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The Tonight Show is an American late-night talk show that has aired on NBC since 1954. It is the longest currently running regularly scheduled entertainment program in the United States, and the third longest-running show on NBC, after Meet the Press and Today. James Thomas Jimmy Fallon, Jr. (born September 19, 1974) is an American actor, comedian, singer, musician and television host. 5.0/5

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| Harry will appear on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on July 19th.
Catch Bill Hayes at the end of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, tonight on June 27th; Sheryl Crowe performs. Steve Carell
May the 4th be with you! Watch this funny video from the Tonight Show, where Star Wars characters sing "All Star". http…
That's definitely Darrell Hammond, Bobby Moynihan and "so-called" Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon behind home plate.
Hello Asia! Go watch Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon now on E! - Scarlett Johansson NOW!
It was a battle of the Trump impersonations on 'Tonight Show.'
Kristen will be a guest on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on 2 February
In her final appearance as first lady on "The Tonight Show," Michelle Obama wrote thank you notes with Jimmy Fallon
Watch NC's on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night performing "Radio." New album in 2017!
What Trump shut down first: Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or Saturday Night Live. U know he'll try. Will be real test of his dictatorship.
Nicole Kidman Online | Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman Have Another Awkward Interview on the Tonight Show -
Naomie Harris in Jonathan Simkhai Fall 2016 RTW at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon yesterday…
Kate Hudson tells Jimmy Fallon she wants to release an album on 'Tonight Show'
Hotep! wonder if Jimmy Fallon ever pulled that "Trump hair-raising" stunt w/ Questlove (the Roots drummer) f/ the 'Tonight Show' house band
No, Jimmy Fallon, Trump isn't a laughing matter- his hateful rhetoric has dehumanized millions of Americans.
Trump is on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. .
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.The Joker gave Jimmy Fallon a very... 'interesting'... gift on the Tonight Show last night!!!
Tonight Show w Jimmy Fallon is my go-to late night show. I have a major crush on him.
Jimmy Fallon to Host Golden Globes: The "Tonight Show" host will take on the award show this January.
'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon to host Golden Globes ceremony in 2017 - Entertainment Weekly
Watch Jimmy Fallon Mock Trump's Republican convention speech on the Tonight Show via
No comic has more performances on Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon than Nate Bargatze. He's at the Funny Bone
Morgan and Robert's favorite show is the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. So we decided we would make them the...
Congratulations Jack! Arlington Heights teen to perform Wednesday night on Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show'
Mission accomplished. We got the kid on Fallon. "Jack Aiello to perform Wednesday on Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show'
You were right. Jimmy Fallon has gotten worse. is the uncrowned King of Late night. Pity for the Tonight Show!
Amy Adams sings Rihanna's 'Work' for Jimmy Fallon's new Tonight Show game
The Weekend makes up for Grammy performance with showing with Lauryn Hill at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
Happy Birthday to me and of course the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!
Xtina spoke about Miley in a recent interview on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!️❤
Watch Ryan Reynolds & Katie Holmes Play Musical Beers on 'Fallon': Leave it to Tonight Show king Jimmy Fallon ...
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*Tonight Show Musical Guest is getting ready in their dressing room*. *Jimmy Fallon pokes his head in*
House of the Week: First 'Tonight Show' Host's Party Pad on the Market: It’s hard to picture Jimmy Fallon havi...
Raleigh's own is going to appear on Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon tonight.
Today: red carpet with casts. in 3 days: interview with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. in 4 days: AHS: Hotel…
NBC New York: 'Tonight Show': Kenan & Kel Reunite: "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon reminisces about when he u...
HQ PHOTOS: Dakota Johnson on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon via
THese Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is very funny my cheeks hurtS now I've found another remedy
Kristen Stewart looks great in Casadei sandals on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Available now at Pam Jenkins. ht…
Kristen Stewart at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, August 11 2015.
Tom Cruise & *** Cavett guest on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Owen Wilson visits Jimmy Kimmel.
Jimmy Fallon returns to 'Tonight Show' after 10 days in ICU for finger injury: Jimmy Fallon was behind the Ton...
Mmm, sloppy Oscars! Elmo gets cooking with on 'Tonight Show'
Guess who was on The Voice last night and will be on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this evening May 12. It's !
Watching the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with my brother, its becoming a late night summer tradition we love📺❤️
U2 serenades New York City Subway riders before Tonight Show appearance with Jimmy Fallon
One year ago today, I tricked everyone into believing I was replacing Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show
Video: Ronda Rousey on Jimmy Fallon, forces Tonight Show host to tap out via
.Randy should Jimmy Fallon be removed as host of the Tonight Show? Take my poll:
Double the fun! Kelly Clarkson teams up with Jimmy Fallon for a History of Duets on 'Tonight'
Tune into the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon now, west coast, to catch and perform "The Mexican" http…
Only time when Jimmy Fallon makes sex jokes:. When I'm trying to watch the Tonight Show with my Dad.
