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Tommy Kramer

Thomas Francis Kramer (born March 7, 1955 in San Antonio, Texas) is an American former professional football player who was a quarterback in the NFL from 1977 to 1990. He played collegiately at Rice University and was selected by the Minnesota Vikings in the first round (27th overall) of the 1977 NFL Draft after being named MVP of the 1977 Senior Bowl.

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So glad to have restarted delivery; nothing like starting Sunday with Assignment Ukiah! Thank you Tommy Wayne Kramer!
Getting ripped with Tommy Kramer would be a blast. Think of the stories.
Subscribe & listen to PFC W/with this weeks guest former QB Tommy Kramer!
Tommy Kramer was seen in the equipment room rummaging around for a uniform.
Yeah...I guess I have followed Tommy Kramer for awhile now. No others though.
The d-end grabbed Tommy Kramer around the gut...spun him around several times and slammed him down head first into the ground.
This weeks guest on Pro Football Chat w/will be former NFL QB Tommy Kramer! Got a question for the former QB!?!
Tailgate party with Viking legend Tommy Kramer! Thank you to all our customers, both Viking and Packer fans, for pa…
My parents just casually chilling and hanging out with Tommy Kramer former QB from the Vikings in the 80s 🙂
AmyJo is wearing ol' Tommy Kramer fo the next 10 Sunday
Since FFF still deciding if I should play Tommy Kramer or stick with Case. Your thoughts?
Tommy Kramer going sky high to get the ball.
Late breaking news out of Vikings HQ:. Tommy Kramer and Herschel Walker have re-signed with the team and will be active today
finally got to meet Tommy Kramer and Ethan today! Great these came out for Ethan!
Love Tommy Kramer!! Has to be one of the most underrated QB's of ALL time!!
If I lived closer, I'd be going to have my Tommy Kramer t-shirt signed: Former Vikings QB Tommy Kramer is back in MN
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It's time for Tommy to be inducted to the ring of honor. Say what you will Kramer gave it all to the V…
This post from on Tommy Kramer is outstanding. It's well worth your time to read it.
Once former Vikings QB "Two-Minute Tommy" Kramer starts telling stories, you gotta listen up like did.…
Former quarterback Tommy Kramer is back in town, for all the right reasons. writes:…
new post: former QB Tommy Kramer is in town for a fundraiser and the Packers game. We had a memorable chat…
in case you didn't already know, Tommy Kramer is at BWW Friday Football Feast on KFAN!
Is that Tommy Kramer on your profile?
The kid me loved Tommy Kramer. The adult me still does.
Good times catching up with Tommy Kramer tonight. Will be a fun post in the morning
Tommy Kramer was solid for a few years after Tarkenton, but you are correct!
Philip Rivers is this generation's Jim Hart, Bobby Douglass, Eric Hipple, Tommy Kramer, Jim Zorn. I'll think of some others.
The high school that produced Tommy Kramer, Richard Osborne and Pat Rocket and a state championship in 1971 is chan…
. Check this out. Me in my Alan Page jersey with Tommy Kramer and Ahmad Rashad...Circa 1979?
Which is one more than Fran Tarkington, Tommy Kramer, Wade Wilson, Randall Cunningham and Daunte Culpepper all have
no one knows who thought Tommy Kramer would be a good ambassador, and now we're at war with Spain.
Me and my uncle Tommy Kramer. Hopefully trying to take his place in the NFL one day!
Yup. QB wins are a stat. I mean, Tommy Kramer and Wade Wilson won more Viking games than Cunningham/Favre/Moon.
Just needed some more at Tommy Kramer/Ted Brown at Jersey's Bar. Thanks for all the help…
Met Tommy Kramer and Ted Brown. Thanks for the heads up.
for the record Tommy Kramer is still alive.
Tommy Kramer is rolling over in his grave watching this offense...
where is Wade Wilson and Tommy Kramer when you need them?
second-half thoughts bring back Wade Wilson or Tommy Kramer and put Jerry Burns on the sideline second half interim. Tradition.
You probably think Tommy Kramer could come in and run around like Mike Vick too.
don't forget Tommy Kramer at this point put Jerry Burns on the sideline as the interim
can we put in Wade Wilson or Tommy Kramer at this point?
