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Tom Riddle

Lord Voldemort (born Tom Marvolo Riddle) is a fictional character and the main antagonist of J.K.

Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Frank Dillane Salazar Slytherin Albus Dumbledore Christian Coulson Minerva McGonagall Stephen Dillane Half Blood Prince

Ugh. I know some of it was influenced by the movies. Apparently the actor who played Tom Riddle in th…
The giant squid, yeah. Hadn’t seen that, but unsurprised. Tons of dark stuff with Tom Riddle/Harry or…
*her sister rolled her eyes and sighs heavily. Then she quieries about her marriage to Rod, Cissa a…
The tom riddle’s diary looks real and the wands are so nice but oh 🙂🙂🙂
No you're tom riddle :3 I've been waiting for you for 11 *** year
“But he’s so... blonde! And in love with his peacocks!” Bella exclaimed; not amused. Her relationship with Tom is different.
*Cissa smiles and tells her sister to say no such nonsenes it was evident that she and lucius where…
Bella very quickly decided to answer her by making up a story about how she isn’t at home due to wor…
Only took watching and 112 times for me to notice Lucius Malfoy putting Tom Riddl…
Young Tom Riddle was daddy af, I’d bang him no hesitation. He could put his basilisk in my Chamber of Secrets.
Guys. After Harry told her he had Tom Riddle's diary, how did Hermione NOT warn him that Riddle is Voldemort? She, like, reads everything.
Is dumbledore’s fault for all the things Tom marvolo Riddle did
Everyone: joins the Death Eaters bc of the cause . Connor: joins the Death Eaters bc Tom Riddle makes his willy feel f…
so im watching Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone aND YOU REMIND ME OF TOM RIDDLE... once you see i…
They made Tom Riddle so fine in the Chamber of Secrets ***
Me every time I watch this scene:. Tom Marvolo Riddle . 🔄🔀🔃🔁. I AM Lord Voldemort
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Honestly Tom Riddle circa Chamber of Secrets can get it
My family’s all sitting around watching Harry Potter, and we’re wondering what came first: Tom Marvolo…
Why is Tom Riddle in Chamber of Secrets so much more handsome than Tom Riddle in Half Blood Prince🤔
Tbh Tom Riddle looking like a snack too
Tom Riddle was pretty until he decided to be evil smh
Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem was stolen by her daughter Helena out of jealousy. The diadem, which gives it's wearer wisdom,…
. I was watching CoS with my family tonight and had a few questions... 1) why wasn't it common knowledg…
Next to the grave of Tom Riddle's father is a Yew tree, which also happens to be the tree Voldemort's wand is made of. Al…
I got BFFs with Albus Dumbledore, Soulmates with Tom Riddle, and Enemies with Minerva McGonagall!
Watching Jeff Sessions “memory” yesterday is like seeing Slughorn’s purposely altered memory of Tom Riddle and the…
Tom Riddle - I am Lord Voldemort! via this version of Lord Voldemort look…
PSA: this is the actor that played 11 year old Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
nope. Stephen Dillane, who played Stannis, has a son named FRANK, who played Tom Riddle.
That scene with Maester Slughorn and Sam gave me major flashbacks to Tom Riddle asking him about horcruxes
Tbh if I would have gone to Hogwarts at the time I totally would have tried to get with Tom Riddle. Not even sorry. He was cute a little.
Hamilton Collection
Now that I think about it, that means Snape's time at Hogwarts was quite similar to Tom Riddle's
Find you someone who texts back as fast as Tom Riddle's diary
Did everyone else grow up and get over their crush on young Tom Riddle from Chamber of Secrets? Because I .totally did too.👀
Tom Riddle had no business being so fine
I wonder if Tom Riddle's diary ever left Ginny on read
Tom riddle in chamber of secrets yes please
I recently realized that Voldemort (then Tom Riddle) started Hogwarts during the rise of Grindelwald.
Right!? I was getting some Tom Riddle with Slytherine vibes. Omg did we just come up with a celebrity…
The grave of Tom Riddle in Edinburgh. Supposedly where JK got the name.
