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Tom Steyer

Thomas Fahr Tom Steyer (born 1957) is an American asset manager, philanthropist, and environmentalist.

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. You must see Tom Steyer's TV ad to impeach Trump. Plays nightly on ABC. So full of opinion & lies.
BREAKING: Billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer is launching an ad campaign calling for President Donald Trump's im…
True, but neither de Leon nor billionaire Tom Steyer is the answer. How about Gavin Newsom or…
Democratic megadonor Tom Steyer to spend $2 million in Virginia governor’s race
I did, however find Tom Steyer is defiantly s…
Sorry if my statement about Tom Steyer attacked your self image. . I read open secrets too.
I know more about Tom Steyer's political spending than you ever will. I don't care what they rejected. I want to…
I didn't find citation of any blogs from McCl…
This group is make up of The Who's Who of the Left in the US. The Clinton Foundation, Tom Steyer, you name it. Hard…
Disagree. This is ENTIRELY about what you want. I'm sure you've had these ulterior motive…
You mean a billionaire like Tom Steyer?
George Soros and Tom Steyer are worse. Scumbag radical leftists who donate a lot.
It's time for George Soros and Tom Steyer to be stripped of their ill-gotten loot and banished to Elba.…
Evan, are you still on Tom Steyer's payroll?
Here's a coincidence Ken: Tom Steyer & Albert Einstein BOTH talking about you on the same morning!
Tom Steyer should mind his own business and stay home and count his money.
It's also unjust that Tom Steyer, JerryBrown & teamed up to pass cap-and-t…
Bernie Sanders is a disgrace to this world. Here is is defending George Soros and Tom Steyer!.
YOU have been GAMING Californians for too long..TOM STEYER,the guy referring to illegal aliens as Californians..
Kudos to Tom Steyer SF billionaire who will help the SJ Valley, CA communities get safe drinking water
George Soros, Lester Crown, Warren Buffett, Tom Steyer are 4 of the top twenty billionaires that own Capitol Hill - of…
All the money you sunk into Hillary's campaign really proves it.
Of course the "thinkprogress" is funded by a nutty billionaire itself, Tom Steyer funds left wing tabloid trash all the time
Tom Steyer testing waters for Calif. gubernatorial bid
"Just in"? Don't you mean "just in case you've missed all the stories about Tom Steyer mulling a run for governor f…
Gonna be wild when Newsom crumbles under the attacks and CA-GOV becomes a race between Tom Steyer vs Sam Altman
Steyer CA GOV poll testing negatives on Gavin Newsom, & if voters care that Steyer's never held office (like Trump) https…
JUST IN: Billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer considering running for governor of California: https…
.Also be doing in-depth exposés on liberal mega donors George Soros, Tom Steyer, Peter Lewis?
Very odd! Jerry Brown and Tom Steyer with Berkeley homicide suspect?
Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Pierre Omidyar, Tom Steyer and Jonathen Soros fund the leftists.
Activist groups supporting protests funded by billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer.
Here's the Berkeley murder suspect, Pablo Gomez Jr -- or "X" -- posing with Jerry Brown & Tom Steyer -
Podesta to Tom Steyer re Harvard Prof Laurence Tribe/fossil fuels:
why haven't you, Gov. Brown or Tom Steyer answered any of my ?s about California's economy? I live here and I deserve answers.
So Katie McGinty and Ted Strickland will be hanging out with Tom Steyer and crew tomorrow?
LEFTIST billionaire Tom Steyer rips into Pence for alienating LGBT community - yet *** BILLIONAIRE Peter Thiel to speak at…
Hello CA billionaire Tom Steyer boosts spending, gives to candidates in
Tom Steyer's agenda "so extreme that other Democrats have pushed back hard against it"
Tom Steyer is working with Democrats to take control of the Colorado state legislature this year.
California billionaire Tom Steyer boosts spending, gives to Democrats in battle for state legislature
Attention See what Tom Steyer is doing right now in Cc: https…
And by "turning it on its head" we mean doing exactly what George Soros and Tom Steyer do every day.
Funny, nobody seems to mind billionaires funding lawsuits when the billionaire is George Soros or Tom Steyer.
