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Tom Marvolo Riddle

Lord Voldemort (born Tom Marvolo Riddle) is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of J.K.

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THREAD:. Since Tom Marvolo Riddle is an anagram, maybe there are others we missed in the series. I got to thinking last night.
Tom Marvolo Riddle // Voldemort. "I was ripped from my body, I was less than spirit, less than the meanest ghost... but stil…
To this day i still think about how JK Rowling finessed the name TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE out of I AM Lord Voldemort or vice versa idek
The FUC ones are fantastic, for e.g. did you see the Tom Marvolo Riddle one, most of their HP memes are on point
The should be titled Lord Phantomjund... Just like Tom Marvolo Riddle took the title Lord Voldemort
"TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE. Then he waved the wand once, and the letters. of his name rearranged themselves:. I AM Lord Voldemort" shookt
Tom Marvolo Riddle died and was replaced by a lookalike who then died years later to be replaced by a much less att…
How did the handsome Tom Marvolo Riddle become the noseless You-Know-Who😭😭 look what going too deep darkness can make of you 😂😂😂
Or I can just write it belongs to Tom Marvolo Riddle
it bothers me that Tom Marvolo Riddle doesn't make Lord Voldemort perfectly in the Chamber of Secrets... where does the A, M, and I go?!
my theory is that Heath Ledger faked his own death, & will come back to the world as the role of Tom Marvolo Riddle
Tom Marvolo Riddle, rearranged = Lord Voldermort . At least I remember that one 😏
A good book should draw the reader in and captivate the imagination. A good example would be. Tom Marvolo Riddle's diary.
The most important character in the Harry Potter universe is Tom Marvolo Riddle
"How 'He who must not be named' was born."
- descendent,Tom Marvolo Riddle and most would assume the infatuation would be much greater with the founder. The Snake -
so based on speech patterns I'mma guess Groot is the unholy lovechild of Tom Marvolo Riddle and a Pokemon
"Tom Marvolo Riddle just liked your answer" VOLDEMORT IS DAT U
Which anagram of Tom Marvolo Riddle is the best name for Voldemort?
Also came to the conclusion last night that sober is Tom Marvolo Riddle... But when he gets drunk...
"when life gives u migraines make lemonade" - Tom Marvolo Riddle
Tom Marvolo Riddle; Lord Voldemort . It glitched in one part but oh well. . Ac/Dt -... (Vine by
wasn't the date, was the name "Tom Marvolo Riddle", which is Voldemort himself, because this is his muggle father gravestone
what did you created before, the name of Lord Voldemort or Tom Marvolo Riddle?
I'm re-reading C of S what came first Tom Marvolo Riddle or I am Lord Voldermort? Such a clever anagram xxx
Do you know who tom marvolo riddle was
Did Voldemort pick his name strictly because of it being an anagram for Tom Marvolo Riddle? That's a dumb way to pick your supervillain name
I wonder how long it took Tom Marvolo Riddle to anagram his name to "I am Lord Voldemort"
I want a short story of Tom Marvolo Riddle coming up with Lord Voldemort as his name
The whole Tom Marvolo Riddle/I am Lord Voldemort anagram always seemed like a bit of a stretch to me.
when tom marvolo riddle is unscrambled to I am Lord Voldemort truly ICONIC
Seriously, the best thing ever is when Tom Marvolo Riddle transforms into "I am Lord Voldemort". 👓⚡️
Which came first - the name Tom Marvolo Riddle or Lord Voldemort? Cause that is some serious wordplay there.
"And when I meet Tom Marvolo Riddle, ima compel him to include blood traitors in the sequel WORK"
I wonder how long it took J.K. Rowling to get from Tom Marvolo Riddle to I Am Lord Voldemort or vise versa
If Tom Marvolo Riddle is supposed to be an anagram for Voldemort... What do the extra letters spell? I need answers,
'Tom Marvolo Riddle' changing to 'I am Lord Voldemort' is missing though.😝
how can people not know Tom Marvolo Riddle is Voldemort ?? I'm so
Help me out I need a cool anagram for my name like "I Am Lord Voldemort" is to Tom Marvolo Riddle but all I got is "Grab Neby"
While the anagram to 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' is 'I am Lord Voldemort' as my friend pointed out 'Albus Dumbledore' becomes 'Male bods rule, bud!
