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Tom Price

Thomas Edmunds Price (born October 8, 1954) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 2005. He is a member of the Republican Party.

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Star Jones for fun! I wasn't interested in the process of Obama’s “birth certificate” died in finally approving Dr. Tom Price,
Karen Handel is the former VP of Susan G. Komen who convinced the org to drop Planned Parenthood. She's running for Tom Price's GA seat.
GOP is hoping to hold on to the seat vacated by HHSS Tom Price ... . Georgia April 18th . . . https:/…
GA-6 Special Election April 18th to fill the seat held by Tom Price. We need to elect pro-Trump
Wow. It's not as big as Russia, but the signs of a Tom Price personal-enrichment scandal continue to mount.
Former Gov. Roy Barnes endorsed Jon Ossoff in the race to replace Tom Price in the U.S. Congress.
Guess what? Tom Price already reversed reforms that were working to lower the cost of hip and knee replacements.
On the same day, Tom Price:. 1. Bought $90K of drug stock. 2. Pushed to kill a rule that would hurt drug profits. https:/…
WXIA/11 Alive: Race to replace Tom Price: Ossoff picks up Roy Barnes' endorsement
Scoop: Tom Price bought $90k worth of drug stock, the same day he pushed to kill rule that would hurt co profits. . https:/…
Republicans are growing increasingly concerned Jon Ossoff will win the special election for Tom Price's Georgia House sea…
Democrats pressed Tom Price on whether the WH plans to sabotage Obamacare, got few concrete answers
A sign that the House Republican repeal bill is dead...Tom Price at Bullfeathers throwing in the towel
U.S. DHHS Sec. Tom Price says getting rid of Obamacare going with new GOP-backed plan good for WV
I'm looking at you, Tom Price and Ben Carson, for screwing LGBTQ people out of housing and health-care considerations.
Tom Price resembles the corporate doctor in the George C Scott classic film "The Hospital"
What SDNY attorney fired for:Tom Price's ethical concerns follow him to the Department of Health and Human Services
Special election to replace Tom Price in GA-06, 4/18. Voter registration ends 3/ 20. Spread the word:
Do you know of Hispanic conservative leaders in GA? I need to connect! We have Special Election for Tom Price's…
Dana Bash: What about 105 counties where PP is only option?. Tom Price: I'd like to see that list. Me: Here you go!. https…
US attorney was investigating Tom Price when he was fired by Trump
Whoa: Preet Bharara was investigating Trump HHS sec'y Tom Price's trading in health stocks before Trump fired him. http…
Tom Price is Satan. Must have had his fingers crossed when he recited the Hippocratic Oath.
Tom Price ... yet another GOPer "physician" that can't spell. It's Hippocratic Oath not Hypocratic Oath.
Tom Price says defunding Planned Parenthood is ok because community health centers will just "spring up". That's a bizarre cl…
FULL VIDEO of holding Tom Price accountable for defunding Planned Parenthood. Community health centers don't ma…
Katie Needle is our hero. Totally eviscerates Tom Price and for defunding Planned Parenthood.
‘How does that make any sense?’: CNN Town Hall attendee schools Tom Price on defunding Planned Parenthood
Tom Price just said insurers should be able to "price based on the risk of an individual" . That means pricing sick people…
Tom Price had a meeting with Jenny McCarthy before the
. Tom Price, Jeff Saesions, Wilber Ross, Scott Pruitt all committed perjury.They should be ALL impeached & prosecuted
FOLLOW THE MONEY UPWARD. One day Tom Price, Secretary of HHS, says that no one will suffer financially from...
Tom Price and Paul Ryan directly refuting each other re: the CBO score is a great example of when Trump gave himself a "C" for messaging
“No, we are not a compassionate society,” Bernie snapped as Tom Price suggested US would provide adequate healthcare for poor.
Sean Spicer and Tom Price talk to Press about Trump Care Outside White House: via
Can somebody help me figure out which of these pictures is Tom Price and which is Tim Gunn?
