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Toney Douglas

Toney Bernard Douglas (born March 16, 1986) is an American professional basketball player who plays for the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Every other time, Goku is Jordan. Vegeta is the Toney Douglas of DBZ tho.
I bet Harden bricked that because Toney Douglas is the 🐐
...Marc Gasol put in 17 points, Toney Douglas had 12 points and Tony Allen with 11 points.
Lou Williams protects the rim against Toney Douglas on the fast break
If Conley is in the game then why the *** is Toney Douglas not on the bench?
Mike Conley has played 38 minutes tonight. Toney Douglas has played 26. That means the two have likely played at least 17 minutes together.
Especially considering Toney Douglas has taken 12 shots.
Toney Douglas getting 20+ minutes again while rookie pgs Wade Baldwin IV and Andrew Harrison are packed in mothballs drives me nutty
I agree. Focus on hating Toney Douglas like I wanted.
Jimmer can't possibly be looking any worse after this Toney Douglas performancd
Give Fizdale the Jordan face too for endorsing Toney Douglas for 15th roster spot.
Toney Douglas is what Andrew Harrison will be in 10 years of he makes absolutely no more progress as an NBA player in that time.
Toney Douglas isn't worth a 'amn. Somebody please kidnap him and release him at season end. Does he qualify for witness protection?
Toney Douglas was like a midseason acquisition. Keyon dooling was like a midseason trade. Gilbert Arenas was like a…
that was meant as a shot at Toney Douglas, not Parsons. Chandler was't specifically listed at the deadline, Douglas was.
Toney Douglas is 1 for his last 19 from 3, while Troy Daniels and James Ennis have zero minutes.
I think I'd honestly take Andrew Harrison over Toney Douglas
Toney Douglas should try the pump fake and not shoot thing that Parsons loves. Shooting is not working for him.
Chandler Parsons and Toney Douglas have attempted the same amount of shots tonight. One is 1-5, the other is 0-5.
I'm all in on the Toney Douglas hate
I know we're in the middle of a good Parsons hate, but TOO MUCH Toney Douglas.
Not sure Vince, Toney Douglas, and Z-Bo are the guys you want out there while Houston pushes the pace.
Why is Toney Douglas in and not Troy Daniels?
I still have no clue what the Grizz see in Toney Douglas
Toney Douglas is useless on offense right now. Can't make anything. If it weren't for is energy I'd say he should sit down.
Love what the Griz do with Mike Conley these days. Plays with Toney Douglas in second quarter, looks to shoot. He's been terrific.
Toney Douglas has been annoying the heck out of Houston and it's a blast to watch.
I'm convinced the Grizzlies signed Toney Douglas and play him 20 minutes a game just to take the heat off Parsons.
Had no idea Toney Douglas still in the league
You're telling me Toney Douglas is better than Brandon Jennings and Jose Calderon? Goodness
You're talking to a man who won a GPP with NO Toney 10 day Contract Douglas in his lineup at .9 owned
Great strategy to go with Toney Douglas and have Mike sit out the final 2 minutes
Toney Douglas play crunch time over Ennis, Allen and Daniels. Fizdale loves him the way Joerger loves Ryan Hollins.
When are people gonna admit they overhyped Toney Douglas...
Hot take: we coulda done better than Toney Douglas
Toney Douglas is trash. Can't believe people were actually clamoring for this dude's return.
Toney Douglas got worked on that posession
Tired of Toney Douglas. He's only on the team to make Parsons look good.
all kidding aside I remember Walt and Breen talking about Either Toure Murray or toney Douglas who did.
Yogi Ferrell just destroyed Toney Douglas like he was a picnic basket at Jellystone Park😢
love the jimmer but it ain't happening this year. And toney douglas has been +/- monster and defense is key
Is Toney Douglas the NBAs most forgettable player?
What's happening to Andrew's boy Devin Booker? Scuffle w/ Toney Douglas in Jan, Middleton last wk, Vince Carter this week.
Check out and myself responding to fan questions.
He is terrible on defense but his assignments potentially at the moment are Mudiay, Bobby Brown, Toney Douglas, Felton and Patty Mills so...
I vote yes, bc the floor for "minor upgrade" is upgrading over Toney Douglas or Andrew Harrison.
NBA 'Noles Second 10-day contract for Toney Douglas latest results for him Malik Beasley Okaro White…
re-signed UFA SG-PG Toney Douglas to a 2nd 10 day deal Thursday.
Grizzlies try to overcome Mike Conley's absense with the signing of Toney Douglas
Toney Douglas looks like a sorority girl LMFAO
Memphis Grizzlies have re-signed Toney Douglas to a 10-day contract. Cleveland Cavaliers have signed Derrick Williams to a 10-day contract.
that's where real MVPS step up,Toney Douglas had more heart than the WHOLE team!!!