Enviromentalist Tom Steyer to dispatch hundreds of organizers to colleges in seven statesdiv styleclear:lefta href
Polluters are profiting at the expense of CA communities - learn more in my interview
Meet Black Singles 300x250
NEW: Tom Steyer launching $25 million effort to turn out young voters
This billionaire activist wants millennials to get out and w dat…
US billionaire Tom Steyer, who made large amounts of money from coal, before going “…
. Energy Bills increased to subsidize the "green" lies of Tom Steyer(D) who made his Billions in... Coal.
"I'm sorry you remember what I said when I was *** Tom Steyer's leg. Let's pretend I didn't say it, OK?"
Climate change is nature’s way of charging us compound interest for doing the wrong thing - Tom Steyer
Millennials can help get his way in the 2016 elections.
Billionaire climate crusader Tommie S. Tommie shows being rich and clueless can occur in the same person
The man for the job, says Roberts, is Very Serious Man & hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer. Get excited millennials!
"Hillary Clinton is working alongside billionaire Tom Steyer to sow a garden of climate change paranoia"
It's not just the coal industry who are gravely hurt by obama/hillary..Wait until you get energy bills subsidizing "green" en…
Did Tom Steyer make his billions scamming us tax payers on lofty environmental garbage which has ruined our economy?
Call off the investigation! Billionaire climate crusader Tom Steyer knows what sparked Alberta wildfire
Tom Steyer reveals his role in climate-speech crackdown & this happens:
What is the distinction between GE donating money to candidates and a George Soros or Tom Steyer? All rich corporatists, yes?
.still won't debate me...even though once he sees the light he will save $25M in propaganda spending.
Tom Steyer must be doing something right.
Was thinking is some cases it benefits us all. Warren Buffet. George Soros. Tom Steyer! Hmm all males? Never mind!
'Go to the bat and have a drink on me,' billionaire Tom Steyer tells
Tom Steyer, asked if running for gov, demurs, but says 'inequality in Calif is shocking.'
"Influential billionaires" George Soros, Bill Gates, Tom Steyer etc... Back Democrats, but Rubio is being "bought" by Singe…
And he is certainly free to do with his money as he wishes. But as far as I know, Tom Steyer is also part of the initiative. 1/2
Wasn't aware that Tom Steyer, George Soros, the Tides Foundation, etc. are "right wing nuts".
Does it stink when it's done by Tom Steyer, George Soros, The SEIU,, the NEA?
A billionaire who has done some good? Tom Steyer.
WELL welcomes Tom Steyer, Founder and President of NextGen Climate, to the WELL Annual Conference in San Jose!
Nice John!... And where have George Soros,Tom Steyer & the rest of the top 10 lib donors placed their bets?
Big money from Tom Steyer and George Soros is GOOD. Only Koch Bros. $$ are bad. Did you miss the memo?
Obama lunacy: using military to promote Tom Steyer
Excited to watch this and see Tom Steyer discuss it.
Wonder if he knows Tom Steyer from political donation class?
Does that include the many billionaire Democrat donors like Soros and Tom Steyer, to name a few?.
Tom Steyer and Soros big $ influence for Dems but media only talks about Koch Bros
Why don't you call some of them out by name, Bernie? Maybe Tom Steyer? George Soros? Warren Buffett?
Trump is an Oligarch. You can't blame Zuckerberg, Gates, Buffett or Tom Steyer for him. Trump is exposing us to
The billionaire class cannot have it all...except Tom Steyer. He's great
Oh please - they are entirely GOP unless Tom Steyer types. And you KNOW it.
you mean Sanders' billionaire supporters like Soros, Tom Steyer, & Tim Gill.
What about Tom Steyer and George Soros? How much have they donated to conservatives?
how many donations have Tom Steyer and George Soros made to Republicans and conservative groups?
Democrat Hedge fund Billionaire Tom Steyer joins the Latino Victory Fund to take jobs and wages away from US voters.
What is the difference between the Kochs, Tom Steyer or George Soros?
