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Tom Welling

Thomas John Patrick Tom Welling (born April 26, 1977) is an American actor, director, producer, and former model, best known for his portrayal of Clark Kent in the WB/CW series Smallville.

Clark Kent Erica Durance Kristin Kreuk Henry Cavill Dean Cain Draft Day Zac Efron Lois Lane Justin Hartley Brandon Routh Christopher Reeve Kevin Costner Ian Somerhalder Allison MacK James Marsden Jennifer Garner Jensen Ackles

Jensen about bring Tom Welling up for a Supernatural appearance: "We'll have to!"
we all know early goal of being able to tell Tom Welling to "suck it" by going into 11 seasons.
Yes, SV did 10 plus syndication. Jensen said years ago he wanted SPN to go 11, just so he could tell Tom Welling
I have all the DVD movies Tom Welling is in the only thing I do not have is judging Amy episodes he was in
Henry Cavill, Tom Welling, and Stephen Amell are the three most attractive male stars today. 😍
Ian Somerhalder reminds me of Cillian Murphy who reminds me of Tyson Ritter who reminds me of Tom Welling 👦👦👦👦
In the tv series, who is truly Super? George Reeves, Tom Welling or Dean Cain?
The cast of Justice League 2: Crisis on Infinite Earths should be Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Tom Welling, Christian Bale, De…
Added idea: in my original post (see below) I forgot to add who should play Aquaman. I think a good person to Aquaman in the miniseries would be Josh Holloway. Original Post: "My idea for a television adaptation of The Justice League that the CW Network could totally pull off (or *** even Netflix.) The show Arrow brings in Robbie Amell to play Bruce Wayne/Batman for a couple episodes, and the new Flash show brings in Karl Urban to play Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. Then they all come to together in a 10 part Justice League mini-series featuring Minka Kelly as Wonder Women and Tom Welling reprising his role as Clark Kent/Superman." -Green Lantern
Honestly, Erica Durance and Tom Welling made a better Louis Lane and Superman..
I watched smallville to unwind from a long day, Tom welling and Justin Hartley,two hot guys works better than a cold beer
Life for Tom Welling & Justin Hartley must have been awesome in the Smallville days.
this year , Tom Welling is 37 years old ?
Kristin Kreuk &Tom Welling Chemistry was totally off the charts She's never it it with anyone else
She needs to reunite with Tom welling now that I would pay to watch it
May I have a cup Tom Welling...Thank you my best friend.
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Happier times w/ Kristin Kreuk & Tom Welling. Now she's wasting her time saving the Beast's butt.
Type on piece of paper "Is Tom Welling scheduled this year to be on Queen Latifah Show? YES. NO. If Yes, please provide month"
all I want to see is Tom. Don't care with who I'm satisfied! Lol
so true, How have u been? has been quite a while since we've chatted
u Ladies have that right. But I'm the exception, ANYTHING Tom & I'm satisfied!! Lmao..
Ex co-star Tom Welling was grossly unappreciated on his work on SVille,wouldn't she agree?
I knew The Onion was paying attention to what we were doing. I expect a Tom Welling in the basement article soon.
For this reason, I did not publish anything of couples . only tom welling
Oh, that moment when a jock tries to get in Clark's face & has to go up on his tiptoes because Tom Welling is just. that. tall. of Tom Welling's if I want to.
contactusTom Welling has a gigantic fan base all over the world and would watch your show so they would watch your show,
contactusI have heard a rumor that you will be having Tom Welling as a guest star on your show. Is it true.
I don't get how people can like Louis & Clark together, didn't they see the chemistry between Kristin Kreuk & Tom Welling? ;)
Smallville star Tom Welling and wife Jamie to divorce via
Tom welling is divorced. ... now I can marry him
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Love the scruffy look. Thnx Carmen "Tom Welling -94:
Very nice pic of the very sexy Tom. Love that sexy smile. Swoon.
It wouldn't matter if I told you who I am. All that matters to you is to ridicule anyone who tries to support Tom Welling.
Photoset: My favorite scene from Homecoming. Double the Tom Welling! Part I
Whether it's Christopher Reeves, Dean Cain, Tom Welling, or Henry Cavill Superman is always awesome.
Fine. Stop trying to convince us that Tom Welling isn't a good guy.
For those who didn't get a chance to see Tom welling in the man of steel suit
I still say Tom Welling should have been Superman in "Man of Steel"
So thanks to the gazillion superhero/comic book movies out this summer...and the fact they are filming the Superman/Batman movie just miles away from me.I have superheroes on the brain Who is your favorite superhero of all time? Mine without a doubt is Superman. I grew up loving Christopher Reeve as Superman, then totally fell for Tom Welling's portrayal of young Clark Kent in Smallville and now Henry Cavill has totally nailed the newest adaptation of Superman.
Did anyone else watch Man of Steel and notice how much Henry Cavill and Tom Welling look alike?