MJ Walker passed Toney Douglas to become Clayton County's all-time leading scorer over the weekend.
I want Toney Douglas to take more shots
So when Klay dropped the ball it was a foul on Toney Douglas, but when Gasol gets thrown to the ground, its out of bounds?? 🤔🤔🤔
I'm gonna take the blame on Toney Douglas playing like poo poo guys bc of that feature we did today, this ones on me
Mike Conley splits minutes with toney Douglas now ? Bold strategy cotton
I don't think Toney Douglas is the answer (based on this quarter)
Bum *** Toney Douglas gets more calls than a back to back MVP man
i promise you Toney Douglas is a difference maker
Steph wishes he could get that Toney Douglas call but he not MVP or anything so
I cannot believe Toney Douglas just got that call against Curry
Toney Douglas terminating his dribble way to early and killing the Grizzlies
So is tonight the night the honeymoon with Toney Douglas is over?
please get Toney Douglas on the bench
Toney Douglas double clutch contested three vs uncontested Klay Thompson three point idk man let's see if it works
Conley is pissing me off!!! Why are you passing up shots to give the ball to Toney Douglas?! Take the shot man!!!
it happens, toney Douglas ain't making me look so bright either
I thought Fitz misspoke when he said Toney Douglas
If Toney Douglas don't do nothin' he's gonna give his all.
If you're still hating on Toney Douglas you're wrong. Rather play Harrison?
Guarding Curry with Brandan Wright and Draymond with Toney Douglas is probably not an optimal result there.
Toney Douglas is playing. 25+ mins for us. The state of the backup PG role.
.and join forces to talk about Toney Douglas and backup PGs. https:…
Grizzlies sign Toney Douglas to second 10-day contract. MORE:
Toney Douglas signed a 2nd 10 Day Contract with MEM yesterday. He will have to be signed for the rest of the season afte…
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So Jordan Adams became Troy Williams became Toney Douglas. That's just bad. Something's up there.
I know. I'd totally rather have Landry Fields or Toney Douglas.
So the Cavs signed Toney Douglas over JR Smith 🤔 - I would sign with the Warriors to spite them 🤔
JR Smith's response to the Cavs signing Toney Douglas? 👀
Welcome aboard Toney Douglas you have to be better than Mo Williams…..
Cleveland Cavaliers tap Toney Douglas in the wake of Mo Williams’ retirement
The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed Toney Douglas, GM David Griffin announced today. Per league and team policy,...
i don't think ive hated players more than i hated Jared Jeffries x Toney Douglas
KG tripped Toney Douglas to beat us in game 2 of the playoffs
Warriors would've gone 74-8 I'd they still had Toney Douglas tbh
Raiders play Titans in Oakland for pre-season? I'd go to that just to watch Harry Douglas, Toney Douglas' brother.
AND WITH THE PICK.then I'm trying to get minutes behind Toney Douglas.
Toney Douglas made 6-of-13 FGs and 8-of-8 FTs to finish Wednesday's road loss with 22 points, four r...
Jordan Hamilton, Toney Douglas and Tim Frazier have combined to make just 3 of their first 22 field goal attempts.
Toney Douglas was signed opening week, but I don't think he was there opening night.
Toney Douglas is the future point guard he should be getting alot of minutes
updates Toney Douglas for games 58 to 60 ppg 8.0 to 8.5
James Ennis finished with a career-high 29 points for New Orleans, Toney Douglas with 21 points,...
Toney Douglas stayed hot on Monday vs. the Bulls, scoring 21
Toney Douglas has 21 pts, marking the first time in his NBA career that he's scored 20-plus in three straight games. Chi 105-103 at 4:25
Bulls up 89-88 after three. James Ennis and Toney Douglas each have 18 points.
We are outplayed by ennis and toney douglas. 🤑
I feel like all trick or treat NBA players deliver a treat against the Celtics, one night it's Toney Douglas, the next it's Linsanity
Other than friendly-bounce trey by Toney Douglas, all of early baskets have been dunks or layups. Bulls red-hot though. Chi 21-17
First play of the game and Toney Douglas falls awkwardly on his back. Frazier checks in for Douglas momentarily but checks back in.
only had 8 players available; Toney Douglas appeared to be holding his hand after a hard fall, left game, but about to return
Toney Douglas just hurt himself on the first play of the game. Sure.
Toney Douglas is down after scoring on the opening possession. Back up and running around, but limping. Aand Gentry just pulled him.
