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Tommy Chong

Thomas B. Kin Tommy Chong (born May 24, 1938) is a Canadian-American comedian, actor, writer, director, activist, and musician who is well known for his stereotypical portrayals of hippie-era stoners.

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I don't even smoke but if Tommy Chong offered me edibles I would eat seven
New post (Cheech Marin Recounts His First Meeting With Tommy Chong) has been published on Bonjournal-best Hub ... -…
On a side note, the nurse that gave her percoset and discharged her looked like Tommy Chong. Which seemed appropriate.
99% sure our maintenance guy at Signature is Tommy Chong
All you need to know about Chong's Choice Herbalizer
tommychong: Looks like the. Looks like the. — Tommy Chong (tommychong) March 21, 2017
tommychong: Everything happens for. Everything happens for. — Tommy Chong (tommychong) March 21, 2017
"I just want tommy chong to take me under his wing"
That Africa Intel site has keywords Jade Group and Intercontinental Trust along with Tommy Lo Seen Chong
Tobacco Plus Expo had Tommy Chong as its keynote speaker. Rudy Giuliani will do IPCPR 2017. Interesting contrast there.
Starting to look a bit like Tommy Chong here
I won 4 achievements in Dead Rising for 161 pts
BOOM!!! So on point...!. (and has absolutely nothing to do with tommy chong)
shouldn't have skipped bowling this week. We're going against Tommy Chong
Okkk Charo! She did so good! Keep in mind she is around the age Tommy Chong was when he competed.
very awesome you can officially say Tommy Chong is a listener and caller
Tommy Chong meets Detroit mayoral candidate at expo
Everybody loves Tommy Chong, or does him being half-asian take him out of the running?
Gotta smoke with Tommy Chong one day.
How 'bout I tell in my bio:. Sold hemp supplies to Hunter S. Thompson, smoked out with Tone Loc, met Tommy Chong. Would I be cooler?
😳 ack! I mean we were supposed to pick the surprise one like a Tommy Chong type. Didn't you have a certain label for that??
It s time with Bruce Buffer: BB - Tommy Chong, True Blood's Stephen M..
i need a Tommy Chong clipper lighter.mmm mm. so i can "click" my TC
Tommy Chong follows them, maybe he has a contact
thank you Tommy Chong keep me posted on who else has recreational
Im afraid of bowling man you throw the ball and It always comes back . - tommy chong
I won 4 achievements in Dead Rising for 153 pts
...sales channel. Would love to see a Tommy Chong channel on PEEKs!! Download at Google Play or Apple Store. Keep smokin'💨
13. Tommy Chong & Peta Murgatroyd - Cha Cha (s19). - Look how proud Peta is at the end. - I love Tommy Chong!.
What ever culinary mad scientist created the Beefy Fritos Burrito must have been at least as high as Tommy Chong.
tommy chong the nicest man you will ever meet at times I didn't know what to do but just two minutes with him and I fill better
Electronic Device Insurance
Tommy Chong in That 70's Show is hilarious.
I won the Snuff Shot J achievement in Dead Rising for 38 pts
Guardians of the Galaxy's Chris Pratt was discovered waiting tables at a Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant in Hawaii by Tommy Chong's daughter.
Tommy on potential pot crackdown: Stay high
on potential crackdown: 'Stay high'
no? Tommy Chong just said I don't have to worry
Just talked to this old guy who acted exactly like Tommy Chong, made my whole day man
Pot Matters: Pardon Tommy Chong! Read more about it and sign the petition here.
Tommy Chong on potential pot crackdown: 'Stay high'
"You know, I left the country when Reagan got in; I went to France." . ---Tommy Chong
Tommy Chong on potential pot crackdown: Stay high 👈 see here 🇺🇸
Tommy Chong on potential pot crackdown: Stay high via
Tommy Chong on potential pot crackdown: Stay high
Yo he sounds just like tommy chong on that 70s show
Tommy Chong knows what it is to be victimized! Good to see, he's still a fighter!   10% Off
Tommy Chong: Any Trump pot crackdown "will be defeated in court"...
Tommy Chong: Courts will defeat Trump pot crackdown "like the failed Muslim ban"
when Tommy Chong gets political, you know it's legit.
