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Tom Petty

Tomas Earl Tom Petty (born October 20, 1950) is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

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In memory of those we lost in 2017. - Tom Petty. - Chuck Berry. - John Denver. - Elroy Jetson. - That one panda
So long 2017 and so many good people. A few: Tom Petty, David Cassidy, Roger ‘007’ Moore, Judge Joseph Wapner, Je…
A final farewell to the legends we lost in 2017:. Tom Petty. The United States. Jerry Lewis. Mary Tyler Moore. Chris Cornell
Tom Petty has died. The distinctive singer and songwriter sold more than 50 million albums and won three Grammys.
Notables we lost in 2017 included Tom Petty, Glen Campbell, Jerry Lewis, Chuck Berry, Mary Tyler Moore and more.
Mary Tyler Moore, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lewis, Tom Petty are among celebrities who died in 2017
This montage of music from musicians we lost in 2017 is quite something. Fats, Chuck Berry, Tom Petty, Gregg…
Norah Jones and Van Morrison have been this evenings set, with a splash of Tom Petty and a respectful sprinkle of J…
Tom Petty, Jerry Lewis and Charles Manson are among the notable figures who passed away in 2017. Here is a look back at the c…
1. Melissa Etheridge. 2. Roy Orbison. 3. k.d. lang or Tom Petty or Elvis or Elton John or omg how can we just pick 3
Am grateful that you lived and worked: teachers who passed on in ‘17. Tom Petty. Gregg Allman. Butch Trucks. Malcolm Youn…
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers "I Won't Back Down." Sitting in with the amazing Kirk Adams Band at the Coconuts...
Bryan Adams and Billy Idol lead tributes to late rocker Tom Petty
Come back Woody Guthrie, bring back Hank Williams Sr., crank up Hank jr, hear out Alabama, sing John Cougar, remember Tom Petty
From Mary Tyler Moore to Tom Petty: Remembering the celebrities we lost in 2017.
Celebrities who died in 2017: Tom Petty, Mary Tyler Moore, Chris Cornell, more via
Some of the musicians who died in 2017:. Glen Campbell . Walter Becker . Troy gentry. Tom Petty . Gord downie. Malcolm young . David…
How about a Bus Mahal with and . Maybe some Tom Petty or Glen Campbell...
Are you going to make a special issue on David Cassidy like you did for Glen Campbell & Tom Petty?
These are the top searches in in 2017 . Hurricane Irma. Matt Lauer. Tom Petty. Super Bowl. Las Vegas shootin…
was never the biggest Tom Petty fan but somehow ended up seeing his last concert at the Hollywood bowl and now he’s…
As well as Tom Petty, Gregg Allman. Maybe throw in Hugh Hefner & Don Rickles who were secretly ange…
Tom Petty is not dead. He was seen a few days ago at the picnic table on the side of 7-Eleven in Nap…
Might be a decent day at work, Led Zeppelin when I clocked in, John Lennon, and now Tom Petty.
What songs do you play while you are working through your process? My playlist includes Tom Petty, the Po…
The Beatles are terrible. Bob Dylan, Neil Young, David Bowie, Tom Petty are the greatest arti…
Tom Petty, Chuck Berry and Glen Campbell will be honored as part of The Year In Memoriam 2017. The new television p…
refugee by Tom Petty great intro and moody or get lucky by daft punk
Liam has a pleasant sound blend of John Lennon but with the rawness of Tom Petty; enjoyed the album As You Were (De…
I LOVE Tom Petty and “American Girl” is one of my favorites. Catching this Voice performance of it, and while it’s…
From Mary Tyler Moore to Tom Petty, and Erin Moran - a look at who we have lost so far.
The epitome of cool...still so sad that aspects of my youth are fastly disappearing. David Bowie, Tom Petty,…
American Aquarium covers Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' "Listen to Her Heart" at the Knitting Factory in Bro
Happy birthday Miley Cyrus! From Tom Petty to Dolly Parton, here are 8 great covers that reveal her range
Watched videos with George Michael, David Bowie and Tom Petty on tonight. We lost a lotta legends in the last year and a bit...
