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Tom Morello

Thomas Baptiste Morello (born May 30, 1964) is a Grammy Award-winning American guitarist best known for his tenure with the bands Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, his acoustic solo act The Nightwatchman, and his newest group, Street Sweeper Social Club.

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Tom Morello speaks the truth 3 years ago.
Tom Morello and Adam Jones in HS, with Kiss poster in background.
Listen to Divebomb - Madsonik & Kill the Noise Ft. Tom Morello by Madsonik on
Have you heard of his history with a well-known dive bar in Seattle? Sounds like a pattern:
I just try to find patterns. Solve for x. Tom Morello riff in my head now.
LA was a success. Me and my roomate met Tom Morello.
Now more than ever 'Is the Embodiment of the Machine Our Music Rages Against'
Killing in the name, Rage Against the Machine. Oh Tom Morello you genius. 🎼🎸🤘🏽
For as long as I can remember I've been in love with Tom Morello
Tom Morello confirms-the machine that caused such rage was in fact, a fax machine.
With Steve Earle and Tom Morello to warm up the crowd.
Can get any better then that met Tom Morello from RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE!
"Today I'll be doing a DAPL duet with rocker Tom Morello"
I know Tom Morello style when he plays his guitar
This is so killer! Tom Morello and Bruce Springsteen doing "The Ghost of Tom Joad".
Tom Morello "Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine" Guitar Center Session... via one of my HEROES!
Tom Morello is pretty great even if he's insufferable
Check out this video of Steve Vai performing "Yankee Rose" & "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" with Tom Morello,... https:…
Lolla you were magical this weekend ✨ I got to see Perry Farrell & Tom Morello rock out together…
Tom Morello is making sad turntable sounds on the strings of an electric guitar somewhere right now
If you love the Cubs and know where Marseilles is, then listen to musician Tom Morello's personal essay.
They shouldn't allow Eddie Vedder, Derek Trucks and Tom Morello to leave without first recording an album together.…
Ryan Harvey, Tom Morello and Ani Difranco did a recent version of this song. They did a good job!
Right now on - "The Mexican by GZA featuring Tom Morello
I like to think of myself as a less cool, untalented, Tom Morello.
I saw them do that at the V8s last year. Tom Morello would be appalled.
A Tom Morello appearance at the August 25 Bruce Springsteen show is a possibility. Prophets Of Rage will be at PNC Bank Arts Center on 8/26.
i am huge Tom Morello fan and Rage against the Machine. Pit ticket for Prophets in Oct.what is isaac doing?
A more rock band than Maybe Tom's new band
Nothing Tom Morello is part of can be as great as Rage Against The Machine. But that's my opinion forged on a childhood of Rage albums.
Thanks for your compliment. Tom Morello and Slash are both really awesome artists! I like how they paint a picture with notes!
Tom Morello is totally in touch and never lost it, hence
Hey gang ... I just got comped 2 tix for Prophets of Rage (Tom Morello, Chuck D, et al) 8/28. Wanna go?
only sick part about their performance is when Tom Morello joined them and did a guitar solo with his teeth
My top 3 to a T. I've always said: Jimi, Jimmy, and Eddie. However, slash, Jack White, and Tom Morello could be...
smh doesn't count if it's not Tom Morello
Finally listened to the new Prophets of Rage single and holy moly that's good stuff. Tom Morello is so good.
really who are requesting these songs. Give me Bruce Springsteen ghost of tom joad with tom morello brilliant disguise
Can anybody explain to me how Tom Morello is a guitar "God?" I just cannot for the life of me figure it out.
Listen to a podcast of Tom Morello & Tim Commerford of Prophets of Rage from Whip... Read Blog:
I liked a video from Slash VS Tom Morello
Tom Morello won but no one picked the drummer. what if he sees this and gets sad. how do I edit a poll to manipulate the vote
Biggest influences: tom morello, outkast, Primus, and Dennis Rodman
My parents met in Kenya. My father is African, is Kenyan. The Kenyan side of my family was invol
Simultaneously the most stereotypical AND best Tom Morello riff
Umm it IS Chris Cornell & Tom Morello we're talking about. If they didn't shred, I'd be scared.