💥Trump Supporters💥. Tom Price has joined DJT in Washington. We Need Congressman that will help Drain The Swamp. 👊🇺🇸…
Tom Price: 'We don't believe that individuals will lose coverage at all' | Washington Examiner
Shane Hill and WA Labor will fix unsafe country roads and will invest $50m to upgrade the Tom Price - Karratha... http…
You're having Tom Price on plus GOP whip? Where's Zeke Emanuel and/or John Dean? Stop the one/sided segments and allow debate!
I just took a gig working for a Dem candidate to replace Tom Price. Jon Osoff, endorsed by John Lewis. GA D…
Looks like Tom Price and yourself will be meeting with many people to sell the new health care bill?
This is a significant departure for the AMA, which until now had been brown-nosing to Tom Price & Paul Ryan
Tom Price just put down a marker worth keeping in your ACA google doc. "We believe strongly that we will see a decrease in prem…
Tom Price is a Republican and it can be proven empirically that it's follows that Tom Price is a LIAR who takes adv…
secretary Tom Price is a lying cocksuckeur
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Tom Price speaking at Some facts about him: he's against equal marriage, voted against repealing don't ask,…
Tom Price on “Let me make clear to people that this single bill is not the entire plan. There are 3 different phases.”…
WATCH: "You can't pick out one individual..." Health Secretary Dr. Tom Price on if millions will lose coverage under new healthcar…
HEADS UP -> HHS Sec. Tom Price just left the door open to using "conscience clauses" to allow insurers to deny contraceptive c…
AMA opposition to health repeal bill is a big deal, because Tom Price & all those conservative doctors in Congress cla…
Thanks for your request Tom, we're afraid we can't offer a price but please find more markets here >
.exchange w/HHS' Price on the next FDA commissioner coming soon: "folks will be very, very pleased" https:/…
Tom Price said health care should be affordable for everyone under their bill.
Health Sec Tom Price said he prefers to call it "Patient Care" not And also Patient University. Patient Steaks.…
Tom Price said he didn't know about the tax break for insurance CEOs in the GOP health bill: same provision was in his own 2015…
Don't forget that fool Tom Price, Health Sect., he has an MD too.👍
"I'm not aware of that." -- HHS Sec. Tom Price, on tax break for health care executives in GOP's ACA replacement bill.
Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price joins me next to discuss the GOP’s Obamacare replacement plan
When asked about TrumpCare, Tom Price responds: “I prefer to call it PatientCare."
Tom Price: "The Man with a Plan" The American Healthcare Act 2017, replaces the "Death Trap" Obama Care and the new Bill…
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3. Asked about this, Trump's HHS Secretary Tom Price said he was UNAWARE OF THE CEO PROVISION
HHS Secretary Tom Price discusses replacement bill at White House press briefing
HHS Sec Tom Price: "Medicaid is a program that by and large has decreased people's access to care.” . This is insane.
We are the dumbest country in the world.
Maybe the AMA should've thought of this when it declared that it "strongly supports" nomination of Tom Price, whose main…
Watch—Tom Price avoid question on whether GOP health plan will result in millions losing insurance.
Murphy opposes confirmation of Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services
Dr. Roger Marshall/Tom Price. Price is Prez top WH health official Marshall: Th poor will always b w/us Very frightening men!
I strongly support Karen Handel in her bid for Tom Price's seat. Please vote and vote smartly!
Tom Price dies of Cancer, Trump appoints Martin Shrekeli as Secretary of Health and Human Services
Hey, 6th district Georgians-- know who's running to replace Tom Price? Karen Handel. You know who shouldn't win? Karen Handel.
Hope this begins with winning Tom Price's seat in GA's 6th--and not the deplorable Karen Handel. Let's help…
Despite the long delays by the Democrats in finally approving Dr. Tom Price, the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare i…
donnabazile The confirmation of Jeff Sessions and Tom Price leave open two seats in the Senate. Fight for them!
18 Candidates are running for Tom Price's seat in 5 Dems, 11 GOP, & 2 Ind.   10% Off
Tom Price's seat is coming up for election in Georgia. Dems. aren't going…
Scramble to fill Tom Price's seat in Congress provides Republicans and Democrats with trial run for midterms
Tom Price understands that an Obamacare plan costing $15K with a $10K deductible is not a good deal. Shame on Barry.
