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Tom Welling

Thomas John Patrick Tom Welling (born April 26, 1977) is an American actor, director, producer, and former model, best known for his portrayal of Clark Kent in the WB/CW series Smallville.

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Boo! I didn't see Dean Cain or Tom Welling anywhere!
Welling he was the best and no one else can do any better then Tom
Tom Welling. No one embodied Clark Kent better than he did. He brought authenticity to this legend.
Tom Welling and I are both, great Actors and Directors, I just wish he would do more series.
Do it! And it is okay to drool over Tom Welling, cause now he's all grown up!
I could watch Tom Welling on my TV again any day.
Welling what a great video in a salute to the greatest couple on TV Tom Welling & Erica Durance Always …
Welling fantastic video watch it via
I hope one day I'll have the chance to hug Tom Welling
Tom Welling As Clark Kent: 'You know, I don't watch a lot of movies. ' 'She'd love to interview!' 'This house is surrounded with paparrazi.'
Just watched Smallville's Action! There is no one who can rock a Dark Blue Shirt like Tom Welling! He looks super cute! !
Tom welling is so gorgeous. How I can I clone this guy?
Tonight, I stumbled upon reruns of Smallville. It reminded me how much I've fogotten, and exactly how gorgeous Tom Welling is.
Tom Welling is still my baby's daddy😍
Watching Smallville. I forgot how cute Tom Welling is! 😍
Watching re-runs of Smallville Tom welling is my crush since I was 7 lol
Tom Welling was my first celeb crush besides Uncle Jesse from full house... He's 38 😐
This is the interview where Tom Welling mentioned 'his height has never helped'!
WOW! Tom Welling from Smallville​ might return as his role of Superman in ? Awesome!.
Holy crap!!! Tom Welling is talking to me on Instagram! 😍😘😱
did Tom Welling retire when finished.
I keep having dreams about meeting Tom Welling in New York randomly on the street. Is this a sign?
Tom Welling:'You can make some choices, and hopefully those choices are things you wanna do, so we're sort of taking it one step at a time!'
Tom Welling:'In this business, you just gotta take a look at the opportunity in front of you, and hopefully you're in a position where...
Tom Welling On Getting A Lead Role: 'I'm Trying. I'm TRYING! I'M TRYING!!! I would love that. I would love that. Thank you!' !!!
Welling countdown to his next movie The Choice 2/6/2016
I totally agree even now when I watch the DVDs Welling still makes me feel good
Just watched Smallville's UPGRADE! And, I have to say. Even until today. Tom Welling takes my breath away!
I'd cast Asa Butterfield as Billy Batson and Tom Welling as his alter ego Capt. Marvel/Shazam ⚡ that would be awesome
Tom Welling is easily the most underrated, slept on hottie of my generation.
Does anyone know what this black band was that Tom Welling's wearing in the summer of 2005??? htt…
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Tom Welling looks super hot in this photo! Credit:
The character Tom Welling played in Parkland of Secret Service Agent Roy Kellerman was a father, so htt…
I hope everyone will keep me up to date on any Tom Welling and Smallville News! I'll be on my cel…
ESPN Radio!: Steve Jones from State College´s ESPN talks with Tom Welling on the radio in New York City,...
Photoset: Some adorable Tom Welling photos to keep you guys company while I am off line! :(  I’ll be back...
Tom Welling in baseball cap will always have my heart
SHAZAM! Who do you pick for the lead DC character? Tom Welling? Vote and let me know! http…
"I don't want to be a celebrity for the sake of being a celebrity. I want to work and then go home and live in private." -Tom Welling
I had forgotten how good Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor was. As was Tom Welling's Clark Kent. In other words, how good Smallville kinda was.
Have a look at Tom Welling right between Scott Wolf and Brendan Fehr - SAG golf is his main public hobby.
.and Superman Returns, but Tom Welling wasn't playing Superman. He was playing young Clark Kent in I belive it was season 5 or 6.
- but Tom welling is awesome too.. IT WOULD MEAN, if you got the role, THAT YOU WOULD'NT BE IN SUPERNATURAL
Selfishly, I think right now, if Tom Welling was a mayor or The President of The United States, I might get a chance to see him more! :)
I know Tom Welling said he will probaly never run for The White House, but he definitely has political capability. He's very diplomatic!
