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Tommy Bastow

Tommy Bastow (born 26 August 1991) is an English actor and musician from Epsom, Surrey.

Aaron Johnson Perfect Snogging Noel Gallagher

Dino keeps calling Tommy Bastow Harry Styles make him quiT
Hey guys! Did a cheeky track with my good buddies check it out! enjoy! X
Still find it weird watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging knowing I met Dave the Laugh aka Tommy Bastow at a concert years ago 😂😂
He has gone downhill! But Dave on the other hand has gone up ;)
Not to mention I've been a FRANKO FAN for 4 years now! :D Without seeing Tommy Bastow in ATPS, I would've never.
YAAAY WE'RE GETTING BT INFINITY hopefully they'll send Tommy Bastow with it
As if Tommy Bastow was Dave the Laugh in Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging lol life
Tommy Bastow in Angus things and Perfect Snogging, looking delicious
Oh I'm having tommy bastow feels now
Tommy Bastow. He's in a band called Franko now.
I think I just saw Tommy Bastow in Epsom. Either him or his doppelgänger.
The new bt advert was on again! So glad Tommy Bastow is back in it!!!😍
No but seriously Tommy Bastow is just amazing. He is fit and he can sing and he can act. What more could you want
Just love tommy bastow's dimples :D
It still hurts me that tommy bastow was once in the same building as me and I never got to meet him
erm what are the bt advert playing at using a cartoon version of dave the laugh GET TOMMY BASTOW BACK
oh please, you got to meet Tommy Bastow. One does not simply not count 2012 as their year. 2013 SHALL BE MY YEAR >:D
That is Tommy Bastow, aka Dave the Laugh, aka british sex god.
But then again, look at Tommy Bastow NOW
Great job on your art projects. I really loved the pictures of FRANKO and Tommy Bastow.
I'll be Georgia and Tommy Bastow or Logan Lerman can be Robbie, sorted
Tommy Bastow sent to my house please
Photo: bringmetheliar: Meet Tommy Bastow . :3 Vocalist of an alternative rock band. :)
the only adverts i will watch are the BT ones because tommy bastow unf
Tommy Bastow is sooo cute in Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging
Where as Tommy Bastow was hot and erm well still is!
Tommy Bastow is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
I have just been told that I look like Tommy Bastow *raised eyebrow* I dont think I do to be honest aha
Talking to my poster of Tommy Bastow, letting everything out. Normal of me yeah I know, but he's the only one who actually listens.
9. Tommy Bastow is my celebrity crush
Tommy Bastow you beautiful beautiful man
Tommy Bastow is truly a gift sent from god have you seen that boy
Still can't get over the fact I met tommy bastow (dave the laugh) OMGEE
Plus Aaron Johnson and Tommy Bastow are in it and they're both unf
So apparently the boy in the BT adverts is Tommy in Dave the laugh, how did I not know?!
Saw Tommy Bastow from Angus thongs and Perfect Snogging today!!
let's just take a moment to appreciate Tommy Bastow
“Guys remember dave the laugh from Angus thongs~ Tommy Bastow > He follows my other account.. FranKo!
Zac Efron is 25, Aaron Johnson is 22, Matt Lanter is is 29, Tommy Bastow is 21, Jeremy sumpter is 23 and Cole and Dylan sprouse are 20.
Tommy Bastow is in a band and stars in films, but I'm sure he's flattered that everyone remembers him as 'the guy in the BT advert'.
Remember when I was meeting Tommy Bastow and I almost tripped over a disabled person and him and Rich just laughed at me... yeah.
Tommy Bastow has been I'm my house and is friends with my sister, so who's jealous ?
imagine having a son that looked like Tommy Bastow, with those bright blue eyes omg
THIS ladies is Tommy Bastow, the kid from the BT broadband adverts, mmm baby come to mama x
BT adverts are the only adverts I don't mind purely because of tommy bastow
use the tommy bastow one I sent u ha ha ha
Tommy Bastow yum his got so hot since angus thongs and Perfect Snogging
Yes! Its a must... and you must listen to Franko:) Hes a lead singer in the band! His name is Tommy Bastow..
or jahmene,james,the wanted,tommy bastow I'm really not that fussy.
