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Tom Selleck

Thomas William Tom Selleck (born January 29, 1945) is an American actor, and film producer. He is best known for his starring role as the private investigator Thomas Magnum, based in Hawaii, in the television series Magnum, P.I.

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Tom Selleck Magnum PI is who he reminds me of !!
Reminder:. Bill Nye's credentials as a scientist are EXACTLY the same as Tom Selleck's credentials as a Private Investigator.
You also dated Tom Selleck's Mustache..find out in this min and half video
I can't because I can't stop face apping every photo in my phone (I've just done Tom Selleck) and it's…
On the eve of the NFL Draft, one thing I don't believe.that Tom Selleck has a reverse mortgage.
No everyone can look like Tom Selleck.
Really Tom Selleck? Selling reverse mortgages for AAG is basically fleecing your own demo & screwing their kids out of homes they'd inherit.
Tonight I'm going to watch an old guilty pleasure of mine. Runaway starring Tom Selleck is still one of my favourite movi…
Also the wifi doesn't even work so Tom Selleck and his mustache have failed me
Among the top 5 are Mark Harmon, , and Tom Selleck
Good to know that Tom Selleck is ironic enough to be a hip coffee shop's wifi password
I guess this is as close as I'll ever get to Tom Selleck...
Watching a commercial with Jordan Spieth standing in line to buy golf balls is as believable as Tom Selleck getting a reverse mortgage.
A patient of mine brings in a Tom Selleck stand up for her chemotherapy treatment. Bless her omg
So is it only me. Tom Selleck selling reverse mortgages on tv commercials So sad using his influence for that
It will also be illegal to promote cannabis using images of glamour, risk or daring, so no Tom Selleck endorsements. https:…
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It's been a million years and it still creeps me out that Monica on Friends dated Tom Selleck.
If you ever want to feel more like '80's Tom Selleck, it's an excellent short cut.
Starchild in 2001 gazes at Mother Earth, only to be swept up by Ted Danson, Tom Selleck, and Steve Guttenberg
I just finished all 6 seasons of Blue Bloods & now idk *** to do with myself. I need Tom Selleck in my life
So far we've decided that Carl Weathers,Tom Selleck, & Sam Elliot have the best mustache's of all time. Am i missing anyone?
Do you think Tom Selleck would actually be a good cop???
Do you like my suit? I think this is an amazing suit, don't you think? . Tom Selleck
Co-workers were predicting he'd be in Hawaii with Lucas and Spielberg...and Tom Selleck.
Temperature controls obv messed at work. It's SO hot in some of our offices. Got my shirt unbuttoned like some kind of Tom Selleck wannabe.
"Blue Bloods." Tom Selleck has to get back to acting.
It's not Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck was in the military. Not many hollyweird entertainers can say that
I've always had the hots for Victor Newman and whatever Tom Selleck plays in!
Back when "Raise The Titanic" was made it should have been Tom Selleck as Dirk and Eddie Albert as the admiral
I could look at tom selleck's carpet of virility all day
Don't miss this Friday's 150th episode of Only CBS!!!...
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"the only man on planet Earth who is manlier than the man,Tom Selleck" WESTBROOK MVP video - MUST watch.
Apparently Tom Selleck is an avocado farmer.
I was considering watching the rest of Friends but then they showed me Tom Selleck WITHOUT A MOUSTACHE and idk
Kathie Lee Gifford and Tom Selleck recreate their on-camera kiss 20 years later — watch the steamy moment!…
Condolences to Tom and family. A great loss. Martha Selleck, Mother of Tom Selleck, Dies at 96 vi…
Tom Selleck did look really good for 50 in Friends.
My mom told me tonight she thought my old moustache was "a fake, like Tom Selleck, moustache.". I'm basically Tom Selleck
Monica just started dating tom selleck and I love to hate it
When Tom Selleck is President, everyone who votes for him gets a sea otter, seal, or a corgi.
. When Tom Selleck is president, journalists will be required to wear a ball & chain and I will have a baby seal as a pet.