Okay... we all know Tom Welling was Clark Kent in Smallville, but in this pic, he is taking on being ELVIS PRESLEY.
Brilliant so far I can't wait to see more. It would be awesome to have a tom welling cameo
Tom Welling and Justin Hartley will forever have my heart.
I just ordered on DVD, bcuz one can never get enough of baby Tom Welling.
2 hours deep into watching tom welling videos with no endingbin sight. Hes still my one true love.
Photoset: tasabian: At AwesomeCon this weekend, Allison told story of meeting Tom Welling for first
how about tom welling is he going to be SUPERMAN?
yes all we have left is Tom Welling stories.yes I betterly suffering here for tthe lack of everything about him...sue me
Omg the day has finally come tom welling is coming back as superman!
Allison on Tom Welling: "He’s incredibly charismatic & he’s very interested in people so there’s something very magnetic about that quality"
obvious. I don't understand how people believe her. She has an unhealthy obsession w/ Tom Welling. 2/2
Just wanna be famous so I can be 'friends' with Tom Welling
This picture of Tom welling was hanging in my locker during high school almost 15 years ago
awesome. Maybe toss the old foot ball around. Looks like everyone is busy running around for big man Tom welling
Tom Welling would be great if Patrick Wilson isn't booked!!
Webmaster : Tom Welling's web purpose it's to promote Tom Welling. I want to remind you that he doesn't have any...
Photo: Looks like Tom Welling, but Tom was never that ripped.
Just stepped into Wembley, and stared welling up. Followed by quickly composing myself...
Okay, Tom Welling, it's June! You can come out now with some GOOD Breaking News! I really miss you! !
I think I'm in love with Tom Welling as Clark Kent. 😝
In case you missed it: Tom Welling To Play In The CBS Pilot
Gotta agree with The bottom of Henry Cavill’s face totally looks like Tom Welling here.
Tom Welling is such a life ruiner. Such a beautiful man
Omg still thinking about that guy. He looked exactly like Tom Welling. I should've taken his photo like hey excuse me u r beautiful then 📷✨
Yep! :D Tbh I'm going to be disappointed if Clark shows up and ∗isn't∗ Tom Welling, because that'd be perfect.
//I already have a Arrow and Flash account and I much prefer Tom Welling over Henry Cavil.
Not the one where a stranger insists he's Tom Welling! (Which I think is my favorite.) Idgi.
Tom Welling took on before... can't back out of this. Maybe could step in?
it's never bad to fill your day with Tom Welling ...I approve 👍🏾
A cuppa, some biscuits and a bit of Tom welling, perfect end to the weekend 😜
I feel like the Smallville promos of Tom Welling in the super trench coat weren't even this depressing lol
I feel like 75% of is just a close up of Tom Welling smiling/smirking
Dear if you ever have Superman do a cameo on please get Tom Welling.
Forever ago, when I'd talk about Smallville my dad would ask “Dean Cain?” . “Tom Welling.”. “Dean Cain?" . Every. Single. Time. I’d get so mad
But seriously do I watch Tom Welling, Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill, or Dean Cain?
Sometimes it's hard to hate the world when I'm watching Smallville. Thank you for the shirtless Tom Welling and Justin Hartley. It helps.
I really hope that if the Arrow/Flash/Supergirl universe ever casts Superman, they just go ahead and bring back Tom Welling from Smallville.
Tom Welling to appear in The Flash Season 2 as Superman? YES
Having a Smallville marathon this summer! Tom Welling, need I say more 😍😍
Smallville: Season 9 is now on sale for $8.96 at Amazon. Product page:
Where is Tom Welling? What's he planning to do now? Should I just give up waiting for New NEWS and patiently await ?
Can I meet a guy who acts and looks like young Tom Welling from Smallville?
☔️How did you weather the storms? Everything OK? Inquiring Tom Welling fans want to know!☔️
You know what's not helpful? Talking with your friend about how attractive Tom Welling is and your friend saying he reminds you of your bro.
Tom Welling was my first ever celeb crush
Would somebody please politely ask Tom Welling to resume his acting career? His fans really miss this face onscreen!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I love tom welling he was so cute n hot in season one he was so boyfriend material and then season 8 he became daddy material
[ Fashion & Accessories ] Open Question : Hi, Can someone tell me what s this logo on Tom Welling s hat is from? Thanks!!!…
Any Tom Welling News out? I'm holding out for a hero totally right now! I could really use some good news right about now!