Toney Douglas landed on his tailbone and comes out of the game. Pelicans down to 7 players.
And Toney Douglas hurts himself on the first play of the game.
Toney Douglas scored 20 points during the Friday's game changer. Could the Pelicans win there last home game
Monday’s NBA lineup (1 of 5). PG. Kemba Walker: Avg. 38.9 FDPs in last 3. Toney Douglas: CHI ranks 24 in FDPs allowed to PG
Yeah, I compared Toney Douglas to Chauncey Billups way back when, but I believe in Jerian Grant.
it wasn't a huge rebuild but they drafted gallo, stuck with toney Douglas, snagged mozgov
updates Toney Douglas for rpg 2.1 to 2.3 games 55 to 58 ppg 7.6 to 8.0
Toney Douglas has four 20+ pt games in the last 30 days after not having one since November 2013.
Suns overpower Pelicans in matchup of lottery-bound teams via
Oop to Ennis - Toney Douglas lobs it up to James Ennis for the Alley dunk.
NBA. NO 67 - 85 PHO. Toney Douglas just got an FT
Toney Douglas giving the Pelicans some extra life. Suns lead cut to 12.
i have Toney Douglas, Devin Booker and Tyson Chandler in my fanduel lineup i want them all to go off so i can win $
Why does a Pels team with 3 d-leaguers, Toney Douglas & Omer Asik run a fast break better than our fully healthy roster?
NBA. Toney Douglas just got a rebound
Talked Luke Babbitt, Toney Douglas & Donatas Motiejunas in Deep Waivers for before Tuesday's games:
For the Pelicans, Luke Babbitt had 23 points, Jrue Holiday with 24 points, Toney Douglas scored 14 points, and Tim Frazier made 11 points.
Pelicans starting guards Toney Douglas and Jrue Holiday shot a combined 4 for 24 in the first half.
Jrue Holiday and Toney Douglas are a combined 4 of 20 from the field
Toney Douglas imma let you finish, but Darius Miller had the best out-of-nowhere "guard" performance vs. LAC of all time.
Blazers push lead to 42-32 on driving layin by Gerald Henderson, which came after Ed Davis swatted a Toney Douglas layin
Toney Douglas posts big line in start for Norris Cole
Toney Douglas playing the Norris Cole role & refusing to get AD the ball.
Norris Cole is, once again, out. Toney Douglas starting at SG tonight. The second unit will
Toney Douglas will start in place of Norris Cole (lower back) tonight at Memphis. This will be the Pelicans 31st different starting lineup.
Norris Cole still sidelined with lower back soreness - Toney Douglas starting tonight vs. Grizzlies.
I had forgotten Toney Douglas was somebody who actually got paid to play basketball
I think he was banished from his planet and his punishment is being forced to play with Toney Douglas and Dante Cunningham
NBA. Toney Douglas just got a rebound. Sponsored by
Toney Douglas with a turnover. Sponsored by -Plugin …
Toney Douglas with a turnover. Sponsored by -Plugin . Sponsored by
Steve Blake is struggling tonight. And it's against Toney Douglas, man that's tough ...
Steve Blake is completely overwhelmed…by Toney Douglas.
Toney Douglas + Jrue Holiday + Alonzo Gee back court defends like a pack of piranhas.
Toney Douglas not giving Steve Blake any separation.
Toney Douglas is just being stupid out there
See what happens when Toney Douglas is in instead of Norris
Sixers came up empty after getting stop, Toney Douglas hits three pointer from corner. 117-108 with 1:37 to go.
AD had a 6 footer on the block & Toney Douglas kicks it to Dante Cunnimgham on the wing. IQ breh..
Toney Douglas and Norris Cole getting heavy rotation for us in February bruh smh never would have guessed this
And somehow the Pels rolled with Toney Douglas again instead of giving him a chance
Right now, the two most important Knicks are Carmelo Anthony and Toney Douglas.
Knicks going after Felton? Toney Douglas? Knicks fans would jump fro a kitchen table head first.
just did B/R season finder, this year, >35% 3P...guys like Troy Daniels, Sonny Weems, Donald Sloan. Etwuan Moore, Toney Douglas
Most points by a freshman is 38. Toney Douglas scored 38 against Nicholls State on Nov. 24, 2004. Brown would need 20 in the second half.
No way man. Dont think Pels willing to part with Toney Douglas lol
probable because you tried to be selfish and included Toney Douglas as well for Minny
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Yeah like the pels are gonna give up Toney Douglas that easily
Might as well have put Toney Douglas
Can I say someone like Toney Douglas? Or a minor move like that? Maybe (hopefully) Cole?
