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The Tonight Show is an American late-night talk show that has aired on NBC since 1954. It is the longest currently running regularly scheduled entertainment program in the United States, and the third longest-running show on NBC, after Meet the Press and Today. John William Johnny Carson (October 23, 1925 – January 23, 2005) was an American television host and comedian, known for thirty years as host of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962–1992). 5.0/5

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I added a video to a playlist Johnny Carson Reacts to Bombed Skit on Tonight Show, June 14, 1989
25 years ago tonight, Johnny Carson did his last Tonight Show. There were hosts before him, hosts after him, but...
Mad Johnny Carson Tracks Down Don Rickles on Set of "CPO Sharkey" on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show - YouTube
Rickles was the only person I can recall that Johnny Carson invited on the Tonight Show to specifically insult him. The man was SO funny.
Pretty cool -- the Allman Bros. Band with Johnny Carson's Tonight Show players, including some nice trumpet work...
Happy 95th Betty White! & Johnny Carson as Adam and Eve on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show via
I liked a video from Albert Brooks' Impersonation Kit on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show -
The first wife of Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson's sidekick on the Tonight Show, was Alyce Ferrell of Lacoochee, in northeast Pasco County.
Jeff Healey, 'See The Light' live in 1988 on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson! Dig! ~Rog...
Dolly performing "Smoky Mountain Christmas" on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1986!
David Jr knows me well - a 4 DVD set of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and season one of Mayberry RFD
Your procliviity toward Victorianism might be lessened by watching Tonight Show episode when Johnny Carson licks Loni Anderson
Jon Lovitz Appears as the Pathological Liar on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show this is
did you know? In 1974, on this date the Dapper Dans appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
📹 (via Robin Williams last appearance on Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 5/21/92 - YouTube)
Quick! Was Larry's first Tonight Show with Johnny Carson on Nov. 3, 1988? Watching rerun now!
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I heard Rodney offer that diet on the Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.
"Tonight Show" host Johnny Carson poses with a group of NBC pages in 1970.
The legendary Tonight Show that started off with Johnny Carson then Jay Leno & now its current host. Congrats Troye.
the poor thing is waiting in vain for Johnny Carson to pop out of the background that looks like the old Tonight Show curtain
best Tonight Show host since Johnny Carson. You are the Daniel Craig of James Bond films. Greatest additions to both franchises
May 14, 1973 coming onstage for 'Tonight Show" appearance with Johnny Carson
Rare pic of Johnny Carson welcoming to the "Tonight Show" May 14,1973
Remember when Johnny Carson left the Tonight Show and then hosted a show about cars on CNBC? Or when Steve Allen did that? Or Jack Parr?
The Don Rickles & Frank Sinatra on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
Jack Kirby did a comic for Tonight Show with Johnny Carson:
Paul Reiser wants to introduce Johnny Carson's 'Tonight Show' to a new generation
Happy what would be Johnny Carsons bday! The line "Heeres Johnny!" is taken from Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
Kevin Spacey Jimmy Stewart imitation is homage to Carol Burnett, but also to Johnny Carson. Stewart often read poems on Tonight Show.
Look for ghosts of Jack Paar and Johnny Carson in Studio 6B - that was the Tonight Show's original home in NY
September 5th 1980. David Bowie performed on the Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.
Paul Anka wrote the theme song for Johnny Carson's Tonight Show? More with
I liked a video from Michael Landon Pulls Funny Prank on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show
you said on that Johnny Carson started the Tonight Show format. What about Steve Allen & Jack Paar? cc
"The monolog on the Tonight Show was awful tonight! Somebody complain to Johnny Carson!"
All Johnny Carson’s viewers of the Tonight Show just had an aneurysm!
George Segal Teaches Johnny Carson & Bob Newhart to Play the Ukulele on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show -
Backstage at the Tonight Show: From Johnny Carson to Jay Leno by Sweeney, Don: $6.49End ...
My generation grew up watching, being entertained by and laughing with so many of these fine people, never really knowing what they contributed to the war effort. Like millions of Americans during the WWII, there was a job that needed doing they didn't question, they went and did it, those that came home returned to their now new normal life and carried on, very few ever saying what they did or saw. They took it as their "responsibility", their "duty" to Country, to protect and preserve our freedoms and way of life, not just for themselves but for all future generations to come. As a member of that "First" generation, I'm forever humbly in their debt. I can only send this to people our age, (well close to our age) since most of today’s people don’t have any idea who these Men were and that's a pity. George Gobel comedian, Army Air Corps, taught Fighter Pilots Johnny Carson made a big deal about it once on the Tonight Show, to which George said "the *** didn't get past us. Sterling Hayden , US Marines ...
The funny bird has the last laugh at Johnny Carson's expense when Joan Embrey brings a laughing bird on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" in 1976. MO...
But srsly watch this and try not to cry. Jimmy Stewart Reads a Touching Poem on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show
Paul Williams as Dr. Zaius, singing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1973.
really, who cares! I will always link the Tonight Show to Johnny Carson! No one does it better!
Remember the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson? They kept a roaring big band for the entire run of the show. It was the best studio band in the nation and one of the top gigs to get. Even after bean counters wanted to cut it down to a combo (sound familiar?), Johnny had them take the difference out of his huge salary so the band could stay as is. Johnny and Ed McMahon were veterans, as were many of the men in the band. Semper Fi, Anchors Aweigh, and all the rest!
Just watched an episode of with Johnny Carson and the Tonight Show. It's really cool to see in the same studio today.
Photoset: vintage-katie: Joan Rivers on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson - 1984 (x)
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A huge Burmese python snake embraces Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. Subscribe to Johnny Carson's Official YouTube Channel at Thi...
Robin Williams appears on the last regular Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. This was the penultimate final Tonight Show with Carson, and the final show with ... from news of the world via IFTTT
No one will ever top Johnny Carson but Jimmy Fallon is really killing it over at the Tonight Show. Finally enjoying it again.
Jimmy Fallon was 12 years old the first time Barbara Streisand was on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. :-)
To our generation, Joan Rivers was pretty much only known for her plastic surgery (which if it made her happy, who cares?). But in reality she is who we have to thank for a lot of the comedians we love! I went on a binge of comedian autobiographies this summer, and several of them noted that being a guest when she co-hosted the Tonight Show helped them to guest with Johnny Carson where their careers took off from there. To me, the comedy world has lost 2 greats this past month and I am truly sorry to hear about her unfortunate passing.
Before they were at odds, Joan Rivers hosted a secret meeting to try to help Johnny Carson quit the Tonight Show
I grew up watching Joan Rivers guest-host on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show". It was always such an event in our house when she did because you never knew what would come out of her mouth. I'll miss having her in the world, just as miss having Mr. Carson. Here's a wonderful clip that really shows the chemistry between these two amazing people.
