Tony Abbott to leave Parliament to front new Kevin Rudd tribute act.
Tony Abbott is starting to make Kevin Rudd look like a mildly disgruntled former employee
Tony Abbott was never as popular as Rudd's big toe!. Fans like Markson must vote Labor if they reckon there is any to compare
Tony Abbott has caused discord in his party, but ONLY because Chris Pyne suggested an incredi…
Tony Abbott is trying to keep conservatives with Libs. A lot of us have left already but if he goes it will be a mass exodus
Jeff Kennett slams Tony Abbott for "make Australia work again" rhetoric:
Tony Abbott slammed for ‘make Australia work again’ rhetoric. All is doing is getting labour elected
Tony Abbott's speech to the IPA today sets out a clear Conservative agenda on which to fight the 1983 election.
The worst thing about Australian politics is that Tony Abbott is still a more effective Opposition Leader than Bill Shorten
Tony Abbott lays out alternative policy program to help the Coalition hang on to government LOL
Tony Abbott interrupts unbroken 18-month campaign of relentless disloyalty to accuse colleagues of disloyalty.
Tony Abbott's attacks on Christoper Pyne & Scott Morrison prove once again he was anything but 'fair dinkum' in his pr…
Also worth remembering that when Tony Abbott refused to accept Craig Thomson's "tainted vote" he hadn't yet been charged with anything.
Tony Abbott...just after telling Craig Laundy to 'go fck yourself'
Bring back Tony Abbott! Where are the CIA when you need them?…
Next time you read your increased power bill, blame Tony Abbott | Matt Grudnoff
According to there was a shouting match between Tony Abbott and Craig Laundy after tonight's party room meet…
Tony Abbott and Craig Laundy had some tense words in the partyroom over recommendations
LOL I would love to see Tony Abbott wipe the floor with this *** . Craig Laundy is a GREEN APOLOGIST…
Tony Abbott & Craig Laundy went at it in a "very heated" altercation lasting 10-15 minutes after the special Coalition par…
The thugs and mugs in the Liberal Party, led by Tony Abbott, deny basic climate science
History will record that Tony Abbott and his henchmen set back emissions reduction and renewables policy by at least 10 y…
Barnaby Joyce has apparently had just about enough of Tony Abbott's interventions
It took the people of just 4 days to properly crown the new bust of Tony Abbott. Bless. https:/…
But Ross what are the odds that Tony Abbott will…
Bad news for Tony Abbott: Cheap coal just isn't coming back via
John Howard and Tony Abbott you are the fav's to win the GF & for Norm Smith medal.
this exact thing with Tony Abbott on q & a back when
AMAZING !! Somehow Chris Kenny can still blame this all on Tony Abbott. LOL
WOW! Chris Kenny is actually justifying this budget? . Remember how hard he went on Tony Abbott & Joe. WOW !!
Tony Abbott. Kevin Andrews. Scott Morrison. George Brandis . Eric Abetz,. Weren't quite far enough to the right for Cory Bernardi? . OK ! 😂
This is good, but it's no Tony Abbott comparing his time as opposition leader with Aung San Suu Kyi
ROSIE LEWIS:. Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has rebuked Tony Abbott for speaking out against the schools...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Spare a thought for Tony Abbott who will be praying Sir Prince Philip hasn't least not before he's appointed Go…
Can we just start referring to Tony Abbott by his proper title, The Leader of the Opposition
The way Tony Abbott's going, he stands a good chance of getting back his old job. ... as leader of the opposition!. ht…
Tony Abbott criticises Malcolm Turnbull for failing to appoint him to cabinet. Rosie Lewis The Australian 5:57PM...
In today's 'anti-men' outburst neither Tony Abbott nor Ray Hadley could have proved this point more powerfully.
Tony Abbott: “It’s just anti-men” Govt great one to push greater women ratio . Libs seriously anti female MP's
Ray Hadley is asking Tony Abbott about Yassmin on Monday 1 May. We’re taking this into week 2.
Of course Tony Abbott was an effective opposition leader. He downed Rudd, Gillard, Rudd, Abbott, and now…
Stop saying Tony Abbott was an effective Opposition Leader His tactics were filthy deceptive destructive and unethic…
LIVE NOW: Tony Abbott wouldn't be offering advice if the Government didn't need it. So get used to it, the former PM is…
Tony Abbott challenged to charity boxing match - Daily Mail: Courier Mail…
The pot calling the kettle black 😭Entsch pleads with Tony Abbott to shut up | Entsch destroying schools on the Cape
Remember it was Tony Abbott who appointed Joe Hockey treasurer so what does that say about his judgement?