Kathie Lee Gifford and Tom Selleck shared a steamy kiss because who can resist that 'stache?
An insurance policy for Tom Selleck's mustache
Kathie Lee Gifford and Tom Selleck Share a Hot Kiss on Today via
A pork chop brought thoughts of 🐷. After the 😗, I wonder what will bring thoughts of Tom Selleck . 😇🍷😈
Finally watched today's episode of you go girl! Living my dream 😘with Tom Selleck! It's a DVR keeper!
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anytime there is a chance to kiss Tom Selleck who wouldn't go for it?
Found IT! Cover of Ntl Enquirer and Globe Newspaper. Sorry, Tom Selleck got the Ntl Examiner
Video: Tom Selleck & the cast of celebrate 150 episodes
.had one hot moment with Tom Selleck!
On the and recreated their kiss nearly 20 years later:…
Tom Selleck joined and to talk about the 150th episode of his drama series “Blue Bloods.” https…
Watch Kathie Lee sit in Tom Selleck’s lap and give him a big smooch via
See and Tom Selleck’s steamy on-air kiss! It might be one for the record books…
Doing a portrait in oils of Tom Selleck in a tuxedo during the period he stared in Magnum P I. Hunk of a handsome dude…
love watching this show every week! Big fan of Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg!!
I think Selick. Which makes me think. Now´s Tom Selleck vs David Hasselhoff
We have reached the point where Tom Selleck is doing reverse mortgage retirement commercials.
Since when has Tom Selleck become the new Fred Thompson doing reverse mortgage commercials that take advantage of older people?
Want you man to look like Tom Selleck every *** day? We have BRILLIANT men's vintage Hawaiian 🌺 shirt online...…
Yeah, that's Tom Selleck. I've seen him elsewhere & loved him, but for some reason I never got into MPI.
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I have no idea. That's the one with Tom Selleck in it right? I like Tom Selleck.
Sorry to hear that. I'm a big fan of Tom Selleck :(
My vision board is just a picture of Tom Selleck eating a chili dog
Why does this intro music make me think of Tom Selleck's mustache? Funky
has the best mustache on the team. He's a throwback Tom Selleck.
Sharp writing & a great cast including Tom Selleck & makes 1 of TV's best..
I don't think I'll be satisfied with life until I can grow a massive Tom Selleck 'tash
Do what they did to Tom Selleck and throw knuckle balls
That whole period in friends when Monica was dating Tom Selleck *sighs* Reminds me so much of husband.
Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck make very sexy LEOs, but the realism of this show is WAY off 😕
Tenalady's highlight of the week is Tom Selleck 👮🏻
You never answered good questions Rosie have you ever apologized to Tom Selleck? For the hostile interview years ago
Tom Selleck with no mustache?. Maybe it got stolen!. It's a case for Inspector Clouseau!.
Tom Selleck was so cool, modern analysis reveals he was the 4th most valuable guy on the 1984 Tigers without actually p…
Have you seen the Tom Selleck Indiana Jones Screen Test? via
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Tom Selleck is my favourite FRIENDS cameo. 👌🏼
Mom: "who's that? He must look old now" . Me: "That's Tom Selleck. He looks fine. I love him"
Tom Selleck doing commercials for reverse mortgages when his career is one big reverse mortgage
total lies,have you ever apologized to Tom Selleck for sandbagging him on your fluff show with political hysterics?
Had a dream that I got to meet Elvira and Tom Selleck because they were promoting their new movie. No lie, I would watch that movie.
Crazy dream I had.. let's just say watch your kids and stay away from guys with Tom Selleck mustaches. first big "TV crushes" were Erik Estrada and Tom Selleck. Am I aging myself? Who were your celeb crushes back in the day?
There is a "Jesse Stone " (Tom Selleck ) marathon on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel, FYI
11 yrs ago today the TV movie version of Robert B. Parker's novel Night Passage (starring Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone) aired on CBS.
Tom Selleck is helping us kick off our fall fest, plus we've got and cute animals to play with!
