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Tom Watson

Thomas Sturges Watson (born September 4, 1949) is an American professional golfer who has played on the PGA Tour and now plays mostly on the Champions Tour.

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Clive Lewis, Owen Smith, Sarah Champion, Tom Watson & Emma Reynolds. Could be one of best & most popular, centrist Cabinets in years (3/3).
Tom Watson slams "weak and unstable" Theresa May as opinion polls swing towards Labour
Tom Watson's broken biscuit order has arrived.
Tom Watson concerned about a Tory victory... this would be the Watson that's led a civil war in our party would it? https:/…
Ian Austin, Tom Watson, Jess Phillips, take a bow. Your chickens have come home to roost with Tories winning W. Midlands mayoral election.
In the region that Labour has Ian Austin, Tom Watson, Jess Phillips and Gisela Stuart as MPs the Tories win the mayoralty. Hm
Tom Watson appears to give up on Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister via
Labour's day so far... Diane Abbott: Pay the police 8p a day. Tom Watson: Vote for an MP not a PM. John Woodcock: We're not…
Don't Miss our spring parade of homes!. This impressive custom home by Willis is set on the Tom Watson...
I would suggest that Naz Shah, Sion Simon, Tom Watson, Nasra Khan & Labour in General be worried. The…
Labour MP Tom Watson was caught up in a new dirty tricks row last night after it was claimed that his allies...
"Sam Snead, Tom Watson and Nicklaus are the only golfers to win back-to-back Byron Nelson titles.".
Tom Watson, taking the fight to the Tories there
Labour divisions exposed as John McDonnell says Tom Watson wrong to back US air strikes in Syria
The best thing about Tom Watson is that he reminds the membership what evil would replace Corbyn if we ever stopped sup…
Tom Watson a Blairite? Absolutely. And that Jeremy Corbyn's starting to look a bit Blairitey too.
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Channel 4 News I don't see how Tom Watson can say that Ken Livingstone has showed no contrition. I've seen him,...
I haven't heard Tom Watson say anything against Tories for a year now. Does he have any energy left after attacking Labour ev…
Tom Watson's plot is backfiring. He provoked a backlash among membership and is now terrified he'll be history. That'd be…
I'd rather have this Tom Watson as Labour Deputy Leader than the present one
However,. I have no problem being Tom Watson's puppet.
Tom Watson : Is it time for the man that wants to censor his critics to step aside? http…
Richard Burgon's surrender to Tom Watson means he's picked the wrong side. He is no better than the rest of the MPs.
Exclusive: Tom Watson "running scared of Emily Thornberry challenge"
Richard Burgon has picked the wrong side. Time to deselect Labour MPs in Tom Watson's pocket.
Cartoon by Steve Bell of Tom Watson. Poor Tom may have scored the worst own goal with his conspiracy claims about Momentum.…
Richard Burgon's surrender to Tom Watson suggests is finished. A post Labour won't be worth electing.
Richard Burgon is as culpable as Tom Watson in Labour's catastrophic polls. Deselect both of them.
Richard Burgon's surrender to Tom Watson & 200 MPs is an act of betrayal. His CLP must pass a vote of no confidence.
Many of us regret voting Tom Watson to be Deputy Leader, he's stabbed us in the back. Emily Thornberry should replace h…
that's right 19% behind disastrous May and Hammond, if only Tom Watson was sacked that would sort it.
.Labour war: McCluskey accuses Tom Watson of 'skullduggery, smears and plots'
Probably the most balanced article you will ever read about Tom Watson.
Poll: If rumours are true, Emily Thornberry will stand against Tom Watson for the position of Deputy Leader of Labour.…
Tom Watson was "slapped down and left isolated in shadow cabinet" - senior Labour source
Tories are in disarray over Brexit and the Budget, yet Tom Watson and Blairites decide to attack Jeremy Corbyn and Mome…
On what planet are these policies hard left?. If Tom Watson & all keep damaging & dividing Labour these policies will never s…
Tom Watson doesn't seem to get that Momentum, with c. 20K members, represents only abt 7% of Corbyn's 300K support base.
