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Tom Wolfe

Thomas Kennerly Tom Wolfe, Jr. (born March 2, 1931) is a best-selling American author and journalist.

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Read the Letter Astronaut Scott Kelly Sent to Tom Wolfe from Space via
The news reminds me of the Bonfire of the Vanities. Not the Tom Wolfe book, but the actual 1497 event.
Ha. Douglas Coupland for me as well. Tom Wolfe too. Think I'm also there with John Irving. Rapidly gettin…
Who got the bus reference from Tom Wolfe's book on Ken Kesey and the Merry P…
Wanna see Tom Wolfe squeeze out the *** out of his big *** 🍆💦 Click here: https:…
My god how much of this Max Perkins–Tom Wolfe twaddle am I expected to take?
Tom Wolfe: "A cult is a religion with no political power."
Kindle 'publishers' must be on acid as only versions of Tom Wolfe's Electric Kool-Aid Test are in German or Italian.
John Glenn hated all of it, at least that is what Tom Wolfe said
Tom Wolfe vs William Boyd on being hungover. Nailed it.
"If a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged, a liberal is a conservative who's been arrested. -- Tom Wolfe.
“You never realize how much of your background is sewn into the lining of your clothes” ― Tom Wolfe; born in Richmond, Virginia, 1931
From on Michael Lewis career and new book. Agree with Tom Wolfe parallels
send in Tom Wolfe, Hunter Thompson's ghost and
I am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe is basically 350 pages of this.
threads I regretted reading in 2016: . - a John LeCarré parody written by a Tom Wolfe meme generator. - why am I even on this website anymore
It's Tom Wolfe's best book -- and the portrait of John and Annie Glenn is both so admirable and so haunting today. htt…
Tom Wolfe on the piety of the late John Glenn.
Tom Wolfe on John Glenn's disruptive declarations of Christian faith and faithfulness.
The faith of John Glen via You can't go wrong with Tom Wolfe writing about John Glenn.
Tom Wolfe compares the early space program to single combat with champions against Russia. . The Faith of John Glenn
The incongruity of Glenn's belief in God and NASA's Zeus-like success in "Tom Wolfe: The Faith of John Glenn" - WSJ
In honor of John Glenn, take a moment in the next few days to dip into Tom Wolfe's ode to Glenn and his wife Annie in…
Tom Wolfe, author of 'The Right Stuff,' on the unexpected legacy of astronaut John Glenn
"..if we use our talents properly, we will be living the kind of life we should live” John Glenn via Tom Wolfe https:/…
Tom Wolfe on how astronaut John Glenn brought his religiosity to the U.S. space program
If you're interested in John Glenn and the early astronauts, Tom Wolfe's "The Right Stuff" is one of the best books in A…
Tom Wolfe's early stuff is terrific. This, Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, his writing on early Silicon Valley are all tremendous
I suppose many people may know of John Glenn mainly from Ed Harris' memorable portrayal of him in the film of Tom Wolfe's 'The Right Stuff'.
Listening to Tom Wolfe and Larry Schiller talk about the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.
electric kool-aid acid test is Tom Wolfe right? I'm sure my friend has just been reading this!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Copies of the book, signed Collector's Edition of Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, are available for sale at our NYC gallery.
A fantastic Friday at Tickets still available for upcoming events with James McBride, Tom Wolfe, & more:
Mero made one of his patented Tom Wolfe's references this is incredible
It's one thing when Tom Wolfe does it, but et tu, Scientific American?
Started out reading "The Gift of Tongues" Caitlin Flanagan's review of Tom Wolfe's "Kingdom of Speech" which...1/3
I'll arrange for my posterity to pay Caitlin Flanagan's $100 in 2016 dollars if anyone in 2116 is reading Tom Wolfe. https:/…
I love Tom Wolfe's "Pump House Gang," and don't care at all that he got some of the lingo wrong.
