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Tommy Burns

Thomas Tommy Burns (16 December 1956 – 15 May 2008) was a Scottish professional football player and manager.

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Being asked for a burns night menu.. Porridge, whisky, haggis, deep fried mars bar... as if they eat anything else north of the border.
I've no even hud to watch it and made me greet! God bless tommy burns
my hero. Tommy twists Tommy turns Tommy Burns🍀🍀
It could take a million words to describe what Celtic means. Then again you could say it in two. . Tommy Burns
of legends blessed us with Tommy burns xx
Poking fun at Tommy Burns. Not even going to repeat it. Sad pathetic hurting zombie.
genuine question. Was Tommy Burns a great player? No doubt a great human being but was he a great player?
Tommy Burns 'They'll never be better looked after'
Enjoyed match report on Great to remember the great Tommy Burns. I hope the Twists and Turns go our way
again I haven't booed anyone. Google him and Tommy Burns.
Tommy came to us severely emaciated with urine scald burns & pressure sores. Look at him now! ht…
Only one man that had the X FACTOR with Mac The Knife, Tommy Twist Tommy Turns Tommy Burns via
Not bad stereokicks singin mack the knife.not as good as tommy burns but 🍀
can't help but think of Tommy Burns everytimeI hear Mack The Knife Tommy could belt it out
Tommy burns song on the xfactor. Legend. Sleep tight ! 💚💚💚💚
just said to my Mrs that TB was the best at that song . God bless Tommy burns
Suffering X Factor. This mob singing Mack the Knife ain't a patch on Tommy Burns' brilliant rendition of it.
never tire of posting this clip of Mr Celtic, Tommy Burns on the Celtic fans
Billy Stark and Tommy Burns both had a go at him for it but still refused. Was my hero at the time. Never liked him since.
Hello Victoria- Did you & David know/meet Tommy Burns, former Chelsea player from Edinburgh?TY in advance for your reply.
Any word from the Scotsman, Tommy Burns? He so admired you, your Dad & Catherine; wanted to coach Cameron in soccer too...
Hello,Tom. I'm looking for another Tom:Tommy Burns-he said that he very much enjoyed meeting you at Tudor City in 1997..
I would like to see Ricky Burns fight Jim Watt
There is a Ricky Burns impersonator on Sky Sports the now.
Hello- I wanted to ask if you had ever known of Tommy Burns who played for Chelsea under Tommy Dockerty?
Tommy Burns was his mentor. You can tell that straight away when you see his defensive tactics. Or lack of should I say.
"Finished colorization of Tommy Burns. HH lucky to meet this great man when I was a kid..
Goal! Aaron Burns finds space on the right cuts inside and shoots with the outside of his boot into the net. 3-1 Blues.
Stunning work once again from with the Legend and total gentleman that is Tommy Burns
"Finished colorization of Tommy Burns. HH just class barry, bit like Tommy HH
Finished before and after of the great Tommy Burns. Hope you all like it. HH
Hi-attempting to determine status on Tommy Burns (former Chelsea player from Edinburgh). Would you have any info? TY
Hello- am attempting to determine status of Tommy Burns ( from Edinburgh).He said that he knew you.TY sherrylburns2
Hello- I'm trying to locate Tommy Burns (former Chelsea player from Edinburgh) - he said he knew you.any information?TY-
Hi Tina- Re: Tommy Burns (former Chelsea player from Edinburgh): He spoke so highly of all the Sinatras...any info?TY
Hello, Paris. Do you know if Tommy Burns (the former Chelsea soccer player from Edinburgh Scotland) is in the U.S.?
- Do you possibly know Tommy Burns,former soccer player for Chelsea & originally from Edinburgh Scotland?
Jack Johnson did not defeat Jim Jeffries to become world champion. He beat Tommy Burns in Australia.
Dalglish played before 76. Tommy Burns the kid next to the kid that looks like Frank McGarvey. last shot?
Gordon Strachan, then Celtic manager, pays an emotional tribute to the wonderful Tommy Burns
Tipped for the top - Tommy Burns, Gordon Strachan, Andy Gray, Alan Hansen, Willie Miller - not a bad bunch coming through
in 1881 heavyweight champion 'The Little Giant of Hanover' Tommy Burns was born in Ontario, Canada.
Tommy Burns vs Arsenal David O'Leary testimonial, August 1986 colourization. Hope you like it guys. HH
God bless Tommy Burns. Forever in our hearts.
This is what Tommy Burns meant to the Celtic fans , God Bless you TB.
Tommy Burns - Proud to be a Tim (part one) via I loved this man what a footballer who just loved celtic
I wonder if any Celtic players will be pall bearers at SJ funeral akin to McCoist and Smith at Tommy Burns one
Tommy Burns saw in Brendan Rodgers a man with both the shrewdness and the transferable personal skills to carve out a career for himself in management.
BRENDAN RODGERS was once headhunted by Jose Mourinho - but the Swansea boss says Tommy Burns will always be The Special One.
saw this clip of round 7 of Jack Johnson v. Tommy Burns at Sydney Stadium in 1908 and thought of you
Round 7 of Jack Johnson vs. Tommy Burns at the old Sydney Stadium in Rushcutters Bay, 1908 via
SOME BOXING HISTORY for the young: Jack Johnson, nicknamed "the Galveston Giant," was the first African American world heavyweight boxing champion. quotes “The fight between life and death is to the finish, and death ultimately is the victor. ... I do not deplore the passing of these crude old days.” —Jack Johnson Synopsis Boxer Jack Johnson was born in Galveston, Texas, in 1878. In 1908 he became the first African-American to win the world heavyweight crown when he knocked out the reigning champ, Tommy Burns. The fast living Johnson held on to the title until 1915 and continued to box until he was 50. He died in an automobile accident in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1946. Early Years The first black heavyweight champion, John Arthur "Jack" Johnson was born on March 31, 1878, in Galveston, Texas. The son of ex-slaves and the third of nine children, Johnson possessed an air of confidence and drive to exceed beyond the hardscrabble life his parents had known. After a few years of school, Johnson went to ...
