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Tom Sermanni

Tom Sermanni (born 1 July 1954) is a Scottish association football coach and former professional player.

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Tom Sermanni, Ali Krieger and Houston Dash forward Carli Lloyd provide their takes in playing in extreme heat.
Tom Sermanni said on OCSC pregame show there's a chance Alex Morgan could play Saturday but team taking it day to day. Would be a real boost
Our recap has been updated with comments from Tom Sermanni, Steph Catley, and Ali Krieger.
Waiting to hear from Tom Sermanni following the Pride's 2-0 loss to Dash.
My favorite part about Tom Sermanni is him buying his gameday clothes at the world's last Mervyns.
Wow. Tom Sermanni is heated. Must be a blue moon.
Tom Sermanni and Khano Smith really going at the fourth official.
Can Tom Sermanni's side find the perfect formula to beat the Dash for a second time in a week tonight? Answer coming soon enough
Orlando Pride coach Tom Sermanni sees late Houston goals as blessing in disguise
"We certainly know that we can’t be going into this game with any complacency." - HC Tom Sermanni.
A headline quote from Tom Sermanni:. "Obviously, bringing someone like Alex back gives everybody a boost."
Despite win, Orlando Pride coach Tom Sermanni open to more lineup changes
PRIDE | Tom Sermanni names an unchanged starting eleven to the side that beat Boston. Rachel Hill keeps her place.…
Alex Morgan: 'I missed everything about Orlando.' Story w/video of Morgan & Pride coach Tom Sermanni:…
Just spoke with Pride coach Tom Sermanni about this. Will have detailed report up soon.
Tom Sermanni out here trying to avoid having to go to the 2018 NWSL draft. 😂😂😂
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I think someone needs to make a "Did Tom Sermanni make a trade today?"
If you're just checking into the offseason, Tom Sermanni does not like the draft and will avoid it all costs in 2018.
PREVIEW: Media met w/ Coach Tom Sermanni. Read what he had to say about Alex Morgan, the draft and more!…
Kennedy made her Matildas debut under Tom Sermanni in 2012. Has become one of the key defenders for Australia and S…
As I've said, it's the Auslando Pride under Tom Sermanni. He would trade all of his draft picks for Australian international spots.
Tom Sermanni also told me that losing Canadians Ashley Lawrence and Kenisha Buchanan is a blow
Tom Sermanni was rumored to be trying hard to bring her to Orlando this past season. Doesn't seem like it'll happen…
Haven't Tom Sermanni and the Pride been talking about her? Competition.
Head Coach Tom Sermanni is thrilled with Harris’ award (and feels that no one in the league deserved it…
Tom Sermanni got canned in 2 seconds. But we keep Jill Ellis after the Olympics? I am so confused.
Jill Ellis is doing what Tom Sermanni wanted to do which is kind of funny. Although at that time it was WC or bust, understandably.
tom sermanni: king of calling up both young players and older NWSL players. jill: ellis
Imagining what the could have been like under Tom Sermanni...
I can't. Also, that's exactly why Tom Sermanni was fired... I hate her. This team is going to be a mess. I'm so sad.
Can Tom Sermanni please be coach of the uswnt again PLEASE
Greg Ryan and Tom Sermanni were fired for failing to get us gold and Jillian Ellis is still roaming free after bombing out of the Olympics
Ahead of today's match, Tobin Heath, Alex Morgan, and Tom Sermanni weigh in on Allie Long.
pic: Pride manager Tom Sermanni taking in tonight's match.
WATCH: Pride players pull prank on Tom Sermanni
: WATCH: Pride players pull prank on Tom Sermanni
Watch the Orlando Pride pull a fast one on their head coach, Tom Sermanni --
Well *** Tom Sermanni better watch his back. With Adrian Heath's firing, anybody could be a target in the future.
Tom Sermanni says that he is "seethingly angry" that the Pride managed to lose the game.
Pride coach Tom Sermanni says views on playing time led to Lianne Sanderson trade
LT - video from Friday night with Waldrum, Tom Sermanni, Denise O'Sullivan and Cari Roccaro.
