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Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau is a screenwriter, director, producer, and actor. He is the founder of the film production company Wiseau Films.

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James Franco's performance as Tommy Wiseau in THE DISASTER ARTIST is so good that Daniel Day-Lewis had to retire.
People criticize Sergio Dipp's English but it's still better than Tommy Wiseau from The Room.
Melee. I really like the Disney movie Aladdin! Braise meat to the bubble man club praise bee after brushing your teeth! Tommy Wiseau
fun episode. Clever game. Here's my pitch Tommy Wiseau and Rachael Leigh Cook are detectives of a murder case.
Said mine already but I'll just throw mine in again. Actor: Tommy Wiseau. Actress: Rachael Leigh Cook.
Neil Breen is one of the worst actor in America after Tommy Wiseau. Tgk la movie dia semua muka sama kat poster.
Miitopia is weird. King Mr. Bean's face is stolen by Dark Lord Steve Urkel, while Tommy Wiseau and Batman are in love with Princess Sombra.
Christopher Lloyd hasn't cared for years. He just did a Tommy Wiseau movie.
I have no idea what accent Tommy Wiseau is trying to have.
Tommy Wiseau might just be doing a bit man
finished reading The Disaster Artist, tommy wiseau is one of the funniest things I've said in a shelter and bathrooms.
"The Disaster Artist" A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Tommy Wis…
Uncultured Tumblr swine not knowing who Tommy Wiseau is.
Cosby. Egg Wash the dishes while you praise bee after brushing your teeth! Tommy Wiseau praises bee.
A friend showed Tommy Wiseau around Portland and he drank wine with a straw on multiple occasions thank you that is my story.
So Bad It's Good: 'The Room' (2003), from Tommy Wiseau, the focus of .
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You can laugh, you can cry, just don't hurt each other.- Tommy Wiseau
oh my god, I've just realised the bad guy in my game needs to be a not-so-subtle cyborg version of Tommy Wiseau
TIL that in the original script for 'The Room' there was a subplot which would reveal that Tommy Wiseau's characte…
I'd pay to see a feature-length film with Tommy Wiseau inserted into the Star Wars universe.
14 years ago today, cinema changed forever when Tommy Wiseau's vision had its premiere. Happy Anniversary to The Room!
tommy wiseau is being replaced by James Franco thought you'd like to know.
It would be marvelous. Hey Sam, so you talked to Tommy Wiseau for over an hour... do you honestl…
Wait a minute. Did we elect Tommy Wiseau?
S6 - The French Mistake has me in stitches! Tommy Wiseau would out-act Sam and Dean! & kick *** at comedy!
My Goodwill find today consisted of Tommy Boy, Beverly Hills Ninja, a Disturbed album... and. Tommy Wiseau's The Room... what have I done
You wanna feel better after a long day? Just listen to Tommy Wiseau say 'HAIDOGGIE'😅
The 13 best quotes from 'The Room' – Tommy Wiseau's rubbish masterpiece
In the same way tommy wiseau looks cool in the room
Tommy Wiseau is a genius and I'm willing to risk a murder charge if someone argues disagrees.
My is Tommy Wiseau because he's tearing me apart!
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I read today that Tommy Wiseau demanded they greenscreened this scene despite owning property with the exact view they edited i…
Today I found out I'm the same height as Tommy Wiseau
If you want to see how good James Franco is at being Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist, here are their performances at th…
"That guy looks like Criss Angel if Criss Angel was a murderer." - my cousin, Yasmine, on Tommy Wiseau of The Room
Dammit all I wanted to do was watch Tommy Wiseau tear apart a room and say oh hi mark but instead I got a pretty good drama w/ Brie Larson
Tommy Wiseau wishes you a Happy Memorial Day - Tommy Wiseau's become self aware.
The highlight of the audiobook is that Greg Sestero does a spot-on Tommy Wiseau impression.
I liked a video Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau - Oh hi Mark
In September I actually get to see Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in person. Life is now complete.
Did you see Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero's new movie coming out this year?
That time Tommy Wiseau squeezed my chest before taking this pic with Greg Sestero back in 2012
Check this out CNN Interview: 'The Room' - Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Extended Interview pt. 2
Me: *Hears Mark Hamill will be in my area for filming*. Me: *physically transforms into Tommy Wiseau. Me: Oh hia Mark 🥄
Striptease, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steve Coogan. Directed by Tommy Wiseau, music by Nesian Mystik. Budget: $20m
Forget Fassbinder, Tommy Wiseau is the true worthy successor to Douglas Sirk.
