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Tomi Lahren

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Hillary Clinton is no more of a feminist than Tomi Lahren or Anne Coulter 🔥
I think Dannie in Being Mary Jane is based on Tomi Lahren lool
Fox News hires Tomi Lahren, the pundit fired by Glenn Beck’s The Blaze
raise ur hand if u also thought "Lani Sarem" was just ppl intentionally mispronouncing "Tomi Lahren"
No one is more excited about Tomi Lahren joining Fox News than her parents because it means she'll finally move out of the…
Will Tomi Lahren being on Fox News cause you to tune in more?
.is spokeswoman for Trump super PAC. . She literally was in their TV ads!. Fox News = Trump Propaganda. https:/…
BREAKING: Faux News signs Tomi Lahren to add diversity to... oh, wait.
If I could fight anyone in the entire world it would be Tomi Lahren
Just a quick reminder that there are countess reasons to criticize Tomi Lahren--a racist moron--without resorting to sexism.…
Finally the blonde racist perspective will get a voice: Internet shames Fox News for hiring Tomi Lahren. Got nothing
Welcome!! Tomi Lahren will Make her Debut as Fox News Contributor Tonight on "Hannity" 10PM ET
Remember when liberals were all celebrating a few months ago because they said it was the end of Tomi Lahren's career? 😂
Just when the left thought they had gotten the best of BOOM! Fox News hires Tomi Lahren as an official con…
Gee, I hope Tomi Lahren will be able to fit in at Fox News...
Congrats to my girl Fox News Channel signs Tomi Lahren
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People in the news: Michael Phelps, Bruce Springsteen, Tomi Lahren - Akron Beacon Journal
I'm pretty sure the new 'Lord of the Flies' is just Tomi Lahren trying to survive at Fox News.
Tomi Lahren being hired at Fox is further proof that the prerequisite to getting hired at that racist network is to spew…
Fox News hiring Tomi Lahren is the most unsurprising event of 2017
hires as contributor, will appear on 'Hannity' via
Fox News brings on fervent Trump supporter Tomi Lahren who hopes to speak for “America-loving patriots” ht…
You know something is trash when Tomi Lahren is a fan of it
Glenn Beck, who knows a thing or two about crazy: Tomi Lahren is just not fit to work for me. Faux News: OOH! WE'LL TAKE HER!
Fox News hires Tomi Lahren as she perfectly fits their brand of blonde mouthpiece who can lie on cue.
Trump sycophant Tomi Lahren joins Fox News after taking cues from Sean Hannity
Yard Sale Barbie blowout!!. Anne Coulter. Laura Ingraham. Kellyanne Conway. Kayleigh McEnany. Buy all 4 & we'll throw in a b…
Fox News hires Tomi Lahren for a job that she's been preparing for her entire life. Her qualifications include racism, b…
Tomi Lahren, Ann Coulter, and Kellyanne Conway look like the same person at various stages of crystal meth addiction h…
Tomi Lahren's what happens when Barbara Eden ends up with Wernher von Braun instead of Larry Hagman.
Still don't understand why Tomi Lahren is still getting press, thought she got fired. You ain't got no job , Tommy ! *Martin Voice*
Best part of the day was when Tomi Lahren said she was still on her parents health insurance after trashing Ocare for…
And in other news, Tomi Lahren's parents admit they hate Obamacare but they absolutely love the ACA. 😂😂😂
Conservative firebrand Toni Lahren admits she's benefitting from Obamacare we knew yo…
Hey Black cis women - remember when Charlemagne told us to be more like Tomi Lahren? He don't love none of us.
Being Mary Jane throwing shade at Tomi Lahren and I am so here for it
ObamaCare opponent Tomi Lahren: I'm still on parent's insurance under ObamaCare
Tomi Lahren hates Obamacare, but uses it anyway.
who thinks health care is a privilege, admitted to benefiting from Obamacare: https:…
Jake Tapper and CNN were humiliated at when they couldn’t bring out a crowd even by offering free food and books.
Apparently, conservative darling Tomi Lahren is a vocal opponent of ObamaCare, but at age 24 is still on her parents' insu…
Noted Obamacare hater Tomi Lahren admits to being on Obamacare.