1878-03-31 *Jack Johnson was born on this date in 1878. He was an African American Boxer, and the first Black heavyweight-boxing champion. John Arthur (Jack) Johnson, from Galveston, Texas, quit school after the fifth grade and became interested in boxing while working as a janitor at a local gymnasium. He turned professional in 1897. In 113 fights, over the next 35 years, he lost only eight. He is still considered one of the great counter punchers of all time. A 1903 victory over "Denver Ed" Martin established Johnson as the unofficial Black heavyweight champion. John L. Sullivan and Jim Jeffries refused to fight Johnson, claiming that to do so would sully the sport’s reputation. On December 26, 1908, finally given the opportunity to compete for the heavyweight championship in a fight in Sydney, Australia, Johnson dethroned the reigning champion Tommy Burns. Johnson defended his championship against five white fighters over the next two years. Responding to the call of legions of white fans anxious to ...
Fergus McCann is as much as a legend as Jock Stein, Tommy Burns and Jinky Johnstone, the man saved our club and we are all in debt to him.
Celtic '85 away lime green shirt please! Tommy twists, Tommy turns, Tommy Burns! And Brian McClair in his prime.
Today's tid bit: so many "top Canadian fighters" weren't even born in Canada. Lucian Bute was born in Romania, Jean Pascal in Haiti, Dierry Jean in Haiti, Adonis Stevenson in Haiti, Arturro Gatti in Italy, Lennox Lewis in England, etc. Don't fret though, we got a few born and raised badasses, like Tommy Burns, David Lemieux, and George Chuvalo.
bear with me the Jock Stein way Henrik Larsson lounge Tommy Burns technical area the Tommy Gemmel tunnel
Good wee song and proceeds go to charity. Tommy Burns - Single by Kellie Stevenson & Joe O'Sullivan.
Is only an excuse still on the go ?, the biggest load of pish ever, Dennis Law, Frank MacAvennie, Graeme Souness, Tommy Burns, noticed about five years ago they had to explain at the start who the were impersonating.
Just when you thought nothing major happened in history today...BAM! December 26, 1620 - The Pilgrim Fathers landed at New Plymouth, MA, to found Plymouth Colony, with John Carver as Governor. 1865 - The coffee percolator was patented by James H. Mason 1908 - Texan boxer "Galveston Jack" Johnson knocked out Tommy Burns in Sydney, Australia, to become the first black boxer to win the world heavyweight title. 1921 - The Catholic Irish Free State became a self-governing dominion of Great Britain. 1947 - Heavy snow blanketed the Northeast United States, burying New York City under 25.8 inches of snow in 16 hours. The severe weather was blamed for about 80 deaths. 1956 - Fidel Castro attempted a secret landing in Cuba to overthrow the Batista regime. All but 11 of his supporters were killed. 1982 - The Man of the Year in "TIME" magazine was a computer. It was the first time a non-human received the honors. 1996 - Six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey was found beaten and strangled in the basement of her fa ...
On This Day In Black History; David Ruggles, Underground Railroad conductor and hydropathist, died (1849) in Norwich, Conn. (b. 1810). 2. Nathan Jean Toomer, Harlem Renaissance writer, was born (1894) in Washington, D.C. (d. 1967). 3. Jack Johnson defeated Tommy Burns (1908) for the heavyweight boxing championship of the world. 4. La Julia Rhea integrated opera when she performed ( 1931) in the Chicago City Opera Company's production of Verdi's Aida. 5. Osborne Earl "Ozzie" smith, former St Louis Cardinal All-Star, was born (1954) in Mobile, Ala. 6. Kwanzaa (Swahili for first fruit) was first celebrated (1966) by Maulana Krenga in Los Angeles, Calif.
How would Brother Walfrid have voted, or Tommy Burns, or Willie Maley, or Jock Stein. Need to rid ourselves of these parasites now
Watched that video about Tommy Burns then watched Petrovs YNWA. Why do i do these things? I was actually in tears😭😭
Well our fans were the same over Tommy Burns, even tho the situation was slightly different
or Tommy Burns or Phil O'Donnel or Scott Browns sister, etc, etc, etc.
oh how iv missed all the action! Tommy burns is getting wanked off fi wee Jinky coz it's about his time for his meds!
You don't hear a whole lot from Tommy Burns these days!
Aw am saying is scott browns sister is shagging tommy burns in ***
Didn't know you followed AFC, must be like being a Celtic fan when Tommy Burns was manager,all the plaudits, no prizes.
Tommy Burns never made it either thanks to the bigots in Park Gardens.