We had one w/ Tommy and Wayne Kramer for Talkhouse. I'll letcha know when we put it out :)
Former & Vikings QB Tommy Kramer with the honors today.
Hanging out with former QB Tommy Kramer on the set of
Good friends from MN in town and we met at a Vikings bar by MSG. By the end, dude in Tommy Kramer jersey drowning sorrows summed it all up. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ryan Fitzpatrick passed Tommy Kramer for 75th all-time in pass TD's.
Wilson 2014-16 is still about 11.5 points better than Luck 2014-16. It's Dan Fouts v. Tommy Kramer esque.
Keepin' it 1600 as Seinfeld:. is Kramer. . is George. . Need input on and Leaning Tommy as Jerry.
Houston Texans fans, do not click this. Unless you want to see names like Quincy Carter, Tommy Kramer and Chad Henne ht…
Tommy Kramer told me that AC was to keep running a crosser but he stopped leaving Green in the play but a bad drop
I guess my Tommy Kramer jersey wasn't lucky today,
where's Tommy Kramer when ya need him?
you remember when Tommy Kramer threw that Hail Mary to amahad rashad and we lost . Bad memory as a kid.
don't lie to me Matt. I know you grew up watching Tommy Kramer
Take a look wearing his Tommy Kramer jersey
Yeah, Tommy Kramer was sick of throwing in a dome.
that game 😑😑😑😑 and Tommy and Kramer were screaming at the end smh
My one and only Viking game was Vikings at Oilers in the Astrodome. . Tommy Kramer at QB. Lots of his fans in Houston as he was a Rice grad
has a whole 2 minutes of his highlight tape of him dedicated to beating tommy Kramer the "OT" 😴😴😴😴
I'm in Shreveport, LA: hometown of talent Coach Tommy Kramer. When I drove in, I took the first exit. Obviously.
Breast Cancer Awareness
but Tommy Kramer was drafted in 1977 tho...
Vikings vs Browns (1980) Tommy Kramer last second hail mary to Ahmad Rashad for the win!
I would get a flight from NYC and be there in either my Christian Ponder or Tommy Kramer Jersey
Tommy is getting in miles with his dog Kramer for the
re: Manzel. How did local papers report Lance Rentzel issues in '71? By Tommy Kramer's time they would dig into star's.
Tommy Edwards - Its all in the game (HQ) via I was a teen then,.. Radio Kramer in Havana, US Hits.
Tommy Kramer had a good day at OT for East.
Seattle line will go up from that. Unless the Vikings activate Tommy Kramer
But I was working in MSP when Tommy Kramer hit Ahmed Rashad with no time left to Beat the Browns in 1980.
I remember the good old days with Tommy Kramer and the Purple People Eaters.
My dad once took me to an game at the 'dome. Tommy Kramer was still the QB.
Met Tommy Kramer at the Georgia Dome supporting my
What your Tommy Kramer jersey was dirty?? LOL
Lol that's cool..vikes fan awesome I loved them back in the day with Tommy Kramer 🐐
Matthew Stafford passed Archie Manning, Tommy Kramer, and Daunte Culpepper for 65th all-time in pass completions.
Just hours away from MMA+Brett Michaels and/or original John & Paul of Beatlemania with Tommy Kramer
Tommy Kramer over Bernie Kosar in 1986 is pure garbage.
Daunte Culpepper, Tommy Kramer, Warren Moon all had better Vikings careers than Joe Kapp. Kapp was a one-season wonder.
Roddy Piper and Tommy two early childhood idols.
Tommy talks to Jana Kramer next after the Cadillac Three!
Join us for "BREAKFAST WITH TOMMY" from 7 - 9 am this morning at KRAMER'S KITCHEN at 421 S. Main!
Oh, Freeman was drunk. He meant to type Tommy Kramer.
I've seen Kramer and Bender. I'd take Kramer in a heartbeat
I was a lil guy and liked Earl Campbell and Kenny Stabler. I think Tommy Kramer was your QB then
I was thinking that Teddy Bridgewater was reminding me of Two-Minute Tommy Kramer. The interception in the end zone confirms that.