"There are vampires down on Duval Street," sings in a rendition of Tom Petty's 'Free Fallin'" at…
Here’s the Tom Petty in-stadium video that the Gators account deleted a little while ago.
It's ok to get really emotional when you hear Tom Petty's voice right? Right???
Later today the Gators have a chance to win their first football game since Tom Petty died. UAB who dropped its pro…
Bet you didn't know that Tom Petty took guitar lessons from Don Felder of The Eagles. New tee shirt is available to…
If you're not getting older you're dead. Tom Petty. (To
Why is Prince, Chris Cornell, and Tom Petty dead and Ted Nugent still alive?
A wonderful morning program started with SAA Paul Porter doing a tribute to Tom Petty and then, with his back up...
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers with Stevie Nicks at the Brendan Byrne Arena on 07/30/81.
from left to right: Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, George Harrison, Roy Orbison
Jeff Lynne cowrote this song with Tom Petty who recently passed away and Heartbreaker guitarist Mike Campbell. https:…
Have you seen this rarity?? Tom Petty and Garry Shandling! Fascinating to watch these two legends. Thank you Tom an…
In keeping with our dedication to keep Tom Petty's legacy alive... here's one from Infinity Hall this past...
"Red River" by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers is on the radio.
I found a pretty sweet sit-down interview with Tom Petty and Garry Shandling from back in the day --…
For everyone asking me how Tom Petty is doing... he was met at the pearly gates by Garry Shandling, & they started righ…
I’m hoping for a Bertha, Fools Gold, Back on Dumaine, Summertime in Nola, and a Tom Petty cover in Atlanta
From inside out dresses to Tom Petty covers in one wonderful night [ 727 more words ]...
Tom Petty sent cease & desists to the presidential campaigns of:. Donald Trump. George W. Bush. Michelle Bachman . for p…
Go read my full review of Tom Petty's last performance in Austin, Tx that I was fortunate to be a part of.
If you feel empty about the Vegas massacre and the loss of Tom Petty then you need to read this.
My track is to open the Bob Lawrence Album Show on Caroline at 5 and pleased to be followed by legend Tom Petty
Tom Petty, Johnny Thunders, Nadia Reid, Bootsy Collins & Husker Dü also in the new MOJO, on sale in the UK tomorrow https…
Watch Bob Dylan pay tribute to Tom Petty with a cover of "Learning to Fly" at Dylan's Colorado concert Saturday
I held out hope for a King of the Hill reboot for years. With Brittany Murphy and Tom Petty gone I k…
That depends on who's making them. Like the late great Tom Petty once sang, "It's good to be King."
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Bradenton-native Matt Burke on his favorite Tom Petty songs ahead of his band Have Gun, Will Travel's performance...
Hey Country! If you love Tom Petty, Wait till you see Teddy Petty!
.has a little Tom Petty, a little Tanya Tucker, and a little Foo Fighters in her sound.
Vladimir Putin composing a tune with Tom Petty in a Nordic pop style, produced by RZA
Tom Petty in his home studio with Gary Shandling taking about tube amps and Neve consoles. Cool.
The Killers tribute to Tom Petty a cover of American Girl at Austin City Limits
Tom Petty--"American Girl". She couldn't help thinkin'. That there was a little more to life somewhere else...
The Strokes admitted to taking the Last Night riff from Tom Petty's American Girl.
Can we please name this part of Ventura Blvd after Tom Petty
Jason Aldean has released his cover of Tom Petty's 'I Won't Back Down,' which he performed Oct. 7 on SNL
She did it Friday night too at Fallsview Casino which was Tom Petty's birthday!
Listen: celebrate 15 years by covering songs from Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Tom Petty & more
Listening to Tom Petty sing Free Fallin' and watching my first fall sunset at Sunset Park in Fish Creek. Too good.