"Brexit means that Britain is BACK" - Tony Abbott, Former Prime Minister of Australia
NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes to dump Safe Schools program via guess Tony Abbott etc will be happy I'm not!
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Good that the Liberal Party scrapped so called Tony Abbott, a bigoted bullying program dressed up as a Prime Minister.
Tony Abbott's biggest job as Prime Minister will be to stop the boats... from leaving.
Good to see former Prime Minister Tony Abbott at Randwick
Father of Thomas Kelly urges Tony Abbott to rethink his attitude after comment on crime victims via
Besides the medicare copayment, name me an abject failure of Tony Abbott when he was Prime Minister!. GO!!
lets ♀️down on “We may as well go back to having Tony Abbott as the minister for women"…
"Is Michaelia Cash a worse Minister for Women than Tony Abbott?". A. YES.
CAN'T WAIT FOR THE PAINTBALL COMPETITION Tony Abbott has a good face for sculpture via
Would be VERY INTERESTING to get an FOI on AFP Commissioner's emails & texts sent to Tony Abbott at time of the AFP…
Inner-city living doesn't quite give you the way Greg Sheridan looks at holes Tony Abbott punched in a blender
and Tony Abbott performance as PM proved Windsor had best interests of his constituents in mind.
Former Liberal MP Fiona Scott calls on Tony Abbott to quit Parliament via
Tony Abbott calls for free movement between UK and Australia:
Days after the Newman LNP government was defeated in 2015, Tony Abbott faced a leadership spill so it is volatile times in Canberra.
Malcolm Turnbull ousts Tony Abbott as Prime Minister after winning party room ballot -
Tony Abbott resurfaces in UKRAINE as an adviser to the president via Tony told him yeah Right
Tony Abbott's former Chief of Staff PETA Credlin admits the demonisation of the carbon price was all about...
he's the liar of the year, just after Donald Trump, Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, Pauline Hanson, Mathias Corman.
LOL,Tony Abbott has said what most Aussies are thinking & has never acted like Kevin Rudd while on the backbench
Tony Abbott is the new Kevin Rudd Today's column
You have great form picking a winner - Tony Abbott, Pauline Hanson, Lisa Johnston
...and the winner for the political performance for the year goes to Pauline Hanson..oops, sorry Tony Abbott
Why did Christopher 'Piggy' Pearson cut Tony Abbott from his will? Who is Jack Snelling? (Joke only.) The Owl's on…
Fun to watch the Liberal Party learn what the rest of us knew years ago: that Tony Abbott is a self-serving, treacherous…
Horror Newspoll for PM Turnbull follows Tony Abbott's warning of drifting to defeat:
Tony Abbott exposes how broad, or not, the Liberal Party really is.
Tony Abbott: "we'll scrap the Human Rights Commission, to stop official bullying" - *** is wrong with him!?
The "tribal tensions within parties" -- if you just saw Tony Abbott on Sky you'll know Ken Henry is spot on.
Prediction - Nick Cater's rant will be 'Why isn't Tony Abbott still PM?'.
Lunch-Box Dream, by Tony Abbott: Newly posted images of segregation signs from the Jim Crow era of American history…
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So funny how Trumbles is doing a Tony Abbott now, he was abused by media and Mal for being too hard. Lol what a joke MT is
that sounds like what Australians were saying when Tony Abbott was PM
Yes look at your all star bench of Nick Clegg, Tim Farron, Dianne Abbott, Tony Blair, Corbyn, need i go on? 😂
Do you get the impression they didn't think this through? It's Tony Abbott's brain farts plus nukes.
Breitbart offers glowing coverage of remarks by fmr Australian PM Tony Abbott on (bipartisan) refugee policy.
Julie Bishop tells many people including Tony Abbott could have done more to keep Cory Bernardi in the Lib…
The camera panned onto Abbott when Shorten spoke of Malcolm Turnbull standing for nothing and selling out. Tony kno…
Review of Trapped in Transylvania by from agreat…
I did. Tony Abbott getting elected as Aus PM was a big part of my decision to move. Aus politics has gone downhill from there
Abbott makes school visit in Melbourne
Bernardi defection sounded the death knell of 'moderate Malcolm'. He won't be back Posh Tony Abbott...woohoo
Answer Q1: Tony Abbott. Look out for question 2 coming today at 2pm.
