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Tom Perez

Thomas Edward Perez (born October 7, 1961) is the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice.

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Nancy Pelosi on makes it clear Dems welcome pro-life and pro-choice Dems. Tom Perez did not this week. Nebr…
Chris Hayes pushes Tom Perez to join Bernie in saying "the ruling class & billionaire class" are to blame for our probl…
The DNC's unity tour, headlined by Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez, is off to a bumpy start
DNC chair Tom Perez bashes US Rep Carlos Curbelo for his PAC giving to opponents of DACA. Background:
DNC chair Tom Perez calls out Carlos Curbelo in Miami: During his speech to introduce Bernie Sanders
Tom Perez gets bullied by his son’s friends when they hang out at his house. They pour Dr. Pepper on his laptop and call…
Great questioning by Joy Reid tonight to Tom Perez. His answers sounded…
Watching Joy Reid interview Tom Perez on Maddow. Hope they have the six second delay activated.
I really hate to say this, but after watching Tom Perez with Joy Reid (in for Rachel), I am not impressed.
Joy Reid interviewing Tom Perez right now. She's trying to ask him if Bernie will turn over his lists or actually become a Dem, and she's...
From a drunk Tom Perez to a cool Kevin McCarthy: Confess and be hanged. - The Wild Ophitaurus
Can't tell if Bernie Sanders is helping Tom Perez and DNC's Credibility or if Tom Perez and DNC are hurting Bernie San…
Tom Perez on March 21 vs. Tom Perez this week
Ur being ridiculous Sean. Holder may now work for CA & Tom Perez is now head of the DNC but…
Dishonest argument from a dishonest man. Tom Perez is exhibit 1B for Obamas politicization of the DOJ.
I also remember Tom Perez worked w Eric Holder to drop charges on outrageou…
Tom Perez needs to cut the Che Guevara act fast.
Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez is partly right; Trump didn't win the election, Hillary lost it. . Bigly.
Tune in now as Washington Post Chief Correspondent Dan Balz guest-hosts the Daily 202 Live with DNC chair Tom Perez.
Progressives slam Tom Perez's new DNC transition team via
If this vote tally of the DNC is correct lobbyists (Giske, Mason, Burgos, Ramirez, Cardona, etc) voted for Tom Perez
Tom Perez elected to lead Democratic National Committee in a blow to liberal wing; he is the party’s first Latino.
Actually, Tom Perez just became DNC chair instead of a true progreesive like Sally Boyton Brown or Keith Ellison
Anyone else notice that the Dems has Dirty Donna introduce Tom Perez this weekend? // They REALLY think we don't remember w…
Tom Perez, DNC chairman, promises to mend fractured Democratic Party. He can start by teaching liberal teachers not to hit GOP students.
Keith Ellison is taking Tom Perez as his guest to President Trump's address to Congress
Can the Democrats unite behind DNC chair Tom Perez?: Brad and Dallas Woodhouse debate on 'Fox &…
A reminder that the "corporate lobbyists are mostly good Democrats" guy gave Tom Perez the votes to go over the top . https:…
That the new DNC Chair - Tom Perez - said he would watch Fox News instead . in his favorite…
The superdelegates appointed establishment favorite Tom Perez to lead the through 2020. Where do go fro…
Democrats in 2020: "North Korean and Iranian intelligence agencies hacked DNC servers showing Tom Perez worked for JP…
One of the major reasons I respect Tom Perez is his sincere commitment to inclusion and disability rights advocacy
Tom Perez is being nominated for DNC chair by a corporate lobbyist
Pfft, Tom Perez has crapped bigger than you
Tom Perez's "progressive" politics: oppose universal goods, cheer on means-testing, and whine about taxes
Tom Perez: not gun shy in calling a fraud while same time identifying opportunity in GOP backsliding fr…
President Trump will have a "field day" exposing Tom Perez' horrible dictatorial fascist "antibusiness policies" to the Am…
Tom Perez as DNC Chair: A slick move for the Democrats
For the DNC, is Tom Perez another Lip service *** Time will tell. We need somebody that's really for the People, & not the Money. Pray.