What's more important, improving on C with Asik or improving on the wing with Norris Cole, BDJ, Toney Douglas, and Gee?
Phil will either trade Melo or make a big trade for Ramon Sessions or a Norris Cole/Toney Douglas combo.
As part of three team trade, Toney Douglas will go to the Miami Heat, league source tells Yahoo Sports. Joel Anthony go…
*** having fun with All-Stars just to come back home to play with Alonzo Gee, Norris Cole, & Toney Douglas 😧
Have fun cause its back to Norris Cole and Toney Douglas lobs next week
Off the turnover Toney Douglas finds Davis for the easy fastbreak dunk.
Davis Finishes Off the Pistons turnover Toney Douglas finds Anthony Davis for the easy fastbreak dunk.
Shocking to see Toney Douglas on there.
Toney Douglas from the Miami Heat gets sniped 😂😂 Sniper
like I can't imagine Ish, Toney Douglas and Alonzo Gee are much older than Jrue/Reke/Pondexter.
isn't it sad that u still need to defend lebron? Wouldn't it be more fun if u were a huge toney douglas guy instead?
Hypothetical Solo trade with Pellies:. Pelicans get: . Solomon Hill. Pacers get:. Toney Douglas. Future 2nd-round pick
Toney Douglas said today is just a regular day. Not giving much thought to perhaps being cut. Believes he showed enough to…
Quinn Buckner in the house at tonight along with Myles Turner, Chase Budinger, Jordan Hill and Toney Douglas.
Jordan Hill, Toney Douglas and Quinn Buckner are at the Greenwood-Whiteland football game
Players that are supposed to be at the Greenwood game tonight. George Hill. Jordan Hill. Chase Budinger. Myles Turner. Toney Douglas
Toney Douglas has the vision of shooting guard, and the shooting of a pulling guard.
C.j. Miles , (George + Jordan + Solomon )Hill , Monta Ellis , Toney Douglas and Paul George, not a bad roster for
Pelicans waive Toney Douglas, still await Norris Cole decision
I'd rather see Aaron Craft, Andre Miller, or player to be named later over Toney Douglas at this point.
Pels could have had Napier for Toney Douglas. Fact they didn't do that shows how confident they are in Cole returning
Pels have until Friday night to make a decision on Toney Douglas. Bringing him back is still an option. As is trading him
The haven't had the PG position settled for the last 5 years. Recalling this talk of need when Toney Douglas ran the team
Toney Douglas was in there more than me 😑
do you think pels keep toney Douglas as 3rd point? 3rd if cole signs that is.
M___y rather played toney douglas over jimmer fredette tho
but in all seriousness how is our management fine with signing Kendrick Perkins and having Toney Douglas as our 2nd pg
Toney Douglas is the 1st name that comes to mind but I agree on Dell. Seems odd to not sign him
(That doesn't include Toney Douglas, whose unguaranteed deal the Pels still control.)
Toney Douglas had a higher PER for the Pels than John Salmons, Gal Mekel, Elliot Williams, and Nate Wolters combined
Toney Douglas (14 pts, 7 assists for N.O.) and Bernard James (9 pts, 3 rebs with Mavs) played their first NBA games of sea…
Gilbert Arenas, Andrew Bynum, Toney Douglas, Ray Allen and Lamar Odom are all free agents MAKE SOME MOVES OKC NEEDS IT!
OKC may get Eric Maynor, Will Bynum, Toney Douglas or even Pierre Jackson to sign by Sunday. I call it if Westbrook gets surgery
Bynum, Byron Mullens, Okafor, and Toney Douglas are all out there
Lakers worked out Bobby Brown, Toney Douglas, Greg Steisma, Malcolm Lee, Ben Hansbrough, Dexter Pitman and also Beasley (for a second time)
This stuff serious biz gotta make sure you ready to ride if our PG is moochie Norris or Toney Douglas
Okafor and toney Douglas needs to come to the lakers too
This got a bunch of likes again today - Toney Douglas gets sniped
The heat will pick Toney Douglas back up if they can get a deal done.
Three free agents to keep an eye as candidates to fill out roster: Elton Brand, Shawn Marion & Toney Douglas.
Lakers should pick up Beas and Toney Douglas
at least you're not toney Douglas or Raymond Felton, yo have that going for you
Toney Douglas dropped 28 on D-Rose for the Knicks. Argument over.
and Toney Douglas to host annual Back to School event at Jonesboro High Saturday, 1p - 5:30p.
Sessions, O'neil or Cunningham seem like the best options imo. They also shown interest in Toney Douglas
After those 5 PGs, talent drops off. Mike James, Toure Murry, Nolan Smith, Shelvin Mack, Toney Douglas, Chauncey Billiups all that's left.