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all of the corrupt political leaders are gonna change their ways when they realize Tom Morello is making those weird soun…
I liked a video from Tom Morello, Nuno Bettencourt & Perry Farrell - Sweet Emotion
"We're not a supergroup," says Tom Morello. "We're an elite task force of revolutionary musicians determined to...
Happy birthday Tom Morello of RATM and Audioslave mother-blitzing guitaring that i've grown up on
Everybody lauds Tom Morello as a guitarist but I think Tim Commerford is hugely underrated as a bass player.
Prophets of Rage will include Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk as well as rappers Chuck D and B-Real.
According to sources, Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk are teaming up wit...
PE’s Chuck D and Cypress Hill’s B-Real w/ RATM’s Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, and Brad Wilk for Prophets of Rage
Prophets of Rage: Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk joined by Public Enemy's Chuck D and Cypress…
Just about done with this massive collab with two of my favorites, Tom Morello and Gary Clark Jr! So stoked about this tune!…
I didn't grow up with my Kenyan family. I grew up in a small, conservative ...
I liked a video Tom morello Solos 1992 2015 best solos all bands
Music, I think, is best when it honestly explores personal demons, and it s...
Learned: Tom Morello, from Rage Against the Machine, is Ngethe Njoroge's son.
Claremont Folk Festival to feature Tom Morello; High Times Award Show has The Game in San Bernardino
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I'd put Tom Morello and Leslie West up there, too
.Can "real conservative" explain why he likes Rage Against The Machine.
Tim Commerford and Tom morello are some of my new favorite guitarist
"at this point"...Is he implying in the future maybe yes? I'd do some research on him b4:
I added a video to a playlist Bruce Springsteen & Tom Morello - The ghost of Tom Joad (Rock and Roll
Mike Ness in my hometown gym - Honda Center/Anaheim - was great. Tom Morello for the very first 'Joad' spot too ...
wanna play drums like Travis Barker and play guitar like Tom Morello
Tom Morello shares his love for the Who and tells us what he learned from Pete Townshend
There is no other vocals/guitar duo like Chris Cornell and Tom Morello. You're wrong if you disagree
You can most certainly bet your *** that Tom Morello is one of my favorite guitarists.
grad gift ideas:. Tom Morello smashing a guitar over my head
I want to see Trent Reznor, Les Claypool, Tom Morello and Dave Grohl form the greatest band of all time. Maybe called Pisswizards.
"I was a fan of heavy music first metal, then punk, then hip hop." - Tom Morello
Fun fact: Tom Morello used a quarter as a pick to get that buzzy guitar tone on People Of The Sun.
I added a video to a playlist Guitar Hero III - Tom Morello Battle Music
Id pay to see them if they got the right generic Tom Morello
[VIDEO] Mumford and Sons Jammed with the Avett Brothers, Tom Morello, and More...
Waiting to watch on some Tom Morello no doubt
battling Tom Morello on GH3 still makes me sweaty with anxiety
Calle 13 really did a song with Julian Assange and Tom Morello and then shot the video in Palestine
The 4 people I idolise most in this world are guitarists, Wes Borland, Tom Morello, Brad Delson & Munky
The Ghost of Tom Joad - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (feat. Tom Morello)
same especially with songs like know your enemy Zack de la Rocha is a icon and can't forget about how amazing Tom Morello is
Tom Morello's response to congressman Paul Ryan claiming Rage Against The Machine as his favorite band:
i have been blissfully unaware of the Springsteen-Tom Morello version of Ghost of Tom Joad until tonight. Now i cannot stop.
Weird Al, Tom Morello, Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl. all sitting at home right now.
Happy to lend my signature on an album I love for an auction that is raising money for such a worthy cause.