Tomi Lahren is the product of a lifetime of privilege, getting by on looks, ignorant attitude and the hot veneer of insince…
CNN’s Humilated by Crowd Size for Jake Tapper’s Event
ObamaCare opponent Tomi Lahren inadvertently admits she's benefiting from ObamaCare
So that much-hyped Chelsea Handler/Tomi Lahren 'debate' wasn't really a debate:
At Politicon, Tomi Lahren said she is "luckily" still on her parents' health insurance plan
Here's a livestream of Tomi Lahren and Chelsea Handler's debate at
Tomi Lahren destroyed Chelsea Handler in that debate hands down
Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren admits she's benefitting from Obamacare
I liked a video Tomi Lahren - Giving a Voice to Conservative America on "Tomi": The Daily Show
She's having Tomi Lahren on her show??? Blehh.
this? Why you trash talking and not even tagging ?? Too scared???
Kristine Leahy aka the Tomi Lahren of Fox Sports was cool with Tom Brady selling a $200 cookbook but blasted LaVar for his 400+ shoes
Tomi Lahren & Chelsea Handler: Someone who knows nothing commenting about someone who knows even less...
Tomi Lahren is going to debate Chelsea Handler at Politicon? Chelsea is going to destroy Tomi and I can't wait.
OMG -- we can't wait for this: Chelsea Handler and Tomi Lahren to face off in live debate grudge match
Chelsea Handler, Tomi Lahren to face off at Politicon via the Android app hopefully Handler will be SOBER
Chelsea Handler is debating Tomi Lahren. Tomi is practicing right now by saying "Snowflake, Libturd, Lefists" in her mi…
⚡️ “Tomi Lahren and Chelsea Handler will face off in a debate”.
Brace yourselves: Tomi Lahren and Chelsea Handler are going to face off in a debate
Me before: Eh Chelsea Handler is kinda funny ig. Me:*Finds out she's facing off against Tomi Lahren*. Me now:
I will personally pay to physically see the Tomi Lahren and Chelsea Handler debate. Tomi girl is going to roast her as…
Pretty sure... Chelsea Handler "debating" Tomi Lahren actually *is* everything that is wrong with Politics and Political Me…
Chelsea Handler is reportedly taking on Tomi Lahren in a live debate
Fired conservative pundit Tomi Lahren to debate Chelsea Handler
Tomi Lahren and Chelsea Handler are in the woods... Tomi: Look, deer tracks!. Chelsea: No, bear tracks. Then both are r…
'Holy s**t, tickets please'! Tomi Lahren vs Chelsea Handler debate set to be an epic, and one-sided showdown
Can't we all just stop fighting and agree that Tomi Lahren and Dana Loesch are really hot.
For the is sad that Donald Trump blocked me but Scott Baio, Tomi Lahren, and Jason Chaffetz all have not. S…
Tomi Lahren gone. Bill O'Reilly gone. Ann Coulter can't get a gig. Alex Jones lost his kids. Sean Hannity about to get fired…
That was fast! Glenn Beck's The Blaze agrees to settle with Tomi Lahren under these terms ...
Everyone: No one's worse than Tomi Lahren... Kristine Leahy: Hold my Unicorn Frappuccino...
Im blocked by Mike Huckabbe, Tomi Lahren, Candice Cameron, John Rocker & more.
Tomi Lahren Settles Lawsuit with The Blaze; Now a Free Agent. . Why She's Still at 14:59 of her 15:00
Tomi Lahren, Glenn Beck put an end to legal drama with settlement - CNN via
The legal battle between Tomi Lahren and her employers, Glenn Beck and The Blaze, has ended with a settlement
I feel so bad for Tomi Lahren. The poor thing Really misses having a show to give us all her "Final Thoughts". So …
"Maybe I should meet Tomi Lahren, I'll Lauryn Hill her. Train her; she miseducated anyway.."
Hire Tomi Lahren to analyze injuries please
Tomi Lahren has defeated in her lawsuit. She has been released from her contract, & regained control over her Fac…
Congrats-hang in there ! Tomi Lahren, Glenn Beck settle lawsuit via
In an alternate universe, Amanda Bynes does Tomi Lahren parodies. I want to live in that universe.
