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Tom Rathman

Thomas Dean Rathman (born October 7, 1962) is a former professional football player, a fullback for the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.

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Tom Rathman used to secretly play with logs before kickoff
just want to say thanks for the intro to . Just won me a signed Tom Rathman jersey at a sweet price! Thx!
Bustin out my NES today for some Tecmo Super Bowl! Truck a fool w/ Tom Rathman & run circles w/ Bo Jackson!
Upon showing up to offseason program, RB coach Tom Rathman told Bruce Miller he no longer had spot in RB room. He wa…
Tom Rathman should be the next head coach and Patrick Willis the new Denfensive coordinator
I still say Bill Walsh's hologram next to Tom Rathman. . Who says no?
Watching run the ball reminds me of Tom Rathman so much. Basic, fearless and down right nasty!
Hey 49er fans!. Young, Joe Cool, Rice, Ricky Watters, Roger Craig, Tom Rathman, Stubb, TO. all FREE AGENT ya'll might want to get also! 😂
Trev for AD for sure. I have 2 thoughts, we can get Gus Malzhan if we pay. If not, Tom Rathman has been my guy the last 2 times
The next time York talks it will be to introduce the team's new head coach, Tom Rathman.
Al Golden the next coach of the San Francisco 49ers,go scream in Tom Rathman's neck roll if you mad
great to see you in the passing game, we should be using you like 49s used Tom Rathman
FB Trey Millard received high praise from RB coach Tom Rathman during pass-protection drills as he held up well in one on ones.
Tom Rathman is lid to mentor our young RBs. Not gore
former San Francisco 49ers fullback and current running backs coach Tom Rathman was on Guam in 1996 as a...
Tom Rathman has a new project in Australian Jarryd Hayne [San Francisco Chronicle]
If Australian rugby star Jarryd Hayne is converting to a NFL RB, no better teacher than RB coachTom Rathman.
when I was out of it a couple years ago I put Tom Rathman and Shannon Sharpe as my flex guys for the 49ers/Ravens SB
Roger Craig, Joe Montana, Brent Jones, John Taylor, Jerry Rice, Tom Rathman. That was a sick *** offense the Niners had back then
Tom Rathman sees no change in RB Frank Gore as he approaches 10th season. READ:
DENVER BRONCOS SUERBOWLS: Super Bowl XXIV- January 28, 1990 at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Broncos earned another shot at redemption with their '89 campaign. The San Francisco 49ers were defending Superbowl champs. Denver began the game well, but the momentum changed when Bronco running back Bobby Humphrey fumbled in the 1st quarter. Joe Montana took over, and at that point, the curtain dropped on the Broncos. Montana threw 22 for 29 completions for 297 yards and a record 5 touchdowns and earned MVP. Jerry Rice had 7 receptions for 3 TDs, and running backs Roger Craig and Tom Rathman combined for 3 TDs. The 49ers became the only Superbowl team to ever score 8 touchdowns. Karl Mecklenburg, Steve Atwater, Dennis Smith, Tyrone Braxton, Simon Fletcher, and the rest of Denver's defense were eaten alive. San Fran's defense, consisting of Pierce Holt, Charles Haley, Ronnie Lott, Matt Millen, and Bill Romanowski held the Broncos offense to a total 167 yards and 12 first downs. ...
Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig, Tom Rathman, Steve Young, Bill Walsh, Merton Hanks, Dwight Clark, "Prime Time", Charles Haley, etc. so many great prayers, (who most of my fb "friends" have never even heard of), played in historic Candlestick Park.
Tonight the San Francisco 49er's Playing their final regular season home game at Candlestick Park.. Since 1971- 5 championships in 6 trips to the superbowl. 36 MNF games most of any team in the NFL, a plethora of Hall of Fame players ... No stadium in the NFL has seen more playoff games, or MNF games... Who can forget the likes of Tom Rathman, Roger Craig, Dwight" the Catch" Clark, Steve Young, Garrison Hearst, the venerable Ronnie Lott, Terrell Owens, and the greatest Passer reciever COmbo of all time Joe Cool Montana to Jerry "the greatest ever" Rice Note: also the sight of the last Beatles Stadium Concert.. Congratulations to the City of San Francisco, 54 years of Sports History, with class. and Goodbye to "The Stick" an old friend...