Bears QB Jay Cutler just passed Tommy Kramer for 61st all-time in pass attempts.
Edogawesome with tommy Kramer from mn Vikings of old.
It's a one possession game with an entire half left. Yep tommy lets just see how far we can throw it on 1st down. We don't need to force it.
“U better protect ur girl b4 i collect ur girl watch out
Kyle Orton has me flashing back to Tommy Kramer...
Little Giant Ladders
Join us for "BREAKFAST WITH TOMMY" as we pack up the morning show and take it to Kramer's Kitchen at 421 S. Main in Princeton!
“Wes Welker's new music video has people talking (
Better all-time Tommy Kramer or Joey Harrington? We have the definitive answers
Tallon Kramer starts for the Tommy Nixon for
9 days until Vikings regular season football is back! Since there is no for the Vikings, here is Tommy Kramer!
Christoph Kramer is not a world champion for nothing.
Tommy Kramer? Tarkington, buttonfly. How many have there been. Its not the AFC west
Tommy Kramer was really good at feeding him the deep ball.
Join us for "BREAKFAST WITH TOMMY" for 7-9 am at Kramer's Kitchen in Princeton, with special guest Frankie "The Chi-Town Hitman" !
Thanks to Tommy Kramer, Roberto Duran and Mike Singletary for supporting LSF at TRISTAR Houston Collectors Show!
As a lifelong fan of the Minnesota Vikings, it saddened me to see the last game played there today. The Vikings closed out the dome with a win over the Detroit Lions. I will always remember the Vikings finally getting out of the snow, Tommy Kramer Qbing, Ahmad Rashad (AKA Bobby Moore), my brother-in-law coaching the defensive backs next to Denny Green, and Bud Grant’s icy glare. Aloha Metrodome!!
How 'bout them Vikings! Thanks Metrodome - from Tommy Kramer and Sammy White to Cassel and Patterson.
Been to metrodome two times I think, first time Tommy Kramer was quarterback on my 16th birthday and 2nd time for monsters of rock and Metallica. Wish I could have gone one more time:-(
Good bye Metrodome. Began and end with a Vikings win. METRODOME OPENS — The Vikings played their 1st game at the Metrodome in a preseason matchup against Seattle on Aug. 21, 1982. Minnesota prevailed, 7-3. The 1st touchdown in the new facility was scored by Joe Senser on an 11-yard pass from Tommy Kramer. The 1st regular-season game in the Metrodome was the 1982 opener on September 12, when the Vikings defeated Tampa Bay, 17-10. Rickey Young scored the 1st regular-season touchdown in the facility on a 3-yard run in the 2nd quarter.
2 QB's in first game at Metrodome. Doug Williams & Tommy Kramer
He could be a trivia question with Tommy Kramer
Remembering the Metrodome today, saw my first MLB game there in 1982 Twins and Angels saw Reggie Jackson, Fred Lynn and Rod Carew. My first NFL game 1982 Vikings and Saints, Tequila Tommy Kramer and Bobby Herbert. Stood behind home plate next to Bob Costas and interviewed Gary Giaetti during the ALCS in 1987. Was on the field when the Twins returned from Atlanta with the World Series trophy, interviews with Kirby Puckett and Kent Hrbeck. Watched Barry Sanders tear up the Vikings in the 90's. Reminds me of just how old I am. So long HHH Metrodome.
Tommy Kramer to Sammy White. Boy, those guys used to kill the
odds that Tommy Kramer and Ahmad Rashad are there?
I can't believe today is the last Vikes game in the dome. I remember the very 1st game in the dome 30 years ago I went with my dad my sister and George Weber. Eddie Payton, Tommy Kramer, Joey Browner were playing back then. So long dome.