Food and Water Watch protested a Gov backed by Tom Steyer today at event
Tom Steyer event at shut down by anti-fossil fuel activists via
But actually, when I think of who can *fund* issues I care about, the first name that comes to mind is Tom Steyer.
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When I think, "Who speaks for me, as a Millennial?" the first name that comes to mind is always Tom Steyer
Gov Tom Wolfe (PA) at CAP-Steyer event. Youth represented by EDF.
We cannot wait. Today's Supreme Court decision on CPP shows how important it is to elect climate champion in 2016.
.Koch's gave a combined $11M to RNC. Tom Steyer gave $74M to DNC. . Who'll be the dominant party?
Instead of lying to your potential voters-tell the truth. Tom Steyer gives more than Kochs. PROOF:
You do realize that SEIU alone donates 50 x's as much to the DNC as the Koch's do to the RNC right? Tom Steyer ring a bell
and how did Tom Steyer make his fortune ... coal?? Which you abhor, correct?
But I don't hear you complain about Tom Steyer or George Soros -2 billionaires that support liberal candidates/causes Hypocrisy?
Huge news: a day before NH primary, joins in endorsing
Like George Soros, Tom Steyer, Warren Buffett. "GOP [...] all about power, changing laws for your 1% owners". …
Center for American Progress says Gov. Tom Wolf will participate in a panel talk tomorrow in Washington with Tom Steyer
That is absolute hogwash & bull excrement. Why don't you say the same about George Soros & Tom Steyer? Harry…
Dark Money?Charles Rose commented on Tom Steyer writes big check to California Democratic Party | The Sacramento Bee
Tom Steyer writes big check to Democratic Party
nice article well done. I knew about Tom Steyer the fund raiser for Obama & Kerry but not about Bill McKibben   10% Off
So why do you vote welfare subsidies to billionaires George Kaiser, George Soros, and Tom Steyer?
Tom Steyer's carbon regulation win in Oregon Washington Examiner Weeks of negotiations at the…
Yes, Dems are so transparent. They'd have Greenpeace, Tom Steyer, BLM, & the Black Panther logos.
Tom Steyer's carbon regulation win in Oregon
He's back. California billionaire Tom Steyer donates $80k to WA climate initiative aimed at 2016 ballot
Right. And Clinton opponents can point to "stranglehold" environmentalist donors like Tom Steyer have on some Dems
Big Tobacco profits from a product that is the leading cause of preventable death in California.
Democrats have George Soros and tom steyer in their mouths.
if you don't have a problem with Tom Steyer & George Soros then you don't have a problem with Koch Brothers
"But Kochs!" *cashes checks from George Soros and Tom Steyer*
So just like Tom Steyer and George Soros on the other side. So?
Billionaire Steyer can't imagine that California job loss has anything to do with the state's crazy energy policy -
Billionaire Tom Steyer outlines plan to change California.
Billionaire Tom Steyer is outlining a plan to change California
Calif. billionaire Tom Steyer backing initiative in Washington via
Electronic Device Insurance
"...the most viewers heard about global warming...came from a pair of ads paid for by Tom Steyer’s climate group."
Tom Steyer's Profanity-Laden Tirade on CA -Breitbart "That's not who we are" must be the new progressive buzz words
Billionaire Tom Steyer outlines plan to change California via
In an interview, argues that Ca. climate change regulations do not raise business costs. Steyer's case:
Spent74M on Climate nothing Billionaire Tom Steyer's Profanity-Tirade on California - Breitbart via
1% er Tom Steyer is back to make your life more expensive (cause it won't bother him at all!)
is another billionaire Hedge fund manager who wants to control You!
Tom Steyer Spent $57 Million to Get Voters to Care about Climate Change. It Didn’t Work.
He blew $74 million on "global warming" and got almost nothing,. Billionaire Tom Steyer's..
Tom Steyer wants to change California. Here's why you should be paying attention:
.& on biz oppty in taking thru innovation+ including ALL
Darrell Steinberg sits with climate activist Tom Steyer for commission mtg on income inequality @ Loaves&Fishes
Anyone unclear on how this racket gets played? . George Soros, Tom Steyer among "investors" in Obama "energy plan":. http…
George Soros, Tom Steyer 'investors' in Obama energy plan...
