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Tom Welling

Thomas John Patrick Tom Welling (born April 26, 1977) is an American actor, director, producer, and former model, best known for his portrayal of Clark Kent in the WB/CW series Smallville.

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Thank you. I can't wait to get more Tom Welling news in 2015&2016, and many more years to come!
Once again, Tom Welling I wish you a VERY Happy New Year! I hope you're having a GREAT time wherever you are! I can't wait to see you again!
Yes. He was. But, Tom Welling needs a major STARRING ROLE with all the scenes in the film with ONLY him! Happy New Year!
Thank you so much for the wish! is the best, and Tom Welling is so AWESOME! Hoping for more news!!!
Happy New Year! GREAT job with the site! Hoping 2015 will bring Tom Welling News!
Happy New Year! As a HUGE Tom Welling, I'm hoping 2015 will bring NEWS, and more golf events with you!
Happy New Year! Here's hoping 2015 will bring more Tom Welling News!
Happy New Year! Hoping 2015 will bring more news on The Choice and Tom Welling! !
Happy New Year to Tom Welling! I hope he had a GREAT New Year's Eve, and I wish him NOTHING BUT THE BEST! !!
Last instagram post of 2014! ☺ Who better than Tom Welling himself to be my last post of the year! 😆
Happy New Year Tom Welling fans! Please be safe and don't drink and drive.
Happy New Year Tom Welling fans! Looking forward to this year's new projects!
Very nice calendar! Lets hope 2015 is a year of Tom Welling! Great year to come :)
and new opportunities to explore. Lets hope for a great Tom Welling year!:) (Cred: )
If you like it keep going. I love Superman and Tom Welling never hurts so I loved the show.
Happy New Year girl keep posting your pics their great. My 13 year old son got me a smallville pic signed by tom welling ,
domain names
Happy New Year to all my followers and tom welling fans hope this is a happy year for all of you
Well, Tom Welling Productions was showing signs of life earlier this month. Looking forward to next years pilot announcem…
Tom Welling playing Clark Kent might just be the end of me
Hope we get a lot of Tom Welling goodies in 2015!
Tom Welling talks Draft Day & More: via they keep asking him the same questions it's getting bored
Happy New Year to all true Tom Welling fans! 🎉🎆
Lets talk about tom welling: aka charlie baker from cheaper by the dozen
Happy New Year! I wish you health, happiness and success and a year full of "TOM WELLING"
Thank you for your love and support to tom welling happy year
Wonder what minor roles Dean Cain and Tom Welling and Brandon Routh will have in "Krypton"… ||
Stumped mom during menudo when I asked Chad Michael Murray or Tom Welling.
*** I missed fangirling this much over Tom Welling
I am looking for these Tom Welling Modeling Phots in INDIVIDUAL format! Can anyone help me? ? htt…
Tom Welling didn't ever want to be Superman, though. There's the difference.
If I were a chick I would only give it up to Tom Welling.
is John Schneider in town? U should tell him his TV son Tom Welling is there too lol
This is where a guest appearance from Tom Welling would've come in handy
Honestly, if Tom Welling doesn't do anything I will be truly disappointed
Why are you so handsome Tom welling WHY
If Tom Welling doesn't make a guest appearance on at some point than I will be incredibly disappointed! Make it happen
Next in Line comes Tom Welling as Clark Kent ;) Give me time to get his pictures ready
Thanks for the lovely visit today And for letting me know Tom Welling is indeed a nice person! LOL
So if they made a Dickau and Slim Show movie, who would play Slim? Of course Smallville's Tom Welling would play Dan.
maybe my first is Tom Welling and then Ian Somerhalder
Listening to replay channel & my favorite part tom welling is still the sexiest man alive. Yesss 😂
Photo: smallvillebts: Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum shoot a scene for the Finale
I just---ok Tom Welling as a Dr. is like the universe DOES hear us...not completly but it DOES HEAR
ur so right on the Tom Welling thing lol he's GORGEOUS
Can I take just a moment to SCREAM at how Hot looks on the set of AH! Is any other Tom Welling screaming with me?
have you seen this recent photo it is Tom Welling on the set with the director of The Choice
It's absolutely AMAZING to see a new Tom Welling picture! Thanks to uploading it to her TUMBLR! Thank you! He's beautiful!