Hey, is there any way you can share about the longer casting that Tom Welling went on? Did he get it? Please Reply! Thank you!
The Choice was one of my least favorite Nicholas Sparks books but Tom Welling is playing Ryan in the movie so that settles that
Tom Welling and tiny Willa Holland circa The OC are siblings. Leo from Charmed is Chase Crawford's dad. This is a masterpiece.
Tom Welling doesn't get enough credit
Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how attractive Tom Welling STILL is? And if you don't know who he is gtfo of my life
Photoset: artfullykal: Superman (and Tom Welling as Superman), Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Lex Luthor and Perry...
I hope the Smallville episode is happening next season with Tom Welling!!
Grant!! we want to know if youre a fan of Smallville/Tom Welling
i dont think they will bc of the movie, same way we though Tom Welling and Dean Cain were, it would confuse people
Both me boys Tom Welling and Paul Wesley in one scene, me heart can't take it
Tom Welling 😍. Loved him on Smallville and love him on Draft Day.
me and and were wondering if you've ever watched Smallville and if you're a fan of Tom Welling?
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Welling and Erica Durance best couple in TV …
Welling forever and memories of SMALLVILLE …
Behind the behind the scenes of SMALLVILLE Welling
Welling &Erica Durance Tom Come back soon you are missed
Tom Welling we miss you come back soon …
TOP 10 TV SHIPS 06. Clark and Lois “You’re not my weakness. You’re my strength.” Welling and Erica Dura …
Welling and Erica Durance best couple on TV …
Eddie Cibrian just beat Tom Welling in Play now!
Hero - Enrique Iglesias featuring Smallville Clark and Lois (Clois) Welling great video
It would be cool as *** if Tom Welling was on the new show
I was impressed but they kinda let Superman over-shadow her a lot. I wonder if Tom Welling will play him in upcoming episodes.
i wonder if he would love for Tom Welling to guest star on the flash 😉
Welling just checked my they are going to start showing 2 SMALLVILLE episode on Thursday 6/4/2015 back to back😄😄😄
Wonder if he's a fan of Tom Welling too
yes it was The Escape cute episode seeing Tom Welling coming out of the shower is great
Happy weekend to you and all Tom Welling fans!
Really enjoyed the Supergirl pilot- great fun & nice vibe to it- kinda ugly betty rather than sex in the city. Needs Tom Welling cameo :-/
Tom Welling and Lauren Graham are both dead now RIP
So where exactly is Tom Welling's picture?
So, is there any Tom Welling news out there? Are we going to get a chance to see him before the end of May, 2015? I miss him so much! ?
Tom Welling is very Clark Kent. With the Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan. O, those days.
yeah. Tom welling is definitely my favourite Clark Kent. and the show just generally had the whole young superman thing on lock
it really was, Tom welling was casted perfectly, wish he did man of steel.
Happy Birthday to A Fellow Tom Welling Fan: ! I hope you have a great and celebrated day! May all your dreams some true! :)
where I can get this jacket in use tom welling smallville , I love 😩
Tom Welling's Clark as the Superman in the new Supergirl show. Would just have to explain the other Kara from SV
You might be able to make a case for Tom Welling at 38 or Lauren Graham at 48.
“the original and most underrated man candy, charlie from cheaper by the dozen WELLING
Big Tom Welling day: Today Parkland will be released in US theaters
This makes me miss Smallville.. where Tom Welling is really from 😍
People remember him from Cheaper By The Dozen, and not Superman from 10 years of Smallville? Poor Tom Welling
The Flash season 2 rumors – Black kid Flash and The Arrow crossover may be coming; can we ... -
him, or Joe Mangniello, or Armie Hammer, or Tom Welling even lol or Brandon molale
Welling up at Tom and Finian Curran talking about please vote tommorrow Ireland!
How great would it be to have Tom Welling's Superman come through the Chitauri hole with the rest of the multiverse people.
let us hope we can see some photos. You have great contacts that you are sure Tom Welling is going to be there
I've heard a rumor Tom Welling may be appearing as Superman. Rumor though be cool if it was true.
Would you like if Tom Welling played Superman in the upcoming...
Tom Welling Sexy is back: via Love you Tom4ever. Amazing...
Gudnite! Tom Welling, one of my favourite stars in Smallville, the TV series of young Clark Kent. I often wish...
