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Tommy Thompson

Tommy George Thompson (born November 19, 1941), a United States Republican politician, was the 42nd Governor of Wisconsin, after which he served as U.S.

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Jesus. Makes you nostalgic for the Tommy Thompson reign.
.Trayce Thompson with his 3rd hit of the night! He's now hitting .333 on the season!
I had a dream last night about Tommy Thompson at a rave
Tommy Shelby is just a better Nucky Thompson
Turner Supply Company wants to congratulate our own Tommy Thompson who has served as the President of the...
Book your school field trips at Tommy Thompson Park!. The education programs at Tommy Thompson Park provide...
.This is gonna be more fun than POOL PARTY '08! Let's get Deacon Brownback & Tommy-Tom Thompson in there!
Big game today; senior day at Rebel Field. Very proud of you boys, Brendan Burford, Tommy Wells, Logan Hare and Colby Thompson. Play hard!
Most of the time, you can say, "well, those shots aren't going to fall all night". Not for chicken Curry and Tommy gun Thompson.
American made Thompson submachine gun or as referred to as a tommy gun
Tommy Leach in his last year with the Pittsburgh Pirates 1911 - Thompson Original Photo
Intimidators manager Tommy Thompson returns for 3rd time: Manager Tommy Thompson has spent the past five seaso...
Tommy Thompson Park at the bottom of Leslie St.
Tommy Thompson Boulder say it aint so... the original earth day stoner ...
But it as quite adventurous when Alan brought me around Tommy Thompson Park, sadly the tyre ran out of air. Hadda walk back ...
"Experience the experience while you're experiencing the experience." ~Tommy Thompson: The Alexander Technique Teacher, Cambridge, MA
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For the Sounders’ offer to Morris to be the most lucrative HG deal in MLS history, it’d have to eclipse Tommy Thompson’s $140K. Worth it.
SPLX Entrant number 9: TOMMY END is coming, and he wants that title!
Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton will play Sam Houser and Jack Thompson in the BBC's GTA Drama
Tommy Thompson would have been 93 years old today
.And really, the progs who had strokes when Tommy Thompson put W2 in place will swoon over work camps? ..
The Tommy Thompson cup final has been moved away from Barnston as two Teams have to far to travel. Shame.. Chairman worked hard for that.
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Just got a phone call from a man in Oklahoma named Tommy Thompson and oh boy what an accent.
Something about Tommy Thompson's presence on the field is so refreshing. He's so young & extremely talented. I freaking love that kid.
5 star recruit Tommy Thompson out of St. Bernard commits to John Calapari's Kentucky Wildcats..
And Johnny said "Take Jimmy Johnson, take Tommy Thompson, take my best friend Bo
Harry Shipp and Tommy Thompson need the Johnny Cochran law firm. They have been viciously wronged this weekend.
Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rudy Guliani, Fred Thompson, Alan Keyes, Tommy Thompson have resumes and are not clowns.
Earthquakes’ Adam Jahn, Tommy Thompson look forward to return to Bonney Field
Match Preview: vs. Adam Jahn and Tommy Thompson make Sacramento return.
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Tommy Thompson: Fugitive treasure hunter to appear in Florida federal court: WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. ... judge's…
Fugitive treasure hunter arrested in after 2-year manhunt, & report:
Fugitive treasure hunter arrested in Boca Raton
I think this would make for a really interesting topic, there's pirates and stuff.
Treasure hunter Tommy Thompson arrested after two years on the run
Tommy Thompson, fugitive treasure hunter and discoverer of the wreck of the SS Central America, arrested in Florid…
Arrested: Tommy Thompson, pictured in 1989 with a $50 pioneer gold piece he found in 1988 in a ... via
Fugitive treasure hunter arrested in Florida after 2-year manhunt, officials say
Saga of treasure hunter Tommy Thompson has been years in the making. Arrest is new chapter. http:/…
Tommy Thompson, a Ship of Gold, and Investors Still Looking for Treasure (2014): Comments:
Fugitive treasure hunter Tommy Thompson arrested in Boca Raton
The story of Tommy Thompson, the treasure hunter who was arrested today for cheating investors out of what ...
A treasure hunter on the run for two years is now in handcuffs. Tommy Thompson gained noto...
Jan 28 1963 set staffer Tommy Thompson's book on for September publication.
We're listening to Robert Earl Keen's version of Tommy Thompson's classic song, Twisted Laurel, right now on Blue Ridge Breakdown. For...
Former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson says now is the time for Scott Walker to announce presidential bid
Tommy Thompson of is on U-20 35-player provisional roster for 2015 U-20 Championship:
Gov. Tommy Thompson increased vote totals each election, but Scott Walker only increased the partisan divide.
In his lifetime, Robert Altman worked closely with guys named George W. George, Selig Seligman, and Tommy Thompson. Can't make this stuff up
Mark Hill was Thursday's trivia winner. He knew former governor Tommy Thompson's 1st job was sorting / polishing eggs in the family store.