If I had to choose I'd go with: Ben Whishaw, Chloe Grace Moretz, Emily Bett Rickards, Tom Welling and James Marsden
Public service announcement for Tom Welling fans. is some Portuguese speaking guy's new account.135 followers for the name! LOL
I'm home. Watching cheaper by the dozen. It's weird watching Tom Welling act in this movie. He's always going to be Clark Kent to me. IDC.
Someone who looks like Tom Welling with Clark Kent's personality would make me very happy 😋
what happened to those 2 were just unfortunate coincidences. Tom Welling from smallville & Brandon Routh
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YES he is very gorgeous, but Tom Welling is my man 😍❤️
Do you think we might see anyone from Smallville like Allison MacK or even Tom Welling maybe Michael Rosenbaum ? Thanks
Is it too much to hope for Tom Welling to show up on Season 3 of as Clark Kent getting a story on the rampage?
You can't have enough of Tom Welling holding Jensen Ackles because of reasons (!!!)
Anybody else noticed that Tom Welling seems happier & more open these days? In most picts, he's laughing or smiling!
Tom Welling has eyes that challenges even the world's cutest puppy 🙊
The idea of a perfect vacation is not working or not having to work and having no appointments. -Tom Welling
I'm trying to make my cartoon as pretty as the real Tom Welling, but I'm realising it's impossible.
What nice comments on Tom Welling! We knew he was good! Hollywood please take note, we want more Tom Welling!
On crack are we? Zac Efron got clean after working with Tom Welling and had been using over two years before they hung together!
Tom Welling ( Clark in Smallville ), Colin O'Donoghue ( Captain Hook in OUAT), Stephen of course and even I don't watch it
made with . Music: American Authors - Best Day of My Life . Tom Welling :)
i LOVED Tom Welling and Smallville ... but >
Upset that my favorite recent Tom Welling shot is one that can't be posted.
Definitely, get Tom Welling from Smallville, and I bet I'm first in the queue, loved Allison this year!
You do a great job on your page ... Congratulations ...
Interesting how the key to Zac Efron's sobriety was parting ways with toxic friends, the same people who are Tom Welling's best friends!
I just read an article on here of a fan meeting Tom Welling. Maybe, I should watch Draft Day..?
Great words from the people that worked with Tom Welling on Draft Day maybe they can put a good word for …
Let´s hope that the word spreads fast: casting Tom Welling is the best you can do! :)
The section about Tom Welling from the production notes:
Very nice pic of the sexy Tom. I quite like The Fog.
Very nice pic of the very sexy Tom.
Fox's new "Gotham" series' looks and sounds too Nolan-y I wonder if he's seeing anything out of it. At least Jim Gordon isn't played by Tom Welling.
So my wife & I were having a debate over who portrayed the best answer is Michael Keaton. Her's is Christian Bale. I believe Christian Bale did an awesome job but Michael Keaton to me will always be Batman. Also who portrayed the best Superman. My answer the one & only Christopher Reeve & her's was Tom Welling from Smallville. What's your opinions? Taking a poll.
On this date April 26, 1977 Tom Welling was born in New York, NY. Welling was cast in the television series Smallville after a nationwide search for an actor to play Clark Kent. In an interview with a teen magazine, Welling spoke about the day he auditioned for the role: "I was on my way back from the Warner Bros. studio, and I stopped in a gas station to call my manager and tell him how it went. I called and got him on the phone and he said, 'Can you hold on a second?' Next thing I know, there are literally seven people on the other line and almost in unison they say, 'Tom, you got it!'" The pilot aired in October 2001 and became the highest-rated debut for The WB, with 8.4 million viewers. Welling told TV Guide that he turned down the lead role twice, but after reading the script, decided to take the job. Like Christopher Reeve, he was not a Superman fan prior to being cast as Clark Kent. In fact, he said, he continues to not read Superman comics: "I made a conscious decision to stay away from that mate ...
Crowe, Amy Adams,or Tom Welling “If you could meet any actor who's played a comic book character, who would it be?”
Tom Welling joins Bvlgari to support Save the Children over 170 celebrities support this organization
Jennifer Garner was joined by her Draft Day costars Kevin Costner, Denis Leary, and Tom Welling at an advanced screening of the football film in New York City.
Chadwick Boseman, Terry Crews, Arian Foster, Josh Pence, and Tom Welling are key players in the riveting, feel good film “Draft Day.” They all came to the table equipped and ready to play. Boseman scored with the successful “42” and will soon be seen in… [ 823 more words. ]
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Foto: robyndtf: Tom Welling at special screening of Draft Day on Thursday evening (April 10) at the...
In the new NFL flick “Draft Day” out this Friday, April 11, Tom Welling plays Brian Drew. Welling is probably best known for his hit show “Smallville” on which he played Clark Kent. Welling is back on the Silver Screen and gives as stellar performance.
Tom Welling (Clark Kent from Smallville) on the phone tomorrow at 8:30. Tom is in the new Kevin Costner movie...
Is there a connection in the movie "Draft Day?" Kevin Costner, Tom Welling, and Frank Langella are all in it.
Superman Celebration this year. I'm totally disappointed that Tom Welling isn't there... again.. HOWEVER - Dean Cain will be there and so will Billy Dee Williams in celebration of 25th anniversary of Tim Burton's Batman. I Wonder if it's real or fake. Photo Op with Dean Cain and 2 people is 40 bucks!