Thanks for playing w us to fight MT Played in celebrity tourn w former Superman (Tom Welling) http…
what a surprise. Tom Welling is very similar to my father. My dad is Superman :)
Tom Welling playing a doctor in the film plays a doctor in what a coincidence 😍
Фото: alexakent: New pic with the director to
I know Tom Welling is very private person, but if he comes around somehow, he can use my pics too ;) xD
Gallery Update: Tom Welling on the set of
Freak out freak out freak out. Why do my freak outs about tom welling always happen at work aha
Been back to see Tom Welling lately?
Tom Welling the actor on set of the new movie The Choice
Tom Welling on the set of his new movie The Choice with the director Ross Katz can not wait for the…
Maybe I should google for Tom Welling news on The Choice? I wonder if I'll be able to find any though? Is back in NorthCarolina?
Just watched series finale hmm felt rushed and I was left unsatisfied which after 10 years is a pity. What…
You have to be daft not to want to bring Tom welling version of supermen into Arrow or flash. Separate universes so should be OK
The Choice is shooting in Whiteville today. J It’s his hometown! And yes, FINALLY, Tom Welling is back on set...
Love that sexy smile. Tom gets sexier with age.
nice congradulations on the comic book Mr tom welling!
Thank you so much for putting up with all fabulous & crazy Tom Welling fans. You were a great source keep it up till the end😄😄😄
Tom Welling has a huge fan base around the world and we are glad he was in your movie we would like a photo of him & cast members
hmm choices.. Jensen, Ty, maybe Tom Welling or Justin Hartley from Smallville or Keanu Reeves would be cool too.
Sexy Tom Welling from the episode Escape in season 10 of SMALLVILLE …
James Bond anyone sorry no it is our Tom Welling😭 …
Tom Welling now you have come a long way baby …
I use to have the biggest crush on Tom Welling
Tom Welling and Erica Durance the best TV couple ever. Memories of SMALLVILLE …
Tom Welling can not wait for seeing him again in the movie The Choice …
how do you like working with Tom Welling have you worked with him yet on the movie?
I'm crushing on Tom Welling from a decade and a year ago..
Tom Welling celebrated Halloween, and I am glad to hear that he did! Can't wait to find out more about
Call me crazy, but Tom Welling is so hot. Lol.
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So does SPN will end on season 11 to you joke on Tom Welling? I think your wish is going to come true. Is that? xD.
Tom Welling will always have a special place in my heart
I can't believe he didn't play Superman on screen yet. - Tom Welling Really Was The Man of Steel via
Okay lets talk about how amazing & HOT Tom Welling & Erica Durance are on Smallville. Love this show so far! 👍👍😍😍
Halloween Greetings to Tom Welling! It's great to see him out in North Carolina shopping for
Are we ready for some football? Well Tom Welling is not quarterback but it is NCAA Saturday night!
Tom Welling isn't interested to share sth private.
They have just fanmails, Other addresses is private and we have no right to ask,
who played has signed new film with Nicholas Sparks. Visit below link:. http:…
Christ! Shared ground with welling United! Doesn't get anymore depressing lol
I ignored my own betting algorithm and replaced Welling v Barnet with Bristol C v Oldham. Former had both teams score. Ugh.
Tom going to be in a Nicholas Sparks movie.
nonono its the same, actually Henry Cavill is more *** and tom welling is taller and has big bools. Different from u.
Curious pa rin if 'Clark Kent' is ever gonna show up here. Prolly won't be Tom Welling lol.. But stil
thanks what is BTS is it an interview with her and Tom Welling or someone else. She does not answer me but she does talk to u
Tom Welling is great at Supermanly!
Huh. TIL that Tom Welling was in Draft Day in a portrayal I completely forgot.
I kinda wish smallville was made now instead of back then so they could do like a 3 way crossover. I don't think tom welling can cameo now.
Tom Welling in cheaper by the dozen is phenomenal ❤️
yeah. Few years ago, Tom Welling did an interview over the phone on a radio station and they misquoted his entire interview.
I just discovered that Scott Foley and Tom Welling are different people
I spend such a large part of my day feeling like Tom Welling should have had a bigger career.
the show was campy as *** but Dean Cain is forever my Superman :3 Tom Welling and Henry Cavill? bah :p
Tom Welling, you still got it. Oh my lawd. YAS. My 14 yr old self was right, he will never stop being hot. sigh
That one time was in a movie with Tom Welling ❤️
I heard he is good friend with Tom Welling!
keeping Tom Welling alive, is what I enjoy doing.