Today is the day! Check out this article from the Herald Sun featuring Aces players and coach Tommy Thompson. It's a hot day and the balls are going to zipping around Melbourne Ballpark. See you here, and GO ACES!
Thompson was a huge price IMO, he played the easier holes well today. Both Berger and Thompson need decent rounds tomorrow.
just finished a Runtastic run of 3.02 mi in 23m 03s with PRO iPhone app:
Rockin the Tommy Thompson Park Research station
Tommy Thompson being just one example of poor candidates
.claim former reliever Taylor Thompson off waivers. More in my latest blog:
Warriors improved to 4-0 last night. Steph Curry & Klay Thompson combine to average 53.0 PPG, most of any duo in NBA. htt…
Will there be a Wisconsin runoff to decide if it's Paul Ryan or Scott Walker running for president? Does Tommy Thompson flip a coin?
Fmr. Wisconsin Gov Tommy Thompson tells our he thinks will run for President 4:30-7
Next at 10 on What does former Gov. Tommy Thompson say about a presidential run? It's a exclusive
This is the last for at Tommy Thompson Park.
If Scott Walker really wanted to annoy his opponents in Wisconsin, he'd seek to serve as governor for a longer period than Tommy Thompson.
Llewellyn ('Tommy') Thompson meet JFK and General Maxwell Taylor and Rwanda in the SC
Jowls weren't in peak form yet, though."Tommy Thompson biggest mistake: "I didn't run for pres when I was gov"
In int, former Gov Tommy Thompson says biggest mistake: "I didn't run for president when I was governor and at top of my game"
Video: Wisconsin Eye's post-election analysis to feature Tommy Thompson, Tom Loftus: Wisconsin Eye will be str...
Tommy Thompson's lieutenant governor first ran on a abolish the Lt Gov platform. Then ran for, and won the office 3 more times.
Cory Destree was Wednesday's WDOR Trivia winner. He knew Tommy Thompson spent the most time as Wisconsin's Governor. (14 years, 28 days).
Good night, WI. I had hoped for better. At this point, Tommy "Governor for Life" Thompson can be remembered as a good governor.
he is the best thing to happen to Wisconsin since Tommy Thompson. U like most he can add and subtract
Looks like Rick Beck will beat Rep. Tommy Thompson. That's a GOP pickup in the House.
Early on it looked like Scott Walker was on pace for a historic "1994 Tommy Thompson" margin of victory.
Tommy Thompson's race in Ky House 14th still hasn't been called. Up 1000 votes with half in.
drunk Tommy Thompson gave the best speeches
LISTEN: joined in the studio + were joined by Manager Tommy Thompson:
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Woke up three times to find a drunk Tommy Thompson under it...
We've been joined by new manager Tommy Thompson. The season kicks off this Friday night for the Aces vs. Brisbane Bandits.
Tommy Thompson expressed that sentiment to me back in June. Thought he was moving thru life too quickly. Still went pro though.
About to jump into studio with Kevin Hillier - NFL, NBA, NASCAR fights and manager Tommy Thompson.
"There's nothing except exploration of all that you can be." Tommy Thompson
.to Mr. Chairman If you bomb on tell them you're 2x as funny as Tommy Thompson & Scott Walker combined.
Klay Thompson's girlfriend on the left. Steph Curry's wife on the right. No wonder they're 3-0.
...and mine location is in walleye spearfishing area ..Remember PARR? Tommy Thompson? The "Walleye Wars"? It's THAT too.
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SD may turn out to be 1 of the most intriguing races as Rounds is clearly running page from the Tommy Thompson school o…
Anderson Varejao 15 rebounds, Tristan Thompson 13, Kevin Love 11. Each has played less than half the game, appear done for…
tommy were having a charity football match next Saturday at 3pm in Thompson park Sunderland, would you like to get involved?
Michigan state champ Austin Thompson just beat Tommy Cash at the Fall Duals.
Paul Ryan ran into his old friend and fellow Badger Governor Tommy Thompson.
I voted estab in primary back in 2012 with Tommy Thompson. Will NEVER NEVER NEVER do it again. Worst vote I've cast.
Tommy Thompson should be brought along slowly, but not '2-3 garbage time minutes' slowly. Mark Watson's days surely numbered...
Off to Tommy Thompson Park. Hoping to see something rare today.
I adore Tommy Thompson. Whenever he's on the field you can see that he's having fun & he loves it. He's so down to earth & he's so sweet ugh
what the heck,Tommy Thompson only gets@ a few minutes, no wonder we lose!!!'
Game picture: Tommy Thompson scores the first goal of the game. Turned out to be the game winner.
The Earthquakes are a soup sandwich. I’ll never understand Watson’s benching of Tommy Thompson over the last month.
Rubio Rubin. Joe Gyau. Tommy Thompson. The alliteration game is strong with these prospects.
Tommy Thompson is a great 1920's gangster name
Tommy Thompson on the field 5 seconds - wins a tackle, successfully turns out of multiple pressure. But Atiba Harris.