I had a picture of Joan Rivers on my bedroom wall when I was a pre-teen. Looking back now, there was so much wrong with that! But also something so right. She was the funniest female comedian, paving the way for so many to follow. I gravitated to her self-deprecating wit and never missed her guest host the Tonight Show when I should have been sleeping as I had school in the morning. I only hope she gets the respect she deserves in death. Johnny Carson must be shaking in his shoes. But they won't meet as Joan is certainly in heaven tonight. Thank you for bringing so much laughter into my life.
Joan Rivers and Johnny Carson on a "Tonight Show" Retrospective, 1984. A clip from a 1968 appearance by Rivers is shown. Rivers' daughter Melissa is introduc...
Jimmy celebrates the life and comic genius of Robin Williams and shows archive footage of his first Tonight Show appearance with then-host Johnny Carson. Sub...
In this 1991 clip from the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Robin Williams is at his comedic best. Riffing off the idea of Shakespeare as interpreted by a few of the Hollywood actors of the day, Williams’ improv is genius, and it proves just how natural he was in front of the camera, how natural he…
Thanks to Jimmy Fallon for his wonderful tribute to Robin Williams including his first appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
Robin Williams first appearance with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show.
Watch Robin Williams' hilarious first appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson:
So many times this brilliant man, afflicted with depression and alcohol addiction, made me laugh. An amazing actor, comedian and humanitarian. RIP, Robin Williams. Dead at age 63. = On "the Tonight Show," with Johnny Carson, 1991. …
I worked for The a Tonight Show w/Johnny Carson and Bette Midler and Robin Williams were his last guest..he was so funny that night but also so humbled..what a great talent taken to soon
Re-evaluate your fandom of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson - this will change your life via
Lou Holtz - In 1966, when he was only 28 years old, he was hired as an assistant coach at the University of South Carolina. His wife, Beth, was 8 months pregnant with their third child and Lou had spent every dollar he had on a down payment on a house. One month later, the Head Coach who had hired Lou resigned, and Lou found himself out of a job. In an attempt to lift his spirits, his wife gave him a book - The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. The book said that you should write down all the goals you want to achieve in your life. Lou sat down at the dining room table, turned his imagination loose, and before he knew it, he had listed 107 goals he wanted to achieve before he died. These goals covered every area of his life and included having dinner at the White House, appearing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, meeting the pope, coaching at Notre Dame, leading his team to a national championship, and shooting a hole in one in golf. So far Lou has achieved 81 of these goals, including ...
Other than Johnny Carson, Jimmy Fallon is easily the best host the Tonight Show has ever had
I liked a video from Tip Toe Thru the Tulips, Tiny Tim on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show
Johnny Carson liked having John McGiver on the Tonight Show in the early 1970s.
LOVE the Tonight Show! NBC couldn't have found a better person to take over for Johnny Carson!
You are the Tonight Show legend and Johnny Carson would be
I had No idea that Harry Belafonte took over Johnny Carson's spot on the Tonight Show..even for a show...especially didn't know he interviewed Dr. Martin Luther King and Harry had an A-list line-up that week -- Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier, Lena Horne, Zero Mostel, Sen. Robert Kennedy. wish I could see this
What do you say we watch a Monkees episode to round up Friday night? (Or Saturday morning depending on where you are!) Grab a snack, and let's watch it together! Don't forget to post your favorite scenes below :) 'Dance Monkee Dance' aired on December 12th, 1966 * Fun Trivia: * During the "I'm A Believer" sequence, Mike is dancing with his real-life mother, Bette Graham. * Micky's full name George Michael Dolenz, is given mention for the first time in this episode. It can be heard again in the Monkees 1968 feature film HEAD. * The late Hal March was host of the scandalized quiz show The $64,000 Question and appeared in other projects, including the classic Burns and Allen Show (as Harry Morton and his partner Casey) and a brief stint hosting the pre-Johnny Carson, post Jack Paar, Tonight Show.
Jim Carrey does a rubber faced impression from the movie "Poltergeist" on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. Watch Jim Carrey's Elvis Presley impression
Johnny Carson greets very cute baby gorilla orangutans from the San Diego Zoo on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson". More animals on the Tonight Show ...
I'm awake I am never up this late. Watching the Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon could not get a job getting coffee for Johnny Carson.
any Pacific people remember the old gym we started painting in 1968 to protest the Viet Nam War? A student (can't remember who) went on the Tonight Show (Johnny Carson NYC) and asked people to donate paint. We got tons of paint and painted the whole thing.
Jimmy Buffett Performs "Margaritaville" Live on Johnny Carson's show in 1981. In his first Tonight Show appearance, Jimmy Buffett plays the guitar and is joi...
In 1992, Jay Leno took over the “Tonight Show,” replacing Johnny Carson as regular host. Leno’s first guest was Billy Crystal.
Today in 1992, Jay Leno hosted NBC's "Tonight Show" for the first time, succeeding Johnny Carson!
On This Day in 1992: Jay Leno debuted as host of NBC's "Tonight Show," succeeding Johnny Carson.
Growing up I always wanted to be a guest on the tonight show with Johnny Carson...when he passed I was sad, not only because we lost a true talent but also that I knew my dream would never I want to be on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Thanks Jimmy for bringing a young boys dream back to life! Hope to see you soon!
Freddie Prinze (June 22, 1954 - January 29, 1977) Freddie Prinze, the father of Freddie Prinze Jr., got his start at a standup comedian. He had been born Frederick Karl Pruetzel but changed his last name to Prinze because he decided he was going to become the prince of comedy (he originally wanted to be king, but Alan King already had the name). He was the first comedian to asked to have a sit-down chat with Johnny Carson on his first Tonight Show appearance. Being asked for a sit-down chat by Carson was considered the Holy Grail of honors by comedians. He is best known for his role as Chico in the hit television series Chico and the Man. Prinze suffered from depression and a drug addiction. January 28, 1977, after talking to his estranged wife on the telephone, he shot himself in the head with a semi-automatic pistol. There are some who believe this was an accident due to Prinze’s penchant for playing Russian roulette to freak out his friends. But his death was ruled a suicide. He was only 22 years old ...
People will still be watching the Shining decades from now but we're already at a point where I'm guessing most people alive have never seen the original Tonight Show, based on the fact that I'm pretty deep into the old and classic-TV-watchy end of my demographic and the only reason I have any idea what Johnny Carson sounded like was because of Dana Carvey's impression of him (which kids today have probably never heard). So when Jack says "Here's Johnny!", what will people think is going on?
Today In: . 1967 - "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" prem on PBS. 1992 - Johnny Carson hosted NBC's Tonight Show for the last time after 30 yrs.
And there goes Johnny: Johnny Carson signed-off as host of “The Tonight Show” on NBC on this day in 1992.
I liked a video from Michael J. Fox's First Appearance on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show-
On this day 1968, John Lennon & Paul Mccartney appeared on NBC-TV's Tonight Show with guest-host Joe Garagiola sitting in for Johnny Carson.
in 1968, Lennon & McCartney on Tonight Show with Joe Garagiola sitting in 4 Johnny Carson
Bette Midler memorably serenaded Johnny Carson on his penultimate episode as host of the Tonight Show. Friday she sang to another departing TV icon: Barbara Walters, performing an impromptu rendition of "The Glory of Love" on The View, a week before Walters' last show as co-host.