The Heat made three choices over this past season that were aimed at controlling payroll instead of improving the roster that ultimately explained how the Spurs' bench and overall depth proved to be dramatically better. They released Mike Miller via the amnesty provision, a move that ultimately saved the Heat $15 million in luxury tax. James complained about this frequently during the season, especially on nights when Wade missed games to deal with ongoing knee issues. In conjunction, the Heat did not use their mid-level exception to add a role player to help replace Miller. After signing Ray Allen and Shane Battier with the mid-level over the previous two years, the Heat added reclamation projects Michael Beasley and Greg Oden instead of a proven backup. Third, at midseason the Heat traded Joel Anthony, a future first-round pick and $1 million in a cash-dump deal in which they ended up with Toney Douglas. The Heat could've used those assets in a different type of deal, one that provided immediate help an ...
MUST WATCH! Postseasons facts and rumors! Now that the season is over: -Wade and Bosh very likely to stay, LeBron is 50-50 to stay (all 3 with player options). -Toney Douglas, Michael Beasley, Rashard Lewis, Mario Chalmers, Greg Oden, James Jones will become free agents. Beasley and Lewis are likely to resign, Chalmers and Oden will test free agency. No news for the others. -Shane Battier retired, Ray Allen might too (If not he will be a free agent). -Udonis Haslem has a player option that he will probably accept (Pure loyalty). -Chris Andersen has opted out and will officially become a free agent. -Justin Hamilton has another year on his contract but could be amnestied. -James Ennis who was a draft-night trade in 2013 is very likely to sign a multiple years contract. -If Haslem decides to opt out and sign a new veteran minimum contract, the HEAT could afford a quality point guard as Lowry (whom the HEAT is interrested) -The HEAT also has 2 draft picks (26th and 55th) in which the HEAT count on to "rejuve ...
Today, I proudly wore one of my Miami Heat jerseys. Four NBA FINALS in a row and WINNING two of them is amazing. THANKS LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Chris Anderson, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, Toney Douglas, Justin Hamilton, Udonis Haslem, James Jones, Rashard Lewis and Greg Oden for giving us a GREAT year of Basketball and taking us to FOUR NBA FINALS in a row. You did something that Dan Marino never could do and that is WIN the biggest and final game of the sesson.
Toney Douglas playing in a finals game is the equivalent of button mashing in video games.
Nothing against LeBron but seeing Toney Douglas and James Jones carry him to the bench was Paul Pierce pathetic.
S/O to James Jones and Toney Douglas for putting in work and carrying LeBron off the floor 👌
lol aye he 6'8" 260lbs...and they had James Jones and Toney Douglas tryna carry him lol
Nice to see former FSU star Toney Douglas with an assist tonight. (carrying King James to the bench) Tough loss. A/C not working is brutal!
Why can't we play James Jones and Toney Douglas more?
The only thing Toney Douglas and James Jones do for the heat is carry Lebron off the floor lol.
Toney Douglas and James Jones put Lebron on their shoulders doe.
The way Gilbert Arenas clowned Roy Hibbert on IG, I hope Miami sign him next season lol. He can't must worse than Toney Douglas
I love the Heat. There is King James, Dwade, Bosh.uhhh there is the guy with the high top, Mike Miller, and my fav. Toney Douglas
21-5 😉 and well if Ryan is an NBA player he's Toney Douglas since Smush Parker retired
Toney Douglas from the Miami Heat gets sniped by Prince Al
I wish the Heat would've kept Miller and not signed Toney Douglas. Smh.
Michael Beasley should be playing over Toney Douglas and James Jones should be playing over Rashard Lewis.
The fact that players like Rashard Lewis, Toney Douglas and even occasionally James Jones get playing time over Beasley drives me nuts.
going with the starting five: James, Bosh, Haslem, Chalmers and Toney Douglas. MIA is 3-2 with this lineup
Erik Spoelstra on Toney Douglas: "He gives us an element that's similar to Dwyane." And it's time for coaches to be rand…
Starting games alongside Toney Douglas and James Jones is one way for LeBron James to tighten that MVP race.
I wish I was close to my cousins Harry & Toney Douglas 🏈🏀😊
Spoelstra going back to Toney Douglas for James Jones, who has played 24 minutes. Ball needs to be in LeBron's hands. A…
I bet if Riley had offered Toney Douglas, Rashard Lewis, James Jones & a 2nd they could've got Hardway & K-Martin.
Bob Myers is doing great. Turned Bazemore and Toney Douglas into Jordan Crawford and Steve Blake.