1 year ago today, Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show went on the air with guests Will Smith and U2.
Jimmy Fallon should take over the Daily Show. Brian Williams should take over the Tonight Show. Jon Stewart should take over C…
The reunion of Save by the Bell on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was so so cute 😍😍😍
I DVR Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno wasn't funny in my opinon. I watched Letterman for years, until Jimmy took over the Tonight Show.
Neil Young and Jimmy Fallon channeling Neil Young do Old Man on the Tonight Show. Brulliant.
Jamie will be on The Tonight Show..Jamie and Jimmy Fallon..and i'm like
singing One Last Time on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: if you missed it here it is watch it
Jimmy Fallon and Gwen Stefani were brilliant on the Tonight Show with their Broadway rendition of Drake, Nicki & Big Sean.
On last night's Tonight Show, we learned that Gwyneth Paltrow's anaconda doesn't — but in the most upbeat and jazzy way possible. She was the latest celeb to take a turn playing lounge singer to Jimmy Fallon's piano man. Unfortunately, we weren't treated to a Duets sequel (people don't
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Gwyneth Paltrow and Jimmy Fallon sang Broadway versions of hip hop songs from Nicki Minaj, Big Sean and Drake on Wednesday's "Tonight Show," and the results were hilarious. Paltrow, dressed in an all-pink outfit, belted out cheery show tune renditions of the songs, accompanied by F
Sienna Miller in gorgeous striped dress on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
See me in my art studio sculpting the Jeff Daniels puppet, as seen on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. ;^)
Nicole Kidman says she wasn't exactly trying to "seduce" Jimmy Fallon when the two went on a date years ago. The actress reminisced with the "Tonight Show" ...
Rocker Glenn Shorrock has penned angry rant to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon calling for the American version of his band to be axed from the show.
Jimmy Fallon's date with Nicole Kidman was a complete disaster, but the good news for the "Tonight Show" host is he's not alone. In honor of learning he blew hi...
Days after Nicole Kidman revealed on the Tonight Show that she and Jimmy Fallon could have dated, ET special correspondent Jason Dundas followed up.
Jimmy Fallon discovered he could have dated Nicole Kidman during a hilarious trip down memory lane on the Tonight Show last night: see what she said!
Whose band is it anyway? Turbulent waters for the Little River Band, Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show
Photo: daily—celebs: 1/6/15 - Nicole Kidman on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in NYC.
This delightfully awkward interview of Nicole Kidman by Jimmy Fallon, from Tuesday's Tonight Show, is best watched with little introduction. Fallon started out the interview telling what he remembers about the last time he and Kidman met, about the time Kidman was filming the 2005 movie Bewitched, a…
Oh my gosh. Nicole Kidman on the Tonight Show was absolutely hilarious. Jimmy Fallon was blown away to hear Nicole's story about their first meeting... In turns embarrassed and humiliated and funny and shy... Priceless! If you didn't see it tonight, find the clip online.
That's a pic of Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight Show..? Not Josh Radnor
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have a new sketch that’s going viral. The pair went back in time on Tuesday's 'Tonight Show' to a place called Camp Winnipesaukee. The "kids" are at summer camp, ...
Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon returned to Camp Winnipesaukee Tuesday night during the Tonight Show. In the sketch, the braces-wearing best friends take a trip back to the 90s when they were ju...
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Oprah Winfrey joins Jimmy Fallon for soap opera spoof on 'Tonight Show'
Watch Jimmy Fallon and Oprah Winfrey recall the highs, the lows and the auto-tuned memories of their short-lived Eighties soap opera on 'Tonight Show'
Oprah Winfrey is not above participating in some supremely stupid Tonight Show bits with Jimmy Fallon, a fact she proved last night when she joined him in scenes from their classic soap opera that for...
Jimmy Fallon definitely started off the week with a bang tonight on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, with his guests Oprah Winfrey (Selma) and Horatio Sanz as Santa Claus. The Musical Guest of the Tonight Show was Idina Menzel. Oprah even was in a comedy skit with Jimmy Fallon, called Midnigh…
Oprah Winfrey and Jimmy Fallon never starred together in a soap opera, but let's not let that get in the way of a good 'Tonight Show' sketch.
Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show is all about the viral video.
Chris Rock turns the 'Top Five' tables on Jimmy Fallon, asking the 'Tonight Show' host to list his favorite rappers of all time.
Brian Williams joined Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday's 'Tonight Show' to Slow Jam to the recent debate over immigration policy.
Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon performed yet another classic "Slow Jam The News" on Tuesday's "Tonight Show." As Gossip Cop has reported, the recurring bit features the veteran journalist delivering the news in hilarious musical form accompanied by Fallon and The Roots. Thi
Baby Winnie now has a sister. "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy welcomed a second daughter on Dec. 3, People magazine...
Does anybody have a clue what Jimmy Fallon & Bradley Cooper were laughing about last night on the Tonight Show? Or were they simply stoned?
Jay Leno to appear as guest on Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show':
[WATCH] brought his bachata stylings to Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show and it was epic!