Just dandy... George Soros, Tom Steyer are 'investors' in Obama's new energy research scam. https:…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Tom Steyer ready to spend big to force GOP to face climate change via
Actually, they're less conservative than the party. Unlike Tom Steyer & the other crony capitalists w the Dems.
Yup, neither obama nor HRC can resist those huge Tom Steyer bucks! or third
Tom Steyer vs. Keystone XL: the case for bilionaires?
Guest post by David Middleton If being green was a mental illness, this guy would be the poster child…
Ok, Tom Steyer has donated about $80 million to Democrats since the 2014 election cycle based on the climate change issue
Are working Americans going to let Tom Steyer + his ilk + O team up to keep us down, poor, & unemployed?
One specific party, the Democrats, are much worse. Tom Steyer is equal to 10 Charles Koch
It was very effective in attracting $73,725,000 from Tom Steyer in the 2014 cycle
Tom Steyer should have to go without hot water until Keystone is approved. He'd be cryin' for mama
Thanks to our Senate climate leaders for standing against
Billionaires for renewables energy -
our political system is corrupt. Tom Steyer just bought and paid for Obama's no vote on the pipeline
Didn't Obama's state dept.say far earlier that pipeline wouldn't do harm.It is all politics which pays back billionaire Tom Steyer.
Tom Steyer is heavily invested in green energy and needed this to die
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“The Koch Brothers are trying to buy America,” says the man who rented out the Senate to Tom Steyer.
Face is sunshine. Democrat Billionaire Donor Tom Steyer said no and the leftwingers jumped.
But it at least keep the huge $$$ coming in to Democrats from the Tom Steyer's of the world
If by "save the world" you mean securing hundreds of millions of dollars from Tom Steyer and the green grifters.
Billionaire Tom Steyer Calls on Candidates to Push for a 50% Renewables Policy
Obama should of thanked Tom Steyer for helping him say no pipeline. Canada exports more oil today than 7 years ago
pipeline would means further investing in the tars sands. Disaster for our climate.
Today rejected the power of American people beat out fossil fuel special interests
dangainor You mean the mega millions from Tom Steyer and others. Oh wait, only candidates influenced by mo…
After big defeats in midterm elections at a price tag of $76 million, Tom Steyer "all in" for for 2016.
Strange he won't talk about the millions George Soros,Tom Steyer, or Warren Buffett give to the Dems.
Packed house for the wage theft town hall. Thanks to Senator Leno and Tom Steyer
As opposed to Tom Steyer's and George Soros' I suppose.
Salesforce head Marc Benioff and wife Lynne are among Nancy Pelosi's guests at Pope's address today, as are Tom Steyer and wife Kat Taylor.
Tom Steyer and Matilda Cuomo, widow of Gov Mario Cuomo, among Nancy Pelosi's guests to Pope Francis address
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Tom Steyer & Matilda Cuomo, wife of the late NYGov Mario Cuomo among Minority Ldr Pelosi's guests at joint mtg of Congress for Pope Francis.
So obvious that big bank Goldman Sachs, billionaire Tom Steyer and single-issue group Emily's List are rigging the deal for HRC.
That was no tramp. It was Warren Buffet. Or maybe Tom Steyer. David Koch?
NextGen Climate founder Tom Steyer talks about advocacy at the California Democratic Party E-board. Thank you for...
Tom Steyer wants to know why the gas prices he jacked up are so high
Tom Steyer, suggesting Dem donors can't keep up with the Kochs: "If we're in an arms race, we're in a lot of trouble"
What did Tom Steyer say when he met David Koch for the first time?
Tom Steyer challenges David Koch on change - ICYMI nice read from via
on Tom Steyer challenges David Koch climate change stance
I assume your talking about Al Gore, the Clintons, Tom Steyer and George Soros, etc.
"They" being, presumably, George Soros, Tom Steyer and Valerie Jarrett. You know, the people he reports to.
What about billionaire liberals George Soros & Tom Steyer who support him? Are you giving WI to them?
Check out UnReliable with->. Next up his exposes on Warren Buffett, Tom Steyer, and George Soros.