Tom Sermanni told reporters at media day in Orlando that Alex Morgan will start as captain, not sure she'll go 90. https:/…
Dying at the picture of Kaylyn Kyle they chose to use in this article.
Lion Links: Pride season tickets, a Tom Sermanni interview, soccer stadiums and more!
Women’s coach Sermanni returns to pro game. [via
Truly was a pleasure talking to Tom Sermanni about his time with and now his new journey with
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Great interview! So happy to have Tom Sermanni in the fold for Orlando and thankful for his help in Canada.
New for Catching up with coach Tom Sermanni about the and his time with
New from for Women’s coach Sermanni returns to pro game -
tom sermanni is the reason why steph is in portland i thank God everyday for that man
Interview with Tom Sermanni, assistant coach of Canada at Women's WC, now most widely read I've written
Get to train with the famous Tom Sermanni today, former USWNT coach😈
BREAKING: US Soccer fires Sermanni; Ellis named interim coach of US women: Tom Sermanni has been fired as coac... http:/…
Wonder what Tom Sermanni is doing rn
At least, USSF firing Tom Sermanni will definitely payoff at the end
Wonderful read and great analysis. Happy birthday Tommy. The redemption of Tom Sermanni via
Good story on Tom Sermanni, who would have playing more compelling style. And he built
Tom Sermanni told me early in 2014 his biggest concern moving forward was defense, finding Broon a partner. 18 months later Italy 06.
All credit for US play right now goes to Tom Sermanni.
Tom Sermanni is going to coach in the NWSL. Book it.
Well, Tom Sermanni was a much better coach for the USA Women that Jill Ellis. And Tony DiCicco won 2 World Cups.
We need to do another podcast episode-- about Tom Sermanni. I'm just gonna build on what I said.
I knew Tom Sermanni was part of the Canada coaching staff
omg I'm pretty sure I saw tom sermanni talking to Kaylyn k*** on the bench??
Tom Sermanni giving Kaylyn Kyle some tactical advice. Wait... US players said he didn't know tactics.
Kaylyn Kyle is getting instructions from Tom Sermanni.
Tom Sermanni alert! Oh, and Matheson is subbing in it seems.
'Canada assistant coach, Tom Sermanni.' Words do hurt
Tom Sermanni why are you the Canadian assistant coach tho
Should be noted that Julie Johnston, arguably best US player at WWC, given 1st cap by Tom Sermanni, who was replaced last …
The redemption of former coach Tom Sermanni
Hall of Fame Inductee video for Tom Sermanni: (via
ICYMI: former coach Tom Sermanni was inducted into FFA's Hall of Fame this month
Stunning music from Rachel Sermanni and Tom Terrel tonight. Beginning to feel a wee bit Christmassy too...
On this week's episode, find out what has to say about DMath, Tom Sermanni, Sophie Schmidt & more!
Still buzzing after seeing Rachel Sermanni & Tom Terrell, play last night. .
Ellis can remove the 'interim' label six weeks after replacing Tom Sermanni as U.S. women's soccer coach
2. firing Tom Sermanni only to hire Jill Ellis is like getting rid of gonorrhea only to catch chlamydia. You lose either way.
Jill Ellis named coach of the U.S. women's national soccer team; replaces Tom Sermanni who was fired in April:
Jill Ellis named US women's coach. Nice person but not sure she's tough enough to handle egos/personalities that got Tom Sermanni fired.
Congratulations to Jill Ellis! We sincerely hope you have better luck than Tom Sermanni did with the
Tom Sermanni gets fired after a win, Jill Ellis gets the job after a tie, the fix is in
At least give us something like this, Not something like this:
US women's soccer coach Tom Sermanni fired - Sermanni was fired by the U.S. Soccer Federation on Sunday after a...
Fantastic run & brilliantly taken goal by Tom Sermanni would be very proud of that.
After USWNT coach Tom Sermanni was fired, Sunil Gulati downplayed World Cup expectations for the USMNT. Why?
Hope Solo and take the pitch for the first time since Tom Sermanni was fired.
Gulati: No player revolt behind Sermanni firing: A day after firing women's National Team coach Tom Sermanni, ...
Tom Sermanni was let go for other reasons, the U.S. Soccer Federation president said.