Well well, Tom Watson, your plot has failed. More solidarity against you now
Tom Watson could have taken the fight to this shoddy tory government. . But he didn't. Instead he chose to attack The Labou…
Tom Watson really must remove the SOLD TO MURDOCH stamp from his foreheads, the two faced liar
Frankie Boyle on Tom Watson: in a low light could be mistaken for a chest of drawers with a telly on the top.
Questions don't need to be asked about Momentum/Unite. Serious questions must be asked about Tom Watson. Do read.
It's not Momentum who are destroying Labour, Tom Watson. It's Progress: bankrolled by millionaires to oppose the will…
I am thoroughly sick and tired of Tom Watson's TREACHERY against AND the Party. Pls sign & RT.
Did Tom Watson ever see this 2012 article about Progress? A group set up by Blair et al long before http…
If is so concerned about infiltration why has he not raised concerns about the Progress Organisation
Statement from Unite Acting GS Gail Cartmail on Tom Watson MP’s claims on Momentum and Unite, RT
Somebody tell to get off his WhatsApp to and talk to Labour's 600,000 members.
Labour descends into open warfare as John McDonnell accuses Tom Watson of 'interfering' in Unite leadership contest
After Tom Watson's embarrassment on i think its a time for a change of Deputy Leader, he'd sooner fight Corbyn th…
A lot of my mates would've voted for if he'd not been shafted by Vaz and We need y…
what the *** is wrong with you? R u really willing to put ur own ego before the suffering of the people under this Tory regime?
Tom Wanker Watson the Schemer of the month gets top marks from Blairites.
A quick history lesson for John Humphrys, Tom Watson and listeners, on and
Tom Watson has somehow managed to turn a mole hill into a mountain of bad publicity.
Is it time for Tom Watson to quit the conspiracy theories and look at how politics has changed in recent years?
Should Tom Watson either resign, or be sacked as Deputy Leader due to his constant undermining of his Leader?
Why were Corbyn & James Schneider of Momentum leaving Corbyn's house together? Corbyn clearly in cahoots with Moment
Labour are teetering over a deadly precipice –Tom Watson is their last chance for survival via
'It is members who are most in tune with the concerns of ordinary people'. Really?
if you think Jar Jar Binks would be a more effective Deputy Leader than Tom Watson... .
Tom Watson just managed to take the word ‘hypocrite’ to a whole new level [VIDEO] via
Tom Watson and Jeremy Corbyn issue rare joint statement
Why did you frame black man Marc Wadsworth in your fake anti-semitism witch hunt? AlJazeera exposed you.
has once AGAIN given the media a chance to hammer Labour. And leave the Tories to please themselves. Thanks
Tom Watson blocked me for trying to get his support for campaign
I didn't nominate for Deputy Leader. I'm so glad he is our Deputy Leader. I'll be backing him all the way to…
asked if the situation had any resemblance to the 80s, kinnock replied: “No, no – it is much, much worse than that”…
I wonder if Tom Watson would make a fuss if Unite were about to affiliate to Progress? Think about it - Agr…
Tom Watson warns of plotting in Labour. In other news, world's natural supply of hypocrisy reaches all time high.
Don't lose any sleep as Corbyn will never get elected no matter what Tom Watson says or does.
Unite and momentum are conspiring to support the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party. Tom Watson should tr…
Tom ought to get stuck into the Tories who Cut anything EXCEPT THEIR OWN WAGES
What problem does Tom Watson have with this? Oh yes, his own agenda 😊 Resign
Should Tom Watson now refresh his mandate and stand against a candidate that actually aspires to Labour Party values?…
Stand by what we said last night. Shame wants to smear others working for Labour victories. His faux outra…
The Labour Party: Tom Watson should resign from his position as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. via
Spot on. Well worth a read for truth on the antics of
shut up and as a supporter I demand unity. you have to go
.should not call for a split. The split has already happened. Tom Watson is the leader of a gang of T…
Every CLP needs to pass votes of no confidence in sitting MPs in the pocket of Tom Watson's ballot-rigging…
what has the hard left ever done for us.Make Labour unelectable.The chronic state of NHS is at your door.
