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Thomas Joseph Leykis (pronounced: ; born August 1, 1956) is an American talk radio personality best known for hosting The Tom Leykis Show from 1994 to 2009 (nationally syndicated), and April 2012 to the present (internet streamcast/podcast).

Who's repping the GnD Militia at the holiday party on Thurs? Get tix here
Listening to the Tom Leykis radio show live @ He has to be the BEST talk show radio host in the world. Take a listen
I liked a video from Paul Elam on the Tom Leykis Show
Check out Tom Leykis Show on Radio best part right now
The Tom Leykis Show for the week of 2013.09.23
I strongly recommend advertising on the Tom Leykis Show and "Canto Talk." Tell them I sent you.
I’m listening to Tom Leykis Show and with the Radio app
Tom Leykis Show with great topic today
lol this guy is struggleing on the Tom Leykis show.
For my my fellow The Tom Leykis Show P1's please support my Indiegogo campaign to my this documentary, my first.
There is still time to enter our contest to win a one-year subscription to Premium Tom!
Almost all caught up on The Tom Leykis Show:-) I absolutely love the Art Webb and Mike bashing but nothing tops
I'm listening to Tom Leykis Show on TuneIn is time for
Tom Leykis Show with Live RIGHT now - 7/2/2013 3pm
Art's replacement should immediately be nicknamed *** ! . Welcome, *** to the Tom Leykis Show!!
Flash Friday on the Tom Leykis Show. M-F, 3-6 Pac. 6-9 East Coasters Friday. Anything goes and probably will.
Iz listening to tha Tom Leykis Show on tunein. Great show.
at work and I'm listening to Tom Leykis Show on TuneIn
Saving Another Soul: From a reader:I heard about you on the Tom Leykis Show and I immediately picked up your ...
hey George go on the Tom Leykis Show ! He thinks your Big Timing him . Your fans would love to hear you on his show !
oh! Another rerun of an old Tom Leykis Show
Soap Opera done Tom Leykis Show style. Blow me up!
listening to sulli on the Tom Leykis Show replay.
Mustaches on women revealed to be the ultimate dating turn-off for single men | The Tom Leykis Show
Getting Wayden and The Tom Leykis Show some new exposure last night!!!
Support The Tom Leykis Show by buying your wines direct from Amazon!
Not saying I'm on a roll or anything but I just convinced a friend to call in to the Tom Leykis Show.
The "NEW NORMAL of Talk Radio!! •The Tom Leykis Show debuted on April 2, 2012 after a 37 month forced hiatus from...
Tom Leykis Show with is talking about changing formats
I absolutely Love This Professor Tom Leykis's Photo what an awesome show
Poll Dance for the Night: Who's your favorite TSA worker at John Wayne? Ours is the guy who listens to The Tom Leykis Show—now, your turn!
A few days later still enjoying my appearance at the Tom Leykis Show. The Guys are amazing thank you
Climb aboard and hold on the Tom Leykis Show starts at 3:00 Pacific Time. Blowmeuptom
was in studio with Tom Leykis Show with Tom Garry Art Dino & great interview & fantastic time Happy Anniversary Tom Leykis
Happy anniversary ! Thanks for helping make the Tom Leykis Show a success! Your nephews are grateful, and I'm one of them!
I had faith in the Tom Leykis Show and became a year premium member a year ago and signed back up again for a year last week.
Hmm I like you. You are like the Tom Leykis Show cheerleader.
Tom Leykis Show on your Tune in app
Repairs on our Tom Leykis Show stream continue. Sorry for the inconvenience. We're working on it.
As heard on The Tom Leykis Show, we Now sell "On Tequila" Premium Tequilas, you gotta try it, is better than Don...
Thank you for an other Great & Outstanding show, Tom Leykis you are our Superhero, I can not imagine a world without your show
Listen in at 6pmEST to the Tom Leykis show today to hear them talk about the from
Don't give the Toilet an Engagement Ring, today's Best Tom Leykis Show Quote
An other Awesome Show Thank you Professor Tom Leykis Greatly enjoyed and appreciated your advice and wisdom
Anyone heard me on Tom Leykis show today?