Tommy Chong: Trump pot crackdown 'will be defeated in court'
Tommy Chong out here with the positivity and enlightenment.
Tommy Chong in Las Vegas on marijuana legalization in Nevada | Election Day Nevada Question 2
My Great Uncle Chief Dan George wasnt he a part of Paramount and isnt Tommy Chong with Paramout too.I'm Salish First Nation
While I support a heavy diet of Tommy Chong, I miss your channel's programming of independent film...
Brett Wilson and Tommy Chong in the same campaign how could you not.
This was good casting. Much better than if it was Phillip Michael Thomas and Tommy Chong.
Who has the magical job of being Tommy Chong's social media manager and how did they get it?
I interviewed the guy who did the Hollyweed sign, and hung out with Tommy Chong at a dispensary. . tune in
Uber driver wasn't happy about my backpack smelling like tommy Chong and snoop dogg had weed babies in there
he's nominating Tommy Chong to head the DEA
There is this dude in my AA group looks exactly like Tommy Chong & all he talks about is how when he gets high he eats a lot and feels bad
Dude!! I hear you're cancer free! I am over the moon happy, man. I love you Tommy Chong. Your humor got me through a lot.
I won 2 achievements in Crackdown 2 for 56 pts
As the movement for the liberation of cannabis gains momentum, and attitudes toward this relaxing and healing...
I liked a video TOMMY CHONG interviews BILL LEVIN on Almost Legal
I added a video to a playlist Up in Smoke (1978) Movie ** Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Strother Martin
When Tommy Chong hand delivers Chong's Choice to your dispensary...
Tommy Chong on how much oil was in yesterday's top post.
live on Tommy Chong and Joe Walsh arguing about who's better, The Gories or the Dirtbombs.
Well you see young James winter is god punishing us for drinking the bong water when Tommy Chong told us not to.
The funny thing is, Dennis Miller got me back into comedy. ~Tommy Chong
Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong signed PICK GUARD for sale:
Dave Gruber Allen is just a painfully middle class Tommy Chong, isn't he?
In related news, "High Times" endorses Gary Johnson or Tommy Chong- your choice!
Chief would like to thank Cheech Marin / Tommy Chong for joining me on Stephen Colbert Show tonight 👍
yes. He's an adult and all, but man, he's more like a Tommy Chong than a lovable Jim Ignatowski.
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I won 3 achievements in Mindjack for 20 pts
what you think about $FFFC. Tommy Chong making a credit card for the industry
If more people were stoned there would be less violence in the world. Tommy Chong
Jail was probably the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me.
"Hope you're not busy for about a month, man.." ~ Tommy Chong
I've always been into improvisation.
Can't tell if that's Tommy Chong or Sylvestor Stallone
If everybody were to take Tommy Chong seriously as they did with John Lennon and Princess Diana, he wouldn't need to be elected.
Tommy Chong 2016. You can write me in.
Tommy Chong , you are the best I swear lmfao
Prohibition has caused nothing but trouble ️️, Tommy Chong, Becca and 7 others
Tommy Chong died today and all you guys are more worried about Trump and Hillary smh
I liked a video Dancing with the Stars 19 - Tommy Chong & Peta | LIVE 9-15-14
Everything is rigged man by the government they're feeding us a bunch of lies man *Tommy Chong's voice
The Shades never recorded anything, Little Daddy and the Bachelors recor...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The Tommy Chong show from our friends at is next! Visit for more in…
If you don't love Tommy Chong, unfollow me!!! .
Every time I get tested, I ask questions about it, and I watch how they ...
H&K must seek the spirit of Mary Jane, with the help of the "High Guru" played by Tommy Chong, to save the Universe.
Cartoons Smoking Weed | Actor-comedians Richard "Cheech" Marin and Tommy Chong will kick off ...
The great tommy chong's wife just followed me
President of the United States: Pardon Tommy Chong - Sign the Petition! via
I won 3 achievements in Gears of War 4 for 59 pts -
Tommy Chong is obviously drinking the bong water.
Tommy Chong on pot's role in history, and being back in Vancouver
Tommy chongs wife just followed me doesn't that mean that if tommy Chong follows me I legally become their son or something?