Favorite Superhero? Superman, thou his alter ego is so hot. Ah yeah, Tom Welling with glasses,what an improvement.
I always forget it's Tom Welling. I don't know why I expected Matt Cohen.
Me and my mom are having a disagreement and we need your help. Who do you all think is cuter? Christopher Reeves or Tom Welling.
Career After modelling on and off since the age of 4, Ackles began to concentrate on an acting career in 1996. He appeared in several guest roles on Mr. Rhodes, Sweet Valley High, and Cybill before joining the cast of the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives as Eric Brady in 1997. He won a 1998 Soap Opera Digest Award for Best Male Newcomer and went on to be nominated three times (in 1998, 1999, and 2000) for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series for his work on Days of our Lives. Ackles departed Days of our Lives in 2000 and went on to appear in the mini-series Blonde, about the life of Marilyn Monroe. He also auditioned for the role of the young Clark Kent on Smallville, a role offered to actor Tom Welling instead.[5] Next he appeared in a guest role on the James Cameron television series Dark Angel on Fox in 2001 as serial killer Ben/X5-493, the brother of main character Max/X5-452 (played by Jessica Alba). His character died in the episode, but Ackles returned to the show as ...
Black version of Superman jacket as worn by Tom Welling as Clark Kent in the American television series...
Getting close can not wait Tom Welling on the big screen again trend anyone
if one of these is your idol, Norman Reedus, Zachary Quinto, Ian Somerhalder, Evan Peters, Jensen Ackles, Tom Welling ,Zac Efron
A lot of people say i look like tom welling from smallville so does any one else agree lol
Ouch! Tom Welling just took out Frank Ocean (in Who would you pick?
They need to make a movie staring Tom Welling
All purpose parts banner
Ouch! Tom Welling just took out Skylar Astin (in Who would you pick?
Tom Welling just beat Bradley James (in Play now!
Why does Tom Welling never go to comic con or do fan expos... For me lol
Ok, I know I'm pre-menstrual when a Buzzfeed thing about Tom McFly and his wife has got me welling up! 😭😱😩🔫
That's for the show of support for Tom Welling.
Starting QB Brian Drew will fight to keep his job in
Thanks so much for the Tom Welling picture! Any more would be appreciated! Cannot wait for the opening!
Thank you for sharing! There are a lot of Tom Welling fans that appreciate it.:-)
thank u for the Tom Welling still appreciate a lot
I either need to read the smallville comics or I need Tom Welling to be my superman again. Actually I think I will rewatch the entire series.
Here's hope that the lovely ninja unicorn, Tom Welling, is putting the finishing touches on prior to the red carpet for Draft Day!
is released on on Monday, starring and Tom Welling. Pre-order now!
finally got to watch the newest superman movie(man of steel)an must say it was bad *** It started with action right off:)the only thing I think is tom welling should have played superman from the start.(to many supermans that's make for a bad batman movie)if that makes any sense.
Now if only Tom Welling's name would be associated with a new project! Looking forward to hearing the news soon!
Totally agree - no comparison to Tom Welling so please stop doing it!
Hello tom welling I am a fan of yours since childhood when came the super seasons of smollville .blessings
Great video of Clark and Chloe. Isn't it from season one finale. The Spring formal. Tempest.
So Tom Welling is like 37 years old. Uhm. He's older than my dad.
Omg Tom Welling in Cheaper by the dozen 😍
Justin Bieber, Cameron Boyce, Ross Lynch, Tom Welling, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner are the 6 hottest guys on earth AND 1D Boys DEFINITELY not in order
TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 05: Actor Tom Welling at the Grey Goose vodka party for Michael Sugar at Soho House Toronto on September 5, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Grey Goose Vodka) 2013 Stefanie Keenan
Before I die, I want to meet Tom Welling, Jensen Ackles, &
Photoset: daddysgirl307: My first tumblr post. My gifs of Tom Welling as Bizarro.
no comparison to tom welling. Henry Cavill gorgeous! Super SUPERMAN! the best !!
"I have so much chaos in my life, it's become normal. You become used to it. You have to just relax, calm down, take a deep breath and try to see how you can make things work rather than complain about how they are wrong." (Tom Welling)
We're starting now or may be later to put photos of Tom Welling and other actors and actresses:)
Playing Clark Kent in Smallville has turned Tom Welling into one of the biggest stars on TV. Explore the roots of Tom Welling’s career and his beginnings. Attain information about his personal life and films.
Can Erica Durance and Tom Welling play Lois Lane and Clark Kent in every version of Super-Man? I would greatly appreciate it.
Tom Welling and Erica Durance in this picture from Behind of Camera, Final Episode
"Have you seen this Venice Film Festival interview with director Peter Landesman & actor Tom Welling?
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ohmygosh Erica Durance & Tom Welling are so beautiful together. Watching them together is magic.
Photoset: Lois Lane ↳ season 5 Clois forever memories of SMALLVILLE Tom Welling & Erica Durance the best...
