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Tommy Burns

Thomas Tommy Burns (16 December 1956 – 15 May 2008) was a Scottish professional football player and manager.

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Classy touch from the modern day Tommy Burns!! 💚🍀
With the 4th overall pick in the first round of the 2017 draft, Tommy Burns selects John Rogowski! Welcome to the t…
🗓 Tommy Burns made his Hoops debut in 1975. He went on to score 82 goals in 503 appearances as a player.…
Behave tommy u vs burns is that a joke
Wish Tommy burns was still here to see what we are doing to them across the city. Lived through the 90's. It was tough. Celtic to the core.
Coisty you know me pal... No time for pish about dead folk. Scott Browns sis Tommy burns…
Jock Stein and Tommy Burns in *** said the same about little catholic boys
Grew up thru the 90's but cant remember past tommy burns, but that must be the most one sided and emphatic celtic ranger games ive ever seen
This is Tommy Burns dream come true.
Must be in history of Coral! Paul McStay, Paolo Di Canio, Tommy Burns, Charlie Nicholas and B…
He's just won a massive game & the first words are for his family & a wee guy in hospital 🌞. Tommy Burns Man
''They're there and they're always there and God bless every one of them'' Tommy Burns
Tommy Burns great goal against Rangers. 📆 23 August 1980. Requested by
ROI got wind of this via Tommy Burns allegedly and offered him caps at th…
Wait for it and observe Tommy Burns.
I'm going to buy one of his books, read his stuff about Tommy Burns before. Ill go through them. Lennons…
Since when was defending Jock Stein
Tommy Burns: "That's what's so special about them right there, Jim. Just right up there, that's what's so special abou…
. I was lucky enough to sit with Alex at the Tommy Burns supper! What a credit!🌟
"shagging, football and poetry" - Carpet Burns, Tommy Burns and Robert Burns
If you sing about Tommy Burns, Jay Beatty or Scott Brown's sister then you're a cretin.
Funny that as I seem to recall you rangers fans love singing and laughing about Tommy Burns and Scott Browns sister…
Good news, but biggest fight in Australian history? Think needs to brush up on Aussie boxing history... Ja…
I wish the Bunnet gave Tommy Burns one more season, then again I don't think Henrik and Lambert would have played for us
. They are living a lie.Their existence is a lie. Yes, Tommy Burns was the man. Family,faith,football.…
True. And if it hadn't been for CHEATING HUN *** no-one will know how successful Tommy Burns would have been?
not to mention how Tommy Burns petitioned for his family's migration only for him to bail out to Chelsea
BURNS-INDONGO ON SKY SPORTS: to battle Julius Indongo in unification clash in Glasgow on April 15: https:/…
He was up there with Tommy Burns and Ian Durrant as the best I've seen in a Killie jersey. Oh and you!!
Jack Johnson beat Tommy Burns to become the 1st black heavyweight champion. This isn't even the legitimate welterweight title.
Wow. Looks like Pacquiao v Horn in Australia is happening. Biggest fight in Aus on a global scale since Tommy Burns v Jack Johnson???
financially it'll be the biggest but it doesn't have anywhere near the importance of Tommy Burns vs Jack Johnson
I was a skinny wean. Bit of the Tommy Burns about me...said no one apart from myself 😥
I agree,IMHO the people who covered it up are worse, Tommy Burns brought 1 back to the club, what does that say
have u heard podcast on Tommy Burns Celtic manager? It covers 94-97
Was there a piece on Tommy Burns 10th/20th Anniversary Keith, how about Wim Jansens 10th,Gordon Strachan 10th?
Tommy Burns cuddling Paul McStay after '95 cup final. Meant as much to them as it did us.
easy, Tommy Burns on the pile on after penalties against Spartak Moscow
Feb 78 in Cup? That was a game we won 7 1. 3 for McCluskey, 2 for McAdam, 1 each for Tommy Burns & big Roddy.
Roddy MacDonald was a tremendous header of a ball. That Dundee strip was vey unusual and Tommy Burns at number 3.
