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Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy is a 1995 road comedy film directed by Peter Segal, written by Bonnie and Terry Turner, and starring former Saturday Night Live colleagues Chris Farley and David Spade.

Chris Farley David Spade Black Sheep Beverly Hills Ninja Rob Lowe Rand Paul Jim Buss Brian Dennehy Billy Madison Uncle Buck Tom Brady

Tommy Boy- “l can get a good look at a T-bone steak by putting my head up a cows’ *** But I’d rathe…
Im driving through Cuyahoga Valley right now and all the best Tommy Boy scenes are running through my head😆
She was good in Tommy Boy but not so much in Beverly Hills Ninja.oh wait that was Chris Farley. Forgot he didn't wear glasses 🤓
My Goodwill find today consisted of Tommy Boy, Beverly Hills Ninja, a Disturbed album... and. Tommy Wiseau's The Room... what have I done
Sad! I blame Jimmy "Tommy Boy" Buss more than anyone else. Glad to be done with the tank and back to winning.
You know you're starting with Cal Naughton Jr to slingshot engage Tommy Boy
Windows 95, Casino, Tommy Boy, Richard Gere's gerbils, and Elisabeth Shue in Leaving Las Vegas! We're talking 1995, the year in pop culture!
Hate to say it but I'm probably the safest on this because I have Tommy Boy
Grandmas Boy not Tommy Boy...there was a banana as well
that's Grandmas Boy not Tommy Boy but still hilarious
My fiancée has never heard of Chris Farley or "Tommy Boy." I foresee a slippery slope or rabbit hole of movie viewi…
he wish he looked like bucky larson lmao He look like Bucky Larson & Chris Farley's Tommy Boy character fused together. Lol
Kushner, I believe, is a thin, dimpled, Jewish version of Chris Farley’s Tommy Boy. Trump respects him b…
Drunk watching Tommy Boy, Half Price Books cd bin. You are living the Midwest teenage suburban dream.
Hey when are you going to add Tommy Boy to the national film registry???
Tommy boy is about two guys who travel across country and become friends and come of age. It's hilarious Farley is…
Tommy Boy. Farley and Spade had a certain dynamic that made the movie very enjoyable
Tommy Boy because Chris Farley was hilarious, and David Spade's character is a great juxtaposition.
Tommy Boy (1995). "If at first you don't succeed, lower your standards.". KCAPatrol ForNadine.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. My boy Tommy would beat your *** for being so unscientific.
Tommy Boy Burns wins the first race at
Right Tommy, hmmm...I get it now; U R 1 of those older men Milo speaks o…
It *** being the one who got cheated eh Tommy boy?
time to kick Peter out and let ol Tommy boy move in with you.
Tommy Boy Entertainment signed and sealed!!! Gold SnapBack available on
My favorite story of the morning: 6-year-old boy born with one arm out-golfs the pros:
Wow I really wanna be with my gf rn
Had my first letter off tommy tucker some boy he is
One time I had a meeting with Tommy Boy Entertainment and I got a text from my man Mean Joe Scheme (I don't think he knew I was there)...
the old yellow pages phone book job Tommy boy?!
Why boy band is the hottest thing in K-Pop right now:
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Ol boy head look so crazy nobody even noticed his lips one sneeze away from cracking and bleeding 😂😂😂😂
You know me Tommy Boy, I'm not getting one, so...
Look at Tommy Boy taking the lead from Mauro at the head of the A-Show.
When he had Tommy kill oh boy in the car. That was revenge
Some more SNL hiring day photos. Included here is Billy Madison, Tommy Boy guy, Zoolander, and perhaps a top 10 all…
My boy Naz say he need some females 👀 y'all need to fw my boy
Obama got mandates from "no voters" he heard in his head. Hillary won an election that didn't exist. Tommy boy has fi…
Boy, nothing like a good game of "sportsball" to occupy my time. Thank you so much for your intellectual suggestion.
Honda Classic 2017: Tommy Morrissey, 6, beat four golfers and tied with one by 9:30 a.m. What an inspiration!
Laughter helps us to keep our sanity. When U lose your ability to laugh, a part of U withers. Love Tommy Boy btw.
yeah, I did. Stop wasting everyone's time and move on to the actual news of the day. Tommy Boy and Mitch got axed. 27th
so your telling me this man isn't Rob Lowe from Tommy Boy?