Overnight, the Senate confirmed Tom Price to head HHS. We won't stand for the GOP demolishing quality health care: https:…
Tom Price, my congressman that makes Josef Mengele look good
Now the RNC has confirmed Tom Price to be HHS Secretary. Essentially, Josef Mengele is our new HHS Secretary.
Sen Shelley Capito from WV just voted for Tom Price. I'm sure all those West Virginians can afford to lose their Medicare & Medicaid.
Heading to the Senate floor now to speak against HHS nominee Tom Price. Watch live:
Tom Price is a doctor like Josef Mengele was a doctor.
Don't think cutting Medicare is big deal? dead wrong: Many 1000's will die every year if it happens. Sign this to...
We have several original Tom Everhart pieces to share with you today! This one is "Flipped Out Contact us for…
And here i go resorting to Trumpisms: Tom Price also believes that the HUGE disfiguring mole on his left cheek,...
Anyone checking into Rep. Tom Price's stock trades on health care companies?
We're here with friends and members of Congress to speak out against Tom Price's nomination for Health Secretary.
"Price has mingled his power as a cong. w/his desire to make money." Tom Price, Dr Personal Enrichment, via https:…
Trump's HHS nominee was probed "by both federal securities regulators and the House ethics committee.".
filed a House Ethics Complaint on Tom Price for taking $41,950 in petty cash from campaign
NEWS: Tom Price introduced legislation, bought stock in an affected company a week later, got campaign donations.
It's a pattern: Rep. Tom Price introduces a bill to help drug companies, and invests in those companies on the side. https:…
Tom Price has pushed, and crossed, ethical boundaries to make money
A vote for Tom Price is a vote to destroy Medicare:
Rep. Tom Price of Georgia, President Donald Trump's nominee for secretary of health and Human Services, invested...
The scene on Cap Hill as a GOP-only panel maneuvers to push thru Tom Price nomination
to U Senator Carper for boycotting vote on Tom Price for HHS Secretary & Steve Mnuchin- Treasury Secretary. THANK YOU
Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading Tom Price is no better
Tom Price weighs pros, cons of electronic health records at Senate HELP Committee hearing
They need to do the same for Tom Price, Puzder and Mnuchin.
Reading HHS nominee Dr. Tom Price's 2nd confirmation hearing: 5 things to know
AIDS : Leprosy, HIV and vaccines among questions for Dr. Tom Price: Menendez: In your medical opinion, does HIV…
Sen. Claire McCaskill rebuts Tom Price talking point that Obamacare passed with no GOP votes. TrumpCare will pass without…
domain names
.reminded Rep. Tom Price that women paid a LOT more for basic health care before the ACA today.
Tom Price: I'll implement Obamacare until Congress repeals it.
Johnny Isackson, David Perdue, Tom Price, Lynn Westmoreland and many other are in Congress, elected by a herd of stingy people.
Imagine taking the fifth, but to dodge policy questions. That's basically what Tom Price did today. Via https:…
Tom Price and LGBT Issues — activists are alarmed by Trump's nominee for Health Secretary.
You referring to Norris Cochran's appointment or the Tom Price hearing?
House Ethics Complaint filed on Tom Price for $41,950 in petty cash withdrawals from campaign acct
WSJ reports on another case of Tom Price introducing legislation that would benefit his investments.
Check out Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation website for full information on Tom Price's plan for replacement of ACA.
What's next for the Affordable Care Act?. U.S. Rep. Tom Price's confirmation hearing to be HHS Secretary may hold clu…
We have no idea what Republicans will be offering to replace the Affordable Care Act, but Tom Price, Trump’s...