Aeroplane reading for tomorrow will be - The Tommy Burns story. . My Hero & one of the greatest to…
. 93rd minute the man with the longest name+biggest smile in football🍀. That was for Tommy twists,Tommy turns,Tommy Burns🙏
To think the Kieran Tierney quotes will be read out in the future like Tommy Burns are read out nowadays. 🍀
Living the dream for the rest of us🍀he will be our generations Tommy Burns
I've often wondered:When the DEA burns a pot field, does it leave a huge resin mark behind,& how many sq miles will the c…
"When you pull on that jersey you're not just playing for a football club, you're playing for a people and a cause.…   10% Off
My puppy probably thinks his full name is "Tommy Stop"
Pic before bed: you too can join Scoop like Tommy Burns...
Missing the Celtic so tonight's viewing god bless tommy burns 🍀
My suit is on the house or the house burns down - tommy Shelby
that's what Torbett used to entice Celtic kids back to his flat, Tommy Burns was a favourite
Reading book, right good read. Felt close to tears reading about Tommy Burns's death and what Celtic did when his dad died
Tommy Burns of Scotland and if I am right that is Sam Allardyce for England in photo
"I loved Tommy Burns. You meet some people and you like them, but Tommy was someone that I loved." Danny McGrain
Win this weeks match poster signed by Billy Burns in Share before 8pm to enter!
Tommy Burns and Andy Lynch with Celtic on Tour. " Did they dress in dark "
Maybe just as well,Tommy Burns comforted the abuser when he got involved
Tommy, workshop manager, preparing for Burns Night role at our fantastic fundraiser in waistcoat.
True. I mind us being after Lambert&Mahe when Tommy Burns was manager. They signed under Jansen though
Last tbt of the day. Young 16 year old Big Tommy Burns with the Northern Viking red on with my…
: Celtic boss Tommy Burns calls for ``gag to be removed from referees'' via
He was unbelievable at Kilmarnock when Tommy Burns brought him in...:)
Young boy sits with flowers and pic of Kenny Dalglish/Tommy Burns before Hillsbrough benefit game at Parkhead in 19…
the biggest fight in Australia since Jack Johnson vs Tommy Burns in 1908?
1908 Jack Johnson became the first black man to win the World HW title, from Tommy Burns. The fight was stop…
Tommy Burns runs out for his full debut v Aberdeen 1976 together with Johnny Doyle who is making his home debut after movin…
some team that.. if only we weren't cheated by the Masonics/banks in this country.! GB Tommy Burns 🍀
I'd rather be a failure in something that I love than a success in something that I hate. -George Burns. Welcome Home TOMMY
yours ain't over the top tho you don't look like Pete burns 😂
Tea & sandwiches for Brian McLaughlin & Tommy Burns, who are both sadly no longer with us 🙏🏻
This day BLACK in time... Dec. 26th 1908. Jack Johnson defeated Tommy Burns in Sydney, Australia, for the...
108 years ago today Jack Johnson KO'd Tommy Burns in 14th round of their 20-rounded to win the heavyweight title! https:…
Happy birthday to the late, great Tommy Burns 💚🙏
Got to love the pork chop side burns on Tommy Helms.
Not inclusive unless ye want us to mark Tommy Burns . In a Catholic Church . NO
*burns myself while making something to eat* . Tommy- is it cold . Me- nahh bro it's a bit too cold🖕🏾
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My dads JUST home from my party last night still steamin chanting that if Tommy Burns was still alive he woulda been there 😩😂😂 cmon steg man
I'm not criticising the team in the slightest. This is the Celtic team I've been waiting for since Tommy Burns day
Two great Bhoys. The late Great Tommy Burns and the great John Clark. HH
'More than a football team playing for a cause' Tommy Burns
One the late, great Tommy Burns lived by.
Me & Murdo last night at the Tommy Burns supper 🍀🍀
Remembering the One and Only Tommy Burns. Who would have been 60 today. A true Celtic legend. Happy Birthday Tommy. RIP…
He twists he turns, he's Tommy Burns
.Remembering the one and only Tommy Burns on what would've been his 60th Birthday.God only takes the best...GBNF...…
Aye, Walter sacked him too. . Tommy Burns brought Torbett back to Celtic, they must have had a good working "relationship"
ON THIS DAY | Tommy Burns was born on this day in 1956. Today we remember him.