Good insight here from “shocking dismissal of USWNT coach Tom Sermanni
Tom Sermanni wasn't Sunil Gulati's 1st choice to coach the USWNT. So, yes, the leash was going to be shorter than the one J. Klinsmann has.
explains USSF's decision to fire Tom Sermanni and what happens next for
U.S. Soccer Federation President Sunil Gulati outlines the decision to fire Tom Sermanni, coach of the top-ranked women's team.
Wrote this in September that Sermanni's task was balance, not change: Style, balance of personalites discussed today.
Since Tom Sermanni took over USWNT, they outscored opponents 81-18
Shocker: Tom Sermanni fired as U.S. Women’s coach via by
Tom Sermanni fired by U.S. Soccer as coach for "3 or 4 things" — not Sunday's game by
Sermanni to appear on Tuesday's 'Over the Ball': [ON THE AIR] Tom Sermanni, who was fired as...
US Soccer, what are you doing firing Tom Sermanni only SEVEN months before 2015 qualifiers?! WHY?
Dismissal as U.S. women’s coach leaves Tom Sermanni wondering what... - via
BREAKING: fires head coach Tom Sermanni mere hours after a win over China
U.S. women's soccer coach gets the boot so takes a look at whether the data suggests he deserved it
Tyresö's Tony Gustavsson mentioned as possible new coach. Well, he might need a new job
Tom Sermanni's dismissal from the was a real shocker--now the question is, who will take over, especially with so close?
Speaking to FOX Soccer, former US women's National Team coach Tom Sermanni opened up about his unexpected firing by US Soccer.
Glad USSF organised a media discussion to reaffirm they were quite rude to Tom Sermanni for reasons that remain unclear.
Tom Sermanni fired from the USWNT only after 15 months😁
US women's soccer coach Tom Sermanni fired news
One interesting possible candidate from Tyreso's Tony Gustavsson - Ellis the clearest candidate.
Sacked coach Tom Sermanni in line for by .
Julie Foudy &the dismissal of USWNT coach Sermanni -- espnW via if u haven't read it, stop w its the players
Dismissal of Tom Sermanni: Earlier today, the head coach of the US Women’s National Team was fired, fresh off ...
I'm lovin' this piece by Foudy. She discusses the dismissal of USWNT coach Tom Sermanni: Solid …
Seriously USA soccer what the heck happened with Tom Sermanni?
Of the six head coaches' first 24 games, Sermanni had the third highest win percentage
"He was stunned actually," on Tom Sermanni's reaction to discovering he was fired as coach
Julie Foudy examines the shocking dismissal of USWNT coach Tom Sermanni -- espnW via
My thoughts on sudden dismissal of Coach Tom Sermanni: http://
On Sunday afternoon, Tom Sermanni coached the U.S. women's team to a 2-0 win over China in Colorado. By Sunday night, he was out of a job. U.S. Soccer fired Sermanni after a disappointing finish last month at the Algarve Cup. The surprising move came just 16 months after he took over...
April 7, 2014 -- Last night, it was announced that U.S. women’s national soccer team coach Tom Sermanni was being relieved of his duties in favor of long-time assistant Jillian Ellis. All Sermanni did in his first year as coach last year was pilot the team to a…
US Soccer moving in a different direction. Lots going on behind the scenes. I hate to see anyone blindsided. Thanks to Tom Sermanni & best wishes. Nothing but class. Here is hoping this is a good move heading into qualifiers. On a positive note, 2 months today of my 90 day challenge & I am back to my pre-baby weight. Never felt more energized & looking forward to gaining some mommy muscles! Always have to end on a positive.
Breast Cancer Awareness
U.S. women’s National Team coach Tom Sermanni had no idea he was about to be fired when he walked into a meeting with U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati and general …
USA head coach Tom Sermanni, pictured in 2013, was relieved of his duties Sunday by U.S. Soccer / Rob Foldy, USA TODAY Sports After just 15 months on the job, U.S.
Tom Sermanni was fired by US Soccer after just over a year on the job in a surprising move announced Sunday night.