Now awaiting your reports on Tom Steyer and George Soros.
Tom Steyer doesn't have a hair on his *** if he doesn't chauffeur around CA in a hydrogen vehicle!!!
How will Al Gore, Tom Steyer and Hillary Clinton square their corn ethanol position with Iowa and climate concerns?
Like Sanders says, of politics!. That means you:. Tom Steyer. Koch Brothers. George Soros.
"...he lambasted the growing influence that major donors like Charles and David Koch on the right and Tom Steyer...
Tom Steyer is taking on the climate deniers running for president via
ICYMI: Read Jack Lew's briefing memo for his meeting with Tom Steyer just a few months before the midterms
Treasury FOIA office redacted Tom Steyer's headshot from a Lew briefing memo for some reason
Jack Lew’s Meeting with Tom Steyer – the memo Treasury tried to keep secret
George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, the Clintons, Tom Steyer, ,Michael Bloomberg? I only have so many characters here.
Tom Steyer gave 27 Mill to dems to stop this.
if demobilization is their goal, they are wasting their money. Same with Tom Steyer, Warren Buffet & Sheldon Adelson.
They pollute the water and air. Thank goodness for Tom Steyer, he is saving the planet!
How much does Tom Steyer pay you to write things like that. Seriously.
How billionaire Tom Steyer is trying to save the planet
Now, to be fair, you’ve probably never heard of Democrat Tom Steyer, who threw 9x more $$ than the Koch Brothers did.
While everyone focused on Keystone, more than 11K miles of oil pipeline were built. Wonder how Tom Steyer feels?
Why, perhaps the money from Tom Steyer in the last election cycle. In our last newsletter from UA they threw O under the bus.
How hedge-fund mogul Tom Steyer is using his checkbook to punish climate-change deniers, persuade Obama to hal...
For God's sake play to win based on the best issue per race . Steyer had it right...
pal: 'Billionaire financier Tom Steyer is spending more money on politics than anyone else in America, according to data from the
Billionaires like G Soros, Buffet, Gates, Tom Steyer, Bloomberg, Kock brothers, etc. have lots of influence on politicians.
democrats don't take money from corporations? Google Tom Steyer and George Soros Mr uninformed!
ever hear of George Soros or Tom Steyer? More donations to liberals than money by Kochs to repubs
You don't think that Soros,Tom Steyer and all the rest of big Dem donors don't want them to tow their line?
BTW, in 2014 cycle Tom 'steyer was# 1 donor, KOchs 21 22, IIRC. Check out
Responding to the with Tom Steyer sstokes the billionaire-fueled structure fire of our
Tom Steyer's astroturfing money ran out.
Honorary alumni _lindsey_ and mistyf85. Tom Steyer and Barney Frank meet and greets. Not a bad time…
Tom Steyer has a background with allegations of fraud and Ponzi schemes. But Koch Brothers!
Tom Steyer public employee unions trial lawyers your correct money is a problem
Maybe Tom Steyer needs to be probed too! Who know what will be found in his nether regions!
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how did tom steyer make his fortune again? Ya'll a bunch of groveling, rich hypocrites.
Perhaps they'll engage a billionaire hedge fund manager like Tom Steyer who helped fund Maules Crk?
Congratulations to Tom Steyer & Risky Business team on critical work assessing economic impacts of climate change.
.Ms. Warren, there's a Tom Steyer holding on line .. Should I put him through?
Tom Steyer at -says critical to effectiveness of movement diversity
Please get a new talking point or learn basic math. (Tom Steyer donated 11.9x more than David Koch.)
As long as billionaires Tom Steyer and Warren Buffet don't want Keystone Obama will veto It.
Warren Buffet nows a good investment and he bought Obama & crowd along with Tom Steyer?
yes liberals are owned by Warren Buffet,Wall Street,Bill Gates,George Soros and Tom Steyer to na few.
"Oregon’s controversy has created new questions for billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer" …
Let's talk abt George Soros. How abt Tom Steyer or Warren Buffett. Yeah that's what I thought.
“Tom Steyer (a liberal) routinely outspends Charles and David Koch. This is true.
