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Tommy Thompson

Tommy George Thompson (born November 19, 1941), a United States Republican politician, was the 42nd Governor of Wisconsin, after which he served as U.S.

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Does this mean former governor Thomspon's reporter name is Tommy Thompson?
President Trump has picked Alex Azar to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. Steve Inskeep talks to fo…
Hey look, the new head of the Republican Tommy Thompson center is going to genuflect before the…
Tommy Thompson was blind in one eye
former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson has called Azar “one of the most competent people I know” and “an e…
Tommy Thompson blowing max effort plyo work in day 1 of the offseason despite multiple remi…
So chuffed with this - the awesome new video for Tommy Sissons new single that I produced with my Huntsman hat...
"Take Jimmy Johnson, take Tommy Thompson, take my best friend Bo "
Today . 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm . Tommy Thompson Park Bike Tour! . PWYC - $5 . Meet at the Staff Booth . (To get to the Staff…
Load of rubbish! Love Blondie and Tommy is fantastic! Keep rocking Tommy! Looking forwar…
Mulgrew leaving the car running, McGeady getting chased off Thompson and the Tommy G stories are the best…
Going to head on down to The Leslie Spit tomorrow afternoon ... . .. and ride the Tommy Thompson Park Bike Tour!. 2-4…
Would be interesting to find out just HOW wasteful. . CO2 emission per million bott…
I think Stanton can be had for Tommy Joseph, Maikel Franco, Jake Thompson & a lower minor leaguer.
McGeady and Thompson 👍. The Macca one and the Tommy G one 🙏will top them though👍
Shortly before the Normandy invasion, Winston Churchill tests his hand with the Thompson sub-machine gun in .45 caliber.…
Electronic Device Insurance
This Thursday, former Governor Tommy Thompson will be on had to help us recognized 8 Wisconsin Forward Award recipi…
The sky set alight with fire shortly after sunset. @ Tommy Thompson Lighthouse
Interested in photography? Join us for a photo walk to Tommy Thompson Park:
.& Tommy Thompson teamed up to share NHRA Drag Racing with the fans at the Drag Boat Racing Series! ht…
Drop by this sunday for a photo walk to the waterfront! 📸🏝️ - JB
Are Jimmy Johnson and Tommy Thompson still fair game?
about to see Tommy Thompson live at at Red Bull Arena. Maybe he'll show but I think Aaron L…
Tommy Thompson started it in WI pre Walker hasn't hurt a thing.. Put more people to work and less abusing the system...👍
Find a different Stein and run Duncan Hunter and Tommy Thompson on the other side. Fr…
Chad Lewis, Andre Waters, Bucko Kilroy, Jason Peters, Quintin Mikell, Tommy Thompson were all UDFAs. Yes they are important
and Tommy Thompson could have won governor again.
30th anniversary symposium marking Tommy Thompson's first election as governor set for May 23 in state Capitol, part of Tommyevents
Many photos were taken during the parade. Check out the offerings from Tommy Thompson.…
Bob Kasten, Joe McCarthy, Tommy Thompson, Glenn Grothman, ..the list is almost endless
Jerry Reed written by Tommy Thompson - PMS I Guess on
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Alan Jabbour, Sandy Bradley, Tommy Thompson — Ducks in The Pond: right now on
... that's NOT funded by federal ACA. [WI has been expanding Medicaid since 1999, BTW, under the infamous Tommy Thompson]
Battling for the loose puck in front of the net, Tommy Thompson scoops it into the net to give Greenville a 3-2 lead with 13:04 left.
Tie game no more as Tommy Thompson puts it in! Swamp Rabbits 3 - Cyclones 2.
Visentin comes up big again with a blocker save on Tommy Thompson in the slot.
He's trying to be cool like Tommy Thompson with the backwards hat
Tommy Thompson with another Hillcrest 3. 58-49 Red Lake 5:32 left. Heights by 8, 4 left
Look, Tommy Haas is not the 22nd favorite, not even favorite against Paire. Jordan Thompson is not more likely to win than Viktor Troicki.
and people like Grassley, Bennett, Tommy Thompson pushed this into the 2000s.