Last Game at the Dome Today; after all these years. I was in 5th Grade in 1981 when the Vikes played their last game at the old Met stadium (Joe Sensor caught a TD in that game) and the next year, 1982, my sixth grade year at Blackduck Prep, the god-forsaked Vikings started their loud and exciting (and disappointing and therapy-inducing) life at the Hubert H. Humphrey MetroDome (Mall of America Field). So from Bud Grant and Tommy Kramer, the Great Run Defenses and the Denny Green offense of 1998, to Bret Farve and his antics, and finally AP and his un-godley and other-wordly rushing performance. Let's get ready to kiss the Dome goodbye. endnote- the Vikes will play 2 seasons in the Gophers TCF stadium (a return to cold weather football) and then to the new, retractable roof stadium in 2016 (also the year Hillary gets elected)
To all my family and friends that will be at the last game today; it will be a memorable one no matter if they win or if they've lost the game. I was at the Vikings last game at Met Stadium and that is one of my favorite memories with my dad (Bob Bump). By the way the Vikes lost that game and Tommy Kramer was our quarterback. Enjoy the game!
I agree . I'll take the intangibles that Manziel brings . Tommy Kramer all over again
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Found this old picture tonight of me as a young child, meeting my idol of the time- Tommy Kramer. Back…
sup tom got a Kentucky jumpsuit for Christmas just wanted to let ya know
1983 Vikings vs. Tampa Bay Bucs. It was the Les Steckel coaching era, we only won three games but that was one of them. Good ole Tommy Kramer number 9! I was eight years old and went with my father and uncle!
My first game at the Metrodome was getting a seat in the North End Zone and seeing a Tommy Kramer TD pass
Most of you (actually practically all of you) don't know that in the early 1990's, I played football in the Yorktown Sports "Rough Touch" football league every fall. This competitive league featured many a former DII and III football player who hadn't lost the fire to play the game. On the line (where I played) we had full contact: blocking, holding, eye-poking, pulling guards and the occasional "pancake." It was exhilarating to play football with the Y&R Gunners each Saturday. This evening, I received the most incredible and unexpected phonecall. I had been inducted into the Gunners Hall Of Fame, as the first enshrined player! I was floored and humbled as the committee of Rosenberg brothers shared the news. While I can take most of the credit for my dominance on the O-Line in the pre-CTE era, I am obligated to share the credit with the MANY, MANY linemates who played opposite me over these "glory years" from Tree (Glen Abrams) to Huey (Mike Landsman) and Howie the Accountant (Howard Samuels) to Mitch ...
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Today in San Antonio history: 1926 The Texas Theater holds its formal grand opening. The theater will be opened to the public on December 18. 1971 San Antonio’s Robert E. Lee High School, with Tommy Kramer at quarterback, captures the 4A state championship, 28-27, over Wichita Falls. This was the first high school game played at the then-brand new Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. 2007 The Aztec Theatre closes due to poor sales.
Fran, what's your opinion of Tommy Kramer? After you, he was my second favorite Vikes QB. :-)
yeah right I'll drink you under the table
Kramer: "These pretzels are making me thirsty!"
Goalie change in net. Tommy Meehan replacing cole Kramer
I'd love to be sobercab one night for and with Tommy Kramer
Great games great moments on NBC. I loved this. The hail Mary to rashad I remember from Tommy Kramer
Do the Vikings still have Tommy Kramer, Wade Wilson or Rich Gannon at QB? I can't remember.
Coach cal drawing up the 4 point play lolol
I think Cris Carter is the the 2nd best wr to ever play. More than a little biased though, the 1st football jers I ever had was Tommy Kramer
amad rashad caught td from tommy Kramer ? 4 Vikings
Simpson, Smoot, McKinnie, Koren Robinson and Tommy Kramer have to be in the Vikings partying ring of honor.
"a comparison for Manziel, Rich Gannon..." Scrambles like Tarkenton parties like Tommy Kramer says
I'm thinking of putting my 1977-78 NFL football on eBay. It's signed by Fran Tarkenton, Tommy Kramer, Jeff Siemon, Carl Eller, Alan Page and the rest of the team. Sadly, the bladder has burst, but it's still a cool ball, and it might be repairable. Any thoughts on what it could be worth? (I'm keeping my Rosey Grier signed ball.)
I would feel better with Tommy Kramer and Ahmad Rashad
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By some luck or fortune frowning upon me, my first genuine Cleveland Browns memories are the Tommy Kramer to Ahmad Rashad Hail Mary in 1980 and, of course, just two weeks later Red Right 88. With a...
that's my fantasy football name. Touchdown Tommy Kramer.