Tom Watson knows how to keep Tories in office - keep slagging off labour Tom, your doing a great job
Tories were facing real issues this week (election fraud, budget U-Turn etc), so what does Tom Watson do? Attack his own p…
Emily Thornberry, just now, nails the issue with Tom Watson in just 20 seconds. I have repeatedly told him the same. https:…
no you want Union members money.I pay Unite a load but not for you to fulfill trot adolescent dreams.
Emma Watson and Tom Hanks for the film called The Circle! 💪 excited?
I don't know about anyone else, but I'd sooner have a million members funding Labour than any number of millionaires.
Support and understand what you are trying to do and the difficulties involved, but not the dissenters.
Tell you what Tom, why don't you put your views to the membership and stand for re-election as De…
Tom Watson's dirty tactics will not stand
So Labour PLP 'erupted in fury' says Sky news. Let's hope then it was fury at 'conspiracy sleuth' Tom Watson. FFS! Fight the Tories!
Is the "Tom Watson" magic show, getting ready for Glastonbury
"People weren't happy with his intervention. It's seen as him (Tom Watson) working in the interests of himself" - senior La…
Mind you Tom Watson and the rest of the trouble makers remind me more of Bugsy Malone.
Tom Watson being attacked by Corbynites for gathering funds to go after Murdoch. Laughable bunch they are.
It's a pity Tom Watson couldn't be sent off into space with Stephen Hawking and Richard Branson !
me too, heard Tom Watson & John Humphreys egging each other on, best double act since Abbot & Costello!
Tom Watson helps Tories, in their time of need
what's going on with Tom Watson this morning, Richard?
Tom Watson accuses Momentum of destroying Labour. The same man who's part of the Blairite faction fighting Jeremy Corby…
Shock!! Horror!! Tom Watson turns his predictable ire on Momentum
How do we get Tom Watson, Al Giordano and Peter Daou on a boat which then mysteriously capsizes out at sea
In other news, Brian Cox says Tom Watson is a ***
While on the road supporting the women, Coach McGrath had dinner with Tom Watson ('09) and coffee with Matt Loucks ('01). Great times!
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Tom Watson denies disunity among MPs caused Copeland defeat: WELL he would wouldn't' he
Tom Watson's reputation as a fixer is justified. Huge swipe at Len McCluskey, Owen Jones and Paul Mason.
Tom Watson at Scott Lab conf. Ruled out change in leadership and appeared to call for unity. Thoughts?
Tom Watson acts as though he is not part of the party leadership, perhaps it time to test his mandate with the membership?
I don't claim to be I AM, read the donation story, JK Rowling also donated what's your issue?
have they finally brainwashed him too. It's become a terrible cult.
Tom Watson said he would transform Labour digitally with online campaigning. Yet nothing has happened.
hey Tom if you cannt accept as leader please do the right thing and resign
Tom Watson labour need to change , corbyn no we don't
perhaps u could all stop spitting out yr dummies when things don't go yr way and pull together with Corbyn NOT against him
Tom Watson a Deputy Leader unavailable to many members due to blocking them. Time to Tom. Or just go…
Tom Watson. Why can't he and his fellow friends fight the Tories instead? Via Me. https:/…
Tom Watson: Labour 'has to do better' but Corbyn should stay
Tom Watson demands things have to change after Copeland. Mr Watson is part of the problem not the solution. He helped destr…
1. If Leadership is responsible for Copeland, they are for Stoke too. 2. If reviewing "Leadership" performance, this includes Tom Watson.
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things do need to change - the plp needs to properly unite behind Jeremy Corbyn and oppose this awful Tory Government
Tom Watson' speech is about rUK. He cares nothing about Scotland itself -we're a means to Labour achieving power in West…
Not a leadership issue? What do you put it down to? Which planet do you live on? No wonder you people are a dead loss.
then better back him up instead of plotting with right wing Donors
If you care about read this:. Tom Watson: Seven years into a Tory government we shouldn’t be losing seats -
The Manager has lost the plot, so give him the sack and get a new one. But would that save from relegation?