The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers are one of the greatest rivalries in sports. Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, paid tribute in his own special way.
Jay Leno went on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon... I feel bad for both of them
Remember from an amazing night at NBC's the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon !
Matthew Mcconaughey seems like the right celebrity to enlist to toss around a football, and that’s just what Jimmy Fallon did on the Tonight Show. Only their...
The 'Tonight Show's' former host will be a guest on Jimmy Fallon's version of 'Tonight' on Friday. It will be the first time Jay Leno has been back at the NBC institution since signing off after nearly 22 years...
Jay Leno is returning to the Tonight Show, but don't worry -- it's not what you think. Jimmy Fallon'
Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy Fallon went to war on Wednesday's "Tonight Show" and it got wet! Click to read this from Source. Source:: Jake Gyllenhaal & Jimmy Fallon's Water War!
I tell you what...Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show is probably the funniest stuff I have seen for a long time...and I LOVE the fact that he looks like he is genuinely having a fantastic time doing what he does!! Good TV...
Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show just had me in tears 😂😂😂
Just got my laugh quota in today watching Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show.
WASHINGTON -- Jay Leno was treated to a night of laughs in his honor on Sunday night at the Kennedy Center. A lineup of top entertainers, including his Tonight Show successor Jimmy Fallon, showed up to salute
on the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon!!! Wohoo!!
Emma Stone tried and failed to hoodwink Jimmy Fallon during her latest "Tonight Show" appearance.
Yum! Love Butterfinger! If u don't already know, Sam Smith is going to be on the Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon tonight!!!
Derek Jeter - on the Tonight Show w Jimmy Fallon - this guy is truly awesome and all round great human!! If you didn't watch Google it great viewing from and absolute legend of the game!!
Dane Cook totally liked my picture on Instagram of him on the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon--that's so awesome :)
Emma Thompson and Michael Cera team up against Jimmy Fallon and Jim Parsons in the game Password. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: ht...
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"5SOS singing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon 10.2.14 (-Jess
Some of Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show sketches have worked better than others, but none is creepier than the Lip Flip sketches, which feature Fallons lips superimposed over whichever guest he is speaking to. Sofia Vergara got the treatment last night and you can check out the two funny peoples...
"Modern Family" actress Sofia Vergara liked Jimmy Fallon's "Lip Flip" with Billy Crystal so much that on Monday night she also swapped lips with the "Tonight Show" host. This time around, "Fallon" broke out...
Thanks to Mayor Emanuel's deal with Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show going to Chicago because kids read 2.7 million books
Jimmy Fallon Epic 40th Birthday Celebration: Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight Show, is now a member of the ov...
Love that made it on to and Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show:
Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Have Amazing Lip-Sync Battle with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show via
Steve Harvey hosted a hilarious Tonight Show edition of the game Family Feud with Jimmy Fallon, Jason Segel, and The Roots -- watch the video!
Barbra Streisand shares the stage with Jimmy Fallon in 'Tonight Show' duet
Great job Blake Shelton! Lip-synching "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I think that was the winner, don't you?
Barbra Streisand has a new album of duets out, and Jimmy Fallon likes to sing on his show. So, on Monday night's Tonight Show, the seemingly inevitable happened. Fallon stepped in for some of the men Streisand sings with on her album, Partners, including the late Elvis Presley and a handful of livin…
No one will ever top Johnny Carson but Jimmy Fallon is really killing it over at the Tonight Show. Finally enjoying it again.
Matt Forte fires back at Jimmy Fallon following 'Tonight Show' bit
All my friends say that Jimmy Fallon never makes them laugh, but I disagree. I thought it was hilarious when they gave him the Tonight Show.
Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show crew hosted a very special - and hilarious - version of Family Feud complete with host Steve Harvey. Actor Jason Segel joined the Fallon Family to help Jimmy take on The Roots, and the results will make you laugh.
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Hugh Jackman is known for being a super-nice guy. But as Jimmy Fallon discovered on Wednesday's "Tonight Show," you'd better watch your...
Barbra Streisand is heading back to late-night TV after a very long time away. Jimmy Fallon announced on Wednesday's Tonight Show that the legendary singer and Oscar-winning actress will appear on the show as both a guest and performer on Monday, Sept. 15.
Jimmy Fallon was 12 years old the first time Barbara Streisand was on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. :-)
I'll be performing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon next Thursday 9/11. Tune in at 11:35/10:35c!
Little League star Mo'ne Davis strikes out Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show'
botando os Tonight Show do Jimmy Fallon em dia
Adam Levine doesn't do a great Sinatra, but he was really impressive as Michael Jackson singing the Sesame Street theme on Tuesday night's Tonight Show. Levine and host Jimmy Fallon played a game called "Wheel of Musical Impressions," where a "musical impressions generator" picks a famous singer and…
Adam Levine bested Jimmy Fallon at his own impression game on Tuesday night's 'Tonight Show,' as the duo sent up Dylan, Michael Jackson, and more.