Celebrating my auld da's 60th birthday (which was yesterday - born on the same day as the great Tommy Burns)…
Happy birthday to the great tommy burns
Today my gorgeous boy turns 1. It gives me the perfect excuse 2 remember a man I got to know and love, Tommy Burns, also bor…
🗓 60 years ago: The great Tommy Burns was born. 🍀
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How is this in any way a tribute to the late, great, Tommy Burns?
"They're there, and they're always there" . Tommy Burns 1956-2008
1906 Abe Attell beat Jimmy Walsh by TKO in round 9. The referee was Tommy Burns who was the current Worl…
Tommy Burns & Wim, who brought the reign of terror to an end, have a fair claim too. Club came on leaps & bounds in those years
mocking Tommy Burns ok, Browns sister ok, Sands ok. But Ibrox disaster &Bus crash not. Huns are a funny old bunch. No one like us we all cry
Seriously Lucy? Oh it's ok I look like Tommy Burns? Naw ye don't :))
everyone has. My whole bus sings about Tommy burns and Scott Browns. Same thing technically?
hes good but never going to happen , Larrson, jinky, moravcik , macstay and tommy burns different league
If Kieran Tierney was English they would be saying he's better than Roberto Carlos already... we have a new Tommy Burns on our hands 😍😍😍
How Tommy Burns would love the young team playing in our first team just now! Brings a tear to my eye thinking he's gone! 🍀💚
With Keith Olsen - great grandson of 1908 heavyweight boxing champion Tommy Burns (who lost the title to Jack...
incorrect, mate. I was watching Tommy Burns v Gunner Moir on my projector at quarter speed.
Probably gonna lose followers because politics. But Mr. Burns did the right thing when he blocked the sun. The liberal m…
Put it this way, there is no less condemnation of Phil O' Donnell/ Tommy Burns songs than there is of Ibrox Disaster songs.
"In the long term, investing in youth development makes better financial sense.". Tommy Burns
1881, the only Canadian born fighter to win the heavyweight championship, Tommy Burns [48-5-8] was born.
Yes. I remember going through all that too. Was relieved & pleased for Tommy Burns & Paul McStay.
"Tommy Burns said to me 'When you become the Celtic manager you are the leader of men and the leader of people'." https…
Hugh Keevins gets it right and rightly so sometimes but he was spot on tonight. Tommy Burns will be smiling down at his pal getting the job.
Wud it be fair to say that Rodgers style of play came from his student days under Tommy Burns?
Tells you everything you need to know about Tommy Burns. RIP Tommy sleep tight big man 💙💚
Scotland manager Walter Smith with assistants Tommy Burns and Ally McCoist. (2004)
Ditto, for me he is behind only Gordon Strachan, MON and Tommy Burns in order of my favourite managers (since 1991)
Bring in Brendon Rodgers . Tommy Burns was a hero of his . Good strong character with celtic in his heart. HH
Mo Johnston says only regret signing for Rangers was letting down Tommy Burns
.diary: "Tommy Burns was easily the best guy I’ve ever met in my life"
warning link to sun but funny Tommy Burns story
A funny, poignant tribute to Tommy Burns in Day 5 of diary in
"They're there and they're always there. And God bless every one of them." - Tommy Burns.
I was there. Hugh Dallas was the ref and got booed off. Rab Docherty outclassed Tommy Burns in the midfield.
he's the greatest but so is Paul McStay and Tommy Burns or any human morsel who puts on the hoops. Be great
Tommy Burns inducted into the Ontario Boxing Hall of Fame Saturday May 7, 2016 at the Hansa Haus Hall in Mississauga
They said they'd do it for Tommy Burns and they kept to their word
We showed respect for Tommy Burns. These clowns clearly have no class.
The gr8 White hope been part of White culture since Jack Johnson creamed Tommy Burns. The gr8 White hope is now in GOP politics.