Tom Wolfe on Radical Chic and Leonard Bernstein's Party for the Black Panthers -- New York Magazine
the new Tom Wolfe book on the evolution of human speech looks mighty interesting - -
Tom Wolfe talks Darwin, Chomsky and human speech -
I have no idea who coined the term 'the New Journalism,' or when it was coined. I have never even
The Kingdom of Speech: . In his new book The Kingdom of Speech, Tom Wolfe argues that speech and not evolutio...
.Should read Tom Wolfe's brilliant profile of Junior Johnson, then tell us about police:
By the time I received my doctorate in American studies in 1957, I was in the twisted grip of a d
I cling to the basic set of tenets laid out in Tom Wolfe's 'New Journalism' - to get out there l
um thanks for reading can I add PA Senator Tom Wolfe to this list or
When I went to high school, my most passionate desire was to be a professional baseball player. B
Tom Wolfe's an atheist who doesn't believe humans could have possibly evolved! This is the book he should write …
Tom Wolfe doesn’t believe humans and apes shared an ancestor??
There are certain words, vapid among them, that literally bring a picture of Tom Wolfe to my mind's eye.
Tom Wolfe rules this 'Kingdom of Speech' via
'Aged 85, Tom Wolfe discovers the key to human progress' Harry Ritchie writes about Wolfe on Chomsky
Tom Wolfe does not come off well here.
didn't realise that Tom Wolfe had a new book out but it doesn't sound good
"The Kingdom of Speech" is Tom Wolfe's first non-fiction book in 16 years. Who has read it or will be getting it?
Tom Wolfe on NPR, claiming that humans "didn't evolve from animals"; NPR doesn't challenge that
Woman they installed is former Chief of Staff of Tom Wolfe--she was AWFUL at Dem COnvention
Marked as to-read: The Kingdom of Speech by Tom Wolfe
“The theory of evolution applies only, only to animals.”—Tom Wolfe, being wrong.
Tom Wolfe takes on Noam Somebody's out of his league.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Thomas Clayton Wolfe, wrote while leaning over a refrigerator because he was so tall (1,98m). http…
Tom Wolfe talks Darwin, Chomsky and human speech.
I imagine there's a Tom Wolfe novel in this
“Speech is the greatest gift of civilization.” —Tom Wolfe, THE KINGDOM OF SPEECH, pubs 8/30
Our New Book List includes Louise Penny, Tom Wolfe, histories of the Hudson Valley and the burning of Washington...
Tom Wolfe rules this 'Kingdom of Speech' -
This was my review of Tom Wolfe's new book attacking Darwin & Chomsky. Look forward to review.
Aged 85, Tom Wolfe discovers the key to human progress
LOTS to do btn now and the 4th, but this is where we'll be staying in Italy. Writing & eating.
Television reporters aren't really called reporters. They are called researchers. And that's re
So, Tom Wolfe vs. Noam Chomsky ... didn't see that coming.
Looks as if Tom Wolfe managed to top his 1989 nonsense abt postmodern lit w/ even greater nonsense abt language & evolution. No small feat.
Tom Wolfe talks Darwin, Chomsky and human speech
The word for the review of Tom Wolfe's new book about language is 'vernichtend':
What do CHOP's Dr. Paul Offit, novelist Tom Wolfe, and singer Judy Collins have in common?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Me too. She's lost a bit of perspective. Sometimes you get bogged down in a battle and forget the war.
Depresses the *** out of me that she's making these bovine comments. I'm a fan.
Remember your Tom Wolfe: "The dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe."
Ezra Wolfe Herbert my brand new nephew. Son of karina_herbert and my brother
I thought this was about Tom Wolfe and now I'm all disappointed.
The first newspaper I worked on was the 'Springfield Union' in Springf...
Demagogues are so transparent: attacking ethnic/ religious minorities, scapegoating. Yet, once given some power, hard…
Anti-Trumpers who riot at Trump rallies & attack Trump supporters: You're not helping—unless you're trying to help get…
This Emmitt Rensin guy can’t be real. He has to be a character. Or maybe a Tom Wolfe caricature.
Philip Roth is a fabulous writer, but he pretty much stays within his ...