Bruh watch y'alls mouths. Tom Marvolo Riddle was a genius and a scholar. Trump is a bafoon.
"Voldemort is my past, present, and future." - Tom Marvolo Riddle
If Voldemort hadn't wanted to leave "I am" out of his anagram for "tom marvolo riddle" he could have gone by Lord Tim V…
Do you ever get in the zone writing notes in class and think for a second you're communicating with Tom Marvolo Riddle in his diary
Before he was Voldemort he was Tom Marvolo Riddle, before that he was Tom Cougar Riddle, and before that he was just Tom Cougar.
Wow. 'Osama Bin Ladin' is an anagram of 'Tom Marvolo Riddle'.
Shock and horror.I am Tom Marvolo Riddle u know 😂
Happy 37th Birthday, Christian Coulson (He played Tom Marvolo Riddle in Chamber of Secrets.
Who is your favorite fictional character? — Tom Marvolo Riddle 😏😏
Tom Marvolo Riddle is a dumb anagram
I'm still mad at Tom Marvolo Riddle actually being I Am Lord Voldemort
I love these two more than I should. Draco Lucius Malfoy,and Tom Marvolo Riddle
Do you know about the Tom Marvolo Riddle/Dave Mollrot More theory? I think it's rubbish but I'd like your opinion . . .
I think anybody that read Chamber of Secrets checked to make sure "I am Lord Voldemort" and "Tom Marvolo Riddle" had the same letters
Do people realize the of She was so witty to use an for "I Am Lord Voldemort" through Tom Marvolo Riddle!
"It is a name better fit for greatness than Tom Marvolo Riddle."
I don't like the way Tom Marvolo Riddle transformed into I Am Lord Voldemort, it would be much better as Mr. Tom, A Didlo Lover x]
Second things second, i have the same birthday as Tom Marvolo Riddle also known as
Merlin's Beard! But hey, if Tom Marvolo Riddle is an anagram for "I AM Lord Voldemort", I just point out that...
passing you a piece of parchment that stated; . Name: Tom Marvolo Riddle. Parents: Tom Riddle Sr. and Merope Gaunt >>
'Hello Draco, my name is Tom Marvolo Riddle...' There was a brief pause before the words faded again and more writing >>
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And Tom Marvolo Riddle can be rearranged to spell, "I am Lord Voldermort." ;)
. 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' anagrams to 'I am Lord Voldemort' and 'Troll Mad Over Modi'
Does Buhari know that Lord Voldemort's real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle?
Tom Marvolo Riddle (chambers of secrets) Reason why you can't blame bellatrix from loving voldemort😍
Tom Marvolo Riddle= I am Lord Voldemort. Google anagram and check the did you mean? Still not sure what the other is called
Reviewing the Timeline and I don't see Tom Marvolo Riddle...Why?
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"Voldemort... is my past, present, and future, Harry Potter." - Tom Marvolo Riddle (Chamber of Secrets)
Tom Marvolo Rİddle: years ago, i knew a boy who made all the wrong choices.
But the winner was Prof Dumbledore called him by his childhood name... Tom Riddle Marvolo
Tom Marvolo Riddle. I am Lord Voldemort . Do you see it ?!
Now in stock 😊 . Tom Marvolo Riddle diary just arrived 😉.
During my AP physics free resp, I had a lot of time left so I used it to show my AP readers how Tom Marvolo Riddle turns into I am Voldemort
Product of a love potion: Tom Marvolo Riddle
Yall done brought up Tom Marvolo Riddle again. Why yall do this, Sharon?
if it turns into a bad boy we can call it Tom marvolo riddle, or voldemort for short
Twist letters around in Tom Marvolo Riddle and it reads: I am Lord Voldemort. :3
A tak btw tom marvolo riddle to taki top hot postaci
That day was the day Lord Voldemort/Tom Marvolo Riddle had died.