I've learned that is the Tommy Kramer of bear hunting.
Tommy Kramer and the Vikes had some insane 4th qtr comeback at the Vet around 86-87 versus Jaws. 21 or 28 pts I think
looking forward to a nice Mexican tonight with half the Kramers
Tommy Kramer baby... then again, most probably don't even know who Tommy Kramer was.
I just figured it out, Bob Goff is the Bizarro Tommy Kramer.
College Football Hall of Fame Atlanta last week,thrill to be at enshrinement RC Slocum Tommy Kramer plus others
Buzzing for the start of the NFL season tonight, home for a power nap then vs make sure u put ur team in !!
That was former Vikings' QB Tommy Kramer's foursome winning a fundraiser golf tournament at 18-under-par the other day in Elko, Minn.
Laugh it up, Kramer. He's no worse than your shirt-tail uncle "Touchdown Tommy" Kramer. on the field Vikings QB of all time
Do you remember who played for them? An inebriated Tommy Kramer scoring 16.
great album remember Gorman looking like he was gonna die in that bar
John legend live in the garden, takes me back to Amsterdam
Tommy Kramer. I was a stupid kid in the mid 80's.
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does it matter? like he was the only one doing it...Tommy Kramer was a tough SOB
you could argue Culpepper, but I still consider Tommy Kramer a better QB than Culpepper
well in fans defense, this team hasn't had anything resembling a franchise QB since Tommy Kramer
“Off to London Zoo with the Wadey 🐒I wanna adopt a gorilla this time :)
God I hate the Vikings but I love Tommy Kramer.
“Jerry discovers George is an "abbreviation texter" with women. Kramer is obsessed with who the next Pope will be.”
Tommy Kramer is my pal. Inviting us to play golf and come over and eat!!!
Coolest night of my life. Drinking red wine with Tommy Kramer..
I can't believe this! I'm drinking beer with tommy Kramer in his house!
joins the Kentucky wild cat program and they barely qualify for the nit. Coincidence i think not
Tommy Novak has the silkiest paws in the state, borderline NHL caliber hands
I can't read yet. I just got done learning my colors
Tommy pickles was definitely the best rugrat but he's the weirdest looking baby ever
Kramer thinks he's being followed by drones. George fights a TSA agent over the 3 oz. liquid rule. "Do you know how much toothpaste costs?!"
Franco Harris is 63, Lynn Swann 61, tommy Kramer 58, and Jeff Kent 45 today. Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone this date 1876.
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Tommy Kramer answering the phone drunk. Hey dummy your on the radio.
Tommy Kramer is 58 years old today.
Photo: Happy birthday to former Rice quarterback Tommy Kramer, born on this day in 1955.
;) I know this guy, who has a friend, and his uncle; well the call him Tommy NoNose. And he has a way with guys like this Kramer.
heat v thunder again. Think heat will win but will be a lot closer in the finals than last year
Rondo out for the rest of the season
Other notable Owls to play in Mobile include Tommy Kramer (MVP in '76) ,Trevor Cobb, Earl Cooper, Courntey Hall and Bert Emanuel
What i would give right now to be at home all snuggled up in my bed with cuddles.
Gonna need to make sure we have a spit cup for Josh Harding's autograph appearance on Feb. 16. We'll rinse out the Tommy Kramer cup!
Jerry is fired from VH1's Best Week Ever for not knowing what "swag" is. Kramer sells Sock Singles for when you lose a sock in the dryer.
Kramer discovers that his foot-long sub is only 11-inches. He takes his case to Jackie Chiles. "It's a disaster, an atrocity, a barbarity!"
Jerry forgets his girlfriend's birthday which is on 9/11. KRAMER: "We all said never forget!" JERRY: "I forgot." KRAMER: "YOU FORGOT!"
I actually would but my dad would be watching us with a rifle in hand
is not far from getting that perfect Miami bod!
Elaine's new vegan chef bf (Josh Radnor) catches her eating a burger. Kramer thinks he's developed a system to win the Mega Millions.