I can remember that on the shelves at home, there were these books by ...
Radical Chic, after all, is only radical in Style; in its heart it is ...
My idol is Emile Zola. He was a man of the left, so people expected of...
Live at the Archway, under the Manhattan Bridge, DUMBO.
great to catch up with to speak about their new album-This Crazy Life, it's awesome
I have yet to hear anybody give me 2 reasons why I should not vote for Trump. I'm listening... ( and to be clear...
I think I lied, actually, because the repeated whoopings Wharton gives the rich make me quite mirthful. Tom Wolfe only wishes.
In the 1930s, all the novelists had seemed to be people who came blazi...
By the 1950s The Novel had become a nationwide tournament. There was a...
like that Tom Wolfe story, set in SF?
Great Tom Wolfe piece on ghastly modern architecture:
That's not It's an archived photo of Tom Wolfe photoshopped with new shades.
Tom Wolfe has called it right for years.
For a long time, I didn't believe Tom Wolfe's claim that Nietzsche was most-important thinker. I was wrong.
Do you remember in Tom Wolfe book "Bonfire of the Vanities" when the lead character has styrofoam peanuts sticking to his suit?
Honored to be here tonight at with my inspiration to reach for the stars - Tom Wolfe https…
Tom Wolfe rims Angelo Marconi 's beautiful *** in Suited for Sex.
““This is the artist, then, life’s hungry man, the glutton of eternity, beauty’s miser, glory’s slave.”” - Tom Wolfe
The notion that the public accepts or rejects anything in modern art i...
In fact Tom Wolfe is a far better writer (at least until he became convinced he was a novelist rather than a mere journalist).
domain names
it's bad TV2 tele. Psychics on the loose in wigs. If they were on a bus it would be like a Tom Wolfe novel
Now that I've read The Devil's Candy & seen the movie I have an urge to read Tom Wolfe's for the sixth time.
Grover wrote about the long before Tom Wolfe's Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.
I just had a reporting day that belongs in either a Tom Wolfe or Don Delillo novel, not sure which.
Good Morning listen out for Tom Wolfe from the tomorrow morning after 10 & new single
The greatest promotion I ever had on a newspaper was when 'The Washing...
Manhattan Tom changed his byline from Thomas K (1965) in order not to be confused with Thomas Wolfe of Asheville.
An honor to meet Tom Wolfe, author of The Right Stuff. Read it in HS. Helped push me to become a astronaut. http…
As Tom Wolfe said,people would rather show their genitals than their status secrets via
More like a Tom Wolfe novel ever day: President-elect Trump wud go to trial this year in fraud case via
though the Tom Wolfe version in his 1988 "A Man in Full" breeding barn chapter is the description (with spectators!) to end all.
Any chance this election year is just a really convincing Tom Wolfe novel?
A liberal is a conservative who has been jailed, to paraphrase Tom Wolfe.
There are some people who have the quality of richness and joy in them and ...
I'd say ask Derek Wolfe, but he would probably say Tom Brady's kids
Only Tom Wolfe is allowed to wear this. Operation Bonfire of the Vanities initiated 🔥🔎
TOM look! This women will be acting Anna in Frozen Broadway musical !!
Scab attacked couple of union guys in Long Island. This is the type f people they are hiring to do my job? Nice...
These are the guys they are hiring to replace us. No background checks... as mentioned 3 weeks ago. They never...
These are the type of people Verizon is hiring as scabs. No background check as we mentioned 3 weeks ago.
I'm like those upper east side *** from the Tom Wolfe black panther party. Except "radical soccer mom" not chic
.OK, so it was Thomas Wolfe not Thomas Hardy who died in Baltimore. (And not Tom Wolfe either!)
I found a great many pieces of punctuation and typography lying around dorm...
Happy to share that our Waitin' on Tom video star Rebecca Wolfe is being recognized as one of the HOTTEST Women...
Can't believe I missed this Tom Wolfe interview on Trump from March via
Driving a stock car does not require much handling ability, at least not as...