We have five Jesse Stone films starring Tom Selleck in release tomorrow. Check them out here:
Tim Allen and Tom Selleck take all kinds of heat for their views, as did Robert Conrad back in the day.
today I learned that in 1984 Gene Simmons played the bad guy in a Tom Selleck sci fi movie
Runaway(1984) starring Tom Selleck, Gene Simmons and a special appearance by ... you. Awesome story, well done.
Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds stare into each other's eyes from opposite sides of the same window, mustaches pressed against the glass.
also no one was ever more than Tom Selleck in those days. Kerry Von Erich over
Pitch: captain beefheart biopic starring Tom Selleck with Bill Hader as his trusty guitarist
So apparently my grandpa has met Tom Selleck...¿?
I mean he's no Tom Selleck or Burt Reynolds (insert reference)
I knew MIDWAY starred several huge actors like Charlton Heston & Glen Ford, but--Erik Estrada, Dabney Coleman & Tom Selleck are in it?!
Hey Ms. Big mouth, leave already! You're fclueless. Maybe you and Tom Selleck can blow in each other's ears…
I love Tom Selleck...he's such a cutie😊😂
Tom Selleck tears up while watching his own movie | Fox News | Every Jesse Stone movie was GREAT!
Tom Selleck on Jesse Stone, Friends, and fighting for Magnum, P.I. via
imo the greatest franchise ever is tom selleck's Jesse Stone
Remember narrated by Tom Selleck airs Tuesday, December 6th at 9PM on KLCS
got Donald Sutherland instead of Tom Selleck. Was fine, just was a little letdown. Selleck did such a great job w:originals
Tom Selleck was the first guy I ever saw naked, in a dusty old Playgirl found under my friend's mom's bed. My God the H…
Show your love for and vote for Tom Selleck to win a award: h…
Much like no baseball player wears 42 due to Jackie Robinson, no man should wear a mustache out of respect to Tom Selleck
No beard is as powerful as Tom Selleck's mustache. 😂
Did your mom have an affair with Tom Selleck?
My brother is TOM SELLECK and ive been written out of the will
I feel like the Tom Selleck one might be the one you legit want, and you're couching all this in a joke, but still wanting it.
I'm just a lonely girl waiting for my Tom Selleck lookalike
Tom Selleck is an avocado farmer now
It was the 80s. Everybody was trying to look like Tom Selleck in Magnum, PI :) My glasses were even worse.
Tom Selleck will be three years younger than Joe Biden in 2020. Just sayin'.
no, Tom Selleck cursed Phil with tiny feet (size 4)
I think of myself as an actor first, not a sex symbol. Do I think I'm ...
well Tom if not you how about we get Tom Selleck 2Run=conserv name ID&more we need a good Gov 2018
1) Tom Selleck. 2) Sam Elliot. 3) Kurt Russell. Now that is just a list of Class-A, Top-Grade Mustaches we should all appreci…
Tom Selleck has great tweed jackets in
HBD to the most rad guy I know & the only yung tom selleck, please shotgun a keystone or whatever bc that's my fav memory w you 😎
Our half-orc monk disguised as a Tom Selleck looking human to enter our druid as a sheep dog into a dog competition…
Just watched this for the first time since theatrically in 1983. It's a middling adventure flick at best with a dec…
Tom Selleck once yelled at me and told me I had ”to do better.”
Highlight of the weekend? Pre-funking with Tom Selleck before the game.
I'd still take Burt Reynolds over Tom Selleck in a fight any day of the week
I just don't get it. Tom Selleck sells that crap too. Makes them look pathetic.
Hawaiian high schooler has insightful comments at premiere ofSelleck-narratedWar II Foundation film for
Looks like Brady Quinn been shopping in closer. I've seen that jacket b4; when did Matt Leinart start looking like Tom Selleck
Tom Selleck is no Morgan Freeman, but that was some solid narration.