NO :( Tom Welling doesn't have any social network
Thanks again for your support of this fanpage and of the very talented, Tom Welling.
We would like to thank all the fans for your inquiries in support of Tom Welling and his new movie, The Choice.->
I used to have the biggest crush ever on Tom Welling !
that Tom Welling only gets better with age. Lol
If might be the real Tom Welling, then it would have been GREAT to see how much he still likes
Hopefully Tom Welling makes a cameo in Arrow. Allison MacK should too.
Oh, yes. Me too. And Tom Welling was probably my first ever celebrity crush. 😋
Why did they cast Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer? Was Tom Welling asking for too much?
Not to talk about Tom Welling coming out of the movies ;P
Tom Welling's look here is priceless! Do I have to eat this?!! lol
Some1 really needs to get over it. Move on! Focus on ur mediocre Tom Welling ain't losing any sleep over u and ur obvious hate.
The role Tom Welling was born to play.
. I'd love to see Tom Welling again.
if you want to see & Tom Welling star together in another TV series or movie! 😍😊
do you know how many scenes Tom welling has in the movie? Please
nobody does brown hair and blue eyes quite like Tom welling.
If some "Tom Welling" has to rely on public photos for his avatar, he must be fake. I will be intrigued only by a new recent pic.
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Tom Welling just beat Joshua Jackson in Play now!
do u ever cry because u remember that they canceled Smallville and you'll never get to see Tom Welling and Erica Durance as Lois and Clark😭
I don't think is THE Tom Welling we all have come to know through Smallville. What do you think?
It was just "Tom Welling" I just asked Siri to find some of his photos 😅😓
2005 is okay but the original is best. I just couldn't get into Tom Welling in it.
Yo fellow geeks! This is freakin Tom Welling making a cameo in The Flash ep 3? Hard to tell, but looks like him!
Still, it may be embarrassing for Tom Welling when cast & crew taunt him because of his pushy fans. ;)
I'm still waiting for a Superman movie starting Tom Welling from Smallville!
- The one and only. Tom Welling. PHEW. He shouldn't have facial hair, his jawline is godlike.
Now, be patient! Tom Welling is working and everything is fine ;)
"The idea of a perfect vacation is not working or not having to work and having no appointments.". - Tom Welling
I am truly happy to have Tom Welling back working onscreen. Remember it is his job. How would you like someone asking you…
We shouldn't forget that's Tom Welling we're talking about. He is very private,shy and hates pics.Good fans r…
Same reason they used Brandon Routh instead of Tom Welling.
I am now quite convinced that in 2024, we will have gigantic three hour epic DC CRISIS film starring Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, Brandon Routh, Grant Gustin, Matt Ryan, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Mamoa, Ray Fisher, Dwayne Johnson, Tom Welling, Justin Hartley, Ryan Reynolds, Christian Bale, Keanu Reeves, Michael Keaton, Adam West, Linda Carter, and Dean Cain, as well as the main cast members of any other DC shows that pop up between now and then, and will be made complete with posthumous cameos from Christopher Reeve and George Reeves.
Tom Welling has landed a lead in The Choice, the Ross Katz-directed adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel from a script by Bryan Sipe for Lionsgate. Benjamin Walker plays Travis Parker and Teresa...
Tom Welling with that beard oh lawd 😍😍😍
I've spoken to four Supermans in my lifetime - Tom Welling, Dean Cain & the incredible Christopher Reeve. My li…
Congrats Tom Welling for new movie signup fans are thrilled for you
Now how about a Tom Welling appearance on Flash?
Uhhh, Tom Welling was not 33 when Smallvile Wow, some people need to get their facts
Saw this on Instagram. New pic to me. Thanks to Tom Welling Web.
Tom Welling in the horizontal position...yummilicious!
Tom Welling is in town, I repeat TOM WELLING IS IN TOWN.
Everyone, Tom Welling is back to work! I can't wait to hear everything about his character a…
This is some of the best news I have read all year! Special Thanks To http…
Yeah, Tom Welling, ofcourse. Tom Welling is awesome! I can't wait to see him in ! I absolutely adore him!!…
It's what made me describe Cillian Murphy as the result of Tom Welling and David Warner crashing into each other.
If the Arrowverse people are smart, they will go multiverse and get Tom Welling to guest as Clark/Sup for episodes in Flash and Arrow
Joe Clark looks like the spawn of Tom Welling and Matt Bomer.