Tommy Chong. His wife just followed me. I have no idea why but aye tell CHEECH AND CHONG TO FOLLOW ME BACK DAWG
I'm gona be tommy chong so I guess it's the same thing
Im gonna b tommy chong for Halloween
That is Trump’s doctor?!?! . So you’re telling me that’s not F. Murray Abraham in a Tommy Chong biopic/fever dream?
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Cop: Where's the weed at Tommy Chong?. Kid: I was just vaping legal cbd oil. Cop: That's it let's go Willie Nelson
My uncle is a combination of Tommy Chong & Si Robertson from duck dynasty 😐😐😂😂
... "Then married Tommy Chong's daughter she'd be Squeaky Fromme Sahm Dawn Chong".
Everyone talks about knock off Jason Mewes from FvJ. How about knock off Tommy Chong from part 3?
So I met Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin today. Very cool and down to earth people. Tommy's wife is very cool.
Have you heard of "Bill in Bedford" (pretty sure he's been banned from most CLE sports talk)? Tommy Chong look-alike...
My mom told me she ate too much crab soup combined with ipa beers and it made her puke in Portland last weekend w/ Tommy chong n my dad
Tommy Chong cracks me up on that 70s show
Literally just saw Tommy Chong when he was about 40. Cali is wild, man.
Tryna get higher than tommy Chong on 4/20 lowkey
There's more to Tommy Chong than "Dave’s Not Here." Get the facts on your favorite stoner:
An excellent and righteous discussion with Doug Searle aka Tommy Chong.
Tommy Chong to Discuss His Life and Future TODAY at the Oregon Marijuana Busin..
My stress level is higher than Tommy Chong on 4/20.
Preparing to do . A credible Tommy Chong . Impression tonight
Tommy Chong is 77 years old but he looks like 49.
I knew it didnt pass smell test when Tunsil put Tommy Chong under influences on his Combine Interview. WannaGetHigh
I feel like Wiz Khalifa wants to grow up to be snoop dogg.which i respect, I wanna be Tommy Chong, so Wiz we should roll together sometime.
Looking forward to some 'Chong's Choice' check out Tommy Chong’s Cannabis new Line just Launched | Whaxy
Tommy Chong says what many of us are thinking.
I can't believe Tommy Chong is in Zootopia
They all smoke the ganja. Come On the testing is orchestrated. Let them have the weed. Signed Tommy Chong
What do you think? -- : Tommy Chong Launches New Line of What do yo…
Mike (Benson), rethink Tommy Chong. He will out-live Keith Richards. Now THERE'S one 2 pick!
Tommy Chong's new cannabis line launches today.
there's episodes w Tommy Chong, Eric Andre, Reggie Watts, etc. There is one where Jack Black gets anxiety
to many successful stoners for this to be true. Joe Rogan, Tommy Chong, snoop dog, Charlo Greene, Erykah Badu, Steve Jobs, Ect ect ect
Who would you rather smoke with Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller , Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong , or Bob Marley?
This isn't quite that level yet. I still enjoy Tommy Chong and Kitty Foreman.
If you are ever in Cleveland, my man smoke a blunt with me. You are my Tommy Chong
Get your iPhone insurance today!
For that, sir, you will be hearing from his lawyers-- the honourable Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong.
Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong have stolen a russian sub and are hotboxing it but they aren't the only joint forces trying to get that dank herb
Good to see Tommy Chong is working again. They set the marijuana freedom movement back 40 years.
Family road trips make me want to take Tommy Chong sized bong rips off of a tailpipe. I'm going to want to wear a Robin Williams necktie.
Jerry O'Connell and Tommy Chong hunting vampire musicians on a parallel world. It will never be the 90's again.
Commando on IFC. Arnold, Alyssa Milano at 12, 1-liners, Tommy Chong's kid, Vernon Wells as 1 of the Village Peo. ♥️
Why does look like a young Tommy Chong? Lmao
(Tommy Chong voice): the space station man, the space station
My man Tommy Chong been smokin trees his whole life n he still out here bossd up out livin mad ppl
I won the Grease Monkey achievement in Saints Row for 17 pts -
.endorses for Check out his video. "
You guys, tommy Chong has officially endorsed Bernie sanders
I liked a video from Tommy Chong Talks Weed, Bernie Sanders, and Smoking with Snoop
"Bernie's like a kush, like the best kind of weed you can get, b/c he's the answer to all our problems" -Tommy Chong
Tommy Chong has officially started his own custom line of marijauna 💨😎
Update your maps at Navteq
Get someone who looks at you the same way tommy chong looks at weed extract
I won 6 achievements in Halo: Reach for 74 pts -
It was the highest of times and the lowest of times for Tommy Chong in 2015. While he continued to expand his...
