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Tommy Cannon

Thomas Derbyshire better known as Tommy Cannon (born 27 June 1938) is a comedian and the feed member of comedy double act Cannon and Ball, along with Bobby Ball.

Bobby Ball

I remember the cannon. Think it was part of The maritime museum.
When your startup gets compared to you can’t help but smile :) #
Chris Jones with the cannon for the arm, gets called back and he still pins them on the 1!
I'm sure libs probably spazzed out over it.
I weren't missing out on a pic with the legend that is Tommy Cannon!
Start of a busy day Santa Dash in Chorley with Tommy Cannon & then in Leeds then back to for 80s night.
Tommy gun may have sucked but the dude had a cannon
The more compassionate our mind, the more we’ll be able to lead our lives transparently, honestly, truthfully, with nothing…
Oh Cannon And Ball don't let me down with this Sketch, I pray Tommy Cannons in Blackface 👐
But will she be doing that thing Bobby Ball used to do with his when relaying a witty bon mot to Tommy Cannon?
MN uses paper ballots and keeps them for 22 months after the election. Also
Was having a ball! Then I met Cannon, then we got together! Thanks LWT!! Rock on Tommy !!
It's a fan film, so not cannon, but Tommy Kraft's Star Trek Horizon used Iconian…
Did it remind you of the time I struck you out 3 X’s in Peewee? Cardinals > Hornets...I had a cann…
It's a week of legends. We've got Tommy Cannon, Bernie Clifton and Chris Difford!
In a JK Rowlingesque turn, Tommy Wiseau just revealed "Denny is Retarded" as The Room cannon, spurred by nothing
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Are you watching Cannon and Ball's One Night Stand tonight at Rock On Tommy!
Tommy Joseph fired a cannon shot over to 3rd for that out. an arm of beauty
The Judge, head down throughout the trial lifts up his head as he reads the verdict. It's none other than Tommy Cannon.
Ghost act like he too smart. Angela naive. Tommy a loose cannon. Tasha don't know any better. Tariq a little dummy. Kanan th…
too late. He didn't expect it. "What did you do with the body?" He knew ruiz wasn't talkin,but Tommy,loose cannon
Also got a rejection today 😊 Ups & downs. Swings & roundabouts. Cannon & Ball. Not so much the last one, actually. Rock on Tommy.
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So I'm gonna hope that tommy is playing Milan like he played cannon
only thing is Tommy is a loose cannon. He's not smart about things like Ghost.
no he got a plan, Tommy loose cannon azz can't be trusted
Besides you always give information to the person you can crush or control the most, which is his wife. Can't control a loose cannon (Tommy)
I watched this morning...disappointed and want to beat tasha *** ...Tommy is a lose cannon. Angela dumb af. Ghost is falling off
this episode is kinda a madness Tommy is just a loose cannon
yeah He is a loose cannon. But I got faith in Tommy he gone pull it off
Tommy is a loose cannon but Ghost should already know not to hide anything from Tommy's *** smh
Tommy is a LOOSE CANNON!!! He know he needs ghost just as much as ghost needs him.
PAK FA (T-50) fuselage completed series of gunfire tests from its internally mounted GSh-301 30mm cannon
Tommy is a loose cannon! He's in pain! He doesn't have anything to lose. Bang Bang!!
Last night provided amazing sauce news! Bobby Ball is Brown, Tommy Cannon is red & Stu Francis likes either!
Man Tommy Egan wildin now, loose cannon is an understandmeng
Alan Brogan is a ringer for Tommy Cannon
Tommy Gun, Pistol Slapper Blues - Rory G, Shotgun, Waterloo, Gun John Cale, Fire in the vatican - big long cannon
If Bobby Ball booted Tommy out of the act, the headline would be CANNON FIRED.
lol yeah I need it! Hold it for me...i had to steal tommy's extra one lol
Clinton: "Are we going to work with our allies to keep us safe, or are we going to put a loose cannon in charge?"