Senate Minority Leader Schumer and House Minority Leader Pelosi are the Democratic Party leaders NOT Tom Perez. Sometimes less is more.
I, and Chapo, will support Tom Perez if he tells Alan Dershowitz to kill himself
people who'd vote for Tom Perez are the physical embodiment of when Hillary thought 15$ was too much and asked "how about 12.50…
My definition of "progressive" is definitely not Tom Perez and/or Hillary Clinton, so to be honest, I don't understand.
Here's a taste of how conservatives saw Tom Perez when he was a potential Clinton VP pick.
Hey Democrats, don't forget as Labor Secretary Tom Perez campaigned hard in support of Trans Pacific Partnership Trade…
Tom Perez was Kissinger's favorite Labor Secretary to carry my foreign policy vision. I have no doubt he will carry my…
Tom Perez is first Latino chair of DNC. ‘‘We will turn this party around’’
Tom Perez, former Obama Labor Secretary, ekes out narrow victory to become DNC chair
Tom Perez was Labor Secretary and cares about workers. He's also a civil rights attorney, understands what going…
Tom Perez elected to lead Democratic National Committee; he is the party's first Latino chairman
"Ex-Labor Secretary Tom Perez elected as DNC chair"
Democrats elect Tom Perez, Obama’s former Labor Secretary, as new party leader
BREAKING: Democratic National Committee selects Tom Perez as new chair
Tom Perez moves to suspend the rules to appoint Keith Ellison deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee.
BREAKING: Tom Perez is the next chair of the Democratic National Committee
This is a win-win, to work together. Tom Perez is elected Democratic National Committee chair via
JUST IN: Tom Perez moves to elect Keith Ellison as deputy chair of Democratic National Committee
Tom Perez wins Democratic National Committee Chair, and immediately names 'good friend' Keith Ellison as Deputy Chair - a…
The election of Tom Perez for is just more evidence it's easier to replace than fix them.
If you liked to joke about up until now:. With Tom Perez as that joke has just become a terrifying…
President Obama's official statement congratulating Tom Perez as the new head of the DNC. https:/…
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Tom Perez voicing concern about healthcare for Americans, immigrants & organized labor. Thx, Wikileaks. Anything on your o…
Congratulations Tom Perez, you are now Chairman of the DNC, which is somewhat like being appointed the CEO of Circuit City…
Tom Perez wins . In other words, the Democratic Party is still a failing, irrelevant, worthless, hopeless, dying P…
An "unnamed source" says the Russians funded Tom Perez's campaign for DNC Chairman!
Congratulations leader for the DNC. "I know that Tom Perez will unite us under that banner of opportu…
Tom Perez is the guy who rigged the DNC primary for Hillary against Sanders . Gee, I wonder how he won the vote today...
US DNC will choose today between Keith Ellison or Tom Perez for 447 WikiLeaks docs on the two:
⚡️ “Tom Perez elected as new DNC chairman”.
Tom Perez winning is unbearably awful. Things will be much harder and nihilist scum have more ammunition when they say "do nothing".
Tom Perez, the new chair of the Democratic National Committee, is pretty far to the left: htt…
Inside the mind of new Tom Perez: Email to John Podesta during his campaign against
Tom Perez elected new DNC Chair in second round of voting.. Related Articles:
Yesterday vowed to bring back "beautiful clean coal". Here is new Tom Perez response. There is no…
Did Elizabeth Warren shave her head and put on goofier glasses because she looks too much like Tom Perez. . White House Correspondents
Congratulations to new DNC Chair Tom Perez and Deputy Chair Keith Ellison! Watch: http…
Tom Perez is all over the . He met w/Podesta 2 months prior to striking the "Ports Deal".
Newly elected DNC Chair Tom Perez advised Clinton to cast Sanders as candidate of whites to turn off minorities .
Democrats chose Muslim Terrorist, Keith Ellison-Muhammad as Tom Perez's opponent 2 make Perez look like less of a Radical Choic…
Tom Perez's response to DJT.. I don't think they're going to be exchanging Christmas cards.