Tom Watson warns Labour has to change after Copeland
This would be the same who chose to attend Fashion Week rather than campaign.He WANTED to lose.
Labour's deputy Tom Watson has said now is not the time for a leadership contest, but the party must do...
Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson says the party must take "a long hard look" at what's not working.
If only you were ALL truly UNITED, Tom Watson. No place for Judas-types anywhere !
We've already got a progressive alliance - it's called the Labour Party says
Tom Watson says Labour needs to be more pro-business to win back its ‘natural supporters’.
.A leadership change is imperative not having 1 condemns the poor of this country to a minimum of 8 years uncontested Tory rule
Tom Watson deserves all the bad publicity he gets. Labour, however, doesn't.
The Tom Watson who, thru' regionalised migration controls, wants to restrict my right to reside in diff parts of UK htt…
Corbyn is the ONLY way Labour can defeat the Tories. Support him as put out even more fake news.
It's not the time to ditch Corbyn, says Tom Watson - - It's not...
Labour's deputy relade assay the party "has to do better" but that should stay
that means he wants his job but he's not prompting a contest. Coward.
I voted for Tom Watson but his total lack of support for the elected leader has now gone too far. Time to renew his mandat…
IRA sympathiser to stay! What a fckn joke...he will be wearing a turban next!
If you haven't signed our petition yet. Please sign & share here: ht…
I was reading that Len lived with Tom Watson for years is that true?
Tom Watson stands by Jeremy Corbyn despite Copeland defeat
Mad attack on all indy supporters by SLab ( plus and drives another nail in SLab's coffin. Torie…
Blair knew that public opinion vital to getting policies through irrespective of quality. Corbyn should learn the game
The irony of Tom Watson criticising the leadership! Hello, you are the leadership too. Is it time to renew your mandate To…
Tom Watson *is* the leadership. Glad to hear he is embarking on a period of self-reflection. Long overdue.
Tom Watson saying Labour "is the progressive alliance" is an example of the partisanship that threatens to destroy progressive politics
First Paul Ryan and now Tom Watson? This is why we can't have nice things.
If Wayne Shaw gets punished for eating a pie, then Tom Watson should get punished for dabbing in the houses of parliament
More examples of the importance of a high right arm and shut face. Payne Stewart. Dustin Johnson. Tom Watson. Jordan S…
Tom Watson just 'dabbed' in parliament. This annoys me more than Brexit.
Might you, Tom Watson has just suggested that David Hodge "should have used Tinder like the rest of us.."
How bad is it that he couldn't let Tom Watson in on Surrey Surprise? He'd of sent his fastest pigeon to Laura K to let PM know
P.S. It's not recent. Neera, Joan Walsh, Peter Daou, Tom Watson, etc. all blocked me back in the primary.
If Diane Abbott did pull a sickie, I think Amber Rudd, Theresa May, Tom Watson, Harriet Harman, Alan Johnson already know about tapes.
I don't know if Diane Abbott 'pulled a sickie'. But if she did, it's very likely Tom Watson, Theresa May, Harriet Harman have tapes.
Was it Tom Watson, Iain McNicol or Hilary Benn, or am I thinking in too narrow a view ???
Good on yer Andy. Scary times need people to speak up. PS Have a word with Tom Watson? He says we should give Trump a chance.
Tom Watson is calling for Britons to buy British products in response to Trump Oh dear, Tom. Oh dear, oh dear.
Jan 27, 1980: Tom Watson wins his 19th career PGA title at the Andy Williams San Diego Open on the 1st hole of a playoff with D.A. Weibring
On this day, In 1977 Tom Watson wins the Bing Crosby National Pro Am by a stroke over…
Tom Watson for 2019 Presidents Cup captain!. Who are your top 5 PGA Tour golfers? Reply! Thnks!