By now I think everyone knows that Jimmy Fallon’s greatest asset as a Tonight Show host is his skill with vocal impressions. He’s turned his musical impersonations of everyone from Neil Young to Bruce Springsteen to “The Cluckineers” into a number of his best sketches. But now he might have...
Adam Levine shows off his impression skills with Jimmy Fallon on last night's Tonight Show
HEY! We have slots open to try out for the SNU Tonight Show - emcees, acts, or you could even be Jimmy Fallon! Go to right now!!
Jimmy Fallon and Pierce Brosnan duke it out as 007 on 'Tonight Show'
Jimmy Fallon claimed it's been one of his longtime dreams to play the classic N64 video game "GoldenEye" with the actual (former) James Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan . And on Tuesday night's "Tonight Show," the host got his wish.
Two-time PGA Champion Rory Mcilroy and Four-time PGA Champion Tiger Woods appear as guests on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Monday, August 18, 2014.
Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy get laughs with Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show'
'Show' time: Tiger & Rory shared several laughs with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show:
Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy to Appear Together on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon -
Video: Taylor Swift on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (HD) - part 1
Video: Taylor Swift on the tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (HD) - part 2
In the latest Tonight Show Digital Original, Jimmy Fallon Shows how the world of the Tonight Show is not that different from "House of Cards." Part 1 of 2. S...
Thanks to Jimmy Fallon for his wonderful tribute to Robin Williams including his first appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy appearing together Monday on Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show":
Jimmy Fallon honors Robin Williams with first 'Tonight Show' appearance: Watch
Lester Holt plays bass with The Roots on 'Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' -
Heading to see Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show taping #
Jimmy Fallon has definitely expanded his fan base since he took over the Tonight Show, with his charm and hilarious skits. And one Minnesota couple are his
Russ, its not Jimmy Kimmel who does it. it is Jimmy Fallon in the Tonight Show who does them
On Wednesday, Aug. 6, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" star Megan Fox and "America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon took on Jimmy Fallon and Wiz Khalifa in the most unlikely game of "Tonight Show" Pictionary ever. Regardless of the outcome, when celebrities in movies about turtles can't even remember...
Julia Roberts stopped by Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" Thursday to play a new game called Face Balls.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!! Does anyone besides me, have to mute the opening number of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? I really like him, but cannot stand his musical selection at the top of the show.
Morgan Freeman and Jimmy Fallon inhale helium on Thursday's 'Tonight Show.'
Nancy is watching the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She believes it's funny. I believe that it's not only proof that the Devil exists but that Jimmy Fallon must have had a really nice soul.
OMG! Jimmy Fallon got Morgan Freeman to do his Tonight Show interview on helium last night:
Morgan Freeman's voice is so authoritative and mellifluous that he is often tapped to play God in the movies. "I do love your voice, and everyone loves your voice," Jimmy Fallon told him on Thursday night's Tonight Show, "but I was wondering what your voice would sound like if you were on helium." A…
Gonna end this wonderful day with some Looney Tunes and then some Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon
You know your getting old when you have to record Jimmy Fallon to watch the next day, because the Tonight Show is on to late. Which is said considering im in the western time zome!
He's at it again! "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon is well known for his spot-on, pitch-perfect Neil Young impersonation. He's done it...
Jimmy Fallon donned his Neil Young finest on Monday's 'Tonight Show' to cover the hit Iggy Azalea song 'Fancy.'
In other local music news, Sylvan Esso will be playing the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tomorrow (Wednesday) night! These two have to be the fastest rising Triangle act in memory, touring internationally and garnering glowing reviews by every national and international publication within weeks of releasing their debut. It seems the accolades were rolling in before they had played half a dozen shows. Not that they don't deserve it; the album is excellent. But you wonder how these things happen in the music industry... sometimes, an act just takes off. At least this time, it's one of the good guys... one of OUR good guys. Congrats!
'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon loves transforming himself -- quite fully, and often kind of unnervingly so -- into famous
Video: Howard Stern has tough 'Tonight Show' advice for Jimmy Fallon - Never one to...
Other than Johnny Carson, Jimmy Fallon is easily the best host the Tonight Show has ever had
So many of you have contacted Big Cat Rescue to let us know that last week the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon had... http…
Jimmy Buffett keeps it casual for 'Tonight Show' interview, performance - . "Do you even own socks?" Jimmy Fallon...
My Tonight Show packet shouldn't have included, "Thank you Jimmy Fallon, for turning the Tonight Show into Romper Room for adults. *then riff a silly voice with that old guy*"
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Dave Chappelle stooped by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and talks Kanye West and Prince. Watch Video below.
Jimmy Fallon took his Tonight Show on the road for the first time this week, traveling to Florida and broadcasting from the Universal Orlando Resort. As long as he was there, he thought he might as well take comedian Kevin Hart, who happens to be deathly afraid of roller coasters, on the Hollywood R…
In preparation for the release of his latest project, "Think Like A Man Too," Kevin Hart stopped by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to laugh and...