Boys' basketball: Klay Thompson is honored by Santa Margarita
Santa Margarita retiring Klay Thompson jersey number today.
your about to catch some hands I hope Tommy boy sets personal bests tmw night
Feelin like Tommy Hilfiger I cannot fw these *** !💯🔥🔥
With Tommy Thompson and Jackson Yueill on the field together, the are going to have a monster season.
Super important question: Will Jackson Yueill and Tommy Thompson become best friends?
Thompson Submachine Gun – Tommy Boy The Thompson, is legendary. It's one of the few fir…
“The University is intricately tied to the state.” – former Governor Tommy Thompson on UW
Commissioner David Nipper said Virgil Gammon would bring back Tommy Thompson and keep Keith Lowery at sheriff's office.
Ska-atl, from the Samish word for  river otter, is a public art piece along the Tommy Thompson…
Milwaukee used to get some Chicagoans moving up there for better benefits pre-Tommy Thompson. It's all Chicago!
Tommy Thompson's wisdom will fall on deaf ears
David Thompson, Tommy Burleson, Julius hodge, fire and ice. Dennis is a star, but playing 1 season with awful team
Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, if your standard-bearer for...
Greenville takes a 3-1 lead on Atlanta with 16:03 left in the 2nd period as Tommy Thompson scores from the right circle. His 8th goal.
Tommy Thompson face shield on the helmet and all scores here to open the scoring in the 2nd!!! Swamp Rabbits 3 - Gl…
I really want a Calvin set AND a Tommy set
Tasty Tuesdays with Tommy Thompson 😘 . Chicken from simply brined, roasted, and…
Can someone in the point me towards a note of Tommy Thompson being resigned? Did I miss something or still in limbo?
You kicked over 60,000 off BadgerCare. Tommy Thompson didn't do that.
On being a Cabinet secretary Good ideas from the Gov
i believe toles has a roster spot w dodgers.considering thompson, SVS, were hurt much of last yr.
Legislative Update from Representative Tommy Thompson for the Week of December 20, 2016 via
so why isn't Tommy Thompson playing more?
Did you see Van Brocklin or Tommy Thompson play for the Eagles?
Very simply, I was the original conservative.
Welcome To Tommy King's Blog: Khloe Kardashian and her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson love up in new photo.:
Among the guests at gathering, former Governor Tommy Thompson.
"You've been a great addition to WTMJ...more importantly, you've developed a voice," - Former Gov. Tommy Thompson to
Another surprise call to Tommy Thompson! Listen now.
Now on the line w/ former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy G. Thompson
12. What does Tommy Jarvis, Nancy Thompson and Laurie Strode have in common?
A new favorite: EDM by Tommy Thompson on
We've lost 3,000 jobs in Beaufort County. We've lost half of our ...
As a kid, you dream about finding a treasure. But in real world, keep it is a much bigger problem. . Google "Tommy Thompson" in news.
How T. Thompson, ‘one of the smartest fugitives ever,’ was caught
Company Thompson Tommy G just submited new SEC filing
Into the next round of the Tommy Thompson, goals from Pearce, J Morris and a 1st Engines goal for Adam Morris see off 🚂
Tommy Johnson was once a foreman on the bridge-building crew of William Thompson in Jackson. He worked in the...
I think in the heat of emotions, some rhetoric is said that is a ...
Tommy G Thompson 3 ton treasure: $1000 fine a day until he gives it up. via
Treasure hunter found 3 tons of sunken gold and can't leave jail in Ohio until he says where it is
You have Tommy Thompson and Bill Richardson in 2008. Who else in modern times?
I've never seen anyone run faster than Gov. Tommy Thompson ran away from being associated w/Donald Trump campaign at
Chad Barrett not good Tommy Thompson very good
Tommy Thompson is the kid in futsal with a ton of moves when he plays in space but if you pressure him he just falls apart.
Which was Lynn Adelman's goal. After all, before Tommy Thompson got him to be a Lawgiver-In-Black, he was a Rat Assemblyman.