I can't believe I spent a day with Tommy Bastow.
Aaron Johnson and Tommy Bastow is absolutely gorgeous ohmy.
tommy bastow on the BT advert is always the highlight of the breaks
Getting an inbox from Tommy Bastow and trying to act casual..
hey hey hey! Last day for the competition: you still have 24 hrs left!!
Watch our interview with Tommy Bastow and Vari Sylvester discussing their quirky new play Harold and Maude
Check out my video interview for here:
I'm gonna make tommy bastow and Aaron Johnson follow us !
arrr xxx. What are tommy bastow and Aaron Johnson's @ names?
I swear only Tommy Bastow could still look good dressed as a werewolf
In this interview with you can see the actors who are playing us! Coping well with the accents.
Interview with and ahead of the Harold and Maude performance
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Hey saw you were a fan of Tommy Bastow and thought it might be worth flagging up our video with him
Hey saw you were a Tommy Bastow fan and thought you might be interested in our video interview with him
Check out our video with BT advert star Tommy Bastow about new Harold and Maude play at the
Personwas mentioned in: Tommy Bastow stars in love story with a difference Harold and Maude [Video] - To...
that's Tommy Bastow from Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging omg he grew up good. idk I like tommy more than the random
Tommy bastow aka save the laugh is really hot now, puberty was good to him
Was great catching up with our good friend Tommy Bastow in Glasgow the other night.
I'm sorry but Tommy Bastow is gorgeous.
Tommy bastow is the definition of perfection
Everytime I see tommy bastow he just gets sexier and sexier!
if i cant marry any members of The Wanted, i request Tommy Bastow. thankyou.
Since when was Tommy Bastow the guy from the BT advert?
Had an amazing night! Hugged all of all of My Forever, and hugged and met Tommy Bastow (dave the laugh).
In Glasgow at classic grand, and joined by our good friend Mr Tommy Bastow. It's great to see him again!
I love the BT advert, Tommy Bastow on my screen is just asdfghjkl
Tommy Bastow as a wear wolf is just aksmdclss
Erm what's happening to tommy bastow?!
Tommy Bastow makes the bt adverts much more enjoyable to watch
If Tommy Bastow would just hug me. Id die.
come on tommy bastow and Conor Maynard. Admit it. You love me.
I'm going to stay single forever cuz Tommy Bastow refuses to declare his undying love for me.
Tommy Bastow, yes please, any day. Thanks.
Why doesn't Tommy Bastow just stop be gorgeous?
will understand my love gor Greg West, Niall Horan and Tommy Bastow
Lets take a moment to appreciate Tommy Bastow.
Tommy Bastow, oh how I love you so.
Love seeing BT adverts cause every time I see Tommy Bastow I'm just like oooh I met him!!!
New advert is now on air... don't miss it and you can win some prizes!
Just finished watching Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. So; Aaron Johnson is phwooaar. His abs are ripped. Then Tommy Bastow is just *-*
Tommy Bastow is in it though so it's okay.
nooo I prefer tommy bastow! He's better, because he's still hot now
Tommy Bastow aka Dave the laugh aka sex
Tommy Bastow, ugh, the things I would do to you.
Tommy Bastow is one of the most beautiful guys in the world.
excuse my horrendous look I was sporting last year, but Tommy Bastow aka Dave the Laugh
Can't believe I forgot about Tommy Bastow in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging as well. Dave the Laugh is also a hottie!
Tommy Bastow dressed as teen wolf, I shouldn't find this attractive.
Holy tommy Bastow baby I used to have such a crush on you
I hope Tommy Bastow kept this drawing cause it will be worth a lot of money one day.