Tommy Thompson is a country singer who sings about achieving your goals.
Tommy Thompson can be as good as he wants. I don't think theres another American prospect I'm more excited about.
Tommy Thompson just knocked Darlington Nagbe off the ball ... foreshadowing?
It's T time! Tommy Thompson is coming on for Cato.
Tommy Thompson just subbed in about 87 minutes too late.
Down a goal, needing a creative spark off the bench, are bringing in Atiba Harris while Tommy Thompson rides the pine...
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Time for San Jose to bring on Tommy Thompson. I love watching that kid play.
….so our hopes of seeing Tommy Thompson, at all, have evaporated. D’oh!
essentially eliminated from the playoffs. Cato and Salinas start over Tommy Thompson. Someone justify this to me.
I'm so in love with Tommy Thompson tbh 😍😍😍
Tommy Thompson is just casually juggling the ball 50 feet in the air at halftime. NBD
Tommy Thompson out on the field warming up at halftime. Would have to think he's going to enter for the final 45 minutes.
"we need quality in the final third" - Guy with Tommy Thompson on his bench
just finished a Runtastic run of 5 mi in 43m 00s with PRO iPhone app:
Tommy Thompson isn't on the field because Mark Watson hates freedom
i know. keep your eyes/ears out for a 19 yo on SJ earthquakes, Tommy Thompson, he's special.
The game starts at 1-1 because Darlington Nagbe and Tommy Thompson.
Thompson impromptu appearance in the Rose Bowl, while ineffective, wasn't as bad a Tommy Grady's. THAT'S not too soon is it?
How does Tommy Thompson not start every game for the Quakes?
Tommy Thompson and J.J. Koval are on the bench for this one
Meet the person behind the player: Tommy Thompson.
Saints go into the first intermission up 2-0 with goals from Tommy Thompson and Joe Sullivan!!!
but drinks way more beer than that boring Tommy Thompson.
Tommy Thompson Says Scott Walker is "Going to Have to Listen More" if He Runs for Prez
"Build the roads and the jobs follow...".
Tommy Thompson and Wondo out of the Quakes? Sean Johnson? Regardless, I worry that you're right about the losses.
mate, tommy Thompson is so good on fifa
Treasure hunter Tommy Thompson who discovered the 'Ship of 'Gold' in 1988 and made millions remains on the lam two years after he...
Time to call district attorney Tommy Thompson and tell him to do his job. We should not do his job.
I wonder if SJ's Tommy Thompson has brothers called Johnny Johnson and Willy Wilson?
Shoutout to Jimmy Johnson, Tommy Thompson, and my best friend Bo.
My favorite President, Tommy Remengesau and the lead navigator of the Hōkūleʻa, Nainoa Thompson. Such…
Lea Thompson, Tommy Chong, Alfonso Ribeiro join Dancing With The Stars. we have to watch 😆😆
When you read "Comedian Tommy Chong, actress Lea Thompson headline show's newest cast members" it's time to drop Stars from your name
You offered Courtney a letter to the editor??? No, we want a headline, just like Tommy Thompson got.
Gov. Thompson to give lecture September 30: Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson will give this year’s Pau... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Alfonso Ribeiro was a dancer wasnt he?
Meet the new cast: Carlton from 'Fresh Prince,' Aaron Samuels from 'Mean Girls' & more
'Dancing with the Stars' Season 19 Cast Revealed: Lea Thompson, Tommy Chong and More: The cast of Dancing with...
Lea Thompson, Tommy Chong among new 'Dancing' pack (from
.I got a very similar photo, also at Tommy Thompson :)
If they have Tommy Chong dance the Quickstep, I will watch MT Tommy Chong among new 'Dancing' pack
I wanna see him, Tommy Chong, and Lea Thompson. Carlton..I mean Alfonoso is gonna be the clear winner.
Tommy Chong, Randy Couture and Lea Thompson are among the new cast of Dancing With the Stars! See them all!
'Dancing with the Stars' Season 19 cast includes Lea Thompson, Tommy Chong
Lea Thompson, Michael Waltrip, Sadie Robertson and Tommy Chong among new 'Dancing With the Stars' contestants:
Lea Thompson, 'Duck Dynasty' star among new 'Dancing With the Stars' pack - Washington Times…
GIF'ing it :The ejection of Winston-Salem Dash manager Tommy Thompson
Video: Winston-Salem manager Tommy Thompson has ‘epic argument’: In their final home game of the season on August...
Daryl Boston accepts his nomination from Tommy Thompson, and nominates Ken Williams and Senior Director of Community Relations/Executive Director of Chicago White Sox Charities Christine O'Reilly.
Honorable mention to 'Quakes coach Mark Watson on Tommy Thompson's bright debut in the starting lineup
Kasey Keller has no idea that Mark Watson actually despises Tommy Thompson, does he?
That sub Tommy Thompson was VERY impressive v. FCD. Reminded me of Mario Goetze. Hope to see a lot more of him.