My grandma got me into Tom Wolfe, but it's funny; it's how she *wanted* to see Atlanta. Like an old Southern aristocracy.
This cucktastical *** never heard that Tom Wolfe quote about fascism. https:/…
I do novels a bit backward. I look for a situation, a milieu first, and the...
I want to share something with my coworkers. . I could not be prouder to stand along side of you all. We have...
I do not fear the future, for I have read Tom Wolfe & William Gibson novels.
"You never got 10th prestige on COD4?" -Tom. "I didn't play a lot of public matches. I was too busy winning national champ…
There has been a time on earth when poets had been young and dead and famou...
The problem with fiction, it has to be plausible. That’s not true with nonfiction. TOM WOLFE. http…
Funny that the article is about Thomas Wolfe but there's a picture of the more contemporary writer Tom Wolfe that goes with it...
'Fargo' (1996) Directed by Coen brothers . "The surest cure for vanity is loneliness.". Tom Wolfe
"Love is not a right or an entitlement, it's a miracle we create with our bare hearts, each happy new day."-Tom Wolfe
It's amazing. The Jewish vote is for the non-Jew. Where are you Tom Wolfe?
You couldn't make up a character like Mike Nifong. Well, Tom Wolfe could.
Really enjoyed The Big Short. Why is it that Michael Lewis adapts so well to screen while Tom Wolfe does not?
Six tips for surviving and thriving in Tom Clancy's [M]:
odd, he cannot commit to a state budget. Tom wolfe *** ***
The soundtrack is the perfect pair to this rainy day. Thx Tom Wolfe, & Michael Andrews for making that happen.
Excellent Thomas Frank — at once breezy and profound. Like Thomas Wolfe, whom he quotes here.
“Put your good where it will do the most.” - Tom Wolfe
'No Hands' art goes straight back to Warhol. He was the first to use elves.
Found this quote while reporting on Written by Tom Wolfe, these words ring so true to me!
I want to read a Tom Wolfe novel over break. I was thinking "The Right Stuff" would be up my alley. Any recommendations?
Tom Wolfe writing "The 'Me' Decade" like 40 years before selfie was a word makes me think we're just eager to call each other narcissists.
I didn't recognize Carnegie Mellon's own Frank Gorshin in this ep behind the Tom Wolfe-like suit & giant glasses.
Neuroscience and the premature death of the soul
That's mostly what the Internet is, just passing the time. But unfortunatel...
So many people in this country have a dual loyalty. They have loyalty to Am...
In the U.S., the term 'general aviation' means its exact opposite, the way ...
Neuroscience and the premature death the soul Me in the on Tom Wolfe and two decades…
status was not always just hip hop gear. Have you read Tom Wolfe's lecture? A feast...
Recommended reading for the way home: Michael Lewis on Tom Wolfe. Dream ticket.
Celebrity chef and food artist Tom Wolfe is collaborating with luxe fashion brand
“One belongs to New York instantly ... as much in five minutes as in five years,” Tom Wolfe.
Pioneer in the fusion of food with art & product design - Tom Wolfe. Shanghai Dec 2016 & Jan 2016
ACT NOW one of the few events with Tom Wolfe fusion of food with art & product design in Shanghai
How the west was won—Tom Wolfe on the relentless brilliance of Robert Noyce:
YES! in referring to Jaylen Brown being from Atlanta dropped a Tom Wolfe Man in Full reference! That is solid big man!!
Tom Wolfe on Cassius Clay, shortly before the boxer became Ali:
Can we suggest you contact us about attending a Tom Wolfe Event in Shanghai in Dec 2016 or Jan 2016
Learn the easy basics of herbal self-care!
Id likd to encourage everyone to read "THE ELECTRIC KOOL-AID ACID TEST" by Tom Wolfe. Regardless of who you are and what you believe in.
See the amazing work of Tom Wolfe Shanghai2016
Did you know Tom Wolfe writes with a mechanical pencil?