Sat court side tonight to watch The & show while winning an easy $81K
Tommy Kramer could get the call and Ahmad Rashad could suit up cause it's not going to matter.
Don't worry fellow Viking fans, we just cut down on red zone picks, and Tommy Kramer and Ahmad Rashad are warming up.
Leslie Frazier is now placing calls to Wade Wilson, Jeff George and Tommy Kramer.
Minnesota Viking Fan: What a great day today! We rock the wildcard spot because we suck too bad to win the north. I get to put away all my championship Lynx posters to bring out my Tommy Kramer poster and my McNabb jersey. I can't wait to display my Ahmad Rashad coffee cup, again. Green Bay Packer Fan: Ahh, we are running out of fingers for all those Super Bowl rings. Just sayin.
Thanks to all who made a toy/cash donation to Toys for Tots during our Tommy Kramer appearance. Art C. is the winner of the $50 Gift Certificate. If you're coming out to meet Cole De Vries on Saturday please consider making a donation to the US Wounded Soldiers Foundation (Cole's charity of choice). Thanks again!
Rice alum Tommy Kramer '77 was inducted into College Football Hall of Fame last week. Congrats, Tommy!
Another great performance by the vikings! Christian Ponder reminds of Tommy Kramer! I just wonder if he can drink like Tommy!
Does anyone think the 49ers will trade their next Steve Young for our next Tommy Kramer?
NOW the Vikings are playing like I thought they would this year. AP goes for almost 200 yards rushing and Ponder passes for 44? Can Joe Kapp, Fran Tarkenton or Tommy Kramer still play?
Congrats to Tommy Kramer of Durant for winning Distinguished Alumnus Award.
Showin off my walter ray bowling skill with Tommy Kramer and zac Zac Cowan.
Rice Owl freshman LB Alex Lyons one of five national winners of National High School Scholar/Athlete Award. Former Owl All-America QB Tommy Kramer (and college football hall of famer) to be honored Saturday at The World's Most Beautiful and Elegant Structure as part of the Rice Centennial fun surrounding The Wrecking of the Roadrunners.
Can't remember who is george or jerry out of & only that = kramer and me = elaine
Maybe both Barney and Tommy worked for Cosmo Kramerica Industries?
I loved your boots when u went to the animal farm. Where r they from. I need to hint to for my bday next week xxx
As mentioned before Tommy Kramer will be getting honored 37 years to the day of his first start at
Tommy Kramer set for Hall of Fame on-campus salute at this Saturday's game vs. UTSA.
great interview w/ Kramer. Made me reminisce back to the Hail Mary to Rashad against the Browns. Lived Tommy!
Tommy Kramer will spit in your face if you even give him a bad look! Who are we kidding he's a badass
Great interview tonight with Tommy Kramer!! I actually understood what he was saying unlike the classic Chicago phone interview.
Tommy Kramer interview was terrific! Kind of a ? Mark-Was the inspiration for your hair procedure or
great listening to your interview with Tommy Kramer tonight.. One of my all time favorite Vikings Qb!!
Drinking heavily? “Curious to what Former QB MN Vikings Tommy Kramer is up to? Find out as he joins at 6:30
Loving the Tommy Kramer interview on w right now. Some of my earliest sports memories are of number 9.
Awesome stuff on right now. on with great Tommy Kramer!
Enjoying the Tommy Kramer with on right now - my all time favorite QB!
Does anybody care that Tommy Kramer went to lee
I grew up watching the when fans were screaming for Steve Dils to replace Tommy Kramer. I hear 'ya.
4 and 1 wen i was a little boy we wood choose football teams they always said i was the VIKINGS cause i was skinny and didnt play hard but i could catch like SAMMY WHITE (85) my QB is TOMMY KRAMER (9) i got both of his jerseys white and purple it stuck wit me all this time i really love my team win or lose oh yeah they said i was a loser jus like my wife and kids love so im all good baby CECE like the titans but she is my world and she will get a pass.this time 30-7
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What a wonderful cold cloudy day spent with friends and school family for Brent's fundraiser. Loved Tejas Rodeo and will be back again and again. Good food and rodeos! Hope we raised alot of money for him today. He was there and feeling good. Was concerned for him as it was cool. That smile he gave me told me he was coming right along. Tommy Kramer was there and we all got pics. Hung out with us for a few minutes. His heart is still as big as Texas. Pete was such a trooper. So proud of him.