I grew up under Lou Macari, Tommy Burns, and had to wait til Wim Jansen before I saw Celtic win a title.
.. I'am going to end this once and for all! awkward my snapchat gets more views then Towie..Goodbye
42 min - Savelio breaks and it leads to a Tommy Hughes try. Burns converts. COUGARS 6-16
Yeah, *the year is 2035 and Brent burns is still trying to win the cup with San Jose*
‘If this was Tommy Burns team 4 points clear with ten games to go then this place would be full & roaring them on.’
"History can come back not only as echoes, but also in ricochets." on Campaign Rhetoric Fueled by Race
Just makes me picture Tommy Burns giving it laldy every time I hear this.
The very first Fight of the Century: Seven Days Of Superfights
105 years ago Jim Jeffries challenged formidable Jack Johnson in The Fight of the Century -
I remember Tommy burns saying to me that we don't need to visit clubs to see what they are doing. They should come to us! This ones for you!
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same here,it's because you're so emotionally attached "not just a football club,a people and a cause" as Tommy Burns said
Yeah, that's close to what I had. I had Karlsson, Burns, Hjalmarsson, Doughty and Giordano. Could swap Hedman with Gio though.
Right, and like I said, I'd ultimately vote for Karlsson, but Burns is far more comparable than people seem to be crediting.
I think I'd ultimately vote for Karlsson, but my top five Norris candidates, in this order: Karlsson, Burns, Hjalmarsson, Doughty, Giordano
Burns doesn't quite have the same amount of shot suppression as Karlsson, but Karlsson does see a bit more PP time per game as well.
Burns doesn't quite have the point output as Karlsson, but he plays slightly stiffer competition and in more defensive situation's than Erik
Everyone is always rightfully arguing Erik Karlsson should win the Norris over Drew Doughty, but why isn't Brent Burns in the conversation?
Is that Tommy Burns bowing at the feet of the King?
Brent Burns Gordie Howe hat trick was the first by the Sharks since 3/11/14 (Tommy Wingels vs Toronto)
Brian McLaughlin & Tommy Burns on their way to Malta in 1971.
22nd may 2008, celtic winning the league in mamory of the great Tommy Burns wot dundee utd means 2 me
Just finished Packie Bonner's autobiography and not ashamed to admit to tears in my eyes when he described Tommy Burns last days
Hi I enjoyed your Tommy Burns article, but at the bottom of the quotes section it should say Brendan Rodgers, not Foster!
Reminds me of Souness bleating about hammer-throwers Kuzhnetsov, who deliberately did Tommy Burns for Kiev.
Tommy Burns, Jimmy Johnstone and now Paul McStay all Celtic Legend t-shirts at
Every time I see pics of Tommy Burns it makes me so sad. An absolute legend of a man. HH.
Tommy burns wrecking love st thinking it was Wembley
jinky bobby Murdoch Tommy burns King of kings and lubo
Tommy Burns, Charlie Nic, Henke, Jinky & Lubo. Not all the best but faves at the time!
Listen into BuzzBeat Radio to hear About U by Tommy Trash & BURNS
Going through my old Celtic pics and came across this, tributes for Tommy Burns. God bless him
yip , but after Brady and macari it was a breath of fresh air , God bless Tommy Burns
Tell Claire and Nigel that they're both wrong. Nigel scored away v celtic in tommy burns's testimonial from the half way line!
Saw him booting Tommy Burns up and doon Shettleston Juniors ground. Tommy lost it with him
Tommy Burns was ma hero. What a man.
Speakin to an ex pro in work who's sayin wat a gent Tommy Burns was & how he'd distract players by chattin away, then turn them inside out😂
this is why Tommy Burns deserves a statue on the Celtic way. Statues of every legend should be on the Celtic way
Amazing how many tims can't separate the player/manager identity of Tommy Burns. Good left foot but a tactical dumpling. John Barnes Lite.
Did I just hear Hibs bottle crash? Stubbsy learned well from Tommy Burns.
Tommy have a good little nose love you xx
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it's ok was calling me Tommy last night
it is you & I do hate you & I hate you so very much & I hope someone burns all your shoes & your Tommy coat so you'll freeze.