Tom Marvolo Riddle: I'm Lord Voldermort. 😎 makes sense to me. 😁😁
Name Origins - mugglenet: Tom Marvolo Riddle – If you rearrange the letters, it spells “I am Lord...
Tom Marvolo Riddle is just plain mean.. Yes! That's me calling him with the name he hates.. Filthy mud blood kawai
+- won, like the morning had predicted. Unfortunately for that aspect of things, hadn't encounter Tom Marvolo Riddle. Only Tom.
so I started feeling sick the second I joked about you... Tom Marvolo Riddle, is it you?
Louis van Gaal is an anagram of Tom Marvolo Riddle
The answer to this week's quiz is 'Tom Marvolo Riddle'. Thk you Ms Garner for drawing the winners Ellie R and Emma H!
Moaning Myrtle – Muggle-born Ravenclaw student during Tom Marvolo Riddle's time at Hogwarts, killed by the Basilisk in a girl's bathroom.
to note the scary resemblance between Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis and Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort?
What if they'd all never taken his name out of fear and Hermione made out the stupid Tom Marvolo Riddle anagram while petting Crookshanks?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Speaking of Voldemort my favorite thing from the Harry Potter movies is still the whole "Tom Marvolo Riddle = I am Lord Voldemort" scene lol
Have an Anagram "Tom Marvolo Riddle" become "I am Lord Voldemort" 😃 ★ Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets —
Still amazed at how the letters in Tom Marvolo Riddle can be arranged to I am Lord Voldemort
Tom Marvolo Riddle is completely and totally awful but also completely and totally attractive 😍
FUN FACT: In the French version of Voldemort's real name - Tom Marvolo Riddle - is Tom Elvis Jesudor!
Walked by while my mom was watching some talk show. Guy on screen identified as Tom Marvolo Riddle. Walked away.
Doorstop? is more useful as decoy text for Tom Marvolo Riddle's diary!
I wonder what it feels like not to feel anything. Tom Marvolo Riddle is the only known wizard to have made multiple horcruxes.
31st December, 1926. No one knew then that on that day, the most powerful Dark Wizard of all time, Tom Marvolo Riddle,…
and this is Voldemort's signature when he was Tom Marvolo Riddle~
Tom Marvolo Riddle was an anagram. Its anagram was: I AM Lord Voldemort. 🙊
You know what? My new name will be Tom Marvolo Riddle.
I have life moments when all I can do is stop and say 'Seriously?'Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as Voldemort, was born
If I marry a guy with the last name Riddle and have a son would it be completely unacceptable to call him Tom Marvolo?
I'm starting to realise that I wished Tom Marvolo Riddle had won instead of Harry 😕
The best phrase to hear: ",,,but I love you," The worst phrase to hear: Tom Marvolo Riddle (Voldemorts real name) prod
My diary looks like the diary of Tom Marvolo Riddle...
I've never gotten over how amazing it is that 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' is an anagram for 'I am Lord Voldemort'
buckbeak** but no I have to say tom marvolo riddle has a certain ring to it
Hey Tom Riddle, whys your anagram so bait for? TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE - I am voldemort. . WHAT BLUD?
Whenever I type the word 'Tom' out I want to follow it with 'Marvolo Riddle'... ://
I remember reading Chamber of Secrets when I was younger and finding out the Tom Marvolo Riddle anagram. Blew my mind
Tom Marvolo Riddle more like what a babe.
"Tom marvolo riddle" . "I am Lord Voldemort". Aka the biggest plot twist if my childhood
Tom Marvolo Riddle is a bellend though
I never even realised that Tom Marvolo Riddle spells I am Lord Voldermort
You are so going to get what's coming to you Tom Marvolo Riddle.
Demba Ba has actually sat and worked out the 'Tom Marvolo Riddle - I am Lord Voldemort' anagram, just to check it's validity.
Imagine if your name were Tom Marvolo Riddle and you needed to make it into an anagram so it became your Evil Name.