Young Thug warned Sean Kingston to stay out of the Quavo vs. Soulja Boy beef back in December 👀
Tommy Boy doesn't come up for re elect until 2020😉
mashable : This 6-year-old boy with one arm can straight up ball when it comes to golf. (vi…
I just imagine Sean Spicer rubbing pine tree air freshners on himself like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy before each presser
What Mopar do Tommy and Richard drive in Tommy Boy? Answer here: ht…
How close were the Boston connection at Tommy Boy with Def Jam? So... yunno the first Def Jam 12"? Jazzy Jay & T La Rock's "It's Yours"?
The last Tommy Boy ! God bless Harry Patch. Great soldier but an even greater man. 111 years old !
I met David Spade at the turn on a Vegas golf course. He was a *** I've held it against ever since - except with Tommy Boy
I mean I know Richard Carpenter, or whoever, does let songs be used. Superstar was in Tommy Boy ffs!
Yo it's Tommy Boy the app won't download on my note 5 help me out you know been fan since little brown bmw!! Lol lol happy for ya!
Is he the brother of Big Tom Callahan from Tommy Boy?
I forgot Rob Lowe was the bad guy in Tommy Boy and now I'm mad at Chris Traeger for breaking up with Anne Perkins ALL OVER AGAIN
Tommy Boy, back to the future, Indiana jones, across the universe, grease, princess bride, midnight in paris
Hubby asked me to role play sexy maid but was sold out. *Dressed up like David Spade from Tommy Boy. "HOUSEKEEPING, YOU WANT…
I honestly can say it's my favorite Chris Farley movie. Don't get me wrong, Tommy Boy and Beverly Hills Ninja are instant classics, but..
Sketchbook brushpen of Chris Farley from 'Tommy Boy' in preparation for a collaborative painting…
He's funny, I think you'd like him. Black Sheep, Tommy Boy, Beverly Hills Ninja.
Imagine if Brian Dennehy from Tommy Boy got super jacked on steroids.
Hank Conger throwing out a base runner is like watching Tommy Boy sell 500,000 brake pads to Ray Zalinsky.
I imagine Grant as Chris Farley in Tommy Boy right now
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We're just two dudes who want to watch "Tommy Boy" at 5:25am in the morning. Why is that so hard?!
We're just two drunk dudes who want to see "Tommy Boy" at
When takes pictures on my phone... Such a vain boy!
Lol 's story has me cracking up, he said "andre the giant about to beat that boy's *** lmao
Put my boy Tommy on a cereal box 1x
My boy Tommy look like he can be on a high school textbook rt
boys, give that Cy Young to my boy Tommy K, and give that W to Giancarlo and AJ Ramos.
I'm watching Tommy Boy at 1 am. Hella missing Chris Farley right now 🙏🏻❤️
I miss Tommy just as much as he misses me :( can't wait to see my boy best friend!!
"what if it's a boy?" "then... i hope you get a new baby that's a girl" TOMMY
Thinking of my big boy Tommy Missing him so much...
S/O to my boy Tommy Serrano on being crowned 👑
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need the Chris Farley GIF describing a Bear Claw from Tommy Boy
was referring to Tommy Boy there Danno 😂
tommy lee makes me feel like setting fire to this boy pubic hair, sigh am I crazy?
My boy Zack got me a Tommy Hil wallet. That's love
Tommy Boy, you should've beaten up your wife and children. That's only a 1 game suspension
That Tommy run through your body lil boy don't try me.
The rangers are on fire tonight I love it 🔥🔥🔥
Tommy Tarasiuk hits HR for the year! Keep swinging it boy!
The rain hasn't been able to cool down our bats tonight. We lead 7-0 heading to 6th!
My boy Tommy will cut right through you with his resting face stare.
when I say I gat bouxas of cheese, I'm not talkin about red lesta,. Why do I louaf at Mcs? A king will always lauf at the jesta.
Congrats to for signing with Olivet! Can't wait to lock u down boy! 😂🏈💪🏻
I'm just trynna be Manchesters best😂😂😂
"That coach just taught that little boy how to have Tommy John surgery" commentating at the little league game on bad pitching⚾️
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PD is pretty bummed abt the cat situation on plane, but i think this cd be the start of a buddy comedy ala Tommy Boy ht…
by the masses: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Fruitvale Station. By critics: Crank, Tommy Boy.
Turner in the 90's yesterday. To quote Tommy Boy. "Me likey"
Article in the Wilmslow Guardian about our production of Tommy Boy at Wilmslow Green Room Theatre. (12th-19th...