A Trump / White Supremacist Nightmare: In Tom Perez and Keith Ellison, the DNC is led by the son of Dominican immigrants a…
Tom Perez is an angry, hateful man. He vowed to fight “worst pres in the history of the United States,” when Trump was in o…
dems learned nothing from 2017. I give up, Going Ind. Tom Perez rep same old, uncreative, stick in the mud Democrats. It's over.
Soros puppet Tom Perez and radical Muslim Keith Ellison will only further destroy the Democrat party. Trump is going to win a…
Tom Perez is more of the same for democrats: Another bridge burning extremist who will use accusations of "racism" to get…
Dems appoint pro-Wall Street shill as leader. It's like Groundhog Day. Enjoy the next 8 years of Trump.
Congrats Republican party on your 2018 midterm victories brought to you by Tom Perez
US DNC has chosen Tom Perez (backed by Obama) over Keith Ellison (Sanders) WikiLeaks references to Perez: https:/…
Given the corrupt history of the Democratic Party, what type of scandal will eventually force the resignation of new DN…
"Why does nobody ever go to jail?". New DNC Chair Tom Perez's love of banksters could knee cap Democratic Party.
New US Tom Perez on whether the Clinton vs. Sanders primary election process was 'rigged'
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Tom Perez is a shill for Muslim Terrorists operating in America. As Obama’s Assistant AG, he fought 2 impose sharia blasphemy l…
Very Tom Perez's first motion as DNC chairman was to appoint his top rival for the position, Keith Ellison,…
If new Tom Perez jabber-shouts & flappy-flails like this for the next 4 years, Trump 2020 is a shoo-in. https…
Tom Perez just thanked everyone for their hard work in all 57 state parties.57! Did Obama write this speech for him? .
As Asst AG Tom Perez had shameful record of pro-sharia initiatives&craven accommodation to Islamic suprem…
Tom Perez forms an unholy alliance naming antisemitic Keith Ellison as his deputy. Radical Left + Islam = Islamof…
Tom Perez is being called a communist by the usual suspects.
Tom Perez. They literally elected a hillbot who helped cheat 13M voters. This is a slap in the face. And the death of thi…
I congratulate Tom Perez on his election as chairman of the Democratic National Committee and look forward to working wi…
Let's hope Tom Perez wins Hating the Democratic Party will be even more enjoyable. Only a Trump victory in…
So you, a former lobbyist, dropped out of the DNC Chair race just to endorse Tom Perez? COULD YOU BE MORE PREDICTABLE?! 😂
DNC Chair candidate Tom Perez is live on Keeping it Real w/ Al Sharpton. Tune in on local stations or XM 126.
here's the basic problem with Tom Perez's candidacy for DNC chair
Pretty telling that endorsed Keith Ellison & *not* Tom Perez, Obama's secretary of labor, for
Why can't Keith Ellison, Pete Buttegieg, and Tom Perez work together as co-captains to fix the DNC I am just asking
If you like the way the DNC is, vote for Tom Perez, if you want to stop all the BS & go in a new direction vote for Keith Ellis.
Tom Perez winning will really be great for energizing people to go Green
Martin O'Malley backs Pete Buttigieg (over Tom Perez) for DNC - Baltimore Sun
...Buttigieg, and most importantly Tom Perez, Secretary of Labor under President Obama, who was endorsed by former Vice President...
in 5 minutes of brief googling - James Inhofe put a hold on John Bryson for 4 months! Tom Perez waited 4 months in 2013!
Eric Holder endorses Tom Perez in DNC chair race
Tom Perez for DNC Chair. Best person to lead the NATIONAL Democratic Party 2017.
but yes, Bernie is right, though both Joe Biden & Tom Perez suck. & I don't think Ellison have the guts to stand
then again trump's Clintonite advisors will likely try to elevate Tom Perez & Joe Biden to maintain status quo.
Former Vice President Joe Biden backs Tom Perez to head the Democratic National Committee.
Why do we need someone like Tom Perez who won't even take an interview, or will storm away from a difficult question?