Sad day for my 49er organization!! Final game in Candlestick Park oh the memories of all the greats... Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, John Taylor, Brent Jones, Kevin Gogan, Merton Hanks, Tim McDonald, Ronnie Lott, Steve Young, Ricky Watters, Terrell T.O. Owens, Dana Stubblefield, Bryant Young, Ken Norton Jr, Tom Rathman, Garrison Hearst man the list goes on!!! But for the new age bunch Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis,Colin Kaepernick yall boys ball out tonight n go out with a BANG!!! NINER NATION 4 LIFE!
Goodbye Candlestick Park...been a Niner fan for 30+ years...watched two of the greatest players in NFL history...Joe Montana and Jerry Rice have some incredible games...Ronnie Lott...Roger Craig...Tom Rathman...Charles Hailey...John Taylor...and the game that started my alliegence to the Niners...two words..."the catch"!
The 49ers 1986 draft is widely considered the best in franchise history: Larry Roberts, Tom Rathman, Tim McKyer, John Taylor, Steve Wallace, Kevin Fagan, and Don Griffin. With former 49ers coach Mike Nolan coming to town as the Falcons defensive coordinator, it's important to note what impact his team had on the current 49er team. Check out the 2007 draft: Patrick Willis, Joe Staley, Ray McDonald, Dashon Goldson, and Tarrell Bown. They also drafted Alex Smith, Frank Gore, and Vernon Davis. GM Scott McCoughan is now in Seattle. No wonder they're so *** good. So give Jim Harbaugh the coaching credit..but don't forget who set the table.
Peyton Hillis earning his number 44 tonight. You gotta be a bmf to wear that number. (Tom Rathman, John Riggins, Mike Alstott)
I'm watching the 9'ers game and their fullback runs for a 1st down and they say it's his 1st 3 yards of the season. What happened to the days when fullbacks could make a difference in games besides blocking, like Moose Johnston, Mike Alstott, Tom Rathman,etc.?
Hoping to see Steve Young, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, or Rod Woodson! Perhaps a new one like Roger Craig, Tom Rathman
the fact that Tom Rathman isn't on that list completely discredits the column. Untacklable.
Look who Guy McIntyre is blocking to bust Tom Rathman free. Lol.
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Mike Alstott and Tom Rathman could not be reached for comment.
The NY Jets thinking about David Gerard as QB. For cost sake it's a good look. Either way Tebow should be FB new version of John Riggins or Tom Rathman.
Tom Rathman gave a little pep talk when the RBs were done at the Combine, including Rex Burkhead.
U see I ain't no regular fan... I go way back into this shyt!!! Tom Rathman ... Roger Craig Ronnie Lott John Taylor Jerry Rice
the 49ers need to use Bruce Miller like Tom Rathman!
I'm glad the 49ers packed their lunch pales full of sucked *** who needed offense or defense for only the Super Bowl lol.Take the janitor mops out Tom Rathman and Dwight Clark and suit them up
Calling on the past greats Montana, Rice, Young, Roger Craig, Dwight Clark, John Taylor, Tom Rathman, Ronnie Lott, and Neon Deion to lead my 49ers to their 6th title
GO NINERS! this is a pic I took yesterday.the hat on the left I bought for the last Super Bowl (29) and stashed, awaiting the next time when I would break it out, can't believe it's been 18 years! The one on the right is autographed by Tom Rathman, who just happened to have been being interviewed on the NFL channel when I turned on the TV for background. They were talking about the '89 season and there was on the screen!