London based Tom Wolfe is working with our Brand in Shanghai
The new Tom Wolfe, apparently; Michael Lewis: the scourge of Wall Street
Man, I have so many heroes in journalism world. Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson, ... list goes on and on.
Always good for a laugh! Hunter S. Thompson tears Tom Wolfe a new one via
That said, had Wikipedia been around when I was in HS, I probs would have found out about Tom Wolfe on my own.
I wish a librarian would have handed me some Tom Wolfe in high school. Actually, I don't think my high school had a librarian.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I took Tom Wolfe's *A Man in Full* on a plane last month, which was a logistical error.
There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in ...
Will gets plowed from behind, steadying himself against the wall
Not Dickens or Tom Wolfe or any novelist/satirist could come up with a better name for this yahoo.
She was awful with those "Passages," but seems like Tom Wolfe compared to laughingstock Brooks.
makes it into the Now part of the Tom Wolfe-ian cultural zeitgeist :)
do you think they FS guys have ever read Tom Wolfe's 'Bonfire of the Vanities'? 😉
Beware the Rise of the Pseudo-Intellectual: Tom Wolfe’s Boston University Commencement Address – Bosto...
year-in-photos Tom Wolfe in his Manhattan apartment, photographed by Jonathan Becker. No
"Tom Wolfe was right. You can't go home again because home has ceased to exist except in the mothballs of memory.". Steinbeck
Loving every syllable Could be the new Tom Wolfe?
It's like quoting Tom Wolfe or Dostoevsky. And you gotta love his Monkey Trial reporting.
How Tom Wolfe Became … Tom Wolfe // Makes me want to watch The Right Stuff, again, for the 20th time.
I just looked up "Tom of Finland". What a bizarre, seemingly obscure reference to make...
Discover the herbs that manage stress and hypertension, without a prescription!
Sorkin, Tom Wolfe et al explore the 'masters of the universe' idea which burdened bankers and burned us
Don't wish me a happy new year tom Wolfe until you can figure out and balance a budget
Tom Wolfe — The problem with fiction, it . . . . | …
Tom Wolfe — The problem with fiction, it . . . . |
Love is the ultimate expression of the will to live. Tom Wolfe.
BREAKING: Pa. Gov. Tom Wolfe weighs in on the severed pig's head left outside a mosque.
Tom Wolfe complaining about political correctness at Yale about 60 years ago.
The story of how Tom Wolfe got invited to Leonard Bernstein's cocktail party for the Black Panthers is hilarious!
love it: "An intellectual is a person knowledgeable in one field who speaks out only in others." -Tom Wolfe
Patrick Radden Keefe, Tom Wolfe, Lauren Collins, Ken Tynan (read his profile of Johnnie Carson) and so on and so on. 2/2
Terrific appreciation of Tom Wolfe: "Mizzou and the Master of Our Universe.".
Knowledge or perception of having it can be a pitfall for seeing what really is. On the fad of intellectualism.
This has probably been posted already but the 1986 World Series & 2015 Series have had exact results fir Mets...
They replace Tom Wolfe w/ Hillary Clinton in the German version of Madagascar when the monkeys escape to go throw poop at someone.
"We live in an age in which ideas, important ideas, are worn like articles of fashion.” Superb Tom Wolfe speech
Tom Wolfe in Boston University Commencement address in 2000. Words of wisdom!
Disappointed in myself for never dressing up as Tom Wolfe for Halloween.
Tom Wolfe’s spectacular commencement address on the rise of the pseudo-intellectual
Tom Shippey on new science fiction via New novel by Gene Wolfe - A Borrowed Man. Love his writing!
You didn't mention, Tom Wolfe was great supporter of Uncle Dubya - George W Bush.
Beware of the rise of the pseudo-intellectual, warns Tom Wolfe in a commencement address.
Tom Wolfe on the birth of New Journalism, 1972 essay from .