Tommy Wiseau showed up at the screening of James Franco's "The Room" story! -
Tommy Wiseau showed up at James Franco's "The Disaster Artist" screening at SXSW -…
Monster's Ball, starring Kirk Douglas and John Barrowman. Directed by Tommy Wiseau, music by Barry Jive and the Uptown Five. Budget: $50,000
James Franco is totally unrecognizable as 'The Room' director Tommy Wiseau:
James Franco is here to do the world’s greatest impression of Tommy Wiseau via
it's gotta be one of the top 3 "so bad it's good" films. *** James Franco is playing Tommy Wiseau
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Wiseau zepco…
Pic: Here's James Franco in character as Tommy Wiseau for his latest film via
Tommy Wiseau is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Oh hai, James Franco dressed up as Tommy Wiseau for The Disaster Artist, what's new with you?…
Trump is the Tommy Wiseau of governance
Would you like you some official Tommy Wiseau Underwear? Of course you would.
How do you prepare yourself mentally to be in the same room as Tommy Wiseau?
I'm actually quite terrified...I still think tommy wiseau looks like a wax model of a man. Will be…
I'm gonna see the room tomorrow in London and get to see Tommy Wiseau afterwards!
Hamilton Collection
First look at James Franco as Tommy Wiseau from the upcoming film The Disaster Artist to premiere at .
Holy *** .. James Franco really is channeling Tommy Wiseau from The Room. His film premieres at next month.…
James Franco playing as Tommy Wiseau in the movie The Masterpiece (or Disaster Artist).
I added Iron Fist to the desk. He protects the Tommy Wiseau picture.
Question of the day: Which celebrity is this?. Answers on a postcard please...
So apparently James Franco is playing Tommy Wiseau in a new movie...
James Franco is unrecognisable in this picture of him as the director of the 'Worst Movie Ever', The Room
Here's James Franco as legendary filmmaker Tommy Wiseau in 'The Disaster Artist'
Not many people talk about it but one of the main characters in Tommy Wiseau's 2003 film The Room is an elephant
James Franco looking absolutely spot on as Tommy Wiseau
The Room Script by Tommy Wiseau over 112 pages & 1 TW BRIEF
I recently stumpled upon this guys movies. And it gave me a new "Tommy Wiseau moment". If "The Room" is the...
it was absolutely terrible, That was the same day we went to see Tommy Wiseau live at a screening of The Room too
Shaq's oreo ad. . He still comes close to Tommy Wiseau when it comes to acting.
Do not allow your experience in life to make you hesitant in human communication - love comes unexpectedly - Tommy Wiseau
bae just told me I look like tommy wiseau. Fuk
I liked a video Batman Fights Tommy Wiseau as Bane
James Franco in his new role as Tommy Wiseau just be like:
tommy wiseau should get an honorary Oscar for somehow portraying the uncanny valley
Holy crap, James Franco has mastered the Tommy Wiseau look.
Yep. He's making a movie based on the book The Disaster Artist
Tommy Wiseau is his own biggest fan
James Franco is Tommy Wiseau. From a movie where he plays Tommy Wiseau. It's not a coincidence.
as Tommy Wiseau in the upcoming Disaster Artist. Can a movie about making the worst movie be a good…
Fun fact: Tommy Wiseau originally planned for the movie to end with him becoming a vampire and to flying across San…
Tfw you're gonna meet Tommy Wiseau and watch The Room with him.
Wow, someone on Reddit said Tommy Wiseau looks like a melted action figure lmao
so James Franco is starring as Tommy Wiseau in a movie about the making of The Room. Are you in heaven?
Greatest review for Tommy Wiseau's "Neighbors" sitcom: "This is honestly one of the dvds of all time."
James Franco shares a picture of him as Tommy Wiseau for upcoming movie
Breast Cancer Awareness
I would be more concerned over how closely it resembles Tommy Wiseau "Oh Hi Vitruvian Man"
Judge Reinhold in The Santa Clause makes Tommy Wiseau look like Kevin Spacey. Possibly the worst acting performance in recorded history.
*Tommy Wiseau embraces Fredo Corleone and buries a kiss into his lips*. "You're tearing me apart, Fredo!"
I mean, Bay isn't objectively bad like Uwe Boll, but he's not sublime like Tommy Wiseau, either.
The perfect man has Tommy Wiseau's heart, Taylor Hanson's pants & James Buchanan's mesmerizing claws
But seriously, Michael Moore looks like the extra chromosomed product of Tommy Wiseau forcibly sodomizing a Galapagos tortoise.