Never got tired of those blue and red t-shirts and jackets on Tom Welling
yeah :/ dc never mixes their tv and movies tho. remember when tom welling threw a fit that he wasnt cast in superman returns? LOL
I remember that guy from Royal Pains, he was sort of a baby Tom Welling goin on then
No one loves Tom Welling more than me, but please stop calling him a young adult. He is a grown *** man. LoL
Photoset: Tom Welling & Erica Durance: Welling when talking about the actress is very quick to point out...
I never understood why the TV actors weren't allowed to portray their film counterparts. Tom Welling is Superman for me & always will be.
Totally plausible, and an excuse to bring back Tom Welling, which I'm totally OK with.
I was similar with Tom Welling & Smallville, depends on how they do it, Cavill is not Clark but is Superman to me
Tom Welling should invite him to the support group!
Tom Welling, Henry Cavill & Brandon Routh team up with Affleck, Bale, Michael Keaton and and young Bruce from Gotham.
same reason Tom welling wasn't in superman returns
i cant see those working out I still consider Tom welling superman over caval
That's what happened, people were already attached to Tom Welling so they didn't exactly welcome Brandon, + the movie was a flop
do you know if Tom Welling is still filming in Wilmington or did he already do all of his scenes?
The pilot actually makes me believe in Clark and Lana as a couple. Tom Welling and truly have a…
Think of it this way. Brandon Routh was cast as Superman, despite Tom Welling already playing Clark Kent in Smallville back then.
They have never had them in sync. There was no Tom Welling Superman movie. I think we've learned the tv-movie crossover works.
Tom Welling is an amazing and classy guy! He always looks beyond beautiful in his candid pictures, and I love to see him …
It was general I wasn't talking about you but that's not the first time it happened, like Tom Welling wasn't Superman.
I am in love with this episode memories of SMALLVILLE I miss this show tom welling and Erica Durance bes …
Photoset: mbethmason: alexakent: Tom Welling spotted at LAX on October, 07 Tom Welling back in the movies...
Smallville star, Tom Welling still looks like Sup…:
Smallville star, Tom Welling still looks like Superman
Tom Welling and Allison MacK film a scene from Devoted. Today, October 13, 2014, is the 10 yea…
star, Tom Welling still looks like Superman... (Oct.7 at LAX Airport)
More casting news... help us welcome Tom Welling and to
Tom Welling on the feature talking on the Draft Day Blu Ray Disc
Cillian Murphy is what happened when Tom Welling and David Warner crashed into each other.
Tom Welling will be the most amazing James Bond of all times. Join in trending Sunday, 14 September, at 2:00 pm EST
Tom Welling Superman Smallville Jacket now in Black Leather for All Superman Lovers "Limited time di
I still have a lot to say, but I gotta go right now! I hope I will be able to chat more tomorrow! TOM WELLING ROCKS!
Please everyone check out Part 02 of the transcript of Tom Welling on !:
So, has there been any Tom Welling news this past month or what? Please can anyone help me out here!?
Was there any Tom Welling news this past month?! I have been kind of away completely from the INTERNET, so. I am...
I don't know! 1. It's an English character, so Tom Welling will be the first American to play it!
Thanks for the follow! You should know I am just a huge Tom Welling and Smallville Fan, and I am glad to know you are too!
That's good! needs more members to live on for Tom Welling!
Okay, all you Tom Welling fans out there, and especially my followers! I AM ABOUT TO ANSWER ALL MY INTERACTIONS! HERE I GO!
Tom Welling, where are you? What have you been up to these past days, and what are you planning to do NOW??!?
Kristin Kreuk that's the song that drove Tom Welling mad. ♫ 3 Doors Down - Kryptonite ♫ as we ascend into the...
Idk if it's just me ... But reminds me of a young Tom Welling ... IDK!!! HE JUST DOES!!
Tom Welling, the James Bond that we all dream of.
Omg Tom Welling plays on Draft Day 😍😍😍😍
Love this look of surprise from Tom Welling as Clark Kent.:-D
I am proud and happy for Tyler Hoechlin and I hope that Tom Welling will also be part of good projects soon !
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I still haven't seen the 4 last seasons of 'Smallville' so I'm starting a full re-watch tomorrow to get into it again. 2 words- Tom Welling.