We will have a very important show for Single Men learn how to date & treat women Leykis 101 at 5:00 pm Tom Leykis Show
. The only thing left to make The Tomas Leykis Show more Mexican is for Tom to start speaking Spanish
an electrician came to fix my lights I downloaded tunein in his iPhone set Tom Leykis Show as Favorite & made him listen to you
Tom Leykis Show that is in its 6th airing in 24 hours trending 34th IN THE WORLD this morning on
Listen to the Tom Leykis Show at blowmeuptom
Your expertise & wisdom is requested from the Tom Leykis Show!
In LA visiting the Tom Leykis Show. Find the New Normal at
I liked a video Tom Leykis Show - Video Contest Submission from DarkToLightMedia
US on Tom Leykis Show with 101 a day behind. La clase comienza.
Catching up on what I missed of the Tom Leykis Show yesterday.
Over 1200 views in two days... and critical acclaim on the Tom Leykis Show check my potentially contest winning...
I liked a video Hitler reacts to the new Tom Leykis Show.
Next step - let Sulli guest host one hour of the Tom Leykis Show! PLEASE
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12/24/12's Tom Leykis Show was the best show I have listened to since I have been a listener (2006). Come new year, getting P1 so I can DL.
US on Tom Leykis Show with Get the word about the shooting now listen live
Special Tom Leykis at 1pm NOW (talk about shootings): Tom Leykis Show will have a special edition starting at 1p...
About to start another edition of the Tom Leykis Show.
An hour of on the Tom Leykis Show, is an hour of deep intellectual conversation! Love it!
Tom Leykis Show poll: What did you watch tonight? Lakers/Jazz or Jenni Rivera coverage?
In retrospect, the creepiest part of the tom leykis show was the callers calling him 'dad'/him calling them 'son'.
We're on. Brand new show. NOW. NOW. NOW! Call (901) 3000-TOM. Listen here:
We're on. Brand new show. NOW. NOW. NOW! Listen here:
Make sure you tune in to the Tom leykis show for your dose of money Monday! or search tom In tunein app.
Thanks for Giving us back the Tom Leykis Show!!! Lots of gobble gobble and stuffing on thanksgiving! And I don't mean turkey!
Tom Leykis Show premium podcast - Offering a free weekly episode would be good promo for paid offering.
If you are a Republican don't see this video clip, LOL
I can add radio to my list, I was just on the "Tom Leykis Show" part of their "be funny" segment.
The number for the Tom Leykis Show. I'm a regular listener now.
The Tom Leykis Show shared the following link and had this to say about it: This just in: FINALLY, Romney reveals the details of his tax plan.
(About Radio) Show Them Up Tom Leykis: The Tom Leykis Show has been streaming through the Intern...
Ok, so this is for my guy friends that want to get their balls back and the little ladies to learn how we think (men) Go to the tunein app find The Tom Leykis Show you will find the best advise on everything you can think of.leykis101 baby!
Anybody remember years back on The Tom Leykis Show where there was some woman taking donations on the internet to pay off college loans?
The new favorite team of The Tom Leykis Show!
Check us out on the Tom Leykis Show, Tasting with Tom!
Tonight at 9 PM PT/midnight ET, a very special LIVE Tom Leykis Show. Don't say we didn't warn you! Pass it on!
The Tom Leykis Show to check out the online "flash mob"...see how many listeners can increase in 5 minutes...started at 2100 listeners
listening to The Tom Leykis Show on Visit or download at
Listening to the Tom Leykis show and dude calls saying his name is Ishmael. He then goes on to talk about how he likes to bang fat chicks. Tom suggests he take a harpoon to the club with him while he goes whale hunting. My sides have vibrated out of existence.
Listening to The Tom Leykis Show on TuneIn & coming up next (doubling up my dosage) is BeeEeeEEeeEEee Funny...
Hear the entire September 17, 1980 edition of Be Funny right here:
Premium Tom subscribers are getting a special treat tonight: the September 17th edition of Be Funny. In its entirety! That's right! September 17th.1980! Hear a brief clip on today's show. Support our show by subscribing here:
September Triton Webcast Metrics say The Tom Show had enough unique listeners to fill the Rose Bowl AND Staples Center to capacity.
So many of you writing about Mangrates. Here's where to get them with The Tom Leykis Show discount: ...
Had a great time talking with and on The Tom Leykis Show today!
Listening to The Tom Leykis Show, hook him up on Funny, Talks sense, Gives good advice.
Its money Monday on the Tom Leykis Show! Tune in now!