Tom Petty is getting honored with Halloween tribute concert and charity masquerade ball - The Orange County Register
GOP, get Walsh his tax cut or you'll be haunted by 3 ghosts: a landscaper from 1989, a baby Tom Petty had with Elton J…
Fans honor Tom Petty by walking as vampires in LA | Daily Mail...this is cute & so sweet! I'm still so sad...😢💔
On eve of Richard Spencer speech at UF, just to note - current Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell is a first cousin of Tom Petty
..Whoo! Mitchell looks like Dylan McDermott! Dennis can be like Tom Petty
Listening to Tom Petty's Free Fallin . I now realized it was a wonderful relaxing song . .
:: looking forward to playing a few Tom Petty tunes this Wednesday @ revroomlr ::. -.
Hey gir. you must be Tom Petty because you have nice blonde hair and seem like you would be fun to have a bee with.
The death of continues to reverberate through the music industry
9. Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty): . - I’m sorry but this is better than the original.
Steady as a Tom Petty track, I wanna love you like that.
Is Gainesville a bad place for a Nazi rally? Don't know anything about Gainesville, apar…
"Music is probably the only real magic I have encountered in my life. There's not some trick involved with it. It's…
A Tom Petty song came on the radio today.I had a moment of being glad but then sad knowing I’ll never get to see him live…
.on debut solo LP and missing Tom Petty: "I definitely haven't felt any loss like this since my dad." https:/…
Today is the 25th anniversary of the 30th Anniversary Dylan tribute- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: License to Kill: htt…
Tom Petty Laid to Rest in a Private Service Held at Lakeside Shrine and Meditation Garden via
domain names
I hate him even more. When Tom Petty died, I screamed at God as if there is one & said why take him…
Rest In Peace to Tom Petty. Thank you for all you have done for music and the World. We will never forget you. 1950-2017.
.on a potential The Byrds reunion: 'I would do it in a second.' Chris Hillman offers his thoughts: https…
Me every time I’ve been in the car since Tom Petty died...
Stoked to sing w my boys come tomorrow night for the Tom Petty Tribute benefitting at…
Tom Petty's close friends and family say final goodbyes as rocker is laid to rest in private……
My friend Mike McHenry, and his incredible band, at tonight's amfm_inc Tom Petty Tribute show.
Tom Petty's Memorial Service being Closed To The Public was an to and
Tom Petty's family and friends came together today for a touching private service to honor the late, great rocker.
Man who says "we should cover Tom Petty but get rid of the southern stoner swing parts?"
Imagine Dragons is now paying tribute to Tom Petty with a coffeehouse jazz version of I Won't Back Down. . WHY IS MY LATTE TAKING SO LONG?
Here is a great Tom Petty cover for all you fans out there.
Thank you, for this great conversation.
Oh man, that blows! Him, Roy Dotrice, Sean Hughes, Tom Petty. Entertainment took a huge hit the last couple of weeks!
I liked a video Tom Petty with Tom Snyder 1981 part 3 of 3 - performing "A Woman In Love"
Patty Griffin, performing “Refugee” by Tom Petty live at The Moore Theatre tonig…
Chillin with dog by the pool with some Tom Petty and Don Henley
I added a video to a playlist Tom Petty with Tom Snyder 1981 part 1 of 3 - performing "Old Kings
Stevie Nicks looks back on her final gig with Tom Petty and the wise advice he gave her over the years
Today America lost one of its musical giants. Thank you Tom Petty for all the music. To me you will live forever.
Robert Plant on Tom Petty's death: "It was premature, by far."
I watched Chris Stapleton cover Tom Petty tonight and it was amazing.
John Fogerty honors Tom Petty with his rendition of "I Won't Back Down"
Tom Petty the video star: Mr. Petty died earlier this month. His NYT obit:
I don't know why - but that's fascinating. & I knew late 80's, 90's Tom Petty music so I didn't know much about his start
I LOVE THIS VIDEO.Thank you for sharing.There is nothing in the world like Tom Petty & Georg…
Please join us Sat as we pay tribute to the life and music of Tom Petty at Spot 1 in Brampton.