Charles Fleischer : All things are Moleeds (I first saw him explain Moleeds on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson)
Wasn't Joan Rivers banned from Johnny Carson's Tonight Show for vomiting at the mouth?! Very crude on Jimmy Fallon's recently too
This clip is The Allman Brothers Band performing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson on August 1st, 1990. Thie first song is a powerful version of Good Cl...
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Does anyone else think Jimmy Fallon brings an energy & entertainment level to the Tonight Show that hasn't been seen since Johnny Carson?
Ever since Johnny Carson, “The Tonight Show” has been a staple of late night television. Our grandparents invited Carson into their homes, our parents invited Leno, and now we welcome Jimmy Fallon every evening to commentate, interview and entertain.
So longtime talkshow host David Letterman is going to retire and hang it up.I wonder if this was like from the television Movie "The Late Shift" when supposedly, Jay Leno's then agent, Helen Kushnick, forced Johnny Carson out to get Jay Leno in at NBC, leaving David Letterman to leave NBC and go to CBS. Letterman was then replaced at NBC by Conan O'Brian, who then got the tonight show, and then was forced out by NBC and then landing at TBS, this time replaced by former Tonight Show host Jay Leno. Now I wonder if Conan O'Brian will be David Letterman's replacement, or will Jay Leno be courted? What about Craig Ferguson, who now hosts "The Late Late Show"? I guess the real question is, who do you think that CBS will replace David Letterman with? Regis? Tony Danza?
Late Night TV Shakeup Right on the heels of Jay Leno leaving the Tonight Show and being replaced by Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman after 30 years of hosting the Late Show has announced that he will be retiring in 2015. According to a statement from his representatives, Letterman said he informed CBS Chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves that he would leave the show at the end of his contract in 2015. Letterman, who enjoys tweaking his network bosses, said that he told Moonves: "Leslie, it's been great, you've been great, and the network has been great, but I'm retiring." For his part, Moonves said he appreciates the needling, saying in a statement that he appreciates Letterman's ability to keep "executives on their toes - including me." "When Dave decided on a one-year extension for his most recent contract, we knew this day was getting closer, but that doesn't make the moment any less poignant for us. For 21 years, David Letterman has graced our Network's air in late night with wit, gravitas and brilliance uniq ...
CBS News 11 early morning anchors are discussing night show hosts - triggered by Letterman's retirement announcement. I can't believe their assessment of Letterman & of Conan. Really? Seriously? The anchors are self-proclaimed 'Generation X' and the gap could not be more obvious to me. Letterman is their man? And I'm not even going to discuss Conan. But, really? Silly people - there has never been and never will be another like Johnny Carson! Not even Leno! I quit watching The Tonight Show when Carson retired. Really! I never watched Leno and resent the media referring to him as THE Tonight Show. Carson was THE Tonight Show!
I liked a video from JOHNNY CARSON FULL EPISODE: Liberace, George Miller, Tonight Show,
Binge watching old Tonight Show episodes starring Johnny Carson.
First, Johnny Carson left the "Tonight Show" and now David Letterman is leaving "The Late Show" in 2015.
I see David Letterman is retiring in 2015 - anyone have a thought as to who might be the new host/hostess??? I guess having been such a fan of both Johnny Carson and Letterman, I've never been able to envision anyone else at the helm but these people sure devoted a lot of years to their career and deserve some good retirement time. Just wondering in my mind, who would fill Letterman's shoes - Jimmy Fallon has done a great job so far, taking over the Tonight Show (I had no idea how funny he is and what a happy-nature he has).
Joan Rivers returns to 'Tonight Show,' still grateful to Johnny Carson - ...
I remember David Letterman doing stand up on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.
:He just wanted to outlast Jay Leno. Still mad at not being chosen Tonight Show host when Johnny Carson retired in 1992.
Letterman will disappear like Johnny Carson when he left Tonight Show in 1992 and we heard nothing till he passed in 2005.
"Every time he would throw to a commercial, I just felt him slipping away forever." - David Letterman on Johnny Carson's last Tonight Show
Johnny Carson was the Tonight Show but because it's the Tonight Show I need to give Jimmy Fallon that same respect.
Largely forgotten: Joan Rivers was a regular guest-host for Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show.
Robin Williams does a hilarious Shakespeare improv on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show in 1991. Watch more Robin Williams at Subscrib...
Thursday night, March 27, was a historic one for Joan Rivers: the comedienne returned to the "Tonight Show" for the first time in 26 years. Johnny Carson famous...
Joan Rivers was a little out there, but she was funny. Jimmy, you are a real nice guy inviting Joan back to the Tonight Show after everything that happened with her and Johnny Carson. Sweet move.
1989. Jimmy Stewart published a small book of poems. Four poems to be exact. 33 pages of pure joy. If you were a long time Johnny Carson fan you would have heard them already as he shared them on The Tonight Show over the years. So like every author of the time he had a signing party at Vromans Pasadena. My daughter, Kate (7) and I made our pilgrimage and as you can see by the picture enjoyed a moment with the sweetest man who ever drew breath (along with two signed books, one of which will be in our family for generations to come). I would be blessed over the next eight years to meet Mr. Stewart several times as he was very involved with my employer, Universal Studios. And when he passed in 1997 Kate and I again made a pilgrimage to Hollywood (the only celebrity we ever did this for because we wanted to) to give respect.
For all my American mates .. Watching " the Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon and wondering if Johnny Carson ever had talented grand kids.?!
Comedian David Brenner, 'Tonight' favorite, dies Mar 15th 2014 7:00PM 22426 . Los Angeles (AP) - David Brenner, the gangly, toothy-grinned "Tonight Show" favorite whose brand of observational comedy became a staple for other standup comedians, including Jerry Seinfeld and Paul Reiser, died Saturday. He was 78. Brenner, who had been fighting cancer, died peacefully at his home in New York City with his family at his side, according to Jeff Abraham, his friend and publicist. "David Brenner was a huge star when I met him and he took me under his wing. To me, historically, he was the godfather of hip, observational comedy," comedian Richard Lewis said in a statement. "He mentored me from day one. ... His passing leaves a hole in my life that can never be replaced." Brenner's standup routines became a favorite of "Tonight Show" host Johnny Carson starting in the 1970s
David Brenner was a big star when I was growing up. Very funny and a frequent guest on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show and many of the daytime talk shows, including the Mike Douglas Show. He also mentored great stand-up comics like Jerry Seinfeld and Richard Lewis. RIP, David Brenner.
David Brenner -- who holds the record for number of appearances on the "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson -- is on his death bed  and people close to…
The gangly, toothy Brenner made more than 150 appearances as a guest and substitute host on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show," starting in the 1970s
David Brenner, frequent performer and guest host on Johnny Carson's 'Tonight Show,' has died at 78.