Must've taken jk rowling ages to work out the whole tom marvolo riddle anagram
ADMIT IT. We've all written Tom Marvolo Riddle out to see if it re-arranges to Lord Voldemort.
The diaries of Tom Riddle By Matthew Hanson Prologue The fresh summer air filled the small rural town of Little Hangleton, where in a distant field not far from town sat two young lovers having a romantic picnic. One of the young lovers was a handsome man by the name of Tom. Toms gleaming black hair, and striking features stuck out in the bright summer day. So much so that he almost diminished any beauty his partner did have. Her pale skin and worn silvery-blonde hair, which was almost translucent, made her look like a ghost in comparison to Tom. “Do you like the picnic, my love?" asked Tom. "I love it, it’s perfect," exclaimed the young woman, as she looked upon the romantic spread Tom had delicately set just minutes before. "I am so lucky you found me, Tom," she said, as she leaned in next to Tom’s ear. "I have something to tell you, it’s very important," she continued. Tom’s was looking at her, concerned etched into his brow. “What is it, darling?” He said tenderly "Do you truly love me?" ...
Just so we're all aware, this is how Tom Marvolo Riddle had to be translated to spell "I am Lord Voldemort"... French: Tom Elvis Jedusor / Je suis Voldemort German: Tom Vorlost Riddle / Ist Lord Voldemort Spanish: Tom Sorvolo Ryddle / Soy Lord Voldemort
Not since Tom Marvolo Riddle have I encountered a name so malevolently innocent as Reince Priebus
the Tom Riddle grave stone in between studio's J and K is incorrect (it has Tom Marvolo Riddle on it)
WHAT IS VOLDEMORT'S NAME IN CHINESE? How do you make "Tom Marvolo Riddle" into "I am Lord Voldemort" in Chinese I must know
2- Tom Marvolo Riddle anagrams to what? Turtleasaurus the rainbow flying drapple shipper
If Harry Potter were Colin Singleton, he would have figured out that Tom Marvolo Riddle was Voldemort a lot sooner.
My top 11 Picks to replace Matt Smith as The Doctor. From 11 to 1. 11. Benedict Cumberbatch - He's Sherlock. But, he's already within the realm of Famous. 10. Henry Cavill - I think he is too widely known but he made a great Superman, and that's got to count for something. :) And he's British! 9. Allen Leech - He's British. 8. Kit Harington - No idea, he's British. 7. Charlie Hunnam - He's hot and British. 6. Christian Coulson - Tom Marvolo Riddle. 5. Jonathan Aris. - No idea who he is, but he's a UK actor. 4. Paul Blackthorne - He was Harry Dresden in The Dresden Files. 3. Johnny Lee Miller - Sherlock Holmes in Elementary. I love the show, but I think he would make a Great Doctor. 2. Christopher Rankin - Percy Weasley, He's Ginger. And my Number One pick to replace Matt Smith as The Doctor would be: Russel Tovey - UK's Being Human.
Some Harry Potter Facts. -Daniel Randcliffe's favorite HP book is Chamber of Secrets, Emma Watson's favorite HP book is Prisoner of Azkaban and Rupert Grint's favorite HP book is The Goblet of Fire. -Neville asked the Sorting Hat to be put in Hufflepuff because he found Gryffindor's reputation for bravery intimidating. -Most of the members of the Black family are named after stars. -Voldemort cannot love because he was conceived under the effects of a Love Potion. -The first Harry Potter novel was published in 1998, the same year that the final Battle of Hogwarts take place. "I open at the close." -J.K. Rowling has said that when she took an online Sorting Hat quiz it sorted her into Hufflepuff. -Both Sirius and Fred, Hogwarts pranksters from different generations, died laughing. -Tom Marvolo Riddle is also an anagram for "immortal odd lover." -Slytherin house was the first and last house mentioned in the series. -October 9 of 1995, Dumbledore's Army meets in the Room of Requirement for the first time to ...
That same year, fifth year student Tom Marvolo Riddle, who would go on to become Lord Voldemort, opened...