Tom Sermanni says he had no idea he was anywhere close to being fired. (AP Photo)
Here is the recap of the games 4/6/14: Rollin Greens went down early but battled back earning two goals for a 2-2 draw vs Wacky to remain undefeated and in 1st place in the Boulder men's D1 league. 2-0-1 record The FC Lady Boulder Greens were in action vs CO Sporting Kids (only 10 showed) and took an early sunny lead that ended with snow 4-0. The Green ladies remain undefeated and in command of the CASL women's division with a 3 win 0 loss record. Lastly the FC Boulder Greens were still searching for their first goal in CASL competition and got it 10 minutes in from Cully S. playing in his first game of the season. He put home a Willie C. rebounded shot. After the quick start Greens conceded 3 straight and found a response again coming from Cully with a free kick from just inside the half way line. The new CB pairing was working out some kinks and allowed a 4th goal. Jack H fired a rocket into the top corner and with 15' left there was still a chance to even it up. Unfortunately the time wasting tactics a ...
US women's soccer National Team coach Tom Sermanni fired after 16 months on job
Coach Pia Sundhage's replacement, Tom Sermanni fired by US Women's Soccer. Proves no one can replace Pia.
CHICAGO (AP) — U.S. Soccer fired coach Tom Sermanni hours after he was on the sideline for a 2-0 win against China on Sunday afternoon.
Tom Sermanni OUT as USWNT head coach?!?! That must have been that 3.3 seismic event yesterday evening... :(
Ok, agree or disagree to the removal of Tom Sermanni? Thoughts?
Amazing day yesterday- went and saw the USWNT play in Denver and being on field-level was a mind-blowing experience. Also mind-blowing was finding out that Tom Sermanni was sacked by US Soccer... I'm gonna go with Foudy or Hamm for the next coach! Now's the time to do it I guess, what with WC qualifiers this year and the Olympics after the WWC. Anyway- hope you all have a great day! Mine is off to a snowy but great start :)
There are a lot of questions as to why the U.S. fired Tom Sermanni and just as much speculation, but no real answers.
Australian Tom Sermanni fired as coach of the US women's soccer team, after a rare dip in form this year.
The USWNT expectation of dominance has not been met by Tom Sermanni and a possible player revolt and lack of direction led to his firing.
I feel like Tom Sermanni didn't deserve this, amirite??
Plenty of updates in our report on the firing of head coach Tom Sermanni hours after a 2-0 win over China: http…
If you missed the in depth feature posted last wk w/ former head coach Tom Sermanni here is the cached version
Some interesting news from our friends to the South... US Soccer relieves, USWNT head coach, Tom Sermanni, of his duties yesterday.
Tom Sermanni fired as head coach of the Wow.
fires head coach Tom Sermanni mere hours after win over China
Fired after 17 months as U.S. women's National Team coach, Tom Sermanni is searching for answers.
The timing of the firing of Tom Sermanni as head coach of the USWNT came as a surprise to many. The end of a dreadful showing in the Algarve Cup seems like the more appropriate time to relieve Sermanni of his duties in hindsight. Instead, the action comes hours after the USWNT beat China 2-0 in a fr…
The coach of the United States women's football team, Tom Sermanni, has been relieved of his duties
Tom Sermanni sacked after a 2-0 win over China. Something not right there...
Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak is over and Tom Sermanni has been sacked as USWNT Head Coach. All within a span of a few hours. I need a drink.
thoughts of Tom Sermanni and Martin Vasquez commiserating over a pint of Ben & Jerry's right now.
Wow. Tom Sermanni relieved of his duties as WNT head coach.
Mercy! Tom Sermanni fired as the head coach for the US Women's National Soccer Team by U.S. Soccer today!
Qualifying hots up in Europe, USA march on. USA in goalscoring mood. Abby Wambach's thirst for goals shows no sign of drying up, as she demonstrated once again in the first of two friendlies USA played against Russia. In Boca Raton the 33-year-old’s 67th minute strike was her side’s last in a 7-0 rout, taking her total tally for the Stars and Stripes to 164. Carli Lloyd and Christen Press each notched a brace, with Heather O’Reilly and Sydney Leroux also getting their names on the scoresheet to help USA extend their impressive run of results. “It was a bit difficult for Russia, coming from the cold weather to this kind of heat and humidity,” said USA coach Tom Sermanni after the match. “But I think the way we played made it very difficult for them to defend the whole 90 minutes. Our ball movement, our support and the way we approached the game was very good.” The second match between the sides on 13 February in Atlanta ended in an 8-0 victory for the hosts, and Wambach tallied her 165th care ...