Comedian David Brenner has passed at 78. I remember him on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson..thank you for the laughs and may you rest in peace.
Comedian David Brenner, a regular guest and fill-in host on "The Tonight Show" during the Johnny Carson era, died in New York from cancer, Saturday, March 15, a
Been watching so many great interviews from Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show in the '70s. Seeing Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Sammy Davis Jr., Lauren Bacall, Gregory Peck, and Tony Randall among others during their prime truly ruling the roost in Hollywood. And having the "King of Late Night" bringing out the best in these celluloid heroes like no other can is still impressive to this day!
Groucho Marx surprises Johnny Carson when he drops by for a surprise visit on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson." Grouch's outfit is his costume from ...
RIP Funny man David Brenner of Philly, one of the first comics that I got to know through his appearances on Johnny Carson, where he appeared all the time. Two of his jokes that still make me laugh are good examples of his observational humor: Why is it, Brenner said, that when people lose something, they say, I can't find it. I've looked everywhere and I know it'll be in the last place that I look. Why, asked Brenner, would they keep on looking?, In a stand up routine on the Tonight Show, Brenner said his flight to LA was uneventful but that it was very strange when the stewardess came through the passenger cabin and was greeting guests, she recognized Brenner and asked, Where are you going? David Brenner is seen here w/Richard Lewis whome he mentored. It was pubbed in a 1979 issue of New Jersey monthly
MORE: Comedian David Brenner, who made more than 150 appearances on Johnny Carson's 'Tonight Show', has died:
Comedian David Brenner, a regular on Johnny Carson's “Tonight Show," has died - he was 78:
David Brenner dead, comedian and regular on Johnny Carson's 'Tonight Show' was 78 - Topix via
David Brenner (1936-2014) former comedian during the 70's and 80's frequently guest of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Rest in peace David!!!
David Brenner, a prominent stand-up comedian and regular guest of Johnny Carson's on “The Tonight Show,” died of cancer Saturday afternoon in his New York City home surrounded by his family, according to spokesperson Jeff Abraham. He was 78. Brenner began his career as a writer, producer and director of documentaries, putting more than 100 on the air. Yet he eventually realized “you don't change the world by doing documentaries,” according to a recent CBS This Morning profile. He decided to try comedy for a year, and shortly before that year was up his agent brought the top booker for “The Tonight Show” to see Brenner in Greenwich Village. “He saw me and what he said was ‘David Brenner does vomit material. Not only won't he be on “Tonight Show,’ we won't let him in the building at 30 Rockefeller.'” That lit a fire under Brenner, who prepared a monologue better suited to Carson's show and auditioned. He booked a gig, and his appearance elicited immediate requests for more. He appeared ...
Sad news, David Brenner, who served with the 101st Airborne and and later as a cryptographer of the 595th Signal Corp, has passed at age 78. This vet is best known for guest hosting the Tonight Show when Johnny Carson was out. I still ask: "Where are the vets in Hollywood today?"
Comedian David Brenner passed away today. Not only was he the guy who was funny on the old Tonight Show in the Johnny Carson days, he was also a 101st Airborne vet who served with 595th Signal Corp in Böblingen, Germany. RIP SP5 Brenner
So sad. My favorite comedian. Saw him at Rutgers back in the mid seventies. Always enjoyed him on Johnny Carson 's Tonight Show. Was looking forward to seeing him at the Count Basic theater. RIP
Hats off to Jimmy Fallon! Isn't he amazing? He will be as respected as Johnny Carson was, or even more. There have already been enough "special moments" for the first Jimmy Fallon "special". He is so talented, creative, spontaneous and witty. Nothing against other late night hosts, but Fallon will last a long time and will be hard to beat. It's fun getting to bed early again to watch the Tonight Show! Seth Meyers is trying but not sure if he will "make it". Lettermen won't last long but he had a good run for quite a while.
A sex tape starring Johnny Carson is for sale. It’s the first time a Tonight Show host has been seen getting screwed since Conan O’Brien.
Then-Governor Ronald Reagan talks about balancing the budget with Johnny Carson on “The Tonight Show” in 1975.
Actress Teresa Ganzel performed sketches with Johnny Carson for a decade as a member of the Mighty Carson Art Players. Teresa talks about performing classic sketches with Johnny, being so nervous during her first Tonight Show appearance that Johnny had to hold her hand, and Johnny's rehearsal ...
I think NBC, should cancel Jimmy Fallon, and bring back Jay Leno, or Johnny Carson, reruns!! Guess I will be watching Dave Letterman. So long Tonight Show!!
00:12 Bill Murray joins Dan Aykroyd on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (continued from Summer of '89: part 5)
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All the Tonight Show's hosts first names after Steve Allen start with "J". Jack Parr, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno & Jimmy Fallon. This is why they let Conan go. No "J".
When comedian Joan Rivers dropped a $100 bill on Jimmy Fallon's desk Monday night -- along with many other celebrities -- it was 49 years to the day since she first appeared on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show in 1965.
I've been enjoying the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week. Do you watch late night talk shows? -I watched the classic Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (or previous hosts.) -Letterman -Jimmy Kimmel -Conan -Leno -I'm asleep by then
Review of Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show. Pretty similar to the Johnny Carson days. Pretty awesome! Love it!
As yesterday's Drew Carey interview revealed, for the 30 years Johnny Carson hosted the Tonight Show, getting an offer to sit on the couch after your performan
I'm LOVING the new Tonight Show. And I don't watch it normally. Jimmy Fallon is awesome - feels like we are back in the Johnny Carson days again. Jay was great, but this new chapter is awesome.
Honestly, I wish Jimmy Fallon well, he's a nice guy. However, when Johnny Carson moved the Tonight Show to LA in 1972, he offered everyone a job in Burbank. The Tonight Show just layed off everyone on its dedicated crew in LA. Conan and Jimmy Kimmel are better, funnier, more interesting viewing (try to top Conan's interview of Mel Brooks tonight). Sorry Jimmy Fallon, we were never married and I'm divorcing you anyway.
Late Night Jokes: Jimmy Fallon Inherits the Throne The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Welcome to "The Tonight Show." This is the first "Tonight Show" broadcast from New York in over 40 years. I'm Jimmy Fallon and I'll be your host . . . for now. Of course, I wouldn't be here tonight if it weren’t for the previous "Tonight Show" hosts, so I want to say “thank you†to Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and Jay Leno. Amazing lineage. I had a great childhood, but if you’d told me when I was a kid that after graduating high school, I'd get to be on "Saturday Night Live" and eventually I’d be the host of "The Tonight Show," I'd have said, "I graduated high school?" I’m a proud, proud dad, and speaking of dads, I’m lucky to say my parents are here to see this, Jim and Gloria Fallon. Thank you for being here. I wish we could’ve gotten you better seats. But it’s a very hot ticket. The Late Show With David Letterman It happe ...