According to Tommy Bastow, he will hatching soon. Get Ready for the rebirth of Tommy Bastow!
What supercool connections have you made through the Internet?... — tommy bastow lol
I remember when me and added Tommy Bastow (who plays Dave the Laugh) on MySpace and he accepted :')
Can Tommy Bastow call me beautiful or
Tommy Bastow is also incredibly gorgeous
wow why am I not georgia I mean tommy bastow and Aaron Johnson yes please
Tommy Bastow in Angus thongs is hilarious!
I know will always love tommy bastow!
Angus thongs and Perfect Snogging! Yes dave the laugh aka tommy bastow! I know you woop xoxo
Angus, thongs and Perfect Snogging is by far my favourite film! Love tommy bastow!
Who's your celebrity crush — I have more than one!...Tommy Bastow, Douglas Booth, Robert Pattinson, Gerard Way...
I actually always feel really awkward when Tommy Bastow has to say nunga nunga nunga in Angus thongs :L
lucia once printed out a picture of tommy bastow JUST to put it in her wallet. Freak.
Nad he is the definition of perfect. He's 21 and his name is Tommy Bastow I stalked him
Really hope its not so bad snow we cant go clothes show live:( i need to see Tommy Bastow:(
I will never ever forget the day I met Tommy Bastow. Omg.
The things I'd do to Tommy Bastow though
So excited Tommy Bastow at clothes show live, i will get his number this year
Tommy Bastow - Dave the Laugh, on the BT adverts omgg
Feel really fed up, Going to watch Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, best film ever (And Tommy Bastow's in it, makes it even better)
Liam Hess and Tommy Bastow are so beautiful
Its unbelievable how much I wish I was Georgia Nicholson... Tommy Bastow and Aaron Johnson after her!! :O
There's someone in my sixth form who looks like tommy bastow and it's so hard not to get all weird around him
I'm really in love with Tommy Bastow. Let me just turn 18
The reasons why why I love the Brits: -Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging -Harry Potter -Aaron Johnson -TOMMY BASTOW
I was just like 'No mother, that's Virgin. Tommy Bastow advertises BT' and she goes 'oh yes. Tommy Bastow. From FranKo.' And rolls her eyes.
Yeah i'm single but you need to be Tommy Bastow to change that! -BastowBabe
Zoe nearly fell off the bed flailing over Tommy Bastow.
Tommy Bastow from the BT infinity advert is actually gorgeous.
but then Tommy Bastow turned up because it turned out he was a lifeguard
wonder if Tommy Bastow and Tom Daley will ever get together. Their cats would be lovely.
just realised that the guy in the BT adverts is tommy bastow ((dave the laugh)) HOW DID I NOT REALISE THIS UNTIL NOW holy ravioli he's hot
My nightly dose of Tommy Bastow and Jeremy Sumpter before heading for bed. :">
Running through the room when the bt advert came on did a 360 turn and fell on my face just to stare at Tommy Bastow
Oh I wanted Tommy Bastow as my background boo
Tommy Bastow is a sex god! He's actually in a band too. Extra sexy points...
everytime i see the bt advert 1. i think of when i met Tommy bastow 2. I always want to say "custard cream?" to people..
Boy who was the spit image of Tommy bastow sat opposite me at the beach today..
Tommy Bastow! Dave the laugh's real name is Tommy Bastow :)
remembering the time when Tommy Bastow fell ontop of me and at bourne hall :L
Probs sit and and read Tommy Bastow and Aaron Johnson fanfics.
Tommy Bastow is gorgeous pls marry me
okay yes that fair omg I love him even now tommy bastow m
However I will not complain about Tommy Bastow (dave the laugh)
Ah tommy bastow and share the same birthday
I wonder if people will now finally notice that Tommy Bastow (Dave the laugh) is in the BT adverts..what a wee beaut :)
why is Tommy Bastow so sexy. why :'(
something about Tommy Bastow, and i dont get what you said, and hes fit so i wanna undersatand :') xx
& Tommy Bastow from FranKo is in it making it 10x better
In glad she ends up with Tommy Bastow (Dave The Laugh)
I'd genuinely go weak at the knees if Tommy Bastow actually ever said "See ya later, beautiful." I used to be so in love with him.