In the Line of Fire, starring Dudley Moore and Amanda Peet. Directed by Tommy Wiseau, music by White Town. Budget: $20m
Vertigo, starring Richard E. Grant and Cary Grant. Directed by Tommy Wiseau, music by Ibrahim Ferrer. Budget: $1 billion
Man, Tommy Wiseau needs to make another film
In a JK Rowlingesque turn, Tommy Wiseau just revealed "Denny is Retarded" as The Room cannon, spurred by nothing
James Franco's 'The Masterpiece' is behind-the-scenes at the making of Tommy Wiseau's The Room.
James Franco is completely the wrong choice for Tommy Wiseau. That role should've gone to Christopher Walken.
I bought Baron Zemo in Avengers Academy because I have no self control, and... is it sometimes supposed to sound like Tommy Wiseau?
Ghost, starring Laura Linney and Richard Dean Anderson. Directed by Tommy Wiseau, music by Soulfly. Budget: $500,000
If this was the Attitude Era Adam Rose would be on TV immediately as a Tommy Wiseau parody and have the catch phrase Oh hai, Marks.
Tommy Wiseau and DB Cooper are the same person
Not surprised the dialogue is questionable; the title itself sounds like a line Tommy Wiseau would write.
thank you for introducing me to Tommy Wiseau. This is hilarious!
Have you seen the Tommy Wiseau film The Room.?
But then again.Looking at all categories and nominees. I want to put my fandom pride into the closet next to the Tommy Wiseau underwear.
Tommy Wiseau is a normal relatable human compared to this.
Tommy Wiseau's The Neighbors gives me hope for humanity
"You know, you kind of look like Tommy Wiseau."
Express yourself, don't hurt yourself. Tommy Wiseau.
I'm having way too much fun with my Tommy Wiseau sim in The Sims 3. I'm going to try to recreate more people in the movie next stream.
What's the worst (non-Tommy Wiseau) performance you've ever seen in a movie? My go-to is Rosie O'Donnell in "Riding the Bus With My Sister."
I liked a video What if Tommy Wiseau Directed Batman?
I have really been having a series of weird/great dreams. Last night I was hanging out with Tommy Wiseau and I'm not mad about it
i share my birthday with tommy wiseau, we are LINKED
Fantastic Four, starring Buster Keaton and Jon Voight. Directed by Tommy Wiseau, music by Ride. Budget: $100m
something is just not right?. Finally nailed it down on day 3. It was a combination of Owen Wilson and Tommy Wiseau's laugh.
can I buy the Tommy Wiseau jacket with Bitcoin on this website? Love The Room by the way
If not a troll, then that interview wholly convinced me Tommy Wiseau is writing dino erotica now
Really loved in The Room, will be rooting for her and Tommy Wiseau tonight.
I haven't thought about Tommy Wiseau in years and frankly I'm upset about it !!!
the movie that came out recently or the one by Tommy Wiseau?
I'm guessing that isn't the Tommy Wiseau classic you're talking about there. Although both can make you sad. :-/
I had a revelation tonight. Maybe Tommy Wiseau learnt to act from watching Sylvester Stallone
the one who played mark wrote the book but hands Franco is playing Tommy wiseau and Dave Franco is playing mark
but get this the director would be Tommy Wiseau
My life dream is to meet Tommy Wiseau..
[tommy wiseau voice] get out get OUT get OUT of my LIFE!
Because the Nostalgia Critic made everyone realize that the kid is more or less the child of Tommy Wiseau.
I brought tommy wiseau into my home for a visit and he wouldnt leave
instead of hiring a clown or magician, just hire Tommy Wiseau to come and talk
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Perfect. All according to plan. Secretly Tommy Wiseau was a supporting character in part 2. Didn't notice him?
Their acting is so bad, they need to take classes from Tommy Wiseau
Me: Aye wheres the show. Punk: I dont know Im in town for tommy wiseau's screening of the room
Ted Cruz looks like a Tommy Wiseau fan!
I really want to know what Tommy Wiseau was like as a child
Every reaction to will be a Tommy Wiseau gif, because well... you know, his name is Mark... What a story Mark! I've waited for this.
Tommy Wiseau is a mystifying person everything he says or does just raises more questions than answers
"The hostess had two choices, give [Tommy Wiseau] a booth, or call animal control to tranq him"
Quantic Dream style game directed by Tommy Wiseau
Due to pop. demand (seriously), we've added a 3rd showing of Tommy Wiseau's The Room on Sun https…
Why hasn't Jimmy Fallon had Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero as guests yet?