L.A. Americana acts to salute Tom Petty at Oct. 17 MusiCares benefit
Tom Petty-Free Fallin' with Guns N' Roses live at the 1989 VMA's
I favorited on Spotify "You Got Lucky" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
my taxi driver: "i went to see tom petty in san francisco and a week later he DIED!". me: "i went to see halsey in nyc bu…
Listening to Yer So Bad by Tom Petty, on my Echo!
Americana acts to salute at Oct. 17 MusiCares benefit
I wont back down - John Fogerty Tribute to Tom Petty and Victims of Las ... via
That definite article in Bob Dylan's tribute to Tom Petty - "full of the light" - was bugging me. I Googled it: see…
Amazing night at El Rio tonight. Masses of Tom Petty and Steely Dan (because we lost Walter Becker, and tribute...
I’m super sensitive today. I cried listening to Tom Petty and I cried thinking about Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher being so close.
Straight From the Crate is back tonight, this one goes out to Tom Petty and Walter Becker. Tune in tonight from...
Philly locals team up for a tribute concert to at on 10/29, with headlining:
Hugh Hefner, Tom Petty, and Ralpie May walk into a country bar in Heaven.
Tom Petty is dead and the *** 3 houses down thinks it's funny to spray cats w/a hose. What I'm saying, sorry if I get…
Watch as an entire stadium honors Tom Petty by singing "I Won't Back Down."
Tom Petty may have lived in California, but he was originally a Florida boy.
One of My favorite artist of all time passed away today. Rest In Peace Tom Petty. You're a legend, and make me feel beautif…
We are headlining this Tom Petty tribute Oct 29 in Philly, proceeds benefit Puerto Rico relief:
Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age Honor Tom Petty, Vegas Victims at Cal Jam -
By all accounts, Tom Petty was a lovely bloke. He doesn’t deserve this.
Lol. Stick to the tom petty coverage.
James Corden joins Coldplay to pay tribute to Tom Petty with 'Free Fallin' cover
John Popper, Tipper Gore, Jack Diamond, Jack Worthington and Tom Petty the night Al Gore conceded the 2000 election…
Shout out some Tom Petty songs for us to cover at the show on the 30th!!
John Mayer’s Free Falling is better than Tom Petty’s
Tom Petty's Last Rolling Stone Interview: His only sit-down interview on his final tour
New high qual footage of an older performance from 2012's Petty Fest
Need a tom petty memorial day nationwide so we can gather in a few cities around the country, listen, pay respects together.
Can you? Can you tell me if you're rocking out with Tom Petty right…
Since starting the Tom Petty documentary my new fave Petty song is "Listen to Her Heart"
Oh, Tom Petty was a Heartbreaker alright. I stand with your family, friends & fans in loving you & the music you... ht…
Just a fact of life... Learn to LET GO and be Free!. As Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks sang, "Stop…
Ah a joy of being a fool - as Tom Petty says, "...even the losers, get lucky sometimes..."
I know you cover Mainstream Rock on your chart show, but I checked the Hot Rock chart. 12 of the top 21 are Tom Petty songs.
Our cover has been added to '12 Great Covers!
- Recording artists' debt to Tom Petty
Fantastic tribute inFlorida today. Tens of thousands sing Tom Petty tribute in his hometown
ANNOUNCING! Presents: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' *** the Torpedoes" Fri. 11/24 - http…
Tom Petty dying the same day as a mass shooting MIGHT have made this tribute a poor choice, in terms of the song ti…
Hey NYC! Calling all Heartbroken Tom Petty fans! TONIGHT's The NIGHT to share in a mass…
RIP Tom Petty for you will live forever in our hearts thru your music you will be missed forever
25 Tom Petty tribute covers that might make you cry
What is the best Tom Petty album, and why is it *** the Torpedoes?.
Jason Aldean, who was performing as the Vegas shooting began, opened 'SNL' with Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down."
Cubs wild rollicking battle with nationals- perfect Chicago day- listening to Tom Petty in Murphys roof - perfect night
JOHN WALLACE: Tom Petty was one who never backed down via
People come and go, but music always lives on. Tom Petty's last gig, last song 💔.