Tom Welling from Smallville looks unbelievably old
Funny how everything we wanted Tom Welling to do in Smallville Supergirl did in a sixminute trailer.
Tom welling is so beautiful good lord
I miss Tom Welling & Smallville! I never felt the lack of when Clark Kent was always on the air week after week! :(
Tom welling Just gets better with age😍😍😋 every girls first crush!!
I'll never ever get tired of Tom Welling
I wonder if my manager knows Smallville is playing on every television in the restaurant because Tom Welling is heavily making out w a girl
where is Joseph Morgan on that list and did they include Tom Welling
I have to say Tom Welling is and always will be one of my favorite actors!Gorgeous and great actor!All a fan can ask
I want to see Tom Welling's Clark Kent in the multiverse time stream. And Dean Cain. And Christopher Reeves.
Tom Welling is like Stephanie Brown, wore the suit for such a short time that everyone just leaves them out...
I mean Tom Welling needs to eat so...
Got carried away with my DC post. The Crisis idea was a bit silly but would love to see Tom Welling as Superman proper.
for your non Tom Welling on social media fix :P
For me, will always the Superman, followed closely by Tom Welling.
the only good thing for me about relegation is that living in Kent I will see Rovers at Bromley,Welling and Dov…
next season the should get Tom welling in the red and blue suit for a justice league episode
We already have Tom Welling and Helen Slater in Supergirl so you never know!
Maybe it'll kick off the multiverse? Use Tom Welling for Superman?
Tom Welling, where are you? What are you up to? When am I going to get some good project news from you? I'm missing you like CRAZY!
why is Tom welling so hot can he stop
Tom Welling's Smallville days comes to mind
I really really hope this happens! "Tom Welling To Appear As Superman In Season 2 Of ‘The Flash’?"
Shouldn’t have been the only time we saw Tom Welling in tights.
the fact that they're casting Tom Welling to play Ryan in The Choice makes me sad :(
You guys all my new Cristiano Ronaldo fan page, wanna see how many Tom welling fans like Ronaldo and football...
Tom Welling and Allison Mack red carpet reunion
🎥🎬So miss Tom Welling onscreen! Just get whatever is keeping him offscreen done and get back to acting!🎥🎬
Tom Welling is legit so under appreciated
one of my favourite videos made by jenzig Smallville's Tom Welling - The Perfect Clark Kent/Superman…
Husband was watching a football movie. Thought, "Wow, that guy is super handsome" seconds before realizing it was Tom Welling with a beard.
All over. You know, I just don't buy Tom Welling as Superman. Never have done. It's a shame, because Lois is so good in this.
But actually, what ever happen to Tom Welling?
Tom Welling was in Draft Day, and also landed a lead role in The Choice.
Watching Smallville and every time I see Tom Welling is tear up because he is so cute ❤️😍
Guys I've been in love with Tom Welling since 2001 -true love exists!
Tom welling is honest to god the best superman that has ever existed I will fight you on this
Difference is Tom Welling isn't a great actor, Jensen Ackles is. He will move on to bigger things, I'm sure of it.
throwback! Tom Welling's Clark Kent, disappointed that Lois beat him to the cover page. again.
Welling good morning everyone watching SMALLVILLE episode NOIR These episode never get old Tom looks great in the 1940 era so confident
Welling Which is your favorite couple on SMALLVILLE …
Behind the scenes of the best show on TV SMALLVILLE with Welling and fellow cast members …
Any Tom Welling news?!??? I hope you guys are keeping me up to date if there is! I hope to activate my Phone Net Package soon! ?
Am I the only one hoping for Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling to make a CW return?
I'm not gonna lie, I'd love to see a Tom Welling Superman as a multiverse arc explored.
why does Tom welling have such a cute face
I would like to see Tom Welling in the next season of
Everyone. Tom Welling in Cheaper By The Dozen is so hot
I'm loving both shows! You're doing a great job, but would love to see Tom Welling appear. Any chance?
"I never watched Smallville but I know Tom Welling cause you know...I'm *** anonymous
now if they could get Tom Welling on the show.
to be fair, it didn't exactly launch Tom Welling's film career. And Selma Blair has been in far better too.
Have a great week, Tom Welling fans! Guess the episode.
The remake with Tom Welling was good too though.