Scooplet: Tomi Lahren's agents at ICM Partners have ended their relationship with her. (agency reps Shonda Rhimes, Beyonce, Wol…
Under the settlement, Tomi Lahren is formally released from her contract with The Blaze.
Lawyer Cernovich correctly predicted an unequivocal win for Tomi Lahren. And it was.
It's over? Tomi Lahren and Glenn Beck have reportedly reached a settlement
Easy to see psycho gave in. Tomi Lahren reportedly settles lawsuit against Glenn Beck, Blaze
Tomi Lahren settles lawsuit with Glenn Beck and The Blaze: report
Ann Coulter and Jimmie Walker are officially the strangest couple ever. They can only be outdone if Tomi Lahren dated Loui…
Alex Jones, Bill O Reilly, and Tomi Lahren or whatever her name is.At this rate the right-wingers won't have any me…
Now that O'Reilly is gone Tomi Lahren is definitely taking an hour between 7 thru 10pm maybe her and Jesse Waters?
Bill O'Reilly, Tomi Lahren, and Scott Baio walked into a bar... And all asked for job applications.
In countersuit, Glenn Beck says Tomi Lahren was "divisive and created conflicts"
Glenn Beck is counter-suing Tomi Lahren or something anyways here's a picture of a horse dressed in Harry Potter clothes. http…
Tomi Lahren countersued by Glenn Beck, TheBlaze | Bravo to Blaze. More companies need to fight and NOT just settle
Wow! Glenn Beck vs Tomi Lahren, one's an insane blond and the other is Tomi Lahren. The Blaze is burnin'…
"You are both horrible and disgusting people!". - The judge at the end of the Tomi Lahren vs Glenn Beck case.
Tomi Lahren is getting a portion of what she deserves. I hope this ends quite horribly for her, Glenn Beck, and The Blaze
Glenn Beck says he benched Tomi Lahren for a lot of rude behavior via
Glenn Beck is basically confirming what everyone already knew: Tomi Lahren is the entitled millennial she always compla…
Glenn Beck has 5 things he wants to tell you about Tomi Lahren:
Glenn Beck to Tomi Lahren in new countersuit: you’re a garbage employee and a nightmare to work with.
billy billy billy, boy I bet that hot little blonde fireball Tomi Lahren would be a blast in the sack huh bro? Lolol.
I liked a video Tomi Lahren sues Glenn Beck and The Blaze for wrongful termination
"I've been silenced": Tomi Lahren speaks out after filing lawsuit against Glenn Beck, TheBlaze htt…
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Texas is an at-will state, btw. Glenn Beck can fire Tomi Lahren for any reason he wants.
I keep getting Tomi Lahren fan page pop ups. I ditched her when she came out as a born again abortion advocate.
Tomi Lahren is suing Glenn Beck is insane. . That would be like Janice suing Jim Henson for creating her.
- Tomi Lahren sues Beck, The Blaze over firing
What if the Tomi Lahren suit becomes a reverse Hulk Hogan situation where everyone involved *** but instead it sets GOOD…
Tomi Lahren Suing Glenn Beck And The Blaze via Tomi was unfairly ousted before her contract ended.
Tomi Lahren is suing Glenn Beck and the Blaze for wrongful termination
I hate this Bish. Guess which one,. All American Jade
Hubbub 'inflated his profile from medicore following'...
Tomi Lahren: Colin Kaepernick should lose his job because of his opinions. *Tomi Lahren loses job because of her opinions*
You go You deserve what you worked so hard for&have inspired me to speak up about my views!
Tomi Lahren is suing for 'wrongful termination.'
We have trouble at Blaze TV Tomi Lahren show was cancel for her pro choice views.
The conservatives don't want Tomi Lahren. The liberals don't want Tomi Lahren. Literally no one wants Tomi Lahren.
"Tomi Lahren said something or sued someone." . Cool interesting but here's this picture of a frog riding a beetle like a litt…
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Tomi Lahren is now apart of the "unemployed" population who she used to complain about.
Oh the irony Tomi Lahren who criticized Kaepernicks free speech is now suing The Blaze for wrongful termination for com…
The Blaze will lose the Tomi Lahren lawsuit. I read her legal docs and contract. Total joke. Beck has lost his mind.