Come meet Tommy Thompson of the SJ Earthquakes at 6 p.m. at the Tully Branch Library!
Always something to celebrate in Downtown Rogers! Happy Birthday, Tommy Thompson!
doyle was a crook. Walker is for sale. Tommy Thompson...please run...
Thx to all of you for being at CFA 2.0 w/ Laura Besser & Tommy Thompson in Clark County, NV this week!
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Playing with Jermaine Jones at CAM when there are players like Tommy Thompson and Emerson Hyndman who are good midfielders that attack.
We can all thank Tommy Thompson for all the havoc that Lynn Adleman has wrecked.
Rose MOTM but 14 year old hammer Terry Thompson and his little brother 12 year old gooner Tommy Thompson think Cresswel…
Law school graduate Tommy Thompson begs to differ with high school grad Scott Walker
At the Tommy Thompson footbridge going to Shell Refinery at March Point
Tommy Thompson Park released birds today with kids
So much to learn and see today at the in Tommy Thompson Park
Marchers with tribes and approach tommy Thompson trestle
Tommy Thompson Park Spring Bird Festival was rainy and windy, and we had a blast :) Thank you
UW-Madison PD say last-minute grads need to use gate 10 to find their seats.
Gov. Tommy Thompson also highlighted great faculty and economic contribution to WI.
you should have heard Tommy Thompson at UW Doctoral Commencement last night. Totally different than what Walker is doing.
Great horned guest of honour at Tommy Thompson Park event!
'Super volunteer’ Bronwyn Dalziel will be missed at Saturday's Spring Bird Fest ~ https…
Future Report: Big return for Alfaro; Quinn heats up
We invite you to join us on May 14, 2016, to celebrate International Migratory Bird Day at Tommy Thompson Park.
Seems like we'll probably be seeing Tommy Thompson and Adam Jahn this weekend. Both of them trained with Sac Republic yest…
must be a big deal. We are sitting in VIP at the Kohl Center next to Tommy Thompson's wife and kids.
Tommy Thompson: When I was governor, we raised the money, and we kept those professors here, and you all are beneficiaries of it
He may have had some of the sauce but gov Tommy Thompson lit it up on at professors "are best in the world" or something
Tommy Thompson: When I was governor I started STARS I, we built buildings all over this campus.
Tommy Thompson: “When you think of what do you think of? EXCELLENCE! That’s right EXCELLENCE!”
How I wish I recorded this Tommy Thompson speech at the commencement ceremony. It will go down in history.
Tommy Thompson, accepting his honorary doctor of laws “Thank you to some of the best faculty in the United States of America”
Tommy Thompson getting an honorary degree from at the graduate commencement
In Tommy Thompson's honorary degree speech he gave a huge SO to Mike. He knows what's up 🙌
Tonight gives Tommy Thompson an honorary doctor of laws degree
Tommy Thompson in the general and Mark Neumann in the primary.
Tommy Thompson was a treasure hunter that found the shipwreck of the SS Central America.
The shift on in WI from Tommy Thompson to Scott Walker
Tommy Thompson's take on the Capitol vs Bascom Hill relationship What would Tommy do? - Isthmus | Madison, Wisconsin
State Republicans and UW used to have a productive relationship. Where have you gone, Tommy Thompson?
This article sort of makes me nostalgic for the days of Tommy Thompson. What would Tommy do? via
One Greenville line tonight features three of the new players: Matt Johnson, Tommy Thompson, and Kevin King.
read the NIH WARF agreements on licensing. It was Tommy Thompson.
so add Tommy Thompson to the list of w 144 delegates
Fmr WI Gov. Tommy Thompson: "I think a vote for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is a vote for Hillary Clinton.".
Good news for Republic fans as I'm hearing Tommy Thompson and Adam Jahn trained with the team today and will be available Fri…
John Casick, along w/Henry Hyde & Tommy Thompson, helped create the forerunner to the American Legislative Exchange Council in the early 70s
The local bar story's of Charlie Shortinos womanizing rank right up there with Barry Alvarez, Normans, and Tommy Thompson...