Photoset: Clois forever Tom Welling and Erica Durance memories of SMALLVILLE
Photoset: Tom Welling & Erica Durance best Clark Kent and Lois Lane ever memories of SMALLVILLE
Photoset: Tom Welling on Lois Lane/Erica Durance: Welling when talking about the actress is very quick to...
Watching the first Superman movie, I am reminded that Christopher Reeve is by far my favorite Superman. Second would be Tom Welling, close 3rd is Henry Cavill, and a soft spot goes to Dean Cain. But nobody will be as good as Christopher Reeve in my book.
Superman is and has been my favorite Super Hero. I do not read comics regular. For his 75th birthday I watched Comic Book Men in celebration. Well my favorite actor showed and served everyone cake. Wish I had been there to meet him. (Dean Cain) made the appearance. He is the best of series actors, for the part with Tom Welling? From Smallville second. My thoughts any way.
Photoset: Tom Welling: Photohgrapher Andrea Marino [x] That is not fair.
Credit to Andrea Marino for taking such gorgeous pictures of Tom Welling. Coloring by me.
Tom Welling's new/old Andrea Marino photoshoot pics are too much for me. I might nosebleed to death. DANG, HE'S MIGHTY FINE!
Wow, what a pleasant surprise in this hard time of no Tom Welling news. I guess I need to spend money on Mr. Marino´s book… ;)
Going through tax documents is not truly one of my fave things to do, but one brought a smile to my pertains to my involvement with my first paid feature film, "Draft Day", which comes out this April, and co-stars Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Chadwick Boseman ("42"), Terry Crews, Tom Welling, Sam Elliot, Ellen Burstyn, Frank Langella, Rosanna Arquette, and many of my northeast Ohio movie friends :) Leah, do you remember when you and I were talking, waiting to get on set and someone said "excuse me" behind us...then we parted the waters to let this person pass through and immediately realized it was Kevin?! And I literally had to peel you off the ceiling and teach you "on set" etiquette?! Uhmmm hmmm! Great memories...sigh! :)
This is my next animated movie cast idea if DC Universe Animated Original Movies do a animated movie on superman Earth 1 this is the cast I got Tom Welling as Clark Kent Will Friedle as jimmy olsen Gary Cole as jonathan kent Catherine Hicks as martha kent Kellie Martin as Lois Lane and Mark Wahlberg as the voice for jor-el Kath Soucie as the voice for Lara and Clancy Brown as the voice for perry white Sienna Miller as the voice for sandra lee and last of all Samuel Witwer as the voice of main bad guy from the superman Earth one story known as Tyrell
"Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk are the best TV couple I've ever seen on TV! I'd love to see Tom on
"I'm not playing the 'television version' of Oliver Queen, Manu Bennett is not playing the 'television version' of Slade Wilson, and Grant is not playing the television version of The Flash. We're trying to do the DEFINITIVE versions, we're trying to put them on a level where if WB and DC decided to put them in a movie, they would" - paraphrased from Stephen Amell on the Quiver podcast. I think this is what defines an artist. If someone strives to give something their best and make it a product worth remembering, that's awesome. I've watched Lois & Clark, Flash, the Batman movies and Smallville, and though I liked some and thought some of them sucked (Smallville, it started out well enough, a mix of episodic as well as serial, but then Rosenbaum left, things got messy, I still watched all episodes I could catch, and Lionel, Martha and some other characters still made enough drama so it wasn't too bad, but Tom Welling wasn't that great from early on) It worked for Frank Miller, (or that's what he's said in ...   10% Off
Video of Kristom ~ We Could Be In Love for fans of Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling. KrisTom are irresistible. They look great together. Their chemistry is rare and a gift for SV.
I found another perfect picture of Tom welling
is like the younger version of Tom Welling tbh
Tom Welling the fairest in the land
"Tom Welling and Ooooh I LOVE THIS...KK has the best leading men!
Photo: hadeelalfagir: This would be me! the ultimate meet with Tom Welling,Jared Padalecki,and Jensen...
Smallville Clark Kent Trench Coat We must recall that Tom Welling in the drama series Smallville wor
Ok WME, please do your job and get Tom Welling more work!
. I wouldve died to see him and Tom Welling get it on
"Omg 😍 that giy is tom welling aka Clark Kent from smallville
Oh yeah Tom Welling was handsome.. I never missed an episode of Smallville :)
It's hard to take Tom Welling seriously after Smallville. Seeing him in The Fog, I found myself saying, "You're Clark Kent, do something!!"
In a way you get to see Tom
goes to baby Tom Welling who I've been in love with since I was 11
Photoset: Tom Welling and Erica Durance Clark Kent and Lois Lane bes duo to play this roll ever SMALLVILLE...
There's a theme here. Tom Welling is much too young to hang with the 70s/80s incarnations, and Dean's predecessors are too dead.
Photo: Tom welling and Erica Durance best Clark and Lois ever memories of SMALLVILLE
I will be in love with Tom Welling until the day I die that is a fact
ok co/ I know Smallville wasn't that amazing a series but do you think Tom Welling would have made a g...