When the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers take the field for Super Bowl XLVII, the Lombardi Trophy won't be the only thing on the line: LEGACIES will be as well. Winning a championship has a way of changing the perception of an athlete, and for these players and these Coaching brothers, the stakes have never been higher. Frank Gore has been so underappreciated throughout his career that it's criminal. He's the leading rusher in 49ers history, but fans speak more fondly of former San Francisco backs Roger Craig, Ricky Watters and even Tom Rathman. Why? Because those players have Super Bowl rings. When you play for an organization as rife with success and championships as the 49ers, you're measured by how much you win, and to be fair, Gore's 49ers haven't been much of a winner since he was drafted in 2005. Now, is that Gore's fault? Certainly not. It wasn't Gore who decided that the immortal J.T. O'Sullivan should start in 2008. It wasn't Gore who selected Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers in the 2005 d ...
Todays thank you should go to all of those who have helped me learn the sports for which I love. So a special thats to the NFL which I spent all my childhood watching every week back then it was the Raiders and Kenny The Snake Stabler, Dave Casper. Freddy and Big Ted Hendricks love them all and would have stayed with the Raiders and Al until he dumbed my boy Marcus Allen, about then is when Ronnie Lott and the 49ers took over cool Joe Montana, Roger Craig and Tom Rathman and all the others later all the football shows and legends helped me become who I am couldnt get enough then or now so thanks to all my teams and players who gave me the drive to play and learn the great game of football.
Historically I'm a 49ers fan,(I did jump off the bandwagon) I got back to the Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig, Tom Rathman, Mertin Hanks, Brent Jones, Jerry Rice, JohnTaylor, so on and so forth. Never gave the same respect to Steve Young as I did Joe Montana, before Primetime, Garrison Hearts, and Charles Haley. I never cheered for the Ravens before, this years AFC Championship. Just wasn't a fan. They did show Love to Jamal Lewis. But I see alot more similarities between the Ravens this year, and the last 49ers Super Bowl team. I can't see the 49ers losing. Its an even playing field in a Dome, anything can happen.
First I'm a huge Megatron fan, so take it how u want. The reason he wont be the greatest wr at the end of his career is because Tim Brown, Brent Jones, John Taylor, Roger Craig, Tom Rathman, and Rickey Waters. These are the All pro offensive players Jerry Rice has played with, not to mention Joe Montana and Steve Young. Point is the Lions have to get pro bowl talent next to Calvin for him to achieve that next level. He's already best in the league now! Its on to the next level.
I began attending 49er games with my mother in 1972 and have been fortunate to witness the likes of John Brodie, Gene Washington, Ted Kwalik, Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wilcox Steve Spurrier, Cedric Hardman, Wilbur Jackson, Delvin Williams, Jim Plunkett, Steve DeBurg, Paul Hofer (Mr. Inspiration) Frddie Soloman, Lawrence Pillars, Fred Dean, Jim Stuckey, Dwayne Board, Willie Harper, Dwight Hicks, Dan Bunz, Pierce Holt, Kevin Fagan, Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Russ Francis, some guy named Rice, Jon Taylor, Ronnie Lott, Tom Rathman, Roger Craig, Micheal Carter, Bryant Young, Steve Young, Terrell Owens, the names go on and on. How blessed we all are to be a Bay Area sports fan right now. The Giants are World Champs, Stanford just won the Rose Bowl, San Jose State wins the Military Bowl, the A's make the playoff and the Warriors are much improved. So much of my life and the emotions there within have lived and died with the Fory-Niners these past 40 years. Pride and inspiration watching these great players above (a .. ...
Super Bowl XXIV Part 1: played on 1/28/90 in the Super Dome in New Orleans, The 14-2 San Francisco 49ers played the 11-5 Denver Broncos. Joe Montana continued his greatest season of his career in the first qtr as he started things off with a 20 yd pass to Jerry Rice, Miek Cofer converted to make it 7-0. David Treadwell kicked a 42 yd FG to cut the lead to 7-3. Then Brent Jones caught a 13 pass from Montana but the PAT was missed and as the first qtr ended, San Francisco led 13-3. In the second Tom Rathman ran it in from 1 and Cofer's kick made it 20-3. The Rice caught a 38 pass from Montana and Cofer's kick made it 27-3 49ers lead at the half.
Tom Rathman to this day embraces the approach of his first running backs coach at Nebraska.