Trivia as addendum to post: Tommy Thompson and Fred Smith each abstained once on PO votes.
Scott is making Tommy Thompson look much, much better.
Halftime: Republic 1 Earthquakes 0. Mackenzie Pridham with some excellent stuff up top. Tommy Thompson with flashes. Shaun Francis not good.
Of note for Republic fans, former loanees Adam Jahn, Tommy Thompson, JJ Koval, and Mark Sherrod are on the San Jose bench tonight
You ever think Jimmy Johnson, Tommy Thompson and Bo were like screw you Tim?
Update your maps at Navteq
still think one of the best views is from Tommy Thompson Park (Leslie St Spit) in summer or winter.
Scott Walker has nothing to do with that. In fact, he would like to raid it like Tommy Thompson tried to do.
The world lost a good man with a huge heart, Tommy Thompson. Thank you for teaching me to not be afraid of power...
Tommy Thompson had a rally at our spot. Ron Paul, Mitt Romney. Our owner was republican. But we did see news crews and DNC campaigners, too.
Walker furthest thing from Tommy Thompson. Don't think he runs again. Kind could've had it but killed self with TARP
Walker wins. WI Dems are AWOL in off-year elections. Didn't Tommy Thompson win 4 times?
Scrap metal value in Tommy Thompson Park... guess it's preventing erosion.
The irony of Tommy Thompson. Is Heartbreaking.. Sorry to hear about this tragedy.. I was hoping for a different...
Friendly reminder that Tommy Thompson is a name that exists.
Penn State will head to the power play. Tommy Thompson heads off for tripping.
Tommy Thompson scores for St. Lawrence over Miami University to make the score 4-1 in the…
St. Lawrence 4, Miami 0 on Tommy Thompson goal at 5:02 of 3rd period, with Joe Sullivan assisting.
Jordan Morris and Tommy Thompson's brother, Ty, play for the men's team. Thus, we are in Palo Alto often these days.
Amazing hearing Tommy Thompson mourn his friend, Marty Beil. Scott Walker, by contrast, never ONCE even spoke to him. No phone call.Nothing.
Tommy Thompson says he thinks Scott Walker won't run for governor or president again
87' Quakes sub: Tommy Thompson comes on for Marc Pelosi.
So Rick Perry and Scott Walker are the Tim Pawlenty and Tommy Thompson of 2016? I wouldn't have guessed that 12 months ago...
WI Governor Tommy Thompson's 2007 campaign for President lasted 134 days. Since declaring on July 13, this is Day for Scott Walker.
Just spoken to the delightful George Ross about Tommy Thompson who's died aged 86. You can hear his tribute after 7pm
Tommy Thompson plays the bag pipes for a prayer gathering at the Boone County Sheriff's
I added a video to a playlist Tommy Gun ~ Thompson Submachine Gun SOUND EFFECTS
Wild in the City: Asters star in floral parade at Leslie Street Spit: Tommy Thompson Park — an “accidental wil...
Ah, you were at Derby? Were you taught by Tommy Thompson by any chance? Also hi!
Happy to have snuck in a morning ride over to Tommy Thompson Park spit before the dewpoint got too high. 😎🚴☀️
Football - driving rain along with heavy lightening has arrived at Tommy Thompson Field in Carroll
Take a virtual research cruise off the Washington / B.C. coast, on the UW's Tommy G. Thompson research vessel
Phil from Chicago shooting the Thompson Sub Machine Gun aka the "Tommy Gun" at the…
Future wetlands at Tommy Thompson Park coming along. Doesn't look like much now, but soon...
Scott Walker is the best the Wisconsin GOP has to offer. Their last presidential candidate was Tommy Thompson.
come run with me! It's through Tommy Thompson Park which I hear is beautiful!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
he really did I became a fan of watching Tristan thompson off that
Ooo the irony! Oh and speaking of irons we found the Flati Ron Tommy Thompson!