I actually am wanting to put him there but idk who to put as Tom Riddle and I had a hard time with Youngjae tbh
In book 3 it's mentioned that Voldemort has been feared for hundreds of years but the Tom Riddle story…
7 times JK Rowling owned corpulent mormons on racism by unveiling Tom Marvollo Riddle facts.
Everything was always the same for the teenage boy named Tom Riddle. He would do his best in classes.…
That's def a good point. I moreso was just pointing out we coulda sent him to an orphanage lik…
There was Tom Riddle and there is Voldemort. And they are the same person.
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Happy New Year everyone! Reminds me of Tom Riddle's old room…
Now I'm demanding for an explanation. Why is your nose vanished without you knowing it? Are you per…
would u fight voldemort (if nobody had magic). just... — yes I think if tom riddle had been punched in the f...
Err, no thank you. Can't be having conflicted feelings about Tom Riddle
Okay but how can Tom Riddle and Voldemort exist in the same place 🤔
did you help out with the Tom Riddle anagrams in other languages?
4) Tom Riddle being generally spooky in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
I wonder when he turned to the dark side. It's like a Tom Riddle to Voldemort transformation.
Exactly what I thought. I believe it was mentioned in book 6, when dumbledore is talking to tom riddle.
I've wondered the same thing! Which name did come up with first, Lord Volde…
I have a question if hagrid was at hogwarts at the same time as tom riddle how old are they when harry is at hogwarts?
Why is Tom Riddle's award still in the Trophy Room?
When Voldemort's younger (Tom Riddle) has nose but when he was old, he doesn't has nose anymore. How?
Because Tom Riddle poured himself in Ginny Weasley does she have extra power or is a stronger Witch than normal?
No, Voldemort's dad is Tom Riddle, a muggle who lived near the House of Gaunt.
Yes, the Tom riddle was such cool in his early days. I really liked him in that part
It's a good thing mrs.figg broke her leg otherwise Harry wouldn't have known about tom riddle snake.
Tom Riddle really put his soul into his work. .
I just realized tom riddle was born on New Years Eve
- to learn /everything/ to the best of his ability. His name? Tom Marvolo Riddle. The exact same teenage form that -
He could be hotter than Mercury and I still couldn't get an erection over someone called Hero Fiennes-Tiffin.
Behind every friend like Tom Riddle there is always an enemy like Lord Voldemort.
Need a Tom Riddle to show the Chamber of Secrets.
Young Putin was clearly the inspiration for Tom Riddle. OPEN YOUR EYES, MUGGLES!
10 ways JK Rowling spanked ill-tempered Scientologists on Sub-Saharan hunger by opening up on Tom Marvollo Riddle nitbits.
Happy 26th Birthday to Frank Dillane! He portrayed teenage Tom Riddle in the Half-Blood Prince Film. .
What was the real name of Lord Voldemort?. a) Ebenezer Scrooge. b) Tom Riddle. c)…
. I would love to see a series about Tom Riddle's ascent into Lord Voldemort
who would you rather go to the Yule ball with... Tom Riddle or Cedric Diggory?? Idk aha random x
First Dances With Wolves and then Tom Riddle. No good can come from a man keeping a diary
The Chamber of Secrets is one of my favorites! Gilderoy Lockhart is really funny, and Tom Riddle...
Eddie Redmayne auditioned to be Tom Riddle in Chamber of Secrets but was turned down after reading one line.
Dec. 31: Tom Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, is born to Tom Riddle Sr. and Merope Gaunt at Wool's Orphanage in Lond…
Still shocked to this day that Tom Riddle is Lord Voldemort
Tom Riddle in Chamber of Secrets was so hot.
Tom Marvolo Riddle, rearranged = Lord Voldermort . At least I remember that one 😏
Dive for shell got your *** . And thoughts you'd never tell. Keep it up cut me up. Crucifying myself.