Been watching old live performances of MJ, Prince, and Tom Petty. Why do I do this to myself 😭
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
VIDEO: Football fans belt out 'new fight song' in honor of Tom Petty and it's a giant middle finger to the NFL
Tom Petty is gracing a building that was his musical home for many years.
We really lost Tom Petty and Walter Becker within the stretch of a single month.
Still can't believe Tom Petty died man ***
Tom Petty once worked as a groundskeeper at Florida before making it big in the music industry, the school said.
Florida Gators honor Tom Petty. I got chills listening. Take that .
Florida Gators fans sing Tom Petty's I won't back down (after booing LSU band into silence )
Pink Floyd, Green Day, U2, and Tom Petty (rip). I never saw the appeal in any of them.
Amazing stuff from the Florida Gators crowd, honoring Tom Petty with “I won’t back down” .
Florida Gators fans honor the late great Gainesville native Tom Petty by singing along with “I Won’t Back Down”.
remembering the epic Tom Petty concert in 1987 when I showed you and your bro how to party.
SNL opened by Jason Aldean with Tom Petty cover in a tribute to Vegas victims
"Saturday Night Live" pays tribute to Las Vegas shooting victims with Tom Petty song
Evan you like Tom Petty, listen to a tune he recorded with his first band Mudcrutch. “I Forgive It All”. Beautiful.
John Fogerty: And in the words of our dear friend Tom Petty, "WE WON’T BACK DOWN"
John Fogerty honors Tom Petty at his October 4th, 2017 show at The Encore Theatre at Wynn Las Vegas. This was...
Tonight was a blast. Thank you for playing songs from Reinventing Axl Rose and covering a Tom Petty song. Travel safe
In the middle of a Tom Petty binge when then the “cold open” for SNL came on. All I could think was that I (we?) ne…
Want to know why liberals are seen as weak? Look at all praise for gun-supporting Jason Aldean for simply doing SNL and singing Tom Petty. 🙄
SNL Cold Open is Jason Aldean playing “I won’t back down” as a tribute to Tom Petty and to avoid having to do Harvey Wein…
Jason Aldean opens SNL with Tom Petty's Won't Back Down. This is why music matters. This is why music heals.
Watch and Jason Aldean’s emotional, musical tribute to both Las Vegas and Tom Petty
While nobody quite compares to Tom Petty, these are our favorite covers from John Mayer, Christina Perri, and more:
Tom Petty's hometown of Gainesville honored him in the coolest way possible.
SNL opens with Jason Aldean calling for Americans to unite in the wake of Vegas, playing Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down".…
Just wanna say, the person who got me into Tom Petty was as a 15 year old. Can't believe he's gone.
We're in awe of Tom Petty cover on Enjoy more of his faves, selected exclusively for TIDAL:
The irony of an SNL open with Won't Back Down and Sam Smith as musical guest.
Florida Fans singing Tom Petty is the best thing you’ll see today (
Jason Aldean opens SNL with tribute to Las Vegas victims, Tom Petty
Classy tribute by Jason Aldean on SNL to Las Vegas victims AND Tom Petty with "I Won't Back Down." Chills.
Such a sweet IG post by Tom Petty's daughter AnnaKim..."My dad always gave me rad seats and wanted to see me before the show."…
as always, is extremely classy in face of tragedy. Jason Aldean playing “Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty in honor o…
Jason Aldean opens SNL with brief monologue on Las Vegas, launches into cover of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.”
Wow. opens with Jason Aldean singing a Tom Petty song in honor of the Las Vegas victims. Chills.
Florida sends off Tom Petty the right way
Holy cow, just opened SNL with remarks on the Vegas massacre and now he's singing Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down"…
Thank you SNL for giving a stage tonight. Tom Petty's Won't Back Down is a beautiful message in these…
Did Sam Smith thank Tom Petty for his career at the end of his song? No? Didn’t think so. Go screw.
Weird coincidence that an episode of that opened with a Tom Petty cover features a singer who plagiarized Tom Petty
Jason Aldean just covered Tom Petty exactly like I imagined Danny McBride would.