Finally a Super Bowl worth watching. Not since the names of Joe Montana,Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Ricky Waters, Tom Rathman, Charels Haley, Dana Stubblefield, Ken Norton JR,JJ Stokes, Jim Burt, John Taylor, and of course Ronnie Lott roamed the field have I looked forward to watching the biggest game of the year. Go Niners!
I am a proud member of the 49ers Nation. I initially was not pleased with the replacement of Mike Singletary and then the replacement of Alex Smith, but Harbaugh and Kaepernick have returned the 49ers to glory. My birthday is Feb. 5th and always hits near the Superbowl. The SUPERBOWL is Feb. 3rd and all i want for my birthday is an awesome Superbowl gathering and a 49ers win. High fives to everyone that has stayed true to 49er nation and still remember the glory days of Jerry Rice, Ricky Waters, Joe Montana, Tom Rathman, William Floyd, John Taylor, Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig, Dwight Clark, and Steve Young. 49ers stand up!!
Freddie Solomon(RIP),Jerry Rice, Merton Hanks, Ronnie Lott, Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig, Tom Rathman, Lawrence Spillers, Bill Walsh, Moises Tatupu, Dwight Clark, Steve Young, Bill Romanowski if you have to google any of these names A) welcome to the bandwagon B) Dynasties never die they regroup !!!
Memo to fat Mike McCarthy - that isn't Tom Rathman at fullback. That play with Kuhn doesn't work ***
Tom Rathman, Brent Jones and Dexter Carter all injured now. Not sure if its our D's bruising hits or the batteries fans are whippin at em
Tom Rathman,fullback for the Bill Walsh's 49ers. A beast.
Tebow looking like Mike Alstott or Tom Rathman, LOL The fullback throwback.
I was just happy for the weekend, drinkin' beer, pretending I'm a husker, then I had to go get some chew at the corner store, this tiny, ugly old man is feeling feisty now! Go Blackshirts( do they still exist) Wake up the echos guys, Make Jerry Tagge, Johnny Rodgers, Ritche Glover, Budge Porter, Irving Fryer, Turner Gill, Brooke Beringer, Rimington, Daddy Steinkuler(how do you spell that name) and my favorites Frostie ,Anderson and Guy Ingle proud! And our Homies, Mitch Krenk and Brett Clark and John Sutton, Will Shields, Willie Harper, all the Mackovicka's and Tom Rathman, and all the Rudd's, and the greatest cornerback ever, Mr. Miles,and Carriker and dam'n, and Gale Sayers(oh, crap, traitor) and Bob Gibson, ohthat's right , that's just baseball. And Mr. Suh(please be my friend MR. Suh). And Rick Berns, I. M Hipp, Jarvis Redwine(by the way Mr. Redwine, your car was too *** fine for a student) and Demarrio Williams and the greatest Q-B who never started a game for us, Bruce Mathison, and Neil Smith, for ...
Shady McCoy is a terrific back. He can run outside, he can run inside, he can catch and he can block. I know I'm dreaming, but would love to see him and Stanley Havili become the latter day Roger Craig and Tom Rathman. More of a Walsh WC offense than a Holmgrem derivative. Of course Reid is a Holmgrem disciple and far removed from Walsh's original principles.
having a hard time understanding why Tom Rathman, he of University of Nebraska and Super Bowl champion San Francisco 49ers fame, wasn't a good enough athlete to be named the Athlete of the Year by his home city newspaper, the Grand Island Independent. Shockingly, he wasn't. The honor instead during Tom's senior year of high school went to a distance runner at GI Central Catholic. How is that possible?
Anthony Dixon / After meeting with RBs coach Tom Rathman, Anthony Dixon is confident
and one more Playa (John Taylor - Tom Rathman - Brent Jones and Mr Ronnie Lott Dog!!
I always knew Prime Time couldn't take a hit.Now his wife tried to hit him. I remember him getting run over by Nebraska Full back 49er Tom Rathman-- Now that was a hit---49ers won every time cause Prime Time was afraid of Rathman. LOL
Cornhusker to coach: 49ers Tom Rathman thankful for his good luck: San Francisco recently signed former New York...
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