The best Pic Tom welling in CW upfronts 2010 vía
I hope at some time in the future Tom Welling can make an appearance as some guest spot, even if it's not as superman.
Tom Welling played a really good Clark Kent
goes out to the always gorgeous Tom Welling. 😉😍💋💘
Tom Welling and Michael Rosembaum filming a scene for Smallville, Welling has a hard time with his line and MIchael makes him laugh.
Zach sees picture of Tom Welling and starts singing Save Me (theme song of Smallville). Naturally I have to break out the whole series!
EXCLUSIVE: Tom Welling has landed a role in Draft Day, the Lionsgate-Summit and Odd Lot Entertainment football movie starring Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garne
Watching Smallville and loving Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Superman!!
Smallville - Greatest Hero via short but a very good video Tom Welling and John Schneider great actors
Joss, you should add Tom Welling (Smallville),Justin Hartley,Alison Mack and Erica Durance to one of your superheroe movies.
Happy New Year to all you Tom Welling & Erica Durance fans! (and to & as well) Have fun guys!
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Today Tuesday, December 31, 2013 "Smallville" on TNT 4:00am - "Dominion" - ZOD (Callum blue) RETURNS IN Justin Hartley’S DIRECTORIAL DEBUT EPISODE — Tess (Cassidy Freeman) learns that General Slade was found unconscious on a street corner, proof that someone has gained access to the Phantom Zone’s escape portal and sent him back. Clark (Tom Welling) decides to return to the exiled land to make sure other phantoms are not fleeing and is furious when Oliver (Justin Hartley) tricks Clark into taking him along. With Clark’s powers gone, the two are immediately captured by the Zoners who take them to their new leader, Zod (Callum Blue), who is thirsting for revenge on Clark for banishing him to this Kryptonian jail. Meanwhile, Lois (Erica Durance) learns Clark trusted Tess with a secret, but didn’t tell Lois. 5:00am - "Prophecy" - JOR-EL GIVES LOIS SUPER POWERS; KARA returns — Clark (Tom Welling) takes Lois (Erica Durance) to the Fortress to get Jor-El’s (voiced by Terrance Stamp) blessing for .. ...
Fighting with Anderson...she kept thinking James Marsden was Tom Welling...both hot but two entirely different is Cyclops and the other smallville lol
Photoset: Tom Welling and Erica Durance Clois forever memories of SMALLVILLE
Henry Cavill is just beautiful!!! Though I do still love Tom Welling as superman too!! Where can I get one?!?!?
What do you think??.. could Actor Tom Welling' play the role of Wonder.E' In the Upcoming 'Come Fly With Me The Series' Movie??...
Photo: Great scene from the final episode of the great series smallville Tom Welling and Erica Durance
Photoset: kabukistani: I’m sorry we missed our dance  Memories of SMALLVILLE Tom Welling and Erica Durance
Photoset: Memories of SMALLVILLE Clark Kent & Lois Lane played by Tom Welling and Erica Durance so well
Season one kicking off. Tom Welling plays Clark Kent marvelously like never before..
And while I’m at it: Tom Welling as Clark Kent and Erica Durance as Lois Lane in Smallville is the best television romance. Ever.
Directed by Ivan Reitman. With Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Tom Welling, Sam Elliott. The General Manager of the Cleveland Browns struggles to acquire the number one draft pick for his team.
Part 1 of the Clark Kent/Tom Welling Timeline-sort-of-slideshow. Images are property of either Devoted To Smallville(DTS) or
Photoset: Good manip by someone Clark Kent and Lois Lane played great by Tom Welling and Erica Durance
It's official.. I'm in love with Tom Welling.. =)
Tom Welling is like Kryptonite to his wife -- she's filed to divorce the "Smallville" star ... TMZ has learned.Jamie White Welling filed the docs on…
shirtless Tom Welling from Smallville (episode 6 from the 4th Season- Transference)
Yahoo Movie has made public the first trailer of Draft Day Tom Welling will play Brian Drew, a veteran quarterback in the crossroads of his caree Source:
It's seriously so foggy out Tom Welling could show up at any second (not that I'd mind) 󾍇 Yeah Baby Yeah
Do Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling have a future project?!
The top half of Superman's suit for the cancelled film, Flyby! It would have been directed by either McG (Charlie’s Angels) or Brett Ratner (Rush Hour), with a script written by J. J. Abrams (Alias)! This list of actors who auditioned or considered for the role were Jude Law, Tom Welling, Paul Walker, Ashton Kutcher, Brendan Fraser, Matthew Bomer, Jerry O'Connell, David Boreanaz, Victor Webster, James Marsden, Jason Behr, Henry Cavill, Jared Padalecki, and Michael Cassidy. Josh Hartnett turned down $100 million to appear in 3 Superman films over the course of 10 years!
Photo: Tom Welling at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival - Grey Goose vodka party for Michael...
I actually wanted Tom Welling to play Superman in 'Man Of Steel' but Henry Cavill was a really good choice.