Fact or Fiction: "Johnny Carson was three years younger than Jimmy Fallon when he hosted his first "Tonight Show" in 1962." Congratulations to Brad Bittner who knew that was a Fact! Carson was 36 when he started hosting, and Jimmy is currently 39. Steve Allen was the youngest at 32. The oldest was Conan O'Brien, who was 46 when he took over in 2009. Listen to WCED on 1420 AM, 96.7 FM or 107.9 FM for your morning Trivia with Beth at 6:50 for your chance to win!
Joan Rivers returns to 'Tonight Show' after decades-long ban by Johnny Carson! Do you predict she will be a regular on the show now?...
Jimmy Fallon's first night as host of "The Tonight Show" featured a parade of cameos, including Robert DeNiro, Tina Fey, Lady Gaga, and Joan Rivers. Fun Fact: did you know that Rivers' appearance on last night's "Tonight Show" ended a near 30-year ban imposed on Rivers by the late Johnny Carson and carried on by Jay Leno? Carson was upset with Rivers--then the permanent guest host for Carson--for taking a late night hosting job at Fox without notifying him first. Click here to read more:
Rest well, Johnny Carson. The Tonight Show is in good hands. Congrats to Jimmy Fallon and the best writers on TV.
Why am I so mad at Jimmy Fallon and the new Tonight Show? Am I the only one feeling the show is kind of RIP? :( I like Jimmy, he's funny, but I don't see him in the same caliber as Johnny Carson or Jay Leno. Im also rather angry that he took the show away from Burbank, leaving many jobless. What.. is he too good to move to Burbank? ;p Tonight Show and Burbank went well together for many many years, and that show felt like "ours" (here in Los Angeles), because almost everything else is from NYC. I also have such good memories of the show here. Went to a few tapings over the years, and also when Joan Rivers co-hosted. Went with Erin Farber way way back in 78' or 79, to meet Rich Little (Erin's father was his road manager). And outside the Tonight Show is where I met Brittany Murphy. (when she was on Ellen and Tonight Show same day). To me, it feels like the end of an era.
Johnny Carson (w/ guest Tony Bennett) at his Tonight Show debut on October 1st 1962. http…
I've always KIND OF enjoyed the Tonight Show, but I never felt like many people felt about Johnny Carson, or (81tch455) Jay Leno, (& Conan wasn't given the opportunity), but I FEEL THIS Tonight Show...this is MY Tonight Show. Thank you You're providing me with MY
Johnny Carson's Tonight Show used "Starring," and he's Jimmy's hero, so Jimmy went with "Starring" as well! -
And to think he started as a backup featured performer on Saturday Night Live, who would ever think Jimmy Fallon would get the Tonight Show. He's gonna do Johnny Carson proud, he may even make the Dave Letterman Show a thing of the past.
It's time for "Yes or B.S." We give you a statement, and you decide . . . YES, it's true . . . or NO, it's total B.S. The first episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" airs tonight, so that's today's theme. 1. Jay Leno holds the record for most episodes for any host. Yes: Johnny Carson hosted for 30 years, and Leno only hosted for a combined 21 years. But Carson used a lot more guest hosts, including Leno. So he racked up a total of 4,531 episodes, compared to 4,610 for Jay. 2. Comedy Central went off the air on May 22nd, 1992, so the producers could watch Johnny Carson's last episode. Yes: They put up a message that said, "Watching Johnny Carson's last show, and so should you." 3. At just under eight months, Conan O'Brien had the SHORTEST run of any fulltime "Tonight Show" host. B.S. An anchor named Jack Lescoulie hosted for less than five months in 1957 when NBC tried to turn it into more of a straight news show. Then a guy named Al Collins replaced him, but only last a month. 4. ...
with the return of the Tonight Show to NYC, here's great article from about Johnny Carson's time here. http:/…
I would give up a year's worth of Jimmy Fallon's shows, to see one more "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
A new 'Tonight' dawns with Jimmy Fallon as host the walls of Jimmy Fallon's office are photos. Lots of photos. Of his 2007 marriage to film producer Nancy Juvonen. Of their 6-month-old daughter, Winnie. Of his mom and dad as newlyweds. Fallon points them all out to a visitor proudly. But the dominant photo is a portrait of Johnny Carson, aglow in front of his "Tonight Show" drapes. "I look at that every day," says Fallon, "and just go, 'Yeah - it's SO fun!'" Already Fallon is immersed in this kind of fun. For five years he hosted NBC's "Late Night," a job he relinquished only days ago. And now he's looking ahead to the Big Show, "The Tonight Show," where Monday, at the special time of 12 midnight EST, he retrieves Carson's mantle - back in New York after 42 years in Los Angeles. "It's giant! It's a big TV moment!" says Fallon. "Even if it wasn't me, I would tune in to watch." A Manhattan home base perfectly suits its new host, a consummate New Yorker, while bringing it under the same hallowed roof (NBC's ...
I haven't watched the Tonight Show regularly for many years (it's on SO late!). I thought Jay Leno was a fitting replacement for Johnny Carson (plus I think Johnny was involved in the decision to hire Jay). Conan not so much (though I kind of like his show now). But Jimmy Fallon?
I Love Sid Ceaser. Nobody meant as much to the foundation of television as an art form. Just look at the brilliant writers that created "Your Show of Shows". Milton Berle is often refered to as Mr. Television, but he only brought burlesque to the small screen. Two people brought the small screen to a higher level. One was Ernie Kovacs, who died too young. The other was Sid Caesar. If you watch the many skits from Johnny Carson you will see how Sid Ceaser made the Tonight Show what it became. I should include Steve Allen. Sid Ceasar was one of the greatest comedians of all time.
I am an incredible fan of watching the journey of those that I consider "creatives". Filmmakers, musicians, chefs, visual artists, writers, engineers, industrial designers, actors and many others. I'm fascinated by those that are given the opportunity to showcase their art. Whether it's mainstream creatives or people like Natasha Wescoat, Sonya Paz, James Altucher Rajesh Setty, Ryan Hayes and Tosh Campanella that are as passionate about their craft as anyone else. Comedians are a unique bunch that I've always been fond of. Few know that, when I a teen, I aspired to someday try my hand at comedy. This week I watched the final shows for Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon on NBC. Fallon is of course not retiring, but instead has been given the reigns of the Tonight Show from Leno who was the successor of the great Johnny Carson. Fallon's final episode of his previous show was more of a statement. He was closing the door on a significant phase of his career and welcomed us along his journey to the next. It was interes ...
Okay, well I suppose I might as well say it - yes I watched most of Jay Leno's final show of the Tonight Show. I loved that Billy Crystal was the main guest and co-host - what a great job! If you haven't seen the highlights, you ought to see them. Also, yes I am old enough to remember when Johnny Carson left as well. I must be officially old. :)
‘I bid you all a heartfelt goodnight’: Tearful Jay Leno quotes Johnny Carson as he bids his Tonight Show ‘family’...