The mystery of Harry Potter and the Unnamed Opening Day continues at Universal Orlando, but that isn't keeping the theme park resort from rolling out the red carpet this week for a media preview of the highly anticipated Diagon Alley expansion. (Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show is also taping in Orlando…
Think Like a Man Too star Kevin Hart was asked to man up by Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon as the two faced the actor's fear of roller coasters head-on and rode Universal Studios Orlando's Rip Ride Rockit.
Video: Winter Park family to be on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
The editing masters at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon have released yet another Brian Williams remix, this time the anchor raps "Baby Got Back"!
Brian Williams may be a veteran news anchor, but "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon and his team have proven yet again that despite the...
"Jimmy Fallon is so nice, he couldn't even properly poke fun at - reviews Tonight Show in Orlando
Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon at Universal Orlando was great! Get ready for a first incredible look down Diagon Alley complete with fire-breathing dragon. Brief but amazing. (May have been a post-production effect. Hard to tell on the set monitors.) It’s also clear that Universal has a sense of humor. How does Fallon show off Ollivanders in Diagon? With “wand” jokes. The set is gorgeous. Art Deco with a Universal Orlando Resort skyline. Pretty amazing they just set that up here. Seats over 800 people. Their studio in New York only seats 200-something.
New Jersey Governor and father of four Chris Christie joined Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show host and father of one,...
Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube and Jimmy Fallon played a rousing game of "Sup" on Friday's "Tonight Show." Check out the video here!
In honor of Father's Day, Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon decided to celebrate with recently crowned father of the year, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The duo celebrated in their own special ...
Jimmy Fallon and Governor Chris Christie dance during the "Evolution of Dad Dancing" skit, June 12, 2014, on the Tonight Show.
After Chris Christie showed off his dancing skills on the "Tonight Show," he talked with Jimmy Fallon about a head-to-head presidential race against Hillary Clinton, and called the talk show host a "putz" for making weight jokes at his expense. Check out the video here!
Jimmy Fallon got New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to perform 'The Evolution of Dad Dancing', in honor of Father's Day this upcoming weekend. Watch the clip from Thursday's Tonight Show: Previously from The Tonight Show: Fallon: Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing with Will Smith (Video) Springsteen ...
Gov. Chris Christie dances on stage with Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show' - New York Daily News: New York Daily ...
I just wanna go see Jimmy Fallon live on the Tonight Show. Is that too much to ask? 😩
On what we're declaring the Cutest Magazine Cover Of The Century, "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon, and his 10-month-old daughter, Winnie, are wearing matching s...
On Tuesday's "Tonight Show," Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels joined Jimmy Fallon for a new episode of "Jacob's Patience," a hilarious sketch about real people with fake arms.
J.Lo showed Jimmy Fallon who's the boss in tight pants on Monday's Tonight Show. We're not surprised — the girl can rock a pair of butt-huggers. In
Watch Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon dance in tight pants and bowl cuts on the Tonight Show:
Jimmy Fallon first debuted his bizarre Tight Pants song back in 2012 on Late Night with some help from Will Ferrell. Last night, it was back, this time on the Tonight Show with guest Jennifer Lopez, who the audience was presumably more excited to see wearing said tight pants.
Jimmy Fallon learned a valuable lesson on Monday's "Tonight Show": Do not mess with Jennifer Lopez in tight pants.
Ansel Elgort can do it all. The actor woos Shailene Woodley in The Fault in Our Stars, and he charmed Jimmy Fallon on Monday's "Tonight Show" by… tap dancing.
Our very own Joshua Topolsky made his Tonight Show debut this evening, alongside Jimmy Fallon and the well-coifed, well-muscled Channing Tatum. But rather than show off his Magic Mike moves, Josh...
Oh, look, it’s the Moto 360 on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon and Steve Higgins are so funny together on the Tonight Show
ShopTo News : Ahead of E3, Project Morpheus made its debut on the Tonight Show, not only allowing Jimmy Fallon to get hands on, but also allowing exposure to millions.
Finally! Dumb And Dumber To trailer will debut Tuesday, June 10th on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! Don't miss it! P
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Jimmy Fallon's late night ratings streak has been broken, at least for one night. For the first time since the new Tonight Show launched in February, Fallon came in second place in the ratings Thursday night, behind Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC.
Jimmy Fallon is coming to Orlando with the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Trying to challenge Hashtag the dancing panda to a dance-off.
"Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon may be more than eager to do silly things on his late-night program ("nip sync," anyone?), but sometimes...
Yesterday, just hours after the footage of Jonah Hill calling a paparazzo a *** was posted by TMZ, the actor shared his regrets regarding the slur on Howard Stern's Sirius show. On last night's Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Hill reiterated his remorse while accepting full accountability for n…
Last weekend, Jonah Hill got into a verbal altercation with a paparazzo, and said some pretty horrible things. But his apology on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon almost makes it okay! Subscribe for more videos!