This smart red color jacket is the exact replia of what Tom Welling worE while performing great Superman ro
That disturbing moment when someone on your FB changes his pic to Tom Welling's and lets everyone assume it is him.
Tom Welling all over the world unite watch the time counter
Josh Hartnett (vs. Tom Welling in Who would you choose?
tom welling man of steel: Download Man of Steel and other movies you can here -
;) i loved her chemistry with Tom Welling in Smallville. They remind me of KimXi
Its nice to meet you? :) My name is, Zachary Costa from, Dunbarton, N.H? & I'm a huge fan too of, Mr. Tom Welling?
TOM WELLING needs to accept John Schneiders Challenge but in order to do that he OF COURSE NEEDS Superwoman's HELP! :-)
Tom Welling fans! Patiently waiting for news of new Tom Welling onscreen projects. Have a great weekend!
Fotoset: Smallville Memories | Erica Durance & Tom Welling: Your first scene was a little bit ‘hairy’ so to...
Tom Welling's lips consume his whole face.
Photo: elenaquintanago: Tom Welling, beautiful and irresistible.
Tom Welling fans I hope you can join our party.
Is this over supernatural? That's on right now and so is charmed. I was watching (nothing from the haters welling is hot!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Tom Welling fans help support him for a big movie roll
Tom Welling fans just a reminder see attached information.
I'm watching Smallville and Tom Welling is wearing a wife beater tshirt and looking all kinds of sexy!
One of Tom Welling's many killer looks.:-p
Photoset: mbethmason: Clois forever Tom Welling and Erica Durance memories of SMALLVILLE
Took me awhile to recognize Tom Welling in I'm so used to seeing him as Clark Kent lol. Nice to see him on the screen again.
If Tom Welling keeps this up, we're going to have to get a missing milk carton ad for him!
Best is Tom Welling playing a 14yo on Smallville when he was like 26. And jacked. And pretty much already Superman.
My new Fanpage about Tom Welling as Clark Kent is open :)Admins Anna
My new fanpage about Tom Welling as Clark Kent is open ;)
Tom Welling, where are you? What are you upto? Are we going to get to see you for the month of August 2014 or what? Please show your beauty!
Its Tom Welling!!There are no bad pics:)He just can't stop being sexy http:…
Checkout this pic I found with Tom Welling & as vampires 😁
I still think that Tom Welling should of played superman and his Lois lane they were perfect htt…
We are invading them with Tom Welling pics and they can handle it.Its too hot lol
Is it just me or could and Tom Welling of fame be brothers?
Whoever was behind the decision to include Zac Efron, Tom Welling, & Austin Nichols in the jfk movie 'Parkland' is brilliant.
Tom Welling went from looking like Clark Kent, to looking like Bruce, Wayne. OH, THE IRONY.
Tom Welling would be the most handsome James Bond of all times
Is the answer a picture of Tom Welling dress in the superman uniform
Photo: mbethmason: Greatest tv couple ever Tom Welling and Erica Durance aka Clark Kent and Lois Lane from...
Hope to see Tom Welling in something else soon.Amazing actor,amazing looking man,and amazing human being!I watch interviews!
ok see what you can do to organize this you need to ask the Tom Welling fans blogs for help with it
Tom Welling would make a lot of money for Hollywood if they would just give him a chance
so do I Tom Welling is a great actor and he deserves a starring role in a major movie. WAKE UP HOLLYWOOD.
Great performance by Tom Welling and Kristian Kreuk in the episode Relic this is part of my SMALLVILLE La …
Robin Thicke (vs. Tom Welling in Who would you choose?
Tom Welling is pure beauty and talent. So perfect for James Bond role.
I understand not everyone who likes Tom Welling has seen all of the Smallville episode I have the DVD set of the whole series
the only reason I used to watch that show is BC of the hot actors in it lol Justin Hartley & Tom Welling & Jensen Ackles lol
If math is real, Isabel was conceive on Tom Welling's birthday.
Tom Welling fans I am watching thus Episode of SMALLVILLE now on my DVD marathon I am having now. What episode guess?
I do not disagree, but with the divorce not final all Tom Welling can get on with is dating. Money not resolved.
This is Jamie White Welling, Tom Welling’s ex-wife. The man in the photo is Markus Gribbe, he is Jamie’s …
Is it just me or do Tom Welling and David Silva look pretty much the same?
Had a dream that Bill Shatner replaced Tom Welling in the last season of Smallville, b/c it was Old Superman in the future.