Mark Watson said club doesn't want to "rush" Tommy Thompson. But that could soon change:
Tommy Thompson is telling Republicans to cross over vote for David Clarke. That's just wrong.
What's with conservatives and repeat names? Pete Peterson, Erick Erickson, Tommy Thompson, and so on. *** conservative parents?
Former WWE World Heavyweight champion Bryan Danielson, known in the ring as Daniel Bryan, ran after two men who were exiting an Arcadia home around 7 p.m. Thursday, said Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Tommy Thompson.
Tommy Thompson couldn't finish near the goal on ball from Adam Jahn off Octavio Guzman's towering cross.
Adam Jahn and Tommy Thompson are playing up top today for Sac Republic in their game vs West Brom currently underway.
Just got the lineup, Adam Jahn/Tommy Thompson partnership is happening.
Tommy Thompson likely to start under Adam Jahn tonight for Sac against West Brom in the 4-5-1. cc:
Tommy Thompson is going around the country to push the bill. Right now.
So were the establishment losses in Republican and swing states. Connie Mack in FL. Tommy Thompson in WI. George Allen in VA.
Tommy Thompson had polling lead over Tammy Baldwin but now I enjoy saying "Senator Baldwin" and on Jan 5th, 2015 "Governor Burke"
Here are a few pictures from rehearsal before last night's great show with Eddie and the Cruisers,DeWayne Spees,Tommy Thompson,and Frankie Avalon. Enough cannot be said about all this talent. It was an honor and pleasure to play with these talented musicians and singers.If you ever get an opportunity to go hear them, do so.You can go on the Carson Center website, and click on the Frankie Avalon show to see pictures of the show. They had a fantastic photographer Bill Fox, from Grand Rivers, there taking beautiful stage shots of the entire show. He done an excellent, professional job. We had a wonderful time, and Frankie still songs, and looks like teenager.
Gov. Walker has done more for the WI Taxpayer than any Governor before him. Yes, even Tommy Thompson! And he's honest!
Practice with Cruisers tonight - opening for Frankie Avalon 5/30. Doing 3 Rockin' Ray Smith (rockabilly) songs with Stanley Walker and Tommy Thompson. Lotsa fun. It'll be a hoot!
I just saw an ad on fb to fire Scott Walker! I don't know why people are trying to get rid of their best Governor since Tommy Thompson! I don't get it! Scott Walker is doing a great job! Thank you Jesus!
I just noticed there are many players in MLS with alliteration last names. Brandon Barklage, Bobby Boswell, Conor Casey, Tommy Thompson.
Since 1998, 77 governors of 45 states have signed gubernatorial proclamations, including six former governors who became White House cabinet members - Janet Napolitano of AZ, Tom Ridge of PA, Bill Richardson of NM, Christine Todd Whitman of NJ, Tommy Thompson of WI and Gary Locke of WA. These governors alone represent more than 84 percent of the American population and all are in favor of the establishment of this day. (The five remaining states include Montana which has legislation prohibiting the issuance of gubernatorial proclamations).
These are the same people that blamed the tea party because Tommy Thompson and Heather Wilson lost. Um, no.
Heavenly Father, I ask in the name of Jesus Christ that by Your supernatural touch those who are hurting that they would be healed. Father, Through their healing may You be glorified and those that do not know You may come to the saving knowledge of Your Son, I have a few special unspoken prayers I really need God to be clear to me. Please keep these wonderful people in your arms, Mrs. Dianne Parr, Sharon, Becky Combs, Robin, Stella Lewis , Paige, the h2o students and staff, TCAM family and friends, Regina and family, My brother CJ, John, Howard, Hamiton and my aunt and uncles who are in their 70's and 80's, Darlenne, REX , Dina T ,Tonya Fields, Tommy Thompson, Rhonda fighting cancer ,Nancy, Harry Allison, MY friend C, Mark, Tom, and all their families. Those Who are reading this If you can please add them your prayer list and I pray blessing for you all have a wonderful week'. Praise God for your blessing the ones you have and those you have yet to receive, Pray for those who need a touch from God , That ...
You mean losers like Scott Brown, Linda McMahon, and Tommy Thompson? Mmkay.
Tommy Thompson, the energetic manager of the Winston-Salem Dash a couple of years ago, will be back again this summer.
Tommy Thompson is back in Winston-Salem! Get the full details on the Dash's 2014 field staff here:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, January 21, 2014   CHICAGO – The Chicago White Sox have announced their player development staff and assignments for the 2014 season.    Joel Skinner at Class AAA Charlotte (third season) and Julio Vinas at Class AA Birmingham return to manage their respective clubs in 2014.  Vinas guided Birmingham to a 77-63 record and the Southern League Championship, the club’s first title since 2002.  The Barons won both postseason series in a decisive Game 5.   Vinas also was named by Baseball America as the Best Manager Prospect in the SL following the season.   New managerial assignments in 2014 include Tommy Thompson at Class A Winston-Salem, Pete Rose Jr. at Class A Kannapolis and Charlie Poe at Advanced Rookie Great Falls.    Thompson and Rose Jr. are entering their fourth consecutive seasons managing in the White Sox system, while Poe’s assignment will be his first as a manager.  Rose Jr. led Great Falls to the Pioneer League playoffs last season.   Mike Gelling ...