I like to write about what i don't know - "Tom Wolfe"
Tom Wolfe has been wearing white suits since 1962
This. Tom Wolfe stole the invite to the Bernstein's Black Panthers party from David Halberstam's desk
The Visionary Thought of Marshall McLuhan, Introduced and Demystified by Tom Wolfe via
Great Playbook weekend reads on: Tom Wolfe + inheritances + banks and the crash + are bosses necessary? + Mars:
Tom Wolfe and Junior Johnson are reunited 50 years later. Yes!
“We was drafting on each other,” Johnson says to Tom Wolfe, 50 years after pub of "The Last American Hero"
The Last American Hero Is Junior Johnson. Yes! Another great read from Esquire Classic (1965) by Tom Wolfe.
Love this photo of Junior Johnson, Tom Wolfe, and the 1965 story that made them both legends
Tom Wolfe and Junior Johnson reunite for NASCAR race hub special on
Re: our convo, ... Tom Junod on your fav, bro, Tom Wolfe:.
Birthday boys and Tom Wolfe, author of Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, in Haight Ashbury, 1966. h…
.essay on Tom Wolfe makes you want to go devour “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” ht…
Ralph Steadman provides portraits of *** Talese, Gary Wills and Tom Wolfe in the new Esquire and they are amazing. http:/…
BACK TO BLOOD Audiobook by Tom Wolfe 12 CDs - narrated by Lou Diamond Phillips
This is a worthy companion to Tom Wolfe's books The Painted Word and From Bauhaus to Our House.
Just learned Tom Wolfe went to college at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA where Gen. Robert E. Lee is buried (At Lee Chapel).
does anyone know if we're supposed to have Tom Wolfe's story read & annotated by tomorrow or Friday for AP english?
"...they head off south for San Diego, the Mexican border, Tijuana and the land of all competent Outlaws." ~Tom Wolfe.
David Foster Wallace, Tom Wolfe, and many more! If you're in need for some writing inspiration, this is the book for you! From writer's
When your rents plan 2 meet up with your college art prof (Tom Wolfe) at the Woodward dream cruise, then go 2 a Kid Rock concert
This, and Tom Wolfe's "The Painted Word" truly explain: Why is Modern Art so Bad? - Prager University -
Tom Wolfe argued that art is now copyist because small intellects say it's all been done before
Before Hunter S. Thompson cruised the Vegas strip, Tom Wolfe did it for
Before Hunter S. Thompson took on Vegas, Tom Wolfe was there for Esquire...
Dominick Dunne did this for 20 years at and you wanna call it Tom Wolfe?
Unrest in Baltimore while establishment Washington wines and dines - reality is slowly turning into a Tom Wolfe novel.
Maybe Dorothy Parker and Tom Wolfe, after an hour of shotgunning jello shots...
Learn how to manage hypertension using herbs, with Tom Wolfe on April 18th. Garden walk may occur, weather...
The absolute love for Tom Wolfe's writing shines through in this lovely piece by former cricketer
If you haven't seen it yet, check out the beautiful Rebecca Wolfe in our "Waitin' on Tom" music video by clicking...
do you think she would have made a better governor than Tom Wolfe?. And was she a better member of Congress than Doyle?
Glad to know how Governor Tom Wolfe got elected! It was an Amish plot!
Richard Dawkins is the Tom Wolfe of science. Sagan was the Hemingway.
These viral photos of North Wilkesboro Motor Speedway are a great reason to reread Tom Wolfe
Writer s block is a misnomer. What is called writer s block is almost always ordinary fear. Tom Wolfe
Cllr Levett's white suit tonight kind of reminds me of Tom Wolfe.
Andy Warhol. Nothing is more bourgeois than to be afraid to look bourgeois. --quoted in Tom Wolfe, The Painted Word ...   10% Off
When Tom Wolfe did that in BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES, he understood he was being vicious.
I read it when it first came out and was bogged down in the multi-voiced plo…
belated happy bday to TOM WOLFE (March 22),he used to appear with studios like and
Can't wait for your visit to UC Clermont to hear Tom & Chee speak Pres. Stuckey, Dr. Wolfe & students
My personal all-time favorite non-fiction book: The Right Stuff, Tom Wolfe. Anything by Hunter Thompson.
if there's a shortage of homages to HST or Tom Wolfe anywhere, plz let me know bc i got 'em all
What does the Oculus Rift have in common with Joan Didion and Tom Wolfe?