Vikings/Ponder looking good so far. Ponder's passing/running strategy reminding me of Tommy Kramer. Who remembers him?
after el Classico Brady vs manning Sky sports 3
30 miles on the bike, now taken 2 and later ! Perfect Sunday
“Anybody know what was kramer job on ''Seinfeld'' ?” he worked at the same place as Tommy from Martin lol
Chicago, where business takes place, Chicago, where people walk the streets, Chicago, - an original by Tommy Kramer
Better all-time Tommy Kramer or Steve Bartkowski? We have the definitive answers
Just ended up on a radio talk show with a chick out of Indianapolis. She needed some lessons from Tommy Kramer badly!
I was reminded today how much I dislike the Minnesota Vikings...Bud Grant, Fran Tarkenton, Ahmad Rashad, Stu Voigt, Bobby Bryant, Tommy Kramer, Ron Yary, Paul Krause, Jan Stenerud, *** Tingelhoff, Jerry Burns. Les Steckel was the only Viking I have ever liked. I did like the trade they made for Herschell Walker, though.
Watching us playing the 49ers when they had Joe Montana and Steve Young and we had Wade Wilson and Tommy Kramer! Going back a few years!
Vikings have been getting arrested ever since I can remember as kid...Tommy Kramer. I think that's why Alan Page became a judge.
Here's some NFL trivia for you (because I see that a lot of my friends are ready for football season again!). The year was 1980. The Minnesota Vikings, led by Tommy Kramer at QB, needed to win this game to get to the playoffs. They were playing the Cleveland Browns and had missed two field goals already in the game. The Vikings trailed 23-22 with five seconds to play. A very long field goal, which would be risky, would win the game should they make it. Instead, the coach put the game in Kramer's hands. He launched a BOMB that was bobbled around near the end zone from one Cleveland Brown to the next before being hauled in by a Viking receiver with no time left to play. The Vikings made the playoffs with a fantastic finish against the Browns, winning 28-23. The question: Who was the Minnesota Viking that hauled in this incredible touchdown pass in this 1980 showdown to lead the Vikings into the playoffs?
Maybe he was interviewing Tommy Kramer as he was in Apple Valley today. Totally hammered in interview.
Coming up 5pm hour: Shane Doan, College Hall of Fame QB Tommy Kramer and Eddie Johnson.
Tommie Frazier stiffed from yet another nod to the College Football HoF. yet Tommy Kramer gets in. What is wrong with this picture???
Congrats to Tommy Kramer, my favorite football player as a kid, being elected to the college football hall of fame.
Tommy Kramer makes it into the College Football Hall of Fame...(crickets)
Congrats to 2 minute Tommy Kramer on making the college football hall of fame.
Congratulations to former Rice Owls' quarterback Tommy Kramer on being elected to College Football Hall of Fame!
Tommy Kramer: College Football Hall of Fame: Photo: Express-News / SA Mayor Howard Peak (right) with former NFL ...
Three former Vikings, Dave Casper, Tommy Kramer and Hal Bedsole, are named to the College Football Hall of Fame.
Quotes, past & present, about NFF College Football Hall of Fame selection Tommy Kramer's career at Rice University:
Rice's Tommy Kramer included in 2012 College Football Hall of Fame class
Tommy Kramer selected to the NCAA College Football Hall of Fame!! Rice class of 1977. Lee HS class of '73! Congrats TK!
Tommy Kramer inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame...Are you kidding me???Even more surprising is that he wasn't even a Veterams Committee selection...I once was a Minnesota Vikings fans until Kramer ruined the team in the 80's.very disappointed that this guy gets such an honor.
Who's a better a QB Tommy Kramer or Richard Todd? We have the definitive answers in 50 Seasons of Quarterbacks on
Players who have been drafted with pick: Julius Adams, Tommy Kramer, Dan Marino, Lester Williams, Larry Johnson & Devin McCourty
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