Puberty was good to tommy bastow though wasn't it
Aaron Johnson, Tommy Bastow and Steve Jones in one film.
Tommy Bastow my future boyf, ch'yeah!! Lets hope i'm not crying over a celebrity this time though!
Seriously Tommy Bastow is so cute in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging I can't
Don't even lie, I just googled Tommy Bastow (Dave The Laugh) and this come up.. omfg no
Sorry but tommy bastow aka dave the laugh > Aaron Johnson aka robbie
Aaron Johnson and Tommy Bastow make this film! nomnomnom
I've met Tommy Bastow who plays Dave the Laugh
Tommy Bastow is so much better than Aaron Johnson now a days!
Why did Aaron Johnson have to change? Meh, at least tommy bastow is still fit as ***
When people call Tommy Bastow by his character Dave The Laugh... leave. Right now. Just go.
M8 you should have gone for tommy bastow
Tommy Bastow is so much hotter than Aaron Johnson.
Hey it's Tommy Bastow's birthday! If you want to understand Tommy see the
"You will never read this for the first time ever again.." ~Tommy Bastow
Tommy Bastow accepted my friend request this is great
I mean I know he's Tommy Bastow but it's just not the same
love the BT adverts, it's either Noel Gallagher or Tommy Bastow
Everyones bumming tommy bastow now, I'm like lol I've seen his band live, and met him, and he hugged me omgg, he smells nice tooo
Tommy Bastow (Dave the Laugh) in the BT Infinity advert though, well hellooo beautiful
Tommy Bastow lookalike now god what did I do to deserve these gods next to me.
When I'm reading the books I still picture Dave the laugh' as Tommy Bastow.
i kinda see that, is he the brazilian Tommy Bastow?
Love the BT Commercials. Tommy Bastow on one, as well as Spanish music and then Noel Gallagher music on the other
'custard cream?' no thanks but I'll take tommy bastow
Tommy Bastow (the boy out of the BT advert and angus thongs and Perfect Snogging) is beautiful though
Tommy Bastow lookalike omfg helP hold me
I am breathing the same air as Tommy Bastow. Jealous? You should be ;)
Omg the boy off of angus, thongs and Perfect Snogging (tommy bastow) is the bt advert boy!! I LOVE HIM.
seeing tommy bastow on the BT advert and thinking, ahhh I've met that beautiful person ♥
So franko have canceled there last few gigs cuz tommy bastow has acting commitments ... BT must be having a new advert.
Hanna!!! Hanna!!! Hanna!!! Where da fuq are you?! Jay Duffy is back on hollyoaks and I found photos of tommy bastow!
One time, Tommy Bastow told me about his poo. It was awesome ;)
yes!!! :D and no, you're just Tommy Bastow man. Do you light your farts and like nunga-nungas?
The only good thing about the BT adverts are that they always have Tommy Bastow in them..
decided to search the Tommy Bastow tag on tumblr... baaad idea, think i just drooled on myself.
Still can't believe I've met Tommy Bastow and George Lamb :'3
think I'm in love with tommy bastow/Aaron Johnson
Ok I'm gna watch Angus, Thong and Perfect Snogging cos Tommy Bastow
Omfg I'd love to meet tommy bastow he's gorgeous
tommy bastow?? I didn't know that, he doesn't look the same!xx
*In 20 years* Daughter: "Bedtime !" Me: "Ok, Once upon a time there was a man named Tommy Bastow.." Daughter: "You mean Daddy?"
pfft, tommy bastow is not your man. THIS is your man
Today my new obsession with Tommy Bastow begins
Oah, tommy bastow's on my telly and man is he lush.