Did you know?. Tom Morello's father, Ngethe Njoroge, a Kenyan, was the country's first ambassador to the United Nations.
thanks for sharing Tom Morello, have a great Saturday :) (Want this FREE? >>
Ask about that *** play. .. Ps I almost tagged Tom Morello on accident, That would have been weird featured in NBC s Science of Love
I saw Tom Morello cover Ghost of Tom Joad on Music Cares and I was blown away! Alabama Shakes covering Adam Raised a Cain!
Saw shows through the years. 4 years ago, it was stupendous. He still had it. Tom Morello "Ghost of Tom Joad. Wow.
Listen into BuzzBeat Radio to hear Friends (feat. Tom Morello) by Raury
Skip the ad in 5 secs. Enjoy the subtitles. Tom Morello w/ The Boss. Glorious. .
As played by Tom Morello from Rage against the machine.
You just really wanna hang out with Tom morello don't you
Always hated Rage. Always respected the *** out of Tom Morello.
Other nerds trapped in hottish bodies - Tom Morello - Peter Gabriel - and of course.
Finished Tom Morello's now lets give some love to european
"But what's a good cop? A good cop is one who exposes, denounces and prosecutes racist cops in their own ranks, and
I have a used Tom Morello guitar pick 💩
nice! my questions: Tom Morello in the band for those shows? He played the river, and what stuff?
When I saw this live in ZA, Tom Morello was playing the guitar w. his TEETH. ✊.
Bernie Sanders picked the Red Hot Chili Peppers to play his benefit concert & somewhere Tom Morello is throwing his guitar into a lake.
10 year old me used the tennis rackets in Primary School to pretend to be Tom Morello, playing and singing RATM during PE class. Proud.
The most perfect picture ever Matt Shultz on the left and Tom Morello on the right 😵 two legends of music
I can't be the only person to want to hear the Hamilton soundtrack with Tom Morello (heck, all of RATM) as the backing band, right?
Added "Friends" by Raury, Tom Morello to my Oh Hey Playlist on Spotify
Tom morello wrote the hardest riffs in the 90's
Watching a recording of RATM in Germany...Tom Morello is a beast.
There is a presence of beauty in the combination of Chris Cornell's voice and Tom Morello's guitar
Tbh ever since guitar hero 3 I was like "who's Tom Morello?" and now I'm obsessed with how talented the man is
Raury had Tom Morello in his snap story I'm inspired
Tom Morello pays tribute to Lemmy: He was "part man, part wolf, part Maker's Mark"
It reminds me of when Paul Ryan claimed to like Rage Against the Machine and Tom Morello tore him a new one.
What a night at Yoko Ono and Willie Nelson, Tom Morello and Eric Church, Steven Tyler, Aloe Blacc
Photos - Jack White, Neil Young, Beck, Bruce Springsteen with Tom Morello, and many more honored Bob Dylan last night h…
John 5, Derek Sherinian, Eddie Trunk, George Lynch, Tom Morello and I'm sure a few surprise guests. And I'll be watching from the 2nd row!!
from Woody Guthrie's "This Machine Kills Fascists" to Tom Morello's "Arm the Homeless" it's clear radical choices need to be explored 2 Love
A new John Lennon tribute show will feature Steven Tyler, Willie Nelson, Tom Morello, Eric Church and more
Matt Schultz on Vocals, Les Claypool on bass, Hillel Slovak/Tom Morello on guitar, Brad Wilk on Drums
I liked a video Perry Farrell, Tom Morello and Metal Skool
Beautiful video. FERGUSON IS EVERYWHERE ft Common, Boots Riley, Tom Morello & more …
This dude Raury plays guitar and raps he has a song called friends with Tom Morello and it's pretty badass
You guys are missing out on two huge Cubs fans!! Tom Morello and John Cusack.
Tom Morello on Instagram: “Today marks the 5th anniversary of which I...