Joe Biden endorses Tom Perez for DNC chair via
Tom Perez was terrific on Rachel Maddox last night! He is a fighter and has an impressive multi-pronged plan. http…
Tom Perez is at an airport. Cory Booker is at an airport. John Lewis Is at an airport. Bernie Sanders is nowhere to be found…
Sec. Tom Perez says Democrats need to be "making house calls year-round, not just the October before the election
Tom Perez reminds me more than vaguely of Doug Stamper
Not Kara, but liking Pete Buttigieg, Tom Perez, Jehmu for that role. Tom prob has best chance.
DNC candidate Tom Perez: Treat like treated via
Liberals like Joan Walsh and Lauren Duca: "Please please stop the infighting, get together and elect Tom Perez to be DNC chair"
Tom Perez's predecessor as Labor Secretary endorses Keith Ellison for DNC chair!
How many worker pickets do y'all think Tom Perez walked before he was appointed Secretary of Labor by Obama?. Zero?. Negative One?
Tom Perez pretty soon you are leaving. You crook!! We will remember you as a crooked Secretary of Labor!!
This is NOT Labor Secretary. The REAL Tom Perez does not use the underscore. And, he has a lot more followe…
So, Obama's Labor Secretary, Tom Perez has nothing better to do than stalk me & others and make libelous claims and…
Tom Perez was the Secretary of Labor and has zero union endorsements
As Labor Secretary, Tom Perez implemented 2 new rules long pushed by Keith Ellison through the Progressive Caucus.
Labor Secretary and DNC chair candidate Tom Perez: The Trump team's inquiries into gov't agencies are "illegal"
I think should be chairperson not just vice chair…I love Tom Perez.
Labor Secretary Tom Perez, who is currently in the running for chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has...
I will sleep better knowing Tom Perez and are leading the fight as Chair and Vice Chair of the…
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Labor Secretary Tom Perez announces bid for DNC chair
Okay Obama is now flacking for Tom Perez, the DNC chair candidate with a constituency of two. WON'T EVEN MENTION Keith Ellison
Tom Perez says DNC has to stop organizing every 4 years. The WH pushed him to run. The WH ignored the DNC for eight years.
Labor Secretary Tom Perez announces he will run for chairman of the Democratic National Committee - NPR
Interesting read on what Democratic Party insiders are saying about the DNC race.
thinks could improve & get into Top3, doubts it due to its resources & budget:
In sum, Tom Perez has a career-long record of fighting for *all* of us: black, brown, immigrant, woman, union member, LGBT…
Tom Perez has been in our corner for doing the work. He's the right person at the right time to fight an evil he's been fi…
Tom Perez enters race for DNC chair - Stephen Feller WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 (UPI) -- The race for chair of the Dem...
Labor Secretary Tom Perez officially launches bid to lead the Democratic National Committee
And Tom Perez launches his DNC Chair bid based on defending Obama's legacy.
Labor Sec Tom Perez: I can speak to every part of Democrats' big tent
Tom Perez - a proud REGISTERED DEMOCRAT with an impeccable resume & track record to uphold & fight for EVERYONE has my s…
The fight between Tom Perez and Keith Ellison to head the DNC puts labor unions in a tight spot.
Labor Sec.Tom Perez (A REAL Democrat) jumps into race for DNC chair. We are so done with FAKE Dems . via
Breast Cancer Awareness
A REAL Democrat who is worthy of the job. We have enough fake. Democrats already!
Intelligent. Compassionate. Experienced. Qualified. Leader. Democrat = Tom Perez! You have my full and unapologetic support…
Tom Perez went to bat for workers time and time again. Overtime, minimum wage, unions. . He'll be great for the party. .
Fun fact: Almost all Dems in Congress are against TPP and the majority of Dems. You know who isn't? Tom Perez who is runni…
Hours before Tom Perez is set to announce candidacy for DNC, fed workers union AFGE says it "strongly supports" Ellison.
NO it's not a tough spot for Labor Perez is a staunch supporter of the and Labor endorsed https…
The DNC race is on: Labor Secretary Tom Perez announces a bid for DNC chair
Support for pro-TPP Obama admin insider Tom Perez for DNC chair is all the proof i need that Russian spies are trying to destr…
My Good Friend. Tom Perez. Announces he will run for Chair of the Democratic National Committee. http…
No Bernie (I-VT), you can't take over our party via Keith Ellison. Tom Perez is much better suited for the DNC Chair.