The democrats? Tom Steyer party? What did the Kochs do to you Ron? Create jobs? You know they are libertarian right?
Energy Efficiency | California billionaire Tom Steyer says he won't run for Senate - Los…
Tom Steyer won't run for Senate in 2016 - San Jose Mercury News
Tom Steyer speaks at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Area consultant frantically drafting memo on why Tom Steyer 'ideally positioned' to defeat Kamala Harris
Source: - Monday, January 12, 2015 Democratic billionaire Tom Steyer is contemplating a Senate campaign Leading Off : ⢠CA-Sen : Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer's Thursday retirement left us with more than our share of potential Senate candidates. Over the last few days, several of them have made their interest (or lack of interest) in the seat clear. We've created a list of who is considering a bid and who has ruled one out as of Sunday evening, and we'll be updating it as needed throughout Monday. Democratic billionaire Tom Steyer has said little publicly, but he's taking a very serious look at running . Politico's Andrew Restuccia reports that Steyer began making calls to his political contacts almost as soon as Boxer announced her departure and has begun reviewing polling data. However, Steyer may end up holding his fire until 2018, when Gov. Jerry Brown is termed out and Sen. Dianne Feinstein is likely to retire. In any case it doesn't look like we'll be waiting on Steyer for long: ...
Eight Famous Names Who Might Run For Senate in California ABC/Randy Holmes(NEW YORK) -- Veteran Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer announced her retirement on Thursday, leaving California with an open Senate seat in 2016 – the first time in more than two decades. Not surprisingly, rumors are already starting to circulate about Golden State political figures who are likely to make a run for it: Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer to name just a few. But in a state that's home to both Hollywood and Silicon Valley, there are at least a few other famous Californians who might be interested in filling Boxer’s seat: George Clooney : He’s one of Hollywood’s leading men, but it politics runs in his blood. Clooney’s father ran for Congress in 2004 and he’s distantly related to Abraham Lincoln. Clooney is also a noted Obama-friend and Democrat. According to the actor’s aunt, Clooney plans ...
Dems first filibuster of 2015 on Keystone. Tom Steyer told Buffett told Val told Zippy: Keep oil on Warren's trains!!
No...he just cares more about Tom Steyer's $100Mil & Warren Buffets oil transport by train millions.
Yeah, this guy and Tom Steyer as well as Warren Buffett are all responsible for blocking the will of the people!
I've wondered that myself.People like Tom Steyer, Warren Buffett are promoted by Democrats.
Yay senate more train derailments of oil transports for all Tom Steyer and Warren Buffett get more rail $
King Turncoat gives BFF Tom Steyer a "no" on Keystone so Dems can create their own pipeline.
Want to know why King Angus voted against Keystone? His pal Tom Steyer can tell you.The answer is "cash."
Prob with big donor permission Energy, Tom Steyer
The Tea Party 3 hrs · Remember when Harry Reid ranted and raved about how the Koch Brothers were trying to “buy” elections? Somehow, Democrats were okay with the $74 million spent by Tom Steyer.
Tom Steyer's super PAC and other green groups saw the vast majority of their favored candidates in the battleground states go down to defeat, despite spending an unprecedented amount of money to help climate-friendly Democrats in the midterm elections. POLITICO has the story.
Karl Rove/American Crossroads/Koch Bros were the Big Money losers in 2012;, is Tom Steyer going take that throne this year?
These four Dems had a secret meeting with Barack Obama, Tom Steyer and George Soros:
Tom Steyer followed by National Education Association (NEA) are the 2 largest donors of 2014. btw NEA = 5X Koch bro…
Tom Steyer's pro-environment campaigns could swing elections but what happens to campaign if candidates lose?
The Democrats including Tom Steyer and Harry Reid, are running ads in North Carolina that basically says the...
Governor Jerry Brown today dropped by John Marshall High School to talk about energy efficiency and the millions of dollars LA Unified schools can expect to receive from the state as a result of Proposition 39. The governor, who’s up for re-election next week, was on the Los Feliz campus with Tom Steyer, the Democratic mega-donor who backed the initiative; and state Sen. [ 328 more words. ]
Watch “Jose’s story” - part of our "I Vote Republican" series - and share this powerful message widely among your friends, family, and co-workers. With just 12 days until Election Day, let’s finish strong to spread the Republican message, elect great Republican candidates, and defeat the progressive agenda of Jay Inslee, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, and the Democratic machine.