Tommy Wiseau: Do you understand life?!. Miss Swan (MAD TV): Do you?!. If you know them, you read that using their voices.
I thought you meant Tommy Wiseau's the Room and I was racking my brain trying to remember a rape scene... 😐
Have you ever seen Donald Trump and Tommy Wiseau in the same place at the same time?
*Nick Jonas guitar solo directed by Tommy Wiseau*
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It's like the screening of The Room, just with a worse actor than Tommy Wiseau! Lolzz
Currently reading Disaster Artist. It's great. I wish someone would hire a P.I to investigate where Tommy Wiseau came from and what HE IS.
"If everybody loves a lot of people, the world will be very good place". -Tommy wiseau
*breathes in* I'm so afraid that my laugh is obnoxious, it veers from a weird chuckle to Tommy Wiseau on off days
Tommy Wiseau and Film/Tommy Wisely and Greg Sestero from the Disaster Artist
is it me or does Nakamura have a touch of Tommy Wiseau about him?
The Rock by Michael Bay. Unbreakable by M Night Shyamalan, Tommy Wiseau, The Room. You know what I mean.
The Room, written, directed, produced by, and starting Tommy Wiseau
Just in case you'd like Tommy Wiseau in your game.
another thing that annoyed me was the fact that Tommy Wiseau does this weird laugh after EVERY line
hence why Tommy Wiseau is a millionaire
certainly will be missed. Made a great job as the time traveler teacher Jake Epping. See you again as Tommy Wiseau.
here's another, Tommy Wiseau's The Room got a better Rotten Tomatoes score than People confuse me sometimes.
Oh how wrong you are my Tina😮 they are screened together because both contain alike performances by the amazing Tommy Wiseau😎 a true legend🙄
My body is ready to be taken by Tommy Wiseau tonight
Tonight's is brought to you by Tommy Wiseau ~ Joel
Tommy Wiseau has a cameo in James Franco's film about the...
now THIS is who should have been cast as Tommy Wiseau for the DISASTER ARTIST movie.
I never really got why The Room was that mesmerizing. Sure, it's bad, but I've seen worse. I think now I get it. It's Tommy Wiseau!
Morrissey is the Tommy Wiseau of music
Watching Keanu Reeves taking acting tips from Tommy Wiseau. Is it meant to be this bad!?!?
Greg Sestero describes Tommy Wiseau as "extremely and upsettingly ripped" and never has a description been so accurate
I like a lot of classic movies, like, for example, 'Citizen Kane', James De...
Another stream, got a couple hours to kill. This time I try "The Room". No, not a Tommy Wiseau RPG... a puzzle game!
yeah I've heard about that, apparently Tommy Wiseau will be in it
2012 is like the struggle year for Koki Tanaka because that's when his hair really started to make him look like tommy wiseau a bit
They legitimately just let Tommy Wiseau monologue for 10 minutes and it is fantastic.
Does anyone else get a serious Tommy Wiseau vibe from this guy? Just me?
Barry from sounds like Tommy Wiseau when he did his American accent
Have you ever seen the Tommy Wiseau masterpiece, The Room? I think it'd make for an amazing discussion on Cox 'n' Crendor :p
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Tommy Wiseau is in both is literally the only reason. The planners probably haven't even seen SC2 yet!
I LOVE The Room but I don't want to feed into Tommy Wiseau's ego even more than I probably have
In 2003 with Gregory Hatanaka almost became my client & Tommy Wiseau was my client. Today it's this!
Good vibes tonight at and then jetting over to the Tommy Wiseau double feature Stoked!
Introduced gf to The Room. She can't believe Tommy Wiseau is real. How I yearn to go back and experience all that for the first time.
I saw two dudes on my lunch break who had to be from a Tommy Wiseau look-a-like convention. Quite weird.
when u say the room, do u mean the tommy wiseau movie or the Brie Larson movie?
From earlier, Tommy Wiseau also autographed his branded underwear for me
I want stained glass windows with Tommy Wiseau as Jesus
Kylo Ren looks like the love child of Keanu Reeves and Tommy Wiseau.
The only thing this movie is missing is Tommy Wiseau.
So I thought Peter Steele was pretty hot until someone pointed out that he looked like Tommy Wiseau.