Tom Perez keeps talking about the Democratic Party being a big tent party. Yet he pushed HRC to paint Bernie as only carin…
Huffington Post: Labor Secretary Tom Perez jumps into the race for DNC chair
While Tom Perez was lobbying for anti-union TPP provisions, Keith Ellison called out "Cabinet officials" pushing Congres…
Underrated reason to support Tom Perez for chair: he and Martin O'Malley go way back, and Perez worked for Martin's campaign for governor.
Here's a 2016 letter from Dems to Tom Perez asking why his DOL gave waivers to big banks with history of misconduct. ht…
Tom Perez to announce plans today to run for Democratic Party chair: U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez is set to…
No. Charismatic as *** but too corrupt. If Liz Warren was 10 years younger, then her. Tom Perez, Tammies Duckworth & Baldwin.
Ironic as you are the one playing a game called Jennifer shills for the Clintonites. No f'n Tom Perez, we want Ellison
Tom Perez should be running for senator or governor, not DNC chair. Just go with Ellison people want Sanders/Warren wing.
is Tom Perez really that far away from Bernie/Warren/Ellison?
How is Tom Perez not firmly in the Warren wing? Come on now.
Tom Perez is great and in no way a "challenge" to the "Warren wing" of the party. Let's not re-litigate the primary…
Keith Ellison and Tom Perez well-represent the two ideological "wings" of the Dem. Party. They're both bad choices. Suggest Turner, Kander.
Tom Perez to jump into DNC race this week. Sets up proxy war between Obama team & Sanders/Warren Democrats.
Dean's drop-out reshapes DNC chair fight Tom Perez should definitely run for Governor of Maryland
you have a crook corrupt Secretary of Labor Tom Perez & Director Fed employees comp Douglas Fitzgerald another crook!
"Will [Tom Perez, take this historic opportunity to speak up to change the culture?"
Open Letter to Tom Perez from advocates via
why instead of loosing time, why don't you investigate the corruption of Tom Perez in the Department of Labor, be more " objective
I really do think a Mark Warner, Tom Perez, or Gary Locke is more
Tom Perez is allegedly still a top option. Former MA governor Deval Patrick was also in the mix, but may not be now.
.- We need a liberal VP (Tom Perez, Elizabeth Warren, or Sherrod Brown) to balance the ticket.
Tom Perez says union members earn median $200 a week more than nonunion workers,
Sherrod Brown, Cory Booker, Xavier Becerra, & Tom Perez were all on Sunday shows tdy. Kaine on MTP last week. We're in full…
Tom Perez is a sycophantic brown noser...disgustingly as bad as Sherrod Brown.
Hillary's potential VP pick Tom Perez is a far-left ideologue with dangerous ideas. And he is wrong on
Fiery Labor Secretary Tom Perez shows why he's high in Clinton's veepsta.. Related Articles:
It's this belief that what spurious claim you make about Hillary is true. And picking Tom Perez makes her a working persons friend.
I think Tom Perez is the next Barack Obama and that he should be the next Vice President.
YES! "Nobody who works a full time job should have to live in poverty." - Sec Tom Perez
"Donald Trump is all about 'me.' Hillary Clinton is all about 'we.'" -- Tom Perez.
Walked out on Tom Perez at J-J You will not carry Va with Perez.
Jump on the Tr*mp train? No. It's a train wreck for American values! -Tom Perez
Tom Perez doesn't know the truth. He is trash
We will not be divided, we will be United!- Tom Perez
All purpose parts banner
The Honorable Tom Perez delivers an inspiring speech that gets Democrats energized and out of their seats.
"A rising tide needs to raise all the boats - not just the yachts..." Honorable Tom Perez
Tom Perez is all the turned up at I'm loving it!
.Sec. of Labor Tom Perez: "I'm tired of moments of silence, we need moments of action."