Hope Gianni got his smores Walk Off The Earth 😊 Thx for the Tom Petty tribute ...
A rocker like Tom Petty don't need a moment of silence, great ttibute.
Got to experience really cool Tom Petty tribute at today's FL Gator game for 1 of their native sons. 90k singing "I won't back down" 2 video
Tom Petty, Grant Hart, and we still miss Prince and Bowie. Why We Mourn the Loss of Celebrities:.
What a lovely tribute to Tom Petty by Marty Stuart on Jools Holland.
A little Tom Petty tribute at the Grand Ole Opry. The energy and acoustics here are pretty…
I pray that 59 beautiful souls who started off at a Jason Aldean show, woke up to the most amazing Tom Petty concert
Aaron Lee Tasjan covering Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” from last night’s show at...
A Tom Petty song inspired (and titled) my best story: "Even the Losers," Avengers the Initiative Johnny Guitar. Than…
Randy Newman - Jackson Browne - Tom Petty - John Fogerty Now that's a line up.
"I hope the 59 souls that died just wanting to see Jason Alden play wake up to a Tom Petty concert" that hits hard
Avett Brothers open with some Tom Petty at the Stir Cove
At last concert in Gville, Tom Petty got ready to play 3rd song and said, "if you want to sing along, sing along." Twas "I Won't Back Down."
That's so untrue. EVERYONE at UF knows Tom Petty.
I saw Amos Lee and Tom Petty in the same week and it was Heaven to me!
A touching tribute by Amos Lee (who takes to our stage on Oct. 25th) to Tom Petty. "I was at once grounded and...
I hope the 58 people who lost their lives at the Jason Aldean show woke up in Heaven to the most badass Tom Petty concert…
What a beautiful tribute to Tom Petty, Wildflowers by Amos Lee.
So UF will honor Tom Petty by playing I won't Back Down after We Are the Boys. Singing is allowed in the press box, right?
I would trade every single Kardashian for Tom Petty
Join me on Sunday October 22 as an all-star cast of New Orleans talent pays tribute to Tom Petty and the...
Rebels with a romantic streak lose Tom Petty, dead at 66
We lost one of the greatest this week. My heart goes out to his friends and family. Rest In Peace, Tom Petty. You will…
my homenage for tom petty by KLEBER via
Tom Petty Just last week u were in Hollywood jamming with your fellow heartbreakers
Don't miss this Popcast tribute to Tom Petty by & .
the music of Tom Petty making & very happy men at Pettyfest West 2012
Tom Petty's recorded legacy spans nearly 50 years. Hear our crowd-sourced playlist of his very best tracks.
"Rock n Roll is pretty universal." Tom Petty speaking to Bob Harris at The Whisky, Los Angeles in 1977
"Free Falling" - Tom Petty (Cover by Steph La Rochelle) beautiful arrangement of a great song.👌🏼🎶💕
Sometimes I’ll be happy and then I remember that Tom Petty died a couple days ago and then I go into a deep existential depression
For all you fans of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers...
I Won't Back Down: Beautiful Tom Petty Tribute by and his country soul ensemble.
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers formed in 1975. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers formed in 1976. Always confusion there. Which Heartbreakers
His name was Tom Petty, his art was grand, writes
"Do something you really like and hopefully it pays the rent. As far as I'm concerned, that's success." - Tom Petty
.pays tribute to Tom Petty with a performance of "Wildflowers."
Interview with Tom Petty on . Eerie to listen to but enlightening as well.