They're there, they have always been there, god bless everyone of them. Tommy burns in 88. The man is a god
With Keith Olsen, great grandson of 1908 heavyweight boxing champ of the world Tommy Burns - who lost…
My Celtic player name is Tommy Burns - what's the chances of that.
brilliant gav. You look like a young tommy burns.
was a bit emotional there listening to Tommy Burns segment on 1980s history podcast - Excelllent
Good Morning folks, Tommy Burns, , Celtic in Europe, & others will all feature in the next
“Celtic v Liverpool. Tommy Burns testimonial And the love in began
McCann park would be apt. Tommy burns was 1 of a number of heroes through the years but the Fergus saved and retained our history
Club looking into renaming of Lennoxtown. It should be named after Tommy Burns. Easy one. Get it done Celtic.
Jack Johnson V Tommy Burns. The police halted the bout after 14 rounds The Ref declared Johnson the winner on points
there's not a lot that both Killie and Celtic fans love, but Tommy Burns is!!
shout out to Tommy Burns for being the biggest wetter the earth has ever seen
The epitome of a true supporter - he lived the dream and shared that dream with all of us - Tommy Burns :)
I think of Tommy Burns in the Centenary season scoring, big Celtic banners at the front of the old terracing :-)
In the words of the great Tommy Burns. . I'm here, and I'll always be here.
Tommy twists Tommy turns Tommy burns true legend gone never forgotten xxx
Tommy Burns joining in the pile up vs Spartak Moscow.
Who Would You say Has been the Best Celtic Manager Of The Past 20 I will add the accomplishments of the managers in question in case anyone needs reminding; Liam Brady - Just over two years at the club, with his one accomplishment being the epic winning of the Tennant's Sixes in front of a sell-out crowd of 7,500 fans. Notable signings included Gary Gillespie, Tony Cascarino and the re-signing of Frank MacAvennie from under the noses of Partick Thistle. His one highlight was the following quote - "I was told when I joined about Celtic's ''paranoia''. Now I know it is true. We are hard done by. Religiously and politically, there are people against us." Lou Macari - Eight month long reign, no major honours. Notable signings included Andy Walker, Willie Falconer and Wayne Biggins (!). Regarding his departure from the club as a player he said "I left Celtic because of money - a fiver to be exact. Jock [Stein] wouldn't give me the rise I asked for, so I was off." Tommy Burns - A reign of almost three years th ...
Today in Baseball History -- Sept. 16 -- from Mary Landers ... 1883 -- Tommy Burns and Ned Williamson of the National League's Chicago White Stockings both score three runs in the seventh inning to establish a major league record which still stands today. 1914 -- At the age of 23, Yankees shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh is hired to replace Frank Chance as the skipper of the team. During his 20-game tenure as the player-manager, the young infielder will finish the season with a 10-10 record for the 6th-place club. 1922 -- After listening to excessive bench jockeying from the Giants dugout, Reds' hurler Adolfo Luque becomes so enraged he throws down his glove and bolts into the New York dugout. The Cuban native, known for his fiery temper, punches Casey Stengel on the jaw and is ordered to return to his own bench by the police, who are busy trying to prevent the Polo Grounds crowd, which has overflowed onto the field, from rioting. 1924 -- Jim Bottomley goes 6-for-6, including two homers, and bats in a record 1 ...
10 years ago tommy burns gave me ur jersey before we moved to New Zealand remember ? hangs with pride
It's not time for this but, Tommy twists Tommy turns, Tommy burns.when isn't it time for this?
I'll say RIP to the Rangers fan that died, despite the vile stuff they posted about Cesar & Tommy Burns on their messageboards Thursday.
nothing wrong with what's said, no harm. Just you'll end up with Tommy Burns kicking your *** Block U16s
Connor just said and I quote "tommy twists, tommy burns in a fire"
Looking forward to the Tommy Burns ladies lunch tomorrow at park head 😁👗💚
that's why I've always said Lennoxtown should be named after Tommy Burns
tommy burns is a legend GBNF , hail hail
fantastic to see Darren that Tommy Burns laid down the foundation and platform for all you bhoys to make a name in the game!
Donna Mortimer Ballantyne Fun Run tomoz and Tommy Burns's Lunch, lets raise money on behalf of these 2 amazing ppl who were taken from us 🙏❤
Also Jack Johnson v Tommy Burns 1908 may have been a bit more important than 42yo Mosley's superannuation payout
is that Tom Boyd next to Tommy Burns?
Everett starter Tommy Burns sets down 1-2-3 in bottom of first. No score.
1 of 9 This famous quote from the late Tommy Burns is on display in the main stand (gk)
This is a fab pic god bless tommy burns and big jock hh
Tommy burns faithful through and through dvd is cracking what a story!
Cracking picture of last night edited to include Tommy Burns & Jock Stein
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Tommy Burns got bars! I fed my family off out the trunk rap money for a year
I'm no being cruel but I think it's funny. The ghost of Tommy Burns badly photoshopped leaping onto a crowd of celtic players.
One of the best pics I've seen from last night. Taken from Rachaelink on the . God Bless Tommy Burns!!
Ladies afternoon tea at Celtic Park in aid of Tommy Burns skin cancer trust fund.looking for prizes.
Chris McCart: “I worked at Celtic full-time 10 years ago under Tommy Burns and before that Eric Black.”
Tommy burns tribute, work in progress. getting very emotional doing this the day HH
Working on a tommy burns picture today & my eyes are welling up to feck already.
- hopefully but as the late, great Tommy Burns said, there may be a few twists and turns yet!!
. Two ive met often Davie Provan and best if all Tommy Burns 🍀🍀
Grapik Art - Hard Daddy - Bondage pup Burns has to be seduced by Hard...
just reminds me of Tommy Burns that!