Cheech Marin, Cheech and Chong, Tommy Chong: Your pages are so full of spam... It's ridiculous. I used to have so much respect for you g…
Me and Tommy Chong gonna hang out now his wife follows me. Go and get Cheech too.
There's no "may" about it. It's great for epilepsy, alzheimers, certain cancers! (Tommy Chong has cured himself...
I won 3 achievements in Mad Max for 191 pts -
Just used the line "the stakes couldn't be higher even if Tommy Chong was grilling red meat" because I like to entertain myself.
. In a tv show on PBL in starsports. 4 players are given lot of importance . Saina,lee chong wei,sindhu and tommy
I won the Just Rewards achievement in Mad Max for 9 pts -
roll up to the party like . hey I'm Tommy Chong.
I jus realized tommy chong's wife follows me, wow what a time to be alive
TIL That Tommy Chong and Jordan Belfort were cell mates while serving time in jail, and...
.Saw "a.k.a Tommy Chong" for the first time today. Believe I now have a much better feel for who YOU are Highly...recommended.
I want a girl who look at me how tommy Chong looking at this wax bruh😫
I swear I'm gonna smoke a stogey with Tommy Chong before I die
Forgot how much Tommy Chong brought to That 70s Show
ICYMI check out the before and after pics of the 1968 Corvette from last night's
"How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you" Tommy Chong
Rare photo of Tommy Chong hotboxing his moms womb
Tommy Chong's explanation for his car knowledge
Jim Breuer, Harland Williams, Clarence Williams III, Tommy Chong. Saw it 4 times in theater.
Tommy Chong still gets stoned. David Spade thinks fondly of Chris Farley every day. Billy Gardell's name is NOT...
but wait there's more, John Candy, Tom Cavanagh, Sarah Chalke, Tommy Chong (yes really), Emmanuelle Chriqui, Elisha Cuthbert
Top celebrities I'd love to burn with. -Tommy Chong. -Bill Clinton. -James Franco& Seth Rogan
Our bud Alexander Polinsky is ALWAYS doing something AWESOME!Check out this video of Tommy Chong hangin' with Alex!
Lol tommy chong's wife just followed me. 👏🏼
never in my life did I think I'd see my mom dressed as tommy chong
In surgery on Thursday, debuted his talk show a day later
In surgery on Thursday, Tommy debuted his talk show, "Almost Legal," a day later. Check out the review and the...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
would you rather smoke weed with Tommy Chong or Wiz Khalifa
I smoke enough without a signed Tommy Chong roller, this would just make me smoke way too much,HOPE i DONT win LOL
The Weed For Warriors Project would like to wish Tommy Chong a speedy recovery. He has been very...
Guess I'm being Tommy Chong with no beard
I think Rae Dawn Chong is the ONLY Black woman (she's bi-racial, to be fair to Tommy Chong) in the…
If only I could check off one on my bucket list, and yes it includes Tommy Chong's name :D
I liked a video from Tommy Chong's Unaired Lincoln Ad
A guy just came into pizza ranch who looks EXACTLY like Tommy chong
Tommy Chong on marijuana, cancer, and his new talk show:
Tommy Chong was prison inmates with the real 'Wolf of Wall Street' and inspired him to...
Hey Chong fans, Tommy's surgery went smoothly and now he's resting. He loved all your messages and please wish him well ri…
Tommy Chong inspired Jordan Belfort to write 'Wolf of Wall Street' - Business Insider
Tommy Chong told me how he inspired Jordan Belfort to write 'The Wolf of Wall Street'
This morning we chatted with Tommy Chong about his new weed show! Watch the trailer and hear the interview now:...
I never thought I'd get to meet Tommy Chong. Life goal complete.
We have bandanas in house! Wear it like Tommy Chong or Willie Nelson! Your pick!
Was for him. Selling drug paraphernalia landed Tommy Chong in jail. So obviously the drug war works.