Where is Tommy Burns on this list? You have Ronny Deila 8th and Tommy doesn't feature! Who done this list!!
My missus and I have just been speaking about this very thing. Same attitude as Tommy Burns. Living the dream.
As a SMFC Celtic are crying out for a Paul McStay or the great Tommy Burns to control the game.
Actually wouldn't mind him at all. We've had success with former players in the past. Ie Billy McNeil and Tommy Burns
Love this poster for Jack Johnson-Tommy Burns film - the big fight features heavily in my book Boxing in Australia
On this day in 1908, Jack Johnson KO'd Tommy Burns to become 1st African-American to win the heavyweight title.
Tommy Burns, what a man. Paul McStay statue one day too surely. Who else?
Holmes had the best jab, Tommy Burns was the smallest, Jim Corbett was most racist, Floyd Patterson 1st to regain the crown.
"I met great people at Celtic, from John Clark to the late Tommy Burns. I’ve no regrets about signing. It’s a brilliant club.”. Roy Keane
Got to see Oliver Plunkett's Head during a visit to Drogheda. Thanks to local historian Tommy Burns for the tour https:…
Tommy Twists, Tommy Turns - Tommy Burns! . View our gallery of Celtic banners:
Ronda Rousey to fight Holly Holm in Australia, move over historic Jack Johnson - Tommy Burns fight :-) :-)
The great man himself tommy burns said we will always be there and hes 100 percent right just dnt take us for mugs
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2 a man who hates that bell and a man who lives 2 bust chops. I love that Tinker and Tommy
It's bizarre: Russell no caps, Tommy Burns only eight. Fecking Neil Simpson got five!
Loved the Champagne Charlie Podcast with had to to YOU TUBE Celtic v Ajax afterwards couldnt believe Cruyff hacked Tommy Burns
Aye, but also keep Big Jock's and Tommy Burns' quotes in mind.
could you do one with Henrik Larrson, Jimmy Johnstone, Jock Stein, billy McNeil and Tommy burns? And send me a preview
My expose' of MURDER by a Scottish went ✝
I think Ronny has had the least amount to spend since Tommy Burns, he's trying to do it by player development.that takes and deserves time.
he doesn't care it's all about the profit and greed Ronny has had the least amount of money since the legendary Tommy Burns
Celtic fans deserve so much better its unbelievable, Tommy burns wid be turning in his grave, disgusted
"I used to pray every night before I went to sleep that I would 1 day get the chance to play for Celtic". Tommy Burns http:…
Emdy else see Tommy Burns, Jock Stein and WGS on pointless there?
Jock Stein an answer on Not only that Tommy Burns in the semi question. Well played
8x10 Tommy LaSorda Photograph from the Ken Burns Collection Ken Burns via
a stoater of a game. Big mistake by CFC defence, Lauders rattled it in. great game, a good Tim team under the late Tommy Burns.
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We have done pieces on Davey Cooper, Tommy Burns, John Colrain and now Colin Jackson. Great players all.
I always kind of thought of Tommy Burns as a sort of afterthought champ like Primo Carnera, but he was actually pretty solid.
The next legendary moment was back in 1995 when Celtic won the Scottish Cup under manager Tommy Burns (SC)
Guys like Paul, Tommy Burns, Danny McGrain, Roy Aitken gave everything for Celtic when they played.
Worn the day we won our first trophy in six years. Was so happy for Tommy Burns and Paul McStay that day.
Danny McGrain because he was the best full back in our history and Tommy Burns because he was the best celtic man ever!
In 1915, Jack Johnson became the first ever black man to win the world heavyweight title following a victory over Tommy Burns. His reign
Just watched a stream with David Hayman's narration of a tribute to Tommy Burns. Walker, Big Billy and Peter G - tears in their eyes. RIP TB
and "Scott Brown's sister shags Tommy Burns in *** .
That is what Jock Stein & Tommy Burns have in common with the last few popes
Not nearly as bad as Tommy Burns wanting to take Peadophile Cairney back to celtic,McCann never forgave him
1908: Sports - Jack Johnson became the 1st black boxer to win the world heavyweight championship defeating Tommy Burns in Sydney, Australia.