'Tommy Boy' all set for premiere at Wilmslow Green Room
dan akroid? yes. Tommy Boy? never seen it. bring a six pack and ... well... your iTunes account.
Diaz is Chris Farley in Tommy Boy all he can say is "Shut up Richard."
Can he get a coat that fits? Looks like Chris Farley wearing David Spade's coat in "Tommy Boy."
"I don't pick the nicknames...they pick me." - Tomas/Young Phung/Tommy Boy
Karly and Tommy Boy have won squares in Tan's baseball fundraiser. Your family is rich!
You have to start 'em young with Tommy Boy quotes! 😂😂
And if only Chris Farley were alive, and I had an idea for TOMMY GUN- a Top Gun reboot with cast of Tommy Boy.
Reminds me of the Tommy Boy line "By finesse do you mean sputtering sentence fragments and lighting things on fire?"
I thought Uncle Buck and Planes, Trains and Automobiles was funnier than Tommy Boy(which was great in it's own right)
as a whole, yes. But man Tommy Boy is on all time funny. Uncle Buck pretty awesome too though
Anyone find it curious no one's saying Tommy Boy? Brady's the most overated quarterback when put up next to the best
Just remembered another top 10 comedy: Tommy Boy. Farley's piece de resistance. Spade & Farley had great chemistry.
Heres your peace of mind , were at home , we have the Defense in the league and we've beaten Tommy boy before
Do your Job! Fired up and ready to take on the Broncos this weekend GO TOMMY BOY! GET EM GRONSKI! . check out the doc.
We call that a tomahawk or aka your boy Tommy Hawk 🏂
I'll join in this all day long. Kind of like Tommy Boy "explaining the inline specs on the rotary girder"
I added a video to a playlist Tommy Boy Sales 101- Sales Training
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I liked a video from Tommy Boy Megamix Mixed by 3D (Club Mix)
Pray for Jew boy and his root cannoli :(
Watching TOMMY BOY for the first time in years and guess what it's still great
Broncos smh. I hope Tommy Boy carves them up.
nats voice sends shivers down my spine! How Jonny boy puts up with that,I don't know.
My boy missed the Ucas deadline then rang me saying "lets do a gap year" on your ones mate
The Bronco's talking a lot of trash about The Pats! Never a good thing to make The Hoodie and Tommy Boy mad!. .
His son is like a more inept Tommy Boy.
that I finally realize life is short and I need to do something with it before it's... and screw that, Tommy Boy's on.
Only time Tommy Boy ever used two hands on a pass
SAI: HBO is streaming 'The Godfather' parts 1 and 2 with unseen footage as a 7.5-hour epic
Could have done much worse. aka Tommy boy fro Giants . Love to see old school smash mouth football. Sick of " gimmick football"
They've got it all... Except freedom, basic rights, and the ability to re-watch Tommy Boy on Netflix endlessly...
remember I told you about him last year, he's beyond good
Grab your boy or your girl and boogie with the
yep yep Tommy boy I stay woke and deliver
Happy 21st birthday to our Tommy Boy tomjorza, keep fighting brother. You're in our thoughts and…
police? These people need the MI6. Call my boy Tommy Robinson next time he's with the EDL lmao
Team just don't learn do they! Tommy boy almost beat you with a trash offense
Farley and Spade? It was no Tommy Boy, but I wouldn't say it was a horror movie.
All I ever wanted was ah 50 round tommy
Yall pray for my boy , ain't nothin wrong with him, he just gets excited
Young boy creates Messi shirt from plastic bag, Internet wants to help (via
in the words of Tommy Boy.That. Was. Awesome!!
Cool they added one about Tommy boy yay
it's beyond what anyone every imagined Tommy Boy. Greatest thing to happen to Boston ever.
Typhoon in another maiden open Friday drawn better in T2. Good luck boy
HBD to this hunk from across the pond :)
played each other over the years.OK Tommy Boy let's bring home that AFC Championship for New England.
Tommy Boy is now available for adoption! This male Domestic Short Hair is 3yrs 6mths old. Learn more at
Just when I think my movie choices are off I see Roger Ebert gave Usual Suspects 1 1/2 stars and Tommy Boy 1 star. 2 of the best films ever.
Notting Hill just became my second favorite movie. Let's be honest, nothing can top Tommy Boy.