Tom Price is clear on wanting to defund but unclear on how to protect access to
Rep. Tom Price: "We are a compassionate society." . "No, we are not a compassionate society…"
What would you ask Tom Price at his confirmation hearing? Anne Armstrong-Coben, MD'89, writes about her questions:
Elizabeth Warren tries to get HHS nom Tom Price to promise he won't cut Medicare/Medicaid funds. He refuses to say. ht…
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Watch Elizabeth Warren grill Trump HHS pick Tom Price over whether he'll cut Medicare and Medicaid https:/…
Fire from Sen. Warren as she hammers HHS nom. Tom Price on stock purchases, tries to get more time to ask more Qs: https:…
Hearings today so pls read (by Anne Armstrong-Coben): From one MD to another: Tom Price's Hippocratic Oath
Dr. Tom Price, an orthopedic surgeon, took the Hippocratic Oath to "Do No Harm." He should practice that in gov't &…
.nominee Tom Price proposed a whopping $449 billion in Medicare cuts & $1 trillion in Medicaid cuts as chair of
raked Tom Price (cand. for US dept. health) over the coals re: glaring conflict of interest. Amazing clip As It Happens
Tom Price has also championed proposals to privatize Medicare & radically restructure Medicaid – weakening our nation’s heal…
Tom Price was questioned on whether healthcare is a right by Bernie Sanders during his confirmation hearing
Tom Price says he didn't know he owned tobacco stocks for nearly 20 years when he voted with tobacco lobby. Sen. Al Franke…
VP-Elect Mike Pence to I'm "confident" allegations that Tom Price sold stock on insider information will prov…
Today, Tom Price denied a bill he voted against would prevent a woman from being fired for taking birth control. Yes, really.
Most-feared Sen. Elizabeth Warren gets Tom Price to admit Medicare and Medicaid cuts may be on table.
Instead of having every senator ask Tom Price questions, Dems should have given all their time to Elizabeth Warren.
Wilbur Ross, Tom Price, Scott Pruitt and Nikki Haley face confirmation hearings in front of Senate committees today. https…
Another day, another 2 rush-job hearings. Double-booked this AM. Will be jumping btwn 2 hearings: Tom Price for HHS & Ni… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Senator Patrick Roberts,Senator Michael Bennet was mild, I would be in Tom Price' face and flippin chairs.
Sen. Bernie Sanders asks if health care is a right. HHS nominee Tom Price dodges question, talks about "access" and "finan…
Just announced: HHS secretary nom Tom Price will go before the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday 1/24. Tomorrow, the HELP Committee
Tom Price's HELP hearing scheduled for tomorrow. But Senate Finance Committee has real power here and their hearing…
More on CNN: Price didn't invest directly, his broker did. Price knew nothing about it. What a joke! https…
Tom Price wasted no time in introducing legislation (and denying others) to benefit companies he has stock in.
No, I worked for Tom Price and I know he has the highest character of anyone in politics. This…
NYT gets it wrong. Tom Price doesn't oppose government intervention, just opposes measures to reduce doctors' income https…
Corruption. Insider trading. Even after taking that oath.
"Price has been kept out of the Trump transition team's efforts to craft an Obamacare replacement plan," per https:…
Tom Price is absolutely not engaged in the management of his portfolio. And even if he was, the…
Gutting Medicare is bad enough, but Tom Price also invested in a med device company days before introducing a bill to d…
.used his committee standing to make himself richer. He’ll do the same as head of HHS.
"Schumer: 'Price may have broken the law in stock transaction'." - Trump 'draining the swamp' into the White House.🤔
This is a simple guide for opposing Tom Price as Health Secretary. Call early and often.
MaddowBlog: Just on the surface, Tom Price’s nomination to become the Secretary of HHS appears problematic
Donald Trump's pick for Health Secretary is in hot water over trades in health care stocks
My *not shocked* face on this has nothing to do with Trump & everything to do with the state of American politics:
Two longtime foes of the nominee for Health Secretary? Big government and insurance companies. htt…
Tom Price nomination: Trump pick accused of insider trading
Nominee Tom Price is the doctor HHS needs - The Hill (blog)
Trump team: Tom Price stock allegations 'demonstrably false'
Trump team defends pick Tom Price over ethics charge Republicans defend people using insider gov. info to profit
“3 ways Tom Price wants to cut Medicare and Medicaid” by ThinkProgress Read this piece. U @ 30s 40s 50s hes goinfor$
A company with business before the FDA pressured workers to give to Tom Price and the GOP
If we can't hold pols like Tom Price (R) and Corey Booker (D) accountable for their relationship w/ BigPharm b/c of our tri…
Democrats absolutely need to stop Tom Price to send a strong signal on Obamacare. This is perfect ammunition.