"My sister's negotiating with networks to sell her version of the Aaron Echolls story. I think the sticking point is she's insisting she play herself. Producers, on the other hand, are insisting on Tara Reid." "Trina wasn't even around." "Who do you suppose cares? I've always wanted a TV movie version of my life. Hey, think they can get Tom Welling to play me?" - Logan and Veronica ~Marshmallow
I am forever in love with Superman...all of them. Christopher Reeve, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, even Henry Cavill.
Great news about the new NCIS New Orleans show is looking at Tom Welling for one of the lead roles. Let us think about tren…
Does Erica Durance tells funny stories about Tom Welling in her comic cons?
Photo: Tom Welling and Erica Durance now they were the best actors to play Lois and Clark ever
Photoset: Tom Welling and Erica Durance the best Lois and Clark ever
Photo: Another great manip poster Clois forever Tom Welling & Erica Durance best actors to play Clark and...
Tom Welling and Erica Durance would make the cutest couple. JS
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Foto: kimitellez: My favorite couple: Lois Lane and Clark Kent played by: Erica Durance and Tom Welling
I pray for Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Jake Johnson, Zooey Deschanel, Max Greenfield, Channing Tatum, Rachel Adams, Jim Parsons, Vin diesel, Halle Berry, Brandon Routh, Tom Welling, Andrew, Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews, John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Okoro, Gerald Butler, Katherine Heigl and the thousands of other celebrities spread all over the world. Their profession and exposure sometimes makes it difficult for them to know and accept you Lord,.please have mercy.upon them, and send messengers to them with you word. Cause every hardened heart to soften. So they can receive you. We need them in the kingdom of God. They need you. We need them in Heaven. Amen.
When are Colton Haynes, Cillian Murphy, Logan Lerman and Tom Welling going to be in a movie together as relatives? I'm waiting.
CLANA APPRECIATION POST "…I don’t know about all that, But I’ll tell you this. She is a unique soul.” - Tom Welling on Kristin Kreuk. "I remember I was really shy and tongue-tied. He’s quite stunning in person and was so cool with his stubble and ripped jeans; he looked like a model. Our chemistry(Tom) was great and that made me really excited to play this character.” - Kristin about her first day on the set meeting Tom "Tom is beautiful. He is. He is freakishly good-looking!". - Kristin Kreuk. ""My kind of guy? My boyfriend! I like sweet guys, nice, reassuring, and with dark hair. I’m not attracted to ”bad boys.” I need to be charmed and impressed. Tom Welling absolutely corresponds to that profile, but he is a friend and moreover he is married. Anyway, I have to admit he is very cute." - Kristin gushing about Tom. "By the end I think it’ll come to a point where the two of them can actually have that kind of relationship – it’ll be a friendship where she can accept everything abou ...
So, who thinks Tom Welling, the guy who played Clark Kent for 10 years on Smallville, should play in a superman movie? I think he should. Since he has the most time in as Clark Kent, from any other live action star in the world. Also, who makes the better Arrow? Justin Hartley from smallville, or Stephen Amell?
lol i thought your icon was of tom welling xD
O Tom Welling I am so happy you are back via
I can't get enough of tom welling I might be too obsessed with him and now I'm crying
Can't believe cara just called tom welling ugly
Tom Welling could fart and it would be the most romantic thing I've ever heard
Guys the love of my life Tom Welling is getting divorced and I'm overjoyed but also feeling slightly responsible
After all these years Kristin Kreuk and Tom welling still look beautiful smallville
"Tom Welling has aged like the finest of all wines:
Exactly. In my opinion, Tom Welling never was and never will be Superman
There is no man better looking then Tom welling
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Watching & all I can think of is needs to wear a green hood & go by Ollie. Can Tom Welling come for a visit?
Photo: hairygingerman: A cute Tom Welling with a new haircut. Smallville is far from him.
you & Tom Welling need to be together again in a show..or perhaps just stand there and smile,do nothing. that would be ok too
Photo-sets on Idol and Pandora are constant reminders that Tom Welling & Erica Durance's Clois are THE hottest TV couple ever.
Disappointing to see no mention of Tom Welling on the However 2 names were added to the back.
It's quite sad how many times I've watched the last 10 minutes of the last Smallville. Tom Welling is the man that doesn't age!!
I'm watching Tom Fletcher's wedding speech again and welling up. What a lovely little guy
Reliving a horrible event that nobody wants to relive. One of the year's most unfocused films. Tom Welling is MVP in the few scenes he's in.
Let's see...Here's one! I think Tom Welling would agree: Kristin Kreuk ;)
I watched Tom Welling for 10 years... So... lol But I as well am pretty partial to Christopher Reeve... Cavil was beast tho!
You are such a bad and pitiful example of a Tom Welling impostor! :(
Tom Welling New Projects and More is out! Stories via
Photo: chrisluvstommy: kimmiecoo: Tom Welling and Peter Landesman at the Venice International Film Festival...
Photoset: TOM WELLING CALLS Erica Durance “a fantastic partner. We have a lot of fun when we work - I think...
I just wish the blogger would apologize! Agree c/ have not seen bad comments on Tom Welling from folks that matter!