Here is Mark ( Tommy Boy ) Davis statement. I really don't have 1.4 billion to spend.
Forgive me..That looks like that badass car David Spade drove with the late great Chris Farley in 1994's "Tommy Boy"!
, I was hoping the Denver defense that showed up for Green Bay would show up tonight and maqe life a living *** for Tommy Boy
if you ever run into Andy Butler make sure you ask him to do his Tommy Boy impression.
Sadder movie death, Big Tom Callahan in Tommy Boy, or Mufasa in the Lion King?
Chris Farley Fought David Spade over Rob Lowe on the set for "Tommy Boy"
Okay, I'll say it. I never liked how they used the Herbie Hancock joke twice in Tommy Boy.
Black Sheep and Tommy Boy are my favorite David Spade and Chris Farley movies
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My 6 year old even thinks Tommy Boy is a great movie- as she should!
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lmao Baez you my boy but I might say Tommy drives better 😂
True but look on the bright side that he got a record from Tomm…
it's all good Tommy Boy we need ice toe healed up. Thanks for a reply unlike the other 2..
Peep what Tommy Sotomayor said about that boy getting killed
You can tell a lot about a person by whether they pick Black Sheep or Tommy Boy when provided the opportunity.
scores 2 for JV. 1st goal for , 2nd goal for her speed & jumps coach birthday boy
I adopted the cutest little baby boy and his name is Tommy 🐶
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Tommy saves his mom: 5-year-old called dad, alerted neighbors during mother's heart attack in Kingsport via
I had to buy another leg apron from my boy Tommy is OUTTA control , he will make you…
some boy name Tommy . they just fought
got me a cactus today. named him Tommy :3 my little bby boy!
"Mama baby boy, yea her only one, Tommy Gunn, Yea the Only Son" This what it means to be a artists to me. Check...
Tommy Wright! Pointless old boy with clearly no input
don't fall asleep at the wheel, Tommy Boy.
Shoutout to my boy Tommy Flood for giving me the science hw yet again
First play of the game Kristaps head is gonna fall off and Melo is gonna react like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy during the gas station scene
Missin my tommy boy right now 😢 even if he was a total booger half the time
is this the first match that goes beyond 6 3? lol Bravo Tommy boy!
Tommy Boy is one of the greatest movies ever created
the only reason it's a rebuilding year is because they treated the team like tommy boy wearing Richard's coat!
From All American boy to American Girl by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Sing it Tommy!
b school boy !!! NEVER BACK THE EARLY GAME , you have to bet again ent ya Tommy Thames
All I can think of now is the Tommy Boy bread roll scene 😂
In fairness to you Tommy A for Effort talaga Kaya mo yan Pretty Boy TOMIHO GenuineLove
i hated him so much in Wayne's World and Tommy Boy when I was a kid, but he won me over w Sam Seaborne.
You know that scene in Tommy Boy where David Spade is vacuuming up moths? I’m going to reenact that in a few minutes.
remember when u argued the Lakers would be good soon & I said not with Tommy Boy running the show? Well:
My nephew pooped his pants and I wanted to take him outside and hose him down Tommy Boy style.
dang dude, I am hankering for some Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, and Beverly Hills Ninja.
congrats on your first win Tommy Boy;) how does it feel to be named after the GOAT TB12? 😜
"Once Jonah Hill gets cast for the sequel to Tommy Boy, his case study will be to follow Jim Buss around for a week." quote from my new post
Im back home in Richmond now. First thing im gonna do is watch Chris Farley's Tommy Boy on DVD.
What do we call the Tommy Boy version of Rob Lowe? Cougar Hunter Rob Lowe?
Hey, Brian Dennehy's in a new show and ... wait a minute. Didn't he die in "Tommy Boy"? ***
He said Tommy Boy; I was...🙋... and since I'm an the Bob, Jimmy + old school mentions 🙌.
A little Tommy Boy before an afternoon golf. (@ Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, PA)
I love when David Spade is so clearly trying not to laugh. Hey have you seen Tommy Boy? Or Black Sheep?
John Kruk is like having Tommy Boy in the broadcast booth "Johnny want wingies"
Hideous Tom Brady rendering connects with the people - More ridicule of Tommy Boy…
if u needed Tommy boy to educate u about sikhs, u know u're an ignoramus
Gisele demanded Tommy Boy get his *** home and take out the trash. Pronto!
Looks like your boy Tommy B had a day
MY BOY Tommy and Bishop Peter. Tommy and I attended seminary together. He is a virtuous man's man, a good cop,...