Ignorance is not a strategy for success! Tom Perez
If you want to create jobs for this country, elect a Democrat to the White House. -Sec. Tom Perez
"Discrimination is not a national defense strategy." - Tom Perez Well said, Mr. Secretary.
"Discrimination is not a national strategy!" -Tom Perez
If you're not on the seat on the table, you're on the menu. - Sec. Tom Perez
.Tom Perez: "Discrimination is not a national defense strategy!"
.Tom Perez "If you are not at the table you are on the menu."
"If you don't have a seat at the table, you're on the menu". - Tom Perez.
"When unions succeed, families succeed!" -Hon. Tom Perez at
Tom Perez has the audience on its feet over and over again!!
"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!" - The Honorable Tom Perez
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A note to colleagues suffering Democratic state convention. Sec/Labor Tom Perez was electrifying last night, Whidbey Island sublime today.
"It's nice to be important but it's important to be nice.". -Tom Perez, U.S. Secretary of Labor at 2016 JJ Dinner
Tom Perez would be solid. Tho "another NY attorney" doesn't help in swing states. Love to see her pick Sherrod Brown.
Why doesn't anyone bring up Tom Perez and how great he'd be as a VP pick?. Civil rights lawyer, Labor Secretary, progressive .
politics, strongly suggest you look into Tom Perez or even Xavier Becerra.
.and the Hon. Tom Perez announcing their support for
Tom Thurman begins final closing for the state saying Mr. Perez is right, we disagree on a lot of the facts in this case.
.hear from a potential V.P. pick. We ask Tom Perez if he wants the job at 11p on
Fiery Tom Perez shows why he's high in Clinton's veepstakes.
VIDEO: VP prospect Tom Perez speaks to at their state convention. We go one-on-one:
'Tom Perez has guts': US labor Sec being eyed as Clinton's VP . Tom Perez would be an incredibly perfect choice.
We are because Tom Perez fought against anti-immigrant laws in Arizona and Missouri and WON
.Castro, yes. Warren, no, she is only interested in her agenda, not good 4 a VP. Tom Perez, yes.
sanders. Warren. Castro. Big talkers who won't stay on policy wonk message. Contrast with Tom Perez.
'The power of 'we' in Reading is going to bring remarkable change,' Tom Perez says.
Need Warren in the Senate. Tom Perez, Amy Klobuchar, Tim Kaine, Al Franken, Kirsten Gillebrand all better choices.
Tom Perez. Hispanic and good with Bernie/Warren wing.
A name I keep hearing is Tom Perez...he can get a crowd going and would appeal to the Warren/Sanders voter...
CNN debate hosted by Buffalo native Wolf Blitzer. Buffalo native Tom Perez in the audience.
.asks Tom Perez about Harris-Krueger proposal for 3rd category that's not employee or indep contractor
Tom Perez (and Rep Chris Hall!) endorse at great event in Sioux City
ICYMI: Labor Secretary, Tom Perez, on grants for jail-based centers
I'm glad to see U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez speaking out against income inequality.
In the U.S., "some Republican politicans have allowed paid leave regrettably to become an ideological issue," says Tom Perez
Abroad, "this issue of paid leave is totally not ideological. It's totally not partisan in the rest of the world," says Tom Perez
Tune in to now for Tom Perez speaking on the importance of paid family leave!
Join us at 11 AM with Tom Perez on work family policy and inequality via
TODAY: join and keynote Tom Perez at 11am on work-family policy and inequality. Livestreaming here:
Added a new video: "Tom Perez (Trumpet Solo) "I Need You Now at the Bethel Pentecostal Fello..."...
Added a new video: "Because of Who You Are, by Tom Perez @ The Bethel Pentecostal Fellowship..."...
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McCarthy and Tom Perez explain new safety rules for & children
"When I think of I think innovation partnership & remarkable assets & opps." - Sec Tom Perez
TOMORROW: Tom Perez keynotes event on work-family policy and inequality. RSVP →
Marvel Vs DC illustrated by George Perez, with colors by Tom Smith
Again we see that the NFL's best team is NE and the NFL's best QB is easily Tom Brady, now 9 TDs to 0 INTs.