Tom marvolo riddle could've been mild doormat lover
Had Tom Riddle been a good person, and the whole theme changed, what would have Tom Riddle's Patronus been? I'd imagine a snake?
wide eyes. "W-What..?" I blinked. 'Oh.. mommy dearest didn't tell you? You're the son of Tom Riddle the dark lord-
When I was little I had a huge crush on Tom Riddle and got so upset when he revealed he's Voldemort
I always took it that one year would have been the leviosa argument were that not the definition of rape given that tom riddle sr in HBP.
A good book should draw the reader in and captivate the imagination. A good example would be. Tom Marvolo Riddle's diary.
I just changed my profile picture to a llama because I lost the challenge 😩. Solve this riddle. If you're wrong,...
I think maybe I was the chosen one, and tom cruise is tom riddle and he was using his wealth to fund research into immortality
Is it wrong to say the Phrase "I'd kill to play Tom Riddle in the upcoming Fantastic Beast…
Wish I could have a picture of the looks on the faces of my daughters when I read what “Tom Marvolo Riddle” becomes in “Chamber of Secrets.”
You can't Blame Bellatrix for loving Lord Voldemort. I mean, look at him as Tom Riddle...
. Me and Michaela- Woah I bet that's Tom Riddle!! That's so cool!. *guy ends up dying from his own magical powers*
new conspiracy theory If Colin Ferrell is Grindlewald then Ezera Miller is Tom Riddle.
Harry Potter is so obviously condemning any type of abuse (i.e Umbridge, Dursleys, Tom Riddle), so how can they allow this?…
What if Juan Ponce Enrile Sr. outlives us all? What if he's our Tom Riddle? Our Keith Richards?
7 September 1996: Harry Potter has his first lesson with Albus Dumbledore about Tom Riddle's past.
-- to subside as she sighed. Why had they even come here? Why had Tom Riddle even come back? What did he want with hitting --
Still in the summer of 1943, Tom went to the Riddle home and murdered his father, grandfather, and grandmother with the Killing Curse.
What do you say to a person named Tom. You say hey tom here's a riddle! yes I use my time to make HP puns
Chamber of Secrets Tom Riddle could get it tbh
Cool: Frank Dillane from is the son of Stephen Dillane, Stannis from and he was young Tom Riddle in
When Tom Riddle came to Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall was in her second year.
Why does baby tom riddle look like the dude from the luck of the irish
There were not enough Tom Riddle memory scenes in the HP6 movie.
Tom Riddle could have ruled the world by his smile alone but then he chose immortality and madness smh
Teen Tom Riddle could have become a model but instead he chose to lose his nose this is why we need better education
Why does Tom Riddle have a nose and then when he's Lord Voldemort he doesn't have a nose?... Shower thoughts 🤔
Tom Riddle, danger in the most alluring package
Am I the only one who thinks teenage Tom Riddle is kinda 😏👀😏
How did Dumbledore not know that Tom Riddle was going to be evil? Hurts animals and other kids, shows no emotion...classic murderer stuff.
Going Tom Riddle still gives me the creeps. Doesn't help the kid's now apparently on Fear The Walking Dead...
I need someone to explain to me how Tom Riddle became Voldemort... How do you go from a normal human to a creepy white creature thing??
every time someone mentions this dude I think it's you. Who's Tom Riddle who's Lord Voldemort?
Tom Riddle was always doomed to be a maniac, but maybe he wouldn't have made the horcruxes with out Slughorn.
I kind of blame Slughorn for Tom Riddle turning into Voldemort.
I need Tom Riddle in the streets and a dark lord in the sheets.
Yes, I had a massive crush on Tom Riddle when I was... — morgana could punch me any day of the week and i'd ...
Do you ever find yourself attracted to villains? — of course, have you seen tom riddle in Harry Potter...
93% of Tom Riddle's friends refuse to go out drinking with him as he insists on being called 'Voldemortal' when he's had…
Meeting with Team 2016. . Update and plan with Tom Riddle.
fans put tom riddle's grave on your list!. Hidden Edinburgh – 6 secret places in the city https:/…
If Tom Riddle wanted to create 7 horcruxes, why did he create only 6 ? He didn't know Harry was himself a Horcruxe !