The US Women’s National Team has announced the 24-player roster for the squad’s first three matches of the 2014 schedule. Four Reign FC players have been named to the roster including goalkeeper Hope Solo, forward Megan Rapinoe, forward Sydney Leroux, and defender Stephanie Cox. The USWNT will play its first match of the year on Jan. 31 against Canada before playing back-to-back games against Russia on Feb. 8 and Feb. 12. USWNT head coach Tom Sermanni will select 18 players to suit up for each of the matches. Hope finished the team’s 2013 schedule with seven starts and eight total appearances with a 6-0-1 record. She held her goals against average to a mere 0.50 and now has 142 caps along with 67 shutouts for her National Team career. Pinoe made seven starts for the USWNT in 2013, posting four goals with three assists for a total of 11 points. Syd continues to be one of the top scorers for the USWNT. The forward led the squad in appearances in 2013 with 15, making nine starts, and scoring 10 goals w ...
The U.S. Women's National Team will begin its 30th year of existence with a training camp running from Jan. 8-15 at U.S. Soccer's National Training Center in Carson, Calif., as head coach Tom Sermanni has called up 28 players. The camp, which will consist of six full days of training, will be the final event before Sermanni chooses a roster for the first match of 2014, taking place on Jan. 31 against Canada at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas. Kickoff for the match is 8 p.m. CT and it will be broadcast on FOX Sports 1. Twenty-five of the players named attended the USA's two-week December camp, with midfielders Megan Rapinoe and Morgan Brian and goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris being added. Harris has recovered from minor knee surgery in early December while Rapinoe was released for this camp by her French club Lyon, which does not play until Jan. 19 against rival Paris Saint-Germain. Brian was invited to the December camp, but her collegiate soccer and academic schedule precluded her participation. "Our two-week . ...
Congrats Tom Sermanni on first season undefeated 12-0-3 🇺🇸⚽️
Tom Sermanni is the master at talking around super specific questions, but you can never get mad at him.
Tom and I are not on speaking terms rn
head coach Tom Sermanni is frustrated that we let back in the game
Tom Sermanni better put in by the end of this game!
I hope Sermanni isn't just putting newbies in the games just because.make sure you utilize them Tom
and Brazil underway in Orlando. NBC over the air and online, and Univision Deportes. Big test for Tom Sermanni's new generation.
Am the only one who doesnt like Tom Sermanni...? I mean no offense but Pia will always be my fave ❤️
Amber Brooks is the tenth person to get their first cap under Tom Sermanni this year. 😳😁
Tom Sermanni refuses to start Christen and Alex up top(Not applicable this game). Don't get it twisted.
Tom Sermanni also gives starts to 3 players who came in with fewer than 10 caps: D Kristie Mewis, MF Amber Brooks and D Leigh Ann Robinson
First time starting in a 4-3-3 under head coach Tom Sermanni. Graphic of Starting XI:
"I've played on golf courses that don't have greens as nice as these soccer fields. This place is amazing." -Head Coach Tom Sermanni
honestly, imagining Tom Sermanni saying the phrase "dream within a dream" in his Scottish accent make me smile.
head coach Tom Sermanni names 19-player roster to face Brazil on Nov. 10. More info/press release:
ICYMI: There's a good chance we may see overseas players return stateside to the en masse next season:
Women's Soccer News: U.S. Women's National Team head coach Tom Sermanni has named his 18-player roster for the team's final match of 2013, a friendly against fourth-ranked Brazil in Florida.
Great comment Tom: New USWNT coach Tom Sermanni says "hopefully I'll make my way to the correct bench.”