I just can't beat tom morello on guitar hero 3 on medium for some reason
And they have 'sitar' player tom morello.
so when is this EP actually coming out?? Need that Tom Morello collab
Tom Morello is such a great guitar player. It's a shame that he's a leftist.
Tom Morello sabe!. with repostapp. ・・・. Today marks the 5th anniversary of
My friend got to meet them & he told Tom Morello he'd only take a pic with him if they talked about comics for 30 secs. Lol
I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get to meet Carmen Electra or Tom Morello when they visited haunt this past Saturday.
Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine and Adam Jones from Tool when they were in high school.
Friends - Raury ft. Tom Morello Just can't stop listening to this awesome tune give it a go 👍
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I liked a video from Tom Morello insane solo! Using teeth!
I added a video to a playlist Raury - Friends ft. Tom Morello
I'm rereading the essay Tom Morello wrote in Rolling Stone; it's actually way better than I remember!
Do yourself a favor and read Tom Morello's Wiki page. Harvard to male stripper to Iron man...dude is interesting .
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Friends by Raury feat Tom Morello
Amazing night with Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Friends to raise funds for homeless…
So i can try to play like Tom Morello lol
Saturday31, 2015 -> Ozzy will perform in concert at the Voodoo Festival with
TIL Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine is a huge Trekkie and has actually appeared in Star Trek twice. via /r…
Just learned Tom Morello, guitarist for Rage Against the Machine, is related to Jomo Kenyatta... first president!
Calum just followed Nikki Sixx, Joe Perry, Tommy Lee, and Tom Morello! . (Via -k
Why'd I just find out RATM rereleased their self titled album w a ton of unreleased tracks. Tom Morello and Zac De La Rocha are my jam.
Tom Morello still killing it, and now with chill tunes
.shares new track & video: "Friends" ft. Tom Morello, off upcoming album "All I Need" http:…
“I have so much more respect for Raury for doing this” Raury - Friends ft. Tom Morello via
.new album drops next month. For now, check out his new song, "Friends":
You bump into some interesting people at rehearsal sometimes. Tom Morello stopped by today with his guitar.
The Ghost of Tom Joad - Live Version featuring Tom Morello by Bruce Springsteen
A new favorite: Pacific Rim - Ramin Djawadi feat. Tom Morello by WaterTowerMusic on
Listen to Ghost of Tom Joad live with Tom Morello and skip everything else
This is from last night when Mumford and Sons, Tom Morello, T Bone Burnett, and I played What's My Age Again. NBD.
Tom Morello worked for Sen Alan Cranston on Intelligence Committee & Carl Colby lived by Nicole Simpson
Kesha, Alice Cooper, Tom Morello, Paul Stanley, Cheech and Rob Zombi backstage at the Whiskey.
Tom Morello of rage against the machine on Ferguson and Mike Brown. .
I'm kinda into the more traditional rapper flow over Tom Morello guitar (not that it's better than RATM or anything)
Oh right I told you that you should check out Street Sweeper Social Club because Tom Morello
lol totally forgot about the Bone Thugs/Henry Rollins/Tom Morello/Flea cover of "War"
you guys should totally name that song with tom morello "EDM Rage Machine" keep that EDM'machine trend going.
One of the sickest collabs to date.x Tom Morello...
Fun watching Bruce cover Jump because it lets Tom Morello do an Eddie Van Halen impression which he of course is really good at.
Took this picture right before the Tom Morello concert of ..very talented artist. .check…
Immortal Technique and Tom Morello together? I need to see this
I flew Tom Morello, Immortal Technique, Boots Riley, Bun B, Pharoahe Monch & many more in. How about you?
In on growing up black, the KKK, U.S. racism & …
HOT TIP: If at first you don't succeed, yell Tom Morello's solo from "Like a Stone" until you get what you want.