Tommy Burns didnae cumfay Essex mucker... When the dough goat tae this level they stopped
First Claire rips out my earring then Tessa leaves me because she's scared of fireworks I walk through mud tommy burns me with a firework😕😒
on this day in (7/4) 1907 - Tommy Burns KOs Bill Squires in 1 for heavyweight title
Tommy twists , tommy turns , tommy burns , he was
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... as always Billy Joel ... and Tommy Burns are AMAZING !!!
Poison Ivy *** I am so itchy and of course I am like a two year old and just can't stop itching especially in my sleep, I have been taking benadryl at night to help and it is not oh and I look like I soaked my legs in a tub of pepto. It's starting to get better but it still itches so bad :(
5 years ago we lost the legend that was Tommy Burns Tommy Twists...Tommy Turns...Tommy Burns - gone…
16 years ago today selick appointed Win Jansen after SACKING the 'legend' Tommy Burns! Poor Tommy turned on by his own!
tommy burns would be up there for best player. He was unbelievable in the first and second division for us.
Tommy Burns back on for the to face Edwin Diaz, Billy McKinney, and Ben McQuown
New pitcher for the Mariners: 19 year old, RHP Tommy Burns. 22nd rd pick. doubled off the old man
Tommy Burns. You'll never walk alone !!. 5 years ago
Don't say many if any good things about Celtic but tommy burns was a real good guy
I'm also selling a Tommy Burns sticker Burns played 1 lacrosse game for VLC back in 1910.
Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian followers! Who is the greatest Canadian boxer ever? Sam Langford maybe? Tommy Burns? Who you got?
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From the Bangor Daily News... Motor City’s Neville records no-hitter in Legion baseball opener against Northern Lumber Posted June 16, 2013, at 9:13 p.m. Last modified June 16, 2013, at 10:54 p.m. BANGOR — Tyler Neville tossed a no-hitter in a Zone 1 American Legion baseball opener as Motor City defeated the Northern Lumber 2-0 at Husson University’s Winkin Complex on Sunday. Neville threw 105 pitches in his complete-game effort. He walked four and struck out nine. He was aided by an errorless defense. Cameron Archer knocked in the second of Motor City’s two runs as Gabe Melmed had reached on a single and advanced to third on consecutive wild pitches.Tommy Burns opened the scoring on a fielder’s choice and an error. Burns also singled for Motor City. Isaiah Stubel pitched well for the Lumber, going six innings, allowing just five hits and striking out five. Batteries: Stubel and Walker; Neville and Burns
Although I don't recall at the time being too upset when Tommy Burns was eventually let go.
A short extract from Chapter 1 of " Bareknuckle fighter " by Bartley Gorman. The Gorman and Wilson families became very close and grandfather Jack was prepared to back his brother-in-law against any fighter in the world. In the winter of 1907, the Canadian-born world heavyweight champion, Tommy Burns, arrived in the British Isles to pick up some easy money defending his boxing title. He breezed through several challenges, including a one-round knockout over Irishman Jem Roche in Dublin. Wilson met Burns in a Dublin hostelry and said, ‘You were fighting the wrong man when you fought Roche, it should have been Bartley Gorman.’ He offered £5,000, a fortune then, as a straight bet, winner-takes-all, to fight bareknuckle against the heavyweight champion of the travellers, Bulldog Bartley, in Dan Donnelly’s Hollow on the Curragh. Burns declined but Wilson followed him to London and repeated the offer. Again he declined. Before twelve months were out, Burns had sailed to Australia and lost his title to Ja ...
Like and the Celts for change,Paul McStay, Tommy Burns and others for having absolutely no quit in them!!!
My shower only has two options; 3rd degree burns, or skinny dipping in Antarctica.
On a day for remembering legends Tommy Burns
Our report on Whitehall: Tommy feel good factor crashes and burns, as mess up in London: v
- Tommy Robinson feel good factor crashes and burns as EDL mess up in London with Nazi salutes
Excellent day which resulted in an member nazi saluting on the front page of the metro. well done.
May 27, 1913 in Charges laid against promoter Tommy Burns & boxer Arthur Pelkey re fatal match; no convictions.
"Jim, They're there and they're always there.God bless each and every1 of them". God bless Tommy Burns!!
Dont think I will make it in the evening. I will still go to the grave & go pay respect to Tommy Burns nearby
i see some RFC fans are now making similar claims about Tommy Burns, the depths that some people stoop to?
The Tommy Burns stuff & the Fenian/Taig Jon Daly comments are a bit much today. Hate this side of football.
tommy burns on Celtic, "a club for people of all religions and of no religion"
18 years ago today, u gave us our 1st trophy in 6 years & Great Tommy Burns first as manager, Thank U
didn’t Tommy Burns make the cup winners bus go up the gallowgate on the way back from Hampden ?
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18years ago Tommy Burns brought home our first trophy in 6 long Years God bless TB for turning the tide against murrays cheating teams
STBCAGL (strip tommy burns captaincy and good looks) club is now looking for member. you in?
Tim, tommy finishes better than you on and off the ice
Reamonn, Jinky Johnstone and Tommy Burns will be smiling down from heaven on all of us.
Terrorism, the fashion badge of filthy child raping fc. Tommy burns knew
Tommy Burns Knew. Straight to the door of Frank Cairney (bheast) . Filth the lot of them.
Big thanks to Brenda Lady of Rage Swan! AKA DJ Tommi. Check her out on EMERGENCY FM and get locked to more sick sick tunes that are pounded out wit...