Net-net the Dubs traded Toney Douglas and Kent Bazemore for Jordan Crawford and Steve Blake. Still under cap. Bob Myers GM of yr candidate.
Bob Myers turned Toney Douglas and Kent Bazemore into Jordan Crawford and Steve Blake
So Bob Myers/front office turned Toney Douglas into Jordan Crawford and Steve Blake... not bad
Previous reports indicated that the Heat were interested in adding a center or power forward, but shifted their focus to available wing players after Greg Oden showed encouraging signs in his return from a long layoff. "With Oden looking like he can be a contributor, the Heat sent veteran center Joel Anthony to Boston last week as part of a three-team deal that brought guard Toney Douglas to Miami. But people around the league think the Heat are still looking to make another deal, for a wing, before the trade deadline," Aldridge reported. The Heat were previously linked to Philadelphia 76ers forward Evan Turner, who is reportedly being shopped by his team, and the fourth-year forward could be the type of wing player Miami is looking for as reported by Sports World Report. Turner, whose name is expected to be mentioned in several trade rumors before the deadline on February 20, is averaging 18.5 points to go along with 6.1 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game this season. With his scoring ability along with h ...
There is a rumor going around that the Miami Heat will release newly acquired point guard, Toney Douglas to sign center, Andrew Bynum. This is just a rumor! More to follow.
Since the end of last season the Miami Heat have made four significant roster moves. All of them have generally worked how the franchise had hoped for at this point. But they’ve also had an unintended consequence that may have opened a new Heat weakness, especially in how it relates to what seems like a destined matchup with the Indiana Pacers. Since winning the title in June the Heat used the amnesty provision on Mike Miller to release him. They signed Michael Beasley and Greg Oden to minimum contracts. And they traded Joel Anthony and two draft picks for Toney Douglas. Though Beasley has been up and down -- lately it’s been down, coach Erik Spoelstra has slashed his minutes -- he’s been a generally positive reclamation project at a terrific price. After methodical rehab, Oden has now played three games and has shown some moments that hint he could end up being an important piece later in the season, also at a great price. The Miller and Anthony moves look to have saved the Heat more than $23 milli ...
For those curious, Toney Douglas has yet to take his physical in Miami. And I will have updates on Justin Hamilton and James Ennis, too
Box score tidbits and a few thoughts of fantasy note for wednesday: OJ Mayo only 6 minutes, 0pts. (larry drew insanity? Mayo bum last 2 weeks) Luke Ridnour averaging 35+ min over last 5 games The bucks shut down BOTH Randolph/Gasol. YEP Sanders/Henson Greg Oden only 8min, 2 nice dunks, 6pts, WATCH list... Ryan Kelly 31min and nice game Alec Burks another nice game in 38min, but Hayward was inactive Richard Jefferson same as burks Jeff Ayres starting at C for spurs, 28min, FG% and pts production Marco Belinelli uptick in min with D Green hurt, 31min 15pts, 7reb Norris Cole played well for Chalmers, 39min, 15pts, 7ast, 2reb, 3stl (one wonders if Toney Douglas trade because worries on chalmers? Cole is good) Gortat doesn't have monster games, but consistent big man. Otto Porter still buried behind Ariza, Beal, Webster with wizards. speaking of buried, CJ McCollum only 12min, 2pts on wed. Deng smooth transition to cleveland, BUCKETS and steals. Stud. Kyrie not living up to 1st round. Only 4ast, 7-20, 35% FG% ...
Good pick up by the Heat w/ Toney Douglas adds tenacious defense and speed major help 2 the King
BOS has traded Jordan Crawford& Marshawn Brooks to Golden State. GS trades Toney Douglas to the Heat & MIA trades Joel …
Early Tuesday the Heat we're involved in a three team trade that sent C Joel Anthony to Boston in exchange for Toney Douglas from the Golden State Warriors. While many heat fans are still scratching their heads at the move, it makes sense for the...
Heat should release Toney Douglas to get Andrew Bynum !
3 team trade. He and Marshon Brooks went to GS and toney Douglas to Miami and Miami sent us Joel Anthony and draft picks
Very impressed managed to strip all the Toney Douglas highlights out of the team's pre-game hype reel.
Glad to see Greg Oden and Toney Douglas lacing up for the Heat — almost makes me want to root for them.
TRADE: Warriors get Jordan Crawford and Marshon Brooks. Celtics get Joel Anthony, 1st and 2nd round pick. Heat receive …
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Toney Douglas gave GSW nothing during his time here, at least now theres a scorer off the bench who can handle the ball.