Tom Marvolo Riddle was the last of riddles.
his name's not, by chance, an anagram of "Tom Marvolo Riddle"?
Did you know. Tom Marvolo Riddle, in addition to being an anagram for Lord Voldemort, is also an anagram for "Immortal Odd Lover"
You MUST apply for a character. Characters can only be reserved for 5 days unless given good reason.   Tom Marvolo Riddle | 17 | Head Boy | Slytherin | OPEN | FC: Tom Hiddleston Tom Marvolo Riddle has always been a quiet boy. Quiet but mysterious. He has been known for threatning those who bother him. Anyone who knows Tom Riddle knows that he is a very intelligent but cunning student. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And he always gets what he wants. One way or another.     Rubeus Hagrid | 17 | EXPELLED | Gamekeeper | Gryffindor | OPEN | FC: Peter Jackson Rubeus Hagrid has an appreciation for all living creatures, whether it be dragon, blast ended skrewt or acromantula. This love for animals has gotten him into trouble in the past, causing his expulsion from Hogwarts. For many years everyone thought he was the heir of Slytherin. But Hagrid has returned to Hogwarts, defending his name and fighting alongside Dumbledore.   Albus Dumbledore | 100 | Transfiguration Professor | Gryffindor | OPE ...
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I admit. I had a sort of 'like' for Tom Riddle when he showed up in the chamber of secrets! Honestly. But, when he grew up to be Voldemort, the like became HATE. Pure hate. Tom Marvolo Riddle accepted your friend request. Write on Tom's timeline? Well, okay! XD
Spent five minutes rearranging I AM Lord Voldermort just to check it spells TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE
Just anagrammed Tom Marvolo Riddle to I Am Lord Voldemort with scrabble cheez its. I think this may be an all time high nerdy level for me.
The famous person sharing my last name...Tom Marvolo Riddle. Does an alias count?
“Longbottom has to be one of the most ridiculous surnames ever.” Right up there with "Tom Marvolo Riddle."
LOL ey..btw delinlea is from danielle right? just like Lord Voldemort from Tom marvolo riddle, is it? what kind of qustion is itXD
• "Funny, the damage a silly little book can do, especially in the hands of a silly little girl. " - Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Vold
Tom Marvolo Riddle is one of my heroes
What would happen if I legally changed my name to Tom Marvolo Riddle? Would people think I'm strange?
Tom Marvolo Riddle = I Am Lord Voldemort --sometimes I think the 'I am' is just because there wasn't a better anagram??
Tom Marvolo Riddle is coming. He'll Crucio every boys in blue on the pitch.
If I have a son I'm gonna name him Tom Marvolo Riddle😈
Lord Voldemort (born Tom Marvolo Riddle) is a fictional character and the main antagonist of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter.
Oh, I dunno -- and Voldermort was born TOM Marvolo Riddle
Roses are red Violets are blue AVADA KEDAVRA I love you -cit.Tom Marvolo Riddle
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he wrote to me Tom Marvolo Riddle style on a piece of paper and when I walked into Subway it was really Dunkin Donuts
We've all written out Tom Marvolo Riddle to see if the letters actually spell "I am Lord Voldemort" don't lie ;)
Would it be too much if I changed my name to "Tom Marvolo Riddle?
Another anagram of 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' is 'Immortal, odd lover.'
Who is...? I will give you a name, you tell me who they are. 5 points to each person. 25 to chosen winner [ Be as specific as possible] Tom Marvolo Riddle ~ Admin-Wolfbane
Besides 'I am Lord Voldemort', 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' is also an anagram of 'Armored Doll Vomit' but it didn't have the same Dark Lord ring.