Just wanted to thank the Johnston Co. DA. Today my 17 yr old son got to learn another lesson that his whole life he was taught differently-lie your way out of a situation to get where you need to be. In order for Cole Withrow (one of Brandon's best friends) to have the felony charges dropped or reduced that were against him he was MADE to sign a statement written by Susan Doyle for the press stating he had lied about certain parts of his statement. For example he said he went to get his drink when in fact it was a bottle of water!!! There was a discreptancy in what he had to drink-seriously??!!! Pretty sad that the REAL CRIMINALS get a pat on the back so often, but the GOOD GUYS are made to look like fools! Cole will move on with his life and leave all this behind...maybe he will choose a career in law. He has surely learned how the judicial system works and its not by being truthful and honest. I now understand how people can end up in prison for years to later be found innocent. Manipulation is a true a ...
You know, it's been said by many people that I see the world through a "child's eyes". I have such a simple view of the world and how it should work. The old adage "do to others as you would have them do to you". That is truth. You want respect, you give it. You want love, you give it. You want fairness, you give it. And so on. In school my "simple ways" were seen as an intellectual issue. I was called stupid and retarded more times than I can count. Including, believe it or not, my mother would call me such things. I hid the fact that I have a learning disability. I wouldn't tell anyone, even tho it would get me help. I was already being called things like "retarded" and "special". Going to a special class for special help?? Yeah, that would have helped me in that... So I hid it. Only told one person, she helped me through school and took my secret to the grave with her. In time, although undiagnosed, I have been able to come up with techniques to cope with my learning differences. I have been told t ...
On this day 20 years ago Tommy Burns led Kilmarnock back to Scotland's top division with a 0-0 draw against Hamilton Accies at Rugby Park.
With the 5th anniversary of the great Tommy Burns death approaching - takes a look at him as a player :
Same w/ Tommy Burns did w/ Jack Johnson. Except Tommy's rep on the table was losing to a *** making 1st blk champ.
Just been watching a couple of old Tommy Burns videos in preparation for next weeks
“You can put on my gravestone that Andy Goram broke my heart.” ~Tommy Burns
R.I.P - He's up there with the greats now Jock Stein, Jimmy Johnstone & Tommy Burns all sat having a drink with your da
Jock Stein, Jimmy Johnstone, Tommy Burns, Sean Fallon. All our Greatest Celtic players that have passed away 2bh.
I'll add her to the list. (Rogic, McCourt, Mark Smith, Tommy Burns, Sammy Wilson, Jon Gould, Ching Morrison)
Tommy Burns (June 17, 1881 – May 10, 1955), born Noah Brusso, is the only Canadian born World Heavyweight...
there were 2 Andy Goram's & they both broke Tommy Burns' heart. -4 titles for Tommy.
tell me about it. Did that game not get tommy burns the sack?
Celtic found guilty of tapping up tommy burns, £100k fine RFC £47m illegal payments, £250k fine Rest ma case
How can Celtic get a fine of 100k for tapping Tommy Burns and Rangers be fined 250k for 47mil EBT payments.Justice ?
Yip we got 300k for tapping tommy burns, which to be fair was a lot worse than 10 years cheating
1910: Ex-heavy weight boxing champ Tommy Burns in
Go me I've just sorted 2 of my kitchen cupboards out lol full of paper work and letters pmsl
Celtic v Hibs 2-0 Scottish Cup 97. O'Donnell & Di Canio. Alas Tommy Burns and Phil O'Donnell are not with us now. RIP
what you mean, Tommy Burns was their best ever.
He is the guy who was banned from commenting on the record for having a go at Tommy Burns's cancer.
Dont forget Celtic where fined £ 300k for "tapping up" Tommy Burns but i suppose thts fair in there eyes
Celtic were fined £300,000 for 'tapping' Tommy Burns from Kilmarnock. Rangers cheat for years and get fine £250,000. Hm.
Hello everyone I hope YALL are all staying warm! Thank God I am all the time. Not so good at times.We serve a AWESOME GOD he will get us thru whatcomes our way!iI am praying that I will see yall in the SUNSHINE STATE! Cant wait I NEED SOME CHURCH! Praise Him GIVE Him THE Glory he deserves! The power of GOD IS IN MY HOUSE!
remember when tommy burns became Celtic boss and sfa done Celtic over coz he was tapped up and we got fined 300g
i'll show you good. I have this ded gd Tommy Burns one and there's a Henrik Larsson one kicking around too. just u wait
Bus driver just asked me if I'm any relation to Tommy Burns, eh naw.
We found out something today, we found that Scottish football is corrupt to the core and that our governing bodies are lying, corrupt, handshaking self serving cheats. BUT, and it is a big BUT. You knew that anyway didn't you? Nothing has changed. Scottish football has always been corrupt and been biased towards the now dead zombie club. We knew that and we have always known that and today's decision to award a fine that cannot possibly be paid should not be a surprise. What is a surprise though is the preplanned way our Scottish media have already dismissed the news and are trying to move on. For months now the tv and radio stations have been treating the new zombie club as the same old one and are currently on a crusade to make it look to the world as if the new club and the old one are the same. Celtic were fined £300k for taking Tommy Burns from Kilmarnock without going through the proper procedures and the old Rangers have been fined £250K for years of cheating to gain a sporting and monetary a ...
20 years ago Celtic were ordered by the SFA to pay a total of £300K for 'tapping' Tommy Burns - one single 'offence.'