Biggest choice this weekend will be what eBook to read. James Clavell's Shogun or Tom Wolfe's Back to Blood or Seth Godin's Tribes?
Marshall McLuhan as drawn by Tom Wolfe (from the Pump House Gang).
Mayor Nutter "Gov. Tom Wolfe. I think Wolfe is right on where he is yet NutterButter will be&is able to be assuaged
King Cake Festival, chef Tom Wolfe and more: Talking food on News Talk 99.5 ... -
SandyLatimore: we've had wins in Pittsburgh: The election of Tom Wolfe over Corbett, we stopped the closure of Woolslair Sch
I am dying over your Right Stuff allusion- so accurate! Top Science grades not enough. My Mom reps Tom Wolfe & Chuck Yeager!
Inherent Vice really reminds me of the vibe that Tom Wolfe creates in Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
over here making Tom Wolfe jokes, but gets mass media run for play-hating on Sir Paul?
i'm reading The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe. My coworker lent it to me
lie of the year. "I will run the hardest campaign against Tom Wolfe"
"There was a competition with Universal to buy Tom Wolfe's book. They wanted it for John Belushi as a comedy." Yikes!
Locally, Tom Wolfe is Pennsylvania Governor and Mike Fitzpatrick stays in office!
Tom Wolfe's vivid rendition of Al Shepard's first journey into space gave ...
Tom Wolfe is backed by BLOOMBERG read this and take it very seriously. Starts with smaller magazines and little things. Little mikey is the mayor who tried to ban Large SODA'S talk about an egomaniac, he thinks the whole country is his living room By Mike Kitner Freedom Rider They are coming for your guns Pennsylvania. Tom Wolf is doing an awfully good job on trying to win this election. I've seen hundreds of signs from all the way down York Ave. in Towanda and on every road and street in between there and the New York border. They are EVERYWHERE! With this guy up in the woods with all those bad guns that killed them officers will be the excuse they use to push the gun grab on you guys and it'll probably go down the same way it did in New the middle of the night without telling anyone. Its EASY to put laws INTO place, but nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get them out once they are in...unless it has to do with the constitution and the bill of rights and then it's easy and ok with everyone. BEWARE! You are abo ...
A Message from Chairman Val DiGiorgio: THE WOLF IS AT THE DOOR . . Much has been written about the Governor’s race and what it means for the future of our Commonwealth. Unfortunately, in the coverage of the race, like in so many campaigns, the message s of the candidates gets garbles and the truth does not necessarily get communicated. As someone who has closely followed the race and who is supporting Governor Corbett, I wanted to let Chester County voters know what a Wolf Administration will mean to Chester County taxpayers, businesses and families. I hope the voter’s will read this and understand that Tom Corbett is the better choice for Governor on November 4th. If you believe that . . .Pennsylvania is NOT in a financial crisis with $50 billion in unfunded pension obligations and annual payments for government worker pensions ballooning from $400 million to over $4 billion dollars per year, then Tom Wolfe your man. . . . It is fair that state government workers and teachers have a taxpayer guarant ...
As a huge Tom Wolfe fan, I think is spot-on here: (even though I write fantasy myself...)
Simplifying book collection as best I can. Got rid of Tom Wolfe, Woody Allen, Robert Anton Wilson...pattern?
This move alone gets my vote! How about you? You know that Tom Wolfe, Democrat, will go full-speed-ahead to...
READING: Girl with Curious Hair by David Foster Wallace...The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe...The Curse of Lono by Hunter S. Thompson
There is no motivation higher than being a good writer. Tom Wolfe. Agree?
BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to TOM from The Wolfe Brothers! Have a great day mate from all the team at Country All...
Oui Oui Oui. It sounds good. I hope it makes sense, anyway, its french.
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