One of my favorites shots from Bride. Where Tom Welling was just ethereal.
I want a Kal-El :3 or just a clone of Tom Welling would do too~
a random 2 am question where is Tom Welling i miss him
Some people will hate me for this but Tom Welling to me is Superman.
Tom Welling is the best and most beautiful actor for James Bond role. is so perfect.
Tom Welling is made for James Bond role. is the best!!
oh man...Tom Welling or Henry Cavill as the hotter Superman...😍😘
Just saw a recent photo of Tom Welling. Amazing how much he could now play Superman. CW should consider a new series with the adult group
WB makes a film which teams up the Henry Cavill, Tom Welling and Brandon Routh Supermen.
Hm If I can't have Tom Welling as Jason, how about Mark Lawson (ex-Brody as Jason?!
Okay who are all these guys? I know Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, ?, ?, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, & Henry Cavill
Currently having an argument on FB about whether or not Tom Welling or Christopher Reeves was a better Clark Kent.THIS IS WHAT LIFE'S ABOUT
stop over obsessing tom welling, you'll never get to meet his 5'10 *** He's way better:
Watching Parkland for Tom Welling is such a demoralising experience.
and look at this pic. Tom welling in "6'2" and Pete is 5'8, tom looks 5'9/10 right here
Tom Welling is 6'3'' and Sam Jones 5'8''. It has nothing to do with boots! :)
Tom Welling would never get your hopes up.
Oh, I'm sure Tom Welling has let you down too
Photoset: Smallville Memories | Erica Durance & Tom Welling: ↳ “Lois does not behave with Clark as others...
The fact Tom Welling is 37 makes me cry myself to sleep at night.
Tom Welling is an extremely private person, He would never allow that his divorce is used for PR. Besides, part of this "PR...
Can we please just have Tom welling as superman. Karl urban as batman and johnny depp as the joker
Tom welling congrats on all of your success
Say what you want, but had the best screen version of Tom Welling WAS Clark Kent. And Durance's Loi…
Outtake from the episode Redux featuring Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling. Video courtesy mki…
So hoping this dry spell for Tom Welling working is not related to his pending divorce.
Tom Welling is on my list for Best Superman.
Which one of these actors doesn’t play one of the Baker children in Cheaper By The Dozen? A) Hilary Duff B) Tom Welling C) Ashton Kutcher
my was the first episode of season 4 when Lois first meets Clark AKA Tom Welling
thanks love the behind the scenes shots from SMALLVILLE with Tom Welling and Erica Durance
Okay, I gotta go, but I will return hopefully in time for some MAJOR Tom Welling NEWS! Can't wait for his new project after !
I am a Tom welling fan and Clois come follow me
are you a big Tom Welling fan and Clois I am too come follow me thanks
OKAY! Tom Welling's new 'ACTUAL' girlfriend is Jessica Rose Lee! Any idea how old she is? 30+ or lesser? Please Reply!
I want the first candids now of Tom Welling and his new girlfriend, hopefully with the two of them grocery shopping! I miss those shots!
It's hard when the things you want are out of your control! I.E. Wanted Clark Kent with Lana Lang and Tom and Jamie Welling together again!
Since Tom Welling chose July 05th to out himself with his potential girlfriend, I guess that means he is ready to move on NOW!
Let's move on NOW! I've been meaning to ask you something!: Tom Welling said in a radio interview that he wrapped Draft Day...
Will you be kind enough to share what you thought of Tom Welling in person? Thanks for replying!
I have no more questions. It's great to know you are a Tom Welling and Smallville Fan like me!
Okay. I am sorry for getting angry. I will be more patient for Tom Welling from now on!
Yeah, I hope so. But, I don't think Tom Welling will ever guest star on any tv series besides Supernatural maybe?
MT Tom Welling is the original Superman || And, let's not forget, Barry Nelson was the original James Bond.
Umm Dean Cain is a good Superman but Tom Welling is the original Superman because he was a teenager.
Funniest thing I heard today: . You "look" like Tom Welling from Supernatural.
my favorite superhero Tom Welling cause he played Supermans son very well on Smallville
I do too. Always my favorite. Tom Welling first crush and still remains fav superhero. I'll watch anything w/ him.
I forgot how cute Tom Welling was in 💕👌😍
Photo: angelaw40 : Tom Welling and Erica Durance The sweet kiss of the neck Angela you are an amazing...
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