It is unfair "to expect the party to have one when the government’s own position" is vague. No opinion, then?
that's fantastic, thank you. Listening to it on the train from Manchester.
Happy 50th birthday Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, MP for West Bromwich East
Tom Allen introducing Mike DeBord, Grant Heard and Shawn Watson: "Couldn't be more pleased and excited to have these t…
strange they were VERY clear in 2015 though
The people abusing the system are the rich avoiding tax
The problem isn't the level of benefits, it's low wages, most people receiving benefits work
Do they have any policies worth asking about?
does look pretty great Andy, you a big Bastille fan or is it the girls!? :)
spokesman wouldn't say on how they'd negotiate with EU & Tom Watson says asking is "unfair" ht…
Tom Watson essentially concedes Labour doesn't know what its immigration policy is.
Tom Watson: It is 'unfair' to ask what Labour's immigration policy is
Labour say unfair to ask them about immigration. Their support for open borders has been unfair on British workers.
⚡️ The key moments from today's with interviews with PM and Tom Watson. .
Today Tom Watson has said that Labour needs a new policy on immigration, do you agree?
ok then , what is labours stance on weather the grave of Carl Marx is a communist plot ? .
Dear Tom Watson: disagreeing with Kendzior's analysis does not make me "anti-feminist".
What you say about the NHS is drivel
Disabled cuts went too far, but change was needed system was being utterly abused
We heard 4mins of waffle from him. There were no answers in there.
So you think people on benefits should get more than the average family?
Catch-Up Service: says "it's unfair" to ask what Labour's immigration policy is [VIDEO] >>
Does it not follow Labour, too, ought to have prepared a stance on Brexit? on admitting they have no view: exasperating.
'Unfair' to ask Labour about immigration - Watson ^SkyNews
When we asked about Labour's position on immigration this was how he responded
your 8 year old could perhaps relieve Mr Corbyn of his position? I suspect they would do a better job
Tom Watson reveals to the only communication he's had with Jeremy Corbyn in 3 weeks is 2 text messages (one…
Watson claims it is 'unfair' to quiz him on Labour immigration policy.
Tom Watson refuses to be drawn on Labour's immigration policy.
Tom Watson becoming an out and out wannabe red-baiter is beautiful
'Unfair' to ask Labour about immigration - Watson
'Unfair' to ask Labour about immigration Watson
no just talked about an extension on his Israeli bribe of a house in Palestine, while punching food into his gob
If said anymore than he did then they would make an issue of it rather than the focus being in the Tori…
Dear Can you please contest seats in England & Wales in 2020? Labour don't know their *** from their elbow.
What a fantastic piece, better than what I could manage 😀 happy birthday
. & Labour won't be happy with that article.
'Unfair' to ask Labour about immigration - Deputy Leader Tom Watson
New Still of Haley Bennett and Justin Theroux as Megan Hipwell and Tom Watson in
labour needs to get rid of sly Tom Watson asap!
Scientific Poll: Did you vote for Tom Watson as Deputy Labour leader in 2015? If YES - Would you vote for him again no…
2016 was the year that a Fascist payment of £200.000 to Tom Watson went missing and Hilary Benn declared war on the children of Syria.
Breaking: Laura Kuenssberg isn't a good journalist. In fact she deals in Fake News. Isn't Tom Watson supposed to be…
Tom Watson brought in 'The Grinch' but Jacob Rees Mogg is insisting means the Albert Finney version of 'Scr…
New post: "The Government must now make an urgent statement about the great lotto robbery - Tom Watson"
I saw Paddy Ashdown running for a bus once. The same day, I saw Tom Watson looking through the window of a Greggs.
Len McCluskey is an old mate of Tom Watson's, too. He's a friendly bloke.
Gideon Osborne and Tom Watson . laurel and Hardy. Another fine mess you both got us in to
Tom Watson confirming for the umpteenth time that he's unfit to be Deputy...
Tom Watson endorses book that says Brexit will make UK poorer. 67.6% of his West Bromwich E constituency voted Leave.