Monday January 13 - Day 5 Rep. Susan Westrom was joined by U.S. Congressman Andy Barr in support of the Military SAVE actthat would give victims of sexual assault more choices in their care. Rep. Tom McKee spoke on the House floor encouraging members to join him in anti-hunger initiatives at the Farms to Food Banks rally. Tuesday January 14 – Day 6 The House Education Committee met to consider HB 154 - a bill on school finance. It passed out of committee and has been sent to the house floor HB 70 - restoring voting rights to ex-offenders - sponsored by Jesse Crenshaw was considered by committee and passed unanimously to the floor. Rep. Tom McKee led a rally against hunger attended by Rep. Sannie Overly, Rep. Derrick Graham, and Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes Rep. Denver Butler was joined by Auditor Adam Edelen, Rep.Tommy Thompson, Rep. James Kay, and Rep. Donohue to announce HB5, which would require state agencies to notify members of the public when their identifying information is compromi ...
Big ups to John Doyle for getting the Tommy Thompson deal done. Important piece for years to come.
Foles became the first Eagles quarterback since Tommy Thompson in 1948 and 1949 to lead the NFL in passer rating. His 119.2 season rating is the third-highest in NFL history, behind Aaron Rodgers (122.5 in 2011) and Peyton Manning (121.1 in 2004). His 124.4 against Dallas marked his ninth game this year with a rating over 100, tying Donovan McNabb’s franchise record from 2004. Foles tossed touchdowns to LeSean McCoy and Brent Celek, giving him 27 this year in about 10 1/2 games. By tossing 27 touchdowns this season with just two interceptions, Foles posted the best touchdown-to-interception ratio in NFL history, becoming the only quarterback to ever toss more than 20 touchdowns with two picks or fewer. He also set a new franchise record for completion percentage (64.0).
If you are in the seventh district please go vote. And, Please consider voting for Suzanne Miles for KY State Representative . She is from Daviess County and it would be wonderful to have Joe Bowen, Jim Glenn, Tommy Thompson and Susanne Miles all from Daviess County and all working for Daviess County! Secondly, she is a conservative, and we need as many conservatives as possible to help KY through this upcoming budget year. Please consider voting for Suzanne tomorrow.
I love Tommy so much he's so hot and he can rap and he's sexy and cute and adorable and perf
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Has Thompson set the record for most oops in a game yet??
Tommy's favorite book of 2013: BADASS ULTIMATE DEATHMATCH by Ben Thompson. "Full of the absolute…
Take jimmy Johnson take tommy Thompson take my best friend boa
Tonight on Praise the Lord: Dwight Thompson hosts Tommy Barnett, Harry Lee Sewell, Chad Rowe, Rickie Rush and Del Way in Dallas, TX.
Jonathan Prince: "They might as well call it the Capricious Finance Board." Tag team attack by Liu and Thompson aides on NYCCFB.
Tommy Thompson joins team. Live at …. Formal announcement scheduled for next week.
Don't be left out in the cold! Plan your winter visit to Tommy Thompson Park carefully. . TTP is a wonderful...
Tommy is thinking about getting eyebrow slits 💭
Daughtry concert, Gruber Law Office shirts and Tommy Thompson: Here's my preview for h…
The Bird sanctuary on Tommy Thompson Park is more important than
is stating that Tommy Thompson Park should be nominated as a Bird Sanctuary.
So here is my old friend Tommy Thompson…he is the former Secretary of Health and Human Services, he is the former Governor of Wisconsin…and yes…he is a farmer and deer hunter and not afraid to get up on the back of a semi trailer at the farm and get corn loaded to go to the coop…THIS IS THE KIND OF PRESIDENT WE NEED…SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW THE REST OF US LIVE…NOT SOME EDUMOCATED DICKWHACK WHO THINKS THEY KNOW WHATS BEST FOR THE REST OF US…especially farmers.
Indiana men's soccer forward Tommy Thompson earned Big Ten Freshman of the Year honors, the conference announced tonight.
Check out Tommy Thompson at this free outdoor Jazz Concert. The last event of the season and FREE!
Tommy Thompson admitted to that Romneycare got FED monies. He did NOT answer her question whether they STILL get it!
Congrats to for earning The Living City Award for the support of Tommy Thompson Fish Habitat & Wetlands!
Karin Johanson eats "uphill climbs" for breakfast. Greg Abbott should prob put a call in to Tommy Thompson.
Tommy Thompson never answered Greta VanSuteren, last year, whether or not Mass was *still Fed. subsidized healthcare
Got a huge hug from Tommy Thompson tonight at Madison's event. I suppose not all Republicans are bad
There is no greater example of government overreach and unrestrained liberalism than 'Obamacare.'. Tommy Thompson
Eli Manning is now the Giant's leader in passing yards. Vick needs 283 passing yards to pass Tommy Thompson (10,240) for 5th all-time.