Foreword of our book, by Joe O’Rourke, General Secretary of the Celtic Supporters Association. Throughout Glasgow Celtic’s long and proud history there have been many heroes and icons, from the early days of Patsy Gallagher, John Thomson and Jimmy McGrory to the more recent ones like Jimmy Johnstone, Bobby Murdoch and Tommy Burns, and not forgetting our greatest ever manager, Jock Stein. There have also been great teams throughout our history, like the 7-1 Team, the Nine in a Row Team, the Centenary Team, the Seville Team, the Men that Stopped the Ten Team, and of course the most famous one of all, the Lisbon Lions. Those famous teams and players have now been joined by a group of young kids who have never played football for Celtic, but who have become loved and famous nonetheless. They are the now World Famous Thai Tims from the Good Child Foundation in Thailand. I would not presume to tell the narrative of the Thai Tims.That job is for Paul and Pun Lennon: without Paul and Pun there would be no Tha ...
On this day,16th December,1956- The birth of Celtic legend,Tommy Burns. We have linked this to "You will never walk alone" featuring Celtic and Liverpool fans. story. The more-than-a-century old rivalry between Glasgow giants Celtic and Rangers is well established in the minds of football fans the world over. The colourful, boisterous, sometimes violent, scenes when the two sides meet are Scottish footballs biggest export, beamed to millions of people in hundreds of places from New York to New Caledonia and beyond. The social, cultural and religious backdrop, the almost monopoly-like vice on Scottish silverware and the close proximity of the two clubs to one another does nothing to alleviate the ferocity of the Old Firm Derby, rightly considered among the top three derbies in world football by Sky Sports, World Soccer, Fox Soccer and several other well-respected media outlets. Yet despite the omnipresent hostility and well pronounced divide one man was so well-regarded that he could command respect in bot ...
Heraghty's after 1988 cup final - Tommy Burns sang the Merry Plough Boy
KNOW YOUR BLACK HISTORY! Meet Jack Johnson. Johnson was born on March 31, 1878 in Galveston, Texas. Standing 6′ 1″ and weighing 192 lbs., Johnson captured the “Colored Heavyweight Championship of the World” on February 3, 1903 in Los Angeles, California and became the World Heavyweight Champion in 1908 by defeating Tommy Burns for the title and thereby became the first Black man to hold the World Heavyweight Title. In 1912 in , he was arrested for violation of the Mann Act, a law often used to prevent Black men from traveling with white women. He was charged with taking his White girlfriend, Lucille Cameron, across state lines for “immoral purposes.” He was sentenced to Federal prison for one year, but before he could be imprisoned, he and girlfriend Lucille fled to Europe. Johnson eventually returned to the United States and was sent to Leavenworth Federal Prison in Kansas. While in prison, Johnson found need for a tool which would help tighten of loosening fastening devices. He therefore cr ...
it's definitely John Watt, the obsession with Tommy Burns, paedophilia, Catholicism etc...all the hallmarks
"The best part of a fantastic journey in charge of Celtic has been to get to call Tommy Burns a friend.". Gordon Strachan
Being asked for a burns night menu.. Porridge, whisky, haggis, deep fried mars bar... as if they eat anything else north of the border.
I've no even hud to watch it and made me greet! God bless tommy burns
my hero. Tommy twists Tommy turns Tommy Burns🍀🍀
It could take a million words to describe what Celtic means. Then again you could say it in two. . Tommy Burns
of legends blessed us with Tommy burns xx
Poking fun at Tommy Burns. Not even going to repeat it. Sad pathetic hurting zombie.
genuine question. Was Tommy Burns a great player? No doubt a great human being but was he a great player?
Tommy Burns 'They'll never be better looked after'
Enjoyed match report on Great to remember the great Tommy Burns. I hope the Twists and Turns go our way
again I haven't booed anyone. Google him and Tommy Burns.