So Tom Morello went to school with Adam Jones Then they both moved to LA and he introduces Adam to Maynard James Keenan Then Tool formed 💥😮💥
Tom Morello and Immortal Technique are both gods
If you haven't read it, insightful interview with is great:
The Ghost of Tom Joad with Tom Morello on guitar might be Springsteen's most underappreciated song
Knife Party previewed a song he collaborated with Tom Morello and it sounds dope!!!
Man, I love this dude. He's got the ears of millions of people who hopefully are, and long have been, listening:...
Zack De La Rocha and Tom Morello working on a project together. Oh lawdy
“I’m not a humanitarian; I’m a *** raiser” -Tom Morello on his history with racism and his recent visit to Ferguson http…
Next cover ah ♫ Wrote a Song for Everyone (with Miranda Lambert, feat. Tom Morello) by John Fogerty —
Ozzy Osbourne forms supergroup with Geezer Butler, Slash, and Tom Morello
Ozzy Osbourne has recruited Slash, Tom Morello and Geezer Butler as his backing band for an upcoming event.
Saul Hudson and Tom Morello will always be my favorite guitarist.
Bassnectar collabs with Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello for electronic ... - Dancing Astronaut
Bassnectar collabs with Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello for electronic music project: Dancing Astronaut...
wait Tom Morello was there, did I miss him being shown on the jumbotron?
The new Future User video for Voodoo Juju was released this month and features Tom Morello, Geddy Lee and Alex...
Tom Morello,David Grohl,Bill Withers, Paul McCartney, Bille Armstrong, Joe Walsh and etc on all on one stage. So much talent.
Sonically this kind of reminds me of Street Sweeper Social Club, the Boots Riley / Tom Morello collab. A little awkward and forced.
Marshall ✅. Whammy ✅. Now all you need is a black strat to complete this Tom Morello setup
Tom Morello, Slash, Joe Perry, Angus Young, Edge, Jimmy Page are some of the goats and some of my favs lol
Jason Bateman, Scott Caan and Tom Morello were all in the cafe I went to this morning. LA is not a joke. Also, year round mandarins y'all!
Would you rather see Jools Holland do a 2 hour guitar solo or Tom Morello do a 2 hour piano solo?
R N R hall of fame article on ..quote "younger members have been bought in..Tom Morello,50 and Questlove, 44." That's young??
Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, the black woman who wrote Hound Dog which Elvis popularised, Herman Li, Tom Morello
Skrillex, Jahlil Beats, Tom Morello, Dillon Francis & Vic Mensa are cooking something up in the studio:
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Interesting to read about the role of newer panelists like ?uestlove and Tom Morello advocating for artists like Hall/Oates and KISS.
Dayne caught up with Tom Morello earlier
Cuando vi esto fue un right in da feels. Tom Morello: Rage Against the Machine May Not Play Again
One year ago today, I saw Tom Morello in concert! Oh yeah, and some guy named Bruce Springsteen, too. Best show ever!
Exchanged the sign of peace with Tom Morello at mass this morning
Tom Morello and Bill Murray are dope though.
I will be performing on Tom Morello's "Justice Tour". More information here
so for ten minutes here I'm Tom Morello hating on DMB? I mean. He is Tom Morello...
I think you're Tom Morello every time in your profile picture...
YALL ever nae naed to the Tom morello battle on guitar hero
Check out the music video for Gate 21 (Rock Remix) It features me and the F.C.C. rocking out with Tom Morello! Enjoy! http…
Tom Morello is jealous of Shaq's guitar skills.
The fact that Tom morello was in Iron Man makes it 5x better than It already is
Finally got to watch the GZA perform with Tom Morello & the Roots on the tonight show. Twas good.
I haven't heard about tom morello in a while and it's been good
never too late. Tom Morello was older when he started.
tom morello was once black, but then he acquired the same condition as Michael Jackson
Tom Morello plays guitar w/ his tongue @ Perry Ferrell's B'day, 2010. ! was in Jane's Addition Underground video 2⇒.