Jonah Hill apologizes for using homophobic slur: Watch his 'Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' apology
Book bet made to bring Tonight Show to Chicago: CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon have m...
In what has to be the most serious moment of Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show to date, actor Jonah Hill directly addressed the homophobic slur he used against a member of the paparazzi over the weekend. The audience may have laughed when he said he had something important he wanted to talk about, but the…
Just watched Mayor Rahm Emanuel on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and he issued another challenge to not just the kids of Chicago to read more books.. BUT also for Jimmy to have the Tonight Show live from Chicago ( an episode or so) if the students do their part!
Chicago Public School kids have some work to do this summer if Jimmy Fallon is going to bring "The Tonight Show" to our city.
Warning: You will not be able to keep a straight face. With the second season of his hit show "Derek" recently premiering on Netflix, Ricky Gervais stopped by "The Tonight Show" and joined Jimmy Fallon for a game of "Word Sneak"
"Everyone knows who Macklemore is," Jimmy Fallon said on Monday night's "Tonight Show." "But not many people know who Ryan Lewis is." To...
Maybe more than any other of his celebrity parlor games, Jimmy Fallon's "Word Slip" relies on the talents of his Tonight Show guests. On Monday night's show, Fallon and Ricky Gervais managed one of those moments in comedy that you just can't plan in advance. The game works like this: Each contestant…
Jimmy Fallon is Bringing the Tonight Show to Orlando -
WOW! Jimmy Page & Jimmy Fallon play AIR GUITAR to Link Wray's RUMBLE on the Tonight Show! An EXCELLENT choice by bandleader and Link Fan Questlove! I don't want to put the cart before the horse, but I think now, more than anytime in memory, things are looking GOOD for Link next year!
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More cowbell: Will Ferrell, Chad Smith face off on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - Sydney Morning Herald
THE MOMENT WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR... Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Will Ferrell in a drum off, it's what the world wants. Thanks to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, they have made this momentous occasion happen. Check this out!
random things from the Smiley Morning Show today: There are 24 days remaining until Father's Day Today is Buy a Musical Instrument Day, National Vanilla Pudding Day, National Maritime Day and Chardonnay Day - The new Batman - Superman movie has been titled ''Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice''. It will open on May 6, 2016 - 2.1 million viewers watched ''I Wanna Marry Harry'' - 11.57 million viewers watched the finale of The Voice. That's down from 15.59 million last spring - Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are expecting their first child together - eBay is asking its 128 million users to change their passwords because of a potential hacking - Jimmy Fallon will host the "Tonight Show" from Orlando next month. Scheduled guests include Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Tracy Morgan. - Charlie Sheen will be a guest analyst on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight on Sunday New Movies Opening Today X-Men: Days of Future Past (Rated PG13) ... Starring: Patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellen, Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, Jame ...
JIMMY FALLON to Take 'Tonight Show' on the Road to Universal Orlando This June - BWWTVWorld: June 19th
- Jimmy Fallon's first road trip as Tonight Show host will be to Orlando. He will tape four shows from June 16 through June 19 on the
Charlize Theron joined Jimmy Fallon on his Tonight Show in NY wearing a blue Stella Mccartney dress. Find Stella Mccartney at Thuraya mall. Or shop the SS14 collection online
The Post reports that Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon sent an order of pizzas over to the recently Barbara Walters-less crew at The View. The note offered up the pizza as a way to help them get through their first day without the legendary newswoman. But just exactly what kind of pizza are we talking about here? Both the Tonight Show and The View tape in Midtown Manhattan (Rockefeller Center and ABC Studios on 66th St, respectively), so chances a...
Jimmy Fallon, Terry Crews 'nip on 'Tonight Show' - Crews was on the show to promote his new...
Sick of all these hilarious Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon clips? We didn’t think so!
As the title says I am challenging Jimmy Fallon to a Lip Sync Battle. Pass this video around and lets see if I can get on the Tonight Show.
In any game of charades, you're only as good as your partner. And on Tuesday's "Tonight Show," host Jimmy Fallon and announcer Steve Higgins had some pretty good...
Josh Hartnett and Jimmy Fallon played a game of charades against Charlize Theron and "Tonight Show" sidekick Steve Higgins on Tuesday's broadcast. Check out the video here!
Sup Travellers?! Terry Crews recently paid a visit to the Tonight Show and during his visit he helped Jimmy Fallon cover the hit Paul Mccartney and Stevie Wonder song "Ebony and Ivory".
In June, Jimmy Fallon packs up his 'Tonight Show' and brings it to Orlando. Find out how to buy tickets and who his guests will be.
Like the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? Now you’ve got a chance to see it live… right here in Orlando!
I wondered whatever happened to Josh Hartnett lately. He was the up and coming actor of the 2000s. Turned on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and there he is.
Releasing his brand new solo album Upside Down Mountain this week, last night Conor Oberst was welcomed as the Musical Guest on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show.
"Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon likes to sing with his guests, so it's not all surprising to see him do a duet of "Ebony and Ivory" with actor Terry Crews. It...