Tommy came to us severely emaciated with urine scald burns & pressure sores. Look at him now! ht…
Only one man that had the X FACTOR with Mac The Knife, Tommy Twist Tommy Turns Tommy Burns via
Hamilton Collection
Not bad stereokicks singin mack the knife.not as good as tommy burns but 🍀
can't help but think of Tommy Burns everytimeI hear Mack The Knife Tommy could belt it out
Tommy burns song on the xfactor. Legend. Sleep tight ! 💚💚💚💚
just said to my Mrs that TB was the best at that song . God bless Tommy burns
Suffering X Factor. This mob singing Mack the Knife ain't a patch on Tommy Burns' brilliant rendition of it.
never tire of posting this clip of Mr Celtic, Tommy Burns on the Celtic fans
Billy Stark and Tommy Burns both had a go at him for it but still refused. Was my hero at the time. Never liked him since.
Hello Victoria- Did you & David know/meet Tommy Burns, former Chelsea player from Edinburgh?TY in advance for your reply.
Any word from the Scotsman, Tommy Burns? He so admired you, your Dad & Catherine; wanted to coach Cameron in soccer too...
Hello,Tom. I'm looking for another Tom:Tommy Burns-he said that he very much enjoyed meeting you at Tudor City in 1997..
I would like to see Ricky Burns fight Jim Watt
There is a Ricky Burns impersonator on Sky Sports the now.
Hello- I wanted to ask if you had ever known of Tommy Burns who played for Chelsea under Tommy Dockerty?
Tommy Burns was his mentor. You can tell that straight away when you see his defensive tactics. Or lack of should I say.
"Finished colorization of Tommy Burns. HH lucky to meet this great man when I was a kid..
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Goal! Aaron Burns finds space on the right cuts inside and shoots with the outside of his boot into the net. 3-1 Blues.
Stunning work once again from with the Legend and total gentleman that is Tommy Burns
"Finished colorization of Tommy Burns. HH just class barry, bit like Tommy HH
Finished before and after of the great Tommy Burns. Hope you all like it. HH
Hi-attempting to determine status on Tommy Burns (former Chelsea player from Edinburgh). Would you have any info? TY
Hello- am attempting to determine status of Tommy Burns ( from Edinburgh).He said that he knew you.TY sherrylburns2
Hello- I'm trying to locate Tommy Burns (former Chelsea player from Edinburgh) - he said he knew you.any information?TY-
Hi Tina- Re: Tommy Burns (former Chelsea player from Edinburgh): He spoke so highly of all the Sinatras...any info?TY
Hello, Paris. Do you know if Tommy Burns (the former Chelsea soccer player from Edinburgh Scotland) is in the U.S.?
- Do you possibly know Tommy Burns,former soccer player for Chelsea & originally from Edinburgh Scotland?
Jack Johnson did not defeat Jim Jeffries to become world champion. He beat Tommy Burns in Australia.
Dalglish played before 76. Tommy Burns the kid next to the kid that looks like Frank McGarvey. last shot?
Gordon Strachan, then Celtic manager, pays an emotional tribute to the wonderful Tommy Burns
Tipped for the top - Tommy Burns, Gordon Strachan, Andy Gray, Alan Hansen, Willie Miller - not a bad bunch coming through
in 1881 heavyweight champion 'The Little Giant of Hanover' Tommy Burns was born in Ontario, Canada.
Tommy Burns vs Arsenal David O'Leary testimonial, August 1986 colourization. Hope you like it guys. HH
God bless Tommy Burns. Forever in our hearts.
This is what Tommy Burns meant to the Celtic fans , God Bless you TB.
Tommy Burns - Proud to be a Tim (part one) via I loved this man what a footballer who just loved celtic
I wonder if any Celtic players will be pall bearers at SJ funeral akin to McCoist and Smith at Tommy Burns one
Tommy Burns saw in Brendan Rodgers a man with both the shrewdness and the transferable personal skills to carve out a career for himself in management.