He has been the king of late night for 22 years. And tearful Jay Leno quoted the show's legendary previous host Johnny Carson as he bid 'a heartfelt goodnight' on the Tonight Show on Thursday. The emotional comedian explained how the crew and the audience had become 'his family' after his mother, fa...
Everybody settle down about Jay Leno's last Tonight Show... it hasn't been "The Tonight Show" since Johnny Carson left.
Well late Thursday night another page in both television history the Tonight Show history was turned . As Jay Leno sat behind his desk on set trying to hold back the tears, he talked about how in the first few yrs of taking over the show his mother died his dad passed and then he lost his brother. He was family less , but wasn't because all working on that show were his family , as he closed out his era he quoted Johnny Carson who he said was the best ever to do this job '' I bid you a heart felt goodnight '' and another class act of 22 yrs was over . Jack Parr Steve Allen , The king of late night Johnny Carson and Jay Leno , Conan O'Brien for a few months but really does that flop count . Which brings us to is this the end of a 60 yr institution known as The Tonight Show . Jimmy Fallon is that the best these new NBC exec's can come up with put in a guy like this who will turn it into a goof circus. Why not leave Leno there like they did Carson till he wants to quit then like Carson let him pick his suc . ...
Jay Leno finally leaves the Tonight Show he jacked from David Letterman re-jacked from Conan & who Johnny Carson never wanted to succeed him
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Oh dear god, watching the news and they hired the village *** for the weekend broadcast. First the woman announces that Leonard Nimoy has been diagnosed with "lung disease" and then tells us he played "Dr. Spock". Then the man (talking about Leno's exit from the Tonight Show) says that when Johnny Carson stepped down, he stepped out of the spotlight and "we don't hear much from him anymore". Um could be because he's dead for nine years or so. That was above and beyond the truly inane banter. Oy.
With Jay Leno leaving the 'Tonight Show' after 22 years, I realize that I have been watching that show for 40 years. I didn't start off watching the show but got interested by watching Chuck Thompson watch the Tonight Show. Bruce and I would stay up late and watch his dad watch the show! Goldie Hawn would come out in something skimpy and Johnny Carson would make a bunch of sexual innuendos that we kind of understood but Chuck would laugh and clap his hands, howl a bit and just have a ball. He was fun to watch. What a great guy. Remember when he would BBQ the chicken at the Fiesta for the Lions club? Why doesn't chicken taste that good now? Bruce's mom Martha had this 7up bottle on her ironing board with a pewter spout back in the days before steam irons. When she turned it over a fine mist would come out, I thought that was so cool. She could iron like a machine too! Years later in the navy I found out just how hard it is to iron things perfectly. I had to do a shirt three times to get it right and Marth ...
Watched a clip promoting the Tonight Show, my wife reminds me that she's so old, she was on with Johnny Carson!! 3 hosts…
in a highly unusual and rare admission, NBC excutives have conceded that the past 22 years of their late night programming during the 11:35 -12:35 slot was all a dream - this according to Peacock network veteran - Emily Litella. effective Monday, Feb. 17, Jimmy Fallon will succeed Johnny Carson as host of the Tonight Show ...
Just watched the last Tonight Show with Jay Leno on DVR. Not a big fan of late night talk shows (I need my sleep); but I thought it might be nice to see. Awesome show. Oprah Winfrey, Billy Crystal, Jim Parsons and Carol Burnett--some of my favorites. Plus Garth Brooks sang two oldies that I love. Hard to believe its been 22 years since Leno took over from Johnny Carson, one of my dad's all-time favorites. Leno was humble, gracious,and emotional. Said the first year he did the show his mom died, the 2nd year, his dad died. Then his brother died and he was pretty much wiped out of family. Said the people of The Tonight Show became his family. We do form a fond attachment to those people we work with day in and day out. I know I myself could not work with any better people, and several I've formed lifelong relationships with that are absolutely priceless to me. God bless our friendships. Where would we be without them?
The "Tonight Show with Jan Leno" ended last night, Feb. 6. 2014. Leno succeeded Johnny Carson ("Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson") some 22 years ago. NBC has decided on a younger Jimmy Fallon to host the Tonight Show despite the fact that Leno is No. 1 in the 11:30 pm-12:30 am time slot. Wish Leno the best.
Buddy Hackett tries to keep his jokes clean on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show: via
Has anyone on here seen the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson? I know that era was before a lot of us were born, but he was a hilarious guy.
I am not happy about Jimmy Fallon taking over the Tonight Show! I double don't like the fact that it will be done in New York City! The Tonight Show was always in Los Angeles! Beautiful downtown Burbank! I remember driving home from work and seeing lines of people waiting to get into to see Johnny Carson! They filmed at 5 PST in the evening and aired EST at 11:30pm on NBC. We saw it 3 hours after East Coast did. Just have trouble with changes like this. That and I really don't like Jimmy Fallon...
Jay Leno is preparing to tape his final week of shows as the host of the Tonight Show. Leno said the numbers speak for themselves: He's hosted for 22 years, longer than anyone but Johnny Carson, and has taped more episodes than any of his predecessors. Will you miss Leno once he's gone? Click here to read more:
Jimmy Fallon will make a great Tonight Show host! So Carsonest!!! I miss Johnny Carson! Jimmy is a great fit.
Tonight on CNN: "Jay Leno: Mr. Comedy" (10 p.m. ET). A special look-back at how the departing "Tonight Show" host earned his stripes on the Comedy Club circuit in the '70s, made his first splash on TV in the '80s and then, in the '90s, took on the challenge of succeeding the legendary Johnny Carson. CNN’s Nischelle Turner hosts the show, which will re-air Saturday (7:30 p.m. ET).
Steve Martin in a classic comedy sketch mixes physical comedy with sleight of hand as a magician with a unique ability. From the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, 1992.
A bit sad to see that Jay Leno is retiring from the Tonight Show. Strangely enough, was physically at one of the final shows of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson many years ago. Heard Jay say today he's been doing the show for 23 years. Boy do I feel old ! Lol. This week as most shows do right before "retiring" they are reviewing several past shows and moments throughout the week which have been hilarious . 😍Tonight, one of his guests is political comedian Bill Maher whom I found to be extremely funny. Sorry to see you go Jay!
I liked a video from Singing Dog Contest on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, 1987
On January 29, 1929, musician Ed Shaughnessy was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. The drummer played with many noted big bands, including Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, and Count Basie. Shaughnessy was best for his work with Doc Severinsen and the NBC Orchestra, as the Tonight Show band was known in the Johnny Carson era.
Those old enough to remember Johnny Carson will recall copious tears over the course of his two-day Tonight Show goodbye – capped by Bette Midler’s serenade of Wind Beneath My Wings.
I remember them all, Steve Allen, Jack Parr, Johnny Carson, and Jay Leno. It seems strange that when Johnny Carson started hosting the Tonight Show it was 1962 and I wasn't out of high school yet. Now the guy that succeeded Carson, not counting the few months in the middle with Conan, is stepping down and I'm 68 years old and retired. The reign of two guys spanned all those years.