Because the letters in Tom Marvolo Riddle rearrange to make "I am Lord Voldemort"
Anakin Skywalker turned into Darth Vader , Tom Marvolo Riddle turned into Lord Voldmort
random questions quiz Hagrid was not, however, the heir of Slytherin. That person turned out to be Tom Marvolo Riddle himself, who came to be known by what name after he graduated from Hogwarts? ~ Admin Peevesie Weevsie
The fact that Tom Marvolo Riddle actually spells I Am Lord Voldemort STILL messes with my head
In each case, the embodiment of evil was once good. Sauron began as a good spirit; Darth Vader was once a Jedi Knight; Voldemort was originally an innocent boy named Tom Marvolo Riddle; and Satan himself was a fallen angel...things I learn from my music appreciation book :)
Regulus Black, to Sirius Black "I tried to do what you would have done, in the end" Peter Pettigrew, to James Potter "I wish I could take it back" Gideon Prewett, to Arthur Weasley "You take good care of our Molly, you hear" Merope Gaunt, to Tom Marvolo Riddle "Grow up strong like your father, Tommy. But learn to love." Dobby, to Harry Potter "Harry Potter is safe now, sir. Dobby has repaid him." Quirinus Quirrell, to Sybll Trelawney "Travelling will bring great peril, indeed. I’m sorry I laughed." Cedric Diggory, to Amos Diggory "I won, Dad. Aren’t you proud?" Colin Creevey, to Dennis Creevey "I died like a real wizard, Dennis. Isn’t that cool?" Kendra Dumbledore, to Ariana Dumbledore "I wish I could have fixed it. That’s what mothers are supposed to do, right?" Fred Weasley, to George Weasley "Don’t worry, George. I’m going to heaven. Guess how I know? Because we’re the Holy Spirit! Get it? Because you’re holey and I’m… dead. Please don’t cry." Severus Snape, to Lily Evans "I tried ...
Today marks the birthday of one of our literary characters, Tom Marvolo Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort!
I want to wish a very UNHAPPY birthday to Mr. Tom Marvolo Riddle, the infamous Lord Voldemort. Hope it *** big time for you Dark Lord!! :P ~Emma
Today is Lord Voldemort's 86th birthday! Tom Marvolo Riddle was born on 31st December 1926 and died on 2nd May 1998.
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This Week’s Reading – Chapters 17 & 18 It’s here! The end of Chamber of Secrets! We can’t believe how quickly we’ve gotten to this point, thank you to everyone who’s reading along with us! Join us as we reveal The Heir of Slytherin and procure Dobby’s Reward. Entering the Chamber on his own, Harry discovers Ginny’s seemingly lifeless body and the mysterious Tom Riddle by her side. The threat of the Basilisk lingers as Harry tries to wake the girl but Riddle lives up to his name and decides to monologue instead. The events of the entire book are recapped from a new perspective and a slightly convenient anagram is solved. Tom Marvolo Riddle is Devil Mort Malodor… or something like that. Ickle Voldykins summons his Basilisk and our twelve year old hero must figure out how to fight a giant snake with only a tiny stick and a very limited magical vocabulary. (Expelliarmus won’t help here… though Wingardium Leviosa could’ve at least kept it out of the way.) Luckily in a stunning case of d ...
Tom Marvolo Riddle: You wake up at Hogwarts, Diagon Allery, Knockturn Alley. You wake up at Hogsmeade, Azkaban, Leaky Cauldron. Little Hangleton, mountain, Godric's Hollow. Lose an hour, gain an hour. This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time. You wake up at a Graveyard. If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up without a nose? -Padfoot
Anagram An anagram is a type of word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once; for example orchestra can be rearranged into carthorse. Someone who creates anagrams is called an anagrammatist.[1] The original word or phrase is known as the subject of the anagram. Any word or phrase that exactly reproduces the letters in another order is an anagram. However, the goal of serious or skilled anagrammatists is to produce anagrams that in some way reflect or comment on the subject. Such an anagram may be a synonym or antonym of its subject, a parody, a criticism, or praise; e.g. George Bush = He bugs Gore; Madonna Louise Ciccone = Occasional nude income or One cool dance musician; William Shakespeare = I am a weakish speller, Roger Meddows Taylor = Great words or melody. Aiwass the Minister = I Sin, I was the Master. Anagrams are also often used in fiction for character aliases, such as Tom Marvolo Riddle = I am L ...
but he is a sad clown, it sounds demented like a Jim Carey character...Tom Marvolo Riddle!!!