Brendan Rodgers was once headhunted by Jose Mourinho - but the Swansea boss says Tommy Burns will always be The Special One.
saw this clip of round 7 of Jack Johnson v. Tommy Burns at Sydney Stadium in 1908 and thought of you
Round 7 of Jack Johnson vs. Tommy Burns at the old Sydney Stadium in Rushcutters Bay, 1908 via
1878-03-31 *Jack Johnson was born on this date in 1878. He was an African American Boxer, and the first Black heavyweight-boxing champion. John Arthur (Jack) Johnson, from Galveston, Texas, quit school after the fifth grade and became interested in boxing while working as a janitor at a local gymnasium. He turned professional in 1897. In 113 fights, over the next 35 years, he lost only eight. He is still considered one of the great counter punchers of all time. A 1903 victory over "Denver Ed" Martin established Johnson as the unofficial Black heavyweight champion. John L. Sullivan and Jim Jeffries refused to fight Johnson, claiming that to do so would sully the sport’s reputation. On December 26, 1908, finally given the opportunity to compete for the heavyweight championship in a fight in Sydney, Australia, Johnson dethroned the reigning champion Tommy Burns. Johnson defended his championship against five white fighters over the next two years. Responding to the call of legions of white fans anxious to ...
Fergus McCann is as much as a legend as Jock Stein, Tommy Burns and Jinky Johnstone, the man saved our club and we are all in debt to him.
Celtic '85 away lime green shirt please! Tommy twists, Tommy turns, Tommy Burns! And Brian McClair in his prime.
Today's tid bit: so many "top Canadian fighters" weren't even born in Canada. Lucian Bute was born in Romania, Jean Pascal in Haiti, Dierry Jean in Haiti, Adonis Stevenson in Haiti, Arturro Gatti in Italy, Lennox Lewis in England, etc. Don't fret though, we got a few born and raised badasses, like Tommy Burns, David Lemieux, and George Chuvalo.
bear with me the Jock Stein way Henrik Larsson lounge Tommy Burns technical area the Tommy Gemmel tunnel
Good wee song and proceeds go to charity. Tommy Burns - Single by Kellie Stevenson & Joe O'Sullivan.
Is only an excuse still on the go ?, the biggest load of pish ever, Dennis Law, Frank MacAvennie, Graeme Souness, Tommy Burns, noticed about five years ago they had to explain at the start who the were impersonating.
On This Day In Black History; David Ruggles, Underground Railroad conductor and hydropathist, died (1849) in Norwich, Conn. (b. 1810). 2. Nathan Jean Toomer, Harlem Renaissance writer, was born (1894) in Washington, D.C. (d. 1967). 3. Jack Johnson defeated Tommy Burns (1908) for the heavyweight boxing championship of the world. 4. La Julia Rhea integrated opera when she performed ( 1931) in the Chicago City Opera Company's production of Verdi's Aida. 5. Osborne Earl "Ozzie" smith, former St Louis Cardinal All-Star, was born (1954) in Mobile, Ala. 6. Kwanzaa (Swahili for first fruit) was first celebrated (1966) by Maulana Krenga in Los Angeles, Calif.
How would Brother Walfrid have voted, or Tommy Burns, or Willie Maley, or Jock Stein. Need to rid ourselves of these parasites now
Watched that video about Tommy Burns then watched Petrovs YNWA. Why do i do these things? I was actually in tears😭😭
Well our fans were the same over Tommy Burns, even tho the situation was slightly different
or Tommy Burns or Phil O'Donnel or Scott Browns sister, etc, etc, etc.
oh how iv missed all the action! Tommy burns is getting wanked off fi wee Jinky coz it's about his time for his meds!
You don't hear a whole lot from Tommy Burns these days!
Aw am saying is Scott Browns sister is shagging tommy burns in ***
Didn't know you followed AFC, must be like being a Celtic fan when Tommy Burns was manager,all the plaudits, no prizes.
Tommy Burns never made it either thanks to the bigots in Park Gardens.
They're there, they have always been there, god bless everyone of them. Tommy burns in 88. The man is a god
My Celtic player name is Tommy Burns - what's the chances of that.
brilliant gav. You look like a young tommy burns.
was a bit emotional there listening to Tommy Burns segment on 1980s history podcast - Excelllent
Good Morning folks, Tommy Burns, , Celtic in Europe, & others will all feature in the next
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