I was wondering if Tom Welling is on the left in the picture I just posted!: Is it?
REALLY! Someone sent me the picture! I need to consult all the HEAD Tom Welling FANS! TOO! :-0
In the words of Mr. Tom Welling himself, "Whatever Works"! Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!
Voted for Tom Welling ! I still hope he WINS somehow? But, it is just a ONE SITE POLL, right?
S/O to Tom Welling. Being one of the sexiest guys I've ever laid eyes on. Stay beautiful 😍💜👌
OKAY! I would love to know, maybe you can post them on What They Say About Tom Welling Fourm? Thanks
Tom Welling, where are you? What are you upto? When will I get to see you again and preferrably WITHOUT A MASK ON!?
Still hoping for some Tom Welling news!
I read this quote from the AMAZING 's page. Thanks for sharing. Are there any more Tom Welling quotes of him?
were you not credited in parkland? You make Tom welling look like superman
To all my friends that are Tom Welling fans. Happy Wet Sunday.
yea episodes on @ 5&6 am on TNT Monday-Friday. I DVR all of smallville. Big Fan love Tom Welling
Tom Welling just called and is bring Doritos
Here's an incredible painting of star Tom Welling by the talented
the little Taylor Lautner and the ever charming Clark Kent, Tom Welling
Seriously just saw a list where Tom Welling was listed as number 2 in the top 7 Supermen (Brandon Routh was yeah).. The big problem? Tom Welling never played Superman. He played a jock Clark Kent and "the Blur", but he was never Superman.
Just saw a list where someone tried to claim that Tom Welling was the 2nd best Superman (after Brandon Routh) Tom Welling was never Superman
Tom Welling & Chord Overstreet: Halloween Party Costumes! Tom Welling checks his phone while dressed up as former president Ronald Reagan as he arrives at a Halloween party at the Warwick Club on Saturday night (October…
Tom Welling is getting divorced? :O. Dude I waited 10 years for you...
Tom Welling would have been better off being with a man
(via People) Tom Welling and Wife to Divorce: TV's former Superman and his wife, Jamie, had been married for 10 years
Tom Welling is gonna be single again. I wonder what thinks about this. (-;
'Smallville' actor Tom Welling and wife Jamie White Welling filing for divorce -
When is tom welling gonna play superman?
‘Smallville’ Star Tom Welling’s Wife Files For Divorce: Tom Welling has been hit with a divorce petition from ...
MT is going 2 b single again--star Tom Welling's wife has filed 4 divorce:
Remember Tom Welling from the show Smallville? well he and his wife are getting a divorce the story is coming
Tom Welling, wife Jamie divorcing after 10 years together
Superman is going to be single again--star Tom Welling's wife has filed for divorce:
“Smallville star Tom Welling's wife files for divorce after 10 years of marriage: he's single ;-)
I swear to god if a pic comes out of Zac Efron, Joe Jonas, Derek Hough and Tom Welling from Zac's bday I'D DIE
The DC Nation short commemorating Superman's 75 years was perfection. Thank you. One question: Why no Tom Welling?
Just heard Tom Welling is single again. Hmu Tom! 😉
Loved Man of Steel. Henry Cavil has such a sexy smile. I cheated on Tom Welling in my mind with him :~p
Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling should be together! There I said it
omg! Tom Welling's getting divorced. first Justin Hartley and then now.. I still have a chance. lol. wish he and Kristin would be together(:
if your idol is Robert Knepper, Tom Welling, Justin Hartley, Wentworth Miller, Norman Reedus, Ian Somerhalder or Ty…
It is better to risk everything than hold on to nothing... - Tom Welling (Clark Kent - Smallville Season 10)
Who's your favorite actor and what was his or her bes... — Sean Faris in Never Back Down, or Tom Welling in Smal...
I think my suggestion long ago of Tim Daly, Dean Cain, Brandon Routh, and Tom Welling forming a band still stands.
Directed by Peter Landesman. With Zac Efron, Tom Welling, Billy Bob Thornton, Paul Giamatti. A recounting of the chaotic events that occurred at Dallas' Parkland Hospital on the day U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
Logan: "Okay, so celebrities, I'm defiantly a Megan Fox type guy." (Y/N): "Yeah, in your dreams maybe, well mine is... err, there's a lot to be honest. Logan: "Go on then." (Y/N): "Well, Josh Hutcherson, Tom Felton, Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, Zac Efron, Andrew Garfield, James Franco, Tom Welling, and the whole of One Direction." Logan: "Okay then, so what if none of those went out with you, what would you do then?" Y/N): "I guess I'd have choose a normal guy, a bit like you." Logan: "Like me?" (Y/N): "Yeah someone like you." Logan looks down. Logan: "(Y/N), look, there's something I wanted to tell you, really wanted to tell you, and I think now might be a good time." (Y/N): "Go on then." He looks into your eyes. Logan: "I'm in love with you, have been for ages now, I didn't want to ruin our friendship, but I had to tell you, I'm completely and utterly in love with you." You look at him speechless (Y/N): "Logan, I love you too." Logan pulls you in and kisses you gently. Then, ...