God bless Wim Jansen for stopping the 10 and Tommy Burns RIP🙏 for getting close against all odds
Which club got a £100,000 fine for breaking the rules by tapping up Tommy Burns? :)))
Cup-of-coffee hockey players are a dime a dozen. Tommy Burns was World Heavyweight Champion.
celtic got fined £300, 000 for "tapping" up tommy burns , the zombies get fined 250, 000 for breaching the rules
Celtic fined £100,000 for breaking those oh-so-precious Rules for tapping up Tommy Burns. Worth remembering.
And they find us 500 , 000 for taking Tommy Burns from Killie , JUSTICE !
when Celtic found guilty in 1994 of tapping up Tommy Burns fined 100 000 and 200 000 compn to Killie. 300 000 in 94 would be valued at what now
Tommy more can u handle dis, mrs burns can u handle dis, I dnt fink they can handle dis
Just seen a Gers fan tear into Tommy Burns now that we've secured the titles happy about the decision right enough :)
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Me, my sister and cousin with Tommy Burns at Celtic Park
Celtic fined 300 grand 19years ago for poaching tommy burns they get 250grand for 53 players cheating = outrageous
A 250,000 fine not a lot more than the one sfa imposed on Fergus for "taping" Up Tommy burns. One step from match fixing I think was said
oh still waiting on Tommy 'the Trooper' Burns calling to my door.The troops in Afganistan have seen more of him than S Antrim
susbstantial? CFC were fined 50k more for poaching tommy burns. Go compare
we got fined more for tapping Tommy Burns than you did for fielding ineligible players. An absolute disgrace.
Lolz were the Taigs not fined more for tapping Tommy Burns nearly 20 years ago? How unfortunate...
You couldnt give 2 f**ks about Tommy Burns being cheated out of titles? Dyu remember his wee face every time this happenned??
celtic fine in relation to tommy burns iirc was £600K
Celtic were once fined £500k for tapping up Tommy Burns from Killie-but cheat/deceive and claim admin error and get away with a £250k fine!
Celtic fined £300k for allegedly 'tapping up' Tommy Burns. Rangers fined £200k for cheating for over a decade lol
Celtic fine plus compensation for "tapping up" Tommy Burns was a greater punishment.
celtic fined £300,000 for poaching Tommy Burns from Kilmarnock. Sums up this corrupt country Kev
Absolute disgrace Celtic were fined more for tapping up Tommy Burns from Killie
See if Tommy Burns had played Cadate when he first signed him, we'd have got flung oot the league and cups probably
As someone said earlier, we got fined more for 'tapping' Tommy Burns than the industrial-scale cheating and financial doping of the huns.
how do you explain Celtic getting fined more for approaching Tommy Burns than RangersRIP for 10 years Of cheating
Celtic fined £300k for tapping Tommy Burns, Rangers £5k for Duncan Ferguson, and it continues.
aye and Celtic fined 500k for 'tapping' up Tommy Burns ..puts it into perspective. what a joke. Where do we all go from here
Celtic were fined more for taking Tommy Burns from Kilmarnock than Rangers have for 11 of years of fielding ineligible players
Remember celtic were fined £500,000 by the sfa for "tapping" tommy burns from kilmarnock. Think about that.
Celtic had to pay £300k for taking Tommy Burns from Killie (fine and compensation). Compare that to 11 years of cheating at £250k
So no titles stripped? Looks like Tommy Burns died a loser then.
It's "Andy Goram" that Tommy Burns admitted would be on his headstone not "Dual Contract"
Its not an EBTs fault Tommy Burns couldn't find a way past Goram, not Laudrups EBT that made him leave McNamara on his ***
ya look at the front their kinda scuffed and really yellow Freddy's right lol
Yep didn't see them postponing when Tommy Burns died who was a real club legend for them. Which O'Donnell wasn't.
Watchin stuff about tommy burns in bits man :(
Tommy Burns, I hate you. Jack Johnson, you my ***
Dang. March is gonna be hectic. Tommy Trash, Tiesto, Swedish House, Beyond and Burns. One weekend after the other.
cheer up Tommy Burns used to do that to me not because of the lyrics but because I felt truly heartbroken... and for him.
You've started a fire in me that burns down my insecurities and lights my way to you.
Yep thats why that one was a favourite! I did a larsson n tommy burns collage and one of players past and present
Alan Scott Pardew (born 18 July 1961 in Wimbledon, Surrey) His highest achievements in the sport include reaching the FA Cup Final twice, as a player with Crystal Palace in 1990 and as a manager with West Ham United in 2006, though he ended up on the losing side both times. He has also achieved promotion three times in his career, as a player with Crystal Palace and as a manager with Reading and West Ham. As Newcastle's manager, he won both the Premier League Manager of the Season and the LMA Manager of the Year awards after guiding the Magpies to European football for the first time since the club's return to the Premier League. Reading Pardew's first experience as manager came in March 1998 when he was appointed as caretaker after the departure of Bullivant. After the appointment of Tommy Burns he remained as reserve team manager until the end of the 1998–99 season, when Reading disbanded their reserve team. Nevertheless, he was promoted to manager of the club after a successful spell as caretaker in ...
Brent Burns, Martin Havlat and Tommy Wingels not on the ice for practice today.
07/08 season ' down and out for April but champions in May that was for you tommy burns rip
Just sat and watched the Tommy Burns DVD what a man he was! Celtic legend
next to tommy burns in his Fenian specs?