Harry Potter, Tom Riddle & Ronald Weasley (4 if you count Ginevra Weasley but she was possessed)
all this time I've wanted to speak to snakes like tom riddle, but I now realize I been doing it this whole time ://
"Lord Voldemort will return... very... much... alive." - Tom Riddle
so Vince is Greg/Perry and Tom Riddle, James and Ben is his best friend, Robert Chase is Alexander, but who am I? Eric? Remy?
Tom Riddle's Diary from soda can and a diary (Harry Potter): Hi Potterheads! I'm gonna show you how we can ma...
I just looked up Christian Coulson, and jfc, he is nowhere near as hot as he was in his Tom Riddle days
Dumbledore finds Tom Riddle opening the Chamber of Secrets, . Voldecaught.
May 29, 1993: Harry destroys Tom Riddle's diary with a Basilisk fang not knowing at the time that it was a Horcrux. https…
29th May 1993: Tom Riddle reveals that "Voldemort is his past, present and future."
Hermione with Lusci... I mean Lucius Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. Severus Snape and Blaise Zabini, in one I even put her with Tom Riddle
Me: Hello, Harry Potter, my name is Tom Riddle. Harry Bocó: Do you know anything about the Chamber of Secrets?. Me: Yes
& Matt, this has been plaguing me for months, maybe years. What is the joke behind Tom Riddle hating snickers?
aka the young/evil Tom Riddle aka the incredible Nick Clark! 💀🎉
My 7-years-old daughter just told me Hillary Clinton is Tom Riddle and Donald Trump is Voldemort. 😂 Thanks
"Very few people know that Lord Voldemort was once called Tom Riddle."
When he was a young boy. Have you seen Tom Riddle. Hotty.
Okay but I'm still hung up on Tom Riddle from Chamber of Secrets tbch
I would ask him why he decided to turn ugly instead of staying hot like tom riddle in CoS was so hot
Can we talk about how weirdly similar my boyfriends' names are (Yuki/Kiku)? We're one letter away from a Tom Riddle situation here.
I'm re-reading C of S what came first Tom Marvolo Riddle or I am Lord Voldermort? Such a clever anagram xxx
>Tom Riddle nukes an entire neighborhood of all life. >normies have no clue
omg girl I saw your tom riddle phone case and I have ordered the marauders map phone case! So excited for it to arrive!! 😂😊😊
Chamber of Secrets time. Tom Riddle would get it.
I'm ready for there to be a Tom Riddle or Marauders movie.
I added a video to a playlist DIY :: Bolsa Livro - Tom Riddle Diary
Tom Riddle aka VOLDEMORT was Harry Pouters evil alter ego from the future
One thing I never grasped in , did Tom Riddle attend Hogwarts at the same time as Harry's parents?
Sometimes I wake up and just wanna stab Tom Riddle's diary ya know
It was eternal silence when his turn came. Everyone's eyes on him since it's great chance to know what is Tom Riddle's --
Tom Riddle is really good looking though :/
I still love Tom Riddle the most. gtG.
40% done with Harry Potter and the, by J.K. Rowling: Tom Riddle Jr. be creepy.
Guessing... Tom Riddle's brother Fred fled Britain & changed his surname to Trump. .
Omg wen i first read chills coz then i had started to think may be harry is the reincarnation of tom riddle
Would you ever consider writing a story about Tom Riddle's time between Hogwarts, his first rise to power and his "death" by infant Harry?
Hold up... Why is Voldemort such a fly honey when he was Tom Riddle? 🙄
i shipped harry w/ luna btw but if you look through my internet history (COUGHS) LUCIUS HARRY (COUGHS) TOM RIDDLE HARRY (COUGHS COUGHS)
Do you ever get in the zone writing notes in class and think for a second you're communicating with Tom Marvolo Riddle in his diary
Before he was Voldemort he was Tom Marvolo Riddle, before that he was Tom Cougar Riddle, and before that he was just Tom Cougar.