Tom Watson announces plan to shut down ‘fake news’, by launching a witch hunt to CENSOR his critics.
Given that Democrats never vote in midterm elections, 2018 could elect the corpses of Nathan Bedford Forrest, Bull Connor, & Tom Watson.
Tom Watson supporting the tories no red line lovely cross the floor tom.
Tom Watson told to make written apology over Lord Brittan comments
Tom Watson hails Blair and Brown era in barnstorming speech as Jeremy Corbyn watches
what I'm wondering is. Was that Bubba Watson's title or Tom Watson's?
Less interesting than the Tory party conference despite the self-publicist presence of Tom Watson. Where's K Vaz? U…
In fact, Tom Watson's only practical use is as somewhere to park Percy. Not much good for anything else.
Tom Watson performs extensive plastic surgery on Blair's legacy in conference speech. Blair talks of returning to politics…
Where is Tom Watson? Has he even led one attack on the Tories since becoming deputy?
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Ignore the talk of Labour unity – Tom Watson just humiliated Jeremy Corbyn
No one stopped buying I.B.M. because Tom Watson wasn't there, but they stopped buying Elizab
Tom Watson tells Labour to stop bashing Tony Blair - but clearly has no problem with members bashing Jeremy Corbyn
I agree with in that Tom Watson's speech was a good one... and also that Corbyn rented a crowd for his turn!!
I've no confidence in Tom Watson as Deputy Leader. via
No! Tom Watson, You organised the purge, unless members are reinstated, I have not read the Jeremy Corbyn Unity memo. https:…
J.Corbyn has shown that he has a strong mandate for a 2nd time. Tom Watson is unlikely 2 do so well. Many regret voting 4 T…
Outside perspective: if Corbyn's oratory was consistently 1/2 as good or persuasive as Tom Watson's, I think Labour wou…
"We are the party of Britain & that is who we are to our core." Outstanding from proud to have him as our Dep…
Tom Watson burns a heckler: "Jeremy I don't think she got the unity memo."
Wonderful we should be proud of our govt achievements. Also superb heckler put down "Jeremy, she didn't get the…
me too ! Let's hope it's his last moment in the Sun (pun intended)
We've done it before and we can do it again: let's win the election and set Britain free from the Tories, says
Tom Watson subtly trolling Corbyn from the platform. Cites Clive Lewis, and now calls Sadiq Khan a "champion" and "outs…
I couldn't even bring myself to watch Tom Watson after the deplorable, sly, & underhand way in which he conducted himself d…
'Capitalism's not the enemy, comrades' says Tom Watson. And when rich men bung you £20, that's probably right.
Tom Watson's speech was really quite excellent.
Watch brilliantly remind us why we are Labour, proud of Labour government achievements & what we can achiev…
Only way he'd be leader is if they did away with OMOV. Don't know anyone who voted for him who…
Tom Watson one of the politicians genuinely grappling with automation, gig economy etc.
Good old "Tom Watson". Who'd have thought he was at the heart of both election campaigns which Labour lost. Well, well.
Activists attack 'gerrymandering' and 'rigged' vote on rule changes that could create NEC 'anti-Corbyn' majority
Tom Watson has demonstrated today that he does not want unity. He will lose atrociously. His chicanery will not work.
Big cheers and applause as Tom Watson lists the achievements of the last Labour government. Corbyn doesn't clap.
Tom Watson came out swinging. Huge standing ovation.
I reckon Sadiq next judge; Nigel Pearson new presenter & Tom Watson is one of the many wildcards on
Watch standing ovation as Tom Watson tells Labour to stop 'trashing' Tony Blair
Tom Watson "don't trash Labour's record in government" is dog whistle to Blairites that their mad privatisations and wars w…
One should not expect unity, readily from the likes of Tom Watson/Jess Phillips, there is an underlying political a…
Seumas Milne now wishing he'd deleted Tom Watson's entire speech
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Dear Tom Watson I thought you were there to bring unity and promote democracy. Oh what a fool I am...