It still blows my mind that Tom Marvolo Riddle mixes up to say I Am Lord Voldemort like what
Tom Marvolo Riddle was sexy and he knew it.
A friend wrote 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' on the back of my school planner OH YESSS
Just spoke to Tom Riddle on the phone. I really wanted to ask him if his middle name was Marvolo.
The amount of thought that went into naming Voldemort is amazing. From Tom Marvolo Riddle to I am Lord Voldemort.
Screw this. I'm Tom Marvolo Riddle. You all are beneath me, muggles.
If I ever meet a man with the last name Riddle, I'm going to marry him, name our child Tom Marvolo, then get a divorce and keep the kid.
The Chancellor wasn't named "George at birth, you know? No, in his childhood he was called "Tom Marvolo Riddle".
lol I've always wanted to ask. How mindblown were you when you found out Lord Voldermort came from Tom Marvolo Riddle?
Tom Marvolo Riddle: Let's match the power of Lord Voldemort, Heir of Salazar Slytherin, against the famous Harry Potter.
I am Lord Voldermort - Tom Marvolo Riddle. The movies' LV didn't inspire enough terror to not be called by his moniker
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"So this is what Dumbledore sends his great defender. A songbird and an old hat." ~ Tom Marvolo Riddle.
"There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it..." - Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldermort
I hate when my classmates make a google doc for study guides. I mean, yeah it's great that I can compare my knowlege with that of my peers... but I just spend the whole time restraining myself from typing "I am Tom Marvolo Riddle" on it.
So I'm heading to Cuatros for the Presidential Debate Watch Party (you may also know this event as the 4th General Meeting at Cuatros (Presidential Debate Watch Party)) so I can watch some smack down laid upon Mitt "Tom Marvolo Riddle" Romney.
Harry Potter taught us that the people that we care about should always come first. Hermione Granger taught us that we should think things through. Ron Weasley taught us that even though we might not always be in the spotlight, we still shine. Albus Dumbledore taught us that you are never to old to make mistakes. Severus Snape taught us that love is worth the risk. Sirius Black taught us that we can never get time back, so don’t waste it. Neville Longbottom taught us that it takes time to grow into who we really are. Luna Lovegood taught us that standing on the outside looking in could be a good thing. Rubeus Hagrid taught us that you don’t have to have a wand to be magical. Draco Malfoy taught us that we don’t always have to be who our parents are. Minerva McGonagall taught us to always trust our friends, families, leaders, and our gut. Dobby taught us what loyalty is all about. Lily and James Potter taught us not to fear death. Tom Marvolo Riddle taught us that there is always a choice and it is p ...
If you rearrange the letters in Mitt "Tom Marvolo Riddle" Romney, it becomes: Mitt "I am Lord Voldemort" Romney.
"I seriously do believe that I am able to charm the people I need." - Tom Marvolo Riddle before becoming Lord Voldemort
He is, really, the greatest villain ever! :)) TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE | Lord Voldemort
Parseltounge won't save you now, Potter. -Tom Marvolo Riddle. Marathon.
tom marvolo riddle aka VOLDEMORT blamed the death on the spider so hogwarts didn't get shut down cuz he was an orphan
“I can make bad things happen to people who are mean to me” -Tom Marvolo Riddle
Lord Voldermort/tom marvolo riddle - is that an anagram? NO BECAUSE THERE IS ONE R IN VOLDEMORT
Tom Marvolo Riddle was brought up in a muggle orphanage after his mother Merope Gaunt died giving birth to him. Tom was told she lived just long enough to name him Tom after his father and Marvolo after his grandfather. He was always considered different as a child and treated somewhat differently b...
Tom Marvolo Riddle. ;). Yeah but I still think Tom Felton is pretty baha :-)
No he change his name around from Tom Marvolo Riddle to make it I Am Lord Voldemort :)
Lol I never understand why 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' has to spell out 'I am Lord Voldemort'. Couldn't she have made something without the 'I am'?