She asked if Voldemort and "that Tom Riddle guy from book two" are the same person or just related, but didn't want me to give it away.
Better idea: Tom Riddle grows up to be a chaotic neutral game theorist who takes over the world without ever casting a single Avada Kedavra.
Tom Riddle is forever my favorite character from Harry Potter, but Voldemort is such a poorly-written villain. He's just so schlocky.
I've always thought that myself. There's so much potential to tell the story of Dumbledore and Tom Riddle
okay who puts Tom Riddle's diary in Ginny's bag and what book is that in?
Plot Twist: Harry Potter Sires the next Tom Riddle, perpetuating the never ending cycle.
have you ever thought about writing a book all about tom riddle's past? I would love to read more about it
oh. Are you *** Tom Riddle? It takes a lot more than Christians to enact a law. Be realistic My friend
tom riddle this. You are going to *** if you don't change your attitude about God. Period. Now I will ask you to stop
"Voldemort is my past, present, and future." Tom Marvolo Riddle, the one and true heir of Slytherin. http…
Young Tom Riddle and Lupin are in this movie. As is General Hux. Omg I watch too many movies...
Potterhead till the end😊 hope this drawning of Tom Riddle you'll like it
I'd wish for a story about Tom Riddle, Snape and Harry Potter's parents as pupils at Hogwarts.
"Years ago, I knew a boy who made all the wrong choices. He seemed a student like any other. His name was Tom Riddle." - Dumbledore (HBP)
Why are we all talking about Tom Elvis Riddle when the Danish version is Romeo G. Detlev Jr?
well now I just want a short backstory on the closeted *** life of Tom Riddle
I would Perfer JK Rowling to make a prequel to Harry Potter such as the original Order of the Pheniox & more of Tom Riddle's early life.
Tom Riddle hit the floor with a mundane finality, his body feeble & shrunken, the snakelike face vacant & unknowing. htt…
Tom Riddle is def one of the most attractive guys in the movies. Followed quickly by Oliver Wood.
Thomas & Arthur Shelby + the rich bird who loves Tommy, Thor, Q from James Bond, Mad Eye Moody, Tom Riddle, the new Spiderman,
Why didn't Dumbledore just use the time turner and never bring Tom Riddle to Hogwarts the first place?
Just a friendly reminder that Tom Riddle's name in french is Tom Elvis Jedusor so it can make Je Suis Voldemort.
Meet my Team 2016 ♥ . Tom Riddle the Planner. . Matt Black the Weekly Calendar. Blackie the Executive Calendar.
Dewey is to Congressman Trey Gowdy as Tom Riddle is to Voldemort...oops sorry he who shall not be named.
📷 lethiiferous: Tom Riddle + Albert Wesker On those nights when you came to me dripping with the slick...
I wonder if Tom riddle has got the rhythm, ay
Courtesy of my roommate, the back of Quirrell's head is the most bang-able Tom Riddle.
my death is happening tonight you can write your thank you letter out to tom marvolo riddle or Lord Voldemort either will work
That moment you realise 16 year old Tom Riddle was in 😳
My friend said the noises I was hearing in her walls are NOT Harry Potter snakes, but isn't that just what tom riddle would say.
19 years ago today, Harry Potter entered Dumbledore's Pensieve and saw how messed up Tom Riddle was in the head
Oh hello there 16 year old Tom Riddle
Here's my homemade copy of Tom Riddle's (Voldemort) destroyed diary horcrux💀
Aparecium! - Hermione used this bc she thinks there is an invisible ink in Voldemort/Tom Riddle's diary ✨
Hey I wrote some fan fiction for work
Tbh tom riddle was a half-blood so if Hogwarts had listened to Salazar Slytherin and only allowed pure bloods, Voldemort wouldn't exist
Hey, , are you aware that you'rE TOM RIDDLE
Shock and horror.I am Tom Marvolo Riddle u know 😂
"Lord Voldemort is my past, present and furute" Tom Riddle
what?! Dumbledore does not look the same! and tom riddle is a memory of him at that age
My name is Harry Potter!. Hello, Harry Potter. My name is Tom Riddle. Do u know anything about chamber of secrets?. Yes. Can you tell me?. No.