Just finished eating a fabulous Korean dinner with Pastor & Mrs. Tommy Thompson of Grace Baptist in Brandon FL.
Apparently Tom Barrett and Tommy Thompson stopped by my brother's memorial service last Friday.
New today: We re-rate an item we did on how Wisconsin compares in obesity
Former governor says Wisconsin not as obese as national average - PolitiFact
well then perhaps I should blame y'all for giving us such an awful HHS director? LOL! We have u Tommy Thompson. What gives?! :)
It's going down again. Tyler Toner vs. Tommy Thompson 11 in Broomfield, CO.
VP Tommy Thompson enjoying the contest prize.
MatchMD VP's Curt Wimsatt and Tommy Thompson were pleasantly surprised at the Physician Health Alliance (PHA)...
So a company that made an art out of showing Rs ahead (Akin, Tommy Thompson, G Allen) can only give Cuccinelli a 41-40 lead? Ouch
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Tommy Thompson asked me on his podcast if I've ever thought about how many parent-teacher conferences I've had to go to over the years. Which has totally ruined the whole experience for me. Now it's like the Kevin Mchale episode of "Cheers." Two more this week.
Take Jimmie Johnson take tommy Thompson take my best friend bo
City presentation: flight path over existing Tommy Thompson Park bird habitat needs analysis. What's to analyze? Wind turbines?
Not in favour. Toronto Isl, Leslie Spit/Tommy Thompson Park should be places to escape traffic, noise and fumes.
"That is the dumbest Fing idea i have ever heard." Sec. Tommy Thompson's response to Ken Kizer's idea to proposed adoption of EHR's
New owner Sue Black brought out some heavy hitters to the Milwaukee Wave's reintroductory press conference. Tommy Thompson, Franklyn Gimbel.
Look out for the all new MadVibez Station about to hit Toronto and the world by storm soon w/ Tommy Thompson every Monday 8-10PM! MAD TING!
Has been consulted about Island airport? Does this threaten the bird sancuary at Tommy Thompson Park?
Tommy Thompson you'll get cussed out real quick if you say something like that again
Story is about pensions, WI's is fully funded after the Union sued Tommy Thompson to stop him from raiding the fund. .
thanks dude I started the tommy Thompson cheers! Love watchin you play man best of luck
Fun to see Tommy Thompson at event honoring Dave Zweifel after 30 years of Plain Talk columns.
Sign up now to hear Former Secretary of HSS Hon. Tommy Thompson and other luminary experts speak at our 4th...
Join us on Oct 17-18 to hear Tommy Thompson & other experts re the latest in preventative medicine
Some college soccer highlights for Tommy Thompson great technical skills versus UCLA on Sunday:
Sunset behind the skyline as seen from Tommy Thompson Park
Hello friend. Nice to see you again. @ Tommy Thompson Park
3 years ago today my friend passed away. Probably the worst thing I've seen in my life.. Life is WAY 2 SHORT.. R.I.P Jordan (tommy) thompson
also did you see Earthquakes academy product Tommy Thompson earn a pk against UCLA:
Attention fans: check out Tommy Thompson earn a penalty kick for IU against UCLA today:
Would be appropriate if IU freshman soccer star Tommy Thompson's middle name started with an "N". His nickname should …
Absolutely gutted for IU today. Easily the better team and Tommy Thompson is the real deal. No goals don't help though.
Fact. “Tommy Thompson. This kid is gonna be awesome!
Another caught just off Hall Point this week with Sonora's famous fishing guide, Tommy Thompson
Eagles great Tommy Thompson finally makes Phila. Sports Hall of Fame - via
Rove only picked people like Rick Berg , Denny Rehberg , Connie Mack IV, Tommy Thompson, Heather Wilson
Sunday, July 7, 2013. End of Ice Cream Run and DHOG Picnic at the Hella Shrine Pavilion Garland TX. What a Great Evening! We finished up the Ice Cream Run with awards and prizes, then 63 of us had a great evening of food and fun. Super Thanks to Denise Hefner for all her hard work setting up the Ice Cream run and for the home made ice cream she brought. Special Thanks to Tommy Thompson & Tom Steger our Hot Dog Chefs. Tommy arrived early and he and I pretty well had my truck unloaded early. We could not do these events without our Super Important Volunteers. Thanks to Kelly Shockley, Grada Robison, Gloria Barnes & Lori Wetsel for taking care of our serving line. Extra Special Thanks to Roy Wetsel for keeping the Drink coolers stocked, he made this his mission for the evening. Also thanks to Todd Shockley, Bruce Robison, Ken Ballard and everyone else that jumped in to help and clean up at the end. What a Great Evening with Great Friends. Thank You All! - Paw Paw
Beatherder - Done...Gutted about Jon Carter's cancellation but thoroughly enjoyed working and laughing with Tommy Thompson raving the day away in a Sunny Fortress with Jono Heywood, Samuel Goody, Michelle Walker and Lisa Hilton praising the beats in Church with Daniel Jackson, serving up dwinks in The Fishing Shed and bopping to Norman Jay and Mr Scruff in the trees. Same time next year huh? xxx
this forgets to list, a few like Margaret Miller, a monsanto researcher that put together a report on the safety of monsanto growth hormones, then left monsanto to be the FDA deputy director of the Office of New Animal Drugs, where one of her first jobs was approving her own report. Former CIA director and Monsanto board member, Stansfield Turner. Rosa DeLauro, who introduced HR 875, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, aimed at reforming the FDA control over food safety, is married to Stanley Greenberg who is the CEO of a company that both advises companies like BP and Monsanto, and the campaigns of political candidates like Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. He was also linked to a scandal involving Rahm Emanuel former White House Chief of Staff. Larry Combest - Chairman of the House Agricultural Committee, and John Ashcroft - Attorney General both got the largest portion of their campaign contributions from Monsanto, while Tommy Thompson - U.S. Secretary of Health got $50k when he was running for gover ...