Somehow references Doritos Locos Tacos and Tommy Wiseau in a great piece about "natural politicians."
How about those classic GTA games? Or there's always Tommy Wiseau's The Room and the 80's classic, Pump Up The Volume. Sooo good.
Only just learned of the theory that Tommy Wiseau is D.B. Cooper. Life is full.
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I get into strange men's cars that can do a spot on Tommy Wiseau impersonation. I make the best decisions.
I can't believe Tommy Wiseau was Jesus all along
I agree, Ricci looks like Tommy Wiseau with his face punched in.
He holds that football like a character in a Tommy Wiseau movie.
We're gonna watch the room by Tommy wiseau
Obviously, else he would've made an Ohayou of Tommy Wiseau with the caption "oh hi mark".
Some of the actors in Samurai Cop 2 have had so much plastic surgery, they look worse than Tommy Wiseau. That's saying a lot.
I think I would actually prefer Tommy Wiseau to Trump for US president. He would answer questions the same; but he wouldn't ruin everything.
THE Room with Tommy Wiseau? That will always be the only Room movie I know.
You should see it when Tommy Wiseau is in town! It's like Rocky Horror but not as good.
I've met Tommy Wiseau at one of The Room's screenings...he's a very eccentric dude! Says whatever is on his mind. Like Trump.
I studied movies for many years, but I am professionally an actor because I...
the results are in. Tommy Wiseau is Brie Larson, who is an alien. Everyone should see the Oscar winning movie The Room.
"Tommy Wiseau should play me. His performance in was exemplary & will bring out the depths of my characte…
Seeing The Room with Tommy Wiseau in the theater thanks to my good pal
I'm going to do more movies and travel.
I saw The Room for the first time yesterday and my dreams were haunted by nightmarish visions of Tommy Wiseau's torso.
Tommy Wiseau stars in SAMURAI COP 2 - get the DVD now at Amazon and Walmart!.
There's so much and based confusion on the Internet. *** you Tommy Wiseau!!
Tommy Wiseau makes more sense than Kanye rn
I want to be Tommy wiseau's love interest in the denisfam movie pls
Tommy Wiseau shot 'The Room' in 35mm & digital because he was confused by the differences: https:…
"that's me!®" -- copyright tommy wiseau 2003, all rights reserved
Yeah. Read this interview. It's another reason why I don't like Tommy Wiseau.
The thing with me is that The Room came off as like Tommy Wiseau wanted to get back at his ex-girlfriend and it kind of...
I see Tommy Wiseau's transition is coming along nicely
I am not looking forward to going to class tomorrow *Tommy Wiseau laugh*
I liked a video Shut Up and Talk: Tommy Wiseau
I love the internet because 5 minutes ago I was tommy wiseau and now I'm mila kunis
Is Tommy Wiseau a joke? A phenomenon? An elaborate conspiracy? An unsung hero? The world may never know the truth behind his legacy
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Clearly he's taken some lessons from the Tommy Wiseau School of How to be a Normal Human Person
lmao, I mean, as long as it stays with weird creepy texts it can be humorous. I imagine Tommy Wiseau writing them.
Rubio going for the Tommy Wiseau vote.
Tommy Wiseau is my inspiration and life goals
I just saw your review for Superman 64. The 'Lex Wins' laugh reminds me of Tommy Wiseau!
omg THE ROOM and TOMMY WISEAU are going to be in royal oak again soon
Top 3 people I'd go to lunch with;. 1. Tommy Wiseau. 2. Jack Black. 3. Bill Murray
Tommy Wiseau on Donald Trump The only endorsement that matters!!.
Oh hey! It does totally look like Tommy Wiseau!
Met and I asked him if he could do his best Tommy Wiseau but there wasn't enough time.
Peter Steele and Tommy Wiseau literally the same person
Listen to Tommy Wiseau, in all things, but especially regarding our RiffTrax Live of The Room.
Looks like Adam Sessler dragonballz style fuzed with Tommy Wiseau
Is it James Franco or Tommy Wiseau?. The real Tommy Wiseau will be here at The Prince Charles Cinema in just a...
Omigod I tried to read that Sean Penn atrocity and it's like if Tommy Wiseau wrote a pastiche of Hunter S. Thompson
Tommy Wiseau showed up at my screening of "The Room" with a football and a tuxedo
come to the esquire theatre in Denver after your set at vinyl! We love you! We are screening the room and Tommy Wiseau is here!