Brian, check-out Ronald Reagan on Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1975...Reagan didn't use focus groups!
When Johnny Carson 'was' the Tonight Show, at least one day a week, he took off, and folks like Joan Rivers, Don Rickles, Bob Newhart and many others were guest hosts. Jay Leno was guest host so often they called him the 'permanent guest host.' In over 20 years, how many times has Jay had a guest host? Now, he's sad he was 'fired.' Maybe he'll go somewhere in some of his 200 cars.
Despite what's been passed down in late-night war lore, talk show host David Letterman tells Oprah his rivalry with Tonight Show host Jay Leno did not start when Dave was passed over for Johnny Carson's old seat. Watch as he reflects on his old friend and reveals why Jay is the funniest guy he's eve...
I'm a Jimmy Fallon fan, so I'm excited to see him taking over the Tonight Show (which I will never see live because I can't stay up that late). I know this dates me, but I still miss Johnny Carson.
OK. Changing it up. I spent this past weekend at home watching TV (I have my reasons) and MAN am I glad I work most weekend nights! I got carpal tunnel syndrome in my thumb from hittin' the remote so much!!! EVERY show I tried to watch sucked so bad I HAD to change channels!! Does anybody think Jimmy Fallon is funny?? He's taking over the Tonight Show? Is he gonna bring that suck *** band "The Roots" with him?? Johnny Carson and Doc Severinson are gonna be turning in their graves! I'm almost fifty, so maybe I just don't "get" Jimmy and his suck-up interviews "...Oooh I just love that!! That's the best! You're so awesome! Hee hee". I laugh at about every seventeenth joke. *** Higgins is funnier!!! I suppose Fallon is the perfect follow-up to Jay Leno, the ultimate suck-up, but David Letterman should have gotten that gig before Leno and Fallon has no business getting it. I hope the show tanks and Dave gets the last laugh over at CBS! I like Conan more than Leno or Fallon, but not as much ...
Video: Liberace Reveals his Love for Soap Operas on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show via
TIL that during Johnny Carson's final episode of the Tonight Show, Comedy Central went dark, showing only a mess...
Terri Lyne Carrington with Stan Getz on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
Johnny Carson by Henry Bushkin. Bushkin was Carson's attorney, tennis partner, advisor, and friend from the time of his second divorce until just after his fourth marriage. Interesting perspective on Carson the Enterprise, told from a point of view not normally seen including his quitting the Tonight Show in 1979, his contract negotiations, power plays, and his infamous mood swings, drinking, and womanizing.
I liked a video Jimmy Stewart is Delightful in this Full Interview on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show,
Remembering the great Ray Bolger! Here's a rare gem of television magic -- Bing, Ray Bolger & Marvin Hamlisch in an impromptu performance on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show! Enjoy!
Jimmy Stewart shares his funny and classic New Year's resolutions with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show, January 4, 1989. Watch the full episode at
It's Man Utd's worst start since 1962 was the 1st Year of the Tonight Show w/Johnny Carson
Wind down the 1st day of 2014 with some laughs & the Singing Dog Contest from Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.
Watching a documentary about Johnny Carson and the Tonight Show. One of the interviews was with Drew Carey and he was crying as he reminisced about that first time on the show.
Watching an episode of Tonight Show with Johnny Carson thanks to newly set up Google Chromecast.
with my family. A few drinks while watching the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson DVDS.
Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Doc Severinsen, and the Smothers Brothers ring in the New Year on New Year's Eve, 12-31-1987. Very funny Tonight Show moments. Wat...
Ed Ames teaches Johnny Carson how to throw a tomahawk in one of the funniest moments on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. Classic blooper moment on the Tonight S...
Celebrate New Year's Eve with Johnny Carson. In this full episode of the Tonight Show from New Year's Eve 1987, Johnny's guests are the very funny Smothers B...
"Another day. ..Another 2 million dollars" Johnny Carson. I loved the old Tonight Show.
I used to watch guest host the Tonight Show for Johnny Carson when I was a kid I've always thought she was funny.
Fun Fact: Johnny Carson joked about a toilet-paper shortage on the "Tonight Show" on this day in 1973. America took the joke seriously, panicked and a rush to buy and hoard led to a real shortage. Weather: A five-day warmup begins with highs topping out in the mid-50's today with partly sunny skies. Full forecast:
In the 1980's, James "The Amazing" Randi exposed Peter Popoff on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. Popoff was exposed by James Randi and others as a con prophet ...
Enter the Johnny Carson Halloween Costume Photo Contest!. Dress as your favorite Tonight Show...
MONTI - LICIOUS OCT 18, 2013 Let's begin with a correction, The D was formerly known as Fitzgerald's and the soon to open Downtown Grand replaces the shuttered Lady Luck. These hotel/casinos are two of the downtown Las Vegas major new attractions. This has been a very eventful week with Marsha Ratner and filmmakers Thomas Gallagher and David Gorder shooting three days of the film on the life and times of Tiny Tim and Monti Rock. Both Tim and Monti were part of the novelty acts in the '60s and '70s. TV talk shows thrived on these acts. Drugs and alcohol were instrumental in keeping them from real stardom, though yours truly was a favorite with Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas and so on. I was quickly forgotten for two or three years, as Tiny Tim and his ukelele tiptoed through the tulips and got married to Miss Vicky on the Tonight Show. For some reason, Tim and I were always compared to each other and that irked me. Though we both were outrageous, I went on to have a career in disco and concerts ...
A Reminiscence: Frank D’Rone Chicago lost a true prince of a guy on Thursday, October 3. Mr. Frank D’Rone. He was a dear friend. We became friends back in my acting/bartending days at Yvette and Toulouse, two Chicago Jazz clubs/restaurants. Frank was a warm, sweet, funny, powerhouse of talent and energy. The Chicago Tribune featured him in a half page article on Oct. 4. His life was truly remarkable. Frank was the kind of guy who was just as comfortable hanging out and eating a bowl of pasta with the busboys as he was with some V.I.P. in the front of the house. Not an ounce of pretention. Sometimes, late at night, maybe after a glass of red or two, he would regale me with stories of carrying an overserved Johnny Carson through the streets of Greenwich Village at 4 in the morning back in the ‘60’s when the Tonight Show was filmed in NYC. Or, he very humbly told me how good it made him feel that whenever Frank Sinatra played Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, he would insist that Frank play the ou ...
October 4, 1982 ... * Omar Katz of Birmingham, Alabama, has received a letter from President Reagan asking him to please vote in that state's elections this fall. One problem. Two, actually. Omar's only 5 years old ... and he's a cat. Republican officials weren't nearly as amused as Omar's owner when the mistake was brought to their attention... * Johnny Carson today starts his 21st year as host of NBC's "Tonight Show" with a new long-term contract. We don't know the financial terms ... but under the old contract Carson was making about $5 million a year... * The latest Times-Dispatch high school football poll has Marshall-Walker in first place ... followed by Hopewell, Highland Springs, Lee-Davis and Jefferson-Huguenot-Wythe... * You might consider a movie ... among those now playing are "An Officer and a Gentleman" with Richard Gere and Debra Winger at Westhampton and Midlothian ... "Amityville II: The Possession" at the Capitol and Chesterfield theaters ... and Warren Beatty in "Reds" at the Biograph.. ...