Do any of you know Jane and Judy Reese, the twin sisters who were contract computer programmers for MAI/Basic Four Corp. in Dallas, circa 1980-1990? Or for that matter, any of the following: Michelle Palluck, Dana Holt, Zerrial Bass, Bruce McDonald, or Ron Smith (all associated with MAI/BasicFour Computers? How about Mary Beth Haubert (Arlington State College in 1963), Larry Mackay, Tommy Thompson, Jay Bolton Phillips, Frankie Pace, (all around 1960-70)? Gary Smith or Pat Brown (computer programmers at UT Dallas in 1972)? Phil Hoebelheinrich at Texas Instruments (1970)? Dayton Eden or Wallace H Newkirk at LTV Research Center (1963-1965)? Just wondering about and looking for a few old Friends from The Really Good Old Days. - Ken
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Advil and coffee are two amazing things...had a great time last with friends, thanks for coming out! With Kerry Marie Zachary Oyler, Darren Maloney, Heather Bean Oyler, Adrienne Thompson, Tommy Thompson, Matt Alwan
Sitting here with our mom and Tommy Thompson, and 5 others.
This is's list of the All-Time Over and Underrated players in Eagles history... Underrated: QB Tommy Thompson, WR Irving Fryar, DE Clyde Simmons, OLB William Thomas, DB Bill Bradley. Overrated: RB Ricky Watters, DB Nnamdi Asomugha, WR Todd Pinkston, DE Clyde Simmons (yes, it is twice but not a mistake. Reggie White is the reason he's on both.), RB Norm Van Brocklin Norm Van Brocklin is NOT overrated.. Todd Pinkston on the other hand.. only played 5 seasons with philly and was a second round pick he's one of my favorite eagles because i met him a few times.. he's on this list because he only accounted for 184 receptions, for 2,816 yards and 14 touchdowns. -Nick
THE LADIES FESTIVAL OF DARTS - Where do I start ? I cannot say thankyou enough, from the bottom of my heart, I am so very very honoured, very proud and privileged to have the pleasure of having so many ladies enter the LDO's event at Selsey. The line up of Ladies was just amazing. WORLD CLASS. Ladies all over the world entering. The only hiccup we had was the accident on the M25! The whole event could not have run any smoother or perfect. JUST BRILLIANT FROM START TO FINISH. I have so many people to thank, so here goes. Firstly England Darts. Without the fantastic support of the LDO, this would not have happened. So to every single person on the EDO committee, Dawn, Speed, Tommy Thompson, Bernie Crouch, Hayley Plume, Peter Melton, Vic Sexton, Jean Haywood, THANKYOU SO MUCH. Paul James, you did a sterling job, registration on the door made everything so much easier, a brilliant way to know who was and wasnt here. Thankyou Paul, you have been brilliant from start to finish. My hubby Gordon Lambie whom had n ...
ALEC & Gov. John Kasich- In September 1973, state legislators launched the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC.) Among those who were involved with ALEC in its formative years were: Robert Kasten and Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin; John Engler of Michigan; Terry Branstad of Iowa, and John Kasich of Ohio, all of whom moved on to become governors or members of Congress.
Well gang it's been a busy June in the trucking business, which has me late on Father's Day wishes. I have two wonderful Sons, Bobby and Tommy Thompson who are great Dads. Then my favorite Brother-in-Law, Jay Zacharias who has been a great Brother and a friend. Jay remember when you took me to see PINK FLOYD at the AstroDome, you could have taken any one of your friends but you picked me. What a great guy. Bud Straughn is such a great friend. Remember umpiring baseball together and a Coach would protest your call to me and we would get together in mid-field talk about what we were going to do after the game. Then I would uphold your call. Or you would protect me so I could off the field because the Coach didn't like my calls. I remember that Big HUG you gave me at Judy's memorial. Then there is my favorite Son-in-Law, Steve. I gave that young man $100 when he married my Daughter, Donna and told him if he gave her back he owed me that $100. So far he has given that $100 to me. Steve had to be a Fath ...