My Tommy Thompson purchase today at Robinson's in Dorset Haliburton Highlands Ontario! ❤️
Curious if you saw my mention yesterday of Ship of Gold? Tommy Thompson is someone whose commitment to ideas is UNREAL.
Bale playing like Tommy Thompson here. That will mean nothing to you but he was the good footballer at school who tried to do everything.
Churchill posing with tommy gun and cigar, 1940
Interesting that after the first two were found at Tommy Thompson Park, 550 hours of subsequent searches found nothing.
Whitman's Mobile Detailing and Tommy Watson Racing are excited to announce that Reality TV Star, Danny Thompson...
5 things to do in Toronto this Labour Day weekend Bluffer’s Park, Tommy Thompson Park, High Park and Ashbridge’s Bay
Wisconsin used to have really smart governors. I blame Tommy Thompson
TBT - Tommy Thompson's 1998 Sequecentenial tour to Washington D. C. Ride my 1991 FXR out with my 15 year old...
NUMBER 11 also belonged to Tommy Thompson and he won 2 World Titles
Tanner Thompson, Tommy's brother, is on the MLS radar.
Did you miss Honorable Tommy Thompson on today? http:…
Did you miss Honorable Tommy Thompson on today?
Congrats on being named to Team of the Week! . Read:
If Tommy Thompson, at 73, ran against Scott Walker as an independent, he'd win in a landslide. I'd even vote for Thompson.
Former police informant Tommy Thompson was sentenced to six years in prison after a plea change.
Actually you read Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea? Tommy Thompson is a 1st class idea machine. Thought of you as I read.
Tommy Thompson sentenced to 6 years in prison for 5 counts of theft from the elderly.
Yes!! Stephen and I were just out to Tommy Thompson Park on Sunday. Great nature walk. We love this city so much!!
TOMMY WE HARDLY KNEW YE If we thought we had it bad under Thompson in Wisconsin, Walker is far worse
ICYIM: Tommy Thompson named to Team of the Week
Former standout Tommy Thompson named to Team of the Week. READ:
Rafael Nadal in his just-released Tommy H underwear. Just in time for Father's Day. PS. You're welcome! http:…
Former Governor and HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson stopped by the WinnngRed table at the Ye Olde Chicken Burn in... http:/…
82' Quakes sub: Tommy Thompson comes on for Matias Perez Garcia.
He was one of 2 pilots for the Governor of Wisconsin. Did that up until Tommy Thompson won.
yet Tommy Thompson, a Republican, was governor for 16 years!!
I miss the olden days of Wisconsin, when we had Tommy Thompson as our governor. Those were the days!
1.) Donald Trump has become the Sarah Palin of 2016. Chris Christie has become its Tommy Thompson.
Tommy Thompson, Jim Watson and Mike Craver - When the Roses Bloom in Dixieland
Harrisburg gets all these great athletes from Carrier Mills, and all we got was Tommy Thompson.
Tommy Thompson, Jim Watson and Mike Craver - Meeting in the Air
Firing up the wayback machine in Jt. Finance today. Lawmakers talking about the transpo budgets of former Govs Jim Doyle & Tommy Thompson.
Awesome ride along Queens Quay and out to Tommy Thompson Park. I've wanted to do that ride for ages! 45kms total today!
Incue to 18min 15 secs in. Tommy Thompson says he's never been back to Miller Park because of Bud Selig.
Tommy Thompson "Miller Park would not have been built without me. Bud Selig mislead the people of Wisconsin, said he'd pay for it, never did
Former Granite Bay star Tommy Thompson, just back from the U-20 FiFA Men's World Cup, has entered in the second half for SJ.
23' Barrera goes down and the first guy to warm up is Tommy Thompson. Wonder if we'll see the Granite Bay native tonight.
Ann E. Fleischli: Paul Soglin is continuing in Tommy Thompson's grate tradition -…
Tommy Thompson single handedly removed cash aid off Wisc welfare rolls in the late 1990s. food stamps & child care only
Your next step is the 10-miler (16k). Distillery District/Tommy Thompson Park in June or July, I think.
Hiking with mah girls at Tommy Thompson Park yesterday!