Tom Welling is the only person I will ever recognize as Superman other than Christopher Reeves
just as & Chris Reeve passed the torch 2 Tom Welling & does it 4 it's a tradition
I hope the Tom Welling News will not surface when I am out of Internet Access/Connection by the end of this week! !!
What do Henry Cavill, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh and Christopher Reeves all have in common? A Jawline.
Indeed then I would sue John Newton he Gerard Christopher the supreme court would decide if could sue Tom Welling etc...
they should have had Christian Bale play Batman instead of Ben Affleck and Tom Welling instead of the guy from Man of Steel
Tom Welling will be attending the 3rd Annual Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation Gala at in Tarzana, CA on April 20, 2015
Tom Welling was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder by dr. levin in 2002 Tom Cruise was diagnosed...
I am thankful to for the giant Lex Luthor photo. I can hang it up and shout "LEX!!" in my Tom Welling voice.
and Tom Welling just saying should be where yall reunite please and thank you.
I luv Tom welling he gives me happines
Tom Welling vs Henry Cavill, Clark Kent vs Superman, who do you want to see on via …
Also, fun fact, I just learned that Tom Welling is 37
Tom Welling would've made a great Man Of Steel
Photoset: Tom Welling loves to scratch his face while talking in an interview with Nick Lachey on The...
Photo: When are we going to get some good news from this handsome guy?  Tom Welling, where are you?  I...
I have to go now. In the words of Lois Lane: "It's a slow news day!" I miss Tom Welling and Smallville
Please head to to check out Part 01 of 02 of Tom Welling's Interview Transcript on Every Day Show In Denver, Colorado!
Hey, can you please share with me the picture of Tom Welling with and David Nutter on the set of the Pilot?
I hate it when people use Tom Welling news to start rumor When Tom fans get so into it, and then it turns out it is fake! :(
Thank you for the follow! I am a huge Tom Welling fan! I would love to have the complete exclusive interview! !!
TIG ad on TV. 2y/o: "Geny. Benedict! " me: "Let me tell you about Tom Welling tho."
Supergirl has CBS.CW has Flash reboot Superman/CK or Bring back Tom Welling
"We all make mistakes. It's how we come back from the mistakes that matters." -- Tom Welling
I finally finished Smallville and Tom Welling is just too beautiful. Expected more from the ending but the whole series was great.
Can fanboys stop asking for Tom Welling on & Dude had his own show for like 10 seasons. Now can Oliver …
why hold up on a Superman show to mix with and You have SM/Lex with Tom Welling and
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the underrated Tom Welling? I mean.come on 😍
Tom Welling will always be my favourite Superman.
Hope all u Tom Welling fans enjoy the rest of ur day or evening. :-)
Epic fan promo poster for featuring Tom Welling as her big cousin
Flash's season finale COULD introduce an alternate timeline with metahuman Cisco, Snow and RUMOR Tom Welling Superman ht…
now then ... where was I ... ah yes .. tom welling
but but. I have Tom. Welling serenading me (to me?) when I go to sleep. *Lionel Richie voice* All night long.
Tom Welling was smart enough to blow him off.
Tom Welling was like 24 playing a 14 year old Clark Kent, like
Be warned of articles making fake stuff up for traffic. No Tom Welling on no Stephen Amell on Sorry.
I need a block of time to binge watch/catch-up on Agent Carter & Agents of Shield. Seen Smallville...♡ Tom Welling!
Jensen Ackles and Tom Welling will always be my celeb crushes
No wonder Tom Welling blew you off. I would have too.
You questioned my reporting, which is itself a delusion, wanting to believe since I don't worship Tom Welling that I'm wrong.
…and others would report on it. Don't let your Tom Welling delusion cloud you into believing things that are not true.
tomwbrasil's photo great photo of Tom Welling
tomwbrasil's photo great of Tom Welling
I think it's funny most people still see Brandon Routh, Tom Welling or Christopher Reeves as Superman even though Henry Cavill plays him now
In your honest opinion which t.v. version of Lois and Clark is the best version Dean Cain And Teri Hatcher or Tom Welling and Erica Durance.
Tom Welling and Erica Durance have made me a shipper for life.
Tom Welling's biggest memory of his audition. --->with Kristin Kreuk
I'll be the happiest if Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling will end up like this. Consolation for Clana's Smallville end. http:…
I would love to see Tom Welling & Kristin Kreuk working together again!