Stanford alum Christen Press no longer pressing as rising U.S. soccer star By Elliott Almond ealmond 10/26/2013 03:04:59 PM PDT | UPDATED: 3 DAYS AGO SAN FRANCISCO -- Christen Press made it look easy on her way to becoming Stanford's most prolific goal scorer in school history. By the time she left three years ago, Press set soccer records for career points (183), goals (71) and assists (41). She also was the 2010 college player of the year. But despite a veneer of success, Press fought internal demons, she recently said while preparing for the U.S. women's National Team game Sunday against New Zealand at Candlestick Park. The pressure got so bad that she threw up before every NCAA tournament game in her senior season. "I wanted to win so much," said Press, a rising U.S. star. "I was under so much stress. I took it so personally." In her final two seasons, Stanford went undefeated until losing in the College Cup final. Those defeats turned her into a wreck. "Even as a youth player I felt winning and lo .. ...
US Women's National Soccer Team vs. New Zealand. Good to see an old friend - Tom Sermanni - US Women's National Team Head Coach. Thanks for taking the time to stop and say hello Tommy!!!
Hey Wabbys!! USWNT coach Tom Sermanni talked to the media from the field at Gillette Stadium after the United States beat South Korea, 4-1, in a friendly match to remain undefeated in his tenure.
TORONTO (AP) -- Alex Morgan scored twice and Sydney Leroux added a goal to lead the United States over Canada 3-0 Sunday in their first meeting since the Americans' 4-3 overtime victory in the semifinals of last year's Olympic women's soccer tournament. ''Syd and Alex are very good finishers, so when they get those chances, they tend to score,'' U.S. coach Tom Sermanni said. ''The chances Alex got today, she made them look easier than they were. Those weren't easy chances, but they were terrific finishes.'' Morgan scored for the top-ranked Americans in the 70th minute when she cut inside defender Emily Zurrer and from the top of the penalty area slotted past goalkeeper Erin McLeod. Morgan scored from the same spot two minutes later, her 44th international goal. ''The two passes I ran onto were quite similar,'' Morgan said. ''The second one was a little hard of an angle, but they were just great balls. That's bread and butter for me. That's what I love do to. I love to score with my left foot from that sid ...
will Tom Sermanni EVER start Alex Morgan and Christen Press together at FORWARD
Ran into Tom Sermanni at the Chicago game! liv_20151
so are tom sermanni and cheryl bailey just travelling WITH the thorns at this point?
great game tonight.met Tom Sermanni tonight!!
coach Tom Sermanni is back in KC watching the match
coach Tom Sermanni is here at SM North for second time. Sermanni says he's been impressed by left back Leigh Ann Robinson.
Tom Sermanni is coming to Chicago and I'm going to meet him.
Sam, one word to best describe Tom Sermanni? (live on
For the 2nd time in our short 2 game season HC Tom Sermanni will be @ the game. Wonder which KC players he is looking at?
y is Tom Sermanni coming to our game today idk
USA crushes China in Algarve Cup. Updated Mar 8, 2013 3:32 PM ET ALBUFEIRA, Portugal (AP) The United States women's National Team defeated China 5-0 at the Algarve Cup on Friday, staying on top of its group with a second straight victory. Christen Press also scored, joining Brandi Chastain, Danielle Fotopoulos and Abby Wambach as the only U.S. players to score four or more goals in their first four appearances. Sydney Leroux also scored for the Americans, who extended their unbeaten streak to 27 games. The Americans finish group play Monday against Sweden, their first game against former coach Pia Sundhage since she stepped down last fall to return to her native country. Sundhage led the Americans to two Olympic gold medals and the 2011 World Cup final in five years as the U.S. coach. New U.S. coach Tom Sermanni used an almost entirely different starting lineup from Wednesday's victory over Iceland, with forward Alex Morgan the only holdover. But the changes didn't disrupt the Americans' winning rhythm. Z ...