The interviews were so heavy. Watching Tommy Boy now and laughing hard.
When your boy steps out in 40L 40W jeans
Tommy Boy is still one of the greatest movies of all time
Tommy Swenson, on your weird city hip hop festival email, its A$AP Rocky not Aesop Rocky
The best thing to come out of the Tom Brady hearing today about The courtroom sketch of Tommy boy.
whatever it takes boss ... I think tommy boy knows a thing or two or 12.5 things about that
"Lots of people go to college for 7 years... I know they are called doctors" -Tommy Boy. Didn't got…
Me & Dalton always pour one out for our boy ✋👊
lol more power to you my boy. ESP after that disaster of a show for Tommy Garbage, I definitely won't be at metro anytime soon
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I don't think whoever it was who did that courtroom sketch of Tom Brady has never seen another human being before let alone Tommy Boy
Ya boy and Tommy tearing Wylie apart!
Tommy is a young boy, just potty trained. When he goes to the bathroom though, Tommy manages to hit everything...
I that ol boy dre on power gone die. Kanen, ghost, tommy, Angela, or Tasha not about to die they the main characters
I ain't Tommy I got a job, "the boy even has it own business cards"! Hey I didn't have those at the…
Love my Woogie Bears, Tommy Boy, and Pooh Bear! Taking adventures through…
Geez. has really taken its toll on Tommy boy.
I'm listening to Play At Your Own Risk by Planet Patrol on
They got Tommy boy looking like the man from Thinner. lmao
There may still be hope for you in your ongoing battle to win affection over Tommy boy.
Secret lovechild? the wee boy that stood for Labour in Gordon. I'm terrible wi names.
Tommy Kostka will b honorary b-boy 2night. Dad is a cop, mom is a nurse. Great people! Be good to them, please. Big fans
maybe hop on Craigslist and check out jobs there Tommy Boy...
Saying goodbye will never be easy. It's time for me to say goodbye to my friend Tommy Boy. Most of you know...
In my opinion, one of the funniest scenes in comedy. To those who haven't seen Tommy Boy, get on it. via /r/videos
or cry baby tommy puss boy Watson where is at yos
Tommy Scott takes game 1 and is already up 1-0 in game 2! The boy from Oxford is in top form right now
"Me and Marshall have been together for 15 years and our only debate is if tommy boy is awesome or super awesome, that's love Ted"
If you ever feel like you are lacking in confidence just watch this scene from Tommy Boy
If you'll be my Black Sheep I will be your Tommy Boy .
Ryan and I watched "Tommy Boy" together last night, his first time, my fiftieth. He loved it! That's my boy!
Will Jimmy Buss ever find his David Spade? Will he ever have his Tommy Boy moment?
It sounds thoroughly bostin old Boy, I'll gid it a whirl at some point! :). I just had a Tin of Sardines in Tommy Sauce!. :-[
Wow this is great. NFL is down 21-0 in the first quarter right now to ol Tommy Boy
And thanks to Tommy Boy for the care package. Not very often do I get surprised with a 420 gift. It was very tasty, thank you my friend.
"I love chicken and waffles. MORE THAN CHURCH LOVES SIN"- Tommy on master chef oh boy do I love you tommy boy
Finally they're making a movie paying respects to the great Tommy Boy
that's true, wish I went the fall out boy and arctic monkeys year, think eminent was there same year too :(
Unless you're heartless, you should be watching Tommy Boy on Spike which preludes the World Premier of the documentary, "I Am Chris Farley."
But you sure obsess about him and ole Tommy boy! Lmao
Bout to call my boy see what Js can he get in my babies size and fa my baby mama that ain't out yet
Farley always killed me in Tommy Boy...Best. Movie. Ever.
Happy 16th Birthday to my baby boy Tommy!!! You have grown so much in the past 16 years from inside…
Ernie Balbach is haunted by the Jewish boy he couldn't save from the SS.
Keep pushing it Tommy Boy aka Golden Boy: Keep pushin this issue, Golden Boy! The more you pus...
Tommy is a one year old black lab mix with a lot of energy! This pretty boy came to us from another shelter. The...
yo 😭😭😭😭 My boy Tommy going through it rn. Still love him though.
I Haven't seen Tommy boy in years...!! Classic!! Thanks for the laughs!!