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the only captain I know is captain Morgan
I've been chasin' bills, Cosby . Tryna get top of the hill figures like Tommy
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Shayne Gostisbehere gets Team North America on the board! Absolute cannon.
In fact, I remember seeing with Tommy Cannon in Bradford a good few yrs ago. Funniest night EVER!
working hard for the endorsements of Bobby Crush, Billy Pierce, Joe longthorne, the grumbleweeds, and Tommy Cannon
My photo is next to Tommy Cannon and on the wall of the chippy on holderness road ha
You're the Bobby Ball to my Tommy Cannon. THe Large to my Little, the Wee Jimmy to my Ian Krankie XD
Tommy "gun" Herrman 170 wasn't lying. He brought a cannon to this round on his way to a 1st period pin
Mattin vs. Chris Cannon next on 2. Woodsi vs. Tommy Hoskins next on 3.
Veronica Shivers, Volunteer Operations Coordinator, embodies what Clean the World is all about. She has been with t…
Creased at everyone going for scran and posh places for there works night out...we're going to the cannon then big market 😂😂
Finding the soul of Orlando: Is the city a soulless backwater of generic hotels, chain restaurants and tourist attr…
It's panto time with the living legends Cannon & Ball! rock on Tommy!
I could be forced against my will to attend a neo-nazi rally and I'd still get pumped at the sight of a T-shirt cannon.
No amount of physical beauty will ever be as valuable as a beautiful heart. by jonferrara
Change the people you hang out with or change the energy you put out around negative people. 🙏 by lewishowes
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Photograph by George Steinmetz The holiday season packs the streets and around Rocke…
this will help . should Tommy cut his hair?
Alabama's Nick Saban and Florida's Jim McElwain pose with the SEC Championship Trophy Friday in Atlanta. You can fo…
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Sunsets are good for you. by margaritaville
You make me better. There is simply nothing like you. by fredrikeklundny
rounds third after his homer against the Rays at The Trop. by yankees
"Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change." -Wayne W. Dyer by meometry
seems to have found their good luck mascot for Day 2 of Final Sail! 🍀.
Congrats to and on the partnership. MORE:
Getting excited for our next addition to team editorial dept! by ryanpaugh
if that means I'm wrong then I'll gladly be wrong
Happy National Golf Day from Augusta National. Join the industry in celebrating on by themasters
On this date in 1947, Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier when he debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Ove…
(1991) coming back from break with the love of Tommy Matolla​ and Nick Cannon​'s life
"Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." -Buddha by meometry
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Les Dennis is now doing Tommy Cannon, of Cannon & Ball, impressions.
wins the 2015 Masters with a record-tying total of 270, 18-under-par. by themasters
Local lore: Members began to wear Green Jackets in 1937 so patrons would be able to identify a reliable source of i…
22 years old and already nearing legend status. The pole belongs to after settin…
watches his birdie putt on No. 13 as it tracks into the hole. by themasters
Local lore: Some patrons collect souvenir Masters cup to use the other 51 weeks of the year. by themast…
agreed, Mike is like Tommy Cannon, Sid Little, Keith Harris and Roger de Coursey, all in one. All foils to big heads!!
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Comic cannon aside, Foggy is totally the Tommy Merlyn of DD S1 right?
The time is now. Welcome to the 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas. by cota_official
HOW TO MAKE A TNT CANNON IN MINECRAFT - Tommy gaming. Go sub to him
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Looks like Bobby Beale has got a lot of explaining to do. To Ian. Jane. Tommy Cannon...
I'm sat in the GPs surgery with Tommy Cannon, Bonnie Langford and most worryingly what appears to be a woodland elf
Stars come out for Scotland: Una Stubbs, Pam Ayres, Benny from Crossroads, Tommy Cannon, Barry Chuckle, Bobby Davro, and the 'chase me' guy.