Tomi Lahren sues Glenn Beck, The Blaze for wrongful termination over pro-choice comments
Tomi Lahren sues The Blaze for wrongful termination but the company says she is still an employee.
Glenn Beck vs Tomi Lahren. When you find out a person that criticized Colin Kapernick on his views lost their job due to…
In the case of Glenn Beck vs Tomi Lahren... Can both these horrible people lose?
Tomi Lahren sues former job for wrongful termination
Tomi Lahren is suing Glenn Beck for publicly smearing her. She should sue for plagiarism. Smearing people for their opin…
Tomi Lahren suing Glenn Beck for wrongful termination
Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren sues former boss Glenn Beck for firing her after she made pro-choice comments
Tomi Lahren is suing Glenn Beck because he smeared her over saying she was pro-choice. She is citing freedom of speech.…
Tomi Lahren is suing scumbag Glenn Beck! Lawsuit says firing was to "inflate Beck's profile, from what has become a mediocre…
Fox News is being sued out the wazoo and lots of sponsors are leaving. Tomi Lahren is suing Glenn Beck. The silver lini…
Washington Times says Tomi Lahren also filed a restraining order against Glenn Beck in attempts to get back control of her Fa…
[Author: matt-pressberg] Young conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren is suing her former e...
Tomi Lahren and Stacey Dash are about to start the All Lives Matter News Network with Sage Steele on sports and a clima…
Tomi Lahren fired from The Blaze for being pro-choice while Fox News pays to protect O'Reilly, noted…
Liberals: Don't be conned by Tomi Lahren the way you were by her ex-boss, Glenn Beck
Tomi Lahren has now been fired by Glenn Beck for being pro choice and calling conservatives hypocrites
Trevor Noah calls out the 'hypocrisy' of suspending Tomi Lahren for being pro-choice
Tomi Lahren got suspended from her job and Donald Trump is being investigated by the FBI. What a great start to Spring! https…
White liberals are willing to ignore Tomi Lahren's blatant racism + trade in outrage for “respect" because she claims…
Right-wing television host Tomi Lahren suspended over her pro-choice comments
When you look at a racist like Tomi Lahren and think “She hot!” you're lusting after your oppressor. That’s the colonized mind t…
Pro-choice Tomi Lahren: suspended and a hypocrite: She…
Missy got a Little too big for her britches. Tomi Lahren's show reportedly suspended. via
Alex Jones should hire Tomi Lahren at Infowars and watch Glenn Beck go full retard.
-Flynn. -Milo. -Tomi Lahren. -Judge Napolitano. -Paul Manafort. All looking at the jobs report like "FAKE NEWS!"
Real reason Tomi Lahren was suspended by Loony Bin Glenn? He realized she looks like hot Nazi from 3rd Indiana Jones.
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The FBI is investigating Trump, Tomi Lahren has been suspended from her job, David Rockefeller died, AND it's the first day…
Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren's show has been suspended for a week, after Lahren declared she was pro-choice.
Tomi Lahren drops major TRUTHBOMB on 'The View;' and it's delicious - Allen B. West -
Tomi Lahren lambastes abortion with righteous indignation only to reveal she's pro-choice. This is your "principled conservative leader"? 😂😅
Steven Crowder is basically Tomi Lahren but in Dane Cook form. And isn't funny at all.
Good morning everyone except my mom and Tomi lahren
This is Tomi Lahren delivering her "news" opinions
got my face cut up by a dog and received a pretty hefty speeding ticket all before 8AM. i still like mondays more than tomi lahren
don't mind the sun either tbf. Right this is boring now have a great day listening to paco banton. Look up tomi lahren banger😍
I stg, Tomi Lahren is a joke to me.