Jimmy Fallon's lip-sync battles on "The Tonight Show" have delighted audiences, and now, the late-night host has a hilarious new twist:...
Today, Conor Oberst releases Upside Down Mountain, his new solo album. And last night, he was the Musical Guest on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, performing the
  Last night Jimmy Fallon had Terry Crews on his show.  And in true Tonight Show fashion Jimmy got Terry to join in on one of his funny musical skits.  Jimmy Fallon & Terry Crews present E...
The lip-sync-offs on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show are great, but the offshoot he unveiled on Monday night — the first ever "nip-sync duet" — is, um, something else. The premise is simple: Fallon, football-player-turned-actor Terry Crews, and their pecs perform a synchronized performance o…
What in the world is "The View" staff to do without Barbara Walters? They can start by eating some pizza, thanks to Jimmy Fallon. The "Tonight Show" host sent...
Brian Sheppard. I would like for you to make arrangements for me to come to New York 3 weeks from today. I would like to go the Belmont Stakes. I will let you decide where we go for dinner. Something small and funky, not famous. Then I would like to go to the recording of the Tonight Show. I would like Jimmy Fallon to have Justin Timberlake as his guest. I also want to ride one of the silly double decker buses again. (Not getting stuck in Central Park this time.) Or maybe getting stuck. We sure laughed that day. Then I want to walk around the Bronx and Brooklyn with you and tell stories. Then I want to go to see a Broadway show. One on Broadway, one off Broadway. Next, we will rent a Beamer and drive up Route 7 through Connecticut and do some fly fishing. At last we will go back to your apartment and you will cook me trout with asparagus. Then I will bring Justin home with me. I mean every bit of all of this, so get cracking, my son.
Anyone up for a game night with Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon? You will be after watching this clip from Thursday's Tonight Show. In between filming Mockingjay: Part 2 in Paris and hitting up the NYC premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past, J Lawr stopped by Fallon's studio for a round of
Will Ferrell may look like the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith, but can he drum like him? We'll find out with a drum-off on Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' on May 22. The actor ...
Is Greg Gutfeld wearing a Jimmy Fallon mask these days? Once more, the new Tonight Show host took ObamaCare to task during his monologue Monday, and darned if Fallon didn’t summon the spirit of the Fox News mainstay with a one-two comic punch. This Thursday is the deadline for Iran to meet a series of measures to delay its nuclear program,” Fallon said. “Yea and then Iran said, ‘you mean deadline, deadline? Or sign up for Obamacare deadline? Because that thing had extensions — it was like a long deadline. I mean, that thing had more extensions than ‘The …read more Source: Breitbart
Quote from a Hollywood Reporter article about today's NBC Upfront Presentation: "With a one-two punch of Jimmy Fallon and Meyers, both of whom took the stage to crack jokes Monday, Greenblatt was able to highlight both shows' youth appeal and increased reach. With Fallon, in particular, he said the host's YouTube clips have already garnered more than 350 million views since his Tonight Show launch, and that the show has aged down eight years."! Very interesting!! GO JIMMY!
Neil Young and Jack White will perform together on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tonight. The pair will chat to Fallon and perform a song from Young's new covers album A Letter Home on Monday (May 12). Jimmy Page and comedian Louis CK will also appear on the episode.
[New Update] Michael on the 'Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' -
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Watching dvr episodes of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! Great show!
Jimmy Fallon powers 'Tonight Show' debut with stars like Tina Fey, U2 - Jimmy...
You know you've been watching too much Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when you're leading a prayer and hear yourself sounding like Jimmy writing his thank you notes.
'Rosemary's Baby' premieres tonight on NBC. Ahead of that, have a laugh with Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' bit...
tUnE-yArDs hit the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Friday to play the track 'Water Fountain' off their just-released third LP Nikki Nack. The performance
Watch Amy Schumer throw Jimmy Fallon for a loop in a game of Truth or Truth on 'The Tonight Show'
Only just discovered this - the History of Rap on Late Night/the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Thumbs up:
Jennifer TV appearances:. May 15: Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. May 21: Late Night with Seth Meyers. May 23: Live with Kelly and Michael
HEAR 'YE, HERE 'YE, friends, family & you others, lend me your ears, tears & quills. I implore you.I mean, I'm pleading, begging & groveling for you to gather round in a united front of righteous indignation. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has cast me aside to banishment. Who wants to post this statement on the Tonight Show's fb wall; "I am in shock & awe that, Miriam Cohen, is no longer allowed to post or message your fb page. This is a travisty, not yet seen, since the Hindenburg. I will still watch your show, but it won't feel as good."
These videos from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that have Brian Williams rapping are pure gold
my goodness, Lip Sync Battles on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon are my new favorite thing...
Amy Schumer and Jimmy Fallon played double dutch on Friday's "Tonight Show." Well, kind of.
Jimmy Fallon ended his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday (5/8) with a joke about Wichita Falls and our plans to treat waste water and use it for drinking water.