Excited! Getting my stuff ready for my website! Thanks to Patrick Cornell for helping me out, i heard his advertisement from The Tom Leykis Show! Hope to advertise with Tom as soon as Patrick hooks me up:) Thanks Guys!
listen to the Tom Leykis Show instead on the tune-in app
Listen to Tom Leykis from 3pm to 6pm @!!! Get more info @ The Tom Leykis Show.
Still wondering wth happend to the john and jeff show Maybe i should call the Tom Leykis Show and ask him
“The Tom Leykis Show / August 31, 2012 Hour 2 on with Thought this meant you were on,sorry
Who remembers radio show The Tom Leykis Show "FLASH FRIDAY" those where the good times...
If you guys didn't listen to The Tom Leykis Show today, you guys missed out!
Brian from "Mark & Brian" on the Tom Leykis Show right now...
Ladies... The second hour of The Tom Leykis Show, should be required listening for all women in a relationship or/and want to get serious.
What time is Rep. Akin going to be on the Tom Leykis Show today?
Many of our P1 listeners have asked me to send them or to post my recent comments about Mark & Brian. Here they are. For more from The Tom Leykis Show library, visit
The Tom Leykis Show shared Erin Sontag's photo. "Another signpost in the continuing death of radio as we knew it." . are YOU ready?
My main point was to get some revenue going for both the Tom Leykis Show and that guys auto shop! Win win situation!
Chances are, if you have lived on the West Coast in the past 10 years you have heard of Tom Leykis. His “Hot Talk” format radio program, “The Tom Leykis Show,”
I liked a video Jayden on the Tom Leykis Show.m4v
Radio people like Derek Richardson or Tom London may be interested in this case study of the The Tom Leykis Show...
Tom Show listeners, advertisers, agencies and media buyers: The Tom Leykis Show signed with Triton for metrics.
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The Tom Leykis Show / July 31, 2012 Hour 2 on with your best dad keep that up forget hater
Thank you for making talk audio content relevant again with the Tom Leykis Show and The Gary and Dino Show. No static, just fun!
I have The Tom Leykis Show playing in the background and it's so funny that I'm having trouble doing my work. want to laugh?
anyone else listen to The Tom Leykis Show ? i'm getting back into it . Very non-p.c.
The Tom Leykis Show on from 3pm to 6pm!!! Time to bring back FLASH FRIDAYS!
Tasted on The Tom Leykis Show today, listen to the re-run if you missed it!
Preview and download the podcast The Tom Leykis Show on iTunes. Read episode descriptions and customer reviews.
Listening to The Tom Leykis Show right now. The man is BRILLIANT! He is not a misogynist, he is simply a realist. Listen carefully and at your own risk
I favorited a video Murder Confession by woman On Tom Leykis Show
Radio jockeys The Tom Leykis Show is pushing the boundaries for Internet radio. Radio Ink magazine features an...
The only way to start a Tuesday morning is with a replay of Money Monday on the Tom Leykis Show
domain names
Thanks for saying that The Tom Leykis Show "could be the future of radio."
Why are so many boys turning into pussed out men? Call (901) 3000-TOM LIVE NOW! A new LIVE Tom Leykis Show starts NOW.
Captain Capitalism: Advertising on the Tom Leykis Show: As proof, your humble Captain spent a mere $500 on getti...
Awesome! Listen to The Tom Leykis Show 24 Hours a day it keeps things like this coming!
hey don't forget!!! What they hate the most is when you work all Sunday on your truck with a beer and the Tom Leykis Show!
The Tom Leykis Show is back live weekdays at 3 PM Pacific. Listen on demand at Or visit
tomorrow on The Tom Leykis Show. Call us LIVE NOW at (901) 3000-TOM and let's strategize this thing!
Click here to enter Amazon and you'll be supporting The Tom Leykis Show!
Tom Leykis Show Live Weekdays after 3pm(PDT) and his Leykis101 is back after 3years in hiatus since Feb 2009.
Tom Leykis Show starts at 3 PM PT today. Thanks to our friend Gustavo Arellano
Monday at this time, I will be sitting in this seat and doing the first Tom Leykis Show in over three years.
Art Webb hard at work preparing for Day One of the new Tom Leykis Show.
The NEW Tom Leykis Show is NOW open for business. Get on board NOW for our debut week . Call us at (818) 52-RADIO for details.
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