Just another Tomi Lahren looking for attention from the dip-drinking country boys. Yeehawww
If I ever run into Tomi Lahren in public I'm gunna square up on her and Instagram live stream it
Trevor Noah got Tomi Lahren the entire show.
more hannity. Tomi lahren is great aswell😍. Make my own opinions they just tend to align with what fox says. Bit religious tho
Check out tomi lahren on blaze, you need to get her on walters world, it would be number 1
Your awesome, you need to get Tomi Lahren from the blaze and by the way you 2 would be awesome
You need to get Tomi Lahren on fox with Walters world would be number 1 in no time, let the young take over
Tomi Lahren just came out (of the womb) to have a good time and is honestly feeling so attacked right now
When u know nothing about life, but have seen it work with Tomi Lahren so u might as well take a shot at it
Beyoncé: Unapologetically black & makes political statement . Tomi Lahren:
I don't know how you didn't get nominated for Tomi Lahren's snowflake awards
Tomi lahren, you are beautiful. You alone in front of the TV even quiet already guarantees the audience
Tomi Lahren: Lack of Outrage Over Samantha Bee's Comments Proves the 'Hypocrisy of the Left' via
I thought I saw Tomi Lahren on the street here in Paris and my heart literally skipped a beat in fear lmao
.Lack of outrage over Samantha Bee shows 'hypocrisy of the left'
Tomi Lahren be yelling like she is trying to talk to her mom while she is vacuuming.
Chicks actually dig a little misogyny here and there. I think, psychologically, it works the same way that minorities find Tomi Lahren sexy
⚡️"Clearly, they [liberals] could learn a thing or two from Carryn Owens." - ➡️ht…
I really like this because mocking a name is only fair when it's Tomi Lahren 😂
Why is Tomi Lahren so upset...that women...are marching to uplift women...? Something is in her spirit...y'all pray for her.
Trevor Noah talks comedy in the Trump era and that viral interview with Tomi Lahren
Tomi Lahren was probably the girl who said "I hang out with guys because it's less drama" in high school
WATCH – Tomi Lahren Goes OFF, Exposes What the Media is HIDING in Viral Video -
Tomi Lahren is banging hot on a putely superficial level but as soon as she opens her mouth ,what a misguided fool she is.
Oh, I dunno Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren, Bannon, Miller, Trump. THey're all just about as awful as one another IMO
Tommy Mottola & Tomi Lahren are the worst people on the planet
The rising stars of your conservative party: Milo Yiannopoulos, Richard Spencer, and Tomi Lahren. . What could go wrong.
Hasan Piker shutting down Tomi Lahren while flirting with her is amazing
10 bucks says you could convince Tomi Lahren that A Tribe Called Quest is a Native American terrorist group
Does anyone else feel like Tomi Lahren is just like that "Hot Girls We've Got Problems Too" video from way back?
Where was Tomi Lahren's big mouth on Bill Maher? She was so quiet. Like Holly Hunter in THE PIANO levels of quiet.
Why did Bill Maher decide to have this waste of sperm & egg Tomi Lahren on his show? She can barely hold a conversation.
Trevor Noah and Bill Maher have proven that by having Tomi Lahren on their show, they exposed her lack of expertise in debating politics.
Tomi Lahren slammed as 'f—ing crazy' on 'Real Time With Bill Maher': via
I watched because of Tomi lahren. I was surprised by how much giggling you guys did. No Nonsense?All nonsense!
Tomi Lahren outclassed by conservatives capable of critical thinking 100% she's too young to be on this mess
Tomi Lahren has got to be the cutest pile of trash I've ever seen
Enjoyed your appearance on Maher last night. You provided good conservative balance to Tomi Lahren. You should be a regular!
Tomi Lahren looks ignorant on every show she appears on
Get u a girl who isn't Tomi Lahren literally any other girl will do
Bill Maher Exposes Tomi Lahren on ‘Real Time’ via just saw how little she brings to a conversation
Soon you won't be able to tell the difference between Lee Fang and Tomi Lahren
I've never heard Tomi Lahren speak a sentence longer than 10 words.
Sam Harris AND Tomi Lahren in the same episode if Real Time?! There's another Republican…
Britney Spears acting as Tomi Lahren before Tomi Lahren was a thing
well geez no wonder he seeks validation through Tomi Lahren. You drove him to it 🙄😂
Let’s be real. The only reason Tomi Lahren gets as much attention as she does on her videos is because of her looks. She’s an ***
Bill Maher and his panelists thoroughly embarrassed Trumpian screamhead Tomi Lahren tonight: https:/…
It's funny that the person who made Tomi Lahren look stupid was the other Conservative on the panel. Sanity for th…
Bill Maher might be a hateful Islamaphobe but I will never NOT enjoy watching Tomi Lahren,the dead eyed scream machine,get shut the f down.