Game of Magic Banner (Tom Riddle is portrayed by the Chamber of Secrets Actor) although i like the other one better
I don't get how in Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets Tom riddle and dumbledore look the same now and 50 years ago?
How Tom Coughlin solved the Bill Belichick riddle - ESPN
Goes to a Kids Karate birthday party and Tom Riddle shows up.
31st October 1992: Ginny, under the influence of Tom Riddle's Diary, opens the Chamber of Secrets for the first time in…
On this day in 1996, Harry entered Dumbledore's Pensieve and saw Tom Riddle as a boy
Overheard: Tom Riddle: Professor, I think you should play the role of my father. Dumbledore: I don't wanna...
I did not know that Frank Dillane who plays Nick in Fear The Walking Dead was young Tom Riddle from Harry Potter.
it's weird seeing young Tom Riddle running from a Walker
that was like in Harry Potter. So long story short, I'm actually Tom Riddle and ironically my journal atm is a little black book as well
So Frank Dillane looks like a young Johnny Depp, played Tom Riddle and his dad is Stannis Baratheon. Gawsh.
let's all take a moment to appreciate that Nick from Fear TWD also starred as young Tom Riddle in Harry Potter.
Fear the Walking Dead watchers: The guy who plays Nick played young Tom Riddle in Harry Potter.
Frank Dillane who played young Tom Riddle in Harry Potter stars in 'fear the walking dead'😊😊
Little Tom Riddle is so cute I wanna hug him & make him a cup of chocolate. 😐 Is that wrong?
¿Tom Riddle had any children? Here's a good reason to continue the Harry Potter universe... :)
If you read them you'll enter them and find yourself in Tom Riddle's diary. :)
hello, a big fan from Ghana, please will you write a prequel about Tom Riddle,his time in Hogwarts n his journey to dark lord?.
Omg the guy that played tom riddle lives next door to my sister
Hmm...curious...I must solve this riddle for you, Officer Joe!
Tom Riddle...casually enjoying his morning latte
Okay Voldemort is ugly and all but, Tom Riddle during his teenage years. I'd hit that
literally all me and did yesterday and today was search up Tom riddle on Google 😂😭
Tom marvolo riddle, im in love with you !
I'm in love with my icon, Tom Riddle. If only he were real. 😍😘
Definitely looks like the cave where Tom Riddle hid the locket
// Harry talks about how handsome Tom Riddle is quite an uncomfortable many times
Who says that Tom Riddle is not hot is sitting on throne of lies
I told my friends brother that he looked like the teenage version of Tom Riddle. I don't think he understood how much of a compliment it was
Turns out my professor's name is Tom Riddle. Debating if I should drop the class. 😳
So Tom Riddle is pretty hot these days...
Remus and Tom Riddle are in this movie
'No!' shrieked Tom Riddle, as Harry drove the basilisk fang through his external hard drive, extinguishing 40 gigs of rare Dylan bootlegs
Right, replication fixed now time to keep an eye on my index wizardry. Just call me Tom Riddle after all indexing is a dark art
actually Salazar Slytherin made it, so he actually discovered it. After him Tom Riddle who is Voldemort so yeah...
My first ever acting Audition was for Harry Potter II, for a character called Tom Riddle.
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In the adult version of Harry Potter, Dumbledore does water sports with Tom Riddle's lesser known brother Jimmy.
Tom Riddle's actor in Chamber of Secrets looks a lot like an amalgam of José Rizal and Jamie Blackley
On this day in 1943, Myrtle Warren (Moaning Myrtle) died at the hands of Tom Riddle and the Basilisk.
Tuesday. Doomsday. Bombay. Bombs. Tom. Tom Riddle. Malcolm in the Middle. Playing the fiddle. Playing the field. Signed & Sealed. Navy SEALs
we should have used the time turner to go back and get rid of Tom Riddle
They'll make the playoffs, unless Toews is being possessed by Tom Riddle. I wish Theo would start Bryant, NOW! (BAGH!)