Photo: smallvillebts: Tom Welling and Allison MacK from the episode Toxic.
Tom Welling as Charlie Baker in Cheaper by the Dozen tho
Tom Welling, Douglas Booth and Ian Somerhalder are the keys to my heart. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Finally finished watching the last episode of Smallville (There are 217 episodes across 10 seasons!) I must say, one of the best American TV shows I've watched so far and arguably the BEST Superman mythology EVER created. Michael Rosenbaum and John Glover give a stellar performance as Lex and Lionel Luthor respectively. James Marsters (AKA Spike from Buffy) is amazing as Brainiac. Mark Snow et al do a great job in creating the perfect sonic background for the man who is to become Superman. Visual FX very good for its time. Tom Welling delivered an amazing performance as Clark Kent that will be hard to match even in the movies. (Then again inevitable when you develop a character over 10+ years on screen!) Screenwriting - On Point! And Remy Zero's ''Save Me'' is the PERFECT song choice for the soundtrack of the series. 9/10
Photo: the-who-manity: *** Tom Welling at the Venice Film Festival.  he is back
Venice, Italy --- Tom Welling follow from the fans during the 70th Venice International Film Festival...
Jensen Ackles Name : Jensen Ross Ackles Age : 29 years Date of Birth : March 1, 1978 . Zodiac: Pisces Local of Birth : Dallas , Texas , USA . Where mora : Los Angeles . Height : 1.85m . Hairs and eyes : Blond / Verde. Marital : Single . Family: Alan Ackles (also actor) and Donna Ackles . Has a older brother named Joshua and a younger sister , Mackenzie . Education : He graduated at " LV Berkner High School" in Texas , in 1996 . Career : Before being actor , was model . In free time : Pratica sports , plays computer games and exits with friends. Tastes : American Football , horseback riding and play " lacrosse " , football american, baseball and volley ball court . Clube : Dallas Cowboys Curiosity : Jensen disputed the role of Clark Kent with Tom Welling in 2000 , but lost the vacancy for Tom A little about the your life : Jensen was born in Dallas , Texas ( but grew into Richardson , in the same state ) . He is the middle son . With four years worked as a model , made a stop , returning to career to 10 ye ...
After the last couple Superman movies, this may be the best Superman in the last 30 years. sorry Dean Cain and Tom Welling!
DC Announces NYCC Plans In Press Release 75th Anniversary of Superman Celebrated with Historic Display of Iconic Film and Television Costumes, Moving DC Entertainment Beyond the Convention Floor Spotlight Also Shines Brightly on Batman, Neil Gaiman’s Return to Vertigo’s Seminal Series THE SANDMAN, Green Lantern ‘Lights Out’ Crossover and Much More! DC Entertainment, home of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes and the comic book industry’s most talented artists and writers, today announced a stellar program of New York Comic Con panels, signings, announcements and other events certain to excite fans of all ages, led by a jaw-dropping display of eight historic Superman costumes from the big and small screen in celebration of Superman’s 75th Anniversary. With an array of costumes previously worn by the likes of Christopher Reeve, Henry Cavill, Brandon Routh, Dean Cain and Tom Welling – the scope of this epic exhibit will expand the publisher’s convention presence beyond the floor of the Jacob ...
Just writing to this fanpage Tom Welling or Dean Cain ;)
Superman has Ben Affleck's back. Former Smallville star Tom Welling doesn't understand the contr...
George Reeves, Dean Cain, Tom Welling, Henry Cavill. These are the "Clark Kents" that every Clark Kent should be based on.
Love this pic of Tom Welling from Vanity Fair Italia!
Torontoist: Tom Welling is a very handsome man. Look at those cheekbones. That’s genetics for you.
Director Peter Landesman, Jacki Weaver, Tom Welling, and James Badge Dale attend the premiere of Parkland
I forgot how obsessed I was with Tom Welling... Take my order cause yo body like a carry out ;)
Set de fotos: tomwellingweb: Tom Welling carries two handbags as he prepares to depart at LAX (Los Angeles...
are they sure this is Tom Welling and not Derek Ramsay? lol
Will definitely be watching at this years Zac Efron AND Tom Welling!?!?
I really hope this is the Smallville Tom Welling. Would like to get some type of response back. You are amazing
Anticipating for more Tom Welling photos in the near future. I can't wait for his red carpet appearance
Tom Welling is back into acting can't wait 😍😍😍
“Tom Welling Makes Rare Appearance at LAX Airport: I miss Tom! I used to rep him when he was a model. One of …
Tom Welling's double handbag departure Thank you.
I look forward to seeing Tom Welling dwarf Zac Efron when they stand next to each other. lol
Imagine...this morning I was hoping for Tom Welling goodies and we got them in spades.:-D
Excited to see Tom Welling's fine self in the new Zac Efron movie. (So many things right in that sentence.)
Smallville Season 4 Episode 3- Lois Dunks Clark: via this is perfection! i love tom welling & SMALLVILLE!
It's true that Tom Welling is confirmed to attend Venecias's fILM Festival??
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