Tom Morello, others to rage against the Wall Street Machine on May 1
I know it's a small rebellion but each moment plants a seed. Tom Morello would be proud.
How long do I have to wait for the Tom Morello/Chelsea Manning fanfic?
This performance of "The Mexican" by GZA and Tom Morello on tonight's Tonight Show is OMFG.
2001 - Tom Morello denies rumors that Chris Cornell ha... -
Serj Tankian and Tom Morello team up for “Crazy Train” cover — listen
According to my iTunes top 25 most played, it's Bruce Springsteen & Tom Morello's "The Ghost of Tom Joad" live.
Tom Morello in an IWW hat covering a Woody Guthrie song with "Arm the Homeless" written on his $20,000 guitar...
I will close my contributions to by mentioning that the greatest concert that I have ever seen- indeed, likely ever will see- was on 10/29/09, when I attended the first of the two-night "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert" held at MSG on 10/29/09. I scored two free tickets from my work, and even my calloused, dark heart was blown away by top-notch performances and cameos by the greatest rock musicians of all time, some of which (e.g. Jerry Lee Lewis) I thought were already dead. The four-hour setlist was as follows. Highlights include everything, but some of the ones that stuck with me most vividly were Simon & Garfunkle doing "Sounds of SIlence", Tom Morello's Marty McFly-esque electric guitar solo during "Ghost of Tom Joad", Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder doing "Tracks of my Tears", all of Bruce Springsteen's set, and the unannounced arrival of William "Bullet Top" Joel to sing a rock classic with the Boss wherein the narrator attempts to convince a Catholic schoolgirl to engage in . ...
Tom Morello - The Ghost of Old Tom Joad “is your favorite social justice song/musician?
Tom Morello, Jimmy Hendrix and Jimmy Page are the greatest guitarists of all time.
Tom Morello's guitar on 'The Ghost of Tom Joad' makes my dogs stop whatever they're doing and stare at the speakers :-)
Bruce Springsteen & Tom Morello at The Nightwatchman in Concert at Smith's Old Bar - June 21, 2007
All about Tom Morello Quotes : height, biography, quotes - see at
Judah's Latest Music News from VH1: 2000 - Rage Against the Machine members Tom Morello an...
Just saw something about and Tom Morello doing a tribute.
Why is Tom Morello on a Bruce Springsteen album?
"My dad went to Harvard and was in a band with Tom Morello." --Blue haired girl one table over
I liked a video Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman - Lazarus on Down (feat. Serj Tankian)
but seriously.. the guitar in Know Your Enemy.. major props to Tom Morello.
Watching Springsteen tribute with my mom- disappointed to see tom morello playing with Jackson Browne.
had the down rodeo riff stuck in my head all day, I'm glad tom morello was born to create it
Damian? That's Tom Morello! Natch it's great guitar! !! Hail Tom Morello! ! Love his playing and cerebral space~!
Tom Morello - Marching on Ferguson [rock] great topical song that everyone should hear
His guitar work is compared favorably to Tom Morello.
All about Tom Morello : height, biography, quotes - see at
Rage Against the Machine guitarist, Tom Morello, used to be a male stripper.
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I think Lennon would tell the same thing Tom Morello told Paul Ryan; you're the guy I was writing against.
I can do with my tongue what Tom Morello can do with a guitar
Tom Morello wants you to get peace today. If checking your phone and reading this TEXT GET PEACE to 84222
me too. Followed by morello with Tom joad and Neil young with born in usa. Elton John good as well
Watching Tom Morello play guitar on Bruce Springsteen's "The Ghost of Tom Joad" is one of the greatest things you will ever see.
I like making my guitar sound like a turntable. thanks Tom morello :)
wow. Tom Morello & Jim James just melted the stage with "Ghost of Tom Joad" at the Springsteen tribute. Freaking Awesome
Tom Morello and MMJ. Even if you don't like Bruce Springsteen you should be watching the tribute on PBS
accurate. Tom Morello is a legend in my opinion.
adding tom morello to anything makes it better . Paper Planes - Street Sweeper Social Club:
Oh *** yes! Excellent message! Tom Morello? SUPERB! THAT amps me up more than signing petitions. Power to MusiC!