Tom Price's confirmation hearing is this week, and he made the news yesterday for this.
You are clueless. You will be impeached or in prison before your 4 years are up.
First on CNN: Trump's HHS pick introduced a bill aiding a company soon after his investment https:…
Also. There's been focus on Tom Price/DeVos whose hearings are this week, but Pruitt is the worst of the worst. https:/…
"If he knew about it, it could very well be a violation of the law,".
Tom Price, pick to head HHS, is a bribe-taking, insider-trading criminal.
Trump team defends health pick Tom Price from ethics charge. More here:
There are now 2 stories about Tom Price investing in 2 medical companies in very shady ways:.
This is corruption, plain and simple:
Tom Price is a perfect example of the double standard liberals hold that conservatives are rejecting (to the detriment o…
Tom Price's shady stock trades should disqualify him from the cabinet:
Price purchased shares then introduced legislation that would have directly benefited the company.
Trump promised he'd protect and His nominee for HHS, Tom Price, is gonna cut both:
Trump's HHS pick bought stock in a medical device maker & then introduced a measure that would benefit the company https:/…
Chuck Schumer renews call on ethics office to look into Trump HHS pick Tom Price's stock purchases
Chuck Schumer: Tom Price may have broken the law in stock transaction
BREAKING: Sen. Chuck Schumer says Tom Price may have broken the law with stock purchase
First on CNN: Trump's Cabinet pick invested in company, then introduced bill to help it Conflict of..?
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epublican Congressman Tom Price, Trump’s pick to head the Department of Health and Human Services, is another...
Top Senate Democrat says Trump Health and Human Services pick may have broken law with... by via
Asst: "Rep. Tom Price, the SEC is on line 1". TP: "The President of the South Eastern Conf wants to talk to me?". Asst: "I don't think so.."
Next week, Tom Price will admire Paul Ryan's diorama of a poor person performing her own appendectomy.
Democrats continue ethics attack on Rep. Tom Price, Trump's top health pick ➡️ by https…
Why did Republicans want to scrap Office of Congressional To protect their own: Tom Price
Reporting from a presser with Senate Minority Leader Schumer and Sens. Murray and Wyden on Rep. Tom Price's nom to…
Sens. Schumer, Wyden, Murray deliver press conference on Tom Price, Trump's pick for HHS secretary.
Uh.does the name Tom Price ring a bell? You're so silly little troll.
How do you think that Tom Price will do as Head HHS? . "It is apparent from that interview that Trump may intend... htt…
. Trump's nominee for Health Secretary Tom Price:…
My piece on how Tom Price will roll back decades of progress re ACA, Medicare, Medicaid & women's health http…
Report: President-elect Trump's pick for Health Secretary Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., traded more than $300,000 in shares o…
Tom Price: Don't blame me; always was better to be wealthy and healthy than poor and sick!. 😂. https…
This is why we need an Independent congressman to take Tom Price's place.
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8. Health and Human Services, Tom Price, 62, congressman from GA. Orthopedic surgeon staunchly opposed to Obamacare…
Elizabeth Lee Vliet cheers for naming Tom Price to lead HHS:
Article on how AMA could thwart Tom Price's reforms weirdly ignores that the AMA, y'know, already endorsed him.
GDA endorses US Rep. Tom Price as secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:
Gutsy leadership from National Physicians Alliance on the nomination of Tom Price to be HHS Secretary
Please look up Tom Price's proposed plan for healthcare, especially if you have chronic health issues
Huge irony: Tom Price looks eerily like Tim Gunn
He appointed Tom Price to Health Secretary. This man consistently voted against abortion rights. Wants to get rid of Obama…
Has anyone ever seen Tom Price and Tim Gunn in the same room?