And from his streams, he has a very rough, hunter style voice. Like a combo of Phil & Tom Selleck
A conservative econ legend is foregoing the news to start each day w/ a whale documentary narrated by Tom Selleck http…
If we ever get a Batman Beyond movie, get Clint Eastwood as Bruce, & Tom Selleck as James/Jim Gordon, dammit.
The movie is: In&Out. Kevin kline, Tom Selleck, Matt Dillon and even John Cusack appeared in there.
Like a young Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck combined.
LOL. Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones test screening with Sean Young. Might have worked then, but in retrospect, Ford
Surprised to read it was remade for TV in 1975. Dabney Coleman & Tom Selleck with Vietnam vet James R. Miller in Returning Home.
"If you don't like the answers you're getting, check your premises."-Jesse Stone, as played by Tom Selleck for The Hallmark Channel.
Homeland Security: If you see something, say something. Me: I saw an article that said Tom Selleck wants to make another J…
TFW you confuse Tom Selleck for Burt Reynolds in Cop and 1/2.
Still think John Jacob Astor should've been played by Tom Selleck
That lass looks glad to be sat next to failed Tom Selleck double Matthew Kelly.
And they managed to cast the stunt doubles for Tom Selleck, Robert Carradine, and Steven Bauer, too.
Remember when Rosie O'Donnell fought with Tom Selleck on daytime television about assault weapons in 2000?
Great news. Huge fan of Big Sam Allardyce. The wealthy man's Tom Selleck.
you could play a French chef or a French teacher in a comedy with mustache like Tom Selleck.
I have watched four Robert B. Parker's Jessie Stone movies starring Tom Selleck in a row today.
Tom Selleck's and Burt Reynold's dream about being Don Frye's moustache.
Is that Jesus in the foreground?! (Next to Rev. Jesse Jackson, two along from Tom Selleck)
Imagine Raiders of the Lost Ark with Tom Selleck, Klaus Kinski, and Danny DeVito.
Well I ain't Burt Reynolds and I ain't Tom Selleck. I got bills up the pike and my car's an old relic.🎶
I learned everything I know about raising a baby from 3 very important people. Steve Guttenberg, Tom Selleck and Ted D…
The great 1979 two-part Western epic with the incredible cast: Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Ben Johnson, Glenn Ford,...
I had a strong, really good upbringing, not puritanical.
Is everyone having dreams about Tom Selleck, or is it just my wife?
If i were a man, i'd want my mustache to be as glorious, thick, and spiffy as Tom Selleck's.
Tom Selleck show that's been on forever that gets the same ratings as MS, etc
Tom Selleck should run for president
November 9, 1985: Princess Diana with actor Tom Selleck at a State dinner given by President and Mrs
I've wanted this pillow for years. Maybe it's time to treat myself... Tom Selleck Throw Pillow
Blue Bloods’ season 7: Premiere date speculation and more for Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg drama May 6, 2016...
Grandma: "woweee Tom Selleck really turns my crank" 😂 never met someone who makes me laugh more than her💖
I'm watching reruns of Keeping score of no. of times Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) sighs or harrumphs. I guess :)
"When I die I want you to cremate me and throw my ashes in Tom Selleck's face" -Linda
is that the film that Tom Selleck made to make up for not being Indiana Jones?
Hallmark appears to have done away with its yearly Tom Selleck-as-Jesse Stone Mother's Day marathon. Sad.
My roommates step-mom kept calling me Tom Selleck last night. That was new.
Nice to see Tom Selleck still getting work -this time as an airline safety pamphlet model
Chelsea Cinema, Tom Selleck, Debbie Reynolds at the premiere of "In and Out" . .
My beard trimmer turns me into Tom Selleck
I think I could deal with my future boyfriend basically being Tom Selleck. Had a crush on him since I was like 6
Been observing for a while now. Am I the only one who thinks . Phil Jackson and Tom Selleck resembles
Any type of food unless delivered by Tom Selleck
Is there a movie called Rock Bottom where Tom Selleck goes goes on a vacation to the Bahamas and falls in with low level mobster Joe Pesci?