I call it. Tony Abbott is so full of dogs *** you couldn't make it up.
On page 164 of The Summer of Owen Todd, by Tony Abbott
.lets talk about George Brandis, Tony Abbott and the very healthy George Pell.
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and why did Tony Abbott lie about meeting with & why did George Brandis have a secret meeting with Pell? Why?
I am shocked, SHOCKED, that Tony Abbott would do something to destabilise Malcolm Turnbull, shocked I say
Did he borrow Tony Abbott's party joke book?
Religion has elevated itself above Aust Law ?. Why does Govt support this ?. .
Putting Tony Abbott on the back bench.
.. I will quote our esteemed ex-leader... The Honourable Tony Abbott:. "NOPE NOPE NOPE"
MURDER INC. Tony Abbott flanked by Minister for Slitting Throats Steve Ciobo and Peter Dutton
Mal has lost it. Finally went the full Tony Abbott. The desperation was palpable.The Point Piper sinkhole personified
Julie Bishop finds a way to make it Tony Abbott's fault
I also recall him skewering Tony Abbott
For many of us, our best wish for Mr Abbott is for a long, happy and safe retirement. via
54 bedwetters chose to betray liberal base by replacing Tony Abbott with a Dud Turnbull. You hypocrites.
all good. We know government does not equal the people. And we elected tony abbott...
Tony Abbott has put Pauline Hanson in prison as his day was Malcolm Turnbull and now sinking justi
Doubt that more like they loathed Tony remember high Mal polls when he did Abbott over
Bernadi needs to work apart. Duplicitous to call '…
the Pm is doing everything that Tony Abbott would have done.
why was Tony Abbott knifed again? And this goes to show how much influence/leadership he has in his own party.
are no better than Tony Abbott, and he is a complete *** Enjoy your caviar you parasite!!!.
Dear Leigh, how tight are you with Tony Abbott, as we all know you are.
? Tony Abbott was your guy once. How times change. sure like eating their own when it suits them.
Speaking of sycophants, here is Tony Abbott when Prime Minister of Australia on his knees seeking favours from Rupe…
The people also put Tony Abbott in but Turnbull was disloyal
Tony Abbott discovered trying to tunnel into ministry .
Nor all those Liberals barracking from the sidelines, apart that is from Tony Abbott looking disapproving
Cory Bernardi's planned exit from revives feud with... via theguardi…
Does SloMo have any investment properties? I recall Tony Abbott was delighted with house prices rising when he was…
Tony Abbott: "I'm going to shirtfront Mr Putin, you bet you are... you bet I am." -
The bromance is over: Why did Cory Bernardi turn on Tony Abbott
Tony Abbott was elected as Prime Minister. The honourable course is for you to resign for ignoring the will of the Aust…
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Go time! If you haven't done so, please contact your federal Lib MP, ring up talk radio, & say you want Tony Abbott back!…
Lyne Electorate National rep & owner of over 15 Properties. Ex Doctor in Port Macquarie & Uni friend of Tony Abbo…
He was busy making snide comments about how horribly "negative" & "personal" politics had become under Tony Abbott.
Does Tony Abbott know that Jesus didnt do a world tour and visit Eora?
Malcolm Turnbull has borrowed one of Tony Abbott's onions while chewing on Bill Shorten's ear.
Tony Abbott warns Malcolm Turnbull: don't break your promise on same-sex marriage via you bigot…
The only tiny consolation I have right now is that Tony Abbott is not PM anymore. is a disgrace but Abbot would be more so
running with the Tony Abbott style of leadership. Blatantly lie before the election. Then lie about lying and tell m…
Is that like Stuart Robert, Tony Abbott & Ian Macfarlane accepting Rolex watches?
Remember this next time Amanda Vanstone attacks Tony Abbott on .
Why this man MT?. The move to swap Tony Abbott for Malcolm Turnbull has been close to a disaster
Tony Abbott inflames Coalition tensions, this time over Israel-Palestine policy | The New Daily
First the Tony Abbott & Joe Hockey Failure. Now Malcolm Turnbull & Scott. Morrison failure. How much more failure do we hav…
Tony Abbott tells rebel MPs it would be ‘catastrophic mistake’ to split Libs CONSERVATIVES STAY AND FIGHT!