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I'm going to get off this computer before I start spamming you with my adoration for Tommy Bastow :)
Tommy Bastow is a beautiful creation
Tommy bastow is the definition of perfect
tommy bastow,but dave the laugh-the guy off angus thongs and Perfect Snogging:D x
Tommy Bastow (dave the laugh) is even hotter now that i've found out he's in a band
Tommy Bastow is trending.. aww i miss him so much!!! Nearly a year ago since FranKo performed at my friends house :D
no thats normal because his names tommy Bastow and I'm now officially obsessed with him omfg
Have a massive crush on Tommy Bastow.
tommy Bastow, he's in a band called franKo :) google him xox
Tommy Bastow, you lovely creature you
Tommy Bastow, you wanna be a sex god too
If anyone talks about Tommy Bastow to me i'll get mad because i've known of him for longer and you all think he's called Dave the laugh fu
"still jealous of my sister ripping part of Tommy Bastow's top last year. what can I say ;)
Idk why but it kind of annoys me when people upload photos of Tommy Bastow, but call him 'Dave the laugh'
Found my love for Aaron Johnson and Tommy Bastow again omfg
Dear Tommy Bastow, met you once before, given you enough time to fall in love with me. Where are you?
Tommy Bastow aka Dave the laugh.. is so gorgeous ;o
omg yes and we stayed right till the end to see what his real name was:') Tommy Bastow! :p
yeah guys Tommy Bastow put his arm around me...
Tommy Bastow things went well for you!!
Tommy Bastow is trending. have people finally realised then?;)
If you look like Tommy Bastow, Francisco Lachowski or Ed Speleers we should be married
Tommy Bastow looks so hot in the new BT advert
tommy bastow, I don't think you will be disappointed
Crush on Aaron Johnson and tommy bastow
Tommy Bastow AKA Dave the laugh from Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging.. now
Oh my gosh! search him up he is called tommy bastow and in a band called franko omg I love him ;o
I love Tommy Bastow, omg he's beautiful
Tommy Bastow is so hot, I have a fit every time the BT advert comes on
Niamh...that picture of Tommy Bastow :O wow
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"I now regret not saying hi to him in the street :'( thats not tommy bastow...
Tommy Bastow aka 'Dave the laugh' is so much hotter then Aaron Johnson now!!
Tommy Bastow with his shirt up, NOM.
Tommy Bastow in that new BT advert, NOM!
Tommy Bastow aka Dave the laugh;) keeps getting hotter in the BT Adverts
Omfg Tommy Bastow ~ Dave 'The Laugh'/boy on BT adverts.. Puberty was a god to him
Tommy Bastow looks good in the new bt advert!
I wish I was one of the girls in the BT infinity advert lool- Tommy Bastow is just perf
Tommy Bastow is so gorgeous asdkfaq
Tommy bastow you are a beautiful boy
Watching Angus thongs and Perfect Snogging in bed, mm Tommy Bastow is so perfect
If a boy moved to our school that looked like Tommy Bastow I would be beyond happy like oh my god wow
I go all fan girl when it comes to tommy bastow
Tommy Bastow in the new BT advert is my favourite
when a BT advert with tommy Bastow comes on tv and I'm like YEAH I MET HIM AND HUGGED HIM YEAH FU
❑ Taken ❑ Single ✔In such a secret relationship with Tommy Bastow he doesn't even know it himself ;D
"Your obsession with Tommy Bastow and Olly Murs is pathetic"
He's called Tommy Bastow, and he's my Boyfriend ;) Lol x
Tommy Bastow is just beautiful perfection omg
Tommy Bastow is so bloody beautiful
The best adverts are the BT adverts with Tommy Bastow aka Dave The Laugh
No habia notado que Damian *the glee project* es taaan parecido a Tommy Bastow , love him
Tommy Bastow in the new bt advert tho
Tommy Bastow, why must you be so freaking hot?!
Tommy Bastow and Alex Pettyfer are just perfection
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