L.A. Coroner: An autopsy was conducted Tuesday, further examination needed to determine Petty's exact cause of death
Just saw this thing "I hope the 59 people went to bed at Jason Aldean and woke up to a beautiful Tom Petty concert." C…
Tom Petty was one of the few musicians who never sold out--his music never featured on an orange juice commercial o…
Wait are you sure? I thought we were all supposed to be petty malignant narcissists in his* image now?!. *D…
In 1985, Tom Petty the rock star became Tom Petty the music video star
Pop titan also said that the late icon's songwriting was influential to her craft
Tom Petty was a friend to the LGBT community for a long time-
hope tom petty wouldn't mind that i know about his genius mainly through Stevie Nicks. RIP man
TONIGHT Come enjoy some Tom Petty songs done by your favorite local artist. We all are honored!…
The time Tom Petty stepped up to apologize and condemn the Confederate flag and private prisons
In light of Tom Petty's untimely passing, I wanted to share the difference between cardiac arrest and a heart attack. Watch: http…
Hamilton Collection
18 Tom Petty covers by artists we love
🎶You think you’re gonna take her away…with your money & your cocaine 🎶. That’s actually not a bad plan, Tom Petty. You should be concerned.
CBS News this week: Praised gunman for shooting Republicans, falsely claimed Tom Petty was dead, and now blaming fictiona…
nprmusic "His was the first truly dangerous rock 'n' roll voice I heard." – annkpowers on Tom Petty …
Mad to think that only 10 or so days ago I was driving past the Hollywood bowl and it said " Tom petty and the heartbrea…
"I got Tom Petty playin' in my Silverado, and I iced down a 6-pack" 🎶🍺
Last night in Las Vegas, John performed "I Won't Back Down" Tom Petty's great song. Amazing how music can help one carry…
S/O for playing Tom Petty for me this am during my session ... 💪🏽👊🏽
Taylor on Tom Petty's passing - "Tom represented a kind of songwriting I idolized: complex and simplicity." [
it's seriously crazy how many bangers Tom Petty had
This is how they keep a nation divided.
Tonight played Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down" amongst friends at our beloved And we all sang along.…
My new 2008 Superbowl/Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Guitar Pick. I love it. .
Does this dog look like a young Tom Petty or does this dog look like a young Tom Petty
If you like Tom Petty & you're missing him right now, I can't recommend this episode enough. Three guys who lo…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"I thought, ‘Television city? Man, that’s where I need to be.’" Tom Petty had Cali dreams from an early age. His LA…
Tom Petty was the Jeffrey Lebowski of rock. His ghost sang to me tonight in an hour of darkness. Stay safe, stoner country rock ghost.
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers interviewed by Molly Meldrum on Countdown
We were at tonight at and they paid tribute to Las Vegas as well as Tom Petty during their show.
"To paraphrase the late, great Tom Petty: We won’t back down, we will stand our ground" -
Join 12 people right now at "Tom Petty's Cause of Death: Los Angeles County Coroner Undergoing Investigation |……
Pastor Greg Laurie on the death of Tom Petty
Now I can't stop listening to Miley Cyrus covering Wildflowers in tribute to Tom Petty.
Tom Petty, Profit with a conscious model discussions on Tavis Smiley. Absofkinlutely!
Younger Now by Miley Cyrus is on iTunes (without Tom Petty- RIP) buy it HERE-
Want a good Tom Petty tribute? Find the version of "Wildflowers" Miley Cyrus just didnon Howard Stern. Really good
Here is Tom Petty & Prince performing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," a tune that currently fits our mood right now. htt…
Watch REM's Peter Buck join to cover 'Free Fallin'' in tribute to Tom Petty
Bruce Springsteen mourns death of Tom Petty, his 'long lost brother'
Bruce Springsteen 'heartbroken' over death of 'long lost brother' Tom Petty
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Bruce Springsteen mourns death of Tom Petty, his "long lost brother"
Bruce Springsteen opens on Broadway, dedicates show to Tom Petty !
A busy Wed I'm talking X-Files Bruce Springsteen a Playboy movie and a couple of good Tom Petty stories to tell See ya…
Tavis Smiley interview with Tom Petty. The music and the man sorely missed.
Never been a big Tom Petty fan (liked, never loved) but hearing his interview on Tavis Smiley makes me realize his genius.
Rock icon and Tom Petty will be missed for his music and performances, his kindness, & his love of dogs ❤️
Mike Scully remembers Tom Petty's guest spot in fantasy camp episode: 'He did not disappoint —in any way' https…
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