Not exactly the I envisioned but I guess the kids would have had a hard time convincing Tom Selleck to bring me breakfast in bed
.Reminds me of Tom Selleck's movie Mr Baseball, "LAST SEASON, I led this team in ninth-inning doubles in the month of August!" -J
Happy Mother's Day to my rock and to all mothers who still have a celebrity crush on Tom Selleck.
Just saw a dude who reminded me, yet again, that Tom Selleck is the only man who is allowed to have just a mustache.
Tom Selleck lives on. I hope my mom enjoys this cake I made her for Mother's Day. Shout out to…
Life lesson learned: I can't mustache, I won't try again. Thought it'd be all 80s Tom Selleck, instead it's 90s Steve Buscemi + John Waters.
I love Japanese culture but I watched a Tom Selleck movie, Mr. Baseball that as a kid that made me a Dragons fan.
Tom Selleck as Loki, Eddie Murphy as Falcon, Angela Lansbury as Aunt May & Peter Falk as Uncle Ben
The fact that Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Guttenberg could barely keep one baby alive makes me feel better about my Saturdays.
I am to Tom Selleck as is to Larry David
These old people at the eye dr are talking about how awesome Jesse Stone and Tom Selleck are
I don't know. Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot pull off staches pretty good I think.
instead of air raid blast Sammy Kershaw we're not Goldfinger and we're not Tom Selleck
Tom Selleck has a helipad at his house. Cause he likes to give mustache rides.
Tom Selleck - would like to see him more like this/and stop dying his hair. He is a mature, hunky gu
Tom Selleck had the swag in Magnum, P.I. He knows what's up.
Only two men look hot with mustaches: Tom Selleck and
Just shaved, seriously I was starting to look like tom selleck with dat stache...I wish.
Magnum PI Baby !!! Tom Selleck, the ONLY Man my Husbands were jealous of. 😎💗. .
An old school, sexy Tom Selleck. God when he played Richard in Friends. I wanted to be Monica so badly.
It's ok i found my hidden box of Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck VHS tapes and betaamaxes so i'm ok thank you
I don't feel the obligation to have a big explosion in the first 20 seconds...
FriendsTVshow is the only sitcom in history that had Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Selleck & Sean Penn as guests.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Tom Selleck so shameless in that Sonata.
this is very narrow minded. What would Tom Selleck say?
Stand up and pledge with me: A government of the United States is not on th...
Tom Selleck or Jenny poster above my bed
we're talking about Three Men and a Baby in my philosophy class and you can BET I'm talking about the morality of Tom Selleck's mustache
Tom Selleck doesn't have a mustache. His mustache has him. — watching Blue Bloods
Nicholas, do you think Andrew should sport a Tom Selleck mustache on the next episode of . .
Please photoshop his head into the scene were Tom Selleck is taking a bath... Its... for a friend...
In for business and found Tom Selleck's Mustache! Mildly tart Flemish-style sour with rich…
hey buddy i been missing you tell Tom Selleck that i said hey
Yep, and I'm the weird guy posing as Tom Selleck. You nerd.
hey now, I love Tom Selleck but Indiana Jones wouldn't have worked with him
If you're having trouble starting your day here's a signed photo of Tom Selleck I saw hanging in a smoothie shop
For Carol Spann on her birthday ... love ya girl!
Y now it's time for the parry show starring Tom Selleck. Oh, recruit.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
There should be a Final Four of mustaches:. On one side, Sam Elliott vs Tom Selleck and on the other, John Oates vs Hulk Hogan.
Guys! What if there was a Face/Off type movie where Sam Elliott and Tom Selleck traded mustaches? It would make tens of dollars!
I don't know how this happened, but I've been dragged into a game of FMK by Melany. Right now: Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, and Nick Offerman.
Dayan Viciedo is literally Tom Selleck from Mr. Basdball. Lay off the shuuto, man.
National Enquirer list of Settlements for Lies: Cameron Diaz, Tom Selleck,Cape Cod women for story abt love child" with Senator Ted Kennedy.