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Tomi Lahren bombed on Real Time. I get the"dont give her a platform"thing but she falls flat when she gets one. Useless…
Dear Hugo Strange, can you start turning privileged people into minorities? Start with Tomi Lahren, thanks.
Tomi Lahren: okay how does this sunscreen work. Rite Aid: just apply it to your skin liberally. Tomi:
I could see that. Tomi Lahren gets it too. But Ellen Degeneres, meryl streep, ...any lw female gets it just as bad
Paul Jospeh Watson is another one of those Tomi Lahren types. Just an agent. Saying stuff they themselves don't even believe
If Piers Morgan and Tomi Lahren had a child, that child would be the anti christ.
Pay no attention to anything Tomi Lahren, Sean Spicer, Piers Morgan or Richard Spencer says. They're not real people. Do…
Tomi Lahren and Mike Cernovich will pick up for the alt-right in MSM where Melissa Harris-Perry and Mark La…
Why does Tomi Lahren remind me of Brian Griffin? Like.
Tomi Lahren is a disgusting human being, I can't believe she said this she literally went too far...
even Kelly Anne Conway and Tomi Lahren?. There are limits to my celebratory spirit.
Agreed. Megyn Kelly, Tomi Lahren and Kimberly Guilfoyle just to name a few 😍.
can we start a new conspiracy about Tomi Lahren and Haley Joel Osment being the same person
Tomi Lahren: stay triggered snowflakes! ;). Tomi Lahren: *has a meltdown because of Meryl Streep*
In past wk, have seen coworker across the aisle from me watch Steve Wilkos, Tomi Lahren, Maury, and Fox News. I am concerned for my safety
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Tomi Lahren took home a golden globe award tonight for her work as the angriest sperm cell
Tomi Lahren, ladies and gentlemen, written and directed by Ryan Murphy, starring worst Emma Roberts character
Tomi Lahren is just Morton Downey Jr. in a dress and you're welcome for me putting that image in your head.
Kristen Bell to star in Tomi Lahren biopic, "TAMMY"
Tea Party more than Obama. Mainstream media that would include people like Tomi Lahren and Rush
Bye bye Megyn Kelly. You belong on NBC, Nothing But Crap. Time for Tomi Lahren to fill your old time slot on Fox News.
YES! Tomi Lahren! She's ahead of the curve! She's intelligent, beautiful, witty and humorous. Too bad she didn't r…
you are in *** and satan says you must watch either Paul Joseph Watson, The Young Turks or Tomi Lahren videos forever, wh…
I think that we should collectively leave Tomi Lahren in 2016. Let's just stop giving her attention. She's dense without…
Loved watching Tomi Lahren with U. Please help push a change for 2017 replace M Kelly with Tomi,Sandra Smith,Kennedy,Andrea T
Scarlett Bordeaux needs to dye her hair back to Red because she deadass looks like Tomi Lahren lmao
there's 4 days left in the year and I'm still waiting for 2016 to take Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Tomi Lahren, and T…
2016 is taking everyone except Perez Hilton, Donald Trump, Tomi Lahren and Selena Gomez
I need to add Taylor Swift, Tomi Lahren, Meghan Trainor and Rebel Wilson
I wish that the killer bee Black Mirror episode was real. I would vote death to Tomi Lahren then I would die. Amazing
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The amount of money id pay to see State Senator Nina Turner and Tomi Lahren debate
Our colleague explains how Tomi Lahren could get elected to the House to succeed Kristi Noem
If there's anyone I hate more than Tomi Lahren or tosh.0, it's anyone who truly enjoys robot chicken
Tomi Lahren has gained prominence after debate on The Daily Show. 5 things to know about her, including S.D. roots. https…
Trevor Noah explains meeting up with Tomi Lahren after The Daily Show interview. . It was not a date.
Is it too early to make Tomi Lahren my new white Conservative Crush... knocking off Elizabeth Hasselbeck?
Tomi Lahren learned from Piers Morgan that if you troll Black people, they'll react every time and give you maximum exposure.