Anyways, I guess that you are trying to impress Tom Morello by showing how much of a smartass dickwipe you are.
They can take that up with Rob Halford, Slash, Tom Morello, Alexis Brown, Skin, Floor Jansen, Doro Pe
Elad on wishes they had The Fabled City by Tom Morello
Tom Morello to my left, Wayne Kramer to my right. CRAZY! @ House of Blues Sunset Strip…
The Nightwatchman . Until the End . Tom Morello at the Axis of Justice Concert 2004.
flashback, when Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and emcee Boots Riley of The Coup…
A lot of people have different opinions on this but I think Tom Morello is the greatest guitarist I have seen. Saw RATM in the 90's, special
The Battle Of Los Angeles - RATM Forgot how brutal this album is. Tom Morello's deep tone
I liked a video from Serj Tankian with Tom Morello - Lazarus on down live 2008
Tom Morello 😂😂😂RT "Besides Sauti Soul what other Kenyan artists are relevant in Africa? . It's okay I'll wait"
Folk artist Tom Morello? I only know him for Rage Against The Machine & Audioslave & those are def not folk bands lol
“Yearbook photos of Rock and Heavy Metal icons look at what a cutie Tom Morello is😍
Why can't my guitar class teach me how to play like tom morello?
Tom Morello is probably the most gifted guitarist I've ever seen
New Morello Ferguson song to support arrested protestors: to support arrested
"Hey great job with Kiss up there man!" Peter Gabriel told Tom Morello backstage at Brooklyns[...]
Janes Addiction, Incubus, Tom Morello, Steph & I. Feels like Lolla '03 = good times!
At first I thought maybe it was a Tom Morello-type thing.
Chris Cornell makes rare appearance with Tom Morello at '15 Now ...
Hamilton Collection
Prince's guitar riff on SNL tonight was probably the most Tom Morello sounding I've ever heard anyone sound outside of Tom Morello.
How in the world did the combination of Chris Cornell and Tom Morello not equal the greatest band the world has ever seen with Audioslave?
Learning guitar solos by Tom Morello and Dave Navarro was all i wanted to do when learning to play guitar.
Tom Morello looks like a young Scottie Pippen
I love Tom Morello's music, but wow does he come off sounding like a whiny, entitled baby here
Chris guesting with Tom Morello at last night's benefit concert for 15 Now at El Corazon, Seattle. Photos: Paul Lorkowski
Tom Morello, as his alter ego the Nightwatchman, performed a new cut called "Marching on Ferguson" at the Jail Guitar Doors' Rock Out! benefit concert
Shooter, what was it like working with Tom Morello?
"some people are so poor, all they have is money" - Tom Morello
Tom Morello was in Ferguson a couple days ago and that makes me happy
We saw Dustin play solo in Atlanta several years ago. He was on tour with Tom Morello, whom we didn't stick around to see.
Tom morello is legit mate, i find it weird too.
just got a bunch of random signed things I have a guitar pedal signs by Tom Morello too.
I preferred Nirvana before Tom Morello got shot by Cpurtney Pine. IMHO.
Debuts 'Marching on Ferguson' Protest Song - Tom Morello, as his alter ego the Nightwatchman,...
Tom Morello (has unveiled a new track, Marching On Ferguson:
ICYMI: debuted a brand new tune recently. Listen to it here:
Here's footage of Tom Morello performing his song "Marching On Ferguson"
Chris Cornell of Audioslave and Soundgarden has been added to the 9/26 show with TOM MORELLO get your tix now while they …
can't remember a lot about it tbh!! Seen Tom morello few times as he's part of e street band now
Tom morello is now my favorite guitarist
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