Tony Abbott urges rebel MPs not to split from Liberal Party.
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He should take this well. Tony Abbott's pet projects axed for budget repair
More like Tony Abbott to . 'Go all RWNJ or Cory Bernardi will destroy you'. LNP tearing itself apart…
Tony Abbott speaks with Luke Grant very soon :
Reminds me of Julia Gillard and the land mines she left behind for Tony Abbott.
TBH though, MTV is awful and that column is better than anything Sheridan has ever written about Tony Abbott.
It’s nice Greg Sheridan has stopped writing open love letters to Tony Abbott.
Where the axe fell: Tony Abbott's pet projects sacrificed for budget repair . |
Pick a fight with Cory; promote Tony Abbott; stop underestimating Bill Shorten - what Malcolm should do in 2017
Justin Welby is right about this. It's also one of the few subjects that I recall agreeing with Tony Abbott on:
Hey, Tony Abbott: take your own advice and do your job. Warren Brown cartoon.
It's Official! Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull are the worst economic managers since Sir Robert Menzies.
"NV's Australia - Robert Menzies, Gough Whitlam and Tony Abbott. 1.0" has been updated.
Tony Abbott ... Scott Morrison ... George Brandis ... Malcolm Turnbull !!? How's that for horror movie clowns ?!!
Tony Abbott not happy with plans to scrap the Green Army
Pauline Hanson blames Tony Abbott and John Howard for prison sentence in new documentary via Not so new
Update your maps at Navteq
Joe Francis tells David Oldfield tried to get Tony Abbott to intervene after he was banned from a WA prison during
"It was some old payback because the minister was an underling in Tony Abbott's office when I worked for Tony."
"Tony Abbott is a blight on politics" Tingle says on RN just now
David Marr needs to wash his mouth out. Not only Pell he ridicules but he was so nasty towards our decent P.M. Tony Abbott.
Governor Phillips didn't bring an army to mount a proper balanced account of Prime Minister Tony Abbott!
Tony Abbott video game: Battle hipsters, lefties, faceless men, ABC journalists and, of course, Malcolm Turnbull.
Tony Abbott: 'It Is Good We're No Longer Talking About Innovation' Because it will never bring 1950 back
Juanita Phillips ABC News "Old Abbotts die hard" with video of Tony Abbott waving a piece of paper. Brilliant.
I'm taking bets on what month next year Tony Abbott will challenge Turnbull. I reckon August
What a disgrace Tony Abbott is. How dare he behave in such an up himself manner. Bugger off Tony
Opus Dei shapes as a challenge for Tony Abbott. Disgusting religious fundamentalists
We just want to say that wasn’t a big fan of reading the Newspolls when Tony Abbott was dumped b/c of th…
Malcolm Roberts crazy? I find him one of the most sane politicians in Australia! The other is Tony Abbott!
Of course Bill Leak's work is brilliant satire, because Greg Sheridan and Tony Abbott tell me so.
John Howard, Tony Abbott, Peter Greste, Julian Burnside, David Marr and Warren Mundine all agree on one thing.
Hamilton Collection
- Q&A: Arthur Sinodinos not ruling out Tony Abbott returning as Prime Minister
I used to think Tony Abbott knighting a Prince was the funniest thing to ever happen in politics, then along came Senator Roberts
Top story: Tony Abbott says US election shows 'we shouldn't be ruled by polls' … see more
My so far this week has been Christine Milne insinuating Tony Abbott is responsible for the NSW fires. LOL!
Tony Abbott out fighting fires, serving the community. Christine Milne sitting at her keyboard sniping in jealousy at hi…
Greg Sheridan reading tea leaves from the inner workings of Tony Abbott's *** Nice work
Just watching Tony Abbott, Fred Nile, Margaret Cuneen and David Flint singing God Save the Queen
I would have thought that Tony Abbott had “Worst PM since Billy McMahon” locked up, but is finishing strong.
Abbott reneged on gun deal clarification . Tony Abbott's behaviour has been unhinged this week & exp .
Diplomats help Tony Abbott get around but nowhere near as often as they did for Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.…
Tony Abbott playing it straight from the Kevin Rudd book of how to be an Ex-PM .
Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd can offer some sage advice to Bryce Gibbs as he spends 2017 alone on the bench and not really wanted
I think Tony Abbott has been well behaved. He's no Kevin Rudd, that's for sure.
Tony Abbott is looking very Prime Ministerial here
Tony Abbott on 7:30 tonight. Straight out of the Kevin Rudd playbook.
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You want ACT Libs like Eric Abetz,Tony Abbott,Cory Bernardi & George Christensen? That's the sort of Liberal Party we have here in Canberra.
If we could only lock up Jim Molan, John Howard, Pauline Hanson & Tony Abbott, and throw 20 Million Aussie TURDS AT THEM!.
Tony Abbott campaigning in Prague to be reinstated as Prime Minister of Australia shows he remains deeply weird.
Steve Ciobo says he takes Tony Abbott at his word when he says reports about his leadership ambitions are false
"It seems like Tony Abbott is back..." says Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews .
Victorian Premier compares PM Turnbull to Tony Abbott for using SA blackout to push renewable energy target…
: 'It seems Tony Abbott's back': Premier rounds on Malcolm Turnbull over renewable energy Victorian Prem…
What's Malcolm Turnbull Gillard & Rudd & Tony Abbott have in common?. Mr Shorten. Whos gonna be LEFT to pay the Bill?
Press and Ozzies voted Tony Abbott in after Kevin Rudd's superb and eloquent press talk, didn't punish Abbott's lac…
third alternative, we give you either Tony Abbott, Kevin Rudd or Malcolm Turnbull from Australia instead? :P
Tony Abbott at odds with Mike Baird over shark nets after teenager attacked
Howard on Menzies akin to Greg Sheridan on Tony Abbott, Jerry Lewis on Dean Martin, Laurel on Hardy..comedy duos!
and Greg Sheridan, Tony Abbott's best mate is the so called expert commentator.
Greg Sheridan. PM has proved himself a worthy heir to John Howard & Tony Abbott . paywalled no wonder oz going broke
Can David Cameron have a word in Tony Abbott's ear?
Tony Abbott for all his faults, put Australians & Australia's safety & economic future first & foremost. A strong PM
it's been exactly three years since Tony Abbott beat Kevin Rudd at the 2013 federal election, or, approximately 149 internet years
don't think Shakespere is relevant today, just ask Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull "My kingdom for a vote"
Australia has lost so much when we lost Peta Credlin & Tony Abbott, all we are left with is a bunch of hicks
Aussie PM Tony Abbott is a Rhodes Scholar - a recruiting ground for CFR globalists
We were looking at how long Turnbull needs to be PM to beat Tony Abbott. Oct 2018. Tony is going to fight that chance to death.
Memory Lane: I still can't believe that Uni of Syd gave Tony Abbott a Bachelor of Economics. Well that was a wasted free education.
Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott were warned Manus Island detention plan was unconstitutional in 2013
Legal expert 'vindicated' after warning Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott against Island plan via
TURC a Tony Abbott political witch hunt .Unions have less corruption (per capita) than banks .. But no bank RC
Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott still causing a headache for Malcolm Turnbull via
Tony Abbott admits he would have sent ground troops to fight Islamic State during his term:
ONYA, Fr Rod. Let's hope more Australians stand up to One Nation racists PLUS to LNP racists like Tony Abbott & George Christensen
.perhaps Tony Abbott or Alexander Downer could throw their hats in the ring to test Shorten's patriotism?
I see she's taking Prime Ministership tips from Tony Abbott.
"Why shouldn't Tony Abbott be given a ministry?" Um, because he's incompetent?
Tony Abbott and Kevin Andrews need to step up on sexual abuse of children in institutions run by the Catholic Church.
What happened to the products of University of Oxford such as David Cameron and Tony Abbott who took Philosophy, Politics and Economics?
Tony Abbott would be a good minister for Aboriginal Affairs
Scott Morrison should be the new LNP leader or just bring back Tony Abbott,mal is a dope
Tony Abbott would make a great minister for Aboriginal Affairs.
"Federal election 2016: Colin Barnett backs Tony Abbott for cabinet". It's all about
Tony Abbott would “rather drive a truck in the Pilbara’’ than hobnob as Australia’s High Commissioner in London.
BREAKING: Former PM Tony Abbott was spotted undergoing training for the new Speaker's position today.
Never will the Libs be able to talk about Labor disunity...they are as bad as US Republicans - a rabble. http…
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