New US women's soccer coach Tom Sermanni set for debut against Scotland with echoes of home | Fox News via
Scotland's Herald newspaper with a good piece on Glaswegian head coach Tom Sermanni today:
Tom Sermanni reckons he has a better job than Klinsmann, even if he doesn't get paid as much . . . | Herald Scotland
U.S. Soccer WILL stream the games on February 9th and February 13th against Scotland (Where Tom Sermanni is from).
excited to see what Tom Sermanni will do, very good coach, had him on the show a while back. 1st live radio interview
"Hoping to watch the game live from LA. Great venue and great match in store with record crowd" - Tom Sermanni
for everyone. Also Tom Sermanni has said that he supports the league n will be watching to see how players do... good to hear
U.S. head coach Tom Sermanni names 29 players for first training camp of 2013: on Feb. 9 and 13
On Jan 7th 2013 Abby Wambach was Named the 2012 FIFA Women's World Player of the Year. Teammate Alex Morgan took third overall in the voting. Together the two scored a combined total of 55 goals tying a record for most goals scored by a duo in U.S. history that was set in 1991 by Michelle Akers (39) and Carin Jennings (16). Pia Sundage Coach of the Gold Medal Winning U.S. Women's National Team also won the vote for Coach of the Year. She is the First U.S. Coach to win the award since it's institution in 2008. The Player of the Year and her teammates return to action under new head coach Tom Sermanni on Feb. 9 to face Scotland in Jacsonville, Fla. This will be Tom Sermanni's first match as the new head coach for the team. We look forward to seeing what he can do with our gold medal team.
USA National Teams News; Klinsmann, Sermanni have big tasks. Soccer, as the old cliché portends, is a results business. That makes every year a referendum on those in charge of it. This will be especially true for the U.S. senior National Team coaches in 2013. Jurgen Klinsmann on the men’s side and his newly-appointed women’s National Team counterpart Tom Sermanni each have a great deal to prove in this coming year. In the summer of 2011, Klinsmann swept into office to see out the remainder of Bob Bradley’s aborted 4-year World Cup cycle on a platform of hope and change. Yet he has delivered a mixed bag. Results have been confounding. World-beaters Italy and arch-enemy Mexico were slain on their own turf for the first time ever. The 9-2-3 U.S. record ties its best ever record. It posted the same record in 2008. Yet for all its success against soccer’s superpowers, the U.S. had immense trouble getting results against lesser lights such as Jamaica, Antigua & Barbuda and Guatemala, its opponents in ...
I'm going to miss Pia Sundhage...not counting Tom Sermanni out though.
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Checking out "USWNT adds second match against Tom Sermanni's native country Sc" on Womens Soccer United:
adds second match against Tom Sermanni's native country Scotland on 13th February...
Hope Solo - Is She the Future Keeper for Tom Sermanni and Team USA?
A "Once in a Lifetime Opportunity" with Tom Sermanni See him in Indy Jan.16-20
Tom Sermanni's 1st game as head coach is against his native country Scotland on 9th Feb 13.
if she doesn't I will personally email Tom Sermanni
USA Women to face Scotland in friendly New U.S. women's football coach Tom Sermanni will see a familiar foe in his first two games in charge of the Americans. The Olympic champion U.S. will play Scotland in a friendly Feb. 13 at LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee. The Americans said last weekend they will open their 2013 schedule with a friendly against the Scots on Feb. 9 at Jacksonville, Florida. Born in Scotland, Sermanni spent the last eight years as Australia's coach and led the Matildas to the quarterfinals of the last two Women's World Cups. He was hired by the U.S. Soccer Federation in October to start at the beginning of 2013. The second game was announced Thursday.
Pia Sundhage sang when she was coach. Tom Sermanni should rap. Anybody with me?
Arod is in but not Kelley O'Hara? I'm tired of this Jill. I can't wait for Tom Sermanni to take over
This Week in Women's Soccer returns with the addition of new co-host Cat Whitehill. On today's show Jeff and Catt review the USWNT's 5-0 victory over Ireland in Portland on Wednesday, new USWNT head coach Tom Sermanni and look ahead to College Cup. This Week In Women's Soccer airs weekly on the Nort...
Once again disappointing that the news does not see fit to cover last game for Tom Sermanni or any women's sport
Imagine Norio Sasaki got that head coach job instead of Tom Sermanni…. That would be epic...
Tom Sermanni has big shoes to fill with the US women's national side | Guardian Sport Network via
Soccer America spoke with new women's natl team HC Tom Sermanni about youth soccer development.