So your thoughts on Tom Steyer? George Soros? Surely you're tired of their money too, right?
Because no matter what he says he is going to do what makes Tom Steyer, George Soros, or Warren Buffet money.
Elizabeth Warren may want to include Tom Steyer and George Soros in her one sided class warfare diatribes
He's against liberals like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Tom Steyer?
I absolutely agree. With Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer flooding our state with $$millions$$→.
Like George Soros, Tom Steyer and Micheal Bloomberg! I AGREE! Those people are humanist zealots!
What does Tom Steyer have planned for Colorado after the election? I think has it right.
Hypocrisy of Tom Steyer, Soros, Gore, Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club as they Continue to Profit Off Fossil Fuels
Congressman Gary Peters should immediately sell his $20,000 investment in petcoke, the very substance he tells voters is polluting Detroit and the substance that is the nexus of false attack ads launched by National Democrats like Senator Harry Reid and California billionaire Tom Steyer.
So in addition to his liberal billionaire backers like Tom Steyer, Gary Peters seems to have Washington Post's Greg Sargent in his pocket.
Does prefer Tom Steyer pipeline to via
Breaking from Soros, Steyer, Bloomberg Donate Millions to Super PACs in July Super PAC contributions heated up in July in advance of the fall midterm elections, with Democrats dominating the list of mega-donors, including hedge fund manager turned climate-change activist Tom Steyer and financier George Soros. Millionaire former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, an independent, contributed $2 million to a liberal super PAC, according to disclosure reports to the Federal Election Committee. ...Both sides have their manipulators.
Urgent Message for Tea Party Members (National Journal) – Super PACs spent July beefing up for the fall campaign. Many groups filed new disclosure reports this week, leaving a paper trail littered with big checks from big names. Democrats dominate the list of notable July donors, as there have simply been more Democratic dollars flowing to that type of outside group this year. There’s still plenty of conservative money out there; it’s just that more of it is going toward nonprofits, which don’t have to disclose their donors. Here are a handful of July super PAC donations that stood out. STEYER: Climate-change activist Tom Steyer gave the biggest super PAC donation in this month’s reports: $7.5 million to his own group, NextGen Climate. Steyer, who made his fortune as a successful hedge-fund manager, also spread some of that money around. NextGen gave a half-million dollars to Senate Majority PAC, the biggest Senate Democratic super PAC, and $150,000 to the League of Conservation Voters Victory F ...
​Possibly the political science is becoming settled. 'Tom Steyer struggles to find big-money donors' via
Tom Steyer: How climate change changed me
LTE in NYT: "Leaders like Tom Steyer, who rethink and recalibrate their work & lives, set an example worth following" h…
David Greene talks to billionaire financier and liberal activist Tom Steyer about his position on the Keystone XL oil pipeline.
Ask Harry Reid Who is Tom Steyer is? Dems want to talk about Koch Bro's never mentions Steyer
Rigging is only good for Tom Steyer and George Soros right Harry?
'It stinks': Democrats criticize White House over meeting with billionaire Tom Steyer via
Tom Steyer may pledge up to $100M to support climate legislation..and he met with Jack Lew today to talk about it.
Tom Steyer is visiting the White House today - will he also make time for rubberstamp Gary Peters?
White House officials to meet with activist Tom Steyer on climate: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - White House official...
New study warns of climate change risks for the US, led by Hank Paulson, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) took to the Senate floor Thursday to once again rail against the Koch Brothers. He can't help himself. "The decisions by the Supreme Court have left the American people with a status quo in which one side's billionaires are pitted against the other side's billionaires," he said. "Except one side doesn't have many billionaires," meaning his side. Except George Soros, Warren Buffett and Tom Steyer are three that quickly come to mind. But it's those darn Koch Brothers Reid can't stand. "It is not right that we have two of richest men in the world trying to buy America," he complained. "They have far more money than virtually every government." Well, they certainly have more money than the U.S. government, which is $17 trillion in the hole thanks to the likes of Reid and Co.