Tom Price at HHS. Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell leading congress. Seniors who voted for Trump, kiss your Medicare covera…
You should be worried about Tom Price, Donald Trump's HHS pick who wants to gut healthcare
.Dr. Tom Price, soon to be secretary at HHS, will be able to help us first repeal ObamaCare & then to craft solut…
Why does Tom Price look like an alternate universe discount Tim Gunn, but without fabulousness or compassion?
DEVELOPING: taps Tom Price as secretary of Dept of Health and Human Services
Donald Trump nominated Tom Price — an extreme reproductive rights opponent — to be Secretary of for your…
Trump's cabinet shaping up with Elaine Chao heading transportation, Tom Price as Health Secretary
Bernie Sanders slams 'hypocrite' Donald Trump over nomination of Tom Price as Health Secretary
Trump's choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, opposes women's reproductive rights and Planned Par…
Another terrible pick:Tom Price. who has planned how to repeal ACA for 6 years IsTrump’s Choice for Health Secretary
Rep. Tom Price scored a zero on the Human Rights Campaign's Congressional Scorecard.
keeping babies alive is the ultimate in human health...Tom Price is the right guy for the job.
Democrats must block Tom Price---this man wants to privatize medicare and social security; he is a right wing, ideologi…
HHS pick Tom Price is totally anti-abortion & from GA. Meaning, not good enough for the bonkers Georgia Right to Life. Cr…
Tom Price weirdly looks like a mean anti *** version of Tim Gunn.
Tom Price as HHS Secy will halt the ACA in its tracks. See powers of that position under ACA.
No Jesus would care for the elder and poor. Tom Price is a rich *** receiving healthcare for free!
For someone tapped to be the top health care officer, Tom Price doesn't seem to want HC to be safe or convenient for women.
Back in July, we talked to Trump picks Tom Price and Elaine Chao at at the Republican National Convention
Trump's HHS secy Tom Price is in sphere: & pro-amnesty:
By picking Tom Price to lead HHS, Trump shows he’s absolutely serious about dis… see more https:/…
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My curtain-raiser on Tom Price and everything *not* related to Obamacare:
Plan by Tom Price, Trump's pick to head HHS, to replace Obamacare. Millennials, regardless of income, have tax credits c…
Trump just picked Tom Price as Sec. of HHS. Who is Tom Price? What does he mean to our communities?
I'll take wildly baseless comments for $100, Alex.
Tom Price has drafted House repeal bills
Trump to nominate Georgia Rep. Tom Price as Health Secretary -
Sat next to Trump's HHS pick Tom Price on a flight a few years ago. Seemed decent enough til he said he wasn't sure of Obama's…
Donald Trump wants to destroy access to healthcare for 20 million people, and he wants Tom Price to make sure it gets…
Enjoy being taxed on your health benefits via your job. That is part of Tom Price's plan.
Tom Nook: I made this item a good price . Inner Tom Nook: increase the price
Tom Price, Trump's HHS pick, has an Obamacare replacement plan well to the right of Paul Ryan's. Populism!
BREAKING: Trump's new Cabinet pick wants to destroy When will the bad news stop? ht…
President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), an orthopedic surgeon who has been one of Capitol...
Trump won't put one flag-burner in jail. But he's taking health care away from millions.
What changes to the nation's health programs would Tom Price propose? offers insight.
Trump's HHS pick backed "personhood" bills that could have banned all abortion and threatened legal birth control https…
picks anti-Obamacare to head Health and Human Services via
Trump has just appointed the man who will rip up Obamacare
Rep. Tom Price is a strong friend and ally. He will lead in the fight to repeal
Good read from How Trump's Health Secretary pick would replace Obamacare .
Trump’s Choice of Tom Price as HHS Secretary Couldn’t Be Worse for LGBT people or Women TRUMP IS AN ABOMINATION!
Without ACA, women making minimum wage work a full day to afford 1 month of birth control pills. Keep that in mind when re…
"Why Tom Price is a scary choice for Trump's HHS Secretary"
California experts react to HHS Secretary pick:
Dr. Tom Price will put families back in charge of their health care instead of the federal government.