Good luck to our U17 who KO in a few hours. Tom Sermanni will be keeping me updated with the score.
Tom Sermanni, a native of Scotland who has guided the Australian women’s National Team s
And Tom sermanni started his football life at my club team Glasgow celtic! It gets even better!
Glaswegian Tom sermanni interview in Glasgow paper. photo 1.
Tom Sermanni, long-time Australian women's National Team will be the new head coach of U.S. women's National Team.
Tom Sermanni has been named as the new coach of the US Women's Soccer Team. Sermanni had been coaching the...
US women's soccer team has a new coach: the Scot who helped Australia's team win 3 World Cups, Tom Sermanni
Who is Tom Sermanni and how is he going to coach my babies?
'US Soccer...has a degree of responsibility to help in development of female coaches and to give females opportunity.'
World Cup AND an ACC champ?! Tom Sermanni should keep his eyes on you
I hope Tom Sermanni is watching these Conference Championships today. LOADS of talent.
They have three more to announce. Tom Sermanni will be at the three last ones.
Tom Sermanni was named the new head coach of the team today. He's got big shoes to fill!
Those Krieger!Passes have been epically perfect today. Accurate, perfectly weighted... Are you paying attention, Tom Sermanni?!?!
I really hope Tom Sermanni is seeing this.
A Scottish coach in charge of the world's best team: How Tom Sermanni made it from Cliftonhill to Beverly Hills
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Tom Sermanni reveals Glasgow upbringing prepared him for coaching US women's team
Congrats to Tom Sermanni on being named our new Head Coach!
Interview: Tom Sermanni - Scot’s incredible journey takes him to the very top of the women’s game
Sermanni spreading the combined Aust' Scot' skills
Via a 10 minute interview w/ Tom Sermanni. [particularly the first 1:30 and from 5:05 to 8:30]
We chatted to Tom Sermanni yesterday on his move from the to the
Spoke to new USWNT coach Tom Sermanni for 30 minutes 1-on-1 today. Intriguing guy. My report on Fox Soccer News (10 pm ET) & SI site Thurs.
Congratulations to Tom Sermanni ... From coaching the to the US National Team taking over Pia Sundhage
There's an article about Tom Sermanni and Pia Sundhage in the paper today ✌
Tom Sermanni, takes charge of two-time world champions USA replacing Pia Sundhage.
coach Tom Sermanni will take charge of two-time world champs USA following the departure of Pia Sundhage -
Welcome to the US Women's National Team, Tom Sermanni. We are the past, the present, and the future of women's soccer. Thanks for some good years and two Olympic golds, Pia Sundhage.
[Football US Soccer have announced that Tom Sermanni will replace Pia Sundhage as coach of the US Women's Team
Tom Sermanni will be the new coach for the succeeding Pia Sundhage.
Tom Sermanni is Named Coach of U.S. Women’s Soccer Team: Tom Sermanni is considered a player’s coach and has a ...
US Soccer gambles on new womens coach Tom Sermanni. US Soccer gambles on new womens coach
Congratulations to Tom Sermanni on his appointment as US Women's National Team Coach. That is a great choice by US Soccer!
When I heard Tom Sermanni was the leading choice for USWNT Head Coach i didnt believe it. But i guess it was true they made it official today. I was hoping Mia Hamm.
Foudy weighs in: Michele Steele gets Julie Foudy's take on the USWNT's new head coach, Tom Sermanni.
Quick take on Tom Sermanni being named new coach:
Westfield Matildas coach Tom Sermanni has recalled attacking midfielder Samantha Kerr after a year-long absence for this month’s tour of North America.
Westfield Matildas coach Tom Sermanni has selected his starting team to face Japan in tonight’s Asian heavyweight battle.
Westfield Matildas coach Tom Sermanni discusses taking on Japan and also hits out at the IOC for allowing North Korea into the upcoming Olympic Games.
Went to the closed session for socceroos and Tim Cahill remembered us from this morning and came over to say hello again and shake our hands again how nice is he! Also met Holger Osieck their coach, Tom Sermanni the Matilda's coach, Han Berger national technical director for FFA and Lucas and Harry walked past 1 meter away and smiled while we were talking to Holger - what an exciting night!
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