Jesus. Makes you nostalgic for the Tommy Thompson reign.
.Trayce Thompson with his 3rd hit of the night! He's now hitting .333 on the season!
I had a dream last night about Tommy Thompson at a rave
Tommy Shelby is just a better Nucky Thompson
Turner Supply Company wants to congratulate our own Tommy Thompson who has served as the President of the...
Book your school field trips at Tommy Thompson Park!. The education programs at Tommy Thompson Park provide...
.This is gonna be more fun than POOL PARTY '08! Let's get Deacon Brownback & Tommy-Tom Thompson in there!
Big game today; senior day at Rebel Field. Very proud of you boys, Brendan Burford, Tommy Wells, Logan Hare and Colby Thompson. Play hard!
Most of the time, you can say, "well, those shots aren't going to fall all night". Not for chicken Curry and Tommy gun Thompson.
American made Thompson submachine gun or as referred to as a tommy gun
Tommy Leach in his last year with the Pittsburgh Pirates 1911 - Thompson Original Photo
Intimidators manager Tommy Thompson returns for 3rd time: Manager Tommy Thompson has spent the past five seaso...
Tommy Thompson Park at the bottom of Leslie St.
Tommy Thompson Boulder say it aint so... the original earth day stoner ...
But it as quite adventurous when Alan brought me around Tommy Thompson Park, sadly the tyre ran out of air. Hadda walk back ...
"Experience the experience while you're experiencing the experience." ~Tommy Thompson: The Alexander Technique Teacher, Cambridge, MA
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
For the Sounders’ offer to Morris to be the most lucrative HG deal in MLS history, it’d have to eclipse Tommy Thompson’s $140K. Worth it.
SPLX Entrant number 9: TOMMY END is coming, and he wants that title!
Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton will play Sam Houser and Jack Thompson in the BBC's GTA Drama
Tommy Thompson would have been 93 years old today
.And really, the progs who had strokes when Tommy Thompson put W2 in place will swoon over work camps? ..
The Tommy Thompson cup final has been moved away from Barnston as two Teams have to far to travel. Shame.. Chairman worked hard for that.
Tommy Thompson, Wanna Secret to get $200iTunes & Play Store Gift Card? Check the Secret Trick on My Bio Profile
Just got a phone call from a man in Oklahoma named Tommy Thompson and oh boy what an accent.
Something about Tommy Thompson's presence on the field is so refreshing. He's so young & extremely talented. I freaking love that kid.
5 star recruit Tommy Thompson out of St. Bernard commits to John Calapari's Kentucky Wildcats..
Harry Shipp and Tommy Thompson need the Johnny Cochran law firm. They have been viciously wronged this weekend.
Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rudy Guliani, Fred Thompson, Alan Keyes, Tommy Thompson have resumes and are not clowns.
Earthquakes’ Adam Jahn, Tommy Thompson look forward to return to Bonney Field
Match Preview: vs. Adam Jahn and Tommy Thompson make Sacramento return.
Tommy Thompson: Fugitive treasure hunter to appear in Florida federal court: WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. ... judge's…
Fugitive treasure hunter arrested in after 2-year manhunt, & report:
Fugitive treasure hunter arrested in Boca Raton
I think this would make for a really interesting topic, there's pirates and stuff.
Treasure hunter Tommy Thompson arrested after two years on the run
Tommy Thompson, fugitive treasure hunter and discoverer of the wreck of the SS Central America, arrested in Florid…
Arrested: Tommy Thompson, pictured in 1989 with a $50 pioneer gold piece he found in 1988 in a ... via
Fugitive treasure hunter arrested in Florida after 2-year manhunt, officials say
Saga of treasure hunter Tommy Thompson has been years in the making. Arrest is new chapter. http:/…
Tommy Thompson, a Ship of Gold, and Investors Still Looking for Treasure (2014): Comments:
Fugitive treasure hunter Tommy Thompson arrested in Boca Raton
The story of Tommy Thompson, the treasure hunter who was arrested today for cheating investors out of what ...