This was a cool. Tommy Thompson greeted my Mom with a kiss. Both are from the big city of Elroy and Elroy High School grads. They raise them well in Juneau County!
Congratulations to Anne Hightower-Patterson, Karen Larrabee, Marcia Murray, Tommy Thompson and Ron Weathers on being accepted into the South Carolina Watermedia Society's Annual Exhibition! The show runs from July 13 to August 25 at the Coastal Discovery Museum on Hilton Head Island. Way to go, y'all!
I'm sending out an SOS ~ ~ ~ Is there ANYONE who lives out in the Seattle, WA area who will babysit my Grand-Puppy Syberian Huskey, who is the most loving and sweetest Bubs in the world, So my daughter Katherine-Tommy Thompson can home to NJ to visit and spend time with family - Her husband who is in The US Navy is deployed at this time and I miss her so much and want her to come home for a visit? PLEASE HELP ~ ~ ~
Why doesn’t Rove point out how unelectable Tommy Thompson proved 2b with near universal name recognition?...
Had a fun day walking around Tommy Thompson Park
Little Chute is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its annual Cheese Festival this weekend. I've never won many medals in my life but I grabbed a couple there by winning the celebrity cheese curd eating contest. I only lost once--to Tommy Thompson's brother. The keys to wolfing them down are using a diet soda as a wash and making sure you have the cardiologist on speed dial! Enjoy!
Remind me how well "Good candidates" like Scott Brown and Tommy Thompson and Linda McMahon and Mitt Romney did.
Attention nature lovers: Tommy Thompson Park gets three new buildings
Are you the Tommy Thompson who helped me through academic courses at Gilman?
Photo: A. Traviss Corry skyline at seen from Tommy Thompson Park (at...
Oh how I've missed biking. Tommy Thompson Park makes me feel I at the ocean.
Shout out to Brandon Thompson, Tommy Agam, and all those true Chicago Bulls fans!
hunt is on for Tommy Thompson subj. of of
Treasure Hunter Tommy Thompson still at large. Feds turn up the heat on manhunt.
god no! There's some real crap at the beginning, but once Tommy shows up, it's really great stuff.
The celebration is 9am to 10:30am on May 11 at Tommy Thompson Park. Here is the invite in txt-only format:
Tommy Thompson Park pavilions celebrate their Grand Opening this Saturday! 9:30 am at the Environmental Shelter.
Out in the sun reading a bit of Hunter S. Thompson.
Word to you early birds. This Saturday: Spring Bird Festival at Tommy Thompson Park
What great news. Is there a list of the Tommy Thompson Park improvements?
Looking forward to visiting Tommy Thompson Park again, with new habitat & trails! A great place to bike.
Come celebrate improvements to Tommy Thompson Park, including new habitat, trails and more! May 11 at 9am:
MEN IN BLACK 3. You'd think Tommy Lee Jones, Emma Thompson & Josh Brolin in a movie together would be worth seeing ... Painful.
Tommy Thompson Club Megamix making an appearance in the Warriors-Spurs game. cc:
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Just put a shooting clinic tonight. Now I'm excited to see the ppl that inspired me. and Clay Thompson
Danny your a better shot than tommy you are the best shot
One of my favourite places in the City, Tommy Thompson Park, just got upgraded thanks to Opens May 11.
Official Opening Celebration for the Improvements to Tommy Thompson Park Saturday, May 11th‏
dude that lived in the house before me was called Tommy thompson
Excellent work at the site -- well done, Tommy Thompson Park improvements opening: (Sat. May 11, 9am)
Head to Tommy Thompson Park in TO as millions of birds pass through as spring migration takes off
Tommy Thompson Park is always a beautiful place to hike/cycle. Amazing to see how nature has reclaimed the construction waste.
40k bike ride to Outer Harbour East Headland less awkwardly known as the Leslie Street Spit, bird park / wasteland
TX Sen Tommy Thompson of The Woodlands is supposed to be offering a BS amendment to HB5. My convo with his office->
I wonder what Tommy Pickles is up to now days
I think I might be a little bit in love with Tommy Thompson Park and the bird banding station
Thanks to Tommy Lightfoot Garrett for his coverage of our development of honorary Cliff Robertson documentary
I liked a video Tommy Thompson taking the Verichip
I favorited a video Tommy Thompson taking the Verichip
Tommy Thompson spotted tonight at a gala.
Lou's Handball is up next in form defender Scott Thompson up against youngster Tommy Lee.
Tommy Thompson knows how to put on a show when ejected. Flings the helmet, tossed the lineup cards, and gets the capacity crowd pumped.
Oh Tommy Thompson I have missed you as our coach. Even if you just got thrown out of the game
.LOL at the idea of a "Tommy G. Thompson award for excellence in achievement"
Congrats to RPPC member Karen Dunham for also winning the Tommy Thompson award!
Tommy G. Thompson award for excellence in achievment is awarded to Karen Dunham of Portage County.
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