I didn't know the heat got Toney Douglas 😳
Has Toney Douglas finally found his refuge? /
On Toney Douglas and how he can turn his career around as a member of the Miami Heat:
D-League in Anthony Bennett's future? Keith Bogans's days with Celtics over? Will Toney Douglas stick with Heat?
Toney Douglas Finds his Refuge, on Douglas' new home in Miami
The HEAT have acquired Toney Douglas in a 3-team trade from the Warriors in exchange for Joel Anthony & draft picks.
Did you know that 'Toney Douglas' was Trending Topic for 1 hour? →
checkout our new player Toney Douglas. Joel Anthony gets traded to Celtics
NBA Trade: The Warriors acquired Jordan Crawford and reserve Marshon Brooks from the Boston Celtics, sending Toney Douglas to the Miami Heat in a three-team trade:
Heat trade Joel Anthony to Celtics, acquire Toney Douglas from War - Chicago Breaking
saved $10M, cant say im upset about it - and get Toney Douglas in the process lol
Not sure that Miami will waive Toney Douglas in an effort to sign Bynum
Search Trends (2014-01-16): People are searching for Toney Douglas
The Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, and Boston Celtics executed a 3-team trade! The trade is as follows: The Warriors send point guard Toney Douglas to the Heat; the Heat send center Joel Anthony, a 1st round pick they got from the 76ers, and a 2nd round draft pick to the Celtics; and the Celtics send shooting guards Marshon Brooks and Jordan Crawford to the Warriors. Thoughts?
All purpose parts banner
Golden State will send Toney Douglas to the Celtics for Marshon Brooks and Jordan Crawford.
The Miami Heat will receive Toney Douglas and will send Joel Anthony to Boston as part of the trade.
Heat will win. Wade gonna be well rested. Beasley will come alive and now they have an extra shooter in toney douglas
Trade grades: Jordan Crawford and Toney Douglas move in three-team deal
You should know by now that Jordan Crawford and Marshon Brooks are headed for the Warriors, Joel Anthony is a Celtic and Toney Douglas is on his way to Miami. Boston scored some draft picks too. The question is who is the biggest winner in this trade?
Just found out Joel Anthony was traded to the Celtics and in exchange we got Toney Douglas from The Golden State Warriors
Reactions to the 3 way Golden State/Boston/Miami trade: -Jordan Crawford and Marshon Brooks, headed to Golden State: "Yes! Playoffs here we come!" -Toney Douglas, headed to Miami: "Yes! I'm on the refs' team now!" -Joel Anthony, headed to Boston: "NO!"
So the Warriors got Jordan Crawford and Marshon Brooks for Toney Douglas? Wow! How toxic is JR Smith?
What do u think of the trade Warriors get Jordan Crawford and Marshon Brooks Heat: Toney Douglas Celtics get Joel Anthony and projected 1st draft pick from Heat (76ers) guess were tanking for Wiggins and Jabari
Heat fans, what do you think of the 3-way trade that happened today. I'm not against giving up Joel Anthony to receive Toney Douglas, BUT, I don't agree with trading Philadelphia's first rd pick that we traded for two seasons ago. This is going to be a deep and talented draft. I think that was a mistake. Who am I to question the genius Pat Riley though? - gop305
On my BART ride into work today I read a nice little article in the sports pages of the Chronicle about Warriors back up point guard Toney Douglas and his efforts to prove himself in his role behind Steph Curry. … Continue reading → [ 9 more words. ]
NBA Trade: Golden State Warriors traded for Jordan Crawford & Marshon Brooks from the Boston Celtics. Boston receives Joel Anthony and picks from Miami. Lastly, the Heat received Toney Douglas from the Warriors. What do you guys think about this trade?
A 3 way trade occurred earlier this morning involving Boston, Golden State and Miami. Toney Douglas is off to Miami, Joel Anthony to the Celtics, Marshon Brooks and Jordan Crawford are off to Golden State! GS winners out of this trade?
To my sports friends, can anyone explain the Heat's end of this multi-team trade that just went down? As I understand, they received reserve guard Toney Douglas, averaging an incredible 3.7 ppg. For that, they gave away reserve center Joel Anthony, a 76ers protected first-round pick, and their own 2016 2nd round pick. I get it about the money, they're saving money by dumping Anthony. But why give up two draft picks to save some money and in getting a reserve guard, which they already have plenty of?
Left work at 3:30 today. Apparently antibiotics also make you feel like the Toney Douglas of your job. Luckily the Warriors are on tonight to salve the day!
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The Miami Heat have given up Joel Anthony and have recieved Toney Douglas in a 3 team trade. Benefit or mistake?
Thanx for support with the 2012 championship Joel Anthony. Glad to welcome Toney Douglas to the HEAT!! Next season.Andrew Bynum...