"Well Miles is the pretty boy, Seth we call Cha-chi, Zaden we leave alone or he'll cry + Tom, well we can't make fun of t…
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Our big boy Tommy after a second late night out! First one till 6am and second till 4am. Mom and Dad are not ammused!
Tommy from the hit show "Power" is on with Big Boy right now on Real 92.3 - I told him I cried when he went to jail...he knows!
If you are not convinced Kacey is a great writer, I'll quote her for you: "Be careful lil mama, tommy boy here has a case of the herps" bye
Hey Tommy Boy your Focus Group was hand picked and flagrantly GOPe stools, you looked bad lst ngt
I used to work for Tommy Boy marine tell him I said hi
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He's got bangs to hide his old man face, but you can't fool us, Tommy Boy.
Tommy Boy has been running on cable a lot lately. . this is a terrible joke
Happy birthday to my boy Tommy have a good one!!
Same way I feel about my boy Tommy 😢
seeing Fritzy in that smedium Jersey reminds me of this classic Tommy Boy scene |
I go for the old classics I haven’t seen in a while. Tommy Boy, dumb and dumber, Happy Gilmore.
now playing on Hot107.9 fm Carolina - - - - 3D - Tommy Boy Megamix - - - click to tunein >
yea was obnoxious listening to it. Made me feel like my boy Tommy when he Angela got him locked up.
“.Luntz is a mix between Tommy Boy and a used car salesman.
would like to know your thoughts on the film "Tommy Boy."
I ain't talk to my boy Tommy in so long dawg
Picture Chris Christie & Rand Paul together in a convertible. Then think of the film Tommy Boy w/ Chris Farley & David…
"E don sweet our tommy say Ashley don sign new contract," na werrin van Gaal talk."Na better Pikin wey him b, no b like…
vote for my little boy Archie Jay Girdham please share this Tommy
Oh my goodness!!!The chemistry between Chris Christie and Rand Paul is almost as funny as Chris Farley and David Spade in Tommy Boy.
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front runner? Seriously? Maybe in ur commie editorial but Tommy boy Lenin is NOT front runner.
. You came into my job yelling tommy lord loud asl fse but you my boy and stay cooling
Awrite Tommy boy? Frightful summer we are having. I've noticed your Reasons To Be Cheerful steal on b4 your very eyes. Aye
You know you're old when you drop a Tommy Boy movie line and you have to explain to who Chris Farley is.
Callahan Institute that's based out of Sandusky Ohio is such a good homage in 50 first dates to Tommy Boy. I never caught it till now
David Spade is this week's Before SNL, Tommy Boy & Joe Dirt, he was a Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Arizona State University.
Good movie, but not one of my favorites. I like Billy Madison, Tommy Boy, Liar Liar, ... Just to name a few.
a TC Pick 4 and a trifecta to boot -- way to go Tommy Boy
Jeannie needs to take over. Jim Buss reminds of that Chris Farley character from Tommy Boy.
i reckon Cat Boyd might be onstage. I kind of get the feeling Tommy Boy is "persona non grata" with the younger element nowadays
the title song from upcoming album... 2 Wu mbrs on Tommy Boy records now? .
So Method man is on Tommy Boy records now. I thought they went under. glad to see them back.
Independent labels take nothing and make something out of it. -Tom Silverman (Tommy Boy Records CEO)
Relationships, the Perfect PR Storm and a Lesson from Tommy Boy
Movie: TOMMY BOY (RIP Chris Farley he was my favorite!)
Two bees flew in my car while I was driving. I just had a real life Tommy Boy moment.
Two minutes into Tommy Boy and I'm wondering where this movie has been my whole life
10-4 hit CMS with a text and see if Tommy boy wants to play
to quote Tommy Boy, I can almost hear them getting fatter
: You must have missed the Tommy Boy reference from about a month ago! My 90s movie references are on point.
Lmao boy im bout to get yo tommy off Martin lookin *** I was Tryin keep it professional you seal lookin mfer gtf outta here
How am I supposed to teach when the class next door is watching Tommy Boy 😭
word I've used before to describe how feels is pitiful. Weird to see strangers living in it. 48 yrs they lived there
Tommy Boy will never get less funny. EVER.
I never went back to my Grandparent's after Grandad died. Just felt different
I don't like going to grandparents' house now. I saw the dead body and where it was and it feels cold
to be fair I'd probably watch you around the bedroom door 😜
dunno, I had nothing to do with the sale & refused to step foot in it after she passed
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