Rep. Tom Price (R), challenged a reporter to "bring me one woman" who hasn't been able to afford birth control. He's Trump's pi…
What you need to know about strong Obamacare critic Tom Price, Donald Trump's pick for Health Secretary
Tom Price doesn't think Medicare should exist. Donald Trump wants to put him in charge of it.
DWF Editor Doug McVay has this to say about the likely nomination by President-Elect Trump of Rep. Tom Price...
Trump chooses Elaine L. Chao to be transportation secretary, Rep. Tom Price for Health and…
Tom Price, Trump's pick for Health Secretary, is a troubling sign for reproductive rights via
1/2 Joe announced he will oppose nominee Rep Tom Price, who has been a leader in push to privatize https…
How Trump's Health Secretary pick would replace Obamacare
Anti-choice Tom Price is the wrong choice for women everywhere. Get to know Trump's HHS pick via
Millions of working-class Trump voters are about to discover what they did to themselves
Why does anyone think that Ben Carson would have been viewed by liberals as better than Tom Price?
Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly says he'll oppose Tom Price as HHS Secretary, cites Price's push to privatize Medicare: https:/…
Meet Tom Price, the man who could reshape Obamacare under President Trump
so Tom Price kinda looks like Tim Gunn
Was scrolling really fast and thought it was a pic Tim Gunn and not Tom Price. Was really excited for that cabinet pick ever so briefly
When transgender people are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back. Call Sen. Rob Portman and tell him to NOT confirm Tom Price.
Rep. Tom Price kind of looks like Tim Gunn, no?
I saw this picture and was excited for a moment cause I thought Tom Price was a pseudonym for Tim Gunn
Tom Price is who you pick for HHS if you really want to dismantle Obamacare, as explains in detail:
Tom Price is the HHS Secretary you pick if you are dead serious about repealing Obamacare. .
Breaking News: The annual meeting of the Flat Earth Society will be held in the west wing of the White House on Jan. 21st, 2017. - Tom Price
Donald Trump names Tom Price, an outspoken critic of the Affordable Care Act, as Health Secretary.
Tom Price got some experience 4 Health & Human Services Sec by writing all Repeal Obamacare bills! Bud=Paul Ryan!
Some more on Tom Price's record in relation to the LGBTQ community
Trump has selected Rep. Tom Price, a fierce critic of Obamacare, to be secretary of health and Human Services, source tells Wa…
Trump picks Tom Price to lead health and Human Services department, source says
Tom Price will be our next Sec Health and Human Services Voted NO on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. https:/…
Now that Trump picked Tom Price as health and Human Services secretary guess those old fashioned pro-smoking ads will be ba…
Tom Price, an Obamacare Critic, is going to be Sec. Of Health and Human Services. Obamacare's in trouble.
BREAKING: has chosen Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) as Sec of Health and Human Services
Unlike most Obamacare critics, Tom Price - Trump's Health Secretary pick - has long offered plan to replace it.
Health and Human Services pick Tom Price has been a leading critic of President Obama's health care overhaul.
Reports: Rep. Tom Price is Trump's pick for Health and Human Services Dept.
Tom Price is said to be Donald Trump's pick for Health Secretary. He has been a vocal critic of Obamacare.
Trump's pick to lead HHS, Tom Price, like the outgoing Republican Congressman in supports Paul Ryan's radical agenda.
BREAKING: Donald Trump will nominate Rep. Tom Price to lead the Department of Health and Human Services
The Call (1966 ESP) by Henry Grimes, Perry Robinson, & Tom Price is one of my favorite album of all time.
FINGERS Mitchell Cullen has a show on 2016-05-06 at 12:00 @ The Rio Tinto... in Tom Price, WA
Whilst you're in the reading mood, can you intervene in this please :)
Oh mate I'm doing this tonight IT IS GOING TO BE AMAZING. . for all the wrong reasons.
We have some app users in the town of Tom Price, Western Australia, around 1400km north of Perth.
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