A woman as Deputy Leader would be a start. Is he offering to stand down?
Corbyn stroking his beard as conference and platform gives standing ovation to for praising "Blair and Brown".…
Email I have just sent in reply to Tom Watson's invitation to use the My Labour online service
Hmm, I see Nigel Pearson, Tom Watson and Sadiq Khan all trending. Spare me the trouble - which one's been appointed the…
I think Tom Watson hasn't fulfilled his role as Deputy Leader in the interests of ALL the Party but he's right on Labour's leg…
We don't agree with Tom Watson, we think capitalism IS the enemy
I'm sure some will, but I know many who wouldn't. If he meant what he said, will need…
telling us how to win elections! That's rich for a man who has effectively been working for the Tories for the pas…
Is taking bribes from He and have expelled all voters from
Whilst Jeremy Corbyn calling for unity 'wiping the slate clean' others are conspiring to put him under siege! http…
Tom Watson gets standing ovation for praising Blair and Brown and saying Labour "needs to win elections". Jeremy Corbyn
The Blairite period was a stain on history; a Party run by and for would-be millionaires and war…
Tom Watson's speech was most substantial to so far - full summary -
whilst lionising New Labour did you find time to mention that you lost 5 million votes, 2 general elections, al…
forced Corbyn to test his mandate. Now it's time for Tom Watson's mandate to be tested isn't it?
Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, Tom Watson's Conference speech includes him symbolically eating a cake shaped like Rup…
I opposed a lot of Blair policies, but his success cannot ignored!.
Stop trashing Blair and Brown if we want to win, says Tom Watson
Rubbish. Its about time you supported the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party. Your actions shameful
Tom Watson wasn't holding back-“I don’t know why we’ve been focussed on what went wrong with the Blair and Brown govts for t…
Yes Tom Watson, of course we need to win elections but you're doing your best to ensure that doesn't happen. I have to…
he didn't say that when Gordon Brown took over
When will you realise Labour MP's are out of touch with the membership.Look at the leadership vote
"Tom Watson"we will win elections sorry not by. rigging election. suing members and having witchhunt against jeremy
If you didn't manage to watch this, read it. This is a brilliant speech by
I had the pleasure of being in Mr. Palmer's presence while I caddied for Tom Watson in Jack Nicklaus' Harbor Shores opening. Special memory.
Standing ovation for Tom Watson as he warns against “trashing” the record of Blair/Brown - but Jeremy Corbyn stays seated htt…
Tom Watson is an odious creature, he should have used his speech to support the leadership not make crap jokes about Ed Balls
Tom Watson clapped by conference for commitment to nato. Corbyn only one on platform not to applaud
Tom Watson: 'Saturday's result, whatever you think of that man...disappointing' - he's talking about Ed Balls on
Can I listen to Tom Watson? Joke about Ed Balls. Don't know result of NEC rules vote. Can anyone enlighten me? I want a woman Deputy.
Tom Watson opens with joke - whatever you think of that man... whatever he's done... how can Ed Balls be bottom of the…
Tom Watson's got a girlfriend?! 😨 Just goes to show there's someone for everyone. 😕
It says a great deal that for both Tom Watson and John McTernan, the Daily Telegraph is now the New Labour vehicle of c…
I joined the Labour Party because I wanted to engage in democratic action but Tom Watson has done his best to take that away from me.
We need to get Tom "the (vote) fixer" Watson WELL away from the levers of power first - evil & untrustworthy.…
Personally I would prefer party officials to demonstrate a bit of integ…
Tom Watson is making moves to kill off democracy in the Labour Party via
Hope you choke on them Tom, and you cant purge me I've left!
.will today try to take Labour back from Momentum and the Corbynistas but not from Corbyn himself
What did you bring to the table Tom? Garibaldi biscuit?
Tom Watson's proposals could allow Corbyn to sack Shadow Cabinet Ministers. Wow. He has that power already Tom. He is elect…
Yes, and we don't want the quitters back. Certainly not replac…
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