Snoop, Willie Nelson, and Tommy Chong probably have no recollection of what sober is
The guys that came to pick up the China hutch looked like Tommy Chong and Alice Cooper.
This whole thing is weird. From the minds of Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong: "Basketball Jones" (1975). via
On today's show...Comedy Legend, Tommy Chong! (new variety show "Almost Legal" coming to Dish and
Tommy Chong is my second favorite Blue Scholars song. Right after North by Northwest
I liked a video from Blue Scholars ft. Macklemore - Tommy Chong
Week in Weed: Tommy Chong is on a roll with his latest pot product Rob Carter of Nashville…
Cheech and Chong were known for their stoner humor but did you also know Cheech Marin is a talented painter and Tommy Chong is a musician?
That Shark has enough smoke up his / her *** for a Cypress Hill concert or Tommy Chong movie one
Makes me inexplicably happy to know that Jordan Belfort who the wolf of Wall Street is based on shared a prison cell with Tommy Chong
My uncle looks like Tommy Chong lol
June 6th, 2015 AZ Cannabis for Wellness Festival! Thank you Encanto Green Cross & Tommy Chong for having us!...
Craig Wright you could believe it if Tommy Chong said it heehee
Marijuana suppositories can cure prostate cancer, Tommy Chong says -
If you aren't going anywhere for spring break, Tommy Chong will be at Hash Bash if you want to meet a celebrity.
"George Harrison and I smoked up a bunch of times.". Read more:...
I got my 4th Mystery Box from Full Moon. Movies, soundtrack, Evil Bong Tommy Chong ashtray.
Alright breal Gets the Title. This fool got Tommy Chong In the Smokebox?!
Tommy Chong - The Smokebox | BREALTV: Finally here Tommy Chong and Breal on the smokebox
Tommy Chong on Weed, Jail and Getting high w/The Beatles http…
Photo: rollingstone: Tommy Chong sat down with us to discuss why the legal-weed situation in Washington,...
Tommy Chong is going to make an appearance at Ann Arbor's Hash Bash this year, how exciting
B-Real did a with Tommy Chong and Chong told the story of how he smoked weed with Bob Marley when he did his first show in the US!
I liked a video Tommy Chong Talks Treating Cancer with Cannabis
Tommy Chong on weed, jail and getting "high with every Beatle except Paul":
Tommy Chong of ‘Cheech & Chong’ Fame: “I’m Cancer-Free” Thanks to Hemp Oil and the Right Diet |...
So is Tommy Chong going to be at Hash Bash ?
Tommy Chong and John Sinclair to make the Ann Arbor Hash Bash!!! via
BREAKING NEWS - Ann Arbor - Hash Bash officials have announced Tommy Chong will be at this year's event.
Tommy Chong and Jordan Belfort were cell mates in prison...
Tommy Chong encouraged Jordan Belfort to write The Wolf of Wall Street while they were prison cellmates
When is Tommy Chong going to admit that he is the Dos Equis guy?
Tommy Chong on the left. Cheech Marin on right
Captain kirk and uncle stoner kicking it with tommy chong before he takes off from Champs
We just interviewed Tommy Chong at the CHAMPS Show in Las Vegas :)
My teacher reminds me of Tommy Chong 😆
Opie and Jimmy Tommy Chong cures cancer w Marijuana up his…
Link to Chong Roller discussing LIVE exclusively on with
"I haven't done drugs or smoked a joint all week. I feel good man! I feel so good I just want to get high" -Tommy Chong
Tommy Chong in this scene summarises how I feel rn "What goes up must come down" 😑🔫
Met Tommy Chong today at the Champs show
The west coast master Dru West showing Tommy Chong how to dab wiser
We met and shook hands with Tommy Chong today! Have you seen our original Tommy Chong piece at our Murfreesboro...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Luv this! We're evolving. Tommy Chong Talks about the Bible, The Seattle Press Conference Part II: via
I was Super stoked to meet the legendary TOMMY CHONG! today :)
Finally after having one of his bong for 13 years I finally got to meet Tommy Chong
My brother in cali saw tommy chong today 😂😂😂
The brand is coming to soon!. . Just in time for will you be carrying it?
Mike and Molly is Friends with Drunk Bobby times 2 and Tommy Chong's illegitimate daughter in every episode
Dru West showing Tommy Chong how to Dabwiser at Champs Trade Show, Las Vegas
Gearing up to interview the legendary Tommy Chong. Stay tuned!!