Tom Marvolo Riddle is cute. Evil, but cute.
Dear Tom Marvolo Riddle. You are devilishly handsome. Unf. Okay. I can go to work now. Just need not work pants.
Watching Chamber of Secrets.. So weird to revisit a time when HP didn't know who Tom Marvolo Riddle was. Maybe I ought to re-read.
Lehane, you're too easy. Andrew Laeddis, Edward Daniels... Tom Marvolo Riddle, I am Lord Voldemort.
Tom Marvolo Riddle anagrams. In case you didn't catch on.
When you first find out that Tom Marvolo Riddle can change to I am Lord Voldemort. Mind=Blown.
Tom Marvolo Riddle in Arabic, check it out ✌
sorry but i dont like voldemort carctor but i like Tom Marvolo Riddle hope u understand.. :)x
Tom Marvolo Riddle was widely predicted to become Minister of Magic due to his intelligence, magical talent, and ability to forge alliances.
Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Voldemort aka the Dark Lord,I feel sorry for you!
"A House of Bears," "Excerpt from the Diary of Tom Marvolo Riddle" (and "Music Appreciation" (I'm a musician).
My Harry Potter me out.I'm reading book 7 (DEATHLY HALLOWS, as if you need to be told the title.).Harry figures out that Voldemort is related to Salazar Slytherin (ok, we knew that earlier...bear with me here) and that Marvolo Gaunt is Slytherin's descendant.somewhere in there, he figures out that Ignotis Peverall is also related to Gaunt. Then, later, doesn't Harry say HE is a descendant of Ignotis Peverall? Did I mix something up? Is that right??? And if that's right, doesn't that make Tom Riddle (Voldemort) related to Harry in some distant way? I think I misread something or that I am mis-remembering what I thought I read.
Gabby Douglas' last name rearranges to "USA Gold." You know who else had a rearranged name? Tom Marvolo Riddle. I got my eye on you, Gabby.
My name is Hermione Jean Granger. I love Ronald Bilius Weasley. Harry James Potter is my best friend. We shanked Tom Marvolo Riddle
the bit in chamber of secrets when riddle writes 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' in the air and it rearranges to read 'I Am Lord Voldemort'
Some people who claim to be potterheads just said they they found out "Tom Marvolo Riddle = I Am Lord Voldemort". I can't even..
I've always wondered how Tom Marvolo Riddle found 'I am Lord Voldemort' in his name...
my firstsite key card is actually a horcrux. am Tom Marvolo Riddle
I'm assuming this is Tom Felton and not Tom Marvolo Riddle...
Tom Marvolo Riddle jajaja the name dilemma via
I just learned you can spell I Am Lord Voldemort out of Tom Marvolo Riddle. (Voldemort's real name)
I have deduced that Lord Voldemort (aka Tom Marvolo Riddle) died at the age of 71. Rationale: Harry started school at age 11, then discovered in his second year that 50 years prior Riddle had set free a basilisk while he was a fifth year (so he would have been 16 at that time and 66 in the second book), he died five years later in the final book.
People named Tom Marvolo Riddle as an evil wizard.
You guys dont understand my love for Tom Marvolo Riddle.
Tom Marvolo Riddle: the creepiest kid on the playground.
Tom Marvolo Riddle, you gotta rearrange those letters
Photoset: › Tom Marvolo Riddle or Lucius Malfoy - requested by Anonymous
i don't no how JK Rowling came up with that Tom Marvolo Riddle and i am Lord Voldemort thingy.she is awesome
Tom Marvolo Riddle = Dammit, do roll over!. Way better than 'I am Lord Voldemort', imo xD
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Different names tried by JKR to reverse anagram it to a sentence with Lord Voldemort before settling for Tom Marvolo Riddle.
That's how I imagine Tom Marvolo Riddle while I write my fanfiction *-*
I can't even read this it's so poorly written. Unless its something similar to Tom Marvolo Riddle=I am Lord Voldemort
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