A treasure hunter on the run for two years is now in handcuffs. Tommy Thompson gained noto...
Jan 28 1963 set staffer Tommy Thompson's book on for September publication.
We're listening to Robert Earl Keen's version of Tommy Thompson's classic song, Twisted Laurel, right now on Blue Ridge Breakdown. For...
Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson says now is the time for Scott Walker to announce presidential bid
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Tommy Thompson of is on U-20 35-player provisional roster for 2015 U-20 Championship:
Gov. Tommy Thompson increased vote totals each election, but Scott Walker only increased the partisan divide.
In his lifetime, Robert Altman worked closely with guys named George W. George, Selig Seligman, and Tommy Thompson. Can't make this stuff up
Mark Hill was Thursday's trivia winner. He knew former Governor Tommy Thompson's 1st job was sorting / polishing eggs in the family store.
Today is the day! Check out this article from the Herald Sun featuring Aces players and coach Tommy Thompson. It's a hot day and the balls are going to zipping around Melbourne Ballpark. See you here, and GO ACES!
Thompson was a huge price IMO, he played the easier holes well today. Both Berger and Thompson need decent rounds tomorrow.
just finished a Runtastic run of 3.02 mi in 23m 03s with PRO iPhone app:
Rockin the Tommy Thompson Park Research station
Tommy Thompson being just one example of poor candidates
.claim former reliever Taylor Thompson off waivers. More in my latest blog:
Warriors improved to 4-0 last night. Steph Curry & Klay Thompson combine to average 53.0 PPG, most of any duo in NBA. htt…
Will there be a Wisconsin runoff to decide if it's Paul Ryan or Scott Walker running for president? Does Tommy Thompson flip a coin?
Fmr. Wisconsin Gov Tommy Thompson tells our he thinks will run for President 4:30-7
Next at 10 on What does former Gov. Tommy Thompson say about a presidential run? It's a exclusive
This is the last for at Tommy Thompson Park.
If Scott Walker really wanted to annoy his opponents in Wisconsin, he'd seek to serve as governor for a longer period than Tommy Thompson.
Llewellyn ('Tommy') Thompson meet JFK and General Maxwell Taylor and Rwanda in the SC
Jowls weren't in peak form yet, though."Tommy Thompson biggest mistake: "I didn't run for pres when I was gov"
In int, former Gov Tommy Thompson says biggest mistake: "I didn't run for president when I was governor and at top of my game"
Video: Wisconsin Eye's post-election analysis to feature Tommy Thompson, Tom Loftus: Wisconsin Eye will be str...
Tommy Thompson's lieutenant governor first ran on a abolish the Lt Gov platform. Then ran for, and won the office 3 more times.
Cory Destree was Wednesday's WDOR Trivia winner. He knew Tommy Thompson spent the most time as Wisconsin's Governor. (14 years, 28 days).
Good night, WI. I had hoped for better. At this point, Tommy "Governor for Life" Thompson can be remembered as a good governor.
he is the best thing to happen to Wisconsin since Tommy Thompson. U like most he can add and subtract
Looks like Rick Beck will beat Rep. Tommy Thompson. That's a GOP pickup in the House.
Early on it looked like Scott Walker was on pace for a historic "1994 Tommy Thompson" margin of victory.
Tommy Thompson's race in Ky House 14th still hasn't been called. Up 1000 votes with half in.
drunk Tommy Thompson gave the best speeches
LISTEN: joined in the studio + were joined by Manager Tommy Thompson:
Woke up three times to find a drunk Tommy Thompson under it...
We've been joined by new manager Tommy Thompson. The season kicks off this Friday night for the Aces vs. Brisbane Bandits.
Tommy Thompson expressed that sentiment to me back in June. Thought he was moving thru life too quickly. Still went pro though.
About to jump into studio with Kevin Hillier - NFL, NBA, NASCAR fights and manager Tommy Thompson.
"There's nothing except exploration of all that you can be." Tommy Thompson
.to Mr. Chairman If you bomb on tell them you're 2x as funny as Tommy Thompson & Scott Walker combined.
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