Its why I love Jessie Stone series with Tom Selleck. Now if the Co-Op ASSN would only let me have a dog. A bird
Check out Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck on WGN CABLE CHANNEL, also stars Donnie Walberg cops
More I get mixed up: Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds, Michael Caine and Robert Duvall.
After winning the tightest play-in contest, Tom Selleck brings Chunichi Dragons into the Bronx to face Jake LaMotta
to an epic fur hat and Sam Elliot/Tom Selleck inspired stache in Banff 🙌🏼😎 Looking forward to se…
My pick was Tom Selleck but I'll take it. JK is amazing!
Tom Selleck aka Magnum P.I. Thanks Thomas for a lot of really great fantasies
he didn't, he looked like Tom Selleck - his nick names was Magnum
Tom Selleck and and Harrison Ford are two of my favorite actors!
sorry had to watch the episode again. "He looks like Tom Selleck!!" Paula was mean to Greg
I totally agree with that! And I do prefer young John Nettles to young Tom Selleck.
Your kid spends too much time w grandpa when he sees Tom Selleck on "Friends" & says he didn't know he had roles other than "Blue Bloods."
Ted Danson, Steve Guttenburg and Tom Selleck lend their voices for the crossover sequel to Jurassic World:. Three Raptors and A Baby
My grandpa looked so much like Tom Selleck it's uncanny
That's kinda how I feel about Midway: Tom Selleck, Eric Estrada, Dabney Coleman, Pat Morita...not to mention all the headliners.
Three Men and a Baby(1987). Starring by Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson. Directed by Leonard Nimoy
Yep. 1/29. Along with Thomas Paine, Tom Selleck, 25th President McKinley, and Oprah. . Have a great bday!
Now on to Louis L'amour's SHADOW RIDERS with Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot.let the questions begin! Jack Bostick !!
Friends 3.14 - SHERILYN FENN SHOWED UP!. Elliott Gould and Tom Selleck now just fighting for 2nd
Tom Selleck looks like the type of guy who eats a lot of beef jerky.
Tom Selleck is making me forget about Elliott Gould... YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD!
I love to see Tom Selleck come full circle from Magnum PI to
What's better than Tom Selleck this Valentine's Day? Entering Deadline 2/15 ht…
My mom said she wants Tom Selleck's voice for Siri. That's fine.
Frank Reagan and Jesse Stone. Tom Selleck always at his best.
Ted Nugent; Kelsey Grammer; The Ghost of Michael Landon; Kurt Russell; the dude from Duck Dynasty who has a beard; Tom Selleck
There aren't many things I love more than Tom Selleck but Trader…
99% sure no one my age even knows who Tom Selleck is
Sitting here by myself watching a Tom Selleck movie. My life embarrasses me sometimes.
Tom Selleck should reintroduce the Spenser character in a Jesse Stone movie before he stops making them. Spinoff.
Can someone get this to Tom Selleck please? Thanks. via cbs6
Loving the Jesse Stone movie series! Tom Selleck still got it- handsome as ever!
Quick snap up Tom Selleck to play The Warlord!
a relationship with Tom Selleck is no laughing mayter
Earlier this week I joined podcast to talk Daniel Bryan, Super Bowl, & Tom Selleck in Mr. Baseball!
How do you not know who Tom Selleck is?
Qualifier: I only watch that show because of Tom Selleck
-sorry Bret. We will be watching Tom Selleck re-runs.
on tom selleck "I wanted to go more in his direction, which is just a lot of testosterone and man."
Blue Bloods The best Serie . Germany The best Actors Reagan Family and Garret . A gentleman The best Tom selleck
great beard of Zues I'm disappointed. Unless Tom Selleck had a man bun I do not approve.
If I ever met Tom Selleck, I'd thank him for playing Jesse Stone. He really nailed the role like few actors ever have nailed a role.