C- the heat practically can't blame anyone but them selves. You let the ball out of your control, and instead of doing anything you choose to watch and adore the wizards make alley oops and layups right in front of you. And steal after steal and turnover after turnover, I'm pretty almost glad we got back oden and acquired toney Douglas because almost practically everyone didn't care $&About this game. And the WIZARDS. This is last year December all over again except this time you let them lead as much as 34 POINTS. and despite oden's performance, he needs more time out on the court. Forget DTD. He is ready, no, he is already HERE. Oden has to have more minutes. Also I'm sorry but Allen better come back scoring, in fact, I want back the 2-pointer Allen because if you continue to have a player who can't do anything both field goal or tre wise (and keep in mind, players DONT want to foul him), then why the heck are you giving him more minutes than anyone else? The heat should have put some time working their ...
The Golden State Warriors completed a three-team trade in which they sent out Toney Douglas and received Jordan Crawford and Marshon Brooks in the transaction. The Warriors World staff goes 3-on-3 and provides reactions. 1. Warriors were linked to Andre Miller and Kirk Hinrich in trade rumors, but u...
Gan A. Amlain mukhang on the move na ang heat to get Andrew Bynum. Joel Anthony was traded sa Celtics. Although they signed PG Toney Douglas its possible that they will waive him and get Bynum. With Oden and Bynum the Heat can use this 2 for a limited time to defend other team's big such as hibbert and howard.
My Brother A. Scott FitzGerald had this as his status and he is absolutely right! " Warriors just picked up Jordan Crawford and Marshon Brooks for Toney Douglas. That, plus Igoudala in the off season, should get the Warriors GM an award. Roster is deep, versatile, selfless, and on the rise. Jordan and MarShon can contribute immediately and give the Splash Bros more rest. Crazy move." This move makes the Warriors a more of a Western Conference Championship threat !! Get em Scott ! James "Slimm Jimm" FitzGerald IV
Joel Anthony has been traded to Boston in a three team deal for Toney Douglas.
WARRIORS TRADE! They acquire Marshon Brooks and Jordan Crawford and give the celtics Toney Douglas!!!
Thank you Joel Anthony and welcome to the team ToNey Douglas:)
MIAMI, FL – The Miami Heat announced today that they have traded center Joel Anthony and two future draft choices to the Boston Celtics, in a three-team trade, in exchange for guard Toney Douglas f
Lebron is gonna go off tonight! Oden is playing tonyt! Let's see if Toney Douglas plays. Welcome to the heat family!
Thank you for everything, Joel Anthony! Welcome to Miami, Toney Douglas!
Thank you for being a class act Joel Anthony. Welcome back to the court Greg Oden!!! Welcome to the team Toney Douglas!!! So much is happening in the Miami Heat world today.
Just realized the Cs got Joel Anthony and 2 picks for Crawford and Brooks and not just Toney Douglas. Such a better deal now!!!
WOW, Boston gets Joel Anthony & 2 draft picks, Miami gets Toney Douglas & Warriors get Jordan Crawford & Marshon Brooks, very good trade for the Warriors.
Joel Anthony got traded to Boston Celtics. :( A veteran from Miami Heat will step away from our Nation. :( thanks bro ! As we welcomed Toney Douglas from Golden State Warriors,another Guard for Miami Heat.Heat Fans what do you think? This means Anthony got traded,so meaning HEAT need Andrew Bynum?
Toney Douglas makes the incredible buzzer beater at the first quarter with the foul. Visit for more highlights. About the NBA: The NBA is the p...
The Miami Heat trade Joel Anthony and a future first-rounder to Boston and pick up Toney Douglas from Golden State.
Bob Meyers is a genius dudee Great pick ups that will bolster our biggest flaw, our bench! Turning toney Douglas to Jordan Crawford & Marshon Brooks!
NBA 3 team trade is approved. GSW received Jordan Crawford and Marshon Brooks from the Celtics. Miami Heat received Toney Douglas of Warriors. Boston Celtics received Joel Anthony + Draft consideration from Miami Heat.
So the Dubs get Jordan Crawford and Marshon Brooks and all we give up is Toney Douglas??? Bob Myers just keeps making great moves.
Toney Douglas would be an instant addition to the Lionel Hollins trash heap
It's been great, Joel Anthony. Good luck with your new team. Go Heat! Welcome Toney Douglas to the Heat family.
A Warriors got two good guards Jordan Crawford who's been doing good with the C's and Marshon Brooks former New Jersey Nets overall draft pick!! Welcome to the Bay Area! Toney Douglas you will be missed! :(
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