5 minutes away from finally meeting Tommy Chong !
Over here rolling doobies with Tommy Chong.
I like Tommy Chong, but..his face ain't worth $30 on a roller.
Man I'm still jealous my brother got to meet Tommy Chong once.
Yikes. Tommy Chong is doing back flips!
This guy I'm working with looks like Tommy Chong and everytime he talks to me I keep thinging... ..."the License is on the back man"!!!
Dwight King skating with Jeff Carter and Tyler Toffoli is a little reminiscent of when Tommy Chong replaced Topher Grace on That '70s Show.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Tommy Chong on left. Cheech Marin on right.
Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong are my spirt animals.
Comedian, Movie Producer, Counter Culture Outlaw, Tommy Chong talks at the 1st Washington State Cannabis Summit. Produced by the Washington Cannabis Commissi...
Get “Lifted & Drifted” in Amsterdam. with Tommy Chong and
Can I have the number to Tommy Chong's cell phone please
Oh man this cracked me up. Good ol' Tommy Chong!
"Smoking with Tommy would be epic. He is a weed god. Tommy Chong and the disco bong
Stoner legend Tommy Chong demonstrates the proper etiquette for rolling a joint. Enjoy.
Going in with Tommy Chong on SiriusXM Shade 45 with Outkast mix is killing the airwaves!!
Join Pedro (Cheech Marin) and Man (Tommy Chong) as they wander around apathetically and do coke w/ mental patients. Music by Swans
HUGE NEWS to announce this morning. The very FIRST shipment of Tommy Chong's signature line of smoke…
I got : "Alright Tommy Chong, no need to show off!" (4 out of 5! ) - How much do you know about
Tommy Chong came out with his own grinder.. What a Savage lol
People are prettiest when they talk about something they really love with passion in their eyes. ~ via Tommy Chong
with that logic Tommy Chong could potentially pass 120 years had he never touched a joint
Agreed! Players feel bad enuf! Now having said that, no safety back in OT is a Tommy Chong moment
There's an older guy in my bio course who looks like Tommy Chong and I just can't concentrate 😂😂😂
Metal is literally the Tommy Chong in my circle, on god. 💯
We all wish Tommy Chong was our father growing up
I'd pretend to care what Seth Rogen says, but he's unoriginal clown shoes. It's Tommy Chong with a Jewfro, people.
Tommy Chong on the Business of Marijuana [VIDEO] in an unique position.
i am komb and im beat u on arena. Noob!
Seth Rogen crapping on is like Tommy Chong offering a critique of Apocalypse Now.
Putting it Blountly, are making Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Seth Rogen, Joe Rogan and the State of Colorado very happy.
Russell Wilson kind of looks like Tommy Chong
Packers choke more than tommy chong on 420
Fish road got more pot holes than tommy chong's sweatshirt
Invited Tommy Chong to this event in Cincinnati 04-20-15
Tommy Chong (Cheech & Chong star) is another man to successfully treat his cancer with cannabis oil and good diet
I'm listening to Tommy Chong by Blue Scholars on
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Green Bay burning time outs like Tommy Chong burns roaches.
I know a lady who looks just like current Velma 😂 Poor sexy Fred...time has not been kind. Shaggy looks like Tommy Chong 😂
Sweet Nugs Just In... Tommy Chong, we would love for you to smoke with us!!. * Hawaiian Skunk - Sativa Dominant -...
Nine more months and I'm going to light it up like Christmas. Tommy Chong you're welcome to "joint" me.
Who do you like better: Cheech Marin or Tommy Chong. See More, Click Here:
Master Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong they are legend 👌😗💨
Tommy Chong was the main influence behind Jordan Belfort writing "The Wolf of Wall Street" while they shared a prison cell.
One of the best: Tommy Chong, Kassem G, Ron Funches, Megan Neuringer & Eddie Ifft | Getting Doug with High
I bet yall didn't know Jordan Belfort (the wolf of Wall Street) was cell-mates with Tommy Chong
New article posted on Tommy Chong Wants to Create Cannabis Business Brand --
DUDE. The guy who wrote the book The Wolf of Wallstreet is based on, wrote it because Tommy Chong told him to in prison. WHAT
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