Happy New Year 2015 everyone. Hope the NY brings news about TOM WELLING
oh my, too much pressure. So, will I have to look like Tom Welling or someone else? :)
Just finished watching because TOM WELLING. 3 solid stars from me. More engaging than The NFL craziness fascinates me.
Great calendar! I hope it will be filled with a lot of Tom Welling's new project! :)
Tom Welling: A VERY Happy New Year OF 2015 from me! I love you! Can't wait to see you for the NEW YEAR!
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Just 1 min of Goodnight Mr Tom, I'm welling up.
Dude I was sooo obsessed wit Tom welling. I'm rewatching smallville and my obsession is back. Hot *** bby
I am so excited to be making my TUMBLR FINALLY in 2015! Better late than NEVER! I can't wait to post about Mr. Tom Welling!
Okay, I am about to make my Tumblr! I hope all my Followers who have Tumblrs will follow me there! Tom Welling: Happy New Year!
Thank you. I can't wait to get more Tom Welling news in 2015&2016, and many more years to come!
Once again, Tom Welling I wish you a VERY Happy New Year! I hope you're having a GREAT time wherever you are! I can't wait to see you again!
Yes. He was. But, Tom Welling needs a major STARRING ROLE with all the scenes in the film with ONLY him! Happy New Year!
Thank you so much for the wish! is the best, and Tom Welling is so AWESOME! Hoping for more news!!!
Happy New Year! GREAT job with the site! Hoping 2015 will bring Tom Welling News!
Happy New Year! As a HUGE Tom Welling, I'm hoping 2015 will bring NEWS, and more golf events with you!
Happy New Year! Here's hoping 2015 will bring more Tom Welling News!
Happy New Year! Hoping 2015 will bring more news on The Choice and Tom Welling! !
Happy New Year to Tom Welling! I hope he had a GREAT New Year's Eve, and I wish him NOTHING BUT THE BEST! !!
Last instagram post of 2014! ☺ Who better than Tom Welling himself to be my last post of the year! 😆
Happy New Year Tom Welling fans! Please be safe and don't drink and drive.
Happy New Year Tom Welling fans! Looking forward to this year's new projects!
Very nice calendar! Lets hope 2015 is a year of Tom Welling! Great year to come :)
and new opportunities to explore. Lets hope for a great Tom Welling year!:) (Cred: )
If you like it keep going. I love Superman and Tom Welling never hurts so I loved the show.
Happy New Year girl keep posting your pics their great. My 13 year old son got me a smallville pic signed by tom welling ,
Happy New Year to all my followers and tom welling fans hope this is a happy year for all of you
Well, Tom Welling Productions was showing signs of life earlier this month. Looking forward to next years pilot announcem…
Tom Welling playing Clark Kent might just be the end of me
Hope we get a lot of Tom Welling goodies in 2015!
Tom Welling talks Draft Day & More: via they keep asking him the same questions it's getting bored
Happy New Year to all true Tom Welling fans! 🎉🎆
Lets talk about tom welling: aka charlie baker from cheaper by the dozen
Happy New Year! I wish you health, happiness and success and a year full of "TOM WELLING"
Thank you for your love and support to tom welling happy year
Wonder what minor roles Dean Cain and Tom Welling and Brandon Routh will have in "Krypton"… ||
Stumped mom during menudo when I asked Chad Michael Murray or Tom Welling.
*** I missed fangirling this much over Tom Welling
I am looking for these Tom Welling Modeling Phots in INDIVIDUAL format! Can anyone help me? ? htt…
Tom Welling didn't ever want to be Superman, though. There's the difference.
If I were a chick I would only give it up to Tom Welling.
is John Schneider in town? U should tell him his TV son Tom Welling is there too lol
This is where a guest appearance from Tom Welling would've come in handy
Honestly, if Tom Welling doesn't do anything I will be truly disappointed
Why are you so handsome Tom welling WHY
If Tom Welling doesn't make a guest appearance on at some point than I will be incredibly disappointed! Make it happen
Next in Line comes Tom Welling as Clark Kent ;) Give me time to get his pictures ready
Thanks for the lovely visit today And for letting me know Tom Welling is indeed a nice person! LOL
So if they made a Dickau and Slim Show movie, who would play Slim? Of course Smallville's Tom Welling would play Dan.
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