People ask me why I idolize people like Steve Allen, Jack Paar, and Johnny Carson when I'm only 21. It's simple. These people meant something to us. They were more than just hosts of the Tonight Show, they were national treasures. They sent us to bed. We laughed with them, Steve started it all in 1954, Jack picked up the slack in 1957, and Johnny took the ball and ran with it. These three people and the program they held court over, were something us as an country and as a people, relied on. We needed Steve, Jack, and Johnny. We needed the Tonight Show. We'll never see television personalities like them again. Ever.
1962- Johnny Carson took over the Tonight Show, after host Jack Paar in a rage walked of the set and resigned.
Today in 1962, the catch phrase "Here's Johnny" was heard for the first time as Johnny Carson debuted as the new Tonight Show host. He took over for Jack Paar and went on to host the show for the next 30 years. I guess people liked him.
I watched Arsenio Hall last night before I went out. made me laugh, I used to love him Woof, Woof, Woof... he was a good friend of WH's and they made a few funny spoofs that I just adored. Dave Letterman is another host that I believe is the right guy at the right game. Love him. In my opinion Dave should of gotten The Tonight Show instead of Leno. Not that I dislike Leno, I just never clinged to him like I did to Johnny Carson. Everyone wanted The Tonight show vehicle. I take that back I kinda dislike Leno for what he did to Conan who paid his dues, won our expectations and finally got the dream shot he wanted. I really like Conan's Tonight Show commercial, The emphasis on quality one where he pretend idly goes to India to find the right curtains, now... That's show business!
TV'S 60 GREATEST CATCHPHRASES TV Guide has released its list of the 60 Greatest Catchphrases. These indelible and infinitely quotable words spoken by our favorite TV characters and personalities are forever etched in our brains. 1. "Here's...Johnny!" Ed McMahon hailed the arrival of Johnny Carson from behind the Tonight Show curtain for 30 years and it never got old. Just ask Jack Nicholson. 2. "D'oh!" A forehead-smacking Homer Simpson popularized it, other residents of Springfield have said it at one time or another and the Oxford English Dictionary even deemed it worthy of an entry. 3. "Yada, yada, yada." The ultimate show about nothing gave us more than its fair share of catchphrases, but this Seinfeld signature uttered by Elaine to gloss over a bad date and favored by George's felonious girlfriend is still really something. 4. "How you doin'?" We can't imagine how many times Joey Tribbiani's best pick-up line was tried out by Friends fans during the show's heyday, but it's safe to say no one said it . ...
Former Baltimore Colt Artie Donovan on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Absolutely hilarious.
Poor man's Chevy Chase set to replace substitute Johnny Carson as host of Tonight Show, his own show to be taken over by Jon Stewart wannabe
Only problem with Fox Sports Live is the set looks like its the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
20-30 years from now, Jimmy is going to be a legendary Tonight Show host just like Johnny Carson is.
Anyone going to - stop by our table at VAST to meet Joan Embery from 'Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson' -
Oooold clip of me on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
It's about Johnny Carson and the Tonight Show with candid interviews of him and his gang. Ed McMahon and Doc...
Love your emotion as you relive your first Tonight Show appearance in the Johnny Carson American Masters.
Just finished a Johnny Carson documentary. is going to being back the love we had 4 Carson to the Tonight Show. Can't wait!
Will someone take me to the underground vault where episodes of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show is held?
Johnny Carson's nephew and 36-year veteran producer of Tonight Show would like to connect with Larry to talk Carson legacy?
New (prbly not) hashtag 2 exploit - along the lines of the old Tonight Show w/Johnny Carson Have fun, tweeps.
On the Tonight Show, Jimmy Stewart read a poem he'd written about his beloved dog, Beau... making Johnny Carson cry! http:/…
“I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself." -- Johnny Carson (1925-2005), American comedian, Emmy Award-winning "Tonight Show" host from 1962 to 1992, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and WWII U.S. Navy veteran. The last 21 years of late night talk shows have made Mr. Carson's star all the brighter. How I miss him. R.I.P. oh witty one.
I love this clip of kicking off 1982 on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.:
RIP Ed Shaughnessy. Extraordinary drummer and part of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show band. Met him at a recent taping.
Ed Shaughnessy, whose deft drumming anchored the “Tonight Show,” died at 84. Shaughnessy was a well-traveled and highly regarded jazz drummer when he was offered the Tonight job in 1963, shortly after Johnny Carson had taken over as the show’s host. He had performed or recorded with Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, Billie Holiday and numerous others. He had also worked for four years as a staff musician at CBS Television, and, remembering the tedium of that studio job, he was not sure he wanted another. He agreed to take the Tonight gig for two weeks and see how he liked it. "When I got up there," he told, "and Doc Severinsen was the lead trumpet player, Clark Terry was sitting next to me in the jazz trumpet chair, and there were all these great players, I said, 'My God, this is not your ordinary studio situation.'" Shaughnessy took the job and never left. He remained when Severinsen replaced Skitch Henderson as the bandleader in 1967 and when the show moved from New York ...
RIP Ed Shaughnessy Long time drummer for the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. He competed with the greats Buddy Rich and Ginger Baker Died Sunday of a massive Heart Attack. He was 84
The entertainment world lost a great one over the weekend. He played for many Big Bands and Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. This is worth watching and its something you won't see it on late night television anymore. God Bless Ed Shaunghnessy.
Wow! We just keep losing all the greats! :( Sail On, Ed Shaughnessy. What a legend you were...whether it was big band/swing, pop, or jazz there were very few that were your equal. How I so enjoyed watching/listening to you going into and coming out of the commercial breaks on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Got to see you and meet you at a Modern Drummer Clinic Festival, and enjoyed every minute of your preformance. Sail on, Ed. Sail On.
Prayers going out to pianist Mulgrew Miller who suffered a stroke. Also RIP to Tonight Show with Johnny Carson drummer Ed Shaughnessy. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I toured with Henry Johnson in the 90's and Ed's band played the JVC Jazz Festival the same we did!!
Another jazz great dies! Ed Shaughnessy, drummer for Doc Severinson's NBC Orchestra of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson has passed away! RIP Ed.
Funny and clever skit from the Johnny Carson's Tonight Show with featured guest, Jack Webb, from. PopModal is Americas Political and Pop Culture Video Community and the Conservative Alternative to YouTube
OMG I AM TEARING UP! Johnny Carson was the KING of late night when I was little! Marvin & Tammi live, Tonight Show -
Years ago, newscaster Connie Chung, appearing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, made the following startling...
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