Harry Reid: Democrats Do Not ‘Have Any Billionaires’ on their sideBy Editor on June 19, 2014Harry Reid, always good for a Senate floor soundbite. In this one he explains that politics is a game controlled by billionaires but that the Dems don’t have any billionaire sponsors.Tom Steyer, George Soros,…
crony billionaires Tom Steyer, George Soros, Warren Buffett, James Simons, Irwin Jacobs, Michael Bloomberg, and Jeff Bezos, politically money launder as they impoverish the American people.
If you put John Kerry, Barack Obama and Tom Steyer in a room together, you would still yet to have a single scientist there
"Tom Steyer and his wife, Kat Taylor, launched the Climate Disaster Relief Fund"...
A super PAC backed by liberal billionaire Tom Steyer plans to pour a significant amount of money into the New Hampshire Senate race with the goal of bringing climate change to the forefront of voters’ minds in this election cycle and beyond:
Climate change guru Tom Steyer donates big bucks to help Mark Udall
RADICAL BILLIONAIRE TO REWARD SHAHEEN FOR SUPPORTING NATIONAL ENERGY TAX Shaheen Welcomes Steyer Support After Hypocritically Criticizing Outside Money Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement on radical billionaire Tom Steyer's plan to spend $100 million to influence elections including New Hampshire's senate race. Politico reports that Senator Shaheen met with Steyer in February to pledge her support for his new national energy tax in exchange for millions of dollars to prop up her flailing her campaign: "After railing against outside money, Senator Shaheen is hypocritically embracing billionaire Tom Steyer's special interest group and his disastrous new national energy tax. In exchange for the millions of dollars that Steyer has pledged to funnel into our senate race, Shaheen has promised to vote for a new energy tax that could kill as many as 10,000 New Hampshire jobs, increase the price of gas by 20 cents per gallon and raise the ...
Billionaire plans to target Republicans in seven states - USA TODAY
Climate change a wedge issue in 2014? Billionaire Tom Steyer hopes so
Hooray for our team, I guess. But it's tough to swallow a matter of settled science swinging on campaign money.
Billionaire Tom Steyer will use clout and cash to boost Democrats, environment, in key races
The goal of Tom Steyer, a billionaire environmental activist, is to help climate change become a major issue in...
A Super PAC funded by Democratic environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer announced it will spend as much as $100 million attacking Republicans candidates.
Steyer’s PAC targets 7 races: Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer is launching on-the-ground oper...
Billionaire plans to target Republicans in seven states via
NYTimes: Pushing Climate Change as an Issue This Year, but With an Eye on 2016.
Super PAC funded by environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer to attack climate-science 'deniers' in key election races
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) yesterday hailed wealthy environmentalist Tom Steyer's emerging involvement in politics as a means to spotlight issues such as climate change and the Keystone XL pipeline.
California billionaire Tom Steyer has long targeted Washington State as a means to his extreme environmental ends. During the 2013 election-cycle, Steyer’s money made the difference in gaining green-friendly control of the Whatcom County Council. Why did he need control of the Whatcom County...
Billionaire Tom Steyer's environmental group, NextGen, revealed the seven major Senate and gubernatorial races it is targeting this fall, from Florida to Colorado, drawing on the $100 million Mr. Steyer pledged to raise.
Billionaire Tom Steyer, an Obama supporter, is pledging at least $50 million to make climate change a key issue in the 2014 election.
From black to green: U.S. billionaire’s ‘Road to Damascus’ 7:10am EDT By Richard Valdmanis, Fergus Jensen andSonali Paul BOSTON/JAKARTA/MELBOURNE (Reuters) – Billionaire Tom Steyer has rapidly become one of America’s most… [ 1584 more words. ]
You’ve got to hand it to billionaire Tom Steyer. He tells Barack Obama and Harry Reid to jump, and they obediently reply: How high?
I talk to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid about the difference between the billionaire oilmen Koch Brothers and billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer spe...
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