Only positive to come from Tomi Lahren's rise is how sick GOPBlackChick gotta be. That was her lane. But she's black. H…
this is the issue with this Tomi Lahren case and so many moments in black history. We compare and contrast but negate facts.
I'm starting a gofundme so I can raise money to fly to Texas and whoop Tomi Lahren's *** and have bail money to bail myse…
every time Tomi Lahren opens her mouth I don't hear her voice I just hear the trumpet sound the adults made in the peanuts
All I want for Christmas is lots of money, a 2017 black jeep wrangler, a black leather backpack.. and for Tomi Lahren to become mute 👍🏼
You lost all credibility with me Kelly,Tomi Lahren would be a perfect fit in that slot..or Dana Loesch for that matter just sayn
Love how people think that that *** Trevor Noah won the debate with Tomi Lahren over when really he didn't at all.
"You don't see color? Well what do you do at a traffic light?" . Trevor Noah was dragging Tomi Lahren like
Thank you again Noah & for this snippet of the Tomi Lahren interview . 😁. Interview:…
Somewhere Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren having Spring Thomas sex right now. SMH
Just watched Trevor Noah's full interview with Tomi Lahren, he drug her so eloquently .
Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah met for drinks last night in the aftermath of her controversial "Daily Show" appearance.
Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah's date is part of the new millennial wave...Debate My Humanity and Chill
Trevor Noah didn't own Tomi Lahren, all he did was give her attention and wanted to make a moment for himself. She's a b…
The Daily Show's Trevor Noah asks one of those important questions of conservative commentator Tomi Lahren
Trevor Noah didn't "grill" or "drag" Tomi Lahren, he spoke to her nicely & continued the liberal failure of responding to…
Trevor Noah didn't "go to war" with or "destroy" Tomi Lahren, he gave her brand more audience & humanized someone who dehu…
Trevor Noah challenging Tomi Lahren and her stance on Black Lives Matter, her racist narratives, Donald Trump and more https:…
Tomi Lahren: A black man is 18.5x more likely to shoot an officer than an officer is to shoot a black man. That's BS https:/…
Tomi Lahren is like Ann Coulter for Millennials who don't know s*** about history & have never read an actual book.…
Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren, Katie Hopkins... the three sisters of White Hate & Racism..i mean conservatives.. Gotta get my labels right.
Why is Tomi Lahren trending when there's a perfectly good Ann Coulter stomping around causing false Slenderman sightings?
1st response to "Trevor Noah DESTROYS Tomi Lahren" was verbatim your 1st line. Interesting to see if he could DESTROY Richard Epstein
Little Giant Ladders
Trevor Noah DESTROYS Tomi Lahren! huh? no. He did better, but y'all are acting like he was Jon Stewart CRUSHING and ABUSING Ji…
Trevor discusses Black Lives Matter, Colin Kaepernick and more with Tomi Lahren.
Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren had quite the convo last night!. Peep the video.
My Westworld fan theory is that Tomi Lahren is just Dennis Miller in an elaborate disguise.
Tomi Lahren: "Women got their rights after Black people, but I don't play victim.". Black women:
Trevor Noah puts Tomi Lahren in her place must watch!
Tomi Lahren is the new Kelly Bundy... only less intelligent 😂😂
Here’s the entirety of interview with Tomi Lahren on the Daily Show. This one was…really something.
Tomi Lahren sound like she got her boyfriend stolen by a black girl on multiple occasions
Trevor and discuss Trump, Black Lives Matter, Colin Kaepernick, and much more.
Exclusive - Tomi Lahren Extended Interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
I had a great time with on and I respect our obvious differences but common goals.
Tomi Lahren is like... I'm not a bad person. . Everyone in Trevor Noah's studio:
I honestly love Trevor Noah. He went in on Tomi Lahren and I'm all for it
Trevor Noah:"You still haven't answered HOW is a black person to protest in America..." Tomi Lahren is the last person to ask that question!
Tomi Lahren on The Daily Show complete with casual sexism by the angry blonde via
This showdown with may have been best interview yet.
Tomi Lahren: I don't see color. Also Tomi Lahren: is it because I'm white?
If you defend Tomi Lahren in anyway you obviously smoke crack and eat ***
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