"A Tommy Wiseau film". "from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan". "Directed by Uwe Boll"
Thomas the Train is the DRAGON . Tommy Wiseau as the...
you're tearing me apart Hunter! Sorry.went all Room and Tommy Wiseau there for a moment
Harvey Keitel in Taxi Driver is actually Tommy Wiseau, don't @ me
Get your first look at James Franco’s Tommy Wiseau movie
Dave Franco looks too sleazy to be Sestosterone here. James Franco as Tommy Wiseau is frankly terrifying.
Get your first look at new Tommy Wiseau movie:.
Those of you that have seen the bizarro cult film 'The Room', this is the weirdest news you'll read today
First look at James and Dave Franco as Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero. Christmas has come early 👍
LISA! Its the FIRST LOOK of as Tommy Wiseau & Dave Franco as Greg Sestero htt…
James Franco shares first image as Tommy Wiseau in plus cast updates:
James Franco is playing Tommy Wiseau, has actually reached his final form
According to Greg Sestero, Tommy Wiseau intended for the film to contain a subplot in which Johnny was revealed to be a vampire
Someday, I plan to play Silent Hill 4 for my channel. (It was the first I played). I plan to make all the Tommy Wiseau jokes I can.
Tommy Wiseau is now my inspiration for acting
but for real tho Tommy Wiseau is the best actor of all time
Having just watched the trailer for , I feel the film would be vastly improved if it starred Tommy Wiseau.
has no one made tommy wiseau in the fallout CC yet?
I wish I had the emotional range of Tommy Wiseau
Seeing tonight. Can't wait to see Brie Larson take on Tommy Wiseau's iconic role. She'll be great!
That moment in movie news when Tommy Wiseau goes to see Room.
I'm gutted that Meg has met Tommy Wiseau and I've not
I refuse to see the movie Room due solely to the fact that ripped off its name from Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece. IDC how good yall say it is.
What if Tommy Wiseau is a robot and he's trying to blend in. "The Room" is how I imagine a film made by a robot would look like.
I don't want to alarm anyone, but I think Tommy Wiseau is working in the furniture department in Big Lots.
Make sure you watch Tommy Wiseau's magnum opus The Room as well.
Nothing brings me more joy than my impression of Dug (UP) quotes in Tommy Wiseau's voice.
What Wikipedia article have you recently read? — It wasn't the article about Tommy Wiseau's film "The Room", thats …
I'm going to see Room tonight. Will I be disappointed that Tommy Wiseau's not in it? Yes.
It has biker drug dealing ninjas, asian Tommy Wiseau, and mild explosion. Must-see.
Is it just me, or is Shia LeBeouf becoming more like Tommy Wiseau?
Looks like Tommy Wiseau sure has been busy.
I also like how he sounds like Tommy Wiseau by the end of the interview. "I didn't intend on it being comedy, but it is now."
Me: Tommy Wiseau's new underwear line "improves your sex life by 40%". Kendra: zero times 40 is still zero
The Man Who Made the Worst Movie Ever Has Made the Worst Sitcom Ever via 2 Eps in and I already love it
I feel like Tommy Wiseau is actually an extra-dimensional being who actually speaks such unknowable truths that our reality can't handle it.
By all accounts Tommy Wiseau should not exist, but I'm so glad he does
.check out Tommy Wiseau in on He's a genius. Season 1 Ep 6. . ❤️ that you're doing
ROOM was a fantastic film but it was *not* a faithful remake of the Tommy Wiseau original.
Newswire: Tommy Wiseau wants to remake The Room in 3D, has designed new underwear
Of course the main protagonist would look like Tommy Wiseau.
I've been reading The Disaster Artist and I can't stop thinking about Tommy Wiseau. You've gotta read it if you haven't
only you and Tommy Wiseau are cranky about giving people who talk for a living access to water.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Tom Hiddleston is just a handsome Tommy Wiseau
Sooo happy Mitch and Delores are back, with special guest Tommy Wiseau ? Ahhh boy.
The Room, 'Citizen Kane of bad movies', could be remade in 3D Why use A great film
I saw a man in Morley yesterday who looked a lot like Tommy Wiseau
I guess I got slaughtered by Tommy Wiseau, but alright...
Tommy Wiseau was also four hours late on the first day of shooting his own movie. Trufax.
SAMURAI COP 2 note: it no longer takes place in space. But he still fights Tommy Wiseau! This Friday at 7.
If Tommy Wiseau directed this... it would probably still be the same movie
watching Highlander and Christopher Lambert's Scottish accent has heavy hints of Tommy Wiseau
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