Tom Selleck is my fav. I forgot how much I liked the Jesse Stone movies 😊
Tom Selleck's hot daughter rocked the India Night VIP Pre-Party in Wellington
😱😱😱 I don't know if we can be friends lol!! I 💖 Tom Selleck.
If u are a Tom Selleck and Robert Parker fan, hallmark movies airing a Jesse Stone marathon today.
Tom Selleck mustache, boardshorts, white crew socks, and a shirt that read "happy happy happy" This dude is balling out
2000 channels and nothing good on TV. Gonna check out Tom Selleck's Jesse Stone TV movie. Is this some sort of Magnum PI type character?
I'm earning rewards for watching TV with Yeah. Tom Selleck.
I always preferred Tom Selleck over Burt Reynolds. However they had/ have magnificent mustaches
some day I want a moustache like his or Tom Selleck's
Hidden beneath Tom Selleck's mustache is another mustache.
[CBS Sports]In the movie, Mr. Selleck, an Occidental by birth and inclination, wound up as …
Hey chaps, how about Misfits Of Science or Runaway with Tom Selleck?
Didnae refuse disparity of provision *looks at camera with a Tom Selleck eyebrow movement*
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Now that is off dvr, I'm left w/a night for "catch-up" tv and my "old lady" guilty pleasure Tom Selleck still hot.
But real talk does anyone else think the 👨 emoji looks like Tom Selleck
If I could ask for one thing from Hollywood, it would be to revive the career of Tom Selleck. Who doesn't love Tom Selleck?
You gotta love THE BEST show on TV! & Tom Selleck has been a favorite since Magnum P.I.
I like that Tom Selleck's father in the show is 5 years older than him in real life
Love this show. Tom Selleck on Friday Night. — watching Blue Bloods
Strange idea: Dr Sam Beckett leaps into either Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods or Scott Bakula on NCIS New Orleans
how do I get a dinner date with Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Mark Harmon and/or Tom Selleck??
My dad told me he's jealous of Courtney Cox because she got to be in an onstage relationship with Tom Selleck
Obama and Black Lives Matter want Tom Selleck's head on a pike but he will never back down. Lets show him our... https…
Yes, it does. She worked with some of the more famous actors like Tom Selleck, Dana Delany and Mark Harmon in various shows.
[USA Today Sports For The Win]The cap on the right, as modeled by Tom Selleck, is one worn …
Happy 71st Birthday to Tom Selleck and his glorious mustache! All the best, sir!
Thomas Magnum, P.I. or should I say Tom Selleck is 71 today. Happy Birthday Tom!
it's got a lot going for it...James Earl Jones, a young Sharon Stone but alas, no Tom Selleck so i nod toward Down Under...
Fun fact: You share a birthday with Tom Selleck, Oprah Winfrey and Elijah Wood. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you'll enjoy it
Baldwin brothers, Kelsey Grammer, Victoria Jackson, Jon Voight, Tom Selleck... Seriously, one could do this all night... :)
Tom Selleck is a on-again-off-again romance for Angelica Houston. And the mayor, for what it's worth.
Michael Bay is a die hard conservative, just like Cint Eastwood,Tom Selleck, Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis,Chuck Norris...
Am I the only 23 yr old girl who still loves Harrison Ford , Tom Selleck and George Clooney .
So if we shaved Tom Selleck's moustache, would he lose his powers like Samsun in The Bible?.
Okay so this man is so sexy and gorgeous that I remember Tom Selleck at his Hawaii days- please don't take him off-
Rosie O'Donnell is an anti-gun kook who ambushed Tom Selleck. She's dreadful.
Put Tom Selleck in change until the end of the season
Donny Wahlberg is very good in it, as is Tom Selleck. But Magnum P.I. would be, wouldn't he?
Tonight we watched a Tom Selleck movie and now that all have turned in early, am taking advantage of huge screen w/ 2001: A Space Odyssey
Pokemon: TOM SELLECK may be seen around Poo, Boston. It likes to scuba dive and fart on Sprite.
if that show doesn't end with Tom Selleck eating his gun...
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