Will never forgot the day Tommy Burns died, 1 week after my birthday aw tommy r.i.p xx
well said mate not enough guys like you on both sides. RIP cooper, baxter, johnstone, tommy burns. All the very best to you
HH/dale what celtic legend have you been priviledged too meet then tims? I actually got too meet Tommy Burns when i was a wee boy but cant really remember too much of it:-(
Really dislike that Islam Feruz. Disrespectful nobody with too much to say. Where would he be without Celtic FC? Tommy Burns would be ashamed of that boy...
Yesterday I was asked by Gary/RFC to update the rules a bit, sorry for the delay, here they are... ~RULES~ 1) No use of bigoted or sectarian language/words/refererences 2) No talking about the dead in anyway. (Ibrox Disaster, Bobby Sands, Davie Cooper, Jinky, Tommy Burns, Jock Stein ect.) 3) No talking about, or alluding to child abuse in anyway what-so-ever. 4) No talking about The Famine, in which 1.8m people died, of BOTH faiths! 5) No using Big Jock Knew, to try and get at the Celtic fans. Remember he helped at the Ibrox Disaster. 6) No need to use the Queen or the Pope on the page, they've got absolutely nothing to do with football. 7) No mention of Terrorist Organistaions, they also have nothing to do with football. 8) No mention of Irish or NI 'politics' 9) Any fake profiles on this page will get an automatic ban. Use your real profile if you have nothing to hide! Anyone breaking these rules will get a warning then a ban. Posters often get banned/comments deleted for their own good, to protect them ...
'He's currently in the middle of a threesome with Scott Brown's sister and Tommy *** ' was one comment i seen
Even if the Celtic fans did chant Having a party when Gazza dies the Zombies are being massive hypocrites. They mocked Tommy Burns after he died and what they don't realize is saying Big Jock Knew is mocking the dead. -Oran
In 1870 (exactly 143 years ago TODAY) , In The 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the United Stats constitution are collective known as the "slave amendments". Ratified after the end of the Civil War they (sort of) ensured former slaves citizenship and the right to vote, as well as legal barriers to the return to slavery. In practice, of course, it would be another 100 years before Blacks were really able to vote more-or-less freely and Jim Crow laws as well as anti-Black customs, ubiquitous in both "The North" and "The South", would prevent these Americans from enjoying even second class citizenship for many decades to come.   In 1908 (Exactly 105 years ago today),   John Arthur "Jack" Johnson remains one of the more colorful figures in boxing history. He became the first Black world heavyweight champion on December 26 1908, defeating Tommy Burns on the fourteenth round. He would lose only five of ninety seven professional fights. Success did not come easy for Johnson. Flamboyant and prone to dalianc .. ...
We have as our profile pic two legends, two cult hero's from Celtic & Rangers in Tommy Burns & Davie Cooper. Who was or is your cult hero at your club, past or present and why? Cult heroes? Every club, every fan has a cult hero, so who is yours and why? Colin
I see that Sean Fallon is held in similarly low esteem as Tommy Burns by CFC when compared to the legend that was Phil.
God bless you Tommy Burns. You're very deeply missed by us all. RIP to the gentle man of Celtic football club. 🍀
when u for the off?? Can ye ask fellow caltonian's whit happened to the Tommy Burns signs at
let me know if you need a stereotypical Boston goon for
it reminds me of a top you's had under tommy burns. McNamara and other numpties wore.
Paddy McCourt has the same birthday as me... not to forget Tommy Burns too
Many thanks to Jim Lister for posting this video to the page. Tommy Burns, forever and always in our hearts.. God...
Tommy Burns went to watch him for Luton once. Liked him and told Howe to get him.
write that blog! Frank 'I did it for my muvva' Lampard, Bryan 'captain marvel' Robson, Tommy 'I could've been a priest' Burns
just a question. I remember losing 6-0 at home to Bristol Rovers. Ah the days of Tommy Burns!
"...I've seen your flag at Celtic Park, and love is not a victory march." Awright, kem doon Tommy Burns dvd!
Learn how Tommy Burns once taught how to fish...
A relationship is like a house. When a light bulb burns out, you do not go out and buy a new house.. You fix the light bulb.
So, last night, I dreamed that I apparently slipped into such a convincing coma that the local Coroner declared me dead. I found this out after 'waking up' in complete darkness and pushing open the lid on my coffin. Luckily, they hadn't buried me yet, so I got to see the look on my funeral-goers' faces. Everyone seemed decently glad to see me, but since I had been 'dead' so long [Nearly a week, I was told!] I was ice cold and nobody would get too close to me. Anyway, though I looked and felt like a corpse, I was otherwise fine. Didn't even smell bad... well, I could smell formaldehyde, but hey... it was a dream, so they probably embalmed me. Fun times.
and obvs going to costa with tommy dawbs. Then seeing my fave gangsta ozzy g. Yayyy!!! Miss my babies!! Xxx
On Dec. 26, 1908 Jack Johnson defeated Tommy Burns in Melbourne, Australia, in 14 rounds to become the first
Thinking you've got a tan like Martin Bain, when in reality your more like Tommy Burns.
cmon Willie bring Tommy Burns tae the East ;-)
not sure i will feel as emotional winning a title than i did this night, all for Tommy Burns!
I generally like the Seahawks, but Tommy Burns is a Redskins fan, and you do not cross paths with Tommy B, everyone knows that
Did you know that one minute of kissing burns 26 calories? No wonder those *** are so *** skinny
To any Rangers fan that has ever mocked the death of Tommy Burns
Did you guys know this?? After Tommy Burns and Ernie Cooksey died of melanoma! And Paul Merson had it!