The Food Network's Guy Fieri imported a specialty Hot Dog for NBC's Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on last night's show. This gigantic Hot Dog is from one of the most infamous places to get a delicious Hot Dog in West Virginia, Hillbilly Hot Dogs.
Jimmy Fallon, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron act as teen girls taking selfies in Fallon's "Ew!" segment on the Tonight Show and it's hilarious! But we think Zac is a little too good at it...
Fellow night owls: Projected draft pick Jadeveon Clowney is scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, airing immediately after NBC Washington News at 11 (Ch. 24 on Comcast). Don't forget the NFL Draft will begin tomorrow night at 8:00 on ESPN. Go Gamecocks!!
Zac Efron, Seth Rogen and Jimmy Fallon dress up as teen girls on the 'Ew!' segment of the 'Tonight Show.' Watch here!
Rock Hill native and former USC defensive end Jadaveon Clowney is expected to be chosen first in tomorrow's NFL draft. But tonight he chats with Jimmy Fallon at 11:30 on the Tonight Show.
Zac Efron and Seth Rogen joined Jimmy Fallon for a Tonight Show skit this week, dressing in drag for the recurring "Ew" bit -- see the hilarious video!
Here's another edition of the  mid-2000s SNL sketch Tonight Show  segment "Ew," in which Jimmy Fallon, Seth Rogen, and Zac Efron dress in drag, take selfies, and dance to "Turn Down for What," just like real teens.  Some observations: Fallon's teen girl voice sounds lik…
Zac Efron makes one handsome pre-teen girl. The 26-year-old heartthrob joined his Neighbors co-star Seth Rogen and Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday's Tonight Show, and all three men were dressed in this season's finest spring dresses.
Lucy, myself and our New York Framily, Brad and Cailey Walls are still so happy that we were chosen to be on Celebrity Photobomb with Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz on the Tonight Show last week!!! Looks like I found a long lost son!
I think with every Tonight Show video I watch, I fall farther in love with Jimmy Fallon.
Photoset: CHVRCHES perform “Recover” on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (May 1, 2014)
Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon are master photobombers. The actress, 41, and a TV host, 39, popped adult in a series of tourists’ cinema as partial of a Tonight Show segment Wednesday. Taped final week, strangers were secretly led to trust that they were posing for NBC’s Top of a Rock website.
Diane Keaton takes beer pong to an entirely new level during her recent appearance on the Tonight Show. Host Jimmy Fallon tries to explain the rules to the bubbly actress, who is very excited to hear the red plastic cups are filled with chilled red …
My niece and namesake, Abigail Nessen Bengson will be singing with the band Tune-Yards on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on May 9th!!! Don't forget to watch!!! :)
On a recent visit to the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon premiered a video of Brian Williams, a news anchor for NBC Nightly News, rapping to Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice." The video was created by mashing up different clips from reports that Williams has given over his time at NBC to give the illusion tha…
Tickets to see ELLEN DeGENERES, THE VOICE Season Finale, Last Comic Standing, Chelsea Lately, the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (and dozens of other exciting items) can be YOURS if you bid during the ALC TEAM CYNERGY Silent Auction this Sunday starting at 6:30pm. Auction ends at 10:00pm and winners will be announced live at our fundraiser following the screening of PRESENTING LISA. Stay tuned for more info!
Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and actress Cameron Diaz recently celebrity photobombed unsuspecting Top of The Rock tourists in New York City. The tourists were pleasantly surprised when they found...
Tonight Show is so funny with Jimmy Fallon. And I got to see Sophia Bush on tonight's show!!! *** is she hottt!
A video from Monday night's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is going viral.
Jimmy Fallon and the lovely Emma Stone hilariously face off in this edition of the Tonight Show segment.
Emma Stone challenged Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon in the show's famous Lip Sync Battle -- watch her impressive win over the comedian
Having a bad day? Well that's all about to change. If you haven't had the chance to watch Emma Stone take down Jimmy Fallon in an epic Lip Sync Battle on "The Tonight Show," then you're seriously missing out. The famous redhead proved t...
Who knew that Emma Stone, star of The Incredible Spider-Man 1 and 2, was also a master Lip Syncer? Not many people and especially not Jimmy Fallon, who challenged her to a lip-sync contest on The Tonight Show. To his surprise, she owned the competition and took home the victory. Fallon put up a good…
Emma Stone joined Jimmy Fallon last night on the Tonight Show, and things were pretty heated during their Lip Sync Battle. Jimmy took an early lead with 'Fan...
Jimmy Fallon has shown us that Hollywood has a knack for miming lyrics to famous songs in his Tonight Show segment
Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone's "Tonight Show" Lip Sync Battle from last night was truly epic:
Jimmy Fallon takes on Emma Stone in an epic Lip Sync Battle. Everything from Styx to DJ Khaled are performed. I love this new Tonight Show dynamic.
Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone have a Lip Sync Battle on Monday's 'Tonight Show'.
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