Some well-known Oldhamers (or with Oldham connections) Agyness Deyn– Supermodel from Failsworth Alex Carter – Actor and radio presenter, played Lee Hunter in Hollyoaks and currently stars in Emmerdale Anne Kirkbride – Oldham-born actress who plays Deirdre Barlow in Coronation Street Annie Kenney - a Saddleworth born Suffragette who is credited with sparking off suffragette militancy when she heckled Winston Churchill Barbara Knox – Actress from Oldham who plays Rita Sullivan in Coronation Street. Barrie McDermott – former professional Rugby League player with Oldham, Wigan Warriors, Leeds Rhinos, Bramley and Widnes. Barrie also played for Great Britain. Bernard Cribbins - character actor and musical comedian Cannon and Ball – Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball are Britain’s longest running double-act who were both born in Oldham. Carl Cox – A techno and house DJ from Oldham Christopher Biggins - TV presenter, pantomime actor and winner of I'm a Celebrity.Get Me Out of Here 2007 Clem Beckett – F ...
Random wish - to play the Iris Williams role with and Tommy Cannon and Ball - Iris Williams Sketch
happy birthday to Tommy Cannon and Michael Ball!
Yes yes! Javier Bardem looked like Tommy Cannon, off-of 'Boys in Blue' when dressed as a rozzer.
I can't wait for Celebrity Conclave this autumn; with John Bishop, Tommy Cannon and Judas Priest.
"NOT Going Out actor Lee Mack knows the next guest star he wants on his hit sitcom – Tommy Cannon..."
The last thing I needed tonight was Bobby Ball and Tommy Cannon talking about eggs for 20 minutes while I was trying to eat my tea!
Tommy Cannon & Bobby Ball. Shaw had 48 mills, most millionaires in world once upon a time, a waterfall and a big lamp
Listening to Hello by The Beloved. There's a few bizarre name checks...Tommy Cannon, Billy Corkhill and That's some party.
Dustin Gee, Eric Morecambe, Schrnorbiz how come the true talent behind any double act always goes first? Look out Tommy Cannon.
So far I am a cross between Tommy Cannon and Ricky Gervais. I was hoping for a Tommy Cooper.
Went for my first Laser I-Lipo-Suction treatment -- lightning took the machine out yesterday. So we stopped at a great Italian Restaurant and ate! LOL. Tommy Cannon fixed periorgies (sp? Polish stuff) and has a plate FULL.
Poker Run to benefit Owasso resident Tommy Cannon on Saturday, August 18th. To find out more about Tommy visit...
Les Dennis, Joe Pasque...(not sure of spelling), Dustin Gee and Tommy Cannon. Not forgetting that fellow who presents The Chase.
Weekend roundup (done out of order just for the *** of it)- Today: going to see "Moonrise Kingdom" and start reading "Morning Of The Magicians". Last night: "7 Minutes" was a lot of fun: Tommy Cannon did his dinosaur impressions, Kevin Flanagan invoked the spirit of Evel Knievel and jumped over a pile of monster trucks, Manuel Paul Arenas read some poems & I played Truth Or Dare with the audience*. Lots of other fun stuff happened that night on the show, and there'll be plenty more to see over the next 3 Saturdays as "7 Minutes" continues. After the show, danced at Obscura for a bit, then went home and finished reading Douglas Wolk's fantastic 33 1/3 book on James Brown's "Live At The Apollo". The night before "7 Minutes", I went to Caffeine Corridor: Stilton Weethecrooks & Gary Bowers had great features, and then I went to The Rogue Bar for CUPCAKE! MAD TEA PARTY! (few things are as funny in retrospect as reflecting on the absurdity of asking "Excuse me, where is the men's room?" to a lady waiting outs ...
At first I thought it was Terence Stamp, then Tommy Cannon, then Terence Stamp again.
Music video for the song "Riot Rhythm" off Sleigh Bells debut album, Treats. Director: Bo Mirosseni Producers: Donna Young & Tommy Cannon DP: Alexander Nikis...
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