This baby must think that the morning in morning sickness actually means 24hr 7 days a week sickness :( never had any symptoms at all with leon n beth so this has hit me hard :(
DID YOU KNOW: Auchinachie has been around since 1906. What else happened in 1906? February 5 - Actor John Carradine is born. February 23 — Marvin Hart loses his World Heavyweight Championship to Tommy Burns over 20 rounds in Los Angeles. April 7 – Mount Vesuvius erupts and devastates Naples. September 5 — Bradbury Robinson of St. Louis University throws the first legal forward pass to teammate Jack Schneider in a 22–0 victory over Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin. September 11 – Mahatma Gandhi coins the term Satyagraha to characterize the Non-Violence movement in South Africa.
In 2013 looking for a band and song to promote the Phil O'Donnell charity. Similar to The Soviets and Tommy Burns song 'Good Times' R/T
Joseph Francis Hagan (better known as Philadelphia Jack O'Brien) (January 17, 1878 – November 12, 1942) was light heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Biography Born in Philadelphia, Hagan was the older brother to Young Jack O'Brien and the cousin of heavyweight boxer Jack Rowan. O'Brien turned pro in the 1890s. He stood 5-10 1/2 and weighed 152-165 pounds. He was agile, quick and limber, a two-handed puncher who landed often but not a particularly hard hitter. His best punches were a left jab and a hard overhand right, and he was a good defensive fighter who blocked punches well and counter-punched accurately. O’Brien won the world light heavyweight championship with a 13-round TKO over Bob Fitzsimmons in San Francisco, California, but abandoned the title. He challenged world heavyweight champion Tommy Burns on November 28, 1906, in Los Angeles, and got a 20-round draw. The referee was former world champion James J. Jeffries. O’Brien challenged Burns again in Los Angeles on May 8, 1907, and th ...
104 years ago today the great Jack Johnson whipped Tommy Burns in Australia and inspired John Murray to create this wonderful publication.
Top Of the MoRnInG.FREEMINDZ INC EVERYDAY IS BLACK HISTORY BLAST FACTZ DECEMBER 26TH 1908 - Jack Johnson Jackson Johnson defeated Tommy Burns in Sydney, Australia, for the heavyweight Championship. Burns will later say of his loss, "Race prejudice was rampant in my mind. The idea of a black man challenging me was beyond enduring. Hatred made me tense."
TODAY IN OUR HISTORICITY The first day of Kwanzaa, "Umoja," which means "unity" is observed by many Blacks on this date annually. Kwanzaa was founded by Maulana (Ron) Karenga on this date in 1966. William and Ellen Craft escaped slavery in Georgia, on this date in 1848. Because of her light complexion, Ellen pretended to be a slaveholder with William as her servant. Jack Johnson became the first Black World Heavyweight Boxing Champion by knocking out champion Tommy Burns on this date in 1908.
December 25th 1908: Jack Johnson KO Tommy Burns and becomes 1st black ...
GAMES TO REMEMBER 1995-05-27: Celtic 1-0 Airdrieonians, Scottish Cup Final Celtic's first senior trophy in six years, since May 1989 Scottish Cup Final. The Club lost the League Cup final in Nov 1994 v Raith Rovers (6-5 on penalties, after a 2-2 draw). That marked Celtic's first final for years and we stuffed that up. The 1995 Scottish Cup was Paul McStay's first trophy as captain. Tommy Burns' first season as manager, lifting some silverware for Celtic. First trophy under the new board regime since the takeover in 1994. It's funny when you look back on 1995 and think of just how important the Scottish Cup win was to the support. In some eyes its devalued, but to those too young to have been around then, you have to give a history lesson on the previous 5-6 years at least, which is out of the scope of this review. To summarise, we'd been battered and insulted both on and off the pitch by our opponents and our incompetent board management, to the level that led the club to near oblivion. The hard fought ta ...
"The manager at the time, Billy McNeill, knew it was going to be my last game for the club but the fans were unaware I was joining Kilmarnock. I wanted to go out with a smile on my face and not a tear in my eye, so I got all of my crying out of the way during the warm-up before the friendly against Ajax. I ran about the pitch for 20 minutes with tears running down my cheeks because I knew I would never wear a Celtic jersey again. Big Billy was kind and understanding because he took me off 30 minutes into the match so that I could say a lingering farewell to the fans. I ran to the old Jungle and paid my respects before moving to the 'Celtic end' where I had stood as a boy." (Tommy Burns on his last game for Celtic) ~ton~
Wits the difference between rangers and tommy burns? Tommy burns Is DEED
Tommy twist, tommy turns, tommy burns
Tommy Burns. A great man of the people, always had time for the ordinary people and never ever forgot who he was and where he came from. Sadly missed. Hail Hail Tommy!
Rest in peace tommy burns great man and one of the nicest people you could ever meet, nobody could ever say anything bad about him
Honour to ever be coached by Tommy Burns
Feels so long ago now that me and read a speech for tommy burns in Ireland not long after he passed away
Happy birthday tommy burns , great player on the pitch and a great guy off the pitch , was always up for abit of banter
Happy birthday Tommy Burns, you are sadly missed x 🍀🍀🍀
Happy birthday to the legend Mr Tommy Burns
If ever Celtic had manifested its self in human form it was Tommy Burns , R I P.
Happy birthday tommy burns r.i.p. 1 of the greatest tims ever
The birthday of two great men today, Bill Hicks and Tommy Burns. RIP both of you.
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