Tom Marvolo Riddle: I'm Lord Voldermort. 😎 makes sense to me. 😁😁
raptorific: If I were Harry Potter I would have addressed Voldemort as “Tim Riddle.” He’d be like “IT’S TOM...
Yes, Tom Riddle worried. But only for few things, and one person. He knew that one day something would happen to her, »
When you mean to say Tom Buchanan but instead you say Tom Baker or Tom Riddle 😃
you have Emily as Tom Riddle in your phone. So you even low who that is lmao
Bob Durst is the Tom Riddle of our time.
Tom Riddle was only mildly startled, once connecting the soft voice to dark tresses and emerald eyes, he was calm »
I don't trust anyone named tom now because of tom riddle
Idk why, but I imagined Lord Voldemort going to and getting "Tom Riddle" written on his frappuccino 😂😭
"I like this Tom Riddle guy. He seems nice." -little sister reading the 2nd Harry Potter book
If they ever do a prequel Harry Potter series, I want it to be about Tom Riddle becoming Voldemort & then terrorizing the …
ok first Of All we don't know what he has underneath his robes and Second of all , he is in tom riddle glamour
Tom Riddle was born, on this day in 1926. Happy birthday, Tom. Hope you're getting Voldemortal! .
Name Origins - mugglenet: Tom Marvolo Riddle – If you rearrange the letters, it spells “I am Lord...
Tom Marvolo Riddle is just plain mean.. Yes! That's me calling him with the name he hates.. Filthy mud blood kawai
As I say to my kids, some blogs are useful; others may be Tom Riddle's diaries.
Btw I updated my drawing of Tom Riddle
“When my friends ask me how my life is going..
+- won, like the morning had predicted. Unfortunately for that aspect of things, hadn't encounter Tom Marvolo Riddle. Only Tom.
|| tOM RIDDLE . this is why i'm a slytherin
I had a dream that the last HP ended with wizards looking for muggle borns and deep in a cave was Tom Riddle's diary with simply 'The End?'
. Like did Tom Riddle say whee when he went down the slide into the chamber of secrets
Found myself on the Harry Potter section of forbidden planets website looking at a replica of Tom Riddle's diary I'm too poor for this!
so I started feeling sick the second I joked about you... Tom Marvolo Riddle, is it you?
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The first time Voldemort and Harry speak through Tom Riddle's diary always gives me the shivers
Tom Riddle was so hot when he was still in Hogwarts
Louis van Gaal is an anagram of Tom Marvolo Riddle
Tom riddle from chamber of secrets could get it ngl
the actual diary of Tom Riddle used in Chamber of Secrets
I think of the screen names I gave myself at that age and want to die. Surely old Tom Riddle felt that way about Lord Voldemort once.
So, my Tom Riddle account has vanished.
Watching Chamber of Secrets and DAYM Tom Riddle is gorgeous.
Tom Riddle graveyard. To JK rowling this graveyard is like her 2nd home. She went there for…
Never forget your first crush.Mine was Tom Riddle played by Christian Coulson.
This article about various people in the world named Tom Riddle seriously made my Friday afternoon:
"Cash Money Records taking over for the 99 and the 2000." -2 Timothy 1:7"
.there's a reason Harry turned out the way he did-he lived with family. Tom Riddle lived in an orphanage.
Chamber of Secrets: Tom Riddle had a diary, the little badger has one too!
If a customer service chat-rep asks for my name, the response is consistent: Tom Riddle. ⚡️
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see e.g. Tom Riddle. Boy, that did _not_ go well.
My ovaries just exploded twice. Because of Tom Riddle and Godric Gryffindor. Oh. And because of Salazar Slytherin.
I love pottermore's fan arts. Look at this Tom Riddle.
Tom Riddle came from an orphanage and look where that got him
The answer to this week's quiz is 'Tom Marvolo Riddle'. Thk you Ms Garner for drawing the winners Ellie R and Emma H!
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