The inspiring orchestra!. Nick Perez filling in on Keyboard for Tom Coyan. 📷:
Tom Brady now has 400 career TD passes
U.S. Department of Labor. Share if you agree with U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez:
63' substitution as comes on to replace Brian Perez
Absolutely superb half! Perez with an absolute class finish!
Perez + Mitrovic = Goals. Signs of a great partnership.
Oh look, we are finally playing with 2 strikers and look at the difference! Not rocket science Steve McCLownen. Perez is so blady good
How can we insulate families from income shocks? Prof. Ariel Kalil will address with Tom Perez at
Finished or not Finished, pass your paper. :D. GOOD LUCK!. Patrick Fronda Ahmad Al Saidy Arish Perez Melon Quinzon...
Carlos Perez goes out to talk to Trevor Gott, presumably about whether he wants to throw a fastball, or a fastball
Labor Secretary Tom Perez: 'The unfinished business of the economic recovery'
MyCYMMy: Tom Perez talks about how to fix opportunity gaps in via
"We need STEM in every zip code - Zip codes should not determine access to STEM" (Sec. Tom Perez) .
"Zip codes should not determine destiny" well said Tom Perez on
WATCH NOW: Tom Perez on talking about funding to help youth get the skills they need to get a good job.
.Tom Perez says too many workers are getting a "raw deal," because they aren't paid overtime for working 60-70 hrs a week.
Warren: "America now has an economy that works well for about 10% of the people." Different tone from Tom Perez address. …
Her went dark after rights of the people
.Sheesh, I can't even get an honest answer about guppies on Yahoo.
It's a question and answer site. Why not use Yahoo answers?
Its a site for linguist. Is language left wing?
If you read rest of 2A the right of the People. Not militia shall not be infringed
You need to educate yourself with something other than left wing blogs.
so that would make 2A a collective right according to Am I wrong sir?
For the sudden grammarians amongst you...
Meant at the ready, in working order
The regulated referred to the militia not the gun. What militia do U belong to?
.Still does mean it. Amending the Constitution isn't done by editing the dictionary. :)
Tom Perez, like Eric Schneiderman, the attorney general, are nothing more than grandstanders.
Sorry, Department of Labor. Labor Secretary Tom Perez is looking into it.
Drive the Koch Brothers crazy. Watch Elizabeth Warren and U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez talk about why...
Yeah, that's it. Podolski, Torres and Enzo Perez earnt me over £250 so far. Shaqiri and Sneijder now hopefully.
This is what a CONSTITUTIONAL conservative looks like "don't need Congress" Founding Fathers wld be proud! ht…
Register TODAY for math thought leadership event featuring Danica McKellar, Tom Perez, and more! .
be mint I reckon, him and Perez up top
Well here's some awesome fan art of Diana and Cap =).
I'm deadass not coming to school tom bc of her watch
Tom Hernandez: "you guys still have school tomorrow". Shawn Oakman:"no, we don't". Tom Hernandez: "yeah, you're right!" http:…
na it was 1967 lol. Tom Landry vs Vince Lombardi
The question is will Perez break the rules and give us a test tom anyway?
It was like, you, and Rosie Perez, and Stephen Colbert, and Tom Hanks, in that order.
Morena morena morena . I give u my love... ♫ Morena Remixes (The Perez Brothers Remix) by Tom Boxer —
Because Slate told them so it must be true. Maybe should go outside their ecosystem and do some research
For Torres or Perez? They settled Perez normally, Torres still not settled. I'll contact them in a while maybe.
Another love by Tom Odell basically sums up my life
"I've also brought some Halloween characters with me," Obama says, including Sec. Tom Perez, who's dressed up as a public serva…
Rumor has it that Obama will nominate Tom Perez as Attorney General, must read:
We're teaming up w/ Joe Biden & Tom Perez to find innovative training ideas. Learn more -->...
Pleased to meet with Tom Perez and Greg Becker of Silicon Valley Bank.
How many times must we go over these rules? DO NOT PUT CLOSERS IN THE GAME IN NONE SAVE SITUATIONS! Thought learned from Perez
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